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Hvad kommer selvkørende biler til at betyde for trafiktætheden?#
Hvad kommer selvkørende biler til at betyde for at vi kan komme fra A til B?#
Hvad kommer selvkørende biler til at betyde for drivhusefffekten?#
Hvad kommer selvkørende biler til at betyde for trafikuheld?#
Hvilke lande vil blive førende på området selvkørende biler i fremtiden?#
Hvilke lande er førende på området selvkørende biler i dag?#
SELVKØRENDE BILER: **Futuristiske biler er de nye darlings på CES**
Det årlige elektronikmesse i Las Vegas, CES, er blevet bilproducenternes nye darling. Især med de futuristiske teknologier til selvkørende biler. Her er de mest spændende.
FORENSIC SCIENCE: **Forensic science standards 'at significant risk'**
The quality of forensic science work in England and Wales is putting the integrity of the criminal justice system at risk, the regulator warns.
Hvordan beregnes statistik for noget som ikke er hændt?#
STORMFLOD: **Nutidens 100-årshændelser er fremtidens 20-årshændelser**
En usædvanlig vejrsituation, som mindede om forholdene i 2006 og 1872, førte til, at januarstormen blev til en 100-årshændelse. Men hvordan bestemmer man egentligt størrelsen af en 100-årshændelse, når man kun har data fra de seneste 20-30 år til rådighed?
Er der risiko ved at indføre elektroder i hjernen for at behandle epilepsi?#
Er der risiko ved at indføre elektroder i hjernen for at behandle Parkinson?#
Giver brug af nanorør-elektroder mindre risiko end indførsel af andre elektroder i hjernen for at behandle epilepsi og Parkinson?#
Hvad er nanorør-elektroder (til behandling i hjernen for at behandle epilepsi og Parkinson)?#
PARKINSON: **Tiny nanoelectrodes record brain's activity without damaging it**
Electrodes help treat epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, but can damage the brain and slowly stop working. Nanotube electrodes are safer and should last longer
Hvad skyldes peanut allergy?#
Kan jordnødde-allergi nedsættes til at udsætte børn for peanut tidligt?#
ALLERGY – PEANUT – BABIES: **Infants Should Be Fed Peanuts to Stave Off Allergies**
Contrary to past guidance, new recommendations call for early introduction
Kan vindenergisamarbejdet med Sverige forbedres?#
Kan man altid sælge vindenergi hvis man har overskud i en periode?#
VINDENERGI: **Negative elpriser stoppede danske vindmøller i julestormen**
Skævt elmarked: Danske havmølleparker lukkede ned i julens blæsevejr, fordi Sverige ikke ville tage imod dansk el. Det betød, at danske producenter måtte betale for at komme af med strømmen.
Foretrækker rundorme voksne eller teenagere?#
ROUNDWORM: **Worms have teenage ambivalence, too**
Scientists find that neurological changes mark transition from ambivalent adolescent to capable adult in the roundworm.
Hvad er extrinsic connectivity (i hjernen)?#
Hvad er axonal bundles (i hjernen)?#
Er hjernens funktion afhængig af fysiske forbindelse mellem axonerne?#
BRAIN ArXiv Query**Groupwise Structural Parcellation of the Cortex: A Sound Approach Based on Logistic Models**
Current theories hold that brain function is highly related to long-range physical connections through axonal bundles, namely extrinsic connectivity. However, obtaining a groupwise cortical parcellation based on extrinsic connectivity remains challenging. Current parcellation methods are computationally expensive; need tuning of several parameters or rely on ad-hoc constraints.
Is there a common structural brain connectivity network for human populations?#
BRAIN ArXiv Query**Extracting the Groupwise Core Structural Connectivity Network: Bridging Statistical and Graph-Theoretical Approaches**
Finding the common structural brain connectivity network for a given population is an open problem, crucial for current neuro-science. Recent evidence suggests there's a tightly connected network shared between humans. Obtaining this network will, among many advantages , allow us to focus cognitive and clinical analyses on common connections, thus increasing their statistical power.
How often can neuroscience studies be reproduced?#
BRAIN ArXiv Query**Is neuroscience facing up to statistical power?**
It has been demonstrated that the statistical power of many neuroscience studies is very low, so that the results are unlikely to be robustly reproducible. How are neuroscientists and the journals in which they publish responding to this problem? Here I review the sample size justifications provided for all 15 papers published in one recent issue of the leading journal Nature Neuroscience.

BRAIN ArXiv Query**The Diverse Club: The Integrative Core of Complex Networks**
A complex system can be represented and analyzed as a network, where nodes represent the units of the network and edges represent connections between those units. For example, a brain network represents neurons as nodes and axons between neurons as edges. In many networks, some nodes have a disproportionately high number of edges.
How quickly is Antarctica melting?#
CLIMATE CHANGE: **Huge Antarctic iceberg poised to break away**
One of the 10 largest icebergs ever recorded is ready to break away from Antarctica, scientists say.
Can robot drivers drive cars as human can?#
SELFDRIVING CARS: **Nissan's Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers**
Remote operators could be the smple, scaleable answer to what Nissan says is an unsolvable problem: making robot drivers do everything humans can. The post Nissan's Path to Self-Driving Cars? Humans in Call Centers appeared first on WIRED .

#Age-related diseases:- Can biomarkers such as chemicals found in the blood show how well a person is aging and risk for aging-related diseases?
Study finds patterns of biomarkers predict how well people age, risks of age-related diseaseLevels of specific biomarkers, or chemicals found in the blood, can be combined to produce patterns that signify how well a person is aging and his or risk for future aging-related diseases, according to a new study.

#Smog:- What is making the smog in China?
Why is the smog in China so bad?
Environment It's getting harder and harder to breathe Earlier this week, a thick layer of smog rolled into China's capital city, turning skyscrapers into shadows and clear air into a yellow fog.

#Colistin:- How do the mcr-1 gene protect bacteria from colistin (used for infections that do not respond to other treatments)?
New research describes how bacteria resists 'last-resort' antibioticAn international research team has provided the first clues to understand how the mcr-1 gene protects bacteria from colistin — a 'last resort' antibiotic used to treat life-threatening bacterial infections that do not respond to other treatment options.

#Stress in autism:- Are the gastrointestinal issues common among people with autism related to an increased reaction to stress?
Cortisol may link stress and GI trouble in autism The gastrointestinal issues common among people with autism may be related to an increased reaction to stress, say researchers. "We know that it is common for individuals with autism to have a more intense reaction to stress, and some of these patients seem to experience frequent constipation, abdominal pain, or other gastrointestinal issues," says David Beversdorf, associate professor in the dep

#Autoimmunity and infections:- How can infection give autoimmune disease?
Autoimmunity and infections: When the body fights itselfDoctors are on the trail of a possible connection between autoimmune diseases and infections: errors can occur when immune cells absorb certain proteins from pathogen cells.

#Bat behaviour:- Does competitiveness among bats pay off?
Competitiveness among bats: When being extra sweet doesn't pay offA new study reveals how competitiveness among bats, as well as relative perceptions of sweetness when tasting nectar, shape the evolution of nectar-producing plants.

#Birds in cities:- Are urban birds more often divorced?
Why birds in new suburbs get 'divorced' Urban sprawl is kicking a group of songbirds called "avoiders" out of their territory, forcing divorce, and stunting their ability to find new mates and reproduce successfully, even after relocating. "The hidden cost of suburban development for these birds is that we force them to do things that natural selection wouldn't have them do otherwise," says lead author John Marzluff, a professor of wil

#Birth control – and mood changed:- Is birth control and depression linked?
Birth Control and Depression: What You Need to KnowA new study suggests a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. Which methods were more likely to cause these mood changes?
And what do you need to know before you make any…

#Black hole images:- What is the deepest X-ray image of a black hole?
Deepest X-ray image ever reveals black hole treasure troveAn unparalleled image from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is giving astronomers the best look yet at the growth of black holes over billions of years beginning soon after the Big Bang. This is the deepest X-ray image ever obtained, collected with about 7 million seconds, or 11 and a half weeks, of Chandra observing time.

#Encephalitis:- Is there a treatment for the autoimmune disease Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis?
New treatment for a rare form of encephalitisAnti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the central nervous system. It is a rare autoimmune disease that results in the body producing antibodies against the NMDA receptor, a protein that plays an important role in signal transduction in the brain. Using a new treatment regimen, researchers have recorded significant progress in treating the disease, including in pat

#Behaviour:- How can the brain control behavior when the visual information is misleading?
Clues into how brain shapes perception to control behaviorSome of the visual information our brains receive is potentially misleading. New research on fruit flies demonstrates how even a simple brain can filter out such misinformation, hinting at how our own brains might shape how we see the world — and how we react to it.

#Ovary cancer:- Can a tumour in an ovary have brain-like structure and sending electric impulses between cells?
Miniature brain and skull found inside 16-year-old girl's ovaryA tumour removed from a girl in Japan contained a thin plate of bone covering a brain-like structure capable of sending electric impulses between cells

#Sea sponges:- Can strongyloxea spicules (rods in sea sponges) give inspiration in technology and building?
Tiny rods in sea sponges are awesome at not buckling Tiny structural rods in the bodies of orange puffball sea sponges have evolved the optimal shape to avoid buckling under pressure. That shape could inspire improvements to all kinds of slender structures, from building columns to bicycle spokes. The rods, called strongyloxea spicules, measure about 2 millimeters long and are thinner than a human hair. Hundreds of them are bundled together, formin

#Prostate cancer:- Is lutetium-177-labeled PSMA-617 a promising new therapeutic agent for radioligand therapy of patients with advanced and metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer?
New therapeutic agent proves more effective treatment for advanced prostate cancerMedical researchers have demonstrated that lutetium-177-labeled PSMA-617 is a promising new therapeutic agent for radioligand therapy of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

#Breast cancer:- Is grilled meat giving breast cancer survivors higher mortality?
Consumption of grilled meat linked to higher mortality risk among breast cancer survivorsFindings published in JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute indicate that higher consumption of grilled, barbecued, and smoked meat may increase the mortality risk among breast cancer survivors.

#Breast cancer:- Is there a genetic driver to metaplastic breast cancer?
Researchers find key genetic driver for rare type of triple-negative breast cancerBy developing a new mouse model to study a poorly understood protein, researchers uncovered its link to metaplastic breast cancer, opening the door to better understanding of this challenging breast cancer subtype.

#Epigenetic enzymes:- Does KDM5-enzymes have a epigenetic role in cancer?
Unexpected role for epigenetic enzymes in cancerA new study focused on a family of enzymes — known as KDM5 — that have been shown in previous studies to be involved in cancer cell growth and spreading.

#Leukemia in children:- Can lethal childhood leukemia have a genetic driver?
Halting lethal childhood leukemiaScientists have discovered the genetic driver of a lethal childhood leukemia that affects newborns and infants and identified a targeted molecular therapy that halts the proliferation of leukemic cells. The finding also has implications for treating other types of cancer.

#Lung cancer:- What is the treatment burden of older lung cancer patients?
Older lung cancer patients face significant treatment burdenDepending on the type of treatment older lung cancer patients receive, they can spend an average of one in three days interacting with the healthcare system in the first 60 days after surgery or radiation therapy, according to a new study.

#Skin cancer:- Can indoor tanning give skin cancer?
Indoor tanning study reveals surprising new at-risk group for skin cancerIn a new study of indoor tanning and skin cancer risk, the use of indoor tanning among non-heterosexual black male teens was found to be nearly equal to that of heterosexual white females.

# Great Barrier Reef:- Is the Great Barrier Reef healthy?
Great Barrier Reef almost drowned; climate implicationsThe first comprehensive analysis of the Great Barrier Reef at a time of rapid sea-level rise during the beginning of the Last Interglacial found it almost died. The research shows the reef can be resilient but questions remain about cumulative impacts. The research also provides an accurate identification of the age of the fossil reef that grew before the modern Great Barrier Reef, some 129,000-

#Birds:- Do climate change influence bird migration?
Climate Change Might Make Birds Mis-Time Their MigrationsMigratory birds might soon find that they are unable to find the best food stopovers along their route

#Heat records:- By what margin was 2016 the hottest on record up til 2016?
World Shatters Heat Records in 2016Last year was the hottest on record by a wide margin, with temperatures creeping close to a ceiling set by nations for limiting global warming

#Ocean acidification:- How can ocean acidification in polar regions during the seasonally ice-covered waters around Antarctica be studied?
Ocean Acidification: High-tech mooring will measure beneath Antarctic iceScientists have deployed a high-tech mooring beneath the seasonally ice-covered waters around Antarctica to better understand ocean acidification in polar regions.

#Storms:- How are storms affecting California?
Atmospheric Rivers, IllustratedGraphics from the Scientific American archive show how these storm systems impact California

#Tornado:- Are tornado outbreaks increasing?
Large-scale tornado outbreaks increasing in frequencyThe frequency of large-scale tornado outbreaks is increasing in the United States, particularly when it comes to the most extreme events, according to new research.

#Respiratory infections and D-vitamin:- Does high dose of vitamin D reduce the number of respiratory infections in older adults?
High monthly vitamin D reduces respiratory infections, may increase falls for older adultsResearchers concluded that a monthly high dose of vitamin D reduced the number of respiratory infections in older adults but increased the number of falls they experienced. More study is needed to see whether daily (rather than monthly) dosing with high levels of vitamin D could help protect older adults from respiratory infections and minimize the risk of falls, said the researchers.

#Neurotic patients:- Can therapeutic interventions make patients less neurotic?
Counseling, antidepressants change personality (for the better), team reportsA review of 207 studies involving more than 20,000 people found that those who engaged in therapeutic interventions were, on average, significantly less neurotic and a bit more extraverted after the interventions than they were beforehand.

#DNA repair:- What are the key molecular tools that binds and orients repair enzymes to DNA?
Study characterizes key molecular tool in DNA repair enzymesOxidative damage to a cell's DNA is constant and destructive and a complex suite of enzymes have evolved to repair and maintain it. In an important new step in teasing out these complex processes, an enzyme component known as Zf-GRF, which is highly conserved in several enzymes and across species, has been shown to be a key molecular tools that binds and orients repair enzymes to DNA.

#Children eating disorder:- How young can children with eating disorder symptoms be?
Identifying children at risk of eating disorders is key to saving livesSpotting eating disorder symptoms in children as young as nine years old will allow medics to intervene early and save lives, experts say.

#Ebola in recovering patients:- Can Ebola virus replicate in the lungs of a person recovering from infection?
Lung-specific Ebola infection found in recovering patientScientists have found potential evidence of Ebola virus replication in the lungs of a person recovering from infection, according to new research. The findings could aid research into new treatment approaches and better understanding of how the virus is transmitted.

#Space travel:- Will it be possible to survice a space travel to an exoplanet?
The Proxima Trail: Could you survive the journey out to an exoplanet?
You have died of dysentary In the future, your family is embarking on the one way trip to Proxima Centauri b. Will they be able to survive the hazardous journey?


#Vertical farms:- Is vertical farming possible?
The Rise of the Vertical Farm, and the Week's Other Must-Read Stories We're proud to bring NextDraft—the most righteous, most essential newsletter on the web

#FDA regulation:- How will FDA regulate during Trump presidency?
Gene-edited cows, rogue clinics, speedier drug approvals: The challenges facing Trump's FDA chief The agency's next leader will have an opportunity to reshape its approach to regulation.

#Childrens food:- Why do parents buy frozen dinners for their children?
Parents purchase frozen dinners for more than convenienceProcessed foods are higher in calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat than natural foods, but prepackaged, processed meals remain a popular choice for many consumers because they reduce the energy, time, and cooking skills needed to prepare food. Having items like boxed entrees and frozen dinners available at home can contribute to a poor diet, which led researchers to examine reasons why paren

#Tomatillo:- How old is the nightshade plant family (tomato family)?
Check out the incredibly rare fossil of an ancient tomatillo Delicate fossil remains of tomatillos found in Patagonia, Argentina, show that this branch of the nightshade family existed 52 million years ago—long before the dates previously ascribed to these species. Tomatillos, ground cherries, and husk tomatoes—members of the genus Physalis —are unusual because they have papery, lantern-like husks, known to botanists as inflated calyces that grow after fer

#GPS:- Does time flow faster on the Global Positioning System satellites than it does on the ground?
How Your GPS Uses Einstein's RelativityTime flows slightly faster on the Global Positioning System satellites than it does on the ground, so Einstein's relativity theory comes into play when figuring out where on Earth you are.

#Recurrence of heart attacks:- How can high risk patients with a history of cardiovascular disease be identified?
Reducing recurrence of heart attacks, death in patients with cardiovascular diseaseA new test can identify patients with a history of cardiovascular disease who are at high risk of another heart attack or death and would benefit from treatment with the drug vorapaxar.

#Heart treatment:- Can diagnosing the condition in heart failure patients with greater accuracy improve treatment?
Novel tests improve treatment for heart failure patientsFor the first time, researchers have developed tests that could improve treatment for heart failure patients by diagnosing the condition with greater accuracy, as well as by detecting the onset of congestive heart failure earlier.

#Organs:- Have human organs remained hidden or misunderstood for much of history?
6 body parts that hid from science in plain sightThe newly "discovered" mesentery isn't the only wily organ From the brain to the genitals, our bodies host bits that have remained hidden or misunderstood for much of history.

#B cells:- Can tailored organoids reproduce immune-system events?
Tailored organoid may help unravel immune response mysteryResearchers report on the use of biomaterials-based organoids in an attempt to reproduce immune-system events and gain a better understanding of B cells.

#Botnet:- What gadgets for botnets?
Wifi pillows and smart hairbrushes make CES a botnet dream Gadgets Internet of things that are likely to be compromised Man common household items now have wifi versions, which is great news for people who build botnets.

#Jellyfish:- How many distinct morphological types of jellyfish that inhabit the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America?
Study compiles data on 958 types of South American jellyfishDetailed information on 958 distinct morphological types of jellyfish that inhabit the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of South America has been compiled by scientists. The study involved scientists from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.

#Golfstrømmen:- Vil Golfstrømmen stoppe?
Forskere: Havenes globale pumpe er i større fare end vi troede Klimaforandringerne kan få den saltvandspumpe, som golfstrømmen blandt andet drives af, til at kollapse relativt hurtigt. Med katastrofale konsekvenser for klimaet.

#Fishery:- What is the benefit of ambitious marine reserves that target unprotected fishing grounds?
Scaling up marine conservation targets should benefit millions of peopleAbout 200 countries worldwide committed to protecting 10 percent of national marine areas by signing the Convention on Biological Diversity. But more ambitious marine reserve coverage policies that target unprotected fishing grounds would benefit millions of people who depend on fisheries for food and livelihoods.

#Working memory:- Will training of the working memory improved cognitive performance?
A paper in Perspectives on Psychological Science examined whether working memory training improves cognitive performance. It doesn't.

#Tyngdekraft og mørkt stof:- Hvad er mørkt stof?
Videnskab 2017: Sender ny teori for tyngdekraften mørkt stof ud i kulden?
Fysikerne har i årevis ledt og ledt efter partikler af mørkt stof. Har eftersøgningen været forgæves?
Det er et de helt store spørgsmål, som Jens Ramskov håber, bliver besvaret i 2017.

#Physical activity:- Can regular leisure-time physical activity reduce deaths from all causes?

#Physical activity:- Can regular leisure-time physical activity reduce strokes or heart attacks?
Physical activity reduces heart disease deaths for older adultsA new study examined whether regular leisure-time physical activity could reduce deaths from all causes, and whether it also could reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease. The researchers discovered that moderate – as well as high-levels of physical activity – were associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and death from all causes, including from events such as strokes or heart attacks.

#Self-balancing:- Can you get a self-balancing motorcycle?
Honda's Self-Balancing Motorcycle Is Perfect for Noobs No more tipping over as you pull up to the light.

#Improvisation:- What is music improvisation?
Get down with the digitalMusic improvisation is all about the emotion, says one expert, but researchers have now found a way to understand the complex interactions that take place between instrumentalists and singers during a jam with the aim of using those insights to add greater emotional expression to a performance involving digital instruments.

#Employment:- Are people who work for psychopathic and narcissistic bosses more depressed?

#Employment:- Are people who work for psychopathic and narcissistic bosses more likely to engage in undesirable behaviors at work?
Toxic bosses are bad for your health and bad for your reputationPeople who work for bosses who display psychopathic and narcissistic traits not only feel more depressed due to their bosses bullying behavior. They are also more likely to engage in undesirable behaviors at work.

#Obese teenagers:- Can gastric bypass be used for obese teenagers?
Gastric bypass helps severely obese teenagers maintain weight loss over long termSurgery leads to significant weight loss and health benefits over 5-12 years, but may lead to more surgery and vitamin deficiency in some, new research suggests.

#Eating early:- Should obese people eat early in the day?
Time-restricted feeding study shows promise in helping people shed body fatFor the first time in humans, it has been reported that eating early in the day lessens daily swings in hunger and changes the 24-hour pattern of fat oxidation and energy metabolism, which may aid in weight loss

#Cuddle hormone:- Does oxytocin hormone help chimp comrades bond before war with rival groups?
Oxytocin surge before a fight helps chimps bond with their group A spike in the "cuddle hormone" helps chimp comrades bond for war with rival groups, and something similar seems to happen in humans

#Parkinson deep brain stimulation:- How often should batteries for Parkinson deep brain stimulation be replaced by surgery?
These shock patterns won't drain battery for brain stimulation New energy-saving patterns of electric shock delivered for deep brain stimulation might reduce the number of battery replacement surgeries needed during a patient's lifetime. Deep brain stimulation is used to treat Parkinson's disease symptoms and other neurological motor control diseases. The treatment sends electrical pulses deep into the brain through wires implanted into the basal ganglia. "B

#Plasmoid instability:- Does plasmoid instabilities occur during collisional magnetic reconnectionFirst-ever direct observation of collisional plasmoid instability during magnetic reconnection in a laboratory settingPhysicists have for the first time directly observed a phenomenon that had previously only been hypothesized to exist. The phenomenon, plasmoid instabilities that occur during collisional magnetic reconnection, had until this year only been observed indirectly using remote-sensing technology.

#Eating disorder patients:- How can eating disorder patients be helped?
Research reveals help for eating disorder patientsMore people are dying from eating disorders than any other psychiatric disorder, and professor has discovered a way to help women by significantly reducing eating disorder symptoms in those who are struggling.

#Astma:- Why are African Americans less responsive to asthma treatment?
Why is asthma worse in black patients?
African Americans may be less responsive to asthma treatment and more likely to die from the condition, in part, because they have a unique type of airway inflammation, according to a study. The study is one of the largest and most diverse trials conducted in the U.S. on race and asthma, with 26 percent of the patients self-identifying as African American.

REMOTE CONTROL: Sensor-Laden Remote Control Knows Where You're Pointing It With its new Smart Remote, Sevenhugs presents a compelling use case for a universal remote.

#Earwax biomemetic technology:- Can biomimetic earwax adhesive surface be used in a ventilation system for robotics?
The technological potential of earwaxScientists are seeing potential in some sort of biomimetic earwax adhesive surface that can be used in a ventilation system for robotics or for other kinds of machinery.

#Chemical screening:- Can individual micron-sized particles be chemically identified in a microscope?
New microscope chemically identifies micron-sized particlesScientists have developed a microscope that can chemically identify individual micron-sized particles. The new approach could one day be used in airports or other high-security venues as a highly sensitive and low-cost way to rapidly screen people.

#Wearable devices:- Can your walk connect sensors on parts of your body in a secure way?
Your walk could be a password that connects devices on your bodySensors on different parts of the body can pick up your "gait fingerprint", letting wearable devices securely connect with each other

#Sleeping sickness sceening:- Can medical screening and fly control speed up the elimination of sleeping sickness?
Medical screening and fly control could rapidly reduce sleeping sickness in key locationsIn 2012, the World Health Organization set public health goals for reducing Gambian sleeping sickness, a parasitic infection. Now, by mathematically modeling the impact of different intervention strategies, researchers report have described how two-pronged approaches, integrating medical intervention and vector control, could substantially speed up the elimination of sleeping sickness in high burd

#Energy in remote areas:- Do remote areas have access to financial resources, commercial institutions and markets needed to bring solar electricity to their communities?
Off-grid power in remote areas will require special business model to succeedLow-cost, off-grid solar energy could provide significant economic benefit to people living in some remote areas, but a new study suggests they generally lack the access to financial resources, commercial institutions and markets needed to bring solar electricity to their communities.

#Fast radio bursts:- What are the fast radio bursts – the mysterious cosmic bursts in space?
Newfound Source of Mysterious Cosmic Bursts Poses Deeper EnigmasDespite a breakthrough discovery by radio astronomers, the decade-long puzzle of elusive "fast radio bursts" is far from being solved

#Milky Way:- Is the supermassive black hole in the milky way making planets?
Milky Way's core could be spewing out planet-sized star chunksThe supermassive black hole at the galaxy's heart can stretch and shred stars that approach – then fling the shreds away as spheres as small as Neptune

#Moon:- How accurate are maps of the path of totality for moon eclipses?
NASA moon data provides more accurate 2017 eclipse pathThanks to elevation data of the moon from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, coupled with detailed NASA topography data of Earth, we have the most accurate maps of the path of totality for any eclipse to date.

#SpaceX:- When was SpaceX launched?
Foul Weather Pushes SpaceX's Next Launch to Monday SpaceX's first launch attempt since its September 2016 launchpad mishap gets delayed a day.

#Scarring:- Can scarring from wounds be avoided?
Hair Cells Could Heal Skin Sans ScarsHair follicles appear to be key in reprogramming other cells in the wound, restoring the original skin architecture, instead of simply scarring.

#Solar storms:- Can solar storms change the moon?
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily81Solar storms could spark soils at moon's polesPowerful solar storms can charge up the soil in frigid, permanently shadowed regions near the lunar poles, and may possibly produce 'sparks' that could vaporize and melt the soil, perhaps as much as meteoroid impacts, according to new research. This alteration may become evident when analyzing future samples from these regions that could hold the key to understanding the history of the moon and so

#Smoke quitting:- How can people with psychiatric problems quit smoking?
Psych patients want to quit smoking but don't get help Many people with psychiatric problems want to quit smoking, but psychiatrists and caseworkers typically don't prescribe medications to help them or refer them to services aimed at smoking cessation, researchers find. Among American adults who have a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or clinical depression, 57 percent are smokers. In contrast, only 15 percent of US ad

#Transgender:- What countries are not diagnosing transgender as a mental disorder?
Where Transgender Is No Longer a DiagnosisDenmark becomes the first country to declassify it as a mental disorder

#Wearable sensors:- Can transistors be flexible and stretching to twice their length without losing their conductive properties?
Transistor stretchier than skin for ultra-flexible wearable techA flexible transistor can stretch to twice its length without losing its conductive properties and could be used in electronic tattoo-style wearable sensors

#Measuring trees:- Can sonic tomography measure wood decay in tree trunks?
Measuring trees with the speed of soundForesters and researchers are using sound to look inside living trees. A new study presents methods for use of sonic tomography, which measures wood decay by sending sound waves through tree trunks. The new study describes optimum placement of the sensors to avoid aberrant tomography results for the non-model tree shapes that populate the tropics and details how to analyze the tomograms to quantif

#Evolution:- Can you talk about urbanisation in the evolution of organisms?
Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study showsScientists discover a 'clear signal' of urbanisation in the evolution of organisms around the globe.

#Energi i Kina:- Hvor meget investerer Kina i vedvarende energi frem til 2020?
Kina investerer over 2.500 milliarder i grøn energi Kina vil støtte vedvarende energi med 360 milliarder dollars Landet vil pumpe et beløb der er større end Danmarks bruttonationalprodukt i vedvarende energi indtil 2020. – Den voldsomme forurening og de tiltagende klimaforandringer presser Kina til at investere trecifret milliardbeløb i en grønnere omstilling frem mod 2020.

#Surgical mask:- How can virus be made harmless in surgical masks?
New surgical mask doesn't just trap viruses, it renders them harmlessThe surgical masks people wear to stop the spread of diseases don't work well — that isn't what they're designed for. Pathogens like influenza are transmitted in aerosol droplets when we cough or sneeze. Masks trap the droplets but the virus remains infectious. Scientists took on the challenge of improving the masks, using salt to turn them into virus killers.

#Whale intestines:- What can the study of microbes in the guts of dolphins and whales tell us?
The Secret Lives of Marine Mammal MicrobesProbing the mystery of what goes on inside the guts of dolphins and whales

#Road Salt:- Can zooplankton evolve genetic tolerance to moderate levels of road salt?
Zooplankton rapidly evolve tolerance to road saltA common species of zooplankton—the smallest animals in the freshwater food web—can evolve genetic tolerance to moderate levels of road salt in as little as two and a half months, according to new research.

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Emner som gentages (i nyt artikler) medtages ikke igen. Heller ikke hvis emnet er behandlet i en artikel inden for de nærmeste dage.

Artikler på engelsk gives engelsk titel og spørgsmål.

Metode: Kopierede Feedly kl 12 (selv om det også var gjort kl. 2 i nat). Flytter til Word, viser i Kladde. Indfører ¤ (ikon over 4-tallet) ved ny nyhed (hvor linien vedr antal, tidspunkt og tidsskrift fjernes). Kl.11.59-12.09 (10 minutter). Der indførtes tegnet ¤ Mellem nyhederne.Ialt 13 nyheder. Tidsforbrug er ca. 1 min. pr. nyhed.

Spørgsmål blev efterfulgt af # (dette glemmes undertiden, hvorfor søg/erstat af ?-> ?# vil kunne udføres.
Indførsel af spørgsmål rejser problemet om spørgsmålet skal være på dansk eller engelsk. Spørgsmål på engelsk inviterer flere til at svare.
Der indførtes flere spørgsmål for nogle af nyhederne.

ArXIV Query bør nok ikke medtages, men er her angivet således:
BRAIN ArXiv QueryExtracting the

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