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Coronavirus-nyheder-20.april2020 15108 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Everyone wants to 'follow the science'. But we can't waste time on blame The Royal Society president says scientists must not be made scapegoats for policy failures Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In 1981, a virus that had jumped the species barrier some decades earlier to infect humans began to wreak havoc among the gay community in San Francisco and New York. A taskforce was set up to study the cause of this disease, and it took a few y 15107 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Sweden 'wrong' not to shut down, says former state epidemiologist Scientist who oversaw the response to Sars says country has failed the vulnerable Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The predecessor of Sweden's state epidemiologist has broken her silence on the country's controversial coronavirus strategy, saying she now believes the authorities should have put in place tougher restrictions in the early stages of the pandemic to bring 15106 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Georgia's president warns crisis could trigger Russian aggression Coronavirus has created uncertainty in the Black Sea region as Moscow seeks to build greater influence 15105 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Insurance prices rise across the board as coronavirus hits Customer claims expected to exceed $100bn, while volatile financial markets dent reserves 15104 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: White House official urges Americans to social distance [no content] 15103 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: 6m Australians download tracing app as experts fear second wave in US summer New witnesses cast doubt on Cummings's lockdown claims; Trump golfs in Virginia; WHO says pandemic 'taking different pathway' in Africa. Follow the latest updates Six million Australians download tracing app Global report: Muslims face curfews ahead of Eid amid Covid-19 crisis America begins to unlock for summer – but is it inviting a second wave? New witnesses cast doubt on Dominic Cummings's lo 15102 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News: World Updates As the national death toll approaches 100,000, U.S. governors and Trump advisers will appear on Sunday talk shows. Protesters returned to the streets in Hong Kong, and clashed with the police. 15101 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. In the fight against coronavirus, there can't be one rule for people like Dominic Cummings, and another for everyone else | Devi Sridhar The very message that was at the core of the government's plan to suppress Covid-19 – stay at home – has been undermined The lockdown was a nationwide policy: everyone was expected to follow the same rules. It has nevertheless exposed some stark inequalities. Elites have been able to endure the period in comfort, often in remote, spacious holiday homes. Those with office jobs have found themselve 15100 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Richest nations face $17tn government debt burden from coronavirus Fall in tax revenues set to push average debt-to-GDP ratio to 137%, warns OECD 15099 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Old masters trade obliged to change its style by coronavirus Sotheby's online auction overturns conventional wisdom on selling pre-20th-century paintings 15098 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. China's lonely fight to eliminate coronavirus Beijing is not satisfied with merely suppressing the disease like other countries in the region 15097 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Now's The Perfect Time to Start Using a Password Manager Time has no meaning, and we're all stuck in front of screens. You maj as well secure your life while you're always online. 15096 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Explainer: what do we now know about Covid-19 – and can you get it twice? Your questions answered based on current knowledge and the latest research from scientists Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage That remains unclear. A key question is whether antibodies produced by the body following an infection with the coronavirus provide some level of immunity, and if so, for how long. Continue reading… 15095 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Start-ups race to develop Covid-19 immunity passports European tech groups aim to deploy digital ID systems to certify those deemed safe to return to normal life 15094 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. UK scientists want to infect volunteers with Covid-19 in race to find vaccine Trials could be speeded up by using risky strategy of deliberately introducing the virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists have warned there could be major delays in producing a Covid-19 vaccine if current UK infection rates remain low and lengthy waiting times are needed to show if candidate products are working. As a result, some researchers insist that mi 15093 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Safeguards are needed to curb corporate snooping Covid-19 solutions must not morph into long-term staff surveillance 15092 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. We Don't Even Have a COVID-19 Vaccine, and Yet the Conspiracies Are Here Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . adam maida In March, when a woman in Seattle volunteered for a COVID-19 vaccine trial, rumors immediately began circulating that she was a crisis actor who had received a fake vaccine. She is, in fact, real, and so is the prospective vaccine she got, as the Associated Press 15091 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. In Online Covid-19 Videos, A Mix of Science and Conjecture Amid the confusion of the pandemic, the views of serious scientific dissenters are being swiftly metabolized by a sprawling world of ideologues and conspiracy theorists — most notably in a series of documentaries and video interviews, some of which are now earning millions of online viewers. 15090 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Cities are not dead — they will get younger Covid-19 will create opportunities for those who have been shut out of urban areas 15089 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Zoos and aquariums are letting their animals go on adventures during the shutdown. But should they? Marina, the African penguin, on a mini safari checks out a hypomelanistic crocodile safely from one side of the glass at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans. (Courtesy of Audubon Aquarium of the Americas/) What do you get when a tegu lizard, a penguin, and a sloth walk into an aquarium? Some very precious photo ops . Due to to COVID-19, creatures in captivity have a lot more alone 15088 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Informal Transit Is Crucial for Some. Can It Weather Covid-19? The pandemic highlights the vulnerability of workers for private transportation services, which are essential to mobility in global south cities. 15087 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. The DHS Prepares for Attacks Fueled by 5G Conspiracy Theories The claim that 5G can spread the coronavirus has led to dozens of cell-tower burnings in Europe. Now, the US telecom industry is on alert as well. 15086 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Russia's small businesses left out in the cold by Covid-19 Local service-sector enterprises flounder in an economy dominated by large industrial groups 15085 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. A lot of us are losing it in lockdown — but really shouldn't The odd outburst on Zoom is only human but this is not a time for angry words at work 15084 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. The Boredom Paradox Why lockdown feels less tedious than you feared 15083 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Retail refunds: frocky horror show When shopping resumes many customers will only be seeking to exchange pre-lockdown purchases for money 15082 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Johnson will pay a price for standing by Cummings The aide's real or perceived flouting of lockdown rules will erode support for UK government 15081 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Did Dominic Cummings break the law on lockdown rules? Whether PM's chief adviser contravened regulations depends on definition of 'reasonable excuse' Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 23 March, the prime minister announced a nationwide lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus. "I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home," said Boris Johnson. Dominic Cummings certainly ignored tha 15080 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Briton held in Indian prison over breaching lockdown rules Exclusive: Sohail Hughes accused of spreading Covid-19 and violating visa regulations Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A British man has been detained in an Indian prison after being accused of breaching the country's strict coronavirus lockdown rules. Sohail Hughes, 29, had been on an extended holiday to visit family in the Gujarat region before undertaking a pilgrim 15079 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson's defence of Dominic Cummings provokes furious backlash Attempt to justify 264-mile lockdown trip fails to silence calls for top aide's resignation 15078 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Australia: has the 'lucky country' run out of luck? The pandemic is set to end the world's longest run of growth just as Canberra falls out with China, its key trade partner 15077 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Dear Graduates, Never Wait Your Turn Editor's Note: This article is part of a series of commencement addresses commissioned by The Atlantic for students who will not be able to attend their graduations because of the pandemic. Find the collection here . Congratulations to the class of 2020. This is the point where I'm supposed to project calm and confidence, and reassure you that everything you're experiencing right now will be a ti 15076 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Jonathan Haidt Is Trying to Heal America's Divisions O ver the past decade, no one has added more to my understanding of how we think about, discuss, and debate politics and religion than Jonathan Haidt. I first connected with Haidt in 2012, after I wrote a blog post for Commentary based on an interview in which Haidt discussed his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion . "It's extremely easy to spot the weak 15075 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump 'has a point' about WHO flaws, says Germany's health minister Jens Spahn tells FT that while the UN body needs reforming, now is not the time to destabilise it 15074 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Elon Musk's SpaceX to launch first astronauts from US soil since 2011 Falcon 9 rocket to make history as billionaire seeks to commercialise space travel Elon Musk's SpaceX company hopes to make history on Wednesday by launching the first astronauts into space from US soil in nine years, as the billionaire takes the next step in his dream to commercialise space travel. Donald Trump will be among the spectators at Kennedy space centre in Florida to witness the launch 15073 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. EU 'frugal 4' push back on Franco-German virus recovery plan Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden want loans from a time-limited fund rather than grants 15072 ….. (Hentet 24.maj 2020 ) ….. Grappling With a Terrible Milestone: One Hundred Thousand Dead Two years ago, after becoming sick with a virus that led to pneumonia, my 71-year-old father died unexpectedly of a blood clot at NYU's hospital. My brothers and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, and on the day of my father's death in March—one of those balmy days when the pivot from winter to spring sings along your skin—I found myself mourning not just his death, but the fact that he had be 15071 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus UK map: the latest deaths and confirmed cases in each region Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported in each of England's local authorities Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report sympt 15070 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronakrisen tvinger omstillingen frem på markedet for efteruddannelse Den digitale omstilling, alle har været i gang med under coronaepidemien, betyder, at vi vil se en ny måde at efteruddanne os på, lyder det fra DTU, IDA og Mannaz. Lige nu sparer virksomhederne imidlertid på at sende de ansatte på efteruddannelse. 15069 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Epidemics: coronavirus in context In addition to comparisons with Spanish Flu in 1918-19, there are other episodes in the 20th century from which lessons have been learned 15068 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: New York's daily death rate falls below 100 [no content] 15067 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: As U.S. Nears 100,000 Deaths, Trump Disputes the Toll A study on convalescent plasma is disappointing. A Missouri hair stylist maj have exposed 91 people. 15066 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Moderna Vaccine Trial: How Upbeat Coronavirus News Fueled a Stock Surge The desperate hunt for treatments and vaccines has changed how researchers, regulators, drug companies like Moderna, investors and journalists do their jobs. 15065 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus News: Live Updates A British utility will pay some residential consumers to keep the lights on during the pandemic, and South Korea is closing karaoke parlors. President Trump suggested that the U.S. death toll was inflated. 15064 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Black Coronavirus Patients Land in Hospitals More Often, Study Finds Compared to white or Hispanic patients, black patients seeking care have more advanced cases of Covid-19, researchers reported. 15063 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir Coronavirus Trial: Federal Scientists Finally Publish Data A clinical trial led to the authorization of the only drug shown to work in Covid-19 patients. But until now, few experts had seen the numbers. 15062 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. U.K. to Quarantine All Incoming Air Travelers; a Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Promise Immunizations are falling because of pandemic disruptions, raising fears of surges in preventable disease. Lockdowns complicate the Muslim holiday Eid. China's National People's Congress offers a show of strength. 15061 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. As Death Toll Nears 100,000, Some in White House Question the Math President Trump ordered states to reopen places of worship, but several governors said that decision would be their call. Persistently high case levels in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington have medical experts concerned. 15060 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. What Role Should Employers Play in Testing Workers? Amazon and other companies are planning to test workers for the coronavirus. But there is little federal guidance, and some fear it could lead to a false sense of security. 15059 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Look Out for This Covid-19 Excel Phishing Scam Plus: An iOS leak, an EasyJet breach, and more of the week's top security news. 15058 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. The science of making sourdough bread The transformation of dough into a loaf is chemistry in action. With a bit of physics and microbiology. And love… If bread is rising, sourdough is soaring. Along with pasta and toilet rolls, flour was among the first products to vanish from supermarket shelves and Covid-19 inspired a home-baking boom . While Google searches for "bread" tripled in the UK in the weeks after mid-March, those for "so 15057 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 is setting back recovery from opioid addiction Efforts to treat drug dependence have been scaled back during the pandemic. (Amixstudio/Deposit Photos/) Melissa Cyders is an associate professor of psychology, IUPUI. Kevin L. Ladd is a professor at Indiana University. Melissa S. Fry is the directo of Applied Research and Education Center at Indiana University. This story originally featured on The Conversation . The closures of businesses and s 15056 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Is Sweeping Through the Navajo Nation The pandemic has taken an acute toll on tribal nations that are also struggling with a lack of running water, sparse internet, and a high rates of chronic illness. 15055 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Sweden's Covid-19 policy is a model for the right. It's also a deadly folly | Nick Cohen The Swedes were the Brexiters' poster nation, but now have Europe's worst death rate Coronavirus – latest updates Tell us: have you been affected by the coronavirus? Covid-19 is nature's way of making bad situations worse. From the moment it turned the world upside down, you could have predicted that the Chinese Communist party would have arrested whistleblowers and covered up the threat to human 15054 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Hand Sanitizer and Masks: More Covid-19 Questions From Readers As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, Undark readers have been sending us numerous insightful questions, comments, and observations on the subject. We've asked the Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist and Undark's publisher, Deborah Blum, to dedicate some time to responding. 15053 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. How Should Biden Handle China? In a recent campaign ad , Joe Biden accused the president of being too soft on China over COVID-19. This decision to criticize Donald Trump on China and subsequent signals that Biden will take a tough approach toward Beijing have made some progressives nervous. Writing in The Atlantic , Peter Beinart called Biden's ad "a jingoistic fantasy" that maj put Asian Americans in the crosshairs of racist 15052 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: The long view – History suggests that this pandemic will be a short-term interruption to long-run improvements in life expectancy, which should resume within a few years submitted by /u/stormforce7916 [link] [comments] 15051 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Uncertain Results in Study of Convalescent Serum for Covid-19 Do antibodies from patients who have recovered actually help those struggling with the disease? 15050 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Pressure builds on Cummings to quit over alleged new lockdown breach Fresh claims that PM's adviser broke coronavirus measures emerged after ministers rallied in his support 15049 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Sánchez says Spain will reopen to foreign tourists from July Prime minister tells nation football matches will resume in June as complex exit from lockdown continues 15048 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Politicised nature' of lockdown debate delays Imperial report | Free to read Neil Ferguson's team has sent modelling findings to government but not released them to the public 15047 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown lunches: how to make perfect chips The FT's Tim Hayward shows Daniel Garrahan his favourite way to fry the humble potato 15046 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. In private, Tories were dismayed. In public, they rallied to save Dominic Cummings Pressure is growing inside and outside parliament for the resignation of the No 10 chief adviser after claims that he flouted lockdown rules It was Mother's Day – 22 March – and as Covid-19 spread across the country, Boris Johnson was urging families not to mark the occasion as normal. "This Mothering Sunday," he said, "the single best present we can give – we who owe our mothers so much – is to 15045 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic Forced Me Into a Multigenerational Home Since the early days of the pandemic, I've been living with my in-laws in rural Connecticut. More recently, my husband's sister and her nine-month-old son joined us. I've always tried to avoid the kind of multigenerational household I grew up in, but I'm finding the arrangement surprisingly satisfying. In China, where I'm from, three or four generations commonly live together under one roof. At o 15044 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Are the States Reopening? As of this week, all 50 states have begun reopening to some degree from counter-pandemic measures. That's a remarkable milestone, and a big shift in policy in a short period of time. It might be cause for celebration if it were clearly rooted in either public opinion or public-health data. But the reopening comes as case numbers in many parts of the country continue to rise, experts warn of furth 15043 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Fed on hold to assess scale of pandemic trauma US central bank inclined to hold off on new steps until it judges efficacy of current measures 15042 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Walking correctly takes work—here's how to improve every step Each step happens in two parts. (Stan Horaczek/) Chances are, you learned to walk when you were just a toddler and you haven't really thought about it much since. It's easy to nerd out on other fitness activities, like running or weight lifting. But, walking is something we often take for granted. During the current pandemic, however, walking is having a moment. A simple stroll can go a long way 15041 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. The Success of Contact Tracing Doesn't Just Depend on Privacy The technology needs widespread adoption to help slow the pandemic. And while the debate has centered on privacy, accuracy concerns could also send users fleeing. 15040 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Arctic Researchers Return Home To A Pandemic An Arctic research expedition faces a carefully orchestrated crew change. Members reflect on how they feel about emerging from the ship into a pandemic, or from social isolation into close quarters. 15039 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. What a Week's Disasters Tell Us About Climate and the Pandemic Extreme weather presents an even bigger threat when economies are crashing and ordinary people are stretched to their limits. 15038 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Thoughts that the young are not much affected by SARS-CoV-2 look wrong It seems to manifest as a rare syndrome called Kawasaki disease 15037 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Senate Republicans' Big Trump Problem Senate Democrats liked former President Barack Obama, but never feared him; Senate Republicans fear incumbent President Donald Trump, but don't necessarily like him. Should Trump lose the election in November, any grieving inside GOP offices could be short-lived—no more having to defend an unpopular president whose handling of the pandemic has distressed many Americans. "I don't think there's a l 15036 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Did Trump Really Take Hydroxychloroquine? President Donald Trump began his week with a staggering admission. Seemingly off the cuff, he announced that he was taking the drug hydroxychloroquine. What followed was a public debate strange even by present standards. Was the president telling the truth, or was he lying, in a sly provocation, to annoy reporters who have fetishized his recurring promotion of the drug? The evidence that the pres 15035 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. "Trying to think that, a year after a virus has been identified, we will have a vaccine ready to deploy and ready to go into massive distribution in 2020, it's simply mind-boggling to me" – Emory University medicine professor Dr. Carlos del Rio submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 15034 ….. (Hentet 23.maj 2020 ) ….. Så funkar immunförsvaret Kroppen använder en mängd olika celler och molekyler för att skydda oss från virus och andra sjukdomsorganismer. Spela videon för att se hur det går till. 15033 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Virus Crisis Exposes Cascading Weaknesses in U.S. Disaster Response Nonprofits are sending fewer volunteers. Local emergency managers risk being overwhelmed. FEMA is trying "virtual" assistance. And hurricane season starts June 1. 15032 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens to Derail Polio Eradication–but There's a Silver Lining COVID-19 has stifled the world's largest immunization program. Yet polio's vast workforce is also helping in the fight against the new disease 15031 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. CDC Says Coronavirus Does Not Spread Easily on Surfaces If you're worried about wiping down grocery bags or disinfecting mailed packages, this C.D.C. guidance might bring some relief. It's not new information; the agency has been saying this for months. 15030 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Early Coronavirus Immunity Data Fuel Promise for a Vaccine Researchers found COVID-19 infection produces a strong T cell response. Here's why they say that is good news 15029 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Roundup, May 16-May 22 Pandemic news highlights for the week 15028 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Environmentalists suggest COVID-19 could represent a new opportunity for a more diverse future A team of environmental researchers at the Australian Rivers Institute–Coast & Estuaries, School of Environment and Science, Griffith University, is suggesting in a Letters piece in the journal Science that the COVID-19 pandemic could represent a new opportunity for a more diverse future—they suggest that with proper planning, we could use what has been learned from the global lockdown to improve 15027 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. No evidence blanket 'do-not-resuscitate' orders for COVID-19 patients are necessary; investigators urge caution It's inappropriate to consider blanket do-not-resuscitate orders for COVID-19 patients because adequate data is not yet available on US survival rates for in-hospital resuscitation of COVID-19 patients and data from China maj not relate to US patients, according to a new article. 15026 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. NanoString and OnRamp BioInformatics Partner to Develop Cloud-Based Analysis Solutions for nCounter Data Expanded Functionality to Support COVID-19 Research Immediately Available Through Early Access 15025 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. CRISPR a tool for conservation, not just gene editing The gene-editing technology CRISPR has been used for a variety of agricultural and public health purposes—from growing disease-resistant crops to, more recently, a diagnostic test for the virus that causes COVID-19. 15024 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: How do you calculate herd immunity? | podcast Herd immunity represents the percentage of people in a population who need to be immune to a disease in order to protect those who aren't. Early on in the pandemic, researchers estimated the herd immunity threshold for Covid-19 to be 60%. Following a question from a listener, Ian Sample speaks to Rachel Thomas to explore the maths and find out exactly how herd immunity is calculated Continue read 15023 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Grief in the Time of COVID-19 We can't visit the dying in hospitals, and we can't gather for funerals—but technology can lessen the pain 15022 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury In the largest study to examine health of placentas in women who tested positive for COVID-19, findings show placentas from 16 women who tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant showed evidence of injury, according to pathological exams completed directly following birth. 15021 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Sea turtle nesting in Florida: Loggerheads, leatherbacks off to strong start Some wonders of nature continue happening despite the global pandemic, and sea turtle nesting season is no exception. In Florida, those turtles are off to a strong start. 15020 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. CITES, the Treaty that Regulates Trade in International Wildlife, Is Not the Answer to Preventing Another Zoonotic Pandemic It has little power to prevent the spread of pathogens to humans 15019 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. New technology can detect anti-virus antibody in 20 minutes Researchers have succeeded in detecting anti-avian influenza virus antibody in blood serum within 20 minutes, using a portable analyzer they have developed to conduct rapid on-site bio tests. If a suitable reagent is developed, this technology could be used to detect antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus of COVID-19. 15018 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Værnemidler og udredning af kræft: Lad os få ærlighed og realisme Her et par måneder inde i coronakrisen burde vi have lært, at det kan give problemer, hvis vi nægter at tale om praktiske problemer og det muliges kunst. 15017 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Vil coronakrisen give højere tilslutning til vaccinationsprogrammet? WHO udråbte i 2019 vaccineskepsis som en af de 10 vigtigste trusler mod verdens sundhed. Også i Danmark har vi oplevet betydelig folkelig skepsis og mytedannelse ved introduktion af nye vaccinationer til børnevaccinationsprogrammet, senest HPV-vaccinen. 15016 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronapod: Hope and caution greet vaccine trial results Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01557-5 The first results from vaccine trials are promising, but scientists still urge caution, and Trump issues an ultimatum to the WHO. 15015 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Ægløsnings-armbånd skal opdage corona-ramte PLUS. 10.000 digitale sensorarmbånd skal i et stort forsøg vise, om man tidligt kan opdage covid-19-ramte. 15014 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Amerikanske sundhedsmyndigheder: Meget lille risiko for coronasmitte via overflader Ifølge amerikanske CDC er der meget lille risiko for at blive smittet med corona via overflader. Myndigheden råder dog stadig til grundig rengøring, håndvask og håndsprit 15013 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. AI maps forest dryness to better predict wildfires A deep-learning model that maps forest dryness across 12 western states could pave the way for better wildfire predictions, researchers report. As California and the American West head into wildfire season amid the coronavirus pandemic, scientists are harnessing artificial intelligence and new satellite data to help predict wildfire blazes across the region. Anticipating where a fire is likely to 15012 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Bluesky examines the atmosphere during the coronavirus lockdown The COVID-19 pandemic is not only affecting almost every aspect of our daily lives, but also the environment. A German team, led by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry and the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR), now wants to find out how strong these effects are on the atmosphere. Over the next two weeks, as part of the Bluesky research programme, scientist 15011 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Which animals are benefitting from coronavirus lockdowns? It isn't true that dolphins have returned to Venice, but bees are benefitting from lower air pollution, and a drop in ocean traffic could be good for whales 15010 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Ministers rejected school reopening plan recommended by Sage experts Documents reveal that PM's current plan was not among those modelled for scientists Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage School leaders said the government's publication of scientific advice failed to make a convincing case for the early reopening of schools in England, as the government's chief scientific adviser said an effective testing and tracking system was necessar 15009 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Xi distracts from own failings with Hong Kong security law Chinese leader's crackdown on city will divert attention from his handling of coronavirus 15008 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus and Logistics In the first of a three-part series, we examine how the Covid-19 crisis is testing supply chains and re-engineering the distribution of goods 15007 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus antigen tests: quick and cheap, but too often wrong? Tests that detect coronavirus proteins raise hopes of widespread daily screening 15006 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists urge caution over reopening schools in England Robust system to test and trace coronavirus cases should be in place, say experts 15005 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Reported Coronavirus Cases Top 5 Million Worldwide Guatemala's leader protested U.S. deportations of infected migrants, as China imposed a Wuhan-style lockdown in a region where cases have flared. 15004 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Cell tower vandals and re-open protesters: Why some people believe in coronavirus conspiracies The existential threat we're facing right now might explain the proliferation of conspiracy theories, extreme political ideologies and #Reopen protests. 15003 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Gov Contact-Tracing App Sends User Data to Foursquare, Google Public Access There's a troubling flaw with the coronavirus contact-tracing app used in North Dakota: it violates its own privacy policy by quietly sending users' information to companies likeFoursquare. Consumer privacy app company Jumbo studied the app, Care19, and found that it was transmitting information to third parties including Foursquare and Google, according to The Washington Post . The 15002 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus diaries: finding a place to have new ideas Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01555-7 John Tregoning finds inspiration in conferences, music and running. 15001 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. China Abandons Growth Target for Year as Coronavirus Disrupts Economy Beijing broke with precedent in abandoning an annual growth target for 2020, a sign of the difficulties of restarting its economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. 15000 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus doesn't care about your long weekend plans As long as you practice safe social distancing, the outdoors is a low-risk way to spend your long weekend. (Pixabay/) Follow all of PopSci 's COVID-19 coverage here , including a glossary of oft-used terms , a list of sites with trustworthy medical advice , and tips on safe and healthy biking . It has been a frustrating couple of months to say the least. Social distancing has kept us stuck in our 14999 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus Global News Tracker: Latest Updates Amid pomp and propaganda in Beijing, the pandemic is weighing on efforts to restart the economy. Britain said it would quarantine everyone flying into the country, including citizens. 14998 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 'We don't get paid for empty beds': the crisis facing UK care home operators Coronavirus has piled pressure on an already struggling sector, increasing costs and hitting fees 14997 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Studies in monkeys show that coronavirus immunity holds up in vaccine treatments Little is known about how our immune systems respond to COVID-19, but studying how rhesus monkeys respond to the virus could help. (Pixabay/) Two new studies in monkeys offer more signs, though very preliminary, that humans maj develop immunity after being vaccinated or recovering from COVID-19. Using a series of prototype vaccines—ones used for medical research only and not intended for human us 14996 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. How Sweden wasted a 'rare opportunity' to study coronavirus in schools One of the few countries to keep primary schools open failed to collect data on children's role in pandemic 14995 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. UK plans to track spread of coronavirus in sewage British government looks to follow Netherlands by setting up wastewater testing programme 14994 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine: Enough Already? At this point, it's getting hard to see how the idea of a hydroxychloroquine (or hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin) therapy for coronavirus infection can be taken seriously. I reviewed some of the recent studies here , but missed a maj 11 preprint from France that had claimed benefit for the combination. No matter, though: this was just withdrawn by the authors, who say that they are revising the m 14993 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: India announces unexpected rate cut [no content] 14992 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump Calls Houses of Worship 'Essential Services' and Urges Reopening A federal agency and several state health departments have come under fire for mixing two types of virus tests. Many Memorial Day events will look different. A new study found that hydroxychloroquine, promoted by President Trump, maj be harmful when taken to treat the virus. 14991 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. There are few certainties in coronavirus medicine – research is our best weapon | Margaret McCartney From drug treatments to preventive measures like wearing masks, we don't yet have the evidence we need for effective policymaking See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus – latest updates This pandemic is frightening for many people – especially those at the highest risk – and the need for effective prevention and treatment is pressing. When there is no direct evidence about what is best to d 14990 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News and Updates New research suggested a drug championed by President Trump could be harmful. The Fed chief warned the U.S. faced a downturn "without modern precedent." Flags were ordered lowered over Memorial Day weekend for those who died from the virus. 14989 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Working from home: Twitter reveals why we're embracing it The effects of coronavirus on the economy already appear bleak. Unemployment and government borrowing are soaring and a recession seems inevitable. 14988 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. How lost lizards and Hurricane Irma are helping me get through coronavirus restrictions Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01537-9 When the coronavirus pandemic struck, field ecologist Nicholas Herrmann adopted a perspective inspired by experiences earlier in his PhD. 14987 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists baffled by decision to stop a pioneering coronavirus testing project Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01543-x Researchers looking to make tests widely available worry as regulators freeze the team that first identified US community spread. 14986 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Bees bite plants to make them flower Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01561-9 Bumblebees bite into leaves to induce flowering up to one month earlier. Plus: Social distancing cut the flu season short and some US coronavirus testing stats are "uninterpretable". 14985 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus Updates: U.K., Vaccine, China Immunizations are falling because of pandemic disruptions, raising fears of surges in preventable disease. Lockdowns complicate the Muslim holiday Eid. China's National People's Congress offers a show of strength. 14984 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Doubts greet $1.2 billion bet by United States on a coronavirus vaccine by October Operation Warp Speed's funding of AstraZeneca is intended to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine by October, although some call that timeline unrealistic. 14983 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Vaccine Shows Promising Early Results in China A trial with 108 participants suggests the vaccine is safe and maj be moderately effective. But experts noted that the approach has failed in the past. 14982 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine Politicians have become more cautious about immunisation prospects. They are right to be Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It would be hard to overstate the importance of developing a vaccine to Sars-CoV-2 – it's seen as the fast track to a return to normal life. That's why the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said the UK was "throwing everything at it". But while trial 14981 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus video for kids explains the basics A new coronavirus video for kids offers scientifically accurate information in an engaging and understandable way. The coronavirus pandemic affects everyone, including children, who maj find the complexity of the situation especially difficult to understand, researchers say. "Packaging evidence-based information about the pandemic in a digestible way and delivering it directly to educators and ed 14980 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Has populism made coronavirus worse? It would be foolish to ignore the blunders strongman leaders have made — it's not a coincidence 14979 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. On coronavirus, men are calling all the shots. We're seeing why it matters | Gaby Hinsliff Women are naturally more cautious: would the government have made so many missteps over the lockdown if it was more inclusive? Coronavirus – latest updates Tell us: have you been affected by the coronavirus? Don't go out alone in the dark. Don't get carried away in the heat of the moment. Work twice as hard in order to be taken half as seriously, but don't work so hard that you somehow forget to 14978 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Children half as likely as adults to get coronavirus, study says Under-20s appear 56% less likely to contract Covid-19, preliminary evidence suggests Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Children are about half as likely as adults to become infected with coronavirus, according to scientists who reviewed data gathered by contact tracing and population screening studies around the world. The study, which will feed into the debate on when 14977 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Kids Aren't Spared From the Coronavirus. A New Inflammatory Condition in Children is on the Rise. Fevers, rashes, nausea and other less-visible symptoms point to the mysterious Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome apparently related to the coronavirus. 14976 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Is Everyone Depressed? Updated at 1:36 p.m. ET on maj 22, 2020. The word I keep hearing is numbness . Not necessarily a sickness, but feeling ill at ease. A sort of detachment or removal from reality. Deb Hawkins, a tech analyst in Michigan, describes the feeling of being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic as "sleep-walking through my life" or "wading through a physical and mental quicksand." Even though she 14975 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Self-driving cars are being trained in virtual worlds while the real one is in chaos Brandon Moak felt as if a freight train had hit him. It was mid-March, and the cofounder and CTO of the autonomous- trucking startup Embark Trucks had been keeping tabs on the emergence of covid-19. As a shelter-in-place order went into effect throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, where Embark is based, Moak and his team were forced to ground almost all their 13 self-driving semi-trucks (a few s 14974 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Acting earlier would have saved lives, says Sage member Locking down the UK sooner would have made a big difference to the death rate, a scientific adviser says. 14973 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Immune clue sparks treatment hope Better understanding of Covid-19's impact on the immune system gives hope an existing drug might aid recovery. 14972 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. China drops GDP target for first time in wake of coronavirus The economy has contracted but Beijing announced a 6.6% rise in military spending 14971 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Race For A Polio Vaccine Differed From The Quest To Prevent Coronavirus In the 1950s, as Dr. Jonas Salk and virologist Albert Sabin worked to create a vaccine to prevent infantile paralysis, the threat from polio was already long familiar to Americans. (Image credit: AP) 14970 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent and treat coronavirus submitted by /u/TakaShiba [link] [comments] 14969 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. I spent over 40 years in the Australian defence force. Our lack of preparedness concerns me | Chris Barrie It is time Australian governments started to listen to experts when it comes to climate change and pandemics The past 18 years has been a period of significant disengagement and disinterest by the community in Australian political affairs. The political shenanigans described in Malcolm Turnbull's recent book A Bigger Picture ought to be a wake-up call that as our political leaders have jostled fo 14968 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Jaw-Dropping' Fraud Reported as Jobless Claims Reach 38.6 Million President Trump, visiting a Michigan factory, again refused to wear a mask in public. Flags were ordered lowered for Memorial Day weekend in memory of those who died from the virus. 14967 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Spiegelhalter says majority of Covid deaths would not have occurred in coming year Statistician revises down his estimates, reckoning only 5 to 15 per cent of those dying would have died anyway. 14966 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Beer goggles and screens among Wetherspoon's post-Covid plans Protective clothing for bar staff and drinks ordered to table by app among new-look guidelines from UK pub group 14965 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Guardian view on climate and Covid: time to make different choices | Editorial Despite some fine words about the environmental crisis, ministers are pushing ahead with a trade bill that threatens to damage the planet The dust storms that devastated the US prairie during the Great Depression were the worst ecological disaster in American history. They were also, partly, manmade . Decades of farming in the Great Plains had rid the topsoil of its native grass, leaving nothing 14964 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Nursing Homes Raise Worries as U.S. Covid-19 Lockdowns Are Eased Federal officials in the U.S. released new guidance for nursing homes seeking to reopen after months of Covid-19 lockdowns. Urging extreme caution, the guidelines call for widespread testing of nursing home staff and residents, as well as inspections of the most hard-hit elder care facilities. 14963 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Quarantine Has Transformed Not-TV Into Essential TV Covid-19 lockdown has readjusted our appetite for entertainment—and changed our relationship to television entirely. 14962 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. What Do COVID-19 Antibody Tests Show — and Can the Results Be Trusted? The tests are crucial to understanding the full scope of the COVID-19 pandemic. But right now, the results aren't reliable. 14961 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Remote-First Companies Are Another Covid-19 Calamity Plus: a tradition of perks at Google, a controversial toilet paper decision, and a baffling new Netflix policy. 14960 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. If fees for COVID-19 care can vanish, why not others? Rapid shifts removed out-of-pocket costs that could keep people from getting coronavirus care. That trend maj continue. Within the space of weeks, many health care payers made COVID-19 tests, treatments, and even future vaccines free, or nearly free, for the people on their plans. Co-pays for COVID-19 care went by the wayside. For people with a deductible in their insurance plan, they no longer n 14959 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Global COVID-19 Cases Just Passed 5 Million. Almost a Third of Them Are in The US A grim milestone. 14958 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. What it takes to correct the record: Autopsy of a COVID-19 corrigendum We've been keeping track of retracted coronavirus papers, but what about corrections? Here's a guest post from Richard Jones of Cardiff University about a paper that earned widespread media coverage but turned out to be wrong. According to our best knowledge, this is the first report on COVID-19 infection and death among medical personnel in … Continue reading 14957 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 forces the pace of business change Big Tech groups the biggest beneficiaries of disruption to working practices 14956 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Modstridende meldinger om COVID-19 fra myndigheder gør diabetespatienter bekymrede Corona-epidemien har skabt bekymring blandt patienter med diabetes – bl.a. på grund af skiftende meldinger fra Sundhedsstyrelsen, viser et dansk studie baseret på en spørgeskemaundersøgelse. 14955 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 4 ways COVID-19 has exposed gaps in the US social safety net The United States is experiencing its steepest economic slide in modern history. Tens of millions of Americans have filed new unemployment claims as the coronavirus shutters businesses and forces companies to lay off staff. 14954 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Social Distancing Is Not Enough COVID-19 has mounted a sustained attack on public life, especially indoor life. Many of the largest super-spreader events took place inside—at a church in South Korea , an auditorium in France , a conference in Massachusetts . The danger of the indoors is more than anecdotal. A Hong Kong paper awaiting peer review found that of 7,324 documented cases in China, only one outbreak occurred outside—d 14953 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 42% of jobs lost during COVID-19 may not come back For every 10 layoffs the economic slowdown to fight coronavirus has induced, just three new jobs are created, according to new research. The numbers are finally capturing the full magnitude of the economic downturn the coronavirus pandemic has caused. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, recently announced a 14.7% unemployment rate for April. The working paper is part of a special proj 14952 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine 1. Cloth Masks maj Prevent Transmission of COVID-19: An Evidence-Based, Risk-Based Approach; 2. Ventilation Techniques and Risk for Transmission of Coronavirus Disease, Including COVID-19: A Living Systematic Review of Multiple Streams of Evidence. 14951 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Age, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness risk factors for severe COVID-19 or death Age, male sex, obesity, and underlying illness have emerged as risk factors for severe COVID-19 or death in the UK, according to the largest cohort study to date published by The BMJ today. 14950 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Large Study: Hydroxychloroquine Linked to Increased Death Risk According to a new study of 96,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients from around the world, the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine is linked to an increased risk of serious heart rhythm complications that can end in death. The news, strikingly, comes days after U.S. president Donald Trump told reporters he is taking the drug, noting that he gets "a lot of positive calls about it," as quoted by the 14949 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. No improvement in death rate for COVID-19 patients who received hydroxychloroquine A research team led by investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital has evaluated real-world evidence related to outcomes for COVID-19 patients who were treated with hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine analogues (with or without a macrolide). Investigators found no evidence that either drug regimen reduced the death rate among patients. 14948 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. No evidence of benefit for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients, study finds A new study finds that the use of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine is linked to increased rates of mortality and heart arrhythmias among hospital patients with COVID-19. The authors suggest that these drug regimens should not be used to treat COVID-19 outside of clinical trials and urgent confirmation from randomised clinical trials is needed. 14947 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet: No evidence of benefit for chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients , urgent randomised trials are needed. 14946 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 recovery economics The chances of recession, the EU rescue plan and a call for bank payouts to end 14945 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. UK Covid-19 saliva test to be trialled on 5,000 key workers Alternative to nasal swab to be tested on police and army staff in next two weeks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A potentially "game-changing" spit test for coronavirus is set to be trialled by the government on 5,000 police and army staff amid growing concern about the accuracy of invasive nasal swabs. The two-minute test requires someone to spit in a tube, and is 14944 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 test results after clinical recovery, hospital discharge among patients in China Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction tests were used to assess potential viral shedding among patients who previously had been diagnosed with and had clinically recovered from COVID-19. 14943 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Viewing COVID-19 through the lens of data science New research published in the HARVARD DATA SCIENCE REVIEW addresses the societal, epidemiological, political, and educational issues that have rapidly emerged from the SARS-CoV2 pandemic 14942 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet: First human trial of COVID-19 vaccine finds it is safe and induces rapid immune response . 14941 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. First human trial of COVID-19 vaccine finds it is safe and induces rapid immune response A study of 108 adults finds that the vaccine produced neutralizing antibodies and T-cell response against SARS-CoV-2, but further research is needed to confirm whether the vaccine protects against SARS-COV-2 infection. 14940 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution Disease diagnosis, drug discovery, robot delivery—artificial intelligence is already powering change in the pandemic's wake. That's only the beginning. 14939 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Chemistry for kids: Make a DIY bubble snake! Most of us are staying home to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, but that doesn't mean there isn't learning and fun to be had. It's important to take a break from screen time. Kate the Chemist, professor, science entertainer, and author of "The Big Book of Experiments," has just the activity: Creating a bubble snake using common household ingredients including dish soap, food coloring, rubber b 14938 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. When developing vaccines against COVID-19, 'fast is slow, and slow is fast' Bypassing clinical trials for a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine would be "catastrophic," says Science Advances deputy editor Douglas Green in this Editorial. Instead, it's vital to take time to ensure any vaccine candidate's safety and investigate potential adverse 14937 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Higher fiber saves lives, but food processing may remove benefits Eating more fiber can improve life expectancy for those with diabetes, researchers say. Type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions worldwide, is associated with serious medical complications, and increases the risk of dying from COVID-19. 14936 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Textile coating could make PPE last and last A new textile coating can not only repel liquids like blood and saliva but also prevent viruses from adhering to the surface, researchers say. Masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protecting healthcare workers. However, the textiles and materials used to make such items can absorb and carry viruses and bacteria, inadvertently spreading the disease the wear 14935 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Eksperter foreslår flokimmunitetsstrategi: Smit de yngre og spar risikogrupperne PLUS. Fem medlemmer af SSI's modellerings-ekspertgruppe foreslår for egen regning en alternativ strategi, som skal gøre covid-19-epidemien mere udholdelig for de mest udsatte. 14934 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Q&A: For Black men, wearing a mask may be a health risk greater than COVID-19 UCLA professor Vickie maj s has been working with members of Congress on a bill that would require better data on the race and ethnicity of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. She also is conducting research on the data needed to create better models to predict the spread of COVID-19, in order to reduce the number of infections and deaths in Black communities. 14933 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Sturgeon's dream may not be immune to Covid-19 Scotland backs the first minister and her contrast to Boris Johnson, but she faces her own problems 14932 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Promise of Antibody Treatments for Covid-19 As scientists race to create a vaccine, a parallel quest to engineer effective antibody treatments for the coronavirus is vital, too—and maj provide relief sooner. 14931 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: A Playlist for Partying Alone Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . When the coronavirus rolled in, our culture's many, many songs about hitting the town and hooking up started to seem infected, rather than just infectiously catchy . Others, though, became weirdl 14930 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Pain doesn't take a holiday: Dental opioids study points to need for better prescribing As dentists and their teams across America get back to their regular schedules after a sharp COVID-19-related reduction, a new study shows a key opportunity to reduce the use of opioid painkillers by patients. The analysis of four years' worth of data from two million patients show that those who had dental procedures on a Friday or day before a holiday were much more likely to fill a prescription 14929 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Den dag hygiejne blev taget alvorligt God håndhygiejne og fokus på rengøring har sikret en kraftig reduktion i antal COVID-19-smittede både indenfor og udenfor sygehusene. Det skal vi lære af, skriver Mads Koch Hansen. 14928 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Cracking egg cups for leisurely lockdown breakfasts More time for a morning meal? Make the most of it with these alluring pieces 14927 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. UK faces puppy shortage as demand for lockdown companions soars Prices for popular pooches have doubled and waiting lists have increased fourfold, say breeders 14926 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Manila lockdown diary: 'I went into labour but had to walk to the clinic to give birth' Poverty, hunger and the threat of being shot by police make life under strict lockdown harder for one expectant mother Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Millions of people in the Philippine capital, Manila, have spent more than two months under lockdown. The densely populated city, once notorious for its heaving traffic, has been transformed into a ghost town. Resident 14925 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Sunak at odds with Johnson over speed of UK lockdown exit Chancellor takes aim at 'cautious' Sage experts amid Treasury alarm over economy 14924 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Housework wars: who is cleaning up the lockdown mess? How families across the globe manage the domestic division of labour 14923 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. How we lived in lockdown: the pandemic for posterity The Museum of the Home is collecting stories about how Covid-19 changed our domestic lives 14922 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Alibaba and Pinduoduo surpass sales growth expectations Online marketplaces experience shortages of merchants and couriers during virus lockdowns 14921 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. | Free to read: Scientists vs politicians: the reality check for 'warp speed' vaccine research Hollywood-style messages from politicians about beating the pandemic downplay the technical complexity 14920 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Ignoring Science during a Pandemic Is Poor Leadership The U.S. president's hostility to expertise puts us all in danger 14919 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. How the pandemic reinvigorated religion From drive-through confessions to solitary funerals, faith leaders are finding new ways to connect 14918 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic risks wiping out hard-won gains by women in STEM UNSW Dean of Science leads report that finds women's advancement in the STEM workforce are at risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 14917 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. How the Pandemic Silenced the Nation's Biggest Governor's Race T he conservative vying to be North Carolina's next governor has found an unlikely kindred spirit while stuck in a campaign on pause. "It's probably the first time Joe Biden and I have had anything in common," Dan Forest says with a laugh. Forest is North Carolina's lieutenant governor and the GOP's nominee against Democratic Governor Roy Cooper this fall. Four years after Cooper won by a razor-t 14916 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Why vaccine development relies on philanthropy Pandemic sparks new wave of donor interest in financing research 14915 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. These Are Difficult Times, but Online Therapy Can Help You Through Them No more than ever, when it comes to our overall well being, mental health is just as important as physical health . But even before the pandemic, many factors prevented people from seeking the guidance of actual mental health professionals. Some people have medical conditions that prevent them from leaving the house, or live in areas without a lot of access to mental health resources. Some people 14914 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Summer Is Approaching. Bring Camp Back. Children, too, have become victims of the pandemic. The problem goes beyond those hospitalized for COVID-19 or diagnosed with a mysterious new inflammatory syndrome associated with the coronavirus. The damage is far more widespread: Although tens of millions of American children show no medical symptoms of COVID-19, their education, mental health, and development have suffered because of the viru 14913 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Community Colleges Aren't Prepared for This Crisis Right now, across the country, millions of high-school graduates and their families are facing an undeniable fact: The pandemic has thrown their plans for the future into complete disarray. Some of these families were hoping to send their kids to out-of-state institutions that are now barely operational. Others were hoping their kids would find jobs right out of high school, and those jobs are al 14912 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Will Wildfire Smoke Worsen the Pandemic? We're About to Find Out When seasonal blazes descend on California, millions could be inhaling smoke, which is known to predispose people to lung diseases. 14911 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Faucis of the World Around the corner from Dublin's historic St. Stephen's Green lie Ireland's Government Buildings. Here sit the offices of the Irish prime minister—or Taoiseach . Since February, political ownership of this most prized piece of real estate has been up for grabs, following a general-election result that left no party with a clear claim to power. Then the pandemic struck. Ireland looked up from its o 14910 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The End of Hong Kong Over the course of April and throughout maj , while much of the world's attention was trained on the coronavirus's spiraling death toll, hardly a day passed in Hong Kong without news of arrested activists, scuffles among lawmakers, or bombastic proclamations from mainland officials. Long-standing norms were done away with at dizzying speed . In that time, Beijing was undertaking aggressive actions 14909 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. America's least educated and lowest paid remain hardest hit by pandemic A new analysis of data from USC Dornsife's Understanding Coronavirus in America Study reveals that while economic insecurity has increased overall among Americans who are newly out of work, those receiving unemployment benefits are significantly more economically secure than those who aren't. 14908 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Medications should be prescribed by doctors, not the president': leading Brazilian scientist discusses the pandemic Nature, Published online: 22 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01506-2 Scientists across the country are battling anti-science sentiment alongside a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases. 14907 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 'The house was on fire.' Top Chinese virologist on how China and U.S. have met the pandemic Shao Yiming leads the HIV program at China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention 14906 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. We'll Be Wearing Things on Our Faces for a Long Time If you think about it, "the face mask is the condom of our generation," says Brian Castrucci, the president of the de Beaumont Foundation, a public-health nonprofit. Castrucci spent a decade working in state and local health departments, and he remembers when the HIV epidemic made condoms mainstream in the United States. No one was especially thrilled about it, but as the dangers of unprotected s 14905 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. A diverse approach is vital in vaccine hunt Pandemics maj wane as viral variants emerge but we cannot afford to wait 14904 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The Books Briefing: Your Socially Distanced Summer-Reading List Books to bring on an airplane . Books to enjoy at the beach . The classic categories of warm-weather-reading recommendations don't seem to apply to a summer spent mostly at home under the shadow of a pandemic. And yet, as a source of distraction and solace, books are more important than ever —especially when they can serve as portals to the outdoor adventures or social gatherings you might be mis 14903 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Drug touted by Trump linked to higher Covid-19 death rates Lancet study suggests hydroxychloroquine not just ineffective in treating Covid-19 patients but potentially harmful 14902 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. 77 Nobel Laureates Denounce Trump Officials For Pulling Coronavirus Research Grant In a letter sent to Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, these U.S. scientists said they were "gravely concerned" about the abrupt termination of a federal grant to EcoHealth Alliance. (Image credit: NHPA/NHPA/Science Source) 14901 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. The antimalarial drug Trump took for covid might actually be dangerous Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are two of the most hyped drugs being studied as treatments for covid-19 , thanks in large part to President Donald Trump's repeated promotion during his public appearances. Trump told reporters this week he had been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. But a new study published Friday in The Lancet suggests not just that the drugs don't offer any 14900 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump's favorite COVID-19 drug might actually increase risk of death This isn't the final word on the drug, but it looks like another nail in the coffin. (Unsplash/) Follow all of PopSci 's COVID-19 coverage here , including news on federal policies , the latest on immune-response research , and a state-by-state breakdown of confirmed cases . For weeks, hydroxychloroquine has been making headlines as a hotly contested therapy for treating patients with COVID-19. P 14899 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine: Trump's Covid-19 'cure' increases deaths, global study finds Malaria drug should not be used to treat coronavirus, scientists say, after study shows high death rate Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug Donald Trump is taking to prevent Covid-19, has increased deaths in patients treated with it in hospitals around the world, a study has shown. A major study of the way hydroxychloroquine and 14898 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. "The Gap" apparel, rushes in more robots to warehouses to solve virus disruption submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 14897 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Unlocking the economy will divide societies The virus picks us off un­evenly, and an effective response must recognise that 14896 ….. (Hentet 22.maj 2020 ) ….. Australia's A$60bn 'reporting error' boosts coffers for virus recovery Treasury grossly overestimates cost of jobkeeper scheme for furloughed employees 14895 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How the Coronavirus Has Changed Animals' Landscape of Fear The pandemic lockdowns are providing a window into how a wariness of humans uniquely shapes other species' behavior 14894 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. High stress related to coronavirus is the new normal for many parents, says new APA survey Nearly half of parents of children under age 18 say their stress levels related to the coronavirus pandemic are high, with managing their kids' online learning a significant source of stress for many, according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association. 14893 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: at a glance A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak Follow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include: Continue reading… 14892 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Online COVID-19 Dashboard Calculates How Risky Reopenings and Gatherings Can Be A new tool gauges the danger that someone maj be infected with COVID-19 in groups of different sizes 14891 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Patients with COVID-19 may develop thyroid infection COVID-19 infection maj cause subacute thyroiditis, according to a new case study. 14890 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Trust in medical scientists has grown in the US, but mainly among Democrats A new Pew Research Center report examines how Americans' confidence in scientists have shifted amid the COVID-19 outbreak and their views on whether scientists should play an active role in policy discussions about science-related topics. 14889 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Social isolation linked to more severe COVID-19 outbreaks Regions of Italy with higher family fragmentation and a high number of residential nursing homes experienced the highest rate of COVID-19 infections in people over age 80, according to a new study published maj 21, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Giuseppe Liotta of the University of Rome, Italy, and colleagues. 14888 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Stroke rates among COVID-19 patients are low, but cases are more severe The rate of strokes in COVID-19 patients appears relatively low, but a higher proportion of those strokes are presenting in younger people and are often more severe compared to strokes in people who do not have the novel coronavirus, while globally rates for stroke hospitalizations and treatments are significantly lower than for the first part of 2019, according to new research. 14887 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Preventing 'cytokine storm' may ease severe COVID-19 symptoms A clinical trial in people with the new coronavirus is testing a drug that maj halt an overactive immune response before it ramps up. 14886 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Threatens Endangered Species in Southeast Asia The coronavirus has created a survival crisis for rural communities and, consequently, for wildlife 14885 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Physicists exploring use of Blu-ray disc lasers to kill COVID-19, other viruses A new weapon in the arsenal against the coronavirus maj be sitting in your home entertainment console. A team led by physicist Chris Barty of the University of California, Irvine is researching the use of diodes from Blu-ray digital video disc devices as deep-ultraviolet laser photon sources to rapidly disinfect surfaces and the indoor air that swirls around us. 14884 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Enrichment programs help children build knowledge How we organize information plays an integral role in memory, reasoning and the ability to acquire new knowledge. In the absence of routine education programs, the pandemic is exacerbating the disparities in educational opportunities available for children to develop new skills. While children of higher socio-economic means often benefit from enrichment programs, these opportunities are unfortunat 14883 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. A replaceable, more efficient filter for N95 masks Researchers have developed a membrane that can be attached to a regular N95 mask and replaced when needed. The filter has a smaller pore size than normal N95 masks, potentially blocking more virus particles. 14882 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Why bats don't get sick from the viruses they carry, but humans can One of the first questions scientists ask when a new disease appears is, "Where did this come from?" 14881 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The Cult of Elon Is Cracking Elon Musk has famously devoted fans. They can be found buying Tesla cars, watching SpaceX launches, and praising Musk on Twitter. To his fan base, Musk is a visionary, an idol, even a climate superhero. Some of that reputation stems from Musk's transformation from nerdy internet millionaire to suave manufacturing billionaire. According to Musk mythology, he's even the inspiration for an actual su 14880 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. America's Next Crisis Is Already Here T he coronavirus pandemic has eviscerated state and local finances. The country's roughly 90,000 nonfederal-government entities provide and pay for most of the government services that Americans receive. Factor out federal defense spending and the federal government's contributions to health care, and state and local governments do most of the government spending too: $4 trillion worth , or more 14879 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks Nature, Published online: 21 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01538-8 Reported rates of influenza and other infections have fallen sharply, but some communicable diseases maj see a rise. 14878 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting wildlife and conservation Poaching is up, zoos are running out of money and conservation funding has been slashed. But there's hope the pandemic could make biodiversity a higher priority 14877 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How you can avoid 'Zoom fatigue' Zoom meetings can feel more taxing than face-to-face meetings, a psychologist says. Video conferencing offers a way to stay connected with coworkers, family, and friends during the coronavirus pandemic. But too much of it can tax our brains to the point of "Zoom fatigue." Priti Shah , a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, studies cognitive tasks that require managing multiple goal 14876 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Mapping dry wildfire fuels with AI and new satellite data As California and the American West head into fire season amid the coronavirus pandemic, scientists are harnessing artificial intelligence and new satellite data to help predict blazes across the region. 14875 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Predict 'Busy' Atlantic Hurricane Season Amid Virus Crisis This year's season is complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, which makes relief strategies like group shelters risky. 14874 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. US forecasters predict 'above normal' Atlantic hurricane season US forecasters on Thursday predicted an "above normal" Atlantic hurricane season and emergency officials said they were factoring the coronavirus pandemic into potential relief efforts. 14873 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. What to know about America's newly unemployed A clearer picture emerges about how coronavirus lockdowns have damaged the US labour market 14872 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. I'm an NHS doctor – and I've had enough of people clapping for me The health service is not a charity and it is not staffed by heroes. It has been run into the ground by successive governments Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage I work for the NHS as a doctor. I don't work "on the frontline" because there isn't one; I'm not in the army and we aren't engaged in military combat. But I do work as a consultant on a ward where we have had C 14871 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. NHS and social care staff to get coronavirus antibody tests from next week Exclusive: experts warn of risk of positive results producing false sense of security Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage NHS and social care staff will be given antibody tests revealing whether they have had coronavirus from next week, ministers are to announce on Thursday. In a move designed to reduce frontline workers' anxiety and provide data on how many people have 14870 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Giant Kazakhstan oilfield threatened by surge in coronavirus cases Warning at Tengiz field underscores danger posed by pandemic to remote energy projects 14869 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. UK's first coronavirus contact-tracing group warns of difficulties Retired doctors in Sheffield say their struggles show challenges government's system will face Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A group of retired doctors who set up the UK's first Covid-19 contact-tracing scheme has warned that the government system faces major challenges after they struggled to persuade health and care workers to self-isolate. Dr Bing Jones, a retir 14868 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus dashed Ethiopia's dream of hosting Africa's first major AI conference Nature, Published online: 21 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01530-2 A meeting planned for Addis Ababa in April was meant to diversify artificial-intelligence conferences, but the push for greater participation continues. 14867 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Teleradiology enables social distancing during coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic Transitioning from on-site interpretation of imaging studies to remote interpretation via home PACS workstations requires a careful balancing of hospital and departmental finances, engineering choices, and educational and philosophical workflow issues, according to an open-access article published ahead-of-print by the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR). 14866 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus drugs: how well is the hunt for covid-19 treatments going? Hundreds of trials are testing known antiviral drugs, as well as those that block immune responses to coronavirus, but we maj need to build a covid-19 treatment from scratch 14865 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. LIVE AT 2 PM TODAY | Personal finance in the coronavirus era Add event to calendar What should you be doing with your money during the coronavirus financial crisis? In this Big Think Live session, Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest , a financial advisory and investment platform for women, will discuss personal finance and wealth-building career strategies, moderated by Bob Kulhan, improv comedian and founder of Business Improv . Specifically, 14864 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. CDC warning, CMBS, India's pharma push CDC director warns of coronavirus flare-up later this year 14863 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Prominent Scientists Denounce End to Coronavirus Grant A group of 77 Nobel laureates wants the U.S. government to review a grant cancellation for research in China directly related to preventing pandemics. 14862 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Preposterous.' Nobel laureates demand NIH review decision to kill coronavirus grant Agency killed funding after complaints from conservative media and President Donald Trump 14861 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Astronomers capture the birth of a planet Nature, Published online: 21 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01545-9 See a baby planet forming at the heart of a spiralling disc of gas and dust. Plus: how coronavirus has cut carbon emissions, and why immunity passports are a bad idea. 14860 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus has transformed work but threatens creative spark We adapted fast to remote working — now we must fight for moments that drive innovation 14859 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Brazil emerges as a top global coronavirus hotspot Experts predict death toll will top 100,000 in the coming months 14858 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. There May Be a Unique Coronavirus Immune Response We're starting to get a clearer picture of how the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus works when it infects the body, and there are some surprises emerging. This new paper in Cell is an example ( here's a writeup on it at Stat ). We already know the RNA sequence of the virus very well, naturally, and that's allowing us both to track mutations and to lay out exactly what proteins it forces a cell to make once 14857 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Will antibody tests be our passport to normality? David Crow on the complications — and consequences — of testing for coronavirus immunity 14856 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. British banks warn BoE of pain of negative rates Lenders say move to deal with coronavirus impact would hit profits and ability to cope with loan losses 14855 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus in China: New Outbreak Brings Wuhan-Style Lockdown Infections in the northeast have led officials to sequester hundreds of thousands at home. "China doesn't want to take any chances," one expert said. 14854 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Doctors race to understand rare inflammatory condition associated with coronavirus in young people Studies launching could pinpoint children most at risk 14853 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Free NHS antibody tests on way after Roche and Abbott Labs deals And trials of 20-minute swab test to determine coronavirus infection will start next week 14852 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: UK local pension funds push for better governance after crisis [no content] 14851 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News and Updates Imposing restrictions even a week earlier could have saved lives, researchers found. A Census Bureau household survey suggests income loss is widespread. 14850 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News Tracker Warning of a potential "big explosion" in cases, China is locking down one region even as it opens others. Elsewhere, the virus and natural disasters have dealt a one-two punch. 14849 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: global cases near 5m as EU health chief warns of second wave 'The question is when and how big,' says Europe CDC chief; world sees largest daily rise in cases; Trump considers in-person G7. Follow the latest updates EU virus response chief: 'Europe should brace itself for second wave' Largest daily rise in Covid-19 cases prompts WHO warning Global cases near 5 million Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance 1.22am BST Mexico's 14848 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: launch test and trace or risk second wave, NHS leaders warn Government told it is running out of time to kick off testing system Fewer young adults sticking to lockdown rules, study shows Boohoo and biotech firm develop saliva home testing kit Coronavirus global updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all our coverage 7.55am BST My esteemed colleague Sarah Boseley has written a very good explainer on the government's test, track and trace strat 14847 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates and Analysis All 50 states have begun to reopen to some degree, but rules vary. Flooding in Michigan forces residents to social distance in shelters after fleeing their homes. 14846 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus not under control in US, warn Imperial scientists About half of all states still have reproduction rates above one, report shows 14845 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. For This Psychologist, the Coronavirus Offers a Unique Opportunity to Study Ourselves New technology and a once-in-a-generation crisis are helping social scientists understand human behavior like never before. 14844 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. AI systems aim to sniff out coronavirus outbreaks [no content] 14843 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. T cells found in coronavirus patients 'bode well for long-term immunity [no content] 14842 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. British government will push for green coronavirus recovery. The UK was in prime position to create a "huge bonanza of jobs" in renewable energy and other green industries submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14841 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. What Xi knew: pressure builds on China's leader over coronavirus response Leader faces scrutiny over early pandemic management as Beijing weighs resetting economic targets 14840 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Downing Street appoints senior civil servant to new coronavirus role Officials insist promotion of Simon Case is not a snub to cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill 14839 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Cyclone batters India and raises fears of coronavirus surge Shelters struggle to cope after 500,000 people are evacuated 14838 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus test with 20-minute wait being trialled Trial for test, separate to antibody test, involves 4,000 people and will run for six weeks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The government has announced the start of trials for a new test to see if people have coronavirus, with results processed on site within 20 minutes. The news came as the health secretary, Matt Hancock, said the UK had made a deal to receive up t 14837 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus turned the business of trading at banks on its head As lockdowns begin easing, banks are wrestling with how many traders to send back to the office 14836 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. AstraZeneca could supply potential coronavirus vaccine from September Firm has capacity to make 1bn doses of Oxford University drug undergoing trials Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage AstraZeneca has said it has the capacity to manufacture 1bn doses of the University of Oxford's potential Covid-19 vaccine and will begin supply in September if clinical trials are successful. The Anglo-Swedish drugmaker said it had signed the first agreeme 14835 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Have Delivered Their First Results–but Their Promise Is Still Unclear Scientists urge caution over hints of success emerging from small human and animal studies 14834 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. $1.2 Billion From U.S. to Drugmaker to Pursue Coronavirus Vaccine The Trump administration announced a grant to AstraZeneca, which has licensed a potential vaccine that is in trials by Oxford University. 14833 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. London's hospitals aim to double intensive-care bed capacity Capital's NHS draws up plans for navigating a second wave of coronavirus without mass cancellation of other treatment 14832 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. After Coronavirus, Office Workers Might Face Unexpected Health Threats Stagnant plumbing systems in emptied commercial buildings could put returning employees at risk of Legionnaires' and other illnesses. 14831 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. 22 killed as 'super cyclone' ravages Bangladesh, India At least 22 people died as the fiercest cyclone to hit parts of Bangladesh and eastern India this century sent trees flying and flattened houses, with millions crammed into shelters despite the risk of coronavirus. 14830 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. These Labs Rushed to Test for Coronavirus. They Had Few Takers. The fragmented U.S. health care system has hampered efforts to expand coronavirus testing, by making it difficult for hospitals to switch to new labs with ample capacity. 14829 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Exclusive: US has three months to rebuild medical supplies stockpile, Obama administration scientists warn A seven-page report from the former president's science advisers is an implicit criticism of Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic Nine top scientists who advised Barack Obama in the White House are warning that the US has just three months to rebuild its national stockpile of emergency medical supplies or risk further drastic shortages of testing kits and protective gear should coronavirus str 14828 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Immunity to coronaviruses: What do we know so far? Written by top UK virologists, the article discusses the existing knowledge about immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses, and how this could be used to inform virus control strategies. The review, which is free to read in the Journal of General Virology (JGV), collates the available scientific evidence in a number of key areas, including how long immunity to coronaviruses lasts and 14827 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Pacific hurricane forecast complicated by coronavirus The Central Pacific basin including Hawaii should expect to see between two and six tropical storms or hurricanes this year, federal forecasters said Wednesday. 14826 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine: NHS staff to take drug as part of global trial Participating hospitals begin enrolling volunteers to test drug's impact on coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A major trial to see whether the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, taken by Donald Trump to protect himself against Covid-19, can prevent health workers from getting the disease is beginning in the UK and other countries. Trump's revelation that he w 14825 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Hong Kong's Revolutionary Anthem Is a Challenge to China HONG KONG—Twin crises have jolted this city: one of disease, the other of dissent. Over the past year, millions of people flooded city streets, defying China's government as they demanded that Beijing honor Hong Kong's civil rights and grant the territory democracy. Those same agitators worked together this winter, at times in opposition to the territory's leaders, to limit a widespread outbreak 14824 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Kronik: Kan vi udelukke, at coronavirusset stammer fra et laboratorium? Nej, ikke endnu [no content] 14823 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid recovery could 'tip the balance' for nature Scientists call for the conservation of nature to be at the centre of the economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. 14822 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Italy's record casts shadow over hopes of post-Covid recovery History shows Italian economy has failed to regain lost ground after previous crises 14821 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How long do viruses survive in dead bodies? There's no easy answer to how long viruses survive in dead bodies, but we've learned lessons from the past, says virologist Matt Koci. Some of the many questions about today's COVID-19 pandemic revolve around what happens to viruses in the remains of humans or animals. For example, could people get sick from digging up decades-old bodies? Or could future scientists get more information about COVI 14820 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Science superpowers after COVID-19 lockdowns lift: a letter of hope from China to the United States Nature, Published online: 21 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01544-w Scientists from both countries must rise above political rhetoric for the sake of all, says Xiao-Nong Zhou. 14819 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Some patients with bladder cancer 'can't wait' for treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic Bladder cancer is associated with significant illness and mortality, particularly if treatment is delayed. Writing in the journal Bladder Cancer, researchers have outlined recommendations for treatment of both muscle invasive (MIBC) and non-muscle invasive (NMIBC) bladder cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic based on data from trials and prior studies, and taking into account the current strains on 14818 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Before COVID-19 100+ experts identified top threats & opportunities for global health Just a few weeks before the first cases of COVID-19 were made public, a group of more than 100 leaders in health and medicine was imagining the future of health innovation and factors that could determine its success or failure,This hypothetical series of events, now beginning to play out in real time, is described — alongside other future-oriented scenarios — in a new report released today by t 14817 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Is Covid-19 a nosocomial infection? The preponderance of deaths linked to care homes and hospitals raises the question of whether Covid-19 is a nosocomial infection. 14816 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Just 7.3% of Stockholm had Covid-19 antibodies by end of April, study shows Official findings add to concerns about Sweden's laissez-faire strategy towards the pandemic Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Just 7.3% of Stockholm's inhabitants had developed Covid-19 antibodies by the end of April, according to a study , raising concerns that the country's light-touch approach to the coronavirus maj not be helping it build up broad immunity. The re 14815 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Uber uses Covid-19 as cue to take stock of strategy Many former employees see job cuts as a way to keep promises about becoming profitable 14814 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. It's Not Over: WHO Just Marked The Highest Count of New COVID-19 Cases in a Single Day "We still have a long way to go in this pandemic." 14813 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 contact tracing apps are coming to a phone near you. How will we know whether they work? Digital contact tracing could help stop viral spread—but it has yet to prove its worth 14812 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How Will COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Work in the U.S.? Engineers build privacy into the design of U.S. contact tracing smartphone apps. 14811 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Polio Is Nearly Wiped Out. Covid-19 Could Halt That Progress The disease once paralyzed 350,000 children each year; vaccination campaigns brought it down to just a few hundred cases. Then, the pandemic struck. 14810 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 could reduce wildfire risk this season, says expert COVID-19 maj cause a drop in spring wildfires as people are still being asked to self-isolate throughout maj , Alberta's riskiest fire month, says a University of Alberta expert. 14809 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Green and social policies help businesses weather COVID-19 crash Businesses with strong environmental and social credentials are more resilient in times of economic crisis, according to research into the COVID-19 stock market crash. 14808 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The Politics of Counting Things Is About to Explode With contested vote tallies, concerns over Census data, and now the Covid-19 death toll, 2020 marks the ugly climax of a long dispute. 14807 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Experts issue recommendations for a green COVID-19 economic recovery Green COVID-19 recovery packages could boost economic growth and help stop climate change, a Cardiff University academic says. 14806 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 evidence and strategies for orthopaedic surgeons How should orthopaedic surgeons respond to the COVID-19 pandemic? A review in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery analyzes evidence and strategies for managing the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus – including critical lessons from past pandemics. The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer. 14805 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Social media is helping us pay tribute to 'ordinary' lives 'Converting Covid-19 from statistical barrage into individual tragedies has political consequences' 14804 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. American education: It's colleges, not college students, that are failing COVID-19 has magnified the challenges that underserved communities face with regard to higher education, such as widening social inequality and sky-high tuition. At College Unbound, where I am president, we get to know students individually to understand what motivates them, so they can build a curriculum based on goals they want to achieve. My teaching mantra: Everything is permitted during COVI 14803 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Study quantifies China's chronic health burden for the first time University of Melbourne researchers have quantified the toll that having multiple chronic diseases takes in China for the first time, which could have significant implications for its economic and health systems. Researchers say is also timely as COVID-19 has placed further pressure on the public health emergency management system in China. 14802 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. First month of data shows children at low risk of COVID-19 infection, no hospitalizations In the first 30 days since seeing their first patient, the number of children testing positive to COVID-19 at an Australian tertiary paediatric hospital has been low and none who contracted the virus required in-hospital treatment, according to a new study. 14801 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Is Causing a Spike in Sales for Bane Masks Online costume retailers and Etsy are doing what they can to keep up with demand. In other Bat-adjacent news, HBO Max is going to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut of 'Justice League'. 14800 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The risk of severe covid-19 is not uniform That calls for a fine-tuning of measures to stop the disease spreading 14799 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Mount Sinai research helps explain why COVID-19 may be less common in children than adults Lower levels of ACE2 nasal gene expression in children maj explain why children have a lower risk of Covid-19 infection and mortality. The SARS-CoV-2 virus uses ACE2 to enter the host. ACE2 nasal gene expression could potentially be used as a biomarker to evaluate Covid-19 susceptibility. 14798 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. NewsGuard identifies social media "super-spreaders" of COVID-19 misinformation NewsGuard has identified "super-spreaders" of COVID-19 misinformation on Facebook and Twitter, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, the NVIC, Rush Limbaugh, and Ty Bollinger. 14797 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Investigation of COVID-19 outbreak in independent/assisted living facility The implementation of surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 is examined in this case series that describes symptoms of COVID-19 among residents and staff of an independent/assisted living community. 14796 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 patient antibodies may clarify immunity Nearly all people hospitalized with COVID-19 develop virus-neutralizing antibodies within six days of testing positive, new research indicates. The findings will be key in helping researchers understand protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 and in informing vaccine development. The paper is available on medRxiv and has not yet undergone peer review. The test that researchers developed also could 14795 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Lungs of deceased COVID-19 patients show distinctive features In a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), senior author, Steven J. Mentzer, MD, thoracic surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and a team of international researchers examined seven lungs obtained during autopsy from patients who died of COVID-19. 14794 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. We can't (and shouldn't) expect clinicians without PPE to treat COVID-19 patients We can't, and shouldn't, expect healthcare professionals without adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to risk their lives to care for patients with COVID-19 infection, contends an expert in a stinging rebuke, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. 14793 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Why a 17% emissions drop does not mean we are addressing climate change The global COVID-19 quarantine has meant less air pollution in cities and clearer skies. Animals are strolling through public spaces, and sound pollution has diminished, allowing us to hear the birds sing. 14792 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 recovery can benefit biodiversity [no content] 14791 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 spotlights medical diagnostics [no content] 14790 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. French hydroxychloroquine-COVID-19 study withdrawn The authors of a preprint on use of hydroxychloroquine — the controversial drug heavily promoted by, and now apparently taken by, President Trump, at least for a few more days — along with azithromycin for COVID-19 have withdrawn the paper. The preprint, "Hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin: a potential interest in reducing in-hospital morbidity due to COVID-19 … Continue reading 14789 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. 4 Rules for Identifying Your Life's Work Editor's Note: " How to Build a Life " is a biweekly column by Arthur Brooks, tackling questions of meaning and happiness. My oldest son graduates from college this month. Graduation is a leap into uncertainty even during ordinary times, and COVID-19 times are far from ordinary. It's a scary moment to be heading out into the world. But my advice to my son—and to all graduates—remains the same as 14788 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 track and trace: what can UK learn from countries that got it right? Pledge of 'world-beating' system will have to look to likes of South Korea and Germany Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson's insistence that the UK will be able to roll out a "world-beating" coronavirus test, track and trace regime by 1 June has inevitably drawn comparisons with countries around the world that have already set up effective Covid-19 tracing 14787 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Pop-up bike lanes and grassroots playgrounds: How COVID-19 will change cities Running through the middle Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg neighborhood, busy Kottbusser Damm has always been a nightmare for cyclists. For years, double-parked cars forced those brave enough to tackle the street to dodge in and out of rushing car traffic. 14786 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Loo roll heist highlights Hong Kong's curious police state In its response to Covid-19, Carrie Lam's government seems not to know where it stands 14785 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Healthcare rationing could see 'unlawful deaths' from COVID-19, researchers claim Current medical guidelines risk unlawful deaths of patients — with doctors, hospitals, and even the government potentially liable — if a second peak forces hard choices due to shortages of ventilators and other critical care resources. 14784 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Learning about reporting in a public health emergency from Sierra Leone's Ebola outbreak In a paper publishing maj 21 in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, researchers have interviewed Sierra Leonean journalists about their experiences reporting during the 2014-2015 Ebola outbreak. The experiences of these journalists maj be able to help inform current efforts to communicate about COVID-19. 14783 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: face mask rules more political than scientific, says UK expert Study reveals cloth coverings reduce airflow but Covid-19 effectiveness remains unproven Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The wearing of cloth face masks by the public was becoming more about politics than science, one expert has argued, as a new study reveals potential benefits and problems of the coverings. At present the UK government recommends the public wear fac 14782 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: the inventor hoping to bring air hoods to frontline medics Lockdown has forced professor Mike Bradley to work out of his garden shed 14781 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. New model predicts the spread of COVID-19—and how to manage financial and economic risks University of Technology Sydney mathematician, Professor Eckhard Platen, has shown that mathematical models normally reserved for the world of finance, very accurately predict the spread of COVID-19. Importantly, they hold clues that can be used to understand the timing of lifting control measures, he says. 14780 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: American Colleges Have No Good Options Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Getty / The Atlantic This pandemic is a reminder that, despite all the American cultural lore around them, colleges are most fundamentally physical spaces, where people gather to learn and, somet 14779 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Here's what traveling could be like after COVID-19 COVID-19 has upended global travel and brought the world to a standstill. For the first time in history, close to 90% of the world's population now lives in countries with travel restrictions. Airlines, travel companies and the tourism sector as a whole are among the most affected businesses. An estimated 25 million aviation jobs and 100 million travel and tourism jobs are at risk. Between five a 14778 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. India's treatment of Muslims and migrants puts lives at risk during COVID-19 In India, the second most populous country in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed pre-existing fault lines of inequality and communalism, exposing current problems with the country's political and social structures. 14777 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Rapid repurposing of drugs for COVID-19 [no content] 14776 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Ethics of controlled human infection to address COVID-19 [no content] 14775 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. HLA genetics and COVID-19 [no content] 14774 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. High doses of vitamin D supplementation has no current benefit in preventing or treating COVID-19 Scientists from the UK, Europe and the USA, led by the University of Surrey have published a vitamin D consensus paper warning against high doses of vitamin D supplementation as current research shows it has no benefit in preventing or treating Covid-19. Scientists advise that the population adhere to Public Health England guidance on supplementation. 14773 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Building a Mouse Squad Against COVID-19 A Maine laboratory is on the verge of supplying a much-needed animal for SARS-CoV-2 research 14772 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Meanwhile, Antarctica's snow is turning green On the Antarctic Peninsula, so-called snow algae are turning the snow green. The algae thrive on temperatures just above freezing, which are increasingly common. Antarctica's green snow could lay the groundwork for a whole new ecosystem. First ever map With COVID-19's stranglehold on the news cycle, it's enough to wax nostalgic about the other varieties of existential dread that used to stalk our 14771 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. 'How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?' Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is conflating the results of two different types of coronavirus tests, distorting several important metrics and providing the country with an inaccurate picture of the state of the pandemic. We've learned that the CDC is making 14770 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots Kathleen M. Carley and her team at Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Informed Democracy & Social Cybersecurity have been tracking bots and influence campaigns for a long time. Across US and foreign elections, natural disasters, and other politicized events, the level of bot involvement is normally between 10 and 20%, she says. But in a new study, the researchers have found that bots maj acc 14769 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. UK economic downturn shows signs of slowing down PMI survey reveals some improvement in sentiment after easing of lockdown but reading is still second worst ever 14768 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown countdown: a fitness club CEO and a playground manager can't wait to reopen In this FT series, people share their stories of this extraordinary time 14767 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Britain's tracing army sits idle as lockdown deadline looms PM promised 'world-beating' scheme by June 1 but tech glitches and disjointed planning have held it back 14766 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Security guards and cleaners in demand as UK lockdown eases Job postings suggest such roles will be in high demand as business life resumes 14765 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Sturgeon sets out cautious lockdown easing plan for Scotland Route map broadly matches steps for England but takes a markedly different approach to schools 14764 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Housing sales halve for April as lockdown froze market Data show a sharp fall in residential property deals but analysts warn worse is to come 14763 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Downturn in economic activity starts to ease across eurozone Activity falls at slower pace after bloc's largest economies relax lockdown measures 14762 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Spring 2020 could even break summer sun records This year's 'lockdown spring' is likely to be the sunniest on record in parts of the UK, and maj even rank among the sunniest seasons ever recorded—including all the summers. 14761 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Immunity passports could help end lockdown, but risk class divides and intentional infections If you've already recovered from the coronavirus, can you go back to the workplace carefree? 14760 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. US jobless claims keep climbing to hit 38.6m since lockdowns began Data show there were 2.4m first-time benefit applications last week in line with forecasts 14759 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. US health chief warns of virus flare-up this year Exclusive: Comments by CDC's Robert Redfield raise spectre of more lockdowns in colder months 14758 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Half a billion children miss out on education due to lockdowns, says UN Lack of internet has cut off access to learning during pandemic, finds report 14757 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. I desperately miss human touch. Science may explain why | Diana Spechler For people who live alone, lockdown means 'touch starvation' as we go days without hugs, handshakes or other contact Coronavirus – live US updates Live global updates My friend Hannah tells me her therapist said: "A person should be hugged 10 times a day." For many of us, that's now unsafe. It was even unlikely before. Pre-quarantine, I was one of 35.7 million Americans who lived alone. My daily 14756 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Is our food system broken? Pandemic has opened up discussions about the resilience of global supply chains 14755 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic Hasn't Changed Voters' Minds About Trump For all the focus on the gender gap, the diploma divide over Donald Trump is looming as an even greater factor in the 2020 presidential race—just as it was in 2016. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, women generally express more financial strain and more concern about returning to their normal routines than men do. And yet a wide array of recent polls shows that, especially among white voters, educat 14754 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Mexico reopens without knowing if pandemic is under control US manufacturers have piled on the pressure to restart cross-border supply chains 14753 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Jumping rope is an unbeatable cardio workout—if you do it correctly It's challenging. (Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash/) Jump ropes are more complex than you maj realize. They range from the classic, nostalgia-inducing beaded ropes of playgrounds, to speed ropes equipped with a light, thin metal wire that can cost north of $100. With the pandemic keeping so many people at home, a good rope will allow you to exercise within whatever space you have available. Plus 14752 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Case clustering emerges as key pandemic puzzle [no content] 14751 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. I Predict Your Predictions Are Wrong: The pandemic will alter some aspects of daily life, but probably not in radical ways. submitted by /u/scolfin [link] [comments] 14750 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. A 'Hyperactive' Hurricane Season Is About to Strike Given the pandemic, how will emergency experts cope with evacuating people who might fear shared shelters, refuse to wear masks, and distrust authorities? 14749 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. On Earth, the Economy Is Tanking. In the Cloud, It's Fine Amid the pandemic, life has moved online. That's good news for the tech giants that run data centers, and the companies that supply them. 14748 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Retail therapy is now retail anxiety: Keeping customers calm will be key to moving forward from pandemic So you finally hit the shops and cafes after weeks of lockdown. 14747 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. 9 states sue EPA for 'blanket waiver' as nation fights pandemic Nine states have sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for curtailing enforcement of rules on air and water pollution during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the pullback puts the public at even greater risk. 14746 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. How to identify which interventions work best in a pandemic In lieu of a vaccine or reliable preventative medications, the only approaches currently available to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 are behavioral — handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing, for example. 14745 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Lawyers see work-life changes beyond the pandemic 'New normal' will mean more camaraderie, less travel and more fitting in with the family 14744 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. CO2 emissions have dropped 17% during pandemic As people shelter in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, daily carbon dioxide emissions have dropped by as much as 17% globally, according to a new study. The paper in Nature Climate Change compiles government policies and activity data to pinpoint where energy demand has dropped off the most and to estimate the impact on annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The study's findings showcase the 14743 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Don't forget dental health during the pandemic Don't neglect your dental health during the pandemic, say experts. "If you up your oral hygiene game, that's going to help you get through this." While dentists and dental hygienists maj remind us of the importance of six-month visits, regular checkups might not be a reality—at least not in the short term. Here, Deanne Wallaert, public health dental hygiene practitioner, and Mark Wolff, professor 14742 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Ramadan 2020: A Holy Month During a Pandemic With varying lockdowns in place, and safety measures enacted by local communities, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has been observed very differently around the world this year. Large gatherings at mosques have been canceled, communal iftar meals have been reduced to smaller family groups in their homes, and visits to extended family have been cut short. Gathered here, some images from the past 14741 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Antibody from SARS patient blocks coronavirus in lab An antibody first identified in a blood sample from someone who recovered from SARS in 2003 inhibits related coronaviruses, including one behind COVID-19, researchers say. Researchers have put the antibody, called S309, on a fast-track development and testing path at Vir Biotechnology in the next step toward possible clinical trials. "We still need to show that this antibody is protective in livi 14740 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Reply to Sanchez-Pacheco et al., Chookaȷorn, and Mavian et al.: Explaining phylogenetic network analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes [Letters (Online Only)] We calculated a phylogenetic analysis network of the 160 severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) complete genomes submitted to the international Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID) database by early March 2020, to produce a snapshot of the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (1). Phylogenetic network analysis… 14739 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Structure of replicating SARS-CoV-2 polymerase Nature, Published online: 21 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2368-8 14738 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2 Protein Hampers Innate Immune Reaction In Vitro The viral protein known as ORF3b limits the induction of the type I interferon response, which typically alerts other immune system components to the presence of a virus, in cultured cells. 14737 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Projecting the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 through the postpandemic period It is urgent to understand the future of severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) transmission. We used estimates of seasonality, immunity, and cross-immunity for human coronavirus OC43 (HCoV-OC43) and HCoV-HKU1 using time-series data from the United States to inform a model of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. We projected that recurrent wintertime outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 will probabl 14736 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Pompeo and America's end of times diplomacy Secretary of state has abandoned both diplomacy and logic in his quest to succeed Trump 14735 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Will Trump White House tear down journal paywalls? Many anxiously await a decision Administration mulls major changes to open-access policies 14734 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. What The Great Reveals About Trump's Pandemic Denial This article contains spoilers for all 10 episodes of Hulu's The Great . Russia in the 18th century stood on the verge of disaster, with a war raging against Sweden and its cultural and intellectual progress failing to keep pace with Western Europe's. Yet in Hulu's historical satire The Great , Emperor Peter III (played by Nicholas Hoult) appears untroubled. Surrounded by the comforts of royalty 14733 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump's Vaccine Chief Has Vast Ties to Drug Industry, Posing Possible Conflicts Moncef Slaoui, a former pharmaceutical executive, is now overseeing the U.S. initiative to develop coronavirus treatments and vaccines. His financial interests and corporate roles have come under scrutiny. 14732 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. The System Failed the Test of Trump Have you ever known anyone swindled by a scam? It's remarkable how determined they remain to defend the swindler, and for how long—and how they try to shift the blame to those who tried to warn them of the swindle. The pain of being seen as a fool hurts more than the loss of money; it's more important to protect the ego against indignity than to visit justice upon the perpetrator. We human beings 14731 ….. (Hentet 21.maj 2020 ) ….. Amazon under threat: fires, loggers and now virus How the loss of the Amazon goes beyond deforestation – and what the nine countries that share this natural resource are doing to protect it. 14730 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The US Government Just Invested Big in Small-Scale Nuclear Power Amid the coronavirus lockdowns around the world, one of few positive pieces of news we've heard is that carbon emissions have dropped dramatically. The clearer skies and cleaner air have led to a renewed vigor behind calls for retiring fossil fuels and investing more heavily in renewable energy. Proponents of renewables tend to focus on solar and wind as the best green energy sources, leaving out 14729 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Human Viruses Can Jump into Animals, Too–Sowing the Seeds of Future Epidemics "Reverse zoonosis" maj foster the right conditions for the next COVID-19 14728 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: can we compare different countries? – podcast Nicola Davis asks mathematician Kit Yates how useful global comparisons are when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, given the huge differences in demographics and public health responses. And, as per a question from a listener, what the best metric is when doing such comparisons? Continue reading… 14727 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Virus prevalence associated with habitat Levels of virus infection in lobsters seem to be related to habitat and other species, new studies of Caribbean marine protected areas have shown. The findings will support efforts to safeguard Caribbean spiny lobsters, which are a vital food source for communities across the region and world. They also boost our understanding of how viruses spread — disease dynamics — and of the ecology of frag 14726 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Luftforurening i Kina stiger til præ-corona niveau Byggeri og privatbilisme ser ud til at være de største syndere. 14725 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Ny teststrategi giver mindre corona-arbejde til praktiserende læger Sundhedsministeriet har gjort det muligt for alle danskere at blive testet for coronavirus uden henvisning fra egen læge. Det vækker glæde, men også forundring hos PLO-formand Christian Freitag. 14724 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. DY Centauri: Stellar evolution while you watch In 1930, Dorrit Hoffleit reported that star number #4749 in the Harvard List of variables had faded four times between 1897 and 1929, and identified it as an R Coronae Borealis (RCB) variable. RCB stars are luminous low-mass stars (red giants) with surfaces around 5,000—7,000 K—not much hotter than the sun. They are remarkable for having little or no hydrogen on their surfaces; this is replaced by 14723 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona-essaykonkurrence spreder sig som virus på KU Bring din faglighed i spil og belys Coronakrisen fra netop din vinkel med et essay – og vind fine… 14722 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Stort interview: Magnus Heunicke om corona-krise, supersygehuse og sundhedsreform Efter kritik på Twitter stillede sundhedsministeren op til interview med Dagens Medicin. Han understreger, at politiske beslutninger fremover skal stå på skuldrene af sundhedsfaglige råd, og trods coronakrisen er det stadig ambitionen at lave en sundhedsreform i denne valgperiode. 14721 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Crises Are No Time for Political Unity No healthy democracy exists without a vigorous opposition. In The Devil's Dictionary , the journalist Ambrose Bierce defined the O-word as "the party that prevents the government from running amuck by hamstringing it." The Pulitzer-winning historian Richard Hofstadter argued that "modern democracy was created by the competition between political parties and is unthinkable without them." Yet a cri 14720 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Cambridge University moves lectures online until next year Cambridge University will have no face-to-face lectures until summer 2021 at the earliest in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a spokesman confirmed on Wednesday. 14719 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. How can countries know when it's safe to ease coronavirus lockdowns? To safely lift lockdown restrictions, countries need to have a low number of daily new cases and the capacity to conduct extensive testing and contact tracing 14718 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. How the coronavirus pandemic slashed carbon emissions — in five graphs Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01497-0 Near-real-time data on carbon emissions reveal the sectors, countries and events that had the most impact, but it is unclear how long the dip will last. 14717 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. English schools reopening: which councils will meet 1 June deadline? What councils up and down the country are advising their schools, teachers and parents Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage • Sunderland city council said there was "no rush" to open up schools further on 1 June given the relatively local high rate of Covid-19 infections. The council leader, Graeme Millar, said: "Our stance is clear, we cannot expect teachers – or childre 14716 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Taiwan president calls on Xi Jinping to stabilise cross-strait ties Tsai Ing-wen says Taipei will not be a junior partner as tensions rise in wake of coronavirus 14715 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus and covid-19: Your questions answered Why do some healthy people develop severe symptoms? Do people who recover from covid-19 become immune to the coronavirus? Our answers to readers' questions 14714 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. UK Conservatives eyeing staffing cuts at HQ Funding has been hit by coronavirus and post-election drop-off, amid plans to decentralise operations 14713 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. A Visual Dispatch From One of the World's Most Remote Islands The inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha, which sits in the remote waters of the South Atlantic, are insulated from the coronavirus by an immense moat. 14712 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Super Cyclonic Storm Amphan Threatens Catastrophic Storm Surge in India and Bangladesh Evacuating hundreds of thousands of people in the midst of spiking coronavirus cases will pose particular challenges 14711 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Europe should brace for second wave, says EU coronavirus chief Exclusive: 'The question is how big,' says Dr Andrea Ammon, who thinks March skiing breaks were pivotal to spread Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The prospect of a second wave of coronavirus infection across Europe is no longer a distant theory, according to the director of the EU agency responsible for advising governments – including the UK – on disease control. "T 14710 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Social distancing: When extreme weather and coronavirus collide People displaced by extreme weather are forced to break Covid-19 social distancing safety guidelines. 14709 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. How to shut down coronavirus conspiracy theories During times of high anxiety, not unlike the situation we find ourselves in now, there is a rise in conspiracism. Conspiracy theories provide comfort where there is uncertainty. As author Michael Shermer points out, history has shown that this way of thinking is sometimes warranted, but not in the case of coronavirus. One factor that has helped recent coronavirus conspiracy theories grow, he says 14708 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus crisis is accelerating a shift in the world of autonomous cars toward delivering packages instead of people, as big players open up a lead over startups in the race for funding. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 14707 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Latest US Coronavirus Death Predictions Are Even Worse Than Expected Before Stay safe out there. 14706 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The eurozone's bailout fund remains unfairly toxic Member states in need reluctant to tap new coronavirus facility despite its advantages 14705 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Wales goes its own way as united front on coronavirus frays For the first time in centuries, the English are forbidden from crossing the Welsh border 14704 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: UK inflation cools sharply to lowest level since 2016 [no content] 14703 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News and Updates As of today, all 50 states will have begun to reopen. Hundreds of migrant children have been deported during the pandemic. Trump threatened to withhold federal funds from Michigan for expanding mail-in voting. 14702 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Brazil sees record daily deaths as World Bank warns 60m to fall into extreme poverty Trump calls negative hydroxychloroquine study an 'enemy statement'; WHO pass response investigation resolution; Global deaths pass 320,000. Follow the latest updates Brazil confirms record daily increase in deaths and cases World Bank chief warns 60m to fall into extreme poverty Trump says he's taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warnings Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: 14701 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live World Updates: India, Canada and Italy The W.H.O. agreed to investigate the world's pandemic response. A 100-year-old British World War II veteran who raised millions has been knighted. 14700 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Independent scientists urge UK government to delay reopening schools The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14699 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News: Full Analysis Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin warns of "permanent damage" to the economy from lockdowns. Several colleges announce plans for how they will reopen in the fall. 14698 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Time to buy a car? Auto industry hopes for coronavirus silver lining Health concerns are driving sales as consumers shun public transport 14697 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Ecuador takes far-reaching measures to save economy National airline to be liquidated and embassies closed as coronavirus takes further financial toll 14696 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Why one US state will have two coronavirus tracing apps The news : North Dakota was one of the first American states to launch a coronavirus contact tracing app, in April. Now, several weeks into the process of reopening the state, the government in Bismarck says it will take advantage of the newly released Apple-Google exposure notification system —but that doing so will require it to run two separate apps. That even one of the lowest-population stat 14695 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Japan pharma: race to escape A successful coronavirus treatment maj not lead to blockbuster sales 14694 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Stocks turn higher with investor focus on pace of recovery US futures gain even as optimism over a potential coronavirus vaccine fades 14693 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. New Studies Show That Developing A Coronavirus Vaccine Should Be Possible Three studies published Wednesday suggest it should be possible to come up with a coronavirus vaccine — tests performed on animals have shown the right results to prove a vaccine could be possible. 14692 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Hope and caution greet coronavirus vaccine trial results Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01534-y Studies have shown tentatively positive results, but it's still too soon to say whether the vaccines actually work. Plus: a major update for carbon dating, and the search for a ninth planet in our Solar System. 14691 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Why The Race For A Coronavirus Vaccine Will Depend On Global Cooperation Developing and producing a vaccine is a complicated process — one that is heavily reliant on countries sharing supplies and a common goal, says Prashant Yadav of the Center for Global Development. (Image credit: Douglas Magno /AFP via Getty Images) 14690 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: House Passes A New Relief Package, Vaccine Questions NPR's science correspondent answers listener questions about the latest in the hunt for a coronavirus vaccine. 14689 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. A New Entry in the Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine: Hope Scientists are increasingly optimistic that a vaccine can be produced in record time. But getting it manufactured and distributed will pose huge challenges. 14688 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. What It Would Take To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Prashant Yadav, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, about why vaccines require global cooperation and how the U.S. is approaching the challenge. 14687 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Sorry Haters, New York Won't Die I can't seem to read a newspaper anymore without discovering that New York, where I live, is a dying city. The New York Post and The New York Times , which rarely agree about anything, seem united in the message that New York is in deep trouble—because the people who fled the coronavirus will decide never to return and the businesses that are letting their employees work remotely will never go ba 14686 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World News: Brazil, India, China, France Xi Jinping hopes to rally national pride in the face of global ire as his People's Congress begins. Brazil allows doctors to treat coronavirus patients with hydroxychloroquine despite questions over its efficacy and side effects. 14685 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates A cyclone was bearing down on India and Bangladesh, disrupting responses to the virus. Taiwan's president began a new term with high approval ratings for her handling of the pandemic. 14684 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Dogs catch coronavirus, suspicious images and an autopsy challenge Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01443-0 The latest science news, in brief. 14683 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Social distancing orders work, Google data show State mandates that promote physical distancing—especially limits on bars and restaurants—do cut the amount of time people spend away from home, according to a new study. Social distancing (or "physical distancing") mandates have been the main way that state and city governments are curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. But how much do declaring states of emergency, implementing stay-at-ho 14682 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: everyone wins when patents are pooled Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01441-2 It took a collaborative global effort to reveal the structures of key coronavirus proteins. That spirit is being tested as vaccine development gets under way. 14681 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: 'Fires were tough, but closing Mogo Zoo again was even harder' Only weeks after reopening, Australia's fire-ravaged Mogo Zoo had to close again because of Covid-19. 14680 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: What we do now could change Earth's climate trajectory The numbers of people cycling and walking in public spaces during COVID-19 has skyrocketed. Cities from Bogota to Berlin and Vancouver have expanded bike lanes and public paths to accommodate the extra cycling traffic. In Australia, the New South Wales government is encouraging councils to follow suit. 14679 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: When teaching during a disaster, students need to be partners Many universities and colleges are planning to teach most of their courses online in the fall, even though there are still many unknowns. 14678 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. UK scientists must not be blamed for giving advice, says Royal Society head Exclusive: intervention comes after minister appeared to scapegoat scientists over Covid-19 errors Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists must be allowed to take independent decisions without fear of recriminations, the head of the Royal Society has warned after a cabinet minister appeared to blame "wrong" science for mistakes made in tackling the coronavirus pan 14677 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Hospitals Move Into Next Phase as New York Passes Viral Peak A sharp drop in coronavirus patients was "like someone turned off the hose," one doctor said. But the city's health system faces challenges ahead. 14676 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. New study finds 2 billion people without proper sanitation at high risk for coronavirus Without access to soap and clean water, more than 2 billion people in low- and middle-income nations — a quarter of the world's population — have a greater likelihood of acquiring and transmitting the coronavirus than those in wealthy countries. That's the conclusion of a new study by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington's School of Medicine. 14675 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. US business takes on burden of testing employees for coronavirus Cost and availability of kits and regulatory confusion present hurdles 14674 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Prototype Vaccine Protects Monkeys From Coronavirus A series of animal experiments maj point the way to an effective human vaccine, scientists said. 14673 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Var tionde stockholmare har antikroppar i blodet Ungefär 15 procent av friska personer i Stockholm har genomgått eller är nu smittade av viruset som orsakar covid-19. Det visar resultat från den forskningsstudie som bedrivs på Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset. Över 11 000 medarbetare vid Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset har under de senaste fyra veckorna lämnat svalgprov för viruspåvisning med PCR och blodprov för påvisning av antikroppar mot c 14672 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. App helps COVID anxiety, depression A new collection of mobile apps called IntelliCare — free for downloading in the Apple and Android stores — significantly reduces anxiety and depression at a rate similar to psychotherapy, reports a new study.The apps have special content to help people reduce the stress and anxiety of dealing with the pandemic. Anxiety and depression have tripled during the pandemic. 14671 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. A Reading List for Kids on Their Very Long Summer Break We've got suggestions for classics to rediscover, what to read if your brother is driving you nuts, plus ideas to help you process this whole Covid situation. 14670 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Economist: 'Reopening an infected economy is no shortcut' to financial recovery The COVID-19 pandemic brought the global economy to a virtual standstill as many governments placed restrictions on day-to-day business operations and personal activities in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. As economic woes deepen, many governments are weighing the risks and benefits of resuming business activity while the public health crisis continues. 14669 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Overcoming challenges of individuals with autism during the COVID-19 pandemic Dr. Adrien Eshraghi and Miller School coauthors published a new correspondence titled COVID-19: overcoming the challenges faced by individuals with autism and their families in The Lancet Psychiatry. In this commentary, the authors address specific challenges patients with autism and their families might encounter during the pandemic, as well as what healthcare providers should know and do to ensu 14668 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Primary care physicians experience more burnout and anxiety than other health professions Health care professionals experience high rates of anxiety and burnout, a growing public health concern, particularly in light of projected physician shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic. New research led by Dr. Debora Goldberg of George Mason University's College of Health and Human Services before the COVID-19 pandemic found that primary care physicians reported burnout at twice the rate of other 14667 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. New test strip preserves clues that blood tests often miss A new synthetic paper for finger prick blood tests could provide accurate point-of-care diagnostics for cancer, COVID-19 and other serious diseases. Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology say the innovation allows detection of important biomarker proteins that might otherwise evade the blood plasma screening process. 14666 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Health Clinic Crisis on Main Street – Issue 85: Reopening Things have been different at the Tumwater Family Practice Clinic since COVID-19 came. Its patients in Washington state are being triaged over the phone, tested at the curbside, and treated by the doorstep. Many patients, afraid of contracting the disease, do not come in. Revenue for the private practice has plummeted almost 50 percent. When it came time for Jennifer Tyler, Tumwater's clinic admi 14665 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Covid-19 conundrum: lives vs livelihoods Policymakers grapple with trade-off between public safety and reviving economies 14664 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Cytokine storm: Possible mechanism for the deadly respiratory syndrome Leading immunologists in Japan are proposing a possible molecular mechanism that causes massive release of proinflammatory cytokines, or a cytokine storm, leading to the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in COVID-19 patients. 14663 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Low rate of COVID-19 found in women admitted for childbirth at Cedars-Sinai A study conducted by investigators at Cedars-Sinai suggests that universal testing of asymptomatic pregnant women in labor maj not be necessary at every hospital. The investigation was prompted by reports from several large hospitals in New York City that nearly 14% of asymptomatic women admitted for childbirth had tested positive for COVID-19 during the early weeks of the pandemic. The women did 14662 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Let's Rebuild the Broken Meat Industry—Without Animals Covid-19 has laid bare many flaws of industrialized animal agriculture. Plant- and cell-based alternatives offer a more resilient solution. 14661 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. BIDMC-developed vaccines protect against COVID-19 in non-human primates, study finds A pair of new studies led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) sheds new light on two questions: whether vaccines will prevent infection with COVID-19, and whether individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 are protected against re-exposure. Both studies were published today in the journal Science. 14660 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Government accepts schools may not open to more pupils on June 1 More than 30 councils say varied Covid-19 infection rates mean some regions are not ready 14659 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. UK plans for contact-tracing in doubt as app not ready until June Deputy chief scientific adviser suggests track-and-trace stopped in March due to lack of capacity 'No one had any idea': Contact tracers lack knowledge about Covid-19 job Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Plans to introduce coronavirus tracing have been hit by fresh uncertainty as it emerged that a mobile tracking app will not be ready until June. Matt Hancock, the hea 14658 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Nigerian government's plan to tackle COVID-19 leaves urban poor further disadvantaged The Nigerian government has adopted a range of strategies to manage the spread of COVID-19. However, as desirable as the strategies maj seem, the urban poor are disproportionately negatively affected. Lagos city is a case in point. 14657 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The mixed reality headsets helping Covid-19 medics submitted by /u/Saoirse-on-Thames [link] [comments] 14656 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: UK aims to recruit 25,000 contact tracers by June The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14655 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. ASTRO survey: Fewer patients despite enhanced safety measures at radiation oncology clinics Despite facing challenges such as limited access to PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak, radiation oncology clinics quickly implemented safety enhancements that allowed them to continue caring for cancer patients, according to a new national survey from the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO). All 222 physician leaders in the survey collected April 16-30 said their practices continued to 14654 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 patients may have lower stroke rates than previously suggested Fewer people than previously reported suffer from stroke as a result of COVID-19, a new analysis finds. However, strokes that accompany the pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2, appear to be more severe. 14653 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Doctors Are Using Mixed Reality to Treat COVID-19 Patients Doctors in the U.K. have started using mixed reality headsets to communicate with their peers, drastically cutting down how many medical workers need to come into contact with COVID-19 patients. The Microsoft goggles let the wearer communicate with colleagues or request information like x-ray results from technicians waiting safely in a different room, BBC News reports . And while the idea seems 14652 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Experts lead the charge in rethinking how we work With COVID-19 ravaging economies, Harvard Professor Julie Battilana, and colleagues around the globe, issued an urgent plea: We need to transform the way we work. 14651 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 related strokes, other neurological impact under study Traditional stroke treatments like clot-dissolving tPA and surgical removal of big clots in the brain are good choices as well when the stroke results from SARS-CoV-2 infection, investigators report. 14650 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. People who've had COVID-19 show promising disease-fighting cells in their blood Researchers observed that people who recover from COVID-19 carry immune cells in their blood called T cells that target the novel coronavirus. (Pexels /) One of the key mysteries surrounding the novel coronavirus is whether people who recover from COVID-19 develop lasting immunity that will protect them from becoming reinfected in the future. It's still going to be awhile before we can answer thi 14649 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The race is on for a covid-19 test you can take at home You are feeling feverish and have a cough. Is it just a cold, or is it covid-19? That's a question that's going to be hanging over all of us, possibly for several years. Right now, getting tested for the coronavirus means going to a doctor or a drive-in clinic and potentially exposing other people, and even then, a test can be hard to obtain. The US Centers for Disease Control is still telling pe 14648 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Testing Currently available tests for COVID-19 are imperfect but useful if used properly, with rapidly evolving research on new tests underway. 14647 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Creating a Covid-19 Vaccine Is Taking So Long Developing a vaccine that's both effective and safe is grueling, methodical work. And once we have one, we'll need many, many doses too. 14646 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. UK taps bank boss to boost tracing programme PM vows system for tracking contacts of Covid-19 victims will be in place by June 1 14645 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Tip of the iceberg: Existing racial inequalities in death from COVID-19 will soar Lifesaving innovations for COVID-19 will only markedly increase the already existing racial inequalities, if public health initiatives for equitable dissemination throughout all communities are not immediately developed. The introduction of drugs for HIV, respiratory distress syndrome, and hepatitis C resulted in racial inequalities. Moreover, before the introduction of the Salk polio vaccine in 1 14644 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. How Does a Virus Spread in Cities? It's a Problem of Scale Population density didn't make Covid-19 worse in New York City. If you want to know what went wrong, you have to think a lot smaller. 14643 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Welcome Back, Animals! – Issue 85: Reopening The shelter-in-place orders and the massive drop in human activity in our cities, designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, have given us surprising and unexpected sightings of wildlife species across cities around the world. But beyond general awe—and a brief respite from the gloominess of the news—what can seeing all of this wildlife tell us about human-deprived spaces? Although the media has ma 14642 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. More vaccines have protected monkeys against covid-19, suggesting they might work in people Studies on macaques suggest that infection with the coronavirus grants some immunity to catching it again—and that vaccines also seem to offer some protection. The questions: Does getting infected by the coronavirus make you immune? And can a vaccine do the same job? In two studies published today in Science, a group led by researchers at Harvard University's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 14641 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers may have uncovered the Achilles heel of viruses A new research study headed by the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University, Denmark, identifies how viruses avoid the body's immune system and cause infections and diseases. The new knowledge could pave the way for the treatment of viral diseases such as COVID-19. 14640 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Jacinda Ardern flags four-day working week as way to rebuild New Zealand after Covid-19. "We need to retain all the productivity benefits working from home has brought, including cleaner air and a lack of gridlock lost productivity from commuting while helping businesses stay afloat" submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14639 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Ministerium ændrer lov efter kritik fra PLO Beskæftigelsesministeriet ændrer aftaletekst, så praktiserende læger udelukkende skal vurdere, om en lønmodtager har øget risiko for at få COVID-19. Alternativet var en helt umulig opgave, siger PLO-formand. 14638 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Listen: Am I Depressed? Many of our isolated lives fit the normal criteria for depression, but of course these aren't normal times. So when the world is this depressing, how do you tell when you're actually depressed? On this episode of Social Distance , the clinical psychologist Jennifer Rapke joins James Hamblin and Katherine Wells to explain how to think through mental-health questions in the time of COVID-19. Listen 14637 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Whole World Is Sitting Shiva Sarah Davis survived the Holocaust. Decades later, when she was 95, she succumbed to COVID-19. Six of us stood around her grave at measured distances from one another; her children and grandson spoke of her life. In the far distance, four mortuary employees waited for the service to conclude so they could fill in the gravesite. All of us wore masks. Later that same day, a woman whose father had d 14636 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. FDA Lists Bio-Rad's CFX96 Dx Real-Time PCR System for IVD Testing Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), a global leader of life science research and clinical diagnostic products, today announced that its CFX96 Dx Real-Time PCR System has been listed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for IVD testing and maj be used to help in the diagnosis of COVID-19. 14635 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: Shifting attitudes to migration? Attitudes towards migrants, shaped during the current COVID-19 crisis, could have a significant impact on future political decision-making about immigration policy, according to an article this week from Oxford's Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS). 14634 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Er der varig immunitet efter COVID-19? Det er endnu uvist, men meget tyder på at varig immunitet mod COVID-19, skriver praktiserende læge Thomas Birk Kristiansen 14633 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Kronik: Vidtrækkende covid-19-beslutninger blev taget baseret på første gennemregning [no content] 14632 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Tackling alcohol harms must be an integral part of the nation's recovery from COVID-19 As the UK and most other countries went into lockdown, the need to save lives from the coronavirus rightly took priority over longer term health issues. But experts writing in The BMJ today warn that 'if we don't prepare for emerging from the pandemic, we will see the toll of increased alcohol harm for a generation.' 14631 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Urgent call to protect 7 million high-risk older US adults from COVID-19 New research calls for more support for older adults in community settings with respiratory illnesses against COVID-19, and not just those in care homes, as around 7 million US adults fall into this category. 14630 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Communist party will survive Covid-19 Beijing's image at home has been helped by the disastrous response in the US and UK 14629 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Why you're having freaky dreams during COVID-19 If you're experiencing unusual or scary dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic, there's simple ways to get a better night's sleep, says neurologist Patrick McNamara. During the COVID-19 pandemic, some confess to crawling into bed at an earlier hour, while others have found themselves running on just a few hours of sleep to keep up with work and personal responsibilities. Whether you're getting a ful 14628 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Immunogenicity of a DNA vaccine candidate for COVID-19 Nature Communications, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-16505-0 There is currently no licensed SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Here, the authors generate an optimized DNA vaccine candidate encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike antigen, demonstrating induction of specific T cells and neutralizing antibody responses in mice and guinea pigs. These initial results support further development of this 14627 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Viral and host factors related to the clinical outcome of COVID-19 Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2355-0 14626 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. UK needs contact strategy to prevent second wave of covid-19 The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14625 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Inte troligt att barn driver covid-19-pandemin Med stor sannolikhet kan barn med det nya coronaviruset smitta andra, men mycket talar för att de är mindre smittsamma än vuxna och att de inte driver covid-19-pandemin. Skolor och förskolor som hålls öppna torde inte påverka dödligheten hos äldre. Det menar forskare vid Karolinska Institutet som gått igenom 47 relevanta publikationer av covid-19 hos barn. I dagsläget finns nu cirka fem miljoner 14624 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Kronik: Usandt at komplet kildekode for covid-19-prognoser er lagt frit frem [no content] 14623 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Kontaktopsporing, test og isolation er frivillig: »Vi kan ikke fange al smitte. Men vi kan dæmpe den« PLUS. For første gang siden inddæmningsfasen opfordrer Sundhedsstyrelsen covid-19-smittede til at kontakte dem, de har været tæt på, så også de kan isolere sig og blive testet. 14622 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Apple and Google's covid-tracing tech has been released to 23 countries Apple and Google are releasing their much-anticipated "exposure notification" technology to help global health authorities track the coronavirus pandemic. Governments around the world can now use the technology in their own contact tracing apps, subject to approval by the two tech giants. Contact tracing—tracking down those who maj have been exposed to an infectious person—is an important and pro 14621 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Quarantine fatigue has well and truly set in – and that could spell trouble | Arwa Mahdawi In some US states, bars are already packed again and you can even get your nails done. Will lockdown boredom lead to a dreaded second wave? Coronavirus is officially cancelled: the US is bored of it, so it is over. That is what it feels like, anyway. In Wisconsin, bars are packed ; Texas has reopened restaurants ; and Mississippi and Louisiana are reopening their casinos . People in Georgia can g 14620 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. A Vision of Our Post-Lockdown Future – Issue 85: Reopening Xu Jiao was anxious to get back in the gym. Living in Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, she had gone through two months of lockdown. The pandemic hadn't been particularly bad in the city. To date there have been 144 confirmed cases and three deaths, according to official statistics. Still, as with much of China, the lockdown had been severe. Almost everything had been closed and X 14619 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Here's what an unravelling economy could do to couples – new study Social distancing and lockdown mean that many couples are now spending too much time with each other—and not enough time apart. As couples struggle to provide and care for children, the basic rhythm of everyday life has been turned upside down—conditions which have undoubtedly put couples under enormous strain. 14618 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Countries lift lockdowns despite surge in Covid-19 cases Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia under pressure to ease measures as Europe, US reopen 14617 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury warns on physical book sales Publisher says in a worst-case scenario sales of physical books could drop 65 per cent if lockdowns persist 14616 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Global CO2 Emissions Saw Record Drop During Pandemic Lockdown The decline shows how far there is to go to curtail greenhouse gases over the long term 14615 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. World Bank names crisis expert as new chief economist Harvard professor Carmen Reinhart will take over amid global economic fallout from pandemic 14614 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The United States beat China to become the world's most attractive country for investments in renewable energy, and the prospects for the U.S. renewables sector after the pandemic are bright despite the current setbacks, E.Y. said in a new report on Tuesday. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14613 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Athletes During the Pandemic Are Learning What Fans Have Always Known T his past weekend, the most resonant sound in the world of sports, heard by hundreds of millions of people, was a rattle: the soft, metallic clinking of a soccer ball ricocheting off the back of a goal net at Westfalenstadion in Dortmund, Germany. It was the first live goal the Bundesliga, the highest level of soccer competition in Germany, had seen in more than two months, gently shepherded in 14612 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic Caused an 'Extreme' 17% Drop of Daily Global Carbon Emissions in April Here's what that means. 14611 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic likely to cause long-term health problems, Yale School of Public Health finds The coronavirus pandemic's life-altering effects are likely to result in lasting physical and mental health consequences for many people–particularly those from vulnerable populations–a new study led by the Yale School of Public Health finds. 14610 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. We Live in a Patchwork Pandemic Now Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . T here was supposed to be a peak. But the stark turning point, when the number of daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. finally crested and began descending sharply, never happened. Instead, America spent much of April on a disquieting plateau , with every day bringing about 30, 14609 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons from Sierra Leone's Ebola pandemic on the impact of school closures on girls Policymakers globally have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with tough measures. As a result of the risk and uncertainty caused by the virus, economic activity has contracted, hitting firms and workers whose activities rely on face-to-face contacts the hardest. Low-income countries with lower state capacities, including weaker health infrastructure and less data to inform policy, face an even mo 14608 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. M&S to accelerate overhaul as profits hit three-decade low Retailer in talks with landlords as it looks to cut another £500m in costs after pandemic upends high street 14607 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Podcast: Who watches the pandemic watchers? We do Deep Tech is a new subscriber-only podcast that brings alive the people and ideas our editors and reporters are thinking about. Episodes are released every two weeks. We're making this episode—like much of the rest of our coronavirus coverage—free to everyone. No sooner had the stay-at-home orders come down than mobile app developers around the world began to imagine how our smartphones could mak 14606 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Everything You Need to Know About Slow Internet Speeds Our crummy connections are the biggest tech headache in the pandemic. Here's a comprehensive guide to what to do about them. 14605 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Here's what the data say Nature, Published online: 20 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01294-9 Early analyses suggest that female academics are posting fewer preprints and starting fewer research projects than their male peers. 14604 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Insolvency law shake-up to protect UK companies during pandemic Proposed legislation aimed at temporarily suspending wrongful trading provisions 14603 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Experts urge child vaccinations even during pandemic Recent reports from the CDC show a decline in routine child vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has prompted medical experts to sound the alarm about the importance of these essential vaccines. Here, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School pediatricians, Joseph Schwab, an associate professor of pediatrics, and Hanan A. Tanuos, director of primary care and an associate professor of pediatric 14602 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Vets, farmers, and zookeepers can help prevent the next pandemic There have been multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19 in tigers at New York City's Bronx Zoo. Scientists there are now researching the origins of the big cats' infection. (A G/Unsplash/) Lynne Peeples writes about science, health, and the environment from her home office in Seattle. Her work has also appeared in Scientific American , Reuters , Popular Science , Environmental Health News , and Audu 14601 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: America Is Stuck in a Patchwork Pandemic Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Joan Wong The national COVID-19 curve tells one story. The state-by-state numbers tell another, far more nuanced one. This outbreak is waning in some places (New York and New Jersey), while growi 14600 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Public policies in the age of digital disruption We are witnessing a new wave of technological progress with enormous potential to profoundly transform our societies. Together with globalization, climate change, demographic transformations, and the risk of pandemics such as covid-19, digital disruption is generating far-reaching changes in the global economy. Economic growth is almost exclusively a feature of industrial revolutions and is relat 14599 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Pools Will Test the Limits of Social Distancing The thwarted swimmers feel like beached mermaids. People who love swimming have been writing to Bonnie Tsui, the author of the recent swimming ode Why We Swim , to tell her how much they miss the pool, the beach, or the lake, now that they're quarantined. For lots of people, swimming feels like not just a summer pastime, but a ritual that cleanses the body of temporal woes. According to researche 14598 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Macaques show protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2 after infection or after vaccine Two new studies in macaques offer hope that humans could develop protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2, either as the result of a natural infection or by way of a vaccine. 14597 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Half of evangelicals believe Trump is anointed by God Evangelical support of President Trump has baffled many who find his conduct at odds with core Christian values. A recent survey found that 49 percent of white evangelical Protestants believe Trump was chosen by God. Additional data found evangelicals are mixed on his moral character but view him as critical to political victories. For non-Trumpists, one of the most baffling qualities of his pres 14596 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Is Brazenly Interfering With the 2020 Election Imagine that the White House chief of staff wrote a secret memo, at the behest of the president of the United States, to the Treasury secretary and the director of the Office of Management and Budget. In the carefully hidden memo, the chief of staff directs the two to secretly and illegally cut off all federal funding to two key swing states, both led by Democratic governors, with the goal of rig 14595 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Leder: Ministers afvisning af CO2-afgift er Trump værdig [no content] 14594 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump's Favorite TV Network Is Post-parody O ne America News, or OAN, or OANN—whichever you like, it's all the same thing—is Donald Trump's favorite cable-news channel. Mostly this is because One America News seems to agree with Trump about everything, in the same way a dog agrees to chase its own tail. Every day, Trump does something that catches OAN's attention, and it's off to the races. He's part ringleader, part muse. If you're wonde 14593 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: Trump's Medicine Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . NIH / SHUTTERSTOCK / PAUL SPELLA / THE ATLANTIC Yesterday marked a turning point in the president's relationship with misinformation. Trump said he is taking hydroxychloroquine, a medication that 14592 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine Debate Interferes With Recruiting Research Volunteers President Trump's enthusiasm about hydroxychloroquine has made it harder to study if the drug could help treat or prevent COVID-19. Some clinical trials have had trouble recruiting volunteers. 14591 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine Debate Makes It Hard To Recruit Research Volunteers President Trump's enthusiasm about hydroxychloroquine has made it harder to study if the drug could help treat or prevent COVID-19. Some clinical trials have had trouble recruiting volunteers. 14590 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Fact-Checking And Assessing Trump's Letter Of Rebuke To WHO In his letter threatening to withdraw the U.S. from the World Health Organization and halt all funding, Trump made a number of charges about WHO's handling of the coronavirus crisis. (Image credit: @realDonaldTrump / Twitter screengrab by NPR) 14589 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. A new mathematical model predicts areas on a virus that might be especially vulnerable to disabling treatments submitted by /u/God_Wills_It_ [link] [comments] 14588 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. The UK needs to extend its EU transition period With or without a trade deal, the virus-hit economy would face extra burdens 14587 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. We need more than Big Data to track the virus We must take social context into account if we are to stop the spread of the disease 14586 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Holidays up for debate as France looks to rebound from virus Report proposing French work more to aid economic recovery receives chilly response 14585 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Nu må bus og tog fyldes med siddende passagerer: »Man kan nemt risikere at blive smittet« PLUS. Fra mandag måtte tog og busser og fylde alle pladser og halvdelen af ståpladserne. Men flere studier sandsynliggør, at aerosoler gør virussen luftbåren og smitter i lukkede rum. 14584 ….. (Hentet 20.maj 2020 ) ….. Ventilator challenge to cost government £450m despite cancellations Only 2,000 devices delivered after appeal to designers and manufacturers at height of crisis 14583 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Introducing the June 2020 Issue Special report: How the coronavirus pandemic started, where it's headed, and how scientists are fighting back 14582 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Americans See Climate as a Concern, Even Amid Coronavirus Crisis. Two out of three Americans said global warming was either extremely, very or somewhat important to them personally, and more than four in 10 said they would be personally harmed by the effects of a warming planet. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14581 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Geometry Points to Coronavirus Drug Target Candidates A new mathematical model predicts areas on a virus that might be especially vulnerable to disabling treatments 14580 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Why History Urges Caution on Coronavirus Immunity Testing Snorting powdered smallpox scabs and jumping into the beds of those freshly dead from yellow fever. Humanity has gone to extreme lengths in search of immunity before. 14579 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News and Updates President Trump escalated his attacks on the global health group and threatened to cut its funding. He also said he was taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven drug against the coronavirus, as a preventive measure. 14578 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Long-acting injection protects against HIV infection Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01511-5 An antiretroviral injection given every two months prevents men and trans women from becoming infected with HIV, according to results that have not yet been peer-reviewed. Plus: the golden age of physical volcanology and the globe-straddling scientific endeavor to solve the structure of the coronavirus. 14577 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Six-Word Sci-Fi: Write About Love in the Time of Coronavirus Each month we publish a six-word story—and it could be written by you. 14576 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid Is Accelerating the Rise of Faux Meat The supply chain for traditional meat is buckling, and plant-based alternatives from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are filling the void. 14575 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. A Tsunami of Dementia Could Be On the Way The COVID-19 pandemic can damage the aging brain both directly and indirectly 14574 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Could Permanently Transform Transportation The drop in CO2 emissions we're seeing is temporary—but it shows us what might be possible 14573 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 crisis causes 17% drop in global carbon emissions The COVID-19 global lockdown has had an 'extreme' effect on daily carbon emissions, but it is unlikely to last — according to a new analysis by an international team of scientists.The study published in the journal Nature Climate Change shows that daily emissions decreased by 17% — or 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide — globally during the peak of the confinement measures in early April compa 14572 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Modeling COVID-19 data must be done with extreme care, scientists say As the infectious virus causing the COVID-19 disease began its devastating spread around the globe, an international team of scientists was alarmed by the lack of uniform approaches by various countries' epidemiologists to respond to it. 14571 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 is eroding scientific field work – and our knowledge of how the world is changing For the first time in 50 years, ornithologists at the Manomet nature observatory in Plymouth, Massachusetts are not opening their mist nets every weekday at dawn to catch, measure and band migrating songbirds. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the center has essentially canceled its spring field season and will be doing only very limited sampling. Going forward, its long-term banding data will cont 14570 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: are pandemics becoming more common? Ian Sample talks to Prof Kate Jones about whether the current coronavirus pandemic is part of a wider picture of increasing animal-to-human virus transmission. Are we are looking at a future where outbreaks of new infectious diseases become more common?. Help support our independent journalism at 14569 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Paid sick leave mandates may be slowing COVID-19 Paid sick leave mandates like those in the US federal government's Families First Coronavirus Response Act maj be helping to slow the spread of COVID-19, according to a new study. Since 2007, several state and local governments have enacted laws requiring employers to provide their workers with paid sick leave. The researchers studied the effects of these staggered mandate adoptions using multipl 14568 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The Things We've Lost in the Pandemic Human lives, human touch and direct human interactions are gone—and so is the sense that we can trust our leaders to act quickly and effectively in the face of a catastrophe 14567 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Germany: A national survey about the corona pandemic maj 14566 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Nationwide survey about the corona pandemic Majority feels strained, trusts health measures and favors a wealth tax on the rich. 14565 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona förändrar detaljhandeln i grunden Ökad näthandel och lokal shopping, mer närproduktion och större fokus på hållbarhet. Detta kan bli några konsekvenser av hur detaljhandeln påverkas av corona-krisen spår forskaren Jonas Colliander, vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm. För företagen handlar det om att snabbt kliva in i det nya normaltillståndet. Corona-pandemin har slagit hårt mot detaljhandeln. Social distans betyder att färre kunde 14564 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Teledata afslører: Høj mobilitet gør storbyer udsatte for corona PLUS. Modeller bygget på bevægelsesmønstre fra mobiltelefoner kan give essentiel viden, når udsatte byer skal sikres mod en ny epidemi, hvis der kommer en anden bølge af sygdommen. 14563 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. CO2-udledningen falder drastisk, men en coronakrise er 'ikke særlig effektiv' i klimakampen Udviklingen viser, hvor stor en opgave det er at nå Paris-aftalens mål, lyder det. 14562 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. En krise kan afvikle og udvikle Coronakrisen var katalysatoren, der på rekordtid lagde grobund for innovation muliggjort af fleksibilitet og imødekommenhed hos alle, skriver Jakob Bjerg Larsen, politisk chef for kliniske forsøg og lægemiddelproduktion i Lif. 14561 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Vaccintest på människor gav positiva resultat Ett amerikansk bioteknikföretag har fått lovande resultat från en första vaccinstudie mot coronapandemin. Nu går försöken in i fas 2. Och Matti Sällberg, professor vid Karolinska institutet, ser positivt på utvecklingen. – Det är den typen av data som man vill se i en tidig studie, säger han. 14560 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Minskade utsläpp under corona-pandemin Den första vetenskapligt granskade artikeln om utsläppsminskningar i pandemins spår publiceras i dag i Nature Climate Change. Bakom den står en internationell grupp av forskare som ingår i forskarnätverket Future Earth. 14559 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Venezuela in bid to force Bank of England to transfer $1bn of gold Legal claim launched to help fund Covid-19 response in South American country Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Venezuela's central bank has made a legal claim to try to force the Bank of England to hand over £930m ($1.13bn) of gold so the government of Nicolás Maduro can fund its coronavirus response, according to the document submitted in a London court. The claim fo 14558 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. German investors' optimism about economic outlook grows Lifting of coronavirus lockdowns helps fuel confidence in future prospects 14557 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Global CO2 emissions to drop 4-7% in 2020, but will it matter? Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are set to drop by up to seven percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, but even this dramatic decline—the sharpest since WWII—would barely dent longterm global warming, researchers reported Tuesday. 14556 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How environmental racism is fuelling the coronavirus pandemic Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01453-y Toxic living conditions have long inflated death rates. Scientists must learn to track these patterns of inequality. 14555 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How to rebuild the global economy | Kristalina Georgieva The coronavirus pandemic shattered the global economy. To put the pieces back together, we need to make sure money is going to the countries that need it the most — and that we rebuild financial systems that are resilient to shocks, says Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund. She takes us inside the massive economic stimulus efforts leading the world toward re 14554 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Special Report: The Coronavirus Pandemic How it started, where it's headed, and how scientists are fighting back 14553 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: Drug Maker Reports Early Success In Vaccine Trial NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Dr. Celine Gounder, an epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist, about what the data tells about the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. 14552 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Australia threatens China with WTO challenge over barley tariffs Tensions between trading partners rise after Canberra called for inquiry into coronavirus 14551 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. There will be no winners in the UK's coronavirus blame game | Gaby Hinsliff As the spats continue, the Commons science and technology committee paints a more nuanced picture of what went wrong Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Advisers advise, as the old saying goes, but politicians decide. What it doesn't add but should is that when those decisions go wrong, both sides are monumentally tempted to blame the other. And so it has proved with cor 14550 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Large companies are incentivized to ignore worker safety, study finds A study of over 100,000 Oregon-based businesses found companies are incentivized to ignore worker safety. As states begin to reopen, 17 states are seeing increased numbers of coronavirus cases. The biggest outbreaks are occurring at cramped and unsanitary meatpacking plants. For a few weeks the media emphasized the need for hazard pay, or as some corporations called it, "hero's pay." While corona 14549 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus contact-tracing apps: can they slow the spread of COVID-19? Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01514-2 Google, Apple and researchers partner to build more secure and effective tools, but poor adoption could blunt efficacy. 14548 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Celebrities and ostentatious wealth lose their appeal in coronavirus crisis Perhaps more of today's 16-year-olds will aspire to become doctors rather than superyacht owners 14547 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Japanese couples put off parenthood as coronavirus fears mount Birth rate likely to go even lower in a society already suffering population decline 14546 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How the Coronavirus Got Its Close-Up, Thanks to Electrons This teeny, tiny particle doesn't just expose what the pathogen looks like—it's already helped scientists design a vaccine now in trials. 14545 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Tackle coronavirus in vulnerable communities Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01440-3 The pandemic has hit care homes, prisons and low-income communities hardest. Researchers are ready to help, but need data to be collected and shared. 14544 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus is widening the gap in schools Experts fear that the lockdown will have a permanent impact on the most disadvantaged 14543 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: India case count climbs above 100,000 [no content] 14542 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus lays bare inequities in K-12 education Imagine doing your high school math or history homework while also being the full-time caregiver for your younger sibling. 14541 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Are Cloning the Coronavirus Like Crazy. Here's Why—and the Risks Most biomedical researchers are busy finding ways to squash the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, synthetic biologists are busy cloning it in droves. In late February a team from the University of Bern, led by Dr. Volker Thiel, published a relatively simple recipe to artificially cook up SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, in the lab. It required only two main ingredients: synthetic chunks of t 14540 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: WHO chief promises independent review of global response as US deaths pass 90,000 Trump taking hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19; IMF chief says full economic recovery unlikely in 2021; Italy records lowest deaths since March. Follow the latest updates WHO chief promises review of coronavirus response Trump says he's taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warnings Global report: Italy reopens cafes as Spain prepares for return of tourists Australia coronavirus updates – live 14539 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UK government advised to 'urgently' build up contact tracing capacity The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14538 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UK minister sparks blame game over coronavirus policy mistakes Thérèse Coffey criticises government scientists for decisions that fuelled high number of care home deaths 14537 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. To set coronavirus policy, model lives and livelihoods in lockstep Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01504-4 Economists must improve tools to weigh trade-offs between health and wealth, says Andy Haldane. 14536 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Mass evacuations for major cyclone in South Asia Millions of people were being moved to safety as one of the fiercest cyclones in years barrelled towards India and Bangladesh on Tuesday, but with evacuation plans complicated by coronavirus precautions. 14535 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Hungary's Orban comes under fire for coronavirus response Emboldened opposition criticises government over healthcare failures 14534 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus set to cause biggest emissions fall since second world war The coronavirus lockdown will see global carbon emissions fall by a fifth compared with last year, but this dramatic drop won't slow climate change 14533 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Contact Tracing Helps Scientists To Study The Ways The Coronavirus Spreads NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Muge Cevik, an infectious disease specialist at the University of St. Andrews in the U.K., about scientists using contact tracing to learn how the coronavirus spreads. 14532 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Never Go Back to the Office At least half of the American labor force is working from home, and the question now confronting bosses isn't when their employees can come back to the office but whether they should do so at all. More than two months into the quarantine, coronavirus testing, contact tracing, and treatment protocols are still works in progress in the United States, and a vaccine is still some time away. Not coinc 14531 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Update: CDC Publishes A Report About The Coronavirus Outbreak In Arkansas NPR's economics and science correspondents discuss the latest in the nation's response to the coronavirus pandemic. 14530 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus vaccine trials have their first results — but their promise is still unclear Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01092-3 Scientists urge caution over hints of success emerging from small human and animal studies. 14529 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. I think about one special coronavirus victim as I cry myself to sleep maj be it was because she was a healthcare worker and a mother whose family could not be there when she died Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Why was she so special to me? Despite having done this job for a few years, sometimes it is impossible to predict which patients will be the ones you take home with you, the ones you think about as you cry yourself to sleep. maj b 14528 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Lægestafetten: I denne tid er jeg ekstra stolt af mine kolleger Lungemediciner Poul Henning Madsen glæder sig over, hvordan en hård tid med coronavirus viser sammenhold og vilje blandt hans kolleger på sygehuset. De dage, hvor han formår at komme hjem i ordentlig tid, spiller han 'Pandemic' med sine to døtre. 14527 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. To prevent a second coronavirus wave, we need to look beyond the R number | Rowland Kao Outbreaks don't follow a straightforward pattern. To minimise risk, we must limit mass gatherings and deploy proper testing Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As the UK begins to ease lockdown restrictions, attention has turned to the prospect of a second wave of coronavirus cases. In Germany, where shops and restaurants have tentatively reopened, the reproduction numbe 14526 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates The World Health Organization's annual meeting has entered its second day, after an opening dominated by a feud between China and the U.S. President Trump threatened to defund the organization in a new letter. 14525 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Smoking probably puts you at greater risk of coronavirus, not less Early data indicated that smokers maj be less likely to be hospitalised with coronavirus, but broader analyses suggest smokers are actually at higher risk 14524 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. What to Know About Hydroxychloroquine Here are the facts on hydroxychloroquine, which the president has promoted to fight Covid-19 despite warnings from the F.D.A. that it can cause heart problems. 14523 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Lombardy lessons for policy and governance Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01502-6 14522 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Children not immune to coronavirus; new study from pandemic epicenter describes severe COVID-19 response in children While most children infected with the novel coronavirus have mild symptoms, a subset requires hospitalization and a small number require intensive care. A new report from pediatric anesthesiologists, infectious disease specialists and pediatricians at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore ( (CHAM) and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, describes the clinical characteristi 14521 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Six tips for data sharing in the age of the coronavirus Nature, Published online: 19 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01516-0 Researchers are rushing to pool resources and data sets to tackle the pandemic, but the new era of openness comes with concerns around privacy, ownership and ethics. 14520 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. A.C.L.U. Warns Against Fever-Screening Tools for Coronavirus A report by the civil liberties group contends that reliance on thermal cameras and temperature-sensing guns to resume work at factories and offices and to encourage travel is flawed and intrusive. 14519 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Bond investors balk at use of 'ebitdac' to skirt debt restrictions Investors warn companies not to make coronavirus-related adjustments to boost profits 14518 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Addressing the Coronavirus's Outsized Toll on People of Color U.S. scientists say that better data, testing and hospital preparedness are key to tackling the significant racial disparities 14517 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Biologist Has Great Advice on COVID Infection Risks Amidst a global pandemic, it's becoming increasingly difficult to sort the safe from the risky. Should we wear masks outdoors? What happens when a cyclist or runner passes by while not wearing one? That's why University of Massachusetts Dartmouth associate professor of biology Erin Bromage decided to start a blog about how to keep safe — and his latest post is going viral because it confronts dif 14516 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. London carbon emissions fall by 59% during COVID-19 lockdown Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in European cities has reduced by up to 75% due to the COVID-19 lockdown, with a 59% reduction in London, a new study has revealed. 14515 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Losing Touch: Another Drawback of the COVID-19 Pandemic Affectionate touches tap into the nervous system's rest and digest mode, reducing the release of stress hormones, bolstering the immune system, and stimulating brainwaves linked with relaxation. 14514 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Modified clinical trial protocol created in response to urgency of COVID-19 pandemic A new paper published online in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society describes a nimble, pragmatic and rigorous multicenter clinical trial design to meet urgent community needs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. 14513 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Study shows vulnerable populations with less education more likely to believe, share misinformation As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens public health around the world, misinformation regarding its treatment, causes and cures has abounded. A University of Kansas study has found that vulnerable populations, often those most severely affected by such crises, are also at a high risk of consuming and sharing such misinformation online, while also struggling to assess information's credibility. 14512 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The COVID-19 pandemic affects all college students, but probably not equally With the sudden closure of campuses across the nation to curb the spread of COVID-19 , undergraduate students relocated to a wide variety of living situations, many of which present challenges to learning. Researchers from Penn State and the University of Connecticut have received a one-year $199,156 Rapid Response Research (RAPID) grant from the National Science Foundation to map the complex land 14511 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The Nigerian Fraudsters Ripping Off the Unemployment System Security researchers have spotted the "Scattered Canary" group scamming vital benefits programs amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 14510 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Thousands of lives could be lost to delays in cancer surgery during COVID-19 pandemic Delays to cancer surgery and other treatment caused by the COVID-19 crisis could result in thousands of additional deaths linked to the pandemic in England, a major new study reports.New modelling has revealed the extent of the impact that disruption to the cancer care and diagnosis pathway could have on the survival of cancer patients. 14509 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Nanotech could diagnose COVID-19 and gauge death risk A point-of-care platform that uses either nanoparticles or magnetic levitation could diagnose COVID-19 infection and assess future risk, researchers say. "Such technology would not only be useful in protecting health care centers from becoming overwhelmed, but could also prevent severe shortages of health care resources, minimize death rates , and improve management of future epidemics and pandem 14508 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. X-ray experiments zero in on COVID-19 antibodies An antibody derived from a SARS survivor in 2003 appears to effectively neutralize the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, opening the door for speedy development of a targeted treatment. 14507 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 antibody testing needn't be perfect to guide public health and policy decisions While it's too soon to use COVID-19 antibody testing to issue 'immunity passports', antibody tests that are available today are good enough to inform decisions about public health and relaxing social distancing interventions, says an international group of infectious disease and public health experts in Science Immunology today. 14506 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Statistical approach to COVID-19 clinical trials aims to accelerate drug approval process MIT researchers develop analytics focused on accelerating COVID-19 therapeutics clinical trials and attracting more funding for vaccines and anti-infectives. 14505 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 crisis triage — Optimizing health outcomes and disability rights New England Journal of Medicine article offers policy recommendations for triage protocols that save the most lives and protect core values, such as the equal moral worth of all people. 14504 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Radio: The medium that is best dealing with the COVID-19 crisis–rtm051920.php During lockdown, the Media Psychology Lab, directed by Emma Rodero, a lecturer with the UPF Department of Communication, has conducted a study on the listening habits, consumption, credibility and psychological impact of the radio in the COVID-19 crisis. Everything indicates that radio sets the bar quite high with its treatment of the crisis. 14503 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How COVID-19 Deaths Are Counted Assigning a cause of death is never straightforward, but data on excess deaths suggest coronavirus death tolls are likely an underestimate 14502 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. US considers backing away from WHO move on Covid-19 drug patents Trump warns funding to body will stop if it fails to 'commit to substantive improvements in next 30 days' 14501 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. 155 companies — with a combined market capitalization of over US$ 2.4 trillion and representing over 5 million employees — are urging Governments around the world to align their COVID-19 economic aid and recovery efforts with the latest climate science. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14500 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Radical measures' required: how Covid-19 has hit UK labour market Crisis exacerbates inequalities with hiring falling sharply and unemployment set to soar 14499 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Britain needs a new 3i A decentralised government venture fund would help SMEs climb out of the Covid-19 hole 14498 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Self-isolating? Get fit faster with multi-ghost racing Eager to ramp up your fitness while stuck at home? A new generation of virtual reality (VR) exergames nudges home-based cyclists to perform a lot better by immersing them in a crowd of cyclists. And as all cyclists participating in the race are versions of the flesh-and-blood player, the Covid-19 norms of social distancing are maintained even in the parallel universe of VR. 14497 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Antofagasta slashes final dividend as Chile fears new Covid-19 outbreak Mining group cuts payout to shareholders days before they were due to receive it 14496 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet: First prospective study of critically ill COVID-19 patients from New York City sheds light on how virus affects adult patients in USA A detailed report from 257 COVID-19 patients admitted to two hospitals in New York City, USA from 2 March to 1 April 2020, and followed for at least 28 days, is published today in The Lancet, offering a snapshot of how the virus affects adults requiring hospital care. 14495 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. MIT engineers propose a safer method for sharing ventilators Researchers from MIT and Brigham and Women's Hospital have developed a new way to share ventilators between patients, which they believe could be used as a last resort to treat Covid-19 patients in acute respiratory distress. 14494 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Why do some COVID-19 patients infect many others, whereas most don't spread the virus at all? Preventing big clusters of cases would help curb the pandemic, scientists say 14493 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Study reveals mental health of medical personnel working with COVID-19 patients Medical personnel treating coronavirus cases in China have higher rates of anxiety and other mental health symptoms than the general population, according to a new study in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ning Sun of Ningbo College of Health Science in Ningbo China, and colleagues. 14492 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Mount Sinai first in US using artificial intelligence to analyze COVID-19 patients Technology maj lead to rapid diagnosis based on CT scans and patient data. 14491 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 puts brakes on global emissions Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel sources reached a maximum daily decline of 17 per cent in April as a result of drastic decline in energy demand that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. 14490 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Biogen Uses its Own Superspreader Event to Aid COVID-19 Research A blood biobank allows scientists to study the immune responses to the coronavirus among infected Biogen employees and their contacts. 14489 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Latest 'Youth COVID-19' study shows young people worried for their future Today's young people can be dubbed the "Coronavirus Generation" and the pandemic will have a long-lasting effect on their lives, according to a University of Huddersfield lecturer who has helped analyse the data from a research project that aimed to appraise the impact of the virus on UK youth. 14488 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Loss of Smell, Confusion, Strokes: Does COVID-19 Target the Nervous System? Reports of patients with neurological symptoms have emerged during the pandemic. Scientists don't yet know whether these are a direct effect of the virus or part of the body's response to infection. 14487 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Reagent solution may bust COVID-19 testing bottleneck Researchers have developed a way to create more crucial reagents for use in COVID-19 tests that could provide enhancements to the use and production of future tests. The high demand for the reagents used in COVID-19 tests has created some supply issues in the UK (and even more so for developing countries) so the researchers decided to try to make more of the enzymes needed to produce reagents the 14486 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Failure to explain UK's halt to mass Covid-19 testing in March 'unacceptable' Public Health England must give scientific reasoning, MPs say in letter to Boris Johnson Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The failure to explain why the government took the significant and consequential decision to drop community testing at the start of the coronavirus outbreak is unacceptable, MPs have said in a damning letter to Boris Johnson. The science and techno 14485 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 tests compared In an important, comprehensive, and timely review, an expert team from the University of California Berkeley details the methodologies used in nucleic acid-based tests for detecting the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. They show that these tests vary widely in applicability to mass screening and urge further improvements in testing technologies to increase speed and availabi 14484 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UK deaths since virus struck almost 55,000 above average, says ONS Excess deaths are highest in Europe and 20,000 above country's official Covid-19 toll 14483 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UK is bulk buying hydroxychloroqine as potential Covid-19 treatment Drug taken by Trump being acquired in case it proves effective against coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug being taken by Donald Trump as an unproven protection against coronavirus, is being bought in bulk by the UK in case it does turn out to be an effective Covid-19 treatment. Ministers are seeking 16m tablets in p 14482 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Vaccine trial, China's autonomous cars, Huawei Positive results from the first US Covid-19 trial raised investors' hopes of an economic rebound 14481 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. We Just Got Promising Early Results For One COVID-19 Vaccine in The US There's still a way to go. 14480 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Stocks gain as investors welcome call for European recovery fund Positive results in Covid-19 vaccine trial had helped boost sentiment on Monday 14479 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 will blight the prospects of a generation If history is any guide, this grim start will haunt new graduates foryears to come 14478 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Due to COVID-19, anyone can now tune into Microsoft's annual coding conference for free Every year, big tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook use developer conferences to entice coders to work on apps, devices, and other software to run on their respective platforms. The pandemic, of course, put the brakes on large gatherings, which makes bringing 5,000 coders together impossible. Rather than canceling its festivities this year, Microsoft is currently putting on its Bui 14477 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Higher ed isn't immune to COVID-19, but the crisis will make it stronger America's higher education system is under great scrutiny as it adapts to a remote-learning world. These criticisms will only make higher ed more innovative. While there are flaws in the system and great challenges ahead, higher education has adapted quickly to allow students to continue learning. John Katzman, CEO of online learning organization Noodle Partners, believes this is cause for optimi 14476 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Despite Covid-19, Gun Violence Continues to Strain Hospitals In metropolitan trauma units around the nation, the number of patients seeking care for gunshot wounds or stabbings appears to be holding steady, despite widespread orders to shelter at home to contain the spread of disease — straining hospitals full of doctors who are already busy fighting Covid-19. 14475 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Six feet not far enough to stop virus transmission in light winds Airborne transmission of viruses, like the virus causing COVID-19, is not well understood, but a good baseline for study is a deeper understanding of how particles travel through the air when people cough. In Physics of Fluids, researchers discuss a simulation they created that examines saliva droplets moving through the air in front of a coughing person. The work shows that with a slight breeze o 14474 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Didn't Artificial Intelligence Save Us From Covid-19? The key to good AI is solid data, and that's been tough to come by in a global health crisis. 14473 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers urge clinical trial of blood pressure drug to prevent complication of Covid-19 Researchers in the Ludwig Center at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center report they have identified a drug treatment that could–if given early enough–potentially reduce the risk of death from the most serious complication of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), also known as SARS-CoV-2 infection. 14472 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Stanford researcher envisions energy and environment landscape after COVID-19 Global carbon dioxide emissions are down dramatically in the wake of COVID-19. A new study pinpoints where energy demand has dropped the most, estimates the impact on annual emissions and points the way to a less polluted future. 14471 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. High rate of blood clots in COVID-19 COVID-19 is associated with a high incidence of venous thromboembolism, blood clots in the venous circulation, according to a study conducted by researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS), UK. 14470 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Partial measures compromise effectiveness of efforts to combat COVID-19 A study at the Faculty of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba shows that comprehensive implementation of COVID-19 infection prevention measures boosts their effectiveness, while partial implementation compromises it. Using a computer model to simulate COVID-19 infection prevention measures in a virtual "town," the study tracked the spread of the disease across 27 combinations of measures. Mea 14469 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19's Toll on Prison Labor Doesn't Just Hurt Inmates Work stoppages impact the incarcerated workforce as well. The financial losses extend beyond the walls. 14468 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Immunotherapy, steroids had positive outcomes in children with COVID-related multi-system inflammatory syndrome Treatment with antibodies purified from donated blood — immune globulin therapy — and steroids restored heart function in the majority of children with COVID-related multi-system inflammatory syndrome, according to new research published yesterday in Circulation, the flagship journal of the American Heart Association. 14467 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Rolling 50/30 day cycle of lockdown and relaxation could help manage COVID-19 An alternating cycle of 50 days of strict lockdown followed by 30 days of easing could be an effective strategy for reducing the number of COVID-19-related deaths and admissions to intensive care units, say an international team of researchers. 14466 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Traffic Is Way Down Because Of Lockdown, But Air Pollution? Not So Much Car traffic took a big dip beginning in late March, and headlines celebrated clean air around the U.S. But an NPR analysis of EPA data tells a more troubling story. (Image credit: Daniel Wood/NPR) 14465 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. During Lockdown, Google Maps Gives My Son a Way Out From our kitchen in Queens, he had created a paracosm—a fantasyland. And his journey has led him not to Mordor but to minor-league baseball stadiums. 14464 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. In the middle of a nationwide lockdown, India is preparing for a super cyclone India has been planning for an extreme weather season in the context of COVID-19 for some time. (NASA Worldview /) On the Bay of Bengal this week, an environmental disaster has a name: Amphan. The storm, which was recently reclassified from a super cyclone to a slightly less severe, super cyclonic storm, is among the strongest storms ever to be recorded in the Bay. It could potentially impact alm 14463 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Spain's PM agrees accord to extend powers underpinning lockdown Pedro Sánchez looks set to win parliamentary 'state of alert' vote after Ciudadanos deal 14462 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Health or livelihood? Lockdowns force the world's poorest into deadly trade-offs Abu Bakr's family had packed up their improvised tents in Sindh, south-east Pakistan, by mid-October 2019. Three months earlier, they had lost their houses and fields due to uncharacteristically heavy monsoon rains. Now they were returning to their village near the settlement of Mirpur Sakro to rebuild their homes. But any hope that the family could return to normality might turn out to be short-l 14461 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons from a Warzone — how to lead a business in a crisis Syrian banker Louai Al Roumani offers a compelling guide for leaders grappling with the pandemic 14460 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. A near full-length HIV-1 genome from 1966 recovered from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue [Evolution] With very little direct biological data of HIV-1 from before the 1980s, far-reaching evolutionary and epidemiological inferences regarding the long prediscovery phase of this pandemic are based on extrapolations by phylodynamic models of HIV-1 genomic sequences gathered mostly over recent decades. Here, using a very sensitive multiplex RT-PCR assay, we… 14459 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Compass seeks £2bn in biggest fundraising since pandemic began Offer to be open to both institutional and retail investors as coronavirus has 'profound impact' on catering giant 14458 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Hiding Your Pandemic Boyfriend From Instagram "When I look at my choices as objectively as possible, I should not be doing this," a 26-year-old speech pathologist told me, referring to the romance she started a few weeks ago. The speech pathologist, who asked to not be identified by name to avoid repercussions at work, has been renting a car and driving from her home in Washington, D.C., to her new boyfriend's home in Baltimore a few times a 14457 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic Brings Some African Tech Workers Luxe Lodging Samasource, which employs data labelers as a form of aid program, is housing them in hotels after its offices were closed by government lockdowns. 14456 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Study: Pandemic Caused 17% Drop in Global Carbon Emissions Cleaner Air According to a new study by scientists at the University of East Anglia in the UK, daily carbon emissions have decreased by an astonishing 17 percent due to the coronavirus pandemic. The last time levels were this low was in 2006. "Population confinement has led to drastic changes in energy use and CO2 emissions," Corinne Le Quéré, professor at the University of East Anglia, and lead 14455 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UN agency warns pandemic could kill 1 in 8 museums worldwide Museums are starting to reopen in some countries as governments ease coronavirus restrictions, but experts warn one in eight worldwide could face permanent closure due to the pandemic. 14454 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How a pandemic created a cleaner planet Scientists quantify fall in emissions – but more is needed. 14453 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Charli XCX Captures the Weird Intimacy of Quarantine What is the pandemic doing to the passage of time? Are the days blurring into one another? Plodding ? Dissolving ? Charli XCX, the crafty U.K. pop star, thought she had an answer. "The days are warping," the 27-year-old sang in the rough draft of a verse she'd written for her made-in-quarantine album, How I'm Feeling Now . On her Instagram feed in April, while sitting in front of a funky brick fi 14452 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Dimon says pandemic is 'wake-up call' to build fairer economy JPMorgan Chase boss says business and government must act and invest for common good 14451 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Work stress may be killing you Our mental health and mortality have a strong correlation with the amount of autonomy we have at our job, our workload and job demands, and our cognitive ability to deal with those demands, researchers report. As millions continue working from home during the pandemic or are required to report to jobs as essential employees , many have raised questions about how these work conditions affect our h 14450 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Crisis Schooling' and the New Rhythms of Pandemic Parenting The past few months have given parents a crash course in becoming an educator. We're not really up to the task, and that's OK. 14449 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Is the Pandemic Sparking Suicide? Psychiatrists are confronted with an urgent natural experiment, and the outcome is far from predictable. 14448 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Are There Zombie Viruses — Like The 1918 Flu — Thawing In The Permafrost? As if the pandemic weren't enough, people are wondering whether climate change will cause pathogens buried in frozen ground to come back to life as the Arctic warms. How worried should we be? (Image credit: Varham Muradyan for NPR) 14447 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. PopSci's Summer issue is available now—for everyone While we all stay safe at home, Popular Science is making our Summer issue, which is exclusively publishing as a digital edition, available to everyone. (The Voorhes/) There was a lot we didn't know a year ago when we picked "Play" as the topic for our Summer issue. We didn't know that a pandemic would put much of the United States and the world on lockdown. We didn't know the Olympics, one of th 14446 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Experts Think The Coal Industry May Never Recover From The Pandemic, And We're Not Sad Is this the end? 14445 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Dear Graduates, I Failed and Failed Until Something Worked Editor's Note: This article is part of a series of commencement addresses commissioned by The Atlantic for students who will not be able to attend their graduations because of the pandemic. Find the collection here . "If you smoke or vape or inject nicotine into your veins, quit now. Kicking the habit only gets harder as you get older. Same with drinking. It's a blast until you're 40 and haven't 14444 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. LIVE AT 1:30 PM: Face adversity like a Navy SEAL Add event to calendar Most of us have been knocked down in one way or another by this pandemic. How can we get back up? And better still, how can we thrive? In this Big Think Live session, Brent Gleeson, Navy SEAL combat veteran, and Nathan Rosenberg, founding partner of management consulting firm Insigniam, discuss what it means to be resilient in times of hardship and how we can let our charact 14443 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. A Texas Court Is Holding The First-Ever Jury Trial Over Zoom Order! A courtroom in Texas is holding what is believed to be the first virtual trial over the videoconferencing program Zoom. It's a real trial for a real case, but the court is also using it as an experiment about how to conduct legal proceedings during the pandemic. The case, a dispute over insurance policy, was held in a condensed format on Monday, Reuters reports . The novelty of the situati 14442 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. The UK government was ready for this pandemic. Until it sabotaged its own system | George Monbiot We were second in the world for preparedness. Then Boris Johnson et al deliberately de-prepared us Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage We are trapped in a long, dark tunnel, all of whose known exits are blocked. There is no plausible route out of the UK's coronavirus crisis that does not involve mass suffering and death. If, as some newspapers and Conservative MPs insist 14441 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Will dine-in restaurants survive the pandemic? Many restaurants maj not survive in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and those that do maj be very different than the restaurants of the past, argues Christopher Muller. By mid-March, mandated dine-in closures affected over 97% of US restaurants. Even as restrictions begin to lift, restaurants, that face razor-thin profit margins under normal circumstances, are struggling to stay afloat. From fi 14440 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Burundi prepares for landmark vote despite pandemic Wednesday's presidential poll comes five years after incumbent's contested win sparked widespread violence 14439 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Why inflation might follow the pandemic Governments should finance their debt at today's ultra-cheap rates with the longest possible maturities 14438 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Anxious? Meditation Can Help You 'Relax Into The Uncertainty' Of The Pandemic ABC News correspondent Dan Harris was broadcasting live in 2004 when he experienced a panic attack. He credits meditation with helping him work through his anxiety — both then and now. (Image credit: Planet Flem/Getty Images) 14437 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. How to Talk About Freedom During a Pandemic An 1875 cartoon of a family enjoying time outside while smallpox and fever lurk behind them (The Cartoon Collector / Print Collector / Getty) So far, COVID-19 has killed more than 90,000 Americans—at least that's the official count. More than 1.5 million have been infected, and every day another 25,000 or so test positive. Despite this, across the country there is an increasing push to ease socia 14436 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Losing Touch: Another Drawback of the Pandemic Affectionate touches tap into the nervous system's rest and digest mode, reducing the release of stress hormones, bolstering the immune system, and stimulating brainwaves linked with relaxation. 14435 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Have Dropped 17 Percent During the Pandemic Some regions, like the US and the UK, have seen their outputs fall by a third, due in large part to people driving less. 14434 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Metaphors Matter in a Time of Pandemic Warfare maj be a rousing way to speechify, but it's perilous when used to describe disasters from hurricanes to viral outbreaks. 14433 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests are useful for population-level assessments In this Focus, Juliet Bryant and colleagues highlight the potential power of population-level serological, or antibody, testing to provide snapshots of infection history and immunity in populations as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses 14432 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Hydroxychloroquine, Trump and Covid-19: what you need to know As the US president reports he is taking antimalarial drug, what are the risks and research? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Hydroxychloroquine and coronavirus: a guide to the scientific studies so far Podcast: the story behind Trump's 'miracle' drug hydroxychloroquine Donald Trump has reignited a controversy over the antimalarial drugs chloroquine and hydroxychloroq 14431 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Member states back WHO after renewed Donald Trump attack US president claimed WHO too willing to accept Chinese explanations over coronavirus outbreak Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Member states have backed a resolution strongly supportive of the World Health Organization, after Donald Trump issued a fresh broadside against the UN body, giving it 30 days to make unspecified reforms or lose out on US funding. A resolution 14430 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Has Trump been trying out his own dodgy medical advice? It would explain a few things | Arwa Mahdawi The president has announced he is taking hydroxychloroquine to fight coronavirus. Perhaps he has also been injecting bleach in front of Fox News How is Donald Trump still alive? Seriously, it defies science. The man reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes a day , appears to exist purely on Big Macs and doesn't do any exercise because he thinks the human body is like a battery and working out depletes it. 14429 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Taking Hydroxychloroquine (May 19 Update) I was not planning to revisit this topic just yet, but President Trump has forced the issue with his mention yesterday that he's taking hydroxychloroquine. Let's try to keep this short: does any regular reader here actually wonder what I might think about that? I know that the comments section here gets swarmed with people banging the HCQ drum – and the azithromycin drum, the zinc drum, and the r 14428 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Is Attacking Global Trade. Would Biden Bring It Back? Donald Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership during his first week in office. Soon he was fighting trade wars against half the planet: against Canada and Mexico, against the European Union and South Korea, against India and China. "Trade wars are good and easy to win," he tweeted in March 2018. Even before the coronavirus struck, Trump had stopped the growth of imports to the United S 14427 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Is Now Doing to Himself What He's Done to the Country The president is ignoring the best advice of experts in his own government. He's heeding talking heads instead of trained medical practitioners. He's taking steps that are potentially hazardous to health and trusting his gut. His recklessness maj lead to people dying. Oh, and he's taking the drug hydroxychloroquine too. It's easy to make jokes— Donald Trump is finally getting a taste of his own m 14426 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. What to Know About the Malaria Drug Trump Is Using Here are the facts on hydroxychloroquine, which the president has promoted to fight Covid-19 despite warnings from the F.D.A. that it can cause heart problems. 14425 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Maybe Trump Isn't Lying Donald Trump has uttered a striking number of false claims about the coronavirus pandemic. "We're very close to a vaccine," he declared on February 25. On February 28, just before an explosion in cases, he told Americans that the virus would soon disappear, "like a miracle." In early March, long before the typical person could get tested for COVID-19, Trump told Americans that anyone who wanted a 14424 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Donald Trump threatens to quit WHO over China links Beijing accuses US of 'smear' after president steps up attack on organisation over coronavirus 14423 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. A new $12 billion US chip plant sounds like a win for Trump. Not quite. On Friday, maj 15, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world's largest contract chipmaker, announced that it will build a $12 billion plant in Arizona, to open by 2024. It expects the facility to employ roughly 1,600 people and indirectly generate thousands of other jobs. At first blush, the announcement looks like a victory for the Trump administration , which has been pushing 14422 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Obamagate' Is Just Trump's Latest Effort at Distraction Every distraction distracts from another distraction, which in turn, distracts from yet another. It's distractions, all the way down. President Donald Trump's latest obsession involves what he and the far right have termed "Obamagate"—or, as Trump often styles it in his tweets, "OBAMAGATE!" The core of the conspiracy theory comprises dramatic and terrible wrongdoing by Trump's predecessor in offi 14421 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Mexico City mayor denies undercounting virus deaths Think-tank report says the city's real death toll is up to four times higher than reported 14420 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. UK energy supplier Ovo to cut 2,600 jobs Meter readers and back-office roles face cull as virus emergency hits business 14419 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Virus lays bare Latin America's many woes Region needs evidence-based policy, not eccentric leadership 14418 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Virus will push up to 60m into extreme poverty, World Bank warns President David Malpass calls for more help to alleviate impact on 'millions of livelihoods' 14417 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Walmart sales surge as stockpiling brings 'unprecedented' demand World's biggest retailer hires 235,000 temporary staff in the US to deal with the rush 14416 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. We Are All Livestreamers Now, and Zoom Is Our Stage Software tools simulate work. They should really let us put on a show. 14415 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Workers weary of homemade lunches, says sandwich maker Greencore Group cancels dividend after collapse in demand but sees signs of recovery as households seek variety 14414 ….. (Hentet 19.maj 2020 ) ….. Åbent brev fra hundredvis af medarbejdere i Silkeborg: Vi står i den historisk set største konflikt I alt 220 medarbejdere fra Regionshospitalet Silkeborg udtrykker stor bekymring for Hospitalsenheden Midts ledelse og mener ikke, at arbejdsmiljøer kan blive bedre, hvis ledelsen fortsætter. Vi tager brevet meget alvorligt, siger hospitalsledelsen. 14413 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Staying ahead of antibiotic resistance: Protein structure research paves the way for more efficient treatment The recent coronavirus pandemic shows just how quickly a deadly pathogen can sweep across the globe, killing tens of thousands in the U.S. and disrupting daily life for millions more in the span of a few months. A lack of medicines to treat the disease is one reason coronavirus is so deadly. COVID-19 is caused by a virus—this means that antibiotics, which kill bacteria, can't be used to treat the 14412 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus might have weak spots—and machine learning could help find them Chemically speaking, proteins might be the most sophisticated molecules out there. Millions of different kinds of them live within our cells and work together as a fine-tuned orchestra catalyzing the biochemical reactions that keep us alive. 14411 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. New Coronavirus Vaccine Advances to Phase 2 Human Trials Developing a new vaccine usually takes years, but companies and governments around the world are racing to create one to neutralize the pandemic coronavirus . There is some hope for a relatively quick turnaround today. US-based biotech firm Moderna says its initial human vaccine trials have been a success with all patients developing antibodies against the virus. As with any vaccine, the goal wit 14410 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. From Headaches to 'COVID Toes,' Coronavirus Symptoms Are a Bizarre Mix Blood clots and inflammation maj underlie many of these complications 14409 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Accurate mapping of human travel patterns with global smartphone data Understanding people's short- and long-distance travel patterns can inform economic development, urban planning, and responses to natural disasters, wars and conflicts, disease outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. A new global mapping method, developed by scientists from Boston Children's Hospital and the University of Oxford, captured the movements of 300 million mobile phone users fro 14408 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How captive animals are coping with the sudden emptiness of the world's zoos and aquariums More than 700 million people visit zoos and aquariums each year worldwide, so human visitors are usually a constant presence for the animals that live there. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced these places to close to the public, plunging resident animals into an empty silence. 14407 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Opinion: The Isolated Scientist Among the disruptions and pain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers are dealing with a sudden halt in in-person interactions. 14406 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Study: How to identify patients most at risk from COVID-19 through nanotechnology What if doctors could not only diagnose a COVID-19 infection but identify which patients are at the greatest risk of death before any major complications arise? One Michigan State University scientist believes nanotechnology maj be the answer. 14405 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. If We're Not Careful, Tech Could Hurt the Fight against COVID-19 Here are four questions we need to ask ourselves 14404 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Did you solve it? Sudoku as spectator sport is unlikely lockdown hit The solutions to today's puzzles Earlier today I set you three sudokus: an anti-knight sudoku, a non-consecutive sudoku and the Miracle sudoku. To read more about these puzzles click here , and to go to a printable page click here . The solutions are below: Anti-knight: Continue reading… 14403 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How to Snuff Out the Next Pandemic High-speed sequencing technology, placed strategically in urban hospitals, could flag a new pathogen before it has a chance to spread widely 14402 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Team finds effective SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies A joint research team led by Sunney Xie, Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics (ICG) at Peking University (PKU) has successfully identified multiple highly potent neutralizing antibodies against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus of the respiratory disease COVID-19, from convalescent plasma by high-throughput single-cell sequencing. Generated by human immun 14401 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Techtopia #151: Corona app'en og dine sundhedsdata Kan en app hæmme spredningen af coronasmitte? Eller er den bare en trussel mod vores privatliv? Eller er hensynet til vores privatliv en trussel mod vores helbred? 14400 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Publishers Snap Up Corona Books, From Case Studies to Plague Poetry Authors are racing to produce timely accounts of the outbreak, with works that range from reported narratives to spiritual guides. 14399 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Snart kommer virustiden på museum Danmarks Tekniske Museum åbner udstilling med eksempler på idérigdom under coronakrisen. 14398 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Regionerne stiller med krav om to mia. kr. i økonomiforhandlinger Regionerne starter økonomiforhandlinger i dag med et krav om to mia. kr. til sundhedsvæsenet og ekstra penge til coronakrisens eftervirkninger. To mia. er ikke et helt urimeligt krav, siger Jakob Kjellberg. 14397 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Here Are the Results of the Biggest Universal Basic Income Trial Yet Widespread job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic are leading to renewed interest in the idea of a universal basic income (UBI). That coincided perfectly with publication of the results of the biggest UBI experiment to date—but they suggest the idea maj not be a panacea. More than 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the last 2 months as the lockdown causes many busine 14396 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. MPs criticise UK's handling of coronavirus pandemic Commons science committee calls for improved testing and quarantine facilities 14395 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Music helps us remember who we are and how we belong during difficult and traumatic times Has the music we listen to, and why we listen, changed during the coronavirus pandemic? Beyond the well-documented evidence of pandemic music-making at a distance and over social media , music critics have suggested there is an increased preference for music that is comforting, familiar and nostalgic . Data from major streaming services and companies that analyze them maj support this view. On Sp 14394 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Women are getting less research done than men during this coronavirus pandemic Before COVID-19, I used to spend a lot of time feeling like the Cat in The Cat in the Hat. I was holding a cup, the milk, the cake and a little toy ship, while bouncing up and down on a ball. 14393 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus cases fall in Belgium amid row over nurses' pay Staff turned backs on prime minister in protest during weekend hospital visit Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus cases in Belgium continued to fall amid a simmering political row over nurses' pay and conditions after hospital staff turned their backs on the prime minister during a weekend hospital visit. Nurses protesting over wages, staff numbers and a gove 14392 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus contact tracing apps struggle to make an impact Low uptake in India, Norway and Singapore hampers efforts to use technology 14391 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Contact Tracing Jobs Are on the Rise Tens of thousands of people across the United States have applied for the job of cold-calling strangers who maj have been exposed to Covid-19. Here's what it's like. 14390 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Animal source of the coronavirus continues to elude scientists Nature, Published online: 18 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01449-8 Computational models, cell studies and animal experiments are being used to pinpoint the viral host that kicked off the pandemic. 14389 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. European regulators to end controversial bans on short selling Watchdogs claim success in curbing market volatility during height of coronavirus crisis 14388 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. India's pharma and chemicals groups jostle to take business from China Coronavirus crisis is pushing companies to diversify their supply chains 14387 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Business 'saints and sinners' in the coronavirus crisis FT correspondents highlight outstanding responses, good and bad 14386 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Beach water quality testing stops in England due to coronavirus crisis People swimming at beaches and lakes across England this summer will not know if the water is dirty because officials have stopped sampling to test water quality 14385 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Study Reveals What Americans Thought About The Coronavirus Early in The Pandemic Spoiler: they wanted scientists to lead the response. 14384 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Learning to love virtual conferences in the coronavirus era Nature, Published online: 18 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01489-0 COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to rethink the scientific conference. If online meetings become the norm, how can researchers make the most of them? 14383 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. People who say they know more about coronavirus feel better People in China who said they felt knowledgeable about the coronavirus at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic were more likely to have a positive emotional state than those who said they didn't, a new study shows. Drawing from two large nationwide surveys conducted in China around the time of the coronavirus outbreak, researchers found the onset of the pandemic led to a 74% drop in overall emot 14382 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus infections may lead to delirium and potentially PTSD People taken ill by coronavirus infections maj experience psychiatric problems while hospitalized and potentially after they recover, suggests an analysis of past research led by the UCL Institute of Mental Health with King's College London collaborators, published in The Lancet Psychiatry. 14381 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus is accelerating a future with autonomous vehicles Countries around the world have responded to the Covid-19 coronavirus with lockdowns, restrictions, and technology solutions that use artificial intelligence to combat the virus. As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, China is first to emerge from Covid-19 imposed lockdowns thanks to cutting-edge technology, with autonomous vehicles and smart cities seeing an acceleration during this ti 14380 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Germany and France to launch joint Covid-19 initiative [no content] 14379 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: record daily cases in South Africa as India extends lockdown Daily death tolls fall in UK, Spain and Italy; Qatar makes masks mandatory on pain of prison; global infections pass 4.7 million. Follow the latest updates Covid-19 cases in Brazil surpass Italy South Africa reports highest daily increase in cases Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all our coronavirus coverage 1.41am BST In Brazil, the BBC reports that the ma 14378 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Vaccine Tests Show Early Promise, Drug Maker Says, Rallying Wall Street President Xi Jinping of China defended his country's handling of the outbreak. Monday is the deadline for public companies in the U.S. to decide whether to return P.P.P. loans. Researchers in California have rolled out their own testing efforts. 14377 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus puts top executives' pay in the spotlight Cuts for some CEOs but no change for others — and a split between sectors 14376 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Ticket: Senator Bill Cassidy Republican Senator Bill Cassidy discusses the coronavirus response, vaccines, and how states like his own, Louisiana, hope to reopen. He joined Edward-Isaac Dovere on an episode of The Ticket: Politics From The Atlantic . Listen to their full conversation here: Subscribe to The Ticket on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or another podcast platform to receive new episodes as soon as they're published. W 14375 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. UK adds loss of taste and smell to list of coronavirus symptoms Move is expected to lead to 2% increase in identified Covid-19 cases 14374 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. An At-Home Coronavirus Test Just Got Emergency FDA Approval. Here's What We Know It could return results in 3 days. 14373 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Rollout of NHS coronavirus tracing app still weeks away NHS system had been due to launch nationwide in mid-maj after Isle of Wight trial 14372 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Cops Around the World Are Scanning for Fevers With Helmet Cams Police Scanner In multiple countries, police are scanning civilians for signs of the coronavirus using thermal cameras embedded in their helmets. The helmets, designed by the Chinese tech company KC Wearable, give cops an augmented reality display that can scan for fevers as well as identify passers-by with facial recognition software, Business Insider reports . Over 1,000 Chinese cops are alread 14371 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Shows Promise In Early, Limited Trial Cambridge, Mass.-based Moderna, Inc., is reporting preliminary data suggesting its COVID-19 vaccine is safe, and appears to be triggering an immune response in test subjects. (Image credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) 14370 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Another Set of Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates I surveyed the coronavirus vaccine landscape in this post , and then detailed some of the larger efforts in the field here (several updates have been added to that one since its initial posting). Now it's time to look at several programs that aren't in either of those, but still have plenty of serious science behind them. For an example of a relatively new technology that's now in use for human p 14369 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Moderna's Coronavirus Vaccine Spurs Immune Response: Early Data A clinical trial of the shot in eight volunteers suggests that it is safe and that it generates antibodies that neutralize SARS-CoV-2, but further testing is needed, scientists say. 14368 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promising Early Results The company said its preliminary test in 8 healthy volunteers was safe. It is on an accelerated timetable to begin a larger human trial soon. 14367 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Criticism of the Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine This piece at Forbes by Bill Haseltine has set off a lot of comment – it's a look at the Oxford group's vaccine candidate as compared to the SinoVac candidate, and you maj recall ( background here ) that these are the two teams that have separately reported that their vaccines appear to protect rhesus monkeys from infection after exposure to the coronavirus. Haseltine has some criticisms of the O 14366 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. First Results from Moderna's Coronavirus Vaccine This morning brought news from Moderna of the very first human results from trials of their closely-watched mRNA vaccine candidate (mRNA-1273) against the coronavirus. Here's Stat on the news, and here's Endpts – the results can be summed up pretty quickly, because it's all just at the press-release level to start with. The trial was dosing volunteers in Phase I at three levels 25 micrograms, 100 14365 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. First human trial results raise hopes for coronavirus vaccine Eight initial volunteers in US produced an antibody response from Moderna's RNA vaccine Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first results from human trials of a vaccine against Covid-19 have given a glimmer of hope after a US firm's study produced positive results in a group of eight volunteers. These results – which come a day after the UK government revealed a deal 14364 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Returning New Zealanders push population to record 5m Citizens head home after Wellington suppresses coronavirus while migration to Australia falls 14363 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Japan business chief warns of radical labour market shake-up Hiroaki Nakanishi says coronavirus will force governments to restructure economies 14362 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Ryanair warns coronavirus will push it to €200m quarterly loss Low-cost airline expects half as many passengers this year than previously forecast 14361 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates The United States and other nations might use Monday's W.H.O. meeting to place blame on China. But President Xi Jinping defended China in an address to the group. 14360 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Sage advice must be published now to find where Britain got coronavirus wrong | Anthony Costello The public deserves to know what happened in the secretive scientific debates that have informed government policy Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A week ago Jeremy Hunt, the chair of the health select committee review of the UK's Covid-19 response , said that some actions represented "the biggest failure of scientific advice to ministers in our lifetime". Last Thurs 14359 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Continuously active' antiviral coating doesn't quit Continuously active disinfectants could provide a new line of defense against viruses such as the novel coronavirus, according to a recent study. While disinfecting high-contact surfaces is an important practice to prevent the spread of pathogens, these surfaces can be easily re-contaminated after the use of conventional surface disinfectants. Alternatively, continuously active disinfectants work 14358 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus, 'Plandemic' and the seven traits of conspiratorial thinking The conspiracy theory video "Plandemic" recently went viral. Despite being taken down by YouTube and Facebook, it continues to get uploaded and viewed millions of times. The video is an interview with conspiracy theorist Judy Mikovits, a disgraced former virology researcher who believes the COVID-19 pandemic is based on vast deception, with the purpose of profiting from selling vaccinations. 14357 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Vaccinations Fall to Alarming Rates, C.D.C. Study Shows In Michigan, fewer than half of infants 5 months or younger are up to date on their vaccinations, which maj allow for outbreaks in diseases like measles. 14356 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus: daily death toll rises by 160 to 34,796 — as it happened Health secretary Matt Hancock says anyone with symptoms – now including anosmia – over the age of five can be tested for Covid-19 Coronavirus tests advised for people who lose taste or smell UK coronavirus testing extended to anyone over age of five Coronavirus global updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all our coronavirus coverage 7.22pm BST We're closing this UK liveblog now. You 14355 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coming of age in the time of coronavirus: Young lives and families in low- and middle-income countries Approximately 90 percent of the world's 1.2 billion young people (aged 15-24) live in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). They are navigating the coronavirus pandemic at a critical period in the life course when they are expected to set the foundations for their adult lives. Intersecting age, gender and economic vulnerabilities affect their varied experiences and capacities to cope and recov 14354 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How to address the coronavirus's outsized toll on people of colour Nature, Published online: 18 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01470-x US scientists say that better data, testing and hospital preparedness are key to erasing inequalities — and to defeating the pandemic overall. 14353 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How School Shutdowns Have Longterm Effects on Children Similar situations after natural disasters offer clues about the potential academic and mental health impacts of lockdowns. 14352 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronaviruses do not readily induce cross-protective antibody responses Patients infected with either severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) or SARS-CoV-2 produce antibodies that bind to the other coronavirus, but the cross-reactive antibodies are not cross protective, at least in cell-culture experiments, researchers report maj 17 in the journal Cell Reports. It remains unclear whether such antibodies offer cross protection in the human body or pote 14351 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Seven new coronaviruses have been found lurking in bats in Africa By testing bats in Gabon, researchers found seven coronaviruses that are new to science, but we don't yet know if they could jump to people and cause illness 14350 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Moderna's latest vaccine results are promising—but it's still too early Drug maker Moderna has just announced encouraging interim results from the ongoing phase 1 trial for its experimental coronavirus vaccine. The early results suggest the vaccine has the potential to confer immunity against covid-19 in people. What is the vaccine and how does it work? Moderna specializes in vaccines designed to elicit an immune response against the coronavirus through the virus's m 14349 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. When axes get truly evil The state of Georgia publishes a chart showing dates conveniently ordered to show a decline in Covid cases. 14348 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. NHS trusts deny discharging elderly Covid patients to care homes Social care organisations accuse government and providers of prioritising health service and making funding difficult to access 14347 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Beware bad habits and mad ideas rushed through under pressure Some ill-advised practices and structures will linger post-Covid turning the ad hoc into 'bad hoc' 14346 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Don't Get Too Excited, But This COVID Vaccine Looks Promising There are a lot of caveats here, so don't get too excited, but new results for an experimental COVID vaccine look promising. The vaccine in question is made by the pharmaceutical company Moderna. Back in March, you might remember, we interviewed one of the first volunteers to be injected with it. "If I am healthy and can help take part in trying to reduce the pain, suffering and deaths associated 14345 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Story tips: Mining for COVID, rules to grow by and the 3D connection ORNL story Tips: Mining for COVID, rules to grow by and the 3D connection. 14344 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Will This Gigantic Air-Filtration Helmet Protect Against COVID? Bubble Head As pundits keep reminding us , the coronavirus pandemic is likely to shift social norms for a long time. Now, a crowdfunding campaign by a startup called VYZR Technologies is testing the limits of what members of the public will do to try to protect themselves — by marketing a gigantic air-filtration helmet that it says will filter out the COVID-causing SARS-CoV-2 virus. Nose Itch The 14343 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Barrier box makes intubation safer for hospital workers Barrier protection devices can contain droplet spray and aerosol to protect frontline health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers report. Medical staff treating patients on the front lines of the pandemic come face to face daily with the risk of exposure to the virus. Inserting and removing breathing tubes, procedures that create a spray of respiratory droplets, are among the riskies 14342 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Clear reduction in urban carbon emissions as a result of COVID-19 lockdown COVID-19-related restrictions have forced many people to stay at home. This has strongly reduced road traffic and economic activities, particularly in cities and urban areas where the majority of the population lived. Consequently, this has also cut down human-induced carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to the atmosphere. 14341 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 pandemic risks worst global food crisis in decades The covid-19 pandemic's impact on hunger around the world could be worse than when food prices spiked calamitously in 2007 and 2008, a leading food security expert warns 14340 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons from Hurricane Katrina for predicting the indirect health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic [Social Sciences] Beyond their immediate effects on mortality, disasters have widespread, indirect impacts on mental and physical well-being by exposing survivors to stress and potential trauma. Identifying the disaster-related stressors that predict health adversity will help officials prepare for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Using data from a prospective study of… 14339 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Local climate unlikely to drive the early COVID-19 pandemic Princeton researchers report in the journal Science that the number of people still vulnerable to COVID-19 and the speed at which the disease spreads means that local climate conditions are not likely to dominate the first wave of the pandemic. 14338 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Thousands of Covid-19 cases missed due to late warning on smell loss, say experts UK direction for those with anosmia to isolate and seek test was overdue, say scientists Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Tens of thousands of cases of Covid-19 maj have been missed because of delays in warning the public that loss of taste and smell is a key symptom that should lead to self-isolation or testing, experts say. The four chief medical officers of the UK 14337 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Northern Italy — Official COVID-19 deaths underestimate the full impact of the pandemic According to a study by Charité — Universitätsmedizin Berlin, the northern Italian city of Nembro recorded more deaths during March 2020 than between January and December 2019. However, only approximately half of all deaths recorded this spring were classified as confirmed COVID-19 deaths. Thus, the health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic maj go far beyond official COVID-19 death counts. The stud 14336 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Dogs are being trained to sniff out COVID-19 in humans submitted by /u/Thesunmakesmehappy [link] [comments] 14335 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The jobs at risk of extinction How Covid-19 is changing the way we work and earn 14334 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Tocilizumab for Hemophagocytic Syndrome in a Kidney Transplant Recipient with COVID-19. 14333 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: Mixed progress on coronavirus vaccine as US stocks rise The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14332 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. London care homes report possible fresh Covid-19 outbreaks Residents also testing positive more than 30 days after showing first symptoms Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Doctors have reported possible fresh outbreaks of Covid-19 in care and nursing homes in west London, two months after the area was a hotspot in the first days of the coronavirus crisis. "Just when we thought there might be light at the end of the tunnel, two 14331 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Using Machine Learning Tools, Scientists Identify Markers Predicting Whether COVID-19 Patients Will Die with 90 Percent Accuracy More than Ten Days in Advance, Study Says submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] 14330 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Machine that oxygenates blood may help critically ill COVID-19 patients, according to WVU study Sometimes the lung function of COVID-19 patients deteriorates so much that even ventilators can't save them. In that case, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machines maj keep them oxygenated enough to survive. New research out of WVU provides insight into which COVID-19 patients tend to fare better on ECMO than others. 14329 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. New article in Pediatric Research: A roadmap for critical COVID-19 research in children Increasing reports of severe COVID-19 illness in children — coupled with the fact that little is known about how and why the disease maj behave differently in this younger population — demand that a set of critical steps be taken now to ensure children get the attention they need, according to an article just published in Pediatric Research. 14328 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Xi seeks to cast China as guardian of global order Chinese leader addresses WHO amid serious international tension and scepticism over Covid-19 response 14327 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. A resilient tomorrow: COVID-19 response requires societies to transform Future policy measures need to rebuild the economic, human and social capital eroded by COVID-19, and grasp the opportunity of getting out of the crisis greener and fairer. 14326 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 shows we need Universal Basic Internet now submitted by /u/pintord [link] [comments] 14325 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Latest 'Youth COVID-19' study shows young people worried for their future Latest 'Youth Covid-19' study shows young people worried for their future prospects in the 'new normal'. Young people are also turning to traditional media outlets — many for the first time — and rejecting fake news on social channels 14324 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. CUNY SPH weekly COVID-19 survey update week 10 In the latest CUNY SPH COVID-19 tracking survey, New Yorkers gave convincing evidence that the city is not yet testing enough people and set high expectations for the safety measures they feel are necessary for them to return to work outside their homes. 14323 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Death rate for people with COVID-19 symptoms is 'staggering' COVID-19 is much more deadly than the flu, a new study confirms. The study's results also project a grim future if the US doesn't put up a strong fight against the spread of the virus. The national rate of death among people infected with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 who show symptoms is 1.3%, the researchers found. The comparable rate of death for the seasonal flu is 0.1%. "COVID-1 14322 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. US inroads to better Ebola vaccine As the world focuses on finding a COVID-19 vaccine, research continues on other potentially catastrophic pandemic diseases, including Ebola and Marburg viruses. In the latest collaboration with US partners, a vaccine turbocharger called Advax™ adjuvant, was combined with a synthetic protein against Ebola developed by the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID 14321 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet Psychiatry: Study finds few immediate mental health effects of COVID-19, but longer-term impact must be considered Most people admitted to hospital with severe COVID-19 should recover without experiencing mental illness if infection with SARS-CoV-2 follows a similar course to the coronavirus epidemics of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2002 and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in 2012, according to the first systematic review and meta-analysis looking at the psychiatric consequences of coron 14320 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. CRISPR tool scales up to interrogate a huge line-up of viral suspects Nature, Published online: 18 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01447-w Rapid, reliable identification of an unknown viral infection is challenging. Use of CRISPR technology can simultaneously detect nucleic acids of many viruses and pinpoint specific ones, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. 14319 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Listen: The Comforting Appeal of Conspiracy Theories On this episode of Social Distance , James Hamblin and Katherine Wells talk with Adrienne LaFrance, the executive editor of The Atlantic , who wrote the June cover story , about the QAnon conspiracy theory, as part of " Shadowland ," a project about conspiracy thinking in America. They discuss the viral disinformation campaigns creating even more uncertainty about COVID-19. Listen to the episode 14318 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: Lessons to learn about the first 4.0 pandemic Although the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak was officially presented suddenly in the popular market of exotic and wild animals in Wuhan in December 2019, phylogenetic studies state that coronavirus was already present in latency phase since October in this city in the province of Hubei. During this latency phase, the infection followed its silent course and spread among the population in a stochastic way wit 14317 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Pregnant and lactating women with COVID-19: Scant clinical research Pregnant and breastfeeding women have been excluded from clinical trials of drugs to treat COVID-19, and as result, there is no safety data to inform clinical decisions. 14316 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: Study reports 'staggering' death rate in U.S. among those infected who show symptoms A new study finds the national U.S. rate of death among people infected with the novel coronavirus — SARS-CoV-2 — that causes COVID-19 and who show symptoms is 1.3 percent, the study found. The comparable rate of death for the seasonal flu is 0.1 percent. 14315 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: UW study reports 'staggering' death rate in US among those infected who show symptoms New study finds the national rate of death among people infected with the novel coronavirus — SARS-CoV-2 — that causes COVID-19 and who show symptoms is 1.3%, the study found. The comparable rate of death for the seasonal flu is 0.1%. 14314 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How can the global aviation industry chart its way out of COVID-19? The travel and commercial airline industry has suffered considerable damage as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 14313 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. It's So Hard to Know Who's Dying of COVID-19–and When It can take days for each death to be recorded in official statistics. "Nowcasting" estimates the actual occurrence of deaths, and the true peak of the pandemic. 14312 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. China's Top Medical Advisor Warns The Country May Now Face a Second Wave of COVID-19 There's still not enough immunity. 14311 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Forget work-life balance: It's all about integration in the age of COVID-19 It wasn't the usual end to our staff meeting. 14310 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Medical conspiracy theories and COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned almost innumerable conspiracy theories, and conspiracists like the antivaccine movement have joined forces with COVID-19 conspiracy theorists. To combat the proliferation of pseudoscience rooted in conspiracy theories, it is useful to step back and examine the nature of conspiracy theories, including ones that are not medical, even ones like QAnon. Critical thinki 14309 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. No Benefit from Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 In March Trump tweeted : "HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You!" He has continued to support this untested drug since, turning what should have been a minor footnote in the COVID-19 pandemic into a political controversy. As evidence of putting politics above 14308 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. See which states still have increasing rates of COVID-19 Some places are starting to reopen—but it maj still be too early (Dmitry Dreyer/Unsplash/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including tips on cleaning groceries , ways to tell if your symptoms are just allergies , and a tutorial on making your own mask . We're all pretty sick of staying home by now. It's been at least a couple long months of isolation for most Americans at this poi 14307 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Face visors may protect wearer but not other people against Covid-19 Public health experts not convinced of plastic shields' benefits for general users Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Face visors and shields could protect workers who have close contact with others against infection from Covid-19, but maj not prevent the wearer spreading the virus, experts have said. Linda Bauld, a professor of public health at the University of Edinbu 14306 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. DRC has seen epidemics before, but Covid-19's toll on older people leaves me sleepless Many of the people I support in Kinshasa have no money, no soap, no water – and when they are struggling to breathe, no ventilators Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage We're used to emergencies and people dying in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, whether it's a result of the long-running conflict or Ebola , cholera and malaria. But coronavirus has knocked us for six 14305 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. New study sheds light on IBD patients with COVID The researchers conclude that increasing age, comorbidities, and corticosteroids are associated with severe COVID-19 among IBD patients. Notably, TNF antagonists do not appear to be associated with severe COVID-19. 14304 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Small businesses in shared premises face missing out on grants Funding insufficient to meet needs of all those eligible, fear local authorities allocating lockdown aid 14303 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Stocks rise on positive signs over vaccine and lockdown easing Absence so far of significant second-wave infections buoys investors 14302 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Can you solve it? Sudoku as spectator sport is unlikely lockdown hit Millions tune in to watch British puzzlers solve the Miracle and other spectacular grids UPDATE: Solutions are now up here . It maj not be as hair-raising as Formula 1, nor as dramatic as Premier League football, but Sudoku solving is acquiring a niche following as a spectator sport. It's surprisingly thrilling, believe me. Just ask fans of the puzzle-solving YouTube channel Cracking the Cryptic 14301 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Formed your bubble yet? The science behind embracing new forms of social organization As lockdown restrictions ease across Europe, governments are considering just how much and how widely they should advise citizens to socialize with people outside their own household. The idea is that everyone interacts within a small group of people to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further. For example, as of 10 maj , the Belgian government allows people to form social bubbles of up to four peop 14300 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The 'lockdown sceptics' want a culture war, with experts as the enemy | Peter Geoghegan & Mary Fitzgerald The dismissal of coronavirus expertise, the pitting of 'elites' against 'the people' – it's Brexit all over again for the high-profile contrarians Within days of Boris Johnson announcing lockdown restrictions in late March, Toby Young – self-appointed general secretary of the Free Speech Union – had his own take on the government's tripartite slogan . "Stay sceptical. End the lockdown. Save lives 14299 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Bundesbank sees early signs of recovery in German economy Central bank expects easing of lockdown to boost activity in Europe's largest economy 14298 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. UK benefits ban leaves migrants struggling for food during lockdown Immigration policy leaves families without access to state aid as unemployment soars 14297 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Global economic hopes give investors a lift Markets boosted by central bank comments, easing of lockdowns and US trial for Covid-19 vaccine 14296 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Seeing the pandemic at night: How satellites observe more than just weather As the coronavirus pandemic continues into its fourth month in the United States, Americans have adapted to radically different circumstances. While many now work from home, others are looking for new jobs. Travel has slowed to a trickle, and social gatherings, from weddings to graduations, have been canceled. 14295 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Developing economies hardest hit by pandemic downturn Along with a global health pandemic, many countries are also facing an economic recession unlike any seen in decades. 14294 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. More than 40 faith institutions committed to divest their finances from fossil fuels while at the same time calling for the post-pandemic economic recovery to shift the world toward a low-carbon future. Since 2012, divestment movement has mobilized more than $14 trillion in commitments submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14293 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Hiscox faces legal action as companies pursue pandemic payouts UK pressure groups say denial of lockdown insurance claims risks thousands of business closures 14292 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Big Story: The Day the Live Concert Returns In a special edition of The Big Story, musician Dave Grohl joins The Atlantic 's editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg for a live conversation about his experience as a performer and a concertgoer, and his picks for a pandemic playlist for any quarantine mood. 14291 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Businesses face test on ESG amid calls to 'build back better' Response to pandemic shows up saints and sinners — and some fuzziness on the right course of action 14290 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. During pandemic stage of emerging pathogen, climate has modest impact compared to population suscept In influencing the trajectory of the pandemic stage of an emerging pathogen, a population's susceptibility to a novel disease is more influential than climate factors like humidity. 14289 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Predict the Pandemic Will Set Students Back for Years School's Out With the coronavirus pandemic forcing schools to close down and operate online, researchers suspect that students will likely be set back for years. While no one will know the exact long-term impacts for a long time, Wired reports that past school shutdowns caused by natural disasters or viral outbreaks led to fewer students graduating, earning degrees, or finding work. And, if histo 14288 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Cities are slow to ease rent and evictions A look at the 50 largest cities in the United States finds little assistance for renters amid the pandemic. For the one in five American workers now facing joblessness because of the coronavirus, the first of the month arrives with newfound dread: rent is due, putting many who are financially struggling in an impossible position. Only 26% of cities in the United States are providing funds for ren 14287 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. With the World on Pause, Salamanders Own the Road Traffic is down, thanks to the pandemic. That's good news for amphibians looking to migrate safely. 14286 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic's Geopolitical Aftershocks Are Coming With most European countries confident that they are past the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, their attention is turning to the chance of its resurgence once society returns to some semblance of normal. But beyond the epidemiological challenges lies a slowly amassing threat that is not pathological in nature, but economic, political, and military. This is the geopolitical second wave , and its 14285 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic's Long-Lasting Effects on Weddings Editor's Note : This article is part of Uncharted , a series about the world we're leaving behind, and the one being remade by the pandemic. In a normal year, lots of Americans (myself included) would be getting ready to attend summer weddings right about now—steam-ironing new suits and sundresses, ordering gifts for the happy couples, writing toasts, rehearsing dance steps , securing vacation da 14284 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. We Can Prevent a Great Depression. It'll Take $10 Trillion. Last week, House Democrats unveiled their latest pandemic-relief package. The bill combines aid for families, a bailout for struggling cities and states, and additional funds for testing, tracing, and hospitals. The price tag is about $3 trillion—and it comes just weeks after the president signed an economic-relief package worth about $2 trillion . Republicans have assailed the bill as a profliga 14283 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How pandemics have changed American cities—often for the better New York City's experience as the epicenter of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak is raising questions about urban living. Quarantined residents worry about the future in a city known for its tight quarters and full theaters. 14282 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. To Prevent Pandemics, Bridging the Human and Animal Health Divide An estimated 75 percent of newly appearing infectious diseases are zoonotic, or capable of passing from non-human animals to people. The key to stopping the next pandemic could rest with veterinarians, farmers, zookeepers, and other animal experts — but public health programs aren't using their expertise. 14281 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. How Smart City Planning Could Slow Future Pandemics The Covid-19 crisis is an opportunity to rethink how cities are designed—and make them better equipped to stop disease from spreading. 14280 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses An antibody first identified in a blood sample from a patient who recovered from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in 2003 inhibits related coronaviruses, including the one that causes COVID-19. The antibody, called S309, is now on a fast-track development and testing path at Vir Biotechnology in the next step toward possible clinical trials. 14279 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Cross-neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 by a human monoclonal SARS-CoV antibody Nature, Published online: 18 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2349-y 14278 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Smoking increases SARS-CoV-2 receptors in the lung New research from CSHL scientists suggests that cigarette smoke spurs the lungs to make more ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme 2), the protein that the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 grabs and uses to enter human cells. This maj explain why smokers appear to be particularly vulnerable to severe infections. 14277 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Enzymes edit SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the body, perhaps fueling the virus' evolution Two human deaminase enzymes edit the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it enters a patient's body, with implications for the evolution of the virus and the spread of the infection, according to a new study. The 14276 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Smokers more likely to express ACE2 protein that SARS-COV-2 uses to enter human cells Previous data from COVID-19 patients suggests that cigarette smokers are more likely to have health complications. One possible reason, researchers report maj 15 in the journal Developmental Cell, is that smoking increases the gene expression of ACE2–the protein that binds SARS-CoV-2–which maj promote COVID-19 infection. The study suggests that prolonged smoking could cause an increase of the AC 14275 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Is Attacking the Final Safeguard Against Executive Abuses Updated on maj 18 at 4:42 p.m. President Donald Trump's Friday-night firing of Steve Linick, the inspector general for the State Department, is more than a scandal about alleged abuse of office by Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state—though it is that. It's more than a scandal about the Trump administration's decimation of the inspector-general corps, with four firings in the past six weeks, inclu 14274 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Lilly Wachowski Slams Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump on Twitter The exchange, which began with Matrix tweets, quickly went viral. 14273 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19 US president dismisses concerns about antimalarial drug's side-effects despite FDA warning 14272 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. President Trump says he's taking hydroxychloroquine—but that doesn't mean you should The FDA is investigating the accuracy of Abbott's rapid coronavirus tests. (Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including tips on cleaning groceries , ways to tell if your symptoms are just allergies , and a tutorial on making your own mask . America is inching back to life. We still have a long way to go before we can safely do things like eat at a restaurant with family and 14271 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Flynn's New Argument Is Constitutional Nonsense Predictably, the lawyers for Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, are unhappy about the refusal of U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to immediately green-light dropping his prosecution. The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure permit the Justice Department to withdraw the Flynn indictment only "with leave of court." In considering such leave, Sullivan has d 14270 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. EU demands tech giants hand over data on virus disinformation Brussels pushes platforms to share details of how users are being manipulated by false narratives 14269 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Spain brings in basic income scheme to deal with coroanvirus outbreak submitted by /u/paone22 [link] [comments] 14268 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. Moderna shows positive results on virus vaccine trials Biotech company launches $1.25bn share issue after price surges 20% on early-stage human trial data 14267 ….. (Hentet 18.maj 2020 ) ….. We may be seeing more of this Long-term data show hurricanes getting stronger. 14266 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Future of Our Global Economy: The Beginning of De-Globalization – The corona crisis is changing the global economy. Production security is growing more important than efficiency. Here is what that might look like. submitted by /u/lughnasadh [link] [comments] 14265 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. A lot of things should stay the same when this crisis ends The coronavirus pandemic could usher in changes that will make life better 14264 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. UK hospital tackles PPE shortage by making 5,000 visors a day Hospital in Wolverhampton believed to be first in NHS to resort to in-house production Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage With hospitals across the country struggling to get enough visors for their frontline staff, one has come up with a clever solution – make your own. New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton has turned its library into a mini-factory and has called in its 14263 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. UK wrong to rule out global coronavirus comparisons, experts say Exclusive: academics' data on excess deaths shows peak in England was higher than Italy's Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Government ministers are wrong to say that the impact of coronavirus on health in the UK cannot yet be compared with other countries, according to leading academics whose data shows the peak of deaths in England was higher than that in Italy. Inte 14262 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lessons of the Great Depression A mericans are out of work. More than 20 million lost their jobs in April alone. Lines at food banks stretch for miles. Businesses across the country are foundering. Headlines scream that the coronavirus has brought about the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The economic collapse of the 1930s, one of the defining traumas of the 20th century, is still the benchmark against which r 14261 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Spain's daily deaths fall below 100 for first time in two months [no content] 14260 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Yes, staying at home works: debunking the biggest US coronavirus myths Where did the virus come from? And can hydroxychloroquine treat it? Some answers to fight the misinformation out there Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage There are questions central to the Covid-19 pandemic that scientists across the world long to be able to answer. Where exactly did the coronavirus come from? How can it be treate 14259 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates Seeking to encourage testing, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York has a nasal swab on live television. 14258 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News: Full Analysis and Updates Former President Barack Obama criticized the pandemic response of the nation's current leaders: "A lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge." 14257 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Nigerian Coronavirus Outbreak Highlights Emerging Threat in Africa: Live Coverage China has quarantined thousands of people after a resurgence of cases in the Northeast. The leaders of Italy and Britain warned that a vaccine maj be a long time coming. 14256 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus patients threaten to overwhelm Mumbai's hospitals Decades of under-investment in healthcare erode India's ability to confront outbreak 14255 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. UK watchdog seeks powers to tackle coronavirus profiteering CMA unable to take companies to court over price gouging without emergency legislation 14254 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Bryan Adams' Instagram Rant Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup Last week Canadian rocker Bryan Adams got called out on social media for a coronavirus rant he posted on Instagram. 14253 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists divided over coronavirus risk to children if schools reopen Some studies show pupils are less likely to become ill if infected, while others show they are as infectious as adults Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The most striking feature about the impact of Covid-19 on children is how little research has been conducted in the field. Only a handful of studies have been carried out across the world, and scientists are divided ov 14252 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Did singing together spread coronavirus to four choirs? In Amsterdam, 102 members of one choir fell ill, and cases have been reported in Europe, America and the UK. But scientists cannot agree on the cause Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 8 March this year, the Amsterdam Mixed Choir gave a performance of Bach's St John Passion in the city's Concertgebouw auditorium. It was one of the last major classical concerts to be 14251 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Plan to study nicotine patches as potential coronavirus treatment Doctors in Wales could stage trial after suggestion smokers maj be less at risk of Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Plans are being made to investigate the potential of nicotine patches to combat Covid-19 after the idea was raised by doctors at a hospital in Wales where the improvised treatment is being practised. France moved last week to prevent the stockpi 14250 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. UK plans £38m centre to start production of coronavirus vaccine Centre will allow manufacture to begin this summer before it is known whether vaccine works Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage An experimental coronavirus vaccine will go into production this summer at a "rapid deployment facility" before clinical trials have established whether the shots are safe and protect against the infection. The business secretary, Alok Sharma, s 14249 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Live Coverage: Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, China, Netherlands At least 100 babies born into Ukraine's booming surrogate motherhood business have become marooned in the country, and more are coming. Saudi Arabia's planned transformation has been thrown off course by the pandemic. 14248 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World News: Live Tracker Nigeria's second-largest city is in the midst of an unchecked outbreak. China has quarantined thousands of people after a resurgence of cases in the Northeast. 14247 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates Officials have also imposed new travel restrictions in northeastern China. Brazil is an emerging center of the pandemic after the government's contradictory response. 14246 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Llama antibodies could help fight coronavirus, study finds Researchers hope llama antibodies could help protect humans who have not been infected Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates The solution to the coronavirus maj have been staring us in the face this whole time, lazily chewing on a carrot. All we need, it seems, is llamas. A study published last week in the journal Cell found that antibodies in llamas' blood could of 14245 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. In the Shadows of America's Smokestacks, Virus Is One More Deadly Risk Nationwide, poor communities are exposed to much more air pollution than wealthier ones. Scientists are racing to understand what role this maj play in Covid-19. 14244 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Stuck at Home With My 20-Year-Old Daughter M y daughter, Kate , arrived in the world on the first vernal equinox of the new millennium—a healthy, full-term baby born under a full moon. As a nursing infant, she spent her first Thanksgiving in Tallahassee, in the thick of the 2000 Florida presidential recount. As a toddler, she experienced the 9/11 attacks in Washington, D.C., and the nanny of one of her playmates was killed by the D.C. sni 14243 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Doctors raise hopes of blood test for children with coronavirus-linked syndrome UK researchers believe blood markers maj help them identify those most at risk Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Doctors have identified a group of blood compounds that maj help to reveal which children are most at risk of developing a rare but life-threatening immune reaction to coronavirus. The new syndrome emerged last month after hospitals in London admitted a numb 14242 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Reopen the schools or a generation will bear the mental health scars Children's Covid symptoms are usually mild, but a lack of education can be severe Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The plan for children to start returning to school in England has caused much debate about safety. Understandably, parents and teachers are worried about what this will mean for risk to children, and teachers are justifiably concerned about risk to themse 14241 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. My Brother's Death Didn't Have to Happen Senator Elizabeth Warren's oldest brother, Donald Reed Herring, died of COVID-19 in late April, and I heard that she sometimes mentioned this in conversations about policy, though she was reluctant to talk about it publicly. So when I interviewed her for a story about her pandemic-response work (and her prospects of getting picked to be Joe Biden's running mate), it was only natural to ask how th 14240 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. How to Sleep When the World Is Falling Apart It's not easy to relax in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are some simple tips and techniques that can help you get some shut-eye. 14239 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. US and UK 'lead push against global patent pool for Covid-19 drugs' Efforts to dilute world health assembly resolution on open licensing decried as 'appalling' Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Ministers and officials from every nation will meet via video link on Monday for the annual world health assembly, which is expected to be dominated by efforts to stop rich countries monopolising drugs and future vaccines against Covid-19. As so 14238 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. The results of a Spanish study on Covid-19 immunity have a scary takeaway: One of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world isn't anything close to a worst-case scenario. submitted by /u/maxwellhill [link] [comments] 14237 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Mystery of prolonged Covid-19 symptoms adds to unknowns Growing evidence some sufferers endure problems from fatigue to organ pains for six weeks or more 14236 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 test results could mislead public | Letters Dr Michael Browning is concerned by the limitations of the Roche antibody test, while Dennis Sherwood is worried about the reliability of self-administered swabs Public Health England's report on its validation of the Roche Covid-19 antibody test (which the government is promoting for widespread use) reveals a number of limitations that were not mentioned in the public briefings ( Public Health E 14235 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. State and Federal Data on COVID-19 Testing Don't Match Up Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . How many coronavirus tests have been conducted in the United States? For the first time since February, the federal government has an answer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now say that 10,847,778 coronavirus tests have been conducted nationwide. These tests 14234 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 updates: Africa, Italy, surgery and inequality Scientists explore the unfolding ramifications. 14233 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. IP is not a hindrance but a help to end Covid-19 We must not send the wrong message to pharma companies that have taken huge risks 14232 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Robot adoption key factor in productivity growth post-Covid-19 submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 14231 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. German police crack down on anti-lockdown protesters Thousands take to streets as authorities warn rallies could be infiltrated by far-right 14230 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. A long-term shift away from dirty fossil fuels has accelerated during the lockdown, bringing forward power plant closures in several countries and providing new evidence that humanity's coal use may finally have peaked after more than 200 years. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14229 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. El Salvador heads for constitutional crisis over lockdown Attorney-general to challenge President Bukele's tough Covid-19 decree in Supreme Court 14228 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Egyptians face economic pain despite looser lockdown Construction sites, factories and public transport are busy but business is still struggling 14227 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Cheer spreads through US oil market as lockdowns ease Prices climb after operators cut output faster than many analysts expected 14226 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Virus brings France's 'number-one car region' to a standstill Pandemic hits Grand Est region, which is at the heart of the auto industry, with particular ferocity 14225 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. BP boss 'convinced more than ever' that company will reach net-zero emissions. Bernard Looney said BP must learn from, and embrace, the collapse of oil markets amid the global pandemic, as the world's demand falls to a 25-year low. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14224 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Maybe it's time to retire the idea of "going viral" For years we've been using the phrase "gone viral" to describe something that becomes wildly popular on the internet. But it strikes a different note in the middle of a global pandemic, especially when the viral content is about an actual virus that is killing people. It's even worse when you're talking about "viral" content containing dangerous misinformation and conspiratorial thinking about su 14223 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Poorer middle-aged men most at risk from suicide in pandemic, say Samaritans Charity raises concerns over 'hidden victims' in a socioeconomic group known to be reluctant to seek help Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Middle-aged men from poor backgrounds have been identified as potential "hidden victims" of the Covid-19 pandemic, and urgent government intervention is required to protect them, the Samaritans charity has warned. Analysing feedbac 14222 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. The Rise of the Chaplains The pandemic has thrown into sharp relief a shift in American religious life. Growing numbers of Americans, especially under the age of 30, are not religiously affiliated or involved with spiritual or religious organizations. They do not have local religious leaders to call in a crisis like their grandparents did. Instead, in moments of great need, many are turning to chaplains and spiritual-care 14221 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. How big tech plans to profit from the pandemic: As the coronavirus continues to kill thousands each day, tech companies are seizing the opportunity to extend their reach and power. submitted by /u/SinbadMarinarul [link] [comments] 14220 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. 'You're Not Alone': How One Nurse Is Confronting the Pandemic The adrenaline of the first days of the Covid response has drained away, leaving sore muscles, heavy hearts, and a creeping awareness that the grind is here to stay. 14219 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Jay Powell warns US recovery could take until end of 2021 Fed chair says economy maj not fully bounce back until virus vaccine is available 14218 ….. (Hentet 17.maj 2020 ) ….. Will Italy's borrowing costs rise even further? Market Questions is the FT's guide to the week ahead 14217 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. East of Siberia: Owls and the Meaning of April Spring was always the annual end point for my work studying owls in Russia; this year, the coronavirus ensured that the expedition would leave me behind 14216 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Leopards spotted in Pakistan capital's park as virus clears way Leopards, jackals and other creatures living in Islamabad's tree-covered hills have been enjoying a rare respite from the throngs of hikers and joggers that normally pack the trails. 14215 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronakrise svækker ingeniørdimittenders tro på jobchancer PLUS. Næsten hver anden ingeniørstuderende, der bliver færdig i år mener, at deres jobmuligheder er blevet dårligere, viser ny rundspørge fra IDA. AR-formand er bekymret og efterlyser øget støtte til SMV'er, mens studiemedlemmerne er mere fortrøstningsfulde. 14214 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Heart attack prevention lags for people with stroke, peripheral artery disease Although all three conditions can lead to heart attack, people with stroke or peripheral artery disease were less likely to receive preventive treatments to prevent heart attack than people with coronary artery disease. Stroke survivors were more likely to report poor health care satisfaction and more emergency room visits.Patients with peripheral artery disease had the highest out-of-pocket healt 14213 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Is This Taiwan's Moment? Taiwanese media this week became enraptured by photos of prominent White House officials wearing surgical masks. Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's jack-of-all-trades son-in-law, sported one, as did National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. The face coverings themselves didn't drive the intrigue so much as what was imprinted in tiny block font 14212 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. The United States is on track to produce more electricity this year from renewable power than from coal for the first time on record, new government projections show, a transformation partly driven by the coronavirus pandemic, with profound implications in the fight against climate change. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14211 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. For all its sophistication, AI isn't fit to make life-or-death decisions | Kenan Malik 'Following the science' is a disingenuous policy because mathematical reckoning and human judgments are very different things Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Artificial intelligence is searching for the drugs to combat Covid-19. It enabled the pandemic to be tracked and information about it to be synthesised. It is diagnosing patients, triaging them , and identifying 14210 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Why contact tracing may be a mess in America Dozens of states across the US are pinning their hopes on contact tracing to control the spread of the coronavirus and enable regions to reopen without sparking major resurgences of the outbreak. Alaska, California, Massachusetts, New York, and others are collectively hiring and training tens of thousands of people to interview infected patients, identify people they maj have exposed, and convinc 14209 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. How coronavirus is driving a revolution in travel Manchester is spearheading a new effort to create space for walking and cycling. 14208 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Is Making Universal Basic Income Look Better submitted by /u/stormforce7916 [link] [comments] 14207 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Spain's daily death toll hits lowest level in two months [no content] 14206 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: US deaths headed for 100,000 by June, Brazil health minister resigns Beijing pressures Europe to stop Taiwan joining WHO; record increase in daily Brazil cases; Covid-19 spreads in Yemen. Follow the latest updates Europe could face deadly second wave of winter infections Brazil loses second health minister in less than a month US deaths projected to reach 100,000 by 1 June – CDC Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance 1.43am BST Hundre 14205 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates: States Reopen With Outbreak Control 'Right on the Edge' With more than two-thirds of states significantly relaxing restrictions, an uptick in cases is widely predicted. A divided House narrowly passed a $3 trillion pandemic relief package, but it stands little chance of becoming law. 14204 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates Investigators have uncovered a fraud ring that maj have siphoned millions of dollars in unemployment payments. With more than two-thirds of states significantly relaxing restrictions, an uptick in cases is predicted. 14203 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. MEPs have called on the European Commission deliver a "massive" € 2 trillion coronavirus recovery fund next week that prioritises the proposed Green Deal agenda to transform Europe into the world's first net zero continent by 2050. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14202 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. 17-Year-Old Turned Down $8 Million to Keep His Viral Coronavirus Tracker Ad-Free It gets 30 million visitors a day. 14201 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Government to invest £93m in UK vaccine manufacturing centre Facility to open next summer, with earlier deployment possible to make coronavirus vaccine Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The British government will invest up to £93m to bring forward construction of a new vaccine manufacturing centre, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said on Saturday. The funding will ensure the new centre opens in summe 14200 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates Germany's top soccer league is restarting. Britain's testing push has left labs short of supplies. 14199 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Peter Brancazio, Who Explored the Physics of Sports, Dies at 81 He used science to demystify the myths of rising fastballs and Michael Jordan's seemingly long hang time. He died from complications of the novel coronavirus. 14198 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. French boy dies of coronavirus-linked Kawasaki disease Nine-year-old from Marseille had been 'in contact with' virus before dying in hospital Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A nine-year-old boy from Marseille is reported to have died of Kawasaki disease, the mysterious inflammatory syndrome linked to coronavirus. The boy is believed to be the first victim of the disease in France and only the second in Europe after a tee 14197 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. New Orleans Begins Re-Opening The city began allowing some businesses such as gyms, salons and movie theaters, as well as churches to re-open — or expand their operations — in a limited capacity on Saturday. (Image credit: Rebecca Santana/AP) 14196 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: What to Read This Weekend Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Step one: Pour the evening beverage of your choice—beer, wine, tea, seltzer, or, my personal favorite, a tall glass of water. Step two: Pick something to read from the list below, find the cozies 14195 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. What We Know About Your Chances of Catching the Virus Outdoors A stir-crazy nation wonders: Is it safe to stroll on the beach in a deadly pandemic? How about a picnic in the park? Or coffee with a friend at an outdoor table? The risk is in the details. 14194 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Surrendering to Uncertainty The RNA molecule that causes COVID-19 contains just 15 genes and is responsible for shutting down schools, businesses, weddings, funerals. That our lives could get thrown upside down by something so small seems absurd. But I'm accustomed to my world getting upended by a handful of genes. Eight years ago this spring, I was told my nine-month-old baby would maj be walk someday or maj be not. She migh 14193 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Weekend reads: Revelations about a controversial COVID-19 study; weaponizing uncertainty; a 'super-spotter' of duplicated images Before we present this week's Weekend Reads, a question: Do you enjoy our weekly roundup? If so, we could really use your help. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. Sending thoughts to our readers and wishing them the best in this uncertain time. The week … Continue reading 14192 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Global push urged for COVID-19 vaccine could help climate too. As trillions of dollars in stimulus spending begin pouring into national economies flattened by the coronavirus crisis – and as people rethink old habits – the world faces a rare opportunity to swiftly ramp up climate action submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 14191 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Protecting great apes from covid-19 Gorillas are bad at social distancing 14190 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. BAME women make up 55% of UK pregnancy hospitalisations with Covid-19 Study prompts experts to issue guidance for maternity workers about increased risk Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage More than half of pregnant women who were admitted to hospital with coronavirus in the UK were from a black and minority ethnic background, a study has found, prompting experts to issue guidance for midwives to remain on high alert and lower the threshol 14189 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Spain's prime minister seeks one last lockdown extension Pedro Sánchez says cautious approach is warranted but it infuriates regional authorities in Madrid 14188 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. The flaw in Johnson's 'common sense' lockdown logic From an economic and social perspective, the government has got the balance and the emphasis wrong 14187 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Government faces legal action over refusal to publish Sage minutes Businessman Simon Dolan says ministers must disclose science behind lockdown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A millionaire businessman is launching legal action against the government after it refused to disclose minutes of the Sage meetings that informed its decision to impose the coronavirus lockdown. Simon Dolan, who owns Jota Aviation, said he received an unsatis 14186 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Saudi wealth fund snaps up $7.7bn of blue-chip stocks Investment vehicle chaired by crown prince takes advantage of knockdown share prices during pandemic 14185 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through May 16) AUTOMATION The Pandemic Is Emptying Call Centers. AI Chatbots Are Swooping In Karen Hao | MIT Technology Review "Over the last few years, advances in natural-language processing have also dramatically improved on the clunky automated call systems of the past. The newest generation of chatbots and voice-based agents are easier to build, faster to deploy, and more responsive to user inquiries. Once 14184 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. A Study in Leadership One knows, of course, that Donald Trump behaves differently from the leaders of other countries, especially the leaders of other Western democracies. One knows that he disdains facts; that he does not read briefing papers; that he has no organizational talents; that he does not know how to make use of militaries, bureaucracies, or diplomatic services; that he has no basic knowledge of history or 14183 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. What Happened Today: President Trump Outlines New Vaccine Plan, Economy Questions Wall Street Journal chief economics commentator Greg Ip updates listeners on the state of the U.S. economy during the pandemic and answers their questions. 14182 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump says US is developing a 'super duper' missile – video Unveiling the flag for his new space force , Donald Trump said the US was developing a 'super-duper missile' to outpace its military adversaries. 'We have no choice, we have to do it with the adversaries we have out there. We have, I call it the super duper missile and I heard the other night [it's] 17 times faster than what they have right now,' the US president said on Friday Trump says US will 14181 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump's Cordon Un-sanitaire No White House reporter I've ever known was looking to harm anyone, much less the president of the United States, but the federal government never took chances. Covering Barack Obama and now Donald Trump, I can't recall a single instance when the security cordon surrounding the president frayed. On every trip, my press colleagues and I were searched before we got anywhere near the commander in ch 14180 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Hackers Claim to Have 'Dirty Laundry' About Donald Trump Plus: Warrantless surveillance, an iOS zero-day glut, and more of the week's top security news. 14179 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. America's hungry turn to food banks as unemployment rises Relief group reports 70% increase in people seeking assistance since virus crisis began 14178 ….. (Hentet 16.maj 2020 ) ….. Twenty Six Predictions for the Next Eleven Months, and Two Technology Predictions for the Years 2022-2025 Predictions for the Next Eleven Months (For this, I am re-posting what I wrote in another forum about a month ago without any edits.) What follows presumes (and this is important) that a vaccine will not be procured any time soon, and that due to the real world being the way it is the virus will instead continue to grow. These are all things that the world can anticipate in the coming year (eleve 14177 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Roundup for May 9-May 15 Pandemic news highlights for the week 14176 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Model of critical infrastructures reveals vulnerabilities Researchers developed a computer simulation that revealed beef supply chain vulnerabilities that need safeguarding — a realistic concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. 14175 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Social good creates economic boost As unemployment rates skyrocket around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a world-first study has found social venture start-ups not only alleviate social problems but also are much more important for job creation than previously thought. 14174 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Blood clotting abnormalities reveal COVID-19 patients at risk for thrombotic events When researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, used a combination of two specific blood-clotting tests, they found critically ill patients infected with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) who were at high risk for developing renal failure, venous blood clots, and other complications associated with blood clots, such as stroke. 14173 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Further evidence does not support hydroxychloroquine for patients with COVID-19 The anti-inflammatory drug hydroxychloroquine does not significantly reduce admission to intensive care or death in patients hospitalized with pneumonia due to COVID-19, finds a study from France. And a randomized clinical trial from China shows that hospitalized patients with mild to moderate persistent covid-19 who received hydroxychloroquine did not clear the virus more quickly than those recei 14172 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Heart attacks, heart failure, stroke: COVID-19's dangerous cardiovascular complications A new guide from emergency medicine doctors details the potentially deadly cardiovascular complications COVID-19 can cause. 14171 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Detailed analysis of immune response to SARS-CoV-2 bodes well for COVID-19 vaccine A new study documents a robust antiviral immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in a group of 20 adults who had recovered from COVID-19. The findings show that the body's immune system is able to recognize SARS-CoV-2 in many ways, dispelling fears that the virus maj elude ongoing efforts to create an effective vaccine. 14170 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. We're Being Tested President Trump pointed out yesterday that if we didn't do any testing for the virus we would have very few cases, which forces us to confront the issues posed by testing in general. 14169 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Bats Are Not Our Enemies The viruses they carry spill over into humans mostly when we encroach on their territory or drag them into ours—and bats do great good as well 14168 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Quantifying the impact of interventions Since the beginning of March, public life in Germany has been severely restricted due to the corona pandemic. Following the encouraging decline in the number of new cases of COVID-19, the debate on the effectiveness of interventions taken to date and on further relaxation of the restrictions is meanwhile gaining momentum. 14167 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. PODCAST: Derfor vinder antivaccine-bevægelsen frem Danske affaldsforbrændingsanlæg skal udfases, mener nogle eksperter. Men er Danmark klar til det? Dansk corona-app skal alligevel bygges med teknologi fra Apple og Google. Analyse af næsten 100 millioner Facebook-brugere afslører voksende modstand mod vacciner. 14166 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Mens vi venter på corona-appen: Teknologisk quick fix eller fatamorgana? Myndighederne har store forhåbninger til, at smart­phones skal hjælpe os med at bekæmpe covid-19-­pandemien. Men der er mange sten på vejen. 14165 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Læger og eksperter: Derfor haltede beredskabet, da coronakrisen ramte BAGGRUND: Sundhedsvæsenets beredskab var presset, da COVID-19 kom til Danmark. Sårbare forsyningskæder og et sundhedsvæsen, der gennem et årti har været hårdt presset økonomisk, er forklaringen, fortæller læger og eksperter. 14164 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona-nedlukningen flyttede fokus på Twitter fra frygt til tillid – men også mistilid–men-ogsaa-mistilid/ En ny kortlægning og analyse af corona-debatten på Twitter viser et markant skifte i stemningen… 14163 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronapod: Fighting the misinformation pandemic Nature, Published online: 15 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01475-6 With questionable coronavirus content flooding airwaves and online channels, what's being done to limit its impact? 14162 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Study finds association between atherosclerosis and changes in the structure, heart function Even among individuals free of heart failure and myocardial infarction, there appears to be evidence of an association between calcium buildup in the coronary arteries (atherosclerosis) and changes in the structure and function of the heart. 14161 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Vangsted skal styre nyt corona-testcenter Direktør i Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed Anne-Marie Vangsted skal lede det nye Testcenter Danmark. Enhedschef og overlæge Anette Lykke Petri konstitueres som direktør for styrelsen. 14160 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. 20 Books to Read in Quarantine This Summer For many of those lucky enough to be able to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, books have taken on a special meaning. COVID-19 book clubs have popped up to help readers feel connected to one another, group readings have brought new life to old poems, and—in this time of ambient anxiety—the value of losing yourself in a novel has never seemed more apparent. What follows is a selection of 14159 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Australia enjoys its first post-coronavirus lockdown 'schooners' Pubs reopen but making money will be challenging in the age of social distancing 14158 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Colleges Are Deluding Themselves Crises challenge all of us. They reveal our true character and provide great tests of our strength. For college presidents, the coronavirus pandemic is the direst crisis we have ever faced. Even in the best of times, leading an institution of higher education demands an ability to weigh many competing individual interests against moral responsibility for the whole. The current health emergency ma 14157 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. German GDP shrinks by 2.2% in first quarter Eurozone's biggest economy plunges into recession as coronavirus lockdown hits activity 14156 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. As an epidemiologist, I know how well contact tracing could work for coronavirus | Keith Neal If used with adequate testing, isolation and social distancing, tracing could be key to reducing the spread of Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As quarantine measures are slowly lifted in the UK, the virus will continue to spread unless the government puts in place a strategy to curb the rate of infection. Contact tracing , a practice long used in public heal 14155 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus 15 May: at a glance A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak Follow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include: Continue reading… 14154 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Air passenger quarantine plan makes no sense, UK adviser says Exclusive: Boris Johnson's coronavirus announcement has no scientific basis, source says Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The decision to force air passengers into quarantine when they arrive in the UK "doesn't make sense" at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic, a senior government adviser has told the Guardian, piling pressure on ministers to explain the scientifi 14153 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. In China, quarantine improves air quality and prevents thousands of deaths Soon after coronavirus appeared, an all-encompassing quarantine put into effect by the Chinese government slowed the spread of the disease and saved lives, but the quarantine also produced another unanticipated health benefit. 14152 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Africa facing a quarter of a billion coronavirus cases, WHO predicts But continent will have fewer deaths than Europe and US because of its younger population and other lifestyle factors Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Nearly a quarter of a billion people across 47 African countries will catch coronavirus over the next year, but the result will be fewer severe cases and deaths than in the US and Europe, new research predicts. A model 14151 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Welcome to the Coronavirus Class War If you're getting your information from a cursory consumption of the news, from conservative media, or from President Donald Trump's Twitter feed, it's easy to form an impression of public opinion on social-distancing measures: The country is deeply split between Republicans, who want to reopen the country, and Democrats, who want to keep things closed. More specifically, it's split between well- 14150 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. So you want to be a coronavirus contact tracer? There's a class for that Hunting down people exposed to the coronavirus and quarantining them is seen as a vital step in controlling its spread, and now Johns Hopkins University has created a free online course to turn people of all backgrounds into a nationwide force of hunters. 14149 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. I Enrolled in a Coronavirus Contact Tracing Academy Health experts say we need up to 200,000 more people to track down the infected and anyone who crossed their path. I took the training to learn how it works. 14148 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Letter from China: Sichuan goes with the flow Each region of the country is responding in its own way to the coronavirus crisis 14147 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Horror of the Coronavirus Data Lag The most universal experience of the coronavirus pandemic in America might not be a sense of fear or anxiety, but a profound confusion over what exactly is going on. Novel pathogens are confounding by definition, and since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the United States, in January, information about severity, spread, and a seemingly ever-expanding list of symptoms has trickled slowly 14146 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus diaries: We'll meet again Nature, Published online: 15 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01476-5 A brief return to the lab reminds John Tregoning of the limitations of remote meetings and how much he misses his research group, sharing data and chats about rubbish television. 14145 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Crisis in the Amazon: 'Coronavirus does not wait, they die on the boats' Indigenous groups at risk as region emerges as flashpoint of pandemic in Brazil 14144 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Dogs Caught Coronavirus From Their Owners, Genetic Analysis Suggests There is no evidence that dogs can pass the virus to people, however 14143 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. It Really Could Be Warren T he coronavirus has transformed Joe Biden's campaign, and his search for a running mate. And it has transformed Elizabeth Warren's chances of being picked for the job. The Massachusetts senator and the former vice president don't have much of a personal relationship. She was determined to run for president by swearing off big donors; the first event of his campaign was a high-dollar fundraiser a 14142 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Why the Coronavirus Hits Kids and Adults So Differently Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Only after New York City passed its current coronavirus peak did pediatricians notice a striking, new pattern: Dozens of kids who had been exposed to COVID-19 were coming in sick, but they weren't coughing. They didn't have severe respiratory distress. Instead, they had sky 14141 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. University of Tartu study shows a low prevalence of the coronavirus in Estonia The results of a study conducted by the University of Tartu on the prevalence of the coronavirus were presented to the Government Committee responsible for the emergency situation on Tuesday. The results from the second week of the study continue to confirm the low prevalence of the virus in Estonia. 14140 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus in the US: Latest COVID-19 news and case counts The U.S. has now confirmed more than 1.45 million COVID-19 cases. To date, at least 87,991 individuals in the U.S. have died from the coronavirus causing COVID-19. 14139 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Typhoon leaves 1 dead, extensive damage in Philippine towns Strong winds and rain from Typhoon Vongfong left at least one person dead and damaged hundreds of homes and coronavirus isolation facilities along with rice and corn fields in five hard-hit eastern towns, a governor said Friday. 14138 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Singapore team set to produce faster antibody test [no content] 14137 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News and Updates The House will vote on a $3 trillion relief package. The stay-at-home order for New York City was extended. Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, used aid money as lifelines for private and religious schools she has long championed. 14136 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump says he could cut China ties as global deaths pass 300,000 36m Americans unemployed; Brazil cases hit 200,000; EU insists vaccine must be available to all countries. Follow the latest updates Trump suggests he could 'cut off whole relationship' with China Leaders urge free vaccines as France allows staycations Donald Trump goes maskless to tour medical equipment facility Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance 1.27am BST Mean 14135 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Wuhan residents brave queues as coronavirus mass testing begins Locals report confusion and lengthy waits as officials aim to test 11m residents in 10 days Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Chinese health authorities have begun testing millions of people in Wuhan, after the city that was once the centre of the coronavirus outbreak reported a small cluster of infections. Officials across the various districts were told to begin test 14134 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Coronavirus murders': Media narrative about domestic abuse during lockdown misses the point In more "normal" times, two women a week are murdered by their partners in the UK, but these crimes rarely make the news. Now, following lockdown around the world, there has been a flurry of reports of a surge in domestic violence and abuse (DVA) cases. Domestic abuse has been deemed newsworthy. Has it taken a global health crisis to shine a light on violence against women in the home? 14133 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. How Accurate Are Tests to Detect Coronavirus on Surfaces? Labs and companies are already distributing some, but they vary drastically in price and potential performance 14132 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Some Types of Coronavirus Only Cause Colds — What Makes This New Virus Different? Odds are, you'll get a normal cold from at least one of four kinds of coronavirus varieties in your life. 14131 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Essential supermarket workers face everyday suffering and managerial abuse, study finds The coronavirus outbreak has highlighted how important essential supermarket workers are, but in reality, they are often amongst the most poorly paid and undervalued employees within our society. 14130 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Amazon says it will begin reopening warehouses in France Agreement reached with unions after legal battle over coronavirus protections for workers 14129 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The sprint to solve coronavirus protein structures — and disarm them with drugs Nature, Published online: 15 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01444-z Stopping the pandemic could rely on breakneck efforts to visualize SARS-CoV-2 proteins and use them to design drugs and vaccines. 14128 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Brazil loses second health minister in a month Resignation of Nelson Teich follows disputes with president over coronavirus response 14127 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. British urged to binge on berries amid fears of glut Cancellation of Wimbledon and other summer events over coronavirus set to squash soft fruit demand 14126 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Greece anxiously prepares for socially distanced beach life Country is a rare coronavirus success story but faces huge financial hit without tourism 14125 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Should researchers deliberately infect volunteers with coronavirus to test vaccines? More than 20,000 people around the world have already expressed interest in participating in such a challenge, if it were ever to be brought to light. 14124 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. US states coronavirus tracker | Free to read Find any US state in the live-updating and customisable version of the FT's Covid-19 trajectory charts 14123 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World Updates In Southeast Asia, where traffic accidents are a major killer, lockdowns have lowered the number of deaths on the road as more people stay home. But they have also sowed discontent and unrest elsewhere. 14122 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. India healthcare turns to big data to protect the masses AI-driven app proves a powerful tool to contain coronavirus, but critics voice privacy fears 14121 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: 'We're in the experimental phase' As lockdown is eased, we all become participants in a vast, very cautious observational experiment, experts say. 14120 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Amazon Could Easily Be The Next Source of Coronaviruses, Scientist Warns "We'd better not try our luck." 14119 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Good News on the Human Immune Response to the Coronavirus One of the big (and so far unanswered) questions about the coronavirus epidemic is what kind of immunity people have after becoming infected. This is important for the idea of "re-infection" (is it even possible?) and of course for vaccine development. We're getting more and more information in this area, though, and this new paper is a good example. A team from the La Jolla Institute for Immunol 14118 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Apple supplier Foxconn's profits collapse due to coronavirus Technology industry bellwether says worst of crisis could be behind it 14117 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Holidays in the time of coronavirus Lockdowns offer a chance to find the hidden gems nearer to home 14116 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Connecticut: Latest updates on Coronavirus There are 35,464 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Connecticut. 14115 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Florida: Latest updates on Coronavirus There are 42,038 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Florida 14114 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Kansas: Latest updates on Coronavirus Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Kansas and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak. 14113 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Maine: Latest updates on Coronavirus Here is the COVID-19 situation in Maine. 14112 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. New Hampshire: Latest updates on coronavirus Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in New Hampshire and the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak. 14111 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Oklahoma: Latest updates on Coronavirus Here's information on the number of coronavirus cases in Oklahoma and the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak. 14110 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Pennsylvania: Latest updates on Coronavirus Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak. 14109 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. South Carolina: Latest updates on Coronavirus Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in South Carolina and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak. 14108 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. UK researchers hope dogs can be trained to detect coronavirus £500,000 government funding for project that 'could revolutionise' screening Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Dogs are to be trained to try to sniff out the coronavirus before symptoms appear in humans, under trials launched with £500,000 of government funding. Dogs have already been successfully trained to detect the odour of certain cancers, malaria and Parkinson's 14107 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Report: COVID Has Spread to the World's Largest Refugee Camp Two residents of the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh have tested positive for the coronavirus, the BBC reports . While they have been treated in isolation, a further 1,900 refugees are being tested — indicating fear that the pandemic could sweep through one of the world's most vulnerable populations. The two Rohingya refugees who tested positive were living in a camp with a population 14106 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Study: COVID Patients Suffering Acute Kidney Damage According to a new study conducted at Northwell Health, a large medical system located in New York, over a third of COVID-19 patients experienced acute kidney injury, Reuters reports . "We found in the first 5,449 patients admitted, 36.6% developed acute kidney injury," Kenar Jhaveri, associated chief of nephrology at Hofstra/Northwell and co-author of the study published in the journal Kidney In 14105 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Changelog: Covid Tracing Tracker updates as they happen Technology Review is running a project to monitor and observe the development and deployment of automated contact tracing apps aimed at curbing the spread of covid-19. Each weekday we review submissions, source information and update our database . This page lists changes, documentation, and reasoning where it is required. If you have a change to submit to the database, here's how to do it . Wedn 14104 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. A Make-or-Break Moment for Cities U rban America faces a moment of reckoning unlike any since the late 1970s. Although the COVID-19 pandemic will cause extraordinary, long-lasting damage everywhere, cities maj feel the economic pain more acutely than other parts of the country. That economic crisis could have a crushing effect on city budgets, already fragile in most places. As city budgets go, so go municipal services—from stree 14103 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. More people pedal to work in bike-share cities Before the COVID-19 pandemic, bike commuting increased 20% in cities that introduced bike share systems, according to a new study. If you've lived in a major or mid-size city for the past couple of years, you probably have seen bike-sharing bikes propped against a tree, strewn along the sidewalk, or standing "docked" at a station. The often brightly colored bikes with whimsical company names prom 14102 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Paying for the Covid-19 pandemic will be painful Interest rates will not stay low forever; spending cuts and higher taxes will be needed 14101 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Quantifying the impact of interventions in COVID-19 pandemic Since the beginning of March, public life in Germany has been severely restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following the encouraging decline in the number of new cases of COVID-19, the debate on the effectiveness of interventions taken to date and on further relaxation of the restrictions is meanwhile gaining momentum. 14100 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Treatment guidance for lung cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic To help oncologists address the many challenges COVID-19-positive lung cancer patients present, a team of global lung cancer specialists this week published a review of lung cancer treatments for patients with COVID-19 in the current issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, the official journal of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). 14099 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Health systems worldwide receive wake-up call AI is helping to diagnose, treat and curb the spread of Covid-19 14098 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 and 'Locust-19' threaten perfect storm for Africa | FT Interview African Development Bank's Akinwumi Adesina on the threat of coronavirus 14097 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Brings Back Andrew Yang's Universal Basic Income Idea submitted by /u/illegalmorality [link] [comments] 14096 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Impacts of different social distancing interventions detectable two weeks later, shows German modeling study In Germany, growth of COVID-19 cases declined after a series of three social distancing interventions, detectable at a two-week delay following each intervention, but only after the third- a far-reaching contact ban — did cases decline significantly. 14095 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 could force a rethink of America's safety net If history is any indication, the economic fallout and increased political demands caused by the coronavirus could pressure government leaders into building a new safety net for lower income groups, new research suggests. "However, the political possibilities that emerge from the current crisis will likely be colored by real world beliefs and prejudices about who is worthy of economic support and 14094 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 economics — first book hits shelves Nature, Published online: 15 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01487-2 Breakneck triage nails many diagnoses, but deeper treatment is needed. 14093 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Asymptomatic spread makes testing key for COVID-19 fight The prevalence of asymptomatic cases—people infected with the virus who can spread it to others but don't feel sick—is one of the most challenging aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, researchers say. In Iceland, where a broad testing effort resulted in 5% of the country's population getting tested for COVID-19, a lab study suggested that as many as 50% of people who have the disease show no symp 14092 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Voluntary collective isolation is best response to COVID-19 for indigenous populations A team of anthropologists, physicians, tribal leaders and local government authorities developed and implemented a multi-phase COVID-19 prevention and containment plan among the Tsimane, an indigenous group in the Bolivian Amazon. The researchers believe that their approach with the Tsimane can be adapted to tribal and aboriginal populations throughout the world to prevent widespread mortality. Th 14091 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Considering a New Career? This Adobe CC Training Can Kickstart Your Graphic Design Biz It's no secret that COVID-19 has rocked the world of many. Whether it be through layoffs, a whole new world of working (or school-ing) from home, or just general boredom, the new normal is, well, a far cry from what most of us consider "normal." So, while we wait for llamas to save us from this global pandemic , it's not a terrible idea to do something worthwhile with all this extra time. If you' 14090 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Estimated rates of COVID-19 in border counties in Iowa vs. Illinois This study compares COVID-19 cases in border counties in Iowa, which didn't issue a stay-at-home order, with cases in border counties in Illinois, which did. 14089 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Sociodemographic factors associated with a positive test for COVID-19 in primary care Older age, being male, deprivation, living in a densely populated area, ethnicity, obesity, and chronic kidney disease are associated with a positive test for COVID-19, according to results from 3,802 people tested for SARS-CoV-2 (including 587 positive tests) in the UK. The observational study was conducted in between Jan 28 and April 4 using routine electronic health records data from GP practic 14088 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. AJR details COVID-19 infection control, radiographer protection in CT exam areas In an open-access article published ahead-of-print by the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), a team of Chinese radiologists discuss modifications to the CT examination process and strict disinfection of examination rooms, while outlining personal protection measures for radiographers during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak. 14087 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 infection control, radiographer protection in CT exam areas Radiologists from Shanghai discuss modifying exam process and disinfecting exam room, while outlining personal protection measures during the coronavirus disease outbreak. 14086 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Indigenous protection–ip051520.php The global reach of COVID-19 is unquestionable. Every day, news reports highlight the disease's increasing toll on countries and major cities around the world. 14085 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Risks and Impact of ACEIs or ARBs in Adults With SARS-CoV-2 Infection 14084 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: UK infection rate has risen in past week The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 14083 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. UHN-U of T-led study shows antiviral drug can speed up recovery of COVID-19 patient An international team of researchers led by Dr. Eleanor Fish, emerita scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, University Health Network, and professor in the University of Toronto's Department of Immunology, has shown for the first time that treatment with interferon-α2b maj significantly accelerate recovery of COVID-19 patients. 14082 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Treatment with interferon-α2b speeds up recovery of COVID-19 patients in exploratory study An exploratory study on a cohort of 77 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wuhan showed treatment with the antiviral IFN-α2b reduced viral clearance time and reduced circulatory levels of inflammatory markers IL-6 and CRP. The research team followed on from previous successes when they demonstrated interferon therapy had therapeutic benefits during the SARS outbreak of 2002 and 2003. 14081 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Weird as hell': the Covid-19 patients who have symptoms for months Researchers keen to work out why some people are suffering from 'long tail' form of the virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In mid-March Paul Garner developed what he thought was a "bit of a cough". A professor of infectious diseases, Garner was discussing the new coronavirus with David Nabarro, the UK's special envoy on the pandemic. At the end of the Zoom call, N 14080 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Antiviral drug can speed up recovery of COVID-19 patients, study shows Research shows for the first time that interferon-alpha2b improves virus clearance and decreases levels of inflammatory markers in COVID-19 patients. 14079 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Asthma is associated with longer time on ventilators for younger COVID-19 patients Patients with COVID-19 between the ages of 20 and 59 years old who also had asthma needed a ventilator to assist with breathing for five days more on average than non-asthmatic patients with COVID-19, according to researchers at Rush University Medical Center, who published their findings today in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. 14078 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 response can result in the health systems we need Pandemic highlights ethical and structural concerns over digital governance 14077 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Covid-19 shutdown is a blow for first-time buyers Young people will be hardest hit financially by the pandemic, says a new report 14076 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids, And What You Need to Know About a Rare Post-Viral Syndrome Children are largely protected. 14075 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Regional differences in Covid-19 transmission rate emerge in England London has seen steeper decline in R rate but north has slower fall in infections, and estimates vary Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Transmission rates of Covid-19 remain dangerously close to levels that could bring a second wave, even before the easing of some restrictions this week, as the focus shifts to transmission rates in the north of England. The latest offi 14074 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Will social distancing extend until mid-2021? In the absence of a COVID-19 vaccine, social distancing measures maj need to remain in place until mid-2021, according to a new study. A cautious, measured approach to relaxing COVID-19 restrictions will protect the most vulnerable members of society and support the health service, experts say. Researchers used a detailed mathematical model calibrated against data on the age distribution of cases 14073 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Without intervention, model shows COVID-19 will drag at least 3.6 million Indonesians into poverty The COVID-19 lockdowns are projected to cause a decline in economic growth due to the restrictions on labour activities and economic production. 14072 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. No evidence 'Madagascar cure' for covid-19 works, says WHO There is no evidence a herbal drink promoted by the president of Madagascar as a cure for covid-19 is effective, according to the head of the World Health Organization in Africa 14071 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Bluetooth osäkert för smittspårning Flera länder har infört , eller är på väg att införa, olika typer av mobilappar för att spåra vem som varit i kontakt med en person smittad av covid-19. De flesta av dessa appar använder radiotekniken bluetooth för att känna av om två personer befunnit sig nära varandra. Bluetooth finns inbyggt i de flesta mobiler och används för att till exempel koppla in trådlösa hörlurar, men att använda teknik 14070 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Impacts of A Permanent Shift To Remote Work The remote work revolution, long predicted, oft delayed, seems to be finally happening thanks to COVID-19. Nationwide, PSA, Twitter, and Dell have said they are moving some or all of their workers to remote status permanently. Many others, including the big banks that occupy a disproportionate share of downtown office space, have said they will not need as much space in the future. This is going 14069 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: Inside the UK's top-secret military lab Military scientists at Porton Down have shown the BBC the work they are doing investigating coronavirus. 14068 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. How should we reimagine society post-COVID-19? There have been many lessons learned from the coronavirus crisis. According to Acumen founder and CEO, Jacqueline Novogratz, one of the primary lessons has been that humans are interdependent creatures in an interconnected world. "The coronavirus has laid bare the gaping wounds of our society that had grown too individualistic over the last 30-50 years and reinforced our interdependence in the mo 14067 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. What's the Strange Ailment Affecting Kids With Covid-19? The spate of inflammatory symptoms has sparked anxiety in parents, but experts say the big picture hasn't changed: The kids are still (mostly) alright. 14066 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Rush back to work risks hundreds of thousands of lives New research outlines the effects on the economy and health outcomes of three distinct quarantine scenarios. The World Health Organized officially declared COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus, a pandemic on March 11. Nearly two months later, many municipalities and states around the country have decided to relax some of the limitations put in place to prevent the disease from spr 14065 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Using telehealth to transition diabetes inpatients to virtual care during COVID-19 Data collected over a 15-week period showed that using virtual care to manage diabetes patients in the hospital does not have a negative impact on their glycemic outcomes. 14064 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Biotechs harness AI in battle against Covid-19 Drug discovery and development groups combine resources to fight pandemic 14063 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. 2 Washington cases of 'COVID-19-like illness' in December raise questions about when disease arrived in US The findings suggest the virus might have arrived in the U.S. earlier than thought. 14062 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Pharma Company Claims to Find Part of COVID-Fighting Cocktail Pharmaceutical firm Sorrento Therapeutics claims to have found the first ingredient for a "cocktail" of antibodies that could be used to act as a "protective shield" against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. In an announcement , the company said it had found a new antibody, called STI-1499, that was able to provide "100% inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection of healthy cells after four day 14061 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Good News: Human Body Builds "Robust" Immune Response to COVID A new study by researchers at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California suggests that the body builds a robust antiviral immune response after fighting the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. "If we had seen only marginal immune responses, we would have been concerned," Allesandro Sette, a professor at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccine Research and author of a study about the findings p 14060 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Biden's Virtual Campaign Is a Disaster Updated at 11:42 a.m. ET on maj 15, 2020. They say that if you live long enough, you'll get to experience nearly everything, and so it has been for Joe Biden, who has lived to see history's first Zoom presidential campaign. Unfortunately for him, it's his. Nobody looks good on Zoom—or FaceTime or Skype or any of the other online simulacra of human interaction that the lockdown has forced upon us. 14059 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Face-off over timetable to reopen schools in England June 1 target for some classes to restart after lockdown meets strong union resistance over safety for staff and pupils 14058 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Golf emerges from UK lockdown seeking new interest in ancient game Rule changes allow socially distanced play to begin in England, but clubs face financial challenges 14057 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. As Europe emerges from lockdown, the question hangs: was Sweden right? | Simon Jenkins Stockholm gambled in its response to coronavirus, but neither its economy nor its healthcare system have collapsed Who on earth is right? We cannot all be right. One country has all but dropped off the Covid-19 radar: Sweden. Just two months ago, it held hands with Britain in rejecting total lockdown and trusting "social distancing". Then on 23 March, Boris Johnson did a U-turn, leaving Sweden an 14056 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. How to exit lockdown? Elementary, my dear Watson Crime and disease share a common language. They both need other bodies to thrive 14055 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Surge' in illegal bird of prey killings since lockdown The RSPB says it has been "overrun" by reports of birds of prey being illegally killed. 14054 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. R numbers offer no easy answers for UK to lift lockdown Modelling shows far fewer new infections occurring in London than the rest of Britain 14053 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Reunions, eating out and a lot of haircuts: New Zealand embraces relaxation of lockdown Children can return to playgrounds, families can meet and restaurants can seat groups of 10 under new rules Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Joshua Young was raring to get to the Tahunanui Beach playground on Friday morning. For almost two months, the seven-year-old Nelson resident has had to see one of his favourite play spots wrapped up in caution tape, while New Ze 14052 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. China demand pushes iron ore back above $90 a tonne Rise in price of steelmaking ingredient suggests nation's economy is recovering after lockdowns 14051 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Public Discord Grows Amid Lockdowns and Mixed Virus Messages Most experts warn that lifting coronavirus lockdown orders too soon could lead to a resurgence of cases unless there is a robust program to test, trace, and isolate infected people. But there are political and economic questions, too — and in the absence of such testing, the public is getting restless. 14050 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Is the virus, not lockdowns, doing most of the economic damage?–not-lockdowns–doing-most-of-the-economic-damage-/ Spending data from Sweden and Denmark signals a surprisingly small gap in consumer spending 14049 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Who's in charge of lifting U.S. lockdowns? In a nation with more than 90,000 governments, responses to the coronavirus pandemic have highlighted the challenges posed by the United States' system of federalism, where significant power rests with states and local governments. Wisconsin's Supreme Court just overturned their governor's order for residents to stay at home—and then several cities and counties imposed their own restrictions, very 14048 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic decision: Caregiving at home or a nursing home? How should people choose between caregiving at home and a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Nursing home residents and workers account for about one-third of COVID-19 deaths in the United States so far, according to media reports. "Probably the most important question is, do they want to go home with you?" Sheria Robinson-Lane , a gerontologist and assistant professor at the University o 14047 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Doctors face uphill struggle to meet post-pandemic demand BMA survey lays bare worries that treatment and care available for other illnesses will suffer 14046 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The pandemic is killing the attraction of megacities You cannot be in the urban swing of things if there is no swing 14045 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Tax: how we will pay for the pandemic measures Previous manifesto promises could be broken and unpopular decisions made as the UK's budget deficit mounts 14044 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. No one walks by the injured, despite the virus A bloody if minor accident in the middle of the pandemic provides valuable lessons 14043 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The High Drama of a Homemade Survivor Game Each installment of The Friendship Files features a conversation between The Atlantic 's Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship. This week she talks with a group of college students separated by the pandemic who turned their fandom for the reality-competition show Survivor into their own at-home Survivor competition—complete with immunity 14042 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Silicon Valley Rethinks the (Home) Office Some tech companies are adjusting to the pandemic with new WFH perks and even letting employees ditch their commutes forever. 14041 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. One in 4 restaurants won't re-open after pandemic, study says Your favorite restaurant, now closed or only accepting take out orders due to the coronavirus, maj never reopen, according to a top exec with reservation service OpenTable. 14040 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Dark Secrets of Hacking Hero Marcus Hutchins This week, Andy Greenberg talks about his profile of hacker Marcus Hutchins, and we get an update on contact tracing programs helping to slow the pandemic. 14039 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Our schools are built differently. That's how we're weathering this pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic, students in close to 200 Big Picture Learning (BPL) schools worldwide have continued their education, thanks to BPL's unique school design. At BPL, each student is part of a small learning community of 15-20 students called an Advisory, led by a teacher called an Advisor. Students have community mentors, do off-campus internships, and even tackle college courses. 14038 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Drive for cross-border solidarity to beat pandemic African nations develop platform to pool orders for medical equipment 14037 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The Countries Taking Advantage of Antarctica During the Pandemic A ntarctica maj be the only continent that hasn't been physically hit by the pandemic, but that doesn't mean it has been immune to its aftershocks. As the outbreak ripped across the globe, forcing governments to provide bailout programs for their citizens, countries began to stall their Antarctic programs, not least as a safeguard to prevent the coronavirus from engulfing the continent. Australia 14036 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Röntgen hjälper forskare analysera SARS CoV-2-virusets tillväxt Internationella forskare studerar tre olika proteiner från coronaviruset SARS CoV-2 med hjälp av strålröret BioMAX vid MAX IV-laboratoriet i Lund. Nyligen lyckades de bestämma strukturen hos, och påbörja analysen av ett av dessa proteiner, Nsp10. För att hitta ett effektivt läkemedel som kan stoppa det nya coronaviruset från att orsaka sjukdomen Covid-19 behöver forskarna förstå hur virusets förm 14035 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Pangolins May Not Have Been The Intermediary Host of SARS-CoV-2 After All The search continues. 14034 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. If used with caution, SARS-CoV-2 serological assays can guide reintroduction of workforce With several high-quality serological assays for SARS-CoV-2 now available, the key challenge in using them to help people return to 'normal life,' write Florian Krammer and Viviana Simon in this Perspective, will be to apply them in a strategic manner — one that considers their unique sensitivity and specificity levels, acknowledges the questions they don't yet answer, and more. 14033 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Droplets from Speech Can Float in Air for Eight Minutes: Study The experiments did not involve SARS-CoV-2, but researchers say the results support precautions to avoid possibly spreading COVID-19 by talking. 14032 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2-Fighting T Cells Found in Recovered Patients While the finding doesn't prove people become immune to the virus after infection, it is good news for vaccine development. 14031 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Facebook Censored an Anti-Trump Ad Plus: A strategy code named Pandemic, an unexpected Supreme Court reference, and an update for subscribers. 14030 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump hopes to deliver virus vaccine by end of year US president taps former GlaxoSmithKline executive to lead 'Operation Warp Speed' project 14029 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Hate crime against 'Oriental' people in London soars, police data show Charities warn that UK far-right groups are adopting Trump's anti-China rhetoric 14028 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. How to Understand 'Obamagate' President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, or his lack of a plan to do so , has been almost universally criticized, and while Trump has been obviously angry at the criticism, none of it managed to spur him into real action until Barack Obama weighed in. Not that he took action to improve the nation's response, of course—instead, he demanded the prosecution of his predecessor. 14027 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Abbott joins Roche in winning UK approval for virus antibody test Public Health England gives green light to second diagnostic kit to detect past infection and potential immunity 14026 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Forsøg: Almindelig tale får spyt til at hænge i luften i op til 14 minutter Et amerikansk forsøg viste, at de mange tusinder små dråber spyt, der flyver ud under samtale, kan bære virus i luften i flere minutter. 14025 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Fang Fang's 'Wuhan diary' sparks tussle over virus narrative Chinese author's account was hailed in China as the unofficial guide to the city's suffering — before triggering a backlash 14024 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. FDA warns on rapid virus test used by White House 'Early data' show analysis might be returning false negative results in almost half of cases 14023 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. The local WhatsApp group practises staying alert What does 'control the virus' mean? They're allowing estate agents back to work! 14022 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Voters in both parties favor caution as cities begin to reopen Over the weekend of maj 9–10, many states, including California, began to ease safer-at-home restrictions, allowing some businesses to reopen under strict conditions, and opening some public spaces, including hiking trails and beaches. 14021 ….. (Hentet 15.maj 2020 ) ….. Will Empty Bleachers Change the Psychology of Sports? When German and US soccer kick off this summer, there will be no crowds. That might squelch the home-field advantage—and the emotion that drives players. 14020 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. What's the buzz? Happy locked-down Roman bees to tell all While most Romans found Italy's coronavirus quarantine a real buzz kill, the city's bees had a field day. 14019 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. From Hamsters to Baboons: The Animals Helping Scientists Understand the Coronavirus Different species are helping answer different questions about COVID-19 in humans in order to develop vaccines and treatments 14018 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. How Wastewater Could Help Track the Spread of the New Coronavirus The virus that causes COVID-19 is unlikely to remain active in sewage, but its genetic material can still help researchers identify at-risk communities 14017 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and major diseases at the same time Researchers, politicians and funding bodies find themselves in front of a unique situation: The mounting pressure to accelerate and intensify efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic while handling the growing threat from all other diseases endangering our society. This balancing and how well the scientific community will respond to it will define health across the globe for years to come, argue sc 14016 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers seek to reduce food waste and establish the science of food date labeling Minimizing food waste is top of mind right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lack of regulation and general understanding of food date labels leads to billions of dollars per year in food waste in the US alone. Researchers have come together with the goal of clarifying the lack of science behind food date labels, highlighting the need for interdisciplinary research in a new publicatio 14015 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Is like an X-ray of Society The disease's unequal impacts on different segments of the population are illuminating long-standing structural injustices 14014 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Lack of COVID-19 preparedness in line with previous findings, economists find The threat of a catastrophic pandemic in 2014 — the West African Ebola outbreak — did little to change the perception of US citizens regarding the importance of preparing for future outbreaks, say experts. 14013 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The COVID-19 RNA-synthesizing machine [no content] 14012 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Can COVID-19 spread through feces? Early studies show evidence of genetic material from the coronavirus in fecal matter, but can COVID-19 spread through feces? Researchers reviewed an ever-changing body of literature on detection of the novel coronavirus in fecal matter of COVID-19 patients for the paper. They determined that more work is needed to determine the answer. "Most of the studies that have been done so far are picking u 14011 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers discover potential targets for COVID-19 therapy Researchers were able to observe how human cells change upon infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19 in people. The scientists tested a series of compounds in laboratory models and found some which slowed down or stopped virus reproduction. These results now enable the search for an active substance to be narrowed down to a small number of already approved drugs. 14010 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Misleading information in 1 in 4 most viewed YouTube COVID-19 videos in English, study finds More than one in four of the most viewed COVID-19 videos on YouTube in spoken English contains misleading or inaccurate information, reveals the first study of its kind. 14009 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. During COVID-19, Healers Need Healing Too A physician's suicide reminds us reminds us that the plague of COVID-19 creates deep emotional wounds in health care workers 14008 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Arthritis drug may improve respiratory function in some patients with severe COVID-19 A small study in Greece found that the clinically approved anti-inflammatory drug anakinra, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, improved respiratory function in patients with severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 14007 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. NEW Pipette Tip Refill System: Refill Revolution SARSTEDT introduces an innovative, flexible, and eco-friendly new pipette tip refill system called the Refill Revolution. 14006 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Masks Reveal New Social Norms: What a Difference a Plague Makes A 120-nanometer virus makes face coverings de rigueur in places where they were once shunned or against the law 14005 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Danmark sadler om: Corona-app skal bygges på Apple/Google-løsning De danske myndigheder vil alligevel basere den kommende corona-app på teknologi fra Apple og Google. Det skal blandt andet imødegå privacy-bekymringer. 14004 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Sådan påvirker 13 år gammel kildekode corona-bekæmpelsen i England og USA ritiske Neil Ferguson skrev for mere end 13 år siden kildekode til modellering af influenza-epidemier. I dag har den haft stor indflydelse på håndteringen af coronavirus i både Storbritannien og USA. 14003 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronaepidemien får storbyer til at satse stort på cykelstier og færre biler PLUS. Frygt for smitte kan få vejene i verdens storbyer til at lukke til, når samfundene åbner op igen. For at undgå tilstopningen og mindske forurening og CO2-udledning indrager byer verden over nu i stor stil vejarealer til cykelstier og fortove. 14002 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Big Bang: Jeg håber, sund fornuft og tillid vender tilbage i sundhedsvæsenet efter corona Jeg håber, at både konsultation pr. telefon og video er kommet for at blive, og at tilliden til os læger vender tilbage og forbliver der, så tid går fra dokumentation tilbage til arbejdet med patienten, skriver praktiserende læge. 14001 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Forskere skal undersøge danskernes forhold til religion og værdier i en krisetid Et hold af religionsforskere og psykologer skal det næste år undersøge, hvordan coronakrisen… 14000 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Livet efter coronakrisen Mer inhemsk produktion, ett uppsving för kvinnligt ledarskap och högre status för vårdyrken. Det är några av de positiva effekter vi kan komma att se i coronapandemins spår, tror forskare. Sedan coronaviruset SARS-CoV-2 tvingade land efter land att stänga ner är världen inte längre sig lik. Förutom höga dödstal, ser vi hur oljepriset sparkar bakut och arbetslösheten slår i taket. Samtidigt är luf 13999 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Distans-KBT bra alternativ i befarad våg av hälsoångest KBT via internet eller öga mot öga på traditionellt vis? Det spelar ingen roll för resultatet när det gäller behandling av hälsoångest, enligt en studie från Karolinska institutet. Hälsoångest, som tidigare kallades hypokondri, är ett tillstånd som riskerar öka i coronapandemins spår. Forskare vid Karolinska Institutet har jämfört två sätt att förmedla kognitiv beteendeterapi, KBT, till personer 13998 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Patients with intermediate left main disease experience worse cardiovascular events A new study shows that when compared with patients without intermediate left main coronary artery disease, those with intermediate left main disease have greater risk of cardiovascular events. The findings of the ISCHEMIA trial sub study were presented during the SCAI 2020 Scientific Sessions Virtual Conference as featured clinical research. 13997 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Cell therapy treatment for cardiac patients with microvascular dysfunction provides enhanced quality Trial results presented today revealed a promising therapy for patients experiencing angina due to coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD). The results of the study were presented today as feature clinical research during the SCAI 2020 Scientific Sessions Virtual Conference. 13996 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Precision medicine guides choice of better drug therapy in severe heart disease Is personalized medicine cost-effective? Researchers have answered that question for one medical treatment, genotype-guided antiplatelet therapy for acute coronary syndrome patients with PCI. Their study uses pharmacogenomics and economic analysis of real-world clinical data. 13995 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Studie: Klimatvänligt stöd bättre för ekonomin Gröna stödpaket skulle skapa fler jobb och en stabilare ekonomi i framtiden, hävdar forskare i en ny studie. 13994 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Typhoon forces risky evacuations in virus-hit Philippines A powerful typhoon hit the central Philippines Thursday, forcing a complicated and risky evacuation for tens of thousands already hunkered down at home during the coronavirus pandemic. 13993 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. WHO Expert Warns The Coronavirus "May Never Go Away", Even if We Find a Vaccine There are a lot of unknowns. 13992 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. French business chief predicts decline of Parisian dominance Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux issues warning about costs of 'reshoring' in wake of coronavirus 13991 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 3i to pay dividend despite 'most uncertain outlook for generations' Private equity group says it can afford to support portfolio companies hit by coronavirus 13990 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. After Days Of No New Coronavirus Cases, New Zealand Reopens Most Businesses The country is reopening thousands of shops after three days of no new coronavirus cases. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said New Zealand has won the "battle" against the disease. (Image credit: Mark Baker/AP) 13989 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. BP calls on governments to 'press ahead' with climate push CFO says coronavirus crisis must not divert countries from acting with 'the speed we need' 13988 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Newly emerged coronavirus did not spill over from scaly anteaters, researchers say Mammals known as scaly anteaters are natural hosts of coronaviruses, but are not likely the direct source of the recent outbreak in humans, according to a new study. 13987 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The newly emerged coronavirus did not spill over from scaly anteaters Mammals known as scaly anteaters are natural hosts of coronaviruses, but are not likely the direct source of the recent outbreak in humans, according to a study published maj 14 in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens by Jinping Chen of the Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources, and colleagues. 13986 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus downturn makes the worst-off suffer most Numbers show how badly lockdowns exacerbate pre-existing inequalities 13985 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir rollout hit by lack of guidance for doctors US has already been faulted for lottery-like distribution of potential coronavirus drug 13984 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Dozens of coronavirus drugs are in development — what happens next? Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01367-9 Drug manufacturers face supply-chain weaknesses and sourcing issues as they ramp up complex production processes to meet global demand. 13983 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The World Food Program's Coronavirus Fight—and How You Can Help The coronavirus outbreak has thrown the world into turmoil. On top of the infections and deaths it's caused, there have been significant knock-on effects on financial markets, supply chains, businesses, and livelihoods. One of the most crucial systems we must safeguard as the crisis continues to play out is the food system. Food supply is already threatened from various angles , and allowing thes 13982 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Why vaccine 'nationalism' could slow coronavirus fight Health experts fear US-China tensions could hamper global co-operation and limit poorer nations' access to a treatment 13981 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Dogs caught coronavirus from their owners, genetic analysis suggests Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01430-5 But there's no evidence that dogs can pass the virus to people. 13980 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S. The coronavirus has pushed the coal industry to once-unthinkable lows, and the consequences for climate change are big. submitted by /u/ngt_ [link] [comments] 13979 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S. – The coronavirus has pushed the coal industry to once-unthinkable lows, and the consequences for climate change are big. submitted by /u/pnewell [link] [comments] 13978 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. WeWork slashed cash burn in first quarter Office space provider cut jobs and other expenses before coronavirus hit 13977 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Modi the reformer reappears as coronavirus hits India's economy Prime minister targets land, tax and labour laws but critics say focus needed on health 13976 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. UK minister hails 'game-changing' coronavirus immunity test Edward Argar says antibody test has been approved but none have been purchased yet Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A health minister has hailed the UK's approval of an immunity test for coronavirus as a game changer that could allow more people to go to work with confidence, although the government has not yet managed to buy any of the tests. Edward Argar said the te 13975 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 148,000 in England infected with coronavirus in last two weeks First national snapshot estimates that 0.27% of population currently positive Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first national snapshot of Covid-19 rates has revealed that 148,000 people in England were infected with the virus over the past two weeks. The study, by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), tested 10,705 people in more than 5,000 households and esti 13974 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Home wine consumption has significantly increased during confinement The frequency of wine consumption has increased significantly during the confinement caused by the coronavirus in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe. However, this is not the case regarding the number of buyers, which has decreased, as well as the average expenditure per bottle, due to domestic self-supply, among other issues. These are the conclusions that can be drawn about the behaviour of 13973 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus in Wuhan: Inside China's Plan to Test 11 Million People The Chinese city's goal is unrivaled in scale. But a top expert has questioned the need for it, given the low number of infections. 13972 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Infections: Talking Can Generate Droplets That Linger Up to 14 Minutes A new study shows how respiratory droplets produced during normal conversation maj be just as important in transmitting disease, especially indoors. 13971 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The Coronavirus Is Mutating. That's Not Necessarily Good or Bad. Seemingly every new mutation in the novel coronavirus is spun as a sign that the virus is either adapting to become more dangerous or on the verge of dying off. The fact is, most commonly encountered mutations will have absolutely no bearing on the pathogen's ability to infect or sicken humans. 13970 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live News and Updates A whistle-blower will testify that "2020 will be the darkest winter in modern history" if the United States does not improve its virus response. The Fed warned of long-term pain without urgent intervention. 13969 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump 'surprised' by Fauci's reopening warnings as WHO says Covid-19 may never go Fauci's comments 'not acceptable', says Trump; Moscow ascribed 60% of April coronavirus deaths to other causes; virus in every African country; follow the latest updates EU bid to salvage summer with distancing in hotels Brazil and Mexico record deadliest day from Covid-19 '10 days of battle': Wuhan draws up plan to test 11m people Australia coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a gla 13968 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: A Failed Push for Masks and 'Lives Were Lost,' Whistle-Blower Tells House The official told a House subcommittee that the administration was too slow to prepare for the pandemic. Some young adults with the virus are having strokes. Senator Richard M. Burr stepped aside as the Intelligence Committee chairman during an F.B.I. review of his stock sales amid the outbreak. 13967 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: minister admits more testing capacity needed for care homes Health minister Edward Argar concedes government still needs to 'make available' Covid-19 testing capacity so all care home residents Coronavirus latest: at a glance Global coronavirus updates – live Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak 10.45am BST 10.44am BST Results of a human trial of a coronavirus vaccine could be available by the middle of June, an expert has said. As PA Media reports, 13966 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live: World News Coverage Some countries are reinstating controls after backsliding. And a Canadian zoo maj return its pandas to China, worried it can no longer find food for them. 13965 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus May Pose a New Risk to Younger Patients: Strokes Doctors have reported a flurry of cases in Covid-19 patients — including a healthy 27-year-old emergency medical technician in Queens. After a month in the hospital, he is learning to walk again. 13964 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. BoE is financing UK's coronavirus measures, Bailey acknowledges Central bank governor says stimulus crucial for smoothing impact of pandemic 13963 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. WHO: The Coronavirus Might Be Here Forever Bad news, according to the World Health Organization (WHO): even if scientists invent a vaccine, the coronavirus that causes the sometimes-deadly COVID-19 might be here for good. "It is important to put this on the table: this virus maj become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus maj never go away," WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan said during a Thursday briefing, as repo 13962 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Coronavirus outbreaks in France and Spain show we're nowhere near herd immunity Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01460-z Despite more than 27,000 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in France, only 4.4% of the population has been infected, way too low to slow the outbreak — and it's a similar story in Spain. Plus, the first two dogs reported to be infected probably caught it from their owners and the inner pulsations of stars. 13961 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus puts spotlight on landmark year for nature The pandemic could have an impact on conservation efforts for years to come, say conservation experts. 13960 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Planes and offices must improve ventilation to reduce coronavirus risk Ventilation must be improved in buildings and aeroplanes to reduce the risk of covid-19 spreading via the air, according to scientists and safety experts 13959 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. White House List Of Testing Labs Wasn't Helpful, States Say Representatives from a number of states said the list provided to them for coronavirus testing contained labs that they already knew about, or ones that weren't approved for the testing. (Image credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) 13958 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus to cost insurers more than $200bn Lloyd's forecasts pandemic will be among costliest events in industry's history 13957 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Cats Can Transmit the Coronavirus to Each Other, but They Probably Won't Get Sick From It The six cats in a laboratory experiment cleared the virus from their bodies on their own. And there are no reports of humans contracting the virus from cats. 13956 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus World News Updates The pandemic will claim millions of indirect victims, the U.N. says, by blocking vaccinations and other medical care. It is reaching into some of the world's most vulnerable communities, in places like Bangladesh and Yemen. 13955 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Tracker: Coronavirus World Updates The United Nations says millions of children could die because of crumbling health care, and warns of a surge in mental illness. 13954 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Monoclonal Antibodies and Vaccines: Q and A I've had a lot of questions from people about the prospects for monoclonal antibodies and vaccines against the coronavirus, and I thought that it might be helpful to answer them in this format. Let's start the press conference! We'll start with monoclonal antibodies. Why are you so optimistic that this technology will work? Two big reasons: one is that mAbs are already extremely successful drugs. 13953 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The 'Just Stay Home' Message Will Backfire For about two months now, Americans have been told the same thing over and over again by public-health officials and influencers everywhere: Stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The message is true. If we all stay hermetically sealed in our homes for long enough, the virus will die out; if we don't, it will linger. But framing the message in such a stark way maj inadvertently encourag 13952 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Thousands of Americans Have Become Socialists Since March Abby Harms was laid off from their job at a Denver board-games store the same day that the city went into lockdown. Within days of filling out a petition for laid-off service workers, Harms (who identifies as nonbinary) got an unexpected call from the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Did they need food or help getting groceries? Assistance filing for unemployment? Did Harms 13951 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Why This Democrat Won't Go Home L ast Saturday afternoon , I drove out to a well-kept Washington suburb, where the coronavirus had closed the local farm stand but flower planters were on display outside the hardware store. Down the road is a modest brick house with a silver Chrysler in the driveway, New York plates, with a novelty THE BRONX license plate propped up in the back window. Inside was Eliot Engel, the Democratic chai 13950 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: a huge push for cycling to work Employees can take advantage of tax-friendly purchase scheme 13949 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: The economics of contagious disease What are the major missteps the global community is making that will need to be addressed to prepare us for future pandemics? Is the US economy ready to reopen? What are the major missteps the global community is making that will need to be addressed to prepare us for future pandemics? Is the US economy ready to reopen? In this Big Think Live session with Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sac 13948 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Watch the coronavirus' rampage through the body Clinicians see a range of impacts from COVID-19—from pulmonary embolisms to kidney damage 13947 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Is the antibody test approved by Public Health England a 'game changer'? What is the test, how does it work and how useful will it be in stopping the spread of coronavirus? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It is a lab-based test for antibodies in the blood of people who have had Covid-19 and recovered. It is made by the giant pharmaceutical and diagnostics Swiss company Roche, which calls it the Elecsys® Anti-Sars-CoV-2 antibody test. Cont 13946 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Why America Resists Learning From Other Countries Americans have long considered their nation a shining "city upon a hill," with the "eyes of all people … upon us," as the Puritan lawyer John Winthrop put it almost 400 years ago. Now those eyes are riveted on the United States for all the wrong reasons. The country is consumed by the worst COVID-19 outbreak on the planet, and the beacons of light are popping up elsewhere in the world. R. Daniel 13945 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Meat Plant Closures Mean Pigs Are Gassed or Shot Instead Coronavirus outbreaks at meatpacking plants have created a backlog of animals ready for slaughter but with nowhere to go. Farmers are having to cull them. 13944 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists Have a Promising New Idea to Defeat the Coronavirus In order to find new treatments for COVID-19, scientists are probing how the coronavirus alters human cells when it infects and hijacks them. Medical virologists at the Frankfurt University hospital have been culturing cells of SARS-CoV-2 since February, learning as much as they could about how it affects them, according to a Goethe University Frankfurt press release . Now, they've identified a n 13943 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Doomsday prepping in the age of coronavirus Nestled among Kansas cornfields in a landscape devoid of any noticeable natural topography, a verdant mound can be seen from a dirt road. Surrounded by a military-grade chain fence and in the shadow of a large wind turbine, a security guard in camouflage paces the fence line with an assault rifle. If you look closely, you might notice what looks like a concrete pill box perched on the top of the s 13942 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Sweden chooses a third way on coronavirus The results of Stockholm's experiment will not be known for some time 13941 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. UK manufacturers warn of slow recovery from coronavirus Survey paints a gloomy picture as sector settles in for the long haul back to normality 13940 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Health and care workers six times more likely to catch coronavirus First results from UK population study show all ages equally susceptible to infection 13939 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Germany faces €82bn tax receipts shortfall because of coronavirus Finance minister Olaf Scholz to unveil stimulus next month to boost eurozone's largest economy 13938 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid antibody test a 'positive development' The test, now approved in the UK, can tell who has had Covid-19 – but gives no guarantee they are immune. 13937 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Goodhart's law comes back to haunt UK's Covid strategy Setting targets can be distorting and dangerous 13936 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Digital health in the COVID-19 pandemic Artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and other key digital technology applications will play a vital role addressing the new healthcare challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. 13935 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Online exercise advice rarely aligns with national physical activity guidelines Whether for convenience, cost or comfort, many people look to online resources for fitness and exercise information — especially when faced with fitness center and gym closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, most internet-based recommendations for physical activity don't match up with the guidelines supported by national health organizations, a recent study from Oregon State Univers 13934 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. UMD researchers seek to reduce food waste and establish the science of food date labeling Minimizing food waste is top of mind right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lack of regulation and general understanding of food date labels leads to billions of dollars per year in food waste in the US alone. Researchers at the University of Maryland have come together with the goal of clarifying the lack of science behind food date labels, highlighting the need for interdisciplinar 13933 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Using blockchain technology to promote fair and timely outbreak research cooperation In a Policy Forum, Mark van der Waal and colleagues illustrate how blockchain technology could be used to alleviate the systemic barriers that hinder cooperative research and development required to rapidly respond to imminent pathogenic threats like the current global COVID-19 pandemic. 13932 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Hospital admissions in England hit historic low Fears grow that people with serious conditions have avoided treatment due to Covid-19 13931 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. This is what we know so far about how covid-19 affects the rest of the body Covid-19 is primarily a respiratory infection that attacks the lungs, making it harder for patients to breathe and get enough oxygen to the rest of the body. Pneumonia and other respiratory conditions can quickly set in, eventually leading to death if the body cannot fight off the infection. But after over four months of cases, doctors are getting a more detailed look at some of the unexpected wa 13930 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Machine learning can help get COVID-19 aid to those who need it most Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01393-7 With pandemic stakes so immediate and consequential, coordinate to share lessons and minimize risks. 13929 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. MU Health Care neurologist publishes guidance related to COVID-19 and stroke care A University of Missouri Health Care neurologist has published more than 40 new recommendations for evaluating and treating stroke patients based on international research examining the link between stroke and novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 13928 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. New guidance related to COVID-19 and stroke care Researchers have published more than 40 new recommendations for evaluating and treating stroke patients based on international research examining the link between stroke and novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 13927 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 and terrorism: Assessing the short and long-term impacts of terrorism A new report authored by Pool Re and Cranfield University's Andrew Silke, Professor of Terrorism, Risk and Resilience, reveals how the COVID-19 pandemic is already having a significant impact on terrorism around the world. 13926 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Spanish Roma, COVID-19 and the inequities of a pandemic New research led by the University of St Andrews (United Kingdom) in collaboration with the University of Alicante, highlights that the Spanish Roma (Gitano) community suffer disproportionate socio-economic and health factors that make them extremely vulnerable during the current pandemic. 13925 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Japan lifts state of emergency in most prefectures as Covid-19 cases fall Shinzo Abe promises further economic stimulus but shutdown remains in Tokyo and big cities 13924 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Effective containment explains subexponential growth in recent confirmed COVID-19 cases in China The recent outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in mainland China was characterized by a distinctive subexponential increase of confirmed cases during the early phase of the epidemic, contrasting with an initial exponential growth expected for an unconstrained outbreak. We show that this effect can be explained as a direct consequence of containment policies that effectively deplete th 13923 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Is Facebook So Afraid of Checking Facts? The biggest social network in the world has the wrong idea for how to fight Covid-19 conspiracies. 13922 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Steve Bell on people attending A&E during Covid-19 crisis — cartoon Continue reading… 13921 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. How the COVID-19 crisis could remodel the luxury industry The COVID-19 crisis has hit the luxury and fashion industry hard. According to a study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, sales in these two sectors could drop by 25% to 30% compared to 2019. 13920 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Climate change: Now is the moment to rebuild better The urgency of actions to recover from the COVID-19 crisis must not deter long-term climate objectives. The recovery efforts must seize the opportunity to increase the resilience of our society, especially to climate impacts. 13919 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The Coming Mental-Health Crisis Even before the COVID-19 crisis, America's infrastructure for mental-health and addiction services was fragmented, overburdened, and underfunded. The coronavirus has put far more stress on that broken system. So far, Congress has failed to shore it up. That oversight will prove harmful to patients and their families and costly to insurers and taxpayers. Mental-health disorders were already at the 13918 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The US Says Chinese Hackers Went Too Far During the Covid-19 Crisis The FBI and DHS say that Beijing's hacking "jeopardizes" the delivery of much-needed Covid-19 treatment options. 13917 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. A New Low in COVID-19 Data Standards Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . The United States' ability to test for the novel coronavirus finally seems to be improving. As recently as late April, the country rarely reported more than 150,000 new test results each day. The U.S. now routinely claims to conduct more than 300,000 tests a day, according 13916 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 death counts 'substantial underestimation' of actual deaths for some Italian regions Official COVID-19 death counts are likely to be a 'substantial underestimation' of the actual number of deaths from the disease, at least for some Italian regions, concludes a study published by The BMJ today. 13915 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Quarter of Covid-19 deaths in English hospitals were of diabetics NHS's first breakdown of underlying health conditions also finds 18% had dementia Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage One in four people who have died in hospital with Covid-19 also had diabetes, the NHS's first breakdown of underlying health conditions among the fatalities shows. Of the 22,332 people who died in hospital in England between 31 March and 12 maj , 5,873 (26 13914 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Delaying primaries helps protect incumbents as well as voters Nineteen states, including Wyoming, Hawaii and Maryland, have postponed or canceled their primary elections. To many Americans, the idea that states might cancel or postpone their primaries as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic maj sound undemocratic. 13913 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Has Covid-19 Hit Seniors So Hard? It's not one thing, it's everything. Older people are more likely to catch the disease, to suffer from it more severely, and to have a tougher recovery. 13912 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Chest X-rays in emergency rooms can help predict severity of COVID-19 in young and middle-aged adults Patterns seen maj help quickly identify high-risk patients and prompt more aggressive treatment 13911 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Health experts question England's rapidly assembled tracing army Serco leads recruitment drive for 15,000 people to help stop second wave of Covid-19 infections 13910 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Macron summons Sanofi chief for claim US has 'right to' first Covid-19 jab President echoes angry reactions in France by saying vaccine should 'not be subject to market laws' 13909 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 looks like a hinge in history The pandemic will be remembered alongside 1914 Archduke assassination and 1938 Munich Conference 13908 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. We have the tools to contain COVID-19 misinformation, we just aren't using them During the 2009 to 2010 H1N1 flu pandemic, the federal government was lauded for the steps it took to tackle false information about both the disease and the vaccine to treat it. (Pixabay/) Nearly 300,000 people globally have died in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and more than 80,000 of them are from the United States . To slow the rate of infections and "flatten the curve", health officials and 13907 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The math behind the COVID-19 modeling Some of us might have been happy to leave mathematics behind in high school or college, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, math has had a daily effect on all of our lives—even if we don't have to crunch the numbers ourselves. 13906 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Key Considerations for Effective Serious Illness Communication Over Video or Telephone During the COVID-19 Pandemic 13905 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: 36 million US citizens have filed for unemployment The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 13904 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Impact of COVID-19 on academic mothers [no content] 13903 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. T cells found in COVID-19 patients 'bode well' for long-term immunity New findings suggest past infections maj offer some protection against the novel coronavirus 13902 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. New Data Shows That Patients On Ventilators Are Likely To Survive Early studies have found high mortality rates among COVID-19 patients on ventilators. But the new data from some major medical centers shows that many of those patients are much likely to survive. 13901 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Microsoft Is Buying COVID-19 Patients' Blood for Biotech Research Microsoft and the biotech company Adaptive are launching a new study on how the immune system fends off the coronavirus — and they're paying patients for bag s of their blood. The goal is to learn how T cells, which function as the foot soldiers of the immune system, contribute to the body's overall response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. While other scientists are already investi 13900 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Duality Technologies researchers accelerate privacy-enhanced collaboration on genomic data Duality Technologies Researchers Accelerate Privacy-Enhanced Collaboration on Genomic Data – with Significant Implications for COVID-19 Research. In a paper published in PNAS, a research team of data scientists and cryptographers detail accurate privacy-enhanced Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) of over 25,000 individuals using Homomorphic Encryption to yield results 30 times faster than prio 13899 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. K-State infectious disease scientist offers road map for future COVID-19 research A Kansas State University infectious disease scientist and collaborators are offering a possible research road map to find the answers to COVID-19 questions. 13898 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. China hacking poses 'significant threat' to US Covid-19 response, says FBI Beijing dismisses as slander US claims that any organisation researching vaccines should assume they are a target Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Organisations conducting research into Covid-19 maj be targeted by computer hackers linked to the Chinese government, according to the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Neither agency cited any specific examples, 13897 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. IU School of Medicine study tracks COVID-19 spread in pediatric dialysis unit As COVID-19 continues its sweep around the globe, dialysis units have continued to be hotspots for the virus' spread. Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine hope to combat that threat, through a novel study published in JAMA. The study, conducted by members of the Pediatric Nephrology Dialysis Unit at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, used antibody testing on patients, doctor 13896 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Study tracks COVID-19 spread in pediatric dialysis unit As COVID-19 continues its sweep around the globe, dialysis units have continued to be hotspots for the virus' spread. Researchers hope to combat that threat, through a novel study that used antibody testing on patients, doctors, nurses and staff within the unit to track symptomatic and asymptomatic spread in a confined space. 13895 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Nanomaterial significantly enhances potential COVID-19 therapy Niclosamide, a drug used to treat tapeworms, has been found to have strong antiviral effect against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. But the drug itself has limited potential because its structure makes it difficult to dissolve and for patients to absorb. 13894 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Frankfurt researchers discover potential targets for COVID-19 therapy A team of biochemists and virologists at Goethe University and the Frankfurt University Hospital were able to observe how human cells change upon infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19 in people. The scientists tested a series of compounds in laboratory models and found some which slowed down or stopped virus reproduction. These results now enable the search for an active substance 13893 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 'I felt guilty': volunteer on signing up for Oxford Covid-19 vaccine trial Student participant praises 'calm professionalism' of academics and NHS healthcare workers Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As one of hundreds of volunteers involved in the University of Oxford's coronavirus vaccine trials , Dan McAteer said he had a few nerves on the day of receiving the jab itself. However, he recalled an unexpected incident from the night before. " 13892 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Structure of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from COVID-19 virus A novel coronavirus [severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)] outbreak has caused a global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, resulting in tens of thousands of infections and thousands of deaths worldwide. The RNA-dependent RNA polymerase [(RdRp), also named nsp12] is the central component of coronaviral replication and transcription machinery, and it appears to be 13891 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Assessment of deaths from COVID-19, seasonal influenza Publicly available data were used to analyze the number of deaths from seasonal influenza deaths compared with deaths from COVID-19. 13890 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: Hospital response risks worsening health inequalities Disadvantaged and marginalized people face worsening health inequalities as a result of the difficult choices made by NHS hospitals in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health doctors, writing in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, say that the restriction of non-urgent clinical services, such as gynecology, sexual health and pediatrics, and the precipitous decline in emergency d 13889 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 7 fixes to fight burnout among doctors and nurses A new paper outlines steps that could alleviate the burnout and fatigue that doctors and nurses are feeling in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recent article in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia , researchers outline the effects of fatigue and burnout on intensive care unit (ICU) workers. "The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated an already existing problem within our health care systems and 13888 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: How This Outbreak Might Reshape the Working Class CHIP SOMODEVILLA / DAVID DEGNER / JOE RAEDLE / NOAM GALAI / CHRISTOPHER FURLONG / JOHANNES EISELE / VALERIE MACON / AFP / GETTY This outbreak tends to sow more uncertainty than certainty, but it's made one thing very clear: what constitutes essential work. As my colleague Olga Khazan frankly put it : "It's not the people who get paid to write tweets all day, but the people who keep the tweeters i 13887 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Så påverkas gravida av covid-19 När en global pandemi tvingar oss till isolering är det är lätt att förstå om gravida kvinnor känner en extra oro. Forskare har precis börjat förstå hur covid-19 kan påverka blivande mammor och deras ofödda barn. Men risken är att gruppen blir åsidosatt när världen fokuserar på att skydda äldre och andra sköra grupper. 13886 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Never-ageing Anti-aging to cure COVID-19 Scientists David Sinclair and Michael Lisanti have an ingenious solution to COVID-19: anti-aging drugs. If a disease kills old people, stop being old! 13885 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Ten ways to teach your kids through play during COVID-19 As many parents have come to realize during COVID-19, teaching your children can be quite challenging. Children are used to you acting as a parent—not a teacher, according to child development expert Angela Pyle of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. 13884 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. More than 300 companies want Congress to rebuild a more resilient, sustainable economy following COVID-19 submitted by /u/davidwholt [link] [comments] 13883 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Svår hyperinflammation kan drabba barn efter covid-19 Det finns ett samband mellan covid-19 och de barn som drabbats av ett allvarligt inflammatoriskt tillstånd i flera länder. Tillståndet är ovanligt, men allvarligt. Det konstaterar italienska forskare i den medicinska tidskriften The Lancet. 13882 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Uhyggelig covid-19-tendens har nået Danmark: Flere børn indlægges med mystisk syndrom PLUS. En farlig tilstand, som ligner det såkaldte Kawasaki-syndrom, har kostet flere børn livet i udlandet. Nu ses også en overhyppighed herhjemme. Et af børnene har haft hjertepåvirkning. 13881 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. A Whistleblower's Grim Warning for America It was a single, salty sentence that first made Rick Bright realize a pandemic crisis was coming: "We're in deep shit." The warning had come in an email in late January, weeks before the deaths began piling up and the American economy all but shut down. The head of a Texas mask manufacturer, Mark Bowen, was confirming what Bright had long known—that the nation had nowhere near the supply of N95 m 13880 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Smoking and COVID Does smoking worsen COVID infections? Or is it protective? As more evidence emerges, the smoke is starting to clear. 13879 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. CLOs made it through 2008. Can they survive the latest crisis? Many of the leveraged-buyout loans are unravelling in the lockdown economy 13878 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Resilient builders lay foundation for German economy to outperform Hopes high construction sites staying open through country's lockdown will have diminished economic impact of pandemic 13877 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown, social distancing, WFH — the language of viral times Words such as 'covidiot' and 'coughshame' are being coined across our pandemic-stricken world 13876 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The big restart: how businesses in England are coming out of lockdown Key sectors of economy grapple with government guidance on how to return to work safely 13875 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Fund winners and losers in lockdown Gold funds dominate the highest performers 13874 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Prudential sales dented by Asia lockdown Insurer says drop-off in business from mainland China has hurt Hong Kong operations 13873 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 5 Free Digital Comics to Spend Time With During Lockdown Looking for some comics to fill your quarantine hours? Lots of publishers are currently offering free issues. We suggest you start with these. 13872 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. US jobless claims rise to 36m since start of lockdowns Almost 3m filed for first-time unemployment benefits in past week though tally is slowing 13871 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Wall Street set to fall as US jobless claims mount Fed pours cold water on hopes of swift economic rebound from pandemic 13870 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Global Boardroom Global leaders and FT experts analyse the impact of the pandemic across economies, industries and markets, discussing what is required to shape the recovery 13869 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic could add noise to clinical trial data [no content] 13868 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Our Behaviour in This Pandemic Has Seriously Confused AI Machine Learning Systems They have no idea what's going on. 13867 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The pandemic has spawned a new way to study medical records It preserves confidentially while liberating useful information 13866 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. It's Time for Telehealth Perhaps one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is an acceleration of acceptance of telehealth and telementalhealth – treating patients online instead of in person. For example, we have been trying to institute telehealth where I work for years, but have met with roadblocks. Then, all of a sudden, we were able to do it. Our clinic manager estimates that we accomplished in three weeks what wo 13865 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. How market manipulation in the age of pandemic is destroying traditional safe havens The coronavirus pandemic has created enormous volatility in global financial markets but prices of safe haven assets such as gold and bitcoin are not surging, as one might expect, thanks to intense and large-scale manipulation, according to analysis by the University of Sussex Business School. 13864 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The pandemic is emptying call centers. AI chatbots are swooping in Brian Pokorny had heard of AI systems for call centers before. But as the IT director of Otsego County, New York, he assumed he couldn't afford them. Then the pandemic hit, and the state governor ordered a 50% reduction of all government staff, forcing Pokorny to cut most of his call center employees. Meanwhile, inbound calls were rising as more residents began seeking reliable covid-related guid 13863 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic research: Economics project to explore impact of biases on social distancing With neither a vaccine nor a proven treatment available, many communities are relying on social distancing to battle the coronavirus pandemic, from closing non-essential businesses to wearing masks in public. The problem: Not everyone agrees to follow these measures, seen by recent protests across the country. 13862 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Policy opportunities to enhance sharing for pandemic research [no content] 13861 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Gaps in international law impede pandemic research The global COVID-19 pandemic reveals gaps in international law that can inhibit the sharing of scientific information, biological samples and genetic sequence data (GSD) crucial to the timely development of diagnostics, antiviral treatments and vaccines to address novel viral threats. 13860 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. We need a Financial Stability Board for health A global co-ordinating body would increase preparedness and improve pandemic response 13859 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. "Shadowland": A New Project From The Atlantic on the Power and Danger of Conspiracy Conspiracy thinking has shaped the world for centuries, destroying great institutions, eradicating knowledge, endangering democracies, and ending lives. These theories threaten not just individual facts, but the idea that empirical truth exists at all. And now, with a president of the United States who advances conspiracy thinking about a pandemic that has led to 82,000 reported deaths in America 13858 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 reverses diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice Nature Communications, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-16298-2 Obesity is a global pandemic with limited treatment options. Here, the authors show evidence in mice that the mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 effectively induces fat loss without affecting food intake or compromising lean body mass. 13857 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 27 million Americans may have lost employer health insurance amid pandemic A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that nearly two-thirds of the 31 million recently laid-off Americans had relied on employer-sponsored health insurance. The coverage gap could expand rapidly in 2021 when unemployment benefits expire for Americans living in states that have not expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. In June, the Supreme Court is set to is 13856 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The racial reality of America's pandemic Life and death during the lockdown brings into sharper relief pre-existing disparities 13855 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Shareholders went off meat long before pandemic Covid-19 is just the latest outbreak linked to livestock harming agriculture investment 13854 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. In splendid isolation: the research voyages that prepared us for the pandemic Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01457-8 Scientists with fieldwork experience in remote areas share stories of social isolation, staying positive and eking out supplies. 13853 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The Big Story: Battling Cancer During a Pandemic Caitlin Flanagan joins the deputy editor Ross Andersen for a live conversation about her experience with cancer and how the pandemic has affected her outlook. 13852 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Our Democracy Will Survive This Pandemic Our first doctor appointment this year came before the lockdown; the latest, after the world changed. I was there for the first, alongside my wife and little boy. For the last, I had to wait outside in the car, keeping my son occupied, while my wife went in alone. I wasn't explicitly told to stay away; we had to guess the right thing to do. Should I have gone in, and risked exposing myself and ou 13851 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. From Black Death to fatal flu, past pandemics show why people on the margins suffer most Inequality made historical pandemics 'worse than they had to be' 13850 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. History's Most Deadly Pandemics, From the Antonine Plague to COVID-19 How COVID-19 stacks up against other historic pandemics. 13849 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. SARS lessons for COVID-19 vaccine design Important lessons learned from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak of 2002-2003 could inform and guide vaccine design for COVID-19, according to a new article. 13848 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Pathogenesis and transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in golden hamsters Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2342-5 13847 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Countries Begin Large-Scale Screening for SARS-CoV-2 in Sewage Researchers have found traces of the coronavirus at wastewater treatment plants in various locations around the world. 13846 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Publisher Correction: A human monoclonal antibody blocking SARS-CoV-2 infection Nature Communications, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-16452-w 13845 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Infection of dogs with SARS-CoV-2 Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2334-5 13844 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Proteomics of SARS-CoV-2-infected host cells reveals therapy targets Nature, Published online: 14 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2332-7 13843 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. WTO chief Roberto Azevêdo to step down early Move comes after tussles with Trump administration and as global trade faces pandemic turmoil 13842 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Ousted US health official highlights risks of rushing out vaccine Rick Bright says Trump administration could put public at risk by moving 'too quickly' 13841 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. The Very Real Problem of Both Trump and Pence Getting COVID-19 at the Same Time When President Donald Trump's valet and Vice President Mike Pence's spokesperson tested positive for the coronavirus last week, it was unnerving on many levels. One is legal: If Trump and Pence were incapacitated by COVID-19 simultaneously, the result could be a full-scale constitutional meltdown. The good news is that passing a new statute could eliminate this risk. The bad news is that Congress 13840 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Brings in the Infantry for His War on Blue America Updated at 10:47 a.m. ET on maj 14, 2020. Even during the shared national challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump is escalating his attacks on the institutions of blue America. And a growing number of other Republicans are joining him. Trump has long provoked questions about whether he respects the legitimacy of small-d democratic institutions. But in the crucible of the out 13839 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump cheers court order lifting Wisconsin lockdown US president says people 'want to get on with their lives' despite health experts' concerns 13838 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump faults Fauci for trying 'to play all sides' Infectious disease expert had warned of avoidable suffering and deaths if lockdowns end too soon 13837 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. Inside Trump's coronavirus meltdown What went wrong in the president's first real crisis — and what does it mean for the US? 13836 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. New approach to design functional antibodies for precision vaccines A new approach to de novo protein design dubbed 'TopoBuilder' allows researchers to develop complex antigens that, when used in vaccines, elicit antibody responses that target the weaknesses in some of the most intractable viral pathogens, including respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). 13835 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. British exceptionalism has reached the end of the road Illustrious history is insufficient shield against a virus and grim reality of Brexit 13834 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. 36 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit Nearly 3 million laid-off workers applied for U.S. unemployment benefits last week as the viral outbreak led more companies to slash jobs even though most states have begun to let some businesses reopen under certain restrictions. 13833 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. We are all Zoombies now, but it has to stop Seeing others on video calls is a false intimacy and leaves us grieving for face-to-face life 13832 ….. (Hentet 14.maj 2020 ) ….. We're All Afraid. Just of Different Things. A large refrigerator truck from a regional poultry company recently pulled up to the high school in Walhalla, South Carolina, and its owners began another morning selling large boxes of chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks. The family-owned farm's sales are down, because the restaurants it supplies are either closed or doing minimal carry-out orders. There was inventory to move. The cars began 13831 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. How planting a garden can boost bees, local food and resilience during the coronavirus crisis With the arrival of spring, many people have been starting to think about how COVID-19 will impact the affordability and availability of fruits and vegetables in coming months, as shortages of both honeybees and migrant workers threaten crop pollination and the food that comes with it. 13830 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Tiny RNA that should attack coronavirus diminish with age, disease A group of tiny RNA that should attack the virus causing COVID-19 when it tries to infect the body are diminished with age and chronic health problems, a decrease that likely helps explain why older individuals and those with preexisting medical conditions are vulnerable populations, investigators report. 13829 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Test Shortages Trigger a New Strategy: Group Screening Pooling diagnostic samples, and using a little math, lets more people get tested with fewer assays 13828 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Why it's wrong to blame livestock farms for coronavirus As part of the global response to the current pandemic, scientists are trying to identify the source of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Some commentators have promoted unsubstantiated theories suggesting that "factory farming," or intensive large-scale livestock agriculture is to blame for this virus. 13827 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. New locust outbreak threatens food security for millions Millions face famine and food insecurity caused by a second desert locust outbreak as management resources are directed towards the COVID-19 crisis, scientists warn. 13826 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Prediction Tools Can Save Lives in the COVID-19 Crisis Platforms that enable nuanced forms of crowdsourcing are opening a new era in epidemiological forecasting 13825 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coping with 'Death Awareness' in the COVID-19 Era According to terror management theory, people can have surprising reactions 13824 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. How COVID-19 kills Experts review how the SARS-Cov-2 virus can cause an immune overreaction in the form of potentially lethal cytokine storm. 13823 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Study confirms cats can become infected with and may transmit COVID-19 to other cats In a study published today (maj 13, 2020) in the New England Journal of Medicine, scientists in the U.S. and Japan report that in the laboratory, cats can readily become infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and maj be able to pass the virus to other cats. 13822 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Answer to a COVID-19 Vaccine May Lie in Our Genes, But … We shouldn't risk our genetic privacy to find it 13821 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: do we need more than one vaccine? Podcast Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Andrew Pollard about the work being done by different teams around the world to create a vaccine for Covid-19, and where his team at Oxford University fit into this international effort. Help support our independent journalism at 13820 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Infecting the mind: Burnout in health care workers during COVID-19 Doctors and nurses across the country are experiencing occupational burnout and fatigue from the increased stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A team of researchers and medical professionals at Texas A&M University and Houston Methodist Hospital are working together to fight two afflictions: COVID-19 and the mental strain experienced by medical professionals. 13819 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. In victory over polio, hope for the battle against COVID-19 Medicine's great triumph over polio holds out hope we can do the same for COVID-19, two researchers say. 13818 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Scarcity reduces consumers' concerns about prices, even during a pandemic, research shows New research published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing Research finds that scarcity actually decreases consumers' tendency to use price to judge a product's quality. 13817 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Chemistry job seekers face tough outlook during pandemic Even though it's been over a decade, the 2008 recession and its effects still loom over the chemistry enterprise. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down labs and universities across the world, chemistry students and professionals are again facing hiring freezes, reduced pay and other career obstacles. Chemical & Engineering News , the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, 13816 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. SARS-CoV-2: A new song recalls an old melody Important lessons learned from the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak of 2002-2003 could inform and guide vaccine design for COVID-19 according to University of Melbourne Professor Kanta Subbarao, Director of the WHO Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza at the Doherty Institute. 13815 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. US border wall threatens wildlife, lawsuit says Three environmental groups are suing President Donald Trump's administration to stop further construction on the southern US border wall, arguing that it threatens endangered wildlife such as jaguars and wolves. 13814 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Durable, washable textile coating can repel viruses Researchers have created a textile coating that can not only repel liquids like blood and saliva but can also prevent viruses from adhering to the surface. 13813 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona: Samme dødelighed blandt erhvervsaktive i skandinaviske lande – trods forskel i strategi PLUS. Debatten om genåbning af samfundet har manglet fokus på, at dødeligheden blandt den raske og erhvervsaktive del af befolkningen ligger på samme niveau i de skandinaviske lande trods forskellige strategier. Det mener Copenhagen Economics med afsæt i en ny analyse. 13812 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Datatilsynet kritiserer uklarheder i Norges corona-app Uklarheder og mangelfuldt analysearbejde er grunden til, at det norske Datatilsyn har kritiseret den norske pendant til Sundhedsstyrelsen, Folkehelseinstituttet. 13811 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Robothund patrullerar park – ser till att människor håller avstånd Från desinficering till övervakning. Robotar har fått många nya uppdrag under coronakrisen. Under ett två veckor långt pilottest patrullerar en fjärrstyrd robothund en park i Singapore. Uppdraget är att se till att människor håller avstånd. 13810 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Trods Coronakrisen: Teknologivirksomheder søger unge kandidater Mens vi alle venter på at offentlige og folkelige Danmark lukker op, er der blandt de snart nyuddannede og i virksomhederne hektisk aktivitet for at mødes – i respektabel afstand. Disse møder, der er af stor betydning for de unges første job og for danske virksomheders fremtid, er en opgave, so… 13809 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Effect of statin therapy on plasma C-type Natriuretic Peptides and Endothelin-1 in males with and without symptomatic coronary artery disease Scientific Reports, Published online: 13 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-64795-7 13808 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons From Slovakia—Where Leaders Wear Masks In March, when the severity of the coronavirus pandemic was becoming clear but many of the world's leading nations had yet to formulate a response to it, one country was springing into action. Within 10 days of identifying its first case, it went into lockdown: Its borders were sealed, schools and restaurants were closed, and face masks were made mandatory in public places, with some of the count 13807 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. 95,000 have entered UK from abroad during coronavirus lockdown Government chief adviser fails to give estimate of how many have arrived with Covid-19 At least 95,000 people have entered the UK from overseas since the coronavirus lockdown was imposed, one of the government's chief scientific advisers has revealed, while repeatedly failing to provide an estimate of how many of these people had Covid-19. Appearing before MPs on the science and technology commit 13806 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Anti-Vaccine Movement Could Prolong Coronavirus Pandemic, Researchers Warn Studies of social networks show that opposition to vaccines is small but far-reaching—and growing 13805 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Anti-vaccine movement could undermine efforts to end coronavirus pandemic, researchers warn Nature, Published online: 13 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01423-4 Studies of social networks show that opposition to vaccines is small but far-reaching — and growing. 13804 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Listen: The Racial Contract On this episode of the Social Distance podcast, James Hamblin and Katherine Wells are joined by Adam Serwer, who explains the connection between the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and the racially disparate outcomes that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to the episode here: Subscribe to Social Distance on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or another podcast platform to receive ne 13803 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Martin Wolf: after the coronavirus pandemic What will the world look like when the epidemic is over? 13802 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Hidden Life of Viruses – Issue 84: Outbreak If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has exposed, it is that there is much that we still don't know about the world around us. Forget about the trillions—OK, more than trillions—of galaxies in the universe that we'll never explore. Just at our feet or in the air around us are cohabitants of our own world, some alive, and some—viruses—that occupy an odd liminal space, not quite aliv 13801 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The paradox of social distancing: We've grown closer to co-workers during the coronavirus pandemic While driving to work in the first week of 2020, I came upon the aftermath of a horrific vehicle collision involving a pedestrian. An hour later, I was in a meeting with colleagues at Brock University. Although still disturbed by what I saw, I didn't share the experience with anyone. 13800 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Why women leaders are excelling during the coronavirus pandemic Since the beginning of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there's been a lot of media attention paid to the relationship between female leaders at the helm of various nations and the effectiveness of their handling of the COVID-19 crisis. 13799 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus and Antarctica: 'Isolated within isolation' Why the people on the only continent without a recorded case of coronavirus are in lockdown. 13798 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. New type of HIV vaccine works in monkeys A new type of vaccination can substantially enhance and sustain protection from HIV in monkeys, researchers report. The findings carry broad implications for immunologists pursuing vaccines for the coronavirus and better vaccines for other diseases, says Bali Pulendran, professor of pathology and of microbiology and immunology at Stanford University and co-senior author of the paper in Nature Med 13797 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Public Health England approves Roche test for coronavirus antibodies The accurate Covid-19-specific test can be quickly processed using existing equipment Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Public Health England has approved an antibody test, made by the pharmaceutical company Roche, which maj now be used to determine how much of the population has been infected by Covid-19. Antibody testing could be hugely useful as the country emerges 13796 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Public Health England passes coronavirus antibody test Green light for Roche development that could allow checks on who has had disease and has potential immunity 13795 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Are coronavirus antibody tests worth the money? As a GP, I thought I'd give one a try | Ann Robinson The commercial kits are tempting, but offer little certainty when we aren't even sure that antibodies confer immunity Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage "Does anyone know of a private Covid antibody test that is properly reliable?" asked one of my friends on WhatsApp. The question made me curious. Having antibodies, of course, means you've been exposed to the virus and 13794 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. It's Looking Increasingly Likely The US Had The Coronavirus as Early as December Its spread was inevitable… 13793 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Aston Martin falls to £120m loss as coronavirus bites CEO Andy Palmer says company is in stronger position after reducing stock on forecourts 13792 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Anti-Vaccine Messaging Is Well-Connected on Social Media A new social network map shows a well-connected anti-vaccine movement, now intertwined with coronavirus conspiracy theories. Network-Map.jpg In this visual representation of a network of vaccine-related pages on Facebook, blue represents pages expressing pro-vaccine sentiments, red represents pages expressing anti-vaccine sentiments, and green represents pages that are interested in vaccines, bu 13791 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Multiple Models Predict 110,000 US Coronavirus Deaths by June Predicting the future trajectory and death toll of the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult, especially with different teams of researchers interpreting different data sets in myriad ways. That's why scientists at University of Massachusetts Amherst built an ensemble model that combines eight of the most reputable coronavirus projections, WNYC reports . Unfortunately, as the model grows more r 13790 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Maersk warns of 25% drop in shipping as virus snarls trade Chief says coronavirus does not necessarily spell 'worst crisis' for sector 13789 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus drugs trials must get bigger and more collaborative Nature, Published online: 13 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01391-9 The pandemic has given rise to too many small and uncontrolled clinical trials. 13788 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus economic tracker: latest global fallout Pandemic is causing the biggest disruption in decades to economies across the world 13787 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. A Window on Africa's Resilience – Issue 84: Outbreak We called Greg Carr the other day to talk about the spread of the coronavirus in Africa. Carr, who has been featured in Nautilus , is the founder of the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a partnership with the Mozambique government to revive Gorongosa National Park, that environmental treasure trove at the southern end of the Rift Valley. The 1,500 square-mile park, about the size of Rhode Island, w 13786 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Photos: The Coronavirus in Brazil As of today, Brazil has reported 180,737 cases of COVID-19, and a total of 12,635 deaths—with thousands of new cases recorded just yesterday. One physician in São Paulo said he feared the country might become " the next epicenter of the pandemic ." Brazilians are coping with the coronavirus outbreak in multiple ways: sending medical workers out into favelas to meet with patients at home, encourag 13785 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. What the latest research suggests about the coronavirus in pregnancy A growing number of case studies suggest that covid-19 is linked to a higher rate of preterm births, and the virus maj be able to cross the placenta to a fetus 13784 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Loud talking could leave coronavirus in the air for up to 14 minutes The news: Thousands of droplets from the mouths of people who are talking loudly can stay in the air for between eight and 14 minutes before disappearing, according to a new study. The research, conducted by a team with the US National Institutes of Health and published in PNAS Wednesday , could have significant impact on our understanding of covid-19 transmission. What's the point: Respiratory v 13783 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Amazon built a roving robot covered in UV light bulbs that could kill the coronavirus in warehouses and Whole Foods stores submitted by /u/Captainmanic [link] [comments] 13782 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The focus on coronavirus is essential, but we can't forget the climate The coronavirus pandemic maj be the biggest crisis most of us have faced, but we can't afford to tackle our crises one at a time and let politicians off the hook on climate change 13781 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Conspiracy theories used to be fun! Now everyone is freaking out about everything all at once | First Dog on the Moon With coronavirus it all has squonged together into some sort of humongous seething costco of armageddonism Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are published Get all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Continue reading… 13780 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Surge in fatalities pushes US death toll above 78,000 [no content] 13779 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: UK economy shrinks at record 5.8% pace in March [no content] 13778 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Brazil reports a record 881 deaths as Wuhan prepares to test 11m residents Pence avoiding Trump after aide's positive test; Saudi oil profits drop 25%; French schools reopen; follow the latest updates China plans to test all 11m Wuhan residents for coronavirus EU could reopen borders to countries with similar risk profiles Coronavirus latest: at a glance Australia coronavirus updates – live See all our coronavirus coverage 1.54am BST Something a little lighter now, from 13777 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. 'People's vaccine' for coronavirus must be free, leaders urge South African president and world politicians call for overriding of patents 13776 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News and Updates Millions more U.S. residents left their homes this week, according to an analysis of cellphone data. The Fed chairman warned of dire consequences if there is no forceful policy response to the economic downturn. Dr. Anthony Fauci said reopening too soon risked a resurgence. 13775 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates and Full Analysis The president's remarks come as the administration weighs extending border restrictions. A top W.H.O. official says the virus "maj never go away." 13774 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. A New Study Explores The Spread Of Misinformation About Coronavirus On Facebook NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Neil Johnson, a professor of physics at George Washington University, about his study on the spread of scientific misinformation about the coronavirus and its effects. 13773 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. South Korea sheds jobs at fastest rate since Asian financial crisis Seoul touts anonymous testing as anti-gay backlash risks new coronavirus outbreak mushrooming 13772 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Ravaged a Choir. But Isolation Helped Contain It. One sick singer attended choir practice, infecting 52 others, two of whom died. A study released by the C.D.C. shows that self-isolation and tracing efforts helped contain the outbreak. 13771 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers Will Track Whether Coronavirus Recovery Spending Benefits Climate The ways governments choose to bolster foundering economies could impact greenhouse gas emissions 13770 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. US says Chinese hackers are targeting coronavirus research Agencies say attempts against American research groups could jeopardise delivery of treatments 13769 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Iran's financial crisis weakens its coronavirus response "Because of the financial crisis, the Iranian government cannot protect its population against the coronavirus," says Hadi Kahalzadeh. "It's a very grave situation," says the Iran expert and PhD fellow at the Crown Center for Middle East Studies and the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. As of maj 5, Iran had recorded over 6,000 deaths and nearly 100,000 cases 13768 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Cheap and easy $1 coronavirus test to undergo trials in Senegal Trials of a $1 covid-19 testing kit that produces results in under 10 minutes are under way in Senegal. If it works, it could be a vital tool in the surrounding region 13767 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus UK: should I be wearing a face mask? – video explainer The UK government has told the public to wear 'cloth face coverings' in crowded places where it's not possible to comply with physical-distancing measures, but what does this mean? Why not face masks? Outside too? Should anyone avoid wearing a face covering? The Guardian's health editor, Sarah Boseley, answers these and other questions How to make your own non-medical mask Coronavirus live update 13766 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. US Officials: Chinese Hackers Are Targeting Vaccine Research According to a new report by The Wall Street Journal , Chinese and Iranian hackers are targeting US efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine. "China has long engaged in the theft of biomedical research, and COVID-19 research is the field's Holy Grail right now," assistant attorney general for national security John Demers told the WSJ . "While its commercial value is of importance, the geopolitic 13765 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus World News: Live Updates on U.K., Europe, Asia and Latin America Europe looks to restart travel, as countries cautiously reopen some borders. But Latin America is still gripped by some of the world's worst outbreaks. 13764 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Guardian view on the hybrid parliament: unfinished business | Editorial Digital scrutiny is imperfect but it has proved that the Commons can modernise. Ending the experiment prematurely is a backwards step There is still much to be learnt about the coronavirus, but it is clear that transmission is efficient in crowded, enclosed spaces. On that basis a full House of Commons is unsafe. That is why " hybrid scrutiny " was introduced, with most MPs contributing to debate 13763 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. CRISPR tests for coronavirus, unproven therapies and a high-profile resignation Nature, Published online: 13 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01362-0 The latest science news, in brief. 13762 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Does lockdown easing 'follow the science'? Why is England pressing ahead with plans to ease lockdown rules ahead of the rest of the UK? 13761 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The humbling truth about the limits of innovation How do promises of rocket planes and ageing cures sit with our failure to stop coronavirus? 13760 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Guide suggests which elective surgeries can resume Data on a broad range of common operations show which ones will draw most on scarce resources. As fast and sharp as a cut from a scalpel, the coronavirus pandemic forced hospitals across America to slash elective surgical cases in March and April to slow the risk of infection and make room for surges of patients. The pandemic disrupted or diverted the supply of resources that surgery cases need—f 13759 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The children being left behind by America's online schooling Like most children in the US, Juana* hasn't been to school in two months. Her mother, Dilma, left school after first grade and doesn't speak English. Until recently, the family in Oakland, California, only had a very simple cell phone they used to make calls home to family in Guatemala. Without a computer to connect to her teachers and friends, Juana started to fall behind. While other children i 13758 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S. The coronavirus has pushed the coal industry to once-unthinkable lows, and the consequences for climate change are big. 13757 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: Still No Plan Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP / GETTY It's been more than 100 days since the first reported case of the coronavirus in the United States, but Donald Trump still doesn't seem to have a plan. Instead, t 13756 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Finally, a virus got me': Ebola expert on nearly dying of coronavirus Peter Piot tells of his brush with death and predicts people will suffer effects of the virus for years Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Peter Piot, the scientist who helped discover the Ebola virus, and the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has told of his brush with death after contracting Covid-19. The professor had never previously be 13755 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Unicef: 6,000 children could die every day due to impact of coronavirus Disruption of essential maternity and health services is the biggest crisis faced by under fives since second world war Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As many as 6,000 children around the world could die every day from preventable causes over the next six months due to the impact of coronavirus on routine health services, the UN has warned. Global disruption of esse 13754 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Evidence suggests a small but important number of people will develop coronavirus-related psychosis The review, published online ahead of print in Schizophrenia Research, found an increase in the prevalence of psychosis as a result of COVID-19 would likely be associated with viral exposure, pre-existing vulnerability and psychosocial stress. The review also suggested that people with psychosis maj present a major challenge and potential infection control risk to clinical teams working with them. 13753 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The secret to why some people get so sick from covid could lie in their genes Some people die from covid-19, and others who are infected don't even show symptoms. But scientists still don't know why. Now consumer genomics company 23andMe is going to offer free genetic tests to 10,000 people who've been hospitalized with the disease, hoping to turn up genetic factors that could point to an answer. While it's known that older people and those with health conditions such as d 13752 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The First Shot: Inside the Covid Vaccine Fast Track The very first vaccine candidate entered human trials—and Neal Browning's arm—on March 16. Behind the scenes at Moderna and the beginning of an unprecedented global sprint. 13751 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Some Scientists Bring the Bench Home PCR moves into the laundry room, while insect colonies take up residence in the shower. 13750 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Black Death shows how disease changes daily life There are parallels between today's COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Death of 14th-century Italy, as well as lessons we can learn from that time, historian Paula Findlen argues. For Italians in the 14th-century, the bubonic plague at first seemed extraordinary but its repeated return made it so much a part of daily life that it became an economic annoyance and an administrative problem to resolve. 13749 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. School closure during COVID-19 pandemic The effectiveness of school closure as a preventive measure during the COVID-19 pandemic is discussed. 13748 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Beware the Lofty Promises of Covid-19 'Tracker' Apps A popular symptom-tracking app made a splash for its surprising discoveries. But a deeper look at the data calls those findings into question. 13747 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Italian doctors find link between Covid-19 and inflammatory disorder The disorder has required some children to undergo life-saving treatment in intensive care units Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Doctors in Italy have reported the first clear evidence of a link between Covid-19 and a rare but serious inflammatory disorder that has required some children to undergo life-saving treatment in intensive care units. The mysterious conditi 13746 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Fiscal multipliers: The evidence backing economic vitality by direct cash payments to the poor COVID-19 and the related government-led lockdowns have resulted in widespread economic shock and job loss, in the UK and around the world. Governments, including in low and middle-income countries, have responded with economic interventions to cushion the shock. The most widely-used government tool has been cash transfer programs: the World Bank finds 234 measures involving expanding cash transfer 13745 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. How accurate are the results from self-testing for covid-19 at home? Countries are increasingly sending out home coronavirus self-testing kits. But can the results from swabbing your own nose and throat be trusted? 13744 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Home Office scientist refuses to put figure on Covid-19 cases entering UK MPs question ministers' decision not to close borders as pandemic took hold globally 13743 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Expert: COVID-19 could boost plastic pollution The COVID-19 pandemic will likely increase plastic pollution, Fengwei (David) Xie argues. Xie works on developing green processes and green materials for greater resource efficiency and reduction in wastes and carbon footprints. His research focuses on green/bio-polymers for sustainability, environmental protection, and health. Here, Xie, a fellow at the International Institute for Nanocomposites 13742 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 crisis raises hopes of end to UK transmission of HIV Sexual health experts see in lockdown restrictions a 'once-in-a-lifetime' chance Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage "In the war against any infectious virus," says Dr Alan McOwan, "You're trying to win various battles. You have to keep clobbering it from every direction you can." That's true for coronavirus, he says, as well as for other viral conditions. An HIV special 13741 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. UK government steps in to back trade credit insurance Measure to ensure market is not crippled by Covid-19 crisis will cover £171bn of business activity 13740 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Disease Map: A comprehensive repository An international collaboration is building a COVID-19 Disease Map: a comprehensive repository incorporating all current knowledge on the virus-host interaction mechanisms. 13739 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 disease map: LCSB researchers coordinate international effort In the fight against the current pandemic, researchers of the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) at the University of Luxembourg are coordinating an international collaboration to build a COVID-19 Disease Map: a comprehensive repository incorporating all current knowledge on the virus-host interaction mechanisms. This online tool will support research and improve our understanding of 13738 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Emails offer look into whistleblower charges of cronyism behind potential COVID-19 drug Demoted pandemic official expressed concern about safety of unproven coronavirus drug 13737 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Why COVID-19 Flare-Ups Will Keep Happening – Issue 84: Outbreak We all want to get back to our lives—go out for a drink, see a movie, hug our parents and grandparents, and bring our cities back to life. When will the virus be under control? And how do we measure that? Much of the media coverage of Covid-19 talks about R 0 or "R-nought," the average number of people each sick person infects. If R 0 is bigger than 1, cases grow exponentially, and an epidemic sp 13736 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Why are young people with COVID-19 having strokes? Physicians treating people with COVID-19 have noted an increase in strokes among young and otherwise healthy adults who later are diagnosed or recovering from the disease. Priyank Khandelwal , an endovascular and vascular neurologist and assistant professor at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, discusses why these strokes are increasingly occurring in younger patients and the precautionary me 13735 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 health care workers face 'invisible' dangers COVID-19 health care workers who care for hospitalized patients are at risk for depression, anxiety, and psychological distress, Maureen Brogan argues. The unprecedented level of stress frontline health care workers face—separated from loved ones and often unable to process their own feelings during the global coronavirus pandemic—maj lead to long-term mental health issues, says Brogan, the state 13734 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 Hits Conservation Efforts Conservation efforts have long had to contend with occasional booms and busts in the industry. But unlike any other event before it, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the weaknesses of the economic cogs that support certain ecosystems. For some, the new coronavirus could cause permanent damage. 13733 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 in children with cancer in New York This report assesses the risk associated with COVID-19 for pediatric patients with cancer. 13732 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Children with cancer are not at a higher risk for COVID-19 infection or morbidity, study finds Researches have found that children with cancer are not at a higher risk of being affected by COVID-19. 13731 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. MSK kids study: Children with cancer are not at a higher risk for COVID-19 infection or morbidity Researches from MSK Kids at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) found that children with cancer are not at a higher risk of being affected by COVID-19. 13730 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Game plan for resumption of sport, exercise after COVID-19 infection Recommendations for resuming intense exercise training for athletes and highly active people with COVID-19 are discussed. 13729 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. WHO's chief scientist offers bleak assessment of challenges ahead It will be 'four or five years' before Covid-19 is under control, FT's digital conference told 13728 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Lancet: COVID-19 may be linked to rare inflammatory disorder in young children, first detailed reports on 10 patients from Italy suggests Doctors in the Bergamo province of Italy [1] have described a series of ten cases of young children with symptoms similar to a rare inflammatory disease called Kawasaki Disease appearing since the COVID-19 pandemic arose in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, in a report published today in The Lancet. 13727 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine ACP: Evidence does not support the use of hydroxychloroquine alone or in combination with azithromycin for prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19. 13726 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: UK economy shrank at fastest pace since 2008 The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 13725 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists are drowning in COVID-19 papers. Can new tools keep them afloat? The hunt is on for better ways to collect and search pandemic studies 13724 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Reddit reveals peaks of public interest in COVID-19 topics Online forums can be used by public health officials to quickly identify topics of public interest during the COVID-19 pandemic and to quell misinformation. 13723 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Any Covid-19 vaccine must be a global public good The ugly battle for protective gear would be a sideshow compared to one over a vaccine 13722 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Anti-Vaxxers' Social Networks are Ripe With People Susceptible to Their Misinformation As the world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine, an anti-vaccination movement is gaining steam online. 13721 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Cal State University to Conduct Most Classes Online this Fall The public university system in California joins a number of colleges planning a virtual semester to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. 13720 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Därför är det svårare för somliga att göra rätt Världen över har vår rörelsefrihet begränsats på olika nivåer i ett försök att sakta ner spridningen av covid-19. Men somliga verkar ha det svårare än andra att hålla distansen. Socialpsykologi kan hjälpa oss att förstå varför vissa av oss inte följer rekommendationerna. Ingen hade nog räknat med att inleda det nya decenniet med en världsomspännande pandemi. Regeringar har angripit problemet på o 13719 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Effects of internet CBT for health anxiety on par with face-to-face treatment Researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have compared two ways of delivering cognitive behavioral therapy to treat people with health anxiety, a condition that maj increase in the wake of COVID-19. Out of about 200 study participants, half received Internet-CBT and half received conventional face-to-face CBT. The results, published in JAMA Psychiatry, show that Internet-delivered treatment 13718 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: Is the future more plastic? Dr. Fengwei (David) Xie is currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at the International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing (IINM), WMG, University of Warwick. His research focuses on "green"/bio-polymers for sustainability, environmental protection, people's better life and health. He works on developing "green" processes and "green" materials for greater resource efficiency a 13717 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Panum-forskere klar til at teste kendte stoffer til behandling af covid-19 PLUS. Covid-19 kan måske behandles med lægemidler ud fra stoffer, som forskere på Panum Instituttet i København har udviklet gennem de sidste 25 år. Med støtte fra A.P. Møller Fonden skal det nu undersøges. 13716 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Protecting seafarers and the global supply chain during COVID-19 The offshore and shipping industries are grappling with unique challenges in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus' rapid spread on ships like the Diamond Princess and USS Theodore Roosevelt highlighted the health risks that the 1.2 million workers currently at sea face. Travel restrictions and closed borders offer an additional challenge by not only disrupting the global supply chain, but 13715 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. American Journal of Preventive Medicine focuses on critical public health aspects of COVID-19 New research and guidance in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published by Elsevier, focus on critical topics pertaining to community and individual health during the COVID-19 epidemic. 13714 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Characteristics, outcomes of heart transplant recipients with COVID-19 The characteristics, treatment and outcomes of heart transplant recipients who were infected with COVID-19 in New York City are described in this case series. 13713 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Low-income children and COVID-19 Hardships faced by low-income children during the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed, and educational and policy reforms for the future are suggested in this article. 13712 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Many older adults faced food insecurity even before COVID-19 Even before the coronavirus pandemic, one in seven adults between the ages of 50 and 80 already had trouble getting enough food because of cost or other issues, a new poll finds. The percentage of older adults who say they have experienced food insecurity in the past year was even higher among African American or Latino adults and those in their pre-Medicare years. Older adults with lower househo 13711 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Så många har pågående covid-19-infektion i Sverige Nu presenterar forskare vid Lunds universitet de första nationella kartorna från COVID Symptom Study. Kartorna visar uppskattad aktuell andel av befolkningen med pågående symtomatisk covid-19-infektion i Sverige. Mer än 130 000 personer i Sverige deltar i forskningsstudien COVID Symptom Study vid Lunds universitet och rapporterar dagligen i appen om hur de mår. Självrapporterad data från deltagar 13710 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Efter massiv kritik af slingekurs: Eksperter begynder at ane en dansk covid-19-strategi PLUS. RUC's Lone Simonsen understreger, at vi kun er i begyndelsen af epidemien; det kan stadig gå galt. Tidligere direktør for Sundhedsstyrelsen mangler klar kommunikation om målsætning. 13709 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers: Working Just 8 Days Per Month Could Help Fight COVID A team of Israeli researchers have an unusual new idea to help contain coronavirus infections: working in 4-day shifts, and then staying at home for 10 days, as Fast Company reports . "The idea is that people will work in two-week cycles," Ron Milo, a professor of computational and systems biology at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, told Fast Company . The concept takes advantage of t 13708 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Transparency is key in a crisis – so why isn't the British government being straight with us? | Stephen Reicher Contrary to popular belief, people rarely panic in dangerous situations. Withholding information is patronising and counter-productive Stephen Reicher is a member of the Sage subcommittee advising the government on behavioural science Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage You might assume that during a time of crisis it's important for governments to hold information close 13707 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Spanish herd immunity is still far off, study finds Health minister says results confirm cautious exit from two-month lockdown 13706 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Madrid protests at continued lockdown as Spain starts to reopen Excluding region as curbs are eased elsewhere will harm national economy, says top official 13705 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Wuhan's lockdown cut air pollution by up to 63% – new research The COVID-19 lockdown in Wuhan, China, resulted in a 63% reduction in nitrogen dioxide concentrations, according to our new research. We have calculated that this drop in air pollution maj have prevented up to 496 deaths in Wuhan, 3,368 in Hubei province and 10,822 in China as a whole. The potential deaths prevented maj even outweigh the official Chinese death toll from COVID-19 itself which stand 13704 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. City of London to ban cars on busiest roads as lockdown eases Plans to widen pavements and create cycle lanes in UK financial district 13703 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Tencent's earnings powered by lockdown gaming Online games revenues rise by a third year-on-year and social media advertising surges 13702 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. UK economy shrinks at record 5.8% pace in March Nearly all parts of the economy hit by lockdown measures to fight coronavirus pandemic 13701 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Great Irony of America's Armed Anti-Lockdown Protesters In recent weeks, the nation has been treated to an unsettling sight: angry men with assault rifles protesting various state lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic. These demonstrations reached an ugly peak in Michigan last month—though they maj yet worsen as the pandemic persists—when armed protesters rushed into the capitol building, and put on a chilling display of fury and intimidat 13700 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Mexico to start lifting some lockdown restrictions next week Coronavirus-free towns will be the first to reopen as country moves towards 'new normal' 13699 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdown reveals a US civil fabric healthier than many thought Civic compliance has given the lie to doom-laden visions of cultural decline 13698 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The WHO Has a 3-Point Checklist Countries Should Tick Before Lifting a Lockdown The US can't tick off any yet. 13697 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Dozens of prehistoric, Roman and medieval sites discovered by archaeology volunteers working at home during lockdown Dozens of previously unrecorded Roman, prehistoric and medieval sites have been discovered by archaeology volunteers based at home during the coronavirus lockdown. 13696 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Lockdowns and research: What we lost and what we stand to gain The COVID-19 pandemic—and the resulting lockdowns—have had a major impact on research at institutions across the world, and universities in particular. 13695 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. S Africa plans localised lockdowns as pressure mounts to reopen Ramaphosa admits some restrictions have been unclear and inconsistent 13694 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Do Masks Work? Let's review the evidence for the effectiveness of wearing face masks during a pandemic (reprinted from NeuroLogica). 13693 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Grounded aircraft could make weather forecasts less reliable Thanks to travel restrictions and plummeting customer demand, the number of flights in the first week of April 2020 was down 61% compared with the same period in 2019. The pandemic has emptied the skies of aircraft, but it's not just the airline industry that's reeling from the sudden change. 13692 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Pandemic Has Seriously Confused Machine Learning Systems AI Fail The chaos and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have claimed an unlikely victim: the machine learning systems that are programmed to make sense of our online behavior. The algorithms that recommend products on Amazon, for instance, are struggling to interpret our new lifestyles, MIT Technology Review reports . And while machine learning tools are built to take in new data, 13691 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Deutsche restarts job cuts after six-week pandemic hiatus Germany's largest lender is pressing ahead with transformation plan announced in July 13690 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. A Pandemic Novel That's Oddly Soothing At this point, two months into a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and assuming that you're lucky enough to have been able to stay home, either you're the kind of person who's streamed pandemic movies on Netflix or you're not. Either you're someone who's compelled, in the middle of unthinkable calamity, to probe the nuances of that calamity through uncannily resonant works of c 13689 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. House Democrats include research dollars in latest pandemic relief package Partisan proposal would give the National Institutes of Health $4.7 billion and the National Science Foundation $125 million 13688 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The Grim History of Counting the Dead During Plagues In every pandemic since the 16th century, humans have debated how to tally death tolls. Now more than ever, we need to confront the messiness of the data. 13687 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic spawns new reporting term 'ebitdac' to flatter books Some results are adding back profits companies say they would have made but for coronavirus 13686 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Pandemic stimulus debt will 'come back to haunt us', warns OECD Economic recovery will be slower than initially expected, says Angel Gurría 13685 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. When stuff is scarce, people don't judge quality by price Scarcity decreases consumers' tendency to use price to judge a product's quality, according to new research. During the current pandemic, panicked overbuying of products such as toilet paper, cleaning products, and similar items often has led to limited options for consumers and empty store shelves. What's often left are generic or lower-priced branded products. It maj not be because consumers du 13684 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Fiscal stimulus 'worth it' to tackle pandemic, says Fed chief OECD head warns of rising debt coming back to haunt world, but concedes rule book should be thrown out 13683 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. A Commencement Address Too Honest to Deliver in Person Editor's Note: This article is part of a series of commencement addresses commissioned by The Atlantic for students who will not be able to attend their graduations because of the pandemic. Find the collection here . Y ou bastards stood me up! You invited me to give this commencement address months ago. You never told me it was canceled. So I drove across the country, got up early this morning, p 13682 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. How are Americans practicing religion during the pandemic? An overwhelming majority of people in the United States support restricting or suspending in-person religious services during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a new poll from the University of Chicago Divinity School and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs. 13681 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. CUORE underground experiment in Italy carries on despite pandemic As the COVID-19 outbreak took hold in Italy, researchers working on a nuclear physics experiment called CUORE at an underground laboratory in central Italy scrambled to keep the ultrasensitive experiment running and launch new tools and rules for remote operations. 13680 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. What happens after a pandemic—or a war—is over? The fight against COVID-19 has been equated to a war by some political leaders. While the analogy is appealing, Charles Maier, Leverett Saltonstall Research Professor of History at Harvard University and Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) resident faculty, and Ian Kumekawa, Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard and a CES graduate student affiliate, weighed in on the argument in a 13679 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. In France, population immunity to SARS-CoV-2 at about 4.4% in may, modeling suggests By maj 11, when lockdown restrictions were eased in France, about 4.4% of the French population had been infected with SARS-CoV-2, a new modeling study suggests. 13678 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission [Medical Sciences] Speech droplets generated by asymptomatic carriers of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are increasingly considered to be a likely mode of disease transmission. Highly sensitive laser light scattering observations have revealed that loud speech can emit thousands of oral fluid droplets per second. In a closed, stagnant air… 13677 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Twin antibodies show neutralizing activity against SARS-CoV-2 Scientists have identified a pair of neutralizing antibodies – isolated from a patient who recovered from COVID-19 – that bind to the glycoprotein spike of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, blocking the spike's ability to bind to the human ACE2 receptor and mediate viral entry into host cells. 13676 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Beijing hits back at Trump call to block US pension fund investment in China Investors' fears rise that trade conflict could spread to financial markets 13675 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Why demonizing Trump supporters destroys democracy When you have pre-conceived ideas about a group whose views oppose your own, you risk closing the door to meaningful discourse before it begins. "When you demonize those who voted against you then there's no chance of a democratic debate," argues Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece and founder of DiEM25. "You've lost it completely. Then you go into a state of civil war." Varoufaki 13674 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump threats to China over coronavirus pile pressure on renminbi Weakness in Chinese currency could ripple across other emerging economies 13673 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Australians deliver scathing judgment of Trump's Covid-19 response Two-thirds of survey respondents say they are 'less favourable' to China 13672 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Snowflake or safety first? How face masks were drawn into Trump's culture wars | Arwa Mahdawi Everything is partisan in the US now – even the coronavirus. Choosing whether or not to cover your face has become a political statement Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Let's face it: wearing a face mask is not pleasant. They can fog up your glasses and hurt your ears. If you are cursed with terrible allergies, as I am, they quickly become a disgusting sneeze chamber 13671 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Invidious choices await Sunak in tackling cost of virus crisis Chancellor is under no immediate pressure to fix finances, but will face tough calls 13670 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers look to blood antibodies as weapons in virus fight Therapies use plasma extracted from recovered donors as well as materials made in labs 13669 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Remdesivir Works Against Many Viruses. Why Aren't There More Drugs Like It? Antivirals that work against a large number of diverse viruses would help us prepare for new diseases, but creating them is a big biological challenge 13668 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers create durable, washable textile coating that can repel viruses Masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protecting healthcare workers. However, the textiles and materials used in such items can absorb and carry viruses and bacteria, inadvertently spreading the disease the wearer sought to contain. 13667 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Pitt researchers create durable, washable textile coating that can repel viruses Research from the LAMP Lab at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering has created a textile coating that can not only repel liquids like blood and saliva but can also prevent viruses from adhering to the surface. The work was recently published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. 13666 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. VW to pause production of key models as hopes of quick recovery dashed German carmaker to idle assembly lines for best-selling vehicles within weeks of reopening 13665 ….. (Hentet 13.maj 2020 ) ….. Workers stoical as easing spurs fears of overcrowding Images of packed Tube trains and buses draw warnings but TfL reports modest rise in journeys 13664 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. AI Is Screening Billions of Molecules for Coronavirus Treatments: Machine learning has pegged existing drugs to repurpose for COVID-19 clinical trials submitted by /u/quantumcipher [link] [comments] 13663 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Unveiling 'Warp Speed', the White House's America-first push for a coronavirus vaccine Project aims to have enough COVID-19 vaccines for 300 million by January 13662 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Antipoaching Tech Tracks COVID-19 Flare-Ups in South Africa Coming out of lockdown, the country is relying on thousands of local case trackers and on software, once used to protect rhinoceroses, for disease surveillance 13661 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The challenges of developing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine Researchers have identified critical points to pay close attention to when designing and developing COVID-19 vaccines. 13660 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How do you prevent viral outbreaks? By protecting animal health Many dangerous diseases such as COVID-19, Ebola and Q fever have jumped from animals to humans. But it is not only because of these diseases that we should include animals in our health policy, but also because of their right to health, writes Ph.D. candidate Joachim Nieuwland. Ph.D. defense on 13 maj . 13659 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19: why are some people losing their taste and smell? As the coronavirus pandemic swept around the globe, anecdotal reports began to emerge about a strange symptom: people were losing their sense of taste and smell. To find out whether this effect is really down to Sars-CoV-2, and if so, why, Ian Sample talks to Carl Philpott Continue reading… 13658 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. We Need to Rethink Involuntary Hospitalization during This Pandemic Patients held for psychiatric care are especially vulnerable; we must act now to support them 13657 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Team shares blueprint for adapting academic research center to SARS-CoV-2 testing lab During the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic testing has far outweighed the supply, academic research scientists have begun converting their labs to testing facilities. In a paper published maj 10 in the journal Med, a team of investigators from Boston University School of Medicine outline how they adapted their lab to test patient samples for SARS-CoV-2, and they provide a bl 13656 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Radio Corona, May 14: The chaos of covid-19 testing data in the US In this week's episode of Radio Corona, we explore why the US has no idea how to manage all the testing data it's collecting. Last week, reporter Neel Patel wrote about how the US's decentralized public health system means there are no common standards for reporting testing data. That could create chaos in attempts to fight the pandemic, especially when it comes to making decisions about when and 13655 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Opholdsforbud bunder ikke i videnskaben: Ingen forklaring fra minister Opholdsforbuddet på Islands Brygge for at minimere smittespredningen af corona, stemmer ikke overens med videnskabelige studier, men sundheds- og ældreminister kommer ikke med forklaring. 13654 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Kina giver resten af verden 5G-baghjul Mens corona-epidemien forsinker udrulningen af 5G i Europa, blæser Kina derudaf med 50 millioner 5G-brugere. Efter Folketinget netop har sagt nej til en ekstraordinær 5G-pulje på 300 millioner kroner, afsætter Industriens Fond tre millioner til 5G-test hos danske virksomheder. 13653 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona-krise tvinger bredbåndsudbydere til at opgradere coax-forbindelser Bredbåndsudbydere fremskynder nu investeringer i netværksinfrastrukturen, især på de bredbåndsforbindelser der kører over kabel-tv. De har nemlig flere gange være overbelastede under corona-krisen, hvor internettrafikken er vokset med op til 20 procent. For der er ikke udsigt til at danskernes di… 13652 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronakrisen blottar brister i äldreomsorgen Äldreomsorgen är en resursmässigt eftersatt och undervärderad del av samhället, både i Sverige och internationellt. I coronapandemins inledningsskede glömdes äldreomsorgen helt enkelt bort, vilket är en av huvudorsakerna till att smittan fått så omfattande spridning i många länders äldreboenden. Det menar Marta Szebehely, professor emeritus i socialt arbete vid Stockholms universitet. Hon har for 13651 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Gamla demokratier bättre rustade för kris än nya Det har i medier spekulerats mycket kring huruvida coronapandemin i olika länder används som ett svepskäl för att avskaffa demokratin. Inte sällan dras paralleller till mellankrigstiden 1918–1945 och den turbulenta ekonomiska och politiska situation som då rådde i Europa och resten av världen. 13650 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Corona-smittede børn dræbes af deres eget immunforsvar – nu starter dansk overvågning Amerikanske og britiske børn dør af noget, der ligner Kawasaki-syndrom, hvor immunforsvaret overreagerer efter en infektion. Der kan også være en stigning herhjemme, men det er uklart om det er sæsonbetinget. 13649 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronasyge danskere skal isoleres på hoteller Den danske strategi bevæger sig nu endnu længere i retning af omfattende test og opsporing af smittekæder. Fremover skal coronasyge danskere isoleres på feriecentre og hoteller og deres kontakter skal testes. 13648 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Why antibodies are crucial to fighting viruses With millions of COVID-19 cases reported across the globe, antibody tests offer a way to find out if we've been exposed to the coronavirus that causes the disease. But what are antibodies? Antibody tests can detect the presence of antibodies in the blood that bind to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. But why are they antibodies so important? And if we have them, does that mean we're immune to 13647 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. After Six New Cases, Wuhan Plans to Test All 11 Million Residents Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, is planning to test all 11 million inhabitants, according to a state media report, as the BBC reports . The move comes after the city reported six new cases over the weekend. Before this weekend, the city had recorded no new cases since April 3 and started easing restrictions on April 8 — with schools reopening, public transpor 13646 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. India's carbon emissions fall for first time in four decades The fall in the carbon dioxide emissions is not just due to the country's coronavirus lockdown. 13645 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Supply chain challenges to remain as states start to reopen Scott Grawe expects to see some hiccups as states start to reopen and supply chains slowly rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. 13644 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What happens to waste PPE during the coronavirus pandemic? All over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen more and more people admitted to hospital, where the high infection rate of the virus makes use of personal protection equipment (PPE) vital for healthcare workers. PPE includes single-use gloves, aprons and gowns, surgical masks, respirators and face protectors in the form of glasses, goggles or face shields. 13643 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Wuhan will test all 11 million residents after spotting its first new coronavirus cases The news: Wuhan's entire population of 11 million people will be tested for coronavirus after the city, where the pandemic started, discovered new infections for the first time since its lockdown was lifted. Each district in the city has been instructed to create a plan to test every resident within 10 days, according to a document from Wuhan's anti-virus department published by Chinese state med 13642 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Bluetooth may not work well enough to trace coronavirus contacts An experiment reveals how difficult it is to use Bluetooth on phones to determine if people have been in close enough contact to spread the coronavirus 13641 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Wolf warrior' diplomats reveal China's ambitions Beijing's emissaries have ditched niceties for threats during coronavirus crisis 13640 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Business cannot simply awake from this coma It made sense to support everyone when the coronavirus crisis first hit but now hard choices are needed 13639 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus crisis leaves Russian government rudderless Prime ministerial stand-in faces task of managing pandemic while getting economy moving again 13638 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What the history of market crashes teaches us about the coronavirus crisis Previous sell-offs offer a guide but nothing compares with scale of economic damage 13637 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Men Could Be More Vulnerable to The Coronavirus Due to a Lung Enzyme, Study Says Here's what we know. 13636 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How to think effectively: Six stages of critical thinking Researchers propose six levels of critical thinkers. The framework comes from educational psychologists Linda Elder and Richard Paul. Teaching critical thinking skills is a crucial challenge in our times. The coronavirus has not only decimated our populations, its spread has also attacked the very nature of truth and stoked inherent tensions between many different groups of people, both at local 13635 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus has revealed the power of social networks in a crisis The declaration of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic was a call to arms for governments to take urgent and immediate action. However, many feel the response from some countries was too little, too late. 13634 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus hits senior homes — and their owners Investors rushed into sector hoping to profit from greying of baby boom generation 13633 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. UV light robot destroys coronavirus in 2 minutes Japan distributor Terumo eyes broader sales for hospital disinfection 13632 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus infection in children — it may not start with a cough Children suffering from sickness and diarrhea, coupled with a fever or history of exposure to coronavirus, should be suspected of being infected with COVID-19, recommends a new study by doctors from Wuhan, China, who detail five cases of coronavirus in children who had no initial signs of respiratory illness. The research also suggests that the gastrointestinal symptoms first suffered by some chil 13631 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Asia stocks fall on fears over new coronavirus infections Shares in South Korea hit as authorities report new cluster of Covid-19 infections 13630 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. China suspends beef imports from four Australian abattoirs Analysts say move is 'punishment' after Canberra called for coronavirus inquiry 13629 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: Cyber-spinach gives artificial photosynthesis a boost Nature, Published online: 12 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01412-7 Real spinach and artificial chemistry combine to turn sunlight into sugar. Plus, the first CRISPR test for the coronavirus is approved in the United States and how swamped preprint servers are blocking bad coronavirus research. 13628 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: Ryanair to restore 40% of flight schedule in July [no content] 13627 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Toyota warns of profit collapse as outbreak hits sales Japanese carmaker vows to maintain pre-coronavirus levels of capital and research spending 13626 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump declares victory over 'invisible enemy' as US deaths pass 80,000 White House staff ordered to wear masks; WHO urges 'extreme vigilance' as lockdowns end; Russia eases restrictions despite record cases. Follow the latest updates Russia to end national lockdown, as cases hit record high ohnson giving no clear direction on lockdown exit, says Starmer 'Now it starts again': new outbreaks spark unease in China Coronavirus latest: at a glance Australia coronavirus u 13625 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: At Senate Hearing, Fauci to Warn of 'Needless Suffering and Death' if States Open Too Soon The United States' top infectious disease expert plans to testify at a Senate hearing that moving too quickly to ease restrictions could undermine the country's quest to return to normalcy. 13624 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: In Senate Hearing, Top Officials Paint Bleak Picture of Pandemic At the hearing, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci told senators that if the country did not adequately prepare, "then we run the risk of having a resurgence." 13623 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. UK coronavirus live: Hancock refuses to say whether people have legal right to refuse return to work Rishi Sunak expected to extend furlough scheme amid criticism of Boris Johnson's roadmap out of lockdown Starmer says Johnson giving no clear direction out of lockdown Global coronavirus updates – live Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all our coronavirus coverage 8.18am BST Health Secretary Matt Hancock says the reproduction rate of Covid-19 in the UK is "broadly in the middle of the range" of 13622 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. New coronavirus outbreaks 'inevitable without robust UK strategy' Scientists warn of rolling lockdowns if government fails to reconsider its approach Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Further outbreaks of coronavirus and rolling lockdowns are inevitable under government plans to ease restrictions and send people back to work in England without a robust strategy to suppress Covid-19, an independent group of scientists has warned. The 13621 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus patient DNA study could tell us why some fare worse Analysis of samples from thousands of patients might point to genetic variations Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Thousands of UK patients who have fallen ill with coronavirus will have their genomes read in a major study to understand how a person's DNA affects their susceptibility to the infection. The nationwide effort aims to collect DNA samples from up to 20,000 13620 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Singapore takes first steps to reopening economy Some businesses allowed to resume even as coronavirus remains rampant among migrant workers 13619 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus shut-downs pose huge threat to Australian research jobs Nature, Published online: 12 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01407-4 Report warns that thousands of scientists will also have to abandon research projects. 13618 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Scientists call on UK to rethink 'dangerous' coronavirus strategy Independent group warns that virus must be suppressed rather than 'managed' 13617 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Mystery deaths in Nigeria provoke fear of unrecorded coronavirus surge Africa's most populous country has confirmed only 4,400 cases but tested few of its 200m people 13616 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Fauci warns of 'suffering and death' if US reopens too soon Senior member of White House coronavirus task force says second wave of cases possible later this year 13615 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Mass coronavirus testing plans unrealistic, says Italian biotech boss Costs are high and there is not enough production capacity, according to CEO of DiaSorin 13614 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. More Chinese Traditional Medicine, Unfortunately I mentioned the other day that what was reported as a hydroxychloroquine trial in China maj well have been (or at least begun as) a trial of "traditional Chinese medicine" (TCM). It doesn't take much digging to turn up a number of registered clinical trials for coronavirus therapy via TCM, actually. Here are a few at , and while it's harder to do a single search for the topic i 13613 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Update: Public Health Experts Testify Before Senate Public health experts have testified before a Senate health committee on Tuesday. House Democrats are proposing a plan for the next coronavirus relief bill. 13612 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. To Find a Coronavirus Vaccine Faster—Should We Deliberately Infect Thousands of People? "First, do no harm" is a core principle for all physicians. Yet with the new coronavirus wreaking havoc across the globe, the medical community is now asking: What if "first, do harm" is the right path forward? On the surface, it seems preposterous that we would deliberately infect healthy volunteers with Covid-19, a potentially life-threatening illness with no cure. However, the hope is that the 13611 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. When Can We Expect A Coronavirus Vaccine? The race is on. What will it take to develop, test and distribute a safe and effective vaccine? (Image credit: Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images) 13610 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus will change cities in rich countries, but what about low-income areas of less-developed nations? Many commentators have speculated on how the coronavirus pandemic will alter cities and the ways they are planned and used. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has tweeted: "There is a density level in NYC that is destructive […] NYC must develop an immediate plan to reduce density." 13609 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus will usher in the industrial robots Likely increase in automation to safeguard employees will create anxieties among the workforce 13608 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. coronavirus world updates New British guidelines are called vague and confusing. In the U.S., fears grow that a second wave could come sooner than expected. 13607 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Live Coronavirus World Updates Nations are loosening rules, but new clusters in places that seemed to have tamed the virus show how hard success is to sustain. In Wuhan, a seemingly small cluster led to a giant response — tests for the entire city. 13606 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. I Got Fired Over Zoom The private Slack message arrived at 12:15 p.m., as I was toasting a year-old bagel, exhumed from my freezer: "Are you around?" It was the CEO, my direct manager. Normally she texts my phone when she wants to chat. Weird. "Yup!" I typed back. Where else would I be? I spread the last of the cream cheese onto the bagel and took a bite. Passable. How quickly one adapts to new realities in a pandemic 13605 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How Hong Kong Did It It was January when I first heard about the mysterious viral pneumonia circulating in Wuhan, China. I had some major worries—was this SARS redux, or something else?—but also a small, selfish lament. I was eager to go back to Hong Kong, where I had been conducting research on its protest movement. A new epidemic there would likely mean that visiting the city anytime soon would be unsafe. I worried 13604 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Americans Have Baked All the Flour Away Over the past few months, the best place to trace America's deepening pandemic anxieties has been the shelves of grocery and big-box stores. The first common household goods to disappear were disinfectants: hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Lysol. Bottled water and toilet paper were snatched up once companies started advising workers to stay home. Next up were rice and dried pasta, followed by video- 13603 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The Atlantic Daily: Air Travel After the Outbreak Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . CELINA PEREIRA Recently, my colleague McKay Coppins did something that, three months ago, would've been considered entirely unremarkable: He caught a flight. The trip, McKay admits in this essay 13602 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Developing countries are 'on a ledge with no safety net' David Miliband, head of the International Rescue Committee, says the world's richest countries still have time to help protect the most fragile countries from the spread of covid-19 13601 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How Do Children Spread the Coronavirus? The Science Still Isn't Clear Researchers are still trying to understand what the deal is with kids and COVID-19 13600 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. When Will We Want to Be in a Room Full of Strangers Again? Georgian Spring Series by Mark Power/Magnum Editor's Note: This article is part of Uncharted , a series about the world we're leaving behind, and the one being remade by the pandemic. W alking into the Kiln Theatre in North London is like uncovering a time capsule—from before lockdown, before social distancing, before face masks and injunctions to stay six feet apart. When staff do their regular 13599 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What Canada knows about food crises can help prevent shortages and protect workers during coronavirus As news of the pandemic began circulating, Canadians hurried to grocery stores, laying in supplies for the upcoming crisis. By mid-March, experts had begun warning against hoarding. There is plenty of food in our supply chain, they said; do not "panic buy" lest we create shortages—and very real hardships—for vulnerable members of our communities. 13598 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Testing suggests 3% of NHS hospital staff may be unknowingly infected with coronavirus Hospital staff maj be carrying SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease, without realising they are infected, according to a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge. 13597 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Global nutrition crisis puts millions more at risk from coronavirus Undernutrition and diet-related diseases make vulnerable groups more susceptible to Covid-19 13596 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Include the true value of nature when rebuilding economies after coronavirus Nature, Published online: 12 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01390-w The pandemic is devastating economies. As countries look to revive growth, recovery must go with — not against — the grain of nature. 13595 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Vladimir Putin's spokesman in hospital with coronavirus Dmitry Peskov confirms to Russian media that he is being treated for Covid-19 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Vladimir Putin's press secretary has been diagnosed with coronavirus and is being treated in hospital. "Yes, I am sick, and receiving treatment," Dmitry Peskov told Russian outlets by telephone on Tuesday. He said he had not seen Putin in person for more than 13594 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How New York Explains the Other 49 States T he high-stakes dispute over how—and when—to reopen the economy has arrived in the national epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak: New York. COVID-19 has ravaged the Empire State; its 337,000 confirmed cases are twice as many as any other state in the country has reported. But as in so much of America, the outbreak has not touched New York's many corners equally, and the fraught debate over reop 13593 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Lessons on civic duty from Boris Johnson? No thank you | Marina Hyde The prime minister is handling coronavirus so badly now, he makes even his most unpopular predecessors look public-spirited Though it majors in killing, coronavirus certainly enjoys a sideways glance at inequality. In April, we discovered that the British TV show Holby City owned only one fewer working ventilator than the African country Liberia. On Sunday, construction and manufacturing workers 13592 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Senior counter-terror official put in charge of new UK biosecurity centre Tom Hurd, who was at Eton and Oxford with PM, parachuted in to launch new coronavirus unit Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A senior Home Office counter-terrorism official who was at Eton and Oxford with Boris Johnson has been parachuted in to take temporary charge of the newly established joint biosecurity centre, responsible for coronavirus threat levels. Tom Hurd h 13591 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Facebook's AI is still largely baffled by covid misinformation The news: In its latest Community Standards Enforcement Report, released today, Facebook detailed the updates it has made to its AI systems for detecting hate speech and disinformation. The tech giant says 88.8% of all the hate speech it removed this quarter was detected by AI, up from 80.2% in the previous quarter. The AI can remove content automatically if the system has high confidence that it 13590 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Excess UK deaths in Covid-19 pandemic top 50,000 Official figures from statistical agencies much higher than government's coronavirus tally, which stands at 32,065 13589 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Health inequities magnified during COVID-19 pandemic The impact of COVID-19 on underserved and vulnerable populations, including persons of color, is addressed in a new roundtable discussion in Health Equity, a peer-reviewed open access journal 13588 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected women's sexual behavior? A recent study examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on female sexual behavior. 13587 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Model of beef cattle, transportation industries as critical infrastructures reveals vulnerabilities An interdisciplinary team of Kansas State University researchers developed a computer simulation that revealed beef supply chain vulnerabilities that need safeguarding—a realistic concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. 13586 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Our ability to focus may falter after eating one meal high in saturated fat Fatty food maj feel like a friend during these troubled times, but new research suggests that eating just one meal high in saturated fat can hinder our ability to concentrate – not great news for people whose diets have gone south while they're working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 13585 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Social media influencers could encourage adolescents to follow social distancing guidelines Public health bodies should consider incentivizing social media influencers to encourage adolescents to follow social distancing guidelines, say researchers. Many adolescents are choosing to ignore the guidelines set out by governments during the COVID-19 pandemic, and peer-to-peer campaigns are likely to be more successful in changing attitudes. 13584 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The COVID-19 pandemic reveals the potential of telehealth to improve care Two new articles provide insights on the use of telehealth or virtual care in the age of COVID-19 and beyond, pointing to its value to not only prevent contagious diseases but also to provide access to effective and equitable care. 13583 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Patients improve after heart cell therapy Four of six critically ill COVID-19 (coronavirus) patients significantly improved after receiving an experimental therapeutic designed to reduce inflammation, a major cause of death from this disease, according to a case series published by Cedars-Sinai and Capricor Therapeutics. The four patients got well enough to be discharged from the hospital. 13582 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Get rid of the bad first: Therapeutic plasma exchange with convalescent plasma for severe COVID-19 [Letters (Online Only)] We read the article by Duan et al. (1) with great interest and are deeply impressed by the promising results for severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients worldwide. The authors transfused convalescent plasma (CP) into 10 patients on average 15.7 d after symptom onset. However, only 3 of 10 patients'… 13581 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Convalescent plasma for patients with COVID-19 [Letters (Online Only)] The ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) (1), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), has posed a huge threat to global public health, while no specific treatment is recommended for therapy (2). In Duan et al.'s study (3), they observed a large clinical improvement in… 13580 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Reply to Kesici et al. and Zeng et al.: Blocking the virus and reducing the inflammatory damage in COVID-19 [Letters (Online Only)] We appreciate the constructive comments from Kesici et al. (1) and Zeng et al. (2), which mainly focus on the key points about the optimal procedure of convalescent plasma (CP) transfusion in severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) therapy and about how to improve the effectiveness. First of all, this study… 13579 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Fauci: Reopening Too Soon Could Lead to "Suffering and Death" On Tuesday, top U.S. COVID-19 adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci urged the Senate against prematurely lifting lockdown restrictions. Pressure is mounting from President Trump to resume normal life and business operations in the U.S. But Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, argues that doing so would be ill-advised, The New York Times reports . Hastily lifting the lockd 13578 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 and sex? Rapid-fire acceptance leads to hasty withdrawal of paper The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has taken down a letter on whether people should abstain from sex during the coronavirus pandemic, but the editor says the article is not being retracted. Meanwhile, researchers in France have retracted a paper in which they'd claimed to have found replication of the virus that causes … Continue reading 13577 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Independent scientists criticise UK government's covid-19 approach The UK government's "stay alert" messaging, use of statistics and outsourcing of coronavirus contact tracing have been criticised by an independent science committee 13576 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Saudi Aramco earnings slide 25% after oil price collapse State energy company warns of continued impact from Covid-19 as demand for oil falls 13575 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Cuba begins mass testing for Covid-19 as new cases fall to fewer than 20 per day A partial shutdown closed Cuba's borders, tourism, schools and public transportation and it appears infections are contained Cuba has begun mass testing for coronavirus as it appeared to have contained infections, amid a partial shutdown that has exacerbated a shortage of basic goods. New cases have fallen to fewer than 20 per day from a peak of around 50 in April. Continue reading… 13574 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Disposing COVID-19 biowaste not limited to incineration An environmental scientist, who led medical waste treatment during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, says that COVID-19 is one of the "easiest pathogens to destroy" and hospitals need not resort to environmentally unfriendly incineration to dispose of biomedical waste piling up from treating those infected with the virus. 13573 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What we can learn from Singapore's COVID-19 containment response in primary care Singapore, a global hub for international travel and business, was among the first countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With its first confirmed COVID-19 case on Jan. 23, 2020, the country mounted aggressive public health and containment measures. The country's network of primary care clinics were at the front lines of these measures. In this new report, those physicians share their triage 13572 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. A Notorious 17th-Century Pirate, the Many Lives of the Louvre and Other New Books to Read The seventh installment in our weekly series spotlights titles that maj have been lost in the news amid the COVID-19 crisis 13571 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 crisis has laid bare weaknesses in supply chains Companies with pricing power will be best insulated as production moves closer to home 13570 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Han vill bli smittad – för vaccinforskningen Tusentals frivilliga kan tänka sig att bli smittade av covid-19 för att snabba på utvecklingen av ett vaccin. Spela videon för att höra en av volontärerna berätta varför. 13569 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How COVID-19 has changed the global economy The worldwide economic landscape has changed dramatically over the past four months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled activity in nearly every corner of the world. 13568 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The wealthy should welcome an opportunity to reduce inequality Covid-19 has thrown the gap between the rich and not-rich into sharp focus — the time has come to take action 13567 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Millions with health conditions at risk from Covid-19 'if forced back to work' About 20% of UK population vulnerable but not included in government's shielding advice Eight million people with underlying health conditions should be exempted from plans to get the country back to work and normal life, according to scientists who warn that easing lockdown too quickly could propel the Covid-19 death toll to 73,000 this year. About 80% of the population have little to fear from 13566 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 is accelerating the pace of automation and the need for UBI The coronavirus crisis has acted as a catalyst for two powerful transformative forces: automation and universal basic income. These two intertwined forces will undoubtedly gain steam, writes Frederick Kuo, and the pandemic will hasten the acceptance of them from a scale of decades to years or mere months. This crisis has ushered in a glimpse of what a dystopian future could look like as a rapidly 13565 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 may compound the social and economic burdens of Parkinson's disease Parkinson's disease (PD) is expected to reach over 14 million cases worldwide by 2040. As longevity increases, so does the number of persons living with PD. Writing in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease (JPD), scientists discuss several avenues through which the COVID-19 pandemic might contribute to the expected exponential growth of PD in the coming years, compounding the economic and societal im 13564 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 may compound the social and economic burdens of Parkinson's disease Evidence from past epidemics and preclinical research suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic maj have a long-lasting impact on the pandemic of Parkinson's disease, say scientists. 13563 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. New anti-COVID-19 nanocoating surface developed Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers are developing safe anti-viral nanoparticle coatings that demonstrate significant potential in preventing active surface infection with SARS-CoV-2. 13562 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine Pharmacokinetics of Lopinavir and Ritonavir in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 13561 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: UK job retention scheme extended until October The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 13560 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Illuminating the impact of COVID-19 on hospitals and health systems In the third week of March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, large hospitals in the Northeast experienced a 26 percent decline in average per-facility revenues based on estimated in-network amounts as compared to the same period in 2019. Nationally, the decrease in revenue for large hospitals was 16 percent. These are among the findings of FAIR Health's second COVID-19 study. 13559 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Artificial intelligence systems aim to sniff out signs of COVID-19 outbreaks Sifting people's digital tracks could flag hot spots, but won't replace testing for virus 13558 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Global report: Wuhan to test all as Germany pinpoints new Covid-19 outbreaks China, Denmark and Singapore expand testing; Spain to quarantine new arrivals; France bans drinking on Seine Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Countries are taking urgent steps to avoid a damaging second wave of Covid-19 infections, stepping up mass testing programmes and announcing strict quarantines on incoming travellers in a bid to keep the virus under control. Chi 13557 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Why COVID-19 Raises the Stakes for Healthy Buildings: Like it or not, humans have become an indoor species, so buildings have a major impact on our health. That's why the Healthy Building Movement is gaining momentum submitted by /u/shallah [link] [comments] 13556 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How will the world's COVID-19 response impact the environment? Three Lehigh professors―Benjamin Felzer, Sharon M. Friedman and Dork Sahagian―offer their insights. 13555 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How predictive modeling could help cities reopen more safely How many people can safely shop in the same grocery store? Are masks really important? Is six feet far enough? Increasingly specific social distancing questions are weighing on states and municipalities as they inch toward relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. Now, a team of computer science and medical researchers is working on a tool that could provide more precise answers. 13554 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Vitamin D determines severity in COVID-19 so government advice needs to change Researchers in Trinity College Dublin are urging the Irish government to immediately change recommendations on vitamin D supplements given recent changes by Welsh, English and Scottish governments. 13553 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. MIT machine learning model predicts COVID-19 spike with eased quarantines submitted by /u/newsienow [link] [comments] 13552 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. India turns in on itself to halt Covid-19 spread State borders close and community associations shut gates to outsiders to ward off infection 13551 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. UK government adopts regional approach to Covid-19 testing Local authorities and institutions have petitioned for bigger role given experience of their public health operations 13550 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How COVID-19 threatens conservation efforts The COVID-19 pandemic has serious implications for environmental conservation and research, a biologist argues. Research often takes Richard Primack , a professor of biology at Boston University, beyond his classroom to places like Malaysia, China, Japan, and Germany for extensive fieldwork and writing. For the time being, however, Primack's research and travels have been curtailed because he, li 13549 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What Health Professionals Can Learn From Ahmaud Arbery's Murder At a moment when Covid-19 threatens to exacerbate health disparities in the U.S., Arbery's killing, and the seeming unwillingness of authorities to hold his killers accountable, reminds us that not all medical and public health advice is created equal. It's time medical schools caught up to that reality. 13548 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Let's Say There's a Covid-19 Vaccine—Who Gets It First? An immunization shot is still in development, but debate over who gets priority has already begun. 13547 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Fearing Covid-19, Heart Attack And Stroke Patients Delay Care The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically shrunk the number of patients showing up at hospitals with serious cardiovascular emergencies. Now, doctors worry a new wave of patients is coming — people who have delayed care and will be far sicker by the time they finally arrive in emergency rooms. 13546 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Daily briefing: For some people with COVID-19, surviving is just the beginning Nature, Published online: 12 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01428-z The long, hard road to recovery for some coronavirus survivors, why not enough autopsies are being done to determine how COVID-19 kills and the longest animal ever discovered. 13545 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. He Was a Science Star. Then He Promoted a Questionable Cure for Covid-19. The man behind Trump's favorite unproven treatment has made a great career assailing orthodoxy. His claim of a 100 percent cure rate shocked scientists around the world. 13544 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Loss of Smell, Taste May Be Reliable Predictor of COVID-19: Study Data from a crowdsourcing smartphone app is helping to track the spread of the disease in real time and reveals the symptom as the number one indicator of infection. 13543 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Virusforsker efter afslag på covid-19-grundforskning: »Det er vildt frustrerende« PLUS. Professor på Københavns Universitet vil gerne til bunds i biologien bag coronavirussen, men har svært ved at finde finansiel opbakning. 13542 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. CityMD Wrongly Told 15,000 Patients They Were Immune to COVID-19 The urgent care clinic CityMD gave inaccurate results to 15,000 patients who came in for a coronavirus test. The tests correctly identified antibodies for the coronavirus in all those patients — meaning they had been sick at some point in the past. And while CityMD reported the results correctly, CNBC reports that the clinic incorrectly told all 15,000 of those patients that they had developed im 13541 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Risk score for critical illness in patients with COVID-19 In this study, a risk score based on characteristics of patients with COVID-19 at the time of hospital admission was developed that maj help predict a patient's risk of developing critical illness. 13540 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Research Brief: A new approach to averting inflammation caused by COVID-19 U of M Twin Cities student Molly Gilligan studies the body's inflammatory response to the SARS-CoV-2. 13539 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Allianz warns of €1bn profit wipeout from Covid-19 German insurance group expects wave of claims related to pandemic 13538 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Social distancing has stabilized, but not stopped, COVID-19 There's good news and bad news about the impact social distancing is having on the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, according to a new study. The good news: In all but three states, social distancing reduced the rate at which confirmed cases were doubling. Across all states, the average doubling rate decreased sharply from 3.31 days to about 100 days. The bad news: the measures have not b 13537 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The world must act to avert 'biblical' famine COVID-19, combined with the effects of ongoing civil conflicts, hotter and drier weather in many areas, and an unfolding locust invasion in Africa and the Middle East, could cut off access to food for tens of millions of people. The world is "on the brink of a hunger pandemic," according to World Food Program executive director David Beasley, who recently warned the United Nations Security Counci 13536 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19's silent spread: Princeton study explores role of symptomless transmission A team of researchers at Princeton University modeled the spread of pathogens through a population to look at how a symptom-less infection phase before symptoms emerge affects the success of the pathogen in establishing itself in the population. They found that this silent transmission phase can be a successful strategy for pathogens, and that disease control strategies could have an impact on the 13535 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Feel Like Your Memory Is Slipping? This Brain-Boosting Online Bundle Will Get You Back in Shape Our COVID-era "new normal" is clearly impacting the economy, our healthcare systems, our social lives, and even the way we protest . But what about our memories? Last summer, new research showed that increased internet usage might not only inhibit our ability to concentrate on a single task but the way we store information in our brains. A year later, we're spending more time on the internet than 13534 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Britain's housing market set for comeback Buyers and renters will once more be able to view properties and move home under new rules easing lockdown 13533 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Tesla/Ryanair: lockdown mavericks There is more to running a business than putting cars on the road and planes in the sky 13532 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Britain on the move even before Boris Johnson eased lockdown Research by University College London shows activity has been picking up since start of maj 13531 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Sale of Agnelli insurer PartnerRe to Covéa collapses Deal worth $9bn between Italian and French groups becomes latest casualty of pandemic 13530 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Treasury paper sets out stark UK options to cut estimated £337bn deficit Shopping list of potential tax rises and hits to spending and pay in wake of pandemic 13529 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. What can we do to preserve our cleaner air? In the past weeks, there have been dozens of scientific papers and thousands of news articles that focus on the links between this pandemic and air pollution. Dramatic work lockdowns and decreases in travel and in industry have significantly reduced air pollution to unexpectedly low levels. Major cities that suffer from the world's worst air pollution have seen reductions of deadly particulate mat 13528 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Child's play 'lost' in pandemic fear Social and community disruptions caused by the COVID-19 restrictions could have a lasting effect on child wellbeing, Flinders University researchers warn. While health, safety and education responses are the focus of restrictions, the needs of childhood independence, self-determination and play are less acknowledged, Flinders University experts explain in a new publication. 13527 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. The Post-pandemic Future of Libraries Even before librarians closed their doors against the pandemic, they started moving fast to keep their work going. They began shifting regular programming online; distributing stockpiles of mobile technology to the digitally needy; strengthening partnerships with schools and food donation sites; activating their maker-technology to produce PPE; helping prepare the homeless population with alterna 13526 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Listener Questions On How To Take Care Of Mental Health During The Pandemic, Answered NPR's science correspondent answers listener questions about maintaining mental well-being during the coronavirus pandemic. 13525 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. I Didn't Get to Graduate Either Courtesy of Bridget Phetasy / The Atlantic Editor's Note: This is the third in a series of commencement addresses commissioned by The Atlantic for students who will not be able to attend their graduations because of the pandemic. When I was 12, I bet my cousin $100 that I would graduate from an Ivy League school. I didn't really care which one, but Georgetown—not an Ivy, but what did I know?—and 13524 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Baseball's Strange and Poignant Return to TV For the first time since March, Americans can watch major team sports on live TV. A week ago, ESPN started broadcasting games from the Korea Baseball Organization, which began its delayed season after a marked downturn in new daily COVID-19 cases in South Korea. The games have since been airing daily on the company's networks, buttressing a slate that for weeks had leaned on debate shows and re-a 13523 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Why Your Shrink Wasn't Offering Virtual Therapy Until Now There was a moment a couple of years ago when I realized it was time for an intervention. While on a particularly stressful reporting trip, I picked at my cuticle so intensely that my thumb got infected. I signed up for an app called Joyable , which is meant to help with social anxiety—the closest approximation of what I thought I was struggling with. The app had me set goals and do activities th 13522 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Comprehending a Pandemic: SARS-CoV-2 Uncovered In this webinar, Emily Troemel and David Wang will discuss the basic biology of SARS-CoV-2 and its similarity to other RNA viruses. 13521 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Dubai businesses ask for more state help to survive pandemic Proposals include reduction of utility costs, customs duties and expats' residency fees 13520 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco | Can Pandemic-Induced Job Uncertainty Stimulate Automation? submitted by /u/Gari_305 [link] [comments] 13519 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Passive immunization may slow down SARS-CoV-2 and boost immunity in patients, buying time The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than 4 million people and killed close to 280,000.1 Finding a vaccine has become a global public health priority. 13518 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Researchers Find Another Virus in Bats That's Closely Related to SARS-CoV-2 More evidence it evolved naturally. 13517 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Respiratory disease in rhesus macaques inoculated with SARS-CoV-2 Nature, Published online: 12 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2324-7 13516 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Trump Has Lost the Plot ROBYN BECK / Chip Somodevilla / SAUL LOEB / NICHOLAS KAMM / BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP / Getty A couple of years ago, BuzzFeed asked a former White House official to explain the logic behind some bizarre Trump action. The official responded with one of the master quotes of the Trump era. President Trump, the official said, is not playing "the sort of three-dimensional chess people ascribe to decisi 13515 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Donald Trump Has No Plan It's been 111 days since the first reported case of the coronavirus in the United States. It's been 57 days since President Trump issued social-distancing guidelines, and 12 days since they expired. Yet the Trump administration still has no plan for dealing with the global pandemic or its fallout. The president has cast doubt on the need for a vaccine or expanded testing. He has no evident plan f 13514 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. How Trump Plans to Weaponize COVID-19 Against Biden COVID-19 has shattered the basic economic rationale President Donald Trump had put forward in running for reelection and forced him to come up with another: Joe Biden's handling of the catastrophe would be worse. Trump and his allies are working to graft his own vulnerabilities onto Biden, painting him as a feeble alternative to a president tested by the coronavirus pandemic and the economic tail 13513 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Northern Ireland approves phased loosening of virus curbs Restrictions to remain until maj 28 but no start date set for first stage of exit plan 13512 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Britons give Boris Johnson benefit of the doubt in virus emergency As criticisms intensify, a harder UK line on Brexit will follow 13511 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. German business body calls for European fiscal solidarity In a paper with French and Italian counterparts, BDI urges co-ordinated virus response 13510 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. "It's 99% Autonomous" – Delivery Robots Slated To Launch In Texas To Limit Virus Spread submitted by /u/Gari_305 [link] [comments] 13509 ….. (Hentet 12.maj 2020 ) ….. Japansk forsøg: 'Virus' spredte sig som en steppebrand ved buffeten Et japansk forsøg viser, hvor mange om et buffetbord, der får 'virus' på sig, hvis en person har hostet i hånden før serveringen. 13508 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Blood test a potential new tool for controlling infections Researchers have developed a new approach to detecting a person's immunity to an infectious disease — providing valuable details about whether and when a person was exposed to the infection. The test was developed for detecting recent exposure to malaria, but the research team are now working to adapt it to detect previous exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. By providing a detailed 13507 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Will the Nature/Nurture Debate Ever End? Biology writer Carl Zimmer answers questions on heredity, CRISPR, human enhancement, immortality and the coronavirus. 13506 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How Behavioral Science Can Help Contain the Coronavirus A new global survey could help us understand why some people follow the rules for avoiding COVID-19 and others don't 13505 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 lockdowns significantly impacting global air quality Levels of two major air pollutants have been drastically reduced since lockdowns began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a secondary pollutant—ground-level ozone—has increased in China, according to new research. 13504 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. US start-up is testing drones in India to enforce social distancing Police are using surveillance drones to enforce social distancing rules worldwide during the covid-19 pandemic, raising concerns about privacy violations 13503 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How is COVID-19 affecting the global economic order? Supply chains collapse, companies are facing bankruptcy, and mass unemployment ensues. COVID-19 has triggered a global financial crisis and is forcing states to develop rescue packages on a scale not seen before. In addition, the crisis has called into question the US dollar's hegemony and could redefine the global monetary system. A team of researchers from the Institute for Advanced Sustainabili 13502 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Plandemic: Judy Mikovits and the mother of all COVID-19 conspiracy theories (some final thoughts) Last Friday, I deconstructed Plandemic , a misinformation conspiracyfest of a video that went viral last week. It turns out that Judy Mikovits, the disgraced scientist featured in the video has even more conspiracy theories and misinformation up her sleeve. 13501 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. We're in the Calm before a New Storm of COVID-19 Infections and Deaths They've slowed for now, but as we begin to emerge from our homes, we need to brace for a resurgence 13500 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COPD and smoking associated with higher COVID-19 mortality Current smokers and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have an increased risk of severe complications and higher mortality with COVID-19 infection, according to a new study. 13499 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. New AI diagnostic can predict COVID-19 without testing Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence diagnostic that can predict whether someone is likely to have COVID-19 based on their symptoms. 13498 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Veterinarian shares tips for a bite-free quarantine A lot of pets and pet owners have been spending more time together because of COVID-19. But while the extra time together can be fun for both pets and their owners, a Kansas State University veterinarian says that it also can be a stressful time for dogs that results in unusual behavior, including biting. 13497 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Children face risk for severe complications and death from COVID-19 Children, teens and young adults are at greater risk for severe complications from COVID-19 than previously thought and those with underlying health conditions are at even greater risk, according to a study coauthored by a Rutgers researcher. The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, is the first to describe the characteristics of seriously ill pediatric COVID-19 patients in North America. 13496 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Imaging reveals bowel abnormalities in patients with COVID-19 Patients with COVID-19 can have bowel abnormalities, including ischemia, according to a new study. 13495 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Why restarting the economy will be really hard As the world contemplates ending a massive lockdown implemented in response to COVID-19, Vinod Singhal is considering what will happen when we hit the play button and the engines that drive industry and trade squeal back to life again. Singhal , who studies operations strategy and supply chain management at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has a few ideas on how to ease the transition to the 13494 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Rhino killed as poaching attempts increase amid India virus lockdown A rare one-horned rhino has been killed as poaching attempts increase in one of India's best-known national parks during the coronavirus lockdown, officials said Sunday. 13493 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Our weird behavior during the pandemic is screwing with AI models – Machine-learning models trained on normal behavior are showing cracks —forcing humans to step in to set them straight. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 13492 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Measuring noise reduction in the ocean during the pandemic For decades, it has been assumed that a quieter ocean could help take the Salish Sea's southern resident killer whales off the endangered species list. But researchers lacked enough data to test this theory—until now. 13491 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. A close relative of SARS-CoV-2 found in bats offers more evidence it evolved naturally Researchers describe a recently identified bat coronavirus that contains insertions of amino acids at the junction of the S1 and S2 subunits of the virus's spike protein in a manner similar to SAR-CoV-2. While it's not a direct evolutionary precursor of SARS-CoV-2, this new virus, RmYN02, suggests that these types of seemingly unusual insertion events can occur naturally in coronavirus evolution. 13490 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Skal vi have en Corona app? Det er ikke åbenlyst at en mobiltelefon overhovedet kan bruges til kontaktsporing. 13489 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. ANALYSE: Coronakrisen sætter forskningsbudgettet under pres PLUS. Da Danmarks BNP står til stort fald i 2020, kan forskerne kan skyde en hvid pind efter flere penge i 2021; de kan i bedste fald håbe på det samme som i år. 13488 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Videosamtal kan förebygga psykisk ohälsa under coronakrisen Det var just när forskarna på den icke-vinstdrivande stiftelsen 29k var mitt uppe i att lansera sin app för förebyggande av psykisk ohälsa som coronapandemin slog till. Namnet 29k, som också appen heter, står för 29 000 – det genomsnittliga antal dagar en person har att leva – och innehåller flera kurser med olika fokus. Varje kurs är ett par veckor lång och samtliga bygger på moment och övningar 13487 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Barn kan bli en riskgrupp i coronakrisen Det går inte att bygga upp ett kunskapscentrum under en kris. Då måste det redan finnas på plats. Barnafrid vid Linköpings universitet spelar en viktig roll i att samla och förmedla kunskap om barns utsatthet under coronakrisen. Centrumchefen Laura Korhonen understryker att det ännu inte finns någon statistik som visar vad den nya situationen har inneburit för barnen. Men hon konstaterar att barn 13486 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How some African countries are beginning to ease coronavirus lockdowns Ghana and South Africa are among the African countries now loosening coronavirus restrictions, but the two nations are taking very different approaches 13485 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Rural resilience rests on a green recovery The coronavirus pandemic has sent shockwaves across the world's economy, and policymakers have so far responded with a focus on financial stability. But food system experts fear this will keep rural communities on a 'business-as-usual' path—limiting their long-term resilience. 13484 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Richard Branson to sell $500m worth of Virgin Galactic shares Billionaire puts more than fifth of stake up for sale to help prop up airline and rest of group Coronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Sir Richard Branson is to sell $500m (£405m) in Virgin Galactic shares in order to prop up his airline and leisure interests, which have been ravaged by the coronavirus crisis. In a statement to the New York Stock Exchange, Branson's 13483 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. The country is being run by a second-rate ad agency. No wonder we feel vulnerable | Suzanne Moore We are told to 'stay alert', but if alertness could conquer this virus, we would all be fine. The message is about shifting responsibility away from the government and on to the public Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Someone won Sunday night's Numberwang, but it wasn't any of us. What we can do, and who we can do it with, has been turned into some sort of fake algebr 13482 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. U.K. government should not keep scientific advice secret, former chief adviser says David King explains why he set up an unofficial science advisory group to help battle coronavirus 13481 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Twin shocks threaten Saudi crown prince's reform plans Effects of coronavirus and oil collapse put some of kingdom's biggest projects at risk 13480 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. When Should You Get Tested For Coronavirus Antibodies? An Expert Explains Important! 13479 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How fake news about coronavirus became a second pandemic Nature, Published online: 11 maj 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01409-2 Modelling the spread of viral misinformation shows how it can be battled. 13478 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. There's a Resurgence of Coronavirus Cases in China A resurgence of coronavirus cases is starting to hit China, as well as other countries including South Korea and Germany, just as governments are starting to loosen restrictions. Even Wuhan, the Chinese city and epicenter of the now global pandemic, experienced a new cluster of five cases . The trend has governments worried. Is this the much-feared second wave , or a sign of smaller and controlla 13477 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Wuhan reports first new coronavirus cases since end of lockdown Cluster of infections prompts fear of second wave in Chinese city where disease started 13476 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. As States Rush to Reopen, Scientists Fear a Coronavirus Comeback Officials are under pressure to restart the economy, but many states are moving too quickly, researchers say. The costs maj be measured in lost lives. 13475 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Britons want quality of life indicators to take priority over economy – Polls finds majority would like ministers to prioritise health and wellbeing over GDP during coronavirus crisis submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] 13474 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus hit household spending much harder than BoE assumed Real-time data for UK finances during April lockdown suggest deeper downturn than predicted 13473 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Body Shop turns to direct sellers to ease US coronavirus hit Natura-owned UK cosmetics chain restarts programme after more than a decade 13472 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. US-China decoupling accelerates in first quarter of 2020 Coronavirus impact exacerbates chill between countries as investments fall sharply 13471 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Worker infects 533 others with coronavirus in Ghana fish factory Superspreader event accounts for 11 per cent of African country's total infections 13470 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. In Oregon Town, Volunteers Are Going Door-To-Door To Pin Down Coronavirus Infections In Corvallis, Ore, university volunteers are going into neighborhoods and offering residents a free self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in hopes of getting a more accurate snapshot of infections. 13469 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Iso', 'boomer remover' and 'quarantini': How coronavirus is changing our language People love creating words—in times of crisis it's a "sick" (in the good sense) way of pulling through. 13468 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus latest: At least 75 cases now linked to South Korean party district [no content] 13467 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus live news: Johnson's UK lockdown plans spark confusion as parts of Europe ease limits Parts of Europe are lifting restrictions but Boris Johnson's plans for UK labeled vague and divisive, as China records possible new wave in northeast and US's Mike Pence reportedly self-isolates Bolsonaro attends floating barbecue as Brazil deaths top 10,000 'People feel a bit nervous': France braces for end of lockdown Coronavirus latest at a glance Australian coronavirus updates – live See all 13466 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Political Divides Drive Dispute Over Assistance for States Infections in the White House stir concerns about how to keep workplaces safe as the economy reopens. Officials are under pressure to restart the economy, but many states are moving too quickly, researchers say. 13465 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Top experts not asked to approve 'stay alert' coronavirus message Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance had no role in signing off advice, Guardian has learned Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The two experts who have guided the government's response to the coronavirus were not asked to approve the controversial new "stay alert" message, the Guardian has learned. Neither Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, nor Sir 13464 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. The coronavirus might show up in your semen, but don't panic Americans around the country are coming down with a near universal side effect: quarantine fatigue. (Pixabay/) An extreme cold-snap and a surprise snow shower hit parts of the US this past weekend, which would normally make many of us glad to shelter inside and binge-watch Netflix. But Americans around the country are coming down with a dangerous condition: quarantine fatigue. As our nation grapp 13463 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Tests to Detect Coronavirus on Surfaces Show Mixed Results While scientists maj be focused on how and where the virus has spread, businesses want to know whether their spaces are safe on a daily basis. That basic question has no easy answer, because testing for viral presence on surfaces is far from simple, with products varying in price and potential performance. 13462 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Paris, Texas, offers a cautionary tale on reopening America Coronavirus outbreak in city comes as US states lift restrictions despite patchy testing 13461 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Experts: Fever-Detecting Cameras Won't Really Stop Outbreaks Enhanced Surveillance In order to nip coronavirus outbreaks in the bud, a number of companies and hospitals have started to use temperature-recording security cameras to detect fevers. While Amazon has touted the cameras as a technological safety measure for its warehouses, doctors and infectious disease experts told Wired that the cameras, even when supplemented with symptom questionnaires, are 13460 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Blood Clots Are Mysteriously Tied to Many Coronavirus Problems Research begins to pick apart the mechanisms behind a deadly COVID-19 complication 13459 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Airlines seek aid, WeWork rent, renewable energy UK aviation industry warns government it is facing an 'existential crisis' due to coronavirus restrictions 13458 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Weather forecasts could become more challenging during the coronavirus storm The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted several sectors and meteorology is no exception. The quality and quantity of the observational data that feed into weather forecasting models could well be affected by the pandemic, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). 13457 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. What's Up With Ivermectin? One of the small-molecule drugs that's getting attention as a possible coronavirus treatment is Ivermectin , which is an interesting story from a couple of different directions. I've been getting some inquiries about it, so I thought it was time to have a look. Background on Ivermectin It's part of a family of natural products called the avermectins , isolated (as have so many other interesting n 13456 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Bank of Ireland reports first-quarter loss and warns on outlook Lender says coronavirus will have 'material impact' on performance in 2020 13455 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. If we follow Boris Johnson's advice, coronavirus will spread | David Hunter A large-scale return to work without the ability to test, trace and isolate risks creating super-spreader events David Hunter is a professor of epidemiology and medicine at the University of Oxford Coronavirus – latest updates For over two months now, Britain's public health specialists have been asking why the government abandoned the basic infection-control practice of "test, trace, isolate" . 13454 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. coronavirus world updates Places that seemed eerie and alien when empty — famous beaches, theme parks and railways — are now being cautiously revisited. 13453 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Doing the Bump With the Belugas An isolated corner of Manitoba is one of the few places left in the world where humans are the outsiders on display for the wildlife to observe. 13452 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus/South Korean nightlife: no early doors A second wave of infections poses problems for makers of alcoholic drinks 13451 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Branson to sell Galactic stake to prop up Virgin The billionaire hopes to raise $500m to support his businesses including Virgin Atlantic. 13450 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: Robot dog enforces social distancing in Singapore park The four-legged robot carries a camera and speaker to play social distancing messages in Singapore. 13449 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coronavirus: You Asked, We Answered – Part 1 FT writers on sustainable investing, geopolitics and public health 13448 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Six stories from small British businesses battling coronavirus Limited financial resources and low margins put smallest operators at increased risk 13447 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Boris Johnson urges people to stay alert to the risks of the coronavirus UK PM outlines plans to start slowly easing measures that have closed down much of the economy 13446 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Nearly 40% of Icelanders are using a covid app—and it hasn't helped much When Iceland got its first case of covid-19 on February 28, an entire apparatus sprang into action. The country had already been testing some people at high risk of catching the virus, thanks to DeCode genetics, a local biotech company. Once the arrival of the disease was confirmed, it began rapidly rolling out public testing on a much wider scale. The government, meanwhile, quickly built a team 13445 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. GCS centres support research to mitigate impact of COVID-19 pandemic The Gauss Centre for Supercomputing has fast-tracked access to its high-performance computing resources to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Computational biologists and chemists work to understand the virus at a molecular level, in order to identify treatments and accelerate vaccine development. Epidemiologists are modelling how the disease spreads at local and regional levels in hopes of fore 13444 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Opportunities from COVID-19 pandemic for transforming psychiatric care with telehealth Ways in which mental health care might change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are described. 13443 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Outcomes of rapid virtualization of psychiatric care Questions about how the COVID-19 pandemic will alter telepsychiatry practice are examined in this article. 13442 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Science fiction builds mental resiliency in young readers Young people who are "hooked" on watching fantasy or reading science fiction maj be on to something. Contrary to a common misperception that reading this genre is an unworthy practice, reading science fiction and fantasy maj help young people cope, especially with the stress and anxiety of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. 13441 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Outcomes of children with COVID-19 admitted to US, Canadian pediatric ICUs Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection in North American pediatric intensive care units is described in this observational study, including how it presented, whether there were comorbidities, the severity of disease, therapeutic interventions, clinical trajectory and early outcomes. 13440 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How is COVID-19 affecting the global economic order? COVID-19 has triggered a global financial crisis and is forcing states to develop rescue packages on a scale not seen before. The crisis has called into question the US dollar's hegemony and could redefine the global monetary system. Researchers have developed four scenarios that show how political decisions will shape the post-Corona world. 13439 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Indian government bonds sink on Covid-19 borrowing binge Borrowing costs rise as debt investors react to plan to boost issuance 13438 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Telehealth tools developed for Ebola improve COVID-19 care The telemedicine tools are allowing doctors to provide personal, high-quality care while conserving vital personal protective equipment and reducing infection risks. 13437 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Remote work worsens inequality by mostly helping high-income earners The importance of remote work, also known as telecommuting, is evident during the current COVID-19 crisis. During a period of confinement and physical distancing, telecommuting has enabled some workers to carry out their usual tasks from home. 13436 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. New Massachusetts poll: COVID-19 dominates views on politics, daily life The COVID-19 pandemic dominates views of government, politics and virtually all aspects of daily life, according to a new poll of Massachusetts voters that looks at opinions on issues, politics and public figures. 13435 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. State actions played lesser role in COVID-19 economic damage Actions by state governments to try to limit the spread of COVID-19 played only a secondary role in the historic spike in U.S. unemployment in March, according to new research. 13434 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Stocks slip as Covid-19 flare-ups rattle markets Lower oil prices and new travel quarantine requirements prompt equities to reverse gains 13433 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Världen väntar på kinesiska antikroppsstudier För att veta hur immuniteten för covid-19 fungerar behöver världen ta del av resultat från stora antikroppsstudier i Wuhan, men än så länge har Kina inte presenterat några data. Spela videon för att höra forskaren förklara. 13432 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 Has Created A Legal Aid Crisis. FEMA's Usual Response Is Missing The agency usually provides funding for legal aid hotlines after disasters. But the White House has not approved such funding for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. (Image credit: Evan Vucci-Pool/Getty Images) 13431 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. If 80% of Americans Wore Masks, COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet, New Study Says – There's compelling evidence that Japan, Hong Kong, and other East Asian locales are doing it right and we should really, truly mask up—fast. submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] 13430 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 is an opportunity to restructure taxes After huge injections of cash, we now need to focus on the composition of budgets 13429 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Flockimmunitet för covid-19 kan vara närmare än man trott Nya matematiska modelleringsresultat visar att flockimmunitetsnivåer är klart lägre än tidigare beräknat, vilket betyder att färre behöver infekteras innan vi uppnår ett immunitetsskydd mot vidare utbrott och smittspridning. Det visar nya beräkningar av bland annat Tom Britton och Pieter Trapman vid Stockholms universitet. Covid-19 sprids i nästan alla länder i världen och olika åtgärder sätts in 13428 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Immunolog: Derfor kan du teste positiv for covid-19 længe efter endt sygdomsforløb PLUS. Raskmeldte i Sydkorea og på Færøerne ser ud til at være blevet gensmittet med coronavirus efter endt sygdomsforløb. Det kan der være flere grunde til, vurderer virusforsker. 13427 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Telehealth during COVID-19 may lead to better outcomes for diabetes patients A new study has shown that for some patients with type 1 diabetes the close monitoring of their condition using telehealth protocols combined with appropriate technology maj lead to better care during the COVID-19 pandemic, when patients are avoiding in-person visits. 13426 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 May Permanently Shutter Museum Devoted to Vaccination Pioneer In an ironic twist, Edward Jenner's historic house is struggling to outlast the financial toll of being closed 13425 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Infecting volunteers with Covid-19 may speed up vaccine The pandemic is prompting scientists to recalculate what counts as reasonable risk 13424 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How to defend yourself from COVID-19 myths and lies Use the following techniques to ward off COVID-19 myths, conspiracy theories, disinformation, and false news. As the new coronavirus has spread across the globe, so has speculative and deceptive information about its origins, how it infects people, and what can be done to protect against it. Many people have found themselves engulfed by a maelstrom of false news, unsubstantiated home remedies, co 13423 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Covid-19 news: Coronavirus restrictions to ease slightly in England The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 13422 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. The impact of COVID-19 on Native American communities When the Hualapai tribe imposed a stay-at-home order and closed its Skywalk, the horseshoe-shaped, glass-bottomed walkway that extends over the south rim of the Grand Canyon, last month, it gave its members an added layer of protection against the raging coronavirus. 13421 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. How Often do COVID-19 Patients Lose Their Sense of Smell? Two Studies Are Tracking Down the Data Recruiting participants from around the globe to self-monitor their senses could help researchers get to the root of why coronavirus patients experience anosmia. 13420 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Exploring why some COVID-19 patients lose their sense of smell Doctors have reported that partial or total loss of the sense of smell is often an early symptom of infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Chemical Neuroscience have shown that in mice, two proteins required for SARS-CoV-2 entry are produced by cells of the nasal cavity that contribute to odor detection. Moreover, larger amounts of the proteins 13419 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 places added prenatal stress on mother and child that could have lasting impact An international consortium of researchers have identified particular sources of prenatal stress, as experienced by mothers, that have a direct effect on a child's subsequent mental health. 13418 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19 puts kids at greater risk than we thought Children, teens, and young adults have a greater risk for severe complications from COVID-19 than previously thought, a new study shows. The study, the first to describe the characteristics of seriously ill pediatric COVID-19 patients in North America, also shows kids with underlying health conditions have an even greater risk. "The idea that COVID-19 is sparing of young people is just false," sa 13417 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Meat Packing Plants and More: Your Covid-19 Questions, Answered As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, Undark readers have been sending us numerous and often insightful questions, comments, and observations on the subject. We've asked the Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist and Undark's publisher, Deborah Blum, to dedicate some time to responding. 13416 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Action needed to protect kids from COVID-19 racism spike Urgent attention is needed during this pandemic to protect children from the harms of rising racism, experts say. 13415 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. The Search for a Covid-19 Research Animal Model In a lab test, two monkeys died from the novel coronavirus. A species that reacts to the virus as humans do maj help us find new treatments, but it's a weighty task. 13414 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. UK turns to counterterror chief to run Covid-19 risk hub New biosecurity centre will assess virus threat as Britain plots route out of lockdown 13413 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. What fluid dynamics can explain about COVID-19 spread—and how to protect yourself Public health advice for avoiding respiratory illness is largely unchanged since the Spanish flu of 1918, one of history's deadliest pandemics. Keep a safe distance from other people. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water to kill any germs you maj have picked up. Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask—even one fashioned from a bandana will do. Such guidance is based on the understandi 13412 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. 'Aggressive' COVID-19 strains: What it takes to correct a flawed paper A group of researchers in Scotland have taken aim at a study published in early March which reported surprising findings on the genetics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic. But the story of what it took to correct the record about the paper is likely to be all too familiar to those … Continue reading 13411 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Market For Blood Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors Heats Up As many firms and academic researchers vie for blood donations from survivors in hopes of isolating components for new treatments, one project is turning for help from 10,000 Orthodox Jewish women. (Image credit: Diana Berrent/Survivor Corps) 13410 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Kronik: Covid-19 udstiller patentsystemets snævre fokus på profit [no content] 13409 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Coordinated strategy to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine candidates is key, experts say A harmonized and collaborative approach to the clinical testing, scale-up and distribution of candidate vaccines to prevent COVID-19 is essential, scientific leaders say in a new article. 13408 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. NIH experts: Coordinated strategy to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine candidates is key A harmonized and collaborative approach to the clinical testing, scale-up and distribution of candidate vaccines to prevent COVID-19 is essential, scientific leaders write in a perspective published today in Science. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, government, industry and academia have introduced a variety of vaccine candidates. The authors note that more than one effective vaccine approach l 13407 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Development of effective COVID-19 vaccines will require unprecedented collaboration A diversity of vaccine approaches, not a single SARS-CoV-2 vaccine or vaccine platform, must be pursued to meet the global need to protect from the continued threat of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, write Lawrence Corey, John R. Mascola, Anthony S. Fauci, and Francis S. Collins in this Policy Forum. 13406 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Fred Hutch, NIH experts outline plan for COVID-19 vaccines In a perspective published online maj 11 by the journal Science, Fred Hutch's Dr. Larry Corey and coauthors Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. John Mascola, and Dr. Francis Collins, share their plan for bringing together industry, government and academia to meet urgent need for COVID-19 vaccines. 13405 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19, digital technologies, and the future of disease surveillance Several data-driven epidemiological approaches that have been proposed or trialed for COVID-19 are justified if implemented through transparent processes that involve oversight, write Michelle M. Mello and C. Jason Wang in this Policy Forum. 13404 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Even before COVID-19, many adults over 50 lacked stable food supply Even before the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc with the nation's food supply and economy, one in seven adults between the ages of 50 and 80 already had trouble getting enough food because of cost or other issues, a new poll finds. 13403 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. 'The Office' Is Playing Out on Slack—and That's Sad The collective MSCHF set out to re-create every episode of the NBC comedy in Slack. What they built is a reminder of what people miss when WFH. 13402 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. COVID-19: What is the R number? In just a few short weeks, we've all made the collective journey from pandemic ignoramuses to budding armchair virologists with a decent grasp of once-arcane terms like personal protective equipment, social distancing and "flatten the curve". But there's one phrase that might still leave a few justifiably scratching their heads: the R number. The coronavirus has one, and governments around the wo 13401 ….. (Hentet 11.maj 2020 ) ….. Male blue-collar workers 'twice as likely t