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Trump's Caravan Hysteria Led to This

On Tuesday, October 16, President Trump started tweeting. "The United States has strongly informed the President of Honduras that if the large Caravan of people heading to the U.S. is not stopped and brought back to Honduras, no more money or aid will be given to Honduras, effective immediately!" "We have today informed the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that if they allow their


A Huge Achievement in Math Shows the Limits of Symmetries

A new proof resolves Zimmer's conjecture, which has to do with what symmetries can exist in geometric spaces.


Spørg Fagfolket: Hvor hurtigt bevæger Jorden sig?

Et par læsere har undret sig over hastigheder i rummet. Hvor hurtigt bevæger vi os i forhold til andre objekter i rummet, og hvad er Jordens bevægelsesmønster. Svaret kommer fra en lektor på NBI.




A Brief History of Anti-Semitic Violence in America

Saturday's shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where 11 people were murdered and six more were injured, is believed to be the deadliest attack against the American Jewish community in U.S. history. The massacre is an unprecedented act of violence against American Jews—but it is by no means the first time that anti-Semitism has manifested in deadly violence against


Starwatch: how to find the Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy is the furthest thing you can see with the naked eye. But first you must get far away from any light source This week presents a true challenge for naked-eye sky watchers – but a real feather in the cap of anyone who achieves it. The Andromeda Galaxy is a vast collection of stars. Estimates range from a few hundred thousand stars to a trillion. At 2.5 million light years away


Are we living inside a Matrioshka brain? How advanced civilizations could reshape reality

Advanced civilizations are likely to create megastructures to harness the energy of the stars. These megastructures could be nested, creating "Matrioshka Brains" – the Universe's most powerful supercomputers. Matrioshka Brains could be used to simulate reality and remake the Universe. None To some people, like Elon Musk , the troubling thought is that we don't really know whether we live in a "re


A Broken Jewish Community

PITTSBURGH—Squirrel Hill, the neighborhood where 11 Jews were shot and murdered during worship on Saturday, is a little Jewish village tucked inside this famous steel town. Giant, stone synagogues sit beside cheerful two-story houses. Hebrew letters mark the time on a bell tower across from the library. A kosher grocery store on the main drag, Murray Avenue, is decorated with pictures of candles


The Science of Inequality

How high economic inequality negatively impacts nearly every aspect of human well-being—as well as the health of the biosphere — Read more on


As Canadian oil exports increase, research explores effects of crude oil on native salmon

Oil spills spell disaster for affected wildlife, leading to detrimental outcomes, including suffocation, poisoning and problems related to exposure to crude oil and its components. Research from the University of Guelph in Canada takes a closer look at the potential effects on regional salmon populations as Canada eyes expansion of its crude oil export capacity. The findings will be presented at t


Dinosaurs Had Bird-Like Lungs

A new study proposes that all dinosaurs shared a basic lung anatomy which may have given them an evolutionary edge. — Read more on


Bøn fra patientforeninger: Giv patienterne reel indflydelse ved medicinskift

Når endnu en generation af biosimilære lægemidler om lidt gør deres indtog i immunologien, og en masse mennesker risikerer at skulle skifte behandling, vil vi bede jer huske patientens stemme i processen. Vi er bekymrede for, at mange velbehandlede patienter falder ud af behandling eller oplever en markant forringet effekt.


'This President's Modus Operandi Is to Divide Us'

Last week in America: 11 people at worship were killed by an anti-Semitic gunman at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Two African Americans were shot dead at a Kentucky supermarket, allegedly by a man driven by racial hatred who'd tried to bust into a black church minutes earlier. And more than a dozen pipe bombs were mailed to critics of President Trump by an avid, unstable supporter. Hate was transmut


Vi kan komme meget langt uden tjenestepligt

Socialdemokratiet lancerede for nylig sit sundhedsudspil med krav om tjenestepligt for nyuddannede læger i almen praksis i lægedækningstruede områder, men forslaget er ikke gennemtænkt.


Making Clam Linguine in the Wilderness | Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jane and Charlotte make clam linguine over an open fire! Catch an All New ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER Sundays 9p on Discovery. Stream Full Episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow on Twi


In Kenya, free cash is the latest solution to poverty

Until recently, Molly struggled to imagine life beyond the end of each repetitive day: work in someone else's fields and earn enough to eat, rinse, repeat.


China's private satellite-carrying rocket fails after launch

China's first attempt to deploy a privately developed rocket capable of carrying a satellite has failed.


Aussie cops to the roo-scue as kangaroo caught in surf

A kangaroo that hopped into the sea for a dip at a Melbourne beach had to be rescued by Australian police and brought back to life with CPR, officers said Sunday.


5.8 earthquake rattles Romania, felt in Ukraine, elsewhere

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 rattled central and eastern Romania early Sunday and was also felt in Ukraine, Moldova and Bulgaria. No significant damage was reported.


Big bees fly better in hotter temps than smaller ones do

Arizona State University researchers have found that larger tropical stingless bee species fly better in hot conditions than smaller bees do. Larger size may help certain bee species better tolerate high body temperatures. The findings run contrary to the well-established temperature-size "rule," which suggests that ectotherms—insects that rely on the external environment to control their temperat


Beauty Does Not Equal Truth, in Physics or Elsewhere

Truth can be ugly, and beauty can lead us astray — Read more on


Bigger = better: Big bees fly better in hotter temps than smaller ones do

Larger tropical stingless bees fly better in hot conditions than smaller bees do and larger size may help certain species better tolerate high body temperatures. The findings run contrary to the temperature-size 'rule,' which suggests that insects that rely on the external environment to control their temperature are larger in cold climates and smaller in hot ones. The research will be presented a


A Martian Tail

A remarkable atmospheric feature on Mars reminds us how topography connects to climate — Read more on


The Atlantic Daily: An American Massacre

Editor's note : On Saturday, a gunman opened fire at the Tree of Life Congregation synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during its morning services, killing 11 people—many of them elderly worshipers—and wounding several others. The suspect, a 46-year-old white male charged with 29 federal counts, including hate crimes, had reportedly shouted "All Jews must die" before the shooting, and had left


Small risks may have big impact on breast cancer odds of childhood cancer survivors

Scientists found that the combined effect of common genetic variations can dramatically increase risk of breast cancer for female pediatric cancer survivors.


Climate change a threat to even the most tolerant oysters

Climate change-associated severe weather events may cause flooding that threatens the survival of the Olympia oyster, new research suggests.


How hibernators could help humans treat illness, conserve energy and get to Mars

Researchers are evaluating the potential for hibernation and the related process, torpor, to aid human health in spaceflight.



Why HIAS Became a Target of Hate

Last week, a group known as HIAS held a "National Refugee Shabbat" in dozens of cities across the United States and Canada to raise awareness for the suffering of millions of refugees around the globe. Yesterday, Robert D. Bowers allegedly decided to shoot and kill at least 11 innocent civilians in the synagogue of the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh. In social-media posts before the shoo


Memory special: Is your memory normal?

Why do some people remember what they did years ago, whereas others have no clue, but never forget a face or are trivia masters? Here's how to make sense of it


Dawns, Mine, Crystal review – art with a crafty message for science

Science isn't just there to be useful, it's a kind of craft. That's the take-home message from a leading Korean artist whose new work is shaped by a spell at CERN


Ugens debat: Tilslutningspligt eller ej fyrer op under fjernvarmedebatten

Et lovforslag om at ophæve tilslutningspligten til fjernvarme vil formentlig spolere fjernvarmeselskabers mulighed for at optage kommunegaranterede lån, advarer borgmestre og fjernvarmeselskaber. Den melding fik debatten om fjernvarmens fordele og ulemper til at blusse op blandt læserne.


Mars Scientists Edge Closer to Solving Methane Mystery

The warming power of the sun could help to explain why the level of gas in the atmosphere changes with the seasons — Read more on


How to book a good hotel room at the best possible price

DIY Travel the world for less. When you're booking a hotel room for your next trip, don't settle for the first thing you see. These tools and tricks will help you find the cheapest prices.


Why Do Some People Feel More Pain Than Others?

Researchers are exploring the genetic differences that dictate why some people suffer greater pain than others, and how to translate these findings into personalized pain treatments.


Why Believing in Ghosts Can Make You a Better Person

Ghost stories are often about the departed seeking justice for an earthly wrong. Their sightings are a reminder that ethics and morality transcend our lives.



Letters: Poetry Was Never Endangered

How Instagram Saved Poetry With the rise of "Insta-poets," Faith Hill and Karen Yuan wrote recently, today's poets are no longer just writers—they're entrepreneurs. As a small-press poetry publisher, I don't think Instagram has "saved" poetry. I think it is changing one facet of it: easily digestible, short and simple. There have always been haiku and other short forms in poetic cultures for peop


Bomb Scares in the US Top This Week's Internet News Roundup

From IEDs in the mail to the potential erosion of human rights, the internet had some scary things to discuss last week.


Faktatjek: Kan du spise dig ud af en livsstilssygdom?

Diabetes type 2 rammer stadig flere og yngre mennesker. Men selv om at symptomerne kan mindskes med en sundere livsstil, ligger sygdommen under overfladen og lurer.


Feathered Friends Large And Small Flock On Cornell's 'Wall Of Birds'

Artist Jane Kim was nicknamed "Michaelangela" for her work on Cornell's massive Wall of Birds mural — 40 feet high and 100 feet wide, capturing 375 million years of avian evolution in paint. (Image credit: Courtesy of Ink Dwell)


Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year

Scientists credit the crab and oyster industries with noticing a change in oxygen levels in coastal Pacific waters. (Image credit: Kristian Foden-Vencil/NPR)


Everything You Wear Is Athleisure

In 1997, a retail entrepreneur in British Columbia named Chip Wilson was having back problems. So, like millions of people around the world, he went to a yoga class. What struck Wilson most in his first session wasn't the poses; it was the pants . He noticed that his yoga instructor was wearing some slinky dance attire, the sort of second skin that makes a fit person's butt look terrific. Wilson


'18 Miles' is full of interesting tales about Earth's atmosphere

The new book '18 Miles' takes readers on a journey through the atmosphere and the history of understanding climate and weather.


Tesla Gets Profitable and More This Week in the Future of Cars

Plus: Paris gives cars le boot, scooters clean up their act, and more.


An American President Bends to the Demands of Terror

On Saturday morning, during Shabbat services, a gunman walked into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and opened fire. The investigation is ongoing, and early reports are often imprecise. But it appears that the suspect, a white male named Robert Bowers, killed and wounded multiple people and inflicted life-threatening injuries on police officers before being taken into custody. He reported


America's Weaponized Attorneys General

D emocrat Phil Weiser decided to run for Colorado Attorney General the night Donald Trump was elected president, he explains earnestly in a recent campaign ad . "Ever since, I've been writing down all the ways I could protect Colorado from Donald Trump," voice-over Phil Weiser says, as physical Phil Weiser bolts up in bed, struggles to shave one-handed, pauses while pulling out of his garage, all


How to Write Consent in Romance Novels

T he Proposal , Jasmine Guillory's newest book, begins with a catastrophe. When the Los Angeles–based freelance writer Nikole Paterson agrees to attend a baseball game with Fisher, her dashing but dim-witted actor beau, she has no idea that the sentient man bun has made plans to propose to her. But suddenly, right in front of her Dodger Dog, Fisher pops the question—on the scoreboard. And has the


Dead penguin sex: The reason you should't anthropomorphize animals

Humans have been giving animals human characteristics since the 4th century, A.D. when a highly popular book changed how we viewed nature. You might not want to march with the penguins. Male Adelie penguins, in particular, have particularly disturbing mating habits that might have never made it past the editing room. Anthropomorphizing animals will only lead to ignorance about them. So how do sho


Nose-breathing boosts memory, study finds

A new study confirms a suspected connection between the nose and memory. Twenty-four subjects memorized 12 smells delivered through a nasal cannula during two training sessions. The results of the experiments suggest we can consolidate memories by breathing through our nose. Scientists have been intrigued for some time about the effect that breathing has on the brain, and Big Think has discussed


John Hennessy on the Leadership Crisis in Silicon Valley

The Alphabet chairman and former Stanford president talks about strengthening ethics training for entrepreneurs and future business leaders.


Halloween Tips and Tricks for Safer Trick-Or-Treating

Download these apps and follow these tips to make sure your kid's Halloween is all treat and no tricks.


Europæiske raketter skal gøre comeback

Når Ariane 6 i 2020 træder ind på raketscenen, skal den kunne begå sig på et stadig mere presset kommercielt marked, hvor SpaceX har slået tonen an.


Huddling for warmth gives animals a more efficient gut microbiome

When animals huddle together in the cold their gut bacteria change in a way that slows down the animals' metabolisms and helps them preserve energy


Search engine for CCTV lets you find people from their description

Trawling through surveillance video for a suspect or missing person is slow work, but a new system can automatically match footage of people to their descriptions


Hvor langt er der til regnbuen? 6-årige Ella udfordrer videnskaben

Regnbuer er et lysfænomen, og det er umuligt at finde frem til dem, siger ekspert. På DR Viden tager vi børns nysgerrighed alvorligt og finder svar hos videnskaben.


First private Chinese attempt to send rocket into space fails

Beijing-based Landscape says 'something abnormal happened' in the third stage of its ZQ-1 rocket A privately developed Chinese carrier rocket failed to reach orbit after lifting off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre on Saturday, in a blow to the country's nascent attempts by private companies to rival Elon Musk's SpaceX. The three-stage rocket, Zhuque-1, was developed by Beijing-based Landspac


Trump Goes Ahead With His Rally, Toned Down and Tone-Deaf

President Donald Trump thought about calling off his Saturday-night campaign rally in Murphysboro, Illinois, to mourn and honor those who lost their lives that morning at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. In the end, Trump went ahead with the event, denouncing anti-Semitism and urging the death penalty for the alleged gunman. "We can't make these sick, demented, evil people important [by] changing aroun


The Worst of Our Country—And the Best

Every society contains its monsters: people damaged or disturbed enough, or misdirected enough, to inflict cruelty on others. A central purpose of society—its families, its schools, its civic and faith organizations, its official and unofficial political leadership—is precisely to encourage the good, and buffer and limit the bad, in what is always the wide range of human possibility. Thus the har


Frailty may lower kidney failure patients' likelihood of receiving a transplant

Frailty is associated with decreased access at multiple stages in the pathway to kidney transplantation. Improvement in physical frailty may increase access to transplantation. Results from the study will be presented at ASN Kidney Week 2018 Oct. 23-28 at the San Diego Convention Center.


Does the US discard too many transplantable kidneys?

An analysis reveals that many transplanted kidneys in France would have likely been discarded in the United States. Results from the study will be presented at ASN Kidney Week 2018 Oct. 23-28 at the San Diego Convention Center.


Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Suspect's Gab Posts Are Part of a PatternPayPal Gab Pittsburgh

It may never be clear why Robert Bowers chose to carry out a violent attack. But his social media activity mirrors an increase in anti-Semitism on the internet.


A Prayer for Squirrel Hill—And for American Jewry

When Rabbi Joseph Miller learned of the Squirrel Hill massacre, less than a mile from his own pulpit, he ordered the doors of his synagogue locked. Despite his congregants' terror that they would be next, they recited the mi sheberach . They didn't pray for their own protection; they prayed for the healing of others. An ancestor of mine died in synagogue. He lived in western Ukraine, where the Ho


The Pittsburgh Suspect's Internet of Hate

Before a gunman opened fire on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh Saturday morning, he posted a threat to the Jewish community online. "HIAS [a Jewish nonprofit organization] likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in," the suspect, Robert D. Bowers, reportedly wrote . Just hours later, he killed at le


Skorpios Gets Stung | BattleBots: Resurrection

Team Skorpios has their primary weapon decapitated, and is forced to improvise a replacement. As they race to build it before their next fight, Axe Backwards gets split in two. Stream Full Episodes of BattleBots: Resurrection: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook:


The Synagogue Killings Mark a Surge of Anti-Semitism

Jewish people bear the brunt of religious bias in America, even though just 2 percent of U.S. residents are Jewish. The synagogue in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh where 11 people were killed and six, including four police officers, were wounded on Saturday typically has police guarding its worship services on the holiest Jewish holidays—but not for a normal Saturday-morning service. Pre



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