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The secret life of plants: Ten new species found this year

Plants have been on the planet for hundreds of millions of years – but we're still discovering new ones.

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No More Excuses For almost two full years, James Mattis has provided the nation with a collective security blanket—and national-security-minded Republicans with a credible excuse. Whatever outrageous or weird or even suspicious things President Donald Trump might do, Mattis was at the head of the order of battle: an American through and through, untainted and uncompromised. Now Mattis has quit. His letter of res

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Experiments by China and Russia to heat up the atmosphere cause concern Russian scientists emitted a large amount of high-frequency radio waves into the ionosphere. A Chinese satellite studied the data from orbit. Potential military applications of this tech raise alarms. None A series of controversial experiments by Russia and China recently came to light, drawing concern from experts over their potential military applications. A newly published paper shows that in

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12 People Hospitalized With Infections From Stem Cell Shots The F.D.A. issued warnings to a California company, and said unregulated treatments will be subject to more scrutiny.


Ancient Antarctic ice sheet collapse could happen again, triggering a new global flood It's happened before, and it could happen again.

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Now It's Up to Congress Donald Trump is intellectually, emotionally, and ethically unsuited for positions of public responsibility. The Atlantic argued this in an editorial published just before the 2016 presidential election, and I tried to document it in more than 150 installments through the election year. This reality means that, for people whose principles date to any era before Trump's, serving under him brings da

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Barack Obama Goes All In Politically To Fight Gerrymandering Barack Obama has sometimes struggled to find his political footing since leaving office, even though he's more popular and more in demand by Democrats than at any point since 2008. He'd been challenged by a very deliberate decision he made to steer clear of direct confrontation with Donald Trump for a year and a half, aware that a fight is always exactly what Trump is looking for. Why help him tu


Stellar corpse reveals clues to missing stardust Everything around you – your desk, your laptop, your coffee cup – in fact, even you – is made of stardust, the stuff forged in the fiery furnaces of stars that died before our sun was born. Probing the space surrounding a mysterious stellar corpse, scientists at the University of Arizona have made a discovery that could help solve a long-standing mystery: Where does stardust come from?

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'I'm not having children to help fight climate change' Environmentalist Jason MacGregor and his partner aren't having children because they don't want to add to human-made climate change pressures.

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From spectacular orchids to towering trees – 2018's top new plant discoveries Around the world, species hunters unearth 128 vascular plants and 44 species of fungi, many already facing extinction A spectacular orchid sold from a barrow in a Laos market, a flower which may contain cancer-fighting chemicals, and a tall tree found beside an African highway, are among more than 100 plants that were newly discovered by science in 2018. But experts warn it is a "race against tim


Solcelleejere får grønt lys til at slæbe minister i retten Solcelleejerne i foreningen Denfo har fået anerkendt søgsmålskompetence i en sag om, hvordan solcellerejerne bliver betalt for deres strøm.

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Machine vision can create Harry Potter–style photos for muggles A clever algorithm animates characters in still images, allowing them to walk out of photographs.

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Dust threatens Utah's 'greatest snow on earth' New University of Utah research found that dust deposition speeds up snowmelt in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. Scientists found that a single dust storm on April 13, 2017, deposited half of all dust for the season. The additional sunlight absorbed by the dust-darkened snow surface led to snow melting a week earlier.

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Droughts boost emissions as hydropower dries up Recent droughts caused increases in emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful air pollutants from power generation in several western states as fossil fuels came online to replace hampered hydroelectric power. A new study quantifies the impact.

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Soumission version 2.0 Vi har fået nogle gæster, som kun vil besøge os, hvis de kan bestemme hvordan vores dagligstue skal være møbleret.

Droughts boost emissions as hydropower dries up When hydropower runs low in a drought, western states tend to ramp up power generation—and emissions—from fossil fuels. According to a new study from Stanford University, droughts caused about 10 percent of the average annual carbon dioxide emissions from power generation in California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington between 2001 and 2015.

Divining roots—revealing how plants branch out to access water New research has discovered how plant roots sense the availability of moisture in soil and then adapt their shape to optimise acquisition of water.

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A Pirate's Life is NOT for Me: A Deep Dive into Motion Sickness A few months ago, I spent three and a half anxious hours on a rickety motorboat on western Tanzania's Lake Tanganyika. The cause of my anxiety was not the fact that we were floating over the second deepest freshwater lake in the world in a boat that had already begun to take in some water … Continue reading "A Pirate's Life is NOT for Me: A Deep Dive into Motion Sickness"

Voters have high tolerance for politicians who lie, even those caught doing it In a modern democracy, peddling conspiracies for political advantage is perhaps not so different from seeding an epidemic.

Red tide in retreat: Just two sites in Florida test positive in latest daily checks Concentrations of red tide have decreased to the lowest point since the major bloom began in 2017, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission daily and weekly reports.

Sydney pummelled by hail the size of tennis balls Australia's largest city was picking up the pieces Friday after a series of lightning and hailstorms pummelled cars with ice blocks the size of tennis balls.

Police consider shooting down drone after London airport shutdownLondon Gatwick Airport British police were Friday considering shooting down the drone that has grounded flights and caused chaos at London's Gatwick Airport, with passengers set to face a third day of disruption.

Australia on track to miss climate targets by wide margin Australia on Friday admitted it is off track to meet the 2030 emissions targets agreed under the Paris climate accord.

With final goodbye, Germany to shutter last black coal mine Germany will close its last black coal mine on Friday, a milestone marking the end of a 200-year-old industry that once fuelled the country's economic growth but lost the battle against cheaper foreign competitors.

Carlos Ghosn re-arrested over fresh allegations Japanese prosecutors re-arrested former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn over fresh allegations on Friday, apparently dashing his hopes of early release in the latest twist to a rollercoaster saga.

Digital detox: Resorts offer perks for handing over phones Can you take a vacation from your cellphone? A growing number of hotels will help you find out.

Alba the albino orangutan returned to jungle in Indonesia The world's only known albino orangutan climbed trees, foraged for food and began building a nest after being released into a remote Borneo jungle more than a year after conservation officials found her starving and dehydrated in an Indonesian village.

Bird migration and conservation clues in robin and Turtle dove genomes The European robin and Turtle dove have had their genetic codes sequenced and assembled for the first time by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and their collaborators. The genomes, completed today (21 December) will enable researchers to explore the genetic switches controlling bird migration and give insight into the magneto receptors that help robins 'see' the Earth's magnetic fields

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More young and other traits help mammals adapt to urban environments Species of mammals that live in urban environments produce more young compared to other mammals. But next to this common 'winning trait', mammals deal with different strategies to successfully inhabit cities. This is what Radboud University ecologist Luca Santini and colleagues found in a study that they will publish in Ecology Letters on 21 December. 'This is the first step of many to understand

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Cross Section: Dame Jane Francis – Science Weekly podcast Prof Dame Jane Francis knows Antarctica better than most: she's spent the majority of her career researching this icy landscape. Ian Sample talks to her about what it's like to camp in Antarctica and what her findings can tell us about our future on this planet Prof Jane Francis was made a dame in 2017 for services to diplomacy and polar science. As you might expect, Francis has spent much of her


Aalborg-forskere får supercomputer til at beregne kunstig intelligens Aalborg Universitets nye it-infrastrukturprojekt Claaudia omfatter både en supercomputer, et nyt cloud storage-system og hjælp til at håndtere forskningsdata.


Leder: Tid til et opgør med de giftige fluorstoffer [no content]


Ny forskning: Fiskere trawler mere i beskyttede end i ubeskyttede havområder Der fiskes mere intensivt i de beskyttede områder end udenfor. Til stor skade for især truede arter. Områderne beskyttes kun på papiret, siger organisation.

The Guardian's Science Weekly

Cross Section: Dame Jane Francis – Science Weekly podcast Prof Dame Jane Francis knows Antarctica better than most: she's spent the majority of her career researching this icy landscape. Ian Sample talks to her about what it's like to camp in Antarctica and what her findings can tell us about our future on this planet

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College binge drinkers are posting while drunk, 'addicted' to social media College students who binge drink are frequently posting on social media while intoxicated and show signs of social media "addiction," according to a new study.


Vind med Ingeniørens julekalender: 21. december Vær med i Ingeniørens julekalender 2018. Hver dag med nye præmier!


Tesla-bil, rumturisme og månelandinger: Rumfart lever i en brydningstid PLUS. 2018 blev et voldsomt aktivt år for rumfarten, og rumturister skal til at finde rumdragten frem i en tid, hvor Kina, private firmaer og minisatellitter fylder stadigt mere.


Bliver 2019 året, hvor byggeriet begynder at tage bæredygtighed seriøst? Den største klimapåvirkning fra nyt byggeri skyldes produktion af byggematerialer, selve byggefasen og nedrivningen. De danske politikere vil imidlertid ikke stille krav om at minimere påvirkningen – men flere private bygherrer vil ikke længere acceptere den blinde plet.

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Researchers detect age-related differences in DNA from blood The DNA markers from the blood of healthy centenarians are more similar to those of people in their 20s than people in their 70s.


Tænkeboksen: Frøen har 10.946 muligheder Her kommer årets sidste løsning – på Tænkeboksen fra uge 49.

The Atlantic

The Atlantic Daily: A Lifetime of Questions What We're Following Exits: Secretary of Defense James Mattis is resigning, after conflicts with President Donald Trump over the current direction of the administration's foreign policy. His resignation letter— which you can read in full here —addresses the problem head-on: "I believe we must be resolute and unambiguous in our approach to those countries whose strategic interests are increasingly

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Responsible innovation key to smart farming Responsible innovation that considers the wider impacts on society is key to smart farming, according to academics at the University of East Anglia (UEA). In a new journal article Dr David Rose and Dr Jason Chilvers, from UEA's School of Environmental Sciences, argue that the concept of responsible innovation should underpin the so-called fourth agricultural revolution, ensuring that innovations a

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NHS trusts struggling to produce Brexit plans amid continuing uncertainty NHS trusts are struggling to produce contingency plans for Brexit because of the continuing uncertainty about the UK's future relationship with the European Union, reveals an investigation published by The BMJ today.

Responsible innovation key to smart farming Responsible innovation that considers the wider impacts on society is key to smart farming, according to academics at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

EurekAlert! – Breaking News

Bidi smoking costs India annual INR 805.5 billion in ill health and early death Bidi smoking cost India 805.5 billion rupees in ill health and early deaths in 2017 alone, finds research published in the journal Tobacco Control.

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