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The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather, I am trying to rid myself of some measure of my present bias, which is the tendency people have, when considering a trade-off between two future moments, to more heavily weight the one closer to the present. A great many academic studies have shown this bias—also k


'Hazardous' smoky air shuts Yosemite in peak tourist season

Yosemite National Park's iconic cliffs are shrouded in so much smoke from nearby wildfires that the air quality is worse than anywhere in America and is rivaling Beijing.


Small dogs urinate higher up lamp posts to make themselves seem bigger

It seems when smaller dogs urinate on objects they might be using this opportunity to deceive, by making it look like their mark was left by a bigger dog




Fire shuts highway between France and Spain

A fire in northeastern Spain on the French border forced authorities to shut a highway linking the two countries for several hours on Saturday at the height of a heatwave, firefighters said.


6 sci-fi prophecies that are already here

Think the future isn't already here with us? Think again! Read More


NASA's Parker Solar Probe is attempting to touch the sun

The probe, no larger than a car, will be the closest a man-made object has ever gotten to the sun. We will be able to study and see it like we've never seen it before. Read More


Cocaine relapse is reversed with BDNF microinjections in the brain

Investigators discover that brain-derived neurotropic factor reduced cocaine relapse in a preclinical model when administered before a cue-induced relapse event.


Insulin resistance under-diagnosed in non-diabetics with Parkinson's disease

Almost two-thirds of non-diabetic patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) may be insulin resistant, despite having normal blood sugar, report scientists. Their findings suggest that insulin resistance in PD is a common and largely undetected problem, especially in patients who are overweight.


The rules of attraction: Scientists find elusive molecule that helps sperm find egg

A recent report identifies a key molecule driving chemoattraction between sperm and egg cells in marine invertebrates.


How age and ethnicity impact HIV testing

Researchers argue that interventions are urgently needed to reach older adults and Hispanics to address HIV testing and beliefs.


Math with good posture means better scores

A new study finding that students perform better at math while sitting with good posture could have implications for other kinds of performance under pressure.


Groundbreaking poplar study shows trees can be genetically engineered not to spread

The largest field-based study of genetically modified forest trees ever conducted has demonstrated that genetic engineering can prevent new seedlings from establishing.


Quiet viruses alter body's response to vaccines, pathogens

Researchers have shown that low levels of cytomegalovirus (CMV) have a significant impact on microbe and immune cell populations and how the immune system responds to the influenza vaccine.


New research opens door to expanding stem cells available for transplants

Researchers have identified a way to expand blood-forming, adult stem cells from human umbilical cord blood (hUCB).


A deeper look at severe asthma yields NET results

A new study models allergic lung inflammation and provides new insights into how asthma develops and progresses, with important implications for the most clinically advanced drugs designed to treat severe asthma.


Netflix-syndromet: Derfor ved du aldrig, hvilken film du skal vælge

Du risikerer at blive handlingslammet af alt for mange valgmuligheder, siger psykolog.


Book clinic: which books best capture our relationship with animals?

Carl Safina's educated anthropomorphism and Alex Preston's vivid bird portraits are the wild stuff to illuminate our place in the natural world Which books best depict our relationship with other species without being over sentimental or too philosophical? Carlos Lugo-Ortiz, 52, professor of biology and entomology, Ponce, Puerto Rico Charles Foster , author of the Baillie Gifford-longlisted Being


Belgian wins inaugural France to China solar bike race

A Belgian cyclist rode 12,000 kilometres (7,500 miles) from the French city of Lyon to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou in just 49 days to win an inaugural solar-powered electric bike race aimed at promoting renewable energy.


Bluebird jet boat floats again, 51 years after fatal crash

The famed jet boat Bluebird returned to the water Saturday for the first time since a 1967 crash that killed pilot Donald Campbell during a world speed-record attempt.


Facebook's revelations: Real change or window dressing?

For a company bent on making the world more open, Facebook has long been secretive about the details of how it runs its social network—particularly how things go wrong and what it does about them.


NASA Introduces Nine Astronauts for First Commercial Flights

The "Commercial Crew Nine" will fly to space in hardware made by Boeing and SpaceX — Read more on


Europe Deals A Blow To CRISPR Technology, U.S. Approves 'Bleeding' Veggie Burger

A European court tightens rules on genetically engineered foods while the U.S. approves a "bleeding" veggie burger that relies on gene editing, sending mixed messages to the industry and consumers. (Image credit: Gregor Fischer/Getty Images)


Randy Moss and Terrell Owens Reach the Hall of Fame

This weekend in Canton, Ohio, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (the former in absentia, as he's opted to hold a separate ceremony at his alma mater). The two wide receivers make for a fitting pair; they rank second and fourth, respectively, in all-time receiving yardage and third and second in receiving touchdowns. Through the late '90s and 2000s, w


Ekspert: Inden fem år kan du tage en førerløs taxa i Danmark

Der er skruet op for udviklingen af førerløse biler. De kan komme til Danmark allerede om fem år, vurderer ekspert.


A new reality for beauty standards: How selfies and filters affect body image

With the spread of photo-editing technology through applications like Snapchat and Facetune, the level of physical 'perfection' previously seen only on celebrity or beauty magazines is now all over social media. As these images become the norm, people's perceptions of beauty worldwide are changing, which can take a toll on a person's self-esteem and can trigger body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), argu


Subverting the Intended Use of Objects

From childhood forts to grown-up life hacks — Read more on


Football teams secretly using AI to predict injuries before they occur

A machine learning algorithm that predicts 60 per cent of football injuries is secretly being used by three top European teams to work out when to rest their players


How to set up a VPN on your phone

DIY Why you need a private internet connection for your phone. A VPN is great at keeping your personal data and browsing history safe from prying eyes. Here's how to use a mobile version on your phone.


Change is Made by the Ones That Stay — Paula Eiselt — Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #159

When you're a Hasidic woman in Borough Park, Brooklyn, starting an ambulance corps is a radical act. Documentary filmmaker Paula Eiselt on the push-pull of identity and cultural change in her film 93Queen. Read More


What Do Sharks Do In A Hurricane? | Shark News

It turns out that sharks actually know when a hurricane is approaching, and how to get out of danger quickly. Stream Shark Week Episodes: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.c


Airport Surveillance, FBI Brain Drain, and More Security News This Week

A Chipotle scam, FBI brain drain, and more of the week's top security news.


Horror and Politics Have a Lot in Common These Days

The genre takes on a whole new facet amidst real-world terrors.


Trump Hails Astronauts That Will Fly on SpaceX and Boeing Spaceships. And Space Force, Too?

President Donald Trump fired off a celebratory tweet to laud NASA's first astronaut crews to fly on private spacecraft built by Boeing and SpaceX, a message that also appeared to hail the president's proposed military Space Force.


In Case You Missed It

Top news from around the world —


Should the Moon Be Quarantined?

Nearly a half century after astronauts first visited the moon, it is once again a flash point for debates on how to safely, responsibly explore the solar system.


France's first baby panda celebrates one-year anniversary

France's first baby panda celebrates his one-year anniversary Saturday with a birthday cake composed of bamboo, honey, apples, oranges, strawberries and lemons.


Melted asphalt, shoes for dogs: Europe wilts in heat

Europe sweltered Saturday in intense heat with temperatures due to hit near-record highs of 46 degrees Celsius (115 degrees Fahrenheit) in Portugal, while elsewhere high temperatures melted the asphalt or saw police dogs fitted with shoes.


Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After They Pee?

Your dog's ground-kicking habit could reveal more about your pet than you think.


Sorry Elon Musk, Colonizing Mars Is Unlikely. And It's a Bad Idea, Space Scientist Says

We have learned that there could be life beneath Mars' surface and that it may be impossible to terraform its surface.


The Surprising Link between Salt and Weight Gain

Moderating our sodium intake may help us maintain healthier gut flora, which is associated with healthier body weight. Who saw that coming? — Read more on





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