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Jupiter Now Has 69 MoonsOur local gas giant has two more natural satellites added to its roster — Read more on
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Meet the chef who's debunking detox, diets and wellness Anthony Warner – alias blogger turned author the Angry Chef – is on a mission to confront the 'alternative facts' surrounding nutritional fads and myths A few minutes into my encounter with the Angry Chef, I begin to wonder if his moniker might be ironic, like the big guy whose friends call him "Tiny". On the basis of his excoriating blog – which exposes "lies, pretensions and stupidity in the wo
7h The Atlantic8K
Power Causes Brain Damage If power were a prescription drug, it would come with a long list of known side effects. It can intoxicate. It can corrupt. It can even make Henry Kissinger believe that he's sexually magnetic. But can it cause brain damage? When various lawmakers lit into John Stumpf at a congressional hearing last fall, each seemed to find a fresh way to flay the now-former CEO of Wells Fargo for failing to sto


cognitive science
Early Stress Exposure Confers Lifelong Vulnerability, Causing Long-Lasting Alterations in a Specific Brain Reward Region submitted by /u/SophiaDevetzi [link] [comments]
6min The Atlantic54
A Deadly Forest Fire in Portugal A forest fire that's being called the most deadly in Portugal's history has killed more than 60 people, many of them trapped in cars they tried to escape the area. Wind, dry air, and heat topping 104 degrees Fahrenheit have worsened conditions for firefighters, who are still battling flames in the central region of Pedrógão Grande. Prime Minister António Costa called it "the worst tragedy in term
14min Dagens Medicin
Sikkerhed ved immunterapi mod høfeber bekræftet i dansk undersøgelse Primært milde og korte bivirkninger ved brug af immunterapi med smeltetabletten Grazax, viser data præsenteret på EAACI.
48min Dagens Medicin
1-0 til lægemiddelprovokation uden forudgående hudtest Overlæge Lene Heise Garvey fra klinik for allergi på Gentofte Hospital fik salen med sig, da hun søndag argumenterede for lægemiddelprovokation uden forudgående hudtest.
48min Dagens Medicin
Effektiv testmetode til at måle reaktion på allergener 100 år gammel testmetode er effektiv til at undersøge reaktion på allergener, viser præsentation af Anja Pahlow Mose, ORCA på Odense Universitetshospital.
48min Dagens Medicin
Hygiejneteorien er fortsat omdiskuteret Forskelle i bybørns og landbørns risiko for allergier og astma vakte interesse på session på EAACI, som overlæge Arne Høst, H.C. Andersens Børnehospital i Odense, stod i spidsen for.
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Producer Says Spider-Man: Homecoming, Venom, and Silver and Black Will Exist in Same World Sony's Spider-Man spinoffs, Venom and Silver and Black, may not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… but Sony has plans for all of their Spider-Man films to share the same universe. And, contrary to reports, the door isn't closed on Tom Holland showing up in them. In a recent interview, Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal revealed that all three movies will exist in the same world…
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U.S. Navy Calls Off Its Search for Missing Sailors The search for seven missing U.S. Navy sailors who went missing after their destroyer collided with a container ship near Japan was called off Sunday. Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin, commander of the Navy's 7th Fleet, said divers found a "number of" bodies in a flooded compartment in the USS Fitzgerald, although he did not specify how many. The day before, while near its home base port in Yokosuka, J
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Why Would You Try To Make Camp Amongst All Of These Bugs?! | Naked and Afraid XL #NakedAndAfraidXL | Sundays at 11/10c With a long journey ahead, the XL team must camp out in what is possibly the most bug infested area of the Amazon. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Discovery GO: More info: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: https://
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Horrifying Forest Fires in Portugal Leave at Least 62 People Dead Photo: Getty Around 1,600 firefighters have been desperately battling wildfires that broke out in central Portugal early Sunday morning. At least 62 people have been confirmed dead, many of whom were burned in their cars as they tried to escape. Forest fires are common in the the Iberian peninsula during the summer months, but today's example is particularly extreme. Portugal's prime minister, An
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Don't believe the hype about Russia's hypersonic missile Military Not about the speed, it's about how it uses that speed. Russia tested a hypersonic missile but we don't know enough to know if it's scary yet…
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When Pets Hear, "It's Your Choice"The latest and greatest in pet care. And it's free — Read more on
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Sunday's Best Deals: Rowing Machine, Anker Powerline+, Lawn Care, and More An affordable rowing machine , everything you need for the perfect lawn , Anker Powerline+ cables , and more lead Sunday's best lifestyle deals. Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Top Tech Deals Cowin E-7 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones , $39 with code AU2KA5OO You don't need to sell a kidney to afford noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones; these 4 star-rate
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Gay Kiss Cut From Chinese Version of Alien: Covenant Image: 20th Century Fox Alien: Covenant was released in China on Friday, and moviegoers were quick to point out quite a few significant changes. Not only were several of the alien scenes removed, having them on screen for less than a couple of minutes… but Chinese censors also pulled the film's gay kiss. During the film, identical cyborgs David and Walter (both played by Michael Fassbender) end
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Ejerlederen gjorde hele personalet til medejereØnsket om skabe et glidende generationsskifte og få virksomheden til at vokse endte med, at Allan Spork tilbød alle sine medarbejdere en andel i virksomheden. Øget motivation fører til vækst, lyder ræsonnementet.
3h EurekAlert! – Breaking News6
Acupuncture relieves pain in emergency patients: StudyThe world's largest randomized controlled trial of acupuncture in emergency departments has found the treatment is a safe and effective alternative to pain-relieving drugs for some patients.Led by RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, the study found acupuncture was as effective as pain medicine in providing long-term relief for patients who came to emergency in considerable pain.But the trial,
3h Big Think400+
Fetuses Can Recognize Faces. How Will This Change the Abortion Debate? This is the first vision test of a fetus from inside the womb. Read More
3h Gizmodo100+
How to Spot and Remove Stalkerware Image: Денис Евстратов/Unsplash As if there aren't enough tech security threats to worry about, you also need to be on your guard against so-called 'stalkerware'—those invasive types of programs installed by suspicious spouses, jealous exes or controlling parents without your knowledge. Here are the warning signs (on your computer) to look out for, and what you can do about them. Stalkerware expl
4h cognitive science1
A Theory of Reality as More Than the Sum of Its Parts submitted by /u/Bubblbu [link] [comments]
4h The Atlantic39
The Cartoonist Who Makes You Look Twice "Boundless" could be Jillian Tamaki's motto. Over her 14-year career, the cartoonist has consistently leaped in new directions. Whether designing book covers using embroidery, illustrating articles for The New York Times , or creating a nihilistic superhero comic, her output has been intellectually curious and artistically roving. And so it's fitting that Boundless is also the title of her new st
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Live Stream For One Of Motorsport's Biggest Events Ground To A Halt By Cyberattacks Photo credit: Porsche; Screencap via a default Google Chrome screen because nothing The official paid live stream for one of the biggest events in motorsport—the 24 Hours of Le Mans—has been uncharacteristically bad this year, affected by occasional outages and periods of poor picture quality. The World Endurance Championship (of which Le Mans is a part) says they've been cyberattacked during the
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Build Your Own Grid While You're Off the Grid With 15% Off BioLite Products [Exclusive] BioLite makes some of the most insane and useful camping gear on the market, and you can save on their entire product lineup today with promo code BIOKINJA. We have to start by pointing out the BioLite CampStove 2 , which is an ultra-portable wood-burning stove that generates electricity while it cooks your meals. Yes, you can actually plug your phone into a 2 pound wood burning stove to charge i
4h Viden100+
Festivalgæster: Grøn hjerne på standbyFestivaler sætter dybe miljøaftryk. Hvis du skal til festival, kan du selv lette dit aftryk. Fx ved at tage din luftmadras med hjem.
5h Ingeniøren1
Nyt museum er forklædt som klitlandskabVarde Museerne står bag en imponerende bygning, som skal formidle historien om livet ved den jyske vestkyst med udgangspunkt i en kanonstilling fra Anden Verdenskrig. Arkitekturen krævede kreative ingeniører.
5h The Atlantic1K
Even the Insured Often Can't Afford Their Medical Bills A chance trip to Long Island's Adventureland amusement park just might have saved Cassidy McCarthy's life. After Cassidy—whose family calls her Cassie—then 4, complained about pain and nausea following a ride on the Ladybug rollercoaster, her dad, Daniel, a registered nurse, felt her stomach and discovered a small bump. A CT scan ordered up at a local hospital's emergency room revealed a kidney t
5h BBC News – Science & Environment70
Inflatable whales used as training toolVolunteer rescuers have been learning how to save marine creatures when they wash up on the beach.
6h Wired50
Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vac: It's the Ace of MaidsWe look at Dyson's V7 Motorhead, the mid-range offering in its lineup of new cord-free vacs.
6h Wired27
Fox News' Motto Is No Longer 'Fair and Balanced,' Plus More Internet Scandals of the WeekFrom Fox News' new slogan to President Trump's "witch hunt" tweet, here's everything the internet was talking about last week.
6h Wired57
Neva's AirQuadOne Is Your New Best Bet for a Flying CarThe four-fan concept from a European aerospace consortium offers reasonable specs—and could be here in a few years.
6h Wired50
This Dark Matter Theory Could Solve a Celestial ConundrumPhysicists propose that dark matter is capable of changing phases—into an exotic superfluid with zero viscosity.
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Why Fathers Downplay FeelingsThey don't use hugs, but helping with tasks or activities is a man's way of showing affection and should not be belittled — Read more on
6h Viden31
Klimaforskernes 5 råd: Ferie med god samvittighedDu kan gøre meget for at minimere din kimabelastning samtidig med, at du holder en god ferie, fortæller eksperter.
7h Ingeniøren1
Private rumfirmaer i kapløb om små raketterTusindvis af små satellitter skal sendes i kredsløb i de kommende år, og en ny generation af små rumraketter skal stå for opsendelsen af en del af dem.
7h The Atlantic3K
Who's Afraid of Free Speech? Middlebury College's decision to discipline 67 students who participated in a raucous and violent demonstration against conservative author Charles Murray brings closure to one of several disturbing incidents that took place on college campuses this semester. But larger disputes about the state of free speech on campus–and in public life–remain unresolved. Many critics have used the incident at M
7h Big Think23
A Tube-style Map of Roman Roads How do you say 'Mind the gap' in Latin? Read More
7h Ingeniøren13
Dansk ingeniør bag kinesisk virksomhed i global vækstLotte Nørgreen er en af de mest erfarne danske erhvervsledere i Kina, de seneste seks år som selvstændig. Næste skridt er Danmark, hvor hun vil ansætte 20-30 medarbejdere.
9h Science | The Guardian54
Nazneen Rahman: 'Science and music are mediums in which I create'The scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research – and a singer-songwriter with two albums – reflects on her two loves and motivating forces I've had an exciting and unusual few weeks. My group published a scientific paper revealing a new genetic cause of a childhood kidney cancer called Wilms' tumour. This discovery has been of immediate benefit to families, providing an explanation for why thei
10h Ars Technica11
Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light review Enlarge (credit: Simon Ridgway/BBC) This is a post-UK broadcast review of Doctor Who : The Eaters of Light . River Song always warned the Doctor against spoilers, so be sure to watch the episode first. Doctor Who , season 10, airs on Saturdays at 6:45pm UK time on BBC One, and 9pm EDT on BBC America. The Eaters of Light is one of those Doctor Who episodes that could easily serve as a gentle intro
11h Science | The Guardian8
Cosmic crisp – a new apple to get your teeth intoAfter 30 years' experimentation, farmers in Washington state are ready for the biggest ever planting of a new variety of apple Nearly 30 years ago, Dr Bruce Barritt was jeered when he branded the apple industry in Washington state a dinosaur for growing obsolete varieties such as red and golden delicious. Now, farmers in the state, where 70% of US apples are grown, are ripping up millions of trees
11h Science | The Guardian9
How accurate is your mind's eye? Quiz Do you have good recall? Within your mind's eye are things clear or hazy? Take this test and find out what it says about you Do you have a good imagination? When you picture something, how clear is it? Take the "vividness of visual imagery" test below, then, using the following scale, ask yourself if the image was: (1) not there at all; (2) very vague; (3) moderately clear and vivid; (4) clear an
12h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily11
Elder abuse research yields new evidence on incidence, risks, outcomesAs World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on June 15, new study data from the Chinese community in Chicago is shedding light on the impact of elder abuse in America.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily12
Old school meets new school: Flight deck Ouija boards go digitalThe Office of Naval Research's (ONR) TechSolutions program has sponsored the development of the Deployable Ship Integration Multitouch System — DSIMS, for short — to make the jobs of aircraft handlers easier.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily37
Quality of early family relationships affects children's mental healthThe birth of a child is often a long-awaited and deeply meaningful event, but the transition to parenthood also forces the parents to revise their interparental romantic relationship. At the same time as the parents learn how to cope with the new situation, the infant undergoes one of the most intense developmental periods in human life. Attachment research has demonstrated the importance of the m
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily15
Building a better alligator: Advanced 3-D models of bite dataThe ability to bite hard is critical for crocodilians to eat their food such as turtles, wildebeest and other large prey; therefore, their anatomy is closely studied by veterinarians and paleontologists who are interested in animal movements and anatomy. Now, researchers have developed three-dimensional models of the skull of the American alligator using cutting-edge imaging and computational tool
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily10
Antibiotics promote resistance on experimental croplandsResearchers have generated both novel and existing antibiotic resistance mechanisms on experimental farmland, by exposing the soil to specific antibiotics.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily31
MAVEN's top 10 discoveries at MarsSince its launch in November 2013 and its orbit insertion in September 2014, MAVEN has been exploring the upper atmosphere of Mars. MAVEN is bringing insight to how the sun stripped Mars of most of its atmosphere, turning a planet once possibly habitable to microbial life into a barren desert world.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily27
Investigating emotional spillover in the brainWhen we let emotions from one event carry on to the next, such spillover can color our impressions and behavior in new situations – sometimes for the worse. Researchers are discovering what happens in the brain when such emotional spillover occurs.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily28
Semi-autonomous cars: No more stopping for red lights?Cars could soon negotiate smart intersections without ever having to stop, a new report suggests.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily10
Making wires of polymers chainsResearchers have modeled a new route to molecular wires suitable for use in miniature electronics.
16h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily9
Laying the foundations for hybrid silicon lasersA new technique for manufacturing hybrid silicon lasers paves the way for low-cost, mass-produced photonic devices usable in a range of applications.
16h BBC News – Science & Environment100+
Trump's divided desert: Wildlife at the border wallScience reporter Victoria Gill joins researchers in Arizona to find out how President Trump's wall could affect endangered desert wildlife.
17h BBC News – Science & Environment500+
Five robots that are changing everythingNasa chief engineer Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu on the robots that are changing the world.
17h BBC News – Science & Environment200+
Divided desert: Wildlife and Trump's wallHow President Trump's "great wall" on US-Mexico border could affect endangered desert wildlife.
18h Gizmodo500+
Portal Looks Great As A Lego Diorama Image credit: Anthony Wilson Look at that orange hole in the wall! adBrickBuilder, who goes by Anthony Wilson on Flickr (where you can see other Lego creations), posted their latest project to Reddit. One commenter pointed out that this wasn't the "correct solve" solve for the puzzle at hand, but it looks sleek and rad nonetheless. Just look at all the flame pieces attached to little wall and flo
19h NYT > Science200+
William J.L. Sladen, Expert on Penguin Libidos, Is Dead at 96Dr. Sladen, a British zoologist whose work was the basis of the 1996 movie "Fly Away Home," also helped teach young birds to safely migrate.
19h Gizmodo500+
It's Mary Poppins Meets The Conjuring, as Family Seeks Nanny for Haunted House "If you want this choice position, best not believe in superstition." A couple in a small village in the Scottish Borders is reportedly seeking a live-in nanny for their two small children. On the surface, it sounds like a helluva deal. Get paid about $63,000 per year (with 28 vacation days) to help the kids with meals and homework… plus you get a bedroom with private bathroom and kitchen. Soun
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily14
Lack of 'editing' in brain molecules potential driver of cancerA "significant" lack of 'editing' has been observed in microRNAs in brain tissue of brain cancer patients, report investigators.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily8
Researchers seek biomarker to assess spinal muscular atrophy treatmentSpinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is the leading genetic cause of death in infants. As promising new therapies such as those directly targeting survivor motor neuron (SMN) are entering clinical trials for infants, children, and adults with SMA, researchers are searching for biomarkers in blood that can monitor their effectiveness.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily7
New effective treatments for psoriatic arthritis patientsNew research reveals promising data supporting two new drug classes for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis (PsA).
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily10
Genes explain higher prevalence of cardiovascular disease in chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases patientsNew research represents an important step towards characterizing the genetic basis of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID).
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily9
New relapse prediction tool reduces cost of rheumatoid arthritis treatmentThe combined use of two measurements to accurately predict the risk of relapse in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) allows successful dose reduction (tapering) of their disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), research shows. This in turn increases the cost-effectiveness of each DMARD treatment.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily35
Passive smoking in childhood linked to rheumatoid arthritisThe link between active smoking and the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been demonstrated by research. However, interestingly, new work also suggested for the first time that in smokers, exposure to tobacco early in life through passive smoking in childhood significantly increased this risk.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily13
Like a moth to a flame: The spread of the spruce budwormIn the last decade, 7 million hectares of boreal forest in Eastern Canada have been destroyed by the voracious insect known as the spruce budworm. And the outbreak is heading south again this spring. And the outbreak is heading south again this spring, leaving devastation and fires in its wake, warn researchers.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily6
NSAIDs improve survival for certain colorectal cancer patients, study showsAmong long-term colorectal cancer survivors, use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, is associated with about a 25 percent reduction in all-cause mortality, according to new research.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily13
Dryland cropping systems research addresses future drought and hunger issuesThe projected world population by 2056 is 10 billion. If researchers succeed in improving the yield potential of 40 percent of global land area under arid and semi-arid conditions, it will lead to a significant contribution to future food security.
20h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily6
Investigation tests drug to activate immune system, help fight cancerThe Efficacy and Metabolism of Azonafide Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) in Microgravity investigation seeks to activate immunogenic cell death within the cancer cells, which should kill the cancer and prevent the disease from reoccurring in the future.
20h Science | The Guardian500+
The latest threat to Antarctica: an insect and plant invasionRise in tourism and warmer climate bring house flies – and the growth of mosses in which they can live Antarctica's pristine ice-white environment is going green and facing an unexpected threat – from the common house fly. Scientists say that as temperatures soar in the polar region, invading plants and insects, including the fly, pose a major conservation threat. More and more of these invaders,
20h cognitive science1
The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans: Daniel Amen submitted by /u/artificialbrainxyz [link] [comments]
21h Gizmodo200+
LED Message Fidget Spinner Will Kill Teachers' Brief Tolerance of the Ubiquitous Toy GIF GIF Source: Milehighlimited Denver The fidget spinner is a global phenomenon that has inspired thinkpieces about cultural anxiety , the changing retail landscape , and above all, whether or not it should be allowed in the classroom . Many teachers have embraced the toy as a tool for kids with attention problems but we have some bad news: They're evolving. Some research has suggested that the
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily16
Interplay of light and matter: A 'perfect' attosecond experimentNovel experiments using ultrafast pulses are currently revolutionizing laser physics research. They deliver unprecedented insights into matter – into the structure and dynamics of electrons in atoms, molecules and in condensed phases. Using what is known as an attosecond experiment, physicists have managed to completely measure and describe the quantum-mechanical wave function of an ionized electr
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily21
Southern California mountain lions' genetic connectivity dangerously lowMountain lions in the Santa Ana mountains have lowest genetic diversity ever reported for pumas besides the Florida panther. Of seven male pumas that crossed 1-15 in past 20 years, only one produced offspring, report researchers.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily7
Newly identified method of gene regulation challenges accepted science, researchers sayAn unexpected layer of the regulation of gene expression has been discovered by researchers. The finding will likely disrupt scientists' understanding of how cells regulate their genes to develop, communicate and carry out specific tasks throughout the body.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily40
Nickel for thought: Compound shows potential for high-temperature superconductivityResearchers have identified a nickel oxide compound as an unconventional but promising candidate material for high-temperature superconductivity. The project combined crystal growth, X-ray spectroscopy and computational theory.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily87
Common household chemicals lead to birth defects in mice, research findsA connection between common household chemicals and birth defects has been uncovered by new research.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily27
In Medicaid patients, fatal overdose risk rises with opioid dose and sedative-hypnotic useAmong Medicaid patients taking opioids for chronic pain, the risk of fatal overdose rises steadily with daily opioid dose, reports a study.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily19
New medication guidelines for rheumatic disease patients having joint replacementIn the first such collaboration of its kind, an expert panel of rheumatologists and orthopedic surgeons has developed guidelines for the perioperative management of anti-rheumatic medication in patients undergoing total hip or knee replacement. The guidelines aim to reduce the risk of infection after joint replacement.
21h Latest Science News — ScienceDaily62
New approach improves ability to predict metals' reactions with waterThe wide reach of corrosion, a multitrillion-dollar global problem, may someday be narrowed considerably thanks to a new, better approach to predict how metals react with water.
21h Scientific American Content: Global1K
Why I Won't Get a PSA Test for Prostate CancerPhysicians are still recommending the blood test for prostate cancer even though it harms far more men than it helps — Read more on
21h Gizmodo49
Latest Fahrenheit 451 Casting Shows It's Bringing the Book to the YouTube Age Image: YouTube Red HBO is developing a feature-length adaptation of Ray Bradbury's famous 1953 novel Fahrenheit 451 starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, about a dystopian future where book burning is a national past time. The network's latest casting announcement indicates what kind of world this adaptation will take place in. Spoilers: It's ours. YouTuber Lilly Singh (who goes by Supe
21h Gizmodo5K
Just in Time, Amazon Patents Method to Prevent In-store Comparison Shopping Photo: Getty Amazon is perfecting a different kind of business model than we've traditionally known. First, crush an industry by focusing on growth instead of profit. Then, swoop in to "fix" the industry that was destroyed. Now that the online retailer is moving into the brick and mortar world, it's trying to prevent the in-store price comparisons that have served it so well against competitors.
23h cognitive science1
My friends and I made a subreddit for high quality videos that explain cogsci topics – CGP Grey, Kurzgesagt, ect. • r/things_explained submitted by /u/badnamebandit [link] [comments]
23h Popular Science18
Female elk are practically bulletproof by age 9 Animals They learn to outsmart hunters as they get older. Older female elk don't mess around.
23h Scientific American Content: Global93
In Ancient Bones, an Elephant-Size SurpriseAncient DNA reshuffles the pachyderm family tree — Read more on
23h Gizmodo500+
Be Honest: How Long Did You Survive HBO Nordic's Deadly Game of Thrones Quiz? Image: HBO HBO is gearing up for season seven of Game of Thrones with its binge-watching campaign, # PrepareForWinter . HBO Nordic, one of the network's European services, has taken it one step further with a completely sadistic knowledge test that has no checkpoints or backtracking. You fail once, you die. Here's how long I made it, folks… …I died at Question 2. Yep. Question 2. Looking back
1d Gizmodo200+
Clean Your Driveway, Porch, and More With Amazon's One-Day Pressure Washer Sale GreenWorks Pressure Washer Gold Box You might not have an immediate need for a pressure washer , but if you own a home, it's a useful thing to stash in the back or your garage. Today only, Amazon's spraying out deals on four different models from GreenWorks , starting at just $61, with every model available for under $100. Just remember that these prices are only available today, so get yours bef
1d Ars Technica100+
E3 2017's brightest indie games, cataloged in words and video Record crowds, long lines, and hype-filled booths meant that much of Ars' E3 experience was spent not playing video games. We do our best to inform you about upcoming titles when we have little more to work with than promises and hands-off demos. But there's nothing like a "no time limit" chance to sit and play, play, play. That's a big reason why we love the conference's indie-focused events. Hy
1d Ars Technica200+
New study suggests Jupiter's formation divided Solar System in two Enlarge (credit: NASA ) Gas giants like Jupiter have to grow fast. Newborn stars are embedded in a disk of gas and dust that goes on to form planets. But the ignition of the star releases energy that drives away much of the gas within a relatively short time. Thus, producing something like Jupiter involved a race to gather material before it was pushed out of the Solar System entirely. Simulation
1d Discovery (uploads) on YouTube2
Even A Frozen Trout Is A Welcome Treat For This Wilderness Gold Miner | Devil's Canyon Devil's Canyon | Tuesdays at 10/9c Ten days into his journey, Ben still hasn't found a source of protein. But an early snow might have brought good luck. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on Discovery GO: More: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook:
1d Gizmodo500+
Atari's New Console Sounds Like a Bad Idea GIF GIF Source: Atari About a week ago, a mysterious website appeared that offered a glimpse of what appeared to be a new console by Atari. The site offered nothing more than a short video and appears to have been made with a free website builder. On Friday, Atari's CEO confirmed that the company is indeed building a new console but he didn't explain why anyone should care. "We're back in the har
1d The Atlantic300+
A Mistrial in the Cosby Case The judge in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial declared a mistrial Saturday after jurors remained deadlocked after six days of deliberations. Shortly after the mistrial was declared, vowed to retry Cosby in the only criminal case brought against the former actor and comedian who has been accused of sexual assault by dozens of women. Cosby faced up to 10 years in prison on three counts of aggrav
1d Ingeniøren3 frigiver data: Følg danskernes energiforbrug i går, nu og i morgenMed Energidataservice kan enhver få indsigt i historisk og nutidigt energiforbrug, hvorvidt strømmen er fra sol, vind eller andre kilder, og hvor meget CO2-udledning, der følger med.

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BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

Artiklerne roses for at gøre vanskeligt stof forståeligt, uden at den videnskabelige holdbarhed tabes.

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