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om at quantum mechanics kan simulere komplekse systemer såsom transportsystem, børsen, vejret

Quantum RAM: Modelling the big questions with the very small
When it comes to studying transportation systems, stock markets and the weather, quantum mechanics is probably the last thing to come to mind. However, scientists have just performed a 'proof of principle' experiment showing that when it comes to simulating such complex processes in the macroscopic world quantum mechanics can provide an unexpected advantage


om evolution – og fænotypisk variation og co-evolution mellem arter med samme træk rettet mod fx samme prædator og co-evolution der forhindrer sammenbrud af et opstået samarbejde mellem arter

Studyfinds mutual reinforcement of phenotypic diversity and cooperation
A new model exploring how evolutionary dynamics work in natural selection has found that phenotypic diversity, or an organism's observable traits, co-evolves with contingent cooperation when organisms with like traits work together to protect themselves from outsiders, according to a study. The study also finds that diversity helps prevent the collapse of cooperation… "


om is med luftbobler der gør isen sprød ved tryk så kemisk analyse er vanskelig – med det kan løses med ny metode

Labspecializes in analyzing brittle portion of polar ice cores
Tiny air bubbles compressed within a polar ice core make some sections brittle to the touch, but one ice core lab knows how to handle this delicate part of the chemical analysis, thus making the dating of the entire ice core possible…


om quantum communication og overførsel af 10 bit med en enkelt foton

Researchers transmit 10 bit of information with a single photon
Researchers have managed to transmit more than 10 bit of information with a single photon. They achieved this using an ingenious method for detecting individual photons. The knowledge gained from this study can be used to improve the security and speed of quantum communication… "


om RSV en lungevirus uden vaccine eller behandling

Missing link for fighting viral pneumonia identified
According to the Centers for Disease Control, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes about 60,000 hospitalizations of children aged 0 to four, and nearly 200,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths among adults 65 and older. However, there are virtually no vaccines or treatments for these infections. In a new study, researchers found evidence that the cytokine, Interleukin 27 (IL-27), may be the..


om scanning af øjne hos diabetikere – fjernelse af den røde farvekanal i billeder viser tydeligere unormale forhold

Red'color channel' may aid in screening for diabetic eye disease
In photographs of the eye used to screen for diabetes-related eye disease, separating out the red color channel can help show some abnormalities — especially in racial/ethnic minority patients, suggests a study… "

om at telttur er godt mod søvnløshed

Søvnløs? Tag på telttur en weekend
Naturligt sollys og nattemørke kan hjælpe dig til at få en bedre døgnrytme… "

om at vægtøgning ikke har sammenhæng med mængden af motion i USA

Studyprovides new evidence that exercise is not key to weight control
Compelling new evidence has been gained that exercise may not be the key to controlling weight. Researchers who studied young adults from the United States and four other countries found that neither physical activity nor sedentary time were associated with weight gain

om bille som angriber fyrretræer i Honduras

Honduras manages to stall pine-munching bugs' march
Over the past three years, Honduras has lost a quarter of its pine forests to a plague of bark-munching beetles… "

om cykling i Kina

Pedal power revival in China as bike-share apps race for glory
Unlock them with an app, drop them off anywhere, and nip past lanes of stationary car traffic: the humble bicycle is seeing a revival in China as a new generation of start-ups help tackle urban congestion and pollution with fleets of brightly coloured two wheelers

om energiforsyning i Østdanmark Vi får problemer omkring 2025
Allerede næste år bliver forsyningssikkerheden i Østdanmark dårligere, og i 2025 skal der findes helt nye løsninger, for at vi kan klare os, forklarer afdelingschef…

om fiskeopdræt uden fisk som mad

Inside the Race to Invent a Fish-Free Fish Food
Fish farms are supposed to be a sustainable replacement for ocean fishing—but most of them rely on fish-based feed. Enter science.. Inside the Race to Invent a Fish-Free Fish Food appeared first on WIRED … "

om fløjpolitik

Neo-Nazis Face a New Foe Online and IRL: the Far-Left Antifa
In the Great Meme War, it's troll vs. troll

om fodbold på græs giver færre skader

Super Bowl 2017: Is a Turf or Grass Field Riskier for Players?
Does a football field's surface type — grass or turf — affect players' injury rates?..

om forbindelse mellem tarm og hjerne

Do Heartburn Medications Really Cause Dementia?
Recently we talked about the two-way connection between the brain and the small and large intestines (aka the gut). This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen continues our journey through

om grønne tage holder vand

DTU vil finde danske svar på spørgsmål om grønne tage
Hvor gode er grønne tage til at tilbageholde vand, og er fugt og kondens et problem for de bærende konstruk­tioner? Et nyt laboratorium på DTU skal finde svarene…

om grønne tage holder vand

Grønne tage breder sig – og skaber frygt for fugtskandale
Det bliver stadigt mere populært at så græs på taget – men der er ikke enighed om den sikre måde at gøre det på. Byggeskadefond advarer, mens forsikringsselskab er mere fortrøstningsfuldt… "

om hackere og politik

Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats
As we saw during the 2016 US election, protecting traditional computer systems, which use zeros and ones, from hackers is not a perfect science. Now consider the complex world of quantum computing, where bits of information can simultaneously hold multiple states beyond zero and one, and the potential threats become even trickier to tackle. Researchers have uncovered clues that could help administ.. "

om hackere og politik

Security News This Week: Hackers Play Anti-Trump Song on Local Radio Stations Across the US
Each weekend we round up the news stories that we didn't break or cover in depth but that still deserve your attention

om hybriddyr i naturen

Dansk biolog: Der er hybrid-dyr overalt i naturen
Selvom vi mennesker har været med til at skabe nye hybriddyr, er Moder Natur ikke bleg for selv at blande arter… "

om indrejseforbud i USA og forskning

Travel Ban Keeps Scientists Out of the Lab
The Trump administration's travel ban is preventing some researchers from returning to the U.S. Scientists fear this could negatively impact collaborations and international scientific meetings.

om irriterende lyde

Going Crazy From Annoying Sounds Is An Actual Medical Condition
Ew, noisy chewing! Ack, clickety pens! If those sounds drive you crazy, you're not alone, and it turns out it's an actual medical condition called misophonia…

om klæbrigt spyt hos frøer

'Pretty Disgusting Snot-Like Spit' Lets Frogs Catch Their Prey
Frog tongues are super soft and wrap around their prey while secreting a sticky spit that changes consistency.

om matematik

TheMathematician Who Will Make You Fall in Love With Numbers
The ancient Greeks argued that the best life was filled with beauty, truth, justice, play, and love. The mathematician Francis Su knows just where to find them..

om morfiner og dødsfald

Nonmedical use of prescription drugs among young people: A growing global concern
Balancing a country's need to make prescription drugs available to those in need while simultaneously curbing nonmedical use is one of our greatest challenges. A new article shows increased rates of deaths worldwide from prescription opioids as high as 550 percent depending on country and time-period. For example, from 2000 to 2014, there was a 200 percent increase in overdose deaths due to opioid.. "

om retningssans hos dyr

Maps in the head: How animals navigate their way around provides clues to how the brain forms, stores and retrieves memories

om robotter og levering af pakker

FedEx Bets on Automation as It Prepares to Fend Off Uber and Amazon
The shipping giant is investing in autonomous trucks, and is interested in delivery robots and an Alexa app… "

om sandheder og løgne

Can Empirical Entertainment Rescue Science in an Alt-Fact World?
MythBusters and Vsauce stars Adam Savage and Michael Stevens weigh in on the role of their new show in communicating

om sciencefiction og tidsrejser

Let's Go Back to a Future Where Sci-Fi Does Good Time Travel
The concept of time travel is actually much newer than you might expect..

om solenergi i USA

US utilities seek sun as Trump sides with coal, fossil fuels
The plunging cost of solar power is leading U.S. electric companies to capture more of the sun just when President Donald Trump is moving to boost coal and other fossil fuels… "

om tidligere klimaændringer

Hot Fossil Mammals May Offer a Glimpse of Nature's Future
One of the hottest periods in the last 66 million years may offer insights into the consequences of modern climate change — . on "

om truet art af frø med 4 individer – forsøg på avl

Cave Squeaker, Rare Frog Last Seen in 1962, Is Found in Zimbabwe
Researchers, who had been hunting the frogs for eight years, found two males and two females and plan to breed them and reintroduce them to the wild… "

om universet og Alfa Centauri rejse

150-Year Journey to Alpha Centauri Proposed [Video
] Humanity possesses the means to place probes into orbit around nearby stars. But do we have the patience?

om vindenergi når vinden ikke blæser

Hvor skal strømmen komme fra på en tåget og vindstille vinterdag?
Danmarks elforsyning bliver mere og mere afhængig af kraftige kabelforbindelser til udlandet. Det er et problem, fordi alle lande vælger denne vej, mener flere fagfolk

om wildfire og genvækst af træerne

Vegetation resilient to salvage logging after severe wildfire
Nearly a decade after being logged, vegetation in forested areas severely burned by California's Cone Fire in 2002 was relatively similar to areas untouched by logging equipment. The findings of a new study shed light on how vegetation responds to severe wildfire and whether further disturbances from logging affect regrowth… "

Tegn abonnement på

BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

Artiklerne roses for at gøre vanskeligt stof forståeligt, uden at den videnskabelige holdbarhed tabes.

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