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…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>z2 ….. Radioaktive rester fra gamle atombomber afslører alderen på hvalhajer af kulstof-14 blev fordoblet under den kolde krig, og det kan måles i hvalhajens ryg.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. Neuroscientists find memory cells that help us interpret new situations neuroscientists have identified populations of cells that encode distinctive segments of an overall experience. These chunks of memory are encoded separately from the neural code that stores detailed memories of a specific experience.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. 'Smart toilet' monitors for signs of disease, Stanford study reports's a new disease-detecting technology in the lab of Sanjiv 'Sam' Gambhir, M.D., Ph.D., and its No. 1 source of data is number one. And number two. 8376 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Asian Countries That Beat Covid-19 Have to Do It Again, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan had flattened the curve. Then travelers from the US and Europe began reimporting the virus. 8375 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. HBO and AMC Are Offering Free Streams for Folks Stuck Inside stay-at-home orders mean a lot of people are indoors watching movies and TV. Now some networks are giving their wares away for free. 8374 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Defense Production Act Won't Fix America's N95 Face Mask Shortage Trump administration put off using the DPA for weeks. Now it may be too late to help secure N95 masks where they're needed most. 8373 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Reality of Covid-19 Is Hitting Teens Especially Hard pandemic has been devastating for us adults, but its impact on teenagers is arguably far greater. 8372 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. My Bulletproof Vest and the Illusion of Perfect Protection once bought it to keep me safe from gunfire, but these days, what would keep me safe from other people? 8371 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Sådan kommer den norske smitte-app til at fungere danske myndigheder tøver, vil man i Norge snart lancere app til registrering og varsling om mulig smitte. 8370 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Sociale medier skal hjælpe med at udrydde 5G-coronarygteråsættelse af mobilmaster i England fører nu til, landets regering går sammen med populære sociale medier for at udrydde rygter om, at 5G-netværk kan svække immunsystemet og dermed øge coronasmitten. 8369 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scientists Around the Globe Pivot Their Research to SARS-CoV-2 have rapidly identified ways to apply their expertise to help end the pandemic. 8368 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why the UK lacks an adequate testing system | Letters would be better placed to respond to the coronavirus outbreak had the Public Health Laboratory Service been maintained, writes Valerie Bevan , while Dr Colin Coles highlights the differences between the NHS and German healthcare Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Matt Hancock says this country, unlike Germany, does not have the scale to undertake the testing required 8367 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a p 8366 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Europe looks past lockdowns as US and Japan brace for coronavirus trauma believes public life can gradually resume, while Spain and Italy see glimmers of hope Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Europe's governments have begun to look ahead to the post-lockdown phase of their battle against Covid-19 as curves on the continent flatten, while the US braces for "peak death week" and Japan prepares to declare a state of national emergency 8365 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 8364 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or 8363 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ban wildlife markets to avert pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief comes as destruction of nature increasingly seen as key driver of zoonotic diseases See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus latest: at a glance The United Nations' biodiversity chief has called for a global ban on wildlife markets – such as the one in Wuhan, China, believed to be the starting point of the coronavirus outbreak – to prevent future pandemics. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema , th 8362 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US surgeon general warns of 'Pearl Harbor moment' as Americans face 'hardest week' echoed that idea in a White House briefing, but said there's 'a light at the end of the tunnel' Jerome Adams reaches for second world war imagery Coronavirus – US updates Coronavirus – global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The US surgeon general warned the country on Sunday that it will face a "Pearl Harbor moment" in the next week, with an unprecedented numbers of coronavirus dea 8361 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar to work a day a week as a doctor Gael leader was a junior doctor in Dublin and qualified as a GP in 2010 Leo Varadkar is to work one day a week as a doctor to help combat the coronavirus pandemic after reactivating his medical credentials. Ireland's taoiseach has offered his services to the Health Service Executive (HSE) in areas that are within his competence, a spokesperson for his office said on Sunday. Continue reading. 8360 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus 'game changer' testing kits could be unreliable, UK scientists say continues over whether government's virus pledges stand up to scrutiny The huge stock of 17.5m antibody home testing kits ordered by the government after Boris Johnson said they could be a "game changer" could in fact be unreliable, scientists have said, saying that they may fail to detect up to half of coronavirus cases. After the prospect of the pregnancy test-style kits was first raise 8359 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lockdown has cut Britain's vibrations, seismologists find's a kind of hush all over the world as the reduction in human activity stops the Earth buzzing so much Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The dramatic quietening of towns and cities in lockdown Britain has changed the way the Earth moves beneath our feet, scientists say. Seismologists at the British Geological Survey have found that their sensors are twitching les 8358 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson remains in hospital after 'comfortable night' 10 no longer describes coronavirus symptoms as mild and does not deny he had oxygen Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson is still in hospital suffering from coronavirus and had a "comfortable night" but No 10 has dropped the description of his symptoms as mild. As the prime minister continues to be observed by doctors, Downing Street said it was too early 8357 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The hunt for a coronavirus vaccine | podcast in more than 40 labs around the world are working round the clock to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. Despite early success in sequencing the virus's genome, however, Samanth Subramanian tells Rachel Humphreys we are still some months away from knowing if one can be put into mass production Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The search is well under way for a vacc 8356 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. No, Matt Hancock: biotech giants are not leading Germany's coronavirus fight | Peter Kuras health minister should look to other factors in Germany's response – including a continually well-funded health system • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage When Olfert Landt first heard about a novel virus ravaging parts of China, he sprung into action, and by the 10 January, according to Bloomberg , the microbiologist, working with researchers at Berlin's Charité h 8355 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Don't let free speech be a casualty of coronavirus. We need it more than ever | Cas Mudde like Hungary's Viktor Orbán are banning speech to 'fight' Covid-19. But more democratic countries are too Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage In times of crisis, liberal democratic institutions and values are vulnerable to authoritarian power grabs, or corona coups, as we are seeing around the world today. One of the first 8354 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Fear, bigotry and misinformation – this reminds me of the 1980s Aids pandemic | Edmund White saw the damage Aids did to the gay community, and I live with it myself. Now, at 80, I worry I won't survive coronavirus • Coronavirus latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage I am a gay man who lived through the Aids pandemic, so many people have asked me to compare that crisis with the one we now face. The main difference between the two is that Aids at first appeared to afflict spec 8353 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wisconsin's Warning for the November Election 8352 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Britain Just Got Pulled Back From the Edge a testament to how close Britain has come to losing its way is the fact that it took a pandemic, an emergency of foggy complexity, for the country to get back on its path. This was a weekend that felt defining, not just for the immediate story, the coronavirus, but for British politics—and for Britain itself. It was not a good weekend. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized, and Br 8351 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The 9/11 Era Is Over n a large windowless room in the bowels of the CIA, there is a sign that reads Every day is September 12th . When I first saw those words, during a tour of the agency's operations, I felt conflicted. As a New Yorker who witnessed the 9/11 attacks, I once felt that way myself, but by the time I saw the sign, during the second term of the Obama administration, it seemed to ignore all the things t 8350 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. This Is What Happens When the Federal Government Abandons You he federal government's stockpile of medical supplies, gloves, and masks is nearly exhausted , President Donald Trump admitted at a White House briefing on Wednesday. Meanwhile, individual states are scrambling, bidding against one another for the equipment they need. "The coronavirus pandemic is a damning indictment of this country's health-care system," Joseph Kantor, the assistant state heal 8349 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Mayor Who Can't Rise to the Occasion de Blasio has long been spoiling for a fight, just not the one now before him and his city. When he became the 109th mayor of New York, on a colorless winter day in 2014, he promised to lead a struggle against "injustice and inequality." Although he has had some genuine successes, he has failed to turn the city into a Copenhagen-on-the-Hudson. He hasn't turned it into Caracas, either. New Yo 8348 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to Actually Use the Defense Production Act nurses sew their own face masks , hospitals ration tests and split ventilators , and ventilator drugs dwindle nationwide , a desperate America has zeroed in on the promises of the Defense Production Act, the Korean War–era statute that empowers the federal government to ramp up the manufacturing and distribution of badly needed medical supplies. Deploying the DPA to combat COVID-19 is a no-bra 8347 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Wide World of Socially Distanced Sports a large part of the nation couch-bound, craving an escape from the news, a collective diversion, or family-friendly TV, the loss of live sports broadcasts could scarcely be more ill-timed. Yes, a rich archive of classic contests lives on YouTube. I've already explored great moments in basketball, tennis, and surfing. Still, I crave something that we can all watch together, even given the imp 8346 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. In Right-Wing Media, the Pivot Didn't Happen news descriptions of the right-wing media's approach to COVID-19 typically go something like this: At first, prominent conservatives on television and radio downplayed the threat; only when Donald Trump himself acknowledged that the coronavirus was likely to kill large numbers of Americans did his enablers on Fox News and talk radio reverse course. On March 31, the New York Times contr 8345 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A Make-or-Break Test for American Diplomacy the course of my diplomatic career, I learned to be humble about America's ability to anticipate the consequences of crises like the coronavirus pandemic. I also learned that massive jolts to the international system, like the virus, tend to exacerbate preexisting conditions and clarify future choices. The post-pandemic world will pose a massive test for American statecraft, the biggest sinc 8344 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. I've Been Training for the Olympics, and Pushing the Games Back Was the Right Call I was 6 and my dad took me to see the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, I wondered what it would feel like to be an Olympian. Twenty years later, I found out. I arrived at the 2016 Rio Olympics ready to compete for Greece in the 10,000-meter track race. I was proud but mostly nervous as I waited for my event, which was scheduled for several days after the opening ceremony. Then, when I was finally on t 8343 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Be Very Careful About Taking Medical Advice From President Trump's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Two weeks ago, French doctors published a provocative observation in a microbiology journal. In the absence of a known treatment for COVID-19, the doctors had taken to experimentation with a potent drug known as hydroxychloroquine. For decades, the drug has been used to tre 8342 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why People Are Confessing Their Crushes Right Now little more than a month ago, Kesse, 29, traveled to visit a dear friend of his, and as they hung out together, he realized that he had developed feelings for her. At the time, he decided to keep his feelings a secret. But after they parted and he went home to Germany, she informed him that she'd come down with COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus that has rapidly infected more 8341 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dear Therapist: What's Your Advice to Parents Whose Kids Are Stuck at Home During the Coronavirus Lockdowns?'s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at . Dear Therapist, How can parents best help our children manage their emotional and mental health during the social distancing required to fight the coronavirus pandemic? They're dealing with a lot of change, stress, and isolat 8340 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. It's Hard to Teach Writing Online's Note: This story is the 13th in our series " On Teaching ," which aims to collect the wisdom and knowledge of veteran educators. As the coronavirus pandemic forces nearly all American students to learn at home or remotely, we're asking some of the country's most experienced and accomplished teachers to share their advice and identify the most urgent needs of their students. We are in the 8339 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. When Can We Lift the Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions? Not Before Taking These Steps Hopkins health security expert Tom Inglesby discusses the need for widespread testing, protective equipment and face coverings — Read more on 8338 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Heart Damage in COVID Patients Puzzles Doctors to 1 in 5 infected patients have signs of heart injury. Cardiologists are trying to learn whether the virus attacks the organ — Read more on 8337 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Shutdown May Obscure Mysteries of Cracked Interstellar Comet alien material from the object 2I/Borisov is being exposed to space for the first time—but the coronavirus pandemic is stopping astronomers from watching it — Read more on 8336 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 5 Ways the Economic Upheaval of Coronavirus May Impact CO2 Emissions Americans return to the roads, what happens to oil prices and China's recovery strategy could all impact emissions levels — Read more on 8335 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Surgical masks likely good for most COVID-19 treatment systematic review of four randomized controlled trials on masks done between 1990 and last month shows the use of medical masks did not increase viral respiratory infection or clinical respiratory illness. 8334 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Positives in first published clinical trial of COVID-19 treatment statistician who worked on the first published large randomized clinical trial for a potential treatment for the COVID-19 virus said the study produced positive results. 8333 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Link between air pollution and coronavirus mortality in Italy could be possible group of scientists has found another small piece in the puzzle of understanding COVID-19. Looking for reasons why the mortality rate is up to 12% in the northern part of Italy and only approx. 4.5% in the rest of the country, they found a probable correlation between air pollution and mortality in two of the worst affected regions in northern Italy. 8332 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Mobilizing 3D Printers Around the World Against the Coronavirus 8331 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How would the current pandemic situation have differed in the humanoid robot era of the future? I wonder about: Our ability to raise healthcare capacity. Social distancing policy adjustments. Anything else you guys think would be different are also welcome. submitted by /u/javascript_dev [link] [comments] 8330 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus shutdowns have unintended climate benefits: cleaner air, clearer water – Does the epidemic bring "environmental protection benefits"? 8329 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Canada's coronavirus response can shift economy's direction to low-carbon: experts. The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices wants any upcoming stimulus package to focus on making the country more resilient to climate-related shocks such as wildfires or floods. 8328 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Revolution Is Under Way Already: Far from making Americans crave stability, the pandemic underscores how everything is up for grabs. 8327 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Pandemic Has Led to a Huge, Global Drop in Air Pollution: Reductions in traffic and industry have lowered nitrogen dioxide levels—offering an accidental glimpse into what a low-carbon future might look like. 8326 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How the National Guard dresses for COVID-19 and other disasters left to right, gear in the Level A, B, and C categories on display at a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team facility in Scotia, New York. (Senior Master Sgt. Gizara / National Guard/) Follow all of PopSci's COVID-19 coverage here , including the most recent numbers and tips on how to make your own masks . The coronavirus pandemic has understandably spurred millions to think about 8325 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Social distancing works—just ask lobsters, ants, and vampire bats't worry, our squirrels aren't alone! They're also keeping in touch with people on Zoom! #SocialDistancing — University of Houston (@UHouston) April 1, 2020 8324 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Trump's Advisors Spar Over Untested Drug the second straight day, the president pushed the use of hydroxychloroquine, which has not been proven effective in treating the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain has been hospitalized for testing. 8323 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Hospitals Run Low on Supplies as the U.S. Death Toll Surpasses 10,000 government report found medical facilities stretched to capacity and in need of everything from ventilators to thermometers. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain was in the hospital. Iran moved to end a shutdown of businesses. 8322 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. To Study a Problem That's Everywhere, They're Getting Creative Deheyn's lab has become a hub of novel research on microfibers that turn up everywhere in our environment. 8321 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Should You Breastfeed if You Have the Coronavirus?'s how to navigate the emerging guidance on breastfeeding in a pandemic. 8320 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ignoring Expert Opinion, Trump Again Promotes Use of Hydroxychloroquine White House Trump Fauci 8319 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Estimates of the predicted coronavirus death toll have little meaning all the unknowns about covid-19, any numbers you hear about death tolls or how long restrictions will last should be taken not just with a pinch of salt but with a sack of it 8318 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: US braces for 'peak death week' latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 8317 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Daily briefing: Why Germany's coronavirus death rate is so low, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01044-x Trust, testing, treatment and a quirk of fate have kept Germany's death rate an order of magnitude lower than those in nearby nations. Plus: step through the coronavirus's full genome and rediscover the polio epidemic that invented intensive care. 8316 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus vaccine patch shows promise in mice have produced a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. When tested in mice, the vaccine—delivered through a fingertip-sized patch—produces antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 at quantities thought to be sufficient for neutralizing the virus. The paper appears in EBioMedicine and is the first study describing a candidate vaccine for COVID- 8315 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to understand social distancing as a moral issue distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 is a moral imperative, an expert argues. That said, there are clear reasons why people aren't sticking with social distancing, too, says Laura Howard, an associate professor of philosophy in University of Arizona's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Howard's research focuses on medical ethics and moral distress in health care. Strongly urge 8314 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Stuck at home: It's OK if kids get bored closing of daycare centers and schools has sent parents nationwide into a mad scramble to teach their children at home, often while juggling work obligations remotely. This is life in the era of COVID-19—and for working parents, it isn't easy. Or pretty. For every parent who is taking nature walks or crafting with their child, there's another who's muting a screaming child during a Zoom telec 8313 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Team tracks coronavirus in wastewater the spread of the new coronavirus continues, researchers are using municipal wastewater to monitor the incidence of the virus in communities across the United States. Researchers say they can use sewage surveillance to determine if the virus exists in a community, even if people have no symptoms, and can also ensure the effectiveness of a municipality's wastewater treatment process. "Testing t 8312 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 5 ways to help those with Alzheimer's during COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social isolation present unique challenges for more than five million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease and their caregivers. Here, Monica Townsend, a training and consultation specialist at the Comprehensive Services on Aging at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care at Rutgers University shares some ways caregivers can help their loved ones cope th 8311 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: why the world should care about India the pandemic in India could have global consequences 8310 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Rolls-Royce ditches profit targets and suspends dividend of aircraft around the world due to coronavirus crisis takes toll on UK aero-engine maker 8309 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump's support rallies around his flag in the Midwest continue to give the US president high marks for his handling of coronavirus 8308 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump cites hopeful signs in US coronavirus fight say social distancing measures are having a positive effect on new cases 8307 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Moral hazard, again is a grim irony in the wealthy seeking bailouts due to bad bets on working people 8306 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lawyers re-tool to take on restructuring boom firms are retraining lawyers to work on restructuring matters as more companies face bankruptcy 8305 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK government admits Covid-19 antibody tests don't work had hoped tests would pave way for an easing of lockdown restrictions 8304 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Is Europe losing Italy? at their plight being ignored and over resistance to coronabonds, Italians' sense of betrayal deepens 8303 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Carmakers face more than $100bn hit to revenues calculation highlights scale of losses should plants remain closed until end of April 8302 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK parliament has been shamefully missing in this crisis politics functions on the premise that accountability improves outcomes 8301 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Emerging economies set to struggle to meet debt obligations currencies and foreign revenues leave countries scrambling to avoid default 8300 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dialysis machine shortages lay bare wider Covid-19 threat to senior London doctors points to damage virus can do to other organs and strain on intensive care 8299 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. South Korea's factories stretched to limit churning out virus tests global demand for Covid-19 diagnostics strains heart of biotech supply chain 8298 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: Decline in new cases stokes hopes outbreak peaked[no content] 8297 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Austria set to be first European country to ease lockdown sets out timetable that could see shops reopening from next week 8296 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. BT, Verizon and Virgin Media raise pay for frontline workers groups reward rank-and-file staff supporting essential communication services 8295 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus is unlikely to challenge the dollar's dominance's during great crises that there are often big shifts in economic and monetary power 8294 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson to remain in hospital for coronavirus tests prime minister still has high temperature and a cough, Downing Street says 8293 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Consumer confidence plummets to 2008 levels after UK lockdown over personal finances and health of economy prompts slump in buying intentions 8292 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Eurobonds are not the answer the Germans and Dutch are right to resist this way of sharing coronavirus costs 8291 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. DMGT and Reach cut pay amid coronavirus downturn Mail publisher and UK's largest regional news group latest media companies taking emergency action 8290 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. FT ranking: the Americas' fastest-growing companies bolsters US dominance of the list, but coronavirus fallout looms large 8289 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lebanon's Hizbollah mobilises for 'battle' against coronavirus group seizes on Covid 19 crisis to show it is a force for good after countries' mass protests 8288 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Nicola Sturgeon defends handling of medical officer scandal threatens to cloud Scottish first minister's performance during the coronavirus crisis 8287 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Iran steps up support for citizens as it eases coronavirus controls unveils package of loans for poor families in effort to boost economic activity 8286 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. From shutdowns to the reopening of economies are necessary measures but must be temporary 8285 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Oil price falls on doubts over Saudi-Russia supply deal of barbs piles further pain on prices hit by price war and coronavirus pandemic 8284 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Regulators free up $500bn capital for lenders to fight virus storm by central banks around the world designed to add $5tn in extra credit for the real economy 8283 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus crisis prompts German rethink on eurobonds say country's traditional resistance to debt mutualisation could crumble 8282 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dividend debate divides banking world considers historic payout suspension 8281 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus/diagnostics: the test of biotech will outstrip supply for the foreseeable future but the urgent requirement for tests will not be sustained 8280 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson's workload stripped back as he recovers in hospital insist prime minister 'still in charge' of UK's coronavirus response 8279 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virus hampers repatriation of 4,000 crew on cruise ships off UK of the seafarers are citizens of India, which has imposed tight restrictions on travel into the country 8278 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Biden says Americans might have to vote by post in presidential election Democratic challenger to Trump also suggests virtual party conference because of coronavirus 8277 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. African health officials warn of chronic medical shortages Leone has just one ventilator for its 7.5m people 8276 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. JPMorgan considers historic dividend suspension warns that America's largest bank is 'not immune' to coronavirus crisis 8275 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. We need some 'creative destruction' now, tech revolution and the environmental threat may spark a wave of innovation 8274 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. G20 oil ministers to hold emergency meeting on Friday to tackle supply glut and collapse in demand caused by coronavirus 8273 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US report reveals hospitals' struggle with shortages plead for more government co-ordination on supplies, staffing and communication 8272 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Global stocks rally on hopes pandemic is stabilising rise sharply as virus shows signs of peaking in continental Europe 8271 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Rohingya brace for coronavirus pandemic workers warn of potential disaster in one of the world's biggest refugee camps 8270 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK looks to Italy and China for clues on lockdown exit strategy for phased lifting of restrictions in summer depend on mixture of testing and technology 8269 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Crisis opens up the NHS for health tech entrepreneurs pandemic has sparked a digital transformation in Britain's health service 8268 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 on emerging markets, possible oil tariffs markets are scrambling to keep their economies afloat as the Covid-19 outbreak deepens 8267 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ecuador's virus-hit Guayaquil is grim warning for region institutions in city have failed to cope with spate of coronavirus deaths 8266 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK car sales plunge amid coronavirus lockdown decline of 44.4 per cent is worse than during the financial crisis 8265 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus poses big test for Northern Ireland Covid-19 has revived tensions between political parties in region's government 8264 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What is stressing you out about home working? Andrew Hill and Emma Jacobs for a live discussion on Monday April 6 at 12 and 5pm UK time 8263 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Uber starts listing other jobs for its drivers app will list job openings at 7-Eleven, Amazon and McDonald's 8262 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The US must act to protect its most vulnerable workers should use this opportunity to broaden, not trim, health benefits 8261 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus delays could trigger legal challenges for London construction has forced contractors to hit the brakes on billions of pounds of projects 8260 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hancock backtracks on tightening lockdown rules praises NHS workers and calls for resolve and self-discipline 8259 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Advent eyes once-elusive takeover targets amid crisis equity firm looking at technology, healthcare and consumer sectors 8258 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson in hospital with coronavirus symptoms undergoing precautionary tests but remains in contact with ministers and officials 8257 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK fashion suppliers warn of wipeout extend payment terms and cancel orders after stores close 8256 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus pandemic deals heavy blow to UK construction activity in the sector slows at fastest rate since financial crisis 8255 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boeing suppliers Hexcel and Woodward call off $6.4bn merger parts manufacturers pull plug in first big deal to collapse due to coronavirus pandemic 8254 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. City of London hiring grinds to a halt over coronavirus scrambling to adapt as companies put expansion plans on ice 8253 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Insurers braced for claims from Covid-19 legal action shareholder lawsuits relating to coronavirus have been launched in the US 8252 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Deborah Birx: the US colonel at war with coronavirus is calm public face of Trump administration's response to outbreak 8251 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. From guitar accessories to medical gear, a start-up pivots to a new era is one of a number of US companies retooling to fill shortages of coronavirus equipment 8250 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The big banks have a giant role to play in this crisis are leaning on the balance sheets of banks, rather than the other way around 8249 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as condition worsens transferred as precaution in case he should need ventilation and Raab to deputise 8248 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. GSK buys $250m biotech stake in hunt for Covid-19 treatment in Vir Biotechnology accelerates race for an antibody treatment for coronavirus 8247 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Business disruption insurance: can it help with coronavirus? insist pandemics are excluded from policies but the wording may leave loopholes 8246 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Brussels considers further relaxation of state aid rules would allow countries to inject equity into companies hit by coronavirus pandemic 8245 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ministers eye rescue package for start-up industry eyes co-investment model involving state and venture capital funds 8244 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Government plan to roll out antibody testing attacked professionals say proposal for public to use at-home kits is not appropriate 8243 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wall Street banks explore option of 'virtual internships' pandemic disrupts traditional immersive experience 8242 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Argentina puts off payments on $10bn in local-law debt comes as the Latin American country races to secure broader agreement with creditors 8241 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Svåra epidemier en del av vår historia 26 juli 1834 kom koleran till Sverige. Första offret var timmermannen Anders Rydberg från Masthugget. I september nådde sjukdomen Stockholm. – Precis som idag gällde det att väga behovet av karantän mot nödvändigheten av att få handel och annan verksamhet att fortsätta fungera, berättar historikern Daniel Larsson. Smittkoppor, dysenteri och febersjukdomar var återkommande farsoter under 1600- 8240 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. HBTQ-personer har stor nytta av digitaliseringen digitala miljöer har stor betydelse för HBTQ-personer. Genom att använda tillgängliga funktioner och laborera med sekretessinställningar skapas en sorts "platsbyggda" garderober, enligt en avhandling som sätter fokus på queera digitala förbindelser. Under cirka trettio år har internet har varit tillgängligt för allmänheten. Det har inneburit radikala förändringar i samhället, bland annat f 8239 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Äldre i coronatider: Sträva efter att bibehålla rutiner och aktivitetsbalansälsomyndigheten rekommenderar att personer över 70 år bör begränsa sina kontakter med andra människor så långt det går under en tid, vars längd är oviss. Hur ska de äldre och deras nära förhålla sig under denna kris? Äldreforskaren Lisa Ekstam vid CASE försöker råda och ge svar. Enligt Folkhälsomyndighetens direktiv bör äldre alltså undvika att träffa släktingar och vänner om det inte är hel 8238 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Distansarbetare: lyssna på råden och ställ krav på arbetsgivaren veckan kom Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, MSB, ut med råd kring informationssäkerhet för dem som jobbar på distans. Informationssäkerhetsexperten Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt vid Högskolan i Skövde ger tips om du som arbetstagare kan öka säkerheten kring ditt hemmaarbete. När Corona-krisen nu biter sitt grepp om det svenska samhället har en stor del av medborgarna övergått till att arbeta 8237 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Now You Can Fight Coronavirus on Your Smartphone or Raspberry Pi particles (orange) emerging from a cell in culture. Those wanting to throw a little extra computing power at the battle against SARS-CoV-2 have an invitation to do so courtesy of the Rosetta@Home project. We talked about Rosetta a bit in an earlier story about Folding@Home. Rosetta's strength is its ability to compute protein design and predict protein structures, while Folding@Home f 8236 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A new antiviral drug heading into clinical trials offers hope for COVID-19 treatment are hopeful that a new drug — called EIDD-2801 — could change the way doctors treat COVID-19. The drug shows promise in reducing lung damage, has finished testing in mice and will soon move to human clinical trials. 8235 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Shorter radiotherapy treatment for bowel cancer patients during COVID-19 international panel of cancer experts has recommended a one-week course of radiotherapy and delaying surgery as the best way to treat patients with bowel cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The short course of treatment involves higher-intensity radiation rather than five weeks of radiotherapy coupled with chemotherapy. Surgery, which normally happens one to two weeks after radiotherapy, can b 8234 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19: on average only 6% of actual SARS-CoV-2 infections detected worldwide number of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease officially issued by countries dramatically understates the true number of infections, a report from Göttingen University suggests. Researchers used estimates of COVID-19 mortality and time until death from The Lancet Infectious Diseases study to test the quality of records. This shows that countries have only discovered on average about 6% of i 8233 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Researchers hope to improve future epidemic predictions the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, a new mathematical model could offer insights on how to improve future epidemic predictions based on how information mutates as it is transmitted from person to person and group to group. The Army Research Office funded this model, developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton University. 8232 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Texas A&M chemists working on drugs To treat COVID-19 the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Texas A&M University chemist Wenshe Ray Liu and his research team have focused their lab solely on searching for drugs to treat COVID-19. The Liu group was the first to identify the antiviral drug remdesivir as a viable medicine to treat COVID-19 in a research study published in late January. The drug was originally developed in response to the 2014 E 8231 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 tool allows health leaders to plan for critical care surge challenges of COVID-19 will require hospital leaders, practitioners and regional officials to adopt drastic measures that challenge the standard way of providing care. The RAND Corporation has created a simple-to-use online tool that allows decision-makers at all levels — hospitals, health care systems, states, regions — to estimate current critical care capacity and rapidly explore strategi 8230 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lancaster academic sees positives in first published clinical trial of COVID-19 treatment Lancaster University statistician who worked on the first published large randomized clinical trial for a potential treatment for the COVID-19 virus said the study produced positive results. 8229 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Identification of new factors important in maintaining lung function in the elderly researchers have found that elderly carriers of a specific DsbA-L gene type are at increased risk for lung function decline. The protein DsbA-L is known to be an antioxidant and enhances the function of the beneficial protein adiponectin. Decreased expression of the DsbA-L gene in lung tissue resulted in an increase in oxidative stress and mucous production. The researchers expect that pr 8228 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scientist proposes clinical trials with low-dose rapamycin to protect elderly from COVID-19 Biogerontology Research Foundation, a registered UK charity supporting and promoting aging and longevity research worldwide since 2008, today announced the publication of a paper titled 'Geroprotective and senoremediative strategies to reduce the comorbidity, infection rates, severity, and lethality in gerophilic and gerolavic infections' in the leading journal Aging. 8227 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New algorithm aims to protect surgical team members against infection with COVID-19 virus have created an algorithm that aims to protect operating room team members who perform urgent and emergency operations from COVID-19. 8226 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Could Hit Hardest in Places With the Most Air Pollution have shown how lungs are more susceptible to pollution, and that people in polluted areas are more susceptible to respiratory infections. 8225 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for Covid-19 Bronx Zoo in New York says this case of human-to-animal transmission appears to be unique. 8224 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Putting the spotlight on the global wildlife trade experts say the pandemic is a watershed moment for curbing global wildlife trade. 8223 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Health Care Workers Face Anti-Science Abuse. This Has to Stop. need to stand with the doctors, nurses, public health specialists, and others who are leading efforts to address the pandemic. And that requires ensuring that medical science, public health best practices — and the professional health workers who implement them — are supported, not threatened or silenced. 8222 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Is Not Due to 5G do the following things have in common? A train engineer deliberately derails his train trying to crash it into a hospital ship in port to relieve overstressed hospital. In 2016 a man entered a pizza parlor and began shooting his assault rifle . And in the last few days several cell towers in the UK were the victims of apparent arson . These strange acts were all apparently motivated by biza 8221 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 conspiracy theories: Vaccines and 5G (along with Bill Gates) are responsible! COVID-19 pandemic will almost certainly wind up being by far the worst pandemic we have experienced in a century. Given a huge pandemic with tragic death tolls, it's not surprising that conspiracy theories are popping up. Here, we look at two of the most common kinds of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. One blames 5G. The other blames—of course!—the flu vaccine. 8220 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hydroxychloroquine-COVID-19 study did not meet publishing society's "expected standard" paper that appears to have triggered the Trump administration's obsession with hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for infection with the novel coronavirus has received a statement of concern from the society that publishes the journal in which the work appeared. The April 3, 2020, notice, from the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, states that the … Continue reading 8219 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Younger workers hit harder by coronavirus economic shock in UK and US on low incomes are also more likely to have lost jobs or pay, and less able to complete work tasks from home. Researchers warn the COVID-19 downturn is likely to "increase inequality between young and old." 8218 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Thousands of gallons of good: LSU chemists help Louisiana prepare large batches of hand rub sanitizer the LSU Department of Chemistry received a call a few weeks ago from someone looking for experts to help prepare hand rub sanitizer, LSU chemistry Ph.D. student Anthony Mai agreed to help. It turns out it was the Louisiana Secretary of State's office asking for help with preparing and ensuring consistent quality for about 5,000 gallons of hand rub sanitizer. 8217 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Remote work amid the coronavirus pandemic: 3 solutions part of the fight against COVID-19, Canada is urging "employees at all work sites … to work remotely whenever and wherever possible." 8216 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandemic underscores gross inequalities in South Africa, and the need to fix them more than ever, South Africans are painfully aware of the inequalities that continue to play out in the country. In people's pre-COVID-19 lives, the realities of living in a country that is among the most unequal in the world were easily overlooked. The pandemic shines a very bright light on this reality. It asks us to fundamentally address them—not just at this time of the pandemic, but as a 8215 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Opinion: More aid to consumers urgently needed significant pillar that has prevented more drastic declines in consumer sentiment has been the widespread belief that the coronavirus crisis will be temporary. Consumers provided dismal assessments of current economic conditions in the latest consumer sentiment survey, but anticipated improved prospects in a year across a wide range of expected changes in personal finances as well as overall eco 8214 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. MPs should consider online voting during COVID-19 pandemic, says researcher voting is entirely possible in parliamentary settings, according to Brock University Assistant Professor of Political Science Nicole Goodman. 8213 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Massive inequities in education exposed during pandemic Whitmer's difficult decision to close schools in Michigan for the remainder of the school year is a necessary precaution in our current crisis. We applaud the teachers and administrators who are working with great ingenuity and skill to serve students and families, and we have been in touch with many Michigan teachers to support their transition to online education. For our own School of Educ 8212 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lockdown will hit Nigeria's smallscale entrepreneurs hard. What can be done has announced a lockdown of three major states, Lagos, Ogun and Abuja, to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Those that will be affected the hardest will be households that rely on the day to day activities of self-employed individuals for consumption. 8211 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The four horsemen of the COVID-19 pandemic is clear that we must prioritize identifying and alleviating the conditions that made the Covid-19 pandemic possible. Even as it rages, scientists are already asking if it is more than just a virus, but rather a symptom emerging from something much deeper, a nonlinear dynamical system of coupled pathologies underlying a veneer of "progress" in an increasingly fragile, volatile, hyperconnected w 8210 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. It is necessary to worry about health, but pessimism about the economy will hurt us this pandemic, our twin health and economic crises require two different types of concern, and they operate differently. 8209 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Great apes and COVID-19: Experts raise the alarm for endangered species experts warn that the global human health emergency of COVID-19 also threatens our closest living relatives—endangered great apes. 8208 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Europe having the same lockdown-caused drop in pollution observed in China pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus is creating all kinds of chaos for human society. But for the dear old Earth, and the humans and creatures that breathe its air, it's a bit of a reprieve. Mirroring what happened in China during lock-down, Europe is now seeing the same drop in air pollution. 8207 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Can COVID-19 be the 'mother of reinvention'? Making workforce transition is possible's a devastating figure, more than one million Australians have found themselves unemployed in the space of just a fortnight, as the impacts of COVID-19 force more business and industry closures and lay-offs. 8206 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus threatens nearly 20 million African jobs: study of lost jobs, mounting debt woes and plunging remittances are among the economic hardships African countries can expect because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the African Union said in a study published Monday. 8205 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Do governments ever truly listen to 'the science'? UK government has consistently argued that its approach to the COVID-19 epidemic follows the best scientific knowledge available. To the average person, it sounds reassuring. But it relies on the widespread belief that there is a correct scientific answer to a problem, and that governments simply need to be led by "the science." 8204 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus support packages will reshape the future economy, and that presents an opportunity across the world have rolled out extensive financial packages to support individuals, businesses and large corporations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 8203 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How the coronavirus has—and has not—disrupted the global supply chain after officials reported SARS-COV-2—also known the coronavirus—had reached the shores of the United States, an odd thing began to happen. Average Americans, gripped with some combination of fear and powerlessness, began to buy as much toilet paper as would fit into their vehicles. Within days, stores, most of which were in areas that had not yet been affected by the virus, found it impossi 8202 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus crisis poses risks and opportunities for unions COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout pose serious challenges for Canada's workers. 8201 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Citizen science helps report ecosystem changes during the lockdown pandemic offers scientists an undesired, albeit unique opportunity to study the relationship between humans and the environment. The ecology research team at Ca' Foscari University of Venice has recently launched a campaign to collect pictures and data on the lagoon, also asking citizens for help. 8200 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Buckle up, climate change deniers: Coronavirus makes the low-carbon transition more urgent deniers have been hanging out for the United Nations' next big summit to fail. In a sense, the coronavirus and its induced policy responses have more than satisfied their wildest dreams, precipitating a global recession that they no doubt hope has pushed the issue of the low-carbon transition well down the political and policy agenda. 8199 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Actions that are stimulus-ready after the pandemic can achieve climate pathways rapid progress and plummeting cost of green technology provide an unprecedented opportunity for Australia to move to a net zero emissions economy by 2050, according to a new report by ClimateWorks Australia released today. 8198 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tre nye KU-projekter får støtte fra regeringen til kamp mod COVID-19 har afsat yderligere 100 millioner kroner til forskning og udvikling i kampen mod coronavirus…. 8197 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Parkerede fly udfordrer DMI's vejrprognoser Færre fly i luften over Europa giver udfordringer hos meteorologiske institutter, som især savner observationer til korttidsprognoser af vind og temperatur. Indtil videre har højtryksvejr og flere vejrballoner kompenseret for de færre flyobservationer. 8196 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Norske forskere: En hård inddæmningsstrategi giver den bedste samfundsøkonomi strategi, hvor man eliminerer coronavirus inden for 5 måneder med efterfølgende streng grænsekontrol, omfattende test og isolering af de syge, kan bedst betale sig for samfundet, konkluderer norske forskere fra landets nationale statistiske myndighed. 8195 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Myndigheder trækker ventilationsadvarsel tilbage Serum Institut mener ikke, der er risiko for luftbåren coronasmitte. Derfor trækker Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen en kun én uge gammel anbefaling tilbage om at slukke for visse typer ventilationsanlæg under epidemien 8194 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Forskere: Luftforurening øger dødeligheden af COVID-19 i Norditalien Dødeligheden blandt coronasmittede i Nornitalien er mere end dobbelt så høj som i den sydlige del af landet. I nord er luften mere forurenet end noget andet sted i Europa. 8193 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Forskere: Covid-19 test afslører ikke virus flere dage efter smitte kan ikke spores med test de første dage efter smitte, viser forskning. Det er en udfordring for en strategi med aggressiv opsporing og isolering af syge, som det bl.a. ses i Tyskland. 8192 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Corona-investeringer: Erhvervsorganisationer og IDA vil skabe titusindvis af job Industri og Dansk Byggeri er klar med idekataloger, der samlet set kan skabe 50.000 arbejdspladser og vækst i slipstrømmen af coronakrisens hærgen i verdensøkonomien. IDA byder også ind med 12 grønne ideer til at skabe ny beskæftigelse. 8191 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tesla Unveils Prototype Ventilator Made From Model 3 Parts car company Tesla showed off a working prototype of a ventilator in a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had promised to use Tesla resources to "make ventilators if there is a shortage" in order to assist overtaxed hospitals during the coronavirus outbreak last month — and this seems to be the result. The carmaker is using its existing know-how to help out those in 8190 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scientists Are Spying on Google Searches to Track the Coronavirus Data It turns out that all those frantic Google searches people make when they feel sick can be leveraged as a valuable public health tool. A team of scientists from Harvard and University College London has found that spikes in Google searches for symptoms of COVID-19 coincide neatly with outbreak hotspots, according to an opinion piece in The New York Times by data scientist Seth Stephens- 8189 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scammers Dressed as Doctors Set Up Fake COVID Testing Sites the country, scammers are developing new schemes to capitalize on the panic surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Some are setting up entirely-bogus testing sites, and others are hoarding medical supplies and selling them at an obscene markup, according to The New York Times . "We are seeing fraud across the board, everything from low-tech to very sophisticated schemes," G. Zachary Terwill 8188 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hong Kong, Taiwan Face New COVID Outbreaks From Europe, America faced with an outbreak of COVID-19, some countries took swift, harsh action and more or less wrangled the coronavirus under control. Those include Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea , all of which shared tentative success stories. But now they're at risk of having to start all over again, according to Wired — thanks to travelers from the U.S. and Europe reimporting the coronavirus 8187 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Forces Corona Beer to Shut Down Production Laugh Remember when morons reportedly thought there was some sort of connection between the deadly coronavirus and the brand of light beer called Corona Extra? Well, now CNN reports that the coronavirus has shut down production of Corona beer in Mexico, where the government suspended non-essential businesses last week — and didn't count beermakers as essential. Beer Run Grupo Model, the comp 8186 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Conspiracy Theorists Are Setting 5G Towers on Fire Virus At least three 5G wireless communication towers have been set on fire in three British cities, according to the BBC — as discredited conspiracy theories spread on social media claiming there's a link between the technology and the coronavirus outbreak. UK cabinet office minister Michael Gove called the conspiracy theories "nonsense, dangerous nonsense as well" during a government briefin 8185 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Breaking: British Prime Minister With COVID-19 Moved to ICU to a Monday afternoon tweet by BBC political correspondent Chris Mason, British prime minister Boris Johnson's condition "has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit [ICU] at the hospital." "The Prime Minister was taken to intensive care at around seven o'clock this evening and is conscious," Mason tweeted in a follow-up . Johnson de 8184 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What do we know about how COVID-19 is transmitted? evidence mounts that it may also be airborne, Cosmos's Editor-at-Large talks to experts about what's been proven, and what you should do to minimise your risk. 8183 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Inside the Global Race to Fight COVID-19 Using the World's Fastest Supercomputers director of IBM Research explains how the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium came together in just a few days — Read more on 8182 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Congress Needs More Scientific Expertise to Fight COVID-19's how they can get it — Read more on 8181 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Can We Really Develop a Safe, Effective Coronavirus Vaccine? don't know for sure, but if we can, it probably won't be easy, cheap or fast — Read more on 8180 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Does Surging Existential Dread Help Trump? fear of mortality rises, so does tribalism and support for authoritarian leaders, according to terror-management theory — Read more on 8179 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. To the Angry Grown Ups in My Town, the young people around you are still learning. What are you going to teach them? — Read more on 8178 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hydroxychloroquine Update For April 6's a lot of news to catch up on, and to keep things straight I'll divide the hydroxychloroquine part out into this post, and cover others in the next one. My previous reviews of the clinical data in this area are here . First up is this study from France. It's another very small one, and all the usual warnings apply because of that. It's from a team at the University of Paris and Saint-Louis 8177 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New study shows masks work to reduce coronavirus spread new study demonstrates that the transmission of the coronavirus can be slowed significantly by using masks. The research shows that the wearer's breath is filtered by the mask, preventing spread. The scientists used a machine to measure the exhalations of infected people. New research supports wearing face masks to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The study, carried out by researchers 8176 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How biased is your favorite news source? This chart will tell you., unreliable news can be dangerous during turbulent times, such as the coronavirus pandemic. The Ad Fontes' Media Bias Chart maps out the biases and reliability of legacy and alternative news organizations. Political bias is one of many we must be wary of when judging the quality of the news we consume. The New York Times was a failing newspaper before changing its business model to muck 8175 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 3 things that happen to the cryptocurrency markets during times of economic uncertainty in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Bitcoin hasn't yet faced a downturn like we're starting to experience. Based on the developments of recent weeks, some crypto market trends are starting to emerge. Bitcoin's relationship to gold is strong, futures and options are losing their lure, and stablecoins are on the rise. Although nobody knows yet what the outcome of the global coronavirus c 8174 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virologist Explains What The Coronavirus Does to Your Body That Makes It So Deadly's what you need to know. 8173 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Small Trial Suggests Antimalarial Drugs Not Effective For Treating Coronavirus've still got a lot to learn. 8172 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Should You Really Wear a Mask in Public? A Medical Researcher Weighs In could protect others. 8171 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Some Scientists Say Just Breathing or Talking May Spread COVID-19. Here's What We Know's complicated. 8170 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here's How to Stop 'Zoombombers' From Trolling Your Virtual Meetings, yes, they're an actual thing now. 8169 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A Tiger in New York Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus don't panic. 8168 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What a career in intensive care nursing has taught me about triage the ethical dilemmas, including prioritisation of care in life-threatening situations, that medical staff grappling with coronavirus have to face 8167 …..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Därför köper vi extra toalettpapper covid-19-pandemin slog till har vi alla sett bilder från livsmedelsbutiker där hyllplanen gapar tomma. I Australien har folk slagits över toalettpapper i butikerna och i Hong Kong har rånare gjort tillslag där de stulit hundratals toalettpappersrullar.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. How the chemical industry can meet the climate goals researchers analyzed various possibilities for reducing the net CO2 emissions of the chemical industry to zero. Their conclusion? The chemical industry can in fact have a carbon-neutral future.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change to affect fish sizes and complex food webs climate change will affect fish sizes in unpredictable ways and, consequently, impact complex food webs in our oceans, a new IMAS-led study has shown.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Climate change encouraged colonisation of South Pacific Islands earlier than first thought led by scientists at the University of Southampton has found settlers arrived in East Polynesia around 200 years earlier than previously thought.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Extreme rainfall days in metropolitan Sao Paulo have risen four-fold in seven decades rainfall has become increasingly common in metropolitan São Paulo, Brazil. The capital of the state of São Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere. The metropolitan area suffered from flooding due to heavy rain in February. Early in the month, no less than 114 millimeters (mm) fell in a single 24-hour period. This was the second highest 24-hour amount for the month since 1943,

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. March 2020 among hottest on record: EU last month were among the hottest on record for March, the European Union's satellite monitoring service said Monday, with particularly extreme warm weather over Russia, home to much of Earth's permafrost.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Indigenous knowledge could reveal ways to weather climate change on islands islands have such low elevation, that mere inches of sea-level rise will flood them, but higher, larger islands will also be affected by changes in climate and an understanding of ancient practices in times of climate change might help populations survive, according to researchers.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Nepal's lowland 'food basket' vulnerable to climate change Nepal's southernmost lowland parts are less resilient to natural disasters than the sparsely-populated hilly and mountain areas, says a new study.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The ocean's 'biological pump' captures more carbon than expected spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the ocean surface erupts in a massive bloom of phytoplankton. Like plants, these single-celled floating organisms use photosynthesis to turn light into energy, consuming carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in the process. When phytoplankton die or are eaten by zooplankton, the carbon-rich fragments sinks deeper into the ocean, where it is, in turn, eaten by

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Societal transformations and resilience in Arabia across 12,000 years of climate change, the Arabian Peninsula is one of the most arid regions in the world. But its climate has not always been the same, and the past has seen both greater aridity and more humidity at different points in time. As a region at risk of water stress in a heating world, Arabia is of significant interest to scientists studying climate change.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Making biofuels cheaper by putting plants to work strategy to make biofuels more competitive is to make plants do some of the work themselves. Scientists can engineer plants to produce valuable chemical compounds, or bioproducts, as they grow. Then the bioproducts can be extracted from the plant and the remaining plant material can be converted into fuel. But one important part of this strategy has remained unclear — exactly how much of a pa

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. More pavement, more problems your daily coffee, boutique gym membership and airport lounge access cost a lot? There may be an additional, hidden cost to those luxuries of urban living, says a new Johns Hopkins University study: more flooding.For every percentage point increase in roads, parking lots and other impervious surfaces that prevent water from flowing into the ground, annual floods increase on average by 3.3%,

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. MSU scientists discover legacy of past weather in stories of prairie plant restoration State University's Lars Brudvig, associate professor in the Department of Plant Biology, and former MSU graduate student Anna Funk investigated fields of data going back 20 years to find out why some replanted prairies are healthier than others. Their research is published in Scientific Reports.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Permafrost microbes may not create so much methane emissions from the warming Arctic may be much smaller than thought, according to a new study. Rising global temperatures are expected to thaw Arctic permafrost , reinvigorating the microorganisms that live in the region's carbon-rich soils. When that happens, those microbes will begin consuming the carbon stored in the permafrost and emitting massive amounts of methane, one of the most powerf

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. These corals are resilient to warming waters, and then can be used to repopulate damaged reefs. Using this technique, restoration teams have already planted 70,000 pieces of coral off the Florida Keys.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets. Low-carbon technologies that are smaller scale, more affordable, and can be mass deployed are more likely to enable a faster transition to net-zero emissions

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. As global heating makes coral bleaching a regular event, scientists are urgently seeking ways to help the world's biggest reef survive

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Upper ocean water masses shrinking in changing climate: Less efficient CO2 sink oceans help buffer the Earth from climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and heat at the surface and transporting it to the deep ocean. New research indicates the North Atlantic Subtropical Mode Water, an upper ocean water mass, is shrinking in a changing climate and becoming a less efficient sink for heat and carbon dioxide.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. How news can avoid boosting fake facts and dangerous views have created a guide to how newsrooms should write about propaganda, disinformation, or hacks in a responsible and timely way. When confronted with these types of campaigns, journalists face a conundrum: How do they cover the newsworthiness of the story without amplifying extreme or dangerous views? Coauthors Janine Zacharia , a journalist with over two decades of field experience and

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Why the Pursuit of Scientific Knowledge Will Never End's because the more we learn, the more questions we find to ask — Read more on

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study advances single-cell transcriptome profiling the goal of ensuring that single-cell RNA sequencing makes use of the best possible methods, an international group has benchmarked 13 methods. The group, led by Holger Heyn of the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) in Spain, found that the Quartz-seq2 method, developed by a team in the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research, was overall the best method developed to sequen

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. What is the Asian hornet invasion going to cost Europe? its accidental introduction in 2003 in France, the yellow-legged Asian hornet (Vespa velutina nigrithorax) is rapidly spreading through Europe. Both experts and citizen scientists keep on identifying the new invader spreading all over the Old Continent in the last decades.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers describe how biofuels can achieve cost parity with petroleum fuels are an important part of the broader strategy to replace petroleum-based gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels that we use today. However, biofuels have so far not reached cost parity with conventional petroleum fuels.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How do biotic and abiotic factors regulate soil enzyme activities at plot and microplot scales under afforestation? carbon (C)-, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P)-acquiring enzymes secreted by microorganisms can catalyze key steps in C, N and P cycling by degrading soil organic matter (SOM) and detritus into low-molecular-mass compounds for microbial assimilation, and are distributed heterogeneously even within ecosystems. However, the relationships between soil enzyme activities (EA) and environments within

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Breakthrough in unlocking genetic potential of ocean microbes have made a major breakthrough in developing gene-editing tools to improve our understanding of one of the most important ocean microbes on the planet.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Coffee grounds show promise as wood substitute in producing cellulose nanofibers world generates over six million tons of coffee grounds, according to the International Coffee Organization. The journal Agriculture and Food Chemistry reported in 2012 that over half of spent coffee grounds end up in landfills. Cellulose nanofibers are the building blocks for plastic resins that can be made into biodegradable plastic products.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A new way to deliver drugs in MOFs from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC PAS) in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) have developed a new, solvent-free method for the encapsulation of drug molecules in MOF (metal-organic framework) porous materials.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers report new understanding of energy fluctuations in fluids Casimir Force is a well-known effect originating from the quantum fluctuation of electromagnetic fields in a vacuum. Now an international group of researchers have reported a counterpoint to that theory, adding to the understanding of energy fluctuations within fluids.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study: Genes that time juvenile-to-adult transition are triggered by a single protein that time the transition to adulthood are well-studied in the roundworm C. elegans, and at least partially conserved in mammals, where they regulate the onset of puberty. Juvenile worms turn into adults when a protein called LIN-29 accumulates in sufficient amounts. By studying two variants of LIN-29, the group of Helge Grosshans reveals that temporal coordination of events during the transi

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Insect wings hold antimicrobial clues for improved medical implants insect wings such as cicada and dragonfly possess nanopillar structures that kill bacteria upon contact. However, to date, the precise mechanisms that cause bacterial death have been unknown.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Invasive species with charisma have it easier's the outside that counts: Their charisma has an impact on the introduction and image of alien species and can even hinder their control. An international research team, led by the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), have investigated the influence of charisma on the management of invasive species.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Leaf economic spectrum and structural defenses are coupled in spiny species studies have shown that spines are associated with resource acquisitive life‐history strategies. However, the studies included both spiny and non‐spiny species (i.e. species that never produce spines), potentially masking subtler variation among different spiny plants in their productivity–defense trait relationships.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Life-like cells can now communicate over long distances via signal amplification have big dreams for artificial cells. These replicas of biological cells in the laboratory could help understand how living organisms work. While a lot of progress has been made in how to construct artificial cells, the phenomena behind their communication and their behavior remain largely unexplored. Researchers from TU/e and Radboud University have developed communities of artificial

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Lignin research yields additional answers into bacteria's role collaboration between the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and three other national laboratories has yielded new insight into the ability of bacteria to break down the hardy part of a plant known as lignin.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Magnetoacoustic waves: Towards a new paradigm of on-chip communication have observed directly and for the first time magnetoacoustic waves (sound-driven spin waves), which are considered as potential information carriers for novel computation schemes. These waves have been generated and observed on hybrid magnetic/piezoelectric devices. The experiments were designed in a collaboration between the University of Barcelona (UB), the Institute of Materials Sc

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. The Milky Way's satellites help reveal link between dark matter halos and galaxy formation as the sun has planets and the planets have moons, our galaxy has satellite galaxies, and some of those might have smaller satellite galaxies of their own. To wit, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a relatively large satellite galaxy visible from the Southern Hemisphere, is thought to have brought at least six of its own satellite galaxies with it when it first approached the Milky Way, based

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Nanopore reveals shape-shifting enzyme linked to catalysis of Groningen scientists have observed the characteristics of a single enzyme inside a nanopore. They learned that the enzyme can exist in four different folded states, or conformers, that play an active role in the reaction mechanism. These results will have consequences for enzyme engineering and the development of inhibitors. The study was published in Nature Chemistry on 6 April.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA finds Tropical Storm Irondro's heavy rainfall displaced analyzed Tropical Storm Irondro's rainfall and found heaviest rainfall was being pushed far southeast of the center because of strong wind shear.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Nigeria's nature reserves need more help to protect biodiversity's Federal Ministry of Environment recently nominated Finima Nature Park in River State as a Ramsar site: a wetland of international importance.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Oil spill: Where and when will it reach the beach? Answers to prevent environmental impacts October 2018, the Tunisian Ro-Ro passenger ship "Ulysse" rammed into the hull of the Cyprus-flagged container ship "Virginia," which was anchored in international waters off the northern tip of Corsica, an area known for its pristine waters and beaches. Bunker fuel from Virginia leaked out of her tanks through a breach several meters long, threatening the marine environment and coastal areas. 5

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Older entrepreneurs as successful as their younger counterparts, study reveals Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, the stories of prosperous, young innovators drive the American economic narrative. However, the truth is that older business entrepreneurs may be just as well suited to success. And older women are far more successful at launching a business than their younger counterparts.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers discover pressure-induced polyamorphism in dense sulfur dioxide substances are known to exist in several different structurally disordered solid states, a phenomenon known as polyamorphism.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Religious believers think God values lives of out-group members more than they do in all powerful supernatural entities that police moral behavior between people has been shown to promote prosocial behavior between co-religionists. But do these effects extend to members of different religious groups? In a new paper, which will appear in print in an upcoming special issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science, Michael Pasek, Jeremy Ginges, and colleagues find th

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Scientists' warning to humanity on insect extinctions of the tiniest creatures on the planet are vital for the environment. But there is a worldwide fall in insect numbers after an accelerating rate of extinction.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Scientists discover legacy of past weather in stories of prairie plant restoration there were farms in southwest Michigan, there were prairies. For thousands of years, tall grass prairies stood undisturbed until European settlers turned the rich, highly productive soils to agriculture.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Making stronger concrete with 'sewage-enhanced' steel slag have shown how a by-product of steel making can be used to both treat wastewater and make stronger concrete, in a zero-waste approach to help advance the circular economy.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Sulfur 'spices' alien atmospheres say variety is the spice of life, and now new discoveries from Johns Hopkins researchers suggest that a certain elemental 'variety'—sulfur—is indeed a 'spice' that can perhaps point to signs of life.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Ten years to save world's most threatened sea turtle population Eastern Pacific leatherback turtle will be lost forever if insufficient conservation action is taken over the next ten years, a new study by conservation scientists has warned.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New therapy could combat persistent joint infections in horses new therapy could combat persistent joint infections in horses, potentially saving them from years of pain. Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) lysate that, when teamed with antibiotics, can eradicate bacterial biofilms common in joint infections. The therapy could also be applied to other species, including h

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. X-rays reveal in situ crystal growth of lead-free perovskite solar panel materials perovskites are very promising materials for the production of solar panels. They efficiently turn light into electricity but they also present some major drawbacks: the most efficient materials are not very stable, while lead is a toxic element. University of Groningen scientists are studying alternatives to lead-based perovskites. Two factors that significantly affect the efficiency o

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Whale sharks: Atomic tests solve age puzzle of world's largest fish from Cold War nuclear bomb tests help scientists accurately age whale sharks for the first time.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Stronger Atlantic currents drive temperate species to migrate towards the Arctic Ocean Arctic Ocean increasingly resembles the Atlantic, not only regarding its temperature but also the species that live there. However, scientists from the CNRS and Université Laval, Quebec showed that an unprecedented strengthening of Atlantic currents is playing a major role in this phenomenon called 'Atlantification.' The research team studied Emiliania huxleyi, a marine microalgae that typical

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Bedroom air filters help asthmatic children breathe easier a bedroom air filter that traps particles of pollution with diameters smaller than 2.5 micrometers can significantly improve breathing in asthmatic children, a new Duke University-led study by American and Chinese scientists shows. It's the first study to document that physiological improvements occur in the children's airways when the air filters are in use, and it suggests that with consis

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Brown fat can burn energy in an unexpected way in the lab of Joslin's Yu-Hua Tseng, PhD, a Senior Investigator in the Section on Integrative Physiology and Metabolism at Joslin Diabetes Center, have discovered an unexpected biological pathway by which brown fat cells can translate energy into heat.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Medicare changes may increase access to TAVR number of hospitals providing TAVR could double with changes to Medicare requirements. Researchers see reason for both excitement and concern.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Alzheimer's trial screening data links high amyloid levels with early stage disease first paper from the NIH-funded A4 study supports the hypothesis that higher levels of amyloid protein in the brain represent an early stage of Alzheimer's disease. Screening data for the study show that amyloid burden in clinically normal older adults is associated with a family history of disease, lower cognitive test scores, and reports of declines in daily cognitive function.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. AI techniques used to improve battery health and safety have designed a machine learning method that can predict battery health with 10x higher accuracy than current industry standard, which could aid in the development of safer and more reliable batteries for electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Turning colon cancer cells around–tcc040320.phpUsing a modified natural substance along with current approaches could improve colon cancer treatment, according to findings by University of California, Irvine biologists. The discovery comes from their research into the role of an amino acid in tumor development and a potential method for reversing the process. Their paper appears in Nature Cancer. The disease is the second-leading cause of canc

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Curbing the rising toll of adults with complex care needs an article just published in JAMA Health Forum, nurse researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing) underscore that while responses to the problem have resulted in well-motivated innovations, an effective and actionable path for immediate and long-term remediation should encompass micro- and macro-level solutions.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Cell muscle movements visualized for first time movements of cell muscles in the form of tiny filaments of proteins have been visualized at unprecedented detail by University of Warwick scientists.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Fiber consumption linked to lower breast cancer risk a diet high in fiber was linked with a reduced incidence of breast cancer in an analysis of all relevant prospective studies. The findings are published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society (ACS).

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Innovative birds have lower risk of extinction species with novel foraging behaviors are less vulnerable than others to extinction, according to a new study. The researchers found that birds that were able to incorporate new foods into their diet or develop new techniques to obtain food were better able to withstand the environmental changes affecting their habitat, which represent their main threat of extinction. Throughout the years, s

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Great Barrier Reef Is Bleaching Again. It's Getting More Widespread. data shows example after example of overheating and damage along the 1,500-mile natural wonder.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Solsystemets häftigaste månar måne har väldiga hav av flytande metan. En annan har tidvatten som bokstavligen kan försätta berg. Några månar är så små att deras gravitation inte räcker för att ge dem en rund form. I vårt solsystem finns fler än 200 kända månar. Lär känna några av de mest spännande.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. En tidning som behövs mer än någonsinäll din prenumeration genom att välja någon av alternativen nedan. I vilken tidning såg du bilagan? Naturkompaniet Sjukhusläkaren Grönköpings Veckoblad Åhlensklubben

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists Just Laid Out a Detailed Plan to Replenish Marine Life by 2050's what it'll take.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Incredible Fossil Find Hints Homo Erectus Emerged 200,000 Years Earlier Than Thought 'Simon'.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers Map How Ancient Human Migrations Changed Europe's Landscape Forever it wasn't the first farmers who had the biggest impact.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Get your coffee fix while helping the environment coffee pod revolution saved us time and effort but has been horrible for the environment. The single-use plastics used in most pods sit in landfills for years. Fortunately, a new wave of eco-friendly compostable pods is coming to the market. Between 2005 and 2018, the coffee pod market grew from less than 1 percent of Americans to over 41 percent. The trade-off for a quickly brewed and easy-t

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How to change bad habits and learn new skills is your brain's ability to form new neuronal connections throughout your life. It is possible to change your habits and learn new skills at any age thanks to neuroplasticity. Training your brain to form new connections is beneficial to long-term cognitive health. For a long time, it was believed that your brain was solidified during adolescence. After your teenage years, you are w

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. "Living drug factories" might treat diabetes and other diseases promising way to treat diabetes is with transplanted islet cells that produce insulin when blood sugar levels get too high. However, patients who receive such transplants must take drugs to prevent their immune systems from rejecting the transplanted cells, so the treatment is not often used. To help make this type of therapy more feasible, MIT researchers have now devised a way to encapsulat

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers create soft, free-wheeling hybrid robot team of Stanford researchers created a new type of soft robot that can morph into new shapes and freely move around like an octopus. They call it an "isoperimetric robot": a human-safe soft robot that can grasp and manipulate objects as well as roll around in controllable directions. It's possible that this kind of robot could be used in space travel in the future, because of its malleability a

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The future of space travel is starting right now is off to rocky start, but there are some exciting things happening on the space travel front. Private companies like SpaceX and Boeing have partnered with NASA to get American spacecrafts into space, back to the moon, and onwards to Mars. "I think in a hundred years first of all we're going to be celebrating 2020, so 2120 get ready for a big party," says astronaut Garrett Reisman.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Travel Down a Borehole Into Antarctica's Lake Whillans [Video] new footage ventures into a lake that's among the most remote on Earth — Read more on

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. First Category 5 Tropical Cyclone of 2020, Harold, Pounds Vanuatu's 165 mph winds make it the 4th strongest tropical cyclone on record in the Southeast Pacific — Read more on

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Anatomy of a heatwave Antarctica recorded a day over 20 degrees Celsius.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Double helium-core white dwarf binary detected say it's the first gravitational wave source of its kind.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Persevering with preparations wheels added to the next Mars rover.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Glorious NASA Photo Shows "Thin Bands" Running Across Jupiter of Jupiter NASA just released a dramatic image that its Juno spacecraft took of Jupiter's "tumultous northern regions" during a close flyby in February. The image was taken from 15,610 miles (25,120 kilometers) away from the gas giant — a distance about twice the diameter of Earth, making this the planetary equivalent of a close-up shot of the gas giant. The spectacular image shows "thin ba

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Here's NASA's Plan for a Lunar "Base Camp" has outlined its plans for a lunar station called the Artemis Base Camp in a new 13-page report titled "NASA's Plan for Sustained Lunar Exploration and Development," submitted to the National Space Council last week. "After 20 years of continuously living in low-Earth orbit, we're now ready for the next great challenge of space exploration — the development of a sustained presence on and aro

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Foryngelse af masteskoven skal sætte fart på nettet TDC og Ericsson er i gang med at udskifte over 3.500 mobilmaster, så de er klar til 5G. Men også 4G får glæde af opgraderingen.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Techtopia #147: Forskerens ansvar for AI udgangspunkt i den dystopiske dokumentarfilm 'iHUMAN' af Tonje Hessen Schei diskuterer vi fremtiden med AI.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Blue dye from red beets: Chemists devise a new pigment option's your favorite color? If you answered blue, you're in good company. Blue outranks all other color preferences worldwide by a large margin.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Cement vs. concrete: Their differences, and opportunities for sustainability's a lot the average person doesn't know about concrete. For example, it's porous; it's the world's most-used material after water; and, perhaps most fundamentally, it's not cement.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Research finds how much CEOs matter to firm performance"Do CEOs matter?" has been a perennial question in management discourse. But "the CEO effect" has been notoriously difficult to isolate—a moving target caught in the slipstream of dynamic forces that shape firm performance.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. A step closer to ecofriendly hydrogen fuel production University researchers are aiming to unlock a catalytic process that will enhance the breakdown of water, into hydrogen and oxygen and bring Australia a step closer to creating clean efficient hydrogen fuel.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers provide new clue to solar coronal heating problem heating is a topic dedicated to explaining how the corona may be heated up to a temperature of millions of degrees, far above that of the photosphere. To transport magnetic energy into the corona, Alfvén-wave turbulence is a promising candidate. However, how the wave is generated in the corona is still an open question.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. 2-D ordered organic metal chalcogenides developed with widely tunable electronic band gaps (2-D) materials, which show excellent physical and chemical properties, have received unprecedented attention and become a research hotspot in scientific fields such as physics, chemistry and materials. Organic modification onto 2-D materials by covalently bonding or physically adsorbing organic molecules can greatly regulate and optimize the properties of 2-D materials. However, t

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Efforts to control livestock disease PPRV should focus on herd management style, not age risk of transmitting the virus PPRV, which produces a highly infectious and often fatal disease in sheep and goats, does not appear to vary significantly by an animal's age, unlike its sibling virus measles, which is most prominent in children. Instead, animals in areas where livestock are the sole source of an owner's livelihood are more likely to become infected compared to herds whose owner

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Failed freeways are a road to nowhere have failed to solve traffic congestion, but transport planners globally are hesitant to remove or rethink them, according to University of Queensland research.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Ghana's cocoa production relies on the environment, which needs better protection production has been the backbone of Ghana's economy since the 1870s. It dominates the agricultural sector and contributes about 30% of the country's export earnings. Cocoa employs about 800,000 farmers directly. It also supports the livelihoods of others in the commerce, service and industrial sectors of the Ghanaian economy. This makes it an important generator of revenue.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Image: Hubble captures a cannibal galaxy remarkable spiral galaxy, known as NGC 4651, may look serene and peaceful as it swirls in the vast, silent emptiness of space, but don't be fooled—it keeps a violent secret. It is believed that this galaxy consumed another smaller galaxy to become the large and beautiful spiral that we observe today.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. A twist connecting magnetism and electronic-band topology that combine topological electronic properties and quantum magnetism are of high interest for the quantum many-body physics they exhibit and for possible applications in electronic components. ETH physicists have now established the microscopic mechanism linking magnetism and electronic-band topology for one such material.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Choosing rocks on Mars to bring to Earth you could bring something back from Mars to Earth, what would you choose? This question is becoming reality, as ESA opens a call for scientists to join a NASA team working to determine which martian samples should be collected and stored by the Perseverance rover set to launch this Summer.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Nonreciprocal transport in the gate-induced strontium titanate polar superconductor materials science, two-dimensional electron systems (2DES) realized at the oxide surface or interface are a promising candidate to achieve novel physical properties and functionalities in a rapidly emerging quantum field. While 2-DES provides an important platform for exotic quantum events including the quantum Hall effect and superconductivity, the effect of symmetry breaking ; transition from

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Quasar IRAS F11119+3257 has a high velocity two-sided jet, study finds have carried out very-long-baseline interferometric (VLBI) observations of the quasar IRAS F11119+3257 using the European VLBI Network (EVN). They found that the object has a high velocity two-sided jet, a finding detailed in a paper published March 25 on the arXiv pre-print repository.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Far stars firmly in sight thanks to telescope teamwork far, far away could appear a lot closer when viewed through our telescopes thanks to new research from The Australian National University (ANU).

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers expand search for new state of matter recent discovery by University of Arkansas physicists could help researchers establish the existence of quantum spin liquids, a new state of matter. They've been a mystery since they were first proposed in the 1970s. If proven to exist, quantum spin liquids would be a step toward much faster, next-generation quantum computing.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Synthesizing sugars: Chemists develop method to simplify carbohydrate building are complex molecules, difficult to synthesize in the lab, but doing so is useful in studying beneficial sugars such as those found in human breast milk, or enabling researchers to tailor the chemical structure of drug candidates, vaccines and natural products.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. 'Tiger King' and America's captive tiger problem's new docuseries "Tiger King" takes viewers into the strange world of big cat collectors. Featuring eccentric characters with names like Joe Exotic and Bhagavan "Doc" Antle, the series touches on polygamy, addiction and personality cults, while exploring a mysterious disappearance and a murder-for-hire.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. UNE creates world's first online human skeleton a ground-breaking first University of New England (UNE) researchers have produced the only fully online human skeleton, propelling a traditionally lab-based science into the digital cloud.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Origins of Uranus' oddities explained by Japanese astronomers ice giant Uranus' unusual attributes have long puzzled scientists. All of the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun in the same direction and in the same plane, which astronomers believe is a vestige of how our solar system formed from a spinning disc of gas and dust. Most of the planets also rotate in the same direction, with their poles orientated perpendicular to the plane in w

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Viruses don't have a metabolism; but some have the building blocks for one satellite photos of the Earth, clouds of bright green bloom across the surface of lakes and oceans as algae populations explode in nutrient-rich water. From the air, the algae appear to be the primary players in the ecological drama unfolding below.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Former star cancer researcher who sued his university for discrimination notches eighth retraction Rao, who once earned $700,000 a year at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria and was named the first "Peorian of the Year" before a misconduct investigation put an end to his time there, has now lost eight papers. Rao's case is among the more colorful that we've covered. A highly-regarded … Continue reading

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How a New AI Translated Brain Activity to Speech With 97 Percent Accuracy idea of a machine that can decode your thoughts might sound creepy, but for thousands of p eople who have lost the ability to speak due to disease or disability it could be game-changing. Even for the able-bodied, being able to type out an email by just thinking or send ing commands to your digital assistant telepathically could be hugely useful. That vision may have come a step closer after

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. In Collecting Indigenous Feces, A Slew of Sticky Ethics understand the bacteria in human guts, researchers are sampling feces from around the world, including from populations that still practice hunter-gatherer lifestyles. But the history of these encounters has long been fraught — and scientists must tread carefully to avoid repeating past mistakes.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. APS tip sheet: First results from the Belle II experiment Belle II experiment reports its first measurements.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. An updated overview of the complex clinical spectrum of tourette syndrome Tourette syndrome is a common nerve development disorder which is characterized by a variety of muscle or vocal movements called 'tics', often involuntary. The disorder is reflectively and quite erroneously associated by many as a just syndrome with tics and the frequent use of undesirable language (swearing). However, Tourette syndrome is a complex neuropsychiatric disorder with sever

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Follow your gut may try to consciously make good food choices, but our bodies have their own way of weighing in. A new study reveals a learning mechanism orchestrated by the digestive and nervous systems that leads animals to actively seek out certain foods. These results are a step towards understanding how eating-related disorders, such as obesity, occur.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Atherosclerosis progresses rapidly in healthy people from the age of 40 CNIC study published in JACC demonstrates that atheroma plaques extend rapidly in the arteries of asymptomatic individuals aged between 40 and 50 years participating in the PESA-CNIC-Santander study.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Clemson researchers unraveling role of fungi in early childhood dental health University researchers have conducted a study that may someday lead to better cavity prevention measures and treatments. The team examined the oral mycobiome by taking a site-specific approach — looking at both tooth and mouth health — which enabled them to categorize each plaque sample along a continuum. They identified 139 species of fungus that live in human dental plaque, including n

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Evaluating grip strength to identify early diabetes new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published by Elsevier, reports valuable new grip strength metrics that provide healthcare practitioners with an easy-to-perform, time-efficient screening tool for type 2 diabetes (T2DM).

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. One-third of younger age groups in northwestern São Paulo lack antibodies against measles population study conducted at a regional center of the state of São Paulo (Brazil) showed that 32.9% of subjects under 40 had no immunity against the disease, compared with only 1% in those over 50.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Condensed matter: Bethe strings experimentally observed years ago, the physicist Hans Bethe postulated that unusual patterns, so-called Bethe strings, appear in certain magnetic solids. Now an international team has succeeded in experimentally detecting such Bethe strings for the first time. They used neutron scattering experiments at various neutron facilities including the unique high-field magnet of BER II at HZB. The experimental data are in exc

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Tiny marine organisms as the key to global cycles microorganisms play a very important role in global cycles such as of the uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, little is known about how they function. New approaches by an international research team with the participation of the GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany are for the first time laying the foundation for a more detailed genetic investigation of some key phytoplankton organisms

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA): Newborn screening promises a benefit earliest possible diagnosis and treatment of infantile SMA through newborn screening leads to better motor development and less need for permanent ventilation as well as fewer deaths.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Autoimmunity-associated heart dilation tied to heart-failure risk in type 1 diabetes people with type 1 diabetes without known cardiovascular disease, the presence of autoantibodies against heart muscle proteins was associated with cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging evidence of increased volume of the left ventricle (the heart's main pumping chamber), increased muscle mass, and reduced pumping function (ejection fraction), features that are associated with higher risk of

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Changes in marijuana vaping, edible use among US 12th-graders 2,400 students in the 12th grade were surveyed about the frequency and mode of use (smoking, vaping and edibles) of marijuana from 2015 to 2018.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Examining association between childhood video game use, adolescent body weight looked at whether there was a long-term association between using video games at an early age and later weight as a teenager, as well as what role behaviors such as physical activity, the regularity of bedtimes and consuming sugar-sweetened beverages might play.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Which healthy lifestyle factors associated with more years free of chronic disease? combination of healthy lifestyle factors were associated with the most years lived without chronic diseases was the focus of this analysis that included data from more than 100,000 adults who were participants in 12 European studies.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Alport syndrome severity can be predicted by causative protein genotype from Kumamoto and Kobe Universities in Japan have successfully developed a system for predicting the severity of Alport syndrome, a serious hereditary kidney disease. By analyzing the genotype of the causative protein, type IV collagen, with a proprietary evaluation system, the researchers successfully predicted the severity of future nephropathy.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Immunotherapy prior to surgery is effective in colon cancer with colon cancer, but no distant metastases, can benefit from a short course of immunotherapy while waiting for their surgery, as it can cause tumours to shrink substantially or clear up in a very short time. This is the finding of the phase II NICHE study led by Myriam Chalabi from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In patients with the MSI subtype (MSI) the response rate was 100%. In th

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Pollen-based 'paper' holds promise for new generation of natural components Singapore scientists have created a paper-like material derived from pollen that bends and curls in response to changing levels of environmental humidity. The ability of this paper made from pollen to alter its mechanical characteristics in response to external stimuli may make it useful in a wide range of applications, from artificial muscles to sensors. Combined with digital printing, it may

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Hereditary mutation that drives aggressive head and neck, and lung cancers in Asians research from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore at the National University of Singapore revealed a genetic variant in a gene called MET that is responsible for more aggressive growth of head and neck, and lung cancers in Asian populations.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. New research suggests in-womb gene correction research led by hearing scientists at Oregon Health & Science University suggests an avenue to treat and prevent intractable genetic disorders before birth. Researchers at the Oregon Hearing Research Center, working with mice, injected a specially designed synthetic molecule into the developing inner ear of fetal mice 12 days after fertilization. The study found that the technique corrected th

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Leaving its mark: How frailty impacts the blood blood metabolites are key for diagnosing the age-related disorder, frailty, new study finds.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Efforts to control livestock disease PPRV should focus on herd management style, not age style by which livestock are managed, but not an animal's age, plays an important role in transmission risk of PPRV, which produces a highly infectious and often fatal disease in sheep and goats. These findings have important implications for control of this widespread virus.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. RIKEN group leads world in single-cell transcriptome profiling the goal of ensuring that single-cell RNA sequencing, a current focus of intense research, makes use of the best possible methods, an international group has benchmarked 13 different methods. The group, led by Holger Heyn of the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico (CNAG-CRG) in Spain, found that the Quartz-seq2 method, developed by a team in the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research,

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Changes in brain attention may underlie autism research in JNeurosci explores how a particular region of the brainstem might explain differences in attention in people with autism.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How understanding the dynamics of yeast prions can shed light on neurodegenerative diseases

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Mysteries of Uranus' oddities explained by Japanese astronomers is a planetary oddity. Our Solar System's planets revolve around the Sun in the same direction, and do so with their axes of rotation – the way they spin locally – orientated roughly perpendicular to their orbits. Uranus, however, is uniquely tipped over, with its axis almost parallel to its orbit. Uranus' moons and rings are also orientated this way, suggesting they formed during a catacly

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Potential therapy for rare neurologic disease targeted therapy, currently being studied for treatment of certain cancers including glioblastoma, may also be beneficial in treating other neurologic diseases, a study at the University of Cincinnati shows.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Artificial light in the arctic new study examine how artificial light during the polar night disrupts Arctic fish and zooplankton behavior down to 200 meters in depth, which could affect fish counts.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The human body as an electrical conductor, a new method of wireless power transfer–thb040620.phpThe project Electronic AXONs: wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidermically applied currents (eAXON, 2017-2022), funded by a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant awarded to Antoni Ivorra, head of the Biomedical Electronics Research Group (BERG) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at UPF principally aims to 'develop ver

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Viruses don't have a metabolism; but some have the building blocks for one'Giant viruses' are many times larger than typical viruses and have more complex genomes. Using publicly available metagenome data, researchers at Virginia Tech assembled genomes for more than 500 giant viruses and found a surprising number of genes for cellular metabolic cycles, including glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and the TCA cycle. Viruses may deploy these genes to rewire their hosts' metabol

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Virginia Tech scientists reveal brain tumors impact normally helpful cells recurrent seizures are a serious problem affecting most patients who suffer from glioma, a primary brain tumor composed of malignant glial cells. Fralin Biomedical Research Institute researchers tested the hypothesis that glioma-induces processes that renders a type of brain cells dysfunctional, perpetuating the imbalance between excitation and inhibition in tumor-associated epilepsy.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome from Washington University in St. Louis studied the gut microbiomes of wild apes in the Republic of Congo, of captive apes in zoos in the US, and of people from around the world and discovered that lifestyle is more important than geography or even species in determining the makeup of the gut microbiome.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Fråga barnen vad de tycker om vården har rätt att vara delaktiga i sin vård, men i praktiken är det en utmaning. För att vårdavdelningar och vårdmottagningar bättre ska kunna ta reda på om barnen känner sig delaktiga har en forskare vid Högskolan i Halmstad tagit fram ett frågeformulär som riktar sig direkt till barnen. Både barnkonventionen, som är en del av svensk lag sedan årsskiftet, och patientlagen slår fast barns rätt ti

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Bilder som kan avslöja örats inre hemligheter ser det egentligen ut djupt där inne i våra öron? Det är något som har varit mycket svårt att studera eftersom innerörat är skyddat av kroppens hårdaste ben. Men med hjälp av synkrotronröntgen går det nu att tredimensionellt avbilda detaljer inuti örat. Forskare från Uppsala universitet har tillsammans med kanadensiska kollegor använt synkrotronröntgen för att kartlägga innerörats blodkärl. S

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Yrsel och obalans hos äldre kan botas efter enkel fråga du yr när du lägger dig eller vänder dig i sängen? Det är en enkel fråga som effektivt identifierar om en person lider av godartad och botbar lägesyrsel, så kallad kristallsjuka, visar en avhandling vid Göteborgs universitet. Godartad lägesyrsel är vanligt och förekommer ofta odiagnostiserat bland äldre. Många lider i det tysta av yrsel och obalans, vilket har stor inverkan på livskvaliteten

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. CEOs must turn their pay gestures into real reform the crisis is over, remuneration will be a lightning rod for public and political discontent

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Union boss calls for new social pact in France'We can't just start again by just concentrating on GDP growth,' says head of CFDT

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Eurozone struggles to forge deal over economic crisis states clash over joint debt issuance as Eurogroup prepares to meet

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Debenhams files for administration aims to avoid legal action by creditors during lockdown

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Opec+ and eurogroup meetings, Fed and ECB minutes every week on the front foot with a preview of what's on the global agenda

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The liquidity 'collapse' is a modern-day cobra effect in trading conditions reflects shift of risks from banks into financial markets

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. FT The Americas' Fastest Growing Companies inaugural ranking of the region's businesses by revenue growth rate reveals the dominance of the US and technology — the top-ranked company this year is an augmented reality and video game developer

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. FirstFT: Today's top stories daily briefing on the news

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Warning labels for soda are legally tricky warnings on other products should offer a roadmap for labeling soda and other sugary drinks without violating the First Amendment, a global health expert argues. In 2015, San Francisco passed the country's first and only law requiring a warning label on advertisements for soda and other sugary drinks. WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and t

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Tree ring 'time capsules' are a clue to Thera volcano mystery rings may help pinpoint when the Thera volcano erupted to within one year of the calendar date. The new evidence could support an eruption date around 1560 BCE. As Charlotte Pearson scanned a palm-sized chunk of ancient tree, she noticed a ring that looked "unusually light," and she made a note without giving it a second thought. "In every tree ring, you have this time capsule that you can u

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Toilet Tracker Analyzes Your Outputs have created a tech that can track health markers — all from the toilet seat. Toilet.jpg Image credits: Pshevlotskyy Oleksandr/Shutterstock Technology Monday, April 6, 2020 – 12:15 Katharine Gammon, Contributor (Inside Science) — Analyzing urine and stool has long been an important tool in a doctor's kit for diagnosing infections, diabetes and some cancers. Now, an international te

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How physics is rocked by the waves of history, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00994-6 Up close, the all too human business of doing science is messy. By Sabine Hossenfelder.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Making a world of difference, step by step, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00996-4 The grandeur of the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office building reminds Carole Mundell of scientists' role in tackling transnational challenges.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Identifying degradation patterns of lithium ion batteries from impedance spectroscopy using machine learning Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15235-7 Forecasting the state of health and remaining useful life of batteries is a challenge that limits technologies such as electric vehicles. Here, the authors build an accurate battery performance forecasting system using machine learning.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Spectroscopic-network-assisted precision spectroscopy and its application to water Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15430-6 Precision-spectroscopy techniques can accurately measure lines in constrained frequency and intensity ranges. The authors propose a spectroscopic-network-assisted precision spectroscopy method by which transitions measured in a narrow range provide information in other, extended regions of the spectrum.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Faster Atlantic currents drive poleward expansion of temperate phytoplankton in the Arctic Ocean Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15485-5 The North Atlantic current has been suspected to trigger intrusions of temperate marine species in the Arctic. Here, Oziel and colleagues reveal the link between the poleward intrusion of the temperate coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi and the North Atlantic current, showing evidence for bio-advection as an imp

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Anomalous fractionation of mercury isotopes in the Late Archean atmosphere Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15495-3 Earth's surface underwent a dramatic transition ~2.3 billion years ago when atmospheric oxygen first accumulated during the Great Oxidation Event. Here, the authors find that biogenic methane and volcanic emissions played a vital role in the reduced Late Archean atmosphere.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Antiferromagnetic textures in BiFeO3 controlled by strain and electric field Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15501-8 Tailoring antiferromagnetic domains is critical for the development of low-dissipative spintronic and magnonic devices. Here the authors demonstrate the control of antiferromagnetic spin textures in multiferroic bismuth ferrite thin films using strain and electric fields.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Dynamic genome evolution and complex virocell metabolism of globally-distributed giant viruses Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15507-2 Nucleocytoplasmic large DNA viruses (NCLDV) exhibit a large genomic repertoire and complex evolutionary history. Here, the authors generate 501 metagenome-assembled genomes from diverse environments and show NCLDVs to harbor a wide range of potential metabolic capabilities.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Organoid cultures from normal and cancer-prone human breast tissues preserve complex epithelial lineages Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15548-7 Organoid technology has enabled the generation of several breast cancer organoids. Here, the authors combine propagation of normal human mammary tissues with mass cytometry to evaluate the ability of organoid culture technologies to preserve stem cells and differentiated cell types.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Structural morphing in a symmetry-mismatched viral vertex Communications, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15575-4 In icosahedral viruses, a symmetry-mismatched portal vertex is assembled by inserting a 12-fold-symmetric portal complex into a 5-fold-symmetric capsid environment. Here, the authors report a near-atomic-resolution in situ cryo-electron microscopy structure of this symmetrically mismatched viral vertex from bac

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Masticatory Loading and Ossification of the Mandibular Symphysis during Anthropoid Origins Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62025-8

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The honeybee (Apis mellifera) developmental state shapes the genetic composition of the deformed wing virus-A quasispecies during serial transmission Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62673-w The honeybee ( Apis mellifera ) developmental state shapes the genetic composition of the deformed wing virus-A quasispecies during serial transmission

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Alleviation of migraine symptoms by application of repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation to myofascial trigger points of neck and shoulder muscles – A randomized trial Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62701-9

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Economical production of vitamin K2 using crude glycerol from the by-product of biodiesel Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62737-x Economical production of vitamin K 2 using crude glycerol from the by-product of biodiesel

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Urinary Exosomes from Bladder Cancer Patients Show a Residual Cancer Phenotype despite Complete Pathological Downstaging Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62753-x

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The cutaneous microbiome in hospitalized patients with pressure ulcers Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62918-8

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Plasma Leucine-Rich α-2-Glycoprotein 1 Predicts Cardiovascular Disease Risk in End-Stage Renal Disease Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62989-7

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The clinicopathological characteristics and survival outcomes of endometrial carcinoma coexisting with or arising in adenomyosis: A pilot study Reports, Published online: 06 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63065-w

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Baffling 500-page ABC maths proof to be published after eight-year row 2012 mathematician Shinichi Mochizuki produced a proof claiming to solve the long-standing ABC conjecture, but no one understood it. Most mathematicians still don't, but it will now be published in a journal

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Deepmind AI can understand the unusual atomic structure of glass has an unusual atomic structure that resembles a liquid frozen in place, making it hard to predict how it will behave. DeepMind has developed an AI capable of doing so, which may also be able to predict traffic jams

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Soil gets its smell from bacteria trying to attract invertebrates's earthy smell comes from chemicals produced by bacteria called Streptomyces, which use the odour to attract springtails to help disperse their spores

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. An asteroid strike may have popped the surface of Mars unusually round and symmetrical deposit on Mars may be the result of an impact that popped the surface of the planet, causing a volcanic eruption less than 200,000 years ago

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. William Frankland, Pioneering Allergist, Dies at 108 of the top allergists of the 20th century, Dr. Frankland, who died of the coronavirus, helped legions of hay fever sneezers by publicizing pollen counts. Among his patients was Saddam Hussein.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. E. Margaret Burbidge, Astronomer Who Blazed Trails on Earth, Dies at 100 was denied access to a telescope because of her sex, but Dr. Burbidge forged ahead anyway, going on to make pathbreaking discoveries about the cosmos.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. What the Caribou Taught Me About Being Together, and Apart in the Arctic wilderness for half a year, a traveler discovered there is always a way forward.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The best way to freeze fresh meat it better to vacuum seal wild game or wrap it in plastic and then butcher paper? (Outdoor Life/) This story originally featured on Outdoor Life . It's meat season. Knives are sharp, grinders are churning, and vacuum sealers are running hot. Most of us have our own traditions of how we wrap or vacuum seal game before freezing it. We do it the same way every year because … it worked last year. W

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How to easily share anything from your phone if you're right next to each other, sometimes sharing can be complicated. (You X Ventures / Unsplash/) You probably do a lot of sharing from your phone—photos, files, links—which is why both Android and iOS have a sharing button prominently displayed on most parts of their interfaces. As a refresher, on Android phones, the "share" button looks like a "less-than" sign, with a circle at each p

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The best-looking laptop displays for streaming and gaming clearer display for more immersive watching and gaming. (Fredrick Tendong via Unsplash/) Your reasons for wanting a laptop may vary, as will the performance expectations you have for it. But as the laptop continues to gain popularity as the epicenter of your entertainment media landscape, just being portable isn't enough. It has to deliver gorgeous high-def imagery. For those looking for a lapt

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Simplify your life with these shelf organizers for your desk tidy workspace is a happy workspace. (Hussam Abd via Unsplash/) Many of us have recently had to turn our personal desks into full office set-ups. It's all too easy to let your desk get swallowed up in papers and supplies. Before you know it you'll be resting your laptop on a stack of envelopes. It's important to create a space that fosters a sense of calm, especially when the outside world feel

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Four disposable cameras to capture your favorite moments picture is a surprise. ( Alberico Bartoccini via Unsplash/) You don't need a fancy camera to capture amazing memories. These disposable cameras are going to be a great way to take pictures wherever you go. Lightweight and easy to use, these cameras are going to give you some creative keepsakes to share, send, or save in a photo album for a rainy day. Not only will you feel a sense of nostal

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Pod coffee makers that will give you a perfect cup every time and simple coffee within minutes of opening your eyes. (Alex via Unsplash/) Not all pod coffee machines are created equal. These options are like having a barista only a button away, meaning you will never need to leave your house for a hot cup to-go again. Your first morning sip is worth investing in, and these coffee makers are easy to use and provide delicious results. You'll get a perfe

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Four robot vacuums that also mop cleaners to ease your workload. (Depositphotos/) Robot vacuums are absolute game changers when it comes to keeping a clean home. You can schedule them to vacuum and mop while you're out, so you return to a sparkling floor. They're effective in clearing dust and dirt from carpets and hardwood surfaces alike. Sensors help them navigate your space efficiently, so they won't bump into tab

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Four waterproof speakers to improve your shower time will zoom by. (Depositphotos/) Take singing in the shower to the next level with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Mount it to the wall, place it on the sink, or float it in the tub while you rub-a-dub-dub. Having tunes or podcasts on while you wash up adds an extra layer of stimulation to your wake-up routine. If you're drawing a bath and looking to relax, light some candles and crank

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Will asteroids wreak havoc on future Mars settlers? on Mars suggest the planet takes quite a beating. (University of Arizona/HiRISE-LPL /) In December 2018, a 33-foot-wide meteor exploded over the Bering Sea . In June 2018, a smaller meteor, about 9- to 12-feet wide, exploded over Botswana and rained meteorites onto the desert. In 2013, a 60-foot meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia , with a shockwave strong enough to destroy buildings

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. 'Amazing' Math Bridge Extended Beyond Fermat's Last Theorem Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's Last Theorem in the early 1990s, his proof was hailed as a monumental step forward not just for mathematicians but for all of humanity. The theorem is simplicity itself — it posits that x n + y n = z n has no positive whole-number solutions when n is greater than 2. Yet this simple claim tantalized legions of would-be provers for more than 350 years, ever since t

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Speculation: Is the Hard Problem of Consciousness Connected to the Hard Problem in Physics?

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. 1 Hour of Epic Space Music: Journey Through The Universe

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Do Brain Training Games Really Work?

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists repurposed living frog cells and assembled them into an entirely new life-form. These novel living machines are neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal. They're a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Arrivo Loop video from CDOT

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Irish Researchers Have Developed Hospital Robot That Uses UV Light to Kill Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs by /u/Bumble-Bee-1 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. This short story explores a society facing the heat death of the universe.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Ancient Animistic Beliefs Live on in Our Intimacy With Tech

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Self-supervised learning is the future of AI

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. How do you think the future will see us? we look into the past, we often associate certain feelings with history. There was something unique about it, which of course can be chalked up to the differences in technology and certain cultures between now and say 200, 500, 700, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, and so on years ago. A lot of us like to emulate the past (I've always fantasized about being able to go back in time to each civiliz

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Meet Affectn. Your smart dating assistant.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Focus: Sound-Driven Spin Waves

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Understanding research on how people develop trust in AI can inform its use: ' For robotic AI, the trajectory for developing trust resembled that of creating trust in human relationships, starting low and increasing after more experience.'

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists Create 'Xenobots' — Virtual Creatures Brought to Life

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. To tune up your quantum computer, better call an AI mechanic new article outlines a way to teach an AI to make an interconnected set of adjustments to the quantum dots that could form the qubits in a quantum computer's processor. Precisely tweaking the dots is crucial for transforming them into properly functioning qubits, and until now the job had to be done painstakingly by human operators, requiring hours of work to create even a small handful of qubit

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Opioid prescriptions linked to obesity new studies shed light on the relationship between obesity and the use of prescription opioids in the United States.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Chilling concussed cells shows promise for full recovery the future, treating a concussion could be as simple as cooling the brain. New findings support the treatment approach at the cellular level.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia fossilised seal tooth, dating back approximately three million years, found on a Victorian beach proves earless seals existed in Australia in prehistoric times. Known as monachines, the seals became extinct due to rapid changes in sea level.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. New understanding of energy fluctuations in fluids Casimir Force is a well-known effect originating from the quantum fluctuation of electromagnetic fields in a vacuum. Now an international group of researchers have reported a counterpoint to that theory, adding to the understanding of energy fluctuations within fluids.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists reveal brain tumors impact normally helpful cells recurrent seizures are a serious problem affecting most patients who suffer from glioma, a primary brain tumor composed of malignant glial cells. Researchers tested the hypothesis that glioma-induces processes that renders a type of brain cells dysfunctional, perpetuating the imbalance between excitation and inhibition in tumor-associated epilepsy.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Targeting tumors: Synthesis against the clock molecules help nuclear physicians to detect and precisely target tumors, which are often developing due to pathological changes in metabolic processes. Using positron emission tomography, scientists have now developed the first radiotracer labelled with the fluorine isotope 18F, which can visualize special transport proteins often found in the cell membranes of cancer cells. The resea

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. New genetic tools promise to unlock secrets of microscopic marine life, researchers can modify genes of critical ecosystem engineers

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. NIH's process for removing reviewers remains a mystery, watchdog finds should do "more" to reduce undue foreign influence on grantsmaking, HHS Office of Inspector General says

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. News Flash: We Could Live on Venus published in March 1911 — Read more on

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Wild Ideas in Science history is chock full of world-changing innovations that initially faced skepticism and ridicule for being too unconventional: light bulbs, cars and home computers are just a few examples. In… — Read more on

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. A Comet May Have Destroyed This Paleolithic Village 12,800 Years Ago of a comet likely hit Earth 12,800 years ago, and a little Paleolithic village in Syria might have suffered the impact

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep-Sea Squids Glow to Communicate in the Dark suggest that the Humboldt squid uses bioluminescent backlighting for visual cues in the dark deep sea

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Heavily Trafficked Songbirds a Victim of Venezuelan Collapse see promise in co-opting red siskin pet traders, who love the bird, to support conservation efforts

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Här tillverkas kärnvapen-säker ny kärnkraft återvinna kärnavfallet från dagens reaktorer kan ge oss el i tusentals år, men det skulle också kunna öka risken för kärnvapenspridning. Nu utvecklar forskare tekniker som ska försvåra produktion av kärnvapen.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Den nya trenden: billiga mini-reaktorer fler satsar på kärnkraft i mini-format. Över femtio olika mindre reaktorer håller på att tas fram. Ett av projekten i Estland är svenska Vattenfall är med och stöttar.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Google's auto-complete for speech can cover up glitches in video calls[no content]

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. In uncertain times, think like a mother | Yifat Susskind's a simple and powerful way to confront the world's most pressing crises, says women's rights activist Yifat Susskind: think like a mother. As she puts it: "When you think like a mother, you prioritize the needs of the many, not the whims of the few." Follow along as she shares moving stories of people around the world who embody this mindset — and shows how it can also help you see beyond

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Daniel Mason on the Weight of History's Note: Read Daniel Mason's new short story, "For the Union Dead. " "For the Union Dead," a new story by Daniel Mason, will appear in his upcoming story collection, A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth (available on May 5). To mark the story's publication in The Atlantic , Daniel and Oliver Munday, a senior art director at the magazine, discussed the story over email. Their conversation

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. For the Union Dead's Note: Read an interview with Daniel Mason about his writing process. Last summer, in late July, I received a phone call from my father notifying me of the death of my uncle Teddy, and asking me to come to San Francisco to help him sort through his brother's belongings before the movers came. My uncle had no children. He had never married, and his girlfriend of many years had gone her own

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The Secret Cruelty of T.S. Eliot"The question is not, does love exist / But, when she leaves, where she goes…" What's that— something from Four Quartets? Actually it's "Secrets" by Van Halen. But how elegantly it expresses the problem. What happens to the love gone cold? All that madness, transport, froth, projection, communion—where does it go? With the source extinguished, do its beams still travel, like light from a snuffe

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Join the #AtlanticPoetryChallenge on Instagram is National Poetry Month, so we're celebrating on Instagram with a poetry-writing challenge. Each week, we'll share a prompt to inspire you; all you have to do is upload an original poem to your Instagram account and tag the #AtlanticPoetryChallenge. At the end of the month, we'll pick four winners from all the submissions to highlight on our account. Here's how to enter: Using one of our w

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. For Those Who Can't Go Outside, Images of Spring days and beautiful flowers have returned to the Northern Hemisphere—making home isolation even more difficult for those aching to get outside and enjoy the season. Gathered here is a virtual trip outdoors—a collection of recent images from North America, Asia, and Europe, of tulips, sunshine, and cherry blossoms.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. A book that changed me: the elusive perfection of For the Time Being | Mark O'Connell Dillard's 1975 book taught me, a non-believer, that religion can access deeper truths As lockdown continues, Guardian Opinion is reviving its A book that changed me series, an opportunity for writers to select the very best reading to help get us through these uncertain times, with a new instalment every Monday. Although Annie Dillard 's For the Time Being is probably my favourite book by a

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The secret life of plants: how they memorise, communicate, problem solve and socialise Mancuso studies what was once considered laughable – the intelligence and behaviour of plants. His work is contentious, he says, because it calls into question the superiority of humans I had hoped to interview the plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso at his laboratory at the University of Florence. I picture it as a botanical utopia: a place where flora is respected for its awareness and

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. 'Bad news': radiation 16 times above normal after forest fire near Chernobyl blaze started on Saturday close to the site of the world's worst ever nuclear disaster Ukrainian officials have sought calm after forest fires in the restricted zone around Chernobyl , scene of the world's worst nuclear accident, led to a rise in radiation levels. Firefighters said they had managed to put out the smaller of two forest fires that began at the weekend, apparently after someone

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Starwatch: the moon at its closest and brightest Wednesday we can see the brightest of this spring's three full moon supermoons. This Wednesday's full moon is the second of six supermoons that take place this year. A supermoon is defined as a full moon or a new moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth . This makes a full moon appear about 7% larger and 15% brighter than average. As it moves around its orb

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Did you solve it? Double chocolate! solutions to today's puzzles Earlier today I set you three Double Choco puzzles. You can see a printable page of them here , or read my tutorial of how to solve them here . The solutions to these puzzles are here. Continue reading…

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Luna: A Play About the Moon review – science and stories in cabaret for kids online Roustabout Theatre's encounters with the moon range from gravity-dancing to skits with astronauts and a werewolf Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and dance to watch online Is there a lunar module in your home-schooling schedule? If so, then you may like to try this fun, fact-packed cabaret for kids, which mixes sci

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Image of the Day: Biomimetic Arteries newly engineered synthetic blood vessel offers a novel platform for developing drugs that treat high blood pressure.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Saudi Arabian Universities Push to Recruit Women Faculty the kingdom's mostly gender segregated education system, expanding department offerings to female students means needing to hire women professors–a scarcity in STEM fields in Saudi Arabia.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Advancing Cancer Vaccines invites you to join them for an educational webinar.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Baker Ruskinn announces a new partnership with Labtech as its full UK Sales and Service Partner, from 1st April 2020 pioneers of anaerobic and physiological oxygen workstations along with revolutionary portable platforms, it's crucial that the UK partnership with Labtech not only supports the ground-breaking tools but also the wide range of industries served by Baker Ruskinn.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. God behandling med artrosskola – men varannan patient blir utan av fyra drabbas av den kroniska ledsjukdomen artros. Trots att det sedan länge finns riktlinjer för hur artros bör behandlas är det bara hälften av patienterna som genomgår den rekommenderade grundbehandlingen. I en ny avhandling från Lunds universitet framgår att de existerande riktlinjerna är till god hjälp för artrospatienterna.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Review: Flying High

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. The Deliciously Surprising Science of Taste famous map of the tongue, with the different sections for bitter, sweet, salty, and sour? Way wrong. Here's the fascinating truth.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Sony's Noise-Canceling Wirefree Earbuds Are on Sale For $189 a little peace and quiet while you work from home? These earbuds are among our favorites and block out sound like a dream.

…..(Hentet 6. april 2020) ….. ….. Today's Cartoon: Drone Down most dangerous game.

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