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Email: Phone-sms: (45)21729908….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Years of UK jobs growth wiped out by coronavirus for universal credit benefit surge to 950,000 since lockdown began….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……With Taliban Help, Afghanistan Girds for a Virus Taliban are cooperating with the Afghan government to bring health care and prevention to local residents to minimize the spread of disease. But the government says these efforts will not work so long as Taliban fighters continue to mount attacks on government forces, creating instability in the region.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……With Johnson under fire, blame game begins over virus crisis criticism intensifies after disclosure that only 2,000 NHS staff have been tested….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Why the real economy needs a prudential authority too bail-inable private sector capital to mandated reserves of essential goods, there's a lot regulators can do to ensure economies can better cope with Covid-19 style shocks in the future.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……WHO: Number of Global COVID-19 Cases to Hit 1 Million in The Next Few Days all happened so quickly.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Where citizen science meets the coronavirus—and how you can help being founded in 2008, the crowdsourced protein-folding game, Foldit, has helped solve many novel problems. In recent months, the Foldit team has presented its community with problems relating to COVID-19. Foldit founder, David Baker, says over 20,000 different designs for potential COVID-19 antiviral proteins have been submitted. In 2008, University of Washington professor David Baker crea….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……What Pregnant Women Should Know About Coronavirus risks, so far, seem no greater than for anyone else, but the research is thin and only applies to later stage of pregnancy.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……We Can't Tell How Bad Things Really Are had been dropping nervously for weeks. Black Thursday—October 24, 1929—wasn't as bad as the Black Monday or Black Tuesday that followed. And it wasn't the beginning of the downturn that became the Great Crash. But something petrifying happened that day, around 10 a.m. Before that hour, prices were firm. Trading volume, though, was extremely heavy. So heavy that the stock ticker, which depe….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Was I wrong about coronavirus? Even the world's best scientists can't tell me | Simon Jenkins can't tell if my optimism is misguided when experts disagree on everything from mortality rates to preventive measures • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage I was wrong. Or I think I was. I heard Boris Johnson on 3 March leap into war mode and publish 28 pages of emergency plans , should coronavirus take hold in Britain. There were reports that "half a million could di….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Want to stop consumer hoarding in times of crisis? stockpiling and hoarding took center stage in recent months as the COVID-19 virus has spread around the world, and with it, panic buying on the part of millions. News broadcasts and social media feeds have been filled with examples of the worst aspects of human nature.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Vaccine designers take first shots at COVID-19[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……US Selects Two COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates for Huge Investments–67367The government is assisting Johnson & Johnson and Moderna with expediting clinical testing while at the same time prepping for large-scale manufacturing.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……US push to reclaim medical supply chains from China of shortages amid coronavirus amplify pressure on companies to reshore operations….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……US jobless claims smash through record as lay-offs accelerate than 6.6m first-time claims filed as coronavirus-related losses hit 10m in two weeks….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……US hospitals join online platform to procure coronavirus equipment of crucial medical gear sparks launch of bartering exchange….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Urgent action is needed to help world's poorest pandemic threatens a human and economic catastrophe….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Unproven Stem Cell Therapy Gets OK for Testing in Coronavirus Patients treatment, which has been promoted by President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, will begin early-stage clinical trials.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……UK set to unveil emergency loans for 'squeezed middle' companies package could help midsized groups excluded from Treasury's Covid-19 schemes….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……U.N. Postpones Global Climate Summit Over Pandemic Concerns were expected to ramp up their emissions reductions goals at the November meeting, now delayed until 2021 — Read more on….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Trump considers reducing US domestic air travel would hurt industry battling collapse in demand due to coronavirus pandemic….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Trial drug may block early stages of COVID-19, study in human cells shows drug already tested against lung disease could potentially inhibit COVID-19 by reducing the coronavirus load that enters the lungs and other organs. That is according to a study in human cell cultures and organoids by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada, published in the journal Cell.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues international team has found a trial drug that effectively blocks the cellular door SARS-CoV-2 uses to infect its hosts.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Trapped at Home With People You Met on Craigslist between two weeks and 1 million years ago, when it first became clear that the coronavirus pandemic would require a significant lifestyle change, the inhabitants of my four-person Washington, D.C., apartment convened a meeting. We would try to wash our hands more, we agreed, and make ample use of our nice-smelling disinfectant spray. But beyond that, we struggled to reach a consensus on….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Tragedy unfolds as deaths rise in Europe's homes for elderly from French region most affected by Covid-19 give glimpse into difficulties ahead….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Touting Virus Cure, 'Simple Country Doctor' Becomes a Right-Wing Star Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's claims for his coronavirus treatment spread from a New York village all the way to President Trump.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……To counter COVID-19 misinformation, expert backs new approach to science learning the early days of the novel coronavirus' spread through the United States, misinformation spread alongside it.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……These drugs don't target the coronavirus—they target us are testing dozens of compounds that might inhibit infection by blocking a human protein….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……These are the 20 Best CBD Oil Brands You Can Buy Today times of stress, your body can seem to go on the fritz. Systems malfunction, everything feels inflamed, your skin freaks out and you can't sleep or digest. Fortunately, your body hosts an in-house service to help you recalibrate all that: your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Yes, your body has a system specially designed to receive cannabinoids! The most popular cannabinoid right now is, without….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Unseen Pandemic's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . For weeks, Robbi has been making his way up and down the hilly dirt paths that crisscross a huge refugee camp in Bangladesh, lugging with him a box filled with small supply kits containing gloves, soap, and sanitizing liquid to donate to families. He hands out surgical mask….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The UK will change after coronavirus. But we have to fight to make it a change for the better | Owen Jones is coming to the UK, when this crisis is over. Unless progressives have a plan, they will lose out like they did in 2008 It can take a grave national crisis to fire a flare, revealing the ugliest features of a society defined by injustices that the wealthy and powerful would rather forget. It took the second world war to achieve what the Jarrow hunger marches of the 1930s struggled for: to….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The race to find a coronavirus treatment has one major obstacle: big pharma | Ara Darzi companies and scientists are cooperating, but they desperately need access to pharmaceutical companies' data Prof Ara Darzi is a surgeon and director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The past few weeks have revealed the worst and the best in human responses to the coronavirus crisis – from the….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down inside her living room in London, Paula Koelemeijer can feel the world around her growing quieter. Koelemeijer, a seismologist, has a miniature seismometer sitting on a concrete slab at the base of her first-floor fireplace. The apparatus, though smaller than a box of tissues, can sense all kinds of movement, from the rattle of trains on the tracks near Koelemeijer's home to the waves of ear….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Loneliness of the "Social Distancer" Triggers Brain Cravings Akin to Hunger study on isolation's neural underpinnings implies many may feel literally "starved" for contact amid the COVID-19 pandemic — Read more on….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Four Rules of Pandemic Economics's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . "WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF." With this tweet, President Donald Trump summarized a disturbingly common reaction to social-distancing measures. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick expressed the same sentiment when he told Americans to "get back….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The EU Watches as Hungary Kills Democracy coronavirus has proved a great boon to the world's authoritarians. From the imposition of border closures to the utilization of mass digital surveillance, moves that may have once been classed as dangerous expansions of state power are now being lauded as necessary steps in the global effort to curb a pandemic. Extraordinary times, it has been collectively agreed, call for extraordinary measu….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Deadly Polio Epidemic and Why It Matters for Coronavirus was nearly eradicated with the Salk vaccine in 1955. At the time, little was known about this mysterious disease that paralyzed and sometimes killed young children.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Coronavirus's Unique Threat to the South's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . In a matter of weeks, the coronavirus has gone from a novel, distant threat to an enemy besieging cities and towns across the world. The burden of COVID-19 and the economic upheaval wrought by the measures to contain it feel epochal. Humanity now has a common foe, and we wi….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The coronavirus test that might exempt you from social distancing—if you pass is a lot of hype around the potential for antibody testing to help get us back outside sooner rather than later. Here's how it works.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Coronavirus Lockdown Is a Threat for Many Animals, Not a Blessing may have seen recent videos of goats roaming an empty town. But for more vulnerable species, like rhinos, this shutdown poses a great danger.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The coronavirus gulf dividing Europe and America Republicans are valuing the economy over life – a suicidal course with no European equivalent….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Other Way American Cities Will Suffer's Wednesday, April 1. Nevada and Florida announced stay-at-home guidelines today, with the White House now projecting anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S., even with social distancing and mitigation efforts. In today's newsletter: How American cities will suffer, even with a $2-trillion dollar federal relief plan. Plus: Why everyone is confused about the effectiven….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……The (Political) Science Behind Trump's Coronavirus Approval Ratings president is presiding over a public health nightmare and a mounting economic crisis. So why are voters warming up to him?….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Så styrs Merkuriussonden under viruskrisen BepiColombo har varit på väg mot Merkurius sedan slutet av 2018. Ombord finns bland annat svenskbyggda instrument. Den 10 april (långfredag) svänger den förbi mycket nära jorden, närmare än många satelliter.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Studie om tillit i Coronatider väcker stort intresse och krisforskningscentrum, RCR, vid Mittuniversitetet undersöker människors tillit till regering, myndigheter och media under pandemin COVID-19. Över 1000 svar från olika delar av världen har hittills kommit in. − Till dags dato har jag fått in svar från samtliga kontinenter förutom Antarktis. I samband med att allt fler länder i världen införde restriktioner blev jag nyfiken på vilken till….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Star Blasts Own Planets Into Shattered Corpses, Devours Remains In 2015, a international team of astronomers watched a white dwarf star gobbling up the planets in its very own system like a mother devouring its young. Their study , now accepted to the Astrophysical Journal for review, kicks off an entirely new field of study, as Popular Mechanics reports : "necroplanetology." Towards the end of their life cycle, stars of a certain mass turn i….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Special report: The simulations driving the world's response to COVID-19, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01003-6 How epidemiologists rushed to model the coronavirus pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Sociologist explains how coronavirus might change the world around us his role as a medical sociologist, Richard M. Carpiano studies population health issues, analyzing how a variety of social factors influence both the physical and mental health of people around the world.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Social Media Is Full of Bots Spreading COVID-19 Anxiety. Don't Fall For It's how you can spot them.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Social media companies open new front in fight with EU clamp down on coronavirus misinformation in bid to ward off regulators….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Small laboratories join coronavirus testing effort after 'precious time wasted' initially pursuing a centralised policy, the government has now switched to a 'Dunkirk-style' effort utilising smaller research units Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists have complained that "precious time has been wasted" before the implementation of the government's new, Dunkirk-style approach to boost Covid-19 testing. In the past week, the Francis Cr….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Slow tech answers to Covid-19 questions shirks WeWork, chess avoids virus checkmate, LG's new TVs….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Senior public health official voices frustration over lack of coronavirus testing's Paul Cosford highlights shortcomings as UK government faces mounting criticism over speed of capacity increase….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Scientists Are Developing a Test to Find The New Coronavirus in Wastewater's how that could be useful.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Royal Mail staff 'lack sufficient protection' from coronavirus Workers Union estimates half of sorting offices have insufficient PPE and sanitiser Many Royal Mail sorting offices are not providing workers with sufficient protection from coronavirus infection, according to a union which says some depots should close until staff are safe. The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents thousands of postal workers, told members they should….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Routine and learning games: How to make sure your dog doesn't get canine cabin fever coronavirus forces us to isolate, some news outlets are suggesting now is the ideal time to bring a dog into your life. But the current changes have some far-reaching implications for dogs of all ages, and especially for puppies.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Researchers team up with U.S. Coast Guard to release three baby sea turtles the global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic escalates, marine biologists at Florida Atlantic University acknowledge that "wild" life must go on. Three 6-month-old green sea turtles, the last batch of the 2019 hatchlings at the FAU Marine Laboratory at the Gumbo Limbo Environmental Complex, were ready to be released. However, with closed beaches and scuba boats not permitted to travel, re….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Researchers Announce Promising Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced today that they have developed a promising new COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Early animal trials have shown promise so far, but human trials are still in the planning stages. The researchers already had a big leg up from past epidemics. "We had previous experience on SARS-CoV in 2003 and MERS-CoV in 2014," said Andrea Gambotto….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Qatar lines up bond deal as virus and oil crash hit economy and investors expect rush of debt issues from the Gulf region….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Preparedness Spending Exploded After 9/11. Is That Helping Now? the bungled response to the Covid-19 pandemic — including testing shortfalls, shortages of critical medical supplies, understaffing at local health departments, and sluggish federal action overall — some policy experts are now wondering why post-9/11 preparedness spending isn't helping more now.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Pop-Up Coronavirus Labs and a 5-Minute Test Take Aim at the Testing Void and a half months after the first confirmed novel coronavirus case in the US, the virus has invaded the country's east and west coasts and is quickly making its way into the center of the country. As the case tally swells and hospitals brace themselves for surges, one factor has remained stubbornly, ludicrously constant: we don't have enough tests. In fact, far from simply not having enough t….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Polling Shows Signs of Public Trust in Institutions amid the Pandemic ongoing effort to fight COVID-19 wins broad support, even across partisan divides — Read more on….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Political divisions deepen as Spain battles coronavirus are re-emerging while Pedro Sánchez's government struggles to contain crisis….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Photos: The Volunteers a time when so many folks are in so many kinds of need, volunteers are stepping up around the world to give—to donate their time, skills, materials, and much more. To meet shortages, people are making masks and other personal protective equipment at home. To feed those in need, people are working at food banks and charities. People are shopping for and making deliveries to the more vulnerable,….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Pets at Home sales benefit from surge in demand retailer says coronavirus uncertainty means it will not give guidance for year ahead….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Pandemics Are the Dark Side of Global Mobility – Issue 84: Outbreak article from our 2013 issue, "In Transit," offers a timely look at how an animal virus from one place can infect people across the world. Sometime in 2004, a pig was trucked with a herd of others to Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse, Hong Kong's largest abattoir. It could have been shipped from any number of farms in China. The pig was penned in cramped conditions and later shoved onto a conveyor l….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Pandemic Delays International Climate Change Negotiations countries were expected to release ambitious new climate plans at a conference this fall, but United Nations officials say governments are focusing on the coronavirus crisis. (Image credit: Francois Guillot/AFP via Getty Images)….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Orangutans and other great apes under threat from covid-19 pandemic great ape species are already in a precarious situation because of their dwindling numbers. Now they may also be at risk from the coronavirus pandemic….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Oops: Elon Musk Donated the Wrong Kind of Ventilator the last few days, Tesla CEO and bona fide public health disaster Elon Musk has scored a lot of praise and flattering press coverage for his promise to deliver medical ventilators to hospitals facing an overwhelming number of coronavirus cases. Well, he delivered — sort of. Tesla purchased over a thousand surplus ventilators from the company ResMed and distributed them to hospitals (after sl….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Online prices of flu medication in UK soar as coronavirus fears spread data from Office for National Statistics show cost of 25 high-demand goods rose 1.1% in a week….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Onboarding new telework jobs in the time of corona that "everybody" is working from home, it can be challenging for companies to recruit and onboard new employees. How can the new hires be productive and feel that they belong in the workplace when they are working from home? According to scientists, there are good guidelines for dealing with this and therefore no reason to delay action.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Novelist urges volunteers to be infected with coronavirus Vickers, 70, says those with immunity could 'lend a hand' and suggests idea could appeal to Dominic Cummings Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Fit and healthy volunteers should be deliberately infected with Covid-19 so they can help fight the pandemic after their recovery, the novelist and NHS psychotherapist Salley Vickers has proposed. Vickers, 70, suggested t….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……NHS call on PM to ensure test centres are conveniently located that centres were too far from both work or home for those working in London Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage NHS staff have called on Boris Johnson to ensure the new coronavirus testing centres are located conveniently for health workers and not in out of town sites such as Ikea car parks. Drive-in test centres for nurses and doctors were opened this week in….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Muslims fear backlash of India's coronavirus fury government is accused of stoking religious tension to cover up its own errors….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Molecule warns skin of Zika invasion a mosquito infected with Zika virus bites, skin is the first line of defense against infection, a new study shows. Now, using a mouse model, researchers have pinpointed exactly how the skin responds to the invader. Researchers showed that a messenger molecule called IL-27 acts as a security guard for the skin, signaling skin tissue to ramp up production of anti-viral proteins, the body's mai….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Millions in UK 'could slip through virus wage safety net' self-employed workers and high earners at risk despite subsidy plan, warn thinktanks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Millions of people across Britain risk falling through gaps in the coronavirus wage subsidy plan and benefits system, according to two of the country's leading economics thinktanks. After ministers hurriedly pulled together plans to increase the l….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Metabolic-electrical control of coronary blood flow [Commentaries] heart is a metabolically demanding organ with limited energetic reserves to sustain its monumental workload. An efficient blood supply via the coronary vascular network is therefore critical for maintaining efficient cardiac muscle function. The coronary vascular network originates just above the aortic valve, where the right and left main…….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Medicinrådet skærer ned på aktiviteterne resten af foråret situationen betyder væsentlige ændringer for arbejdet i Medicinrådet og i rådets fagudvalg i de kommende måneder, bebuder Danske Regioner.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Medical teams need to be alert to the extra risks faced by diabetics from COVID-19 need to pay particular attention to patients with endocrine disorders and diabetes mellitus in relation to COVID-19 infections, say leading endocrinologists.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Matt Hancock sets target of 100,000 coronavirus tests a day secretary 'determined' to reach six-figure goal for England by end of April Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The health secretary, Matt Hancock, has set the government a new target of carrying out 100,000 Covid-19 tests a day in England by the end of April as he sought to defend the government's approach. After several days of intense scrutiny over failures in….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Map Reveals Hidden U.S. Hotspots of Coronavirus Infection adjusting for population, researchers have identified rural areas in several states that could be disproportionally affected by COVID-19 — Read more on….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Making allowances for COVID-19[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Make your own face mask—no sewing machine required bags can do more than carry groceries—they can also be turned into face masks. (Alden Wicker/) Follow all of PopSci 's COVID-19 coverage here , including how to make your own hand sanitizer , how to work from home , and the latest findings on the virus itself . For global updates, see here . As COVID-19 spreads across the United States, hospitals are struggling to keep fully functio….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Magnus Carlsen launches elite online tournament amid coronavirus lockdown grandmasters — including the Norwegian prodigy — will compete for $250,000 in the 'Magnus Carlsen Invitational'….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Lockdown was supposed to be an introvert's paradise. It's not. cleared by coronavirus are filling up with virtual happy hours, and some people are starting to feel exhausted.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Lockdown in Italy: personal stories of doing science during the COVID-19 quarantine, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01001-8 Four researchers explain how they're keeping going through the coronavirus pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Live Coronavirus News and Updates than 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. The Democratic National Convention has been postponed, and the global death toll exceeds 50,000.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Listen: This man saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided much of the United States, Gavin Yamey saw it coming. In early 2018, Yamey, a professor at the Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy and director of the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health based at the Duke Global Health Institute, wrote an op-ed called " The Odds of a Devastating Pandemic Just Went Up ." " I should say ther….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Let's Talk About Our Health Anxiety Over COVID-19 – Issue 84: Outbreak hint of a headache at your temples, an itch at the back of your throat, a fever so slight you barely feel it. You know that it's probably nothing, but, still, part of you wonders: Could it be? In this new reality where quarantine is a daily reality and even a trip to the grocery store could prove life-threatening, many of us are, understandably, feeling stressed. Not surprisingly, there's a l….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Kunstig intelligens skal forudsige corona-patienters risiko for respirator hjælp af kunstig intelligens er eksperter fra Københavns Universitet i gang med at lave…….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Kronik: Vi må have en klar teststrategi til næste bølge af covid-19[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……K-Pop Star Makes Terrible April Fools Joke About Having Coronavirus the Room Korean pop star Kim Jae-joong did what most of the internet agreed not to do : make an off-flavor April Fools joke about the coronavirus. We thought we didn't have to say this, but here we are. Look, we're going through a crisis right now — no need for some short-sighted gag at the expense of your millions of followers. Almost 50,000 people have died from the virus at the time of wr….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Kontant kirurg med en karriere præget af kvalitet og kontrovers Sektionschef i Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed, Karsten Bech, som døde tirsdag af COVID-19, satte varigt aftryk på flere hjørner af sundhedsvæsenet og ikke mindst dets læger.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Jätteleverans kan fördubbla coronatestningenår natt landade ett specialchartrat plan med kinesisk testutrustning för coronavirus i Sverige. Idag packades robotar och testkit upp på SciLifeLab vid Karolinska Institutet KI i Solna. Om en vecka hoppas man kunna fördubbla landets testkapacitet.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……John Murray, Pioneering Lung Expert, Dies at 92 leading figure in pulmonology, he helped define acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition that led to his death, attributed to the coronavirus.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……John F Murray obituary in respiratory medicine and leader in the global fight against TB and lung disease Few did more to help doctors recognise and treat severe lung disease than the American clinical researcher John F Murray, who has died, aged 92, of respiratory complications arising from Covid-19. For much of his career Murray provided international leadership in efforts to contain the scourge of tubercul….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Deploys Its Mirror for the First Time has scaled back work on the James Webb Space Telescope in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but the Northrop Grumman team took a big step toward getting it into space last month. In an early March test, engineers deployed the telescope's multi-segment mirror in its final configuration for the first time. It's quite a sight to behold, but we might have to wait longer than expected to….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……It's the End of the World and This Physicist Feels Fine – Facts So Romantic promise I have no intention to propose a quantum-model for disease spread, but like everyone else I have been wondering if I can make myself somewhat more useful in these difficult times. Screengrab via Sabine Hossenfelder / YouTube It's week three of COVID lockdown here in Germany. Schools are closed, my institute is closed, my husband's workplace is also closed. Half of the shops in the city….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Israel struggles to contain virus in ultra-orthodox town spreads among devout communities slow to respond to social distancing advice….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Is the coronavirus airborne? Experts can't agree, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00974-w The World Health Organization says the evidence is not compelling, but scientists warn that gathering sufficient data could take years and cost lives.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Investors and politicians demand coronavirus pay cuts least 36 companies in the UK have announced executive salary reductions….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Infect volunteers to speed a coronavirus vaccine?[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Imperial College: Vi har overvurderet dødeligheden af covid-19 Dødeligheden af covid-19 er overvurderet, viser en rapport fra The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Nye PCR-tests indikerer, at mørketallet for smittede uden symptomer kan være stort.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Här utvecklas ett svenskt vaccin mot corona på ett vaccin mot coronaviruset är i full gång. Optimistiska prognoser talar om ett godkänt vaccin inom ett år. Men tekniken som används är helt oprövad. – Det blir första gången den används i stor skala, säger Matti Sällberg, som leder utvecklingen av ett svenskt vaccin.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……How the coronavirus threatens Asia-Pacific's $7tn pensions market across region hit by fears of panicked mass withdrawals due to pandemic….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……How COVID-19 Picks on the Weakened – Issue 84: Outbreak playwright Terrence McNally passed away on March 24. As told to The New York Times by his husband Tom Kirdahy, the cause of death was "complications of the coronavirus." McNally, 81, died on the battlefield of his body. He was a lung cancer survivor. Treatment had left him with COPD, a condition caused by accumulation of damage to delicate gas exchange tissues in the lungs. When McNall….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……How a Crispr Lab Became a Pop-Up Covid Testing Center the government fumbled Covid-19 testing, researchers at UC Berkeley's Innovative Genomics Institute stepped up—with their own time and funding.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Hancock vows 100,000 virus tests by the end of April secretary responds to criticism with ambitious targets for mass screening….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Half of UK companies seek to furlough staff over coronavirus of state-backed wage scheme could far exceed the Treasury's expectations….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Global coronavirus infections near million mark after 'near exponential growth' milestone approaches as WHO chief says he is 'deeply concerned' about spread Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Confirmed Covid-19 infections are nearing the one million mark after "near exponential growth" saw global cases more than double in the past week. The World Health Organization chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned of the approaching milestone as new….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Germany told it needs to massively increase coronavirus testing seen as a model for its response is told it is not doing nearly enough Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Germany still needs to increase its coronavirus testing rate dramatically if it wants to successfully manage the virus, scientists are advising the government. The country has the capacity to carry out up to 500,000 tests a week, but must increase that to mo….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Germany lifts coronavirus ban on seasonal workers comes after agricultural lobby criticises move and retailers warn of food shortages….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Forsinkede tal: Flere danskere er reelt blevet testet for covid-19 Der er dog stadig et stykke op til 5.000 om dagen, og Sundhedsstyrelsen åbner nu op for også at teste personer med mildere symptomer.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Formula 1 comes up with a breathing machine for covid-19 patients engineers are applying their expertise to medicine….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……For Homeless People, Covid-19 Is Horror on Top of Horror the coronavirus spreads, unhoused people are among the most vulnerable to infection.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Fast-tracking COVID-19 diagnostic, therapeutic solutions the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, scientists are working to move solutions to diagnose and treat the virus to the marketplace as soon as possible.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Face Masks Are In"We want our country back. We're not going to be wearing masks forever," Donald Trump said this week when asked whether his administration would consider calling on Americans to wear masks en masse as the coronavirus pandemic ravages the nation, signaling that he wasn't exactly comfortable with the idea. His comments came amid reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is rethink….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……F.D.A. Approves First Coronavirus Antibody Test in U.S. a test may help scientists learn how widespread the infection is, and how long people remain immune after recovering.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Experts Warn That Hackers Can Use Zoom to Take Over Your Computer Zoom, the video conferencing software that during the pandemic has rapidly become a go-to platform for hosting work meetings, birthday parties, D&D campaigns, and other hangouts, has disturbingly flimsy cybersecurity protocols. Hackers have been able to exploit Zoom and take control over users' PCs and Macs, 9to5Mac reports . Others have used it steal private information, according to….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Exercise video games don't work for a few good reasons Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure offers a slight physical edge to other platforms and games. (Nintendo/) Sam Peter Kirk is a PhD candidate and associate lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at Leeds Beckett University. This story originally featured on The Conversation . The social distancing measures and self-isolation initiated by the coronavirus pandemic has left people looking for new way….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……EU rescue fund, coronavirus hits rents is pushing for a common EU fund to help Europe through the coronavirus crisis….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Därför kan Sverige inte utfärda utegångsförbudånga länder har begränsat sina medborgares rörelsefrihet med anledning av det nya coronaviruset. Men det finns inte stöd i svensk lag att helt och hållet gå i andra länders fotspår.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Drugs considered for COVID-19 can raise risk for dangerous abnormal heart rhythms some consider treating coronavirus patients with a combination of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin, cardiologists are advising caution because both medications can increase the risk for dangerous abnormal heart rhythms, which can in turn lead to cardiac arrest.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Don't Believe the COVID-19 Models's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . The Trump administration has just released the model for the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in America. We can expect a lot of back-and-forth about whether its mortality estimates are too high or low. And its wide range of possible outcomes is certainly confusing: What….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Doctors are being asked to play God coronavirus pandemic is presenting hospitals with a terrible choice about whose life to save….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Doctors and nurses are dying for lack of equipment. Is Johnson up to this? | Gaby Hinsliff 1915 a shortage of shells for soldiers brought down the government. A century on, the prime minister faces a similar challenge • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage Thomas Harvey was a family man, a father of seven, but in his last moments he was forced apart from them. The 57-year-old nurse , who had been self-isolating at home with coronavirus symptoms, was found by….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……DK-Hostmaster samarbejder med Rigspolitiet mod Corona-svindlere får daglige opdateringer om nye dk-domænenavne fra DK-Hostmaster under Corona-krisen for at finde snyde-sider.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Disney Is Donating 100,000 N95 Masks to Covid-19 Relief, J.K. Rowling has some new treats for Potterheads stuck quarantining at home.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……De rika blir allt rikare mellan fattiga och rika i Sverige har ökat sedan 1980-talet, då den ekonomiska jämlikheten var som störst. Men coronakrisen kan komma att möblera om i svensk ekonomi. Blir krisen långvarig kan nya aktörer kliva fram. I början av 2020 fanns det över 200 svenska miljardärer, varav omkring 40 dollarmiljardärer. Det placerade oss bland de tio länder i världen som har flest miljardärer i relat….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Database tracks COVID-19 responses state-by-state new COVID-19 database tracks steps that each US state has taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus and when states implemented them. "People around the world will be making a lot of decisions about which policies to implement, how long to have these policies, and when to lift them, and having this policy database will be helpful for informing those decisions," says Julia Raifman, assistant p….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Dansk forsker: Måske findes kuren mod covid-19 i børns celler Teorierne er mange, men endnu har ingen fundet en svar på, hvorfor børn bliver mindre syge, når de bliver smittet med covid-19. Måske skyldes det, at børn vokser og derfor har et anderledes immunforsvar end voksne, siger dansk professor.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Daily briefing: The strongest evidence yet that deep-sea fish follow seasonal migrations, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01004-5 Deep-sea fish migrate too. Plus: tooth protein reveals a close relative of the last common ancestor of humans, Neanderthals and Denisovans, and how digital tools for contact tracing could help create an exit strategy for the coronavirus outbreak.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19: The Ethical Anguish of Rationing Medical Care the world, physicians at overwhelmed hospitals may have to decide who will not get treated during the pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Covid-19: how does it affect pregnancy? – podcast Boseley speaks to Prof Sonja Rasmussen about how the virus might affect mothers who are expecting and their unborn child Continue reading…….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Covid-19: how does it affect pregnancy? Boseley speaks to Prof Sonja Rasmussen about how the virus might affect mothers who are expecting and their unborn child. Help support our independent journalism at….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise, research shows have announced a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. When tested in mice, the vaccine — delivered through a fingertip-sized patch — produces antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 at quantities thought to be sufficient for neutralizing the virus.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows promise in first peer-reviewed research potential COVID-19 vaccine, delivered by microscopic needles, produces antibodies specific to the virus when tested in mice. This is the first peer-reviewed paper describing a COVID-19 vaccine candidate. The next step is a human clinical trial.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19 is interrupting lab animal research, sometimes fatally animals have become casualties of the epidemic as researchers are forced to stay away from their lab benches to slow the spread of the virus. (Pexels/) Scientists around the world are quickly pulling together studies that use animal models like mice, rhesus macaques , and ferrets to study COVID-19. But in other departments, lab animals have become casualties of the epidemic as researchers are….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19 contact tracing apps: 8 privacy questions governments should ask experts have posed eight privacy questions governments should consider when developing coronavirus contact tracing apps.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Covid-19 Changed How the World Does Science, Together before, scientists say, have so many of the world's researchers focused so urgently on a single topic. Nearly all other research has ground to a halt.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Covid-19 and Volcanoes? Your (Sometimes Weird) Questions Answered a tiny dose of SARS-CoV-2 make me immune? What can lupus patients do when their drugs are redirected to the Covid-19 battle? And is there a connection between Covid-19 and the Yellowstone volcano? Undark's publisher, Deborah Blum, answers these and other reader questions on the current pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……COVID-19 and labour constraints: Recalling former health care workers not enough the COVID-19 pandemic has already resulted in mass layoffs in several industries, other essential industries will instead face critical workforce shortages, according to a new report.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronaviruses Often Start in Animals — Here's How Those Diseases Can Jump to Humans must first blast through five or six barriers before they're able to infect us and unleash havoc.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus: Expert panel to assess face mask use by public are set to assess the value of face masks in helping slow the spread of coronavirus.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus: China wildlife trade ban could become law within months's ban on eating and trading wildlife due to the coronavirus crisis could become law within the next three months, according to conservationists….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus will change the way the world does business will be forced to rethink their global value chains, shaped to maximise efficiency and profits….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a p….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? figures from public health authorities map the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not i….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus outbreak will harm UK data collection and statistics to gather information will leave policymakers without true picture of economy….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus Live Updates: States Plead for Resources and Order Residents to Stay Home U.S. government has nearly emptied its emergency stockpile of protective medical supplies. In more bad news, a Labor Department report is expected to show a jaw-dropping number of new unemployment claims filed in the United States.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus live news: Global cases near million mark as US federal stockpiles of medical gear dwindle says federal stockpile of personal protective gear nearly empty; Florida, Georgia and Mississippi ordered to shelter in place; record daily fatalities in UK. Follow the latest updates. At a glance: summary of key events Wimbledon cancelled due to coronavirus crisis Australia coronavirus – latest updates See all of our coronavirus coverage 1.44am BST The Guardian's Maanvi Singh reports from….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus leaves wealthy Norway facing tough spending choices nation forced to reassess view that it is different from others….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus latest: New York hospitals and morgues overwhelmed latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus latest: Japan and Australia stocks dip as NZ orders banks to halt dividends[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus has shut down most places of worship. Now what? of faith are adjusting to the new reality of not being able to gather in worship because of the coronavirus pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronavirus as the ESG acid test have some questions.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Coronakrisen får psykiatrien til at udvide med flere telefon- og videokonsultationer har ændret ambulante aktiviteter i psykiatrien til telefon og video, og udvider desuden med flere hjemmebesøg for at mindske smitterisikoen.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Corona-'mønsterlandet' Taiwan lægger befolkningen i jerngreb – kan det holde? Mobilovervågning, skyhøje bøder for karantænebrud, internering på hoteller og febertest ved indgange til større bygninger er blandt de aggressive redskaber, som Taiwan har taget i brug for at indæmme coronasmitte.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Consumers warned over surge in coronavirus scams are exploiting fears over pandemic to target pension savers, investors and online consumers….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Clinical significance of serum concentrations of neuregulin-4, in acute coronary syndrome Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62680-x….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Chiropractors continue to make claims about chiropractic and COVID-19 continue to make unsubstantiated claims about COVID-19.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……China, coronavirus and surveillance: the messy reality to track cases have been haphazard but technology companies face pressure to hand over information….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……China Flexes Its Soft Power With 'Covid Diplomacy' criticized for covering up and failing to control the virus, China is rebranding its response as a symbol of leadership and strength.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Checklist for emergency department team's COVID-19 surge reviewing the literature on COVID-19 scientific publications the authors developed a checklist to guide emergency departments.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……CEPOS: Jes Søgaards kritik er fejlagtig – men jeg velkommer i dén grad debatten om corona-økonomi svarer igen på kritik fra Jes Søgaard, direktør for og professor ved CPop SDU.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Can a mindfulness app prevent doctor burnout? more than ever, doctors face significant anxiety. A mindfulness app could help, research suggests. "Health care providers are under tremendous pressure right now," says Jud Brewer, director of research and innovation at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University. "Physician burnout was already reaching epidemic proportions before this pandemic hit." In fact, a 2014 study found that nearly hal….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……British Airways to suspend more than 30,000 staff amid Covid-19 crisis scrambles to cut costs as virus plunges airline into worst crisis in its history….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Blood Pressure Meds Point the Way to Possible COVID-19 Treatment is little evidence that antihypertensive drugs worsen COVID-19, and scientists are instead exploring the idea that such medications—or their downstream effects—may actually alleviate symptoms.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Bioethicists: Run human challenge study for coronavirus vaccine human challenge study could bring a coronavirus vaccine months sooner, argue bioethicists. In a conventional Phase 3 trial, participants would be randomized to receive either the vaccine or control (such as a placebo), and go back to their usual living conditions, where they may or may not be exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. Researchers would follow them over time to assess wh….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Big Cities Won't Snap Back to Normal resident Donald Trump's promise to begin reopening the economy in the coming weeks faces an immovable obstacle: The big cities that drive America's economic growth and innovation are the same places straining under the heaviest burden of the coronavirus outbreak. The counties confronting the largest number of cases are primarily large urban centers that account for a disproportionate share of A….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Banedanmark investerer tungt i it-sikkerhed under coronakrisen nåede lige nøjagtig ikke at rulle ny VPN-løsning ud inden corona-epidemien og frygter en 'sovende infektion'.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Authoritarian Populists Have Six Classic Moves. Trump's Response to COVID-19 Uses Five of Them. Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been disastrous . He has failed to coordinate the country's actions at the federal level and to implement a nationwide mitigation strategy. But some have argued that this points to a silver lining: Trump is not seizing the moment to consolidate power or become the strongman many have feared. This should provide little relief. The d….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Author Correction: A new coronavirus associated with human respiratory disease in China, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2202-3….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Australian banks face pressure from New Zealand's dividend ban becomes latest to halt payouts due to economic impact of coronavirus….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Australia faces 'humanitarian disaster' on board cruise ships union issues warning as coronavirus fears leave 11,000 crew members stranded at sea….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……At Stanford's AI Conference, Harnessing Tech to Fight COVID-19 another sign of the times, Stanford repurposed its planned Human-Centered AI (HAI) Conference into a digital-only, publicly accessible symposium on how technology has been and can be employed in fighting the spread and assisting in the treatment of COVID-19. We heard from researchers, doctors, statisticians, AI developers, and policymakers about a wide variety of strategies and solutions. Some….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……As normalcy returns, can China keep COVID-19 at bay?[no content]….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……As COVID-19 halts climate expeditions, scientists grapple with uncertainties 128,000 years ago, the temperatures in the Bahamas were one to two degrees higher than they are today. A group of geologists and geodynamicists from Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory visited the area in 2019 to gain a better understanding of how high sea levels were back then—and how future climate change might further exacerbate the effect of surging sea levels on land….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Antibody Tests for the Coronavirus's talk antibodies. Mounting an antibody response is crucial for anyone to overcome a challenge from an infectious pathogen, and the immunity that can result is crucial for entire communities and populations. Determining who has such immunity is furthermore going to be crucial for us as we come out from under the current pandemic. If someone is truly immune to re-infection (and if the infectio….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Animal tragic: New Zealand zoos strive to entertain lonely inhabitants amid lockdown keep turning up for their belly rubs, and giraffes have been keeping their appointments, but there is no one to watch them Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage While humans have been using Netflix and Zoom to quell the coronavirus lockdown ennui, New Zealand's zoo animals have also been struggling with boredom – and zookeepers have had to resort to some unusual mea….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Analytik Jena US in the fight against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic–67369Local Business Develops Application for Disinfection of N-95 Masks….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……America shuts the barn door too late on the epidemic division in tackling coronavirus in the US is not based on politics but on competence….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Advanced liver disease patients and transplant recipients need specific care during COVID-19 European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) and the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) have issued a Position Paper, providing recommendations for clinicians caring for patients with liver diseases during the current pandemic.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Actual tracing and virtual dating digest of COVID-19 science, data, reporting and optimism @ 3 April.….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……Accor suspends dividend and cuts staff hours as coronavirus hits hotels says 'drastic actions' are required to ensure company can rebound from crisis….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……104-Year-Old World War II Veteran Survives Coronavirus, some good news: Experts believe that Oregon man Bill Lapschies, a World War II veteran, may now be the world's oldest survivor of the coronavirus currently causing a global pandemic. Oregon Public Broadcasting caught up with Lapschies at his 104th birthday party, which took place 25 days after he showed symptoms of the virus and 19 days after he last had a fever. "I don't know," Lapschie

7515….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<>corona ……'These are answers we need.' WHO plans global study to discover true extent of coronavirus infections II will combine antibody data from around the world

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 3-D reconstructions of individual nanoparticles do you see in the picture above? Merely a precisely-drawn three-dimensional picture of nanoparticles? Far more than that, nanotechnologists will say, due to a new study published in the journal Science. Whether a material catalyzes chemical reactions or impedes any molecular response is all about how its atoms are arranged. The ultimate goal of nanotechnology is centered around the ability to

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A 3-D-printed brain could make it easier to find cancer treatments is the deadliest form of brain tumor—less than 10 percent of people who are diagnosed with it will survive more than five years.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A friendlier way to deal with nitrate pollution from nature, scientists from the Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Japan and the Korean Basic Science Institute (KBSI) have found a catalyst that efficiently transforms nitrate into nitrite — an environmentally important reaction — without requiring high temperature or acidity, and now have identified the mechanism that makes this efficiency possible.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A new way to fine-tune exotic materials: Thin, stretch and clamp a brittle oxide into a flexible membrane and stretching it on a tiny apparatus flipped it from a conducting to an insulating state and changed its magnetic properties. The technique can be used to study and design a broad range of materials for use in things like sensors and detectors.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Airway-hugging macrophages[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. As ships move north with climate change, their noise scares Arctic cod away people who haven't been to the Arctic think of this remote and cold region, they may picture animals, such as polar bears, narwhal or ringed seals, and the people who live there. Rarely does this vision include modern cargo ships and ocean liners.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Bioengineering biomimetic human small muscular pulmonary arteries the progression of pulmonary hypertension, structural and functional changes in the small muscular arteries play a significant role and contribute to the disease. Bioengineers aim to develop advanced, anatomically biomimetic in vitro models of microvessels, since non-human vessels are not an accurate representation of the human microvascular architecture and microenvironment. In a new repor

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Bird Fossil Shared Earth with T. rex back 67 million years, this representative of the group of modern birds has been dubbed the Wonderchicken (which is not an April Fools' Day joke). — Read more on

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Blowing a crater in asteroid Ryugu[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Climate disasters increase risks of armed conflicts: New evidence risk for violent clashes increases after weather extremes such as droughts or floods hit people in vulnerable countries, an international team of scientists finds. Vulnerable countries are characterized by a large population, political exclusion of particular ethnic groups, and low development. The study combines global statistical analysis, observation data and regional case study assessments

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Climate-related disasters increase risks of conflict in vulnerable countries, research shows author Tobias Ide from the University of Melbourne said the disasters include storms, floods and droughts—the frequency and intensity of which will increase in the future, due to climate change.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Dating the Drimolen hominins[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Decrypting cryptocurrencies have been treated as a financial terra incognita — they enjoyed growing interest but also raised concerns due to their virtuality. The use of statistical methods utilizing correlation matrices to analyze the hundred most-traded virtual currencies shows that the cryptocurrency market in the last two years is less and less different from the mature global currency market (Forex) an

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Designer gates[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Discovery of life in solid rock deep beneath sea may inspire new search for life on Mars discovered single-celled creatures living deep beneath the seafloor have provided clues about how to find life on Mars. These bacteria were discovered living in tiny cracks inside volcanic rocks after researchers perfected a new method cutting rocks into ultrathin slices to study under a microscope. Researchers estimate that the rock cracks are home to a community of bacteria as dense as tha

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. DNA death grip[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Does relativity lie at the source of quantum exoticism? its beginnings, quantum mechanics hasn't ceased to amaze us with its peculiarity, so difficult to understand. Why does one particle seem to pass through two slits simultaneously? Why instead of specific predictions can we only talk about evolution of probabilities? According to theorists from universities in Warsaw and Oxford, the most important features of the quantum world may result from

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Experiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise by experimental data from a laboratory machine that simulates the huge forces involved in glacier flow, glaciologists have written an equation that accounts for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually fast-moving parts of ice sheets.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Extracellular forces help epithelial cells stick together surfaces and organs of the body are covered by epithelial tissue, which is composed of cells tightly connected to each other. The cells can be attached through junctions that are in direct contact with the cytoskeletal network inside the cells.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ferroptotic cell death and cancer

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Fourth new pterosaur discovery in matter of weeks wait ages for a pterosaur and then four come along at once. Hot on the heels of a recent paper discovering three new species of pterosaur, University of Portsmouth palaeobiologists have identified another new species — the first of its kind to be found on African soil.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Gender bias in commenting poses barriers to women scholars: York University sociologist academics are less likely than men to comment on published research, limiting scholarly debate, a new study co-authored by York University sociologist Professor Cary Wu, shows. According to the study, women are also relatively less likely to comment on their male counterparts, published research. Wu and his co-authors reviewed comments in two major scientific journals for this study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Genetic self-activation maintains plant stem cells allows plants to occupy space in three dimensions, an innovation considered essential for their adaption. Stem cells are key to this process because they promote the establishment of new growth axes. But where do these stem cells come from?

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Giant umbrellas shift from convenient canopy to sturdy storm shield a new approach to storm surge protection, a Princeton team has created a preliminary design for dual-purpose kinetic umbrellas that would provide shade during fair weather and could be tilted in advance of a storm to form a flood barrier. The researchers used computational modeling to begin evaluating the umbrellas' ability to withstand an acute storm surge.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. High-Tech Ghost Ships Will Set Sail sans Sailors technology groups are building robotic vessels to cross the oceans — Read more on

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. How to read the face of a mouse

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Impacts of cover crop planting dates on soil properties after 4 years biomass production limits cover crop effects on soils.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Method analyzes pollen fast, cheaply and automatically essential for the pollination of many plants, but the bane of allergy sufferers. Pollen warning services provide information about daily exposure and allergy risk and are an important source of information for affected persons. For common data collection, pollen traps are used which continuously measure the pollen content in the air. To do this, they use a built-in electric motor to suck t

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Most people consider becoming vegetarian for their health–mpc040220.phpResearchers know that people are motivated to be vegetarian for different reasons — the most common in western cultures being health, the environment and animal rights.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. NASA finds heavy rain potential in new Tropical Cyclone Irondro analyzed the cloud top temperatures in the newly formed Tropical Cyclone Irondro using infrared light to determine where the strongest storms were located.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New ideas about neoantigens[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New supramolecular copolymers driven by self-sorting of molecules in Japan have succeeded in creating a new type of helicoidal supramolecular polymer. The process and mechanism of the generation of its structure were observed using atomic force microscopy (AFM); the helicoidal structure grew spontaneously after two different monomers were mixed. The findings of the study, which was published in Nature Communications on April 1st, 2020 may lead to the

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Organelle cross-talk[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Our oceans are suffering, but we can rebuild marine life's not too late to rescue global marine life, according to a study outlining the steps needed for marine ecosystems to recover from damage by 2050. University of Queensland scientist Professor Catherine Lovelock said the study found many components of marine ecosystems could be rebuilt if we try harder to address the causes of their decline.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Our Trust in Science Is Complicated an era of big research, having confidence in scientists, individually or collectively, involves trade-offs — Read more on

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Oysters and clams can be farmed together oysters and three species of clams can be farmed together and flourish, potentially boosting profits of shellfish growers, according to a Rutgers University-New Brunswick study. Though diverse groups of species often outperform single-species groups, most bivalve farms in the United States and around the world grow their crops as monocultures, notes the study in the journal Marine Ecology

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Plant protection: Communication instead of poison drought and heat seriously affect plants. In the Upper Rhine area, for example, climate change results in the development of new plant diseases, an example being Esca, a disease that causes vines to die. Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and partners have now launched the DialogProTec project that focuses on new approaches to plant protection without herbicides and

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Reduce efficacy, reduce side effects[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Regulatory pathway modulates infection-related morphogenesis and pathogenicity in insecticidal fungus WAMG Sibao from Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and Prof. Wei Gang from CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health of CAS, and their colleagues, revealed that the KMT2-Cre1-Hyd4 regulatory pathway plays a crucial role in coordinated regulation of the infection-related morphogenesi

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Repair instead of renew: Damaged powerhouses of cells have their own 'workshop mode' find a molecular repair pathway for cellular energy production, publication in 'Nature Communications'

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Representation of driving behavior as a statistical model joint research team from Toyohashi University of Technology has established a method to represent driving behaviors and their changes that differ among drivers in a single statistical model, taking into account the effect of various external factors such as road structure. This method was applied to measure the effectiveness of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), which controls excessive speed v

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Researchers unveil the universal properties of active turbulence flows are chaotic yet feature universal statistical properties.Over the recent years, seemingly turbulent flows have been discovered in active fluids such as bacterial suspensions, epithelial cell monolayers, and mixtures of biopolymers and molecular motors. In a new study published in Nature Physics, researchers from the University of Barcelona, Princeton University and Collège de Franc

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Root growth regulation by requirement[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists develop 'backpack' computers to track wild animals in hard-to-reach habitats truly understand an animal species is to observe its behavior and social networks in the wild. With new technology described today (April 2) in PLOS Biology, researchers are able to track tiny animals that divide their time between flying around in the sky and huddling together in caves and hollow trees—by attaching little backpacks to them with glue.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists find a fluctuating rising trend of open agricultural straw burning in Northeast China biomass burning (OBB) has a significant impact on regional air quality, especially on the heavy haze pollution in Northeast China (NEC) in recent years. Recent research published in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters provides scholars and decision-makers with a more comprehensive and long-term analysis of the spatiotemporal patterns of OBB in NEC.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Seeing subtle nanoparticle differences[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Six million-year-old bird skeleton points to arid past of Tibetan plateau from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found a new species of sandgrouse in six to nine million-year-old rocks in Gansu Province in western China. The newly discovered species points to dry, arid habitats near the edge of the Tibetan Plateau as it rose to its current extreme altitude.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Slipping on till[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets technologies that are smaller scale, more affordable, and can be mass deployed are more likely to enable a faster transition to net-zero emissions, according to a new study by an international team of researchers.Innovations ranging from solar panels to electric bikes also have lower investment risks, greater potential for improvement in both cost and performance, and more scope for red

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Straining an oxide membrane[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study finds fish have diverse, distinct gut microbiomes rich biodiversity of coral reefs even extends to microbial communities within fish, according to new research. The study in Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences reports that several important grazing fish on Caribbean coral reefs each harbor a distinct microbial community within their guts, revealing a new perspective on reef ecology.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study shows six decades of change in plankton communities UK's plankton population—microscopic algae and animals which support the entire marine food web—has undergone sweeping changes in the past six decades, according to new research published in Global Change Biology.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study synthesizes what climate change means for Northwest wildfires years have brought unusually large and damaging wildfires to the Pacific Northwest—from the Carlton Complex Fire in 2014 that was the largest in Washington's history, to the 2017 fire season in Oregon, to the 2018 Maple Fire, when normally sodden rainforests on the Olympic Peninsula were ablaze. Many people have wondered what this means for our region's future.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Sustaining stem cell identity[no content]

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The Arctic may influence Eurasian extreme weather events in just two to three weeks argue that the effects of rising temperatures and melting ice in the Arctic may actually be felt across the rest of the planet in a matter of weeks, but more robust, observational-based analysis is needed to fully understand how quickly Arctic events impact the rest of Earth.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The face of a mouse reveals its emotions: study at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology are the first to describe emotional facial expressions for mice. Similar to humans, mouse facial expressions change when it tastes something sweet or bitter, or when it becomes anxious. With this new possibility of measuring the emotions of mice, neurobiologists can investigate the basic mechanisms of how emotions are generated and processed

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The facial expressions of mice face of a mouse reveals its emotions.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates same basic tools that allow computers to function are now being used to control life at the molecular level. The advances have implications for future medicines and synthetic biology.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Using chemistry to unlock the difference between cold- and hot-brew coffee (video) brew may be the hottest trend in coffee-making, but not much is known about how this process alters the chemical characteristics of the beverage. Now, scientists report that the content of potentially health-promoting antioxidants in coffee brewed without heat can differ significantly from a cup of joe prepared the traditional way, particularly for dark roasts.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Whooping cranes form larger flocks as wetlands are lost—and it may put them at risk the past few decades, the critically endangered whooping crane (Grus Americana) has experienced considerable recovery. However, in a report appearing April 2 in the journal Heliyon, researchers found that habitat loss and within-species attraction have led whooping cranes to gather in unusually large groups during migration. While larger groups are a positive sign of species recovery, the aut

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. What it's really like to have autism | Ethan Lisi"Autism is not a disease; it's just another way of thinking," says Ethan Lisi. Offering a glimpse into the way he experiences the world, Lisi breaks down misleading stereotypes about autism, shares insights into common behaviors like stimming and masking and promotes a more inclusive understanding of the spectrum.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A Bunch of Utterly Adorable New Spiders Have Been Discovered in Australia"Like tiny colourful kittens".

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A new theory in neuroscience – "predictive coding" – that says what we believe and what we desire depends entirely on what our brain expects the outside world to be like 🧠 🌍

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. All who wander are not lost

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Business this week

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Colonizing the final frontier

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Details of cobalt's ups and downs

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Emerging from AI utopia

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Fetal stress affects adult immune function

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Granular technologies to accelerate decarbonization

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. How women at NIH's Clinical Center lost childbearing chances

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Human movements in the United States

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. KAL's cartoon

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Lead pollution tracks the rise and fall of medieval kings

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Maternal obesity affects offspring

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Merging dwarfs distribute globular clusters

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Microbes against microbial toxins

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. News at a glance

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Perils of nighttime dining

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Politics this week

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Revealing animal emotions

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Seeking career clarity

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Straining quantum materials even further

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The things we make that make us who we are

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. This is real

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Toward a universal glacier slip law

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Tuning drug binding

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. United States strains to act as cases set record

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Where are the women?

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Facial Expressions Decoded in Mice combination of videography, machine learning and brain imaging has identified facial expressions and neural activity patterns in mice that are associated with their emotions.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Electrically neutral radical: A strong chemical reducing agent when exposed to light combined team of researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Kent State University has discovered an electrically neutral radical that can be used as a strong chemical reducing agent when excited by light. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes their process and possible uses for it. Radek Cibulka with the University of Chemistry and Technolo

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Bacteria found in solid rock. Now for Mars decade of work creates the potential for more to come.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Extreme tensile strain states in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 membranes defining feature of emergent phenomena in complex oxides is the competition and cooperation between ground states. In manganites, the balance between metallic and insulating phases can be tuned by the lattice; extending the range of lattice control would enhance the ability to access other phases. We stabilized uniform extreme tensile strain in nanoscale La 0.7 Ca 0.3 MnO 3 membranes, exceeding

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Why sleep matters now more than ever | Matt Walker good night's sleep has perhaps never been more important. Sharing wisdom and debunking myths, sleep scientist Matt Walker discusses the impact of sleep on mind and body — from unleashing your creative powers to boosting your memory and immune health — and details practices you can start (and stop) doing tonight to get some rest. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED Connects series, ho

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Our direct human ancestor Homo erectus is older than we thought Homo erectus skullcap found northwest of Johannesburg in South Africa has been identified as the oldest to date, in research published in Science. The hominin is a direct ancestor of modern humans, experienced a changing climate, and moved out of Africa into other continents. The discovery of DNH 134 pushes the possible origin of Homo erectus back between 150,000 and 200,000 years.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New pathogen threatens fennel yield in Italy new fungal genus and species Ochraceocephala foeniculi causes fennel yield losses of about 20-30% for three different cultivars. It damages the crops with necrotic lesions on the crown, root and stem.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Coastal pollution reduces genetic diversity of corals, reef resilience new study by researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology found that human-induced environmental stressors have a large effect on the genetic composition of coral reef populations in Hawai'i. They confirmed that there is an ongoing loss of sensitive genotypes in nearshore coral populations due to stressors resulting from poor land-use practic

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 'Smart' devices effective in reducing adverse outcomes of heart condition new study highlights the feasible use of mobile health (mHealth) devices to help with the screening and detection of a common heart condition.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Geneticists are bringing personal medicine closer to recently admixed individuals new study in Nature Communications proposes a method to extend polygenic scores, the estimate of genetic risk factors and a cornerstone of the personalized medicine revolution, to individuals with multiple ancestral origins. The study was led by Dr. Davide Marnetto from the Institute of Genomics of the University of Tartu, Estonia and coordinated by Dr. Luca Pagani from the same institution and

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Single mutation leads to big effects in autism-related gene new study in Neuron offers clues to why autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more common in boys than in girls. National Institutes of Health scientists found that a single amino acid change in the NLGN4 gene, which has been linked to autism symptoms, may drive this difference in some cases. The study was conducted at NIH's National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS).

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New household energy strategy in Cameroon to help avert 28,000 deaths and reduce global temperatures new study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, has found that clean cooking with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) could avert 28,000 premature deaths and reduce global temperatures through successful implementation of a new national household energy strategy in Cameroon.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A next-generation sensor network for tracking small animals newly developed wireless biologging network (WBN) enables high-resolution tracking of small animals, according to a study published April 2 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Simon Ripperger of the Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science, and colleagues.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Muscle protein abundant in the heart plays key role in blood clotting during heart attack prevalent heart protein known as cardiac myosin, which is released into the body when a person suffers a heart attack, can cause blood to thicken or clot–worsening damage to heart tissue, a new study shows. A team led by John H. Griffin, PhD, a professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Scripps Research, made the unexpected finding after a series of experiments spanning three years an

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New treatment for childhood anxiety works by changing parent behavior study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, , reports that an entirely parent-based treatment, SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), is as efficacious as individual cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety disorders.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Big data on social media platform reveals positive facial expressions of female visitors in urban forests study led by Prof. He Xingyuan from Urban Forests and Wetlands in Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences assessed the mental satisfaction of urban forest visitors using big data from social network service for the first time. The results were published online in Forests.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Experiences of undesired effects of hormonal contraception study of women who experienced mental ill-health from a hormonal contraception indicates they value their mental well-being higher than a satisfactory sex life. Their experiences can influence their choice of contraception. This is one of four themes that researchers have identified in interviews with 24 women who experience negative effects of some hormonal contraception.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Fiber optic internet cables could monitor earthquakes study provides new evidence that the same optical fibers that deliver high-speed internet and HD video to our homes could one day double as earthquake monitors. "Fiber-optic cables are the backbone of modern telecommunications, and we have demonstrated that we can turn existing networks into extensive seismic arrays to assess ground motions during earthquakes," says first author Zack Spica, an

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. What climate change means for Northwestern US wildfires synthesis study looks at how climate change will affect the risk of wildfires in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana. The authors also suggest how managers and individual landowners in different ecosystems can best prepare.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Toolkit: Using local soil for 3-D printing large structures team of researchers at Texas A&M University has developed the concept of a toolkit that would allow builders to create structures via 3-D printing using local soil as the building material. In their paper published in the journal Frontiers in Materials, they outline their ideas and possible ways to create such a toolkit, and describe a test project they built.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New study cautions marijuana beginners to 26 adverse reactions team of researchers identified a total of 26 possible adverse reactions to cannabis use. Coughing fits, anxiety, and paranoia are among the top three most common adverse reactions to smoking weed. It was the people who smoke on a less frequent basis who were more likely to have had the bad experiences. "She's fine! She'll be okay." I remember calling down to a concerned pedestrian strolling pas

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. "We thank Dr. Elisabeth Bik for drawing the irregularities to the authors' attention." A sleuth earns recognition. trio of researchers in Argentina is up to three retractions, and may well lose even more papers, for doctoring their images. And, in an unusual move, one of the leading data sleuths is getting credit for her work helping to out the problematic figures. One article, "Apocynin-induced nitric oxide production confers antioxidant protection in … Continue reading

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Image of the Day: Lion Cam wildlife camera trap survey of critically endangered West African lions finds they have no preference for parks over trophy-hunting areas, possibly because of poor habitat quality in the no-hunting zones.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Global lay-offs surge as 6.6m Americans file jobless claims 4m French workers apply for benefits in two weeks, while 800,000 lost jobs in Spain last month

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New 'law' to explain how glaciers flow over soft ground a major source of uncertainty in glacier-flow models, researchers present a new slip law to describe glaciers sliding on soft, deformable material.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Boeing seeks voluntary staff lay-offs as demand shifts maker offers severance deals in attempt 'to reduce need for other workforce actions'

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Amyloid formation drives brain tissue loss in animal studies plaque formation directly causes brain tissue loss in animals, but a drug called lithium reduces the life shortening effects of this loss, shows a new study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Breast density, microcalcifications, and masses may be heritable traits analysis of a large Swedish cohort revealed that breast density, microcalcifications, and masses are heritable features, and that breast density and microcalcifications were positively associated with a genetic predisposition to breast cancer, according to a study published in Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Direct human ancestor Homo erectus is older than we thought unusual skullcap and thousands of clues have created a southern twist to the story of human ancestors, in research published in Science on 3 April.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power device that sends out a Wi-Fi signal also emits terahertz waves — electromagnetic waves with a frequency somewhere between microwaves and infrared light. These high-frequency radiation waves, known as "T-rays," are also produced by almost anything that registers a temperature, including our own bodies and the inanimate objects around us. Terahertz waves are pervasive in our daily lives, and i

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Captive apes' gut microbiomes are a lot like some people's in US zoos have gut microbiomes that are more similar to those of people who eat a non-Western diet than to the gut makeup of their wild ape cousins, according to a new study. Further, even wild apes that have never encountered antibiotics harbor microbes with antibiotic resistance genes. The findings, which appear in the ISME Journal , suggest that contact with people shapes the gut microbi

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 5 Comics to Catch Up on While Self-Quarantined you being a good citizen and staying at home? Good. Here are some comics to pass the time.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A plants diet, surviving in a variable nutrient environment primary producers, plants rely on a large aboveground surface area to collect carbon dioxide and sunlight and a large underground surface area to collect the water and mineral nutrients needed to support their growth and development. Accessibility of the essential nutrients nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in the soil is affected by many factors that create a variable spatiotemporal landscape o

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. From Aldous Huxley to the Beatles: how LSD has inspired art scientist David Nutt campaigns for drug rules to change, we look at artists who said yes to psychedelic culture While the neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt and colleagues campaign for rules around psychedelics to change to aid research, such drugs have a long history in creative circles. LSD was important to the Beatles, whose song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is thought to be a nod to the

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Carnival/rescue financing: any port in a storm the right price, even the most troubled companies have lifelines available

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Diets do help you lose weight – but the benefits usually don't last, Paleo or Zone – whichever diet you follow, you'll probably only lose a bit of weight, and improvements to your cholesterol may disappear within a year

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Revisiting the potential of using psychedelic drugs in psychiatry they were banned about a half century ago, psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin showed promise for treating conditions including alcoholism and some psychiatric disorders. In a commentary publishing April 2 in the journal Cell, researchers say it's time for regulators, scientists, and the public to 'revisit drugs that were once used but fell out of use because of political machinations

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Hunt for George Clooney's face explains how stress affects decisions stressed changes the way we make decisions. An experiment that sees people hunt for George Clooney's face while experiencing electric shocks could help explain why

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. News Feature: Making and storing blood to save lives [Chemistry] can be a scarce resource, but a multitude of approaches are promising new ways to store, create, and deliver blood's component parts to patients in need. As soon as a wounded person starts hemorrhaging, the clock is ticking. The quicker an emergency responder can stop the bleeding and replace…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Trump administration close to selecting bailout advisers Wall St banks will oversee government aid for airline and aerospace industries

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Babies with brain tumors could benefit from targeted treatment cancer in infants is biologically distinct from other childhood brain tumors and could be successfully treated with targeted drugs, a new study has shown. In the largest and most comprehensive study of infant gliomas to date, scientists found that these tumors are molecularly different from those in older children, helping explain why they tend to be less aggressive.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Homeless charities seek new action as thousands remain on streets and patchy provision frustrate rehousing process

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Device that tracks location of nurses re-purposed to record patient mobility re-purposing badges originally designed to locate nurses and other hospital staff, Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists say they can precisely monitor how patients in the hospital are walking outside of their rooms, a well-known indicator and contributor to recovery after surgery.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Tailoring an anti-cancer drug for optimal tumor cell killing biochemists identify distinguishing features that govern the potency of a class of anti-cancer compounds known as PARP inhibitors.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A map of reactions helps control molecular properties reactions are used to produce all kinds of important molecules such as drugs, agrochemicals and materials.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Further reading's concealment; organised crime; Fox's fake-news contagion; ratings agencies; and much more.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Schroders demands executives take pay cuts and 'share the pain' investor will back ailing groups looking to raise capital but warns of difficult decisions

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Connectivity and plasticity determine collagen network fracture [Biophysics and Computational Biology] forms the structural scaffold of connective tissues in all mammals. Tissues are remarkably resistant against mechanical deformations because collagen molecules hierarchically self-assemble in fibrous networks that stiffen with increasing strain. Nevertheless, collagen networks do fracture when tissues are overloaded or subject to pathological conditions such as aneurysms. Prior studies…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. T-Mobile Swallows Sprint, Leaving 3 US Cellphone Giants advocates fear the deal will reduce competition and lead to higher prices. But regulators and a federal judge let it proceed.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Under what conditions are we most creative? individuals produce better work when there's a deadline involved, says media mogul Tina Brown. To extract great work, you shouldn't have the option to escape it. Deadlines add a level of pressure that makes for better results. In Brown's opinion, some of the best journalistic work was done in the period after 9/11. The combination of subject matter, content, and passion rallied creatives

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Delaying the COP26 climate talks could have a silver lining climate talks due to be held this November have been postponed, but a short delay could give countries time to get better organised – and see Donald Trump replaced with someone who supports a climate deal

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ex­tra­cel­lu­lar forces help epi­thelial cells stick to­gether in the maintenance of the superficial tissue of the body, known as epithelial tissue, can help cancer cells achieve motility and metastasise.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Migranter blir kvar där de först bosatte sig typ av bostadsområde eller region som flyktingar och andra migranter först bosätter sig i är också ofta det område där de stannar kvar. Det gäller både relativt fattiga områden och mindre orter, om det var där de först hamnade, visar kulturgeografisk forskning från Stockholms universitet. Den nya avhandlingen motsäger en vanlig teori om hur flyktingar och migranter flyttar. – Vi ser nu att må

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. SvampeBob-burger og Klump-pandekager: Børn vil have den usunde mad, de ser i tv er ikke kun reklamer, der påvirker børns madvaner.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Digitala pengar ersätter kontanter finns principiellt två slags pengar. Mynt och sedlar är pengar som ges ut av Riksbanken och garanteras av staten. Pengar på konton är skapade av privata banker. Skillnaden mellan dem är att en 100-lapp är en fordran på staten Sverige medan 100 kronor på bankkontot är en fordran på banken. – Försvinner kontanterna försvinner också allmänhetens tillgång till riksbankspengar, säger Niklas Arvidss

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Experts scratch heads over White House death forecast to assess 100,000-240,000 estimate given lack of data on modelling, say scientists

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Juicing machines that help make fruits and vegetables tastier your fruits and veggies. ( Matcha & CO via Unsplash/) People knock the nutritional value of juice, but three facts remain: (1) a juicer can get you a lot of the benefits of a pound of vegetables without taking up so much room in your stomach, (2) a shot of ginger and lemon juice will at the very least make you feel a bit healthier, and (3) nothing that can replace a cold glass of fresh-sque

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. How tiny water droplets form can have a big impact on climate models and bubbles are formed nearly everywhere, from boiling our morning coffee, to complex industrial processes and even volcanic eruptions. New research from SINTEF and NTNU in Norway, improves our understanding of how these bubbles and droplets form. This could improve our ability to model climate change.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Oysters and clams do just fine when farmed together oysters and three species of clams can flourish when farmed together, potentially boosting profits of shellfish growers, a new study shows. Though diverse groups of species often outperform single-species groups, most bivalve farms in the US and around the world grow their crops as monocultures, researchers say. "Farming multiple species together can sustain the economic viability of farm

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. How women at NIH's research hospital lost chances at childbearing freezing was suspended for more than 3 years, angering infertility experts

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Female scientists allege discrimination, neglect of research on women at NIH's child health institute women filed bias complaints naming scientific director Constantine Stratakis

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Making the invisible visible: Entangled photons for imaging and measurement techniques photons can be used to improve imaging and measurement techniques. A team of researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena has developed a quantum imaging solution that can facilitate highly detailed insights into tissue samples using extreme spectral ranges and less light.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Forskere opdager hvordan generne vækkes ved livets begyndelse nyt studie viser, at bestemt enzym spiller en særlig rolle, når det genetiske maskineri…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The Atlantic Daily: It's Okay to Miss Your Old Life weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . CHLOE SCHEFFE Your home is your life now. Of course, any shelter is a blessing, but many American residences weren't designed to be lived in 24/7 . You may be starting to feel that architectural

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Subtle flavors–sf040220.phpEvolution is a tinkerer, not an engineer. 'Evolution does not produce novelties from scratch. It works with what already exists,' wrote Nobel laureate François Jacob in 1977, and biologists continue to find this to be true.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ease rules on research into psychedelic drugs, urges David Nutt adviser says substances such as psilocybin could have medical value Restrictions on the use of psychedelic drugs in research should be relaxed to help find new treatments for conditions including mental health disorders, the former government adviser Prof David Nutt has said. Nutt was sacked as chair of the advisory committee on the misuse of drugs in October 2009 over his views tha

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study suggests marijuana may impair female fertility eggs exposed to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, have an impaired ability to produce viable embryos, and are significantly less likely to result in a viable pregnancy, according to an animal study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. The abstract will be published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Cysteine depletion induces pancreatic tumor ferroptosis in mice is a form of cell death that results from the catastrophic accumulation of lipid reactive oxygen species (ROS). Oncogenic signaling elevates lipid ROS production in many tumor types and is counteracted by metabolites that are derived from the amino acid cysteine. In this work, we show that the import of oxidized cysteine (cystine) via system x C – is a critical dependency of pancreati

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Mice have a range of facial expressions, researchers find offer researchers new ways to measure intensity of emotional responses Whether it is screwing up your face when sucking a lemon, or smiling while sitting in the sun, humans have a range of facial expressions that reflect how they feel. Now, researchers say, they have found mice do too. "Mice exhibit facial expressions that are specific to the underlying emotions," said Dr Nadine Gogolla,

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Diet and exercise will keep your brain young – depending on your genes a healthy diet or exercising could impact how your brain ages, but the effects on cognitive skills later in life depend on specific gene variants that not everyone has

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study finds no media bias when it comes to story selection as long as there have been news media, there have been allegations that journalists are biased and slant stories to fit their views. While many studies have explored this issue, there has been little research into how political ideology influences which stories get covered.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Kid-friendly laptops to keep your children busy education, games, and Youtube. ( Annie Spratt via Unsplash/) At the age you were staring, jaw agape, at Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and sneaking in games of Oregon Trail, your 9-year-old is in coding classes, osmosing life hacks, and Facetiming with her besties. They are essentially born with a computer in their lap, except guess what? You have to buy them one. But where to start? Can you tru

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study: Real estate taxes hit poor hardest, not necessarily used for assumed purposes many people, especially those who are not wealthy, their home is their most valuable asset. But what happens when a person sells this asset? Are they taxed? If so, how much? A University of Kansas study found that municipal real estate transfer taxes in Illinois hit low-income homeowners the hardest.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The Economy Is Ruined. It Didn't Have to Be This Way. the second straight week, the U.S. workforce set a dismal unemployment record. On Thursday morning, the Labor Department reported that 6.6 million people filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week. That figure is twice as high as the previous record of 3.3 million, set just seven days ago. This brings the two-week total of initial claims to nearly 10 million. That's 10 million Ameri

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Earliest known skull of Homo erectus unearthed by Australian-led team shows the first of our ancestors existed up to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought, researchers say The earliest known skull of Homo erectus has been unearthed by an Australian-led team of researchers who have dated the fossil at two million years old, showing the first of our ancestors existed up to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought. The lead researcher Prof Andy Her

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Gondwana in amber trove sheds light on ancient antipodean ecology.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Europe split over handling of postal services while in lockdown and Spain cut services while UK, Germany and Italy run operations as normal

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Salget af elbiler i Europa steg med 111 procent i februar Renault Zoe er nummer ét på listen over flest solgte elbiler i Europa i februar. I marts var Tesla 3 den mest solgte bil i Danmark.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Mars might be made of mashed-up baby planets trace elements inside Martian rocks, researchers are piecing together how the planet came to be. (NASA/JPL-Caltech /) The solar system wasn't always the set of calmly spinning orbs we see today. In its earliest epochs, mini-planets swarmed around the sun, mixing together in cataclysmic smash-ups. This game of cosmic billiards played out so violently that worlds like Earth and Mars started ou

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Närståendes uppfattning om existentiell ensamhet hos äldreör sköra äldre är existentiell ensamhet ett lidande som främst visar sig i övergångsfaser, visar en studie som gjorts ur närståendes i perspektiv. Det är när man lämnar en trygghet och inte vet vad som väntar framöver, som man känner sig som mest ensam och sårbar. Men samtal kan hjälpa, om vi vet i vilka situationer behovet uppstår och hur vi kan upptäcka det.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Natural sunscreen gene influences how we make vitamin D variations in the skin can create a natural sunscreen, according to University of Queensland researchers investigating the genes linked with vitamin D.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Mannered AI robots a grounding in etiquette is an important step on the path to AI-integrated workplaces.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Europe and Asian stocks slip following sharp drop on Wall Street oil marker Brent crude jumps 10%

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Crisis response is stuck in regulatory quagmire trading system is a lot more about paperwork and a lot less about tariffs than you'd think

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. How to get the health benefits of nature when you're stuck inside out into the natural world is good for your health and mind, and you can still get some of the same benefits even when stuck inside, says Graham Lawton

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Fossil skull casts doubt over modern human ancestry University scientists have led an international team to date the skull of an early human found in Africa, potentially upending human evolution knowledge with their discovery.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Can Matt Hancock's 5-point plan solve Britain's testing crisis? secretary pledges to increase tests to 100,000 a day by enlisting big companies and private labs

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. AI can't predict how a child's life will turn out even with a ton of data of researchers attempted to predict children's and families' outcomes, using 15 years of data. None were able to do so with meaningful accuracy.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Review: One Step Forward, Several Steps Back had hoped the high-end headset would provide an escape from the real world. It didn't.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Health warning labels on alcohol and snacks may reduce consumption health warning labels, similar to those on cigarette boxes, show potential for reducing the consumption of alcoholic drinks and energy-dense snacks, such as chocolate bars, according to a study published in the open-access journal BMC Public Health.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 93% of cancer patients respond to souped-up immune cells a new study of CAR T-cell therapy for cancer, 93% of patients responded to the treatment. Two physicians had major roles in a cutting-edge clinical trial using the body's own immune cells to fight late-stage cancer, one as a researcher and one as a patient. Senior author Patrick Reagan, an assistant professor of hematology/oncology at University of Rochester Medicine's Wilmot Cancer Institute,

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Starving pancreatic cancer of cysteine may kill tumor cells a new study of mice, Columbia researchers have found that an experimental drug that breaks down the amino acid cysteine slows pancreatic tumor growth by causing ferroptosis, an unusual form of cell death.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists show how parasitic infection causes seizures, psychiatric illness for some a new study published in GLIA , Virginia Tech neuroscientists at the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC describe how the common Toxoplasma gondii parasite prompts the loss of inhibitory signaling in the brain by altering the behavior of nearby cells called microglia.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. When three species of human ancestor walked the Earth a paper published this week in Science, an international team of scientists share details of the most ancient fossil of Homo erectus known and discuss how these new findings are forcing us to rewrite a part of our species' evolutionary history.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Tiny tech for accelerating transformation to low-carbon energy a Policy Forum, Charlie Wilson and colleagues explore the potential advantages of 'granular' energy technologies — small-scale, lower-cost and modular technologies — for accelerating the low-carbon transformation of our global energy system.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ribosome reactivates transcription by physically pushing RNA polymerase out of transcription arrest [Biochemistry] bacteria, the first two steps of gene expression—transcription and translation—are spatially and temporally coupled. Uncoupling may lead to the arrest of transcription through RNA polymerase backtracking, which interferes with replication forks, leading to DNA double-stranded breaks and genomic instability. How transcription–translation coupling mitigates these conflicts is unknown. Here we…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Researchers forecast longer, more extreme wildfire seasons California, a changing climate has made autumn feel more like summer, with hotter, drier weather that increases the risk of longer, more dangerous wildfire seasons, according to a new Stanford-led study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Lung cancer surgery: Better survival probabilities with a higher case volume the surgical treatment of lung carcinoma, the more frequent performance of such interventions has a positive effect on treatment results — the survival probabilities increase.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Why conservation areas are not living up to their potential in Indonesia is home to the third-largest tropical forest after the Amazon and Congo. These forests have high biodiversity values and Indonesia has set aside million of hectares as conservation forests to protect the country's rich biodiversity and the world's climate.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Infants introduced early to solid foods show gut bacteria changes that may portend future health risks who were started on solid foods at or before three months of age showed changes in the levels of gut bacteria and bacterial byproducts, called short-chain fatty acids, measured in their stool samples, according to a new study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 'Excess death' figures cannot be sugar-coated is time to stop worrying about exactly what killed people and how long they might have lived

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Human Urine Could Help Astronauts Build Moon Bases Someday's not an April Fools' gag. Scientists just tested and confirmed that urea, a main component of human pee, can be used as a valuable additive for 3D printing structures made from lunar soil.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists Have Unearthed Traces of an Ancient Rainforest In… Antarctica's a grim message.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Jamie Dimon returns to full-time work after emergency surgery chief suffered from life-threatening heart condition

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Online lender stops making loans to small US businesses calls on Washington to step in as it cuts credit lines and furloughs staff

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Predicting in-flight air density for more accurate landing the air density outside of a spacecraft can have a substantial effect on its angle of descent and ability to hit a specific landing spot. But sensors that can withstand the harsh hypersonic conditions are rare. Aerospace engineering researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign developed an algorithm that can run onboard a vehicle, providing important real-time data to aid

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. What Science Says About the Potential Health Benefits of Kombucha is often hailed as a healing elixir — but are the health claims too good to be true?

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Lost sleep could set you up for Alzheimer's of sleep could help promote the development of Alzheimer's disease, according to two new studies. The first study shows that different forms of a key Alzheimer's protein known as tau arise in a predictable sequence as the disease develops, starting more than 20 years before symptoms appear. The second study shows that lack of sleep increases levels of a particular form of tau that is harmful

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Colorado study overturns 'snapshot' model of cell cycle in use since 1974, single-cell imaging shows cellular 'memory' of growth factor availability throughout the cell cycle (and not just snapshot of growth factor availability) influences cells' decision to replicate.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials bacteria might soon be used for the production of novel biomaterials. A team of microbiologists developed a modular system for the genetic reprogramming of bacteria, thereby turning the organisms into cell factories for multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles that combine various useful functions and properties.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A 'cardiac patch with bioink' developed to repair heart researchers have developed an 'in vivo priming' with heart-derived bioink. Using engineered stem cells and 3D bioprinting technology, they began developing medicines for cardiovascular diseases.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. UK bailout loans: paper tiger loan schemes are giving an impression of muddle

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Construction confusion as UK working instructions published then withdrawn messages follow industry protests over 2-metre distance ruling

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Heavy drinking into older age adds 4 cm to waistline than half of drinkers aged 59 and over have been heavy drinkers and this is linked to a significantly larger waistline and increased stroke risk, according to a new study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. English footballers resist calls for pay cuts during crisis point to 'moral vacuum' as top clubs turn to furlough scheme while player wages remain untouched

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Phasor field diffraction based reconstruction for fast non-line-of-sight imaging systems Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15157-4 Current implementations of non-line-of-sight imaging use reconstruction algorithms that are difficult to implement fast enough for real-time application using light efficient equipment. The authors present an algorithm for non-line-of-sight imaging that is low complexity and allows fast and efficient reconstruc

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Spider-silk inspired polymeric networks by harnessing the mechanical potential of β-sheets through network guided assembly Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15312-x It is known the β-sheet structures in silk-inspired materials generate increased mechanical properties. Here, the authors report on a method of creating silk-inspired materials using in situ formation of β-sheets in an amorphous polymer to replicate the structure of silk and increase the mechanical properties.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Transient microglial absence assists postmigratory cortical neurons in proper differentiation Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15409-3 Microglia temporarily disappear from the cortical plate in the midembryonic stage. This study demonstrated that microglial transient absence from the cortical plate is required for postmigratory neurons to appropriately fine-tune the expression of molecules needed for their proper differentiation.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. TNIK signaling imprints CD8+ T cell memory formation early after priming Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15413-7 Coordinate expression of multiple factors play critical roles in the regulation between effector and memory CD8+ T cell differentiation. Here the authors show upon acute viral infection TNIK is critically required as a regulator of effector and memory T cell differentiation.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. GPR56/ADGRG1 is associated with response to antidepressant treatment Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15423-5 It is not fully understood why some patients respond or do not respond to antidepressant treatment. Here the authors show that in the blood of individuals with depression, GPR56 expression increases in responders to antidepressant treatment, but not in non-responders.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Lamella-nanostructured eutectic zinc–aluminum alloys as reversible and dendrite-free anodes for aqueous rechargeable batteries Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15478-4 Aqueous rechargeable Zn-ion batteries are attractive energy storage devices, but their wide adoption is impeded by the irreversible metallic Zn anode. Here the authors report lamellar-nanostructured eutectic Zn/Al alloys as reversible and dendrite-free anodes for improved battery performance.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Prompt rewetting of drained peatlands reduces climate warming despite methane emissions Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15499-z Drained peatlands are sources of CO2, and though rewetting could curb emissions, this strategy results in elevated methane release. Here, the authors model peatland emissions scenarios and show that rewetting is a critical way to mitigate climate change despite potential methane increases.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A solution-processable and ultra-permeable conjugated microporous thermoset for selective hydrogen separation Communications, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15503-6 Rigidity, as seen in crosslinked polymers, and plastic processability are mutually exclusive properties. Here, the authors prepare a solution-processable conjugated microporous thermoset with permanent pores and demonstrate its application as a two-dimensional molecular sieving membrane for hydrogen separation.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Gigantic dinosaur footprints are found on the roof of a cave, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00972-y Prints show the tracks of three 'titanosaurs' that took a seaside stroll more than 165 million years ago.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Munich's Oktoberfest is a real gas, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00987-5 Scientists cycled around the annual festival of beer and wurst to estimate its methane output.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Artificial intelligence decodes the facial expressions of mice, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01002-7 Neuroscientists also uncover neural circuitry whose activity correlates with particular emotions.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. In South Africa, three hominins, including earliest Homo erectus, lived during same period 2 million years ago, three hominin genera — Australopithecus, Paranthropus and the earliest Homo erectus lineage — lived as contemporaries in the karst landscape of what is now South Africa, according to a new geochronological evaluation of the hominin fossil-rich Drimolen Paleocave complex.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study offers new insight into the impact of ancient migrations on the European landscape populations have long been credited with bringing about a revolution in farming practices across Europe. However, a new study suggests it was not until the Bronze Age several millennia later that human activity led to significant changes to the continent's landscape.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Maintenance of neural stem cell positional identity by mixed-lineage leukemia 1 stem cells (NSCs) in the developing and postnatal brain have distinct positional identities that dictate the types of neurons they generate. Although morphogens initially establish NSC positional identity in the neural tube, it is unclear how such regional differences are maintained as the forebrain grows much larger and more anatomically complex. We found that the maintenance of NSC posit

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Six decades of change in plankton communities research shows that some species have experienced a 75% population decrease in the past 60 years, while others are more than twice as abundant due to rises in sea surface temperatures.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Researchers find that nicotinamide may help treat fibrotic eye diseases and mitigate vision loss can inhibit aggressive cell transformations during wound healing and may be key to the development of therapies to treat fibrotic eye diseases.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. MPs should sit 'virtually' during lockdown, says Speaker trials of select committee video links point way forward for Commons under Hoyle's plans

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Proteins that sense light also sense taste, at least in fruit flies pick up on bitter chemicals, supporting a nonvisual role

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Can mobile networks handle becoming stay-at-home networks? will rapidly increasing demand overwhelm them?

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Chalk in Bread Causes Kidney Stones published in June 1968 — Read more on

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Cocky kids: The four-year-olds with the same overconfidence as risk-taking bankers in one's own abilities despite clear evidence to the contrary is present and persistent in children as young as four, a new study by the University of Sussex Business School has revealed.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. An AI can read words in brain signals' neural activity is collected as they speak 50 sentences. A machine-learning algorithm develops a prediction of what the collected data means. The system's accuracy varies, but the results are promising. It's just a start, but it's pretty exciting: a system that translates brain activity into text. For those unable to physically speak, such as people with locked-in syndrome for examp

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Therapy fights depression for people with Parkinson's disease with Parkinson's disease who engage in cognitive behavioral therapy are more likely to overcome depression and anxiety, according to a new study. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy that increases awareness of negative thinking and teaches coping skills. About 50% of people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease will experience depression, and up to 40% have an anxiety diso

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Byggebranchen frygter konkursbølge: Sæt gang i almene renoveringer nu Et flertal uden om regeringen vil lade Landsbyggefonden sætte gang i renoveringer i den almene boligsektor for 18,4 mia. kr. Regeringen tøver, men branchen har brug for det, og der er ingen risiko for overophedning

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Critical differences in 3D atomic structure of individual ligand-protected nanocrystals in solution three-dimensional (3D) atomic structure determination of individual nanocrystals is a prerequisite for understanding and predicting their physical properties. Nanocrystals from the same synthesis batch display what are often presumed to be small but possibly important differences in size, lattice distortions, and defects, which can only be understood by structural characterization with hi

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The toothless inflation peril pressures are no reason to pull our policy punches

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Most diets lead to weight loss and lower blood pressure, but effects largely disappear after a year good evidence suggests that most diets result in similar modest weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors over a period of six months, compared with a usual diet, finds a study published by The BMJ today.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Wits researchers unravel the mystery of non-cotectic magmatic rocks shows that an excess amount of some minerals contained in non-cotetic rocks may originate in the feeder conduits along which the magmas are travelling from the deep-seated staging chambers towards Earth's surface.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. New explanation for sudden heat collapses in plasmas can help create fusion energy find that jumbled magnetic fields in the core of fusion plasmas can cause the entire plasma discharge to suddenly collapse.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Lifestyle changes could delay memory problems in old age, depending on our genes from King's College London have shown that how we respond to changes in nutrients at a molecular level plays an important role in the aging process, and this is directed by some key genetic mechanisms.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Researchers solve structure of 'inverted' rhodopsin from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, working with Spanish, French, and German colleagues, have determined and analyzed the high-resolution structure of a protein from the recently discovered heliorhodopsin family. Microbial rhodopsins play a key role in optogenetics — a technique that uses light to control nerve and muscle cells in living tissue.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. To stop TB bacteria, cut off their iron supply have now solved the first detailed structure of the transport protein responsible for the iron supply for the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. When the iron transport into the bacteria is inhibited, the pathogen can no longer grow, the research shows. This could open new ways to develop targeted tuberculosis drugs. One of the most devastating pathogens that lives inside human cells i

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Getting a picture of where carbon was look back to Earth's early years.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Homo erectus keeps getting older make an important find in fossil-rich South Africa.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Oldest human genetic data may expand our 'family tree' report retrieving genetic data from an 800,000-year-old human fossil. The research sheds light on one of the branching points in the human family tree, reaching much further back in time than previously possible. Researchers retrieved the human genetic data set from an a tooth belonging to the hominin species Homo antecessor . "Ancient protein analysis provides evidence for a close re

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Robo-turtles in fish farms reduce fish stress turtles used for salmon farm surveillance could help prevent fish escapes. The 'turtle robots' are the first steps in a technology that improves the monitoring of sea cages.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Canceling Everything Was the Easy Part DeSantis and Donald Trump are political allies, but the Florida governor still wasted weeks playing a deadly game of chicken with the president. Neither man wanted to be the one to tell residents of the third-most-populous state to stay home. Doing so was DeSantis's job all along, but he was still insisting earlier this week that he would act only if the president told him to. Never mind that

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Emergence of ferromagnetism due to charge transfer in compressed ilmenite powder using super-high-energy ball milling Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62171-z

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Pyrazine ring-based Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE) inhibitors potently inhibit cancer cell growth in 3D culture, independent of NHE1 Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62430-z Pyrazine ring-based Na + /H + exchanger (NHE) inhibitors potently inhibit cancer cell growth in 3D culture, independent of NHE1

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Author Correction: Non-Invasive Imaging Through Scattering Medium by Using a Reverse Response Wavefront Shaping Technique Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62442-9

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Author Correction: Genetic Characteristics of Korean Patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease by Targeted Exome Sequencing Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62489-8

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Cell body shape and directional movement stability in human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62598-4

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Author Correction: Dual orexin receptor antagonist induces changes in core body temperature in rats after exercise Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62685-6

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Cell cycle–dependent localization of the proteasome to chromatin Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62697-2

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Tumor-penetrating peptide for systemic targeting of Tenascin-C Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62760-y

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Author Correction: PHF14: an innate inhibitor against the progression of renal fibrosis following folic acid-induced kidney injury Reports, Published online: 02 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62765-7

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Highest pre-modern lead pollution occurred 800 years ago and archaeologists from the University of Nottingham, the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine and Harvard University discovered the highest levels of air pollution before the modern era occurred around 800 years ago.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ultrabright X-ray bursts reveal how plants respond to light within fraction of a second have revealed intricate structural changes in plants, fungi and bacteria in response to light, according to a new study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists tap into AI to put a new spin on neutron experiments seek to use quantum materials—those that have correlated order at the subatomic level—for electronic devices, quantum computers, and superconductors. Quantum materials owe many of their properties to the physics that is occurring on the smallest scales, physics that is fully quantum mechanical.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Image: Hypersonic surfing simulation the test flight of a hypersonic glider, being developed through the international HEXAFLY-INT collaboration, involving partners across Europe, Russia, Australia and Brazil and supported by the European Commission and ESA.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. A slip law for glaciers on deformable beds of marine-terminating ice streams over beds of deformable till is responsible for most of the contribution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to sea level rise. Flow models of the ice sheet and till-bedded glaciers elsewhere require a law that relates slip resistance, slip velocity, and water pressure at the bed. We present results of experiments in which pressurized ice at its melting temperat

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Meet the Bee With a Body That's Half Male, Half Female gynandromorphs are rare, but they can teach us a lot about development and evolution

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. What failure to predict life outcomes can teach us [Commentaries] scientists are increasingly turning to supervised machine learning (SML), a set of methods optimized for using inputs from data to forecast an unobserved outcome, to offer predictions to aid policy (1). Recent work scrutinizes this approach for its suitability to social science questions (2, 3) as well as its…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Analysis Reveals Most US Jobs Simply Can't Be Done From Home cities are better positioned than others.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Astronomers May Have Found a 'Missing Link' Black Hole Because It Ate a Star!

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Stanford researchers forecast longer, more extreme wildfire seasons study finds that autumn days with extreme fire weather have more than doubled in California since the early 1980s due to climate change. The results could contribute to more effective risk mitigation, land management and resource allocation.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Story tips: Molding matter atom by atom and seeing inside uranium particles tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Molding matter atom by atom and seeing inside uranium particles

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Netflix or Amazon? Fashion TV goes head to head leaders are competing for the ultimate in 'quarantine TV' with rival series

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. For stroke survivors, light physical activity linked to better daily function survivors who engage in a lot of light physical activity — taking leisurely walks or attending to nonstrenuous household chores, for example — also report fewer physical limitations than their more sedentary peers, a new study finds.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Cancer epithelia-derived mitochondrial DNA is a targetable initiator of a paracrine signaling loop that confers taxane resistance [Cell Biology] interactions dictate cancer progression and therapeutic response. Prostate cancer (PCa) cells were identified to secrete greater concentration of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) compared to noncancer epithelia. Based on the recognized coevolution of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF) with tumor progression, we tested the role of cancer-derived mtDNA in a mechanism of paracrine…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Explainer video about ambiguity aversion and coping with uncertainty. Transcripts and references –

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Study shows that negative emotions, such as fear, distress, and guilt, can lead to procrastination

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The illusion that is free will (and the science to back it up) – Utopolis One: Ep. 34

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The surface tension of surfactant-containing, finite volume droplets [Chemistry] tension influences the fraction of atmospheric particles that become cloud droplets. Although surfactants are an important component of aerosol mass, the surface tension of activating aerosol particles is still unresolved, with most climate models assuming activating particles have a surface tension equal to that of water. By studying picoliter…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Spina bifida surgery before birth restores brain structure performed on a fetus in the womb to repair defects from spina bifida triggers the body's ability to restore normal brain structure, new research has discovered.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. An all-organic proton battery energized for sustainable energy storage energy storage is in great demand. Researchers at Uppsala University have therefore developed an all-organic proton battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds. The battery can be charged and discharged over 500 times without any significant loss of capacity. Their work has been published in the scientific journal Angewandte Chemie.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The Perfect Quarantine Joke Is Not About Quarantine he Video starts with a woman and a man , both dressed in black. He wears a straw hat. She has very long hair. He turns his back to the camera. She situates herself in front of him, facing the viewer, then bends at the waist, flipping her hair over. She moves her shoulders slightly. Together, the two people … look like a horse. Her hair is the tail. Her shoulders are the rump. That is the extent

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Squalene and cholesterol in the balance at the ER membrane [Commentaries] the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway has become a mainstay for the treatment of ischemic heart disease (1). However, the importance of cholesterol metabolism is not just confined to atherosclerosis, as cholesterol is an essential component of membranes, a precursor for other metabolic pathways, and can fuel tumor growth (2). Understanding…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. US rescue must be transparent, consistent and fast ought to receive a share of the upside after big business recovers

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. 1 in 10 children affected by bushfires is Indigenous. We've been ignoring them for too long catastrophic bushfire season is officially over, but governments, agencies and communities have failed to recognise the specific and disproportionate impact the fires have had on Aboriginal peoples.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. De novo design of protein logic gates design of modular protein logic for regulating protein function at the posttranscriptional level is a challenge for synthetic biology. Here, we describe the design of two-input AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, and NOT gates built from de novo–designed proteins. These gates regulate the association of arbitrary protein units ranging from split enzymes to transcriptional machinery in vitro, in yeast a

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. In Groundbreaking Find, Three Kinds of Early Humans Unearthed Living Together in South Africa different hominid species, possibly including the oldest-known Homo erecetus, existed in the region's hills and caves

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Scientists Find 2 Mating Flies Trapped in Prehistoric Amber discovery was part of a haul of unusual fossils recovered from sites across Australia and New Zealand.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Benefits of exercise on metabolism: More profound than previously reported effects of exercise on metabolism are even greater than scientists believed. That's the finding of a unique study published today in Cardiovascular Research, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation regulates mitochondrial dynamics in brown adipocytes endoplasmic reticulum (ER) engages mitochondria at specialized ER domains known as mitochondria-associated membranes (MAMs). Here, we used three-dimensional high-resolution imaging to investigate the formation of pleomorphic "megamitochondria" with altered MAMs in brown adipocytes lacking the Sel1L-Hrd1 protein complex of ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD). Mice with ERAD deficiency in

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The Slave Who Helped Boston Battle Smallpox erasure of black and African contributions to medicine is frustratingly common in American culture. Thankfully, there are signs that Onesimus, the enslaved African who brought a lifesaving smallpox treatment to the American colonies in the early 1700s, is finally beginning to get his due.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The spatiotemporal spread of human migrations during the European Holocene [Environmental Sciences] European continent was subject to two major migrations of peoples during the Holocene: the northwestward movement of Anatolian farmer populations during the Neolithic and the westward movement of Yamnaya steppe peoples during the Bronze Age. These movements changed the genetic composition of the continent's inhabitants. The Holocene was also…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. An artificial impact on the asteroid (162173) Ryugu formed a crater in the gravity-dominated regime Hayabusa2 spacecraft investigated the small asteroid Ryugu, which has a rubble-pile structure. We describe an impact experiment on Ryugu using Hayabusa2's Small Carry-on Impactor. The impact produced an artificial crater with a diameter >10 meters, which has a semicircular shape, an elevated rim, and a central pit. Images of the impact and resulting ejecta were recorded by the Deployable CAMe

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Rodents and a rocket carried these researchers' dreams to space human body evolved within the constant force of Earth's gravity. To prevent bone and muscle atrophy during their stays in space, astronauts must exercise every day. For researchers studying bone or muscle loss that might be caused by diseases, aging or a sedentary lifestyle, the microgravity environment aboard the International Space Station is a unique place to perform experiments that can he

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Disentangling the origins of confidence in speeded perceptual judgments through multimodal imaging [Neuroscience] human capacity to compute the likelihood that a decision is correct—known as metacognition—has proven difficult to study in isolation as it usually cooccurs with decision making. Here, we isolated postdecisional from decisional contributions to metacognition by analyzing neural correlates of confidence with multimodal imaging. Healthy volunteers reported their confidence…

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. To Make the Perfect Mirror, Physicists Confront the Mystery of Glass Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory can sense movements thousands of times tinier than the width of an atom partly because of the instrument's near-perfect mirrors. The mirrors bounce laser beams back and forth down the arms of LIGO's L-shaped detectors. Changes in the relative lengths of the arms reveal when a gravitational wave flutters past Earth, stretching and squeezing s

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The man who wanted to fly on Mars: The story of Mars Helicopter's chief engineer Mars Helicopter is riding to the Red Planet this summer with NASA's Perseverance rover. The helicopter's chief engineer, Bob Balaram, shares the saga of how it came into being.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Paleontology: Fossil trove sheds light on ancient antipodean ecology oldest known animals and plants preserved in amber from Southern Gondwana are reported in Scientific Reports this week. Gondwana, the supercontinent made up of South America, Africa, Madagascar, India, Antarctica and Australia, broke away from the Pangea supercontinent around 200 million years ago. The findings further our understanding of ecology in Australia and New Zealand during the Late T

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Technique reveals how crystals form on surfaces process of crystallization, in which atoms or molecules line up in orderly arrays like soldiers in formation, is the basis for many of the materials that define modern life, including the silicon in microchips and solar cells. But while many useful applications for crystals involve their growth on solid surfaces (rather than in solution), there has been a dearth of good tools for studying this

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Structural basis for allosteric PARP-1 retention on DNA breaks success of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase–1 (PARP-1) inhibitors (PARPi) to treat cancer relates to their ability to trap PARP-1 at the site of a DNA break. Although different forms of PARPi all target the catalytic center of the enzyme, they have variable abilities to trap PARP-1. We found that several structurally distinct PARPi drive PARP-1 allostery to promote release from a DNA break. Other

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. When warblers warn of cowbirds, blackbirds get the message is the story of three bird species and how they interact. The brown-headed cowbird lays its eggs in other birds' nests and lets them raise its young — often at the expense of the host's nestlings. To combat this threat, yellow warblers have developed a special 'seet' call that means, 'Look out! Cowbird!' In a new study, researchers report that red-winged blackbirds respond to the seet call a

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. France's TGV speeds patients to spare hospital beds travel west from Paris to Brittany in the first operation of its kind in Europe

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Ungas resande viktig för omställningen av transportsystemet står inför en rad utmaningar på grund av dess negativa inverkan på klimat, jämlikhet och rättvisa. I en ny rapport lyfter forskare fram ungas egna röster inom transportområdet. – Unga kan spela en nyckelroll i omställningen mot framtidens transportsystem, säger Anna Wallsten, postdoktor vid VTI. I studien har forskare analyserat ungas mobilitet och nyttjande av kollektivtrafik i

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Kræftlæge: Regeringen siger én ting og gør noget andet opfordring fra landets kræftlæger vælger sunhedsministeren ikke at lempe på patientrettigheder. Handlingen er ikke i tråd med regeringens budskab, siger formanden for kræftlægerne.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Investors braced for credit crisis in emerging markets currencies and plunging commodity prices hit countries burdened by high debts

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Three human-like species lived side-by-side in ancient Africa million years ago, Africa was home to three human-like species, new discoveries reveal.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. BU researchers find opioid prescriptions linked to obesity new studies from the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) shed light on the relationship between obesity and the use of prescription opioids in the United States.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Norton Rose calls on staff to work a four-day week law firm first to ask staff to cut back hours after taking similar action during financial crisis

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. The way tau spreads may lead to new dementia treatments how the protein tau moves between neurons offers insight into possible treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, researchers report. In the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer's, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the tau protein is a major culprit. Abundant in our brain cells, tau is normally a team player—it maintains structure a

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Contemporaneity of Australopithecus, Paranthropus, and early Homo erectus in South Africa the extinction of Australopithecus and origins of Paranthropus and Homo in South Africa has been hampered by the perceived complex geological context of hominin fossils, poor chronological resolution, and a lack of well-preserved early Homo specimens. We describe, date, and contextualize the discovery of two hominin crania from Drimolen Main Quarry in South Africa. At ~2.04 million

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Facial expressions of emotion states and their neuronal correlates in mice the neurobiological underpinnings of emotion relies on objective readouts of the emotional state of an individual, which remains a major challenge especially in animal models. We found that mice exhibit stereotyped facial expressions in response to emotionally salient events, as well as upon targeted manipulations in emotion-relevant neuronal circuits. Facial expressions were classi

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Oil prices rally on growing hopes for Russia-Saudi Arabia pact president Donald Trump says deal could come in 'a few days'

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Machine learning offers glimpses into the emotional lives of mice a machine learning algorithm to analyze mouse facial expressions, Nejc Dolensek and colleagues have uncovered the neurological origins of emotional states.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Parterapi efter prostatacancer ska hjälpa sexlivet år insjuknar ungefär 10 000 män i prostatacancer vilket gör det till Sveriges vanligaste cancerform. De allra flesta är över 50 år gamla och prognosen varierar beroende på när sjukdomen upptäcks.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Visual feedback enhances activation of muscle movement in response to bodily sensation feedback is just as important as a sense of body position when it comes to the involuntary reflexes that activate muscle movement, says a new study.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Private equity eyes mom-and-pop aid Street's biggest buyout groups seek access to $350bn rescue loans

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Why West African lions don't avoid hunting areas African lions show no statistically significant preference between the parks and trophy-hunting areas, research finds. West African lions are a critically endangered subpopulation, with an estimated 400 remaining and strong evidence of ongoing declines. About 90% of these lions live in West Africa's largest protected area complex, the W-Arly-Pendjari. The WAP Complex includes five national p

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Venus may have an underground magma ocean spanning the whole planet Earth and Venus formed, they both had global magma oceans deep underground. Earth's has turned solid by now, but Venus's may still remain hidden

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Elon Musk promised ventilators. These are BPAP machines.–These-are-BPAP-machines-/Which cost, oh, just about one-sixtieth of the price.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Why testing offers a way to end the lockdowns screening will be complex and costly but crucial

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Baby steps: Ancient skull helps trace path to modern childhood our extended primate family consisting of lemurs, monkeys, and apes, humans have the largest brains. Our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, weigh about two-thirds as much as us, yet our brains are about 3.5 times larger.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Gut communicates with the entire brain through cross-talking neurons know that feeling in your gut? We think of it as an innate intuition that sparks deep in the belly and helps guide our actions, if we let it. It's also a metaphor for what scientists call the 'gut-brain axis,' a biological reality in which the gut and its microbial inhabitants send signals to the brain, and vice versa.

….. (Hentet 2. april 2020) …..<> ….. Versatile coffee makers for at-home java perfection morning savior. (John Schnobrich via Unsplash/) If you're a coffee drinker, a brewing routine is important for getting the day started. For some, that means dragging yourself out of the house to get your preferred brew, for others that's using a series of devices for the perfect first sip, for still others, that's getting a mediocre-tasting fix with the same maker you've had since the colleg

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