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Astronomers Have Found the Universe's Missing Matter

For decades, some of the atomic matter in the universe had not been located. Recent papers reveal where it's been hiding.


Spørg Fagfolket: Hvorfor lægger man det skrøbelige hoved forrest i ambulancen?

En læser undrer sig over, hvorfor patienter bliver lagt med hovedet forrest i ambulancer. Det svarer ambulancetjeneste på.


First evidence that soot from polluted air is reaching placenta

Evidence of tiny particles of carbon, typically created by burning fossil fuels, has been found in placentas for the first time, in new research presented today at the European Respiratory Society International Congress.




For the Love of Science Fiction

Because books with spaceships can be about so much more than just spaceships — Read more on


Photos: The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has now weakened to a tropical depression, and forecasters are warning of continued heavy rainfall and flooding still to come. When the hurricane came ashore on Friday, the National Hurricane Center said it had sustained winds of 90 mph, and a reported 11 deaths have been blamed on the storm. Utility crews are out in force today, working to restore power to the more than one mi


Evacuating for Florence, Tesla's Security Flaw, and More in This Week in Cars

Plus: flying cars get hooked up, BMW and Mercedes show off new concepts, and Waze makes Chicago more navigable.


Midterm Time Capsule, 51 Days to Go: Manafort

Two days ago, Paul Manafort made his plea-bargain deal with Robert Mueller's federal investigators. As part of the terms , he says he will cooperate fully and truthfully with the federal team—knowing that his sentencing can be delayed until his "efforts to cooperated have been completed, as determined by the Government." As an example of a subject on which he might have useful information to shar


People Like You More Than You Know

All it takes is a little conversation — Read more on


Recepter giver fingerpeg om sammenhænge mellem erhverv og astma

Danske registerdata udpeger kvindeligt rengøringspersonale og mandlige trykkeriarbejdere som nogle af de erhvervsgrupper, der har størst forekomst af astma.


Lungekræftpatienter lever længere efter indførelse af opfølgning med CT-scanninger

Dansk studie viser markant overlevelsesgevinst for lungekræftpatienter, der får tæt opfølgning med CT-scanninger efter behandling med henblik på overlevelse.


73,000-Year-Old Hashtag Is Oldest Example of Abstract Art

A silica flake from Blombos Cave contains the oldest example of prehistoric abstract art, and it looks like one of the most used symbols online — Read more on


Your 2018 Emmys Crash Course

The 70th Primetime Emmys are just a day away, and the annual awards show has already made history with a slew of first-time nominations and an EGOT win for John Legend. But before the main event kicks off on Monday, get up to speed with this round-up of pieces by Atlantic writers about the biggest shows, stars, and networks that are vying for a golden statuette. Consider this your Emmys 2018 cras


Struktureret psykoedukation for pårørende er løsningen

Landsdækkende og systematisk psykoedukationsforløb vil være et eftertragtet tilbud for pårørende og en hjælp for både den syge og personalet.


Daily aspirin unlikely to help healthy older people live longer, study finds

Researchers say drug has little benefit when taken by healthy people aged over 70 Millions of healthy people who take aspirin to ward off illness in old age are unlikely to benefit from the drug, a trial has found. While a daily dose of the blood-thinning medicine can protect older people who have previously experienced heart attacks, strokes and angina, researchers found the drug did not extend


Personer med astma har højere risiko for at udvikle fedme

Fedme er en risikofaktor for astma, men et nyt studie viser, at det omvendte også gælder: Personer med astma har højere risiko for at udvikle fedme.


Sod fra luftforurening når ind i moderkagen

Nyt studie viser for første gang, at små kulpartikler fra forbrænding kan nå ind i moderkagen og potentielt set skade det ufødte barn.


Høj forekomst af KOL blandt rygere og eksrygere i almen praksis

Næsten hver femte af rygere og eks-rygere, der blev undersøgt for KOL i almen praksis, viste sig at have KOL, viser resultater af den hidtil største undersøgelse på området, som er præsenteret på ERS-kongressen i Paris.


Børn med astma dropper oftere ud af skolen

Astmadiagnose i barndommen er forbundet med højere risiko for ikke at færdiggøre skolen og lavere sandsynlighed for at få et ikke-manuelt arbejde.


There's No Stopping Toronto's 'Uber-Raccoon'

Toronto is known for its raccoons' aggressive ability to get into garbage cans. The city spent millions trying to fight the gray menace — with mixed results. (Image credit: David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


Uklar risiko for KOL-patienter ved damp fra e-cigaretter

Forsøg med at udsætte KOL-patienters for passiv dampning gav ingen akut påvirkning af KOL-patienter, men heller ingen klare svar.


Et enkelt stykke plastik kan slå en havskildpadde ihjel

Flere unge havskildpadder dør af plastik, hvilket kan være en trussel mod havskildpaddernes overlevelse på lang sigt.


Daily low-dose aspirin found to have no effect on healthy life span in older people

In a clinical trial to determine the effects of daily low-dose aspirin in healthy older adults without previous cardiovascular events, aspirin did not prolong healthy, independent living free of dementia or physical disability. These findings from the ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) trial, partially supported by the National Institutes of Health, were published online on Septemb


Aspirin Late in Life? Healthy People May Not Need It

Millions take aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer. New research shows older people in good health may not need it — and should not start taking it.


Tænkeboks: Ugens løsning

Her følger løsningen på Tænkeboksen fra uge 36.


Throw Your Children's Art Away

Children make art constantly. From the earliest age, adults press crayons into their hands. Art offers kids something to do, and folk wisdom holds that it's good for them, too. But after the activity is over, the artwork sticks around. And that's where the problems start. My young children leave their art everywhere. I find most of it on the floor. It gets ripped, crumpled, or marked up with foot


Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives

DIY Protect your privacy, save data, navigate faster, and more. Your phone comes with a built-in web browser—Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. But if you switch to an alternative app, you can protect your privacy, save data,…


Likely birthplace of Henry VII found in Pembroke Castle

A dig in the castle's grounds has uncovered the walls of a 'showy' late medieval house Archaeologists believe they have identified the exact site of Henry VII's birth in 1457 after excavations in the grounds of Pembroke Castle in Wales uncovered the remains of a massive medieval mansion worthy of one of the most famous kings of England. Just days into an initial dig, archaeologists have uncovered


President Trump's Tweets Top This Week's Internet News Roundup

Some things should never be tweeted, really.


Capturing the Aftermath of Wildfires in France

You don't have to have experienced a wildfire to know what one looks like, but what happens in their wake is less obvious.


Legends of a Medieval Female Pope May Tell the Truth

An analysis of ancient silver coins suggests that the ordained woman may have actually lived.


How to Live Better, According to Nietzsche

T he dubious notion that philosophy is a guide to calmer living is as old as the field itself. Saint Augustine described philosophy as a "harbor" for troubled souls in a fourth-century monograph on the happy life, and the sixth-century Roman senator Boethius titled the treatise he wrote while awaiting execution "The Consolation of Philosophy." More recently, in his Philosophical Investigations (1


America Needs an Entirely New Foreign Policy for the Trump Age

A mid all the talk about the Democratic Party's move to the left, a contrary phenomenon has gone comparatively unnoticed: On foreign policy, Washington Democrats keep attacking Donald Trump from the right. They're not criticizing him merely for his lackluster response to Russia's interference in the 2016 elections. They're criticizing him for seeking a rapprochement with key American adversaries


The Most Addictive Theorem in Applied Mathematics

Erika Camacho discusses how her favorite theorem applies to her research on mathematical modeling of eye diseases and the dynamics of fanaticism — Read more on


Bee That Was Looking for Love Ends Up Wearing a 'Vest' of Parasitic Beetle Larvae

Want to see a photo of a bee parasitized by dozens of beetle larvae? Wait, where are you going?


BirdCast: Predicting Bird Migrations

Scientists have developed a forecast model for predicting mass bird migrations, based in part on weather patterns.


Dreams of Flying | Don't Blink

For centuries humans have been looking to the skies, dreaming of flight. Director Su Rynard takes us behind the scenes to capture the images of birds in flight. Also featuring biologist Kenneth C Welch Jr., and biologist Christopher G Guglielmo. From: Discovery


Confused mayflies wreak havoc on a Pennsylvania bridge

Cleaning a river in central Pennsylvania brought back mayflies, which now pose a threat to motorists crossing a bridge.


The Phantom Reckoning

This week, CBS made an announcement: Les Moonves, the chairman under whose watch the network had transformed into a commercial juggernaut, was resigning. It was news that was, as so much news will be these days, simultaneously shocking and deeply predictable—the latter because the departure came after Ronan Farrow, in July, had reported in The New Yorker on allegations of sexual harassment and em


Best Wireless Headphones (2018): Bose, Beats, Sennheiser, Sony, and More

No matter if you're broke or in the money, these are our favorite wireless headphones.


An Oral History of Apple's Infinite Loop

Apple's old HQ holds stories of pizza ovens, iPhone secrets, baseball bats, and what happened to Steve Jobs' office.


A Physical Public Square in the Digital Age

LONDON—London's Hyde Park may be one of the city's largest parks, but it's also one of its most typical. Across its expansive 350 acres can be found park goers doing the usual park things: weekend picnics, pickup frisbee games, or bike rides along its winding paths. There's an art gallery, a café, and a lake for swimming and paddle boating. And on its northeastern corner, every Sunday afternoon,


Læge: Sygdom er skyld i Mona Lisas berømte smil

Professor mener, at Mona Lisas smil skyldes en sygdom, som tre procent af danskerne lider af. Dansk læge er ikke overbevist.


Why our sense of disgust both makes and undermines our legal systems

In their new book, Objection, Debra Lieberman and Carlton Patrick unpick how legislature must balance between objectivity and humanity, not always convincingly


Nye 3D-printere muliggør billig masseproduktion af metaldele

Kunder har ifølge producenten HP allerede 50-doblet produktionen.


Patsy Takemoto Mink's Trailblazing Testimony Against a Supreme Court Nominee

On a winter Thursday morning in 1970, Patsy Takemoto Mink came before the Senate for its hearing on the Supreme Court nominee George Harrold Carswell. The first witness to oppose Carswell's nomination, Mink told the panel, "I am here to testify against his confirmation on the grounds that his appointment constitutes an affront to the women of America." Her testimony—which was followed by Betty Fr


Air pollution particles found in mothers' placentas

New research shows direct evidence that toxic air – already strongly linked to harm in unborn babies – travels through mothers' bodies Scientists have found the first evidence that particles of air pollution travel through pregnant women's lungs and lodge in their placentas. Toxic air is already strongly linked to harm in foetuses but how the damage is done is unknown. The new study, involving mo


A startling sexual side-effect to yawning – and other past stories

Trawling through copies of New Scientist from the 1990s, we find that some stories about sex are covered a little more luridly than we would now


Where a Sore Throat Becomes a Death Sentence

Once a year, doctors travel to Rwanda to perform lifesaving surgery on people with damaged heart valves — a disease caused by untreated strep throat.


A Boy Named Chance in a Land Without Heart Surgeons

I went to Kigali in Rwanda to report on the type of heart disease afflicting Chance and millions of other young people. I was supposed to be a fly on the wall. Before I knew it, I was trying to help.


Tissetrængende i luften: Derfor er flytoiletter så pokkers små

Flytoiletter er ubekvemme, og det er med vilje. Flyselskaberne vil spare centimeter og have dig hurtigt ud.


NovaSAR: UK radar satellite launches to track illegal shipping activity

The all-British NovaSAR spacecraft will monitor big stretches of ocean for suspicious shipping activity.




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