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Is Today now onion news network fake?

its fake its just a parody news network that network makes funny but fake news Answered In News Television , Fox News

Is fox news fake?

No, Fox News is not fake. It is a real television station. 

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What is the word for fake news?

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Why is fake news a problem?

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Why is fake news bad?

Answered In English Language , The Difference Between

What is the difference of news to drama?

Drama can be fake but news have to be real. Unanswered In Needs a Topic

What do you think is the difference between fake news and biased news Is there a difference?

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Does fake news mislead the public?

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Why do people make fake news?

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Why are fake news sites flourishing?

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Why do news anchors look fake?

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Ano ang fake news?

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What is fake news?

Fake news is news that is not factually true. Sometimes this involves creating news stories out of thin air. Sometimes this involves taking a news story and reporting on wild hypotheses about the story that turned out to be based… Unanswered In Publishing , News Television , Newspapers and Magazines

How does a political office holder Stop the News Media from Reporting Fake News?

Answered In Newspapers and Magazines

How can some media outlets spread wrong or fake news?

Some media outlets can spread wrong or fake news if they do not correct their own biases. Answered In Headstones

Is the tombstone piledriver fake?

Sadly I have to break the news that all of Wrestling is fake, therfore yes the tombstone piledriver is fake. sADLY I HAVE TO BREAK THE NEWS TO YOU THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE AS TO WHAT YOU ARE… Answered In Needs a Topic

When honey singh dead?

no, its a fake news Unanswered In Fox News

Is the window in Fox News real or fake?

Unanswered In News Television

Who founded the term 'fake news'?

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Does the first amendment protect fake news?

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Does the 1st amendment protect fake news?

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What is a good fake Egyptian news station name?

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Is there an ipod app that lets you make fake news?

mmm you cant spread fake news faster than the pieve of garbage website known as facebook, download it app and done Answered In Justin Bieber

Is the news that said Justin bieber is fake is true?

No it is not true. Unanswered In Uncategorized

Was David in the Blindside a real person or was the news article fake?

Answered In Atheism

Is the onion news atheist?

The Onion News is a fake (perhaps satirical) news website. I do not believe it has any sort of religious (or anti-religious) bias. Unanswered In Business & Finance

Which sentence from this section gives details that BEST describes how fake news has become common A Now it has quickly become a contender for the most influential phrase of the year. B Fake news come?

Answered In Needs a Topic

What kind news does Phil News cover?

Phil News does not appear to be a news reporter anywhere since there is no evidence that he actually exists. In light of this, it seems that Phil News would probably cover fake made up news. Answered In Apollo Moon Missions , Apollo 11 , The Moon

Is the moon landing a fake news story?

No, the moon landing was not faked. Unanswered In Newspapers and Magazines

Why can't most people tell when the news reports a fake story?

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Bakit di dapat maparusahan ang gumawa ng fake news?

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What former correspondent on the daily show spun off fake news in 2005?

Answered In University Grants Commission UGC

Is iipm fake?

Yes it is a fake institute, they have been fooling around people from years and finally the news is out. UGC has put them under fake universities list and revealed with relevant findings and ensured they are 100% fake. Answered In Needs a Topic

Is kim kerdashian butt fake?

Yes she does because when she was with her husband i guess they were maing out and he saw the fake but implants. He went and told the news eople and the news people probably told the magazine people and… 

Answered In Paris Hilton

Is Paris Hilton Muslim?

some people say and there is some news about it but i think is fake . she is not Unanswered In Law & Legal Issues , Conspiracy Theories

Is young actors camp using people to do fake shooting at schools and filming them for news?

Answered In Pakistan

What country sends dogs packed bomb's into Pakistan hideouts?

No country does that. This is fake news. 

Answered In US Presidents , Barack Obama , Lip Syncing

Did Obama really lip sync a speech or was it just a fake joke?

It was a joke from the onion on youtube. Its a comedy fake news channel. Nothing on there is legit but it is funny Answered In Needs a Topic

Where can i see namitha mms scandal?

Its only a fake news….. there is no clips found still by anybody 

Answered In Brazil

Is Brazil a safe place to visit?

Yes don´t worry about news and fake sugestions Answered In Needs a Topic

Is farhan Ali qadri die?

no Ali is not die this is fake news i am tell u true Answered In YouTube , Onions and Garlic

What is the Onion News?

Onion news is a series of fake news reports designed make watchers laugh. The makers wanted it to seem realistic, which they have, so that viewers will decide can I laugh or will it be bad to laugh at this… 

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Which former correspondent on The Daily Show spun off a fake news show of his own?

Stephen Colbart Answered In MySpace , Newspapers and Magazines , Writing: Characters and Dialogue

What are some good newspaper names?

i am not sure if you wanted fake or real names so here are my suggestions. new york times daily news morning paper news to you Answered In Internet

Who is the girl in all the fake news internet ads She has brownish blonde hair and blue eyes Who is she?

Her name is Melissa Theuriau, and she is a popular news anchor on the French network, LCI. Answered In TV Shows and Series , News Television

What are the release dates for The Onion News Network – 2007 Controversial Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans are Fake?

The Onion News Network – 2007 Controversial Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans are Fake was released on: USA: 11 November 2007 

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Picture of a baby with harlequin disease?

It was born in Arabia and is true not fake,It was even in the news, born this year in 2010…… Answered In TV Shows and Series

Which former correspondent on The Daily Show spun off a fake news show of his own in 2005?

Stephen Colbert 

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What are the dangers of social media that show people fake news would you instigate and what strategies would you address to these dangers?

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Read the section and ldquoA Terrible Disease Made Worse By Fake News. and Which question is answered in this section?

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