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Det ville være en fordel, hvis maskerne var gennemsigtige. F.eks. ville man derved kunne se folks ansigtsudtryk. Et smil bag en ikke-gennemsigtig maske er ikke et smil. Et grin bag en maske har heller ikke samme virkning som når man kan se munden.

Hvorfra kan man få en gennemsigtig maske, som stadig har en vis virkning mod virus? [Skriv til bionyt @]

The future of fashion is DIY headgear
DIY hats/ helmets/ masks that are transparent just so it's clear that you mean no harm, but also put out a sense of humor or whimsy while dealing with this difficult time. The masks would stop you from touching your face, and while you could include some sort of filters in the mask design. I don't think that should be the main point. The main point is to give everyone a laugh, and help people not touch their faces. Link

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