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Stanford Professor Says He's Been Testing Materials Recovered From UFO Crashes
Bones Day Stanford professor Garry Nolan grew up reading sci-fi, and made his name debunking a supposed alien skeleton he saw posted online, publishing a paper discrediting the claim that the tiny skeleton was an "alien baby" using genetics and biology. "The UFO community didn't like me saying that," said in the recent Vice interview . "But you know, the truth is in the science." Nolan doesn't se
Billie Eilish's Music Revealed What Her SNL Sketches Couldn't
The first time Billie Eilish appeared on Saturday Night Live , the then-17-year-old put her famously green hair in two topknots, donned a graffiti-print outfit, and climbed the walls of a rotating room to underscore her eerie, enigmatic image. She rose to fame creating dark, ASMR electro-pop that distilled the fears of her generation with wry directness. Yet months later, she swept the 2020 Gramm


Researchers Asked an Advanced AI Whether AI Could Ever Be Ethical, and It Said No
Bel-AI-ve in Yourself Is artificial intelligence inherently good, inherently bad, or does it all depends on the specifics? Students at Oxford's Said Business School who are studying ethics in AI attempted to answer that question by hosting a debate with an actual AI. An essay by a pair of Oxford scholars in the Conversation describers an eyebrow-raising anecdote in which the researchers hosted a
Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sells $6 Million NFT From Prison
Price is Right Since 2013, Ross Ulbricht has been serving two life sentences for creating the Silk Road, an online marketplace where users could buy drugs and other illegal goods using cryptocurrency and the dark web. But that didn't stop him from selling an NFT for $6 million from prison, according to Blockworks , which reports that more than one thousand crypto investors created the FreeRossDAO
One Space Trip Emits a Lifetime's Worth of Carbon Footprint
In a revelation that will surprise almost no one, the 2022 World Inequality Report found that one space flight emits more carbon dioxide than most of the world's population will create in their entire lifetime. While other parts of the report focus on labor, income and economic inequality, the researchers also included a statistic — spotted by folks on social media and highlighted by Gizmodo — th
What makes boosters more effective than the first two Covid jabs?
Analysis: top-up vaccines make key changes to our antibody defences, reducing the threat from Omicron Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Covid-19, we should know by now, is a moving target. In autumn the rollout of boosters to older age groups was contentious. Now they're the single biggest focus. So why do boosters help so significantly compared with first and second j
Vaccinate five- to 11-year-olds to protect UK schools, scientists say
Call comes amid concerns that spread of Covid Omicron variant could disrupt education in new year Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Leading scientists have called for the vaccination of younger children to allow as many as possible to stay in school next year as Omicron cases rise dramatically across the UK. Prof Peter Openshaw, a member of the government's New and Eme
Tornadoes Like Kentucky's May Be Getting Stronger Due to Climate Change, Scientists Say
After horrific tornadoes devastated thousands of homes and killed dozens across Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee, experts are warning that climate change could be making the fearsome storms stronger. "As last night showed severe tornadoes can happen in any season, especially if the weather is unusually warm, as it was last night," said Dr. Robert Rohde , lead scientist at Berkeley Earth, on Twit
The Aftermath of the Devastating Tornado Outbreak in Kentucky
Late on December 11, multiple tornadoes touched down in a line that raged across several Midwest states, leaving a trail of widespread destruction and causing at least 80 deaths. Some of the heaviest damage took place in a number of small communities in Kentucky, especially the town of Mayfield, where a factory and most of the downtown area were flattened. Collected below are images from Mayfield
This Robot Tunnels Through Solid Rock by Blasting It With a Jet of Superheated Gas
In science fiction movie, The Core , an intrepid crew journeys to the center of the Earth in a vessel that melts through the planet's crust and mantle with a giant laser. Drilling startup, Petra, was founded on a similar idea. But they had a problem. What do you do with all the lava? In The Core , you don't do anything with it because it's science fiction, and the vessel, Virgil, is made of a fan
Se hur vikingaskepp byggs med ledtrådar från tusenårig tapet
I Roskilde, Danmark bygger man skepp med verktyg och tekniker som vikingarna själva använde. Till sin hjälp har de den 70 meter långa broderade Bayeuxtapeten, en unik bonad från 1000-talet. – Hur bygger man ett skepp utan såg? Det är sådana frågor man måste ta reda på, säger båtbyggare Søren Nielsen vid Vikingaskeppsmuseet i Roskilde.
To tackle Omicron, we need serious leadership | Letters
Readers are unconvinced that the government's plan B measures will be enough to curb Covid cases and deaths Well said, Rachel Clarke ( Talk of a No 10 Christmas party is an insult to the thousands who have died of Covid, 8 December ). Her wholly justifiable anger, based on her frontline experience of caring for her patients, encapsulates, I suspect, the fury and frustrations of many. Once he has


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