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What do we know about novel coronavirus and COVID-19?

We know of many other types of coronavirus, which in a normal winter season in Denmark are the cause of the common cold. 

The novel coronavirus is a type of coronavirus we haven't seen before. This means that there are many things we don't know about it. This also means that everybody is susceptible to infection, because our immune systems have never "met" this virus before, which in turn means that many can become infected and become ill. This is why we are handling novel coronavirus differently than a typical flu epidemic, for example.   
Our knowledge comes from several sources, including reports about the outbreak in China, from international authorities, and from following how the situation develops in other countries. Even though we can't compare directly with other countries, we can draw on international knowledge and experience and try to apply them to Danish conditions, so we can prepare. 

We are following the situation very closely and obtain news and updates from other countries all the time. We are also constantly adjusting our risk evaluations and efforts in the current situation. 

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