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SYNAESTHESIA – STRUCK BY LIGHTNING: Woman hit by lightning loses synaesthesia – but then it returns

Medication, meningitis and being struck by lightning have all affected one woman's synaesthesia, but remarkably it soon returned in exactly the same form

SNORING: Do Anti-Snoring Gadgets Really Work?

Your noisy roommate probably won't like paying cold cash to get electric shocks. And that may not stop the snoring, sleep doctors say. Fortunately, there are other ways to turn down the volume. (Image credit: Getty Images)

CLIMATE CHANGE: Louisiana History Washes Away As Sea Levels Rise, Land Sinks

Louisiana's coastline is disappearing into the Gulf of Mexico. And with it many historic sites are being washed away, leaving archaeologists scrambling to document what they can before it's gone. (Image credit: Tegan Wendland/WWNO)

TELELOGNING: Jurist om lognings-dom: Dansk telelogning i klar strid med EU-afgørelse En afgrænset logning vil sandsynligvis få negative konsekvenser for politiet i sager om drab og kidnapninger, selvom retssikkerheden styrkes, mener jurist Jacob Mchangama. Version2

STRADIVARIUS-VIOLINER: Hemmeligheden bag stradivarius-violinen afsløret

Moderne analyser af de legendariske stradivarius-violiner afslører, at træet har helt andre egenskaber end i violiner i dag.

FOXES IN CITIES: There are five times more urban foxes in England than we thought

There may now be some 150,000 foxes living in English cities, up from 33,000 in the 1990s. That's one fox for every 300 urban residents

ROBOTTER: Fyn skriger på ingeniører med flair for robotter Den fynske klynge for robotfirmaer oplever kæmpe vækst, men savner kvalificeret arbejdskraft til at imødekomme efterspørgslen. Der er behov for både nyuddannede og erfarne folk, fastslår en af de voksende virksomheder Jobfinder

EYE – RETINA: A closer look at the eye: New retinal imaging technique

Researchers have developed a new imaging technique that allowed the first glimpse of individual cells in the retina, a layer of tissue at the back of the eye. The new technique could allow earlier diagnosis and treatment for diseases like glaucoma and prevent vision loss caused by death of these retinal cells.

LANGUAGE – STUTTERING***: Stuttering linked to reduced blood flow in area of brain associated with language

A new study demonstrates that regional cerebral blood flow is reduced in the Broca's area — the region in the frontal lobe of the brain linked to speech production — in persons who stutter. More severe stuttering is associated with even greater reductions in blood flow to this region.

DEPRESSIOON – AND VIDEO GAME***: Gaming your brain to treat depression

Researchers have found promising results for treating depression with a video game interface that targets underlying cognitive issues associated with depression rather than just managing the symptoms.

BIRDS – SONGBORDS TERRITORY: Songbirds divorce, flee, fail to reproduce due to suburban sprawl

New research finds that for some songbirds, urban sprawl is kicking them out of their territory, forcing divorce and stunting their ability to find new mates and reproduce successfully, even after relocating.

URBANIZATION – AND HEALTH AND HUMAN SUCCESS: New global evidence of the role of humans, urbanization in rapid evolution

A new study that examines 1,600 global instances of phenotypic change — alterations to species' observable traits such as size, development or behavior — shows more clearly than ever that urbanization is affecting the genetic makeup of species that are crucial to ecosystem health and success.

NANOPARTICLES – CONDUCTIVE: Nanowire 'inks' enable paper-based printable electronics

Thin films made from silver nanowires are 4,000 times more conductive than films made from other nanoparticle shapes, like spheres or microflakes, says a new study. The results indicate that conductive 'inks' made from silver nanowires may create functioning electronic circuits without applying high temperatures, enabling printable electronics on heat-sensitive materials like paper or plastic.

SKIN GRAFT – AND SWEAT GLANDS: Research on sweat glands suggests a route to better skin grafts

Scientists have discovered the signaling pathways that help hair follicles and sweat glands form during development, and identified the mechanism that allows both of these features to coexist in human skin. The findings may improve the methods used to grow tissue used in grafting procedures.

POVERTY – AND CHILDREN: Childhood poverty can rob adults of psychological health

A large and growing body of research shows that poor kids grow up to have a host of physical problems as adults.

FACEBOOK: Mystisk censur fortsætter: endnu en dansk facebookgruppe forsvinder over natten Gruppen var det eneste sted, de 5000 utilfredse borgere kunne mødes og diskutere deres dagsorden. Version2

NØDBREMSE: Scania afviser: Ikke sandsynligt, at nødbremse blev aktiveret ved Berlin-terror

Nødbremsesystemer i lastbiler er udviklet til at reagere på andre køretøjer. Det er derfor ikke sandsynligt, at systemet blev aktiveret i den Scania-lastbil, der kørte ind i en menneskemængde på julemarkedet i Berlin den 19. december og dræbte 12 personer.

PSYCHEDELIC DRUG TREATMENT: 'Psychedelic sanctuary' will help drug users get over bad trips

The first psychedelic drug treatment centre in the US plans to help users of LSD, magic mushrooms and other hallucinogens come to terms with their experiences

ELECTRIC CARS: Faraday Future's 'Tesla Beater' Debut Doesn't Go Quite As Planned

Erstwhile Tesla competitor Faraday Future finally has a car. Well, 12 of them. Whether they can build enough for everyone is the next bump in the road.

ENVIRONMENT – IN UK AFTER BREXIT: Law needed to limit Brexit's environmental impact, say MPs

Brexit poses a huge risk to the UK wildlife and habitats, a group of MPs says.

NEURONAL NETWORKS: Collective Stochastic Coherence in Recurrent Neuronal Networks

Recurrent networks of dynamic elements frequently exhibit emergent collective oscillations, which can display substantial regularity even when the individual elements are considerably noisy. How noise-induced dynamics at the local level coexists with regular oscillations at the global level is still unclear. Here we show that a combination of stochastic recurrence-based initiation with determinist

GAME THEORY: Sign-changes as a universal concept in first-passage time calculations

First-passage time problems are ubiquitous across many fields of study including transport processes in semiconductors and biological synapses, evolutionary game theory and percolation. Despite their prominence, first-passage time calculations have proven to be particularly challenging. Analytical results to date have often been obtained under strong conditions, leaving most of the exploration of

ALZHEIMER: Loss of inter-frequency brain hubs in Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD) causes alterations of brain network structure and function. The latter consists of connectivity changes between oscillatory processes at different frequency channels. We proposed a multi-layer network approach to analyze multiple-frequency brain networks inferred from magnetoencephalographic recordings during resting-states in AD subjects and age-matched controls.

BRAIN: Analysis of claims that the brain extracellular impedance is high and non-resistive

Numerous measurements in the brain of the impedance between two extracellular electrodes have shown that it is approximately resistive in the range of biological interest, $<10,$kHz, and has a value close to that expected from the conductivity of physiological saline and the extracellular volume fraction in brain tissue.

ZIKA VIRUS: Zika Linked to Variety of Birth Defects

Zika virus infection during pregnancy appears to cause a range of birth defects, such as joint, eye and ear abnormalities, in addition to microcephaly.


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