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Oceans of garbage prompt war on plastics

Faced with images of turtles smothered by plastic bags, beaches carpeted with garbage and islands of trash floating in the oceans, environmentalists say the world is waking up to the need to tackle plastic pollution at the source.


Smør, planteolie eller kokosolie: Hvilken type fedt er sundest?

Både smør og olie indeholder masser af fedt. Alligevel er der forskel. Og tricket er generelt, at du skal gå efter fedt, der er flydende ved stuetemperatur.


Hurtigbåden Flying Foil: Vinger på hurtigbåde er på vej tilbage

Iværksættervirksomheden Flying Foil er overbevist om, at foils under skrogene vil gøre hurtigbåde miljøvenlige.


Climate Negotiators Reach an Overtime Deal to Keep Paris Pact Alive

The deal puts in place detailed implementation rules, but analysts said it was now up to individual countries to honor their commitments.


The Birth of Worlds

Stunning new images of young planetary systems create a profound cosmic perspective — Read more on


Wiring diagram of the brain provides a clearer picture of brain scan data

Neuroscientists have used data from the human brain connectome — a publicly available 'wiring diagram' of the human brain based on data from thousands of healthy human volunteers — to reassess the findings from neuroimaging studies of patients with Alzheimer's disease.




Researchers uncover molecular mechanisms linked to autism and schizophrenia

Studies have linked DNA changes to their molecular effects in the brain, uncovering new mechanisms for psychiatric diseases. The findings provide a roadmap for developing a new generation of therapies for conditions like autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


The immune system's supercell — how it matures

NK cells, or natural killer cells, play an important role in the body's defences against cancer and various infections. Now scientists have mapped how the different steps of the maturation process of these supercells from blood producing stem cells in the bone marrow are regulated: knowledge which is crucial for the development of new immunotherapies against cancer.


New drug seeks receptors in sarcoma cells, attacks tumors in animal trials

A new compound that targets a receptor within sarcoma cancer cells shrank tumors and hampered their ability to spread in mice and pigs, a study reports. The researchers conducted a multi-year, cross-disciplinary study that went from screening potential drug candidates to identifying and synthesizing one compound, to packaging it into nanoparticles for delivery in cells, to testing it in cell cultu


Snow over Antarctica buffered sea level rise during last century

An increase in snowfall accumulation over Antarctica during the 20th century mitigated sea level rise by 0.4 inches. However, Antarctica's additional ice mass gained from snowfall makes up for just about a third of its current ice loss.


A damming trend

Hundreds of dams are being proposed for Mekong River basin in Southeast Asia. The negative social and environmental consequences — affecting everything from food security to the environment — greatly outweigh the positive changes of this grand-scale flood control, according to new research.


Control HIV by treating schistosomiasis, new study suggests

Of the 34 million people worldwide with HIV, and the 200 million with schistosomiasis, the majority live in Africa — where millions of people are simultaneously infected with both diseases. Now, researchers have shown that schistosomiasis infections are associated with increased HIV onward transmission, HIV acquisition in HIV negative women with urogenital schistosomiasis, and progression to deat


Nations agree rulebook for Paris climate treaty

Nations on Sunday struck a deal to implement the landmark 2015 Paris climate treaty after marathon UN talks that failed to match the ambition the world's most vulnerable countries need to avert dangerous global warming.


Treatment shown to improve the odds against bone marrow cancer

Hope has emerged for patients with a serious type of bone marrow cancer as new research into a therapeutic drug has revealed improved outcomes and survival rates.


Climate change: COP24 deal to bring Paris pact to life

Nearly 200 nations agree rules on implementing 2015 Paris agreement at UN climate talks in Poland.


Rick Ness Gets Stuck in a Sinkhole | Gold Rush

After attempting to open up a new cut, Rick gets stuck in a sinkhole. Stream Full Episodes of Gold Rush: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: We're on Instagram


Jiggly Jell-O to make powerful new hydrogen fuel catalyst

A cheap and effective new catalyst can generate hydrogen fuel from water just as efficiently as platinum, currently the best — but also most expensive — water-splitting catalyst out there.The catalyst, which is composed of nanometer-thin sheets of metal carbide, is manufactured using a self-assembly process that relies on a surprising ingredient: gelatin, the material that gives Jell-O its jiggl


A Bright Green 'Christmas Comet' Will Fly the Closest to Earth in Centuries

The comet, called 46P/Wirtanen, will streak near Earth on Sunday and be visible in some places with the naked eye.


Drone-revolutionens godfather: Jeg vil ikke være den første, der flyver i en autonom taxa

Flyproducenterne, Uber og en række nye firmaer arbejder intenst på elektrisk persondrone-transport. Teknologien er måske allerede klar om 5-6 år.


Dark Days

A science writer struggles to stay upbeat in a troubled time — Read more on


Scientists Try to Save Woolly Monkeys from Extinction … by Training Them to Be Wild Again

Colombian researchers hope to revive an endangered species by rehabilitating monkeys confiscated from smugglers. The captive animals' struggles show that survival is not guaranteed.


4,400-Year-Old Tomb of 'Divine Inspector' with Hidden Shafts Discovered in Egypt

One of the hidden shafts might hold the divine inspector's sarcophagus.


Photos: Exquisitely Preserved Ancient Tomb Discovered at Saqqara

Gorgeous photos show a 4,400-year-old tomb of a divine inspector in ancient Egypt.


Russian robot, promoted as high-tech by state tv, turns out to be a man in a suit

A state-owned channel showed a report on a "robot" which turned out to be an actor in a suit. The robot "Boris" was supposed to be good at math and dancing. Russian journalists who raised questions ultimately found out the truth. None In a story rich with metaphors, a Russian-made dancing robot named "Boris", which was trotted out as a high-tech advancement, has been unmasked as being just a man


The Grimch: Trivia

The time to play trivia was coming quite near And the Grimch wanted something to inspire fear. The most dastardly trivia, it must be perfection! No mortal could answer such difficult questions. Trivia How-To: The bot will start firing off questions at 11:00 AM EST on 12/16 and continue until 11:00 AM EST on 12/18 , then finish with a power hour till noon. Submit your answers by typing them into t


A New Year message from the edge of the solar system

On 1 January 2019 the New Horizons probe will begin transmitting data from Ultima Thule, 4bn miles from Earth in the Kuiper belt. What will it find? Four billion miles from Earth, a swarm of little worlds circles the dark edge of our solar system. The sun is so remote from this place that it appears no brighter than a star. This is the Kuiper belt, a doughnut-shaped ring of icy objects that is one


The search for my inner 'hero': a modern masculinity retreat

Tim Lott dances, roars and talks intimately at a masculinity workshop which ends in tears, praise and profound insights Despite spending 62 years as a man, I have never quite worked out what the possession of my defining Y chromosome implies. I doubt, in truth, that much of the damn thing survives anyway. I was brought up in a generation when nearly all the parenting was done by mothers and I hav


Space Photos of the Week: It's Love vs. Hate in Star vs. Star

Binary stars have a sort of relationship, but not one you'd want to be in.


Yes, a killer asteroid could hit Earth

Space Though the odds do seem to be in our favor. When it comes to deadly asteroids, impact comes down to a few factors: size, material, speed, and location.


Katowice: UN climate talks vote on Paris implementation details

Delegates at climate talks are voting on details to implement the next steps for the Paris agreement.


'The Endless' Is a Masterful Low-Budget Sci-Fi Movie

The latest from Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead is everything studio movies are not.


Taylor Swift's Facial Recognition, the Year's Worst Passwords, and More Security News This Week

Chinese hackers targeting the Navy, charity scammers, and more security news this week.


The Bite of the Saber-Tooth

Sabercat skulls hint at the different ways these carnivores tackled their prey — Read more on


China's Hottest Bachelors Are Animated Characters

A t 2 a.m., Ivy Deng's iPhone pings. Her boyfriend is messaging her again. Bai Qi is a contemplative policeman, Deng's favorite of the men she's dated recently. Tomorrow morning, he'll pick her up on his motorcycle. Sort of. Bai doesn't actually have a motorcycle, or even a real body. And he's just one of Deng's four boyfriends, all of whom are virtual characters in the Chinese mobile game Love a


Norsk nationalbibliotek må ty til Ebay for at skaffe udstyr til digitalisering

Der skal lægges en stor arbejdsindsats, når målet er både at gøre den norske kulturarv mere tilgængelig og at sikre den for de næste tusind år.


The First Black Woman to Lead the Heritage Foundation

Kay Coles James's family was adamant that she pursue an education. James attended the historically black Hampton University, where she studied history and education. Growing up with an emphasis on education and self-sufficiency led her to a career in public policy and then the Heritage Foundation. Coles James served during the George W. Bush administration as the director of the Office of Personn


Helen Riess, M.D. – Empathy in the brain and the world

Heart – mind = emotional quicksand. Mind – heart = greeting card sympathy The doctor burnout epidemic and how to fix it None Empathy is the basic stuff of human connection. It's how we hear and are heard by one another. It's how we deal with one another as people rather than objects. But with massive, relentless trouble in the world, the 24 hour news cycle, the pressure to choose political and so


The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending December 15, 2018)

This week's most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.


The Family Weekly: The Stress of Upholding the Santa Myth

This Week in Family Protecting a child's belief in Santa in 2018 requires a lot of effort beyond leaving behind half-eaten cookies near the fireplace—parents have started to take measures such as installing browser extensions to hide web pages that might reveal the truth. The Santa myth is a stressful tradition that might be more trouble than it's worth for parents, says the Atlantic staff writer


UN climate change talks avoid contentious issues in draft agreement

Struggles remain on enacting 2015 Paris accord despite more clarity on emissions The UN met on Saturday in Poland to discuss a draft agreement on climate change, which sources said was likely to pass, as exhausted delegates made compromises on some key issues but postponed other contentious problems to be solved next year. The result will not be the breakthrough campaigners and some countries wer


Royal Statistical Society Christmas quiz: 25th anniversary edition

Solving the RSS's fiendishly tricky festive quiz will require general knowledge, logic and lateral thinking For the last quarter-century, the Royal Statistical Society has published a fiendishly difficult Christmas quiz to entertain puzzle fans over the festive break – and this year's special 25th anniversary edition, devised by Dr Tim Paulden, is sure to get the cogs spinning after a glass or tw


A youth activist on the climate crisis: politicians won't save us | Victoria Barrett

At the COP24 conference, leaders lack the urgency felt by communities on the frontlines of a global threat As wildfires burn, as temperatures rise, as the last remaining old-growth forests in Poland are logged, world leaders are in Katowice to negotiate the implementation of the Paris climate agreement. To outsiders, UN climate talks may seem like a positive step. Unfortunately, this is COP24. Fo


I'm a Trauma Surgeon and a Shooting Victim. I Have Every Right to Speak Out on Gun Violence.

I was lying on a gurney with my eyes closed. Although I was drifting in and out of consciousness, I could sense that a lot was going on around me, because of me. At one point that night, I looked up and saw a man dressed almost like an astronaut, covered head-to-toe in protective equipment. He was a trauma surgeon. Hours before, I was at my high school's first football game of the year. This all


The Best Sales on Xbox, PS4, and Switch for Christmas 2018

Game consoles, controllers, and critically acclaimed games like 'God of War' are on sale at multiple retailers for Christmas.


Barry Jenkins' New Movie and the Future of Black Filmmaking

With his new feature, 'If Beale Street Could Talk,' already prompting award predictions, the writer-director discusses his approach and what comes next.


'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola

It took five weeks of round-the-clock treatment to keep Benedicte alive after her mother died.


Washington Demands Its Money Back From the Saudis

Things are not going well for Saudi Arabia in Washington. On Thursday, the Senate voted unanimously to blame Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and 56 members—a clear majority—-cast votes to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war effort in Yemen. The rebuke was followed shortly after by a revelation about the Defense Department's refueling of


The Value of The Weekly Standard

In the Donald Trump era, some liberals are confounded by their affection for a figure they would otherwise despise. He is known to them, after all, as one of America's most enthusiastic warmongers —and the man who first vaulted Sarah Palin to national fame. Yet for all his many episodes of villainy, it's possible to concede the pleasures of his impish company, especially when he breaks ranks to j


Bruce Springsteen Explains It All

Bruce Springsteen is a phony, and he wants you to know it. "I've never held an honest job in my entire life," he shouts early in his one-man stage show, viewable on Netflix Sunday. "I've never seen the inside of a factory, and yet it's all I've ever written about. Standing before you is a man who's become wildly and absurdly successful writing about something [with] which he has had absolutely no


The opioid crisis is profitable. Blockchain tech can end that.

The same way blockchain technology could end the blood diamond trade, it could also stop those profiting from the opioid crisis by removing the traditional opportunities for drug fraud, explains Hyperledger's Brian Behlendorf. "I tend not to blame the drug taker because I think they're just medicating to meet their needs, it's really the distributors and those writing fake prescriptions and other


Zoox's Maddening Struggle to Make Robo-Cars Safe—and Prove It

The startup is just one of many self-driving developers looking for the best way to approach the tricky question of safety.


Apple to roll out new Snoopy, Peanuts cartoon series

Apple will produce a new animated series starring Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, created by the late American cartoonist Charles Schulz, for its video platform, a source close to the deal said Friday, confirming press reports.


Irish data authority probes Facebook photo breach

The Irish data watchdog on Friday launched an investigation into Facebook, after the social media titan admitted a "bug" may have exposed unposted photos from up to 6.8 million users.


Somali-American Amazon workers demand better conditions

A group of Amazon workers in Minnesota who are Somali refugees resettled in the Midwestern US state demanded better working conditions Friday during a protest outside one of the retailer's warehouses.


Fake news vs fact in online battle for truth

Since US President Donald Trump weaponised the term "fake news" during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the phrase has gone viral.


Fremtidsparadis eller hacker-kaos: Her er tre fordele og tre farer ved smarte byer

Fremtidens smarte by sparer på strømmen og flyver dig rundt med droner. Men dit privatliv kan betale prisen.


Home Futures review – what living spaces teach us about our culture

From robo-walking cities to living rooms that fold away, the revolutionary ideas on show at London's Design Museum tell us much about the way we live


Spørg Fagfolket: Hvor meget kan man skrælle en bil for at få bedre brændstoføkonomi?

En læser vil gerne vide, om der ikke ville være god økonomi i at skrælle nutidens store biler for unødige kræfter og overflødigt udstyr. Det svarer Bilmagasinet på.


Katowice UN climate talks extended due to sticking points

Rows continue over paying poorer countries for damages caused by rising temperatures.


10 excerpts from Marcus Aurelius' 'Meditations' to unlock your inner Stoic

Meditations is a collection of the philosophical ideas of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Written as a series of notes to himself, the book is much more readable than the dry philosophy most people are used to. The advice he gave to himself 2,000 years ago is increasingly applicable in our hectic, stressed-out lives. Stoicism is an increasingly popular philosophy for our overworked, anxious wo


The secret site in England where beavers control the landscape

Two beavers were released at a secret location in Devon, UK in 2011. Now they've completely transformed the landscape including improving flood management in the area


Vind med Ingeniørens julekalender: 15. december

Vær med i Ingeniørens julekalender 2018. Hver dag med nye præmier!


In Battle Over Johnson's Baby Powder, Asbestos Opens a New Legal Front

Johnson & Johnson says its product is safe. But asbestos, a carcinogen that can exist underground near talc, was a concern inside the company for decades.


Amazon Came to the Bargaining Table—But Workers Want More

For more than 20 years, Amazon has successfully quashed efforts to unionize its American workers, but a new wave of labor organizing is under way.


The Atlantic Daily: Replacements

What We're Following National Inquiry: The publisher of the National Enquirer admitted to paying the former Playboy model Karen McDougal to kill a story about her account of an affair with Donald Trump, signing a non-prosecution agreement with New York prosecutors. The bones of the story have already been reported on since before the 2016 election, but new this time around is the link to question


Treatment shown to improve the odds against bone marrow cancer

Hope has emerged for patients with a serious type of bone marrow cancer as new research into a therapeutic drug has revealed improved outcomes and survival rates.


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