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This is a public health crisis of historic proportions that could be prevented: Help overturn the GOP obstruction so we can strengthen vaccine laws and prevent future outbreaks There shouldn't be a debate about this — The Measles vaccine is safe and 97% effective. And for children with compromised immune systems, they're depending on other children getting vaccinated so they don't catch contagious, preventable diseases. But Republicans are STOPPING Democrats, over the objections of health experts, from strengthening and tightening U.S. vaccination laws! Republicans are turning this into a partisan tug-o-war instead of a genuine public health crisis requiring immediate attention.Vaccines WORK. Vaccines SAVE LIVES. We can't let Republicans defy public health experts, doctors, and disease pathologists for political gain. It's time to strengthen vaccine laws and overcome the mounting GOP partisan obstruction before this crisis worsens >>Sign your name >>Thank you,314 Action Public Health Advisory is the nation's largest resource specifically created for scientists and STEM professionals seeking to run for office. We're committed to electing more STEM candidates to office, advocating for evidence-based policy solutions to issues like climate change, and fighting the Trump administration's attacks on science. If you'd like to support 314 Action, you can click here to make a donation.

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