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Longest lunar eclipse of century to give UK a rare celestial thrill

Spectacular blood moon will be visible from Friday night until next morning Britain will witness a spectacular and rare celestial spectacle this week. At dusk on Friday, the full moon will rise and reveal itself coloured a deep red. The nation will then experience a blood moon or, as astronomers term it, a total lunar eclipse. And this week promises to be a special one, for it will be the longest



Svamp truer med at udrydde danskernes favoritfrugt

Vi er nærmest afhængige af bananer. Men i Danmark kan du stort set kun købe en enkelt sort. Og den er i fare for at blive udryddet.



First dementia prevalence data in lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults

The first dementia prevalence data from a large population of lesbian, gay and bisexual older adults was reported today at the 2018 Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Chicago.






Climate change's impact on the internet

Unless we take action, climate change will have a major, far-reaching impact on the internet. Read More



Does going "open" strengthen or compromise a relationship?

Does opening up a relationship to new sexual playmates strengthen the bond between a committed pair, or, does doing so compromise it? Read More



The seven ancient wonders of the world

Only the pyramids stand today. What did the other 6 look like? Read More



First practice guidelines for clinical evaluation of Alzheimer's disease

Despite more than two decades of advances in diagnostic criteria and technology, symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) too often go unrecognized or are misattributed, causing delays in appropriate diagnoses and care that are both harmful and costly. Contributing to the variability and inefficiency is the lack of multidisciplinary ADRD evaluation guidelines to inform U.S clin



Italian media, politicians hail Marchionne as Fiat era ends

Italian media and politicians Sunday saluted Sergio Marchionne, who has stepped down after 14 years heading auto giant Fiat as he is suffering with serious health problems believed to be life-threatening.



Pregnant Sharks! | Countdown to Shark Week: The Daily Bite

Let's talk about what used to be one of the biggest mysteries of the ocean: shark sex. We discuss shark pregnancy, visit some of the top sharks of Shark Week, and walk the streets of New York City to see how much people love Shark Week. Stream The Daily Bite on Discovery GO: Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes:



Private messaging apps increasingly used for public business

One app promotes itself as a way to discuss sensitive negotiations and human resources problems without leaving a digital record.



Self-destructive behaviour: Burberry not alone

Burberry, which has been in the crosshairs for burning tens of millions of dollars of its products, is far from the only firm to destroy unsold goods to maintain the exclusivity and luxury mystique of their brands.



Gala opens countdown to 50th anniversary of 1st moon landing

Former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin was noticeably absent from a gala kicking off a yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, even though his nonprofit space education foundation is a sponsor and he typically is the star attraction.



Jeep exec takes over Fiat, marking end of Marchionne era

Jeep executive Mike Manley will be the new CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles after longtime leader Sergio Marchionne's health suddenly deteriorated following recent surgery.



Women under-treated for heart attacks die at twice the rate of men

Cardiac specialists say they are alarmed by new research findings led by the University of Sydney showing that women admitted to 41 Australian hospitals with serious heart attacks were half as likely as men to receive appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment, and less likely to be referred for cardiac rehabilitation and prescribed preventive medications at discharge.



Scientists Search For Causes Of Preterm Birth And Better Ways To Test For Risk

Preterm birth, a leading cause of death in infants, remains stubbornly hard to prevent. Researchers are on the hunt for a better understanding of what causes it and better ways to diagnose risk. (Image credit: Steve Debenport/Getty Images)



Sharks Have A Sixth Sense That's Tuned To Kill | Shark News

Scientists have discovered that sharks have a special "sixth sense" tied to their electroreceptors that's specifically tuned for catching prey. Shark Week 2018 starts tonight 9p! Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook:



Using a Paper Clip to Stop an Aircraft Carrier

When fantastical science logic leaves the screen and stops being fun — Read more on



Hvad er det første du husker? 4 ud af 10 har et fiktivt første minde

Kan du huske noget fra før, du fyldte to år? Så hører du formentlig til blandt de 40 procent, der ifølge ny undersøgelse, har et fiktivt første minde.



Lava Boat Bombed by Kilauea and Other Volcanic News

Kilauea's putting on a dangerous show —



Why Israel Fears Iran's Presence in Syria

In some ways, Israel has never been more powerful. It boasts a close relationship with the Trump administration, a powerful and nuclear-armed military, and an air force capable of striking enemies hundreds of miles away. At the same time, it is a small country with limited infrastructure: It has one international airport, a handful of major power stations, and an electrical grid that Israeli expe



One Child's Outsized Influence On The Debate Over Plastic Waste

One of the most common statistics that comes up when discussing plastic straw waste comes from a study conducted by a 9-year-old. NPR's Korva Coleman speaks with Milo Cress, now 17.



Rome's Subway Expansion Reveals Artifacts From The Ancient Past

Construction on a new subway line has uncovered marble busts, frescoes, mosaics, even ancient peach pits, dating back nearly 2,000 years. Archaeologists have also found an ancient military barracks. (Image credit: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)



The Top 30 Sharks of Shark Week: Part Three

Celebrate 30 years of Shark Week by counting down the most grueling, most ghastly, and most infamous sharks. In this episode we'll see the top 10 sharks in Shark Week history. Find out which famous shark will land in the number one spot. Shark Week 2018 starts tonight 9p! Stream 30 Sharks of Shark Week on Discovery GO: Stream Classic Sha



Microfilm Lasts Half a Millennium

I recently acquired a decommissioned microfilm reader. My university bought the reader for $16,000 in 1998, but its value has depreciated to $0 in their official bookkeeping records. Machines like it played a central role in both research and secret-agent tasks of the last century. But this one had become an embarrassment. The bureaucrats wouldn't let me store the reader in a laboratory that also



Zoox vs. San Francisco, Good News for Tesla, and More Car News This Week

Plus: BMW goes after Uber, robo-cars get new rule books, the dream of a solar-powered car, and more.



Photos: White Sands National Monument

A pocket within the largest desert in North America is covered in gorgeous white sand dunes, whose genesis began some 100 million years ago. Here's a look at the gorgeous landscape deep in the Central Plateau of Mexico.



Sharks Get Bigger Home Protected by Mexican Navy

Here's how a group of dedicated researchers helped save Mexico's sharks.



The Best Trail Running Shoes (2018): Salewa, Vasque, Hoka One One, and More

These light, nimble, and rugged trail runners will become your favorite all-purpose outdoor shoes.



The sun shrinks and grows again by 2 kilometres every 11 years

The sun's size changes throughout its 11-year cycle of magnetic activity, and measuring that growth may help us figure out what's going on inside



How to Secure Your Accounts With Better Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a must, but don't settle for the SMS version. Use a more secure authenticator app instead.



Meet the Woman Who Rocked Particle Physics—Three Times

Sau Lan Wu spent decades working to establish the Standard Model of particle physics. Now she's searching for what lies beyond it.



Meet the Mind Behind Giphy's Best GIFs

As a founder of Giphy Studios, the first creative agency devoted to making original GIFs, Samantha Scharff knows how to slow your scroll.



Prøvetoilet i nedlagt renseri afslører, hvordan jordforurening spreder sig

Private firmaer har fået lov til at skille en jordforurenet ejendom ad og teste ny teknologi på en af Region Syddanmarks testgrunde.



The U.S. Needs to Face Up to Its Long History of Election Meddling

Last Sunday morning, CNN's Jake Tapper interviewed Kentucky Senator Rand Paul about Russian interference in the 2016 election. At 7:40 AM, a CNN analyst named Josh Campbell tweeted some of Paul's comments. He quoted the senator as declaring that the Russians "are going to spy on us, they do spy on us, they're going to interfere in our elections. We also do the same … We all do it. What we need



Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man: Mel Brooks in His 90s

Mel Brooks has just turned 92, and, as far as anyone can tell, he is unaltered. He has blue-gray eyes and a rakish smile; his hair is white and full; the voice remains powerfully hoarse, with traces of Louis Armstrong's music filtering through the guttural tones. When Brooks gets excited, that voice bursts out of him like a tiger bursting out of the bush. At other times, he murmurs rapidly, teena



It's Not Just the Tampon Tax: Why Periods Are Political

More people than ever are discussing periods in public, including a push for "menstrual equity" and an end to tampon taxes. We explain.



Nyd bananerne mens du kan: De forsvinder måske snart

Vi er nærmest afhængige af bananer. Men det kan snart være slut. En sygdom truer med at udrydde bananen.



Opfinder: Pendulpropeller er mere effektive end skibsskruen

Ingeniør H.C. Vogt beskrev i Ingeniøren i 1904 de forsøg han havde foretaget med en pendulpropeller til fremdrift af skibe. Som en efterligning af delfinens halebevægelser vrikker propellen sideværts, men opfindelsen vandt dog aldrig større udbredelse.



Wave of plastic hits Dominican Republic

This was the scene on a beach in the Dominican Republic after a storm.



Parker Solar Probe: set the controls for the edge of the sun…

Nasa's new probe is designed to enter our star's corona, investigating solar weather and answering the questions we have yet to ask Some time during the early hours of 4 August, the Floridian night will be temporarily banished. One of the most powerful rockets in the world, a Delta IV Heavy, will ignite. Its fiery breath with bathe Cape Canaveral in light and thunder. Riding the rocket will be Par



I was taunted for having two mums in the 1980s

It was a dangerous time, but my lesbian parents paved the way Jeers of "Lara the Lezzie" accompanied me as I walked down the hallway. A girl at school had outed my family to the entire class. It wasn't easy being the daughter of lesbians in the 1980s. Many of my friends' parents had married right out of high school and started families shortly thereafter. LGBT families were just starting to becom



May I have a word… about marketing speak | Jonathan Bouquet

Partnerings and outcries stalk the land. Be afraid, be very afraid… I'm not sure quite who to blame, but I suspect the culprit is some overpaid, underpowered "high-flyer" in marketing land, but someone must be responsible for the recent outbreak of monstrous couplings afflicting the media. Take the following: "BAE Systems, Leonardo, MBDA and Rolls-Royce are partnering with the Ministry of Defence



Two new peacock spiders identified in Western Australia

Biologist Jürgen Otto and colleagues have named two species of the extraordinarily colourful dancing spiders It is only a few millimetres in size, performs a dance as part of a courtship ritual and has striking coloured markings on its back that "look like a pharaoh's headdress". But when biologist Jürgen Otto first spotted the peacock spider species he has named Maratus unicup , he didn't immedi



Can you recover from schizophrenia? A Norwegian study suggests you can

Thanks to work programs and medication, a study conducted by the University of Oslo is seeing big changes in participants lives. Read More



Finding extraterrestrial life in our solar system

Are there aliens in our own backyard? NASA has been surveying exoplanets in the Milky Way looking for potential cradles of extraterrestrial life. Read More



Speculative Zoology, a Discussion

Of flightless future bats, alt–timeline dinosaurs—a homage to Dixoniana… — Read more on



Black holes, quasars & supernova: The most astounding phenomenon in outer space

Everything you wanted to know about black holes, supernova, and quasars but were afraid to ask. Read More





Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr's Best Moments | The Faces of Shark Week

The Shark Week dynamic duo of Chris Fallows and Jeff Kurr have capered some of the most amazing moments in Shark Week history. In this episode, we relive those moments! Shark Week 2018 starts tomorrow 9p! Stream The Faces of Shark Week on Discovery GO: Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes: Sub



Why mobile phones are NOT a health hazard

An article we published last week about links between mobiles and cancer proved highly controversial. Here a cancer expert and physicist argues that it misrepresented the research and that fears are ill-founded • Last week's article: The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones Last week the Observer published an article by Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie on a disturbing topic – the idea



Resisting the Depersonalization of the Work Space

No one likes a bare desk, least of all the people who have to sit there — Read more on



Using adrenaline in cardiac arrests results in less than one percent more people leaving hospital alive

A clinical trial of the use of adrenaline in cardiac arrests has found that its use results in less than 1 percent more people leaving hospital alive — but almost doubles the risk of severe brain damage for survivors of cardiac arrest. The research raises important questions about the future use of adrenaline in such cases and will necessitate debate amongst healthcare professionals, patients and



Sahara dust may make you cough, but it's a storm killer

The bad news: Dust from the Sahara Desert in Africa — totaling a staggering 2 to 9 trillion pounds worldwide — has been almost a biblical plague on Texas and much of the Southern United States in recent weeks. The good news: the same dust appears to be a severe storm killer.



Parakeet pecking orders, basketball match-ups, and the tenure-track

Researchers describe a new algorithm called SpringRank that uses wins and losses to quickly find rankings lurking in large networks. When tested on a wide range of synthetic and real-world datasets, ranging from teams in an NCAA college basketball tournament to the social behavior of animals, SpringRank outperformed other ranking algorithms in predicting outcomes and in efficiency.



New particles are formed also in the polluted air of major cities

Researchers have discovered a mechanism that leads to atmospheric new particle formation in megacities.



The need for speed: Why malaria parasites are faster than human immune cells

Elementary cytoskeleton protein is different in parasites and represents a starting point for a possible new therapy against malaria infections.



Eagle-eyed machine learning algorithm outdoes human experts

Researchers have trained computers to quickly and consistently detect and analyze microscopic radiation damage to materials under consideration for nuclear reactors. And the computers bested humans in this arduous task.



A peek into the interplay between sleep and wakefulness

The ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO) in the brain plays a critical role in the initiation and maintenance of sleep, while the lateral posterior part of the hypothalamus contains neuronal populations implicated in maintenance of arousal. Now, a new study reveals that these arousal-related neurons are heavily innervated by GABAergic neurons in the preoptic area including the VLPO. The work prov



Fiat Chrysler board meets in light of CEO's surgery

The boards of Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari and CNH Industrial were called to urgent meetings Saturday in Italy in light of executive Sergio Marchionne's recent surgery and prolonged convalescence.



Facebook probes whether data firm violated policies: report

Facebook has suspended a Boston analytics firm from its site and says it is investigating whether the company's contracts with the US government and a Russian non-profit violated policies, the Wall Street Journal reported.



Astronaut drops in on Kraftwerk gig, plays duet from space

Kraftwerk fans are used to hearing otherworldly tunes, but the German electronic music pioneers took it to another level at a gig in Stuttgart.



How to weigh stars with gravitational lensing

Astronomers have published the predictions of the passages of foreground stars in front of background stars. A team of astronomers, using ultra-precise measurements from the Gaia satellite, have accurately forecast two passages in the next months. Each event will produce shifts in the background star's position due to the deflection of light by gravity, and will allow the measurement of the mass o



Speed up solving complex problems: Be lazy and only work crucial tasks

A new improvement to a programming technique called 'lazy grounding' could solve hard-set and complex issues in freight logistics, routing and power grids by drastically reducing computation times.



Wave energy converters are not geared towards the increase in energy over the last century

Wave energy converters are designed to generate the maximum energy possible in their location and take a typical year in the location as a reference. Researchers have been exploring how ocean energy in Ireland has evolved during the last century. The results reveal an increase of up to 40%, which directly affects the output of the converters.



Houseplants could one day monitor home health

A student from two unrelated disciplines — plant sciences and architectural design — explore the future of houseplants as aesthetically pleasing and functional sirens of home health. Their idea is to genetically engineer house plants to serve as subtle alarms that something is amiss in our home and office environments.



A molecular key for delaying the progression of Multiple Sclerosis is found

In the lab it was possible to improve the symptoms in the chronic phase of the disease while encouraging the repair of the nervous tissue, and the challenge now is to move the research forward in humans.



Doctors rely on more than just data for medical decision-making

A new study finds patients with similar medical profiles receive different treatments based on doctors' 'gut feelings.'



Baby Sharks Are Growing Up In New York | Shark News

New Yorkers may be shocked to learn that a large population of juvenile great whites have chosen to grow up off the coast of Montauk, Long Island. Shark Week 2018 starts tomorrow 9p! Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook



How to use your smartphone without leaving a trace

DIY Cover up your digital footprints. Every time you noodle around on your phone, you leave a digital trail of activity. This footprint can compromise your privacy—so here's how to reduce it.



Let's Talk About Shark Sex | Countdown to Shark Week: The Daily Bite

Let's talk about what used to be one of the biggest mysteries of the ocean: shark sex. We discuss shark pregnancy, visit some of the top sharks of Shark Week, and walk the streets of New York City to see how much people love Shark Week. Shark Week 2018 starts tomorrow 9p! Stream The Daily Bite on Discovery GO: Stream Classic Shark Week Episodes:



The 'Ada Lace' Books Will Get Girls Interested in STEM

Emily Calandrelli's children's books weave in science throughout.



Venmo Privacy, Ransomware Attacks, and More Security News This Week

Russian meddling, Venmo privacy, and more of the week's top security news.



Jesper Theilgaard opfordrer: Drop flyveturen og tag på cykelferie

Det er nemlig klimavenligt. Og så behøver en god ferie altså ikke at foregå langt væk, mener meteorolog og klimaekspert Jesper Theilgaard.



Does Sugar Really Suppress the Immune System?

Eating sugar may put your white blood cells into a temporary coma. But there's a lot more to the story of how sugar affects our immune response — Read more on



As Milk Production Cools In Summer, Farmers Try To Help Cows Take The Heat

From fans and misting water to creating a whole new breed of cow, farmers and researchers are fighting rising temperatures to keep the dairy industry from losing millions of dollars to "heat stress." (Image credit: Mose Buchele/KUT)



The Spiders From Mars – Jason Heller – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #157

Do not succumb to "funklessness". Join us as we nerd out to a staggering degree on utopian afrofuturism, David Bowie, and the sci-fi-inflected music of the '70s. With Jason Heller, Hugo-award winning author of Strange Stars. Read More



The Best of the Physics arXiv (week ending July 21, 2018)

This week's most thought-provoking papers from the Physics arXiv.



The Elon Musk Impersonators of the Internet

The summer of Elon Musk making headlines for his controversial tweets continues apace, and the last several days have been particularly scorching. This time, the topic was Musk's attempt to help rescue the teenage soccer players and their coach trapped in a Thailand cave. Musk was met with skepticism from Vernon Unsworth, a British diver involved in the rescue. Unsworth was then himself met with



Space Photos of the Week: Sweeping the Clouds Away on Titan

With infrared eyes, astronomers are more than scratching the surface of Saturn's hazy moon.



Following a New Trail of Crumbs to Agriculture's Origins

Archaeologists have found tiny pieces of ancient bread from hunter-gatherers that predate agriculture by about 4,000 years — Read more on



The Family Weekly: Daniel Tiger and the Legacy of Mister Rogers

This Week in Family Why does Mom Tiger on the children's show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood wear pants, while Daniel Tiger and his dad don't? Ashley Fetters, an Atlantic staff writer, talked to the show's creator , Angela Santomero, about this mystery, as well as how the beloved show carries on the legacy of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood . "We know we have a responsibility, and an opportunity," Santo



Bug-Sized Robot Competitors to Swarm DARPA's 'Robot Olympics'

Are you ready for the insect-sized-robot Olympics?



Movie studio AI predicts who will like a film based on its trailer

It's difficult to know who will like a film, so 20th Century Fox have built an AI that watches movie trailers and predicts who's most likely to go see it



Baby poo reveals that even light drinking during pregnancy affects IQ

Occasional drinking during pregnancy may affect IQ, according to a study that tested newborn babies' faeces to see if their mothers had consumed alcohol



Fewer baby boys were born after three major earthquakes in Japan

A lower proportion of boys were born nine months after Japan's three worst earthquakes in recent history, suggesting stress makes it harder to conceive males



Russia's Strength Is Its Weakness

If you watched the body language of President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, at their recent summit in Helsinki, you might have wondered: Which man leads a superpower? After all, Trump represents a country that is far stronger than Putin's Russia. This is the paradox of Russian power—Moscow is influential precisely because it's weak. We often take it for granted that th



Should Breast-Feeding Women Really Drink Guinness?

Is beer the route to better breast-feeding?



Solar May Never Power Your EV, But You Can Still Drive on Sunshine

Solar panels may never be good enough to keep electric cars from being plugged in, but advances in the tech make driving on power generated from the Sun a near-term possibility.



Instant Pot Max Review: Not Quite Instant Success

Don't replace your existing multicooker just yet.



This Isn't Dianne Feinstein's Democratic Party

LOS ANGELES—If any proof were still needed that California is ground zero of the "Resistance"—not just to Donald Trump, but to establishment politics as usual—it came crashing along this week when the executive committee of the state Democratic Party endorsed Kevin de León, the comparatively obscure former leader of the state Senate, over Dianne Feinstein, the iconic 25-year incumbent, for the U.



Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal on Blindspotting and the Power of Poetry

This story contains some spoilers for the film Blindspotting . Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs believe the right words can dress wounds. The Oakland-bred duo, who wrote and co-star in the new movie, Blindspotting , speak of poetry as both craft and balm. Directed by Carlos López Estrada, Blindspotting is half social drama, half choreopoem. The film follows two lifelong best friends, Collin (Diggs)



Husker du højttalerprojektet Q113? Sådan er det gået siden

I 2012 åbnede vi bloggen Q113 og inviterede Ingeniørens læsere til at udvikle 'en højttaler i verdensklasse'. Leder af holdet Ole Witthøft fik ændret sit syn på udvikling fuldstændigt.



Fear of dystopian change should not blind us to the potential of gene editing | Kenan Malik

If we had given in to such hysteria over IVF, Louise Brown would never have been born 'Designer babies on horizon", ran the headlines. Last week, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body advising on policy, published a report on genome editing and human reproduction. New scientific techniques , such as CRISPR-Cas9 – molecular "scissors" that allow scientists to snip the genome at sp



Newly released video shows man believed to be last of tribe

No one knows his name. No one knows the name of the people he came from. And he appears to have lived alone in Brazil's Amazon for 22 years.



Expert and advocate for iconic monarch butterfly has died

Lincoln Brower, who was considered one of the foremost experts on the iconic monarch butterfly and a scientist who advocated for the declining species' protection, has died. He was 86.



How NFL Players Can Avoid Playing Into Trump's Hands

Given my druthers, NFL players returning to the gridiron this fall would restart their protests against unjust police killings in a new way: They would stand tall during the national anthem while conspicuously holding mini flagpoles with a trio of tiny banners: the Stars and Stripes on top, signifying their patriotism, Black Lives Matter in the middle, signifying their cause, and beneath it a fla



Firefighters injured as blaze near Yosemite grows

A fire that claimed the life of one firefighter and injured two others near California's Yosemite national park has almost doubled in size in three days, authorities said Friday.



Masses Of Seaweed Threaten Fisheries And Foul Beaches

A floating, smelly mass of seaweed called sargassum is covering beaches in the Caribbean and areas along the Gulf of Mexico. (Image credit: Helene Valenzuela /AFP/Getty Images)



Israel's New Law Inflames the Core Tension in Its Identity

Israel passed a law this week that has been floating around the Knesset for a half-dozen years. Branded the "nation-state bill," the legislation declares that Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and that "the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people." It establishes Hebrew as the official language of Israel and downgrade



Spørg Scientariet: Kan man tabe sig ved at tænke?

En læser vil gerne vide, om store tanker på universitetet brænder mange kalorier af, siden man får så meget lyst til søde sager bagefter. Det svarer ernæringsforsker fra KU på.



Kun 84 tilbage: Verdens mest truede leopard i langsom fremgang

Kamerafælder dokumenterer, at amurleoparden stadig er meget kritisk truet. Danskere er rejst til Rusland for at filme dyrene.



By Firing James Gunn During Comic-Con, Marvel's Reckoning Came at the Worst Time Possible

Sacking the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' helmer was the worst outcome of a lose-lose situation.



Comic-Con 2018: 'Glass' Is the Movie M. Night Shyamalan Wanted to Make For Comics Fans

When the filmmaker made 'Unbreakable' in 2000, the studio told him to avoid mentioning comics. Those days are done.



Comic-Con 2018: James Wan Knows About Your 'Aquaman' Memes—and He Likes Them

And other tidbits from a conversation with the director.



Trailer: The Fight to Reunify Separated Families

One month ago, Anita and her five-year-old son, Jenri, were separated at U.S.-Mexico border. "I haven't talked to him—I know nothing about my son," says Anita in this trailer for an upcoming Atlantic original documentary. "This whole thing is a nightmare." But pro bono attorney Jodi Goodwin is fighting for Anita. The film, premiering in August, follows Goodwin as she leads a team of lawyers press



Replacing Vacant Lots With Green Spaces Can Ease Depression In Urban Communities

When researchers cleaned up vacant lots and planted grass and trees in poor neighborhoods in Philadelphia, residents' mental health improved. (Image credit: Pearl Mak/NPR)



Facebook's Fight Against Fake News Keeps Raising Questions

One day after CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to clarify his position on Holocaust deniers, Facebook announced a new policy to take down misinformation that might lead to violence.



How blockchain can create a more humane process for refugees

Blockchain technology could help alleviate the struggles of asylum seekers who are many times left in the wake of political fights. Read More



Lovell lights: turning a telescope into an art installation

How the giant Lovell radio telescope at Jodrell Bank is transformed into a 3,200 tonne art installation.



Facebook Confirms It's Working on a New Internet Satellite

Emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal the social network has had plans to launch low Earth orbit satellites since at least 2016.



The Atlantic Daily: Endemic to the Current

What We're Following Helsinki Fallout: The defense of the Kremlin that President Donald Trump offered at his press conference with Vladimir Putin this week might even be " the most bizarre and troubling utterance by any chief executive in American history," Todd S. Purdum argues. Yet Putin's performance didn't necessarily benefit his country either . For their part, the American intelligence offi



Turns Out Cities Can't Sue Oil Companies for Climate Change

Municipalities all over the US are taking oil companies to court for damages related to global warming. They're losing.



Can the Cohen Tapes Bring Down Trump?

After a tumultuous week, The New York Times reported on Friday that the FBI has in its possession tape-recorded conversations between attorney Michael Cohen and then-candidate Donald Trump in September 2016. In one of the conversations, the two men can be heard discussing potential hush-money payments to a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, with whom Trump had an affair. CNN reported that the



The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Planet of the Tapes

Written by Elaine Godfrey ( @elainejgodfrey ) Today in 5 Lines President Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen reportedly recorded Trump before the 2016 election discussing payments to an ex-Playboy model who claimed they'd had an affair. The White House said Trump "is not considering supporting" a referendum on independence for eastern Ukraine that was suggested by Russian President Vlad



Secondhand smoke causing thousands of still births in developing countries

Exposure to secondhand smoke is causing thousands of stillbirths in developing countries, according to new research.



Neptune, Titan, Jupiter, and Pluto look gorgeous in these new photos

Space A good week for space photography Astronomers released some incredible images of our Solar System this week—let's take a peek at some of the highlights.



Hidden Compartments in This Wrecked Confederate Submarine Could Solve a 150-Year-Old Mystery

The confederate sub sank with all crewmembers still at their posts, suggesting they never saw their demise coming.



Charting Juul's Face-Off With Legislators and Watchdogs

This week, special guest Nitasha Tiku charts Juul's ever-changing relationship with its consumers, its investors, and those who oppose its product.



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