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…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>z ….. Looks like the beginning future of food! Lab-grown meat is starting to feel like the real deal: Researchers grow bovine stem cells on a textured soy protein scaffold that results in a pleasant meaty flavour and sensorial attributes according to volunteers that tasted the product ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>z ….. Bacteria farms produce natural sugar safe for diabetics and teeth ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>z ….. Edible insects set to be approved by EU in 'breakthrough moment' :: 8088 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Turn Off Your Screen Time Notifications It's just one more thing to feel bad about at a time when nothing feels particularly good. :: 8087 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Texts From Politicians Could Be More Dangerous Than Ever With rallies and canvassing on ice, 2020 election campaigns are rapidly turning to peer-to-peer texting, which isn't the panacea it appears to be. :: 8086 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. A Notorious Spyware Vendor Wants to Track Coronavirus Spread Plus: An evacuated aircraft carrier, Iranian hackers, and more of the week's top security news. :: 8085 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Japan Is Racing to Test a Favipiravir, a Drug to Treat Covid-19 Based on a compound discovered in 1998, the antiviral Favipiravir is already being used in Japan and Turkey. Its maker? A subsidiary of Fujifilm. :: 8084 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. With Sports on Hold, Restless Gamblers Turn to Videogames With sports seasons suspended, the billion-dollar betting industry has set its sights on digital arenas. :: 8083 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. 9 Easy Mess-Free Indoor Activities and Creative Ideas for Kids Need to keep the kids busy while you work at home? Here are some ideas that won't leave your house looking like it's been glitter bombed. :: 8082 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Has Created a Sex Boom—but Maybe Not a Baby Boom Isolated couples are purchasing toys by the bucketload, and activity on dating apps is way up. But more babies might not be on the way. :: 8081 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK death toll: why what we think we know is wrong The figure we are all watching is likely to be an under-report, which is skewing the curve Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage New figures reveal that what we think we know about the Covid-19 death toll in the UK is wrong. Here's why. Every day we get one big figure for deaths occurring in the UK. Everyone jumps on this number, taking it to be the latest toll. However NH :: 8080 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a p :: 8079 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Recruit volunteer army to trace Covid-19 contacts now, urge top scientists Ministers must take steps to track down possible infections, says new grouping of health experts Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Ministers must recruit an army of "contact tracing" volunteers to warn people who mayhave been infected by a Covid-19 sufferer, say public health experts. More than 50 leading scientists say health secretary Matt Hancock's plans to introduc :: 8078 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in :: 8077 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or :: 8076 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus? Covid-19 myths busted The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest news and updates What are the symptoms and should I see a doctor? Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won't get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as :: 8075 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. How long does coronavirus live on different surfaces? Coronavirus RNA was found on a cruise ship 17 days after passengers left. What are the risks of handling packages and groceries? Coronavirus – latest US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage More people are staying indoors to avoid contact with people potentially infected by Covid-19. But in light of a recent report from the US's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( :: 8074 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Have I already had coronavirus? How would I know and what should I do? Covid-19 symptoms, when they occur, vary widely and undertesting means many people have probably been unwittingly infected :: 8073 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Pandemic shaming: is it helping us keep our distance? Everyone from dog walkers to flower sellers have been singled out but online humiliation may not shift behaviour Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scholarships have been threatened. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles have been removed. Death threats have been sent in their hundreds, if not thousands. And governments spurred into action. Since mid-March – when the governmen :: 8072 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. 'The moment everything changed': Covering Covid-19 from Westminster Our political correspondent on the bombshell briefing that changed the mood across the country I was in the midst of the usual reporter's juggle, trying to write on a notepad balanced on one thigh while resting a dictation machine on the other, when the prime minister's tone suddenly changed, prompting me to look up. Standing in front of me at the lectern in Downing Street, Boris Johnson said: "I :: 8071 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Brazil coronavirus: medics fear official tally ignores 'a mountain of deaths' Lack of testing and failure to report on cases means scale of outbreak could be far greater than thought, doctors warn Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Brazil is bracing for a surge in coronavirus cases as doctors and researchers warn that underreporting and a lack of testing mean nobody knows the real scale of Covid-19's spread. "What's happening is enormous underrep :: 8070 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Tories' call to 'protect the NHS' is a disgraceful hypocrisy | Simon Hattenstone This party has undermined, underfunded and sold off bits of the NHS. Coronavirus has not changed that simple fact • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage In most countries, slogans about the national effort to combat coronavirus have focused on survival or the human spirit. Iran has gone for the simple approach (" Stay at home "), Switzerland the communal (" This affects u :: 8069 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Sanctions are crippling Iran's fight against coronavirus | Pirouz Hanachi As mayor of Tehran I have seen lives lost as a result of medical shortages. This is no time for vindictive politics • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage To many of us urban administrators in Iran, the onslaught of corona virus has underscored an important fact of life: no town, city or nation can be indifferent to global crises, even in far-flung corners of our world. I :: 8068 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. What Doctors Are Afraid Of Chaos. Fear. Dwindling stockpiles of equipment . Impossible choices. Patients dying alone. These are some of the things that health-care professionals describe facing while fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past week, we spoke with doctors, nurses, and physician assistants at some of the hardest-hit hospitals in the nation. In a new documentary from The Atlantic , they bring us into their :: 8067 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: Many Chinese Americans Saw This Coming It's Friday, April 3. In today's newsletter: How many Chinese Americans are now living through their second pandemic. Plus: An unhealthy military, struggling to fight COVID-19. * « TODAY IN POLITICS » In January, Mei Mei, a real-estate agent in California, shipped N95 masks to her parents in China. When the outbreak started getting worse in the U.S., they considered sending the same masks back to :: 8066 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Gretchen Whitmer: 'There's Going to Be a Horrible Cost' Donald Trump's exchanges with Democratic politicians usually go something like this: He picks a petty fight, almost always lobbing a tweet with a low-grade schoolyard taunt. The politician he targeted makes some bland statement about not engaging, but slips in a few passive-aggressive comments to needle him back. Political reporters lap it up. That's what's been playing out between Trump and Mich :: 8065 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Coronavirus Killed the Policy Primary What a rollout it was going to be. Joe Biden would stand next to former Representative Gabby Giffords at a big rally in Miami the Monday before the Florida primary. They'd rail against gun violence, criticize Bernie Sanders, and get a head start on taking it to Donald Trump in November. It was just what the gun-control movement needed: a big splashy event that would be all over local, state, and :: 8064 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. 2020 Time Capsule #12: Do As They Say, Not As I Do In his rally-briefing yesterday at the White House, Donald Trump announced that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was recommending that Americans wear masks or similar face coverings when in range of other people. You can see C-Span's coverage of the whole briefing here , including Trump's repeated emphases that this was a voluntary recommendation—"You don't have to do it"—and that h :: 8063 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Daily: Ideas for a Weekend in Quarantine Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Mark Metcalfe / Getty Read a book. Read something surrealist . Something to feel better . Start that novel you meant to read last year—revisit our list of the best books of 2019 . If your attenti :: 8062 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Stretching the International Order to Its Breaking Point At this stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty prevails. The greatest error that geopolitical analysts can make may be believing that the crisis will be over in three to four months, as the world's leaders have been implying. As documented in The Atlantic and elsewhere, public-health experts make a compelling case that COVID-19 could be with us in one way or another until a vaccine comes on :: 8061 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Even Now, Criminal Defendants Have Rights In California, home to one in eight U.S. residents, emergency measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic have scaled back the rights of criminal defendants, raising thorny questions about what process is due while public-health authorities insist on strict social distancing. Everyone understands that the state is in a temporary emergency and that some changes to the criminal-justice system are def :: 8060 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. A Brilliant Indie Movie That's Accidentally Getting a National Release When I interviewed the director Eliza Hittman on March 10 about her new movie, Never Rarely Sometimes Always , we gently bumped elbows as a greeting. It was our only real acknowledgment of the country's brewing coronavirus crisis. On March 13, the film opened in limited release, but three days later, New York's cinemas officially closed , with most others in the U.S. following suit within the wee :: 8059 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Jordens skakningar har minskat av coronaepidemin I och med coronaepidemin har människors rörelsemönster förändrats. Minskat omgivningsbrus gör att stadsnära stationer som mäter jordskalv kan registrera mindre jordskalv. :: 8058 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Därför kan unga och friska bli svårt sjuka av coronaviruset Immunförsvaret kan överreagera mot det nya coronaviruset och skapa cytokinstormar i kroppen, som angriper inre organ. Det finns redan befintliga mediciner som hjälper mot detta. :: 8057 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Possible coronavirus drug identified A new study has shown that an anti-parasitic drug already available around the world can kill the virus within 48 hours. Scientists found that a single dose of the drug, Ivermectin, could stop the SARS-CoV-2 virus growing in cell culture. The next steps are to determine the correct human dosage — ensuring the doses shown to effectively treat the virus in vitro are safe for humans. :: 8056 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Rapid infectious disease shifts in Chinese children and adolescents prior to COVID-19 Deaths of children and adolescents in China due to infectious diseases were becoming rare prior to the covid-19 pandemic, according to a new study. :: 8055 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Vaccine candidate against SARS-CoV-2 being tested South Australian researchers working with Oracle Cloud technology and vaccine technology developed by local company Vaxine Pty Ltd are testing a vaccine candidate against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. :: 8054 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Warning issued as researchers reveal another potential treatment for coronavirus :: 8053 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Self-Driving Vehicles Delivering COVID-19 Medical Supplies :: 8052 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: 5 Robots Helping Fight Covid-19 :: 8051 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. The places that escaped the Spanish flu – BBC Future :: 8050 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Tunisia has deployed a police robot to patrol the streets of the capital and enforce the coronavirus lockdown | Known as PGuard, the 'robocop' is remotely operated and equipped with infrared and thermal imaging cameras, in addition to a sound and light alarm system. :: 8049 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Google's COVID-19 location data shows regions that are violating lockdown orders. :: 8048 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution :: 8047 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Fight viruses in your home without making bacteria stronger Drug-resistant microbes are a serious concern. (CDC/Unsplash/) Follow all of PopSci 's COVID-19 coverage here , including the most recent numbers , tips on how to make your own masks , and advice on what to donate for health care workers . Understandably, everyone's got SARS-CoV-2—the coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic—on their minds. But even amidst a global emergency, we should take care :: 8046 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Projecting hospital utilization during the COVID-19 outbreaks in the United States [Population Biology] In the wake of community coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) transmission in the United States, there is a growing public health concern regarding the adequacy of resources to treat infected cases. Hospital beds, intensive care units (ICUs), and ventilators are vital for the treatment of patients with severe illness. To project… :: 8045 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Telemedicine Arrives in the U.K.: '10 Years of Change in One Week' With the coronavirus pandemic turning doctors' offices into no-go zones, family physicians are now doing much of their consultations online or by telephone. :: 8044 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. In Italy, Going Back to Work May Depend on Having the Right Antibodies Weighing an idea that might once have been relegated to science fiction, Italy once again finds itself in the unfortunate vanguard of Western democracies grappling with the coronavirus. :: 8043 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. A German Exception? Why the Country's Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low The pandemic has hit Germany hard, with more than 92,000 people infected. But the percentage of fatal cases has been remarkably low compared to those in many neighboring countries. :: 8042 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: CDC Recommends Wearing Masks The C.D.C. said all Americans should wear masks, but President Trump said he wouldn't. His attorney general expanded the pool of federal prisoners eligible for early release. :: 8041 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Live Coronavirus News Updates The C.D.C. begins testing people for previous coronavirus infections. Despite new travel restrictions, about 40,000 people have flown to the U.S. from China. More than 3,500 people have died in New York State. :: 8040 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. China Pushes for Quiet Burials as Coronavirus Death Toll Is Questioned Officials are ​trying to curb expressions of grief and control the narrative​ amid doubts about the official number of deaths in China. :: 8039 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. U.K. Cellphone Towers Ablaze As Conspiracy Theories Link 5G Networks To COVID-19 Unsubstantiated claims drawing links between the pandemic and the communications technology are troubling British telecom authorities. At least three fires have been reported amid these rumors. (Image credit: Tim Graham/Tim Graham/Getty Images) :: 8038 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. CDC Changes Course, Says Everyone Should Cover Their Face In Public U.S. officials say high-quality masks should still be saved for health care workers, but are encouraging people to use something to cover their mouth and nose when they're out in public. :: 8037 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Londoners get used to coronavirus lockdown — in pictures Spring has not stopped as people stay indoors but it is the only thing to have remained the same :: 8036 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Investors spoiled by cash returns should now hand some back If investors eased liquidity crunches valuations would rebound to everyone's benefit :: 8035 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Germany accuses US of face mask piracy Officials say protective gear ordered for Berlin police was intercepted in Thailand and diverted to US :: 8034 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Top UK adviser says mass tests key to ease lockdown Professor Neil Ferguson offers clearest indication yet of government's preferred method to get UK back to work :: 8033 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. History of community resistance helps London estate fight coronavirus Prompt action by tenants' association has forged strong spirit among the 600 residents :: 8032 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Hotel lobbies go quiet as demand drops during coronavirus pandemic Travel stops as government impose lockdowns ahead of usually busy Easter weekend :: 8031 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: Outbreak threatens Mumbai area as Thailand bans flights :: 8030 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. US and Canada discuss putting tariffs on Saudi and Russian oil Global deal to reduce production hangs in balance ahead of Opec+ meeting :: 8029 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Prisoners set to be released early due to Covid-19 threat Ministers seek to avert serious coronavirus outbreak in overcrowded jails :: 8028 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Berlin's drug dealers adapt to life under coronavirus lockdown Vendors face a shifting landscape as supply routes close and users' habits change :: 8027 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump fires intelligence official who helped initiate impeachment US president's action to remove inspector-general comes as coronavirus crisis intensifies :: 8026 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Hospital suffers critical incident on day UK deaths rise above 4,300 Site urges patients to stay away after suffering problems with oxygen equipment :: 8025 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Primark wage pledge draws sceptical response Retailer says it will pay garment workers for cancelled orders :: 8024 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. How to avoid rationing urgent healthcare during the Covid-19 outbreak The NHS should learn from Italy and China, where cancer treatment has continued :: 8023 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. US coronavirus hotspots desperately seek trained medical staff Appeals made to bring more doctors, nurses and healthcare workers into hardest-hit regions :: 8022 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Putin ducks tough coronavirus decisions as aides step up The Russian president is allowing his senior lieutenants to jostle for influence :: 8021 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Klar på en skovdukkert? Japansk trend vinder frem i Danmark Midt i corona-bekymringerne kan det hjælpe at finde ro i naturen, siger ekspert. :: 8020 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Derfor må vi vente længe på corona-vaccinen: En forkert opskrift kan gøre virusset farligere Der går nok et år, før en Covid-19 vaccine er klar. :: 8019 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Weekend reads: COVID-19 and peer review; blaming a spell-checker for plagiarism; the fastest retracting country Before we present this week's Weekend Reads, a question: Do you enjoy our weekly roundup? If so, we could really use your help. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. Sending thoughts to our readers and wishing them the best in this uncertain time. The week … Continue reading :: 8018 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Indonesia covers up to protect orangutans from virus threat Poaching and habitat loss have decimated Indonesia's orangutan population, but now coronavirus has emerged as another potential deadly threat to the critically endangered species. :: 8017 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Ugens debat: Hvad med datasikkerheden ved massive tests? Hele den danske befolkning vil kunne testes for coronavirus to gange på fire uger, har branchefolk fremført på Blandt læserne skabte det debat om bl.a., hvordan de mange prøver skulle håndteres – og hvad konsekvensen af svarene skulle være. :: 8016 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. DTU-ambition: Vi skal levere 1000 coronatest til Rigshospitalet om dagen PLUS. DTU skal hjælpe Rigshospitalet med at teste corona-prøver efter påske. Men lige nu er det en udfordring at sikre materialer til arbejdet, sådan at det ikke pludselig går i stå. :: 8015 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Medical Students Can Give Vital Help in the COVID-19 Crisis They're not full-fledged physicians, but they've been learning important skills that can take the pressure off credentialed M.D.s — Read more on :: 8014 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Can India Contain the Pandemic? Public health interventions can work in this poor and populous country—but only if the people are involved in designing and implementing them — Read more on :: 8013 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Jolted by Her Own Illness, Pandemics Scholar Gains Insight into Botched COVID-19 Response The author of book on the 2009 flu outbreak explains how a lack of effective tests crippled U.S. attempts to contain the coronavirus — Read more on :: 8012 …..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <>corona ….. Earth Is Vibrating Substantially Less Because There's So Little Activity Right Now An unexpected side effect. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <> ….. Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane Scientists at Caltech and Occidental College have discovered a methane-fueled symbiosis between worms and bacteria at the bottom of the sea, shedding new light on the ecology of deep-sea environments. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <> ….. Remote control operation removes tiger's collar in India A delicate remote control operation to remove a tracking collar from a tiger on an epic 13-month trek through India has been carried out to avoid the device choking the animal. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <> ….. Study identifies new temperature sensing mechanism in plants A protein called phytochrome B, which can sense light and temperature, triggers plant growth and controls flowering time. How it does so is not fully understood. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. <> ….. How Can You Tell If You Have Perfect Pitch? Some famous musicians—from Mariah Carey to Jimi Hendrix—have a gift known as perfect pitch. What is it? Could you have it, too? — Read more on ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Scientists Discover Two Mating Flies Trapped in Amber 40 Million Years Ago Together forever. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. This Prototype System Could Theoretically Transmit Data at 10 Terabits Per Second ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. This Gorgeous Galaxy Is The Very Definition of 'Flocculent' Amazing. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. An Ingredient in Some Medicinal Mouthwashes Could Put Teeth at Great Risk of Cavities A worrying link. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Psychology of feedback: How to give or receive valuable critique Feedback is a gift, says business psychologist Dr Melanie Katzman. Giving or receiving feedback can be a formal part of our jobs, but in Dr Katzman's assessment, we often don't go far enough with feedback. Katzman suggests creating a psychological contract with a partner who you respect and trust. In that contract, you agree to exchange extremely honest feedback by mutual consent in a safe and tr ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Self-Terminating Biospheres Is life's persistence on Earth really the norm? — Read more on ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. 1920: Sejlmøller skal udnytte vindens energi mere rationelt Pendulpropellerens opfinder, H. C. Vogt, beskæftigede sig også med vindmøller og agiterede i Ingeniøren for sin vindmølle med sejl, som automatisk ville søge op i vinden, hvorved man kunne undvære vindrosen. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Verdens første vej med induktiv opladning er i drift PLUS. Det svenske Trafikverket har lovende resultater med at oplade en 40 ton lastbil på en teststrækning på Gotland med kobberspoler indbygget i gummimåtter under asfalten. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. NASA's Perseverance Mars rover gets its wheels and air brakes Final assembly and testing of NASA's Perseverance rover continues at Kennedy Space Center in Florida as the July launch window approaches. In some of the last steps required prior to stacking the spacecraft components in the configuration they'll be in atop the Atlas V rocket, the rover's wheels and parachute have been installed. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 4) FUTURE We Need to Start Modeling Alternative Futures Andrew Marino | The Verge "'I'm going to be the first person to tell you if you gave me all the data in the world and all the computers in the world, at this moment in time I cannot tell you what things are going to look like in three months,' [says quantitative futurist Amy Webb.] 'And that's fine because that tells us we still have some agenc ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. 10 years to save 'world's most threatened sea turtle' The critically endangered Eastern Pacific leatherback's future looks "dire," say conservationists. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. What Killed the Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared 66 million years ago. What caused their demise? ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Smokers stock up on tobacco and nicotine products Legal marijuana producers also report spike in demand during lockdown ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Modular repeat protein sculpting using rigid helical junctions [Biophysics and Computational Biology] The ability to precisely design large proteins with diverse shapes would enable applications ranging from the design of protein binders that wrap around their target to the positioning of multiple functional sites in specified orientations. We describe a protein backbone design method for generating a wide range of rigid fusions… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Cryo-EM structure of eastern equine encephalitis virus in complex with heparan sulfate analogues [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV), a mosquito-borne icosahedral alphavirus found mainly in North America, causes human and equine neurotropic infections. EEEV neurovirulence is influenced by the interaction of the viral envelope protein E2 with heparan sulfate (HS) proteoglycans from the host's plasma membrane during virus entry. Here, we present a… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Tubulin tails and their modifications regulate protein diffusion on microtubules [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Microtubules (MTs) are essential components of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton that serve as "highways" for intracellular trafficking. In addition to the well-known active transport of cargo by motor proteins, many MT-binding proteins seem to adopt diffusional motility as a transportation mechanism. However, because of the limited spatial resolution of current experimental… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. A model for the interplay between plastic tradeoffs and evolution in changing environments [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Performance tradeoffs are ubiquitous in both ecological and evolutionary modeling, yet they are usually postulated and built into fitness and ecological landscapes. However, tradeoffs depend on genetic background and evolutionary history and can themselves evolve. We present a simple model capable of capturing the key feedback loop: evolutionary history shapes… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. A Sec14 domain protein is required for photoautotrophic growth and chloroplast vesicle formation in Arabidopsis thaliana [Plant Biology] In eukaryotic photosynthetic organisms, the conversion of solar into chemical energy occurs in thylakoid membranes in the chloroplast. How thylakoid membranes are formed and maintained is poorly understood. However, previous observations of vesicles adjacent to the stromal side of the inner envelope membrane of the chloroplast suggest a possible role… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Pressure-induced amorphization and existence of molecular and polymeric amorphous forms in dense SO2 [Chemistry] We report here the pressure-induced amorphization and reversible structural transformation between two amorphous forms of SO2: molecular amorphous and polymeric amorphous, with the transition found at 26 GPa over a broad temperature regime, 77 K to 300 K. The transformation was observed by both Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction in… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Trade-off between somatic and germline repair in a vertebrate supports the expensive germ line hypothesis [Evolution] The disposable soma theory is a central tenet of the biology of aging where germline immortality comes at the cost of an aging soma [T. B. L. Kirkwood, Nature 270, 301–304 (1977); T. B. L. Kirkwood, Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci. 205, 531–546 (1979); T. B. L. Kirkwood,… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Outer membrane vesicles catabolize lignin-derived aromatic compounds in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 [Applied Biological Sciences] Lignin is an abundant and recalcitrant component of plant cell walls. While lignin degradation in nature is typically attributed to fungi, growing evidence suggests that bacteria also catabolize this complex biopolymer. However, the spatiotemporal mechanisms for lignin catabolism remain unclear. Improved understanding of this biological process would aid in our… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Gene drive and resilience through renewal with next generation Cleave and Rescue selfish genetic elements [Genetics] Gene drive-based strategies for modifying populations face the problem that genes encoding cargo and the drive mechanism are subject to separation, mutational inactivation, and loss of efficacy. Resilience, an ability to respond to these eventualities in ways that restore population modification with functional genes, is needed for long-term success. Here,… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. CRISPR-based technology to silence the expression of IncRNAs [Commentaries] The human genome contains more than 3 billion base pairs, and some estimates suggest that nearly 75% of the genome may be transcribed (1), yet only a small fraction (1 to 2%) of the genome that encodes for protein coding regions has been systematically probed for function. The transcribed genome… ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Hands-on with the Polaroid Now instant film camera Meet the newest Polaroid instant camera, Polaroid Now. (Polaroid/) Polaroid Originals reverting back to its classic name: Polaroid. To celebrate, the company has announced its new Polaroid Now instant film camera . It's an autofocus body that shoots both i-Type and 600 film. For a limited time the new camera will be available in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue alongside the classic black and ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. IKEA (the world's largest furniture retailer) has revealed that 70% of the materials used to make its products during 2018 were either renewable or recycled, as it strives to reach the 100% mark by 2030. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Study finds huge potential for urban gardens to feed city dwellers ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. There won't be an AI winter this time ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. A phone that opens like a scroll. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Standard Hydrogen Introduces Groundbreaking Method to Turn Most Garbage Into Zero-Emission Fuel – FuelCellsWorks ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Understanding the missing 28%: a dark matter theory with evidence Dark matter (DM) makes up about 28% of the universe, but we can't identify its nature. There is a major problem in particle physics, which is why the strong force obeys CP (charge, parity) symmetry. The solution to this may well be the Peccei-Quinn mechanism, which evokes a new field. The particle of this field i is the axion, which has never been observed but which should be massively plentiful ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Ongoing drought in Brazil, Argentina threatens crucial crop harvests. Cities saw 35 percent or less of their normal rainfall for the month, which has proven significant for growing areas of corn and soybeans. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Technology Converts Garbage to Hydrogen Fuel ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. 'Tequila' powered biofuels more efficient than corn or sugar. "Agave is an environmentally friendly crop that we can grow to produce ethanol-based fuels and healthcare products," said Associate Professor Tan from the Sydney Institute of Agriculture. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. An Autonomous Trucking Startup Stays the (Very Long) Course – Ike chief engineer Nancy Sun talks about how self-driving technology will create a safer, more productive industry. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Virtual reality is the future of remote work – VR is not common as a way to hold a business meeting or look at building plans. That could change this year. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Automation May Take Jobs—but AI Will Create Them. A Silicon Valley executive returns home to the rural South to see for himself the ways in which AI is affecting the local economy. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. We need to start modeling alternative futures ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. New wastewater treatment process removes health hazardous chemicals A research team has developed a novel wastewater treatment system that can effectively remove conventional pollutants, and recover valuable resources such as phosphorus and organic materials. This novel system combines chemically enhanced primary sedimentation of sewage with acidogenic fermentation of sludge in tandem, can effectively remove trace emerging chemical contaminants from wastewater and ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Single mutation leads to big effects in autism-related gene A new study offers clues to why autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more common in boys than in girls. National Institutes of Health scientists found that a single amino acid change in the NLGN4 gene, which has been linked to autism symptoms, may drive this difference in some cases. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Readers Respond to the December 2019 Issue Letters to the editor from the December 2019 issue of Scientific American — Read more on ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. The Spanish Sci-Fi Thriller Putting a Brutal Spin on Inequality Netflix's viral new thriller is set in what sounds like a stodgy WeWork facility: the "Vertical Self-Management Center." But the people trapped inside refer to it by a more evocative title—"The Hole"—because the building is, in fact, a skyscraperlike prison with a giant void in the middle. This hole is central to The Platform 's disturbing premise: An inmate named Goreng wakes up and learns that ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. The Alaska Native Teacher Upending the Legacy of Colonial Education Editor's Note: In the next five years, most of America's most experienced teachers will retire. The Baby Boomers are leaving behind a nation of more novice educators. In 1988, a teacher most commonly had 15 years of experience. Less than three decades later, that number had fallen to just three years leading a classroom . The Atlantic' s "On Teaching" project is crisscrossing the country to talk ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Corbynism Will Outlast Jeremy Corbyn Barry Goldwater's 1964 nomination as the Republican presidential candidate was a defining moment in American politics, but not for the reasons that anyone thought at the time. Goldwater was crushed by Lyndon B. Johnson in the general election, a result, everyone agreed, that proved the type of radical conservatism Goldwater represented was dead. Everyone was wrong. Four years later, Richard Nixon ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Behind the iron curtain, the final frontier: Soviet space art – in pictures With more than 250 artworks sourced from cold war-era Russian magazines, Alexandra Sankova's book Soviet Space Graphics: Cosmic Visions from the USSR (Phaidon £24.95) , produced with the Moscow Design Museum, explores "the dream of conquering space". One of the most vibrant publications was Tekhnika Molodezhi (Technology for the Youth) its "unearthly palettes of pink-violet and ochre-scarlet colo ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Jean-Luc Picard Is the Captain We Need Right Now The CBS All Access show 'Picard' is a reminder of the flawed perfection of the Star Trek character. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. A Hacker Found a Way to Take Over Any Apple Webcam The Safari vulnerabilities have been patched, but they would have given an alarming amount of access. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. The JavaScript Framework That Puts Web Pages on a Diet Svelte, created by a graphics editor for the New York Times, has attracted a following among programmers who want their pages to load faster. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. Space Photos of the Week: Awesome Planets and Ancient Gods Earth aside, all the planets in our solar system were named after Greek and Roman gods. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. The Physics of an Elephant-Powered Slam Dunk What could be better than sailing 30 feet through the air for a two-hand jam? Staying home and analyzing it\! ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. The 16 Best Weekend Deals: Sonos Speakers, Nest Wifi, and More Everyone's sheltering in place—might as well enjoy your social isolation with better sound and classic videogames. ::

…..(Hentet 4. april 2020)….. In Xinjiang, Tourism Erodes the Last Traces of Uyghur Culture In the far-western reaches of China, the Communist party has long tried to eliminate markers of the Muslim ethnic minority group's identity. ::

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