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antibiotikaresistens – MRSA – bekæmpelse med nyt membranbrydende stof

Fighting MRSA with new membrane-busting compoundsPublic health officials are increasingly concerned over methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The bacteria have developed resistance to a number of treatments, even antibiotics of last resort in some cases. Now researchers report in ACS' journal Bioconjugate Chemistry that a new class of compounds can treat MRSA skin infections in mice with no signs of acute toxicity, and no signs th

antibiotikaresistens -forskere har opdaget gener der kan inaktivere resistensen

Superbakteriers følsomhed overfor antibiotika kan genoprettesDanske forskere har opdaget gener, som er afgørende for bakteriers resistens mod antibiotika.

autisme – tidlig påvisning ved at bedsteforældre eller søskende opdager det

Grandma may spot signs of autism before parents doEarly detection is critical for improving treatment outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but sometimes parents aren't the first people to notice the signs. A new study published in the journal Autism shows that children who have frequent interaction with grandparents or older siblings are diagnosed earlier with ASD. The study not only asked parents, but also friends and fami

autisme – årsag til ringe socialiseringsevne

The genes, neural circuits behind autism's impaired sociabilityNew insight has been gained into the genetic and neuronal circuit mechanisms that may contribute to impaired sociability in some forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

autismegener fik os til at blive smartere

Yale Researchers Find That Autism Genes Helped Us to Become SmarterThe study might also help us to identify the prodigy gene, should it exist.

blodtypebestemmelse på ½ minut med papirstrimmel

A new test can detect your blood type with color-changing paperHealth It could be crucial in emergency situations and remote areas A new paper-based blood test can detect a person's blood type in 30 seconds, which could be useful in emergency and remote scenarios.

blodtypebestemmelse på ½ minut med papirstrimmel

O my! Paper strip test determines blood type in just 30 secondsWhen people can't communicate their blood type, it can waste time in emergencies and put pressure on supplies of donor blood. A new test could change that

chimpanse udføres begravelsesritual

Chimp filmed cleaning a corpse's teeth in a mortuary-like ritualThe never-before-seen behaviour suggests that chimpanzees can be curious about death and may shed light on the origins of human mortuary practices

genterapi på embryon – første resultat på levende humant embryon

Mosaic problem stands in the way of gene editing embryosThe first results of gene editing in viable human embryos reveals it works better than we thought, but that there's another big problem blocking the way

hapatitis C mutationer overløber immunsystemet

Hepatitis C mutations 'outrun' immune systems, lab study showsUnlike its viral cousins hepatitis A and B, hepatitis C virus (HCV) has eluded the development of a vaccine and infected more than 170 million people worldwide. Now, researchers report that a novel laboratory tool that lets them find virus mutations faster and more efficiently than ever before has identified a biological mechanism that appears to play a big role in helping HCV evade both the natur

hash – hvad sker i hjernen første gang en teenager tager hash

Teen Brain on Pot: New Study Examines First ExposuresA new long-term study could show scientists how first exposures to marijuana affect the teenage brain.

HIV – skjulte reservoir i kroppen kan påvises med protein

Hidden HIV reservoirs exposed by telltale proteinThe discovery helps to identify dormant infected cells and could one day lead to a cure

HIV – skjulte reservoir i kroppen kan påvises med protein

Hidden HIV Reservoirs Exposed by Telltale ProteinThe discovery may help doctors identify elusive infected cells in the body —

hjerneområder kan bringes i sync med hinanden med lavspændingsstrøm

Researchers found that applying a low voltage current can bring different areas of the brain in sync with one another, enabling people to perform better on tasks involving working memory.submitted by /u/SophiaDevetzi [link] [comments]

kunstigt kød – kylling fra stamceller

Say Hello to Finger-Lickin' Lab-Grown ChickenThe first animal-free chicken strips are here—but they'll cost you $9,000 per pound.

limvirkning af molekyle som kiles ind mellem to molekyler som ikke kan nærme sig hinanden helt på grund af modsatrettede kræfter

The repulsion trick: A self-solving puzzle for organic moleculesJülich researchers have succeeded in controlling the growth of organic molecules using a special trick. Molecules that repel each other play a key role in this process: due to their opposing forces, they always keep a certain distance from their neighbours. Therefore, they mix easily with a second, mutually attracting type of molecule that enters the spaces in-between and acts as a sort of "glue".

livets opståen – opdagelseaf uorganiske stoffer der an selv-organisere sig til komplekse strukturer

Fossil or inorganic structure? Scientists dig into early life formsAn international team of researchers discovered that inorganic chemicals can self-organize into complex structures that mimic primitive life on Earth.

motion ved helkrops-vibrationer

Whole-body vibration may be as effective as regular exerciseA less strenuous form of exercise known as whole-body vibration (WBV) can mimic the muscle and bone health benefits of regular exercise in mice, according to a new study. WBV consists of a person sitting, standing or lying on a machine with a vibrating platform. When the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to the body, and muscles contract and relax multiple times during each second.

phosphat næringskilde – hjælpe planten via jordbakterier

Researchers make discovery that could increase plant yield in wake of looming phosphScientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have pinpointed a key genetic switch that helps soil bacteria living on and inside a plant's roots harvest a vital nutrient with limited global supply. The nutrient, phosphate, makes it to the plant's roots, helping the plant increase its yield.

selvlysende frø

Forskere finder første selvlysende frø i ArgentinaIndtil nu har neonlys mest hørt havet til. Men nu er verdens første fluorescerende frø fundet.

skildpadde styres med menneske-tanke

Controlling turtle motion with human thoughtKorean researchers have developed a technology that can remotely control an animal's movement with human thought.

stamcelle-behandling gør tre kvinder blinde i Florida

3 Women in Florida Left Blind by Unproven Eye TreatmentThree women went blind after receiving an unproven stem cell treatment on their eyes at a Florida clinic, according to a new report of the cases.

stamcelle-behandling gør tre kvinder blinde i Florida

3 Women Blinded By Unproven Stem Cell TreatmentsThree patients were blinded after getting stem cells from fat at a Florida clinic. But a research study showed that induced pluripotent stem cells might someday help treat vision loss.

stamcelle-behandling gør tre kvinder blinde i Florida

Patients Lose Sight After Stem Cells Are Injected Into Their EyesThree women suffered severe eye damage at a Florida clinic, exposing gaps in protections for people seeking unproven treatments.

stamcellebehandling redder synet på en kvinde med macular degeneration

Vision saved by first induced pluripotent stem cell treatmentA woman with age-related macular degeneration seems to have had her vision stabilised thanks to a transplant of retinal cells generated from her skin

svampes evolution – svampe i rav

Intact mushroom and mycophagous rove beetle in Burmese amber leak early evolution of mushroomsMushrooms are common, conspicuous and morphologically diverse fungi. Most agaricomycete fruiting bodies are ephemeral, so they are extremely rare in fossils. Up to now, all described species of gilled mushrooms, or agaricales, have been known exclusively from amber. Two forms are from the Mesozoic, including the earliest mushrooms, Palaeoagaracites antiquus from 99-million-year-old Burmese amber,

åreforkalkning og natriumkaliumpumpen

Research team advances research on metabolic syndromeBuilding on their recent research focusing on a peptide designed to block the oxidant amplifying function of the cellular sodium-potassium pump, researchers have successfully demonstrated that pNaKtide, can attenuate the development of experimental nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and atherosclerosis.

bakterier kommunikerer

Team finds new way that bacteria lay siege to neighboring cells by hijacking two factors involved in protein synthesisSo they can't use smartphones or WiFi, but bacteria have evolved some seriously complex strategies to communicate with one another. And the resulting interactions are a delicate balance of cooperation and, in some cases, competition.

drone til transport dræber barn

US launches probe after hoverboard fire kills two-year-oldA US safety agency said Wednesday it had launched an investigation into a hoverboard fire that killed a two-year-old girl, the first fatality involving the personal transport devices.


Drones take research to new heightsIs it… a balloon? An airship of some sort, tethered to the turf? A children's pool, blown onto its side?

evolution af fårekyllinger

Rare cricket family sheds light on extinct Jurassic species' acousticsWorld-first research into a rare family of insects will help scientists understand how the common bush-crickets we are familiar with today developed their highly specialised acoustic functions.

evolution og religion – Texas undervisning

US states mull laws allowing religion in science classAngela Garlington feels alone in the way she teaches science at a high school in Odessa, a Texas city populated by oil field workers.

forurening i kinesiske byer pga klimaændring

Changing weather patterns are trapping pollution over Chinese citiesFrom Our Blogs: Nexus Media News Revealing the deadly effects of an invisible pollutant Climate change is creating stagnant weather conditions in China, trapping pollution over its major cities.

fotoner kan påvirke og ændre kemi

How photons change chemistryThe quantum nature of light usually does not play an important role when considering the chemical properties of atoms or molecules. In an article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences scientists from the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg show, however, that under certain conditions, photons can strongly influence chemistry. These re

glyphosat – diskussion om kræftrisiko

Emails Reveal Monsanto's Tactics To Defend Glyphosate Against Cancer FearsInternal emails show Monsanto executives scrambling to counter a U.N. agency's finding that glyphosate, the chemical in Roundup, can cause cancer. One email proposed "ghost-writing" scientific papers.

Google Maps app – trick

6 quick tricks for doing more with Google MapsDIY Get from A to B much faster The Google Maps app has transformed the way we get around, but are you making the most of its features? Here are six you might not have come across.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

Cascading effect: One attack led to another at YahooRussian hackers working with Russian spies didn't crack Yahoo security all at once.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

Kremlin denies involvement after Yahoo cyberattack chargesThe Kremlin on Thursday denied any official Russian involvement in cybercrimes after the US indicted two FSB intelligence agents over cyberattacks on Yahoo that compromised 500 million accounts.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

Russia runs up cyber score against US with Yahoo, election hacksUS charges that Russia's FSB security service was behind the hacking of Yahoo underscored a worrisome run of successes in Moscow's cyber-efforts against its longtime rival.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

US charges two Russian spies in massive Yahoo cyberattack (Update)Two Russian intelligence agents and a duo of hackers were indicted Wednesday over a data breach that compromised 500 million Yahoo accounts in one of the largest cyberattacks in history.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

Yahoo breach spotlights links between Russian spies, hackersA U.S. indictment of two Russian intelligence agents and two hackers alleged to have stolen more than half a billion U.S. email accounts in 2014 has cast a spotlight on the intertwining of the Russian security services and the murky digital underworld.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

US charges Russian security officials over massive Yahoo hackTwo Russian security services officers and two alleged hackers have been charged over a Yahoo data breach that affected at least 500 million accounts

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

U.S. Charges Russian Officials over Hacks for the First TimeThe Justice Department has issued arrest warrants for two Russian spies over a huge Yahoo breach.

hackerangreb – 500 mill. Yahoo konti

Russian Spies Helped Hack Yahoo, as if Tensions Weren't High EnoughThe Department of Justice pinned a major Yahoo hack on Russia, adding to cyber-tensions between the two countries.

hjernens bevidsthed – hvor findes stederne for det i hjernen?

The Footprints of ConsciousnessThe bits and pieces of the brain that render us conscious reside in places few suspected —

hjernens ældning – en almindelig genetisk variant påvirker

How Fast Will Your Brain Age? Scientists Identify Key GeneScientists have found that a gene called TMEM106B controls how fast the brain ages and helps protect against dementia.

hjernens ældning – en almindelig genetisk variant påvirker

Brain-aging gene discoveredResearchers have discovered a common genetic variant that greatly affects normal brain aging in older adults. The discovery may point toward new targets for preventing or treating age-associated brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

hjertestop øget risiko pga ibuprofen og NSAID-midler

NSAID-midler øger risikoen for hjertestopDet smertestillende middel diclofenac kan udløse hjertestop – det samme kan ibuprofen i høje doser, viser ny dansk forskning.

hjertestop øget risiko pga ibuprofen og NSAID-midler

Common Painkillers Linked to Greater Risk of Cardiac ArrestSome common pain relievers may increase the risk of cardiac arrest, according to a new study from Denmark.

humor og kvantteori

Toward a Quantum Theory of HumorThis paper proposes that cognitive humor can be modeled using the mathematical framework of quantum theory. We begin with brief overviews of both research on humor, and the generalized quantum framework. We show how the bisociation of incongruous frames or word meanings in jokes can be modeled as a linear superposition of a set of basis states, or possible interpretations, in a complex Hilbert spa

klimaændring gør organismer hvidere – reflekterer mere sollys

Changing temperatures and precipitation may affect living skin of drylandsArid and semiarid ecosystems are expected to experience significant changes in temperature and precipitation patterns, which may affect soil organisms in ways that cause surfaces to become lighter in color and thus reflect more sunlight, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey study.

klimaændring kan ødelægge afgrøder i Afrika

Climate change to worsen drought, diminish corn yields in AfricaNearly 25 percent of the world's malnourished population lives in sub-Saharan Africa, where more than 300 million people depend on corn, or maize, as their main food source. Maize is the most widely harvested agricultural product in Africa and is grown by small farmers who rely heavily on rainwater rather than irrigation. The crop is therefore extremely sensitive to drought, and since 2015 its pro

klimaændring medfører sygdomme

Climate change is making people sick: US doctorsFrom rising levels of air pollution to increased water contamination and a widening range for disease-carrying mosquitoes, climate change is making people sick, a coalition of 11 US medical groups said Wednesday.

kræft: melanoma – middel med nanopartikel med to lægemidler dræber melanoma

Nanoparticles loaded with 2 drugs might kill melanomaA new drug combo designed to kill melanoma cancer cells travels on nanoparticles, which are several hundred times smaller than the width of a hair. The drug, called CelePlum-777, combines a special ratio of the drugs Celecoxib, an anti-inflammatory, and Plumbagin, a toxin. With the drug, the cells have difficulty overcoming the effect of having more than one active ingredient. "This drug is the f

kræftceller dræbes af ultralyd

Russian scientists teach ultrasound find and kill cancer cellsA group of physicists and biologists from Russia under the supervision of Professor Viktor Timoshenko from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) has used silicone nanoparticles for highlighting and destroying cancer tumors with the help of the ultrasound, leaving healthy tissues unharmed. The study has been published in Nanotechnology.

kunstige kromosomer

De novo synthesis of five yeast chromosomes"What I cannot create, I do not understand."

luftforurening påvises med optisk fingeraftryk

Optical fingerprint can reveal pollutants in the airMore efficient sensors are needed to be able to detect environmental pollution. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have proposed a new, sophisticated method of detecting molecules with sensors based on ultra-thin nanomaterials. The novel method could improve environmental sensing in the future. The results are published today in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

lys styrer cellebiologi – ny metode

Biochemists develop new way to control cell biology with lightResearchers at the University of Alberta have developed a new method of controlling biology at the cellular level using light.

lys styrer cellebiologi – ny metode

Biochemists develop new way to control cell biology with lightResearchers have developed a new method of controlling biology at the cellular level using light. The tool — called a photocleavable protein — breaks into two pieces when exposed to light, allowing scientists to study and manipulate activity inside cells in new and different ways.

malariamiddel – ny metode

New method for producing leading anti-malarial drugResearchers have devised a new way of creating a drug commonly used as the first line of defense against malaria around the world.

mørkt stof – mindre virkning i det tidlige univers

Dark matter less influential in galaxies in early universeNew observations indicate that massive, star-forming galaxies during the peak epoch of galaxy formation, 10 billion years ago, were dominated by baryonic or 'normal' matter. This is in stark contrast to present-day galaxies, where the effects of mysterious dark matter seem to be much greater. This surprising result was obtained using ESO's Very Large Telescope and suggests that dark matter was les

mørkt stof – mindre virkning i det tidlige univers

Dark matter took its time to wrap around early galaxiesLarge spiral galaxies today rotate more quickly than they should, but was it always that way? New maps of ancient galaxies suggest a dark secret

mørkt stof – mindre virkning i det tidlige univers

Dark matter less influential in galaxies in early universeNew observations indicate that massive, star-forming galaxies during the peak epoch of galaxy formation, 10 billion years ago, were dominated by baryonic or 'normal' matter. This is in stark contrast to present-day galaxies, where the effects of mysterious dark matter seem to be much greater. This surprising result was obtained using ESO's Very Large Telescope and suggests that dark matter was les

nilotinib – middel kan måske virke mod Parkinson og Alzheimer

Cancer Drug That Might Slow Parkinson's, Alzheimer's Headed For Bigger TestsIn a preliminary study, the cancer drug nilotinib seemed to help patients with Parkinson's and dementia. Now two larger and more rigorous studies of the drug are under way.

nyresvigt pga dårlige mitokondrier

Elucidated connection between renal failure and 'bad' mitochondria describedScientists describe an elucidated connection between renal failure and 'bad' mitochondria in a new report.

planters identifikation ved hjælp af DNA-stregkoder

Better barcoding: New library of DNA sequences improves plant identificationThe ability to identify individual plant species from tiny amounts of material has a surprising range of uses, from monitoring bee populations to assessing the contents of food and nutritional supplements, as well as working out what a herbivore had for breakfast. Classifying fragments of plants can be tricky, so researchers at Emory University have developed a new database of genetic information

proteiners dans

When proteins court each other, the dance moves matterAt every moment inside the human body, a carefully choreographed dance is being performed.

robot – dansk forskning

DTU er klar til arabisk million-konkurrence om fremtidens robotDer er både 35 mio. kroner og æren på spil, når et hold danske ingeniører de næste to dage dyster i konkurrence om fremtidens robot i Abu Dhabi.

rundorm-hanner forgifter hinanden

Poison and mating regulate male roundworm populationsIn many species, mating comes at the steep price of an organism's life, an evolutionary process intended to regulate reproductive competition. But males of certain roundworm species have doubled down with two methods of checking out after mating, including one in which the males poison each other, according to new research.

selvkørende biler

The future car is driverless, shared and electricThe nation's top transportation experts see rapid change in transportation as a result of three major technology revolutions: shared, electric and automated vehicles. That's according to a survey by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis. The group also released a set of policy briefs, described below, which were guest-authored by leading transportation policy experts.

slanger dræber 150000 mennesker årligt

UA part of international alliance to address African antivenom crisisVenomous snakebites kill an estimated 150,000 people around the world each year—amid severe shortages of fair-priced antivenom and health providers trained to use the lifesaving treatment.

stress påvirker kvinder mere end mænd

Stress of major life events impacts women more than men, shows poll of 2,000 peopleNew research has highlighted the potential gender gap in stress, with women reporting higher stress from life events such as death of a loved one, illness, losing their smartphone and Brexit.

tarmanalyse med slugt minicamera

New alternative to colonoscopy is as easy as swallowing a pillThe patient ingests a capsule containing two miniature cameras on either end. As the capsule travels through the digestive tract, it captures images and wirelessly transmits them to a recorder the patient wears on a belt.

transplantation svin til menneske øget med CRISPR

CRISPR May Speed Pig-to-Human TransplantsStartup says it will edit pigs' genes to prepare organs for harvest.

Trump – Pentagonchef uenig om klimaændring – betydning for sikkerhed

Pentagon chief says climate change threatens security: reportUnlike some in the Trump administration, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis believes climate change is real and that it poses a threat to international security, according to a US media report.

Trump og tilbageholden information

Experts predict tougher fight for U.S. government infoExperts predict that it will likely become more difficult for United States citizens to gain information about government affairs under the new presidential administration. For a new study, researchers surveyed and interviewed more than 300 journalists and freedom of information experts in December and January regarding their experiences and predictions in accessing public records. The John S. an

Trump og biler

More gas guzzlers due to Trump? Not necessarilyThe White House clashed with environmentalists over President Donald Trump's retreat from tough future auto emission standards, with both sides predicting potentially big consequences for America's car fleet.

Trump og biler

Q&A: Change to fuel economy standards could impact consumersPresident Donald Trump plans to re-examine federal fuel economy requirements for new cars and trucks.

Trump og brændstofeffektivitet

California Officials Pledge Not To Roll Back Fuel Efficiency StandardsCalifornia officials have said they will not back off the fuel efficiency standards established under Obama, despite the Trump administration's plan to revisit those standards.

Trump og klima – og industri – og Kina

Clean Energy Could Spark a Trade War Between the US and ChinaTrump wants to roll back climate-conscious government programs and make life easier for industry. China is doing the opposite. This may not end well.

Trump og miljø – biler

Trump puts brakes on vehicle emission targetsPresident Donald Trump moved to freeze future vehicle emission targets Wednesday, during a trip to the faded US automotive hub in Michigan.

Trump og science

Foreign graduate students and postdocs consider leaving the USOn March 6, President Donald Trump signed a second executive order to suspend immigration from six predominately Muslim countries, this time excluding Iraq from the list. According to an article in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, the move has prompted foreign graduate students and postdoctoral researchers currently in the U.S. to start

tørke – dyr der klarer sig i tørke

How some animals survive on almost no waterAnimals Six scintillating adaptations for life in the driest places on Earth These animals get by on almost no water at all, thanks to clever adaptations that make them super savers and hydration scavengers.

uddøen – Trias

Recovery after 'great dying' was slowed by more extinctionsResearchers studying marine fossil beds in Italy have found that the world's worst mass extinction was followed by two other extinction events, a conclusion that could explain why it took ecosystems around the globe millions of years to recover.

vulkans indre – med Google Street View

Dive into a Boiling Lava Lake with Google Street ViewYou can now climb inside an active volcano through Google Maps.

zeolit-nanoark – ultraselektive membraner til kemiske separationer

Researchers develop groundbreaking process for creating ultra-selective separation membranesA team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota, has developed a groundbreaking one-step, crystal growth process for making ultra-thin layers of material with molecular-sized pores. Researchers demonstrated the use of the material, called zeolite nanosheets, by making ultra-selective membranes for chemical separations.

zeolit-nanoark – ultraselektive membraner til kemiske separationer

Groundbreaking process for creating ultra-selective separation membranesResearchers have developed a groundbreaking one-step, crystal growth process for making ultra-thin layers of material with molecular-sized pores. Researchers demonstrated the use of the material, called zeolite nanosheets, by making ultra-selective membranes for chemical separations.

øret: robot til at bore mini-tunneler i hjerneskallen

Robo First: Bot Assists with Tricky Cochlear-Implant SurgeryFor the first time, robots have successfully performed a tricky, delicate operation that helped implant a hearing device into a deaf woman's ear.

øret: robot til at bore mini-tunneler i hjerneskallen

This robot is perfectly designed to drill tiny tunnels in your skullTechnology The world's first robot-assisted cochlear implantation Cochlear implantation surgeries just got a robotic assistant.

øret: robot til at bore mini-tunneler i hjerneskallen

Researchers develop high-precision surgical robot for cochlear implantationA team of surgeons and engineers of Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern (Switzerland), have developed a high-precision surgical robot for cochlear implantation. In the same way that avionics allow a pilot to fly a plane by instrument solely based on read-outs from the cockpit, the surgical robot developed by the resea

øret: robot til at bore mini-tunneler i hjerneskallen

'Instrument flight' to the inner earA high-precision surgical robot for cochlear implantation has been developed by a team of surgeons and engineers. To embed an electronic cochlear implant device into the ear of a deaf patient, the surgeon has to create a precise access from behind the ear, through the skull bone all the way into the inner ear.

øret: robot til at bore mini-tunneler i hjerneskallen

A Robot Ear Surgeon Drills Into the Future of MedicineWhile surgeons are in total control of current surgery robots, more machines are coming that will automate much of medicine.

Optimal control of eye-movements during visual searchWe study the problem of optimal oculomotor control during the execution of visual search tasks. We introduce a computational model of human eye movements, which takes into account various constraints of the human visual and oculomotor systems. In the model, the choice of the subsequent fixation location is posed as a problem of stochastic optimal control, which relies on reinforcement learning met

Neutral theory and scale-free neural dynamicsAvalanches of electrochemical activity in brain networks have been empirically reported to obey scale-invariant behavior –characterized by power-law distributions up to some upper cut-off– both in vitro and in vivo. Elucidating whether such scaling laws stem from the underlying neural dynamics operating at the edge of a phase transition is a fascinating possibility, as systems poised at critical

Statistical mechanics of phase-space partitioning in large-scale neuronal circuitsThe evident robustness of neural computation is hypothesized to arise from some degree of local stability around dynamically-generated sequences of local-circuit activity states involving many neurons. Recently, it was discovered that even randomly-connected cortical circuit models exhibit dynamics in which their phase-space partitions into a multitude of attractor basins enclosing complex network

More Americans Are Giving Up on Losing Weight. Where Do We Go From Here?New research shows that more Americans are giving up on weight loss. How can we change this trend?

From Mind Control to Curing Brain Diseases, a Neuroscience Revolution Is ComingNeuroengineering, defined as the application of engineering principles to neurological problems, then becomes how we engineer our relationship with existence itself.

There's No Such Thing as Nothing, According to Quantum PhysicsTheoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss explains why nothing is really something.

Brev til forældre skal øge tilslutning til HPV-programEt voldsomt fald i piger, der får HPV-vaccine bekymrer fagfolk. Både læger og regioner støtter ide om at sende oplysende brev til pigernes forældre.

Klinisk basisuddannelse hos Hospitalsenheden HorsensHospitalsenheden Horsens svarer på 22 spørgsmål om KBU.

Klinisk basisuddannelse på Hvidovre-Amager Hospital (og Rigshospitalet/Glostrup)Hvidovre-Amager Hospital svarer på 22 spørgsmål om KBU.

Klinisk basisuddannelse på Dronning Ingrids HospitalDronning Ingrids Hospital svarer på 22 spørgsmål om KBU.

Nye forhold for fødende kan være på vej i Region HovedstadenEn ny offentlig fødeafdeling på Bispebjerg Hospital og små, private fødeklinikker er måske på vej i Region Hovedstaden. »Fødestederne kan blive så store, at det bliver fødefabrikker, og der opstår stordriftsulemper,« siger regionsrådsformand Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S).

Klinisk basisuddannelse på Nykøbing F. SygehusNykøbing F. Sygehuse svarer på 22 spørgsmål om KBU.

Klinisk basisuddannelse hos Psykiatrien MidtjyllandPsykiatrien Midtjylland svarer på 22 spørgsmål om KBU.

Hospitaler skifter til Sundheds­platformen uden lokal tilpasningI modsætning til Herlev og Gentofte samt Rigshospitalet fik Hvidovre og Amager Hospital, Nordsjællands og Bornholms Hospital først sent lov til at uddanne egne klinikere til at bygge og tilpasse værktøjer til lokale forhold i Sundhedsplatformen. De får først lokale byggere, flere måneder efter at systemet er gået i gang.

Høj patienttilfredshed med hospitalerne158.366 patienter har vurderet deres oplevelser på de danske sygehuse i den årlige Landsdækkende Undersøgelse af Patientoplevelser (LUP).

Københavns Universitet skifter formandKoncerndirektør i Novo Nordisk Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen bliver ny formand for Københavns…

Low carbon drive 'cuts household bills'Extra cost of wind and solar power outweighed by energy saving, says report.

The captivating images that celebrate scienceThe art of science – captivating scientific images from the 2017 Wellcome Image Awards.

Think again: Will circular runways ever take off?Could circular runways be the future of air travel? Aviation expert Henk Hesselink of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre believes so.

Burning wood for energy ignites fierce academic rowScientists on both sides of the Atlantic have become embroiled in a war of words over energy from trees.

China's 'airpocalypse' linked to Arctic sea ice lossA deadly haze of air pollution over China in 2013 has been linked to the melting of Arctic sea ice.

Flower-rich habitat boosts survival for bumblebeesAccess to flower-rich habitats is key to the survival of wild bumblebees, say ecologists.

No let-up in Cyprus bird poachingRecord numbers of songbirds are still being killed on a British military base in Cyprus.

Germany to push for carbon price at G20Germany will use its G20 Presidency to nudge world leaders towards a global price on carbon, say officials.

BBC team caught in Etna explosionScience correspondent Rebecca Morelle reports on injuries atop Europe's most active volcano.

Hans Rosling, population expert: Five last thoughtsIn his last BBC interview, the statistician highlighted five key ways demographics are shaping the world.

Hundreds of beehive thefts blamed on rising honey priceHive heists in New Zealand are being blamed on the rising price of Manuka honey.

Opening the skies to children in KenyaAstronomer Susan Murabana takes a telescope round Kenya to enthuse schoolchildren.

Se verdens ældste havvindmølle blive pillet ned på et minutTiden er løbet fra verdens første havvindmølle på Lolland. DR Nyheder fulgte vindmøllens sidste sving.

Flere og højere vindmøller skal skyde op i testcentreDe to nationale vindmølletestcentre i Østerild og Høvsøre bliver udvidet.

Øko-mærket på mælken er ingen garanti for god dyrevelfærdMen det kan der laves om på. Forskere arbejder blandt andet på at avle en øko-superko.

NASA tester næste generation af ion-motorerStadigt kraftigere elektriske raketmotorer kan sende rumsonder endnu længere ud i rummet.

Electricity shows where saltwater invades aquifers Researchers have transformed pulses of electrical current sent 1,000 feet underground into a picture of where seawater has infiltrated freshwater aquifers along the Monterey Bay coastline. The findings, published in the Journal of Hydrology , help explain factors that control the phenomenon, called saltwater intrusion, and could help improve groundwater models that local water managers use to mak

Video of H. pylori swimming in 'broth' offers clues about ulcersThere is only one bacteria known to colonize the human stomach: Helicobacter pylori . It's the same bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and cancer. Scientists have been trying for years to figure out how it survives stomach acid, gets through the stomach's mucus layer, and infects stomach cells. Rama Bansil, a Boston University professor of physics who has studied stomach mucus for over two decade

Get a Grip: Hairy-Footed Bedbugs Foil Slick TrapsIf you thought that bedbug-proofing your mattress would protect you, you might have to rethink that.

Map Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Health Across US Climate change is poised to affect the health of Americans in every part of the country, a new report says.

Hungry Spiders! Eat Up to 800 Tons of Prey a Year | VideoScientists have found that spiders take down 400 to 800 metric tons of prey a year, mostly insects and springtails.

Watch This Robot Help Perform Cochlear-Implant Surgery | VideoWith help from a new robotic system, researchers carried out a procedure to implant a hearing device into a deaf woman's ear.

Predicting Turbulence: From a Butterfly's Wings to a Tornado | VideoScientists are trying to understand patterns in turbulence in order to predict weather disasters like tornadoes, and to answer the question of whether a butterfly's flapping wings in Brazil can really cause a tornado in Texas.

'Ghosts' Hover Around Massive Telescope in New ImagesA new image of the James Webb Telescope appears to be filled with ghostly wraiths, thanks to the photo being taken in a darkened room with a long exposure time.

Dive with a Blue Whale in New Virtual-Reality ExperienceVirtual reality dives deep in a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, immersing visitors in spectacular ocean environments.

Transparent Touchpad Works Even When It's Bent and StretchedA new transparent, flexible touchpad can sense the touch of a finger even when the material is stretched or bent, which could help engineers one day create advanced wearable touch screens.

How the King of Snakes Makes a Meal Out of Rival Serpents | VideoThe kingsnake triumphs over larger, rival serpents by squeezing them to death with its powerful constriction.

Bendy Touchpad Could Power Future Touch-Screen Tech | VideoThe transparent, flexible touchpad could one day be woven into "smart" clothing, used for prosthetic limbs, or integrated into human bodies, according to researchers.

'King of Snakes' Defeats Larger Serpents by Squeezing Them to DeathHow does the mighty kingsnake overpower the even mightier rat snake? It uses its tremendous constriction power, a new study finds.

US-Sized Dust Storms Seen on MarsTwo large dust storms in two weeks, each spanning an area larger than the United States, have researchers pondering the atmospheric dynamics on Mars.

Space ravioli, coral bleaching and a LIGO pioneer diesThe week in science: 10–16 March 2017

A Makeover For the World's Most Hated CropOil palm has a reputation as an environmental menace. Can the latest genetic research change that? —

US science agencies face deep cuts in Trump budgetThe Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health are big losers — but planetary science at NASA stands to gain

Trump To Reopen Review Of Car Fuel Efficiency StandardsPresident Trump announced he is reopening review of car fuel efficiency standards at a rally Wednesday in Michigan. But his claims that the standards are hurting the auto industry's bottom line come at a time when carmakers are enjoying record profits.

Study Finds High Temperatures Killing Large Parts Of Great Barrier ReefA new study looks at coral bleaching in 2015-2016. Mia Hoogenboom was a co-author, who says warming ocean temperatures are killing sections of the Great Barrier Reef faster than researchers expected.

Travel Ban Adds Stress To 'Match Week' For Some DoctorsA medical residency program is the next training step for newly minted doctors, and awaiting "the match," can be tense. For some international students, Trump's travel ban has made the tension worse.

Large Sections of Australia's Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists FindIf most of the world's coral reefs die, some of the richest and most colorful life in the ocean could be lost, along with huge sums from reef tourism.

Ron Drever, Physicist Who Helped Confirm Einstein Theory, Dies at 85Dr. Drever, a Scotsman long associated with Caltech, played a key role in the detection of gravitational waves — space-time ripples predicted by Einstein.

The Desert Is BloomingAnza-Borrego Desert State Park is experiencing a rare super bloom. See it up close in 360° video.

50 board games for people who love TV and moviesGadgets From Star Wars to Buffy The definitive list of TV and movie-themed board games —from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Game of Thrones.

How to build a steam-powered cannon invented by Da VinciDIY A less deadly version of the Architronito Build a DIY version of Leonardo da Vinci's steam-powered cannon invention, the Architronito…

The Great Barrier Reef had a pretty terrible yearEnvironment And it's bleaching again right now The Great Barrier Reef bleached severely last year and is bleaching again this year. Is this the beginning of the end?

Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows whyAnimals It flies in the face of typical humpback behavior The world is ending and only the whales know. At least, that's one explanation. The truth is—we really can't figure it out.

You really can help save bees by planting wildflowersAnimals Flower-rich areas may make bumblebees four times more likely to survive In America and Europe, bees are in trouble. But the good news is, there's something you can do to help.

How to stop videos from autoplayingDIY Take control of your browser and apps If you've spent any time on the web you've probably become frustrated with videos that start playing of their own accord. Follow these steps to block the annoyance.

Tasmania's gorgeous, glowing water is a sign of something sinisterEnvironment This luminous display means that changes are afoot Tasmania's glowing waters are gorgeous signal that the oceanic ecosystem is disturbed.

Making Mathematical ArtYou can create stunning symmetrical images armed with just a few equations and a computer —

The Inner Lives of "Food Animals"Will growing scientific evidence about non-human cognitionbring an ethical revolution in terms of who (not "what") we eat? —

BioBase Event for Brain Awareness WeekTo kick off Brain Awareness Week, the BioBase center hosted an event on Monday at their new location in Harlem. Children, parents, and teachers turned up to the sun-lit, glass-enclosed space to learn more about neuroscience, and they even had the chance to touch a human brain. Tables with brain-related activities were set up, along with an on-site neuroscientist to offer a fun lesson on parts of

Discovering the Art of the BrainNew imaging techniques let scientists and doctors see what is going on inside our brains in better detail than ever before. These images help develop a better understanding of the brain and its disorders, but what if we looked at them as art? In honor of Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19), Mount Sinai's Friedman Brain Institute opened their 2017 "Art of the Brain" exhibition to celebrate the beau

Endnu en Sikorsky ulykke – men ingen forklaringIngen nødsignaler og mange vragdele. Eftersøgningen efter den anden ulykke med helikopteren S-92 indenfor tre måneder har svære vilkår.

Forbrugerne skal lære at holde af bakterier, der forlænger madens levetidVi skal lære at elske naturlige konserveringsmidler, der forlænger madens holdbarhed, mener virksomheden Chr. Hansen. Men producenter af fødevarer tøver, fordi de er bange for forbrugernes reaktion.

IDA presser ingeniørers pensionskasser til fornuftsægteskabIngeniørforeningen truer med at skrive en eller begge ingeniørpensionskasser ud af overenskomsten med de offentlige arbejdsgivere – med mindre de fusionerer. DIP er 'overordnet positiv', mens ISP ønsker at se 'en klar økonomisk gevinst'.

Klimaråd advarer regeringen: Destruktion af CO2-kvoter virker først om 80 årI en ny analyse af CO2-kvotesystemet konkluderer Klimarådet, at systemet ikke virker, og at man derfor ikke kan regne med, at destruktion af CO2-kvoter mindsker CO2-udledningen før om mange år.

Kronik: Havet skyller ind over Danmark – hvad gør vi?Vandmiljø

Nu kan bannerreklamer forfølge dig langs motorvejenRussiske motorvejsreklamer er nu målrettet efter trafikanternes biltyper. Dermed er målrettede annoncer flyttet ind i den fysiske verden og kan forfølge dig, selv når computeren er lukket.

Nye problemer i Danmarks største jernbaneprojekt: Forsinkelser, lappeløsninger og en ekstraregningDen nye højhastigsbane mellem København og Ringsted skal muligvis udstyres med gamle signaler for at kunne åbne til tiden. Det er en af flere dårlige nyheder om Banedanmarks signalprojekt.

Ny teknik baner vejen for inspektion af det indre af computerchip i 3DModerne computerchip laves nu med så fine detaljer, at det med konventionelle metoder er umuligt ikke-destruktivt at tjekke den tredimensionelle struktur. Ny teknik med det besynderlige navn røntgenstrålings ptychografi kan være løsningen.

Spørg Scientariet: Hvordan finder storken til Afrika, og hvorfor yngler den ikke der?Flere læsere interesserer sig for fugle, og et par stykker har spurgt til storken og dens vaner på langfart. Det svarer forsker i fugletræk på.

Svindel og fejl stopper tilskud til hulmursisoleringEn undersøgelse af huse, der er blevet hulmursisoleret, har afsløret så mange fejl, at tilskuddet til hulmursisolering bliver stoppet med øjeblikkelig virkning. Først når en ny løsning er fundet, vil ordningen blive genoplivet.

Verdens første havmøllepark rives nedHavmølleparken ved Lolland skilles ad i disse dage efter at have leveret grøn energi i 25 år.

COWI-ingeniør som frivillig i Afrika: Fantastisk og hårdt I januar rejste ti ingeniører til Rwanda for at hjælpe lokalsamfundet med at bygge en bro. Men de danske ingeniører gjorde meget mere end det. Jobfinder

Sådan sletter du din pinlige fortid fra Google Det er muligvis ikke alt fra din fortid, du synes er festligt, at kommende arbejdsgiverne og andre skal finde, når de googler på dit navn. Heldigvis er der måder at slette sporene på, fortæller karriererådgiver i IDA Lise Dan Jobfinder

Algorithm automatically searches for a child's most probable parents and generates family treesAalto University doctoral student Eric Malmi has developed a family tree algorithm called AncestryAI. The algorithm looks for links between 5 million baptisms from the end of the 17th to the mid-19th century and partly to the beginning of the 20th century. To investigate your own family roots, you need to know about your own ancestors, because baptisms in the last hundred years are not public info

Army Corps on trial over Missouri River flooding complaintThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is defending itself at trial against more than 300 farmers and other landowners who say the agency's management of the Missouri River has contributed to major flooding in five states, most notably 2011 flooding that caused billions of dollars in damage.

Researchers develop automatic security tests for complex systemsThese tests produce millions of valid program inputs within minutes. In this manner the researchers can automatically extract the required information from the program they are examining. They will present further details at the Cebit computer fair in Hannover in Hall 6, Stand C47.

Some bed bugs are better climbers than othersNot all bed bugs are created equal, and some of the leading bed bug traps used by pest management professionals are ineffective against species with better climbing abilities than others.

Study suggests a big increase in Arctic precipitation over the coming century, much of it rain(—A pair of researchers with the University of Groningen in the Netherlands has found via climate modeling that it appears likely that the Arctic is likely to see substantially more precipitation over the next century, much of it in the form of rain. In their paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change, Richard Bintanja and Olivier Andry describe their results when running 37 cli

Not like the other black girlsThe presumed sisterhood between young black women in the United States doesn't exist between the different classes. In fact, a tense relationship is actually par for the course between poorer black women and their more affluent counterparts, with those in the middle and upper classes feeling like shunned "stepsisters." Young middle-class black women feel "different" or even isolated, and this also

Block copolymer micellization as a protection strategy for DNA origamiScientists from the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden / TU Dresden and the University of Tokyo led by Dr. Thorsten-Lars Schmidt (cfaed) developed a method to protect DNA origami structures from decomposition in biological media. This protection enables future applications in nanomedicine or cell biology.

Dissection of the 2015 Bonin deep earthquakeResearchers at Tohoku University's Department of Geophysics, have been studying the deep earthquake which occurred on May 30, 2015, to the west of Japan's Bonin Islands.

From the butterfly's wing to the tornado: Predicting turbulenceAn old adage holds that the flap of a butterfly's wing in Brazil can trigger a tornado in Texas weeks later. Though chaos theory says it's basically impossible to compute exactly how that might happen, scientists have made advances in applying math to predict the phenomenon behind it called turbulence.

A preference for casual sex increases risk of harassmentAdolescents who sexually harass others have had casual sex more often than those who do not harass others. They also fantasize more about casual sex and find it more acceptable to have sex without any commitment or emotional closeness.

Why CEOs of failing companies jump ship… or don'tIt's a common scenario in the corporate world. A company begins to fail, and before long the CEO is out the door. Sometimes the person is asked to go, but other times it's a voluntary move—a decision that may be driven largely by the executive's so-called "social capital," according to a new study led by the University of Arizona.

How chemistry can make your ironing easierI hate ironing, I'll do more or less anything to avoid it. So faced with a giant pile of laundry I got easily distracted. I started to wonder why those shirts emerged from the machine looking like a tangled bag of rags. How come the cotton clothes get crumpled so easily? And what's with easy-iron garments, why don't they need so much pressing?

China's severe winter haze tied to effects of global climate changeChina's severe winter air pollution problems may be worsened by changes in atmospheric circulation prompted by Arctic sea ice loss and increased Eurasian snowfall – both caused by global climate change.

Climate warming gives gecko hatchlings a shaky start in lifeVelvet gecko hatchlings born in a future warming climate may be slower learners and have lower overall survival rates, new research suggests.

Climate change causes shrubs and trees to expand northward in the subarcticIn northern Scandinavia, shrubs expand into the tundra, where fixation of nitrogen from the air is mostly performed by cyanobacteria associated with mosses. Additionally, enhanced nitrogen fixation stimulates plant growth. New research shows that as taller shrubs expand into the tundra, nutrients in leaf litter will either promote or reduce nitrogen fixation, depending upon which shrub species dom

Coal-burning power stations are becoming more environmentally friendlyIn the course of Project SCARLET, scientists at the TU Darmstadt have succeeded in developing the so-called Carbonate Looping process for the reduction of CO2 emissions during power plant operations almost to the point of market readiness.

Researchers report on the challenges of co-creation in video gamesThe fallout from the poorly received ending of the third video game in the popular series Mass Effect could doom the upcoming release of "Mass Effect: Andromeda," say researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Copernicus Sentinel-2B captures Brindisi, ItalyJust over a week after being lofted into orbit, the European Union's Sentinel-2B satellite delivered its first images of Earth, offering a glimpse of the 'colour vision' it will provide for the Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.

Producing crystals without defects for researchWhen it comes to creating new materials, single crystals play an important role in presenting a clearer picture of a material's intrinsic properties. A typical material will be comprised of lots of smaller crystals and the grain boundaries between these crystals can act as impediments, affecting properties such as electrical or thermal resistance.

Using customer names pays off – unless you get it wrongPersonalizing products and services is becoming more prevalent. Coffee shops, such as Starbucks, put customers' names on beverage cups, flight attendants address first-class fliers by name and direct mail, such as catalogs, is often addressed to specific consumers.

DeepMind-Royal Free deal is 'cautionary tale' for health care in the algorithmic ageResearchers studying a deal in which Google's artificial intelligence subsidiary, DeepMind, acquired access to millions of sensitive NHS patient records have warned that more must be done to regulate data transfers from public bodies to private firms.

Deep learning and stock tradingA study undertaken by researchers at the School of Business and Economics at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) has shown that computer programs that algorithms based on artificial intelligence are able to make profitable investment decisions. When applied to the S&P 500 constituents from 1992 to 2015, their stock selections generated annual returns in the double digits—wherea

3-D X-ray imaging makes the finest details of a computer chip visibleResearchers of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have made detailed 3-D images of a commercially available computer chip. This marks the first time a non-destructive method has visualized the paths of a chip's internal wiring (just 45 nanometres—45 millionths of a millimetre—wide) and its 34-nanometre-high transistors clearly without distortions or deformations. It is a major challenge for manufactu

Running away from EinsteinEinstein's theory of gravity may have to be rewritten, after researchers at the University of St Andrews found a gigantic ring of galaxies darting away from us much faster than predicted.

Like elephants, large working proteins have small handlersA graduate student's surprise observation in fundamental experiments with small binding molecules at work in protein folding has allowed biochemists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst to develop the first firm mathematical foundation to explain cell ligands' role in promoting proper protein folding.

The energetic cost of swimming at high speed when startled may be a factor in strandings of dolphins and whalesDolphins swimming at top speed use more than twice the amount of energy per fin beat than dolphins swimming at a more relaxed pace, according to a study by scientists at UC Santa Cruz. The researchers also found that startled beaked whales fleeing human noises use 30.5 percent more energy during the flight, suggesting that the high cost of escape could contribute to recent dolphin and whale strand

ExoMars science checkout completed and aerobraking beginsThe ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter has completed another set of important science calibration tests before a year of aerobraking gets underway.

Eyeless catfish named for discoverer's daughterYou've just discovered a unique, eyeless catfish from the murky bottoms of the Amazon River. What do you do?

Flower-rich habitats increase survival of bumblebee familiesNew research led by the UK's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology has revealed for the first time that flower-rich habitats are key to enhancing the survival of bumblebee families between years.

Study: Stopping global warming only way to save coral reefsReducing pollution and curbing overfishing won't prevent the severe bleaching that is killing coral at catastrophic rates, according to a study of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. In the end, researchers say, the only way to save the world's coral from heat-induced bleaching is with a war on global warming.

Navigating the guts of an ancient submarine canyonOver the years, as part of his regular teaching regimen, Stanford Earth geologist Stephan Graham has taken hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students on field expeditions to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, located about 1.5 hours south of campus near Monterey, Calif. Tourists flock to Point Lobos for its breathtaking coastal views and glimpses of the sea otters and other marine mammals tha

Providing housing for homeless is cheaper and better for societyIt is cheaper to provide last resort housing to homeless people than to leave them sleeping rough, a new report from the University of Melbourne has found.

Measuring the impact of a city's buildings on the weathernew model developed at EPFL can help engineers and meteorologists quickly calculate the effect that city buildings have on local weather patterns. A blinds manufacturer is already interested in it, and climate scientists could be next.

Researchers mapped interactions of key group of human proteins, the protein phosphatasesCoordinated activities of protein kinases and protein phosphatases ensure phosphorylation homeostasis and amplitude of signaling response, and understandably its imbalance is linked to diseases, such as cancer. Unlike with protein kinases, the current knowledge of protein phosphatase functions and especially on their formed interactions and complexes remains fragmentary.

First large-scale interactome map of the largest membrane receptors group in humansA team of the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona has participated in the design of the first large-scale interaction map of G-protein-coupled receptors in humans, the largest group of membrane proteins that control essential functions of cells (metabolism, proliferation, differentiation, etc.).

Lizards keep it local when it comes to colour changeDriving out in the Australian desert you may come across a bright orange two-foot long lizard perched on a tree stump. It will be a bearded dragon, surveying its territory. But if you stop and get out of your car, it will transform into a dull colour and try to escape notice using his new camouflage.

Malaysia raises alert as bird flu virus hits more birdsMalaysian authorities raised an alert for a northeastern state after the virulent H5N1 bird flu virus was found to have spread to poultry in more villages.

Watch out: Mammals shrink when Earth heats up, study saysGlobal warming shrank certain animals in the ancient past, and scientists worry it could happen again.

'Meteor' causes panic in Pakistan's mountainous northA suspected meteor lit up the skies above Pakistan's mountainous north late Wednesday, officials said, with panicked residents reporting a mysterious light whizzing past and the sound of multiple, powerful blasts.

Method could speed up design of more eco-friendly fabric softenersIn the 1960s, the introduction of fabric softeners transformed rough, scratchy clothes into softer, more comfortable garments. But recently, the products' popularity has dipped in part due to millennials' concern for their potential environmental impact, according to recent news reports. Now one team has developed a better method for evaluating fabric softeners that could lead to potentially "gree

Research team warns of mineral supply constraints as demand increases for green technologies (Update)An international team of researchers, led by the University of Delaware's Saleem Ali, says global resource governance and sharing of geoscience data is needed to address challenges facing future mineral supply.

Money-saving small wind turbines—myth or reality?Small wind turbines promise a decentralised and clean energy source, but what can be done to make them more cost effective? At the moment, better use of feed-in tariffs is recognised as a potentially effective tool for boosting the small wind turbine industry beyond subsidies. Ultimately though, it will be innovation in design that makes small turbines more competitive

Mt Etna sparks again in fresh bout of activityMount Etna has burst into life for the third time in just under three weeks, spitting molten lava nearly 200 metres (650 feet) into the sky above Sicily.

Nanocages for gold particles—What is happening inside?Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have used high-resolution crystallography to uncover the mechanism behind protein-assisted synthesis of gold nanoparticles, providing a platform for designing nanomaterials tailored for biomedical application.

NASA study confirms biofuels reduce jet engine pollutionUsing biofuels to help power jet engines reduces particle emissions in their exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 percent, in a new study conclusion that bodes well for airline economics and Earth's environment.

NASA's ICESat-2 to provide more depth to sea ice forecastsIn March, the Arctic sea ice pack is supposed to reach its greatest extent—but this year it's far below average, off by an area about the size of Texas and New Mexico combined.

NASA selects investigations for first mission to encounter the sunNASA has begun development of a mission to visit and study the sun closer than ever before. The unprecedented project, named Solar Probe Plus, is slated to launch no later than 2018.

NASA spots sub-tropical storm 11S still swirlingOnce a tropical storm, now a sub-tropical storm, the remnants of the tropical low pressure area formerly known as 11S was spotted by NASA's Aqua satellite, still spinning in the Southern Indian Ocean.

NASA's Webb telescope ghostly 'lights out' inspectionWhat happens when the lights are turned out in the enormous clean room that currently houses NASA's James Webb Space Telescope? The technicians who are inspecting the telescope and its expansive golden mirrors look like ghostly wraiths in this image as they conduct a "lights out inspection" in the Spacecraft Systems Development and Integration Facility (SSDIF) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Novel nozzle saves crystals—double flow concept widens spectrum for protein crystallographyScientists are interested in the spatial structure of proteins to learn about the workings of these biomolecules. This knowledge can lead to a better understanding of the functions of biomolecules and to tailored medicines. X-ray crystallography is the prime tool to solve protein structures. However, it requires growing crystals of the proteins under investigation. When X-rays hit these crystals,

Nuclear researchers seek to extend nuclear fuel life and efficiency through improved fuel pelletsResearchers with the Fuel Cycles and Materials Laboratory within the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University are working to make big impacts on energy efficiency with small materials level changes. The group is creating porous fuel pellets for use in reactors, as opposed to the currently used solid pellets, to extend fuel life, possibly reduce waste and increase the amount of ene

Why US communities should be designing parks for older adultsAs America grays, healthy aging becomes essential. Physical activity or exercise is an important piece of this. Getting regular exercise of just 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week has been linked to a reduction in heart disease, cancer, falls and cognitive impairment due to dementia, including Alzheimer-type dementia.

How online hate infiltrates social media and politicsIn late February, the headline of a news commentary website that receives more than 2.8 million monthly visitors announced, "Jews Destroy Another One of Their Own Graveyards to Blame Trump." The story, inspired by the recent desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, was the seething fantasy of an anti-Semitic website known as the Daily Stormer. With only a headline, this site can achieve s

Phosphorus is vital for life on Earth – and we're running lowPhosphorus is an essential element which is contained in many cellular compounds, such as DNA and the energy carrier ATP. All life needs phosphorus and agricultural yields are improved when phosphorus is added to growing plants and the diet of livestock. Consequently, it is used globally as a fertiliser – and plays an important role in meeting the world's food requirements.

Physicist declassifies rescued nuclear test filmsThe U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second. But in the decades since, around 10,000 of these films sat idle, scattered across the country in high-security vaults. Not only were they gathering dust, the film material itself was slowly decomposing, bringing the data they contained to the brink o

How to conserve polar bears—and maintain subsistence harvest—under climate changePolar bears are listed as a threatened species as the ice-covered ocean they depend on for hunting and transportation becomes scarce. Changes in the Arctic Ocean are also affecting the humans who have called this area home and hunted across the landscape for thousands of years.

Monitoring programmes underestimate human impact on biodiversityWhether orchids or mammals, insects or slugs and snails: nowadays there are a large number of animals and plants under observation. Researchers and dedicated activists work meticulously to record their distribution, count their numbers, and document every increase or decrease. Unfortunately, the collection of this data began only very recently. For this reason, it is very difficult for ecologists

Protostar blazes bright, reshaping its stellar nurseryA massive protostar, deeply nestled in its dust-filled stellar nursery, recently roared to life, shining nearly 100 times brighter than before. This outburst, apparently triggered by an avalanche of star-forming gas crashing onto the surface of the star, supports the theory that young stars can undergo intense growth spurts that reshape their surroundings.

Quantum key system could make mobile transactions far more secureWith the growing popularity of mobile phone apps to pay for purchases at cash registers and gas pumps, users would like to know their personal financial information is safe from cyber-attacks. For the first time, researchers have demonstrated a prototype device that can send unbreakable secret keys from a handheld device to a terminal.

Researchers beat the quantum limit of microwave measurementsResearch groups at Aalto University and the University of Jyväskylä have demonstrated a new microwave measurement method that goes to the quantum limit of measurement and beats it. The new method can potentially be used for example in quantum computing and measurement of gravitational waves. The results were published in Physical Review Letters on 6.3.2017, one of the most prestigious journals of

Quantum movement of electrons in atomic layers shows potential of materials for eleCommon sense might dictate that for an object to move from one point to another, it must go through all the points on the path.

Quantum shortcuts cannot bypass the laws of thermodynamics(—Over the past several years, physicists have developed quantum shortcuts that speed up the operation of quantum systems. Surprisingly, some of these shortcuts theoretically appear to enable systems to operate nearly instantaneously while using no extra energy—a clear violation of the second law of thermodynamics. Although physicists have known that something is amiss, so far the solutio

Relativistic electrons uncovered with NASA's Van Allen ProbesEarth's radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped regions of charged particles encircling our planet, were discovered more than 50 years ago, but their behavior is still not completely understood. Now, new observations from NASA's Van Allen Probes mission show that the fastest, most energetic electrons in the inner radiation belt are not present as much of the time as previously thought. The results ar

Renault's entire management implicated in pollution test fraud: probeRenault has used "fraudulent strategies" for over 25 years to cheat on pollution tests for diesel and petrol engines with the knowledge of top management, according to a report by French fraud investigators obtained Wednesday by AFP.

Scientists analyze dispersal of parasites by birds in the AmericasMonitoring and understanding the dispersal of potentially pathological microorganisms are constant concerns for sanitary and epidemiological authorities worldwide. The risks involved are evident, given the possibility of outbreaks of emerging diseases in humans or in domestic animals and livestock.

Scientists mobilize as bleaching resumes on Great Barrier ReefCoral researchers are remobilising to conduct aerial and underwater surveys along the Great Barrier Reef and elsewhere in Australia as coral bleaching reappears for the second year in a row. The decision coincides with the release today of a study in the prestigious journal Nature warning the Reef's resilience is rapidly waning.

Shape-shifting plankton: How plankton cope with turbulenceMicroscopic marine plankton are not helplessly adrift in the ocean. They can perceive cues that indicate turbulence, rapidly respond to regulate their behaviour and actively adapt. ETH researchers have demonstrated for the first time how they do this .

Computer simulation of protein synthesis reveals awesome complexity of cell machineryLife depends on proteins. These molecules are produced continually in our cells, which act as microscopic production lines – but the process is so complex researchers have barely begun to understand it. Exploring protein synthesis may, however, be the key to revealing how the body controls the thousands of reactions occurring simultaneously inside us.

Smartphone technology could combat workplace injuriesManufacturing industries rely on the efforts of factory employees who work daily to make, package, prepare and deliver the products we find on our shelves.

Soft coral exhibit strikingly different patterns of connectivity around British IslesThe evolution of land animals has been shaped by barriers such as oceans and mountains which have divided them and sent them down different genetic paths.

SpaceX launches communications satellite into orbitSpaceX on Thursday successfully launched a communications satellite into space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The strangeness of slow dynamicsIn a recent article published in Physical Review Letters, researchers from the nanomagnetism group at nanoGUNE reported hitherto unknown anomalies near dynamic phase transitions (DPTs). Such anomalies do not exist in corresponding thermodynamic phase transitions (TPTs), and thus constitute a distinct difference between DPTs and TPTs, even though their equivalency was the key outcome of more than t

Taxi drivers in Spain strike against Uber and CabifyTaxi drivers in Spain's two main cities are striking to urge authorities to protect their regulated service against companies like Uber and Cabify, which offer cheaper services.

Engineering team develops new approach to limit lead contamination in waterWhile lead pipes were banned decades ago, they still supply millions of American households daily with drinking water amid risks of corrosion and leaching that can cause developmental and neurological effects in young children.

Tesla to sell $1B in stock and notes to increase capitalElectric car and solar cell maker Tesla Inc. wants to raise over $1 billion in new capital by selling stock and five-year convertible notes.

Experiments show Titan lakes may fizz with nitrogenA recent NASA-funded study has shown how the hydrocarbon lakes and seas of Saturn's moon Titan might occasionally erupt with dramatic patches of bubbles.

Making vanilla flavoring with less pollutionIn small amounts, vanilla flavoring enhances the taste of our baked goods, desserts and ice cream. But making it synthetically, which is the most common route to keeping the ingredient affordable these days, creates a stream of wastewater that requires treatment before it can be released into surface waters. Now researchers report in ACS' journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research a new "

Visualizing debris disk 'roller derby' to understand planetary system evolutionWhen planets first begin to form, the aftermath of the process leaves a ring of rocky and icy material that's rotating and colliding around the young central star like a celestial roller derby. Analogs to our own Solar System's Kuiper Belt, these disks of debris left over from planet formation can be detected by astronomers and studied to help understand the processes that create planetary systems

Website to preserve backyard wildlife in AustraliaA new digital information and advice hub will tackle the unintentionally harmful human behaviour that puts Australia's incredible native wildlife at risk.

Wildly stronger sunflowersBeauty and utility in one bright package, sunflowers are one of just a few commercial crops with origins in the United States.

YouTube users be aware: Your viewing habits can be trackedDespite YouTube's attempts to safeguard user anonymity, intelligence agencies, hackers and online advertising companies can still determine which videos a user is watching, according to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) research.

New Zealand river recognised as 'legal person'A New Zealand river revered by Maori has been recognised by parliament as a "legal person", in a move believed to be a world first.

Zoo: Country's oldest gorilla probably died of heart attackAn Ohio zoo says necropsy results for the world's first gorilla born in a zoo indicate she probably died of a heart attack.

Health Savings Accounts and Quackery RevistedHealth savings accounts don't require medical treatments to be safe or effective for consumers. This leads to taxpayer-supported quackery.

These fish are evolving right now to become land-dwellersThe threat of predation makes the blenny fish seek refuge outside of water, where they are safer, perhaps retracing steps of first land-dwelling animals

Should a child's health concerns trump sperm donor privacy?Some donors in Australia have just been stripped of anonymity. What's the right balance between privacy and a person's need to know their genetic heritage?

A sixth of Americans to lack health insurance by 2026Plans to replace and repeal the existing Affordable Care Act will leave an extra 24 million Americans without medical cover by 2026, a Congressional Budget Office report claims

Indian Ocean version of El Niño behind drought in East AfricaLike El Niño, the Indian Ocean dipole involves cyclical temperature changes in the ocean, and now millions face crop failures and famine partly as a result

Rear-view helmet vision may help avert motorbike accidentsA mini display that fits inside a motorcyclist's helmet shows a live video feed of the road behind, meaning less reliance on inconvenient mirrors

Influence from mere association cognitive biassubmitted by /u/therealized [link] [comments]

Where the few jaguars still alive are hidingResearchers track movements of largest feline in Americas across all major Brazilian biomes, using GPS tracking to survey the jaguar´s home range and movement parameters in each biome.

The molecular underpinnings of T cell exhaustionOne reason we survive into adulthood is that cell-killing T cells usually recognize and eliminate cancerous or pathogen-infected cells. But prolonged overactivity of immune cells summoned to a tumor or infection site can render them useless to dispatch invaders, a cellular state immunologists call 'exhaustion.'

City living can make asthma worse for poor children, study findsResults of a new study using US national data add to evidence that living in inner cities can worsen asthma in poor children. They also document persistent racial/ethnic disparities in asthma.

Predicting long-term cognitive decline following deliriumEvidence suggests that experiencing delirium after surgery can lead to long-term cognitive decline in older adults. However, not everyone who experiences delirium will suffer this fate. After a recent study, researchers at Hebrew SeniorLife's Institute for Aging Research and Brigham and Women's Channing Division of Network Medicine (both Harvard Medical School affiliates) have discovered that we c

Researchers make headway toward understanding Alexander diseaseA surprising and potentially crucial discovery has been made about Alexander disease, a rare and fatal neurological disorder with no known cure.

Protostar blazes bright, reshaping its stellar nurseryNew ALMA observations reveal that a massive protostar, deeply nestled in its dust-filled stellar nursery, recently roared to life, shining nearly 100 times brighter than before.

Marine recovery after mass extinction was likely delayed by further biotic crisesBiotic crises during the Triassic period may have delayed marine recovery after a mass extinction during the late Permian, according to a new study.

Quantum physics offers insight into music expressivityScientists are bringing us closer to understanding the musical experience through a novel approach to analyzing a common musical effect known as vibrato.

New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screensPicture a tablet that you can fold into the size of a phone and put away in your pocket, or an artificial skin that can sense your body's movements and vital signs. A new, inexpensive sensor could help make advanced devices like these a reality.

Wildly stronger sunflowersAnnually, diseases, weeds, and insects are estimated to cause more than $1.3 billion in losses for sunflower growers. To combat this, researchers are preserving the genetic diversity of wild sunflowers. Wild plants retain the genes needed to resist pests and survive in different environments.

Scientists identify a black hole choking on stardustScientists using the All Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae (ASASSN) have identified a black hole, choking on stardust. Data suggest black holes swallow stellar debris in bursts.

How plankton cope with turbulenceMicroscopic marine plankton are not helplessly adrift in the ocean. They can perceive cues that indicate turbulence, rapidly respond to regulate their behavior and actively adapt. Researchers have demonstrated for the first time how they do this.

Discovery of an HIV reservoir marker: New avenue toward eliminating the virusA marker has been identified that makes it possible to differentiate "dormant" HIV-infected cells from healthy cells. This discovery will make it possible to isolate and analyze reservoir cells which, by silently hosting the virus, are responsible for its persistence even among patients receiving antiviral treatment, whose viral load is undetectable, say scientists.

From the butterfly's wing to the tornado: Predicting turbulenceRemember the butterfly-triggers-tornado adage? Chaos theory says calculating turbulence to find out if that's true must be impossible. Now, physicists are latching onto turbulent patterns with digital optics and math. Their resulting forecasts jibe with actual turbulent flows.

Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinkingExamining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning, according to new research.

How to conserve polar bears — and maintain subsistence harvest — under climate changeA properly-managed subsistence harvest of polar bears can continue under climate change, according to analysis that combines sea-ice forecasts with a polar bear population model.

Complex Life Could Be Vastly Older Than ThoughtNew algae fossil discovery may reset the evolutionary time line —

Trump Budget Would Slash Biomedical and Science Research DollarsThe $1.1 trillion proposal includes a $6 billion chop to NIH —

U.S. and Russia May Explore Venus TogetherNASA officials are considering taking part in the upcoming Russian Venera D mission —

U.S. Salamanders Threatened by Deadly FungusThe pathogen with a near 100 percent mortality rate could wipe out amphibian species already decimated by habitat loss —

Low Biodiversity Brings Earlier BloomFor every two species lost in a grassland, the remaining flowers there bloomed a day earlier–on par with changes due to rising global temperatures. Christopher Intagliata reports. —

The Entrepreneur with the $100 Million Plan to Link Brains to ComputersTech big shots are charging into neuroscience, but do they even have a clue?

A Virtual Version of You That Can Visit Many VR WorldsAvatars, long used in video games, are coming to VR. This startup thinks you should be able to use the same one in different places.

Google's New Tool Says Nearly 80 Percent of Roofs Are Sunny Enough for Solar PanelsThe company's Project Sunroof lets you look up your house and helps you decide whether to invest in your own clean power plant.

The Download, Mar 16, 2017: Finger-Lickin' Fake Meat, Trump's Budget Losers, and a Robot EconomyThe most fascinating and important news in technology and innovation delivered straight to your inbox, every day.

Den Blå Avis: NemID-validering er ikke en garanti mod svindlere] På Den Blå Avis kan man NemID-validere sin konto. Det sker for at højne sikkerheden for kunderne, men brugerne kan sagtens ændre deres oplysninger.[[@|Begravelsestaler lægges i Dropbox: »Det er ikke en farbar løsning«Med Kirkeministeriets velsignelse anvender folkekirkens ansatte Dropbox. Men det er en temmelig dårlig løsning til de følsomme persondata, mener fagfolk.

Google lægger en dæmper på energislugende baggrunds-tabs i ChromeI version 57 af Googles browser bliver energikrævende baggrunds-tabs tildelt færre CPU-ressourcer.

Sårbarhed i WhatsApp og Telegram kunne give hackere fuld adgang til konti IT-sikkerhedsvirksomheden Check Point skriver i en pressemeddelelse, at en sårbarhed kunne give hackere fuld adgang til brugeres konti på Telegram og WhatsApp's web-app.

6 Ways to Sneak Subversive Design Into Trump's Border WallArchitect and researcher Ronald Rael 's forthcoming book, Borderwall as Architecture , investigates the history of the wall and proposes ideas for ways to invest in it.

Blocked Immigration Ban Proves Trump's Tweets Will Haunt His PresidencyThe ban would have gone into effect Thursday at midnight. But Trump's words got in the way.

Can Trump Uncork Vehicle Emissions? It Won't Be EasyRolling back the fuel economy regulations will take more than a presidential decree.

Cars Now Talk to Other Cars, if You're Into That Sort of ThingYour guide to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and what it means for road safety.

Hack Brief: High-Profile Twitter Accounts Overrun With SwastikasThe inevitable social media fallout when Turkey and the Netherlands fight.

Holy Shucking Fit: You're Opening Oysters WrongLearn a hinge-first technique for popping bivalves open with a formal beauty that recalls the tango.

The Initial Coin Offering, the Bitcoin-y Stock That's Not Stock—But Definitely a Big DealNext month, Blockchain Capital will build a new venture capital fund using a bitcoin-like digital token instead of dollars

How Lithium-Ion Batteries Turn Into Skin-Searing FirebombsHere is what's inside the little fuel packs that power your life—and what makes them suddenly go supernova.

From Logan to Get Out, You're in A+ Times for B MoviesThe idea of "genre" has gone from scuzzy to buzzy, thanks to some great mid-budget films.

It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own LanguageMachines learn to talk out of necessity.

Samsung's Classy New Gadget Is Half TV, Half Work of ArtYou hang Samsung's new set on your wall, and it displays works of art when you're not watching TV.

At SXSW, Tech Reckons With the Problems It Helped CreateThis year's SXSW felt less like a celebration than it did a hangover.

Rebooting The Matrix? Yeah, That's Not How Nostalgia WorksCan we maybe try to wait a few decades before resuscitating a still-great movie?

WhatsApp Hack Shows That Even Encryption Apps Are Vulnerable in a BrowserWeb-based vulnerabilities in end-to-end messengers demonstrate why it may be safest to stick with the mobile versions of messaging apps.

WIRED Had a Potential Infosecurity Problem. Here's What We Did About ItWe found out about a potential exposure of some of our internal data … so we fixed it.

The Workers Who Snap Selfies Dangling From SkyscrapersThey hang from ropes hundreds of feet in the air, washing windows and cleaning wind turbines. And they post it all to Instagram.

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BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

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