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Human beings are an ever-evolving species. Once, we carried spears and created fantastic works of art on the walls of French caves. Today, we carry smartphones and trip over things because we…VIEW STORY
J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All AlongHarry Potter fans have spent countless hours mulling over the books and film franchise and have devised some pretty spellbinding theories about the world of witchcraft and wizardry, some of which…Respected Historical Figures Who Were Actually Terrible PeopleNobody's perfect, but some people aren't even close…We Finally Understand What the End of 'District 9' Really MeantThere's a lot going on in this uncommonly smart sci-fi hit, especially in the final act. Did you come away wondering what really happened and what could end up happening next? Not to worry…Why Dogs Stare at You & Other Canine FactsThe bonds we have with our canine companions are unlike any other friendships or relationships we have. Some of us love our dogs like children, and it's no wonder. There's an unconditional…This is What The Avengers Should Actually Look LikeIt's fair to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Iron Man is pretty much on point, in a very broad sense. Without Iron Man being true to the comics, the whole Marvel movie world…Movies That Are Practically FlawlessFilmmaking is an insanely difficult process. There are so many people involved, each with their own creative vision, that it can be hard getting everyone on the same page. Plus, you've got to deal…This Insane Conspiracy Theory Will Keep You Up All NightThe truth is out there—except it's probably not nearly as complicated or terrifying as some people would like to think. Modern life is challenging enough without introducing insane conspiracy…The History Channel Has Been Lying to Your FaceAhh, the History Channel. Old timers might remember the History Channel as a stream of World War II documentaries, but a lot has changed at the History Channel. The new History is a cranky old…Insane Stunts That Ended in TragedyScientists Think They've Solved the Bermuda Triangle MysteryIt stretches from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to Florida, and it has supposedly swallowed up over 1,000 ships and planes since the 1600s.  Some call it the Devil's Triangle, but it's better known as…What Happens When a Man Grows a Beard, According to ScienceBeards are in. The bearded look was once reserved for mountain men and lumberjacks, but just about anyone can rock a beard these days. But what does all this scruff mean for men's faces? Here are…The Bizarre Rule All Area 51 Employees Are Required to FollowArea 51 is most commonly thought of as the place where the government keeps UFOs and alien secrets, but no one outside the highest levels of government knows the truths that hide in the top secret…Stuff That Happened on Classic Film Sets That'd Be Illegal NowThere's a reason Hollywood sets aren't like classic film sets were. That's because producers and directors used to take such extreme liberties that they routinely endangered everyone's lives…The Worst Part of Pompeii's Destruction Wasn't What You ThinkYou might think the most disturbing part of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii was that the people had no warning. But while Pompeii's destruction was awful and tragic…Places on Earth That Are Still Totally UnexploredAdventurous people out there have the resources to explore the furthest reaches of the Earth. But while it seems every last spot will get explored, researched, and photographed, there do remain…The Scary Secret of the Spanish Inquisition People Don't KnowMany, many awful things have been done in the name of religion. For Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition is near the top of the list. The Spanish Inquisition was terrible, but the worst part…Horrible Things That Really Happened in Ancient GreeceAncient Greece is often remembered nowadays as a civilization driven by enlightenment. To many, the Ancient Greeks' world was progressive, democratic, and peaceful, and there's a lot of truth…Famous Historical Events That Were Totally Made UpThe ancient Greek writer Herodotus had two nicknames, "the father of history" and "the father of lies," and the people who called him by these names used them to mean the same thing. History as we…The Trail of Tears is More Messed Up Than You ThoughtThe story of the Trail of Tears is pretty simple. In the 1830s, the Cherokee people were forced from their land by the U.S. government and forced to walk 1,000 miles.Horrifying Discoveries Made While Away from Other HumansMost people today live in cities and just escape to the great outdoors when they're feeling reckless. There are plenty of reasons to avoid the great outdoors, like the fearsome power of Mother…Here's What Nobody Told You About Noah's ArkThe story of Noah's ark is one of the most beloved Old Testament tales. Noah built that ark for a long time, then there was the great flood, and all the animals boarded two by two and so on. But…The Untold Truth of Kari Byron From 'Mythbusters'Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman might be the poster boys for MythBusters, but Kari Byron's light has arguably shined just as brightly as theirs. Kari Byron brought a lot of flair, personality, and…Messed Up Things Most Don't Know About Europe After WWIIHistory textbooks paint the end of World War II as the end of the atrocities of the time, but World War II's effects were just beginning. Some seriously messed up stuff happened in the aftermath…On-Set Photos That'll Change How You Watch Horror MoviesHorror movies have been freaking out audiences at least since 1896's Le manoir du diable, using lighting, mood, and special effects to try to incite terror, suspense, and dread among their…The Biggest Scandals to Ever Hit the History ChannelLong ago, when the internet was young and facts still had meaning, there was a television network known as the History Channel. It featured shows about history. That version of the History Channel isSecrets Scientists Wish They Had Never DiscoveredWe all do things we later come to regret, but for most of us that means a bad investment, poor decision, or even drunken behavior. Some members of society are in a position where their actions…Mysteries of Ancient Rome That Remain Unsolved to This DayWhoever murdered this child 1,800 years ago totally got away with it. They buried the body beneath the floor of a third-century Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall, and it was only discovered when…The Most Awful Part of a Viking Raid Wasn't What You'd ThinkThe Vikings were renowned for their brutality and the devastation their longboats brought. History and legend are filled with tales of the destruction they left in their path, but as historians…Idiot Mistakes That Totally Changed the Course of Human HistoryMistakes happen. Sometimes, idiot mistakes happen. And sometimes those idiot mistakes have awful consequences, like centuries of persecution and racial hatred. But other times, idiotic mistakes can…The Peculiar Trait That Connects Most Serial KillersOne of the things that terrifies us the most about serial killers is randomness. Serial killers choose victims at random, and they seem themselves to be somewhat random — many people who have…These Bodies of Water Are Too Dangerous to Even TouchAndalusia, Spain's Rio Tinto is a toxic mix of heavy metal mining byproducts and acid drain-off. Since about 3,000 BC, the areas around the river have been mined for their rich deposits of gold,…The Story of Christopher Columbus Just Gets Weirder and WeirderChristopher Columbus is a complex figure nowadays, especially in the U.S., where he basically used to be considered a Founding Grandfather. He didn't land where he planned…Royals Who Went Missing and Were Never FoundIt's good to be the king. Who wouldn't want to rule an entire nation, be subject to no one else, wear purple robes, and get to eat whole peacocks with their feathers still attached for dinner…Why You Should Probably Skip These Popular Tourist Traps1001 Places to See Before You Die. Top 10 Must-See Sights in Asia. 50 More Incredible Places for the Pantsless Tourist … we've all seen these articles, and others like them, plenty of times…The Most Disturbing Part of the Black Death Isn't What You ThinkThe Black Death was really messed up, and everyone knows it. One of the worst parts had to be the, well, death. And there was a lot of that, but it may not have been the worst part.These Once-Popular Tourist Traps Are Now Ghost TownsGhost towns aren't just reserved for former gold bust villages and other places that look like low-rent sets for Westworld. Cities all over the globe love letting buildings go to rot, including…Chilling Photos That Were Taken Moments Before Tragedy StruckYou can't possibly know when you're seconds away from being part of a historical catastrophe. Many of the most frightening incidents of the last century have happened without warning, seemingly…The Worst Part of the Chernobyl Disaster Isn't What You ThoughtOn April 26, 1986, there was a catastrophic accident at the USSR's nuclear power plant near Chernobyl. Despite the deaths caused by the explosion at Chernobyl, other effects of the disaster are…Everything You Thought You Knew About Expiration Dates Is WrongHow many times have you checked the expiration date on something, checked the calendar, and then chucked a half-full container in the garbage? This is a problem on a massive scale, and it's so big…You Should Never Let Your Pets Sleep in Your Bed. Here's WhyHaving a pet can be wonderful for your health. That wagging tail when you walk in the door not only makes you feel good — it probably encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. No matter the…7 Nuts You Should Stop Eating NowScience Reveals What Women Find Most Physically AttractiveShiny shoes. Clean-cut clothes. Well-groomed hair. Once all these artificial coverings are stripped away, what exactly about a man is attractive to women? A new study has revealed substance wins…This Is the Real Difference Between Wild and Farmed SalmonIt's no secret — Americans love their salmon! From restaurants to wildlife to culture, salmon is a surprising superstar. Second only to shrimp, salmon consumption in the U.S. is on the fast…You Should Never Put a Lemon in Your Drink. Here's WhyWith all the tough decisions we face in life, your beverage should be a simple one. Unfortunately, that's not always an easy choice, either. What you add to your drink could be not only ruining your dYou Should Never Get the Fries at McDonalds. Here's WhyAs a nurse and mom of young children, I like to keep my distance from McDonald's. It's no surprise that the food is full of fat and sugar. We all remember watching Morgan Spurlock completely…Huge Scandals That Will Always Haunt CostcoCostco has had some pretty large-scale scandals in the headlines. They've centered around everything from their pharmacy, to their hiring practices, and their hot dogs, but their customers have…Things at McDonald's Even the Staff Won't EatMcDonald's employees might have the whole menu at their disposal when it comes time for them to order their own meals, but what do they skip? These are the items that McDonald's employees won't…Never Buy These Foods at AldiWe're all looking for ways to save money on our grocery bills, and if there's an Aldi near you, that might be the way to go. With Aldi hitting a growth spurt in the US market, you're more likely…You Should Never Reheat Chicken in the Microwave. Here's WhyThe microwave is something of a wonder appliance, but it's not always the best option when it comes to reheating foods. Before you zap last night's chicken dinner, find out the real reason why reheatiWe Finally Understand Why We Shouldn't Drain Pasta in the SinkIt doesn't matter if you're making a quick meal for yourself or a Thanksgiving feast where your extended family decides to come over for a free meal (and free wine). When it comes time to clean…Dangerous Food Trends You Should Absolutely Never TryWe live in an era of social media, and it's no secret that food trends are huge. Some rise and fall in a relatively short time, others we remember for their utter weirdness, and we're always…Don't Eat at Golden Corral Again Before Reading ThisWherever your feelings about Golden Corral lie, on the spectrum from blecchh to bring it on, there are quite a few fun facts you might never have suspected about this temple to all-American…These Optical Illusions Prove You Can't Always Trust Your EyesBack in 2015, the nation—nay THE WORLD—came together to furiously debate an issue that would have—until very recently—been considered completely absurd: What color is this dress?Here's Why You Should Stop Charging Your Phone OvernightMost nights, the last thing I do before I close my eyes and drift off to dreamland is scroll through my phone and charge it by my bedside overnight. If you are like me, your phone battery won't…The Real Reason Cats are Scared of CucumbersIf you're a feline owner, then you've probably seen the viral videos of cats being scared of cucumbers. We tapped a vet to find out what's going on.New Evidence Suggests Grim Reality About Titanic WreckageNewspaper reports have claimed new pictorial evidence which suggests human remains may still be on board the Titanic, one hundred years after it sank.Terrifying Sounds That Were Recorded in Space"In space, no one can hear you scream," reads the tagline for the original Alien movie. And that's true: for the most part, interplanetary space is just a big bag of nothing. But that doesn't mean…Science Says You've Probably Already Seen a GhostBelieve in ghosts? You're not alone. While there's no scientific evidence that ghosts really exists, there is plenty of evidence to explain why so many people think they do. Here's what's going on.The Most Dangerous Countries for Women to VisitIt would undoubtedly be a better world if everyone were free to travel safely, but unfortunately, some places remain dangerous for women. That doesn't mean you can't (or shouldn't) go. It just…Girl Makes Head-Turning Discovery at the BeachA middle school girl stumbled upon a buried treasure while spending her spring break on a beach in North Carolina. Avery Fauth and her family love to scour the sand for shark teeth whenever they'reScience Says This Body Type Is the Most Attractive NowBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it seems all the fitness influencers on Instagram have triggered a cultural shift.Israel May Have Solved One of The Bible's Biggest MysteriesAn archaeological discovery announced on Sunday in Israel may help solve an enduring biblical mystery: Where did the ancient Philistines come from?The Freaky Truth About Water BearsScientists Say They May Have Found an Alien ProbeScientists discovered a strange interstellar object, called Oumuamua, late last year. Now, the research team speculates that it could be alien in origin. What's the truth?Why Robert F. Kennedy Thinks JFK Was Really KilledRobert F. Kennedy had his own suspicions regarding the assassination of his brother, President John F Kennedy, in 1963, and may have felt partly responsible.  He also uttered the prophetic words…The Truth About Why There Aren't Any Snakes in IrelandLegend tells it that in addition to introducing Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick banished all the snakes from the Emerald Isle, chasing them into the sea from atop a cliff where he had…Scientists Discover Evil People Share 'Dark Triad' of TraitsPsychopathy, egoism, sadism and narcissism are among the traits considered to be a part of the dark side of humanity — and new research has found people who exhibit these traits all share a common…Study Reveals After You Die, Your Brain Knows You're DeadYou've probably heard about how those who have died and come back to life say they saw light at the end of a tunnel.Words Irish People Use That Totally Confuse Americans"Listen, I'm going to slap on me runners and leg it down to the chipper!" If you understand this sentence then you're well on your way to understanding how the Irish use the English language and…The Bathroom Experience You Need to Know About Before TravelingYou've put together your packing list, double checked your important documents, and you're confident you're all set for your next trip. But are you? Your travel agent might not share this, but I…Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the WorldGangs, drugs, politics, crooked police… Here are 10 cities where you need to watch your back.Theory Says Men Nearly Caused Human Extinction 7,000 Years AgoGenetics can reveal many buried secrets. An extramarital dalliance. The origins of our ancestors. In this case, it may have revealed that men almost exterminated themselves some 7,000 years ago.The Sports Photo That Rocked Australia Turns Into a Money FightThe photo that rocked Australia last week is back in focus — this time in the form of a T-shirt that's been banned on intellectual property grounds, according to an online retailer hoping to cashTwo Snakes Devour Each Other in Terrifying VideoA man taking a hike through his property in Ballandean, Australia, came upon a horrific scene: two snakes trying to eat each other. According to him, the larger snake eventually prevailed, and…NASA Stunned by Mysterious 'Creature' in Jupiter's CloudsSpace enthusiasts have spotted what they claim is a mythical "creature" hidden in the swirls of Jupiter's cloud system. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently revealed a new…Missing Sub That May Have Brought Nazis to South America FoundA missing German submarine said to have taken the defeated Nazi leadership to South America has been discovered after being lost at sea for nearly 73 years.Those Cute Labradoodles Mask a Dark, Disturbing TruthWith its cutesy curls and plaintive eyes, it's no wonder the labradoodle became America's second-favorite dog in 2010. But the man who first invented the breed by crossing a Labrador with a poodle…Scientist Eaten Alive by Massive Crocodile During FeedingA scientist was eaten alive by a 17-foot long crocodile after being dragged into its enclosure while she fed it on Friday. Deasy Tuwo, 44, was feeding the croc named Merry early on Friday morning…Ex-Workers Reveal One Item You Should Never Order at McDonald'sReddit users who claim to be McDonald's past and present employees have revealed the menu item you should never order from the fast food restaurant and why.Another Advanced Species May Have Existed on Earth Before HumansOur Milky Way galaxy contains tens of billions of potentially habitable planets, but we have no idea whether we're alone. For now Earth is the only world known to harbor life, and among all the…Couple Defends 'Dangerous' Instagram Train Stunt PhotoWhile some of their 211,000 followers called the shot "epic" and "perfection," others blasted the pair from Brussels — whose bio says they're on an "indefinite honeymoon" — for setting a risky…The Chilling Selfie Teens Took Before a Tragic Bridge CollapseThree young women – including two teenagers – suffered multiple fractures after falling more than 30 feet off a rundown bridge as they posed for selfies…Tourists Destroy Massive Louvre Installation Within HoursThis is why we can't have nice things. On the evening of Friday, March 29, a massive collage was installed around the glass pyramid in the Napoleon Court of the Musée du Louvre. It was a tributeNorth Carolina Officials Cast Spotlight on 'Zombie Snakes'Parks officials in North Carolina is alerting the public about a"zombie snake," a mild-mannered critter indigenous to the state that often plays dead to defend itself from predators.Testing the Popular Tennis Ball Unlocking HackLife hacks are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, most of the tricks found across the web aren't actually very helpful. While using dental floss to cut a birthday cake might be a decent party…14 Secret Code Words You're Not Meant to KnowThese phrases are meant to sound like random letters and numbers, but in certain situations, they can be signs of a serious emergency.Why You Shouldn't Kill Spiders in Your HomeChances are, you react to seeing a spider in your home in one of two ways: You either let it be or kill it with fire. Of course, most people don't prefer creepy-crawly insects getting cozy in theWhat a 30-Day Break From Smoking Marijuana Does to Your BrainCannabis is now legal in Canada and several U.S. states, but its effects on the brain aren't fully understood.What Would Happen If You Eat Avocado Every DayNew York Times best-selling author Frank Lipman, MD, says, "Avocados are truly one of nature's little miracle foods and I encourage you to enjoy them several times a week." From adding it to your…The Surprising Truth Behind Costco's 5-Dollar Rotisserie ChickenNo trip to Costco is complete without eating your way through all the delicious samples and walking out with the retail chain's signature rotisserie chicken in hand.Stonehenge Gives Up Another MysterySpring Allergy Capitals: Which City Ranks the WorstAre you sneezing through spring? Find out if your city is on this list of the most challenging places to live with spring allergies.The Best Places to Live in the WestLies You Were Taught About Other PlanetsSpace, said Douglas Adams, is big. Really big. That's the best definition we can think of, and we're pretty sure it's not wrong. There are, however, a whole bunch of space things you think you're…Bizarre Facts You Never Knew About St. PatrickSt. Patrick's Day is all about the Irish and our beautiful country Ireland but did you know that there are many aspects of the big day that we can not claim as our own invention? Such as the St. PatriThe Budget-Friendly Travel Destination You Should Visit SoonLatvia and the whole Baltic region are not as popular among travelers as they deserve to be. Architectonical beauty and low prices make it a paradise…Man Breaks Into Crocodile Enclosure, Goes as You'd ExpectThe Florida Times-Union reports St. Augustine police responded Tuesday morning to reports of vandalism at the Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Police say officers found blood and clothing in the…Rare 'Corpse Flower' Returns to Stink up NYC This Summer"The corpse flower has begun to open," says New York Botanical Garden's Director of Glasshouse Horticulture Marc Hachadourian in a video posted posted on Facebook. The stinky flowers take…Guy Tries to Pet Fox, Ends How You'd ExpectA man filmed his encounter with a red fox on a street in Port Adelaide, South Australia, in a funny new video. When the man offered his hand to the fox, the creature predictably took a little nibble.Ravens Have Personality Quirks Just Like HumansHumans have very advanced brains — or at least we think that's the case based on what we know about life from an admittedly small sample size of a single planet — but we're not the only…U.S. Neighborhoods and Cities With the Lowest Life ExpectancyThe bottom 50 cities and neighborhoods all have a life expectancy at least 13 years or less than the national average.Hypoallergenic Cat BreedsLost for Over 75 Years, Found 14,000 Feet DeepDeep sea explorers find a WWII aircraft carrier sunk in 1942 deep beneath the South PacificAstronaut's DNA No Longer Matches Identical Twin After SpaceAstronaut Scott Kelly had an identical twin brother when he ventured into space and set the record for most consecutive days spent in orbit, but not anymore.These States Have the Biggest Home Price IncreasesHome prices are on the rise in several states, while others are experiencing little to no change. The folks at compiled data from Zillow on the states that have seen the biggest…Eerie 'Ghost' Spotted on Top of Irish MountainAn incredibly eerie "mountain ghost" has been caught on film at the top of an Irish mountain. The rare phenomenon, known as a Brocken Bow, was captured at the summit of Croagh Patrick in…Cat Accidentally Hitches Ride From Utah to FloridaA pet cat from Utah went on a real-life "Incredible Journey." An animal rescue group in Marianna, Fla., posted a picture of the lost feline on its Facebook page, along with the animal's…US Government Offers $1K to Adopt a Wild HorseIn an effort to control the population of wild horses, the U.S. government is offering $1000 for anyone who adopts the majestic animals, CBS reports.The Safest Places to Wait Out a TornadoIf a tornado were headed towards your home, would you know which room to go to for shelter? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the United States gets an average of…Young Girl Playing in Puddles Dies After Falling Into ManholeA 3-year-old Chinese girl died while playfully jumping in puddles — and accidentally falling into a rain-filled manhole. The girl fell into the open sewer on June 11 as she played games while…Ireland's Amazing Disappearing LakeBack in 2010, the summer drought in Ireland led to fears that a major lake would once again disappear overnight. On Monday, November 22, 1955, Lough Funshinagh in County Roscommon completely…You Probably Don't Know the Entire Truth About Typhoid MaryMary Mallon should have lived the American dream. But when this chef found typhoid outbreaks following everywhere she went, Typhoid Mary's life changed forever. Here are facts most people don't…7 Fun Things To Do In AtlantaAtlanta is known for its comfort food and civil rights history. But here are 7 things you may not know.Would Mars or Venus Kill You First?Deep Sea Divers Find Plastic Bags While Exploring Uncharted ZoneThe dive, which broke a record previously set by "Titanic" director James Cameron in 2012, uncovered a depressing detail: plastic bags and wrappers floating in the deepest depths.This Is the Uncomfortable Truth About Christopher ColumbusTime to recognize other great Italians on Columbus Day and not a founding father of the slave trade responsible for over 3 million deaths.Did a New Study Just Reveal the Loch Ness Monster?Scotland's Loch Ness monster myth is nearly a century old…but a New Zealand scientist claims he may have found proof she exists. Here's what you need to know.This Is How a Regular Bee Becomes a QueenA honey bee hive contains different types of bees, all with important roles to play. However, the most important – and longest living – bee is the queen bee, as she is the only sexually developed…Ohio Cop Lures Runaway Pig Into Car With PizzaThis little piggy may have run away, but all it took was an Ohio police officer offering up some leftover pizza to get him back home. It was not immediately clear if he went "wee wee wee"…World's Biggest T-Rex Found by Canadian PaleontologistsThat's one gigantic dinosaur. Paleontologists at the University of Alberta recently reported the world's largest Tyrannosaurus rex, and the biggest dinosaur skeleton ever found in…Scientists Catch Chimpanzees Cracking Open and Eating TortoisesBERLIN — Scientists have observed wild chimpanzees tucking into an unusual snack: tortoises, whose hard shells they crack against tree trunks before scooping out the meat.Divers Have Unbelievably Close Encounter With Monstrous SharkThe Aloha Scuba and Diving Company had a one of a kind experience when they were approached by a massive shark while swimming near Oahu. What's Really Keeping People From Going ElectricMore than a third of drivers in the UK say they will not switch to electric cars until the prices fall to the same level as those of petrol or diesel cars…Teens Save 8-Year-Old Boy Dangling from Ski LiftA group of teenagers came to the rescue of an 8-year-old boy who nearly fell from a chairlift onto the hard snow during a heart-stopping ordeal at a Vancouver ski resort.11 Ways to Use Your Old SmartphoneSmartphones! Everybody loves 'em. In fact, they're an absolute necessity in today's information age. We don't do anything or go anywhere without our little magic pocket slabs. But here's the…Three in Four People Prefer Driving Over Flying, Here's WhyDo you get a familiar pang of dread anytime you have to go to an airport? You're not alone. In fact, the average American would happily add six and a half hours onto their traveling time if it…Bomb Cyclone Kills 2, Cripples Travel in Colorado, Great PlainsHere are the latest impacts from Winter Storm Ulmer.Storm Chaser Captures Rare Sighting in the SkyRare upside-down lightning has been captured in slow-motion footage by a storm chaser. Freak weather in Texas produced the backward lightning flashes, which lasted about half a second in real time buThe Common Sign That Your Dog's Secretly StressedIs your dog acting unusual? Perhaps he or she seems overly anxious or depressed. Stress is more common in dogs than you may think. Even worse, stress can negatively impact your dog's health.Top Things To Do At Komodo National ParkVisit Komodo Island and see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat during your trip to this stunning national park…The World's Cheapest and Most Expensive Cities RevealedMercer conducted an annual survey comparing the cost of living and rental accommodation and created a list of World's cheapest and most expensive cities…An Entire Universe May Exist Inside Every Black HoleMost experts agree that the universe started as an infinitely hot and dense point called a singularity. Wait a minute. Isn't that what people call black holes? It is, in fact, and some physicists…This Picturesque Montana Lodge Looks Like a PostcardWhether you prefer skiing in the winter or hiking and fly-fishing in the summer, this Montana rental is a perfect year-round destination. With 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, and boasting amenities…Video of Spiders Emerging From Egg Will Haunt YouTo some, just one spider is enough to give them the creeps. But this next video is what nightmares are made of.How to Rack up Millions of Frequent Flyer Miles Without FlyingThis couple got $29,000 in plane tickets for just $15. Here's how they did it.These Ancient Ticks Were Found Full of Dinosaur BloodResearchers working with ancient amber thought to be nearly 100 million years old have discovered something that sounds like the beginning of a new chapter in the Jurassic Park franchise: a host…The Disturbing History You Should Know About This 'Death Island'"Koh Tao" literally means "turtle island", but this picturesque divers' haven just off the coast of Thailand has developed a reputation for something else in recent years: mysterious deaths…Places to Stay at With the Most Iconic Views in the WorldThese 10 vacation rentals from TripAdvisor offer some of the best views of the world's most notable landmarks—right from your window.The Creepy Reason You Should Bring a Post-It on Every FlightRecently, passengers on Singapore Airlines and American Airlines flights noticed something odd about the in-flight entertainment screens in front of them.The Island of the Dolls Has a Murky and Terrifying HistoryYou may have noticed that we have a thing for spooky places here at the Curiosity offices. There's just something really thrilling about a place with a dark and mysterious past. It's even betterWorld's Largest Waterfall Isn't What You ThinkBuried far underneath the water's surface in the Denmark Strait between Greenland and Iceland hides the largest waterfall known to man. Underwater waterfalls, known as cascades—or, when they're…11 Incredible Winter Wildlife Encounters in the WestThe natural world is teeming with wildlife activity in winter—don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime.Mysterious White Light Spotted on MarsOldest Strain of Plague Found in 5,000-Year-Old Human RemainsScientists have unearthed an ancient strain of plague that may have had a hand in wiping out some of our early ancestors. A young woman who died 5,000 years ago was struck down by a previously…You Might Have the Most Common Form of SynesthesiaWe've already told you all about synesthesia and how rare it is, but one thing we didn't mention was that there's actually a pretty good chance that you experience it. Not everybody has a sensory…Rare Lynx Spotted in Michigan Puzzles Wildlife ExpertsA video of a mysterious feline traipsing through snowy woods in Lexington, Michigan, in February captivated locals who pondered what the animal could possibly be. Monique Touchette-Soper, whose son…The Deadly Toxin That Lies Inside 'the Suicide Tree'The cerbera odollam is a medium-sized hardwood tree, endemic to India and southeast Asia, that can grow up to 32 feet (10 meters) tall. Nothing remarkable there. It's not like this tree is trying…Adorable Bears Caught Playing Peek-a-Boo, Stealing KissesMost bears slow down during winter, but the colds of Scandinavia didn't keep this bear family from an adorable frolic in the forests of eastern Finland. Photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen, 59, was…15 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel RoomYour health and your wallet will thank you.The Most Mysterious Shipwrecks in HistoryWe are fascinated by shipwrecks, probably because of sunken treasure and pirate legends. When no one can tell the stories of these shipwrecks, the explanations get weird and mysterious and creepy…Incredible Waterfalls You Have to See to BelieveFrom the highest falls in the world to cascading clear waters over the lush rainforest, these five waterfalls are something you have to see to believe…'Swarmageddon' of Over 1,000 Earthquakes Rocks CaliforniaA "swarmageddon" of more than 1,000 small earthquakes rattled parts of California over the past three weeks, according to a new report. For some, the bout of seismic activity affecting San…Everything You Were Taught About the Great Wall is WrongIt's a colossal mass so big it stretches across international time zones. A collection of matter so unimaginably huge tourists from round the world flock to see it. Yup, yo momma's waistline is…Physicists Have Discovered the Secret to Perfectly BakedIf you want to know the secret of perfect pizza you could ask an Italian grandmother or the guy slinging pies at your favorite local pizzeria. Or you could ask a physicist. The branch of science…Exchange Students Share Their Crazy Horror StoriesLeaving your home country to live abroad can sometimes be scary. But for these students, they had no idea that their experience would be such a nightmare.Surfing Under the Northern Lights in NorwayWhen you think of surfing destinations, you probably don't picture Norway, but its snow-covered beaches are a growing hot spot for boarders.Garbage Truck Falls Into Massive Sinkhole in ItalyA garbage truck plunged into a massive sinkhole in the Italian city of Naples on Monday, sparking the evacuations of several homes nearby. The truck was traveling down the Casoria area of the…Vikings May Have Used 'Magic' Sunstones to Navigate the OceansIf you read up on the ancient sagas of the Vikings, you'll find all manner of supernatural phenomenon. Seriously, these stories feature people going toe-to-toe with giants and trolls on a regular…The Exact Number of Weeks Ahead to Book Your Hotel Room6 insider secrets for scoring a sick deal on a hotel stay.10 Reasons You Should Visit National Parks in WinterFrom backcountry skiing to scouting rare wildlife, these national parks overdeliver on beauty and adventure activities in winter…Teen Bitten by Shark While Surfing in North CarolinaA shark chomped down on a  teen surfer as he rode the waves in North Carolina this week, according to new reports. Austin Reed, 19, was hurt around 2 p.m. Monday when the shark latched onto his…Prophecy Fulfilled After Red Cow Was Born at Temple of IsraelAn all-red heifer was born at the Temple of Israel on September 4, fulfilling a Biblical prophecy to "reinstate purity to the world and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple," according to the temple's…The World's Most Powerful Military ForcesGlobal Firepower has ranked the world's military powers by more than 50 parameters, including manpower available and diversity of weapons.One Million Plants and Animals Are on the Brink of ExtinctionWe've known for a while that humans aren't really doing much to stop the effects of climate change. Now, a new report from the United Nations is detailing just how much harm humans are doing to the…Average American Only Gets 10 Nights of Perfect Sleep a MonthThe average American only gets 10 nights of perfect sleep in a month, according to new research. A study of 2,000 Americans examining how people deal with poor sleep found that 67 percent would go…These Are the Oldest Cities on Earth to EploreDon't you love the feeling of going back in time as you walk down centuries-old streets? In every city, age brings with it a lot of character. Here are some of the oldest cities on earth that have…Why This Irish Hotel is One of the Best in the WorldAfter an extensive 22-month refurbishment, it seems the investment in Adare Manor was more worth it as it finds itself placed among the very best hotels in the world. The Co. Limerick hotel has been nThe Real Reason Why Men Die YoungerCruise Ship Workers Reveal Their Biggest SecretsIt's not smooth sailing for everyone aboard a cruise ship.The Most Adorable Towns You Can Find on the California CoastTo help you plan your West Coast adventure, we're taking you on a tour of the most adorable coastal California towns worth a visit…Beached Baby Shark Rescued by Homeless ManA homeless man in San Clemente, California, rescued a baby shark that washed up on shore. Luckily, he was able to move the animal back into the waves, where it happily swam away.The Real Reason Your Phone Stops Working in the ColdArctic winds from the polar vortex aren't just uncomfortable – they can wreak havoc on your phone's battery life. Here's why, and how you can avoid it.Vikings May Have Brought Leprosy to IrelandA new research study found that Scandinavians may have brought leprosy to Ireland.Notre Dame Has No Insurance PolicyThe French government is technically on the hook here.Men Who Killed Mountain Lion at YNP Given Worldwide Hunting BanThree men in Montana have been sentenced for illegally hunting a mountain lion at Yellowstone National Park.10 Things to Do on Your First Trip to MadridErnest Hemingway didn't call it the "most Spanish of all cities" without reason. After studying abroad in Andalusia for six months, I was pretty bummed when I found out I had been placed in Madrid…Giant's Causeway Secret Doorway Caught on CameraHas Finn McCool's home finally been discovered? Video captured at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland could serve as proof of the legendary Finn McCool's existence!This Mysterious Fossil Still Baffles ScientistsSince the discovery of early hominid fossils, most researchers focused in small geographic areas where they felt certain they'd find fossils of our ancestors. All that changed in 2015, when…This Is the 'Perfect Day,' According to ScienceThe average American's "perfect day" is pretty simple. According to a study of 2,000 people by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, the ideal day is spring-like with time spent between friends,…The Safest Places Around the World to Travel AloneIf you are planning a solo vacation this summer, consider visting one of these destinations that are very traveler friendly.This Enormous Temple Was Incredibly Carved From One RockYou know that thing where people use ancient monuments as proof that humans used to have incredibly advanced technology, or that aliens must have helped us build Stonehenge and the Pyramids?Absolutely Fascinating Foreign TraditionsIf you're traveling to any of these countries, here are some of the quirky local customs they observe in case you want to get in on the fun!The Bizarre Object Orbiting Earth That's Confounding AstronomersThe piece of debris spotted as close as 370 miles from the Earth's surface, is thought to be what is known as an "empty trash bag object." But its origin is unknown and it's orbiting the wrong way…Historical Artifacts That Continue to Baffle ExpertsA lot of artifacts, we understand. Things like swords and daggers, we know those were for stabbing and smiting of foes. Other things, though, are less clear, and we're left to try to guess just…Bones Found in Shipwreck Don't Belong to Infamous PirateA bone fragment recovered from a Cape Cod shipwreck is not from infamous pirate Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy after all. The Whydah Pirate Museum in Yarmouth announced…Scientists Turn an iPhone to Dust to Find Out What's InsidePulverising an iPhone into dust and then dissolving it in acid reveals all the chemical elements it contains and the massive scale of the mining required to produce new smartphones.Scary Dashcam Video Captures Angry Lane-Splitting MotorcyclistIt appears this lane-splitting biker was not happy with a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot. He made that clear by giving the side mirror a slap…These Are the Most Haunted Places in IrelandFrom Dublin and Wexford to Cork, the ten most haunted places in Ireland are sure to terrify you not just at Halloween, the most spooky time of the year.Is Your Cell Phone Carrier Throttling Your Speed?Some low-cost plans, even from the big carriers, use data throttling or speed capping. Most others will slow you down if you use too much data. Is your carrier throttling you?Incredible Inventions Created in a GarageIf you know anything about inventions, you know inventors need garages. That's where all the best inventions are made. If you don't have a garage, you probably can't be an inventor.12 Mythical Monsters Who Hail from Across the USWe told you once about how Sasquatch is definitely/maybe/probably not out there. But really, that just barely scratches the surface of mythical, magical, and just plain marvelous animals alleged…UN Says the Earth's Ozone Layer Is HealingEarth's protective ozone layer is finally healing from damage caused by aerosol sprays and coolants, a new United Nations report said. The ozone layer had been thinning since the late…Hiker Survives Week Lost in Wilderness by Using Rocks for WarmthA 73-year-old California hiker who spent a week lost in the wilderness said he survived by using rocks for warmth. Eugene Jo spent his week-long ordeal cozied up to rocks heated by the daytime…One Weird Way to Detect ExtraterrestrialsIn 1960, famed theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson made a radical proposal. In a paper titled "Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation" he suggested that advanced extra-terresWorld's Most Expensive Painting Could Be a FakeThis Leonardo masterpiece might not be Da real deal. Da Vinci's iconic painting "Salvator Mundi," the world's most expensive piece of art after it sold for $450 million two years ago, could be…The Best Islands in the World You Can VisitIn an annual survey, Travel + Leisure readers name 15 best islands for 2018. And by taking the first three spots, Indonesia is the absolute winner…20 Best Airlines in the World, According to TravelersOverall, airlines from Asia dominate the elite end of Skytrax's rankings — taking nine of the top 10 spots. Singapore Airlines has been named the best airline in the world for 2018 by the leading…Researchers Say They've Solved Mystery of What Sank WW1 WarshipThe USS San Diego was the only major warship the US lost during World War I. Now, nearly 100 years after it sank, and countless theories as to what caused the wreck, researchers believe they…What It's Really Like to Live in AntarcticaFor thousands of years, people theorized about the existence of a giant continent smack-dab on the bottom of the Earth, but it wasn't until the last few centuries that Antarctica was truly…NASA Explains 'Flying Saucer' That Crash-Landed in UtahNASA has shared new photos of a "flying saucer" that crash-landed in Utah 14 years ago. The wreckage, which was left partially buried in the middle of the desert from its plunge to Earth, was a…The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast Should Have Looked Totally DifferentCasting can make or break a show, and that's particularly true when your series or movie is based off a popular book series. Cast the wrong actor or actress in a role, and you may have angry fans…Scientists Reveal the Truth About Hurricane MichaelThe science of tracking hurricanes has seen huge advancements in recent years, allowing forecasters to better predict paths and overall impact of the large storms before they actually reach land.The 9 Best Places To Rent A Cabin In The U.S.Cabin vacations offer the fun of camping without leaving behind too much of the comforts of home…Flat-Earther Beliefs That Will Leave You Scratching Your HeadThis might blow your mind a little: some people seriously think the Earth is flat. It's true! They argue about it on the internet a lot, creating videos and Web 1.0 websites and Microsoft…New Jersey Wants to Tax the RainNew Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is poised to sign a "rain tax" bill passed by the state legislature — and Republicans and lots of taxpayers are howling with rage.Scientists Finally Solve Mystery Behind Leaning Tower of PisaScientists have now unravelled the mystery behind the Leaning Tower of Pisa's durability. The solution is hidden in the soil upon which it is built…This Adorable Italian Town Will Pay You Thousands to Move In45 kilometres from Turin lies Locana. This Italian town will pay you over $10,000 to move in. You just need to have a child and a decent wage…Dramatic Photos Show Scenes From D-Day, Then and NowWarships, bombers, rubble, refugees. That was the Normandy landscape of 1944, as Allied forces fought to wrest France from Nazi control. Today, the region's towns and beaches are startingly calm…Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors No Matter What the WeatherDiscover the best vegetables to grow indoors to keep you in fresh produce year-round…Vacations That the Whole Family Can EnjoyIt can be hard to get adolescents excited about going away as a family. We've rounded up the 20 best vacations for teens and parents alike—awesome destination ideas that will be popular with…The Last Letter Written on Board the Doomed TitanicThe letter was written by Esther Hart and her seven-year-old daughter Eva just eight hours before the ship hit an iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912.  It was intended for Mrs. Hart’s mother in Chad'Terminator-Like' Liquid Metal Developed by ScientistsIf you thought the shape-shifting T-1000 robot in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was the stuff of nightmares, your nightmares may eventually become reality.Rare Footage of 'Genius' Dolphins Reveals How They TalkDolphins can use hundreds of different sounds to "talk" to each other, experts have found. Rare footage obtained by biologists reveals how "genius" dolphins have more than 230…Humans Have Put One Million Species at Risk of ExtinctionHuman's impact on nature has been revealed in a new United Nations report and experts think a "mass extinction event" is already underway. The report states that up to one million…These Were the Most Destructive Wild Fires in Recorded HistoryWhen Smokey the Bear said that only you can prevent wildfires, he wasn't kidding. Throughout history, wildfires have destroyed acres of land, killed many people and animals, and even set back great…10 Riskiest Counties to Live In AmericaAncient Sarcophagus Holding Two Skeletons, Jewelry UnearthedIlija Mikic, an anthropologist at the site, said the skeletons were of a tall, middle-aged man and a slim younger woman.The Best Places to Stay in Hawaii That Won't Cost a FortuneWe analyzed average vacation rental prices to identify the best places to stay in Hawaii—without blowing your budget. Rent a stunning property from TripAdvisor Rentals for high-end treatment at…99-Million-Year-Old Snake Found Trapped in Amber TombIf you were to travel back in time about 100 million years you'd see a whole lot of things that you can't see today. Dinosaurs roamed the land and those would have been pretty neat to see in…Elon Musk Thinks Electric Planes Will Be More Practical SoonFor as easy as it is to poke fun at Elon Musk's online shenanigans, there's no denying that he was able to revolutionize the auto industry in a relatively short period of time.Twitter Goes Bonkers Over British Reality Star's Sri Lanka TweetA British reality TV star sparked outrage by urging people not to send "prayers" to victims of the Sri Lanka terror attacks — instead attacking Christian missionaries in the devastatedThis Is the Top-Rated High-End Rental in the WorldBoasting a perfect rating on TripAdvisor, this Costa Rica property is revered by travelers from across the world. Described as a luxury villa experience, "with a heart and a soul," this 4-bedroom…The Cheapest Countries To Visit In 2018Your next vacation doesn't have to empty your bank account. Check out these affordable getaways…Great White Sharks Have Surprising Toxins in Their BloodWhat do mercury, arsenic and lead have in common? If you guessed they're all heavy metals, you're right — at least, in part. These elements are also found in the blood of great white…NASA Teases Its Mars 2020 SpacecraftNASA's Curiosity rover, InSight lander and Reconnaissance Orbiter are all doing remarkable work on and around the red planet, but that's not stopping scientists from pushing ahead with plans…Frozen Finnish Lake Makes for Awesome Optical IllusionA frozen Finnish lake and a thin layer of water is all it takes to create an awesome optical illusion.10 Breathtaking Waterfalls You Need to SeeView the West's most memorable cascades, from Hawaii to Yellowstone…How the Terracotta Warriors Were Found Completely by AccidentArchaeologists can spend months sifting through ridiculously small patches of dirt, meticulously recording everything they find from size, shape, and color to precise position in the ground….'Holy Stairs' Leading to Jesus' Crucifixion Open After 300 YearsJust in time for Holy Week, a holy staircase believed to be "stained with Christ's blood" from the crucifixion is open to Christian pilgrims after 300 years of being closed…The Beautiful Phenomenon Covering Lake MichiganParts of Lake Michigan are covered in an icy phenomenon that's almost as cool as the weather that caused it.Another Tesla Catches Fire in a Parking LotJust like the last one three weeks ago, the explanation as to why this Model S caught fire remains unclear, but Tesla is sure to send a team out to investigate.This is the World's Fanciest Blimp5 Ways Space Can Drive You InsaneSci-fi movies love to make their protagonists lose their marbles. After all, the bottomless void of space is pretty overwhelming, and it may not take much to make a space explorer reach their…Inventors Who Lived to Regret Their InventionsDid you know the inventor of the shopping mall hated consumerism? Or that the inventor of the TV had hoped it would be a purely educational tool? Check out 10 inventions that their inventors…This Definitely Caused a Weather Delay At the GameWeather delayed a baseball game in Georgia. But the fans still got a show when players tried to cover the field with tarp.Major Historical Events That Weirdly Happened at the Same TimeSome of the innovations that we still depend on today first appeared centuries ago, and some things that seem really ancient still existed pretty recently. Here are some weird historical events…Only One US Airline Made World's Best Airline ListTripAdvisor's list of the world's top 10 airlines, based on reviews and ratings submitted by travelers, was dominated by Asian and Middle Eastern airlines. An American carrier didn't appear until theToyota's Basketball Robot Has Better Range Than Steph CurryThe robot made five of eight 3-pointers, a ratio that engineers say is worse than normal.Rhino Poacher Killed by Elephant and Eaten by LionsA suspected rhino poacher was killed by an elephant and then devoured by lions in a South African national park, where a search team only managed to recover his skull and a pair of pants, according…The Truth Behind Thai Cave Rescue Is IncredibleIt was the story that gripped the world: twelve boys from a Thai soccer team and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave so deep underground a rescue was almost impossible.If Earth Keeps Sucking Up Its Oceans, the Planet Might ExplodeWhat goes down must come up — maybe in the form of molten lava. As tectonic plates shift, they pull our oceans deep into the Earth's crust, and that water triggers earthquakes, magma production…Amazing Footage of Last Woolly Mammoth-Like Elephants on EarthA British photographer was able to capture the last images of a rare, large-tusked elephant before it died of natural causes. The large animal was known for its massive tusks, which were estimated…Here's What Happens When This Woman Tries to Make a Snow AngelAn Irish woman tries to make an angel in the snow, but she doesn't quite know what she's doing.Malaysia's Last Surviving Male Sumatran Rhino Dies at 35Tam was Malaysia's last surviving male Sumatran rhinoceros. The 35-year-old died May 28, surrounded by his caretakers and vets at the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary that had been struggling to save his…NASA Says Even the Moon Gets 'Sunburned'If you've ever been mad at the Sun for getting a sunburn, you're in good company — the moon gets them too. The NASA ARTEMIS mission has revealed that solar winds greatly impact the lunar…Tourists Are Obsessed With Dangerous 'Ghost' AttractionsAbandoned skyscrapers and haunted buildings are the settings for a new tourism trend that sees travelers explore creepy sites across Asia. The pastime of urban exploration is drawing travelers to…Intense Footage From Inside Norwegian Cruise Ship Hit by WindA massive gust of wind struck a Norwegian Cruise Line ship as it departed from New York City, causing it to violently tilt to the side. Several people were injured and had to be treated by…NASA Spacecraft Captures Snowman-Like ImageThe city-size object is made up of a pair of roughly spherical lobes, scientists dubbed the larger lobe "Ultima" and the smaller one "Thule."This Private Jet Company Will Let You Pay as You GoJet Linx, the third largest private aircraft operator in the U.S, is changing the experience from the moment members arrive at the airport.WWII Navy Shipwreck Found in South PacificU.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Hornet was sunk during a WWII battle against the Japanese in 1942. Its resting place has been a mystery until researchers recently uncovered its wreckage some 17,500…NASA Spots Gigantic 'Jellyfish' in SpaceJellyfish have been on Earth for approximately 500 million years, making them the longest surviving creature on the planet. But now, NASA has a "jellyfish" of its own in space.The Most Romantic Island Getaways in the WorldRomance. They say you can find it anywhere if you're with the right person. But to see it truly flourish, it helps to be in the right place—whether near or far, celebrating a special occasion, or…Myrtle Beach Officials Warn of Venomous Creatures in the SandIf you visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, beware: Portuguese Man-O-Wars have been spotted along the shore, officials say. In a Facebook post, the Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue warned beachgoers to…Humans Have Ruined Almost All of Earth's OceansJust 13 percent of the world's oceans can still be classified as wilderness because of man's interference, new research warns. The first mapping of global marine wilderness has shown just…World's Oldest Wooden Sculpture Has 11,500-Year-Old 'Code'A mysterious code on the world's oldest wooden sculpture could be an 11,500-year-old ode to ancient spirits. The Shigir Idol, made shortly after the end of the last Ice Age, depicts…California Wildfire Victims Face New Challenges Finding HousingNew data suggest those made homeless by these fires will have an uphill struggle to find new housing…30 Ways To Make Your Next Vacation Stress-FreeMake your next vacation a dream with great deals on specialty luggage, personal care products and more8 Life-Saving Tips for Cold WeatherHypothermia can happen before you even realize the danger. Here are some tips to combat the cold.Husky Feels No Shame After Making a Big MessThis dog threw a husky-size temper tantrum. When a pet owner in Atlanta, Georgia, found her dog, Blu, had gotten into the trash and spread the mess all over the house, she tried to discipline…Scientists Developing Drones to Explore Caves on Mars for AliensAn institute aimed at tracking down extraterrestrial life managed to successfully map a cave using a Nasa-backed drone with Lidar technology — and said the mission could be reproduced on Mars.An Irish Island Retreat to Rejuvenate Your SoulWhat would you say to a retreat that feeds your body and your soul, resets your personal goals and takes you away from the stresses of everyday life? More and more people are calling it a godsend…Your Cat's Meows Are Meant Just For YouCats are very good at making humans feel like they couldn't care less about them. Well, we know it's all an act. Adult cats don't meow at each other, which means that every time they pipe up, it's…Americans See Asteroid Monitoring More Important Than Mars TripThe poll comes as the White House pushes to get astronauts back on the moon, but only about a quarter of Americans said moon or Mars exploration by astronauts should be among the space program's…More People Moved Out of This State Than Any Other in AmericaNew Jersey residents are on the outs with their state. More people moved out of the Garden State in 2018 than any other state, according to a new study by United Van Lines – though New York wasn't…Scary Video Shows Dramatic Collapse at Construction SiteA camera captures a massive road collapsing into a construction site in southern China.Scientists Create Bizarre Form of Hot 'Superionic Ice'Hot ice that can remain frozen at thousands of degrees of heat has been created by scientists. One of the most powerful lasers on the planet was used to make the bizarre creation, which could teach…The Most Awe-Inspiring Forests Around the World You Should SeeThere's something special about forests. It's in the air—the smell of damp earth and wet leaves, the quiet rustle of wildlife, and a deep, resounding stillness that can only be found in wilderness…Hero Mom Pries Open Cougar's Mouth With Bare Hands to Save SonA Canadian woman says her "mom instinct" kicked in when she saw a cougar chomping down on her seven-year-old son last week — allowing her to pry the beast's jaw open like it was a house cat.This Is Why Neanderthals Really Died OutIf someone calls you a Neanderthal, don't take it personally — it's probably not your fault. A new study says it's more likely due to the fact that their DNA became too diluted to have much of an…Tsunami Sweeps Away Boy Band Mid-Performance in IndonesiaJaw-dropping footage emerged Sunday showing a giant tsunami wave sweeping away a boy band mid-performance in Indonesia. Crowds can be seen in the shocking video swaying along to a beachside SaturdayThe Hound Is Absolutely Gorgeous Out of CharacterMost Game of Thrones characters live a rather miserable existence, so, you know, it's hard to look cute all the time. Wearing armor covered in grime doesn't lend itself to premium selfie content, butHow NASA Will Prevent Sun Probe From MeltingA new NASA spacecraft is about to touch the sun. The Parker Solar Probe (PSP) will launch no earlier than August 4 to probe the sun's outer atmosphere, known as the corona, where temperatures are…Pixel 3 Fails to Convince iPhone Users to Switch to AndroidMore than one-third of Pixel 3 and OnePlus 6T buyers in Q42018 switched from a Samsung device. Less than one in five previously used an iPhone, Counterpoint Research says.The Truth About Whether TSA PreCheck Is Even Worth the MoneyTSA PreCheck can take some of the pain out of airport security. But is it worth it? Let's face it: no one likes the TSA. Agents of the Transportation Security Administration are about as popular as…The Most Epic Hikes in the World for Thrill-SeekersThere truly isn't a better way to explore foreign countries, as well your home area, than hiking. Now Lonely Planet names the world's most epic hikes…Incredible Stonehenge Discovery Challenges HistoryUK's Stonehenge is shrouded in many mysteries, but some of them may have just been solved, reports Sky News.These Ladybug 'Imposters' Definitely Don't Bring Good LuckWhile many people love spotting ladybugs, you might actually be seeing an "imposter" that bites and leave a foul odor.Scientists Use Ancient Yeasts to Brew BeerIsraeli researchers raised a glass Wednesday to celebrate a long-brewing project of making beer and mead using yeasts extracted from ancient clay vessels —some over 5,000 years…The Most Enchanting Mountain Lodge in North CarolinaNorth Carolina boasts many incredible vacation rentals to stay in, from Smoky Mountain cabins to Outer Banks beach homes. If it's a cabin getaway you're seeking, we may have found the most gorgeous…Scientists Discover What MayBe First Moving Organism on EarthIn a fossil which dates back 2.1 million years, scientists have discovered what could be the earliest signs of movement on Earth — and what possibly made those movements.Here's Why You Might Not Want to Always Use Your DishwasherIf sinus pressure and sneezing have got you down, read on to find out why.Must-Visit Cemeteries For Every World TravelerMost people don't want to spend time in a cemetery since they'll be stuck in one for eternity worryingly soon. But cemeteries are pretty darn cool, and many people around the world have put a lot…Freediver Glides Through Frozen Lake in Czech RepublicA freediver took the plunge under the frozen surface of Lake Milada, Czech Republic. Watch as Petr Kapoun swims without oxygen inches beneath the crystal-clear ice.Spacecraft Snaps Picture Moments Before Crashing Into MoonIsrael's Beresheet spacecraft snapped a stunning picture of the moon moments before it crashed into the lunar surface Thursday. The spacecraft experienced an engine problem seconds before it was…Experience the World's Most Iconic Attractions Without the CrowdFrom visiting Rio's Christ the Redeemer first thing in the morning to seeing Michelangelo's David at the Accademia in Florence with your very own art…Storm Uncovers a Mysterious Discovery in WalesA mysterious prehistoric forest has risen again on a Welsh beach thanks to Storm Hannah. The collection of ancient tree stumps had been buried under water and sand more than 4,500 years ago and now…This Is What Astronauts Really Eat in SpaceFrom pureed food in aluminum tubes to fresh lettuce growing in a microgravity environment, what astronauts eat in space is constantly changing. Today, astronauts can enjoy a fresh salad on the…7 Smaller Cities That are Architectural GemsYou don't have to go to Chicago or New York to find unique, inspiring architecture.Secrets of Our Solar System That Hid in Plain Sight for DecadesOn April 27, 2016, NASA scientists discovered that Earth has a second moon. Kind of. Dubbed 2016 HO3, this travelling companion along the orbit around the Sun is actually an asteroid — much too…Why You Shouldn't Eat Fish From Florida's Largest LakeMeteorologist Danielle Banks reports on a scientist's claim that blue-green algae in Florida's largest lake, Lake Okeechobee, means no fish should be eaten from it.Researchers Claim to Debunk Popular Stephen Hawking TheoryAn international team of researchers, including from Princeton University, say they have ruled out Stephen Hawking's theory that mysterious dark matter might be made up of tiny black holes created…There May Be a Massive Ocean Beneath the Earth's SurfaceThere's as much water inside the earth as there is in all of the oceans. That's the conclusion that scientists are reaching after a 2014 discovery planted the seed of the idea.What Will Happen When Earth's North and South Poles FlipOur protective shield might soon go into a transformation that could threaten the lives on Earth.This Is What Christians Believe God Looks LikeScientists have conjured up an image of what people think God looks like and it's probably not what you imagined. The University of North Carolina psychologists studied American Christians to…Tourist Posing for Photo on Iceberg Gets Swept Out to SeaTexan grandma Judith Streng was with her son Rob on the shoreline of the country's south coast when she sat down for a photo-op at the throne-like iceberg."It was shaped like an easy place to sit.Unusual Tourist Attractions That'll Open Your EyesGuinness Storehouse, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin city – Ireland is filled with top tourist attractions but there are some quite unique tourist attractions that you might want to add to your list of must-sWhat Dominican Health Officials Call Rash of Tourist DeathsThe FBI is investigating three of the nine American deaths that have occurred there in the past yearKilauea's Lava Fields Become Home to an Unlikely SpeciesLava crickets appear on Hawaii's barren lava fields before other species, but beyond that, very little is known about them…Bizarre Discoveries Found Frozen in IceHow Science Tries to Explain Deja VuIf you're reading this, you've probably had it happen to you. You're in the middle of your daily routine, with nothing out of the ordinary, when it hits you, the intense feeling that you've…Big Reasons Why People are Getting Out of the NortheastThree of the top five states people are moving out of are in the Northeast, one study finds.Man Dodges Death as Boat Drags SUV Into the WaterA man was nearly hit by his own SUV at Rocky Point in Prince Edward Island, Canada, as he attempted to load a boat into the water. While he was trying to fix the boat's propeller, the land vehicleMovie Posters That Spoiled the Whole Thing For UsUnfortunately for the poor souls excited to see the following films, the teams responsible for creating their posters couldn't figure out how to lure people into theaters without spoiling the movie…Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Environmental Hypocrisy ExposedFreshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to save the planet with her Green New Deal, but she keeps tripping over her own giant carbon footprint.This Engraved Rock Could Unlock America's Oldest MysteryScientists are planning to take a fresh look at an engraved rock purported to hold the key to the mysterious "lost colony" of Roanoke. Described as "the coldest case in American history," the…The Strange Lives of the People Who Discovered Famous DiseasesEveryone wants to leave their mark on history, and there's no better way to do that than having something important named after you. Sometimes, that thing is a medical condition. What do you do to…Scientists Incredibly Made a Human Heart With a 3-D PrinterIsraeli scientists have done what no researchers have done before: They've made a human heart, all by using human tissue and a 3-D printer.Humans Have Killed 60% of World's Wildlife Since 1970Earth has lost a staggering 60 percent of its wildlife populations since 1970, a bleak new report has revealed. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today released its Living Planet Report, a…The World's 20 Riskiest Countries for U.S. TravelersTwenty countries that U.S. travelers should avoid and the potential dangers they may face in each one, according to the State Department.Large, Flightless Bird Attacks and Kills Man in FloridaA large, flightless bird native to Australia and New Guinea killed its Florida owner when it attacked him after he fell, authorities said. The Alachua County Fire Rescue Department told the…Ex-Truck Driver Repeatedly Dumped Toxic Waste Near National ParkCOLUMBIA, S.C. — A former truck driver has pleaded guilty to illegally dumping tankers of toxic waste near South Carolina's only national park.The Most Bizarre Things Ever Found During Beach CleanupA look at the strangest items found during the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup Day.This Whale May Have Been Spying for RussiaFishermen in Norway spotted a white beluga whale wearing a harness lurking near their boats and marine experts believe the Russian navy could be training them as a mammalian underwater surveillance teFrozen Lake Michigan Shatters Into Stunning Ice ShardsLake Michigan was covered with a blanket of ice shards this week as the spring thaw in the Midwest shattered the frozen water into a million pieces. Captivating images of the shards were taken on…Biologists Stumped by Sudden Surge in Gray Whale DeathsUS government biologists have launched a special investigation into the deaths of at least 70 gray whales washed ashore in recent months along the US West Coast, from…Bizarre Objects Found in the Most Random PlacesThe world is a weird place, full of bizarre finds that throw you for a loop, because there's no rational explanation for why they are where they are.How to Know if You're Flying on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 PlanePassengers can check their airline sites or apps to see what aircraft corresponds with their flight number. They can also punch in the plane's registration data into the FAA website to see which…Incredible Facts You Never Knew About the Earth's Inner CoreThe planet Earth consists of a series of distinct layers, each of which has a unique structure. The top layer, known as the crust, is the thinnest layer of the Earth with a thickness of 30 km…This Horrific Video Will Make You Think Twice About PollutionA famed Mexican chef has posted a stunning video of himself pulling plastic bottle caps and other trash from a fish's stomach as he prepares a meal — as a wake-up call that humans are destroying oceaCalifornia Girl Tragically Dies in Fall off Arizona OverlookAuthorities say a California girl visiting an Arizona landmark has died from what appears to be an accidental fall.Video Shows Moment Helicopter Goes Down in Hudson RiverNew video shows the moment a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River Wednesday. The clip, posted to Snapchat, shows the charter chopper traveling south about 100 feet above the water near 12th…Fire-Breathing Mountain is a Mystery No LongerEternal flames burning from a mountain in southeast Turkey originates from a mysterious source.What the Average Retiree Spends Every MonthRetirement is portrayed as carefree days of golfing, fishing and Mai Tais on the beach. Is that based on financial reality?8 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In ChicagoThe Windy City is full of adventures. These are the ones you may not have heard about! It's difficult to narrow down the essentials when taking a trip to Chicago. There's Shedd Aquarium, Willis…We Already Know How 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Will Probably EndMitchell Dostine, better known as Dash Star, is a writer, voice actor, and prolific YouTuber.  You can check out his YouTube channel primarily focused on Star Wars right here…NASA Astronauts Under Attack in Space by Scary ConditionAstronauts aboard the International Space Station and other missions have been plagued by a resurgence in the often-dormant virus because of the stress of space travel, according to a study by NASA…The Creepy 'Face Mites' That Live in Your Pores While You SleepDon't panic, but your face is infested.Noodles Freeze Into Sculpture Thanks to Extreme Cold WeatherA man in Calgary, Canada, showed off how extreme the cold weather is by bringing a cup of cooked noodles outside, where it froze. He says it took about 15 minutes for the noodles to go from boilingThe Germiest Public Places You Should Be Cautious About TouchingWatch out for these germ-laden hot spots — and prepare to be grossed out…Scientists Think They've Solved the Bermuda Triangle MysteryBritish scientists believe 100-foot "rogue" waves could be the reason why so many boats have sunk in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The infamous body of water in the western part of the…Black Holes Might Not Exist, So Here Are 5 Weirder AlternativesBlack holes are infinities wrapped in infinities: objects containing an infinitely small point with infinite density that warps spacetime to such a degree that not even light can escape. But theJogger Recounts Killing Mountain Lion With His Bare HandsTravis Kauffman describes the vicious struggle that ended with him getting more than 25 stitches on his face and wrist.5 Huge Flying Myths, DebunkedMillions fly around the globe every day, yet some don't trust advances the aviation industry has made.These Are the Most Dangerous Animals in North AmericaThe 8 most dangerous animals in North America, where you'll find them, what you should know about them, and how to stay safe should they cross your path.NASA Declares Mars Rover Opportunity Dead After 15 YearsNASA's Opportunity, the Mars rover that was built to operate just three months but kept going and going, was pronounced dead Wednesday.Mark Zuckerberg Made a 'Sleep Box' for His WifeThe simple device allows his wife, Priscilla Chan, to sleep all night without the distraction of a phone or the stress of knowing what time it is.Incredible Discovery Made Inside Great Pyramid of GizaScientists have made an incredible discovery about the Great Pyramid of Giza, which can focus electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and its base. The mysterious structure was built by the…The Sunlight You Feel Might Be 50 Million Years OldLight travels 186,388 miles per second, and on average, the Earth is 92.96 million miles away from the sun. If you run the numbers, that works out to be about 8.31 minutes from the moment that…This Rule Is Used By The World's Most Successful PeopleThe reason why the five-hour rule is so effective in priming the world's most accomplished people for continued success comes down to two things. First, working harder and longer is not the same…First Car to Wear Porsche Badge Could Fetch More Than $20MThe 1939 edition was the personal car of Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche'Game of Thrones' Show Its Love for Belfast as It Says GoodbyeIt's all over! Game of Thrones stars gathered in Belfast to celebrate the premiere of the final series, season 8 and there was a whole lot of love in the room.Gross Discovery Made Within Walmart Shopping CartsBe careful which cart you choose — there may be a slithering surprise waiting inside. A cart attendant at a Walmart in Texas got quite the scare on Friday after discovering a large rat snake in a…The Wildest Things Floating in Space Right NowSpace, in the words of the not-entirely-immortal Douglas Adams, is big. Really big. It's so big, in fact, that you'd actually be forgiven for believing that pretty much all of it is completely…Expensive Travel Blunders to Avoid at All CostAmericans spent an average of almost $2,000 on their 2017 summer vacations, according to Allianz Travel Insurance. And if the trend the insurer's Vacation Confidence Index has seen over the past…Terrific Biology Experiment Ideas for High SchoolHigh school level biology covers all aspects of biology, including animals, plant life and humans. That should mean it's easy to come up with a science fair project or a classroom research project…Stop Ignoring the Brutal Downside of Legal PotPoliticians are pushing to legalize recreational marijuana in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, following 10 other states. But the Parent Teacher Association, local health officials andPilot Rescued After His Small Plane Gets Stuck in 60-Foot TreeThe pilot was preparing to land when the Piper Cub lost power crashed into the top of a white fir. Rescuers climbed the tree to free him.Read This Before You Ever Step Foot in Red Lobster AgainThe seafood lover can find plenty of choices in Florida, given it's surrounded by ocean on almost every side. Despite that, Red Lobster, the most famous chain restaurant focusing on sea creatures,…40,000-Year-Old Worms Not Oldest Organisms to Come Back to LifeWorms are surreally hardy creatures. Russian researchers recently found microscopic, intact worms in permafrost from 40,000 years ago — and when they thawed the ice, the worms came back to life.Gowanus Canal Cleanup Has Unearthed Historic TreasuresIt's not hard to find the Gowanus Canal on a hot day in Carroll Gardens or Park Slope. Just follow your nose, and the tangy miasma of raw sewage and harbor brine will lead you straight to its…USB Stick Found in New Zealand Seal Poop Somehow Still WorksDid you lose a USB stick while canoeing along the beaches of New Zealand? Well, you're in luck.  Researchers at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research have found it — inside a…These Students Built a Car That Runs on AirCAIRO – A group of Egyptian students has designed a vehicle they say will battle rising energy prices and promote clean energy by running on nothing but air. The undergraduate students, who…The Scientific Reason Behind Why Most Planes Are WhiteThe main reason for snow white planes? Thermal science. MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics professor R. John Hansman told Business Insider that the color best reflects sunlight, which keeps the…The Pisonia Tree Lures and Murders Birds for No Good ReasonJust because you can doesn't mean you should. Someone should tell that to the Pisonia tree, a savage plant that kills birds just for the fun of it. You may be asking, "Why?" Well, the tree would9 Trusted Tips to Help Your Pet Live LongerWith the right care, you can enhance the quality—and quantity—of life for your furry friends.Scientists Crack Secret of Dragonfish's Deadly 'Invisible' TeethA deep-sea fish can hide its enormous, jutting teeth from prey because its chompers are virtually invisible — until it's too late. What's the dragonfish's secret? The teeth are transparent…Scientists Claim They'll Have a Cure for Cancer Within a YearA team of Israeli scientists claim they will likely develop a cure for cancer in the next year, The Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. The new treatment is being developed by Accelerated Evolution…This Beagle Mama Is Raising a Baby Possum After Losing PupsMolly, a beagle who lives with owners Elle and Sara Moyle, in Victoria, Australia, recently lost her litter of puppies at birth. For days, the Moyles said, the beagle mourned. Then she met Poss.Post-Apocalyptic Looking Sight After Bomb CycloneAbandoned vehicles littered the roads after Winter Storm Ulmer slammed Colorado with wind and snow.The Unexpected Worst Part of the Pearl Harbor AttackThe most disturbing part of Pearl Harbor for most people will be the death and destruction, and those were indeed horrible. But the numbers don't tell the whole story.The 10 Nastiest Cruise Ships of All TimeFrom inadequate food storage procedures to dirty kitchen equipment, here are the dirtiest ships of all time.This Robot is Designed to Help Out Around the HouseVector Robot by Anki is a home robot designed to hang out and help out.Adam Savage Created a Real-Life Flying Iron Man SuitIn a new Discovery channel series, Mythbusters star Adam Savage works with engineers to develop the craziest projects only he could dream up. In the first episode, Savage starts out strong: he createsCrowds Swarm as Flames Consumed Notre Dame CathedralThrongs stood in shock outside France's historic Notre Dame cathedral while it burned Monday, with many posting video, photos and comments as they watched in horror as flames continued to consume theAbandoned, Half-Sunken Ships Out of the Sea Near GreeceThe owners of the ships vary from individuals to inheritors to companies registered in countries ranging from Greece to Britain and Honduras.Incredible Navigational Tools Used in the Year 1400The Renaissance ushered in an era of exploration and discovery for Europeans, with new mapping techniques, new economic realities and a hunger to find "new" lands and trade routes. The mariners of…The World's Largest Mall Isn't Where You ThinkChina may have a Wall, but we're peeking behind it to discover some weird and wonderful facts. China is one of the great ancient civilizations, and with so much history and culture, there's a wide…Weird Things You Probably Didn't Know About Lunar EclipsesLunar eclipses are as old as our planet (and moon) themselves, and the moon has long played a role in shaping people's religious beliefs. So it's no surprise that lunar eclipses – especially the…Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreads From Congo to UgandaThe second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history has now spread to Uganda — claiming the life of a 5-year-old boy Wednesday after the virus killed nearly 1,400 in Democratic Republic of Congo.7 Charming Towns In The Midwest You Should VisitThere may not be a friendlier place in the United States than a Midwestern small town. We've chosen 7 below that we think are especially worth a visit—places with relaxed lifestyles, picturesque…7 Beautiful Destinations You Need To Visit In Greece This SummerEvery year, TripAdvisor travelers vote on their favorite things around the world for our Travelers' Choice Awards. We highlight the top picks in all things travel with categories such as…How These Real-Life Ghost Towns Got This WayOften a draw for adventurers and treasure hunters, ghost towns retain their stories long after their last residents have moved on.This Asteroid is A Lot More Than Meets the EyeSpotting asteroids has become pretty routine for astronomers working with some of the most powerful telescopes on the planet, but every once in a while, a seemingly mundane space rock proves to beDad Saves Toddler from Jaws of Wild DingoA heroic dad rescued his toddler son from a dingo's jaws after he was dragged from his family's camper in Australia by a group of the wild dogs and left with a fractured skull, according to reports.The Major City That's Banning a Summer StapleNothing says summer like the sound of the ice cream truck. But one city is silencing them over pollution concerns.Man Falls 800 Feet Into Crater Lake Caldera and LivesAn Oregon man was rescued after falling 800 feet into a caldera Monday afternoon and surviving, officials said. The Coast Guard's North Bend Sector received a call at 3:47 p.m. from the National…Scientists Create Most Detailed Map of Antarctica EverChances are you make it through most days without sparing a thought for Antarctica. At just over 5.4 million square miles, it's a massive chunk of land that is nearly twice the size of Australia…These Are the Best Places to Live in the U.S.American cities seem to have upped their game all at once. From hosting the best craft beer breweries in America to boasting enticing bike trails and some of the best national parks in the US,…Hidden 'Underworld' Chambers Found Beneath Ancient PyramidSecret chambers dedicated to a mysterious underworld have been uncovered in an ancient pyramid. Researchers have revealed that they discovered a new tunnel and a cavity hidden below an…Alaska Has a Deadlier Version of the 'Bermuda Triangle'You've probably heard legends about planes and ships mysteriously disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle (or Devil's Triangle), the area of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. But those…The Job That Has a Scary Amount of PsychopathsFrom Buffalo Bill to Jason Voorhees, psychopaths in fiction aren't known for holding 9-to-5 jobs. Although there's also Hannibal Lecter, Patrick Bateman, and Norman Bates — they all had a job…Spider Found Living Inside Woman's EarThis trip to the doctor would give anyone a case of arachnophobia. A spider was found living inside a woman's ear canal in Hai Duong, Vietnam. Watch this skin-crawling video of the arachnid being…Navy Pilots Spotted UFOs Flying at Hypersonic SpeedsSome US Navy pilots reported spotting UFOs while training over the East Coast in 2014 and 2015, they said in a recent New York Times report.The Best Time to Take Your First Couples VacationThe first vacation with your new partner can be tricky. This is how long you should wait to take that holiday for your best chance at survival, according to a new survey.Study Confirms What Autism Advocates Have Been Saying for YearsApril is Autism Acceptance month, so there's no better time to shed light on one of the most misunderstood developmental disabilities in the world. Many allistic people (a term for people without…Strange Galaxy Has Astronomers Rethinking a Key TheoryThe newfound galaxy also seems to lack a black hole at its center. That came as another surprise, since astronomers have long thought that most galaxies contain black holes.8 Unforgettably Unique Vacation HomesThe Real Reason Passengers Clap When a Plane LandsNo in-flight habit is as irritating as the landing applause – but is it finally dying out? There are more than one reason why we clap…These Lesser-Known European Islands Are Worth the VisitWhen you think of a European island paradise, places like Santorini, Ibiza and Capri probably come to mind—but there's so much more to explore! We're featuring five off-the-beaten-path…What Prohibition Was Really LikeWhere there's a will, there's a way, and people have been finding ways to drink for at least 6,100 years. When making booze illegal didn't actually stop people from partaking, the U.S. government…Mountain Lion Killed by Colorado Jogger Was Orphaned 'Kitten'A young mountain lion that was strangled last month by a Colorado jogger was a 4-month-old orphan, state wildlife officials have revealed.Famed Ancient Iceman Otzi's Last Meal Finally RevealedRoughly half of Otzi's stomach contents were fats, a "remarkable" proportion, according to researchers…Mysterious 15th-Century Manuscript Decoded Using AIScientists have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to unlock the secrets of an ancient manuscript that has baffled experts.Climber Takes Terrifying 60-Foot Free Fall Down MountainA solo climber free falls 60 feet down the side of Boulder, Colorado's Flatirons — and the harrowing ordeal is all caught on his GoPro camera.Chinese Fossil Sheds Light on Mysterious Neanderthal KinNearly 40 years after it was found by a monk in a Chinese cave, a fossilized chunk of jawbone has been revealed as coming from a mysterious relative of the Neanderthals.Scotland's Plan for When the Loch Ness Monster Is CaughtScottish officials have a plan ready if the Loch Ness Monster is ever caught. Officials drew up a set of guidelines on how to protect the new species – including releasing it back into its watery…Cat Tries to Catch Fish Stuck in Frozen LakeFootage from Shenyang, China, shows a cat desperately trying to catch a fish in a frozen lake, and not understanding the concept of "solid ice." While the feline didn't catch its…What This AAA Study Revealed About Autonomous CarsAAA has come out with a new survey showing 71 percent of American adults "are afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle."Hotel 'Hacks' To Improve Your StayFrom alternative uses for shower caps to outsmarting thieves to getting an upgrade…What's So Special About Supermoons?Here's a little known fact about supermoons: They're made up and a complete waste of everyone's time.Grandmother Finds Tarantula in Grapes Before EatingGillian Shivers, from Newark, was about to give the carton of fruit to her grandchildren when she found the 3-inch arachnid, SWNS reports. Shivers' husband, Tony, reportedly killed the spider with…These Popular Travel Destinations Aren't as Safe as You ThinkYou know that tingle that runs up your spine? Sometimes, you should trust it. One of the biggest things working in your favor to have a safe and happy vacation is knowing about your destination…How to Survive a Nuclear Explosion, According to ScienceDuring the Cold War, the U.S. government recommended that schoolchildren "duck and cover" in case of a nuclear attack. Those days, and that anxious cartoon turtle, are now behind us, but the…These Popular Destinations Got Practically Ruined by TouristsTourism can have a big impact on the beautiful places we love to visit. And not always for the best…Kings Who Were Really Weird PeopleThey say absolute power corrupts absolutely. And this has been bad news for basically everyone throughout history because kings were in charge of everybody for a long time. With no one around to…The Earth is Running Out Of Coffee Fast. Here's WhyMost people know sardines as the most popular pizza topping they've never seen on a pizza. And though not everyone has a taste for the little fish on a thin crust, sardines are getting gobbled up…These Are the Best Places in America to Travel AloneTraveling alone takes you out of your comfort zone and shows you a location in a different light. A solo vacation is about cultivating a unique experience (or many experiences!), and this trend…You Need to Check Out This Flying Taxi's CockpitThe Airbus flying taxi project Vahana took to the skies for the first time in January, and now we are getting a look at the interior of the Alpha Two demonstrator aircraft…How St. Patrick's Day Is Celebrated in SpaceUnfortunately, these Irish American astronauts aboard the International Space Station did not get the day off for St Patrick's Day but they celebrated March 17 in style the best way they could.Ancient 'Sea Monster' Was Basically a Huge Dolphin CreatureThe fossil of a 180-million-year-old ichthyosaur from the Jurassic era has been discovered and it contains evidence of blubber and skin, making the creature more similar to modern-day dolphins than…A New Discovery About Worms is Amazing ScientistsIt's a first for multicellular animals — here's why this discovery is a big deal.Shark Wrangler Jumps in With Live Great WhitesBrett McBride is the world's premier great white shark wrangler. Scientists board his boat, the MV Ocearch, to study the deadly endangered species up close and personal. When a 4,000-pound…This Is by Far the Creepiest House in the U.S.The Thousand Islands — if you've even heard of them — are probably best known as the home of a certain sweet-and-spicy salad dressing. Unless, of course, you happen to be the fancy type of person…Weather-Safety Home Hacks to Withstand the WorstMake your home sweet home safer against the next big storm.These Are the Oldest Words Ever SpokenWhy the French Revolution Was More Messed Up Than You ThinkThe French Revolution, for most people, seems to boil down to a peasant uprising and lots of guillotine action followed by Napoleon. And that's broadly true, but there was a lot more to the…You Should Never Eat a Ball Park Hotdog. Here's WhyThere's something quintessentially American about hot dogs. At best, they're a staple of long, lazy summer days and at worst, they're suspicious tubes of mystery meat in a casing you probably don't…The Truth About How Long Honey Bees Really LiveThe lifespan of a honey bee depends on the type of bee it is. Drone bees (male bees hatched from unfertilized eggs) live for around eight weeks. Sterile worker bees tend to live for up to six…Mysteries of Lost Ancient CivilizationsThe Oldest Tress on Earth Are Ridiculously OldThere's just about nothing on Earth that lives longer than a tree. Trees live long enough to witness the rise and fall of entire civilizations. From legendary sequoias to mysterious yews, let's…Traffic Lights of the Future Know When You Want to Cross StreetAustrian researchers have developed camera-equipped traffic lights that detect people who want to cross the street. It's three to four seconds faster than it would take to reach for a button.Mexico's Crime Rate so Bad Scientists Are Avoiding ObservatoriesAstronomers have become the latest victims of Mexico's violence, with activities at two observatories being reduced because their staff suffered crimes while traveling to the…This Is What the Wind Sounds Like on MarsOne of the coolest things about NASA's new InSight lander that recently arrived on Mars is that it'll be able to listen closely to sounds generated deep underground. It has the potential to…Over 1,500 Exotic Turtles Found Inside Luggage in PhilippinesPhilippine authorities said Monday that they found more than 1,500 live exotic turtles stuffed inside luggage at Manila's airport. The various types of turtles were found…This Is What Caused Russian Plane's Fiery CrashThe Russian plane that burst into flames during a dramatic emergency landing in Moscow — killing 41 people — was struck by lightning moments before the crash, the pilot and surviving passengers…Stop Complaining About Traffic: Use Technology to Fix itEvery year, Inrix releases its Global Traffic Scorecard, which ranks congestion on roads in 1,064 cities in 38 countries. And every year the report tells urban commuters what they already…Scientists Detect the Most Massive Black Hole Collision YetBlack holes are out there making waves. Four new gravitational wave detections were announced during a science conference over the weekend, bringing the total number of detections to 11 since…Huge Shark Stuns NJ Fishermen With Real-Life 'Jaws' MomentJeff Crilly was out on his boat the "Big Nutz Required II" with some pals Monday when a great white shark swam up to the stem of the boat and grabbed a bag of chum, in a tale reminiscent of the…The Best Budget-Friendly North American Destinations of the YearIt's a big continent out there, with an awful lot to do and see. We've gathered together 10 budget-friendly North American destinations for 2019…Mystery Signal From Space Wasn't NASA's Mars RoverNASA's Mars Opportunity rover has been sitting still on Mars since June. It was then that a massive dust storm began to swallow up the planet, cutting off the sunlight to the rover's solar panels…How This Expedition Survived an Antarctic Winter on Floating IceLet's say you're looking for a job, and you come across this gem online. "Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger. Safe return doubtful." Chances are, you'd…Three New Species of Spiders Discovered in AustraliaThree new peacock spiders have been revealed by an Australian taxonomist, but he swears they are "harmless" and "charismatic."Couple Rescued From Crocodile Swamp After Writing 'HELP' in MudAn Aussie couple were rescued from a crocodile-infested swamp after they lit fires and wrote "HELP" in the mud. Shantelle Johnson and her partner Colen Nulgit got their vehicle stuck in…Pre-Modern China Was Pretty Messed UpAstronomers Are Hunting for the Mysterious Planet NineAstronomers across the globe are searching for an enormous undiscovered world dubbed Planet Nine, which could change everything we think we know about the solar system. They know it's out there…Insane Ways People Are Prepping for the ApocalypseThere's a lot of disagreement in the prepping community about what type of disaster will evict mankind from our well-earned spot at the top of the food chain. Some are worried about scenarios like…FBI to Release Toxicology Results in Rash of DR DeathsFBI toxicology results will soon be released as part of the investigation into the rash of tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic. Relatives of Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, Nathaniel Holmes, 63,…7 Awesome Amusement Parks In The UKThe Bizarre Truth About JFK Jr.'s Plane CrashThink you know all the facts there are about John F Kennedy Jr? Take a look at these fun facts from his bio and test your Kennedy family knowledge…Underrated Ski Areas in the West You Need to Hit the Slopes InFind bliss on a low-key snowy adventure at these uncrowded, scenic ski areas.US Tourists Killed in Tragic Accident Caused by Pony SlipA US couple vacationing in Co Kerry died in a freak accident when the pony of their jarvey cart slipped and catapulted them down a 25-foot drop at the Gap of Dunloe.Bodies Aren't the Only Strange Thing You'll Find on Mt. EverestMount Everest is the world's highest mountain at just over 29,000 feet above sea level — if not quite the tallest, if you want to be a pedantic jerk about it— with a history that's inspiring…Am I Allowed to Dig for Buried Treasure on Ellis Island?Dear John: I recently discovered that something valuable is buried on Ellis Island. Who can I ask to get permission to dig a one foot by one foot hole? Do you think I will be allowed to dig?8 Things You Should Never Do To Your CatWith a cat or two around the house, even the most dedicated pet parent may slack off and take Kitty's presence for granted. Even the simplest oversight may have big consequences…This Famous Movie Prop Is Now at the Bottom of the OceanFeatured in the movie "Dolphin Tale," this houseboat will now help support marine life off the Florida coast.This Creepy Robot Uses Bionic Eyes to Draw People From SightCan robots be creative? Gallery owner Aidan Meller hopes to go some way towards answering that question with Ai-Da, who her makers say will be able to draw people from sight with a pencil in her…Here's How to Create the Perfect Foodie VacationHere's how you can spice up the itinerary on your next trip, according to 4 food and travel bloggers.Flight Attendants Share The Most Entitled Behavior They've SeenPeople are generally not in the greatest of moods when they set out to fly in the not-so-friendly skies, so flight attendants are typically prepared for just about everything. Assisting customers…China's Ancient 'Pyramids' Reveal Their Stunning SecretsA researcher has uncovered fascinating new details about the construction of ancient "pyramids" in China. There are over 40 "pyramid" mausoleums in China, which are huge artificial earth…NASA Plans to Send a Drone to Saturn's Largest MoonNASA said Thursday that it's sending a drone called Dragonfly to explore Saturn's largest moon, Titan.17 Creepy Ghost Towns Around the WorldVideo Shows Chaos in Philly After Refinery ExplosionA massive fireball erupted from a 150-year-old oil refinery in south Philadelphia early Friday in an explosion that could be seen from miles away and felt as far as South Jersey, according to reports.Earthquake Turns Skyscraper Pool Into a Terrifying WaterfallAs a 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the Philippines, water from a penthouse swimming pool atop Anchor Skysuites — a luxury skyscraper in Manila — came cascading down.    These Are Some of the Best Hiking Vacations In AmericaDust off your hiking boots and grab your backpack for this wanderlust-worthy roundup of hiking vacations in the US. From family-friendly, scenic trails to heart-thumping climbs, we've uncovered 15…How to See Machu Picchu Without ClimbingClimb every mountain? In Peru, that's easier said than done. Luckily, there's another way. This majestic view of Machu Picchu, one of the ancient wonders of the world, comes with a cost. To reach…What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About UFO SightingsIn this episode of "The Basement Office," the New York Post's Steven Greenstreet sits down with Nick Pope to discuss the latest UFO sightings and the frightening modern-day craft the Black…The Savviest Travel Pros Take These Things on VacationUnique road trip games and essentials that travel pros say you shouldn’t leave home withoutScientists 'Can't Rule Out' Alien Life on JupiterIn a stunning scientific discovery, researchers have found water clouds inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot, raising the prospect that life may exist on the planet. Jupiter's Great Red Spot, a…What Nebraska's Record-Setting Floods Look Like From SpaceMany of NASA's satellites spend their entire lives pointed deep into the cosmos, but the space agency also has plenty of lenses pointed back down toward Earth. NASA tracks all kinds of things…Your Brain Treats Hunger for Knowledge Like Hunger for FoodCuriosity is a double-edged sword. It can lead us to amazing intellectual achievement — Albert Einstein said his only "special talent" was being "passionately curious" — but it can also kill…Futuristic, Floating City Can Withstand Category 5 HurricanesImagine living in a sustainable city that not only produced its own food and energy but also withstood natural disasters — all while resting out on the ocean.Experience Your Own Tropical Island Paradise at this Aruba VillaIf you're looking to plan a tropical vacation for the colder months, few properties are better suited to host a family or friends trip than this Aruba villa. The expansive outdoor area boasts an…Scientists Plan to Map Entire Ocean Floor by 2030Scientists are mapping the entire ocean floor as part of an ambitious project that could finally find the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. They will use state-of-the-art technology to…NASA Boss Says First Person on Mars Will 'Absolutely' Be FemaleThe administrator of NASA is anticipating that the next person to visit the moon — and the first person who will visit Mars — will be a woman. Speaking on "Science Friday," a weekly…Is This Wexford Castle Ireland's Most Haunted House?Haunted by the devil and a little girl – would you be brave enough to take the tour of Loftus Hall? It's said to be the most haunted place in Ireland.Kangaroo Charges Paraglider Immediately After LandingA paraglider in Canberra, Australia, landed and saw a kangaroo hopping his way. Initially believing the animal to be friendly, he was shocked when it attacked him before quickly hopping away.Pack of Dogs Chases Away Polar Bears in RussiaBear-ware of dog! A pack of canines chased away wild polar bears in Russia's northeasternmost Arctic region. The Novaya Zemlya archipelago declared a state of emergency as more than 50 polar…Secret Code Words We're Not Meant to KnowHaving secret code words for things is a great way to get your friends to chuckle when you can't say something rude in a crowd, and secret code words are also great for joking around in grade…25 Amazing Airbnb Rentals You Should Book NowDon't stay in a boring hotel on your next trip. Airbnb has some truly amazing (and strange) listings. These are a few of our favorites.Notre Dame's Main Towers Saved After FireImages and videos were being widely shared across social media as the blaze intensified.Inside the Critical Minutes at the Notre Dame Fire"Beyond emotion, beyond words, beyond tears," Christophe Castaner, France's interior minister, said Tuesday as he visited the cathedral.The Most Bizarre Theory About Emelia Earhart's DisappearanceThe mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart's disappearance has bewildered many for years. Some have proposed that her plane simply crashed and sank, while others have pondered a number of other…'Absolutely Mad' Raccoon Dogs Are Terrorizing English VillageThe Japanese tanukis — also called a raccoon dogs  because of  their similarities to both animals — apparently dug their way out of an enclosure in Big Lane, Clarborough Nottinghamshire, around…Life on Mars Could Exist Below Its Surface, Scientist ArguesNo life has been found on the red planet yet, but one scientist believes there could be something below the surface — so NASA should start digging.The Most Charming Ski Vacation Towns in AmericaWinter has arrived, and if you're ready to embrace the chilly weather with an epic ski vacation, we've got good news. You don't need to empty your bank account to make memories on the slopes…Best Weekend Getaways in Florida For a Perfect Quick BreakRoughly the size of a small country, Florida has a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. Weekend trips are the perfect…Century-Old Shipwreck Discovered Along New Jersey ShoreRemains of a shipwreck have been discovered on the New Jersey shore — 132 years after the vessel caught fire mid-voyage and sank into the sea, according to reports. The weathered, 25-foot structure…Scariest Travel Destinations in the World"One day, he found a drowned girl on the shore of his island. That's how it started."Do Dolphins Really Communicate With Humans?Dolphins have the largest brain in relation to their body size compared with other animals, larger even than chimpanzees. They exhibit complex behaviors and social structures, problem solving…The Meteorologist Who Got Death Threats for Interrupting MastersCBS46's Ella Dorsey came on the air Sunday in the last hour of the golf tournament, as Tiger Woods was about to make his remarkable comeback and earn his first major championship in over a decade.Strange Ghost Sightings and Apparitions That Will Creep You OutIreland has a rich history of sightings of ghosts and spirits all around the country. This Halloween ask yourself do you believe in ghosts?People Share Clever Loopholes to Travel for CheapOne of life's greatest little pleasures is discovering a perfectly legal loophole that allows you to get something at a discount or even for free. There aren't many avenues that the average person…Incredible Trips You Can Take on Nearly Any BudgetWant an adrenaline rush that you won't soon forget? How about swimming with man's greatest predator and living to tell about it? South Africa is one of the best locations to get up close and…Viking Cruise Line Secrets No One Tells YouWe reached out to Viking Cruises to find out about some of the secrets of the world-famous cruise line. If you're considering a trip on a Viking ship — or if you've already booked your ticket…12-Foot Monster Squid Attack Captured in Rare Deep-Sea VideoIt's not sci-fi. There's a giant squid is among us — and now there's video proof. Though we've have known about its existence for some time, there had never been evidence of its existence in US…Watch Incredible Fireball Streak Across Sky in BrazilAn incredible fireball streaks across the sky in Brazil.Man Brings Steer to Petco in Test of 'All Leashed Pets Welcome'Don't have a cow, man — unless it's at Petco. A man and woman from Texas couldn't help but laugh as they recently walked their leashed steer into a Houston-area Petco to really…8 Things To See And Do In ViennaEbola's Spread Shows How Science Needs Societies to SucceedThe persistence of Congo's Ebola outbreak and its deadly spread to Uganda in recent days show how societal issues are as crucial as scientific advances in controlling disease outbreaks, specialists…What You Need to Know Before Taking a Visit to Machu PicchuIt's no wonder Machu Picchu is Peru's most-visited site. Dating to the mid-1400s, it's a marvel of mortar-free limestone architecture perched on a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle…8-Foot-Long Gator Chomps Off Piece of Cop CarSheriff's deputies in Louisiana say an alligator took a bite out of one of their patrol cars. WBRZ-TV reports deputies were called Monday to Louisiana Highway 1 in CaddoThis Terrifying Clip Reveals How Brutal Turbulence Can BeThere's turbulence, and then there's turbulence. In this particular case, seat belts snapped, beverage carts flew, seats broke free from the floor and,…Google A.I. May Be Able to Predict When You'll DieGoogle knows everything (or at least it feels that way), and now it can even tell you when you'll die. The tech giant helped test an artificial intelligence computer system that can predict…Spanish Town Shuts Down Dangerous Slide After One DayA 125-foot slide in Estepona, Spain, was closed after only one day due to multiple injuries. The slide was created by town officials to provide a quicker travel route between twoAncient 3,400-Year-Old Palace Discovered After DroughtThe incredible ruins of an ancient palace in Iraqi Kurdistan have emerged from the waters of the Tigris River. A team of German and Kurdish archaeologists reports that, in fall 2018, receding…Completely True Facts That Sound Totally Made UpThe truth isn't always stranger than fiction, despite the old cliché, but sometimes the truth is so odd, it makes even the most imaginative fabrications feel dull and uninspired.Hawaii Plane Crash Victim Hoped He Would Die During AdventureA Florida skydiver who was among 11 killed when their plane crashed in Hawaii had lost a close friend in an eerily similar crash — and predicted he would die during one of his daredevil adventures, aThe Rarely Visited Countries You Should Go to SoonIf you are tired of wading through crowds and want some obscure travel bragging rights, these countries could be the perfect travel destination for you…Therapeutic Travel Options For Beating the Winter BluesShake off the winter blues with a little getaway to your own slice of paradise. There are some winters where the cold temperatures and icy sidewalks seem to stretch on forever. Luckily though, if…Couple Ripped on Social Media Over 'Ridiculous' Travel PhotoAn Instagram-famous travel couple has been forced to defend themselves after what's been criticized as a "stupid, ridiculous" photo op that some fear could have had a fatal end.6 Real Life Ghost Towns And How They Got This WayThey may be long abandoned, but these ghost towns are still full of history. Often a draw for adventurers and treasure hunters, ghost towns retain their stories long after their last residents have…'Unusual' Cloud Sends Conspiracy Theorists Into FrenzyAn incredible cloud phenomenon appearing to stretch thousands of miles across the Earth has sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. The cloud resembles a contrail emitted by an airplane but is…Terrifying Footage Shows Large Spider Drag Opossum to Its DeathVideo filmed by biologists from the University of Michigan in the Amazon rainforest shows a tarantula kill a mouse opossum and drag it away. As unsettling as the video is, it's actually…Travelers Reveal Their Absolute Favorite European DestinationsEvery year, TripAdvisor announces its Travelers' Choice Awards, highlighting the top picks in all things travel with categories such as destinations, hotels, landmarks, vacation rentals…New Fossil Unearths Dinosaur With Bat-Like WingsA fossil unearthed in northeastern China of a feathered dinosaur a bit bigger than a blue jay that possessed bat-like wings represents a remarkable but short-lived detour in the…The Top Hidden Beauty Spots in IrelandAre you planning to visit Ireland? What about seeing some history and beautiful countryside in Ireland where few tourists go? We all know the Ireland of Saints and Scholars, Book of Kells, Guinness SLong Island Man Survives Lightning Strike, Being Thrown 20 FeetA Long Island man is lucky to be alive after he was struck by a lightning bolt outside his Northport home — sending him flying around 20 feet through the air, according to police.Everything the World Doesn't Know About SantaWe pretty much take Santa for granted these days — every Christmas, blizzard or no, he brings presents to all the world's believers without getting annihilated by the laws of physics. And yet…Genius Cat Rescues Owner After She Gets Locked Out of HouseAfter getting locked out of her house in Austin, Texas, Gabriella Tropea filmed her cat, Boko, moving a wooden stick that was wedging the back door shut. Somehow, the pet seemed to understand…Things Animals Do That Are Eerily Similar to HumansFor centuries, we human beings have believed that we're better than everyone else. When animals start holding funerals and hiring hit men, though, it becomes a lot more difficult to pretend that…10 Inventors Who Didn't Make Any Money on Their InventionsIn the grand mythology of America, one of the surest paths to wealth is through invention. Build a better mousetrap, as the saying goes, and you'll be able to sell mouse corpses for a profit. And…10 Things the TSA Isn't Telling YouThe annual budget for the federal Transportation Security Administration — the agency formed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks to protect America's aviation, mass transit, highway and…Scientists Invent Way to Create 'Unlimited Renewable Energy'Scientists have reached a "milestone" in a technique of semi-artificial photosynthesis that could eventually create an "unlimited source of renewable energy," according to a new…10 Popular Countries That Require A Visa To EnterWant to vacation in Brazil, Australia, or India? You may need a passport to go to these and other countries.Scientists Observe Formation of Neptune's Great Dark SpotScientists have, for the first time, observed a great dark spot forming on Neptune.The One Way to Tell the Difference Between a Rock and a FossilTo the untrained eye, a collection of small fossils might as well be a pile of pebbles. Actually, even to the trained eye, it's hard to distinguish between the two. So, how can you make sure you'California's Monarch Butterflies Are Almost Completely GoneHumans have a complicated relationship with planet Earth. We love it here, we love the sights and sounds and we sit glued to our television screens as documentaries show us how awesome our planet…California's Real Volcano Threat Revealed in New USGS ReportA new report by the U.S. Geological Survey assessed California's volcano risk. Seven California volcanos are considered 'active.' There's about a 16 percent chance of an eruption in the next 30…Footage Captures Tragic Duck Boat's Final MomentsJennie Phillips-Hudson Carr posted the shocking footage on her Facebook page, showing the two smaller amphibious duck boats bobbing violently in the currents of Table Rock Lake near the tourist town oThe Truth About This Super Secret ClubThese are Allegedly the Most Haunted Places on EarthWe've all heard rumors about the house down the street that everyone says is haunted. Known for their tragic pasts, these centuries-old places will send shivers down your spine! If you like being…Scenic Vacation Spots You Never Knew Were so BeautifulThe world is a beautiful masterpiece. Picasso, van Gogh or Dali could not paint a picture that truly reflects the vividness of Planet Earth.We Finally Understand Stephen Hawking's Interstellar Star ChipsFor decades now, scientists have contented themselves with sending radio signals into the endless, black void surrounding our planet, hoping to hear back from someone or something. While those…What Hotel Stars Actually MeanStarted in the 1950s by Mobil Oil, the 5-star hotel rating system was a way for the company to help get people on the road and traveling by giving them a guide to what hotels were out there, and…Ancient Lake Reveals Clues to What Destroyed the MayansThe innovative Mayan empire — with its impressive temples, calendar and artwork — mysteriously collapsed between the 8th and 9th centuries, leaving many scholars to question how such a seemingly…This Encouraging Travel Trend Is on the RiseNine in ten American international jet setters say it's important for their trips to be ethical, according to new research.Myths You Were Taught About Climate ChangeOf all the things we know about climate change, the most pervasive is probably this one: Climate change is really freaking scary. And that might also be the biggest reason so many people continue…4 Mysteries Even Scientists Can't ExplainWe turn to science when we are curious about our world, but scientists don't have the answers for everything. These are four mysteries that scientists can't explain yet.Climate Change Could Cause Octopuses to Go BlindPlastic pollution and climate change may be significantly altering the level of oxygen on our planet. Now, a new study dives into the impact it could have on marine life, including squids, crabs…'Ghost Village' Abandoned to Nature Lives on Through TourismBlanketed with greenery, the ghost town is perched atop cliffs looking west into sea mists obscuring the horizon. Abandoned homes ravaged by weather and creeping vines stand…Deleted 'GOT' Scenes That Would Have Changed EverythingAs Game of Thrones' ending nears, it's edifying to watch the deleted scenes deemed unworthy of being included — especially those which would have changed the story entirely.Uber Now Has Submarines to Explore Great Barrier ReefTravel to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia by submarine, courtesy of the popular rideshare app, Uber.Israeli Spacecraft Sends Back Pictures of the Dark Side of MoonAn Israeli spacecraft sent back images of the far side of the moon Friday after the Jewish state became the seventh country to successfully send an object into lunar orbit.What Archaeologists Uncovered After Digging Up WoodstockReady to feel old? Archaeologists have completed a five-day excavation at Woodstock — yes, where the 49-year-old music festival took place — in an effort to locate the exact spot where…We Might Soon Get the First-Ever Photograph of a Black HoleBlack holes are so strange that they're kind of hard to wrap your brain around. They're super-dense objects with a gravitational pull so strong that nothing can escape them and, while we know…Here's Why You Admire Vulnerability in Everyone But YourselfThis is it: the moment of truth. Maybe you've got to apologize for a screw-up, or ask for a favor, or tell someone how you really feel about them. Whatever your specific situation, the fact is…Hero Priest Rushes Into Notre Dame Cathedral to Save RelicsA hero priest made a daring dash into the burning Notre Dame cathedral Monday night to save the Crown of Thorns, a religious relic dating back to the 13th century, according to reports. Jean-MarcDARPA Invented a Shapeshifting WheelResearchers from Carnegie Mellon developed a wheel that morphs depending on the terrain.Archaeologists Unearth a 3rd Century Roman 'Hand of God'The lifelike hand had been found in a ditch near a temple dedicated to Jupiter Dolichenus, a Roman god worshipped by a mysterious, weather-related cult…These Are The 10 Most Ancient Cities In The WorldThere are a lot of places to be curious about, so we started a Curiosity Travel Instagram. Where will your curiosity take you? Follow us…This Is Where Earth's Water Really Came FromWater arrived on Earth at exactly the same time that the moon was created over 4 billion years ago, according to a new study. This phenomenon is thought to have happened when an…One Thing That Is Holding Us Back From Sending People to MarsMankind seems destined to one day set foot on Mars. NASA and other space agencies around the world are already making big plans for sending humans to the Red Planet, but we're not nearly ready…Tarantula in Texas Seen 'Swimming' in Terrifying VideoIn an odd and fascinating sighting, officials with the Big Bend Ranch State Park in Texas captured an eight-legged creature "swimming" across a small body of water: a tarantula.Bear Lake, Utah Is the Caribbean of the RockiesWho knew if you traveled 126 miles north from Salt Lake City International Airport that you would find yourself face to face with a wonderful destination known as the "Caribbean Rockies"?Parents Go to Extremes to Save Up for Family VacationsThe "dream vacation" for American families takes nearly a year to save up for, according to new research. A study examining the lengths parents go to try to give their children perfect…10 Incredible Phenomena You Have to See This SummerMother Nature is full of surprises. Check out these amazing phenomena you can only see during the summer months.Rats May Have Been Framed for Causing the PlagueAnyone who's taken a history class knows that the Black Death, the outbreak of bubonic plague that decimated Europe's population in the mid-1300s, was spread by rats. It may surprise you to know,…Lies You Were Taught in Science ClassThe world is full of incredibly awesome natural phenomena. Unfortunately, the shiniest of these phenomena you learned about as a child does not exist. Diamonds, the story goes, are made from coal…Tricky Ways Nature Shows Lie to UsEthiopia Apologizes for Posting Map That Erased SomaliaEthiopia's foreign affairs ministry has apologized for a map of Africa that erased neighboring Somalia. Spokesman Nebiat Getachew said in a statement on Tuesday…Horrifying Footage Shows Plane Bouncing on Runway Before FireTerrifying new footage of the Moscow plane crash that killed 41 people shows the plane bouncing on the runway before it bursts into flames. The Aeroflot Superjet 100 crashed while making an emergencyThese Are the World's Largest ArmiesThis list gives a comprehensive insight not just into army size, but funding, future potential and how big of a part the military plays in national culture.Last Living Gorilla from 'Gorillas in the Mist' Believed DeadPoppy, the last living gorilla featured in Dian Fossey's 1983 book "Gorillas in the Mist," is believed to have died, according to the famed naturalist's nonprofit organization. The femaleBiosphere 2 Evolves From Societal Experiment Into Science UtopiaThey lived for two years and 20 minutes under the glass of a miniature Earth, complete with an ocean, rain forest, desert, grasslands and mangroves. Their air and water…Avalanche Consumes Highway Like It's Nothing"That was freaking nuts!" Watch the incredible moment an avalanche crashed onto I-70 in Officer's Gulch, Colorado, near Copper Mountain. "No big deal, just an avalanche," wrote snowboarderOne of Ireland's Greatest Medieval Treasures Available OnlineThe 'Dublin' Apocalypse, one of Ireland's great medieval treasures is now free to view online, via Trinity College Dublin, for the very first time. Trinity College Dublin Library recently…This Secret Airline Flies Nonstop to Area 51 Every DayIf you're anywhere near Area 51, you shouldn't be peering into the sky searching for UFOs. Nah, don't waste your time with that hullabaloo. Instead, look for a flying object you might actually…Teen Celebrating Birthday Dies in Freak Skydiving AccidentDayton Bryant, of Azle, Texas, died Sunday – just shy of his 18th birthday – while skydiving at High Sky Adventures in Colorado, where he was pronounced dead after an apparent parachute failure…Scientists Are Developing Real SupersuitsI loved the "Thundercats" cartoon as a child, watching cat-like humanoids fighting the forces of evil. Whenever their leader was in trouble, he'd unleash the Sword of Omens to gain "sight beyondCrash Survivor Says God Will 'Judge' Passengers Who Grabbed BagsA survivor of the Russian plane crash that killed 41 of 78 people aboard expressed his dismay that some passengers delayed the evacuation by grabbing their belongings – but asked that they not be persScary Three-Eyed Snake Discovered in AustraliaAn unusual snake found off a road in Australia went viral due to its rather eye-catching mutation.The Grand Tsingy Is a Deadly Forest of Limestone NeedlesNot unlike the movie of the same name, Madagascar is a wild, unique place. (Great flick, by the way.) The African island nation is home to a slew of endemic species and breathtaking natural lands…This Is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Buy GasTo play it smart while you're at the pump, avoid the weekends and go on this day at this time to get the most bang for your buck.This Household Item Could Be the Future of Renewable EnergyA Swedish power company is testing the use of salt — though not quite the common table variety — to store heat, which accounts for more than half the power consumed in Germany.These Are the Slang Words Americans Love to Use and HateIf you ever call your partner 'bae' or complain that you're 'hangry' you're officially using some of America's most annoying slang, according to new research.What Is the Winter Solstice, Anyway?The Ice Age May Have Been Caused by the Earth's Wandering PolesEarth's last great ice age, known as the Quaternay Glaciation, began roughly 3.2 million years ago. This period was characterized by the expansion of ice sheets out of Antarctica and Greenland, a…A Look at Easter Through the AgesIf the Earth Spins East, Why Isn't It Faster to Fly West?Any fourth grader can tell you that the Earth is rotating. What a fourth grader probably can't tell you is why flying in the opposite direction that the Earth spins doesn't make for a faster plan…Beatdown Victim's Husband Makes a Bold Claim About Wife's AttackThe husband of the woman who said she was savagely beaten at a Dominican Republic resort says authorities there bungled the investigation into the attack — and are lying about it now.The Untold Truth About the Chernobyl DisasterChernobyl was one of the worst human-caused disasters in history, a stunning example of what can happen when you combine arrogance, dangerous technology, and international politics. But the true…The Common Mistake Most People Make When Detailing CarsThe number one detailing mistake is a very basic concept that eludes most people in the pursuit of a cleaner car. This, of course, is improperly wiping, cleaning or touching the paint…Inside the Ski Resort Rated the Best in the WorldWith its basecamp at 2,300 metres above sea level, the Val Thorens resort in French Alps is the highest in Europe. And for the second time in a row, this winter paradise has won the World Ski…Volcano Erupts, Sends Ash 10 Miles into SkyOfficials fear more eruptions after Mount Sinabung sent a column of ash miles into the air Sunday.New Photos Show Heartbreaking Damage Inside Notre Dame CathedralParis was still reeling Tuesday over the devastating Notre Dame cathedral fire — as new photos gave a heartbreaking glimpse at the damage left behind. Sunlight that shone into the…AI Is Now Better at Predicting Mortality Than Human DoctorsAs scientists continue to toil away at creating machine learning algorithms that will one day enslave humanity save us all, artificial intelligence researchers have discovered that computers…Mars Could Have Water Hidden 'Deep Underground'In 2018, scientists made the incredible discovery that they had found a "stable body of liquid water" on Mars. A new study takes that one step further and suggests that the water…Astronauts Can Actually See Cosmic RaysWild Leopard Terrorizes Town, Injures 3 PeopleA leopard was captured after terrorizing a crowded neighborhood in Nashik, India. Three people were injured, including a local politician and two media professionals trying to film the rampage.Research Suggests Dogs Can Feel Their Owner's StressWhen dog owners go through a stressful period, they're not alone in feeling the pressure — their dogs feel it too, a new study suggests.Elon Musk's 'Space Mountain' Rocket Ride Sounds InsaneElon Musk is no stranger to outlandish pledges, and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX on Twitter veers into sci-fi to imagine around-the-world flights on rockets.No One Knows What Would Happen If Mosquitoes DisappearedLook, nobody likes mosquitoes. But it's not like we can just get rid of them, right? Even if it were possible, you can't just eliminate entire species without having a major effect on the ecosystThe Dominican Republic Mystery Illnesses Just Won't StopMore mysterious illnesses are coming out of the Dominican Republic, including a Canadian woman who was "poisoned" by a strange odor in her hotel room that sent her into a terrifying fit ofCannibalistic Crabs Eat Their Own KindScientists Say Humans Are Alone in the UniverseResearchers at Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute came to the conclusion that humans are flying solo in the universe while examining the so-called "Fermi Paradox" — which ponders why…Florida Woman Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Beach TripA Florida woman died after getting a flesh-eating bacteria from an innocent-seeming cut on her leg at the beach, according to her family. Lynn Fleming was not initially concerned about the wound…The Mythical 'Planet Nine' Theory Has Sadly Been Re-DebunkedAn as-yet-unseen planet may be lurking at the very distant edge of our solar system, or it might not exist at all. That incredibly vague and unsatisfying idea is the sum total of what scientists…The Worst Mistakes You Could Make While TravelingTravel problems have been much in the news recently. You'd think, wouldn't you, that before travelling thousands of miles, both passengers and airlines would double-check that they knew exactly…Terrifying Tornado Crosses Directly in Front of CarWhy did the tornado cross the road? To get to the other side — of Kansas. Watch the intense moment a driver in Lawrence, Kansas, experiences a storm head-on as the twister passes in front of his…10 Cities You Should Visit During Their One-of-a-Kind RacesAdd these places to your bucket list if you're feeling adventurous.The Real Reason Why Maggots Grow on MeatSome species of flies lay eggs in meat tissue to provide food for the larvae when they hatch. Maggots are fly larvae that emerge from the eggs. Maggots can effectively burrow through and feed on…Why Hawaii Banned the Majority of SunscreensHawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America, attracting a record 9.3 million visitors in 2017. It's not hard to see why: you can sidle up to an active volcano, learn to surf…Most Americans Are Still Afraid of Self-Driving CarsWhen it comes to the safety of self-driving cars, reports of traffic accidents, like the one in early 2018 involving an Uber self-driving car that struck and killed a women in Arizona, are still…Mesmerizing Bookstore Looks Like a Real-Life Escher PaintingThe Zhongshuge chain of bookstores is famous for giving each of their locations a completely unique look. They just opened a new branch in Chongqing City, China, and its huge mirrors…Dragon Mythology That You Haven't Heard BeforeDragons are incredibly persistent across the mythologies of cultures around the world. Outside of the concept of a deity, dragons are probably the most prolific mythological element in our world.Meet the Woman Behind the First Black Hole PhotoKatie Bouman, 29, has devoted years to the galactic quest and on Wednesday — when the first image of a black hole and its fiery halo was released — social media users pushed for her to get her due.Angry Polar Bears Are Terrorizing Russian VillagersDozens of aggressive polar bears have invaded a Russian archipelago, roaming inside homes and public buildings and terrorizing residents. Authorities in the Novaya Zemlya group of islands declared…Leonardo DiCaprio Once Sold Russell Crowe a Dinosaur SkullDuring an interview Wednesday on SiriusXM's "The Howard Stern Show," Russell Crowe recalled the time he purchased a dinosaur's head from pal Leonardo DiCaprio.Killer Whale Peacefully Swims With a Pod of PorpoisesA killer whale was spotted swimming with a pod of porpoises off Cape Cod near Chatham, Massachusetts. Later identified as Old Thom, the orca reportedly swam alongside the boat for…The Mysterious Disappearances of These ShipsOceans are great, but they aren't always kind to ships. To survive out there, a ship needs to be remarkably tough and be captained well. But it also takes luck. Here are ships that mysteriously…Deer Takes Late-Night Swim to Avoid Being Eaten by Mountain LionRachel Wong, from Glendale, California, said she and her husband suspected someone might have trespassed in their backyard overnight after finding it in disarray on Thursday morning.Fatal 'Zombie' Deer Disease Could Spread to HumansThe sickness, called chronic wasting disease, affects deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer and moose and causes the animals to dramatically lose weight and walk in repetitive patterns.This Mystery Planet Could Destroy the EarthJust in time for summer movie season comes news that something huge is lurking out there at the edge of the solar system. It's really big. It's never before been detected. It's warping gravity…Scientists Discover Why Hair Turns GrayClimber Tragically Plunges to His Death from Ireland MountainFather of three Ger Duffy had a passion for mountaineering and had just returned from a three-week motorcycle trek in Cambodia. He died on Saturday, May 11, after falling hundreds of feet from IrelandThis Nosy Seagull Becomes an Internet SensationA couple of seagulls have gained internet fame after hijacking a traffic report in London.Theory Suggests Aliens May Just Be Stuck on Their PlanetNew research suggests that if there are aliens out there living on "Super-Earth' planets, they may be stuck there.Why Flight Attendants Prefer to Work in Economy Over First ClassEveryone wants to be upgraded on a flight — except for the flight attendants, it seems. You'd think the cabin crew would much prefer working for a handful of posh people in business class or first…Ranking The World's Least Powerful PassportsTravelers from these countries face hurdles going abroad, from lengthy forms to extra fees.Watch Terrified Scuba Diver Fight Off Giant OctopusIf you weren't scared of scuba diving before, you might be after watching this video. Intense footage shows the moment when a diver from Mayak Gamov, Russia, was grabbed by a giant octopus in…These Are the Weirdest Travel Destinations in the WorldA collection of places so offbeat they make you wonder who exactly would go there. They're quirky, wacky, unusual, and, well, just downright weird. A collection of travel destinations so offbeat…Airline Pilot Reveals Meanings of 11 Code WordsFor most of us, flying is still an inherently mysterious activity. To shed some light on the world of commercial air travel, Business Insider turned to Patrick Smith, an author and airline pilot,…Scientists Suggest Octopuses Might Actually Be AliensNormally when you see a story about someone claiming that aliens are hanging out here on Earth, its origins can be traced to a misguided conspiracy theorist or crackpot ranting on YouTube.Mystery Still Surrounds the Way Our Moon Was BornThe moon is our closest celestial neighbor. It controls the movements of the tides on Earth — but we still don't know exactly how it got here.Google Maps Guides Dozens of Drivers Into 'Muddy Mess'Dozens of motorists who followed directions from Google Maps for a shortcut to Denver International Airport got mired in a "muddy mess" instead, according to a report. One of the disoriented…The World's 25 Best Hotels in 2019TripAdvisor has ranked the top 25 hotels in the world for 2019. Just two U.S. accommodations made the list.Video Captures Dramatic Rescue of Toddler and Grandma from FireBodycam footage released by the Hazelwood Police Department in Missouri shows the dramatic rescue of a 3-year-old and her grandmother from a house fire. Officer Rodriguez was first to arrive. HeWhat the Entire Known Universe Looks Like in One ImageThe farthest manmade thing from Earth is Voyager 1. Though this 1970s-era spacecraft is pretty far out there by now and still sending back information, it'll never be able to take a snapshot of…25 World Monuments That Must Be SavedWatch This Plane's 'Roller Coaster' Landing AttemptSome of the British Airways passengers said they were praying while others laughed off the aborted mission to land.How This Bizarre Twisting Wyoming House Killed Its OwnerAs you travel through Wyoming's Wapiti Valley, you might find a strange sight perched atop a hill among all of the area's picturesque vistas and abundant wildlife. It's a house … sort of.The Terrifying Truth About Satellite Communications HacksA researcher at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas revealed new attacks that can take control of SATCOM devices. Hackers could remotely attack planes, boats, and military tech, sending…Komodo Island Closing to Tourists Due to Dragon SmugglingThe famed Komodo Island in Indonesia is closing to the public because visitors keep stealing endangered Komodo dragons. The government announced the closure, set to take place in January 2020.10 Things To Do On Belize's Secret IslandTen activities in San Pedro, Belize that should be on your list of things to do when visiting.Here's How Stephen Hawking Predicted the World Will EndWhen he wasn't solving the mysteries of black holes and revolutionizing theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking spoke (a lot) about how the world would end.Tourists Trample Super Bloom as They Try to Enjoy ItThe super bloom in Southern California is even spectacular from space.How The Cuba Travel Ban Is Affecting Caribbean CruisesMajor cruise lines are scrambling to offer travelers alternatives to itineraries with Cuban ports of call and rerouting some cruises to other Caribbean destinations.Alaska City Hits 70 Degrees in Record Heat WaveBaked Alaska, anyone? The temperature hit 70 degrees in the city of Klawock March 19, the earliest in the season ever. It's expected to stay unseasonably warm for about a week.Why You Should Visit the Ice Caves of IcelandThink Iceland is just a tiny rock covered in ice? Think again! Turns out there are tons of fun things to do and see in this amazing little country. If you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to…The Gorgeous Spot Where Presidents Like to VacationBeing President of the United States is tough. If anyone is truly allowed to complain about needing a vacation, it's POTUS. Between foreign affairs, bill signing and kissing babies, our leaders of…Here's What Fast Charging Really MeansBeing able to quickly charge your phone or tablet can mean the difference between hours of care-free use or scrambling to find the nearest coffee shop for a power outlet. Fast charging is an…Potential Graves Discovered at Shuttered Boys' School in FloridaA pollution-cleanup company may have possibly discovered more graves at a shuttered reform school, where researchers had previously found 55 burial sites. Scientists Make 'Impossible' Discovery Off Coast of AfricaResearchers have found rocks on a small island between Madagascar and the eastern coast of Africa, a discovery that has been described as mysterious for one very important reason…The Truth About the Deadliest Cars Ever MadeHow deadly is your car? You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Perhaps your current vehicle isn't the safe and secure ride you think it is, but a potential accident waiting to…Couple in Kayak Have Close Encounter With Rare RattlesnakeA couple on a fishing trip in a Michigan lake earlier this month caught something unexpected — a rare venomous rattlesnake. Jonathan Hotham "freaked out" when he and his wife, Jessica,…How Cold Is Too Cold For A Dog?Space Experiment Seeks to Slow Aging Process Using NanoparticlesAn experiment aboard the International Space Station is testing the potential for man-made nanoparticles to be used in the fight against free radicals, which are one of the biggest culprits of…What the Triangle Stickers Above Your Airplane Seat Really MeanNext time you're in an airplane, scan the walls. You might spot four black or red triangle stickers above the windows, two on each side of the plane. They probably don't mean anything to you,…Sewage Is Wrecking Our Aquatic EcosystemsSewage and wastewater disposal severely impact aquatic ecosystems, including disruption of food chains, alteration of reproductive cycles and habitat disruption. Sewage comes from domestic…Astronomers May Have Discovered Why Uranus Is Tipped OverAstronomers think they know how Uranus got flipped onto its side. According to detailed computer simulations, a body about twice the size of Earth slammed into Uranus between 3 to 4 billion yearsA Scientist's Quest to Uncover Antarctica's SecretsFor three decades scientist Peter Doran has collected environmental data in Antarctica. This year he is leading a project that uses aerial sensors to probe beneath the surface of vast glaciers.Almost Anyone Can Do These Great American HikesHiking is the most democratic of American pastimes. Almost everyone can do it, and there's no special equipment necessary. All you need is a pair of sturdy, comfortable shoes and a spirit of…Plane Passengers Panic, Climb Onto Wings After Emergency LandingPassengers on an Aer Lingus plane that made an emergency landing opened emergency exits and climbed out onto the wings after the pilot told them to disembark quickly – mistakenly thinking he…Homeless, 3-Legged Dog Gets New Life as Trucker's Co-Pilot"Yesterday, lovely Lola went to her new forever home. And what a life she is going to have! Lola is about to embark on an adventure that will take her all over the country, as she is going to be traveHypothesis Says Advanced People Could've Once Ruled EarthHave you ever wondered if a different animal would evolve to have human-level intelligence, long after humans have passed away from this planet? We don't know about you, but we always like to…Predictions About Our Future People IgnoreAre antibiotics going to stop working? Will the wealthy abandon Earth for floating luxury space colonies? Are robots going to start controlling our minds?! We answer these questions and more…Here's Why We Care About the Titanic More Than the LusitaniaThe Lusitania, which sank off the coast of Ireland in 1915, was every bit as tragic and dramatic. Why isn’t it better remembered?Inside the Ancient Holy Wells of Saint PatrickThousands of holy wells in Ireland that serve as sites of worship and prayer continue to attract visits from miracle-seekers.Disney Guest Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury After Bird AttackA Florida woman is suing the Most Magical Place On Earth, claiming it knew that seasonal nesting birds were a threat to Disney resort guests but refused to do anything about them — which led to…Characteristics of a RatioA ratio is a sort of mathematical metaphor, an analogy used to compare different amounts of the same measure. You could almost consider any type of measurement a ratio, since every measurement in…Why America's Buttered Popcorn Habit Disgusts the Rest of WorldButter doesn't really make everything better, according to other countries in the world.How You're Ruining Your Home's 'Curb Appeal'Looking to have the best yard on the block? Make sure you have a nice mailbox, a mowed lawn and avoid garden gnomes at all costs, according to new research. A study examining the "curb…Study Finds Pentagon Emits Staggering Level of Greenhouse GasesIn findings released Wednesday, researchers from Brown University said the Pentagon, which oversees the Department of Defense, emitted 1.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases between 2001 and…Soccer Star's Chilling Last Words Before Plane DisappearedA search for soccer star Emiliano Sala swept the seas between France and England on Wednesday more than 36 hours after the plane he was flying in disappeared, as a recording emerged of a fearful…You Probably Don't See the Same Colors as the Person Next to YouEver find yourself lying on the ground, staring up at a clear blue sky with a friend by your side? And while you were doing that, did you ever think to yourself, "I wonder if my friend sees the sThe Best Beaches In South Carolina to Spend Your VacationBeautiful parks, tasty BBQ and seafood, and a gorgeous coastline dotted with great places to stay: welcome to the Palmetto State! If your perfect getaway involves toes in the sand, wind in your hair,We Can Expect Designer Babies Sooner Than You ThinkWhen Adam Nash was still an embryo, living in a dish in the lab, scientists tested his DNA to make sure it was free of Fanconi anemia, the rare inherited blood disease from which his sister Molly…Mexico Warns 'Mother of All Caravans' Headed Toward USMexico warned this week that "the mother of all migrant caravans" could be heading toward the US. Interior Secretary Olga Sanchez Cordero fears that up to 20,000 migrants from El Salvador…Space Billboards Could Ruin Our Skies as Soon as 2021Space billboards could be coming our way as soon as 2021. That's the year a Russian startup plans to launch its first orbital display, using reflective satellites to project brand logos, like KFC,The Real Reason the Color Blue is So Rare in NatureYou may have heard that there's no such thing as blue in nature. That's not really true — there are blue rocks, blue waters, and good ol' blue sky. But still, blue is strikingly rare in the…Strange Things That Only Exist in MexicoMexico is a lovely nation with a treasure trove of cultural and geographic gems to explore. It is also a wonderfully wacky place where seemingly impossible events and artifacts seem as common as…Aztec War Sacrifices Discovery May Point to Elusive Royal TombMEXICO CITY – A trove of Aztec sacrifices including a richly adorned jaguar dressed as a warrior and recently discovered in downtown Mexico City could lead archaeologists to the most tantalizing…The Scoop on SinkholesThere are plenty of things to be afraid of, like your family getting a good, long look at your internet history or sitting in an Alabama jail for illegal use of confetti. If there's anything we'd…Why You Need to See Japan's Surreal Island of Cats to Believe itMost mysterious islands don't have smoke monsters or a Dharma Initiative, but even in the real world, there are some surprisingly freaky landmasses hiding out in the ocean. If you're looking to…Scientists May Have Solved the Mystery of Peru's Nazca LinesThe mystery of Peru's Nazca Lines may have been solved by experts who think the drawings actually depict exotic birds to please the gods during 'rain dances'.GoPro Keeps Filming After Being Engulfed in Molten LavaThis is the moment a GoPro gets doused in molten lava — but keeps on shooting.California Wildfires Destroy Long-Standing Hollywood LandmarksHistoric Hollywood landmarks, including ranches and TV production sets, have been reduced to cinders in the devastating California wildfires. Among them is Paramount Ranch, a faux Western town that…These Myths About Gas Mileage Are Costing You MoneyThese popular gas-saving 'tips' don't work. We've got a few suggestions that really do help.This Tennessee Cabin Might Actually Be 'Picture Perfect'The expansive view of the Great Smoky Mountains is perhaps the headliner at this jaw-dropping rental—but there are plenty of other fabulous amenities. Picture Perfect boasts a hot tub, gaming room…The Best Travel Experiences & Activities You Can Ever FindYou might be familiar with TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards for categories like Destinations, Beaches, Landmarks, Airlines, Hotels, Rentals, and more. Now, for the first time ever, we're…Ancient Bridges That Are Actually Still Being Used TodayWhen you think about bridges, you probably think about those technological wonders of the modern age. But the ancients built technological wonders, too. What makes ancient bridges even more amazing…12-Year-Old Miraculously Survives Being Buried Under AvalancheA 12-year-old boy survived 40 minutes trapped under an avalanche in the French Alps before he was found alive — in a rescue operation that officials are calling a Christmas miracle. The boy wasWhy Real Irish-American History is Not Taught in SchoolsSadly, today's corporate textbook-producers are no more interested in feeding student curiosity about the poverty and inequality that drove the famine than were British landlords interested in feedingProof Africa Is Actually Splitting ApartYou may have seen apocalyptic photos of a huge crack cutting straight into Kenya on the internet recently. While they might look like a bad hoax, those images aren't photoshopped. That actually…Amazing Spots On Italy's Amalfi CoastThe Amalfi Coast is famous for sheer cliffs, cobalt waters, lemon groves, and surreal seaside towns.This Island Is Home to the Last Uncontacted People on EarthHow does an island population survive into the 21st century without ever running into a modern Magellan? Basically, by keeping any would-be "discoverer" at bay with bows, arrows, and spears.Top 15 Water AdventuresThe Universe Has Way More Water Worlds Than We ThoughtThe quest for alien life has been boosted by a major discovery about exoplanets. Scientists say that "water worlds," or exoplanets that contain lots of water, are actually very common.Hilarious Tot Tells Off Woman Baring Her Feet on PlaneThis lil' guy has no filter, and he's absolutely adorable because of it. On a plane ride home from a trip to Orlando, Florida's Disney World with his dad, 4-year-old Rodney Small sat in front ofGay Penguin Population is Skyrocketing at This AquariumIt's The Stonewall Inn for penguins. Zookeepers at the Oceanworld Aquarium in Dingle, Ireland have revealed that eight of their 14 Gentoo penguin residents are in same-sex relationships.Being a Proud Dog Owner Is All in Your GenesA team of British and Swedish scientists studied information on Swedish twins to conclude that genes may influence whether or not a person owns a dog. This research could help us understand the…22-Year-Old Runner Collapses and Dies Near Marathon Finish LineRacing officials confirmed her death to, saying that she collapsed less than a mile from the finish line.Explaining the 'Game of Thrones' Series FinaleFrom the conclusion to the quest for the Iron Throne to the fate of Westeros and the showdown between Daenerys and Jon Snow, here's what the ending of Game of Thrones' last episode means not just…German Holocaust Archive Puts Millions of Documents OnlineBERLIN — The International Tracing Service in Germany has uploaded more than 13 million documents from Nazi concentration camps, including prisoner cards and death notices, to help Holocaust…Here's How Much Apple Reportedly Pays Amazon Each MonthThe price of running cloud services using Amazon's datacenters is very high for a company operating at the scale Apple does.Humans Are Starting to Grow Emotionally Attached to RobotsWhen a robot "dies," does it make you sad? For lots of people, the answer is "yes" — and that tells us something important and potentially worrisome, about our emotional responses to these social…NASA's Electric Vehicle Reimagines On-Road ManeuverabilityA collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center and an automotive partner created this electric vehicle with four independent 180-degree steering axis wheels. Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV) has a 190 ftTSA Unveils the Strangest Items They've ConfiscatedThe Transportation Security Administration unveiled a trove of the weirdest items yanked from travelers' carry-on bags Monday — in honor of one of their own who helped alert the public to the wild…Notre Dame's Collapse — and the Loss of What It Stood For"I believe that this church offers the carefully discerning such cause for admiration," the 14th-century French philosopher Jean de Jandun wrote of Notre Dame, "that its inspection canIncredible Footage Shows Sientist Getting Kiss From SharkThis is the breathtaking moment a diver came face-to-face with a large blue shark — before it appeared to give him a kiss. Marine Scientist Kevin Schmidt was leading an expedition off the coast…Tesla Responds to Model S Fires With Battery Software UpdateOut of 'an abundance of caution' the charge and thermal management settings are being adjusted on the Model S and Model X using an over-the-air software update.Go Off the Grid at This Secluded and Stylish Montana CabinLooking to get away from the rat race for a bit? This Montana cabin is the perfect place to relax and unwind for a bit, under the states famed "big sky." You'll get 360-degree views of the…Travelers Left Nearly $1M in Loose Change at TSA CheckpointsFrazzled fliers streaming through security checkpoints at the nation's airports left behind $960,105.49 in fiscal 2018, according to the Transportation Security Administration. At JFK Airport, the…The Best State Parks the West Has to OfferNational parks, with their PBS documentaries and commemorative 25-cent pieces, grab the attention. But let's hear it for the West's 1,000-plus state parks, which include enough jewels to…7 Things You Can't Bring Back to the U.S.Don't try to bring these banned items through U.S. customs, or you're in for a headache. Not all souvenirs are created equal. Check your bag for these common items: they aren't allowed to enter the…Airfares Expected to Remain Stable in 2019The cost of airfares are expected to remain stable as budget carriers, capacity and increased competition slow inflation, according to a new report…Some Spooky Things Have Happened at the Golden Gate BridgeThe Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable places in the U.S., and when it comes to bridges, it's one of the world's most famous. Countless people have crossed it, looked at it, and…7 Places With Super Romantic BackstoriesWhat makes a place romantic? Is it the view? The sunset? Or is it a good old-fashioned love story?'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria May Be Spreading to Beach WatersDoctors from the Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, are warning swimmers and fishermen in the Northeast about so-called "flesh-eating" bacteria, which they say could be spreading as a result…The Freak Phenomenon That May Keep You Off the OceanNew research indicates a deadly, freak phenomenon in the world's oceans is getting more extreme…Dreaded Letters You Never Want to See on Your Boarding PassWe all know that tight airport security is a necessary evil in the 21st century. And sure, it's a pain, but it's the same for everyone. Or is it?More Than Half of the World's Coffee in Danger of ExtinctionOver half of the world's coffee is at risk of extinction due to climate change, deforestation, disease and drought, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed 124 species and found 75…Biologists Discover Incredible Underwater Octopus CityThe city of Atlantis might just be a myth, but a new underwater metropolis may now be emerging.Gorgeous European Destinations That Are Budget-Friendly TooWe've come up with eight cool European city breaks that won't cost you an arm and a leg. These are the best budget cities…Some Notre Dame Cathedral Relics Are Still MissingFirefighters scrambled to rescue several priceless relics from the Notre Dame fire but the fate of other pieces — including two that are said to be from the crucifixion of Jesus — isn't yet clear…Stray Dog Joins Climbers on Dangerous Trek to Himalayan PeakMera, a 45-pound Nepalese mutt thought to be a cross between a Tibetan mastiff and a Himalayan sheepdog, became the first dog ever to reach the summit of Baruntse in the Himalayas in Nepal on Nov. 9.9 Signs Your Pet Is Jealous and How to Help ThemSometimes our pets behave in a way that suggests they are jealous. When we bend down to pet another dog, our pup may shove his way in front of us, knocking our hand away from his canine companion….Butterflies Look for Themselves When Picking PartnersLove is a strange thing. Everyone can come up with at least a brief list of things they find attractive in a mate, but sometimes we find ourselves drawn to people for totally unexplainable reasons.Massive Python Just Broke a Record in the Florida EvergladesThis Burmese python is truly hissstoric. The 17-foot-long, cold-blooded colossus was the largest ever to be removed from Big Cypress National Preserve in the Florida Everglades – weighing in at 140…These Are the Most Mysterious Places in AmericaThe day-to-day grind of living in a modern developed nation can take some of the mystery out of life: you know where your coffee comes from, why the Walmart was built, and how your health…Scientists Finally Reveal Which Is Smarter, Dogs or CatsA dog's bark is only a ruff means of communication. Instead, we should be looking at its wiggles and squirms. Jumping up. Rolling over. Lifting paws. It's all the doggie behavior that makes…The 20 Cleanest, Least Corrupt Countries in the WorldTransparency International has published its latest Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks countries according to their perceived levels of public sector corruption.Tear-Jerking Friendship Between Dog and Mailman Goes ViralIt was a rare breed of friendship. The tale of a once-standoffish elderly rescue dog who struck up an unlikely friendship with a treats-hauling mailman before she died has gone viral, thanks to aThis Airfare Hack Lets Travelers Fly to Two Cities for One Price"Travelers stand to win here, by getting two vacations in one, basically," a travel pro tells MarketWatch.The Worst Thing You Could Ever Order From a BarMy first actual bartending job, other than picking up occasional shifts from the place where I was a waitress, was at an Irish pub a block outside of Times Square. Yes, that Times Square. The…Science Finally Explains this Terrifying Natural PhenomenaIt's a big, crazy world out there, so it's understandable that strange stuff happens in it. Fortunately for us puny humans, science has been able to explain some of it. But, in the same way that…Which Caribbean Countries Are the Safest Travel DestinationsThe Caribbean is a top destination for many tourists during the summer months. But, after six Americans have died while visiting the Dominican Republic, it's worth knowing which countries are safe…Massive 5,655-Carat Emerald Unearthed by MinersA massive emerald crystal was unearthed in the world's largest emerald mine in Zambia in early October. Geologist Debapriya Rakshit and experienced miner Richard Kapeta uncovered the…This Is the Real Reason Dogs Are Man's Best FriendA new study suggests dogs are naturally cooperative because of specific behavioral characteristics they share with wolves, not because they developed these qualities as they were being domesticated.Eye-Opening Video Shows Russian Copilot Dangling Out CockpitAmazing video footage shows the copilot from Sunday's burning Russian plane climbing out of a shattered cockpit window as flames and black smoke engulfed the aircraft — then frantically scramble up tIncredible Things We Can Learn by Studying FossilsPaleontologists learn about how life existed on Earth thousands of years ago by excavating fossils buried deep in the ground and studying them. Fossils — the preserved remains of a once-living…Whale, Seal Sightings Surge on New York BeachesCleaner waterways in New York City have attracted more sea life, including seals, dolphins, whales, and sharks in bigger numbers than seen in a century. But there are also more mammals washing…The Craziest Things You Can Find in a MuseumMaybe museums sound boring to you — all filled with ancient art and old spoons and recreations of clothing from centuries ago — but don't write off museums altogether. Maybe you just need to pick…Ants Invade United Airlines Flight From Italy to NewarkPassengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Italy to New Jersey were left bugging out — thanks to an invasion of ants in the cabin. The six-legged insects spilled out from a bag in the…Archaeologists Discover 15th Century Indigenous Tombs in BoliviaArchaeologists found the tombs, which they say may have belonged to the Pacajes people, in an underground burial chamber.There's a Secret Tiny Museum Tucked Inside a NYC ElevatorBehind an unmarked door in Tribeca, New York City's tiniest museum lives in a 36-square-foot abandoned freight elevator. "It allows people to explore these really big ideas through…Elderly Woman Latest to Fall to Death at Grand Canyon This YearAn elderly woman plummeted to her death in the Grand Canyon this week — the fifth person to die inside the national park this year.Grand Canyon National Park Rangers responded to a call for help justNYC Subway Cars Are Being Turned Into Coral ReefsMay I have your attention, please: These trains are delayed … forever. Between 2001 and 2010, the MTA sent 2,500 decommissioned Redbird and Brightliner model subway cars to the bottom of the…11 Ways You're Shortening Your Dog's LifeAs pet parents, we like to think that we are providing a healthy, happy life for our dogs. We feed them top quality food, give them lots of love, and toss the ball around the backyard whenever we…How Great White Sharks Could Help Fight CancerResearchers say the sharks actually "mutate" to fight diseases as they age, particularly cancer. And it all stems from their family genes. 30 Incredible Summer Road Trip EssentialsThese incredible items could save your life, but they'll certainly save your pocketbook – get all of these astonishing auto gadgets for less than you think!Meteor Exploded Over Earth Was 'Stronger Than Hiroshima Bomb'If a massive meteor explodes above Earth and there are no iPhones to capture it on video, did it really happen? Lindley Johnson, a planetary defense officer for NASA, told the BBC on Sunday that…Man Proposes to His Girlfriend Underwater on Diving TripThis man didn't just get down on one knee for his girl — he went 30-feet underwater. Travis Grenier recently proposed to girlfriend Kenna Seitz during a diving trip in the Dominican Republic.The Most Devastating Hurricanes in Human HistoryMother Nature sometimes decides to remind the people on her planet just how powerful she can be. In the 21st Century, she's apparently decided mankind needs a very stern lesson.15 Shows to Watch if You Love 'Game of Thrones'The final season of HBO's fantasy series is here, but if you can't get enough, there are plenty of TV shows like Game of Thrones on Netflix and other streaming services.Predictions About the Future That Thankfully Never Came TrueClairvoyance may be a gift possessed by some, but more often than not, life-altering doomsday predictions don't pan out. With thousands of followers, these false forecasters are often left…Hubble Captures Massive Nearby Galaxy That Is Still GrowingFor most of us, staring up at the night sky only lets us see the brightest nearby stars, and if you're anywhere near a city, you probably won't see much else, thanks to pesky light pollution.The Eye-Opening Contrast Between Prisons Around the WorldDon't get banged up in the Philippines.How Officials are Describing the Notre Dame Cathedral FireThe massive blaze that swept through Notre Dame cathedral was an "accident" — and is now fully extinguished, French officials said Tuesday. A team of 50 investigators is now working to'Mummified' Dinosaur Was Found Almost Perfectly PreservedSince the dawn of paleontology, scientists have struggled to confirm what dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures may have looked like when they were alive. Now, a team at Royal Tyrrell Museum…An 80-Year Harvard Study Finds Greatest Predictor of HappinessWhat is happiness? It's one of those questions that science just can't answer. Or at least, that's what we would have thought. But since 1938, a group of researchers at Harvard has been working a…Government Scientists Twisted Experiments on Cats RevealedThe US Department of Agriculture bought dozens of cats from Chinese meat markets, butchered the felines — and then fed their parts to healthy kittens at a Maryland lab for twisted experiments…This Bizarre Creature Once Lurked in Ancient OceansResearchers have identified a 430 million-year-old fossil as a new species related to living sea cucumbers. They named the creature Sollasina cthulhu, after H.P. Lovecraft's tentacled monster…This Junkyard is Filled with Expensive Luxury CarsThis is just so wrong.Famous Landmarks With Secret PassagesParagliding Pilot Dies Saving Passenger During Tragic AccidentPurushottam Timsina, a 22-year-old paraglider pilot, is being hailed as a hero after he saved the life of his passenger when his vehicle snapped in the middle of a ride. Timsina managed to steer…Archaeologists Make an Eye-Opening Discovery in EgyptArchaeologists in Egypt have uncovered an ancient cemetery near the famous Giza pyramids just outside Cairo.The 50 Most Beautiful Places on the PlanetWaterfalls in Iceland and glaciers in Chile are just two of the most beautiful places in the world. Discover 50 awe-inspiring destinations here.Why We Shouldn't Worry Much About a 'Bot Revolution'The Bot Revolution is being talked up as the next big thing. The word bot derives from robot and first appeared during the chatroom era, which peaked in the pre-Web time around 1985.These Were the Top USA Cities to Visit in 2018There's something about the start of a new year that gives us the travel itch, so we thought we'd put together a list of 30 hot cities to visit in 2018. Some of the destinations may already occupy…10 Celebrity-Owned Hotels You'll Want To Stay InGiven the fickle nature of fame, it's a smart celeb that runs a side hustle in the hotel business. We're not saying that if you check in to any of the following hotels…Auschwitz Wants Visitors to Stop Posing on the Railroad TracksThe Auschwitz memorial on Wednesday urged visitors to stop posing for photos on the railroad tracks outside the former concentration camp. A number of tourists have recently posted photos of…Chilling Photos of the Moment Right After Tragedy StruckThere's an old adage that goes "comedy is tragedy plus time." Whoever said that must've been speaking before the invention of the portable camera. While it's not so hard to imagine a comedy based…Humans Have Already Caused Global Warming on the MoonWe're all familiar with the doom-and-gloom headlines about how human activity is wreaking havoc on the climate of our world. Well, make that two worlds. It turns out that simply by visiting the…These Are the Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the CountryWith the end of the year comes a flurry of reports quantifying the year in real estate. Enter PropertyShark's annual list of the country's 100 most expensive ZIP codes, released last week, which…Scientists Claim Mars Meteorite Shows 'Signs of Life'A meteorite from Mars has shown signs of life in fossilized bacteria, scientists have claimed. Experts using advanced imaging techniques say they found microfilaments created by fossilized Martian…This Is the Worst News for Life on EarthIt's officially the beginning of the end for life on Earth, researchers say.Road-Raging Elephants Charge Car Off Road at National ParkA herd of elephants flipped out on two cars in Mohan, India. Watch the intense road-rage moment as a pack of pachyderms push a tourist's vehicle off the road outside the Brys Caves hotel near'Vampire' Discovered in Ancient Italian CemeteryThe remains of a 10-year-old biting on a stone have been unearthed by archaeologists in a fifth-century Italian cemetery, evidence suggesting a "vampire burial" to prevent the child's return…Baby Bear 'Bearly' Makes It Up This Steep MountainIf at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. This baby bear seemed to take these words to heart as it struggled to scale a snowy mountain. Drone video captured the brown bear's epic…Couple Vacationing in Dominican Republic Found Dead in RoomNathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann Day, 49, of Prince George's County, were discovered in a room at the Bahía Príncipe hotel at the resort Playa Nueva Romana, on the southeast coast of the country,Corn Maze Honoring Former Astronaut Is Visible From SpaceHYDRO, Okla. — It's apt that a maze cut into an Oklahoma cornfield featuring the likeness of a former NASA astronaut can be seen from space — and has been photographed by a satellite orbiting…People Share the Scariest Place They Ever VisitedWhen we think of places we'd like to go, many of us think of the beach or a nice resort where we can get in some shut-eye and forget about our worries for a while. But, the reality is that the…This Is How Often You Really Should Wash Your SheetsThe only thing better than a big, warm, cozy bed is a big, warm, cozy, clean bed. No, this is not your mother talking. It can be easy to accidentally go through a few loads of laundry without…'Feisty' Koala Refuses to Leave Air Conditioned CarAn Australian man learned two valuable lessons while making a pitstop at a vineyard near Adelaide to check on fruit: never leave your car doors open and always be on the lookout for…The Absolute Best Places to Vacation in CaliforniaWhether you're thirsting for wine country, seeking beachside romance, or daydreaming of the mountains, this list of best places to vacation in California has it all. But don't just take our…The Night King Revealed Why He Gave Bran That Weird LookWhile we may never see the Night King or his fiercely loyal Army of the Dead again, we do have actor Vladimír Furdík, who portrayed the wonderfully cheek-boned royal highness of death, to explain…Cold Office Temperatures Are Hurting Women's ProductivityBusinesses are giving women the cold shoulder by blasting the building air conditioning, with a new study finding that frigid office temperatures lower a female's cognitive performance…The Absolute Worst Camping Spots in AmericaThere's a reason the US is nicknamed "America the Beautiful." it's full of gorgeous natural landscapes. From snowcapped mountains to unforgiving deserts, the National Park System is home to 84…Countries With the Absolute Worst Organized CrimeSome of the world's most beautiful destinations are lamentably dangerous. But we're not talking about typhoons or volcanoes, or even petty street crime here. We're talking about covert criminal…The Tragic Reason This 12-Year-Old Took an Uber AloneA 12-year-old Florida girl called an Uber to bring her to a parking garage to kill herself, and her family blamed the the company this week for her death,  according to a report.Paralyzed Goat Learns to Walk Upright Like a HumanA goat in Begusarai, India, was born with both of its front legs paralyzed. Despite the odds, the young animal learned how to walk upright and has become a local celebrity in…Experts Horrified by Mysterious Black Sarcophagus' ContentsEgyptian archaeologists on Wednesday pried open a mysterious, 30-ton black sarcophagus, where they found three skeletons.Honda Restores an Important Part of its History1961 Chevy Apache 10 pickup truck restored by Honda to look like the ones used to deliver its motorcycles to dealers in the early 1960s…Meet the Toddler-Sized T-Rex Cousin from 92 Million Years AgoWASHINGTON — History's most frightening dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex, came from a long line of pipsqueaks. Scientists have identified a new cousin of the T-Rex as a dinosaur that only reachedOwn an Irish Castle for Just Over $100kOf course, there's a catch…Eat This Food to Help Fight Seasonal AllergiesSpring has sprung, and so has the pollen! Luckily, relief is simple with one of our favorite foods that help with allergies.Man Wins Lottery Using Numbers He Saw in a DreamThe East Davenport man in his 40s, who wished to remain anonymous, won a $695,000 ($1 million AU) lottery prize this month with numbers he dreamed of 13 years ago, according to a release from…King Tut's Sisters Ruled Egypt Before He Took the ThroneKing Tut, the boy monarch who ruled ancient Egypt, got the job only after two of his sisters jointly held the throne, according to a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal.Ancient Asteroid Crater Found Off the Coast of ScotlandThe spot where an ancient asteroid hit the United Kingdom some 1.2 billion years ago has been tracked to a location under the sea between mainland Scotland and the Western Isles.Song of One of World's Rarest Whales Recorded for First TimeMarine biologists have for the first time recorded the "song" of the rare eastern North Pacific right whale, of which fewer than 30 remain on the planet.Here's Who Really Invented St. Patrick's DayYou may never have heard of him, but without this Irishman – Luke Wadding of County Waterford – St. Patrick's Day would have never become part of our calendars.10 Downright Dreamy Trains to Take Before You DieIf you've had enough of the indignities of air travel (and there are so very many) and long car rides don't appeal, you're going to want to put these epic train experiences on your bucket list….The Oregon Trail Was Even More Gruesome Than You ImaginedIf you're of a certain age, you remember spending hours naming your Oregon Trail family after your own family or friends, guiding their MS-DOS-based adventures, and laughing when brother Stinky…What These Common Dog Sleeping Positions Actually MeanWhy is your dog sleeping like that? Experts weigh in on some common dog sleeping positions and what they mean…Here's the Truth About Plant IntelligenceResearchers know that plants can sense and can feel many things. They can also learn and adapt to their surroundings. Although researchers do not think they can feel pain, plants can sense when you…Experts Doubt Turbulence Caused Crash of Cargo Jet in TexasThe National Transportation Safety Board is investigating why Atlas Air Flight 3591 suddenly dropped as it approached a Houston airport.Disney World Is Opening Super Early This FallWalt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, just announced exciting updates to its opening hours. For resort guests, Disney World will open its doors to certain parks at 6 a.m. as part of their new extendeThis Autonomous Drone Can Dodge Thrown ObjectsOn the surface this looks like simple object avoidance to stop expensive drones being damaged, but we're also training these robots to be attack-proof.The Secret to Why a Tesla Costs So MuchThe Real Reason Why Planets Are RoundEvery planet and star in our galaxy is round. Yet that galaxy — and every other galaxy in the universe — is flat. What's the deal? In this video from PBS SpaceTime, it all comes down to the lawsFamed Beach Closes Indefinitely to Recover From TouristsBANGKOK — A Thai beach made famous by the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach" will stay closed indefinitely to give its ecosystem time to recover, authorities said on…The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt That Still Baffle HistoriansFew civilizations have a more mysterious reputation than ancient Egypt. But the point of a mystery is to solve it, and over the years we've researched and studied our way to learning a lot about…NASA Astronaut Films Awe-Inspiring Time-Lapse of EarthHere on Earth, we see the Sun rise and set once in any given 24-hour period. If you want to see the sunrise or sunset you need to set your watch so you don't miss it, or you'll be left waiting…Boston Dynamics' Handle Robot Becomes a Warehouse WorkerWho needs humans moving boxes around a warehouse when you could have Handle do it instead without need of any breaks?Chinese Scientists Germinate First Seed on Far Side of the MoonIn an out-of-this-world first, green-thumbed Chinese scientists have managed to sprout a plant on the far side of the moon, officials said Tuesday. "This is the first time humans have…'Real Life' Dracula's Cannonballs From Bloody Battle FoundCannonballs that were purportedly used by the fearsome Romanian monarch who is said to have inspired Count Dracula have been discovered in Bulgaria.Magical Vacation Rentals for Experiencing the Northern LightsAs one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon in the world, the northern lights have become an incredibly popular bucket list trip. While travelers are never guaranteed to catch an aurora, there…Creeping Lava Looks Straight Out of a Movie as It Devours CarMesmerizing — and terrifying — timelapse video shows a wall of lava crawling across a Hawaii road and swallowing up a parked car. The 30-second footage, taken by Brandon Clement, 38,…Drone Footage Shows Devastation at Notre Dame CathedralWhile most of the 850-year-old structure is still intact after Monday's blaze, a gaping hole is visible on the roof — and the 305-foot-tall wood-and-lead spire that once accentuated the building's…Chicken 'Hypnotized' With This Simple TrickIs this chicken under a hypnotic spell? A farmer in Spain filmed himself appearing to hypnotize a hen by drawing two lines in the sand in front of the bird's beak.Man Arrested in Deadly Machete Attack on Appalachian TrailA Massachusetts man attacked two hikers with a machete in a "senseless and brutal" attack on the Appalachian Trail, killing one and severely injuring another, federal authorities…Vietnam Still Suffering Pollution From Agent Orange ByproductsToxic byproducts of Agent Orange are polluting the environment in Vietnam, including its food supply, 50 years later. During the Vietnam War, US aircraft sprayed more than 20 million gallons…Affordable Vacations for a Warm Winter EscapeBrrrrrrrr. Did you hear that? It's the collective Northeastern United States chattering their teeth. Winter is a comin' and there's nothing we can do about it. Right? Wrong. The perfect remedy for…5 Hotels For That Perfect Nature EscapeThe way we see it, every trip should be the trip of your dreams. And whether that means setting out on a solo sojourn, touring with the family or getting away from it all in the middle of nowhere…What These Sci-Fi Movies Got Totally Wrong About the FutureThe best science-fiction films visualize the technologies of the future to reveal something about the human condition of today. But 95 percent of sci-fi flicks simply take stale clichés and dress…The Most Popular Destinations to See This SummerSummer is basically knocking on the door, so here is our selection of 12 locations on four continents for the best holidays in 2018…10 Myths About Mosquitoes Debunked by ExpertsMosquitoes have the reputation as some of the peskiest annoyances in the summer, but they are also among the deadliest.This Is What the Flu Really Does to Your BodyWe're deep into flu season – but what really happens to your body when your catch the dreaded influenza virus? Read on to find out!5 Huge Things We've Learned From Neil deGrasse TysonI've been booking and hosting PCMag's streaming interview series, The Convo, for nearly a year now. In that time, we've had many big names stop by for a chat—from best-selling authors and…Tomb Full of Mummies Could Hold Ancient SecretsArchaeologists have uncovered a tomb full of mummies, and while the findings are technically old, they could help us learn a ton of new information about ancient Egyptians.Surprising Number of Major Cities Are Running Out of WaterCape Town is banding together to avoid "Day Zero" when little rainfall and low dam levels leave the city with no water. As of February 2018, the city was expected to run dry within three…Neal Stephenson Explains His Vision of the Digital AfterlifeNeal Stephenson's new book, Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, is out June 4, and we spoke to him about this sprawling sci-fi epic, the digital afterlife, and why social media is a doomsday machine.Giant Underwater Jesus Statue Draws Hundreds to Lake MichiganUnbeknownst to many, Lake Michigan is home to the only underwater crucifix in freshwater on record. And, for the first time in several years, it's visible to the public eye.Gorillas Hilariously Try to Avoid Rain at South Carolina ZooA viral video from a South Carolina zoo showed a group of gorillas behaving just like humans as they tried to take shelter from the rain. The primates at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia…800-Year-Old Wooden Statues Unearthed in PeruPeru's Minister of Culture Patricia Balbuena said the figures appear to be at the entrance of an important ceremonial centre or plaza.Beautiful National Parks That Are Never CrowdedWe tend to equate how busy a destination is with how worthy of our time it is, but that's not always the case. These national parks are the least busy, still extremely beautiful and all yours to…Pack of Baby Elephants Rescued From Muddy SituationSix baby elephants, trapped in a mud hole and separated from their parents, have been rescued by a team of park rangers in northeastern Thailand.This Ancient Underground City Was Big Enough to House ThousandsChicago, like a lot of other modern cities, has a hidden secret: It's home to miles of passageways deep underground that allow commuters to get from one place to another without risking nasty…10 Easy Tips and Tricks for Better Smartphone PhotosFor many, phones have completely replaced dedicated digital cameras, but even pros reach for their iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones to snap images from time to time. Here's how to take better pics…16 Genius Things Mark Cuban Says To Do With Your MoneyBillionaire Mark Cuban knows how to be rich and successful, and he isn't afraid to share his insight.Take a Colorful Tour of Holland's Breathtaking Tulip SeasonFields of tulips at the height of their bloom were captured by photographer Albert Dros. The aerial footage beautifully captures the multicolored blooms between April and May 2019 in…Really Bizarre Things That Were Found Washed Up on BeachesAh, the beach — such a glorious place. Though it's perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles, and (duh) long walks, it's also an excellent place to bust out your metal detector and search for…5 Foods That Can Be Toxic for Your DogUnlike their feline friends, most dogs don't have an "off" button when it comes to finding food, says Dr. Tina Wismer, medical director at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. While the…Flight Turns to Chaos as Bugs Fall From Overhead CompartmentThe incident occurred on an Air Transat plane that was about to take off from London Gatwick to Vancouver when the cockroach-type insects fell into screaming passengers' laps, Mail Online reported.The Car That Never Should Have Even ExistedThere are plenty of lists of 'the worst cars of all-time' floating around the Internet. But we want to zero in on what we think is a more egregious failure than simply turning out a bad car…Rare 'Headless Chicken' Sea Creature SpottedThe "headless chicken monster" is actually a deep-sea swimming cucumber that was previously filmed only once before, in the Gulf of Mexico…The Best Winter Beach Vacations for Sun SeekersWith cool temperatures and crisp air enveloping much of the US, there's no doubt winter is coming. If you're more of a sun-seeker than a ski bum, you might already be planning a warm winter…This World-Class Florida Beach Town Offers Adventures For AllWhat kind of beachgoer are you? Chances are, you'll find something in the Sarasota area that appeals to you. Soft sand, fishing piers, shells—you can find it around here. Just don't go looking for…Exploring the Creepy Abandoned Trainyards of Eastern U.S.The photos evoke both a sense of creepiness as well as nostalgia. Before the crowded morning and evening commutes of modern times, train passengers made the most out of travel. Riders dressed their…These Are the 5 Tiniest Countries in the WorldThese countries may not be big, but they are still mighty! Each location has something that makes it worth visiting and definitely worth learning about. These micro nations all have interesting…This 1785 Dictionary of Vulgar Phrases Is HilariousDid your mom ever wash your mouth out with soap when you were a rambunctious little scamp? If she did, you definitely know the childish joy of discovering "bad" words for the first time. Naughty…The Likely Cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire RevealedA "computer glitch" may have been behind the fast-spreading fire that ravaged Notre Dame, the cathedral's rector said Friday, as architects and construction workers tried to figure out how to stabilizA Meteorite Crushed This Family's Car in 1992Aside from one infamous asteroid strike that happened 65 million years ago, you just don't hear about objects from space hitting the Earth very often. It's not as if it doesn't happen; meteorites…Navy SEALS Use This Genius Trick to Stay CalmWith a motto like "The only easy day was yesterday," Navy SEALs are known for their toughness. But we should probably start lauding these combat-ready professionals for being zen masters, too…6 Beautiful Islands You Can Actually Afford to Live OnYou can live year-round on these lesser-known islands for a surprisingly affordable price.Scientist Says Mysterious Killer Whale Is RealFor decades, there were tales from fishermen and tourists, even lots of photos, of a mysterious killer whale that just didn't look like all the others, but scientists had never seen one. Until now.33-Foot-Long Anaconda in Brazil Is Absolutely TerrifyingThis is the terrifying moment a 33-foot-long anaconda was found by terrified builders on a construction site in Brazil.Seriously Clever Camping Hacks You Need to Know AboutTips and tricks to make your time in the outdoors loads easier and comfier…9 Amazing Things To Do In BudapestBudapest, Hungary, is teeming with unique history, delicious food, and exciting things to see and do…Cool Science Experiments Anyone Can Do at HomeSometimes it seems like children get all the fun. They get to play and try out new things all the time, while the rest of us have to work and watch them play. But it doesn't have to be that…Skin-Crawling Footage Shows Spiders 'Raining' from SkyChilling footage has emerged appearing to show hundreds of spiders raining down from the sky in Brazil. A young boy who filmed the incredible moment said it left him "stunned and scared" as theMore Than $1 Million Worth of Drugs Washes up on Alabama BeachBeachgoers looking for some fun in the sun found more than $1 million worth of marijuana and cocaine that washed up along the shore in Alabama, police said. A local enjoying a stroll along…These Are the 9 Cheapest Places to Travel to in 2019While we're only a few days into the new year, we are already pondering which trips we want to plan over the next 12 months.Snail-Inspired Reversible Superglue Can Hold Weight of a HumanScientists have demonstrated how the super strong product can hold the weight of an average male with only two postage stamp-sized squares of the substance.Irish Have More Viking and Norman DNA than Previously ThoughtResearchers at Trinity College Dublin believe that Viking and Norman invasions of Ireland may have made a more striking impression on the DNA breakup of the country than previously thought…Your Makeup Could Be Killing Your DogHey lady, keep your lipstick away from that Labrador!Doubts Linger About Legitimacy of Controversial PaintingBoosters claim the work to be by 16th-century Italian master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, better known simply by his last name. But there are also high-profile experts who claim the painting…The Brightest Celestial Object in Early Universe SpottedThe unusually bright quasar is located 13 billion light-years away and experts say the discovery could unlock clues about our universe's early beginnings.Teen Girl Bitten by Shark at North Carolina State ParkA park ranger says a 17-year-old girl was bitten by a shark at a North Carolina beach and suffered severe injuries. Fort Macon State Park ranger Paul Terry tells WCTI-TV that…Under-the-Radar World Destinations Worth a Visit in 2019If you're anything like us, you've already started searching for your next destination and planning out your 2019 trips! For the adventurous travelers among us looking to buck the trends and go a…The Real Reason You Should Avoid Airport Charging StationsYou're waiting at the airport, your phone vibrates in your hand — but it's not a text. "Low Battery — 20 percent of battery remaining" pops up on your screen. Your charger is wrapped up in your…Top 10 Senior Travel Experiences on AirbnbSeniors are the hot users on Airbnb, booking some of the coolest travel experiences in the West…The Weird Reasons Why Hotels Don't Provide In-Room ToothpasteHotels these days seem to be falling over themselves to offer guests the best in beauty amenities. While we are grateful for upgraded toiletries in our hotel bathrooms — and are not adverse to…9,000-Year-Old Stone Mask Discovered in IsraelArchaeologists in Israel have announced the discovery of an extremely rare 9,000-year-old stone mask. The mask, which dates back to the Neolithic period, was found by a settler walking in the hills…'Bikini Climber' Freezes to Death After Massive FallThe climb to social-media fame can be deadly. A Taiwanese woman known as the "Bikini Climber" became the latest person to die while hunting for the perfect photo to post online.Man Dies in 3rd Shark Attack Off Australia Island in 7 WeeksThe 33-year-old victim, Daniel Christidis, was among 10 friends who set out from Airlie Beach on the Queensland state mainland on Monday morning.These Beautiful Little Beach Towns Are Well Worth the TripFrom the rugged cliffs of Oregon and the dunes of Lake Michigan to Carolina barrier islands and Cape Cod fishing villages, we've uncovered a host of beautiful little beach towns from coast to…Oceans Have Way More Viruses Than ThoughtScientists say our oceans are teeming with nearly 200,000 types of viruses, far more than previously thought — here's why that matters.These Are the Scariest Airport Runways in the WorldSee which white-knuckle, nail-biting airport approaches made the list.Gun Possibly Used By van Gogh to Kill Himself Up for AuctionPARIS — An auction house says it's selling a revolver that was possibly used by Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh to take his own life. Described by some as the art world's most famous9 of the Weirdest Types of Planets in Our GalaxyIt seems like every time astronomers discover a new exoplanet, it comes with a weird new label: It's a hot Jupiter! An ice giant! A circumbinary super-Earth in the Goldilocks zone! If you think…Isolated Tribes Need Protection From Western ArroganceBelieved to number no more than 100, the Sentinelese are the only uncontacted tribe in the world to occupy their own island. Like so many things about the Sentinelese, their origins are shrouded in…Golfer Hospitalized After Bobcat Attack on Connecticut CourseA golfer in Connecticut was taken to the hospital on Thursday after enduring a bobcat attack on the course, officials said. The episode happened around 8:30 a.m. at the Mohegan Sun Golf…Rising Seas Could Knock Out the Internet Sooner Than ExpectedNew research says 4,000 miles of internet cable could be underwater, potentially causing widespread outages, by 2030.The Little-Known Airplane Feature That Could Save Your LifeIf you have to make an emergency landing in an airplane, keep your eye out for this part of the wing.Ancient Seabed Buried Deep in Earth Can Create DiamondsDiamonds are a girl's best friend, but where exactly do they come from? Small amounts of salt trapped inside diamonds show the precious stones are produced from ancient seabeds that were buried…The Surprising Reason Why Hotel Bed Sheets Are Always WhiteSure, white bedding is refreshingly uniform, and looks and feels crisp on a bed in a hotel room — a fine chromatic counterpoint to blackout window shades for a quality sleep experience on the…Last Images of Majestic Super Tusker Elephant CapturedThere are only an estimated 20 left on Earth.Here's What Type of Oil You Should Put in Your CarI just bought a 2009 KIA Optima. The owner's manual says I should use 5W20 oil in the engine. My dad used to fix cars and he said that this oil is too thin and that I should use "Straight 30…This Incredible View Is Killing People in AustraliaIt's a spectacular location in Australia that visitors just can't get enough of, but some are putting their lives on the line here despite a recent tragedy. The iconic Sea Cliff Bridge, in the…The Essential Car Feature That Could Become a MandateAutomakers would be required to install technology on new vehicles that alerts exiting parents to check for children in the back seat under legislation introduced in Congress in response to deaths ofWhy High Gas Prices Make Our Economy Look GoodDespite the government shutdown, bad weather in lots of the country and more than enough nonsense going on in Washington, the US economy didn't do that badly in the first three months of 2019.Service Dog Has Epic Reaction to Meeting Chewbacca at DisneySparrow is an American golden retriever living in the United Kingdom who's training to become a service dog. Her owners run an Instagram account tracking her progress and sharing it with the world.NASA Thinks There May Be Alien Life on VenusAliens could be living in the clouds of Venus, a NASA-backed study says.French Village Offering Reward for Deciphering 'Mystery' RockCalling all history buffs: A French village is offering a reward to anyone who can decipher an unusual inscription on a centuries-old rock located on a nearby beach.The Real Reason Why 'GoT' Wanted No Part of These ActorsThe cast of HBO's hugely popular Game of Thrones is positively brimming with talent. However, not every actor who's auditioned has landed a spot on the show, with some notable names missing…The Surprising Story Behind Explorer's Titanic DiscoveryThe man who found the remains of the Titanic said in a recent report that his discovery was part of a "top secret" deal made with the US Navy in order to help elude Russia in theIncredible Discovery Sheds Light on 'Europe's Lost People'Archaeologists on a remote Scottish island have found an unusual artifact from the mysterious ancient Pictish people. Dubbed "Picti" or "painted people" by the Romans, the Picts were…This Expert Explains How to Survive a Shark AttackChances are most people who have swam in the ocean have been very close to sharks and didn't even know it; however, some haven't been so lucky.Terrifying Giant Mosquito Discovered in ChinaA giant mosquito with a wingspan of more than 4 inches has been found in China.This Massive Bird May Have Lived Alongside Early HumansResearchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences recently unearthed a fossil belonging to the massive bird — known as Pachystruthio dmanisensis — in Crimea's Taurida Cave, and began to…Pluto and Neptune Swap Places Every 248 YearsPluto has had a rough time of it. Sure, the Earth is full of people wearing novelty T-shirts proclaiming their loyalty to what used to be called the smallest planet, but it doesn't change the facLies You've Been Told About Cuba8,000-Year-Old Find Along 'Great Ice Road'Researchers say they've found proof of an ancient 1,200-mile trade route in the Siberian Arctic.You Can Now Walk Through Van Gogh's Magical MasterpiecesA new interactive exhibit in Paris allows you to walk through 2,000 of Van Gogh's paintings.The Most Romantic Getaway in FloridaIncredible Images Capture Rare Black Leopard in AfricaPhotographer Will Burrard-Lucas couldn't have been luckier when a big black cat crossed his path while snapping wildlife in Kenya last month. "I couldn't believe it," Burrard-Lucas writes in a blog…7 Genius Pieces of Compact Outdoor GearThe Biggest Question After The 'GoT' Finale'Game of Thrones' series finale reveals the fate of Westeros once and for all.Why Affluent Millennials Are Ditching New YorkNew York state is hemorrhaging "rich millennials," according to a new study that found that more wealthy young residents ditched the Empire State in one year than any other in the nation.NASA Will Send Your Name to Mars With the 2020 RoverMars 2020 is shaping up nicely. NASA recently revealed that its rover-hauling spacecraft is essentially complete and currently undergoing testing — well ahead of its July 2020 launch window…NASA Telescope Discovers Two New PlanetsA planet-hunting orbital telescope designed to detect worlds beyond our solar system discovered two distant planets this week five months after its launch from Cape Canaveral,…Can Anything Protect Us From Deepfakes?What Trump Told Prince Charles About U.S.'s ClimatePresident Trump said he and Prince Charles gabbed for 90 minutes about climate change — and that the queen's son did all the talking. Trump had planned on just a 15-minute chat with the Prince of…These Are the Countries With the Lowest Crime RatesIf you're looking for a safe and enjoyable place to travel this year, we've got some ideas…What Causes Gravity on Earth?Gravity was essentially an unknown quantity until about 300 years ago, when Isaac Newton came up with equations that explained the movement of large, distant astronomical objects.Watch a Semi Truck Tear Up a Runaway Vehicle RampEscape roads are there for emergencies, and this truck was experiencing one. The video shows an 18-wheeler losing its brakes and flying up the escape road.This May Be What Finally Kills the UniverseThe standard model of particle physics may be wrong about our universe dying slowly.How Would a Flat Earth Even Work?Tweets Reveal the Most Pet-Loving StatesHow can we know which states love their dogs and cats the most? Twitter trends reveal all, but you'll be surprised which states love their furry friends the most.Japan to Drop Explosive on Asteroid to Find Solar System OriginJapan's space agency said Monday that its Hayabusa2 spacecraft will drop an explosive on an asteroid to make a crater and then collect underground samples for possible clues to the origin of the…Terrifying Mountainside Collapse in China Caught on VideoCameras capture the dramatic moment a mountainside collapses in southern China, sending onlookers running for their lives…This Footage From the Surface of a Comet is BreathtakingImagine the weird environment on a comet. In the light gravity, it's easy to hop and skip. The view is stunning; bright stars surround you, with no atmosphere to make them twinkle. And the best…10 Epic Hotel Pools You Should Be In Right NowPool season is upon us and we're dreaming of a dip. But not just any dip: We're game to jet to one of the most extraordinary hotel pools in the world. Prepare to drool over these jaw-dropping…Your Big Senior Pet Questions Answered by a VetpetMD asked our Facebook audience their most pressing questions about senior pets. Here is one veterinarian's answer to all those questions…The Scientific Reason Your Company Rewards Incompetent BossesManagers listen to their gut — and that’s a big mistake.Freedom of Information Act Reveals FBI Info on BigfootEvery part of the world has its legends, whether they're elves, djinns, or green-suited little bearded men perched at the end of rainbows. In the United States and Canada, our local mythological…Saturn's Moon Titan Has Polar Vortexes That Can Last 22 YearsEven the Night King would be jealous of a winter that lasts this long. According to a new study, the polar vortex on Saturn's moon, Titan, can last "three-quarters of a Titan year, orJackie Kennedy's Former Yacht is Available for CharterThe Christina O, once owned by Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy, is available for charter.Doomed Helicopter Pilot Sent Scary Radio Messages Before CrashTim McCormack, 58, who was not rated to fly solely by reference to instruments, had dropped a passenger off at the East 34th Street heliport on Monday morning before heading to his home port in…Scientists Discover Hundreds of Skeletons on 'Murder Island'Beneath the sand of a picturesque island chain lies a brutal and bloody past that's still being unearthed.Car Left Unlocked Gets Mauled by BearYou're Not a Bad Pet Parent If Your Dog Doesn't Like to CuddleIf your dog doesn't like to cuddle, it doesn't mean they do not love you. Find out how to read your dog's behavior and why some dogs may not enjoying cuddling sessions…Florida Everglades Fire Burns Over 15,000 AcresA massive blaze was burning Monday in the Florida Everglades, consuming more than 15,000 acres in less than a day, authorities said. Lightning sparked the brush fire in western Broward County…Shocked Hunters Film 'Bigfoot' Stalking the Mountains of UtahLocal hunters in Provo, Utah, spotted a strange creature walking upright in the distance, prompting people to speculate that they had caught the elusive Bigfoot on camera.Who Is Heisenberg, and What's His Uncertainty Principle About?To the average person, the name "Heisenberg" probably brings to mind one of two ideas: either Bryan Cranston's character in the hit AMC TV show "Breaking Bad," or something about an uncertainty pBizarre Things No One Told You About the Korean WarThe Korean War is often remembered for being forgotten, sandwiched between WWII and the Vietnam War. But the deadly Cold War kerfuffle was immensely important, and plenty of weird things happened.4 Possibilities on How the Universe Will EndThere are plenty of ideas as to how the universe began, but how will it end? Chances are it won't go on existing for eternity. Billions of years after we're gone (if we're lucky), what exactly…7 Travel Upgrades You Can Actually AffordMake your time on the ground and in the air a little more enjoyable.These Prototypes Dropped Jaws at CES 2019CES features the best of what's to come in the year ahead, but many wacky concepts make their way to the show floor, too. These are a few we hope become a reality…A Tiny Country Is Becoming Fastest Growing Destination in EuropeWith an increase of 31.1 per cent in visits in one year, San Marino has become the Europe's fastest growing tourism destinations followed by Georgia…Tesla Semi Test Hints at Towing Capacity in VideoOne of the new videos of the Tesla Semi spotted on the road provides us with an opportunity to wonder about the payload capacity of the all-electric truck…Rescued Chimp's New Sanctuary Pals Can't Stop Hugging HimHome is where the hugs are. The Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue & Protection had received a tip that a baby chimp was being kept illegally outside a national park in Liberia.San Francisco to Vote on Banning Face Recognition TechnologySAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco supervisors will vote on surveillance oversight legislation Tuesday that includes a ban on the use of facial recognition technology by police and other…These Secret Ireland Destinations Are Absolutely BreathtakingIreland is one of the most beautiful places to visit, whether there is rain or sunshine there is an abundance of sights to see. Any visitor to our shores will always have an itinerary of places…9 Most Beautiful Buildings in All of IrelandThe Emerald Isle is better known for its rugged coastlines and rolling, green hills, but the Irish have their fair share of impressive architectural triumphs, too! Here are our top choices.Man Caught With 216 Venus Flytraps Faces Felony ChargesNow he's the one who's trapped. A North Carolina man was busted on felony charges over the weekend after authorities found him with 216 Venus flytraps, according to local reports.Scientists Solve Mystery of Missing 'Hot Neptunes'A mystery surrounding hundreds of planets that have gone missing from their star systems may finally have been solved by scientists. Hot Neptunes, alien worlds the size of Neptune that sit…Study Says Your Cat Is a Jerk Because You're a Bad ParentLet me tell you about a cat named Damien: He's smart, sassy and impossibly lovable. But if you knew his doting owner — yes, this very Post reporter — you wouldn't be surprised.The World's Most Beautiful Subway StationsSubway stations aren't exactly places where you pause to breathe in beauty. (The steel brake dust and humid fumes are enough, please and thank you.) But…15 Countries With Ancient Ruins You Should VisitSome of these ruins are well-known, while others are recent discoveries. Tourists to these sites can step back into classical Rome and Greece or deeper back to the very beginnings of humanity…Study Shows Earthquakes Happen Every 3 Seconds in Southern CaliScientists always knew numerous earthquakes happened in California everyday. But now they have just how common even the tiniest of temblors are.This Is Why You Jerk Awake Right as You're Falling AsleepFalling asleep is … well, it's not the easiest thing in the world, otherwise we wouldn't need all these tricks to help us do it. But it certainly seems like it should at least be one of…Thai Soccer Team Diver Rescued After Going Missing in CaveJosh Bratchley, a British member of the elite team who helped rescue the 12 soccer players and their coach form a Thailand cave in July, was found, the Chattanooga Hamilton County Rescue Service…NASA and MIT Develop Morphing Airplane WingA very lightweight wing that can deform to become the most efficient shape for the situation, be that takeoff, landing, maneuvering, or cruising.Foods You Should Absolutely Never Touch at a BuffetI grew up in California and due to our proximity to Sin City, my family piled into my dad's 1989 Nissan Maxima and drove to Las Vegas annually for our family vacation from hell. Okay, maybe it…Thanksgiving Used to Look A Lot More Like HalloweenAt its best, Thanksgiving is a reminder to think back on the things we love. At its worst, Thanksgiving is an excuse to eat just disgusting amounts of food. There's a lot of history behind…10 Things to Do in China That Might Surprise YouChina is one of the great ancient civilizations, and with so much history and culture, there's a wide selection of interesting activities.The American Kennel Club Recognizes Two New Dog BreedsThe Nederlandse Kooikerhondje and the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen are already off to a great start in 2018, as both of these dog breeds have received full recognition from the American Kennel…Scottish Tourist Finds Python Hiding in Shoe After VacationA small python hitched a ride home in a Scottish traveler's luggage in what can only be described as an extremely Australian incident. Every Geeky '80s Kid Secretly Wanted These Awesome RobotsAfter the world saw Star Wars in 1977, we knew what we wanted: robotic counterparts and servants that could work like C-3PO and R2-D2. It was a common dream that flourished in the media…China Lands Spacecraft on the Far Side of the MoonThe probe, dubbed Chang'e-4, is carrying a rover that has already sent back to Earth images never seen before.Snake Girl Snuggles Up to Pet Pythons While Watching CartoonsThis adorable snake girl, named Maharani, loves to watch cartoons with her extremely unusual companions. Her hometown of Tangerang, Indonesia, does not require a license to have the slithery…What a Dad Did to a Shark to Save His Teenage DaughterA North Carolina father saved his teenage daughter's life after she was attacked by a shark at Fort Macon State Park near Atlantic Beach on Sunday.Scary Roller Coasters Only the Bravest Should RideThe adrenaline rush, the thrill, the speed, the sense of danger, some people will cross the globe in search of all of these things. Here's a list of 8 scariest roller coasters in the world in 2018…Why Your Next Vacation Needs to Be to the Florida Space CoastToday we're spotlighting Florida's Space Coast as one of America's best family vacation spots. And when it comes to booking a place to stay, TripAdvisor Rentals has you covered. Choose an entire…Tech Sleuth Claims He Spotted MH370 Wreckage on Google MapsA British tech sleuth believes he has found the wreckage of the missing MH370 plane on Google Maps. Ian Wilson claims he has spotted the doomed jet, which vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board,…What Doomed Ethiopian Flight Was Seen Doing Moments Before CrashDoomed Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was seen "swerving and dipping" as smoke billowed from the massive aircraft just moments before it crashed, a witness said Monday — as officials revealed…Starving Polar Bear Spotted in City, Far From Normal HabitatA polar bear has wandered hundreds of miles from home into an industrial area of northern Siberia in Russia. The starving female was caught on video roaming into the factory town of Norlisk,…People Actually Live in One of the Coldest Places on EarthWe've all lived through a rough winter or two (or 30, if you're this Chicagoan). But the residents of Oymyakon probably think we're all wimps.A Tiny House Rental You're Gonna Need to See to BelieveTiny houses aren't just for hipsters and millennials anymore. As Americans have taken an interest in tidying up, downsizing their belongings and living more efficiently, the tiny house movement…The Deadliest Animal in the US Isn't What You ThinkWhat's the deadliest animal? Trick question. Sure, the shark in Jaws is terrifying — but you're way more likely to be killed by the animals you see every day. That's according to a new study…Luxury Eco Hotels for the Conscious TravelerA new book celebrates the desire of twenty-first century travelers for mindful moments and the environmental initiatives of an optimistic generation of hoteliers…Disney Water Park Has Been Decaying for Nearly Two DecadesWhen Disney River Country opened in 1976, visitors flocked to Orange County, Florida to ride the winding slides and traverse the wooden bridges.Norway Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota and Hyundai Halt SalesThe hydrogen company Nel owned ran the station with partner Uno X. Other hydrogen stations around Europe have been shut down after this explosion…Next Up for US Military Scientists Is Mind-Controlled WeaponsThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to create mind-controlled weapons for the military. Imagine soldiers sitting in a location thousands of miles away from their target and…Watching 'Spider-Man' May Reduce ArachnophobiaWe already knew that Spider-Man could shoot super-strong webbing out of his wrists, kiss upside down (even in the rain!), and rake in hundreds of billions at the box office. Turns out, he may havAlabama Teacher Latest to Die in the Dominican RepublicAn Alabama high school teacher who traveled to the Dominican Republic for elective procedures died from complications, according to a report. Alicia Renette Williams, a 45-year-old mom, suffered blooMan Goes Fishing in His Flooded Driveway and Catches a CarpA man broke out his fishing rod and managed to catch a carp in his driveway in Port Clinton, Ohio. "Look at what Jeff just caught in our freaking driveway!" his wife exclaimed after…How to Stay Safe During a Lightning StormLightning can strike on the most beautiful of days. It can be brought on by heat, an oncoming thunderstorm or remnants of a storm that fell apart. The only real predictor of lightning is hearing…Storm Dramatically Reveals Skeleton of 900-Year-Old Murdered ManStorms during the winter of 2014 dramatically ripped a tree from the ground revealing the upper skeleton of a man trapped in the tree's roots. His legs remained buried.This Tool Takes Snow Removal to a Whole New LevelThe Snoshark is a lightweight snow removal tool for your vehicle…This Robot Dog Flawlessly Navigates Around Office BuildingBoston Dynamics demonstrated how its upcoming SpotMini can move from one office building to another, without ever stumbling.Scientists Spot Farthest Known Object in Solar SystemCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Astronomers have spotted the farthest known object in our solar system — and they've nicknamed the pink cosmic body "Farout." The International Astronomical Union's…The Strangest Things Found in the Ruins of ChernobylThe accident at Chernobyl was the worst nuclear disaster of all time (if you only count unintentional nuclear disasters). We'll never really know how high the human toll was because the Soviets…The Strangest Footage Found on GoProsHave you ever wondered what the world would look like to a red snapper on roller skates or a tuna on a tightrope? Probably not. Fish are seafood, not funambulists. Also, roller skates are shoes…Bizarre Reason Why Astronomers Want to Shoot Lasers Into SpaceScience fiction has taught us for decades that when aliens arrive on Earth, it's going to be a bad day for mankind. Those fictional horror stories haven't deterred some scientists from thinking…A Wild Bear Incredibly Took Care of Missing Boy for Two DaysA three-year-old boy who went missing in the North Carolina woods for two days says that he "hung out with a bear" before being rescued.Voynich Manuscript Mystery Deepens as 'Alien Code' QuestionedControversy is swirling around a 15th-century manuscript described as the "world's most mysterious text" that has long baffled experts but was reportedly recently decoded by a researcher in…5 Common Causes of Choking in PetsWhen a dog or cat chokes, it can be a scary situation for any pet parent. Fortunately, if you know the most common choking hazards in pets, then you can get your pet the help she needs and, in some…These Are North America's Best Lake Town DestinationsJaw-dropping beaches, nearby ski resorts, and a vibrant downtown make South Lake Tahoe one of the USA's best lake towns. An unforgettable way to take in the gorgeous scenery of the lake and its…NYC's Secret Super-Luxe ListingsYou won't find NYC's best units on Streeteasy. In fact, you won't find them listed anywhere. That's because the city's most exclusive buildings are bought and sold on the DL as whisper listings.How a Tiny Misunderstanding Shifted the Course of Human HistoryLook back through our history, and you'll find that the idea of fake news definitely isn't new. In fact, there's a ton of theories, stories, and scientific "facts" that we now know just aren't…Toddler Mauled to Death by Leopard in National ParkA two-year-old boy was mauled to death by a leopard yesterday at his family's staff quarters inside Kruger National Park in South Africa. The terrified toddler was bitten repeatedly on the…7 Reasons You Might Want to Consider an Alaskan CruiseThe wild, wide-open wilderness is waiting for you. Set your course: due north!We Now Understand Emilia Clarke's 'GoT' Ending FrustrationGame of Thrones stars entered the final season of the show finally able to speak out about how this blockbuster fantasy series would come to a close — and while some are happy with their endings, otheThis Type of Furniture Could Be Making Your Family SickYou'd probably never think that something as innocent as a sofa could pose a risk to you or your family, but a new study out of Duke University raises that very possibility. The research focused…The 25 Best Beaches in the WorldThere Was One Surprising Benefit of Hurricane SandyCity Department of Correction Deputy Warden John Gallagher credits Hurricane Sandy with helping him improve the treatment of mentally ill inmates on Rikers Island.Mastodon Bones Discovered on Indiana FarmWorkers in southern Indiana make an incredible find — the remains of a mastodon dating back to the ice age.The Fastest Mobile Networks for 2019We've been testing mobile data speeds for 10 years now. This time around we drove 9,652.5 miles through 30 US cities to determine which wireless carrier is the fastest where you live. Our 2019…How to Find the Most Beautiful Sights in AmericaIt's said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe for you, beauty is the bright lights of a cityscape at night or a stunning sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it's a meadow of…Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Destroyed Centuries Worth of HistoryAlmost 13 million people visit the 850-year-old cathedral and its sacred relics each year.Scientists Can Hear Your Thoughts, Here's HowImagine thinking out loud – literally. And imagine what that could do for people who have suffered loss of speech due to neurological damage. Scientists at UC San Francisco might be making that…Bride Dies After Return from Dominican Republic HoneymoonA Louisana bride who went on her honeymoon to the Dominican Republic mysteriously died less than a week after she returned, according to a report. Susan Simoneaux of Luling died Tuesday in a localThese Deadly Asian Ticks Are Invading AmericaAn invasive tick that's native to Asia has popped up in New York and eight other states — and health officials are warning it could spread dangerous diseases to humans and animals.All the Grimy Places You're Missing While Spring CleaningYou might have started your spring cleaning, but don't just do it for your sanity, do it for your health. Experts say you really have to tidy up some unexpected elements of your home to stay healthy,10 Major Causes of Air PollutionCockroaches Are Becoming 'Nearly Impossible' to KillCockroaches are quickly evolving to be resistant to pesticides and could soon be impossible to kill with chemicals alone, according to a new study. Researchers from Purdue University found that…Students Discover a 6,000-Year-Old Stone AxeIt was located in what is now Mount Vernon's African American cemetery, a site said to have been used by Native American communities long ago. Giant Asteroids Are Way Harder to Blow Up Than We ThinkJohn Hopkins researchers found that asteroids couldn't be completely shattered by foreign objects — including ones launched to stop an end-of-days-style collision, as seen in sci-fi films such as…Scientists Made a Sound So Loud, It Vaporizes Water on ContactScientists have tested and perhaps discovered the limits of underwater sound, thanks to an X-Ray laser and a microscopit water jet at a lab in Menlo Park, California. This laser and jet, each thinnerNASA's Curiosity Found Evidence of an Ancient Martian LakeNASA's Curiosity rover is providing critical insights into what Mars may have been like long ago, and one of its latest discoveries helps support the idea that the Red Planet was once very blue.Massive Boulder that Blocked Highway Blasted Into FragmentsA landslide slammed the 2.5 million pound rock the size of a building onto Colorado Highway 145 north of Dolores.NASA Accidentally Burned 'Life on Mars' Evidence Decades AgoEvidence of life on Mars was torched to ash during NASA's first touchdown mission on the Red Planet more than 40 years ago, scientists claim. The space agency's Viking Landers, the first…The Red Juice in Your Steak Isn't What You ThinkMeat lovers swear by juicy medium rare steaks. Others find the "bloodiness" unappetizing and opt for well-done instead. This is the worst thing a human can do. Okay, we're kidding.Common Myths About Daddy Longlegs You Should Stop BelievingOf all the creepy-crawly critters out there, daddy longlegs must be the most mysterious. Are they spiders, or are they insects? Are they dangerous, or are they helpful bug eaters? If there's a…You Should Learn A New Skill After Age 50New mastery has far-reaching payoffs.This Is What Happens When You're Freezing to DeathA top New York doctor has warned that the subzero temperatures sweeping the Upper Midwest and Northeastern US are a "whole different animal," which could cause an underdressed person to succumb to…4 Facial Features We Immediately Process When Meeting New PeopleWhile you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, we can't help but do it. And not to put pressure on you or anything, but first impressions kind of are pretty important and they tend to really stick…Tragic Details Reveal the Moment a Teen Died Taking Yosemite PicAn Israeli teen who fell 600 feet to his death in Yosemite National Park in September was dangling from a steep ledge and posing for a picture when he suddenly lost his grip before several horrifiedHere's Who Was Actually Behind Fake Meteor That Freaked Out LAA meteor streaking across the skies of Los Angeles is something we've all seen at least once in a big-budget Hollywood flick, but LA residents saw it for real last night…or at least…You May Be Able to Travel Through Some Black Holes Without DyingOne of the most cherished science fiction scenarios is using a black hole as a portal to another dimension or time or universe. That fantasy may be closer to reality than previously imagined.Rare Painting of Jesus' Face Discovered in Ancient ChurchA previously unknown, 1,500-year-old painting of Christ's face has been uncovered at a Byzantine church in Israel's Negev desert. The discovery in the ancient Byzantine village of Shivta has…These Underrated Midwest Vacations Deserve More LoveIn the dead of winter, ski season hotspots and warm-weather escapes get a lot of love, but we're putting these Midwest vacations up for consideration. Whether you're planning a frosty getaway…Expert Reveals the Proper Way to Pack for VacationIn a new study examining Americans travel and packing habits, 65 percent admit to having real difficulty when it comes to packing for a trip.The City Named Best to Live in 10 Years in a RowViena has ranked the highest in this year's Mercer Quality of Living Survey, meaning it has been the best city to live in for 10 years…Tel Aviv Sets Up LED Lights to Combat 'Smartphone Zombies'Tel Aviv has taken a small step toward protecting the lives of "smartphone zombies." The municipality has installed special LED sidewalk lights at a busy crosswalk to alert distracted pedestrians…What Internet Use Will Look Like in 2022Cisco's 2018 Visual Networking Index projects more internet users, more connected devices, faster speeds, and more video traffic over the next four years.The Navy Is Secretly Documenting UFO SightingsIn response to military service member unrest, the U.S. Navy is now formally reporting and investigating personnel sightings of unidentified flying objects. However, the public shouldn't expect to…5 Essential, Unexpected Items for Your Safari Packing ListWhen you only have so much space, you want to use it as judiciously as possible. Just mention the word "safari" and you'll hear people swoon. The chance to glide across the African savannah at…Teen Escapes After Being Pinned Down by Grizzly BearThe wild beast pushed the teen up against a tree, holding him there for a moment. When the bear let go, the teen tried to crawl away and shield his head — when the animal pinned him face-down to…Massive Fish Washes Up Along Southern Australia RiverThe carcass of a rarely seen species of fish was discovered washed up along a Southern Australia river over the weekend.Why People Suddenly Died Near This Ancient 'Portal'Mystery surrounds an ancient Greek temple which has been dubbed a "portal to hell" after a spate of unexplained deaths.Ocean Researchers Discover Mystery Shipwreck in Gulf of MexicoNOAA researchers on a routine voyage to test new equipment discovered something they never expected.'Mutant' Coyotes With Piercing Blue Eyes Stun ScientistsLast year, a wildlife photographer spotted a "one in a million" coyote with captivating blue eyes while out on a walk in California's Point Reyes National Seashore.Employees Reveal the Worst Things You Could Buy at CostcoDespite their loyalty to the brand, both current and former Costco staff do have some suggestions on what not to buy from the wholesale warehouse club. Here's a list of things you shouldn't put on…These Are the 5 Interesting Stages of MitosisWhen a living thing needs new cells, a process of cell division called mitosis begins. The five stages of mitosis are interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Mitosis is responsible…Airline Sued Passenger for Causing Mass DelaysThe man's actions allegedly caused roughly $21,000 in damages and delayed travel plans for 160-plus passengers, who were forced to wait until the following day to fly out.Ancient Shark Teeth Unearthed in Maryland After Heavy RainfallHeavy rainfall in Calvert County, Maryland over the weekend led to a toothy discovery, the state's department of natural resources announced Monday: prehistoric shark teeth. The shark teeth were…The One Major City Where $100K Won't Even Cover Basic BillsCalifornia cities dominate the places where a six-figure salary barely covers the basics, a new analysis shows.Fox Sneaking Into Chicken Coop Doesn't End How You'd ThinkA group of chickens on a farm in France ganged up and killed a fox who made his way into their coop. The juvenile fox is believed to have slid into the coop containing 3,000 chickens at a farming…Jellyfish Carrying Paralysis Toxins Found Along Jersey ShoreHundreds of unwelcome visitors – toxic jellyfish noted for their tiny size and excruciating sting – have been spotted in recent days by researchers in Barnegat Bay, according to reports.Three Cases of Rat Lungworm Disease Confirmed in HawaiiHealth officials have now confirmed a total of three cases of rat lungworm disease in travelers who spent time in Hawaii. A report from the Hawaii Department of Health confirms the cases, which are…Common Element Might Be a Precursor to Alien LifeIf scientists are looking for E.T. in space, they may want to consider a variable that could be harmful to all of humanity — carbon monoxide. A new study suggests that the poisonous gas, which…Moons Can Have Moons Called MoonmoonsWorld's First Image Emerges of Albino Giant Panda in the WildThe world's first image of an albino giant panda in the wild has emerged from a nature preserve in China. The ultra-rare bear — which has all-white fur and red eyes — was caught on a…Mysterious Nomads Could Be the Last Generation to Live at SeaUK native James Morgan was studying photography in London when he read about a group of seafaring Southeast Asian nomads who had survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami with almost no casualties.Beer Companies Are Getting Serious About Water ConservationIt takes approximately 20 gallons of water, or more, to produce a single pint of beer. Though beer is deeply ingrained into American culture and a vital part of the national economy, the beer industryStudy Reveals Toxic Algae Has Dolphins Developing Alzheimer'sIt's time to build a nursing home in Florida — for dolphins. A large number of the sea mammals who have been stranding themselves on the beaches of the Sunshine State are showing signs of…Ireland's Most Famous Dog BreedsIn honor of Dog-Friendly Ireland and Bring Your Dog to Work Day we thought we'd celebrate some of Ireland's most famous dog breeds! Who's a good boy?!Don't Do This If Your Phone Rings in the Middle of the NightEmail and phone scams are the most popular—and a new phone scam you need to watch out for involves just one ring.10 Cleaning Mistakes That are Making Your Home DirtierCorrect these common cleaning mistakes, and your home will sparkle.How Did People Know the Earth Rotates Before Space Travel?You're on a giant sphere 8,000 miles (12,700 kilometers) in diameter that spins at about 1,000 miles (1,700 kilometers) per hour as it orbits the sun at 67,000 miles (107,000 kilometers) per hour…Trampoline Flies Away In Out-of-Control WindstormA family in Port St. Lucie, Florida, watched as their backyard trampoline was sent flying during a heavy windstorm. Fortunately, the storm passed quickly, although it did leave the trampoline stuck inSecrets the Roller Coaster Industry Doesn't Want You Finding OutRoller coasters are awesome and fun and also completely horrifying. They're giant rides designed to spin you around, throw you up and down, and just basically beat your body up…Mystery Creature With Squirming Tentacles Washes up in VietnamA mysterious sea creature with hundreds of squirming tentacles is baffling locals after washing up on a Vietnamese beach. The dark brown, alien-like marine species was spotted on the shore in…How to Apply for Irish CitizenshipEarly Spacesuits Were Equipped With Bizarre FeatureToday, astronauts on spacewalks rely on a sort of jet backpack called SAFER, but for a while, early designs of spacesuits included a set of jets strapped directly to the feet. The boots were the…The True Story Behind the Irish FlagWhy is the Irish flag green, white and orange? Where did the Irish tri-color come from? Get the full history of Bratach na hÉirean here.Here's Where Some of the Oldest Buildings in North America ExistImagine yourself on a hike in the Colorado foothills. You slowly make your way up a gentle slope, marveling at the lush landscape and abundant wildlife. Finally, at the peak, you come to a cliff8 Most Affectionate Cat BreedsWhy You Should Leave Your Phone Out of the BedroomWe probably don't have to tell that if you're trying to beat insomnia, lying in bed and staring at your phone isn't the best way to go about it. Nor is it any better to leave it plugged in on youMajor Fire at Philadelphia Refinery Lights Up the SkyA fire in a vat of butane at a 150-year-old refinery complex in Philadelphia turned the early morning sky a bright orange and yellow and awakened startled…Mars Once Had Giant River Beds Bigger Than Anything on EarthMars was once crisscrossed with rivers twice as wide as any on Earth, according to a new study, and some were filled with water as "recently" as 1 billion years ago, suggesting the red planet…Student Pilot Killed in Small Plane Crash in FloridaAuthorities say a student pilot is dead following a small plane crash in Florida. Treasure Coast Newspapers reports that the crash happened Tuesday morning near…Think Twice Before Putting Lemon Wedges in Your DrinksTurns out, the lemons you get in restaurants to spruce up your water, iced tea, or pop are just yellow amalgamations of gnarly funk. Okay, that's a bit dramatic, but the bottom line is the same….Why Millennials Are Flocking to AstrologyOf the many things millennials are blamed for — trigger warnings, micro-aggressions, safe spaces, and the so-called "Coddling of the American Mind" — comes a natural outgrowth: a major resurgence…What 'The Martian' Gets Right and Wrong About Life on MarsDespite earning top billing and appearing on all the posters, the A-lister is forced to take a back seat in "The Martian" to another star — science.Parrot Taken Into Custody After Alerting Drug Dealers of CopsBrazilian authorities took a parrot into custody after it alerted suspected drug dealers of cops nearby.Motorcyclist Tragically Killed by Lightning Strike in FloridaThe motorcyclist was struck by lightning Sunday while driving south on Interstate 95 in Florida's Volusia County.Suicidal Mice Are a Mystery in the NetherlandsMice are jumping to their death, like lemmings, in the small town of Hommerts, Netherlands. "Every morning, there are hundreds of dead field mice," said Anton Kappers, who filmed…The Most Dangerous Airlines in the WorldAirline safety is measured by, which uses a variety of metrics to award airlines as many as seven stars for safety and quality. The below airlines are the only ones in the world…You've Been Pronouncing 'Mt. Everest' Wrong Your Whole LifeEnglish is a difficult language. It has more words than most other languages, the spellings don't make sense, and then some new fruit will come along to throw everything off (we're looking at you…Meteorite Strikes Moon During 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' EclipseIt was a sight that was out of this world. A meteor struck the moon Monday for the first time ever during a lunar eclipse, according to a report. Astrophysicist Jose Maria Madiedo confirmed to New…Watch NASA Build the Mars 2020 RoverNASA's mission to Mars in 2020 is a very, very big deal. After the death of Opportunity a number of months back, NASA has just one rover left on the Red Planet and Curiosity isn't exactly a…10 Fun Family-Friendly Hotel ExperiencesKids and adults alike will have lots to enjoy at these family-friendly stays…Here's How to Get Picked for an Upgrade on a FlightBut, on very rare occasions, airlines will call passengers at the gate and offer them an upgraded seat.Crocodile Quickly Clears Beach of TouristsA large crocodile caught some beachgoers by surprise at Tayrona National Natural Park in Colombia. The crocodile might have sent some tourists fleeing, but national park officials say its presence…A Dive Into Israel's Community of MermaidsLast year, Shir Katzenell made a drastic life change, leaving a prestigious job in the Israeli army to pursue a childhood dream: becoming a mermaid.'Star Wars'-Like Holograms Are Becoming a RealityThink back to the last time you saw a hologram. Not an especially fresh memory? Then just pull out your credit card and look on the back — you'll probably find an inset 3D image as a security…Record Cold Forces Airlines to Cancel More Than 1,000 FlightsUnited Continental Holdings Inc. is among those cancelling flights — about 80% of its schedule at its Chicago O'Hare International Airport hub.What We Know About the Last Uncontacted Tribes on EarthSome tribes are called "uncontacted," but these aren't ignorant people. Many have had communication with other tribal people who do live in the modern world. We'll define "uncontacted" as "no…Evidence of Giant Solar Storm Raises Fears of AnotherEvidence of an "enormous" solar storm that struck Earth thousands of years ago has raised fears that a similar event could happen again. According to findings published in Proceedings of…7 Cities to Visit for a Cosy Winter BreakNow that summer's over (for the northern hemisphere at least), it might just be the time to have a bit of a holiday. Here's 7 cities for a cosy winter break…Chinese Scientists Discover Weird Never-Before-Seen RatfishChinese scientists discover 30 never-before-seen underwater creatures.Beloved Fairy Tales With Disturbing OriginsJacob and Wilhelm Grimm published their Cinderella tale in the 1800s. The Disney version of that fairy tale features a poor, beautiful young girl forced to serve her evil stepmother and two…Tiger Tragically Mauls Kansas Zookeeper in Front of VisitorsA Sumatran tiger named Sanjiv tackled a Topeka Zoo worker in an enclosed outdoor space. Topeka Zoo director Brendan Wiley says the zookeeper suffered lacerations and puncture wounds to her head, neckHow Santa Looks Around the WorldA diver dressed as Santa Claus swims with sardines during a promotional event for Christmas in Seoul, South Korea.Australian Carriers Prepare to Weigh All Hand LuggageAs more and more people try to cheat and take overweight bags into the cabin, major Australian carriers have decided to weigh hand luggage…Where Will All the Water Go?The Best Vacation Spots In TexasCorn Production Could Be Killing Thousands a YearA new study found that chemicals used in corn production are polluting the air and causing premature deaths in the Midwest and Plains.Whatever Happened to the 12 Men Who Walked on the Moon?Only a dozen men have walked on the surface of the moon, and this Friday marks the 49th anniversary of the groundbreaking Apollo 11 moon landing mission.Splitting Tectonic Plate Could Eventually Shrink Atlantic OceanEurope and Canada may one day smash into each other if dramatic new research is to be believed. Scientists say one of Earth's tectonic plates, the massive shelves of crust that carry the…Massive Penguin Colony Gone After Arctic Shelf CollapseAntarctica's second-largest colony of emperor penguins has been decimated after the collapse of an ice shelf three years ago.5 Things to Do in Milan For Under 5 EurosHome to Italy's financial district and the headquarters of Valentino, Versace, Prada, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana, Milan is a city you visit to see and be seen — and to spend a small fortune. ItThis Post About Astigmatism is Freaking People Out on TwitterThe Twitter account Unusual Facts has gone certified viral — with more than 70,000 reactions — after posting side-by-side photos demonstrating what a "normal" eye sees in comparison to a person with aThe Strangest Things People Believed About MarsEver since humankind has gazed out upon the vastness of space, a weird little red planet has looked back at us. Sure, Saturn has those cool rings, and that neglected "dwarf planet" Pluto is the…Internet Bots are Getting Better at Imitating HumansBots are becoming a bigger threat as they get smarter, a new report says. A whopping 73.6% of bad bots are so-called Advanced Persistent Bots, which use anonymous proxies, change their identities andIndiana Man Encounters Giant Spider That Can Walk on WaterAn employee at Godfrey Marine encountered it while building a boat at work and the spider's three-inch leg span allows it to walk on water.There's a New Theory Behind T. Rex's Tiny ArmsPaleontologists have discovered a remarkable amount of new information about dinosaurs over the past few decades. Michael J. Benton, a professor of vertebrate paleontology at the University of…Tiny Laser-Powered Spacecraft Is the Future of Space ExplorationA spacecraft so small it could fit in the palm of your hand may be the first to reach another star system in less than 20 years. Scientists have created the tiny craft, referred to as the…Scientists Dubbed New World Beyond Pluto 'The Goblin'While searching for evidence of a huge planet lurking beyond Pluto's orbit dubbed "Planet Nine," astronomers made a surprise discovery: a previously undetected dwarf planet flying through the…Tourist Missing at Sea After Falling Off Boat in ThailandA British tourist has been missing for two nights after falling into the sea during a "drunken" speedboat trip around a Thai island.The Most Photogenic Spots in AmericaThe Real Story of Ireland's Famine Isn't Taught in SchoolsSo many textbooks overlook Ireland's Great Hunger and the Irish American story…Gorillas Take Cover at SC Zoo as Rain Pours in Viral VideoIn a viral video shared by Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, S.C., a group of gorillas are seen taking cover under a canopy as heavy rains pour down.The Real Reason You Need to Worry About Hand SanitizerDid you know that not all hand sanitizers are created equal?11 Things That No Longer Exist in IrelandFrom wearing the clothes of the dead to Mass, to British soldiers patrolling the streets, how many of these things do you remember? Tell us in the comments below!NASA Asteroid Probe Captures Closest-Ever Photo of Space RockNASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid probe is giving scientists an even better look at the surface of the space rock known as Bennu now that it's moved even closer to the object. A new photo posted by…The Scary Reality of Working in AntarcticaAntarctica is one of the last true wildernesses on our planet. A few thousand humans brave the Antarctic winter and work to collect scientific data in Antarctica and increase our understanding of…Massive Pileup Causes 10-Hour Traffic Jam on Slippery RoadThe situation escalated quickly after a truck lost control on a slippery road in China's Yunnan province.The Real Reason Australia Has Bubblegum Pink LakesWater is blue — isn't it? Well, it seems Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes, and that means water is sometimes, well, the color of bubblegum. Australia is famous for some pretty bizarre…What Really Happened Aboard That Norway Cruise ShipA passenger on the Norway cruise ship that was forced to evacuate over the weekend shares her terrifying ordeal.Volcano Photos Taken from Space That'll Take Your Breath AwayFrom Iceland to Chile, here are fifty photos of volcanoes captured by astronauts.This Might Be the Biggest Wave Surfed in HistoryDaredevil Tom Butler just surfed a wave estimated to be 100 feet tall, which would be a world record. If he can prove this, he'll take the title away from the previous holder, who conquered…How to Spot Depression in CatsCertainly cats can exhibit depressed behavior, but the general consensus is that they do not experience the same emotional changes associated with clinical depression in humans.Misinformation You Believed About Objects in the SkyHow often do you go out and look up at the sky? It's probably not often enough, in this modern era, and it's kind of sad that our nightly sky-watching has been taken over by things like reality…Species That Are so Close to Extinction They Fit in a Subway CarThere are more than 16,000 animals currently on the endangered species list. To show how few remain of some of these creatures, Mona Chalabi, an artist and data journalist at The Guardian, drew…Incredible Cave Houses Where You Can Spend the Night InIf you'd like a change from the usual vacation accommodation, why not get back to nature with an Insta-worthy cave rental? All of these unique vacation homes are available to rent on TripAdvisor…Why the First Ever Photo of a Black Hole Is a Huge DealThis week, scientists released the first photos of a black hole's event horizon. Here's why that's a huge deal.How to See London Like a Royal28 Reasons to Try Skiing This SeasonTeens Save 90-Year-Old Woman From Burning Oklahoma HomeFour high school football players made the play of their life — saving a 90-year-old woman whose home was on fire in Oklahoma, according to new reports. Catherine Ritchie, who had lived in…15 Things to Do in Ireland That You've Never Heard OfPlanning an Irish vacation this year? Then here's 15 things to do in Ireland that you've never heard of.Monkeys in Florida With Killer Herpes Could Double by 2022A growing wild monkey population in central Florida has experts on edge, as these primates are carriers of the dangerous Herpes B virus that can cause severe brain damage and even death in humans.Man Cited for Walking on Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic SpringA Yellowstone National Park visitor learned the hard way that some of the attractions are meant to be enjoyed from afar.The Untold Truth of Sacred GeometryIce Artists Create Frozen Castles in New HampshireIn this photo, a couple heads towards an entrance to a cavern at Ice Castles in North Woodstock, N.H. A team starts building massive walls in December to create a…Don't Step Foot in Central Park Until You've Read ThisWhether you live local enough to jog there every day or if you've just seen one of the hundreds of movies it's starred in, you know Central Park. It's the green heart of the Big Apple, and people…The Most Dangerous Countries In Africa For TravelThese African countries are considered unsafe for travel. Here are the official reasons, and stories from people who've been there.Outrage After Instagram Model Smashes Nose Off Historic StatueOne Instagram model has been slammed on social media for defacing a 200-year-old statue in Poland, reportedly in hopes of gaining more followers.New Study Claims That More Than One Reality ExistsIf you've ever questioned the nature of your reality, a new study suggests that there are actually two different versions of it — at least at the quantum level. The pre-published study, found…Countries You Definitely Don't Want to Get Arrested InIn some countries, you're innocent until proven guilty, you can make bail, and you won't be arbitrarily detained. In some countries…Messed Up Things That Happened in the Middle AgesNot much happened in the Middle Ages, right? Probably some plague, some hunting witches, and not a lot of bathing. There were a lot of peasants, some higher-ups that weren't so covered in mud, and…A Post-Kilauea Adventure on Hawaii's Big IslandA year after the catastrophic volcanic eruptions on the Big Island, one visiting family basks in Hawaii's newly restored serenity.The Most Ridiculous Requests People Have Made on AirplanesAs much as we might like them to, cars do not fly. And yet some people seem convinced that cars and metal contraptions flying 35,000 feet in the air function exactly the same way. Many a flight…Does an Eclipse of the Moon Affect Weather?A solar eclipse is an altogether more spectacular event than a lunar eclipse: it darkens the daylight and has a measurable effect on the winds. A lunar eclipse, on the other hand, happens at night…The Iconic British Train Trip You Need to TryA long-haul train trip is something everyone should experience in their life. Take a look at these incredible journeys. There is nothing quite as relaxing as a long train journey across a…Autopsy Reveals How Boy Scout Died on HikeA 16-year-old Boy Scout who collapsed last month on a troop hiking trip in the southern Arizona desert died of dehydration and overheating, an autopsy shows.Places You Never Thought to Visit But ShouldThe more one travels, it seems, the more one yearns to discover even more obscure, remote and mysterious destinations. Sure, the Eiffel Tower and Grand Canyon are without doubt sights one should…Great Barrier Reef Shows 'Substantial Signs of Recovery'After years of bleaching that could have destroyed it, the Great Barrier Reef shows substantial signs of recovery, mostly thanks to a milder summer.Lost Boat Spotted 8 Years After Round-the-World AttemptThe sailboat was spotted nine years and several thousand miles away…Why This Year's Mount Everest Death Toll Is so HighIt's climbing season on Mount Everest, and this year, it's almost as deadly as it's ever been.How to DIY a Survival Water FilterScientists Who Went Missing and Were Mysteriously Never FoundScientists tend to be more adventurous than the average politician or grunt worker, so history is full of stories of intrepid scientists hoping to go down in history for discovering something big…The Best Beaches in San DiegoDominican Tourist Says Flight Was Full of Sick PassengersA Mississippi woman who went on a mother-daughter trip to the Dominican Republic says she fell ill — and adding insult to injury, was stuck on a miserable return flight filled with passengers9-Year-Old Rock Climber Is Youngest to Scale This 450-Foot CliffThis 9-year-old lad is the youngest person to scale the Old Man of Hoy. The iconic, 449-foot sea stack off the north coast of Scotland was no match for Edward Mills, who has raised $50,000 for…New Drone Shots Show Isolated Amazonian Tribe in BrazilThe new aerial images show 16 people walking through jungle as well as a deforested area with a crop.The Strange Things People Used to Believe About WeatherScientists can predict some severe weather, but not stop it. So just imagine what our ancestors did in crazy weather. They needed explanations for the weather and all its effects, and while their…Tesla Model 3 Can Replenish 15 Miles Of Range Per MinuteThe charging data from Tesla Model 3 at V3 Supercharger (250 kW) combined with the average energy consumption can illustrate the typical rate of replenishing range…Is the Green New Deal Actually Possible?The Green New Deal is dominating the political conversation right now – but what exactly is it, and could it really be possible? Find out here…Why the Notre Dame Fire Was Actually InevitableSeeing Notre Dame burning on the nightly news was pretty tough for a lot of people. Notre Dame is an amazing historical landmark, and that fact that the fire happened at all is pretty shocking.13 Jaw-Dropping Ski Chalets Around the WorldReady to hit the slopes? Whether you're an avid skier or prefer to indulge in the après-ski lifestyle, no winter-weather getaway is complete without the perfect spot to settle in after a long day…Melting Greenland Glacier Appears to Be Growing AgainA major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again, a new NASA study finds. The Jakobshavn glacier around 2012 was retreating…The Biggest Science Stories to Look Out For in 2019Which scientific advance will be the biggest discovery of 2019? Watch out for these five candidates…How to Win the Google Science FairThinking of entering the Google science fair? Use these tips to develop an idea that will stand out – and land you a shot at the prize money…Boeing Admits It Knew of Flaw in 737 MAX Planes Before CrashBoeing acknowledged on Sunday they were aware a safety alert on their 737 Max planes was not working correctly — but did not disclose the information until a plane crashed after the sensor…8 Unusual Cities for a 2019 AdventureOwner of Famed 'Flintstone' House Sued Over How Ugly It IsYabba dabba don't — be so tacky! The wealthy owner of a "Flintstones"-style home in California is being sued by her neighbors, who say the sprawling abode is a hideous nuisance.Earth Must Stay Within These 9 Planetary Boundaries to ThriveA long, long time ago, back when Earth was emerging from its last ice age and humans still hunted giant sloths, life was good. The environment was stable, and it gave our species a chance to rise…Go on an Epic Shark-Diving AdventureGo nose-to-nose with a great white off Baja’s Guadalupe Island, where shark sightings are all but guaranteedThis Irish Castle has Been Named One of the Most BeautifulKilkenny Castle has been named as one of the 10 most beautiful castles in the world by Architectural Digest. The stone castle, which overlooks the River Nore, was built in 1195 by William Marshal…This Is the Tiniest Airport in the Entire WorldEver wondered which airport is the smallest? Or where is the shortest flight? Maybe you want to know which airport has no tarmac? We've got you covered…Nearly 200,000 Never-Before-Seen Viruses Found Deep in OceanNever-before-seen viruses have been discovered hidden deep in the ocean. Almost 200,000 of the infectious pathogens were found during a global marine life expedition, which took over 10 years to…Nigerian Town Confused by Bizarre PhenomenonIgbo Ora, a farming town in southwest Nigeria, has one of the highest rates of twin births in the world. But no-one can agree on what causes the phenomenon.The Snack You're Not Allowed to Have in SingaporePlanning an exotic trip overseas? Make sure you understand the customs.Diverted Pilot Captures Scary Video of TornadoA tornado was caught on camera as pilot Jonathan Hilaire was flying home from an airshow in his L-29 Delfin Jetfighter near Ottawa, Canada.No, 5G Won't Ruin Your Weather ForecastsThe FCC has gotten into a fight with NOAA about 5G disrupting weather forecasting nationwide. The result will likely save your weather forecasts, but it'll weaken 5G coverage.Teen Electrocuted Climbing on Top of TrainA teenage boy exploded into flames and died after he suffered an electric shock from 27,500-volt cables when climbing up on top of a train to allegedly impress his girlfriend.These Are the Craziest Things Ever Found Inside PyramidsAs a whole, the human race thinks it's pretty darn cool, partially because we build all kinds of incredible things, from tall buildings to super, high-tech ones. But in all fairness, we also have…Man Attracts Over a Dozen Raccoons With Flute SkillsA man in upstate New York showed off his impressive raccoon charming skills in a recent viral video. Why Tyrion's Ending on 'Game of Thrones' Is Darker Than It SeemsWarning: Spoilers below for the "Game of Thrones" series finale.Another Whale Found Dead With a Stomach Full of PlasticIt's a sad but familiar story: A young whale has been found dead, washed ashore with a belly full of plastic. Greenpeace in Italy shared graphic pictures of a beached sperm whale carcass found on…Mysterious Light, Methane Spike Adds to Life on Mars MysteryThere's been a lot happening on Mars lately.Tourist Killed Trying to Photograph Hippo in KenyaHippos may look adorable — like overgrown pigs with sarcastic little eyes — but they can be incredibly aggressive. This past weekend, two Taiwanese tourists in Kenya learned the hard way how…This Chart Tells You Exactly How Old Your Dog Is in Human YearsWe've all heard the old rule of thumb that one dog year equals seven human years. But in reality, the situation is more complicated. Small dogs live much longer than larger breeds, making this…Cumulonimbus 'Mushroom' Cloud Hovers in the Sky Near AmarilloSkygazers were in awe when this "mushroom" cloud appeared in the sky over the Texas Panhandle Tuesday evening.The World's Most Instagrammed Tourist AttractionsThese #nofilter destinations are tops with 'grammers.According to Science, This is How the Humanity Will EndWe humans have had a pretty good run on this planet so far, but everyone knows it can't last forever. Of course, everyone wants to keep the human streak going, but we humans will go too far…An Adult's Guide to a Disney World GetawayWhen it comes to planning an adults only getaway, most people don't think Walt Disney World. But they should. It's an amazing getaway for people of all ages. Pick the right time to visit and book…It Just Got Harder To Travel To Cuba, and Here's WhyOn Tuesday, June 4, 2019, the Trump administration banned educational and recreational trips to Cuba.Explorers Believe They Found Noah's Ark on Iranian MountainNoah's Ark has been discovered on top of a mountain in Iran after petrified wooden beams were found on the summit, according to the latest conspiracy theories. Researchers from the Bible…This is Why India is Becoming the Air Travel SuperpowerThe aviation industry has been undergoing a significant boom around the globe recently. And this is why India is now becoming the air travel superpower…The Truth About Cracking Your Knuckles, RevealedThanks to a recent study, the truth about cracking your knuckles has finally been revealed.Astronaut on Moment He Could've Died 'Horsing Around' on MoonApollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke recalls one of the more harrowing moments of his brief stay on the moon.Unplug and Unwind at This Stunning Costa Rica EcolodgeIf you're looking to disconnect from the frenzy of modern life, this Costa Rican villa is a perfect place to do just that. Located within a rain forest, and 3 miles (5km) from the Pacific Ocean…10 Travel Quotes That Will Inspire Your Next AdventureTravel means something different to everyone, but we can all agree: it is meaningful.The 20 Happiest Countries in the World, RankedThe U.S. is becoming increasingly unhappy, according to the latest edition of the annual World Happiness Report.Bottled Water Freezes Instantly in Cool Science TrickA man in Anchor Point, Alaska, was shocked when he dropped a bottle of water and it instantly turned to ice. This was caused by an unusual set of circumstances that allowed the liquid to…This 19-Year Scam Cost NASA $700 MillionNASA was sold faulty aluminum in a 19-year scam that led to a pair of high-profile launch failures, costing the space agency more than $700 million and years of people's scientific work.Scientists Are Trying to Solve for Roommate Drama in Deep SpaceQuick, think of the worst roommate you ever had. It's probably not hard. There's something about having to share a space with somebody that can magnify their every quirk and habit into a nails-on…Why This Prehistoric Dinosaur Graveyard Is Raising EyebrowsTanis, a North Dakota fossil pit, has gained a reputation for being a "dinosaur graveyard," but the paleontologist who discovered it hardly mentioned dinosaurs in his published findings…Lost South African City Comes Alive With Digital ReconstructionExperts have created a stunning digital reconstruction of a centuries-old lost city discovered in South Africa. The ruins of Kweneng were spotted beneath thick vegetation at Suikerbosrand near…Mom Miraculously Saves Daughter From Car in Freezing Pond"When something like that happens, it's like your parental instincts just kick in, right? And you do what you need to do to get your child to safety," 24-year-old Ashley Holland, from Hantsport,…Ecological Disaster Continues in Hurricane Maria's AftermathIt's been almost two years since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other parts of the Caribbean. The category 5 storm was the strongest hurricane that…10 Best Surf Camps in the WestWind-Driven Waves on Corsica Sweep Woman to Her DeathSoutheastern France has been battered by winds gusting up to 80 mph.Helicopter Tragically Crashes on Roof of New York High-RiseHere's what we know so far about this developing story.Huge Prehistoric Discoveries That Could Change EverythingScientists have been hard at work solving mysteries from the prehistoric past, but we still have some Qs: what did dinosaurs really look like, and what other animals lived among them? These three…Scientists Release First-Ever Photo of Black HoleScientists from a global collaboration of telescopes announced Wednesday that they have captured the first-ever photo of a black hole.6 Budget-Friendly Destinations in South America for 2019Of course there's no way we can cover an entire continent, but here are our top 6 budget-driendly destinations in South America for 2019…Best Spring Break Trips For Grown-UpsYour college days might be behind you, but you'll never age out of spring break trips. These grown-up spots feature spas, golf courses, and low-key beaches…World Landmarks That Have Sadly Been Lost to HistoryWe live in a world where nothing is permanent, certainly not our historical landmarks. Historical landmarks have been getting destroyed since we started making monuments to history.This Is the Best Day of the Week to Buy GasWhat difference does a day make? When it comes to buying gas, not that much. A study by found that prices vary predictably day to day, but over the course of a year an average driver…This Dog Is a Better Waiter Than Most HumansRush the pup from Vasto, Italy, can balance just about anything. The talented cutie has incredible self-control — instead of gobbling up fresh croissants like most dogs would do, he stabilizes…Japanese Scientists Say They've Figured Out Asteroid's OriginJapanese scientists believe they know where Ryugu, one of the darkest objects in our solar system, originated, narrowing down its possible asteroid "parents" to a pair of larger rocks.Why We'll Probably Never Meet Aliens While They're Still AliveYou've most likely heard of the Fermi paradox, which asks — given the overwhelming chances that aliens exist somewhere — why we haven't found any aliens yet.NASA Study Shows Astronauts Returned to Normal After Space TollAstronaut Scott Kelly's body sometimes reacted strangely to nearly a year in orbit, at least compared to his Earth-bound identical twin — but newly published research shows nothing that would…The Sad Reason People Keep Dying on Mt. EverestConquering Mount Everest, that snowy peak nestled among the stars, was once the holy grail of mountaineering. And it basically still is, but people are dying on Mount Everest kind of a lot.Here's Why You Tend to Feel Gloomy in the WinterWe've all dealt with the winter blahs – but could that gloomy mood be something more serious? Read on to learn about how winter weather affects your mood, and could have a serious impact on your…Dust Devils Are Just as Scary as They SoundA driver in Rathdrum, Idaho, had the surprise of a lifetime when he drove past a dust devil. Watch the frightening moment as the car approaches the gigantic dirt twister.Experts Baffled by 'Weird' Worm-Like Object Found on NC BeachA North Carolina National Park service is having trouble identifying a mysterious, spiny object that washed up on a beach over the weekend and is asking for the public's help.There's More to the Old West Than You KnowMuch of the romanticized and glorified American Old West is still very much a mystery, so sit back on the porch, poor some whiskey, and let us fill you in.Five Frogs Hitch a Ride on CrocodileScientists Can Predict Medical Conditions Off Facebook PostsResearchers analyzed the Facebook statuses of 999 participants whose posts were more than 500 words — amounting to 949,530 posts on the social network. From there, scientists were able to predict…Ancient Four-Legged Whale Thrived Both in Sea and on LandScientists have unearthed fossils in a coastal desert of southern Peru of a four-legged whale that thrived both in the sea and on land about 43 million years ago in a discovery that illuminates a…Inside the Ocean Cave That Became a Chilling 'Turtle Graveyard'Spooky images show a bizarre turtle "graveyard" at the bottom of an ocean cave. Photographer Josh Vergara, 34, from The Philippines, discovered the tomb of dead reptiles on Sipadan Island inThe Inept Doctor Who Killed President GarfieldIn 1881, after being shot by a would-be assassin, President James Garfield languished in the care of Dr. D.W. Bliss, a man with whom he had a long and friendly history.Australian Dinosaur Had Natural 'High-Heel'An Australian dinosaur appears to have walked on a natural kind of "high heel," researchers suggest. The Rhoetosaurus brownei — a 24-ton, or 52,910-pound sauropod, which is a long-necked…Space Travel Could Cripple Astronauts With ArthritisSpace travel could cripple astronauts with arthritis from a young age, research reveals. Even short spells could be harmful because bones and joints interact differently in zero gravity.Vaccine Rates Climb on 'Hippie' Island Amid Measles OutbreakVASHON ISLAND, Wash. — Sarah Day is a school nurse with "street cred" when it comes to the polarizing issue of vaccines on an idyllic island in Washington state known for its rural…Explaining the Different Types of LandformsThe major landform categories of the Earth's surface include such large-scale topographic features as mountains, plains, plateaus and valleys. Climate plays an important role in sculpting landforms, aJoe Biden Unveils Bold Climate PlanFormer Vice President Joe Biden's plan to address climate change would reverse Trump administration corporate tax cuts to help fund investment needed to achieve 100% clean energy and net-zero emissionThis Gorgeous Villa With Breathtaking Views of the CaribbeanThis top-rated, gorgeous Caribbean retreat is renowned by travelers, with one particularly satisfied guest describing it as, "Set in the most stunning location: amazing views of the coast and sea…Officials Find Hundreds of Tarantulas in Gift-Wrapped BoxesBureau of Customs personnel seized the 757 tarantulas at a mail exchange center near Manila's international airport and later arrested a Filipino man who tried to claim the long-legged and venomous…4 Ways Your Body Tells You You're Running Low on Key VitaminsYou eat right, try to stay healthy, and make sure to get enough sleep. You even wear one of those fitness watches that can guilt you into parking just a little farther from the supermarket to get…A Massive Tree Known to Bring People to TearsSometimes a presence is so overwhelming that you just can't help but break down and cry. That's not an uncommon sight at Tāne Mahuta, the largest kauri tree in the world. Even an average kauri…US Cities That Everyone Will Be Visiting in 2019As 2018 winds down, 2019 vacation planning for many is already underway! And rightfully so, you've worked hard this year and are more than deserving of some well-earned vacation time. For the…Green Fireball Lights Up the Sky in FloridaResidents in northern Florida were shocked when they looked up in the sky and saw a bright green light. Fortunately, according to the National Weather Service, it was likely just a meteor burning…Animal Psychic Is a Real-Life Dr. Doolittle"If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it …" This pet psychic doesn't have to imagine what Dr. Doolittle sang about in the 1967 classic film. Meet Candi Cane Cooper, a…What You Need to Know Before Eating Food With Freezer BurnWhat happened to your ice cream — and your dried-out chicken, and your shriveled peas — is freezer burn. "Freeze" and "burn" are basically as opposite as you can get. And freezers are supposed…Study Reveals the ISS Is Chock-Full of Bacteria and FungiIt turns out astronauts aren't alone on the International Space Station. A new study reported by Gizmodo found that a "diverse population of bacteria and fungi" populate the ISS…These Optical Illusions Prove Your Brain Is SlackingBack in 2015, the nation—nay THE WORLD—came together to furiously debate an issue that would have—until very recently—been considered completely absurd: What color is this dress?'Window Into the Planet' Installed on Mount EverestScientists will now have access to data from Mount Everest's so-called death zone, the highest section of the mountain, which at over 26,000 feet above sea level doesn't have enough oxygen to…How Aluminum Foil Can Really Boost Wi-Fi SpeedSearch the internet for "aluminum Wi-Fi" and you're bound to come across images of some very weird contraptions. For years, certain people have sworn that you can boost your Wi-Fi signal strength…The Most Beautiful Tropical Vacation Spots Around the WorldTropical getaways are what vacation dreams are made of. Swaying palms, powder-fine sands, and clear blue waters—what's not to like? Well, stop dreaming and listen up! "Tropical" doesn't have to…How Podrick's Song Reveals Who Ends Up on the Iron ThroneThe second episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 8 contains a music cue that foreshadows who will end up on the Iron Throne. Spoilers below for the second episode of the final season. "Game ofScientists Confirm Inevitable Truth About Living ForeverIf you've been hoping that science would find a way to beat aging before you enter your twilight years I've got some pretty bad news to share with you: it ain't gonna happen.Woman Discovers 'Kittens' She Took Home Are Actually Bobcats"I think they started doing a little bit more research and educating themselves and thinking: You know what, these don't look like your standard house cat."This Was the Iceberg That Sank the TitanicEditor's note: In the early hours of April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic sunk having struck an iceberg while en route to New York. Those icy waters claimed the lives of 1,517 people. The White Star…Midwest Floods Are Helping Drive Gas Prices UpwardThe flooding sharply reduced the ability to produce and transport ethanol leading to higher gas prices…'Super Strength' Lice Are Becoming Immune to RemediesIt's the attack of the super lice — and it's costing parents a fortune. Parents in Australia are bugging out over "super strength" lice, which require them to spend…Maximum Security's Owners are Still Livid Over DisqualificationThe owners of disqualified Kentucky Derby winner Maximum Security have officially filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the horse's disqualification.Before and After Photos Show Notre Dame's DevastationHeartbreaking before and after photos show the extent of Notre Dame's devastation. An image taken on July 15, 2018, shows the 850-year-old Paris cathedral in all of its former glory.Eerie Remnants of Chernobyl TodayTrump's Climate Panel Includes a Climate DenialistBig climate news out of the White House this week: President Donald Trump is planning to create a panel to look into whether climate change affects national security…This Mystery Rock Doesn't Match Ingredients of Our Solar SystemBakarat knew the stone he found was special. Since named the Hypatia stone after the earliest known female mathematician and astronomer, the object was covered in the kinds of microscopic diamonds…Upcoming Roller Coasters We Can't Wait to RideIf you like roller coasters, the next couple years are going to be a treat. 2020 in particular will be a massive year for roller coasters. Here are some of the biggest, baddest, craziest roller…This State Most Burdened by Credit Card DebtWages aren't keeping pace with many Americans' credit-card debt.Marie Curie Got Her Education at the Flying UniversityMarie Curie was a trailblazer in more ways that one. Heck, she was a trailblazer just in the field of winning Nobel Prizes — the first woman to win one, the first person to win more than one, and…Engineers Finally Solve Mystery of Leaning Tower of PisaThe Leaning Tower of Pisa is notable for its slant — and also because it's managed to stay standing through four or more significant earthquakes. The Weird Reason a Fleet of Ferraris Was Left to Rot in a FieldHere's a sight you won't see every day. The prancing horse is not the logo one would expect to see on the hood of a car abandoned to a field, but here are 11 of them…New Tick-Borne Virus Infecting Dozens in ChinaResearchers in China claim to have identified a new tick-borne disease. In a study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers wrote they've identified a tick-borne…Electric Mini Tows a Boeing 777 AirplaneYanking aircraft across the tarmac typically isn't a Mini thing, but the British manufacturer is making it one. The electric Mini prototype in camouflage is used here to tow a Boeing 777.Watch Plants Light Up When They're AttackedPlants may be the most severely underestimated organisms in the natural world. Plants can hear when they're being eaten, they can make caterpillars cannibalize each other, and some even have a prPrayers of Drowning Teens Answered by Boat Named AmenTyler Smith and Heather Brown, both 17, who attend Christ Church Academy in Jacksonville, decided to visit Vilano Beach with a group of friends for senior skip day on April 18, ABC News reported…Campers Share the Most Unsettling Thing That Happened to ThemCamping can be a great way to relax in nature on the weekend, or get away from the hustle and bustle with a mini vacation. But sometimes the time or place is just a little off, and eerie things…The Most Incredible Natural Wonders You'll Find in the U.S.They're unbelievably beautiful, priceless, and they all belong to you.Monster Fish Swallows Shark WholePenny Saver Buys Car With $18K in CoinsWhy You Shouldn't Reuse That Disposable Water BottleBefore we go spreading myths, let's get one thing straight: claims that you shouldn't reuse plastic bottles because they'll leach chemicals into your water are mostly unfounded. In 2014, such a…This is Keanu Reeves' Epic Bike CollectionKeanu Reeves sat down with GQ to discuss his motorcycle origins and show off some of his favorite bikes.This Riddle Has Been Dubbed the Hardest Logic Puzzle EverIt's no secret that we at Curiosity are huge fans of logic puzzles. It is with great enthusiasm, then, that we present what might just be the grandaddy of all the riddles. How can there be…Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy FoldVolcanoes Might Have Formed on Mars the Same Way as HawaiiBy studying Martian meteorites, scientists think they've found an explanation for ancient eruptions on the Red Planet.This Is How Far Neptune Really Is From the SunNeptune is the eighth planet from the sun and the most distant after the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status in 2005. Neptune's distance from the sun is 2.8 billion miles, or 30 times as far…5 Popular Dog Breeds Vets Suggest You Think Twice AboutIf you are thinking of bringing home a new furry family member, you might want to steer clear of these dog breeds…NASA's Mars Lander Takes Selfie from Above with Robotic ArmCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA's new Mars lander has taken a selfie from above, using a camera on its long robotic arm. The InSight lander snapped a series of pictures that NASA turned into aNightmarish Parasites That Can Control Human BrainsImagine how horrendous it would be if there was some unseen parasite that could build its home in your brain and slowly but inevitably affect it in unpleasant ways.Scientists Discover Liquid Lake Buried Deep in MarsUsing a radar instrument on an orbiting spacecraft, scientists have spotted what they said on Wednesday appears to be a sizable salt-laden lake under ice on the southern polar plain of Mars, a body…The Moon May Have Once Supported LifeThe Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions Open to the PublicThey rank among the world's most beautiful, unique, and memorable travel destinations — and also the riskiest. From the quaint-sounding island home of killer crabs to the mountain so deadly it…Archaeologists Find Surprising Drug in Ancient 'Ritual Bundle'A new research paper reveals the discovery of what archaeologists are calling a "ritual bundle" in Bolivia, which contained a number of psychotropic substances, including cocaine and…Home Remedies to Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching for GoodAlthough the first day of summer is literally just days away (two, but who's counting?), there's no denying the fact that we've been suffering experiencing the sweltering effects of the season for…Uber Will Start Booting Riders With Low RatingsBetter be nice to your Uber driver and keep those stars up. Beginning Wednesday, the ride-hailing app will start to boot the worst of its boorish riders off the platform.The Unlikely But Very Lucky Survivors of Notre Dame FirePeople around the world watched in horror as Notre Dame, the centuries-old cathedral and one of Paris' most iconic structures, went up in flames.The Absolute Best Places to See Dolphins in the WildThe best way to see dolphins is in the wild when they're swimming in packs of hundreds or even thousands.These Cities Have the Best Quality of Life in the WorldIf you want to live well, move to Zurich. That's according to a new ranking from Deutsche Bank that analyzes prices and living standards around the world to find the cities with the highest quality…Real Islands for Sale Right NowHave enough money to buy a mansion? Well, then why not buy the island it's located on, too? Discover 19 real islands that you can buy today.Awesome Bucket List Trips You Should Take Before It's Too LateWhat better way to get excited for 2018 than by checking off one of those epic vacation ideas on your travel bucket list? Whether it's a classic destination, or something off the beaten track to…Malaysia Will Send Plastic Waste Back to Rich CountriesMalaysia will send back some 3,300 tons of non-recyclable plastic waste to countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia in a move to avoid becoming a dumping ground for…Mysterious Space Signals Traced to Faraway GalaxyThis is the first time ever that scientists have been able to find the exact location of a non-repeating fast radio burst (FRB) and it's a step closer to finding out what produces them.This Is How Ungodly Long It Takes to Breed a New AppleHave you ever noticed how many different types of apples you can buy? It's far more than your average red, green, and yellow varieties — there are striped ones and freckled ones and ones with namKen Block Rips a Tracked Side-by-Side All Over a Ski ResoirtKen Block takes his tracked Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo to a ski resort to drift, jump, and race up half-pipes.6 Signs Your Dog Might Have Separation AnxietySome dogs develop an unhealthy attachment that can turn into a psychological behavioral disorder called separation anxiety.8 Things People Don't Realize About Being a VeterinarianMany children dream of becoming a veterinarian. However, the steps to becoming a veterinarian and the actual job involve much more than just caring for animals…Could 'Space Babies' Help Save Humanity?A San Francisco biotech company is planning a 24- to 36-hour mission that will result in the birth of a human baby in space.Dogs May Have a Brain Region Dedicated to Human FacesYou know your dog loves you … or does she just love shelter and belly rubs and treats? If you ever fret over this mystery, science is here with a new tidbit of reassurance. Dogs are so hyper-deLuxembourg is the World's First Country with Free Public TransitWith some of the worst traffic congestion levels in the world, Luxembourg aims to become the first country with free public transport…International Space Station Just Got a Little Bit BiggerThe International Space Station is already quite large, but it just got a little bit bigger as the ISS crew installed the Cygnus cargo ship with the help of a high-tech robotic arm.Why Our Brains Are Programmed to Not Care About Climate ChangeThere are a bunch of reasons why climate change hasn't been fixed yet, and super-boringness is probably one of them. How much climate change data can the average person look at before nodding off…The Truth About the 'Inactive Ingredients' in Your MedicationsA new study suggests that the inactive ingredients in your medications may trigger allergic reactions and stomach issues. Are you at risk?Astronomer Gives Grim Warning About Black Hole ExperimentsA top scientist has claimed the Earth could shrink to the size of two football fields if black hole experiments go wrong. Professor Lord Martin Rees has said a "doomsday scenario" could…The McDonald's Tricks That You Fall For Every TimeThe fast food chain is a master of leveraging behavioral psychology.'Ghost Plane' at Madrid Airport Stumps Aviation OfficialsAirport officials in Spain are stumped over a "ghost plane" at Madrid's Barajas airport that appears to be in a "state of abandonment" after reportedly being left on the tarmac for years.NASA Unveils Epic Photos of 'Apocalypse Asteroid' BennuAn asteroid dubbed the "apocalypse asteroid" — because it could end us all if it collides with Earth — has been snapped up-close-and-personal by NASA.Bus-Sized Basking Sharks Spotted In California WatersAfter a 30 year absence, basking sharks the size of a bus have been spotted twice off the coast of Santa Monica, California.How Scientists Finally Solved the Mystery of the Irish FamineAfter 168 years, in 2013 an international team of scientists finally identified the strain of potato blight that caused the potato crops of Ireland to fail, spurring on genocidal negligence on…Ford and Agility Robotics Unleash a Disconcerting RobotFord teamed up with Agility Robotics to create Digit, a two-legged robot designed to carry packages from the back of an autonomous delivery vehicle. It's kind of scary.This Man Lived Alone on a Desert Island for 20 YearsA real-life Robinson Crusoe who has spent 20 years living on a desert island says he's glad he doesn't have to worry about terrorist attacks.Russian Spacecraft Struck by Lightning Moments After TakeoffThe Russian Soyuz-2.1b rocket was zapped after launching Monday, officials said. The huge bolt appears to go right through the spacecraft, carrying a Glonass-M navigation satellite, as it continues…10 One-of-a-Kind Experiences In ItalyWhether you travel for art, food, or adventure, Italy will stay with you. Across the Italian boot, locals are offering more ways than ever…How Hero Flight Attendant Saved Passengers in Fiery CrashTatyana Kasatkina, 34, told the Sun on Monday that she kicked open the door to the Aeroflot jet and physically pushed lingering passengers — who were delayed as others grabbed their bags from the…Backpacker Escaped Horrific Kidnapping by Posting on FacebookA backpacker has revealed she managed to escape by sending Facebook messages after being kidnapped by a farmer and raped in a pigsty. Davine Arckens, 24, was chained and assaulted over two days…How Coral Gardening Is Saving ReefsScientists Stunned by Strange Ancient CrabScientists have discovered the fossils of a strange ancient crab that seems to be part crab, part shrimp and part lobster.The Essential Guide to Hawaii's Big IslandDiscover the best places to stay, eat, and play, from volcano viewing to beach hotel R&RThe Sad Truths Everyone Forgets About Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus is a polarizing historical figure whose life has been defined, for many, by his astonishing courage and intestinal fortitude. Nevertheless, such impressive traits should never…5 Reasons to Grab the Middle Seat on a FlightFor some people, the middle seat isn't a curse to avoid, but a perk to covet.7 Of The World's Weirdest FestivalsA little more unusual, surreal, and occasionally downright dangerous. These the world's weirdest festivals for unforgottable memoriesU.S. Towns with the Highest Income DisparityMiami Beach is the most unequal city on the list, scoring 61 percent—higher than the Gini score the World Bank gave to Haiti in 2012.Loch Ness Monster Might Be Real-Life Dinosaur, Scientists SayThe Loch Ness monster might be real, according to DNA taken from a lake where the famously elusive — and so far fictitious — beast is said to dwell. A team of scientists from New Zealand studied…Usain Bolt-Backed Company Reveals All-Electric City CarOlympic athletes don't always go on to release electric cars, but Usain Bolt is no ordinary Olympic athlete. That's why his company just revealed a car called the Bolt B-Nano.Scientists Gave People Deja Vu & Told Them to Predict the FutureMost of us have had a feeling of deja vu, that eerie feeling that you've experienced an event before, even though it's brand new. It's weird enough even without reaching for metaphysical…Conspiracy Theorists Aiming to Ban Fluoride in WaterFluoride — the naturally occurring compound that prevents cavities — is still sparking debates, seven decades after it was added to America's water supply.The Bizarre Thing That Led to Horrific Car Crash That Killed BoyAn 11-year-old boy died in a horrific car crash in the UK after a spider dropped onto his mom's hand as she drove — sparking a frenzy that sent her car careening into a 4×4 hauling a trailer of sheepHow to Train Your Brain Like a Memory ChampionMemory champs use quirky methods to remember everything from birthdays to pi digits, and you can too.1,200-Year-Old Bible Reportedly Recovered From SmugglersTurkey officials found an ancient Bible believed to be 1,200 years old in a dramatic operation that was caught on camera. The ancient text is in a frail condition, made of leather with gold…Scientists Have Found a Weird New Way to Control Brain ActivityAn AI learned to generate synthetic images that pleased monkeys' brains, according to a new study published early May. This unprecedented control over neural activity could lead to new treatments…These Incredible Urban Districts Are Full of CharacterA metropolitan vacation is exciting and filled with energy. Many of America's biggest cities are also the most vibrant and diverse. From the restaurants, markets, bars and nightlife to the…800-Year-Old Churches Are Each Carved From a Single StoneFrom Stonehenge to the Pyramids to the Great Wall of China, the world is full of ancient stone monuments. To us, though, the most amazing achievements are structures built entirely from one…Caribbean Mystery Deepens as 3rd US Tourist Dies at Same HotelPsychotherapist Miranda Schaup-Werner, 41, from Allentown, died in front of her husband in their room in the Bahía Príncipe hotel in La Romana on May 25 after having a drink from the mini-bar…Prehistoric Wolf Head Found Perfectly Preserved in RussiaThis might even be too much wolf for Jon Snow. A massive wolf's head that's been encased in permafrost for 40,000 years — with its fur and teeth still intact — was discovered in Russia, aLong-Lost Love Letter From Soldier Sparks Nationwide HuntA nationwide search is underway for a British soldier who wrote an adorable love letter to his sweetheart after being forced to miss their date — more than 65 years ago.Things Only Real Fans Noticed in the Final Season of 'GOT'Whether you're a diehard Game of Thrones fan or a casual viewer, it's fun to hunt for any clues you can find from episode to episode, and the eighth and final season will be no exception.Satellite Data Shows Alarming Truth About Antarctic IceAntarctica is losing ice at a rapid rate, according to new satellite information. Glaciers are now sliding into the sea because of the warming Southern Ocean as ice vanishes five times faster than…Four-Year-Old's Message in a Bottle Gets Reply From MoscowLittle Taylor Powell threw a message in a bottle in the sea while vacationing in Spain — and got a reply from Moscow. Powell, four, put a selfie in the bottle with her dad's phone number and the…The Real Reason Why the Pentagon Studies UFOsU.S. Navy pilots and sailors won't be considered crazy for reporting unidentified flying objects, under new rules meant to encourage them to keep track of what they see. Yet just a few years ago,Radioactive Remnants of Nuclear Bomb Tests Found on Ocean FloorNuclear weapons testing dates back to the mid-1940s and ramped up significantly starting in the early 1950s. Several countries, including the US, Soviet Union, China and France spent decades…Something Huge Bit the Head Off This Enormous SharkA fisherman has found a huge severed shark's head in the ocean, sparking fears there could be massive super shark roaming the waters. Trapman Bermagui – also known as Jason – made…Alien Life Might Be a Lot More Advanced Than We ThoughtWe've never seen aliens … or have we? No, Roswell conspirators, not now. Please sit down. We're talking in multitudes of higher complexity.Try this on: Maybe aliens are the puppet masters…The Weirdest Weather Events That Ever Happened on EarthWeather happens all the time, and usually we don't even notice it unless it's a major inconvenience.The Secret Dark Side to the Classic 'Mary Poppins'Far from being practically perfect in every way, Julie Andrews once put a bumper sticker on her car that said: "Mary Poppins Is A Junkie." It was a jokey, failed bid to banish the sugary-sweet…What Really Happened to the Ghost Ship Mary Celeste?1872 wasn't a good year for sailors on the Atlantic Ocean. Battered by some of the worst weather in recorded history, hundreds of ships were lost or abandoned at sea. But the Mary Celeste stands…8 Must Dos When Traveling With Your PetThis Is the Longest Straight Line You Could SailHave you ever wondered how far you could go in a straight line before you'd have to get on a boat, plane, or jet-ski? What about the other way around — how far could you sail in a straight line bTesla Model S Mysteriously Catches Fire In GarageA Tesla Model S mysteriously caught fire while parked in a garage. Even more oddly, the car wasn't even plugged in or charging at the time of ignition…170 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks UnearthedIf you haven't heard of the Isle of Skye, imagine Middle Earth meets Jurassic Park.Student Pilot Flew Unconscious for 40 MinutesBreakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day — especially if you're a pilot-in-training prepping for a solo flight. On May 10, a report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau…Scientists Explain Why the Milky Way Is So WarpedFar out, man. A new study by the National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) might explain the Milky Way's spiral appearance — it's warped.Winter in Australia 'Will Be Non-Existent' by 2050Winter will disappear completely in Australia within the next 30 years, climate researchers have warned, and summer will be replaced by a "new summer" with temperatures sustained over 104 degrees.Missing Hiker Found Safe Ate Berries and Bees to SurviveMatthew B. Matheny, an Ohio man who was missing on Mount St. Helens, was found Wednesday on a flank of the peak nearly a week after he set out on a day hike and survived by eating berries and bees,…These Amazing Lighthouses of the World Are Simply BreathtakingThese towering beacons of the sea, which had to endure the worst weather, are still standing proud.7 Things Flight Attendants Notice About Passengers in 3 SecondsHave you ever wondered what the flight crew is thinking of you as you board your aircraft? If you have, that's probably a good thing: It shows your self-awareness level, as well as your ability to…Dangerous Places You Should Never Travel ToThe State Department recommends that travelers refrain from visiting the 13 countries in the red. Below, we've highlighted these 13 countries and explained why the State Department has singled them…The Real Reason Dogs Don't Like Men as Much as WomenOtherwise friendly canines will often allow a female stranger to pet them, but are afraid of unfamiliar men. Here's why, and how to fix it.Florida Beach Speechless as Giant Cross Washes AshoreA giant, barnacle-covered cross washes ashore on a South Florida beach. Some see it as a divine sign…'The Bucket List Family' Viral Stars Are Getting Their Own ShowWho could forget one of the Internet's most viral stories of travel fantasies come to life? The Bucket List Family became a social media sensation after Garrett Gee, a young Utah husband and dad of…Helicopter Crashes While Passenger Terrifyingly Films the HorrorNewly released footage of a July 2018 helicopter crash shows the horrifying scene play out from inside the aircraft. Four people reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries, including one woman whoTerrifying Video Reveals Disturbing Find Under Texas HomeThese 45 rattlesnakes turned a home in Albany, Texas, into their cozy nest. The residents told Big Country Snake Removal that they only see a "few" snakes each year. This terrifying video,Climate Change Is About to Affect How You Drink WineLeft unchecked, climate change will have a catastrophic impact on the world and the way we live our lives, and the changing climate might even have something to do with whether we get to continue…We'd Love to Explore This Hidden Beach in MexicoHop on a boat and travel an hour northwest from Puerto Vallarta's coast in search of Mexico's Hidden Beach. Don't worry—it's not too hidden. Playa del Amor has become a popular tourist spot for…The Most Dangerous Cars According to the U.S. Fatality AnalysisView detailed pictures that accompany our Most dangerous cars ranked by the U.S. Fatality Analysis Reporting System article with close-up photos of exterior and interior features…Why Italians Should Reclaim St. Patrick's DayAn Italian Saint Patrick's Day? It makes perfect sense!5 Big Issues Science Hasn't Settled YetGiven how frequently we cover stories about science, it's probably not surprising that a lot of us here at Curiosity feel a real affinity toward people who made scientific discovery their career.What It's Really Like to Work Aboard a Cruise ShipWorking on a cruise ship has its perks—short commutes, a close crew—but it's not always fun and games.Extreme Space Weather Is Making Jupiter Even HotterNo, that's not a faraway alien world you're looking at. That's an infrared image of Jupiter and its poles, courtesy of NASA. NASA's JPL has released images of the gas giant…The 9 Most Magical Christmas Cities in EuropeAs the holiday season approaches, many European cities transform into fairy-tale winter wonderlands. Snow blankets the rooftops of Prague, a giant Christmas tree sprouts by Vienna's Schönbrunn…The Most Messed Up Part of the Vietnam War Wasn't What You ThinkThe Vietnam War had gore galore and rage to spare as napalm and incendiary policies scorched landscapes. As Americans were rocked by social shifts at home, the Vietnam War's many faults shook their…7 Reasons to Visit Northern IrelandEveryone should visit Northern Ireland at least once, and if you don't believe us we've rounded up the top seven attractions worth visiting, including the Giants Causeway, Game of Thrones…One Weird Driving Law the UK Still EnforcesWhen driving on the Autobahn (Germany's make-you-own-speed-limit highway system), it is illegal to stop except in the case of an emergency. This makes sense, in that there are cars barrelling down…Ancient Irish Monuments Revealed During Summer DroughtIreland's 2018 summer drought has unearthed hundreds of previously unknown ancient monuments and agricultural history dating back 6,000 years.Even Drizzle Greatly Increases Your Risk of a Deadly Car CrashEven light rain significantly increases risk of a fatal car crash, a study finds. 'People slow down when it starts to rain heavily, but I think they under-appreciate the risk of light rain.'Massive Asteroid With Its Own Moon Set to Fly by EarthMost space rocks that pass nearby Earth are solo travelers making their way around the sun and slipping past our planet as they do so. Asteroid 1999 KW4, which will make a distant pass of Earth on…13 Unforgettable New Year's Eve Getaways & CelebrationsNew Year's Eve brings about feelings of excitement and optimism in many of us. It's a celebration of one year ending and another beginning, an opportunity to set new goals, and a time to start…Wasps May Be Capable of Logical ThinkingRunning into a wasp — or even worse, several wasps — on a nice summer day can be terrifying. Unlike honeybees, some wasp species are aggressive and if they decide your can of Mt. Dew is actually…NASA Hack Used a Raspberry PiInsider Secrets to Landing a Comfortable Seat on the AirplaneHow to get a great seat without having to pay a ton for it.Fire Ants Form Creepy Floating 'Islands' to Survive HurricaneFire ants are literally riding out Hurricane Florence, astonishing new video footage shows. Colonies of the creepily industrious insects are shown linking together to form boat-like floating…Bible Mysteries That Have Finally Been SolvedThe Bible is full of mysterious stuff we don't know the answers to. All kinds of mysteries have popped up as we've gotten further from the events described in the Bible, but there are a few Bible…Science Says Mini Earthquakes Rock SoCal at Alarming RateUntil recently, scientists believed about 180,000 earthquakes struck Southern California between 2008 and 2017. Now, a new study suggests the area experienced closer to 1.8 million earthquakes.Why Do Goats Have Rectangular Pupils?Goats, like most other ungulates such as horses and hippopotamuses, have rectangular pupils. This unique shape helps goats see 280 degrees around their bodies, but their horizontal pupil shapes…Isaac Newton Predicted the World Will End in 2060Isaac Newton was a legendary scientist best known for establishing the laws of gravity. But in his free time, he dabbled in experiments worthy of Voldemort. Like the "Harry Potter" villain…Why the Middle Class Can't Afford Life in America AnymoreAfter spending his days teaching AP American history and economics at the public Live Oak High School in San Jose, Calif., Matt Barry drives for Uber. Barry's wife, Nicole, teaches as well — they…This is Stephen Hawking's Last Theory About the UniverseWhen a great mind passes away, the world grieves twice: once for their life, and once for their work. That's why it was so comforting to know that on the day Stephen Hawking died, he had a scientAuthorities Flaunt Extraordinary Discovery of Roman CoinsConstruction crews digging in the historic center of Como discovered the small stone jar containing about 300 coins last week.What You Should Know About the Real Murphy's LawWhat does Murphy's Law mean and where did it come from? How a New Jersey native's embarrassing scientific experiment mess up led to Murphy's Law's inclusion in a 1951 scientific journal…The No. 1 Reason Americans Need a VacationMore than one in three Americans (37 percent) have had a 'life eureka' moment while on vacation or a trip away, according to new research. Those vacation eureka moments — from taking…There's No Place Like This Rental Home for the HolidaysSpending time at this luxurious Colorado rental will make you feel like you're in your own personal winter wonderland. With room for up to 16 people, spend time with some loved ones this winter and…This Southwestern Road Trip Is Filled With Hidden GemsA trove of national monuments and attractions make for an amazing drive through New Mexico.Big Snake Devours Smaller Snake Attacking Rat in Crazy VideoA brawl between an eastern brown snake and a python over a juicy rat turned deadly last week — at least, for two parties involved. Jessica Mace of Mulgowie, Australia, was inspecting a loud noise…US Astronaut to Set Women's Record for Time Spent in SpaceA NASA astronaut will spend nearly a year at the International Space Station, setting a record for women. Station astronaut Christina Koch will remain on board for about 11…When Amelia Earhart Stayed in Ireland By AccidentAmelia Earhart is one of the world's most celebrated aviation pioneers whose mysterious loss is still mourned today, but did you know on May 21, 1932, the record-breaking pilot landed in Ireland andIndonesia Finds Cockpit Voice Recorder from Lion Air CrashA search effort has located the cockpit voice recorder of a Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October, an Indonesian official said Monday, in a possible boost to the accident investigatio10 Sunscreens That Keep You and the Coral Reefs SafeCommon sunscreen chemicals harm coral reefs and contribute to coral bleaching – here are the best reef-safe sunscreens to protect the waters and yourself.9 Adventurous Things To Do In Kauai, HawaiiYou could pack a monthlong itinerary with adventure after adventure and still leave Kauai craving more.Scientists Create Video Game to Help Elderly Drivers Stay SafeA video game that makes elderly motorists safer on the roads has been developed by scientists. The game called Cognitive Training for Car Driving (CTCD) comes at a time when the number of older…The Real Reason You Shouldn't Sleep with the TV OnSleeping with any artificial light like a television can wreak havoc on your health without you even realizing it.The Craziest Things to Ever Happen in the Sahara DesertThe Sahara desert is sometimes romanticized and sometimes villainized, but human beings will probably never lose their fascination with this 3.5 million square mile wasteland that stretches 3,000…72-Year-Old Adventurer Finishes Trip Across Atlantic in a BarrelA Frenchman who set out on his solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a large, orange barrel, has completed his trip. Jean-Jacques Savin, 72, departed from El Hierro, part of Spain's Canary…The Best Ideas for Stopping Food Waste in SchoolsFrom fresh apples to cartons of milk, schools throw out an enormous amount of food every day. Grist reports that the USDA's National School Lunch Program wastes $5 million of food per day.Deep-Sea Fish Found Living With 'Virtually No Oxygen'Deep in the dark depths of the Gulf of California — where "virtually no oxygen" exists — live schools of fish are thriving in an environment marine biologists would otherwise…Travel Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next VacationFrom not calling your banks to ignoring the signs at the beach, here are the errors to avoid during your next trip.The 'Healthy' Dish You Should Never Order at a RestaurantToo often, salads are assumed to be the healthiest options when dining out. But hidden beneath the layers of iceberg, spinach, and arugula, your restaurant salad may be hiding dirty, less-than…Melting Glaciers Will Uncover Disgusting Waste on Alaskan PeakNorth America's tallest mountain, Denali, could be covered in 66 tons of poop as the glaciers melt begin to melt away — a process that's speeding up thanks to climate change.Senior Trip to Dominican Republic Descends Into DisasterA group of Oklahoma teens' senior trip to the Dominican Republic was ruined when they fell sick with a mysterious illness. The recent Deer Creek High School graduates flew on June 8 to theHow To Visit The Great Wall Of ChinaVisiting the Great Wall of China should unquestionably be on any traveler's bucket list, but visiting the wall can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.The Wild Ways Our Ancestors Tried to Explain Natural PhenomenaToday we have irrefutable scientific explanations for ancient natural phenomena like eclipses, comets, and hurricanes. But ancient peoples didn't have data and white lab coats and other things that…Prehistoric Cave Paintings Show Advanced Knowledge of AstronomyAstronomy is one of humanity's oldest obsessions, reaching back all the way to prehistoric times. Long before the Scientific Revolution taught us that the sun is at the center of the Solar System…These Places Will Actually Pay You to Live ThereYou may not get rich or anything, but here are 7 towns that will actually give you a kickback to become a resident…Jacob's Well Is a Dangerous Natural WonderIf you're looking for relief from the stifling Texas heat, you'll likely be drawn to the near-constant 68°F, crystal clear water of Jacob's Well. According to the Mother Nature Network, this…Why 2018 Was the Year of the AsteroidPug Cuddles Dummy to Cure Separation AnxietyPet lovers the world over know the problems associated with separation anxiety, especially among dogs. It's often characterized by incessant barking and whining, chewed up pillows, loss of appetite…Day Zero in India Looming For MillionsOver 12 percent of India's population has no access to clean water near their home and that number is expected to grow significantly by 2020.Watch This Tesla Model 3 Fly Down A Flooded RoadHere we can see a video of a Tesla Model 3 passing over a flooded road like an amphibious vehicle in Illinois, but this is not recommended.The Truth About Whether Your Phone Is Spying on YouAlmost everyone has an eerie a tale to tell. Perhaps you've been talking to a friend about an island vacation, when suddenly deals for the Maldives or Hawaii pop up on your Facebook feed.$10,000 3-D-Printed House Can Be Built OvernightOne of the less obvious products being unveiled this week at SXSW is a small concrete house. On the outside, it doesn't look like anything particularly special, although the covered patio and…10 Crucial Ways to Stay Safe When Traveling AbroadWhether you frequently travel alone or simply prefer to err on the side of caution, knowing how to keep your cool in an unknown territory is very important. No one knows this more than people who…Ohio Weatherman Flips Out at Viewers Upset Over Tornado AlertMeteorologist Jamie Simpson was live on Fox 45 in Dayton when he flipped out and began scolding folks for caring more about the popular ABC reality TV show 'The Bachelorette' than a twister tearing…Ancient Viking Ship Unearthed on Norwegian FarmlandArchaeologists using ground-penetrating radar also found what appears to be a number of graves, notes Gizmodo.NASA Recordings of Creepy Space Sounds Will Freak You Out"In space, no one can hear you scream," reads the tagline for the original Alien movie. And that's true: for the most part, interplanetary space is just a big bag of nothing. But that doesn't mean…Study Says This Is Where We Should Look for AliensThe possibility for alien life increases when two stars are pushed together by a third, according to new research.The Stressful Lives of Whales Can Be Measured by Their MouthsWhale researchers in New England believe they've found a new way to measure the amount of stress felt by whales when they experience traumas such as entanglements in fishing gear, and they say the…Human-Bear Conflicts Are on the Rise in AlaskaWildlife experts are calling this summer one of the busiest years of bear encounters they have seen. The Anchorage Daily News reports biologists believe that poor berry…These Are the 5 Most Haunted Places on EarthWhether or not you believe in ghosts, it's fun to visit old buildings with scandalous pasts…Ancient Greek Shipwreck Will Be Open to Public for First TimeNear the northern Greek island of Alonissos lies a remarkable ancient shipwreck: the remains of a massive cargo ship that changed archaeologists' understanding of shipbuilding in antiquity.Rare Hawk Has Incredible Staredown With Office WorkersThese Manhattan employees were treated to a major surprise when a rare Pale Male hawk perched on their windowsill. The beautiful bird took a moment to look inside the building, and wasn't afraid…The Biggest Lies You Were Taught About American HistoryHistory tends to take on a life of its own over time…This Is the Country Everyone Wants to Travel to This YearDelicious food, great wine, and beautiful historic sites? Count us in.23 Cozy Winter LodgesZoo Uses Man Dressed in a Lion Costume for Escape DrillA Japanese zoo has become the butt of a global joke after using a man in a lion costume to train staff on how to deal with an escaped big cat. The drill, filmed at Tobe Zoo in Ehime by a local news…Signal Detected From 'Cosmic Dawn'The moment when the first stars in the universe lit up the night sky, known as "cosmic dawn," was detected by scientists this week in a "revolutionary" finding through a faint radio signal.Unexplainable UFO Sighting Leaves Stargazers in AweIt's not a bird, and it's certainly not a plane, so what is this object hovering over Lake Superior? While traveling through Paradise, Michigan, Erik Rintamaki noticed two golden orbs…Most Affordable Times to Visit These Pricey DestinationsLooking for a luxury getaway at an affordable price? At TripAdvisor Rentals, we've rounded up 10 of the priciest destinations around the world and identified the most affordable (and…Scientists Discover 'Disturbing' Cavity Under AntarcticaA cavity two-thirds the size of Manhattan and nearly the height of the Chrysler Building is growing underneath one of the world's most dangerous glaciers.Ramp Possibly Used to Build Great Pyramid Found in EgyptArchaeologists may have solved one of the greatest mysteries of modern times — they believe they may have discovered how the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed, 4,500 years ago in…Follow These Tips to Travel in Style for LessHere are a few approaches to consider if you want to make your next trip a little more luxurious.Studies Say Drinking Beer Can Actually Make You More CreativeTwo different studies, one in Austria and one in Chicago reap similar results: moderate alcohol consumption can increase creativity…5 Reasons Millennials Make Great Travel CompanionsHere are the 5 reasons this generational trip was a success and I believe Millennials make great travel companions.Obvious Signs Your Dog Isn't Getting Enough ExerciseDogs need regular exercise, just like people. If your dog isn't getting enough physical activity, he may put on too much weight, become bored or frustrated, or release his pent-up energy in…The Real Reason You Should Stop Washing Raw ChickenHealth officials once again warned consumers about the dangers of washing raw chicken before cooking it, citing the risk of spreading harmful bacteria to utensils or other foods. In a tweet sent out'Eggcorns' Are Language Mistakes That Somehow Make SenseNot to get nitpicky and accusatory, but you've probably used a whole bunch of words incorrectly throughout your life. Are you a real trooper who's chomping at the bit? Ever made a statement for a…The Most Expensive Destination in the World to VisitIf you're planning a trip on a budget this year, you might want to exclude these destinations from consideration. But if you'd like to fantasize about the most extravagant, luxurious travel the…15 Best and Safest Places to Travel AloneIf you are planning a solo vacation this summer, consider visting one of these destinations that are very traveler friendly.Bones Reveal Grim Details About Irish Burial PracticesAncient bones found buried in Carrowkeel, County Sligo prove that the Neolithic Irish like to chop up their dead before burying them.Best Beaches In California For Your Coastal VacationThe California coast entices us all, whatever the season. Whether you're avoiding the colder temps setting in across America, or simply chasing more sunshine and love the sand between your toes,…Scientists Conclude Cigar-Shaped Interstellar Object Not AliensWASHINGTON — After investigating the nature of a mysterious and apparently cigar-shaped object called 'Oumuamua spotted in 2017 speeding through our solar system, astronomers remain…Best Romantic Getaways For Valentine's Day 2019Valentine's Day is an ideal time to elope with your partner — for romance and a break from winter…Places to Catch Breathtaking Views of the Northern LightsFinding the best places to see the northern lights means traveling to a destination as close to the auroral oval (where charged particles from the sun light up the night sky) as possible.White Rim Road Might Be the Wildest Vehicle Tour RouteTour roads through National Parks are typically agonizingly slow, RV-choked, blacktop wastelands dedicated to staring out your window and drooling angrily over time wasted in America's most beaut…This Fossil Could Be One of the Earliest Known CreaturesScientists say they've confirmed that puzzling fossils from more than 500 million years ago are traces of an animal. That would make it one of the earliest known creatures.Hiker Finds Cute 'Puppy,' But Gets Unexpected SurpriseA hiker in Southern California thought he had found an abandoned puppy in a canyon recently. The cute animal, however, was not all that it seemed. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the man…Scientists Finally Pinpoint the Source of Mars' Red HueEver asked yourself why Mars is red? The rusty, orangey-red dust that coats the planet and whips into fierce storms is emanating from a single source, claims a new study. It appears the scarlet…The Most Peculiar Bodies Of Water On EarthSome bodies of water really stand out for their own special reasons. Here are 8 of the weirdest lakes, ponds, and springs on earth…Great Female Solo Travel Spots in AmericaTraveling alone takes you out of your comfort zone and shows you a location in a different light. It's a chance to leave your itinerary behind and let your senses guide the way—without the tether…Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Has Wonderful Time Ignoring RoutineNearly 21,000 canines competed in the Crufts 2019 dog show — but there was only one Baron Kratu von Bearbum. The Romanian rescue mutt took no trophies or ribbons at England's annual…New Hampshire Man Bitten by Rabid Bat Hiding in His iPad CaseAn elderly man in New Hampshire was bitten by a rabid bat that was hiding in his iPad case, a report said on Wednesday. Roy Syvertson sat down to use the device in his living room last Thursday whenIn the Quantum Suicide Thought Experiment, You Never DieThe laws of the quantum world are so bizarre that if you follow them to their logical conclusions, you get some very strange results. That's why quantum physics is so full of thought experiments.Castle from 'Game of Thrones' for Sale in Northern IrelandGosford Castle, which was used as Riverrun on the hit HBO show 'Game of Thrones', is on the market for $650k…The Real Reason America Doesn't Have High-Speed RailwaysLike it or not, the United States has a big transportation problem. A high-speed rail network could help alleviate a lot of our transportation issues, but high-speed rail in the USA hasn't made…Could Dogs Survive in a World Without Humans?Could domestic dogs learn to survive all alone in a world without us? Get this vet's take on what domestic dogs would do without humans…This is Why Subway is Disappearing Across the CountryWhen is the last time you stopped at a Subway? If it's been a while, you might not be surprised to learn that 2017 was not a good time for the chain that's been banking on their "Eat fresh" image…Naked Mole Rats Defy Laws of Life and DeathAs if these rodents aren't awful enough to begin with, some of them appear to be age-proof.15 Beachfront Rentals You've Gotta See to BelieveDon't spend your next sunny vacation on a crowded resort beach or in a hotel pool. These 15 spectacular beachfront rental homes are the cream of the crop…Belize Tourism Drops After Virginia Cardiologist Fatally ShotBelize officials say tourism has taken a nose dive after a Virginia cardiologist and his tour guide were gunned down on a fly-fishing expedition. Despite their reassurances that the country is safe,What Bill Nye Thinks About the Green New DealThe “Science Guy’s” rant capped Sunday’s episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” in which John Oliver focused on countering criticisms of Rep. Alexandria…Strange Things You Never Knew About Our PlanetGold is valuable stuff, and there's no denying the world's economy revolves around this super-precious substance. While it's weird to think we're basing everything on our love for shiny rocks,…The 50 Essential Western Travel ExperiencesFrom hiking and rafting to wineries and food halls, these are the experiences that define the West. Consider this your ultimate to-do list—and start making travel plans!A Charming Tree House Rental That Will Make You Feel Like a KidLocated on the beautiful and secluded Orcas Island in Washington, the Forest House is the perfect place to unplug for a few days and connect with nature. This 1 bedroom house is perfect for a…Experts Reveal the Most Annoying Things Tourists DoWe've all seen those travelers overseas: the ones who make us all look bad, who make disdain for tourists in general seem justified. So we thought we'd ask some of the most experienced travel…Oldest Known Animal Drawing Found in Remote Indonesian CaveThe sketch is at least 40,000 years old, slightly older than similar animal paintings found in famous caves in France and Spain.How to Rid Your Body of Static ElectricityStatic electricity is the result of a buildup of electrons that is usually caused by friction. To get rid of static in the body, you can either discharge it by grounding yourself or prevent it from…This Road Is the Most Deadly Animal Crossing in the WorldHave you ever been driving on a highway, passed a "Deer Crossing" sign, and wondered how they convinced the deer to stick to that particular stretch of road? Okay, okay, we know it doesn't reallyNatural Phenomena That Science May Never Be ExplainedThe world's a weird place, even if you don't believe in things like Bigfoot and ancient aliens. We've come a long way, thanks to a lot of brilliant minds and a ton of science stuff, but it turns…Wheelchair-Bound Man Caught Hitching a Ride on Back of TruckA bizarre scene unfolded on a highway in Salvokop, South Africa, when a driver witnessed a man in a wheelchair hitching a ride on the back of a truck. It's unclear if the driver was aware of…Animals Will Shrink to Survive Over the Next CenturyAnimals will get smaller over the next century as they downsize to survive. Scientists say larger species will also be wiped out as humans destroy their habitats. Rodents, including the dwarf…Secrets of Mysterious Florida Tunnels RevealedA newspaper article from almost 100 years ago has shed new light on the mysterious tunnel network beneath the historic neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Fla. A National Historic Landmark District…Melting Alaska Sea Ice Has Residents, Scientists WorriedANCHORAGE, Alaska — Sea ice along northern Alaska disappeared far earlier than normal this spring, alarming coastal residents who rely on wildlife and fish. Ice melted as a result of exceptionally…3 Astronauts Return From the International Space StationMOSCOW — Three astronauts returned to Earth Thursday after more than six months aboard the International Space Station. A Russian Soyuz capsule with NASA's Serena Aunon-Chancellor…Video Game Could Be Key to Rebuilding Notre DameThe 2014 game 'Assassin's Creed Unity,' set in Paris during the French Revolution, features a realistic 3D model of the historic house of worship. It's likely that the original 3D models, as…St. Patrick's Cathedral Wouldn't Burn Like Notre DameMighty St. Patrick's Cathedral is built to withstand a massive inferno like the one that ravaged Notre Dame in Paris. Fire-proofing was "one of the prime objectives" of the…Photos Show Center of Notre Dame Cathedral Miraculously IntactPhotos from inside Notre Dame show the central part of the historic Gothic cathedral still intact.Rows of wooden pews and much of the nave appears to have been saved, according to the images, which weThe Secret Reason Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always BlueWhen you step into an airplane with an attractive, design-forward interior — you recognize it instantly. (Think, for instance, Virgin America, and its nightclub-like, purple-glowing cabins.)…Things To Do During A Weekend In NashvilleNashville, Tennessee, is so much more than a party hotspot. These museums, venues, and activities will have you making the most of your Nashville weekend.This is the Closest You Can Legally Get to Area 51It's basically impossible to enter Area 51. It's only slightly less impossible to see it. The top-secret military base is smack in the middle of the Nevada desert, in a dried-out lake bed surrounWhy the 2018 Discoveries on Mars Give Us the Best Hope of LifeLet's get something straight right away: there are no little green beings on Mars. Horror films about the Red Planet often show humans being eaten by something sinister and creature-like on Mars.This Grappling System Can Stop Speeding Vehicles in Their TracksGrappler Police Bumper is a deployment system that can immobilize a speeding car. It was designed to help law enforcement stop high-speed car chases.Shopper Finds a Live Gecko in Her Container of RaspberriesA shocked shopper couldn't believe her eyes when she found a live gecko among her raspberries which she bought at a UK grocery store. A customer passed over the basket with the reptile to…People Really Love Singing in the Car During the HolidaysHitting the roads this holiday season? "Jingle Bell Rock" is the festive song Americans belt out most while driving according to new research. As families take to the roads in droves over the…NASA to Unseal Moon Rock Samples From the Apollo MissionsInside a locked vault at Johnson Space Center is treasure few have seen and fewer have touched. The restricted lab is home to hundreds of pounds of moon rocks collected by Apollo astronauts close…If Spiders Worked Together, They Could Eat Every Human in a YearHumans beware: if the world's present population of spiders ever get organized, they could eat us all in just 12 months.

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