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4490 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Ventilator Makers Race to Prevent a Possible Shortage ….. ….. Manufacturers are producing as many as they can to care for Covid-19 patients with breathing problems. Now the federal government is asking for even more.

4489 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Value and Ethics of Using Phone Data to Monitor Covid-19 ….. ….. Google and Facebook are discussing plans with the White House to share collective data on people's movements during the coronavirus pandemic.

4488 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Problem With Trump's Triage Testing ….. ….. Targeting strategies may be effective for marketing, but in the early stages of an epidemic, they lead to harmful trade-offs and biased data.

4487 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Taiwan Is Beating the Coronavirus. Can the US Do the Same? ….. ….. The island nation's government is staying ahead of the virus, but don't ascribe it to "Confucian values." Credit democracy and transparency.

4486 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Is the Split Over Covid-19 Really About Politics? ….. ….. To Democrats, it's a crisis. To Republicans, it's no big deal. Trump may not be the only reason why.

4485 ….. 2020marts18 ….. TV and Movies to Watch While Stuck at Home—and How to Stream Them ….. ….. Because of social distancing, you probably have a lot of time on your hands. Here's how to pass it.

4484 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide: What to Buy (and Avoid) in Case of Quarantine ….. ….. Don't: hoard toilet paper and medical masks. Do: make sure you have plenty of food, water, and indoor activities.

4483 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Disrupts Social Media's First Line of Defense ….. ….. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all announced this week that thousands of content moderators are being sent home—leaving more of our feeds in the hands of machines.

4482 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Mass Panic Is Unlikely, Even During a Pandemic ….. ….. Hollywood tells us humans are prone to lose all rationality in a disaster, looting and trampling one another. But that's not giving our brains any credit.

4481 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Is It Time for an Elbow Bump Emoji? ….. ….. The world is talking about one thing: the coronavirus pandemic. And as social distancing takes place, our digital greetings matter more than ever.

4480 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Amazon Warehouses Will Now Accept Essential Supplies Only ….. ….. The company says the unprecedented move will help get items like food and diapers to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic faster.

4479 ….. 2020marts18 ….. USA's regering, Google og Facebook arbejder på at bruge lokationsdata mod coronavirus ….. ….. Gennem den seneste uge har den amerikanske regering afholdt flere møder med en lang række tech-giganter. Google bekræfter, at man er i dialog med regeringen og kigger på at udnytte data fra Google Maps til at bekæmpe coronavirus.

4478 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Corona-hjemmearbejde øger risikoen for hackerangreb ….. ….. Folk har en tendens til at sænke paraderne, når de sidder hjemmefra og arbejder, lyder det fra Center for Cybersikkerhed og it-sikkerhedsvirksomheden Dubex.

4477 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Governments Must Ramp Up COVID-19 Testing, Says WHO ….. ….. The World Health Organization warns that a lack of data on how many people have the disease could undermine containment and mitigation efforts in many countries.

4476 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus's Effect on Autism Research May Have Lasting Effects ….. ….. Labs are trying to figure out who will care for animals and organoids and some clinical trials are put on hold.

4475 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Image of the Day: Coronavirus Samples ….. ….. The University of Washington department of laboratory medicine in Seattle processes a backlog of COVID-19 samples.

4474 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state ….. ….. Coronavirus – live updates What scientists know about how each age group spreads Covid-19 Full coronavirus coverage The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 continues to grow in the US. Mike Pence, the vice-president, is overseeing the US response to the coronavirus. So far, 80% of patients experience a mild form of the illness, which can include a fever and pneumonia, and many of these cases re

4473 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus live news: outbreak reaches every US state as Australia says isolation could last six months ….. ….. EU implements strictest travel ban in history; Australian PM declares 'human biosecurity emergency'; British restaurants and museums close. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glance UK: £330bn of guaranteed loans to be made available for businesses Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe freed temporarily from Iranian prison How to look after yourself and others in self-isolation Share your ex

4472 ….. 2020marts18 ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? ….. ….. Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes ha

4471 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Experimental lung drug to be tested on UK coronavirus patients ….. ….. Biotech firm Synairgen will trial SNG001 inhaler on 100 people in race to find cure Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK biotech firm Synairgen is to trial its experimental lung drug in Covid-19 patients, joining the global race to find a treatment for coronavirus. The company received the green light from UK regulators to conduct a trial of its lead drug SNG001 at

4470 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Keep it clean: The surprising 130-year history of handwashing ….. ….. Until the mid-1800s, doctors didn't bother washing their hands – they would go from dissecting a cadaver to delivering a child. Then a Hungarian medic made an essential, much-resisted breakthrough See all our coronavirus coverage It felt strange when Boris Johnson emerged from the first Covid-19 Cobra meeting on 2 March and told us to wash our hands while singing Happy Birthday. The preppers amon

4469 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Covid-19's deserted landscapes – then and now ….. ….. As countries close borders and bring in curfews, photographs reveal the impact of coronavirus Beirut's Corniche promenade in Lebanon. Photograph: Mohamed Azakir/Reuters Continue reading…

4468 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus UK cases: how many are in your area? ….. ….. Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many local confirmed cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested

4467 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus: travellers race home amid worldwide border closures and flight warnings ….. ….. A growing number of nations are shutting airports as global Covid-19 infection cases near 200,000 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Travellers across the world are scrambling to find flights home as governments urged their citizens to return and some nations announced the imminent closure of airports and borders. As coronavirus cases near 200,000 globally, a growing nu

4466 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? ….. ….. What are the Covid-19 symptoms caused by the novel coronavirus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has come from animals. It first emerged in the Chinese cit

4465 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus latest: 18 March at a glance ….. ….. A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak Follow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include: Continue reading…

4464 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Biohackers team up online to help develop coronavirus solutions ….. ….. Students, scientists, developers and health professionals use forums to investigate potential vaccines and methods of testing Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientific questions and crippling logistical challenges surrounding the global response to the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic have led many to help look for solutions, stoking a burgeoning DIY biology movemen

4463 ….. 2020marts18 ….. London could go into lockdown under tougher coronavirus measures ….. ….. No 10 considers stricter containment steps as disease spreads rapidly in the capital Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage London could be facing a lockdown similar to other European cities, with Nicola Sturgeon suggesting the government is considering the measure to tackle the spread of coronavirus. The Scottish first minister, who attends the government's regular emergen

4462 ….. 2020marts18 ….. What is the UK government's advice on social distancing and isolation? ….. ….. What to do and what not to do – your coronavirus questions answered Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Social distancing aims to reduce the amount of close contact people have with one another. The coronavirus can be spread through airborne droplets released when infected people cough or sneeze, so keeping your distance reduces your chances of becoming infected by this

4461 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK failures over Covid-19 will increase death toll, says leading doctor ….. ….. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the Lancet, says UK ignored clear warning signs from China Richard Horton: Why did Britain fail to act? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A "collective failure" to appreciate the enormity of the coronavirus pandemic and enact swift measures to protect the public will lead to unnecessary deaths, according to a leading doctor who says t

4460 ….. 2020marts18 ….. I'm a PhD student and I'm worried by my university's coronavirus approach | Jafia Naftali Camara ….. ….. My university is staying open for now, but I have no idea whether I'll be able to continue doing my research On 11 March, the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus to be a pandemic . On 12 March, at the University of Bristol, where I conduct my research, news broke that a student had tested positive for coronavirus after returning home from abroad. Despite this, the university is still o

4459 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Covid-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently | Mariana Mazzucato ….. ….. Government has the upper hand for the first time in a generation. It must seize the moment Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The world is in a critical state. The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly spreading across countries, with a scale and severity not seen since the devastating Spanish flu in 1918 . Unless coordinated global action is taken to contain it, the contagion w

4458 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Pupils are joking that they're 'dying to learn'. Why aren't England's schools closing? | Lola Okolosie ….. ….. The government urges us to avoid gatherings to contain Covid-19, yet does nothing about classrooms. The situation is fast becoming untenable • Coronavirus – latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage Schools are to remain open in England. So says a government that, seemingly, worked out later than Twitter that herd immunity would cost a quarter of a million people their lives. It is the sa

4457 ….. 2020marts18 ….. NYU is evicting students in the middle of a pandemic. What's going on? | Noah Hopkins ….. ….. This is dire for students with no home to go to, uncertain immigration statuses or high-risk family members Less than a week ago, the official word from New York University (NYU) to its students was that in-person classes would not resume until 19 April at the earliest. We were given repeated assurances in emails and through student governmental organizations that our residence halls would not cl

4456 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Scientists have been sounding the alarm on coronavirus for months. Why did Britain fail to act? | Richard Horton ….. ….. The warnings from China and Italy were loud and clear. But politicians and their advisers wasted valuable time – and lives will be lost as a result • Richard Horton is editor of the Lancet medical journal Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage On 24 January, Chinese doctors and scientists reported the first description of a new disease caused by a novel coronavirus. They de

4455 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Johnson says this is war. But his response to Covid-19 is laughably inadequate | Aditya Chakrabortty ….. ….. We are facing a depression unless governments go big and fast. But Britain is charging into battle armed only with a peashooter • See all our coronavirus coverage The world is at war. So Emmanuel Macron tells France. Donald Trump warns Americans they are under attack from the " invisible enemy " of a murderous virus. And yesterday Boris Johnson declared himself head of a " wartime government ". E

4454 ….. 2020marts18 ….. This Is How Donald Trump Will Be Remembered ….. ….. None of the crises surrounding President Donald Trump over the past three years has been as calamitous as the one he now faces. Impeachment was largely a political problem with a predictable end; the government shutdown wasn't going to last indefinitely. But the coronavirus is something else entirely: a mortal siege. It could sink the economy and, under certain horrid scenarios , kill as many as

4453 ….. 2020marts18 ….. We Were Warned ….. ….. We were warned in 2012, when the Rand Corporation surveyed the international threats arrayed against the United States and concluded that only pandemics posed an existential danger, in that they were "capable of destroying America's way of life." We were warned in 2015, when Ezra Klein of Vox, after speaking with Bill Gates about his algorithmic model for how a new strain of flu could spread rapi

4452 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The End Days of the Democratic Primary ….. ….. N othing brought home the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic quite so clearly—or fuzzily—as the pixelated visage that appeared on American television screens to claim a series of Democratic primary victories tonight. Former Vice President Joe Biden was speaking from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, but he might as well have been in a bunker. Biden's campaign had set up a podium and a pair of Am

4451 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: This Is What Democracy (in a Pandemic) Looks Like ….. ….. It's Tuesday, March 17. Voters in Arizona, Illinois, and Florida went to the polls today, despite public-health experts' concerns. In the rest of today's newsletter: Managing the voting booth in the time of a pandemic. Plus: COVID-19 cases have been reported in all 50 states— here's one writer, a former U.S. navy pilot, on how to prepare for the worst. * « TODAY IN POLITICS » (JAYME GERSHEN / BLO

4450 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Photos: The Quiet Emptiness of a World Under Coronavirus ….. ….. Closures, travel restrictions, and self-isolation measures due to the new coronavirus have cleared public squares, roads, and travel destinations across the globe. Places built to accommodate thousands have become virtual ghost towns, as tourists and locals remain at home. Photographers in France, India, the U.S., Italy, China, Australia, and more have been capturing the eerie stillness of these

4449 ….. 2020marts18 ….. 2020 Time Capsule #5: The 'Chinese virus' ….. ….. In a tweet last night , Donald Trump resurrected the term "Chinese virus," for the pathogen otherwise known (including by Trump in many earlier tweets ) as the coronavirus. Via Twitter This afternoon, at the now-daily press presentation about the virus and disease, Trump was asked why he used this term—given the bitter public and governmental response it has evoked in China, and recent reports of

4448 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Atlantic Daily: The Restaurants Are Only the Beginning ….. ….. Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . PATRICK SEMANSKY / AP The silent storefronts feel like an omen. Yesterday, our staff writer Franklin Foer took a walk in his empty neighborhood. Frank found himself tearing up, prematurely mourni

4447 ….. 2020marts18 ….. A Glimpse of the Coronavirus's Possible Legacy ….. ….. HONG KONG—Tucked away in a park here, near a spiraling observation tower and an aviary teeming with exotic birds, is a monument of thin white pillars, metal and glass. Beneath the memorial's canopy, eight bronze busts sit on square concrete podiums. The faces, forward looking, gazes fixed and lips drawn in the slightest of smiles, are those of medical workers who died battling the outbreak of sev

4446 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Rural America Isn't Ready for a Pandemic ….. ….. A popular T-shirt in my home state proclaims West Virginia: COVID-19 National Champions, Self-Isolating Since 1863 . Until yesterday, West Virginia was the only state not to have a reported case of COVID-19. I'm a West Virginia native who has been working in public health in the Army for 15 years and back home for the past five. Our status as an isolated region of the country comes with some irri

4445 ….. 2020marts18 ….. NIH Director: 'We're on an Exponential Curve' ….. ….. "T here are estimates that if nothing goes right and if we fail to flatten the curve and if health systems are overwhelmed, we might see the deaths of as many as a million and a half people in the United States." That's what Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, told me on Saturday. Collins is one of the most widely respected physician-geneticists in the world, who i

4444 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Doctor Who Had to Innovate or Else ….. ….. As the United States braces for the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, not knowing exactly when it will come, how severe it will be, or how short hospitals will be on intensive-care-unit beds and ventilators, the story of the Danish physician Bjørn Ibsen and his many helpers could not be more timely. Patients in dire condition survived because he innovated during an emergency, because agile hospit

4443 ….. 2020marts18 ….. A Doctor Warns of the 'Biggest Risk' We Face Right Now ….. ….. On Tuesday, I spoke with Daniel Horn , a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is leading a team preparing his institution for an influx of coronavirus patients. In our last interview , on Sunday, Horn was anxious that his broader community hadn't yet adopted social distancing. That policy is now firmly in place, but a new set of problems is looming. Franklin Foer : Are you carrying any

4442 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Close the Churches ….. ….. What is a church to do in the time of the coronavirus pandemic? For many religious traditions, gathering for worship is not just a friendly suggestion. Some Jewish practices require groups of 10. Muslims consider Friday's congregational prayer one of their most important. Catholics celebrate the Eucharist together during Mass. As the German Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote in 1930, "

4441 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Social Distance: This Is as Real as It Gets ….. ….. On The Atlantic 's new daily(-ish) podcast, Dr. James Hamblin and Katherine Wells talk with Dr. Stephen Thomas, the chief of the infectious-disease division at SUNY Upstate Medical University. He has planned for hypothetical pandemics before, but he says this one is "as real as it gets." His hospital just received its first COVID-19 cases. He joins to discuss how hospitals are preparing, and how

4440 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Live: Answers to Your Coronavirus Questions ….. ….. Join The Atlantic for a live update on the latest coronavirus news as of March 17, 2020. Dr. Jim Hamblin will take questions and help you make sense of the rapidly changing situation.

4439 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Healthiest Way to Sweat Out a Pandemic ….. ….. After Spain announced a nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak on Saturday, a man in Seville put on workout clothes, climbed to a rooftop in his apartment complex, and started doing jumping jacks and squats. All around him, people watched from their balconies and followed along as he encouraged them to keep moving. The government had ordered everyone to stay home for two weeks in an at

4438 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Should You Take Advil for COVID-19? ….. ….. Let's say you come down with COVID-19. You're feeling miserable. You're achy, you're coughing, and to make matters worse, now you have a fever. If you're at risk of a severe case , or if you're having trouble breathing, the experts say you should seek medical attention. But if you're just managing things at home, should you take Advil to bring down your temperature? The advantages of "riding out"

4437 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Best Kind of Food to Cook During a Pandemic ….. ….. Somewhere around the seventh ladle, I resigned myself to the idea that this was my life now. The chicken stock had been simmering for what seemed like an hour, and my weary right arm had grown accustomed to its new raison d'être: stirring my first-ever batch of risotto until it reached the vanishing horizon of al dente. Or until the apocalypse arrived. At that point, it still seemed unclear which

4436 ….. 2020marts18 ….. We need more ventilators. Here's what it will take to get them. ….. ….. Manufacturers need fast-track regulatory approvals and government contracts. STAT.

4435 ….. 2020marts18 ….. This blood test can tell us how widespread coronavirus really is ….. ….. A test can see if a person has ever been infected, even if they had no symptoms.

4434 ….. 2020marts18 ….. A bloody battle or a long war? The ethical dilemma of tackling coronavirus ….. ….. Francois Balloux, a computational epidemiologist who worked on an influential new coronavirus model, on the trade-offs that have to be made.

4433 ….. 2020marts18 ….. What is herd immunity and can it stop the coronavirus? ….. ….. Once enough people get Covid-19, it will stop spreading on its own. But the costs will be devastating.

4432 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Tune in for Radio Corona ….. ….. [no content]

4431 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Därför kan ebolamedicin rädda livet på coronasmittade ….. ….. Läkemedlet Remdesivir, som nu testas på svårt sjuka covid-19-patienter, har ett brett spektrum av antivirala aktiviteter mot RNA-virus. Än så länge vet vi inte hur effektivt läkemedlet är, men en ny studie ger hopp om att det snart ska bli ett alternativ i behandlingen av det nya coronaviruset.

4430 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Destroyed Habitat Creates the Perfect Conditions for Coronavirus to Emerge ….. ….. COVID-19 may be just the beginning of mass pandemics — Read more on

4429 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Respirators, quarantines, and worst-case scenarios: Lab animal facilities grapple with the pandemic ….. ….. Science chats with the head of Yale's and Johns Hopkins's animal care and use programs

4428 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Mass testing, school closings, lockdowns: Countries pick tactics in 'war' against coronavirus ….. ….. Western countries have yet to adopt the widespread use of tests that may be key to South Korea's success

4427 ….. 2020marts18 ….. COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin ….. ….. An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.

4426 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Median incubation period for COVID-19 ….. ….. A new study calculates that the median incubation period for COVID-19 is just over 5 days and that 97.5% of people who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days of infection.

4425 ….. 2020marts18 ….. COVID-19: The immune system can fight back ….. ….. Researchers were able to test blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s, who presented with COVID-19 and had mild-to-moderate symptoms requiring hospital admission.

4424 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Experts stress radiology preparedness for COVID-19 ….. ….. A new article outlines priorities for handling COVID-19 cases and suggests strategies that radiology departments can implement to contain further infection spread and protect hospital staff and other patients.

4423 ….. 2020marts18 ….. New kind of CRISPR technology to target RNA, including RNA viruses like coronavirus ….. ….. Researchers have developed a new kind of CRISPR screen technology to target RNA. The team leveraged their technology for a critical analysis: The COVID-19 public health emergency is due to a coronavirus, which contains an RNA – not DNA – genome.

4422 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Stealth transmission' fuels fast spread of coronavirus outbreak ….. ….. Undetected cases, many of which were likely not severely symptomatic, were largely responsible for the rapid spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, according to new research.

4421 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How can 2020 get even worse? ….. ….. No, really, year has been pretty rough so far, what other stuff can we predict? submitted by /u/Gerald00 [link] [comments]

4420 ….. 2020marts18 ….. What are the potential outcomes of rapid viral testing in society? ….. ….. I suspect we will have very rapid testing systems develop soon to detect transmissible disease. I started wondering about the social outcomes of this in various countries. Some countries may require a regular reading of you for example. Or all citizens could be required to have a test done during an outbreak. It could be that we have legislation in place that requires the infected person to self

4419 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Rise of cooking robots! ….. ….. I recently came across this article and this on how people are working towards automating the art of cooking! In the light of COVID19 epidemic, many of us are stuck at our homes. Well, talking about managing my food routine, it has become a literal hell for me. I can't cook that well (more of too lazy to cook), skeptical about ordering food online (issues of hygiene while cooking and delivery), s

4418 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Dumb question but would the Corona virus be slowing down innovation and tech or speeding it up? ….. ….. Or would it stay the same? I was thinking maybe automation would be more of a priority and so A.I would fare better? submitted by /u/ChefDwayne [link] [comments]

4417 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Monetizing Wisdom: A Solution to the Economic Downturn ….. ….. Odds are good that either you or someone close to you are hurting financially. This could be due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, or perhaps your job was a casualty of the Automation Revolution. However you got here, you're here. This article is for you. Around the world, 77% of people live in some form of multidimensional poverty . Many are the victims of climate change—recently homeless due

4416 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Do you think our current state of quarantine will have any long lasting impacts on society? ….. ….. I was thinking about this last night. So many people are working remote for quite an extended period of time. Once businesses see that nothing really misses a beat maybe some will be more open to remote work? Maybe hygiene will get better? Maybe movies will go to on demand releases too? Maybe nothing will change, but I am interested in how you all think this could impact how we live moving forwar

4415 ….. 2020marts18 ….. DeepMind's Protein Folding AI Is Going After Coronavirus ….. ….. submitted by /u/dwaxe [link] [comments]

4414 ….. 2020marts18 ….. COVID-19 could hit homeless communities hard ….. ….. So far, vulnerable residents in Los Angeles's homeless encampments have seen little outreach on the coronavirus front. (Claudine Van MassenHove/Deposit Photos/) Michael Cousineau is a professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California. Also contributing to this are Gary Blasi, Paul Gregerson, Michelle Levander, and Fareed Dibazar. This story originally featured on

4413 ….. 2020marts18 ….. What the 1918 flu pandemic can teach us about COVID-19, in four charts ….. ….. Red Cross volunteers in Massachusetts, who were called in to help with health care worker shortages during the 1918 flu pandemic (CDC/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . The 1918 influenza pandemic was just long enough ago that it has slipped out of the collective consciousness . But as the

4412 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How airlines are wrestling with the fallout of COVID-19 ….. ….. The Delta CEO asked staff to take voluntary leaves of absence to save the company cash. (Avel Chuklanov/Unsplash/) This story originally featured on Flying Magazine . A handful of aviation industry experts believe the social and economic fallout in the US from the COVID-19 is the worst seen since the market crash of 2008, others since 9/11, while still others say the airline service cutbacks and

4411 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Glossary: Flattening the Curve, Pandemic, Covid-19 and More ….. ….. Here are some of the terms and phrases you need to know to understand the virus and how it spreads.

4410 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Nations Pledge Trillions to Stave Off Economic Catastrophe ….. ….. The death toll in the U.S. passed 100 as the White House issued stimulus plans that included sending $1,000 to every American. New York City's mayor says a "shelter in place" order is being considered.

4409 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Test Obstacles: A Shortage of Face Masks and Swabs ….. ….. Hospitals and doctors say they are critically low on swabs needed to test patients for the coronavirus, as well as face masks and other gear to protect health care workers.

4408 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Can Smart Thermometers Track the Spread of the Coronavirus? ….. ….. A company that makes internet-connected thermometers has followed the flu more closely than the C.D.C. can. Now the devices may be turning up cases of Covid-19.

4407 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Don't Trust Memes That Promise Coronavirus Cures ….. ….. Gargling warm salty water, taking vitamins or heating your nasal passages won't eliminate the virus or keep it from reaching your lungs.

4406 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Did Federal Officials Really Question W.H.O. Tests for Coronavirus? ….. ….. Dr. Deborah Birx said she did not mean to suggest the widely used diagnostic tests generated frequent false-positive results.

4405 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How Long Will Coronavirus Live on Surfaces or in the Air Around You? ….. ….. A new study could have implications for how the general public and health care workers try to avoid transmission of the virus.

4404 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Is Ibuprofen Really Risky for Coronavirus Patients? ….. ….. Experts are puzzling over a claim made by France's health minister.

4403 ….. 2020marts18 ….. U.S. Coronavirus Testing Starts To Ramp Up But Still Lags ….. ….. Thousands of tests are now being conducted weekly, but tests remain scarce in many places. And experts question recent steps aimed at boosting testing capacity in states. (Image credit: Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

4402 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How Long Can Coronavirus Survive On Hard Surfaces? ….. ….. The new coronavirus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours. To prevent transmission, keep surfaces clean.

4401 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Latest Developments In The Federal And Scientific Response To Coronavirus ….. ….. NPR correspondents relay the latest on federal government efforts to aid the economy and stop the spread of coronavirus, as well as new scientific information about how COVID-19 is affecting people.

4400 ….. 2020marts18 ….. COVID-19 Threatens Food Supply Chain As Farms Worry About Workers Falling Ill ….. ….. COVID-19 has turned one end of the food industry — stores and restaurants — on its head. At the other end, food production hums along as usual, but that could change if workers catch the virus. (Image credit: Elaine Thompson/AP)

4399 ….. 2020marts18 ….. July Or August? When The Coronavirus Crisis Could See A Turning Point ….. ….. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Justin Lessler from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health about President Trump's statement that the coronavirus pandemic may abate in July or August.

4398 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Australia axes overseas travel and large gatherings to slow covid-19 ….. ….. Australians are not to travel overseas or gather in large groups in a bid to slow the spread of covid-19, which appears to be at relatively low levels in the country

4397 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Daily briefing: Three things all governments and their science advisers must do now to fight COVID-19 ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 18 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00816-9 Nature calls for leaders to follow World Health Organization advice, end secrecy in decision-making and cooperate globally. Plus: How to see the true geometry of the Universe, and the Abel prize goes to two mathematics pioneers who found order in chaos.

4396 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus vaccines: five key questions as trials begin ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 18 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00798-8 Some experts warn that accelerated testing will involve some risky trade-offs.

4395 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The coronavirus pandemic in five powerful charts ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 18 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00758-2 From papers published to carbon emissions to confirmed cases, these data reveal an unprecedented viral outbreak and its impacts around the world.

4394 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus vaccine trial, Mars rover delay and a boost for UK science ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 18 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00752-8 The latest science news, in brief.

4393 ….. 2020marts18 ….. South Korea is reporting intimate details of COVID-19 cases: has it helped? ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 18 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00740-y Extensive contact tracing has slowed viral spread, but some say publicizing people's movements raises privacy concerns.

4392 ….. 2020marts18 ….. West Virginia: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. West Virginia has its first confirmed case of coronavirus.

4391 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Utah: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Utah and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4390 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates ….. ….. Live Science will keep you up to date on all coronavirus news, including how far it has spread, city and local closings and the science behind the virus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

4389 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Tennessee: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Tennessee and the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak.

4388 ….. 2020marts18 ….. South Dakota: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's an update on the coronavirus case counts in South Dakota and the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak.

4387 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Rhode Island: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Rhode Island and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4386 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Oregon: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Oregon and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4385 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Ohio: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Ohio and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4384 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Nevada: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. The first COVID-19 death in Nevada was a man in his 60s with an underlying health condition.

4383 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Nebraska: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Nebraska, and the latest news on the COVID-19 outbreak.

4382 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Montana: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. To date, 311 people have been tested statewide.

4381 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Mississippi: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here is the COVID-19 situation in Mississippi.

4380 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Minnesota: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here is the COVID-19 situation in Minnesota.

4379 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Michigan: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the latest on the coronavirus in Michigan.

4378 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Massachusetts: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here is the COVID-19 situation in Massachusetts.

4377 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Maryland and Washington, DC: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Here is the COVID-19 situation in Maryland and Washington, DC.

4376 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Louisiana: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Louisiana and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4375 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Kentucky: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here are the latest updates on coronavirus in Kentucky.

4374 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Indiana: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Indiana and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4373 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Idaho: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in Idaho and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4372 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Georgia: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Georgia has 146 confirmed cases of COVID-19

4371 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Delaware: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Delaware has eight cases of COVID-19, most of them connected to the University of Delaware.

4370 ….. 2020marts18 ….. COVID-19 spread is fueled by 'stealth transmission' ….. ….. Cases of COVID-19 that fly under the radar — without being diagnosed — appear to fuel the rapid spread of the disease.

4369 ….. 2020marts18 ….. New York: Latest updates on Coronavirus ….. ….. Here's a look at the number of coronavirus cases in New York and the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.

4368 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Arkansas: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Arkansas has reported 22 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday (March 17).

4367 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Arizona: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Arizona has reported 20 positive cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday (March 17).

4366 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Alaska: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. Alaska has three confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Monday (March 16).

4365 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Alabama: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. The case count in Alabama jumped to 36 on Tuesday (March 17).

4364 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Colorado: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. More than 130 people in the state have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and one has died.

4363 ….. 2020marts18 ….. California: Latest updates on coronavirus ….. ….. California has reported 472 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 11 deaths as of Monday evening (March 16).

4362 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How hospitals should prep for the COVID-19 influx ….. ….. A new overview offers hospitals practical advice on preparing for the influx of patients with COVID-19. Hospitals should be prepared to clear at least 30% of their current beds to handle the influx of COVID-19 patients, or patients who would normally have gone to hospitals that will be caring for the most COVID-19 patients, the authors say in their piece in the Annals of Internal Medicine . "This

4361 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How to cope with anxiety while social distancing ….. ….. There are ways you can keep yourself engaged and avoid anxiety while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, experts say. Social distancing is crucial to slow the spread of COVID-19 , but can put individuals at risk for mental health problems. It also has serious implications for those already suffering from psychological distress. Here, Elissa Kozlov, a licensed clinical psychologist and

4360 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How to avoid COVID-19 fake news ….. ….. As people increasingly take up social distancing, social media is an appealing way to stay in contact. But, it can also be a source of fake news and bad advice regarding COVID-19. "When people are fearful, they seek information to reduce uncertainty." Here, Jeff Hancock , a professor of communication in Stanford University's School of Humanities and Sciences and founding director of the Stanford

4359 ….. 2020marts18 ….. 5 ways to maintain community while social distancing ….. ….. It's possible to maintain community while social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19, according to a professor of health psychology. In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the US, thousands of in-person gatherings are now canceled, including sporting events, parades, concerts, and church services. For many, the CDC recommendations on social distancing can start to feel is

4358 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler agree widespread shutdown ….. ….. Honda, BMW and Toyota also idle plants across US and Europe

4357 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Trump urges Americans to support 'war' on coronavirus ….. ….. President exhorts Americans to heed social distancing guidelines as cases grow

4356 ….. 2020marts18 ….. France's BPI bank joins coronavirus fight ….. ….. Package of measures includes credit lines, overdrafts and pausing loan repayments

4355 ….. 2020marts18 ….. HSBC will be forced to delay radical restructuring if crisis deepens ….. ….. Bank's executives accept coronavirus disruption is likely to change pace of overhaul

4354 ….. 2020marts18 ….. London lockdown imminent over coronavirus ….. ….. Capital set to face tougher measures because it is ahead of the 'curve' on outbreak

4353 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Fear grips markets as faith in intervention runs out ….. ….. Sterling hammered as London prepares for lockdown and oil hits 17-year low

4352 ….. 2020marts18 ….. JPMorgan to close 1,000 Chase branches due to pandemic ….. ….. Temporary move comes as US banks try to avoid significant disruption to customers

4351 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Fiji is preparing for the coronavirus hurricane ….. ….. Small island nations like mine need help coping with this global economic disaster

4350 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK businesses call for greater support to stay afloat ….. ….. Further deferrals in pay-as-you-earn and value added taxes are needed, say companies

4349 ….. 2020marts18 ….. EU debates whether to harness crisis fund in virus battle ….. ….. Member states are divided over when to deploy the European Stability Mechanism

4348 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Oil prices hit lowest level in 17 years as demand plunges ….. ….. Market hit by coronavirus lockdowns in world's biggest economies and continuing price war

4347 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK supermarkets: wartime rules may apply ….. ….. Ministers should not suspend competition regulations without quid pro quos

4346 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Fed to lend against stocks and bonds in bid to stabilise markets ….. ….. Revival of crisis-era credit facility is its third new intervention in 24 hours

4345 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Contagion novels: chronicles of a plague ….. ….. Fiction's affinity with infection goes back as far Defoe, as themes of adventure, social commentary and survivalist instruction merge

4344 ….. 2020marts18 ….. China farmers fear food shortage after coronavirus controls ….. ….. Transport lockdown leads to scarcity of labourers and fertiliser ahead of planting season

4343 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Groups hit by coronavirus seek to halt pension contributions ….. ….. UK companies facing cash crunch explore payment holidays to free up cash

4342 ….. 2020marts18 ….. US and Canada close land border to non-essential traffic ….. ….. Mutual decision comes as both countries try to stem the tide of coronavirus cases

4341 ….. 2020marts18 ….. BoE offers unlimited QE for large company financing ….. ….. New governor Andrew Bailey seeks to limit impact of coronavirus on economy

4340 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus Business Update: The dash for cash ….. ….. Investors put fund managers under pressure to dump liquid assets

4339 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK ministers promise more help for workers and renters ….. ….. Business secretary Alok Sharma says further measures to be announced 'very soon'

4338 ….. 2020marts18 ….. EU warns of broadband strain as millions work from home ….. ….. Brussels tells streaming companies to limit services as Facebook says managing traffic is a "challenge"

4337 ….. 2020marts18 ….. New jury trials to be halted over coronavirus threat ….. ….. Move follows concern of barristers over risk to participants' health

4336 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus poses 'acid test' for conscious capitalism; climate pressure continues ….. ….. Your guide to the investment and business revolution you can't afford to ignore

4335 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Two UK property funds suspended after market turmoil ….. ….. Suspensions at Janus Henderson and Kames Capital spark fears of potential domino effect

4334 ….. 2020marts18 ….. US-China ties worst in decades after journalist expulsions ….. ….. War of words over coronavirus pandemic drives relations to new low

4333 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Spanish PM calls for emergency budget to combat coronavirus ….. ….. Pedro Sánchez warns of devastating economic impact and that 'worst is still to come'

4332 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Lime and Bird suspend e-scooter rentals in dozens of cities ….. ….. Demand plummets amid coronavirus outbreak, putting pressure on cash-burning start-ups

4331 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Second wave of coronavirus cases hits Asia ….. ….. Rise of imported cases prompts officials to tighten restrictions on new arrivals

4330 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Mnuchin warns of 20% unemployment without federal action ….. ….. Treasury secretary's worst-case scenario presented to senators considering stimulus plan

4329 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK to increase coronavirus testing to 25,000 a day ….. ….. NHS staff will be prioritised to bolster confidence in the system

4328 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Private equity firms target dealmaking opportunities amid turmoil ….. ….. Market chaos opens way to cheaper assets but scarce financing likely to limit acquisitions

4327 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Global climate summit in Glasgow under threat because of coronavirus ….. ….. November conference likely to be postponed following travel bans and border closures

4326 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Historic LME trading 'Ring' to fall silent under virus ….. ….. The 143-year old exchange poised to move to electronic trading until virus threat abates

4325 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK consortia rush to produce new medical ventilator ….. ….. Meggitt, Nissan and McLaren race to fill shortage of life-saving kit

4324 ….. 2020marts18 ….. 'Corona clause' creeps into business loan documents ….. ….. Borrowers seek to avoid hitting loan limits by getting more flexibility from lenders

4323 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus latest: Carmakers BMW and Toyota to close European plants ….. ….. [no content]

4322 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The waiting room clock is frozen ….. ….. Mike Mackenzie's daily analysis of what's moving global markets

4321 ….. 2020marts18 ….. African nations move swiftly to head off coronavirus spread ….. ….. Fears over health systems prompt states to take early preventative measures

4320 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Schools to shut from Friday as virus crisis grows ….. ….. GCSE and A-level exams will not take place as planned in May and June

4319 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Johnson plans London lockdown as crisis escalates ….. ….. Prime minister shows strain in latest address to country on coronavirus

4318 ….. 2020marts18 ….. White House warms to raining 'helicopter money' on US ….. ….. Bipartisan support builds for direct payments to ease economic pain

4317 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UK needs to do more to help workers and families ….. ….. Rishi Sunak's coronavirus support package is a good start but further steps must follow

4316 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Pound sinks under $1.18 in coronavirus crisis ….. ….. Currency has not stuck under $1.20 since 1980s

4315 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Processed foods back on menu amid panic-buying ….. ….. Cheerios-maker General Mills says sales surged in the past two weeks

4314 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Parisians struggle to adjust to life under lockdown ….. ….. Those left behind after exodus from city have to cope with 'new normal'

4313 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Treasury bill yields turn negative in sign of investor fear ….. ….. Analysts say 'massive' flight to safety increases demand for cash-like products

4312 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Sunak bins Budget first aid for far stronger treatment ….. ….. Chancellor prescribes generous support for economy and hints at more to come

4311 ….. 2020marts18 ….. China lacks appetite to save world economy, analysts warn ….. ….. Beijing adopts more conservative approach in tackling latest crisis compared with 2009

4310 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Emerging markets hedge funds stung in virus sell-off ….. ….. Pharo Management and Autonomy Capital suffer double-digit losses this month

4309 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Flu drug Avigan speeds up coronavirus recovery in early trials ….. ….. Japanese government holds a stockpile of the medicine for about 2m people

4308 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Government bonds buckle as investors dump haven assets for cash ….. ….. Wall Street set for losses as fund managers worry that anti-virus measures are inadequate

4307 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus, Ray Dalio and forecasting in an age of uncertainty ….. ….. Predictive models only get you so far. We also need to maintain our peripheral vision

4306 ….. 2020marts18 ….. China ramps up coronavirus help to Europe ….. ….. Shipments will have diplomatic impact as Beijing seeks to exploit transatlantic tensions

4305 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Millions of UK jobs at risk owing to virus shutdown ….. ….. Quarter of workforce employed in sectors where demand has shrunk

4304 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Ports feel coronavirus impact on global trade ….. ….. China's exports show signs of recovery but demand falters in US and Europe

4303 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Rana on the trillion dollar fightback, Biden sweep ….. ….. Western governments have mounted trillion-dollar fightback to limit the economic fallout from the coronavirus

4302 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The rich confront the virus: 'Do I quarantine in the Hamptons?' ….. ….. Even in an age of inequality, a global pandemic can be a great — and terrible — leveller

4301 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Covid-19 is tech's big moment — but we still miss real life ….. ….. Will 'social distancing' speed up our journey to living more online?

4300 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen: Fed must act on coronavirus ….. ….. Reviving crisis-era programmes is a first step but the central bank may need to buy corporate bonds

4299 ….. 2020marts18 ….. SpaceX Launches New Batch of Starlink Satellites, Loses Falcon 9 During Landing Attempt ….. ….. Things on Earth are getting a bit treacherous with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but SpaceX is still working on its plans for outer space. The company just completed its latest Starlink satellite deployment , bringing it tantalizingly close to flipping the switch for consumer connectivity. However, CEO Elon Musk confirms the Falcon 9 rocket failed to land on the company's drone ship thanks to a

4298 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Digestive symptoms are prominent among COVID-19 patients reveals study in The American Journal of Gastroenterology ….. ….. The American Journal of Gastroenterology published today a new study that reveals digestive symptoms, including diarrhea, are common in COVID-19 patients. The study comes from the Wuhan Medical Treatment Expert Group for COVID-19 in China.

4297 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Supercomputers unlock reproductive mysteries of viruses and life ….. ….. Supercomputer simulations support a new mechanism for the budding off of viruses like the coronavirus. ESCRTIII polymer features clear intrinsic twist in molecular dynamics simulations, might play major role in creating three-dimensional buckling of the cell membrane. Related study used simulations to find mechanism for DNA base addition during replication. XSEDE-allocated supercomputers Stampede2

4296 ….. 2020marts18 ….. UMass Amherst biostatistician lends expertise to white house coronavirus task force ….. ….. A new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine calculates that the median incubation period for COVID-19 is just over 5 days and that 97.5% of people who develop symptoms will do so within 11.5 days of infection.

4295 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin, scientists say ….. ….. Scripps Research's analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered.

4294 ….. 2020marts18 ….. JNCCN: How to manage cancer care during COVID-19 pandemic ….. ….. Experts from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance share lessons learned from early experiences treating people with cancer during COVID-19 outbreak via free online article in JNCCN–Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

4293 ….. 2020marts18 ….. New COVID-19 info for gastroenterologists and patients ….. ….. A paper published today in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology by clinicians at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai outlines key information gastroenterologists and patients with chronic digestive conditions need to know about COVID-19, or coronavirus.

4292 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus: Venice canals clearer after lockdown ….. ….. Venetians say they're seeing fish once again in the city's famous waters.

4291 ….. 2020marts18 ….. On the Front Lines of Developing a Test For the Coronavirus ….. ….. "That escalated quickly!" is a common trope used in popular culture to describe when a situation gets out of hand before you've even had a chance to think about it. We don't often use this trope in medicine, but I can think of nothing better to describe what has been going on in the US with the coronavirus outbreak . I am a physician scientist who practices infectious disease medicine and runs a

4290 ….. 2020marts18 ….. More COVID-19 News ….. ….. Some good and bad news about the Coronavirus.

4289 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Venice canals clear as coronavirus leaves city tourist free ….. ….. The city of Venice is enjoying crystal clear waters in its world-famous canals due to a lack of debris from tourists and near-zero boat traffic under Italy's ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

4288 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Recyclable nano-fiber filtered face masks: A boon for supply fiasco? ….. ….. Wearing a face mask is a common sight in Korea during the COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the overwhelming demand, last week the government started to ration two masks per person per week, as a drastic measure to address the supply fiasco.

4287 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Quake rattles Salt Lake City, damages Mormon temple ….. ….. A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck near Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah on Wednesday, damaging an iconic Mormon temple and disrupting efforts to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

4286 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Will people do as they are told? ….. ….. The UK Government is currently asking people to limit non-essential contact and travel to work from home, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. But it has not—to date—put in place a system of enforced regulation of movement, unlike some other countries in Europe. The UK action relies heavily on individuals complying with official messaging—doing what they're told. Will it work?

4285 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Panicked consumers seek control amid the crisis ….. ….. Empty shelves once filled with rolls and rolls of toilet paper. It is one of the more enduring—and strange—images of the COVID-19 crisis in Canada.

4284 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The end of global travel as we know it: An opportunity for sustainable tourism ….. ….. Saturday, March 14 2020, is "The Day the World Stopped Travelling," in the words of Rifat Ali, head of travel analytics company Skift.

4283 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Expert explains why the odds of a coronavirus recession have risen ….. ….. Throughout his career, Jeffrey Frankel, James W. Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), has assiduously tried to avoid making predictions about when the next economic recession would come and how bad it could get. But on Feb. 24, when most forecasters were still optimistic about the world's economic outlook as the coronavirus began to spread outside China

4282 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Expert discusses the coronavirus and weaknesses in the labor safety net ….. ….. Concern about the spreading coronavirus have led to the shutdown of several American cities, with employees working remotely—or not at all. Here, labor law expert Professor William Gould discusses the challenges facing workers during this time of national crisis—and the gaps in America's safety net leaving many vulnerable.

4281 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The economic risk of coronavirus ….. ….. While most people are primarily concerned with how the coronavirus will affect health—locally, nationally, and globally—others are considering the economic ramifications. Now that the World Health Organization has officially declared coronavirus a pandemic, preparing a governmental financial response to the virus is crucial.

4280 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus thrusting workforce 'into a grand experiment' with social distancing ….. ….. Stephen Colbert recently quipped that no country is more prepared to take on the coronavirus than the United States.

4279 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus: How to conduct research and maintain social distancing ….. ….. Scientists are facing stiff headwinds from the rapid spread of COVID-19.

4278 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus response a 'vast experiment' that's changing U.S. workplaces ….. ….. While health leaders and policymakers race to limit the spread of COVID-19, the emerging crisis is having a dramatic impact on millions of healthy Americans—in restaurants, offices, taxicabs, classrooms and other places where they work.

4277 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus puts casual workers at risk of homelessness ….. ….. Our analysis shows an economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will dramatically increase rental stress for people with insecure or casual work. If the downturn persists this will place people in precarious jobs at higher risk of homelessness.

4276 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Coronavirus reminds Americans that pursuit of happiness is tied to the collective good ….. ….. At its core, the United States Declaration of Independence argues that all human beings have "unalienable rights." These include right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

4275 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The coronavirus could be Generation Z's 9/11 ….. ….. Less than two weeks ago, everything still seemed pretty normal.

4274 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Hvidovre Hospital efterlyser hurtig corona-test: Nu kan den være på vej ….. ….. PLUS. Testen kan give resultater på en halv time, og det kan betyde, at sundhedsvæsenet kan slippe for at isolere alle, som har luftvejsproblemer.

4273 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Hollandske forskere afprøver den ældgamle calmette-vaccine mod corona ….. ….. PLUS. Calmette-vaccinen som blev udfaset af det danske vaccinationsprogram i 1980'erne bliver nu afprøvet i Holland mod corona, da det efterhånden er veldokumenteret, at vaccinen kan have effekt på andre infektioner.

4272 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Danske virksomheder: Vi er klar til at 3D-printe hospitalsudstyr ….. ….. PLUS. Tre danske specialister i 3D-print er klar med produktion af reservedele til danske hospitaler, hvis de skulle løbe tør. En sådan produktion vil indbære risiko for at skulle bryde rettigheder og patenter.

4271 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Australske forskere: Sådan reagerer kroppen på coronavirus ….. ….. PLUS. Et sundt immunforsvar bekæmper corona på samme måde som en almindelig influenza.

4270 ….. 2020marts18 ….. WHO Recommends Avoiding Ibuprofen to Treat COVID-19 Symptoms ….. ….. This weekend, a report by the French Ministry of Health claimed that the use of ibuprofen — the active ingredient in Advil and other anti-inflammatory drugs — could worsen the symptoms of COVID-19, the deadly disease caused by coronavirus sweeping the entire globe right now. In light of a letter published in the journal The Lancet advising against the use of ibuprofen, France's health minister Ol

4269 ….. 2020marts18 ….. White House Suggests Giving Americans $500 Billion to Stabilize Economy ….. ….. Enormous Package The Trump administration's Treasury Department announced today that it plans to distribute half a trillion dollars to Americans in order to stabilize the economy as the coronavirus outbreak continues to rage. The plan is to give out two rounds of $250 billion in cash to individuals, starting April 6, with the second round following in mid-May. The exact amounts will be "tiered ba

4268 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Here's a Grisly Description of a Worst-Case Coronavirus Infection ….. ….. A new fictional-yet-realistic account illustrates a gruesome, worst-case scenario of how you — yes, you — could unwittingly spread the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 . It's also a horrifying description of how devastating a small proportion of more severe infections can become, so be warned. The narrative, published Wednesday by New York Magazine , tells the story of a person who unknowingly ca

4267 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Bad News: Yes, Some Kids Are Getting Seriously Sick From Coronavirus ….. ….. All the news we've seen about the coronavirus currently wrecking havoc on the world has previously come with the lone, bright caveat that it spares the worst of its effects from children. A new study comes bearing bad news: That looks like it's not the case. Or at least not entirely. The academic journal Pediatrics published what the New York Times noted as the largest study to date on COVID-19 a

4266 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Watch These Coronavirus-Ignoring Idiots Having a Great Spring Break, Dooming Us ….. ….. With apologies to T.S. Eliot: This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with a bro, on spring break. Oh my god. — Tim Hogan (@timjhogan) March 18, 2020 The smooth-brained knuckle-dragging morons portrayed above are, writ large, our long national nightmare, and Great Americans, at least in the sense that they subscribe to a historic tra

4265 ….. 2020marts18 ….. This MIT and Harvard-Built App Could Slow the Spread of Coronavirus ….. ….. SO, HERE'S THE IDEA : Everyone installs an app, and anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus hits a button on the app — and then anyone who's crossed paths with that person gets an alert. Sounds great in theory, but in practice there are tons of reasonable concerns, privacy and user adoption among them. And would it even work? Well, a super-squad of developers with backgrounds from MIT, Harv

4264 ….. 2020marts18 ….. China Says This Drug Is "Clearly Effective" Against Coronavirus ….. ….. According to Japanese media , Chinese medical authorities have found that an antiviral drug called "favipiravir" has shown promise in treating COVID-19 patients, The Guardian reports . "It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment," Zhang Xinmin, an official at China's science and technology ministry, told reporters on Tuesday. The drug has been used in the past to fight a

4263 ….. 2020marts18 ….. California Cops Say Tesla Factory Must Shut Down ….. ….. I Fought the Law As the coronavirus tears through California, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has — thus far — refused to shut down the electric automaker's Fremont factory in light of the global coronavirus pandemic. But now area cops are pushing back, according to Electrek — setting up a potential showdown between Musk's company and the county sheriff. "Tesla is not an essential business as defined in the

4262 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Second Man to Walk on the Moon Has Some Quarantine Advice ….. ….. Berger Time When Ars Technica senior space reporter Eric Berger asked Buzz Aldrin, the second man to have walked the Moon in 1969, what he would do while practicing social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, Aldrin had some choice words: "Lying on my ass and locking the door." Aldrin is familiar with the concept of spending time in quarantine. After the Apollo 11 Command Module landed, he

4261 ….. 2020marts18 ….. America's Flimsy Broadband Has Workers, Schoolchildren Isolated ….. ….. Digital Divide In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, students and workers alike are staying home and doing what they can remotely. But in America, many regions don't have affordable or high quality broadband service, if they have it at all. The result is that many are finding themselves cut off at a time when access to new information about the coronavirus is crucial, CNET reports . The proble

4260 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Videokonsultationer lynimplementeres i almen praksis ….. ….. Danske Regioner og PLO giver nu alle landets praktiserende læger mulighed for at foretage videokonsultationer for at mindske spredningen af COVID-19. Flere hundrede videokonsultationer er foretaget allerede.

4259 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Overlæge til regeringen: Der er brug for en »total lockdown« ….. ….. Regeringens grænselukning er et skridt i den rigtige retning, men der er brug for mere vidtgående skridt for at undgå skrækscenariet fra Norditalien, mener overlæge. Formand for intensivlægerne forstår bekymringen.

4258 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Overenskomstforhandlinger for praksislæger sat på pause ….. ….. Udbruddet af coronavirussen covid-19 har sat forhandlingerne om en ny overenskomst mellem PLO og regionerne på pause. Regionernes hovedforhandler regner dog fortsat med at lande en aftale i år.

4257 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Lægestafetten: Min hverdag er stærkt præget af corona-virussen ….. ….. Kasper Aaboe troede han skulle være embedsmænd i Statsministeriet, men er i dag ledende overlæge på Gynækologisk-Obstetrisk afdeling i Slagelse, og har haft en helt særlig uge.

4256 ….. 2020marts18 ….. En måned til peaket: Drastiske tiltag skal forhindre et knækket sundhedsvæsen ….. ….. En enkelt person med coronavirus kan smitte 950.000 mennesker på tre måneder. Og derfor nedlukningen af Danmark nødvendig, mener professor. Men evidensen bag de politiske beslutninger er tynd, siger tidligere topembedsmand.

4255 ….. 2020marts18 ….. »Da lægen i Bjert fik corona, tænkte jeg, at nu går det sgu ikke længere« ….. ….. Et coronaramt lægehus satte i fredags lægedækningen i omegnen af Kolding på en alvorlig prøve. Opsmøgede lægeærmer og stor forståelse hos borgerne har indtil videre holdt lægedækningen oven vande.

4254 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How social distancing flattens the curve of COVID-19 ….. ….. A mathematician spells it out.

4253 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Life in the Containment Zone ….. ….. What it's like in New Rochelle, New York, the site of the state's biggest coronavirus outbreak — Read more on

4252 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How the U.S. Must Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic ….. ….. Scientists, engineers and health professionals can bring our collective knowledge to bear on this challenge and change the trajectory of the response — Read more on

4251 ….. 2020marts18 ….. How NASA is keeping coronavirus off the International Space Station ….. ….. Before liftoff on every mission since 1971, NASA crew members spend two weeks in a "health stabilization" quarantine. Other employees of the agency have been given a response framework that tells them where and how to proceed with their duties. For upcoming launches, NASA is depending on Russia and SpaceX to step up to the challenge. There are no respirators in space. As concerned as you may be a

4250 ….. 2020marts18 ….. 10 misconceptions about the 1918 flu, the 'greatest pandemic in history' ….. ….. Pandemic : It's a scary word. But the world has seen pandemics before, and worse ones, too. Consider the influenza pandemic of 1918 , often referred to erroneously as the "Spanish flu." Misconceptions about it may be fueling unfounded fears about COVID-19, and now is an especially good time to correct them. In the pandemic of 1918, between 50 and 100 million people are thought to have died, repre

4249 ….. 2020marts18 ….. WHO Now Officially Recommends to Avoid Taking Ibuprofen For COVID-19 Symptoms ….. ….. Here's why.

4248 ….. 2020marts18 ….. The Pandemic Is Showing Us How to Live with Uncertainty – Facts So Romantic ….. ….. What is certain is that if, when the dust settles, we can look back at all the "panic" about this pandemic and laugh at ourselves, we should consider it a blessing. Photograph by FrameAngel / Shutterstock During the Spanish flu of 1918, it was Vick's VapoRub. During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, it was canned food. Now, as the number of cases of COVID-19 grows worldwide , it's, among other thing

4247 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Corona Tools ….. ….. Welfare < growth.

4246 ….. 2020marts18 ….. Think big. Act now. Together. …..–Act-now–Together-/ ….. A coronavirus comms crib sheet for economic officialdom.

4245 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Western countries embark on trillion-dollar virus fightback ….. ….. Economic moves range from massive state loan guarantees to cheques proposed for every American

4244 ….. 2020marts17 ….. US and UK hospitals vulnerable to surge in virus cases ….. ….. Nations with large elderly populations such as Germany and Japan likely to be hit

4243 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The virus is an economic emergency too ….. ….. As borrowers and spenders of last resort, governments must act now to avert a depression

4242 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Stocks gain after biggest Wall Street sell-off in 30 years ….. ….. Hopes of economic support provide temporary relief but analysts warn 'knife is still falling'

4241 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Seattle sparks calls on Trump to guarantee medical supplies ….. ….. Hospitals in badly hit Washington state warn they are running out of protective kit

4240 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Roskildelæger har rykket morgenkonferencen udendørs ….. ….. For at mindske smitterisikoen foregår den daglige morgenkonference på Sjællands Universitetshospital, Roskilde på græsplænen uden for hospitalet.

4239 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Rise in Italian yields echoes eurozone debt crisis ….. ….. Lagarde's ill-advised remarks show central bankers' words and actions still matter

4238 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Israeli spies to keep track of virus sufferers via mobiles ….. ….. Privacy advocates concerned by Benjamin Netanyahu's surveillance measure

4237 ….. 2020marts17 ….. German investor sentiment hits lowest level in 12 years ….. ….. Eurozone economy braces for recession as Zew survey finds record fall in outlook

4236 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Financial crunch looms as virus shock hits economies ….. ….. With echoes of 2008 getting louder, time is not on the side of central banks or governments

4235 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Fed to buy commercial paper to ease market turmoil ….. ….. Central bank acts after short-term funding markets for companies become 'frozen'

4234 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Don't be Italy. A visual breakdown of how long it will take hospitals to fill up. ….. ….. submitted by /u/strangeattractors [link] [comments]

4233 ….. 2020marts17 ….. China Bans Journalists From Major US Newspapers ….. ….. Escalating Tensions All American journalists working for The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times , and the Washington Post have been expelled from China, according to a Tuesday announcement by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese authorities also demanded that they'd like to know exactly what's going on at these newspapers, as well as at the Voice of America and TIME magazine's opera

4232 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britons told to avoid non-essential travel in effort to counter virus ….. ….. Travellers should 'keep in mind' that flights might be cancelled, warns Foreign Office

4231 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britisk regering opfordrer bilproducenter til at lave hospitalsudstyr ….. ….. Den britiske regering har bedt producenter udenfor medico-branchen om at begynde at lave udstyr til respiratorer. Hvis I kan lave det, køber vi det, lover minister

4230 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Being Anti-intellectual During a Pandemic ….. ….. In the past I have written a defense of elitism and expertise , and articles exploring the phenomenon of anti-intellectualism . For those who reject science this is a core issue – they must attack expertise, reject consensus, and defend populism as their justification for promoting the idea that the consensus of scientific opinion is wrong. They do so with the same tired and rejected arguments th

4229 ….. 2020marts17 ….. As Toilet Paper Flies Off Shelves, Bidet Sales Go Boom-Boom ….. ….. Has the bidet's time in North America finally arrived?

4228 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon stops accepting non-essential goods into warehouses ….. ….. Online retailer says it has to focus on important household and medical goods

4227 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Aggressive testing helps Italian town cut new cases to zero ….. ….. Experiment in Vò underscores WHO's message to 'test, test, test'

4226 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Expert sees tough slog ahead for workers, small businesses ….. ….. With stock markets plummeting despite the federal government's recent steps to try to bolster the economy, worries that COVID-19 could do lasting economic damage are rising. The Gazette spoke with Harvard Business School's Willy Shih, the Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Management Practice, about lessons learned from China, which appears to have wrestled the epidemic there under control—reporti

4225 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump looks at sending money directly to Americans ….. ….. White House calls for stimulus of up to $850bn for coronavirus fallout

4224 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Remember February? I have never been so nostalgic for normality | Arwa Mahdawi ….. ….. Until New York shut down, I didn't appreciate how privileged I was. Now, I am trying to fight my anxiety by making the most of mundane moments Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Remember the good old days when supermarket shelves were stocked with toilet paper ? Remember when only a few people were familiar with the phrase " social distancing "? Remember when you could

4223 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Planes, Trains and Automobiles: What Does A Deep Clean Mean? ….. ….. There is no universal protocol to eradicate the coronavirus, and cleaning means different things to businesses and consumers — Read more on

4222 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Eight things to know about the long-awaited Xbox Series X ….. ….. The Xbox Series X won't have the same flat box shape as previous consoles. (Microsoft/) Microsoft started dropping hints about the next generation Xbox last year. This week, however, the company has released some hard specs and more information about how the Xbox Series X will actually work when it arrives for holiday 2020. The coronavirus outbreak canceled the E3 video game trade show, but that

4221 ….. 2020marts17 ….. America's Restaurants Will Need a Miracle ….. ….. The spread of the coronavirus across the United States has caused a generalized shutdown of public life. Schools are closed, sports are canceled, and concerts are over. This is entirely appropriate. A pandemic is war, and public gatherings at the moment give aid and comfort to the biological enemy. But this shutdown will crush the economy, starting with the restaurant industry. In the past 48 hou

4220 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The government has abandoned us': gig economy workers struggle to cope ….. ….. Some people face a stark choice during the coronavirus outbreak – go out to work or don't get paid Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Forced to decide between nursing mild cold and flu symptoms at home without earning anything or sucking it up, going out to work and paying the bills, self-employed workers face a stark yet not uncommon choice. The prime minister, Boris J

4219 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Pause, reflect and stay home': how to look after yourself and others in self-isolation ….. ….. Seven days? Fourteen days? Can you go for a walk? What about your children? Here is a guide to staying safe and cheerful if you can't leave the house Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage If you are not already self-isolating, or considering it, there is a high chance you will be in the coming months. The government's advice is that people who live alone and have a fever o

4218 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britiske topforskere: Afbødningsstrategier stopper ikke sundhedsvæsenet fra at gå i knæ ….. ….. Samfundet skal lukkes helt ned, hvis ikke det ikke skal gå som i Italien. Og det skal fortsætte med at være lukket ned, indtil der er en vaccine mod COVID-19 klar.

4217 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Milda symptom orsakar stor smittspridning ….. ….. Personer med milda symptom ligger bakom den stora spridningen av coronaviruset i Kina, trots att de bara vara hälften så smittsamma som de med allvarliga symptom. Anledningen är att de är många fler och mörkertalet är stort.

4216 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airlines Use Empty Passenger Jets to Ease the Cargo Crunch ….. ….. People aren't flying because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, some carriers are putting planes back in service to carry freight instead.

4215 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon Warehouses Will Only Process Medical Supplies, Essentials ….. ….. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon sent out a note to sellers that the digital retail giant will only accept shipments of medical supplies and other essentials to its warehouses. In an email to sellers who rely on its platform, Amazon announced that it would only be taking in shipments of "household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products" until April 5, accord

4214 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Most Americans Don't Believe Anything Trump Is Saying Right Now ….. ….. If there's anything reassuring about the current political moment, it's that the majority of Americans know better than to put trust in what they're hearing about the coronavirus pandemic from…the American President. A new national NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll reports from a sample of 835 adults around America, about 24 percent of Americans place "not very much" trust in what they hear about the

4213 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Are U.S. Hospitals Ready? ….. ….. Here's what it will take for medical facilities across the nation to handle the coming surge of COVID-19 patients. (Image credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR)

4212 ….. 2020marts17 ….. World on lockdown, Markets melt, Hospitals suffer ….. ….. Governments around the world limit public movement to stop the spreading coronavirus pandemic

4211 ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK bailout/Sunak: son of Mario ….. ….. Government unveils economic measures on coronavirus

4210 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airlines should not get blank cheques to survive ….. ….. Government aid to weather coronavirus crisis must be short-term

4209 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Caterer Compass warns of hit from remote working ….. ….. FTSE 100 company says impact of coronavirus is hitting business hard

4208 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Next, Terrible Phase of This Crisis ….. ….. For months, health experts on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 told the world to prepare. The coronavirus is not like influenza, they warned. It is highly transmissible, and far deadlier. It shuts down entire cities, as happened in Wuhan, China, and entire countries, as is happening now in Italy. Instead of heeding these warnings while there was time to halt the contagion, the Ameri

4207 ….. 2020marts17 ….. 2020 Time Capsule #4: Trump Is Lying, Blatantly ….. ….. During press questioning at the White House today, Donald Trump was asked whether his tone about the coronavirus threat had suddenly changed. For weeks, he'd been mocking the virus threat—at rallies, in tweets, and in press remarks. But both yesterday and today, he'd suddenly shifted to warning that the public-health and economic problems were real, and would remain so for a long time. What chang

4206 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Kids are schooling at home. What now? ….. ….. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, more than 421 million children worldwide are out of school. While kids likely view this as a break, parents likely have concerns on how to manage their child's behavior and schoolwork at home. The FIU Center for Children and Families has some tips to navigate this period of social distancing.

4205 ….. 2020marts17 ….. China's supply-side shock is rapidly becoming a demand-side one ….. ….. Coronavirus could dwarf the crisis that hit the country's biggest export markets in 2008 and 2009

4204 ….. 2020marts17 ….. From the UK to Sri Lanka: the Australians stranded around the world ….. ….. Cancelled flights, airport shutdowns and soaring ticket prices all preventing people returning home Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Australians stranded around the world by cancelled flights, airport shutdowns or soaring ticket prices say they want to heed their government's advice to return home during the pandemic – but don't know how. From the UK to Sri Lanka, Lat

4203 ….. 2020marts17 ….. US carworkers demand plant closures to match Europe ….. ….. Call for two-week halt in US comes as Nissan shuts UK's biggest factory over coronavirus fears

4202 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump Defended Cuts to Public-Health Agencies, on Video ….. ….. Beth Cameron, a former senior director for global health security and biodefense on the White House National Security Council, complained in The Washington Post on Friday that the Trump administration dissolved her office in 2018, "leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like COVID-19." The same day, a PBS reporter asked President Trump about the change he presided over. "You did disband

4201 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Hushed Spectacle of Soccer Matches in Empty Stadiums ….. ….. Before most international leagues suspended or canceled their seasons due to the coronavirus, some teams first tried a different approach.

4200 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Därför vill Folkhälsomyndigheten inte stänga grundskolor ….. ….. Barn är ofta drivande i smittspridningen vid utbrott av andra coronavirus och influensa. Men det nya coronaviruset infekterar inte barn i någon högre utsträckning, och de sprider heller inte smittan vidare.

4199 ….. 2020marts17 ….. We are all homeworkers now ….. ….. Advice for those thrust by the coronavirus into the twilight zone between sofa and stairs

4198 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Monkeys Develop Protective Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 ….. ….. A small study of macaques finds they don't develop a coronavirus infection the second time they are exposed, supporting the idea of using plasma from recovered patients as a treatment for COVID-19.

4197 ….. 2020marts17 ….. A Therapist's Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic ….. ….. "IF I CAN'T TOUCH MY FACE SOON, I MAY NEED TO GO TO THERAPY!" I tweeted last week when coronavirus panic seemed to reach a new high. I'm a psychotherapist—I write the "Dear Therapist" column for this publication—and underneath the quip was the hope that others might feel less alone in this very strange and anxiety-provoking time. Yes, we have bigger concerns than suppressing the urge to touch our

4196 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Here's an Idea: The Government Should Pay People to Stay Home ….. ….. You've maybe heard of basic income, or the idea that governments should provide people with enough money to get by. Many advocates of basic income, like presidential candidate Andrew Yang, frame the idea as a response to widespread automation. But now, in the shadow of the global coronavirus outbreak, public thinkers are starting to propose a public health twist on the concept: paying people to s

4195 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Here's how social media can combat the coronavirus 'infodemic' ….. ….. With millions on lockdown, Facebook and Twitter are major sources of Covid-19 news. They're also where misinformation thrives. How can platforms step up?

4194 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Universities having to adapt fast to the coronavirus crisis ….. ….. With a shift to online teaching as some institutions cancel lectures, there are fears that disadvantaged students may be missing out UK universities are racing to ensure that the coronavirus does not prevent final-year students from completing their degrees. But experts say a sudden shift to online learning is a "huge challenge" for both institutions and students. All universities have been treati

4193 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How do we face coronavirus? Common decency is our only hope | Suzanne Moore ….. ….. Whether you're a catastrophist or a conspiracy theorist, everyone has their own way of coping with the pandemic. But what we really need is solidarity and honesty See all our coronavirus coverage How do you feel? I'm not asking if you have a temperature and a cough. What I mean is: how do you feel in yourself? How are you coping emotionally? I ask because, since we have all become amateur and (fr

4192 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? ….. ….. What are the symptoms caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has come from animals. Continue reading…

4191 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Call to protect hospital staff from coronavirus contamination ….. ….. Warning after contamination found across Wuhan hospital, with virus on much equipment Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists have issued an urgent call to protect health workers in hospitals after finding "extensive" levels of coronavirus contamination in specialist wards and intensive-care units and on equipment ranging from keyboards to gel hand sanitisers. The

4190 ….. 2020marts17 ….. It-kriminelle udnytter corona-krisen til at få ram på dig ….. ….. Vær varsom over for falske beskeder fra myndigheder og "gode tilbud".

4189 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Isolated by Coronavirus, Schoolkids Hold Graduation In Minecraft ….. ….. Virtual Graduation Since all Japanese schools are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, a creative group of elementary school graduates decided to have their graduation ceremony inside the videogame Minecraft, according to SoraNews24 . "We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!" wrote the father of one of the kids on Twitter. 「何やってんの?」 「みんなで卒業式をやることにした」 え?すげえ。 小学生が集まって自分たちで卒業式を

4188 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The latest on COVID-19, from social-distancing to US cases ….. ….. View this post on Instagram How do you tell if your cold or flu is actually #COVID19? Use this chart as a handy guide to common symptoms for all three. 🔗: Hit the #linkinbio for a closer look at the symptoms—and what to do if you have them: @popsci 📊: @sarachodoshviz A post shared by Popular Science (@popsci) on Mar 11, 2020 at 7:35am PDT

4187 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Forskare: Detta vet vi om coronavirusinfektioner ….. ….. Vad är egentligen ett virus, och var härstammar vår nya pandemi från? Ann-Sofi Rehnstam-Holm, professor i mikrobiologi vid Högskolan Kristianstad, skriver själv om det nya coronaviruset vi har att göra med. Ordet corona är latin och betyder helt enkelt krona eller krans, och samma ord använder vi för den ljuskrans vi ser kring solen vid solförmörkelse. Om du studerar ett coronavirus avbildat i et

4186 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: The perils of a 'just enough, just in time' food system ….. ….. Toilet paper shortages, profiteering from hand sanitizer and empty shelves in grocery stores.

4185 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Analysis suggests UK still not doing enough to prevent covid-19 deaths ….. ….. To really reduce the potential coronavirus death toll, modelling suggests that the UK needs to bring in stricter social distancing and perhaps close schools

4184 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19 & its implications for the survivability of future space travel, habitation, and colonization ….. ….. TL,DR: social distancing is likely to be impossible even in advanced colonies and spacecraft far into the future. Anything with COVID-19's characteristics might rapidly wipe out crew, residents, etc. So this one's probably really far into the future, but I thought about it yesterday. Even if advance tech gives us fusion powered plasma rocket engines and the like, future spacecraft and colonies ar

4183 ….. 2020marts17 ….. What It Really Means to Cancel Elective Surgeries ….. ….. Three weeks ago, Robert Cruickshank went to the ER in Seattle with terrible abdominal pain. The diagnosis? Gallstones. The hospital gave him strong painkillers and urged him to come back again—and soon—to have his gallbladder removed. "It doesn't have to happen tonight," he recalls the doctors saying, "but get it scheduled as soon as possible." No one yet knew that the coronavirus was already spr

4182 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Smoking or Vaping May Increase the Risk of a Severe Coronavirus Infection ….. ….. Though few studies have investigated the connection specifically, cigarette smoke and vaping aerosol are linked to lung inflammation and lowered immune function — Read more on

4181 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Smoking or Vaping May Increase the Risk of a Severe Coronavirus Infection ….. ….. Though few studies have investigated the connection specifically, cigarette smoke and vaping aerosol are linked to lung inflammation and lowered immune function — Read more on

4180 ….. 2020marts17 ….. We are at war with coronavirus. Everyone will have to muck in | Gaby Hinsliff ….. ….. This pandemic will open up sinkholes in society – volunteers may have to help out in services from deliveries to education • See all our coronavirus coverage Nous sommes en guerre : we are at war. With those words , President Macron put France on notice yesterday that everything had changed, promising hundreds of billions of euros to ensure that no business would go bust because of the virus. Yet

4179 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Angiotensin and the Coronavirus ….. ….. There's quite a bit of confusion around the ACE proteins and coronavirus infection, and I can see why. The names in this area are pretty confusing, for one thing, and if you're not familiar with the tangled feedback loops that you get in human biology, it all starts to look like a tangle of wires pretty quickly. So let's have a look at the outlines of the system. At right is a (pretty darn simpli

4178 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Stark new data made the UK government's U-turn on coronavirus inevitable | Jennifer Rohn ….. ….. There is no one right way to curb a pandemic. But now research has shown 'mitigation' is riskier than tougher measures • See all our coronavirus coverage How can you chart the right course through a turbulent and dangerous new sea with no reliable map or GPS? We are all part of the living experiment that is about to find out. After failing to mandate widespread social distancing last week, an app

4177 ….. 2020marts17 ….. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces ….. ….. The virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces, according to a new study from National Institutes of Health, CDC, UCLA and Princeton University scientists in NEJM. They found that (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three day

4176 ….. 2020marts17 ….. No More Than 10 People in One Place, Trump Said. But Why? ….. ….. The recommendations of federal agencies and other jurisdictions for limiting crowd sizes have varied widely in recent days.

4175 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Italian 3D Printing Startup Creates Replacement Respirator Valves for COVID-19 Patients ….. ….. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has pushed global supply chains to their breaking point — anyone who has tried to find a few rolls of toilet paper at the store can tell you that. Even more vital, life-saving items are in short supply. In Italy, a hospital was unable to get valves for its venturi oxygen masks. Luckily, a local 3d printing startup called Isinnova rode to the rescue with 3d printed rep

4174 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: how Boris Johnson has performed so far ….. ….. The prime minister must prove he can step up to tackle the outbreak

4173 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage ….. ….. The number of known cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. has surpassed 5,000 as testing, which was initially limited, has expanded, according to a New York Times database that is tracking every identified case in the country.

4172 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers in the US to deal with the coronavirus boom ….. ….. The hiring spree is to cope with an unprecedented surge in demand for online deliveries during the outbreak.

4171 ….. 2020marts17 ….. When it comes to national emergencies, Britain has a tradition of cold calculation | David Edgerton ….. ….. The government's reluctance to put the health of citizens first during the Covid-19 outbreak has echoes in the 1940s and 50s David Edgerton is the author of The Rise and Fall of the British Nation • See all our coronavirus coverage What's the best way to respond to a global health emergency? For countries like Italy, Spain, South Korea and Denmark, the answer is closing schools and public spaces

4170 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Recession appears 'inevitable' in wake of COVID-19 pandemic, expert says ….. ….. The devastation wrought by the COVID-19 outbreak is not only evident in the skyrocketing number of cases reported on the coronavirus tracking map produced by Johns Hopkins University, it's also evident in the falling prices in stock markets around the world.

4169 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The real economic victims of coronavirus are those we can't see ….. ….. The COVID-19 coronavirus is officially a pandemic, the US and Australian share markets have collapsed, both governments have unveiled stimulus packages, and Australia's trade union movement is worried about the position of casuals.

4168 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why the Coronavirus Hit Italy So Hard ….. ….. The country has the second-oldest population on earth, and its young mingle more often with elderly loved ones.

4167 ….. 2020marts17 ….. That Imperial coronavirus report, in detail …..–in-detail-/ ….. The academic research behind the UK's change in strategy: from herd immunity to suppression.

4166 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How to Not Completely Hate the People You're Quarantined With ….. ….. Take it from experts who study isolation: It's hard, it takes teamwork, and it may cause excessive staring into nothingness.

4165 ….. 2020marts17 ….. SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor: Camostat mesylate, an inhibitor of TMPRSS2, blocks SARS-CoV-2 infection of lung cells. This Off-The-Shelf Medicine Could Soon Treat COVID-19 Patients ….. ….. submitted by /u/snooshoe [link] [comments]

4164 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: YouTube Turns to AI to Address Shortage of Human Moderators ….. ….. submitted by /u/SeventhConstellation [link] [comments]

4163 ….. 2020marts17 ….. New kind of CRISPR technology to target RNA, including RNA viruses like coronavirus ….. ….. submitted by /u/HeinrichTheWolf_17 [link] [comments]

4162 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change ….. ….. Stock markets around the world had some of their worst performance in decades this past week, well surpassing that of the global financial crisis in 2008. Restrictions in the free movement of people is disrupting economic activity across the world as measures to control the coronavirus roll out.

4161 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The case for massive corona-stimulus ….. ….. Spend fast, spend big.

4160 ….. 2020marts17 ….. We're not going back to normal ….. ….. Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.

4159 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Flattening the COVID-19 Curves ….. ….. Social distancing imposes hardships, but it can save many millions of lives — Read more on

4158 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Flattening the COVID-19 Curves ….. ….. Social distancing imposes hardships, but it can save many millions of lives — Read more on

4157 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Europe's café culture on front lines of coronavirus 'catastrophe' ….. ….. Small businesses like pubs and restaurants bear early brunt of continent-wide shutdown

4156 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Renaissance tripped up by coronavirus-induced market turmoil ….. ….. Secretive quant hedge fund endures one of its worst months in more than a decade

4155 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Experts: Vaping Could Make Coronavirus Infection More Severe ….. ….. Scientists say it's reasonable to assume that smoking or vaping could make COVID-19 symptoms more severe once infected, according to Scientific American . To be clear, a direct link has yet to be investigated by researchers — but there's plenty of evidence that smoking or vaping suppress immune function in the lungs and trigger inflammation. Scientists have also found that more severe COVID-19 ca

4154 ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK to launch coronavirus rescue package for business ….. ….. Rishi Sunak to announce measures after government switches strategy on crisis

4153 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Webinars with patients-survey: 73% with chronic illnesses feel more COVID-19 risk ….. ….. Results issued from the first of a series of ongoing surveys, among 1,300 people living with or caring for chronic conditions, that is tracking their awareness of and concerns about the novel coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19. Survey participants span 17 chronic disease areas across age groups (18-92), genders, race/ethnicities, education level, location (urban, suburban, rural).

4152 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How quickly can people recover from COVID-19? ….. ….. Researchers have mapped immune responses from one of Australia's first COVID-19 patients, showing the body's ability to fight the virus and the timing of recovery from the infection. Researchers were able to test blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s, who presented with COVID-19 and had mild-to-moderate symptoms requiring hospital admission. A report

4151 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: The immune system can fight back ….. ….. Researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institute) were able to test blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s, who presented with COVID-19 and had mild-to-moderate symptoms requiring hospital admission.

4150 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Regeringen: Corona-relateret forskning kan springe finansieringskøen over ….. ….. Regeringen vil fremme forskningsresultater, der kan gøre gavn i sundhedsvæsenet under corona-epidemien.

4149 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Telecommuting could curb the coronavirus epidemic ….. ….. Recent surveys from both the National Household Transportation Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that around 29% of the United States workforce has the option to work at home, and around 15% usually does so.

4148 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Sociale medier advarer: Corona-pandemi fører til, at AI fejlagtigt fjerner indhold ….. ….. På grund af coronavirus og hjemsendte ansatte må Google, Facebook og Twitter øge brugen af AI til at fjerne indhold. Men det øger samtidig sandsynligheden for, at indhold fjernes på et forkert grundlag, advarer de sociale medier.

4147 ….. 2020marts17 ….. A new app would say if you've crossed paths with someone who is infected ….. ….. Private Kit: Safe Paths shares information about your movements in a privacy-preserving way—and could let health officials tackle coronavirus hot spots.

4146 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Kemiprofessor: Derfor er sæbe den mest effektive Corona-dræber ….. ….. PLUS. Selvom håndsprit sagtens kan bruges til at rense hænderne fra smittepartikler, er almindelig sæbe mere effektivt.

4145 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Hollandske forskere har fundet antistof mod coronavirus ….. ….. PLUS. Fundet af et antistof til coronavirus kan være et afgørende skridt i kampen mod sygdommen, men antistoffet mangler stadig at blive testet på mennesker.

4144 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Skal corona-restriktioner vare uger eller måneder for at have effekt? ….. ….. PLUS. En modellering af forholdene i Wuhan viser betydningen af, at restriktioner opretholdes gennem længere tid.

4143 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Turkey cuts rates in emergency coronavirus move ….. ….. Package of financial measures aims to soften blow to tourism, exports and consumers

4142 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus will force hospital chiefs to make some terrible choices | Polly Toynbee ….. ….. Our stripped-down NHS will not be able to cope when Covid-19 peaks, leaving it to officials to decide who lives and who dies • See all our coronavirus coverage "Horrible decisions will be made about who lives and who dies," says the chief executive of a large hospital trust. "And I will be the one to make them. Liability sits with me." This manager, somewhere in England, dare not say who he is –

4141 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Därför krävs tillit för att bekämpa det nya coronaviruset ….. ….. När det nya coronaviruset nu sprider sig i olika delar av världen är det oerhört viktigt att korrekt information sprids. Det säger socialantropolog Syna Ouattara, vid Göteborgs universitet. Han har tidigare forskat i ett eboladrabbat Västafrika och ser paralleller till dagens situation. När ebolaviruset härjade i Västafrika 2015 arbetade Syna Ouattara, fil. dr i socialantropologi vid Gothenburg R

4140 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Anti-inflammatory drugs might not actually make COVID-19 worse ….. ….. NSAIDs like ibuprofen are used throughout the world to treat fever and pain. Physicians cast doubt that they influence our immune response to the coronavirus (Pexels/) On Saturday, the French health minister, Olivier Véran, tweeted that taking anti-inflammatory drugs—even over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve—could worsen cases of COVID-19. "If you are already taking anti-

4139 ….. 2020marts17 ….. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces ….. ….. New research finds that the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces. Scientists found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

4138 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Daily briefing: First coronavirus vaccine clinical trials begin in United States ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00802-1 The phase I trial of the vaccine from drug company Moderna is just the beginning of a long process to test safety and efficacy. Plus: a 'completely accidental' discovery hints at how to use standard silicon microchips in a quantum computer and a year without conferences raises the question of whether we need them at all.

4137 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Podcast Extra: Coronavirus – science in the pandemic ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00800-3 Nick Howe investigates how researchers around the world are answering the call for science.

4136 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: don't forget deaf people ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00782-2

4135 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: three things all governments and their science advisers must do now ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00772-4 Follow World Health Organization advice, end secrecy in decision-making and cooperate globally.

4134 ….. 2020marts17 ….. What China's coronavirus response can teach the rest of the world ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00741-x Researchers are studying the effects of China's lockdowns to glean insights about controlling the viral pandemic.

4133 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers Will Deploy AI to Better Understand Coronavirus ….. ….. More than 2,000 papers have been published about the virus since December. It will take some smart algorithms to mine insights from them.

4132 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How mass hysteria happens (and how to avoid the COVID-19 panic) ….. ….. Mass hysteria, also known as epidemic hysteria, occurs between two or more people who share beliefs related to symptoms suggestive of organic illness. Research suggests that real pandemics can lead to mass hysteria. A key factor that creates hysteria around pandemics is that the population's ability to remain calm and react logically to the situation at hand is blurred and unfocused due to the an

4131 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The People Ignoring Social Distancing ….. ….. March 14 was a standard Saturday night for the weekend before St. Patrick's Day: "Just a bunch of random people smashing Guinness," said Andrew, a bartender who works at an "Irish-adjacent" bar in Washington, D.C. From 6 p.m. until last call at 2:30 a.m., Andrew witnessed hundreds of patrons—many of them just over 21—stream in, social distancing be damned. "They were out, and they didn't really c

4130 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airline industry will need up to $200bn to survive coronavirus, warns Iata ….. ….. Majority of carriers face running out of money within 2 months, says trade group

4129 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Cinemas across the UK to shut in response to coronavirus ….. ….. Major chains including Odeon, Cineworld and Picturehouse to go dark • Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations Huge numbers of cinemas across the UK and Ireland are shutting down due to the coronavirus. Major chains, including Odeon, Cineworld and Picturehouse, as well as BFI Southbank, the screening complex operated by the British Film Institute, have announced they are closing th

4128 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: EU brings in travel ban as France enters 'war' footing ….. ….. Macron tells citizens to prepare for 'long and difficult crisis' as country goes into lockdown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The EU has endorsed the strictest travel ban in its history as France joined Italy and Spain in full lockdown and Donald Trump told Americans to change their behaviour, acknowledging for the first time that beating the coronavirus could take

4127 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts ….. ….. Lung damage from dirty air may worsen infections, but isolation measures improving air quality Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The health damage inflicted on people by long-standing air pollution in cities is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections, experts have said. Dirty air is known to cause lung and heart damage and is responsible for at le

4126 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus UK cases: how many are in your area? ….. ….. Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported near you. Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not included in these counts. Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How

4125 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing ….. ….. Judy Moskowitz, a professor of medical social skills at Northwestern University, talks about ways to cope during this time of missing out on our usual diet of social interactions. — Read more on

4124 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing ….. ….. Judy Moskowitz, a professor of medical social sciences at Northwestern University, talks about ways to cope during this time of missing out on our usual diet of social interactions. — Read more on

4123 ….. 2020marts17 ….. EU unity is vital in the fight against coronavirus ….. ….. Italy's desperate plight has become a test of European solidarity

4122 ….. 2020marts17 ….. EU warns of pro-Kremlin disinformation on coronavirus ….. ….. Internal report says effort aims to destroy confidence in west's response to pandemic

4121 ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK hospitality industry faces 'existential crisis' over coronavirus ….. ….. Insurance industry warns that 'vast majority of firms' won't be covered for Covid-19

4120 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Volunteers Are Now Testing a Potential Coronavirus Vaccine ….. ….. In what could be a major inflection point in the global coronavirus outbreak, scientists are now testing a potential vaccine on volunteers in Seattle. "This work is critical to national efforts to respond to the threat of this emerging virus," said Lisa Jackson, a senior investigator at a Kaiser Permanente research facility who's leading the trial, in a press release . Jackson and her colleagues

4119 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: What is social distancing and how do you do it? ….. ….. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, many governments are now recommending social distancing. Here's a guide to what it means for you

4118 ….. 2020marts17 ….. DeepMind's Protein Folding AI Is Going After Coronavirus ….. ….. In late December last year, Dr. Li Wenliang began warning officials about a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, but was silenced by the police before tragically succumbing to the disease two months later. Meanwhile, almost simultaneously, a computer server halfway across the world started issuing worrying alerts of a potential new outbreak. The server runs software by BlueDot , a company based in

4117 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus Treatment: Hundreds of Scientists Scramble to Find One ….. ….. In an ambitious international collaboration, researchers have "mapped" proteins in the coronavirus and identified 50 drugs to test against it.

4116 ….. 2020marts17 ….. New accounting rules pose threat to banks amid coronavirus crisis ….. ….. IFRS 9 said to make lenders more susceptible to highs and lows of economic cycles

4115 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Risikoen for syge læger er Heunickes store corona-problem ….. ….. I Italien er dele af sundhedsvæsenet lammet, fordi læger og sygeplejersker er smittede med coronavirus. Herhjemme er fokus i sundhedsvæsenet på at skabe kapacitet til, når virus topper. En koordineret oplæring om smittespredning har vi ikke haft tid til endnu, fortæller læge.

4114 ….. 2020marts17 ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? ….. ….. Human trials will begin in April – but even if they go well, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes have

4113 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Good and Bad News of a Coronavirus Pandemic Model – Facts So Romantic ….. ….. Hospitals in the U.S. are above 90 percent capacity without any considerations for COVID-19 demands. According the planners of Event 201, and other experts, we will soon see a surge in demand at U.S. hospitals that is almost impossible to imagine. Photo illustration by enzoalessandra / Shutterstock How many people could die from a novel coronavirus infection? Of course, no one knows. But just bef

4112 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine Made by Moderna Begins in Seattle ….. ….. Healthy volunteers will test different doses of the first vaccine to find out if it is safe.

4111 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19: why are there different fatality rates? ….. ….. Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Paul Hunter about fatality rates; why different figures are being quoted across the media; how the rates are calculated; and is the fatality rate the only useful number to look at?. Help support our independent journalism at

4110 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19: why are there different fatality rates? ….. ….. Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Paul Hunter about fatality rates; why different figures are being quoted across the media; how the rates are calculated; and is the fatality rate the only useful number to look at? Continue reading…

4109 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Lack of internet access in Southeast Asia poses challenges for students to study online amid COVID-19 pandemic ….. ….. Governments and companies across the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with cancellations of public events and closures of offices, restaurants, museums, schools and universities to avoid masses from gathering as the highly contagious pneumonia-like disease can spread from one person to another.

4108 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus live news: French ordered to stay inside as White House urges isolation and EU bans non-essential travel ….. ….. France mobilises 100,000 police to conduct movement checks; California tells millions to 'shelter-in-place'; Markets plummet. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glance Boris Johnson warns UK population to avoid non-essential contact EU calls for 30-day ban on foreigners entering bloc Health experts criticise NHS advice to take ibuprofen Share your experiences 12.58am GMT In less

4107 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Dominic Raab advises UK public to avoid all non-essential travel ….. ….. Foreign secretary says dramatic step necessary to fight spread of coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has advised the British public to avoid non-essential travel anywhere in the world for at least 30 days as the government steps up its battle against Covid-19. Raab said the dramatic decision followed on from the prime

4106 ….. 2020marts17 ….. What we scientists have discovered about how each age group spreads Covid-19 | Petra Klepac ….. ….. For some, workplaces are hotspots. For the over-65s, it's shops and restaurants. We urgently need to change our behaviour Petra Klepac is assistant professor of infectious disease modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine See all our coronavirus coverage Early detection and early response. In an ideal world, this will contain an outbreak of infectious disease and prevent it

4105 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How European economies try to mitigate the coronavirus shock ….. ….. Fiscal measures range from tax deferrals to loan guarantees

4104 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Your Computer Can Help Stanford Researchers Fight The Coronavirus. Here's How ….. ….. Fighting COVID-19 one calculation at a time.

4103 ….. 2020marts17 ….. White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll ….. ….. Federal guidelines warned against gatherings of more than 10 people as a London report predicted high fatalities in the U.S. without drastic action.

4102 ….. 2020marts17 ….. India Scrambles to Escape a Coronavirus Crisis. So Far, It's Working. ….. ….. Fears are growing about what happens if community transmission takes off in the crowded areas of the world's second-most-populous nation.

4101 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Huge fiscal spending is needed to fight coronavirus downturn ….. ….. Far more is required than during the global financial crisis

4100 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Corona: Riskgrupperna kan komma att ändras ….. ….. Ett flertal grupper har pekats ut som "riskgrupper" för det nya coronaviruset. Men vilka tillhör egentligen en riskgrupp, och vad innebär det? – Det är inte en fråga om att lättare bli infekterad, säger Annika Linde, tidigare statsepidemiolog.

4099 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Hvad er et virus egentlig? Forstå hvorfor medicin ikke virker mod corona ….. ….. Et virus er ikke rigtig levende, og derfor er det svært at dræbe.

4098 ….. 2020marts17 ….. As Coronavirus Rages, Elon Musk Refuses to Close Tesla Factory ….. ….. Elon Defiant Much of the Bay Area is now under a "shelter in place" lockdown due to the coronavirus, meaning residents aren't allowed to go out unless it's absolutely necessary. One exception, the Los Angeles Times reports , is electric carmaker Tesla, which has thus far kept its Fremont factory open. CEO Elon Musk did back down slightly by Monday night, telling employees in a mass email they can

4097 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How NASA is keeping coronavirus off the ISS ….. ….. Crew members have their own 2-week quarantine before liftoff. Employees of the agency get their quarantine work orders. NASA is depending on Russia and SpaceX to step up to the challenge. There are no respirators in space. As concerned as you may be at the moment about coronavirus following you into your personal quarantine, imagine getting COVID-19 in space, trapped in a vehicle far above the ne

4096 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Patent Troll Sues to Pull Covid-19 Tests Off Market Over Alleged Infringement ….. ….. Credit: Felipe Esquivel Reed/Wikimedia Commons A lawsuit filed in US federal court last week by a notorious patent troll seeks to block the use of new coronavirus tests in the United States over an alleged case of patent infringement. In a filing that may one day win some kind of award for being the worst possible idea at the worst possible time, an unknown firm named Labrador Diagnostics has sue

4095 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How long will COVID-19 last? ….. ….. COVID-19 may be with us for some time, but we are far from powerless. (Pexels/) The number of new COVID-19 cases in the United States is accelerating, and the impact of the pandemic is "definitely going to get worse before it gets better," Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases, said on March 12 . "We will have a lot more cases," Fauci, who directs the National Institut

4094 ….. 2020marts17 ….. What is coronavirus, is there a cure and what is the mortality rate? ….. ….. Covid-19 essential guide: can it be caught on public transport, how is it different from the flu, and how sick will I get? Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself against coronavirus What are the coronavirus symptoms? The Covid-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that made the jump from animals to humans late last year. Many of those initially infected either worked or fre

4093 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Millions Locked Down in California as Barriers Rise Worldwide ….. ….. Countries across the globe are closing their borders, restricting travel and locking down cities. In the United States, President Trump recommended limiting groups to fewer than 10 people.

4092 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Tear up the economic rule book. This pandemic calls for radical intervention | Ed Miliband ….. ….. Coronavirus is a grave threat to the economy and the lives of millions – a new benefit payment for all affected workers should be just the start • See all our coronavirus coverage The coronavirus pandemic has shown us all in just a few days how fragile our way of life really is. Basic certainties about our health, that of our loved ones and our normal way of life can no longer be taken for grante

4091 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Journals, Peer Reviewers Cope with Surge in COVID-19 Publications ….. ….. Coronavirus experts are swamped with reading submissions, and doing so as quickly as possible.

4090 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus could be the driving force for positive change ….. ….. Coronavirus could be the driving force for future change for good with two of the largest issues facing the world today. 1) We know with automation coming we're potentially in for massive job losses. This could be the start of truly universal credit, where everybody gets a stipend that enables them to live regardless of work. This would never happen without a need . 2) With climate change issues

4089 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus shows the value of Japan Inc's cash piles ….. ….. Companies have been hit hard but should use rainy day funds to reward shareholders post-crisis

4088 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: Cambridge scientists race for a vaccine ….. ….. Cambridge scientists say they are working "as hard and as fast as we possibly can" to find a vaccine.

4087 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus fears hit UK property market as viewings dry up ….. ….. Buyers and sellers worry about risk of infection, say agents

4086 ….. 2020marts17 ….. You Can Get up Close to This Coronavirus—It's Made of Glass ….. ….. But maybe not *too* close. Luke Jerram's glass statues won't make you sick, but they could still take your eye out.

4085 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus compels companies to embrace remote working ….. ….. Business practices undergo seismic change with flexible policies becoming standard

4084 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How COVID-19 Is Like Climate Change ….. ….. Both are existential challenges—and a president who belittles and neglects science has made them both tougher to address — Read more on

4083 ….. 2020marts17 ….. How COVID-19 Is Like Climate Change ….. ….. Both are existential challenges—and a president who belittles and neglects science has made them both tougher to address — Read more on

4082 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Can blood serum from COVID-19 survivors save others? ….. ….. Blood serum could offer a way to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, according to proposal on plasma therapy. With a vaccine for COVID-19 still a long way away, immunologist Arturo Casadevall is working to revive a century-old blood-derived treatment. With the right pieces in place, the treatment could be set up at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore within a matter of weeks, Casa

4081 ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Coronavirus Is Testing European Social Democracy ….. ….. At noon today, as France slipped into confinement, I looked down from my balcony at the street below. A few people were riding bikes or walking. At the tobacconist next to the closed café, a woman was wiping down the door frame. The street is normally busy, and all of a sudden it wasn't. For the next two weeks, and likely longer, we cannot go out except for urgent reasons: food, medicine, or esse

4080 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why fake news about coronavirus is appealing (and how to avoid it) ….. ….. As people increasingly social distance themselves to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, social media is an appealing way to stay in contact with friends, family and colleagues. But it can also be a source of misinformation and bad advice—some of it even dangerously wrong.

4079 ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19 event cancellations: Communication is key to retaining public trust ….. ….. Around the world, festivals, sporting events, conferences and community celebrations are being cancelled or postponed due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Event organizers have had to make difficult decisions about how to proceed, and would-be attendees question whether they should plan to go.

4078 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Italy will be Europe's canary in the coalmine for the post-Covid economy | Marchel Alexandrovich ….. ….. All eyes will be on the southern European state to see if the ECB's measures will prevent a health emergency becoming an economic one If there were any doubts as to how seriously European officials are treating the Covid-19 emergency, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte 's reference to this being his country's "darkest hour" should help dispel them. Italy is the European country currently m

4077 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: why the UK stepped up its emergency response ….. ….. Alarming new evidence led to rapid rethink but critics ask if it goes far enough

4076 ….. 2020marts17 ….. New Evidence Shows How COVID-19 Has Affected Global Air Pollution ….. ….. A tiny silver lining?

4075 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19 reveals the alarming truth that many children can't wash their hands at school | Laura McInerney ….. ….. A survey found that 37% of teachers said they did not have hot water and soap available for pupils Global crises often bring surprises for schools. The first world war flagged up the high number of young soldiers who couldn't read or write. In the second world war, middle-class country families despaired when evacuated children showed up malnourished and riven with lice. In the aftermath of both,

4074 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus cases have dropped sharply in South Korea. What's the secret to its success? ….. ….. A scary brush with Middle East respiratory syndrome led the country to set up the world's most expansive testing program for COVID-19

4073 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump Seems to Be Missing His Old Scandals ….. ….. "So now it is reported," tweeted President Donald Trump Sunday afternoon, "that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has 'lost' the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!" The president's tweet came as the coronavirus was running riot ac

4072 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus latest: France promises €45bn economic aid package ….. ….. [no content]

4071 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why More Coronavirus Testing Is One of The Most Important Actions Right Now, According to WHO ….. ….. "Test, test, test, every suspected case."

4070 ….. 2020marts17 ….. Social Media Giants Should Pay Up for Allowing Misinformation ….. ….. Facebook, YouTube, et al. should pay into a $10 billion public trust that funds the institutions they've undermined: journalism, fact-checking, and media literacy.

4069 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Disease experts call for nationwide closure of U.S. schools and businesses to slow coronavirus ….. ….. Letter signed by scores of scientists and physicians urges tougher enforcement of social distancing measures

4068 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus concerns force Arctic mission to cancel research flights ….. ….. Research flights supporting ice-locked ship canceled after Svalbard closes its borders

4067 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Updated: Labs go quiet as researchers brace for long-term coronavirus disruptions ….. ….. Fear of spreading COVID-19 puts studies on hold

4066 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 'A ticking time bomb': Scientists worry about coronavirus spread in Africa ….. ….. South Africa declares "state of disaster" after virus is found to spread locally and cases rise to 61

4065 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Will Vodka Work? What You Need to Know About Using Hand Sanitiser Against Coronavirus ….. ….. Be careful with DIY options.

4064 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Will COVID 19 accelerate the rate of investment and application of automation for companies worldwide? ….. ….. This seems like it may accelerate interest in automating more work faster so there is less risk of any biological agent interfering with global corporations. submitted by /u/TL127R [link] [comments]

4063 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Why COVID-19 is hitting us now — and how to prepare for the next outbreak | Alanna Shaikh ….. ….. Where did the new coronavirus originate, how did it spread so fast — and what's next? Sharing insights from the outbreak, global health expert and TED Fellow Alanna Shaikh traces the spread of COVID-19, discusses why travel restrictions aren't effective and highlights the medical changes needed worldwide to prepare for the next pandemic. "We need to make sure that every country in the world has t

4062 ….. 2020marts16 ….. WHO expert: We need more testing to beat coronavirus ….. ….. The WHO's assistant director general Bruce Aylward says effective quarantine is essential for tackling the coronavirus, but this cannot happen without extensive testing for covid-19.

4061 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Which Species Transmit COVID-19 to Humans? We're Still Not Sure. ….. ….. Preliminary modeling studies provide a shortlist of potential coronavirus intermediate host species.

4060 ….. 2020marts16 ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? ….. ….. Human trials will begin in April – but even if they go well, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes have

4059 ….. 2020marts16 ….. What If You Can't Avoid the Hospital as Covid-19 Spreads? ….. ….. Even during a pandemic, people still need to deliver babies and get medical care. With little guidance, they face difficult choices.

4058 ….. 2020marts16 ….. What if Two COVID-19 Victims Need Ventilators and Just One Is Available? ….. ….. Health care providers need a well-organized response grounded in science and ethics as the U.S. responds to the pandemic — Read more on

4057 ….. 2020marts16 ….. What If Andrew Yang Was Right? ….. ….. As the U.S. is scrambling to deal with the forced shuttering of restaurants, bars, theaters, and other businesses, even some fiscally conservative Republicans agree that giving money directly to people might be the best response. Today, Senator Mitt Romney proposed sending every U.S. adult a $1,000 check to help with short-term obligations—rent, groceries, whatever it may be. The idea sounded fam

4056 ….. 2020marts16 ….. We have to respect the coronavirus – and learn as the disease evolves ….. ….. China, South Korea, Singapore and Canada show just how important testing and quarantine are for tackling the coronavirus, says the WHO's Bruce Aylward

4055 ….. 2020marts16 ….. We doctors are scared of the coronavirus crisis. How could we not be? | Anonymous ….. ….. I'm an NHS consultant and I take heart from the calmness and courage my staff are showing, despite the creeping fear Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage I had the strangest sensation this week. A creeping, prickling, lurching fear. Sitting at my desk, I had logged into our imaging system and opened the scan of the patient I'd been asked to review. He had come in with fev

4054 ….. 2020marts16 ….. We are ready': inside the Paris hospitals bracing for coronavirus ….. ….. Covid-19 cases are doubling every three days in France and the capital is preparing for the worst Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage With the number of cases of Covid-19 doubling every three days in France, the capital is preparing for the worst. In the northern sector of Paris, all 26 beds in the intensive care unit of the Bichat-Claude Bernard hospital are full, and t

4053 ….. 2020marts16 ….. US workers brace as coronavirus ripples through real economy ….. ….. Service industries that have driven jobs growth look among the most vulnerable

4052 ….. 2020marts16 ….. US Just Started The First Human Trial of a Vaccine For The New Coronavirus ….. ….. It uses messenger RNA.


4051 ….. 2020marts16 ….. US airlines call for $50bn in aid to survive crisis ….. ….. Carriers could run out of money by end of the year because of coronavirus outbreak

4050 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Universal Music chief hospitalised after contracting coronavirus ….. ….. Lucian Grainge, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday, is expected to recover

4049 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Understanding our interconnected world and COVID-19 ….. ….. In his pathbreaking 1971 book, Barry Commoner outlined his enduring and succinct four laws of ecology: (1) Everything is connected to everything else; (2) Everything must go somewhere; (3) Nature knows best, and (4) There is no such thing as a free lunch. I suppose I always suspected that nature might know best and we should not trust technology. Nevertheless, half a century later I'm afraid it's

4048 ….. 2020marts16 ….. UK to discuss help for aviation industry hit by coronavirus ….. ….. Transport secretary weighs support for airlines and rail operators as passenger numbers drop

4047 ….. 2020marts16 ….. UK must tailor coronavirus action to restore faith ….. ….. Britain has less margin for error because it is zigging to everyone else's zag

4046 ….. 2020marts16 ….. UK government response to coronavirus 'led by science' – Grant Shapps ….. ….. Further measures to limit spread may emerge after Cobra meeting, says transport secretary Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Grant Shapps, the UK transport secretary, has rejected criticism the government is being too slow to introduce measures limiting the spread of coronavirus, saying ministers are rigorously following scientific advice rather than "doing things that

4045 ….. 2020marts16 ….. U.N. Unveils New Rules for Aviation Carbon Offsets ….. ….. The new climate rules come as the airline industry is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic — Read more on

4044 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Trump's attempt to buy a coronavirus vaccine shows why big pharma needs to change | Diarmaid McDonald ….. ….. The president's shameless bid highlights the need for a drugs industry that prioritises the public interest over profit See all our coronavirus coverage Pandemics don't destroy societies, but they do expose their weaknesses. As the historian of medicine Frank Snowden recently told the New Yorker : "Epidemic diseases are not random events that afflict societies capriciously and without warning … o

4043 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Trump's Reasonable—And Yet Still Worrisome—Emergency Declaration ….. ….. When President Donald Trump issued emergency declarations in response to the coronavirus pandemic on Friday, many Americans didn't know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or to call the American Civil Liberties Union. Trump's negligence in addressing the growing crisis had been galling to watch. But when a president with autocratic tendencies invokes emergency powers, red flags start to wave. Sh

4042 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Tired of The Coronavirus? Here Are 10 Good News Stories You Need Right Now ….. ….. These have nothing to do with the pandemic.

4041 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Tidligere SSI-direktør: Coronavaccine kunne ikke have været produceret herhjemme ….. ….. PLUS. Da statens vaccineproduktion blev solgt, frygtede nogle for forsyningssikkerhed. Men det er ikke relevant i en corona-kontekst, ifølge Nils Strandberg Pedersen.

4040 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The US Box Office Just Had Its Worst Weekend in 20 Years ….. ….. As more Americans begin to stay at home in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19, movie theaters are taking a hit.

4039 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The UK is scrambling to correct its coronavirus strategy ….. ….. [no content]


4038 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The U.K.'s Coronavirus 'Herd Immunity' Debacle ….. ….. Updated at 1:13 p.m. ET on March 16, 2020. There was a time when it seemed possible for the world to contain COVID-19—the disease caused by the new coronavirus. That time is over. What began as an outbreak in China has become a pandemic, and as a growing number of countries struggle to control the virus, talk of "flattening the curve" is increasing. That is, a lot of people are going to get sick,

4037 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Real Lesson of the College Closures ….. ….. When some college students first got the news that their school was canceling in-person classes due to the coronavirus outbreak, they broke out into spontaneous dining-hall dance parties , joked about nabbing dirt-cheap flights to Italy , and plotted elaborate pranks to dupe their professors over video chat. But for plenty of low-income of students, the deluge of colleges that have shut their doo

4036 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Problem of the Pandemic Movie ….. ….. Over the weekend, images spread around social media : people crowded together at brunch, drinking mimosas in oblivious or defiant revelry. People packed into bars, for standard weekend celebrations or Saint Patrick's Day parties. Whether the individuals in the pictures didn't know about the grave dangers they were posing by gathering—dangers not necessarily to themselves, but to other people —or

4035 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Misinformation About Coronavirus Coming From the White House Must Cease ….. ….. Public Domain: NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), U.S. NIH On Friday, President Trump declared an emergency over the outbreak of Covid-19 sweeping across the United States and the world. One of the major points of his speech was to emphasize that the United States government is working with major corporations to quickly deploy testing capabilities across the United States. To that end, Trum

4034 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Invisible Man, Emma and other movies to stream early as cinemas close ….. ….. Universal films including The Hunt will shift to on-demand this week as chains shutter to prevent spread of coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As Covid-19 continues to gut the entertainment industry, shutting down theaters across the world to prevent community transmission of the virus, Universal Pictures announced that three theatrical releases – The Invisi

4033 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Guardian view on the latest Covid-19 steps: a recipe for isolation | Editorial ….. ….. The prime minister has given people clear instructions to avoid each other. But big questions about the strategy and its impact remain unanswered The new week that is now under way will be like no other. Europe is officially the centre of the global coronavirus pandemic . Last weekend saw the imposition of drastic new measures by governments across the continent, with schools, museums, businesses

4032 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Great British deference is dangerous in this time of crisis | Nesrine Malik ….. ….. To question Boris Johnson's coronavirus plan is not 'politicisation'; with lives at stake, it's right to ask for evidence • All our coronavirus coverage There is an odd piousness that infects the public and the media during times of national crisis. Overnight, our leaders are imbued with qualities they previously did not possess; in Boris Johnson's case, with qualities he is notorious for not pos

4031 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The government is sending mixed messages. Johnson's coronavirus briefings may make things worse | Simon Jenkins ….. ….. After a weekend in which Matt Hancock distanced himself from 'herd immunity', public confidence urgently needs to be restored See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson is to hold a daily press conference on coronavirus. If ever an accident was waiting to happen, this is it. Downing Street hopes to put a stop to days of scientists and ministers falling out over how the crisis should be handle

4030 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Democratic Nominee Won Last Night's Debate ….. ….. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders convened yesterday for the most somber debate of the 2020 primary, appearing in a quiet television studio rather than a rowdy auditorium and refraining from the customary handshake in nods to the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing it necessitates. The rivals agreed that President Donald Trump has performed poorly during this global crisis, that he ought to

4029 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Coronavirus Debate ….. ….. A bout 30 minutes into tonight's Democratic debate, former Vice President Joe Biden made an assertion that summed up the entire marathon primary season. "People are looking for results, not a revolution," Biden said. He was arguing against the Medicare for All plan that has dominated so many previous Democratic debates, a policy proposal that represented the central dividing line among the many c

4028 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The big question over coronavirus – can a person get it twice? ….. ….. Definitive answer not yet known, but experts say reinfection seems unlikely Coronavirus – latest updates Follow all our coronavirus coverage here One of the most concerning issues since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus has been whether those who have had it can get it a second time – and what that means for immunity. On Monday, both Sir Patrick Vallance, the government's chief scientific advis

4027 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: Remember the Election? ….. ….. It's Monday, March 16. In today's newsletter: The governor of Ohio recommended this evening that the state postpone Tuesday's primary voting until June. In the rest of today's newsletter: The winner of last night's presidential debate? The coronavirus. Plus: The sisters stuck in refugee limbo. * « TODAY IN POLITICS » (EVAN VUCCI / AP ) Remember the election? The coronavirus pandemic changed every

4026 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The army is our friend' against coronavirus in remote communities, Aboriginal health group says ….. ….. Peak Indigenous body calls for urgent response to protect at-risk communities Australia's peak Aboriginal health group, representing hundreds of health care services, wants state and territory governments to make urgent arrangements to protect Aboriginal people in remote areas who are highly vulnerable to Covid-19. The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (Naccho) said gov

4025 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Techtopia #145: Pas dit arbejde og gå til konference hjemmefra ….. ….. 30.000 deltagere var forventet til it-festivalen Collision i Toronto i juni. Men Corona kom i vejen. I stedet for at aflyse afvikles festivalen i en digital udgave i konferencens app.

4024 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Stealth transmission' fuels fast spread of coronavirus outbreak ….. ….. Undetected cases, many of which were likely not severely symptomatic, were largely responsible for the rapid spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, according to new research by scientists at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. The findings based on a computer model of the outbreak are published online in the journal Science.

4023 ….. 2020marts16 ….. SSI vil vide hvor mange som har corona: Hostende danskere skal teste sig selv ….. ….. Fra næste uge vil udvalgte læger sandsynligvis få mulighed for at teste syge danskere med luftvejsinfektioner, som ikke kræver indlæggelse.

4022 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Spanish Police Using Drones to Yell at People Breaking Quarantine ….. ….. In response to a sudden increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19, police in Spain are using drones to patrol towns and urge people to stay indoors. The country issued a state of emergency on Friday, and on Saturday the government ordered everyone in the country to stay home for all but the most crucial trips outdoors, according to Business Insider . And now, like in China earlier this year , Spani

4021 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Scientists Discover 139 New "Minor Planets" in Our Solar System ….. ….. While the coronavirus outbreak is dominating the global news cycle, a team of astronomers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered 139 minor planets — too small to be a proper a planet, but not a comet or space rock either — orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune, as detailed in a paper published in the Astrophysical Journal last week. The so-called "trans-Neptunian Objects" (TNOs), the most fa

4020 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Say Goodbye to Movie Theaters ….. ….. Updated at 2:52 p.m. ET on March 16, 2020. When MGM delayed the release of the next James Bond movie, No Time to Die , on March 4, it was a decision made in the face of economic realities. Because of the spread of the coronavirus, movie theaters were closed all across China, and there were growing concerns that large gatherings in mainland Europe would soon need to be limited. But no other studio

4019 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Sanofi urges Europe to add vaccine manufacturing capacity ….. ….. French drugmaker says coronavirus has put national sovereignty of healthcare 'sharply into focus'

4018 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Sanofi and Regeneron trial arthritis drug as coronavirus treatment ….. ….. Groups join effort to repurpose existing remedies in fight against global pandemic

4017 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Rio Tinto slows expansion of Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in Mongolia ….. ….. Restrictions resulting from coronavirus hamper access for specialist contractors

4016 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Report: Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) Could Worsen Coronavirus Symptoms ….. ….. A startling report emerged over the weekend from the French Ministry of Health: The use of ibuprofen (the active ingredient in Advil and other anti-inflammatory drugs) could potentially aggravate symptoms of the coronavirus currently sweeping the globe. The French Health Minister, Olivier Véran, Tweeted the claim Saturday morning: #COVIDー19 | La prise d'anti-inflammatoires (ibuprofène, cortisone,

4015 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Quarantined Italians Are Singing, Playing Music on Balconies ….. ….. Right now, Italy is facing the most severe outbreak of COVID-19 outside of mainland China — and video shows that the populace is going to unusual lengths to keep itself entertained while in quarantine. The entire country is currently under lockdown , with thousands of casualties and tens of thousands infected. So residents of a number of Italian cities have taken to keeping each other amused by h

4014 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Possible Biological Explanations for Kids' Escape from COVID-19 ….. ….. Infected children may harbor SARS-CoV-2 while showing less-severe symptoms than adults. Their young immune systems, ACE2 receptor levels, and even exposure to other coronaviruses might play a role in their resilience.

4013 ….. 2020marts16 ….. PM finally defers to experts as he deflects tricky Covid questions ….. ….. 'No edicts, please, we're British,' is the message as Boris Johnson tries to convince in newly serious role Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage This was a critical moment for Boris Johnson. He went into Monday's Downing Street press conference – set to be a daily occurrence from now on – with a question mark hovering over his ability to lead the country through a crisis.

4012 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Photos: Life in the Coronavirus Era ….. ….. In an all-out effort to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, health and government officials worldwide have mandated travel restrictions, closed schools and businesses, and set limits on public gatherings. People have also been urged to practice social distancing in public spaces, and to isolate themselves at home as much as possible. This rapid and widespread shift in rules and behavior has l

4011 ….. 2020marts16 ….. People won't get 'tired' of social distancing – the government is wrong to suggest otherwise | Nick Chater ….. ….. If people really need to stay home, they can do for months. The government's approach to coronavirus is one big gamble Nick Chater was an adviser to the government's 'nudge unit' See all our coronavirus coverage In times of national crisis, governments need to act, advise and inform. But they also need to tell stories that allow us, as citizens, to understand government policy and, crucially, to

4010 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Pangolin sales plunge in Gabon over coronavirus fears ….. ….. Pangolins were once a prized item in the markets of Gabon's capital Libreville, but bushmeat sellers have started hiding the small, scaly mammals behind boar legs and porcupine carcasses.

4009 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Over 24,000 coronavirus research papers are now available in one place ….. ….. The data set aims to accelerate scientific research that could fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

4008 ….. 2020marts16 ….. On Lockdown in Rome: A Preview of American Life in 11 Days ….. ….. To slow the spread of the coronavirus, Italy has ordered its entire population to stay home. An Italian writer describes living in the surreal new normal that may be coming to the US.

4007 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Nyfödda bebisar smittades inte av coronaviruset ….. ….. Gravida kvinnor som bär på covid-19 tycks vanligen inte föra över sjukdomen på sina bebisar. Det visar två nya kinesiska studier.

4006 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Now Is the Time to Overreact ….. ….. Already, the kids were starting to get a little stir-crazy. Yesterday was the second day my family and I had been cooped up at home. None of us is infected with the coronavirus, as far as we know, nor at greatest risk. But with public-health officials urging all Americans to reduce social contact , we're doing our small part to help lower transmission rates and avoid overcrowding hospitals , for

4005 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Norway's PM moves to allay children's coronavirus fears ….. ….. Erna Solberg reassures the young at a special press conference

4004 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Next-gen supercomputers are fast-tracking treatments for the coronavirus in a race against time ….. ….. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

4003 ….. 2020marts16 ….. New Yorkers and Coronavirus — Support for school closures, while most feel not at risk ….. ….. A new survey released today found that 60% of New York State residents believe their chances of contracting the novel Coronavirus are low or very low. The survey of 1000 New York households, conducted between March 13-15, 2020 and considered accurate within a range of 3%, also found that more than half (55%) of all respondents live in households with one or more members over age 60, the highest ri

4002 ….. 2020marts16 ….. New York to close America's biggest school system ….. ….. Restaurants and bars to be restricted to takeaway as coronavirus cases rises sharply

4001 ….. 2020marts16 ….. New White House Coronavirus Guidelines: 10 People Rule, Other 'Recommendations' ….. ….. At a press conference on Wednesday, the White House issued new "guidelines" and "recommendations" for Americans to follow in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, the ten people rule: Don't gather in groups of more than ten people. The other recommendations include avoiding movie theaters, restaurants, bars, and performance venues, as well as avoiding non-essential travel, and urging

4000 ….. 2020marts16 ….. New vaccines must not be monopolised, G7 tells Donald Trump ….. ….. Statement comes after US was accused of seeking exclusive access to German potential cure Coronavirus – latest news All our coronavirus coverage World leaders at a G7 video summit told Donald Trump that medical firms must share and coordinate research on coronavirus vaccines rather than provide products exclusively to one country. The US president has been accused by German political leaders of t

3999 ….. 2020marts16 ….. New kind of CRISPR technology to target RNA, including RNA viruses like coronavirus ….. ….. Researchers in the lab of Neville Sanjana, PhD, at the New York Genome Center and New York University have developed a new kind of CRISPR screen technology to target RNA. The team leveraged their technology for a critical analysis: The COVID-19 public health emergency is due to a coronavirus, which contains an RNA – not DNA – genome. Their predictions for guide RNAs for a strain of SARS-CoV-2 isol

3998 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Nedlukningen af Wuhan mindskede reproduktionsraten for COVID-19 drastisk ….. ….. Statistisk analyse viser, at mens reproduktionsraten i midten af januar var omkring 2,35, var den ved udgangen af januar kun omkring 1,05.

3997 ….. 2020marts16 ….. NASA Worried Astronauts Could Spread Coronavirus on Space Station ….. ….. NASA is reevaluating its standard pre-launch precautionary measures to ensure that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus doesn't have a chance to spread among its employees — and to stop the deadly virus from reaching orbit, according to . NASA astronauts already go through "health stabilization," a two week quarantine that ensures they are not incubating any illnesses before blasting off into spa

3996 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Mulling the Allure and Peril of State Power Amid Covid-19 ….. ….. China and Italy have invoked broad powers to control millions of people in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19. Whether such measures could — or even should — be used in the U.S. is a matter of debate, with civil liberties advocates and even public health officials suggesting there are better ways.

3995 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Most airlines face bankruptcy by end of May, industry body warns ….. ….. Carriers call for state support to avoid coronavirus 'catastrophe' as they slash capacity

3994 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Mediejurist om afslag på corona-aktindsigt: Danskerne har ret til at vide besked ….. ….. Region Sjælland har afvist at give Ingeniøren aktindsigt i deres kapacitet til at tage imod COVID-19-patienter. Men afslaget er i strid med både danske og internationale regler og risikerer at skabe mistro, fastslår erfaren mediejurist

3993 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Measuring the psychological impact of a health pandemic on stock markets ….. ….. Stock markets around the world have taken significant and historic levels of damage this week due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 across the world.

3992 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage Globally ….. ….. President Trump recommended strict new guidelines, but they fell short of what experts wanted to curb the spread of the virus. France and the San Francisco Bay Area are ordering residents to stay in their homes as much as possible.

3991 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Keeping coronavirus numbers straight: JAMA sounds an alarm ….. ….. As Retraction Watch readers know, reporting on the same data more than once — without notifying editors and readers — is bad for the scientific record and can lead to a retraction. Apparently, in the rush to publish findings about the coronavirus pandemic, some researchers are doing just that. According to an editorial in JAMA … Continue reading

3990 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Johnson's dilemma over EU coronavirus help ….. ….. The pandemic causes an awkward problem: can the UK reach out to Brussels?

3989 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Johns Hopkins Experts Are Trying a Clever Antibody Method From The 1890s on COVID-19 ….. ….. "It could be deployed within a couple of weeks."

3988 ….. 2020marts16 ….. It's not just people with symptoms who can spread COVID-19 ….. ….. The time between cases in a chain of transmission of COVID-19 is less than a week, new research shows. More than 10% of patients become infected from somebody who has the virus but does not yet have symptoms, the study also shows. In the paper that will appear in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases , researchers calculated what's called the serial interval of the virus. To measure serial int

3987 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Israeli govermernt to start tracking citizens phones, in order to find out who were near a tested CoVID-19 patient in public and notify them ….. ….. submitted by /u/Guy24Levy [link] [comments]

3986 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Investors call for Fed help in 'frozen' commercial paper market ….. ….. Short-term funding system used by companies comes under strain from coronavirus

3985 ….. 2020marts16 ….. India Shows That Developing a Coronavirus Treatment Isn't Enough ….. ….. MUMBAI—Debshree Lokhande recalls trying everything to get rid of her cough, including syrups, lozenges, tablets, and Ayurvedic remedies. She had just moved to a new city and started her first job, fresh out of university. But within days, she said she was vomiting up "bowlfuls" of blood, her weight was falling sharply, and she was experiencing night sweats. A chest X-ray soon revealed that she ha

3984 ….. 2020marts16 ….. In Afghanistan, Coronavirus Complicates War and Peace ….. ….. Neighboring Iran, badly hit by the virus, continues to allow thousands of people to cross into Afghanistan daily despite requests to close the border.

3983 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Idris Elba Says He Tested Positive for the Coronavirus ….. ….. Golden Globe-winning actor Idris Elba announced on Twitter this afternoon that he has tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19. This morning I tested positive for Covid 19. I feel ok, I have no symptoms so far but have been isolated since I found out about my possible exposure to the virus. Stay home people and be pragmatic. I will keep you updated on how

3982 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Hudlæge på Aarhus Universitetshospital erklæret rask for corona ….. ….. En hel afdeling Aarhus Universitetshospital har i 14 dage været lagt ned på grund af coronakarantæne til næsten alle afdelingens læger. I dag er alle tilbage på arbejde.

3981 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How to optimize online learning in the age of coronavirus ….. ….. Due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) there will be increasing reliance on online learning for school students. From my perspective as an educational psychologist, I propose five key considerations for educators to take into account when supporting students' online learning.

3980 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How to Entertain Your Young Children During Quarantine (2020): iPod Touch, Lego, Podcasts ….. ….. In many places, schools and daycares are closed. Here are some tips on how to entertain your little ones, and on how to talk to them about Covid-19.

3979 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How Parents Can Keep Kids Busy (and Learning) in Quarantine ….. ….. Yesterday evening, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that, due to concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus, New York City's 1,800 public schools would be closed for more than a month starting today . And in the next breath, he made an announcement that put many a parent in New York City—where many workplaces have already closed or gone fully remote—into a real pickle: Remote

3978 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How might the world look back on the coronavirus pandemic in years to come, will it be remembered as one of the major world events like 9/11? ….. ….. As the first pandemic of the modern world, its impact is much different to anything seen before, even Spanish flu. Will it constitute a lot of social change seeing that many of us will have our own personal experiences in the months to come. I've heard people say there might be a baby boom in the locked down countries in nine months and that it may thought of similarly to the Blitz. submitted by

3977 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How China's "Bat Woman" Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus: "Wuhan-based virologist Shi Zhengli has identified dozens of deadly SARS-like viruses in bat caves, and she warns there are more out there." ….. ….. submitted by /u/-AMARYANA- [link] [comments]

3976 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How can we control the coronavirus pandemic? | Adam Kucharski ….. ….. As the threat of COVID-19 continues, infectious disease expert Adam Kucharski answers five key questions about the novel coronavirus, providing necessary perspective on its transmission, how governments have responded and what might need to change about our social behavior to end the pandemic. (This video is excerpted from a 70-minute interview between Kucharski and head of TED Chris Anderson. Lis

3975 ….. 2020marts16 ….. How bad can coronavirus get in the US? We're about to find out. ….. ….. The key question right now is how similar the US will be to Italy.

3974 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Hovedpinepiller i restordre i Sverige ….. ….. Coronaudbruddet har ledt til øget efterspørgsel på medicin, og nu er hovedpinepiller i restordre i Sverige.

3973 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Health experts criticise NHS advice to take ibuprofen for Covid-19 ….. ….. Comments come after French authorities say such drugs could aggravate condition Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Experts have criticised NHS advice that people self-isolating with Covid-19 should take ibuprofen, saying there is plausible evidence this could aggravate the condition. The comments came after French authorities warned against taking widely used over the c

3972 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Google Will Not Save Us From Coronavirus ….. ….. President Trump is acting like the search giant will be a deus ex machina for public health. He's out of his mind.

3971 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Google Will Make a Coronavirus Site—but Not Like Trump Said ….. ….. Google and the White House are working together now, but they're still not describing the same website.

3970 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Germany tries to stop U.S. from luring away firm seeking coronavirus vaccine ….. ….. submitted by /u/mynameisalex1 [link] [comments]

3969 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Frivillig corona-læge: Selvfølgelig står jeg klar ….. ….. Gitte Hedermann Christensen er klar til at gå fra ph.d-skrivebordet til at hjælpe et coronapresset sundhedsvæsen. Næsten 2500 frivillige har meldt sig alene i Region Hovedstaden.

3968 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Fly holder stille, og kinesiske fabrikker ligger øde hen: Men er coronavirus egentlig godt for klimaet? ….. ….. Klimaeffekten er kun god på den korte bane, vurderer danske forskere.

3967 ….. 2020marts16 ….. First participant in US coronavirus vaccine trial to be given dose ….. ….. Human trial of vaccine created by Moderna and the National Institutes of Health to begin in Seattle Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first participant in a clinical trial for a vaccine against Covid-19 will receive an experimental dose on Monday, according to a US government official. The trial, taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Inst

3966 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Fed howitzer is insufficient, but necessary ….. ….. US central bank has unleashed a powerful package to tackle the coronavirus fallout

3965 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Fed cuts to zero, airport pinch, hand sanitiser M&A ….. ….. Fed introduced a set of sweeping measures to head off a global downturn cause by coronavirus

3964 ….. 2020marts16 ….. FDA Approves the First Commercial Coronavirus Tests in the US ….. ….. Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche and medical-device maker Thermo Fisher collectively have nearly 2 million tests available, with more to come.

3963 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Family of Manchester coronavirus victim pay tribute to 'gracious gentleman' ….. ….. Darrell Blakeley's family ask for acts of kindness in his memory amid rise in 'mutual aid' volunteer groups Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The family of a talented 88-year-old church choir singer who died after catching coronavirus have appealed for acts of kindness to be carried out in his memory. Darrell Blakeley, who died on Friday evening at a Manchester hospita

3962 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Experts stress radiology preparedness for COVID-19 ….. ….. Today, the journal Radiology published the policies and recommendations of a panel of experts on radiology preparedness during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health crisis. The article outlines priorities for handling COVID-19 cases and suggests strategies that radiology departments can implement to contain further infection spread and protect hospital staff and other patients.

3961 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Expect oil to rebound but with a low ceiling ….. ….. Coronavirus has caused economic damage but not changed the market fundamentals

3960 ….. 2020marts16 ….. ExoMars Mission Pushed Back to 2022 Due to COVID-19 Delays ….. ….. ESA Exomars robot The ExoMars program, a joint effort between the European Space Agency (ESA) and Russia's Roscosmos, has had its fair share of setbacks. One of the primary components of its first mission failed to deploy on Mars, and now the second phase has been pushed back. According to ESA director general Jan Woerner, testing on the Rosalind Franklin rover won't be complete in time for the s

3959 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Ex-BoE policymakers warn of coronavirus shock to UK economy ….. ….. Economists expect disruptions to lead to recession in first half of the year

3958 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Everything You Need to Know About Coronavirus Testing ….. ….. How it works, why we need it, and why it's taking so damn long for the US to get people diagnosed.

3957 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Everything you need to know about cleaning public surfaces in a pandemic ….. ….. You definitely don't need to carry signs like these around with you. (Oliver Hale/Unsplash/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . In these dark and confusing times, hygiene is undergoing something of a renaissance. Since COVID-19 made landfall in the U.S. this January, disinfecting sprays and w

3956 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Employers need to give paid sick days to fight COVID-19 ….. ….. We frequently hear advice that workers should stay home when they don't feel well, but there are a lot of reasons why that option isn't realistic or feasible for many workers.

3955 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Economic uncertainty abounds as effects of the coronavirus escalate ….. ….. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our daily lives in unprecedented and unexpected ways. Beyond the fear of exposure to the novel coronavirus, employers have to figure out how to keep their employees safe while staying in business. At the same time, the workforce is adjusting to doing its job off-site. Teachers have to develop plans to conduct their classes virtually, and students have to adjust to

3954 ….. 2020marts16 ….. E3 2020 Is Canceled Due to Coronavirus ….. ….. Also, 'Pokémon Go' has changed its mechanics so you don't have to leave the house to play.

3953 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Dual therapy reduces risk for bleeding better than triple therapy for patients with atrial fibrillation ….. ….. Use of dual therapy with a direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) plus P2Y12 inhibitor was associated with reduced risk for major bleeding compared with triple therapy with a vitamin K antagonist (VKA) plus aspirin and P2Y12 inhibitor for patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Findings from a systematic review and meta-analysis are published in Anna

3952 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Don't wait for disease. Strengthen your immune system now. ….. ….. The focus on stopping the immediate spread of the coronavirus should remind us about the importance of always maintaining a healthy immune system. The most at-risk population are those with immunodeficiencies and respiratory problems. Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and not smoking keep your immune system strong. Wash your hands. Don't touch your face. Maintain

3951 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Don't rush to deploy COVID-19 vaccines and drugs without sufficient safety guarantees ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 16 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00751-9 We must urgently develop measures to tackle the new coronavirus — but safety always comes first, says Shibo Jiang.

3950 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Do you have a scientific question about Covid-19? ….. ….. The Guardian's Science Weekly podcast is exploring the knowns and unknowns of the coronavirus outbreak with scientists at the frontline As the coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold, many of us have been left with burning questions. To address some of these, hosts Ian Sample, Hannah Devlin, and Nicola Davis, as well as health editor Sarah Boseley, will take turns in bringing a question – some s

3949 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Debenhams asks landlords for five-month rent holiday ….. ….. Department store group cites likely impact of coronavirus on trading

3948 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Daily briefing: The evidence is in — Alcoholics Anonymous works ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 16 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00788-w Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most effective methods for people who want to give up drinking, finds a systematic review. Plus: All the Dead Sea Scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible are fakes and how scientists map the hidden spread of COVID-19.

3947 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Cyber criminals exploit coronavirus disruption ….. ….. UK security officials warn of increase in malware attacks linked to virus

3946 ….. 2020marts16 ….. COVID-19 update: What you need to know now that it's officially a pandemic ….. ….. On March 11, the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 to be a pandemic. The causative virus, SARS-CoV-2 is spreading through the population. What can be done? Social distancing is the only hope of slowing down spread of the disease.

3945 ….. 2020marts16 ….. COVID-19 'should not necessarily foreshadow an economic downturn' ….. ….. Market hysteria over coronavirus may have seen hundreds of points wiped off indexes around the world this week, but Oxford University experts maintain the COVID-19 crisis should not necessarily foreshadow an economic downturn.

3944 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus-infected patients needing emergency surgery: Anesthesia standards ….. ….. Physicians describe the standardized procedure of surgical anesthesia for patients with COVID-19 infection requiring emergency surgery to minimize the risk of virus spread and reduce lung injury in a Letter to the Editor published in Surgical Infections, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers.

3943 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: What we know so far about risks to pregnancy and babies ….. …..

3942 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: US volunteers to test first vaccine ….. ….. A group of 45 healthy, young volunteers in Seattle will be given the experimental jab.

3941 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: UK warning that 8m may need hospitalisation leaked ….. ….. Public Health England expects 4 out of 5 Britons to become infected in worst-case scenario

3940 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: UK theatres announce cancellations ….. ….. Old Vic closes Beckett revival starring Daniel Radcliffe two weeks early Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Old Vic and a number of other theatres in London have suspended productions because of the coronavirus. Endgame , the Old Vic's major Beckett revival starring Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Cumming, has closed two weeks early. Continue reading…

3939 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: Seven Ways Collective Intelligence Is Tackling the Pandemic ….. ….. submitted by /u/dwaxe [link] [comments]

3938 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: People in the UK must avoid unnecessary social contact ….. ….. The UK dramatically ramped up its response to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak today, with prime minister Boris Johnson calling on the country to stop all non-essential contact with other people

3937 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: Nitrogen dioxide emissions drop over Italy ….. ….. New data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite reveal the decline of air pollution, specifically nitrogen dioxide emissions, over Italy. This reduction is particularly visible in northern Italy which coincides with its nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

3936 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: Latest news about the covid-19 pandemic ….. ….. The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19

3935 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal ….. ….. MPs and ministers criticise display of 'self-interest' and accuse US president of electioneering Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US president Donald Trump offered a German medical company "large sums of money" for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine. "Germany is not for sale," economy minister Peter Altmaier

3934 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus UK cases: find out how many are in your area ….. ….. Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported near you. Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not included in these counts. Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How

3933 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus tests being rushed to Australia can deliver results within three hours ….. ….. Australia has faced pressure on its ability to test for Covid-19 due to 'unprecedented' demand on laboratories One of the world's biggest suppliers of coronavirus tests is about to rush new equipment onto the Australian market that can deliver results within three hours. Australia, like many nations across the globe, is facing some pressure on its ability to test for coronavirus due to what healt

3932 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? ….. ….. What are the symptoms caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has come from animals. Continue reading…

3931 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus strategy tests UK's reputation for science ….. ….. The instinct to shut society down, as China did with Wuhan, is not cost-free to public health

3930 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus spreads quickly and sometimes before people have symptoms, study finds ….. ….. Infectious disease researchers studying the novel coronavirus were able to identify how quickly the virus can spread, a factor that may help public health officials in their efforts at containment. They found that time between cases in a chain of transmission is less than a week and that more than 10 percent of patients are infected by somebody who has the virus but does not yet have symptoms.

3929 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus spreading fastest in UK in London ….. ….. Latest details of the spread of Covid-19 in the UK capital, the government's response, and its impact on families and businesses Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus is spreading faster in London than any other part of the country. What do we know about the spread, why it is faster, and what is the government's advice? Continue reading…

3928 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus map: how Covid-19 is spreading across the world ….. ….. Confirmed cases of Covid-19 have spanned the globe, and now exceed 170,000. Travel bans and closed borders have been put in place in an attempt to curtail the spread The coronavirus outbreak began in late 2019 in Wuhan , a city of more than 11 million people and the capital of Hubei province in China. Continue reading…

3927 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state ….. ….. Coronavirus – live updates See all our coronavirus coverage An expert guide to social distancing The number of cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) continues to grow in the US. Vice-president Mike Pence, the US vice-president, is overseeing the US response to coronavirus. So far, 80% of patients experience a mild form of the illness, which can include a fever and pneumonia, and many of these cases req

3926 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: World Closes In on Itself as Measures to Slow Virus Intensify ….. ….. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that all gatherings of more than 50 people be banned. European nations seal their borders. And public life is severely curtailed.

3925 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus live updates: US health chiefs advise against events of more than 50 as 100m Europeans locked down ….. ….. New York closes schools; US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to near zero; Deaths jump in Spain, Italy and Iran. Follow the latest news. Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to near zero New York City closes largest US public schools system 100m Europeans on lockdown as countries battle coronavirus Coronavirus latest: at a glance See all of our coronavirus coverage 1.19am GMT The Australian sha

3924 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus latest: Carmaker VW on brink of closing main German plant ….. ….. [no content]

3923 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus Is Hiding in Plain Sight ….. ….. For every known case of coronavirus, another five to 10 cases are out there undetected, a new study suggests.

3922 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus increases pressure on US justice system ….. ….. Court cases postponed while federal and state prisons go into lockdown

3921 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus hits Italy's social model hard ….. ….. Emergency measures isolating elderly are affecting traditionally tight-knit families

3920 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coronavirus deals China's economy a 'bigger blow than global financial crisis' ….. ….. Factory production plummets at the fastest pace seen in three decades, as first-quarter figures emerge Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage China has suffered even deeper economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic than predicted, with figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Monday showing factory production inside the country dropped at the faste

3919 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Corona: Åbenhed og massiv testing har hjulpet Sydkorea ….. ….. Erfaring fra udbrud af MERS i 2015, masser af diagnostiske test og ny teknologi har styrket Sydkoreas indsats mod pandemien COVID-19, der plager det meste af verden. Men det er for tidligt at hvile på laurbærrene, advarer sydkoreanske epidemiologer.

3918 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Coping with COVID-19: Resources for Managing Mental Health ….. ….. Despite coronavirus, Trump keeps shaking hands ( AP Photo/Alex Brandon ) Don't shake hands. Maintain a distance of 6 feet. Don't touch surfaces that could contain respiratory droplets. Don't touch your face. [ It's very hard to not touch your face .] When your leaders fail to follow the most basic guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 , trust and confidence are eroded. Trump coronaviru

3917 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Containing coronavirus: lessons from Asia ….. ….. The effective response in Taiwan and South Korea has been shaped by traumatic memories of Sars

3916 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Closing the Schools Is Not the Only Option ….. ….. As part of a national effort to mitigate the worst effects of the coronavirus, at least 56,000 schools have closed, are scheduled to close, or have closed briefly and then reopened, affecting at least 29.5 million public-school students in the United States. Even more school districts will no doubt close in the near future. But outright suspension of the school year or business as usual is not ne

3915 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Closing markets is not the way to stop the slide ….. ….. Sharp falls in asset prices reflect deep concerns about coronavirus

3914 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine Begins in Seattle ….. ….. The first volunteer will receive a shot of the synthetic RNA vaccine today.

3913 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Cinema audiences drop dramatically as coronavirus restrictions bite ….. ….. Box-office revenue in North America falls to its lowest level in two decades as cinemas adopt social distancing measures • Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations Cinema attendance in the US and around the world slumped dramatically last weekend, as the effects of the coronavirus outbreak began to bite. In North America, box-office revenue dropped to its lowest level in two decade

3912 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Chinese property mogul vanishes after criticising Xi Jinping ….. ….. Ren Zhiqiang called country's leader a clown and condemned his coronavirus response

3911 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Chinese economy suffers record blow from coronavirus ….. ….. Industrial output falls while urban unemployment rises

3910 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Chinese case study suggests COVID-19 is not transmitted from pregnant mothers to newborns ….. ….. A paper in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics reported that four infants born to mothers infected with COVID-19 did not show signs of inheriting the viral disease. Two of the four babies did experience some minor medical complications that doctors could not connect to the coronavirus. This is the second published report out of China that suggests COVID-19 is not transmitted from mother to child.

3909 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Chinese case study finds T-cell counts in COVID-19 patients are reduced significantly, and the the surviving T cells appear functionally exhausted. Point to commercially available anti-IL-6 antibodies as potential therapies. ….. ….. submitted by /u/SirT6 [link] [comments]

3908 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Chinese Billionaire Ships 500,000 Coronavirus Testing Kits to US ….. ….. Chinese billionaire Jack Ma pledged last week to donate half a billion COVID-19 testing kits and one million face masks to the US, Business Insider reports . In an update on Twitter — his first-ever tweet — the Alibaba founder wrote that "the first shipment of masks and coronavirus test kits to the US is taking off from Shanghai. All the best to our friends in America." The first shipment of mask

3907 ….. 2020marts16 ….. China's college graduates hit by jobs downturn amid coronavirus ….. ….. Hirings tumble as competition intensifies with experienced workers joining market

3906 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Canceled matches and growing turmoil: The impact of COVID-19 on the sports industry ….. ….. In recent weeks, sports organizations around the world have been forced to confront the reality that the coronavirus COVID-19 is likely to have a significant impact on the industry—not just in the short term, but also the long term.

3905 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Canada closes borders in bid to arrest spread of coronavirus ….. ….. Justin Trudeau's government shifts course as cases grow and economic fallout spreads

3904 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Business/society: ESG reports are not enough ….. ….. In the face of coronavirus, companies must now adapt and show they can walk the talk

3903 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Brawling Monkeys. Wandering Deer. Blame Coronavirus. ….. ….. At popular tourist stops in Thailand and Japan, some creatures are going hungry because visitors haven't been turning up to feed them.

3902 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Border control measures insufficient to contain spread of COVID-19 ….. ….. Researchers confirm need for additional containment measures.

3901 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Bolsonaro defies coronavirus to rally against Congress ….. ….. Brazilian president criticised for rubbing elbows with crowds while awaiting second virus test results

3900 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Bleach not vinegar: How to clean to kill coronavirus ….. ….. Consider these expert tips for cleaning your home to kill the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (and the pathogens behind other deadly diseases). "Not many scientific studies have asked which are the most effective disinfecting agents to use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, because it was discovered so recently," says Siobain Duffy, associate professor of ecology at Rutgers

3899 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Bank of Japan buys more stocks in effort to calm coronavirus fears ….. ….. Central bank signals willingness to cut rates further into negative territory 'if needed'

3898 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Aversion to risk by R&D managers may hurt US economic prospects ….. ….. While concerns loom over an impending recession caused by the spread of COVID-19, policymakers and business leaders have implemented radical strategies, such as slashing interest rates to invigorate the U.S.'s weakened economy. Research and Development (R&D) has long been key in the nation's economic prospects and according to new research from the University of California San Diego, the country's

3897 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Australian doctors warn coronavirus testing compromised by failure to stockpile key chemical reagent ….. ….. Exclusive: Medical body points to 'very variable stocking' of the critical reagent across different states and territories Doctors are warning that Australia's failure to stockpile a commonly-used chemical reagent needed for coronavirus testing is contributing to shortages in the midst of the current pandemic. The Australian Medical Association has warned a common reagent that is critical in the

3896 ….. 2020marts16 ….. As Pandemic Strikes, Pop Culture Migrates to Streaming Sites ….. ….. As Covid-19 shuts down the cultural events that unite fans, audiences are resorting to their own screens. Welcome to a new age of being alone together.

3895 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Ariana Grande Is a Much-Needed Voice of Reason on Covid-19 ….. ….. The pop star took to Twitter over the weekend to implore her young followers to take the disease seriously.

3894 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Apple slår hårdt ned på coronavirus-apps ….. ….. Apple forbyder fuldstændig spil-apps med coronavirus som tema og tillader kun apps fra en udvalgt gruppe udviklere.

3893 ….. 2020marts16 ….. An Overwhelmed Italian Hospital Is 3D Printing Replacement Parts ….. ….. A hospital in Brescia, Italy, which is near one of the regions hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak, is reportedly turning to 3D-printed replacement parts in order to keep its intensive care unit running. Specifically, the hospital needed extra valves for ventilator devices sooner than its usual supplier could send them, according to 3D Printing Media Network . So on Friday, it called in local

3892 ….. 2020marts16 ….. An expert guide to love and sex during a pandemic ….. ….. How to catch feelings, but not coronavirus. (Pixabay/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . Self-quarantine as a single person or a person who lives far from their significant other can be pretty lonely, especially while other folks spend their work-from-home hours snuggled up with the person t

3891 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Americans urged to scrap gatherings of 50 or more people as states start shutdowns ….. ….. New advice from CDC comes as some states close schools and restaurants and Donald Trump says: 'Relax, we're doing great' Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that gatherings of 50 people or more be cancelled or postponed for the next eight weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic, as officials across the country co

3890 ….. 2020marts16 ….. America's 'lagging miserably' in its response to coronavirus ….. ….. The United States is "lagging miserably" behind other countries in its response to the new coronavirus, according to health policy expert, physician, and historian Mical Raz. "We should be canceling before the outbreak; canceling after is too late." Raz, professor in public policy and health at the University of Rochester, and a board-certified internist at the university's Strong Memorial Hospit

3889 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Amazon says it will hire 100,000 extra staff ….. ….. Ecommerce giant will also raise hourly wages as it tries to keep pace with coronavirus demand

3888 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Air Liquide seeks coronavirus premium for hand sanitiser unit sale ….. ….. French industrials group is asking would-be buyers to make a higher offer for Schülke arm

3887 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Addressing the nation, leaders say one thing. Does their body language say another? ….. ….. When leaders address their constituents, what they say matters as much as how they say it—perhaps even more so when citizens are looking for answers to often life-or-death questions about the COVID-19 pandemic.

3886 ….. 2020marts16 ….. A year without conferences? How the coronavirus pandemic could change research ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 16 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00786-y As scientific meetings are cancelled worldwide, researchers are rethinking how they network — a move that some say is long overdue.

3885 ….. 2020marts16 ….. A Professor of Disasters and Health on Covid-19 – Facts So Romantic ….. ….. It is no mystery why pandemics happen. Those with the knowledge, wisdom, and resources must choose to decide to avoid these disasters that afflict everyone. Photograph by Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock A new virus sweeps the world, closing borders, shutting down arts and sports, and killing thousands of people. Is this coronavirus pandemic, with the disease named Covid-19, simply a natura

3884 ….. 2020marts16 ….. A Frontline Physician Speaks Out on the Coronavirus ….. ….. Daniel Horn is a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where he is helping lead a team charged with planning for the influx of coronavirus patients. His hospital is one of the best in the world, with enviable resources and a world-leading assemblage of talent. Yet Horn has been carrying an acute sense of dread about the coming onslaught that his institution, and others in the are

3883 ….. 2020marts16 ….. A Catastrophe for the Night Economy ….. ….. On Wednesday, it came. Not the coronavirus, which had already arrived, but a different kind of catastrophe. Within 24 hours, my sister, my brother, and many other people I know who work in theater and music had lost their jobs because of COVID-19. My sister Bea, for example, was told that the play she was stage-managing would close a few hours before opening night. My brother Ben, an actor, found

3882 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 5 Space And Astronomy Activities You Can Do From The Safety of Your Home Right Now ….. ….. Not a bad time to be a nerd stuck at home.

3881 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 10 Days Later: What Italians Wish They Had Known ….. ….. When the Italian media began reporting on the increased community spread of the novel coronavirus across the country, Olmo Parenti, like many Italian citizens, didn't take the threat of the pandemic too seriously. "My friends and I were almost mocking the few people who believed the issue was serious from the get-go," Parenti, a young filmmaker, told me. Just days later, Parenti felt like he was

3880 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 'This is a new disease. We have to respect it and learn as it evolves' ….. ….. China, South Korea, Singapore and Canada show just how important testing and quarantine are for tackling the coronavirus, says the WHO's Bruce Aylward

3879 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 'Testing and quarantine stopped coronavirus in China, not lockdown' ….. ….. The WHO's Bruce Aylward says effective quarantine is essential for tackling the coronavirus, and that this cannot happen without extensive testing for covid-19

3878 ….. 2020marts16 ….. 'Bazookas' cannot stop coronavirus becoming a financial crisis ….. ….. Despite policymakers' efforts there are growing signs that investor confidence is cracking

3877 ….. 2020januar-februar-marts ….. China seeks to restart economy despite virus outbreak ….. ….. [no content]

3876 ….. 2020marts16 ….. The US Box Office Just Had Its Worst Weekend in 20 Years ….. ….. The US Box Office Just Had Its Worst Weekend in 20 Years

3875 ….. 2020marts16 ….. On Lockdown in Rome: A Preview of American Life in 11 Days ….. ….. On Lockdown in Rome: A Preview of American Life in 11 Days

3874 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Google Will Not Save Us From Coronavirus ….. ….. Google Will Not Save Us From Coronavirus

3873 ….. 2020marts16 ….. Google Will Make a Coronavirus Site—but Not Like Trump Said ….. ….. Google Will Make a Coronavirus Site—but Not Like Trump Said