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Email: Phone-sms: (45)21729908 9443 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. When will we have a coronavirus vaccine? While the official 12- to 18-month timeframe still stands, experimental Covid-19 inoculations for high-risk groups could be rolled out much earlier Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage When will we have a Covid-19 vaccine? Public-facing scientists such as the UK's chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, and his US counterpart, Anthony Fauci, keep repeating that it 9442 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What to Know about Visiting National Parks during the COVID-19 Pandemic Despite entrance fees being waived, this is not a good time to pack into the U.S.'s national parks — Read more on 9441 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. We need mass surveillance to fight covid-19—but it doesn't have to be creepy I stop the car when I see him walking slowly down the empty footpath outside our now shuttered building—I know he lives on campus and is far from home. I sent my students away more than a week ago; I think of them as diasporic now, not necessarily remote, but it is still a shock to see him. We talk about his studies, and his fiancée in San Francisco, and how strange this moment in which we find o 9440 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Voter Suppression by Pandemic Wisconsin voters faced a choice this week: risk your health or lose your vote. Those were the stakes on Tuesday, says Sherrilyn Ifill, the president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. "I don't know that it gets more stark, really more humiliating for us as a democracy," she tells staff writer Edward-Isaac Dovere on an episode of The Atlantic 's politics podcast The Ticket . Ifi 9439 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virtual country A virtual country do you think it would be possible that a country completely inside a virtual world possibly in vr could pop up? submitted by /u/ComradeSparkle [link] [comments] 9438 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US coronavirus death toll tops Italy's as world's worst Fatalities exceed 20,000 as number of cases in New York continues to rise 9437 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK could have Europe's worst coronavirus death rate, says adviser Daily death toll shows situation is comparable with other badly hit countries, says Jeremy Farrar Coronavirus – latest global updates Coronavirus – latest UK updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK could end up with the worst coronavirus death rate in Europe, one of the government's leading scientific advisers has said. Prof Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust and a pandemic 9436 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Turkey rejects any suggestion of IMF help Erdogan aide says support from the fund is 'not on our agenda' 9435 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump advisers doubt swift reopening as WHO official says virus will 'stalk human race' Fauci warns of resurgence if restrictions dropped too soon US reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump's virus response Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage Support the Guardian. Make a contribution Senior US public health officials have pushed back on Donald Trump's eagerness to reopen the country quickly, as a senior World Health Organization (WHO) figure warned that Covid-19 "is 9434 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Thousands lose last hope of having a baby as lockdown closes IVF clinics Women tell of 'bereavement' because they will be too old for fertility treatment when the coronavirus shutdown ends Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Thousands of couples may have missed their last chance of conceiving via IVF as fertility clinics shut their doors to patients on Wednesday. Some women who are only just young enough to be eligible for treatment will be t 9433 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. This is what it will take to get us back outside At some point covid-19 will be vanquished. By early April some 50 potential vaccines and nearly 100 potential treatment drugs were in development, according to the Milken Institute , and hundreds of clinical trials were already registered with the World Health Organization. Even with all these efforts, a vaccine is expected to take at least 12 to 18 months to bring to market. A treatment may arri 9432 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The US has a collective action problem that's larger than Covid-19: Data show one of the strongest predictors of social distancing behavior is attitudes toward climate change. submitted by /u/lughnasadh [link] [comments] 9431 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The undiscovered worlds that led adventurer Steve Backshall home Recently back from a year of seeking unmapped wonders from Greenland to Oman, the explorer is relishing life under lockdown For most people, being stuck in lockdown with 11-week-old twins and a 21-month-old toddler would be torture. But the explorer Steve Backshall is used to living in tough and challenging environments around the world. "I've spent so much of my life away in a field, sleeping in 9430 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Ultimate Quarantine Self-Care Guide: Nails, Hair, and Skin Care Here's how to take care of your nails, hair, and skin at home—because if there was ever a time to be kind to yourself, it's now. 9429 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Timeless Lessons of Easter Are More Timely Than Ever O n Wednesday and Thursday nights, when Jews gathered in some virtual way for the seder feast, they asked, "How is this night different from all other nights?" Christians would do well to reflect similarly. The Jewish celebration of Passover and the Christian celebration of Holy Week overlap this year. Both recall dark nights from long ago when desperate people of faith gathered to face a scary f 9428 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Surreal Comforts of the SNL Quarantine Episode "There's no such thing as Saturdays anymore … Every day is today ," said Tom Hanks , introducing last night's unusual edition of Saturday Night Live , a TV show whose traditional format is wildly unsuited to a time of social isolation. SNL is usually written in cramped offices , filmed in front of a packed audience in bustling Midtown Manhattan, and aired in celebration of the weekend, which is a 9427 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Surgeon General Meets the Language Police Surgeon General Jerome Adams is on the hot plate. His sin? With new indications that the coronavirus is disproportionately killing black and brown people, he suggested that we refrain from alcohol and cigarettes. Adams is aware that the virus often preys on people with preexisting conditions, worries that people of color harbor them disproportionately, and knows that entrenched inequality plays a 9426 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Real Reason Veterinarians Gave a Tiger a Covid-19 Test It's hard for humans in New York City to get a test for the coronavirus. So when a Bronx Zoo tiger tested positive for Covid-19, it invited some questions. 9425 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Pandemic Exposes India's Apathy Toward Migrant Workers The defining images of India's three-week lockdown may be of migrant workers, with bags perched on their heads and children in their arms, walking down highways in a desperate attempt to return to their villages hundreds of miles away. India, a country of more than 1.3 billion people, is not among the worst affected by the pandemic. Not yet, anyway. The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases ha 9424 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Observer view on the coronavirus crisis: the toll that is a warning to us all | Observer editorial Torn between saving lives and rebuilding the economy, the government is sending out dangerously mixed messages Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It was always going to get worse before it got better. But three weeks after Britain went into lockdown, the official death toll, certainly an underestimate, is unbearably bleak: the daily toll is nudging a thousand; total dea 9423 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Guardian view on the climate and coronavirus: global warnings | Editorial Steep falls in emissions have been the pandemic's immediate effect. But what's needed is a green recovery Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage So far, discussions of a coronavirus exit strategy have mainly focused on the steps that could bring an end to the lockdown. In the short term, both in the UK and elsewhere, there is nothing more desirable than letting people resum 9422 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The dos and don'ts of wearing a face mask People need clear advice on face-coverings during the coronavirus pandemic 9421 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The City That Has Flattened the Coronavirus Curve Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . L ondon Breed wasn't going to wait around for COVID-19. San Francisco had yet to confirm a single case of the coronavirus when Breed, the city's 45-year-old first-term mayor, declared a state of emergency in late February. Two weeks later, Breed's decision to ban gatherings 9420 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Spørg Fagfolket: Smitter virus i fællesvaskeriet? En læser vil gerne vide, om hun risikerer at blive smittet med coronavirus på fællesvaskeriet. Det svarer professor fra KU på. 9419 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Some Patients Really Need the Drug That Trump Keeps Pushing One morning during my last semester in college, I woke up with a strange rash on my face. When it didn't go away after exhausting a tube of over-the-counter cortisone, my mother persuaded me to see a doctor. The diagnosis was lupus: a life-changing autoimmune disease in which the body literally attacks itself. The physical effects of the disease are cruel, including excruciating joint pain, organ 9418 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Saudi Arabia repatriating thousands of migrants back to Ethiopia UN official warns mass deportations risk spread of coronavirus to the region 9417 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Quinn the Quarantine Fox Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup The social media mascot of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is exactly what anxious home-bound internet dwellers need right now. 9416 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pope and church leaders prepare for virtual Easter as lockdowns tighten worldwide The pontiff's traditional St Peter's Square address will be replaced by online message as global infections near 1,800,000 Coronavirus latest updates Julian Assange at risk from Covid-19 in prison, says partner The pope and other Christian leaders are preparing to give their annual Easter addresses over the internet as churches stand empty and countries around the world continue to extend lockdow 9415 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New York struggles to bury its coronavirus dead Morgues, cemeteries and funeral homes in Queens are overwhelmed by bodies 9414 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. MPs ready to embrace technology for digital parliament Virtual sittings of Commons would allow debates by video-link after April 21 recall 9413 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. More Evidence Suggests Pangolins May Have Passed Coronavirus From Bats to Humans How did it all start? 9412 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Mobile cash can help Africa fight Covid-19 Without it, locked down informal workers face death by disease or hunger 9411 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Libyans suffer water and gas shortages as they confront Covid-19 Worsening conditions in the capital increase threat posed by the virus 9410 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Is coronavirus stress to blame for the rise in bizarre 'lockdown dreams'? | Mary-Ellen Lynall Many people are reporting unusually vivid dreams – and scientists think they could be a key way we process emotion Mary-Ellen Lynall is a neuroscientist Coronavirus latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage How are your dreams these days? If they're unusually vivid and bizarre, you're not alone. Your housemates might not be interested in the content, but that's OK, the internet is, with soc 9409 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. iPads Are Crucial Health Care Tools in Combating Covid-19 – Hospitals are deploying tablets and smartphones to protect staff, preserve protective equipment, and help patients connect with loved ones. submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] 9408 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Investment banks braced for pandemic earnings wipeout European lenders seen as more vulnerable, with Wall Street poised to grab market share 9407 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. I made a site to collect ideas for how COVID-19 could lead to long-term positive change that I think this sub would appreciate submitted by /u/hazzamadazzla [link] [comments] 9406 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hundreds flock to London's parks on sunny Saturday As the capital's Victoria Park reopens its gates after two weeks, the rules on exercise and social distancing remain blurred Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage As temperatures nudged into the 20s yesterday on a brilliant morning in east London, one of Victoria Park's management team admitted she and her colleagues had "been doing rain dances" in the vain hope of poor we 9405 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to tell seasonal allergies from COVID-19 symptoms An allergy-triggered sneeze can still help spread COVID-19. (Pexels/) Follow all of PopSci 's COVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . For global updates, see here . COVID-19 has already killed more than 16,000 people in the United States alone. But the disease's frequently mild symptoms have left people fretting over ha 9404 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How sharply has China's economy contracted? Market Questions is the FT's guide to the week ahead 9403 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How long will Australia have social distancing? I'm an epidemiologist and the truth is, nobody knows | Meru Sheel There is no perfect answer to controlling this pandemic – these lockdowns are not a tested health measure Sign up for Guardian Australia's daily coronavirus email Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news notifications Coronavirus Australia maps and cases: live numbers and statistics Yesterday I had a good day, but today I am missing my family. This is how many of my friends a 9402 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How coronavirus is turbocharging office holiday politics Annual leave rosters were always a nightmare to devise but now they have become impossible 9401 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How Coronavirus Is Kickstarting the 21st Century submitted by /u/frequenttimetraveler [link] [comments] 9400 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How China Deceived the WHO Back in January, when the pandemic now consuming the world was still gathering force, a Berkeley research scientist named Xiao Qiang was monitoring China's official statements about a new coronavirus then spreading through Wuhan and noticed something disturbing. Statements made by the World Health Organization, the international body that advises the world on handling health crises, often echoed 9399 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How Antibody Tests Can Inform Public Policies To Mitigate Coronavirus Pandemic Stanford is testing for coronavirus antibodies so they can determine who has been exposed and who could potentially go back to school or work. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. 9398 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Government looks to expand bailout loan scheme Amount available for midsized companies to borrow will be raised to £50m 9397 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Global economy already set for historic contraction Tiger index suggested collapse in activity before the height of the coronavirus crisis 9396 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Gig Work Relief, Auto Care, and More Car News This Week Ride-sharing drivers qualify for jobless benefits—with a catch. Plus, Google and Apple say they can track Covid-19 patients and still protect privacy. 9395 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. G20 nations close in on debt deal for poor countries Proposed six-month freeze on payments aims to avoid emerging market health crisis 9394 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Four Mexico states call for new tax deal with López Obrador Governors seize on criticisms of president over lack of coronavirus stimulus 9393 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Five months on, what scientists now know about the coronavirus Medical researchers have been studying everything we know about Covid-19. What have they learned – and is it enough to halt the pandemic? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronaviruses have been causing problems for humanity for a long time. Several versions are known to trigger common colds and more recently two types have set off outbreaks of deadly illnesses: sever 9392 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ferry operators warn routes might have to close UK government support needed to ensure supply of food and medicines 9391 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Fear the future? Rebecca Costa says you should do the opposite. She explains why. submitted by /u/SocialObserver3802 [link] [comments] 9390 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. European ports and warehouses brace for surge in containers Ships set off from Asia before coronavirus spread but demand for goods has since fallen 9389 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Europe's drive to save jobs risks fuelling north-south inequality Schemes to shield EU nations from US-style surge in unemployment vary in effectiveness 9388 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU must call out the follies of Poland's Covid-19 election A perfectly appropriate and entirely legal way of postponing the poll exists 9387 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Elsevier investigating hydroxychloroquine-COVID-19 paper Elsevier has weighed in on the handling of a controversial paper about the utility of hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19 infection, defending the rigor of the peer review process for the article in the face of concerns that the authors included the top editor of the journal that published the work. On April 3, as we … Continue reading 9386 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Easter tornado threat poses safety dilemma during pandemic The threat of strong tornadoes and other damaging weather on Easter posed a double-edged safety dilemma for Deep South communities deciding how to protect residents during the coronavirus pandemic. 9385 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 9384 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus statistics: what can we trust and what should we ignore? The flurry of figures, graphs and projections surrounding the pandemic is confusing. Two experts guide us through the maze Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The past few weeks has seen an unstoppable epidemic … of statistics . The flood threatens to overwhelm us all, but what do all these numbers mean? Here are eight statistics you may see, with some warnings about how 9383 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: With Death Toll Rising, Leaders Wrestle With How Soon to Lift Restrictions Many churches are offering virtual Easter services, but some say bans on gathering in person violate religious freedom. A Times investigation examines President Trump's slow response to the crisis. 9382 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Surpasses Italy in Total Deaths While North Korea Vows Stricter Measures Pope Francis will say Easter Mass by live-stream. Christians across the United States prepared to celebrate Easter by gathering virtually on Sunday. A Times investigation examines President Trump's delays in facing the crisis. 9381 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: ECB official warns eurozone economy could shrink 10% [no content] 9380 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Is Changing How We Live, Work, and Use Tech—Permanently Within a week, many world leaders went from downplaying the seriousness of coronavirus to declaring a state of emergency. Even the most efficacious of nations seem to be simultaneously confused and exasperated, with delayed responses revealing incompetence and inefficiency the world over. So this begs the question: why is it so difficult for us to comprehend the scale of what an unmitigated globa 9379 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus exposes America's broadband problem Poor internet access in rural areas was already an issue before the pandemic. It is now more important than ever 9378 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Can Universal Basic Income REALLY Save Us? Free Money After Coronavirus Makes Millions Unemployed submitted by /u/Chispy [link] [comments] 9377 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Call for schools to open in the summer after lockdown Children's commissioner says schools will play an important role, but teachers and parents may oppose loss of six-week break Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Schools should consider opening in some form over the six-week summer holidays to help children catch up with the curriculum – and to provide childcare for families who need to get back to work, the children's co 9376 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson leaves hospital as UK deaths top 10,000 Britain set to be one of Europe's worst hit countries 9375 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus PM had spent time in intensive care at St Thomas' and will continue recovery at Chequers Coronavirus – latest global updates Coronavirus – latest UK updates See all our coronavirus coverage Boris Johnson has thanked the NHS for saving his life as he left hospital to recuperate at Chequers, after a week of treatment for Covid-19. The prime minister praised two nurses in particular for watching ove 9374 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson Can Remake Britain Like Few Before Him Just as Britain braced for the most crucial weeks of this great struggle, its commander was taken from the field. Boris Johnson, relentless climber of life's knotty ladder , had been dragged from the top at the very moment it mattered most, like in a Greek tragedy, and somehow fitting for this strangely antiquated figure. For a moment, there was serious concern that the country was about to lose 9373 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Big Data Could Undermine the Covid-19 Response Blind spots in location tracking data can threaten both public health and human rights. 9372 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Besök Vasamuseet på distans Vasamuseet har likt många andra museer stängt på grund av rådande smittläge. Däremot fortgår forskningsverksamheten och med hjälp av 3D-teknik går det att besöka museet på distans. 9371 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Anonymous Contact Tracing using Smartphones submitted by /u/Memetic1 [link] [comments] 9370 ….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Champagne' of tea lost as coronavirus imperils supplies Leaves used to make world's best brew are now too long and hard to pick

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Baltimore, Rhode Island Argue They're Suing Fossil Fuel Companies Over Climate Deception. The lawsuits target major fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and BP, alleging they deliberately deceived the public submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Britain hits 'significant milestone' as renewables become main power source submitted by /u/SecondAccount404 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Methane Levels Reach an All-Time High New NOAA analysis highlights an alarming trend; experts call for curbing pollution from oil and gas wells — Read more on

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. S. Fred Singer, a Leading Climate Change Contrarian, Dies at 95 Derided as a "Merchant of Doubt," he spent decades trying to refute the evidence of global warming and other environmental risks.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Singapore considers solar energy imports to cut greenhouse emissions. The South-east Asian country, one of the sunniest cities in the world, generates about 95 per cent of its power from imported natural gas, with solar energy being its most viable renewable energy option submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. A hypothesis that the Federal Reserve can set interest rates based on the movements of the planet Mars. Here I have data going back to 1896 that shows how the Dow Jones performed when Mars was within 30 degrees of the lunar node. (- from appendix of Ares Le Mandat 4th ed) submitted by /u/thedowcast [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <><>fakenews ….. A New Study Just Found Female 'Period Face' Is Not a Thing Your face shape probably isn't changing.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Travel Down a Borehole into Antarctica's Lake Whillans [Video] Beautiful new footage ventures into a lake that is among the most remote on earth — Read more on

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. <> ….. What Neuroimaging Can Tell Us about Our Unconscious Biases It reveals that they involve the amygdala, the prefrontal cortex, the posterior cingulate and the anterior temporal cortex — Read more on

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. A French firm discovered a revolutionary new technique that permits the perfect recycling of the most used plastic: PET submitted by /u/Khadnesar [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. An Ode to Driving in America Till Lauer I t used to hit me particularly in rental cars. "Ameripanic," I called it: an overwhelming (for a Brit) apprehension of scale, a kind of horizontal vertigo at the vastness and possibility of this great country. I learned to drive on a smaller scale, noodling along the winding country roads of southern England. I was held in by the high hedges, nursed around corners by the dreaming verg

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Ares Le Mandat – 4th Edition(with Appendix concerning Mars and the Dow Jones): Hypothesis that Mars has an influence on grey matter in the human brain(pg 152) submitted by /u/thedowcast [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Bizarre Exoplanets Orbiting Binary Stars May Have Strangely Misaligned Orbits How exotic.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Competition for overseas students is going to be fierce Universities have a chance to lure a new group of middle-income families

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Computers still struggle to understand text, because even though deep learning excels at learning statistical correlations, it lacks robust ways of understanding how the meanings of sentences relate to their parts submitted by /u/randomusefulbits [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Connecticut: Images of the Constitution State Connecticut is the third-smallest state in the Union, by area, and has the fourth-highest population density. This New England state has many harbor towns on its southern coastline along Long Island Sound, as well as industrial cities and rural towns and villages further inland. Here are a few glimpses of the landscape of Connecticut and some of the animals and people calling it home. This photo

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Design hack: 10 joy-inducing aesthetics you should know Joy and happiness are often used synonymously, but designer Ingrid Fetell Lee argues that there is an important distinction between the two: time. Happiness is something that measures how good we feel over time, while joy is about feeling good in the moment. Noticing visual and sensorial patterns in the things that brought people joy, Lee was able to identify 10 "aesthetics": abundance, harmony,

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Det så du ikke i tv: Skovmyrer sprøjter syre på tv-holdet Skovmyrene er meget territorielle og angriber alt, der nærmer sig tuen.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Effekten av träning kan snabbt försvinna Mitokondrier är organeller som finns i alla våra celler och brukar beskrivas som "cellens kraftverk". Det går inte att ge ett enkelt svar på hur länge de lever, därför att de egentligen inte är så enskilda och avgränsade som de ofta beskrivs. Snarare bildar de ett dynamiskt nätverk där det kontinuerligt sker både sammanslagning och uppdelning av enskilda mitokondrier, och där olika komponenter lev

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. En svævende mår og en lynhurtig dræber: Her er fem fascinerende danske rovdyr Spætten vikler sin lange tunge rundt om hjernen for at få plads til tungen.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Ex-Disney animator brings Antarctic story to life After working on Frozen and Big Hero 6, Sarah Airriess left Hollywood to create a graphic about early Antarctic explorers.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Flying electric cars have landed and there will be races in late 2020 submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. For The First Time, Astronomers Photograph a Jet Spewing Out From Colliding Galaxies Incredible.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. French Regulator Says Google Must Pay to Link to News Sites Despite the EU's new copyright directive, Google has so far refused to pay fees in order to send sites traffic.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Fungerar humle som algmedel? Den här typen av observationer kan antingen bero på att mossorna och algerna helt enkelt har skuggats bort eller på att humle producerar ett eller flera ämnen som har en mer direkt, kemisk effekt på mossorna och algerna, så kallade allelopatiska substanser. I praktiken är det svårt att särskilja dessa effekter om man inte lyckas identifiera och isolera aktiva substanser. Vid en snabb sökning hitta

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Get ready for all-electric flying car races, they're coming submitted by /u/pmiguelmiranda [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. How did life begin — and what does that mean for our future? J.F. Gariepy explains. submitted by /u/SocialObserver3802 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. How do we know what dinosaurs looked like? No one knows for sure what dinosaurs looked like, so artists make informed guesses based on these clues. (Thales Molina/) You've seen enough museum models, illustrations, and CGI predators that you'd likely recognize a Tyrannosaurus rex if you saw one. But how can you be sure? Nobody has ever clapped eyes on one in real life, and even the best skeletons are often only 90 percent complete. Special

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. How to Cover Your Tracks Every Time You Go Online Online tracking can often feel downright invasive. From using VPNs to clearing browser histories, we've got your back.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Idea for how future cell networks should/could work. Ok this just came out of my brain so obviously alotta work would be needed to make it happen. Instead of central cell towers sending service to everyone it would be way more scalable/efficient if the phones themselves were both network relays and recievers. Then, there would be no one to charge us for service/control it because we are the service! Imagine it as a bluetooth meganet where everyone

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. In Good News, Scientists Built a Device That Generates Electricity 'Out of Thin Air' Imagine the possibilities.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Intel to Release Neuromorphic-Computing System submitted by /u/shingox [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. It's the perfect time to stop our unconscious bias going viral In times like this it's essential we become aware of the ways in which we are biased – so it doesn't become prejudice When behavioural scientist Dr Pragya Agarwal moved from Delhi to York more than 20 years ago, her first priority was to blend in. As a single parent, a woman of colour and an academic, she worked hard to "water down" the things that made her different from those around her. Yet th

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Job appraisal by numbers encourages pay inequalities | Torsten Bell The way your performance review is delivered can have a huge effect on how big your bonus is Exams are off, thanks to coronavirus. It's a big deal, with rows about the best way to allocate grades amid this lockdown. Those grades determine education opportunities and jobs. Equal opportunity and meritocracy are seen by many as crucial features of our society. This approach extends into the world of

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Loneliness and despair prey on India's stranded students Abandoned citizens describe New Delhi's decision to seal off the country as a 'nightmare'

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Lunar Crater Radio Telescope (LCRT) on the Far-Side of the Moon submitted by /u/MichaelTen [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. MBA students demand tuition fee refunds over campus closures Candidates at Wharton among those protesting over diminished educational experience

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA's Offering Online Astronaut Training While You're Stuck in Lockdown This is so cool.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. New issuance of SDRs is vital to help poorer countries Emerging markets cannot cover their external financing needs on their own

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Opec overcomes hurdles to finalise historic oil deal Mexican concessions allow producers to end Saudi-Russia price war

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Quantum Computing Breakthrough: First Sighting of Mysterious Majorana Fermion on Gold submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Recommended Books, April 2020 Bird's-eye views of Earth, Civil War submarine mystery, and more — Read more on

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Seven Years to Mercury A final flyby on the way to the inner world — Read more on

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. STIL SPØRGSMÅL Hvad gør den danske natur så 'Vild og vidunderlig'? Tre natureksperter svarer på spørgsmål klokken 21 efter premieren på 'Vilde og Vidunderlige Danmark'.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Stockholm's Subway Network Is the World's Longest Art Walk Photographer David Altrath engaged in his own form of social distancing to capture these photographs when commuters weren't around.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Så byggde da Vincis konst på vetenskap Det skavde mellan Leonardo da Vinci och Michelangelo redan vid första mötet. Rivaliteten mellan de två stora renässansmännen skulle senare gå ut över deras skapande.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. The New Math Bridge Beyond Fermat's Last Theorem Two papers, representing the work of more than a dozen mathematicians, have finally figured out how to connect two realms that were once seen as distant.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. The power source of the biggest explosions in the universe found A team of astrophysicists finds evidence that a collapsing magnetic field causes gamma-ray bursts. Gamma-ray bursts are the most powerful and brightest explosions in the universe. The team used data from a space telescope of a supernova 4.5 billion light-years away. A new study proposes an answer to the mystery of what powers gamma-ray bursts – the brightest and most powerful explosions in the un

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. This app uses audiobooks to teach you a new language Learning a new language has positive effects on memory and even helps your brain grow in size . Beelinguapp uses audiobooks to teach you new languages. You can get a lifetime subscription to the app for 60% off, today. Learning a new language is on many of our bucket lists. The idea of communicating fluently with others or being able to read signs while traveling abroad is highly appealing. The s

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through April 11) submitted by /u/dwaxe [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Twelve classic products that were perfect from the start Perfection often requires iteration. Even after releasing a product, designers, programmers, and engineers will continue to reinvent subsequent generations. But sometimes they get it right the first time. These items were so good from the get-go, they endured for decades. Sliced bread (Gregory Reid/) Sliced bread Born 1927 Otto Rohwedder reinvented bread when he created the first machine to slice

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Use emojis in work communication, say psychologists A U.K. psychologist recommends using emojis in work communication. Emojis can help make up for the missing 93% of communication cues when messaging online. Using emojis can help the reader decode the tone of your emails. Psychology researchers from the University of Chichester in the U.K. think you're not using enough emojis. They say that because so much of humanity has been forced into isolatio

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. What Alexander Calder Understood About Joy Späth / ullstein bild / Getty I f Alexander Calder were alive to visit the kids' department of Pottery Barn or West Elm today, he would probably feel deeply torn, which tells you a lot about America's best-known sculptor. He might well say that the shelves of knockoff mobiles "nauseate" him, as he did when DIY mobile-making guides started proliferating among craft hobbyists in the 1950s. Gimmicky

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. What Einstein May Have Gotten Wrong Strangely, although we feel as if we sweep through time on the knife-edge between the fixed past and the open future, that edge—the present—appears nowhere in the existing laws of physics. In Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, for example, time is woven together with the three dimensions of space, forming a bendy, four-dimensional space-time continuum—a "block universe" encompassing the enti

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. What is the current state of tissue regeneration research? Will we ever be able to replace damaged parts of internal organs? See title submitted by /u/Ctown_struggles00 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Where will Amazon be in 150 years? submitted by /u/TellMeMoreYT [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Why does President Trump want to mine on the Moon? The US president signed an order this week stating Americans had rights to use resources in space.

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Will Microbes Feed the World? CEO of Nature's Fynd Thomas Jonas Explains! submitted by /u/Leandroth [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Your pictures on the theme of 'insects' Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "insects".

….. (Hentet 12. april 2020) ….. ….. Danmarks natur forandrer sig: Dine oplevelser hjælper forskerne med at se hvordan Det gør en forskel, hvis du holder øje med blandt andet gøg, hornfisk og haletudser.

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