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astma – corticosteroider virker paradoksalt modsat hos patienter med alvorlig astma

Breath of fresh air for severe asthma researchNew research points to immunological differences in responses to steroids in patients with severe asthma, suggesting why corticosteroids may paradoxically perpetuate inflammation in severe asthma.

astma og støvmider – betræk i seng fordelagtogt

Mite-proof bedcovers may reduce asthma flare-ups in childrenBedcovers that form a barrier to house dust mites appear to reduce asthma flare-ups in children, according to new research.

bakteriofager kan dræbe resistente bakterier

Phage therapy shown to kill drug-resistant superbugScientists from the University of Liverpool's Institute of Infection and Global Health have shown that phage therapy could offer a safe and effective alternative to antibitotics in the treatment of cystic fibrosis lung infections.

biosensorer der kan bæres på armen – og anbefale lægebesøg

Wearable biosensors can tell you when to see the doctorYour watch might be able to tell you it's time to call in sick. Researchers have revealed the ability of wearable biosensors, similar to the Apple Watch or Fitbit, to detect physiological changes that may indicate illness, even before symptoms appear.

evolution og kunstige gærkromosomer

Synthetic yeast chromosomes help probe mysteries of evolution To work out how the yeast genome evolved, bioengineers are recreating it.

HIV: påvisning med MRI scanning i hjernen

MRI scans can help spot HIV in the brainScientists have developed a way to use MRI scans to help identify when HIV is persisting in the brain despite effective drug treatment. The study shows that patients can have HIV in the brain even when the disease is kept under control by treatment.

hjerneaktivitet koblet til visse fænomer i magnetiske systemer

Association between magnetic systems and certain states of brain activityScientists from the University of Granada (UGR) have proven for the first time that there is a close relationship between several emerging phenomena in magnetic systems (greatly studied by condensed matter physicists) and certain states of brain activity.

hoppende gener – ny hidtil ukendte mekanisme

Novel mechanism that detains mobile genes in plant genomeA team of Hokkaido University researchers has discovered a hitherto-unknown mechanism that detains transposable elements or "mobile genes" – which can move and insert into new positions in plant genomes.

KOL-patienter døde efter intensiv gangtræning – projekt i København (5 ud af 15 patienter døde)

5 ud af 15 patienter med svær KOL døde efter lille forsøg med intensiv gangtræning KOL-patienter skal ikke presses for hårdt på deres fysiske formåen, viser rehabiliteringsprojekt fra København.

ranavirus dræber padder, fisk og krybdyr i Portugal

A virus lethal to amphibians is spreading across PortugalA new strain of ranavirus is currently causing mass mortality in several species of amphibian in the Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in continental Portugal. This infectious agent is hypervirulent and also affects fish and reptiles, which complicates the situation, according to a study boasting the collaboration of the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid.

Roundup og kritiseret rotteforsøg

Forskere genåbner kritiseret rottestudieDa en rapport om effekterne af Roundup på rotter blev trukket tilbage fra et videnskabeligt tidsskrift i 2013, regnede de fleste med, at rotterne var lagt i graven. Men de var kun i fryseren, og nu er de fremme igen.

Roundup og kritiseret rotteforsøg

Sådan fik forskere nyt studie ud af gamle rotterIkke bare genbrug af rotter, men også en omdiskuteret forsøgsmetode ligger bag nyt Roundup-studie.

smertestillende elektrode der er gummiagtig med elektrisk førende søges udviklet

Engineers develop a plastic electrode that stretches like rubber but carries electricity like wiresThe brain is soft and electronics are stiff, which can make combining the two challenging, such as when neuroscientists implant electrodes to measure brain activity and perhaps deliver tiny jolts of electricity for pain relief or other purposes.

smitsom gabning og kløning – hvad ser i musehjernen når den ser en mus klø sig

How this itchy photo can make you scratch Some actions, like yawning and scratching, can spread from one person to another. New research finds that socially contagious itching is hardwired in the brain. Studying mice, the scientists have identified what occurs in the brain when a mouse feels itchy after seeing another mouse scratch. The discovery may help scientists understand the neural circuits that control socially contagious behavior

temperaturændring-påvirkelig papirfarve

New patterns emerge in fabric when the temperature changesImagine a single-coloured piece of cloth that suddenly displays a colourful pattern when the ambient temperature changes. Upon further temperature change, a completely different pattern shows up.

ahornsirup ændrer sig med klimaændringer

Effects of weather variability on maple syrup production studiedSome farmers in the United States and Canada have noticed that the quantity and quality of their maple syrup is changing with climate variability. Now researchers who are investigating these observations.

arbejdsløshed – virkninger på familiens børn

Children from jobless households more likely to experience disadvantage in adulthoodChildren from disadvantaged families in the UK are more likely to have lower education, be out of work and experience poverty in adult life than their peers in other European countries, apart from Ireland and Belgium, according to new research from the UCL Institute of Education (IOE).

brystkræft og tumor-sekvensbestemmelse

New critical information on tumor sequencing, response to chemotherapyTumor sequencing is increasingly used to select treatment for patients with cancer, but its role in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer is unknown. Researchers now report the results of a prospective tumor sequencing study in women receiving chemotherapy prior to breast surgery.

celler sorteres

Simulating cellular sorting processesA plant or an animal cell uses numerous processes to sort and assemble tiny building blocks into larger molecules, to rebuild molecules or to dissolve them. Such processes depend on interactions between various cellular components and are pre-programmed at least in some of the building blocks. Using synthetic gel particles, scientists try to simulate these cellular procedures; however, mimicking t

cellers sorteringsprocesser studeres ved brug af syntetiske gelpartikler der efterligner celler

Simulating cellular sorting processesA plant or an animal cell uses numerous processes to sort and assemble tiny building blocks into larger molecules, to rebuild molecules or to dissolve them. Such processes depend on interactions between various cellular components and are pre-programmed at least in some of the building blocks. Using synthetic gel particles, scientists try to simulate these cellular procedures; however, mimicking t


Carbon dioxide levels rose at record pace for 2nd straight yearCarbon dioxide levels measured at NOAA's Mauna Loa Baseline Atmospheric Observatory rose by three parts per million to 405.1 parts per million (ppm) in 2016, an increase that matched the record jump observed in 2015.

endostatin – og prostatakræft

Castration-resistant prostate cancer cell growth impeded by endostatinEndostatin, a naturally occurring protein in humans, can significantly decrease proliferation of castration-resistant prostate cells in culture, and researchers describe the physiological pathways and signaling evoked by endostatin.

evolution 635-541 mill. år siden

Microbes set the stage for first animalsIt is thought that animal life first arose during the Ediacaran Period, between 635 and 541 million years ago, but these organisms bore little resemblance to the animals we know today. That's led some scientists to believe that they may not have been animals at all, and instead amounted to failed experiments in multi-cellular evolution.

fedtsyrer høstning fra gærceller

How to brew high-value fatty acids with brewer's yeastShort-chain fatty acids are high-value constituents of cosmetics, active pharmaceutical ingredients, antimicrobial substances, aromas or soap. To date, it has only been possible to extract them from crude oil by chemical means or from certain plants, such as coconut, using a complex process.

fortidsmennesker – fund i Kina

New skulls from China have scientists and the media in a muddleJust a decade ago we thought we had solved the mystery of mysteries. We were confident we had finally puzzled out the evolutionary origins of modern humans.

graviditet: inflammation årsag til for tidlig fødsel

Study describes potential clinical test and treatment for preterm birthScientists identified a molecular driver of inflammation that may finally answer a key question about what causes mild systemic prenatal infections to trigger preterm birth. The finding is an important step to developing a treatment or clinical test for early detection of an entrenched global health problem, according to researchers.


Hacker Lexicon: What Is an Attack Surface? Whenever there's a hack, one of the first questions is how the attackers got in. For the answer, look to the attack surface.

hormonbehandling sikkerhed

The evidence base for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): what can we believe?The 'facts' that most women and clinicians consider in making the decision to use, or not use, HRT are frequently wrong or incorrectly applied according to a professor. New research raises serious questions about the 'facts' that have led women and their doctors to believe hormone therapy (often called HRT) is unsafe.

hukommelsen: opmærksomhed og arbejdshukommelse hos 13-24 årige

Media multitasking linked to distractibility among youthResearchers have studied the patterns of activity in cortical networks related to attention and working memory, as well as investigating associations between performance in working memory and attention tasks and the extent of daily technology-mediated activities in 13–24-year-old subjects.

mobning har senvirkninger

Childhood bullying may lead to increased chronic disease risk in adulthoodBeing bullied during childhood might have lifelong health effects related to chronic stress exposure — including an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes in adulthood, according to a research review.

nanomængder af lægemidler – dansk forskning

Using molecules to detune nanodrumsThe analysis of the minutest quantities of pharmaceutical samples is of crucial importance for the research and synthesis of new medications. At the moment it represents a technical challenge, but a new infrared method of measurement developed by TU Wien in collaboration with two research groups from Copenhagen may remedy this.

neanderthal kost og kys

Neanderthal Dental Plaque Reveals a Lot About Their Diet, Medical Practices, and Love Life They may have even kissed our ancestors.


Corrigendum. The week in review for 03/12/2017Waiting for a vaccine-preventable infection. More lousy acupuncture studies. Medical students interested in homeopathy are not as strong at science. Water wet. TCPM consuming donkeys. What the FDA does, and doesn't do, for now.

pseudovidenskab – risiko

"Chemotherapy is for losers": A tragic tale of cancer, naturopathic quackery, and murderWhen a patient and her family trust a naturopath rather than oncologists and oncologic surgeons, the result is often tragic. In this case, Fikreta Ibrisevic trusted naturopath Juan Sanchez Gonzalez instead of real doctors to treat her rhabdomyosarcoma in 2015. The results were as tragic as expected, and she died. What happened next was not expected and amplified the horror of the outcome, as, in h

RNA mod majsinficerende svamp der udvikler aflatoxin

This small molecule could have a big future in global food securityResearchers have used RNA molecules to prevent a corn-infecting fungus from producing a potent toxin. The approach could save millions of tons of crops each year from contamination with aflatoxin, a major threat to health and food security especially in developing parts of the world, they say.


A future with robots as companions could be closer than you thinkThe 2012 movie Robot & Frank described a "near future" that would allow us to spend our golden years living "co-dependently independently," fulfilled by ever-present robot companions that could watch out for loss of balance and falls, prompt us to do constructive home projects like gardening and even become something like our best friends.

sandheder og løgne

Could an auto logic checker be the solution to the fake news problem?Fake news is not news – that is, it is not in fact news, and the matter of fake news is not a recent revelation. But while fake news is a thorny problem that needs addressing in its own right, it is part of an even bigger issue too. Discourse –- the process by which humanity collectively comes to an understanding of itself, and so shapes its own future –- is fundamentally broken.

sandheder og løgne

Web creator Tim Berners-Lee speaks out on fake newsOn the 28th anniversary of the world wide web, its creator highlights fake news, political advertising and personal data collection as main challenges

sandheder og løgne

This Article Won't Change Your Mind: The facts on why facts alone can't fight false beliefs

sandheder og løgne

Listen to 'Tech Support' Scam Calls That Bilk Victims Out of Millions To get to the bottom of a devious form of phone-based fraud, a group of researchers scammed the scammers.

selvkørende biler

Førerløse biler ændrer vores prioritering af vejprojekterPolitikere risikerer at investere i forkerte vejprojekter, hvis de ikke medtager teknologiudviklingen. Det viser en analyse af tre vejprojekter herhjemme.

selvkørende biler

To Make Us All Safer, Robocars Will Sometimes Have to KillNot only will robocars fail to completely end traffic deaths, but they'll be choosing who to sacrifice—all to make the roads of tomorrow a safer place.

tarmvæv i 3D-model udvikling – virkning på Salmonella

3-D tissue culture models to mimic human gut infectionsScientists have reported their latest advancement in 3-D intestinal model development. Their united goal is to develop more realistic models of intestinal tissue to thwart Salmonella, a leading cause of food poisoning and systemic disease worldwide with many varieties causing severe and sometimes fatal infections with an economic impact in the billions of dollars.

telemedicin gav øgede udgifter

Ny forskning: Telemedicin gav ekstra udgifterBlandt 300.000 patienter i USA resulterede muligheden for kontakt med sundhedsprofessionelle over mobiltelefon eller video øgede udgifter totalt set.

Trump og klima

Trump and Republicans take aim at environmental agency EPA chief Scott Pruitt denies carbon dioxide's impact on the climate, and promises deregulation.

Trump og klima

Trump's assault on climate science will not make America greatGutting the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency will leave the US more vulnerable to climate change

vacciners lagringsstabilitet i troperne

Researchers develop testing program to study potency for neglected tropical disease vaccinesResearchers have developed a way to test recombinant vaccines for their ability to stay effective after years of storage.

The cognitive roots of regularization in languageRegularization occurs when the output a learner produces is less variable than the linguistic data they observed. In an artificial language learning experiment, we show that there exist at least two independent sources of regularization bias in cognition: a domain-general source based on cognitive load and a domain-specific source triggered by linguistic stimuli. Both of these factors modulate how

Anticipated synchronization in neuronal circuits unveiled by a phase-resetting curve analysisAnticipated synchronization (AS) is a counter intuitive behavior that has been observed in several systems. When AS establishes in a sender-receiver configuration, the latter can predict the future dynamics of the former for certain parameter values. In particular, in neuroscience AS was proposed to explain the apparent discrepancy between information flow and time lag in the cortical activity rec

A neuronal dynamics study on a neuromorphic chipNeuronal firing activities have attracted a lot of attention since a large population of spatiotemporal patterns in the brain is the basis for adaptive behavior and can also reveal the signs for various neurological disorders including Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, epilepsy and others. Here, we study the dynamics of a simple neuronal network using different sets of settings on a neuromorphic chip. W

Learning to represent signals spike by spikeA key question in neuroscience is at which level functional meaning emerges from biophysical phenomena. In most vertebrate systems, precise functions are assigned at the level of neural populations, while single-neurons are deemed unreliable and redundant. Here we challenge this view and show that many single-neuron quantities, including voltages, firing thresholds, excitation, inhibition, and spi

Americans Are Having a Lot Less Sex, Say Researchers. Is Tech to Blame? Married Americans are now having sex 11 fewer times per year than in 2002, according to a new study published in the Archives for Sexual Behavior. What is causing this dramatic change? The researchers speculate many causes, including the rise of Netflix and other pleasurable sources of entertainment.

The Real Story of What Got Us to the Top of the Food Chain Natural "narrative selection" was key to turning insignificant apes (who had tools for 2 million years) into the species that now dominates the bio-sphere.

Albert Einstein's Surprising Thoughts on the Meaning of Life Albert Einstein shared his thoughts on the meaning of life and his own spiritual views.

Enigmatic Deep Space Flashes Could Be Powering Alien Spaceships, Say Harvard Scientists Harvard scientists propose how mysterious Fast Radio Bursts from outer space could actually be powering the spacecrafts of an advanced alien civilization.

Discovery of Earth's Oldest Fossil Suggests Life Elsewhere in Our Solar System Life may not be a rarity after all, but the result of a certain set of conditions.

These Wearables Are All About Neuroscience Conceptual artist Jonathon Keats proposes neuroscience-based fashion.

You Can Stop Apologizing for Your Sick Sense of Humor A new study tries to figure out who finds dark humor funny.

HQ switching to Daylight Savings Here's a wee alert, Eyewirers! Some of you maybe haven't set your clocks ahead, some of you maybe haven't yet, and others never will (and will thus be spared these arcane shenanigans), but at HQ we are about to switch it up this weekend. Tomorrow, 3/12 we will magically jump ahead from 2:00 AM EST to 3:00 AM EDT . If you are not in our own time zone, please be sure to reckon event times according

A brain-enhancement amusement park mockumentary "There was a level of undefined brain activity, about 30% higher, than the kids who stayed on the ground." The Centrifuge Brain Project is an awesome short film by Till Nowak, featuring a deadpan performance by Leslie Barany. The fictitious website of the Institute for Centrifugal Research (ICR) is one of the best since LACUNA Inc. (which lives on at ): Welcome to the homepage of ICR

Nudgings psykologiske skub kan påvirke os negativtDen adfærdspåvirkende teknik "nudging" har længe været hypet. Men det kan også give os dårlig samvittighed, viser dansk projekt

Virtual Reality: Trods manglende gennembrud, venter der unikke oplevelserTo eksperter anbefaler oplevelser, du skal prøve.

We can overcome differences if these values line up Whether a fault line in any modern conflict is sectarian, ethnic, or ideological, people's devotion to the values that define their communities can make it seem as if violence along their boundaries is inevitable. New research suggests otherwise. People are willing to share a society with those of differing beliefs as long as they believe that those groups share a commitment to universal moral va

Mussels inspire glue that sticks despite water Scientists have modeled a new adhesive that works underwater after shellfish that stick to surfaces. It's stronger than many commercial glues created for the purpose. "Our current adhesives are terrible at wet bonding, yet marine biology solved this problem eons ago," says Jonathan Wilker, professor of chemistry and materials engineering at Purdue University. "Mussels, barnacles, and oysters atta

Become a Tech-Savvy Programming Whiz with this Raspberry Pi Kit (Sponsored)The latest hardware, accessories, and 21 hours of instruction for 59% off.

Did Jane Austen Die of Arsenic Poisoning? Probably NotFamed writer Jane Austen is known for her wit and plot twists, but the cause of her death might be more like a tale from a penny dreadful.

Mars Colonists Might Need to Radically Alter Their Bodies and MindsTraining in Antarctica or on the International Space Station won't provide adequate preparation for human settlement on Mars, according to new research.

'Fake Weed' Linked to More Risk-Taking Than Real MarijuanaTeens who use marijuana don't behave in quite such risky ways as teens who use synthetic cannabis, a new study finds.

In Photos: 1,000-Year-Old Tomb With Colorful Murals Discovered in ChinaArchaeologists in Datong City, in northern China, have discovered a tomb with colorful murals on the walls dating back around 1,000 years.

Ancient Tomb Decorated with Vibrant Murals Found in ChinaA 1,000-year-old circular tomb, whose walls are decorated with colorful murals, has been discovered in Datong City, in northern China.

Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S. The world is seeing more and more new diseases, and the U.S. is no exception. We're living in a hot spot for tick-borne diseases. Some are deadly. The key to stopping them may be an unlikely critter.

Old-Style Chemo Is Still A Mainstay In The Age Of Targeted Cancer Therapy Scientists hunting cures for cancer hope to find targeted therapies with fewer side effects. But there's also new evidence that old-style chemo sometimes helps gentler treatments work better.

Save Hide And Seek For The Playground: Why Kids Should See Their Veggies Getting kids to eat veggies through subterfuge — say, spinach smoothies — sets the bar too low, researchers say. Your child must actually learn to like veggies, weird textures and all. Here's how.

From 25,540 Paper Fragments, How Darwin Himself EvolvedResearchers at the American Museum of Natural History have used superfast computers to reorganize the raw notes that formed "On the Origin of Species."

What Our Cells Teach Us About a 'Natural' DeathOur biology may offer a challenge to the common wisdom about the artificial extension of life.

A Himalayan salt cooking block for 82 percent off? I'd buy it. Gadgets It's $11. A big ol' slab of salt for $11?

Polymath Stephen Wolfram Defends His Computational Theory of EverythingCreator of Mathematica and A New Kind of Science remains confident that he can transform science and other realms of knowledge —

Why Freud Still Isn't DeadPsychoanalysis still attracts adherents in spite of relentless criticism and the rise psychopharmacology and other alternatives —

Unlocking the Power of African Soil MicrobesThese microscopic marvels are transforming agriculture in the developed world; now it's Africa's turn —

What's Your Polygenic Score?It's still a crude measure, but someday this broad genetic assessment will predict academic success, athletic ability and susceptibility to dozens of diseases —

A Spiky Mammal from the Heyday of the DinosaursThis little beast speaks to mammalian success under the feet of the saurians —

Paleo Profile: The Orange Sea LionThis prehistoric marine mammal helps outline the early days of eared seals —

Being a Trans Mathematician: A Q&A with Autumn Kent"Being trans is beautiful" —

The Serenity of KakeyaI turn to the Kakeya needle problem for reassurance in difficult times —

It's Brain Awareness Week 2017! Check out the Calendar of Events! It is Brain Awareness Week (BAW) 2017 (March 13-19), and there are over 675 events on the BAW Calendar of Events ! Across five continents, people of all ages are celebrating BAW through lectures and symposiums, exhibits, workshops, lab tours, school visits, and much more! A demonstration of how neurons work during Brain Awareness Week 2016, organized by the Electrophysiology Lab and Neurophysiolo

Første 3D-printede bygning i Danmark på vejFor første gang skal en bygning i Danmark bygges med 3D-printet beton. Arkitekten bag er dog stadig ikke overbevist om teknologien.

FOTOS: Udsigt til videnskabens grænselandÅrets bedste videnskabelige billeder og visualiseringer leverer et nyt indblik i dyrenes indre liv og videnskabens grænseland.

Industrien tøver stadig over for trådløse IoT-teknologierMens udviklere og småvirksomheder hurtigt har taget nye trådløse teknologier til Internet of Things til sig, er industrien mere tøvende. Både teknologi og industri er umodne, lyder det.

Tiden går, det danske atomaffald bestårIngen vil tage sig af atomskrottet på Risø, der stadig venter på sit endelige hvilested. Nu har en arkitekt set på sagen fra en ny vinkel.

Voksende interesse for analogiregnemaskinerTIDSMASKINEN: I modsætning til cifferregnemaskinen bruges analogiregnemaskinen til modelforsøg af fysiske systemer som vindtunneller, elektriske stærkstrømsnet eller modeltanke for skibsbygning.

Improved monitoring and prevention of aging of Picasso and Mondrian paintingsA consortium of researchers from the worlds of museum, science and industry have developed a method to establish the extent to which titanium white – an important white pigment – is causing modern paintings to age. The method can detect aging early in the process, meaning that timely action can be taken to protect major paintings.

How do animals see in the dark?On a moonless night, light levels can by more than 100m times dimmer than in bright daylight. Yet while we are nearly blind and quite helpless in the dark, cats are out stalking prey, and moths are flying agilely between flowers on our balconies.

Anxiety affects test scores even among students who excel at mathThe term math anxiety doesn't call to mind a person who excels at the subject. But students who perform extremely well on math exams can suffer from such anxiety, which has a surprisingly powerful effect on just how well they do.

Belgian zoo shortens rhinos' horns after French killingA Belgian zoo said Saturday it will shorten its rhinos' horns as an anti-poaching measure following the grisly killing of a white rhino in France this week.

Boaty McBoatface submersible prepares to dive into the abyss on first Antarctic missionBoaty McBoatface is joining ocean scientists from the University of Southampton and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) on an expedition to study some of the deepest and coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth – known as Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) – and how they affect climate change.

Cleaner, more durable surface coatings through collaborative study of electrostaticsWork surfaces at home that we clean regularly still accumulate mystery particulate matter over time: sinks, tiles, and windows—even non-stick Teflon pans. The same is true of the surfaces of materials used in industry and in environmental remediation. Efforts to create better materials with predictable surface properties have led scientists to study the electrostatic forces that attract particulat

Researchers make dramatic improvement in 3-D printing for home useWaseda University researchers have developed a process to dramatically improve the quality of 3D printed resin products. The process combines greatly improved surface texture and higher structural rigidity with lower cost, less complexity, safer use of solvent chemicals and elimination of troublesome waste dust.

Differential equations and the role of coincidenceIn a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a team directed by mathematician Erika Hausenblas is investigating how the pressure of flowing liquids can be described when taking into account random perturbations.

Door and window locks are less carbon-costly and more effective than burglar alarms and CCTV, a new study findsA new study, which estimates the carbon footprint of burglary prevention measures, has found that the best options from both an environmental and security point of view are door and window locks. This is because they are not only more effective at preventing crime, but also more environmentally friendly, having a much lower carbon footprint than other measures, such as burglar alarms or CCTV.

Study examines causes of earthquakes originating deep below earth's surfaceThe mechanisms which cause earthquake cycles to begin up to 40km below the earth's surface in the interior of the continents are to be explored in a new research project led by the University of Plymouth.

Environmentally friendly, almost electricity-free solar cooling—also serves as a heat pumpDemand and the need for cooling are growing as the effects of climate change intensify. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and German company ZAE Bayern have built an emission-free, solar-powered chiller; a pilot system has been tested in Finland and Germany. The potential market is world-wide, particularly in warm countries.

Run Faster! Be Stronger! Can technology make you better?Technological growth is moving at a rate never seen before—and as it advances, it simultaneously shrinks, moving closer to our bodies, intertwining with the many facets of our lives and positions itself between our experiences of the physical environments around us. When utilizing these technological systems in the context of intense sporting activities, this competition for our focus can lead to

Gearing up to track space debrisSpace is filling up with junk. "It's not like there's a storm of metal and if you venture into space you're going to get clobbered," says Professor Russell Boyce, Chair of Space Engineering at UNSW Canberra. "But the risk of collisions is increasing."

Giant Magellan Telescope poised to answer some of humanity's biggest questionsThe Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), which is currently being built in Chile, is poised to answer essential questions about the universe, according to the newly appointed president of the organization that manages the GMT project.

Hubble focuses on a hypergiant's homeThis beautiful Hubble image reveals a young super star cluster known as Westerlund 1, only 15,000 light-years away in our Milky Way neighborhood, yet home to one of the largest stars ever discovered.

Slowing down an interstellar spacecraft at Alpha CentauriWhile one of the most important challenges for future interstellar travel is to how send a probe to another stellar system relatively quickly, another issue that needs to be resolved is how to successfully slow down such a spacecraft once it gets there. Recently, two German researchers have proposed a solution addressing this problem, presenting a method that could flawlessly decelerate an interst

The Jamaica cherry that fights infectionsA small roadside flowering tree introduced to South-East Asia from Latin America exhibits both antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Researchers at the University of the Philippines, Diliman analysed the leaves and stems of Muntingia calabura for the presence of biologically active compounds called phytochemicals. They also tested leaf and stem ethanol extracts from the tree against four differen

Linguist expands the horizons of language analysis with new bookMany linguistics scholars regard the world's languages as being fundamentally similar. Yes, the characters, words, and rules vary. But underneath it all, enough similar structures exist to form what MIT scholars call universal grammar, a capacity for language that all humans share.

Nanosatellites for low-cost space flightThe space flight scene is in a state of upheaval. Something along the lines of a democratisation of space is happening – at least as far as the lower orbits are concerned. For several years, numerous universities have been experimenting with so-called nanosatellites. In the coming years, they will probably experience a commercial breakthrough – and Switzerland is playing an important role in it.

NASA studying shared Venus science objectives with Russian Space Research InstituteA team of NASA-sponsored scientists will meet with the Russian Academy of Sciences' Space Research Institute (IKI) next week to continue work on a Joint Science Definition Team study focused on identifying shared science objectives for Venus exploration. The visit comes after a report was recently delivered to both NASA Headquarters in Washington and IKI in Moscow, assessing and refining the scien

New research on Northern Lights will improve satellite navigation accuracyResearchers at the University of Bath have gained new insights into the mechanisms of the Northern Lights, providing an opportunity to develop better satellite technology that can negate outages caused by this natural phenomenon.

New estimate of ocean heat finds more warmingThe oceans may be storing 13 percent more heat than previously estimated, according to a new study co-authored by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

People see black men as larger, more threatening than same-sized white menPeople have a tendency to perceive black men as larger and more threatening than similarly sized white men

The science of carbon dioxide and climateThe vast majority of scientists around the world agree that our climate is changing at a faster rate than ever recorded in human history because of our use of fuels such as coal and oil, so-called fossil fuels.

The science of liquoriceThere are foods that can split families, or even just couples. Love it or hate it foods. Marmite (and the vegetarian alternative, Vegemite) is one. Then there's Brussels sprouts, blue cheese, chilli peppers, coriander (cilantro), tomatoes (especially the cooked variety) … and liquorice.

Scientists map seawater threat to California Central Coast aquifersResearchers from Stanford and the University of Calgary have transformed pulses of electrical current sent 1,000 feet underground into a picture of where seawater has infiltrated freshwater aquifers along the Monterey Bay coastline.

Scientists race to prevent wipeout of world's coral reefsThere were startling colors here just a year ago, a dazzling array of life beneath the waves. Now this Maldivian reef is dead, killed by the stress of rising ocean temperatures. What's left is a haunting expanse of gray, a scene repeated in reefs across the globe in what has fast become a full-blown ecological catastrophe.

Slackers turned savioursJapanese scientists show that lazy ant workers step in to replace fatigued workers, improving colony long-term persistence.

Stargazing keeps tourism looking upWith urbanisation gaining pace and air pollution clouding the view in major cities, contemplating the stars in a pitch-black sky is fast becoming a rarity that tour operators are banking on as a new selling-point.

Under Trump, the Moon regains interest as possible destinationDismissed by former US president Barack Obama as a place explorers had already seen, the Moon has once again gained interest as a potential destination under Donald Trump's presidency.

Vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the AmazonLogging that happens today and potential future rainfall reductions in the Amazon could push the region into a vicious dieback circle. If dry seasons intensify with human-caused climate change, the risk for self-amplified forest loss would increase even more, an international team of scientists finds. If however there is a great variety of tree species in a forest patch, according to the study thi

Consistently warmer weather means the harvest season comes earlyImagine you're a local kiwifruit farmer, says Dr Judy Lawrence, and the consistently warmer weather means the harvest season has come early.

Warm winter has put state's apple crop at risk, expert warnsWith less than two weeks until the official end of an unusually warm winter in Pennsylvania, the apple crop is in some jeopardy, warns a tree fruit specialist with Penn State Extension.

Video game beta test reveals how we might act if the world endsPlayers who tried out role-playing game ArcheAge knew their characters would be deleted at the end of the test, and acted differently when the end was nigh

DOF images applied on a regular image with Spatial Artificial Intelligence

Detect. Lock on. Intercept. The remarkable hunting ability of the robber flyA small fly the size of a grain of rice could be the Top Gun of the fly world, with a remarkable ability to detect and intercept its prey mid-air, changing direction mid-flight if necessary before sweeping round for the kill.

Scientists effectively disrupt communication between parasites that spread diseaseA new intervention to tamper with parasites' communication system may lead to the development of drugs to treat, and prevent the spread of, devastating diseases such as African sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis and Chagas' disease.

Combination immunotherapy effective for advanced prostate cancerAdvanced prostate cancer resistant to castration therapy appears to respond well to a combination of immune checkpoint blockades and treatments that target certain immune-busting cells commonly associated with poor patient prognosis and therapy resistance. Researchers have developed a novel chimeric mouse model to test the combination therapy using immune checkpoint blockades with therapies target

Possible Achilles' heel in key immune memory cellsGenes involved in lipid metabolism are highly active in TRM cells, roughly 20- to 30-fold more active than in other types of T-cells.

Frst exact model for diffusion in magnesium alloysIn order to develop new materials, material engineers need to be able to predict how fast impurity atoms diffuse, or spread, in a crystal over a range of temperatures. Using new computational techniques, researchers have constructed the first exact model for diffusion in magnesium alloys. While magnesium is the lightest structural metal, this new model could mean big things for material engineers,

New research points out that climate change will increase fire activity in Mediterranean EuropeIn the forthcoming decades, risks of summer fire may increase in Mediterranean Europe. A recent study, researchers show that the direct effect of climate change in regulating fuel moisture (droughts leading to larger fires) is expected to be dominant, regarding the indirect effect of antecedent climate on fuel load and structure -that is, warmer/drier conditions that determine fuel availability. T

Gene that causes rare disorder, Opitz C syndrome, identifiedOpitz C syndrome is a genetic disease that causes severe disabilities in patients and has been diagnosed in three people in the Iberian Peninsula, and sixty people in the world. A team of researchers has now identified a gene that causes the Opitz C syndrome in the only patient in Catalonia diagnosed with this severe congenital disease. This new scientific advance is a first step to discover the g

Sickle cell gene linked to elevated risk of developing kidney failureSickle cell trait, a common hemoglobin variant in African Americans, is associated with a twofold higher risk of developing kidney failure requiring dialysis, concludes a team of researchers. Sickle cell trait conferred a similar degree of risk as APOL1 gene variants, which are currently the most widely recognized genetic contributors to kidney disease in blacks.

Anxiety is a stronger harbinger of alcohol problems than stressStress and anxiety are widely believed to contribute to drinking. Alcohol is thought to reduce tension caused by stress (the "flight or fight" response) as well as alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of anxiety (anticipation of the unpredictable, impending threats). Prior research, however, has yielded inconsistent findings as to the unique relations between stress and anxiety, on the one hand, and

'Gloom' and doom when these insects are on hot, dry red maple treesThey are known as gloomy scales, and these insects can make a red maple tree's life downright dreary. This is because the arthropods feed and thrive on them, especially in warm and dry urban landscapes.

New blood test may predict cardiovascular events in patients with or without coronary artery diseaseA new type of blood test may help physicians identify which patients with and without evidence of coronary blockages are at risk for heart attacks and strokes. Even individuals with normal levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), known as the so-called "bad" cholesterol, but still at risk, seem to be identified.

Research evaluates how financial criminals evade lawsTwo investigators examine the frequency and implications of bankruptcy fraud and money laundering. They also assess the degree of cultural and ethical differences between these acts in the United States and Europe, where the crimes are more prevalent.

What is innovation, and how can we awaken its dormant traits and cultivate them?While education may not be able to create innovative traits in individuals, education may improve the ability of individuals to utilize the traits they already possess. To that end, the authors begin by defining innovation and identifying the characteristics, traits, and thought processes of innovative individuals or groups of individuals and the environments that they exist in. The ultimate goal

Brain networks at rest are in readiness for action, researchers suggestBrain networks at rest appear to be waiting in a state of potentiation to execute even the simplest of behaviors, report researchers.

New Bedford Harbor identified as major source of airborne PCBsSediment contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCBs, from the bottom of the New Bedford Harbor is the number one source of airborne PCBs in the neighborhoods surrounding the port, according to new research.

New NASA radar technique finds lost lunar spacecraftA new technological application of interplanetary radar has successfully located spacecraft orbiting the moon — one active, and one dormant. This new technique could assist planners of future moon missions.

Cassini reveals strange shape of Saturn's moon PanNew images of Saturn's tiny moon, Pan, were taken on March 7, 2017, by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. These images are the closest images ever taken of Pan and will help to characterize its shape and geology.

NASA Mars Orbiter tracks back-to-back regional stormsA regional dust storm currently swelling on Mars follows unusually closely on one that blossomed less than two weeks earlier and is now dissipating, as seen in daily global weather monitoring by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

NASA's Kepler provides another peek at ultra-cool neighborOn Feb. 22, astronomers announced that the ultra-cool dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1, hosts a total of seven Earth-size planets that are likely rocky, a discovery made by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope in combination with ground-based telescopes. NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope also has been observing this star since December 2016. Today these additional data about TRAPPIST-1 from Kepler are

Vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the AmazonLogging that happens today and potential future rainfall reductions in the Amazon could push the region into a vicious dieback circle. If dry seasons intensify with human-caused climate change, the risk for self-amplified forest loss would increase even more, an international team of scientists finds. If however there is a great variety of tree species in a forest patch, according to the study thi

Boaty McBoatface submersible prepares to dive into the abyss on first Antarctic missionBoaty McBoatface is joining ocean scientists on an expedition to study some of the deepest and coldest abyssal ocean waters on earth – known as Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW) – and how they affect climate change. The team of researchers will assess water flow and underwater turbulence in the Orkney Passage, a region of the Southern Ocean around 3,500m deep and roughly 500 miles from the Antarctic P

"Super Agers" Have Brains That Look YoungOlder adults who perform like young people on tests of memory have a shrink-resistant cortex —

How Private Is Your "Voice Assistant" Device?A guide to how well Alexa, Siri, Google Now and the rest guard your secrets —

Shaping the Urban BrainCities shape how we think, feel and behave. Can we create cities that improve our brain health? —

The Serious Need for PlayFree, imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development. It makes us better adjusted, smarter and less stressed —

What Is the Probability that Alien Life Exists?Are we alone in the universe? If so, why? If not, where is everybody? Thankfully, math can help us with these astronomically profound questions. —

The War on the Disturbingly Real Trolls in Virtual RealityWhen you feel like you really are inside a virtual body, protecting your personal space is important.

The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending March 11, 2017)This week's most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.

The Download, Mar 13, 2017: Electric Car Adoption Woes, Fighting VR Trolls, and Spider-Silk NecktiesThe most fascinating and important news in technology and innovation delivered straight to your inbox, every day.

Staggering Views of Manila's Insanely Crowded Slums A bird's eye view from one of the most densely populated cities on Earth.

The Twilight Zone Can Make You a Better Person. Really Every episode has lessons that are still very relevant.

Hack Your March Madness Bracket With the Algorithm Method NCAA, meet AI.

The Internet Protocols of the Elders of Zion Old-time anti-Semitism is surging on the internet, just as it has every time an innovative technology offers a new way to spread hate.

Let's Calculate Pi on a Raspberry Pi to Celebrate Pi Day Looking for something fun to do on Pi Day? Here. Try an interactive pi calculation using the Raspberry Pi.

Puddle Jumpers: We Put 4 Waterproof Running Shoes to the Test We tested several pairs—trail shoes, street shoes, even a running boot—and four made the final cut.

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BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

Artiklerne roses for at gøre vanskeligt stof forståeligt, uden at den videnskabelige holdbarhed tabes.

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