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Innovation of needleless injection
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Good news for those who are afraid of needles: The company Portal Instruments has developed a needle-free injection system for drug delivery – using a highly-computerized injection device.
How does the needleless injection work? A glass cartridge filled with injection dose is inserted into the device, which then fires a jet (thinner than a human hair) of liquid into the skin. The injection is done in a second and only causes minimal discomfort, unlike needle based injections which can cause some pain. Chief executive of Portal Instruments, Patrick Anquetil, says that this device can do even more than the traditional injection can do, because “sometimes the drugs that you need to inject are very viscous, and patients don’t have enough force in their thumb to inject that, if they should do the injection on themselves. The device contains an electric motor which compensates for the viscosity of the drug, and provides more comfort for the patient at the same time.” This will also minimize the risk of unexpected injuries which can happen during a traditional needle injection method, such as damage on skin tissue or nerves.

When can we get injections with no needles and no pain? The invention of a needle-free drug injection system by the company Portal Instruments has won an innovation award in the health category by The SouthWest Interactive Technology Conference in Austin, Texas. The prototype version had in April 2017 been tested on around 300 people, and the company expected to be ready to sell the needle-free drug injection device in 2019.


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