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Why Donald Trump's Trade War Will Fail

Sometimes in soccer, an attempt to defend one's turf results in a score for the opposing team—an "own goal." There have already been nine such incidents of self-sabotage in the 2018 World Cup, by far the most in the history of the tournament. But you won't find the most spectacular example of the summer on the pitch in Russia. That distinction goes to Donald Trump's administration , whose determi



Novel HIV vaccine candidate is safe and induces immune response in healthy adults and monkeys

New research shows that an experimental HIV-1 vaccine regimen is well-tolerated and generated comparable and robust immune responses against HIV in healthy adults and rhesus monkeys. Moreover, the vaccine candidate protected against infection with an HIV-like virus in monkeys.



Roskilde-kunstnere tracker dig og sælger drinks med datasnyd

Tag med på besøg hos to kunstværker på Roskilde Festival, der begge handler om data og teknologi – og som både er produkter af og kommentarer til teknologien.




EPA Interim Head Andrew Wheeler's Approach To Environmental Policy

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with energy lobbyist and media strategist Frank Maisano about former Senate staffer and oil lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, who was just named acting EPA administrator.



Why Does Jim Holt Exist?

A connoisseur of science, math and philosophy takes on the really big questions — Read more on



How do you get a million asteroids? Start with five small planets, says a new study.

There are millions of asteroids in the solar system. A new study might tell us where they came from. Read More



Open office plans actually reduce face-to-face interaction

A new study from Harvard Business School finds open-office layouts actually inhibit face-to-face interaction and collaboration. Read More



Fires Across California Force Evacuations, Claim Homes And At Least One Life

Multiple counties have ordered evacuations as crews work to contain fires across the state. (Image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)



Kilauea Produces a Stunning Lava Whirl!

Happy Fourth of July from Kilauea! The volcano's putting on a spectacular show for us—come see! — Read more on



Hårfarve, højde og hagekløft: Fem ting, DNA kan afsløre i fremtiden

Han er af skandinavisk oprindelse, 176 cm høj, har brune øjne, er tidligere ryger og har smalle kæber. Fremtidens DNA-profil tegner et detaljeret billede af gerningsmanden.



Nyt dna-våben fører amerikansk politi til seriemorder og voldtægtsforbrydere

En seriemorder og flere drabs- og voldtægtsmænd er blevet fældet af årtier gamle dna-beviser.



'It's Almost Like a Ghost Town.' Most Nursing Homes Overstated Staffing for Years

Payroll records for more than 14,000 facilities show that the number of nurses and aides at work dips far below average some days and consistently sinks on weekends.



Why science breeds a culture of sexism

Late-night research, isolation and a strict, male-dominated hierarchy are the perfect conditions for sexual harassment. With colleges struggling to enforce conduct codes, what can be done? Lois, a medical researcher, endured more than five years of sexual harassment during her postgraduate study at a leading UK university. It started when she worked on a project between her MSc and PhD. The profe



Raptors of a Feather

Trackways from China throw further support to the idea that Velociraptor-like dinosaurs were sometimes social — Read more on



How to deal with cell phone dead zones in your house

DIY Keep calling and texting. You've just moved into a lovely new house complete with everything you ever wanted—except the ability to call anyone. Here's how to keep making calls and texts.



Shark Week Hero Jeff Kurr | Countdown to Shark Week: The Daily Bite

Let's take a look back at Jeff Kurr — a man who has been part of Shark Week for its entire existence and has earned the respect of all Shark Week lovers. Shark Week 2018 starts Sunday July 22 9p! Stream The Daily Bite on Discovery GO: Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes: Subscribe to Discovery: http:



No, Seriously, How Do the Guns Work on 'Westworld'?

Of all the questions the show has left unanswered, this is one of the most nagging.



Tesla Hits Its Goals, Lyft Buys Into Bikes, and More Car News This Week

Plus: GM's self-driving cars get into a scrape, China considers rolling back incentives for going electric, and more.



Why Are There 9 Supreme Court Justices?

The ninth justice may be the swing vote in future court cases.



Lauren Groff – We Should Die of That Roar – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #155

In her vivid, dreamlike new book of short stories, Florida is a humid, seething organism that wants to eat you. Snake-infested. Full of sinkholes. A thing to resist, get lost in, surrender to, and sometimes, temporarily escape. Read More



Letters: 'A Luxury Service At a Bottom-Wage Price'

I Delivered Packages for Amazon and It Was a Nightmare Last month, Alana Semuels recounted her experience driving for Amazon Flex for a day. The service allows drivers to get paid to deliver packages from their own vehicles. But is it a good deal for workers? I loved your article about working Flex. I did GrubHub deliveries for several months last year while trying to make a career change. It was



The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending July 7, 2018)

This week's most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.



A Facebook Bug, Election Meddling, and More Security News This Week

Election meddling reports, an abundance of bugs, and more of this week's top security news.



Roborace's Self-Driving Car Takes On England's Swankiest Track

The Robocar is headed to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to take on the event's famed hill climb.



Does Sparkling Water Make You Hungry?

Carbonated drinks may increase the "hunger hormone" ghrelin, but these hormones are only one of many factors that contribute to our subjective experience of being hungry — Read more on



Salamander's Genome Guards Secrets of Limb Regrowth

With a fully sequenced genome in hand, scientists hope they are finally poised to learn how axolotls regenerate lost body parts — Read more on



The Family Weekly: Do Ultimatums Work?

This Week in Family In the latest in a series of responses to Jesse Singal's Atlantic cover story, " When Children Say They're Trans ," the writer Evan Urquhart describes the long-term effects of parents' failure to support trans kids. Urquhart, who transitioned at the age of 38, still feels that his parents don't really know him, even though they've come around to supporting him. "I believe my p



Can Google Really Launch a Viable Videogame Platform?

Rumor has it the tech giant wants to get into the videogame industry. But what could that look like?



Weekend Tech Deals: Breville, Ecobee, Ecovacs, SNES Classic

Plus: Whether your PC needs zippy storage or you want to play your 16-bit Nintendo faves, we've got some deals for you.



Flattened Fluids Help Scientists Understand Oceans and Atmospheres

By squeezing fluids into flat sheets, researchers can get a handle on the strange ways that turbulence feeds energy into a system instead of eating it away.



'Sorry to Bother You' Review: A Dizzying Satire That Hungers for Truth

Boots Riley's filmmaking debut is a deliciously untame allegory about the exploitation of labor and land.



Which Company Will Test the DNA of Separated Families?

It did not take long for people look to DNA as a solution for reuniting families separated at the border. First, congresswoman Jackie Speier suggested that the DNA-testing company 23andMe help find separated parents and children. 23andMe quickly responded, offering to donate kits. Then on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced it is conducting its own DNA tests —in t



Young athletes with shoulder instability might benefit from arthroscopy

Young athletes with shoulder instability are considered to be a high-risk group of patients following arthroscopic shoulder stabilization given the high recurrence rates and lower rates of return to sport, which have been reported in the literature. However, according to researchers presenting their work today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's (AOSSM) Annual Meeting in San



High-Skilled White-Collar Work? Machines Can Do That, Too

Few jobs would appear less prone to automation than fashion industry taste-making. But artificial intelligence is undeterred.



How Conservatives Won the Battle Over the Courts

As Democrats await to hear whom President Donald Trump will pick on Monday to fill the vacancy left by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, many have a feeling of pure dread. While activists are mobilizing in the states of so-called moderate Republicans like Senator Susan Collins of Maine, hoping to sway their vote against a potentially ultraconservative replacement, there is a widespread feeli



The Twisted, Enthralling Rot of Sharp Objects

The eeriest part of watching Sharp Objects is when you begin noticing all the things that shouldn't be there. Maybe it's a little girl dressed in white, sitting on a sofa that was empty seconds ago, or a spider hanging over a gauzy canopy bed in a bright-purple room. But mostly it's words, carved in big block letters, that keep surfacing. DIRTY , written in dust on the trunk of a car. BAD , scrat



Twenty dead as record Japan rains prompt mass evacuations

The death toll from record downpours in Japan jumped to at least 20, with more than 1.9 million people ordered to evacuate on Saturday, as heavy rain continued to strike large areas in the west of the country.



Another Novichok Poisoning Has Britain Investigating a Dangerous Mystery

Caution tape and teams of hazmat-clad forensic investigators returned to Britain this week after two civilians fell ill from exposure to Novichok, the same nerve agent used in the recent poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the city of Salisbury. This time, the victims were not Russians, but a British couple. And unlike the first poisoning, which the U.K. accused the Russian gove



Spørg Scientariet: Hvor sikre er test mod bloddoping?

En læser vil gerne vide, hvor sikker en bloddopingtest, hvor man leder efter plastic i urinen, er. Det svarer Anti-Doping Danmark på.



SE KORTET: Varmerekorder bliver slået over hele verden

I Canada har en hedebølge kostet 54 menneskeliv. Klik rundt på kortet og se, hvor varmen sætter rekorder.



Ups! Forskere pillede ved sommerfugls gener og ændrede vingerne

Forskere ændrede sommerfugles farve, men samtidig påvirkede det også strukturen på skællene i sommerfuglenes vinger.



Country diary: wiggling wonder of the common woodlouse

Caistor St Edmund, Norfolk: We relish the new vocabulary that comes with these terrestrial isopods – and how to tell the difference between males and females It's not every day a woodlouse expert comes to tea. My children made a mad dash to hunt under logs in the garden to supply Beth, a soil scientist who studied woodlice at university, with specimens so she could show us how to tell males from



Mystery of phase change in sub-nanosecond-octahedra structure motif

Phase change memory has been successfully applied in next-generation computer as storage class memory. However, the reversible phase change mechanism is still not clear yet. Recent paper published in SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences proposes an octahedra structure motif theory, which clearly elucidates the inherent mystery.



US Officials Order DNA Tests to Reunite Migrant Families

The goal is to expedite the time it takes to bring families together, but immigration advocates say the tests raise concerns about how the government will use the data.



Alan Rabson, Former Deputy Director of the NCI, Dies

Rabson's career at the National Cancer Institute spanned six decades.



Iridescence Could Help Critters Hide In Plain Sight

Iridescence appears to break up the recognizable shape of objects—making them harder to spot. Karen Hopkin reports. — Read more on



Scott Pruitt's Rocky Relationship With His Aides Set the Stage for His Fall

He built an extraordinary team of like-minded officials at the E.P.A. only to watch many of them question his actions or depart amid scandals.



The 11 Strangest Pregnancy Trends

Women have been giving birth since the beginning of human existence, but sometimes, the ways they do so get a little strange.


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