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Andre programmer til billedbehandling mv.

Og anmeldelser af programmer

Brug appen Skillshare (10 dollar pr. måned, men også mange gratis kurser)


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Begrænsninger for programmet Doodle (i 2017 versionen):

max image size is 1920×1080

animerede GIF-filer kan ikke bruges

Other whiteboard programs tend to support SVGs because this allows the creation of a drawing path, but Doodly appears to treat all image files the same, "shading" them into existence.

You can import your own fonts, in TTF files, and OTF files – from a free database like 1001 Free Fonts or FontSpace. Just download the file to your computer and click the blue plus sign in Doodly to import the font-file.

Doodly offers two different soundtrack slots: one for background music and one for a voiceover. You can adjust the volume of these two channels so that they blend or separate.

SOUNDTRACK MUST BE PRE-TRIMMED! You can add multiple clips in each channel, so you could theoretically have one track for the first half of the video and different one for the second half. But the clips will need to be pre-trimmed since Doodly only supports adding, moving, or deleting the audio file.

Background music – not characterized. – just indexing the titles. – I listened to a few with my volume set fairly high and immediately regretted it when a resounding THUD was emitted from my computer's speakers.

No built in voice recorder: You can't record voiceover inside Doodly. You'll need to use Quicktime or Audacity to make an MP3 and import that to the program. This is annoying, because it will be harder to time your speaking with the video, but is doable.

It took 40 minutes to export a clip 2 minutes long,. Minimizing the window pause the rendering process.

The tiny, non-expanding media list give problems with changing the element order.

The timeline horizontally scrolls for what seems like miles because there is no option to make the interval markers more condensed.

The Doodly site suggests that once you have imported your own graphics you can teach the hand how you want them drawn by setting paths on the outline of the drawing. 

Alternatives to Doodly

VideoScribe (Mac & Windows)

Whiteboard videos, starting at $12/mo/year. VideoScribe review, Full-featured program.

Easy Sketch Pro (Mac & Windows)

More business marketing features like branding, interactivity, and analytics. Pricing at $37 for branded videos and $67 to add your own logo.

Explaindio (Mac & Windows)

Plenty of extra features like 3D animation, $59 a year for a personal license or $69 a year to sell commercial videos you create. Explaindio review .

Rawshorts (Web-Based)

If you need more animation, $20 a per export for unbranded videos.

Comparing animation programs, :

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