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Strategy of the Danish Health Authority
The disease is now that widespread in Denmark that there is no longer any basis for specific measures or tests exclusively on the basis of prior travel history. All citizens ought to follow the general advice of the Danish Health Authority to confine the virus.

Based on the current situation, the Danish Health Authority has now shifted strategies to pursue an alleviation strategy and to target measures at mitigating the consequences of the disease.

We are trying partly to prevent as many as possible from being infected at the same time, partly to protect the particularly vulnerable groups at significant risk if they catch a serious disease.

We do so by taking the following initiatives:

  • Prevention of disease spread in society, including general recommendations to citizens
  • Protection of elderly and vulnerable groups, including special recommendations for vulnerable groups
  • Allocation of health resources to those in need of hospital treatment, including revised recommendations as to who will be tested.

Updated 14 March 2020 at 07.55.

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