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Antarctic Expedition Launches to Measure Changes in the Ice Sheet Kelly Brunt won’t be home for the holidays, nor will she be ringing in the New Year at a fabulous party or watching Ryan Seacrest schmooze B-list celebrities on TV. Instead, between December 21 and January 11, she’ll be leading a four-person expedition around the South Pole, sleeping in a small tent mounted on a plastic sled that is pulled by a snowcat. But that doesn't mean she won't celebrate—i
2d The Atlantic
The Spectacular Humanity of The Jungle LONDON—Before it was razed in October 2016, the Jungle had acquired something of a mythic status in the British press. Right-leaning newspapers like the Daily Mail and The Sun portrayed the Calais refugee encampment as a squalid, disease-ridden space where thousands of migrants were trying to illegally and violently sneak across the Channel into England. Left-leaning publications described the Ju
2d Science | The Guardian
London zoo reopens after animals die in fire London Zoo has reopened after several animals died in a fire. The zoo confirmed that an aardvark died in the blaze and four meerkats who remain unaccounted for were also presumed dead. An initial postmortem of nine-year-old Misha the aardvark showed she most likely died from smoke inhalation while sleeping. The fire broke out at about 6am on Saturday in the Animal Adventure section of the zoo, de
2d cognitive science
6 Reasons Why We Self-Sabotage: Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen offers 6 reasons why, instead of shooting for the stars, we aim straight for our foot submitted by /u/symonsymone [link] [comments]
2d The Atlantic
'What If This Were Your Kid?' At the Onondaga County Justice Center in Syracuse, New York, between 2015 and 2016 more than 80 teenage offenders were regularly locked in solitary confinement. They’d spend 23 hours a day, seven days a week, in dimly lit cells measuring roughly half the size of an average parking space. In lieu of regular schooling, they were given photocopied pages of a high-school equivalency workbook, which t
2d – latest science and technology news stories
Rudolph, why is your nose so bright? Scientists at Johns Hopkins have an idea Holy glowing genes, Rudolph! If we didn't already know that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was special, that shiny proboscis of his could have resulted from the one-in-a-million transfer of genetic material from a brilliant colored coral found in the Red Sea. Perhaps it entered his mother's bloodstream when she scraped against the coral during a crash water landing while pregnant with Rudolph and
2d – latest science and technology news stories
CNN cancels its daily Snapchat show after four months Snap, parent company of the mobile application Snapchat, said Friday that its Spectacles sunglasses, which have built-in cameras, have gone on sale in Europe.
2d – latest science and technology news stories
In South Africa, bees stop elephants from trampling trees To stop wild elephants from rampaging through their produce, farmers in Thailand put up electric fences, set off firecrackers and even switched their crops from pineapples to pumpkins, which the pachyderms don't relish much. …
2d – latest science and technology news stories
Amazon acquires connected camera maker You may see more of Amazon inside Whole Foods soon: The online retailer, which has already been selling its voice-activated Echos at Whole Foods, will start to sell Kindles, Fire tablets and other Amazon devices at its grocery …
2d – latest science and technology news stories
One more thing to ask Alexa: Where's Santa on Christmas Eve? In this Dec. 24, 2014, file photo, Canadian Brig. Gen. Guy Hamel, NORAD and USNORTHCOM Deputy Director of Policy, Strategy, and Plans, joins other volunteers taking phone calls from children around the world asking where Santa is and when he will deliver presents to their homes, inside a phone-in center during the annual NORAD Tracks Santa Operation, at the North American Aerospace Defense Comman
2d Ingeniøren
Tyrkisk fætter kan gøre det danske ædelgranjuletræ miljøvenligt Hvert år producerer danske jule­træsdyrkere cirka 10 millioner nordmannsgrantræer, og cirka 90 procent af træerne bliver eksporteret. Nordmannsgran er dermed en af de økonomisk vigtigste skovtræarter i Danmark. Desværre er producenterne ofte nødt til at bruge sprøjtegift i plantagerne for at bekæmpe angreb af ædelgranlus, Dreyfusia nordmannianae, der får nålene på nordmannsgranen til at bøje, så
2d – latest science and technology news stories
'Virtual gold' may glitter, but mining it can be really dirty Credit: CC0 Public Domain As the poster child for the growing ranks of computer-generated currencies, bitcoin's recent stratospheric price rises have propelled it from the chat forum-hosted depths of nerddom into the global consciousness. As it rose from under $1,000 to over $19,500 at one point this year, hordes of tech-savvy punters have rushed in to buy, while any investors can now do the same
2d – latest science and technology news stories
Gift wrap or tape in 1 hour: How Amazon aids procrastinators In this Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017, photo, a clerk picks an item from a shelf and scans it with a hand-held device to fill a customer order at the Amazon Prime warehouse in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan) With five days until Christmas, someone in New York urgently needed 10 rolls of wrapping paper. Another person needed a bag of potatoes and aluminum foil baking pans. And someone needed six rol
2d BBC News – Science & Environment
Meet the free range reindeer that tour the UKFree-ranging reindeer are spending time touring the UK to help children learn about them.
2d Science | The Guardian
Sophie Scott: ‘Laughter works as a behaviourally contagious phenomenon’ S ophie Scott is a senior fellow at University College London. She is an expert in cognitive neuroscience, particularly in relation to communications. This year, she is giving the Royal Institution Christmas lectures looking at how evolution has shaped our bodies to communicate with each other. She also does standup comedy. When and how were you asked to do the Royal Institution Christmas lecture
2d Ingeniøren
Supercomputere på spring fra peta til exa Behovet for regnekraft synes næsten umætteligt. Det oplever vi med vores egne pc’er, tablets og mobiltelefoner – men mest tydeligst ses det nok med de største af verdens computere. I mange år var det amerikanerne, som havde de største, men i de senere år er kineserne gået i front. På den seneste top-500-liste fra november 2017 ligger to kinesiske supercomputere øverst efterfulgt af supercomputere
2d Science | The Guardian
‘I want to help humans genetically modify themselves’ J osiah Zayner, 36, recently made headlines by becoming the first person to use the revolutionary gene-editing tool Crispr to try to change their own genes. Part way through a talk on genetic engineering, Zayner pulled out a syringe apparently containing DNA and other chemicals designed to trigger a genetic change in his cells associated with dramatically increased muscle mass. He injected the DI
2d Viden
Eksperternes fem sex-råd til den nybagte mor Lortebleer, fyldt vasketøjskurv, brugte sutteflasker og gylp på tøjet. Ingen søvn. En baby, der skriger. Der er mange grunde til, at nybagte forældre ikke bruger tid og energi på at have sex. Det er helt normalt, at de fleste par får knas i sexlivet, når der kommer et barn. Der er ikke rigtigt noget dansk ord for 'touched out', men jeg plejer at sige, at man ’får spat’. Det er en følelse af, at e
2d Science | The Guardian
Why Christmas is for everyone | Julian Baggini A lthough I’m a card-carrying atheist, I have some sympathy with those who argue that a Christmas without Christ or a mass is as meaningless as celebrating a birthday without a birth, or a jubilee without a coronation. However, traditions have a habit of breaking free from their roots. Nobody is calling for Saturday or Wednesday to be renamed because we no longer worship Saturn or Wōden, the Roma
2d New on MIT Technology Review
Our Best Illustrations of 2017Our artists’ stunning, playful creations bring to life our technology stories, often saying more with an image than words ever could.
2d Ingeniøren
Vind med Ingeniørens julekalender: 24. december Så er det tid til sidste spørgsmål i denne omgang. Vi ønsker dig en rigtig glædelig jul! Dagens spørgsmål: Hvilken isotop bruger amerikanerne som udgangspunkt til at producere plutonium-238, som bruges som energikilder til flere af Nasa's rummissioner? Klik her for at gå til kalenderen Dagens låge præsenteres af Orbicon Hos Orbicon møder du faglige ildsjæle, der elsker at se ud­fordringer blive t
2d Scientific American Content: Global
Pain and Weather Fail To Connect Are you one of those people who can tell when a storm is approaching based on your achy knees ? Well, you may think you are . But a new study of more than 1.5 million seniors finds no relationship between rainfall and doctor visits for pain. The results are in the British Medical Journal . [Anupam B. Jena et al, Association between rainfall and diagnoses of joint or back pain: retrospective claim
2d New Scientist – News
2018 preview: Opioids will kill tens of thousands more people By Mallory Locklear Tens of thousands of people will die from opioid drug use next year, as the US epidemic worsens. It is thought there were more than 53,000 opioid-related deaths there in 2016. Official tallies won’t be released until next year, but a number of states – among them Missouri, Mississippi, Connecticut and Maryland – have already reported higher opioid-related death rates for 2
2d Science : NPR
3 Months After Irma, The State Of Barbuda In September, Hurricane Irma cut across the Atlantic. Barbuda is among the tiny islands in the Caribbean that suffered some of the worst damage. Freelance journalist Anika Kentish has an update.
3d Science : NPR
The New Normal? Scientists Say The Fire Season Is Getting Longer And More Destructive This year looks to go down as the worst year on record for wildfires in California. NPR's Ray Suarez discusses with UCLA professor Glen Macdonald about what we can expect moving forward.
3d The Neurocritic
Amygdala Stimulation in the Absence of Emotional Experience Enhances Memory for Neutral Objects The amygdala is a small structure located within the medial temporal lobes (MTL), consisting of a discrete set of nuclei. It has a reputation as the “ fear center ” or “ emotion center ” of the brain, although it performs multiple functions . One well-known activity of the amygdala, via its connections with other MTL areas, involves an enhancement of memories that are emotional in nature (compare

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BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

Artiklerne roses for at gøre vanskeligt stof forståeligt, uden at den videnskabelige holdbarhed tabes.

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