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Why This Universe? Maybe It's Not Special—Just Probable
Two physicists find that our universe has a higher entropy—and is therefore more likely—than alternative possible universes.
Aubrey Plaza Gave SNL Permission to Get Weird
Aubrey Plaza's mischief as an intern began long before she played the sardonic April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation . During college, she briefly served as a page at NBC , where she spent her time sharing fake facts on the tours she led and sneaking off to vomit away her hangovers. Unsurprisingly, Plaza lasted only a few months before being asked to leave, but in her short stint at the network,
AI Dreams Up 1980s "Matrix" Starring Jeff Goldblum as Morpheus
Jodorowsky's AI Imagine, if you will, an 80s version of "The Matrix" filmed by "El Topo" director Alejandro Jodorowsky and starring Jeff Goldblum as Morpheus, Viggo Mortensen as Neo, Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Smith, and Sharon Stone as Trinity. With the help of artificial intelligence, a team of self-described "passionate science fiction enthusiasts" who publish Infinite Odyssey — which they're ca
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What's a definition for "creativity" in 200 years? What will be taught in schools about the process of inspiration?
(If you don't believe in linear time anymore: What's a definition for "creativity" based on your current understanding? If one would play the entity of being a teacher: What could be taught about the process of inspiration to an audience? ) Please answer before you read the comments. Thanks for using your imagination! submitted by /u/variant-exhibition [link] [comments]
Discuss: When will medication genetic compatibility testing be good?
There are a few products out there, but I think they may only check for how fast of a metabolizer you are. What does the forecast/tiimeline for genetic testing for medication compatibility look like? submitted by /u/spreadlove5683 [link] [comments]
'People are shocked': the Welsh firm breeding maggots to heal wounds.
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OpenAI CEO Says Unfortunately, People Will Be Disappointed With GPT-4
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Diabetes and the benefits, risks of personal health on the internet
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Bettina Lundgren: Vi skal have udnytte vores sundhedsdata bedre
Ved årsskiftet udløb den nuværende nationale strategi for personlig medicin. Den nye strategi bør have et skarpt fokus på data, ny teknologi og forskning, skriver Bettina Lundgren, direktør for Nationalt Genom Center.
Se undervattensbilderna 20 år efter vulkanutbrottet
Den italienska vulkanön Stromboli är en av få vulkaner i världen som dagligen får utbrott. Nära 20 år efter ett kraftigt utbrott som utlöste en tsunami besökte forskare platsen. De ville ta reda på hur ekosystemet hade återhämtat sig på havsbottnen kring den aktiva vulkanen.
Racial disparities in breast cancer treatment patterns and treatment related adverse events
Scientific Reports, Published online: 22 January 2023; doi:10.1038/s41598-023-27578-4
Schooling behavior driven complexities in a fear-induced prey–predator system with harvesting under deterministic and stochastic environments
Scientific Reports, Published online: 22 January 2023; doi:10.1038/s41598-023-28409-2
Distinct coordination patterns integrate exploratory head movements with whole-body movement patterns during walking
Scientific Reports, Published online: 22 January 2023; doi:10.1038/s41598-022-26848-x
Google Scrambles to Catch Up in the Wake of OpenAI's ChatGPT
Google is one of the biggest companies on Earth…. Google's search engine is the front door to the internet.
Seattle-based Jetoptera is developing a vertical takeoff aircraft that can travel at almost 1,000 km/h with a radically simplified new type of engine. With almost no moving parts, it uses super-compressed air to create vortexes for thrust.
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Are we doomed through AI or will it generate new opportunities (an optimists viewpoint)
It's pretty easy to paint a dystopian picture of the fate of mankind at the emergence of AI. It's harder to paint a picture of what we think the world will evolve to be in the coming years. That's what I'm thinking about. So here goes, please pile on. We can not stop AI from polluting the internet with ungoverned systems. Ethical rules are a great idea but which of the major players would ever en
More Moore's Law through 2D
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A New Wave of AI-Powered Tools Coming Soon
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This Rembrandt Has Been Hiding a Surprising Secret For Centuries
The pigment tells a tale.
Runaway W. Antarctic ice sheet collapse not 'inevitable': study
The runaway collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet—which would trigger catastrophic sea level rise—is not "inevitable", scientists said Monday following research that tracked the region's recent response to climate change.
Meta Board Trashes Facebook's "Convoluted and Poorly Defined" Female Nipple Rule
Battle Chest The group tasked with overseeing decisions at Facebook and Instagram is suggesting that Meta, those social networks' parent company, take a long, hard look at its infamous rule banning the "female-presenting nipple."
Conservatives Furious, Claiming ChatGPT Has "Gone Woke"
For years, artificial intelligence researchers have been working to combat the racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other harmful biases embedded into machine learning systems. Now, in the era of generative AI reaching market, guardrails against machine learning biases are more important than ever, especially when you consider how OpenAI's text-generating ChatGPT chatbot could be used to easily and
Something Weird Is Happening on Saturn's Snow-Covered Moon, Scientists Say
Saturn's tiny ice-covered moon Enceladus isn't only suspected to hold a liquid ocean beneath its icy crust — it's also covered in an astonishing amount of fuzzy, snow-like material, puzzling scientists. According to a new study published in the journal Icarus , the tiny moon may have been far more tectonically active over time than previously thought, with snow cannon-like plumes erupting from ma
Residents Annoyed by Crypto Mine That Emits Constant, Horrible Noise
Ceaseless Sound Cryptocurrency has gone from boom to bust, but in a small North Carolinian town called Murphy nested in the Blue Ridge mountains, it persists with a grating blare. That's courtesy of a local crypto mine packed from end to end with towering arrays of computers and noisy fans, which run indefatigably nearly year round. Mike Lugiewicz, a local, told CNN that it was like a "small jet
If You Go Outside, You May Be Able to See an Awesome Green Comet
Catch the Comet If it's a clear night in the Northern Hemisphere, there's a decent chance you'll be able to spot a giant, green comet passing by our planet from your backyard. It's an exceedingly rare event. According to astronomers, it won't stop by again for roughly another 50,000 years — and now is the best time to see it on its current visit, as Insider reports . According to NASA , the comet
Star visibility eroding rapidly as night sky gets brighter: study
Light pollution is growing rapidly and in some places the number of stars visible to the naked eye in the night sky is being reduced by more than half in less than 20 years, according to a study released Thursday.
Incredibly Valuable Gold Find on a Military Base! | Gold, Lies, and Videotape
Stream Battle Bots on discovery+ ► #goldliesandvideotape #discovery #gold Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter:
The advent and era of the prompt engineer
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Gravity batteries in abandoned mines could power the whole planet.
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People are already working on a ChatGPT + Wolfram Alpha hybrid to create the ultimate AI assistant (things are moving pretty fast it seems)
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Welcome to the age of 'dark copers' – where morbid curiosity is a means of survival | Emma Beddington
From haunted dolls to horror films, there is a big appetite right now for fear-as-fun. Are we all just practising for what 2023 throws at us? A friend gleefully informed me that you can buy haunted dolls – "vessels" for unquiet spirits – on eBay. Rebekkah Sexual Spirit ("her vessel is missing an arm … she says she does not care") has been snapped up, but you can get Maggie ("NOT A TOY"; "a vast m
Sundiro Honda x Muji MS01 Test Ride ($700): Stylish, but Underpowered
Two of Japan's heavy hitters teamed up to build a limited-edition, super-cheap, China-only electric moped: We took it for a spin.
Setting pulses racing: the Reading scientists perfecting broad bean bread
By making their nutritious bread taste like normal white loaves, scientists aim to help disadvantaged It's creamy-white in colour with a deep brown crust. It has a mild floury taste but with a moreish salty tang. It crisps up nicely in a toaster, and it's the perfect accompaniment to butter, jam or hummus. This is bread – but not as you know it. Scientists at the University of Reading are finding
The Culture Wars Look Different on Wikipedia
For more than 15 years, Wikipedia discussed what to call the third child of Ernest Hemingway, a doctor who was born and wrote books as Gregory, later lived as Gloria after undergoing gender-affirming surgery, and, when arrested for public disorderliness late in life, used a third name, Vanessa. Last year, editors on the site finally settled the question: The Gregory Hemingway article was deleted,
Woman in Labor
Translated by Eugene Ostashevsky In late February 2022, the Russian artist Daria Serenko co-founded the Feminist Anti-War Resistance, an underground network of Russians protesting the invasion of Ukraine, publicizing Russian war crimes against Ukrainians, and helping Russian men evade conscription. In March, Serenko was forced to flee Russia for Georgia, where she wrote this prose poem. Yesterday
The Perfect Popcorn Movie
This is an edition of The Atlantic Daily, a newsletter that guides you through the biggest stories of the day, helps you discover new ideas, and recommends the best in culture. Sign up for it here . Good morning, and welcome back to The Daily's Sunday culture edition, in which one Atlantic writer reveals what's keeping them entertained. Today's special guest is staff writer John Hendrickson , who
Why We Need Civics
Throughout my career studying and practicing American foreign policy, I've frequently been asked, What keeps you up at night? Is it China? Russia? Terrorism? Climate change? Another pandemic? While these issues all demand our attention, in recent years, I have found myself saying something else: The most urgent threat to American security and stability stems not from abroad but from within, from
MPs urge asbestos company to pay £10m to fund cancer research
All-party group including peers backs campaign by victims' group, saying Cape 'knowingly put people in danger' MPs and peers have written to one of the biggest manufacturers of asbestos, calling on it to make a £10m donation towards mesothelioma research "for knowingly putting people in danger". In a letter to Altrad, parent company of Cape, the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on occupationa
Agricultural research funding has dropped, impacting the fight against climate change
Steep cuts in federal funds for agriculture research over the last 20 years threatens farming's fight against climate change.
Coros Apex 2 Pro Review: For Practical Outdoors People
It might lack a few snazzy features, and it's not as navigationally capable as a Garmin, but this sports watch gets the basics right.
How to Encrypt any File, Folder, or Drive on Your System
Trust us, it's safer this way.
Rapid prototyping for high-pressure microfluidics
Scientific Reports, Published online: 22 January 2023; doi:10.1038/s41598-023-28495-2
Sudan's prized gum trees ward off drought but workers wither
A vast belt of trees vital for global production of fizzy drinks helps Sudanese farmers adapt to climate change, but in the harsh drylands many are reluctant to take up the trade.
Mysterious 'sparks' on the sun could help scientists predict solar flares
An analysis of eight years of data reveals a possible telltale sign that a region of the sun is about to erupt.
Dark energy 'chameleon trap' wins £100,000 prize for Nottingham scientist
Ingeniously simple lab experiment led by Prof Clare Burrage recognised by Blavatnik awards Dark energy is the enigma at the heart of modern physics: the universe is supposed to be awash with the stuff, but it has never been seen and its nature is unknown. When faced with a mystery of such epic proportions, simply eliminating certain options is considered a success. This week such an advance, usin
Tænkeboks: En klassiker af fjerde grad
[no content]
1904: Telegrafens historie i Danmark
H.C. Ørsteds opdagelse af elektromagnetismen i 1820 gav dødsstødet til de optiske telegrafer. Flere forsøgte sig med elektriske telegrafer, inden Samuel Morse i 1832 konstruerede det telegrafapparat, som om end i betydeligt forbedret form anvendes i dag, skrev Tidsskrift for Industri i 1904.
This Mythbustin' Nashville YouTuber Is on a Guitar Gear Mission
Why does your guitar sound that way? Is it your amp, your pickups, or your pedals? Jim Lill is trying to find out, one filmed A/B test at a time.
How Did Tech Become America's Most Troubled Industry?
Twelve thousand layoffs at Google . Eleven thousand at Facebook ; 10,000 at Microsoft ; 18,000 at Amazon ; 8,000 at Salesforce ; 4,000 at Cisco ; 3,000-plus at Twitter . The American economy has recovered from the sharp downturn caused by the arrival of the coronavirus and is chugging along just fine, at least for the moment . Yet the tech sector—the country's most dynamic industry—has fallen int
Why do horses wear shoes?
What happens to wild horses that don't have shoes?
'This will happen before 2030': how the science behind Covid vaccines might help to fight cancer
The success of mRNA-based drugs in combating coronavirus is inspiring scientists to create similar vaccines for melanoma and other tumours In December 2022, the US biotech firm Moderna, a company that emerged from relative obscurity to become a household name during the pandemic, published the results of a clinical trial that sent ripples through the world of cancer research. Conducted in partner
CPR and Defibrillators: What You Need to Know
Helping someone in cardiac arrest is not as daunting as it seems.
Most Americans say overturning Roe was politically motivated, NPR/Ipsos poll finds
An NPR/Ipsos poll finds that most Americans say Supreme Court justices are guided more by their politics than the law, and that lawmakers aren't deciding abortion policy based on public sentiment. (Image credit: Jon Cherry/Getty Images)
Fourscore years and more: greater longevity is a false challenge | Robin McKie
In 10 years, a quarter of the British population will be over 65. Yet it's not lifespan but healthspan we should be trying to improve Over the past 180 years, lives in England have gone through a remarkable transformation. Men and women today are, on average, living twice as long as they did in 1841 with life expectancy increasing from 40.2 years to 78.6 years for males, and from 42.3 years to 82
Teknikker reducerer små samarbejdende robotters energiforbrug
PLUS. Hver især bruger de små robotter ikke meget energi, men på grund af deres antal kan selv små besparelser betyde meget.
2023 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #3
A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week: Sun, Jan 15, 2023 thru Sat, Jan 21, 2023. Story of the Week State of the climate: How the world warmed in 2022 With a new year underway, most of the climate data for the whole of 2022 is now available. And this data shows that last year set new records for individual locations as well as t
Ny datorsimulering visar: Så slår smällen från en atombomb
De som befinner sig många kilometer från en kärnvapenexplosion kan klara sig inomhus om de gör rätt, visar en ny studie. – Ta skydd långt in i byggnaden och håll dig borta från fönster, säger forskare.
Losing Focus May Actually Boost Learning, Study Finds
Fuzzy thinking.
Motion capture tech from Avatar films used in disease research
Motion capture suits used to create alien characters can track the onset of diseases of movement, researchers say.
How eating oysters could help protect the coast
Restaurants in New Orleans are recycling their oyster shells in an effort to protect the Louisiana coastline.
Winchcombe meteorite: Is this the UK's most important fireball?
The meteorite crashed in England in 2021, containing water that was a near-perfect match for that on Earth.
These Binary Stars Are So Close Together That Their Year Is Only 20.5 Hours Long
Time flies.
When will genetic testing for medication compatibility be good?
^ submitted by /u/spreadlove5683 [link] [comments]
The BYD Seagul is the affordable EV Europe has been waiting for, with 400km range and price from $8,860 – $14,770
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