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….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <><> ….. Students are less focused, empathetic and active than before. Technology may be to blame Teachers say most students have lost the ability to focus, are less empathetic and spend less time on physical activity. 10056 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. WHO: sick pay A broader funding base would help the UN health body to focus on the job at hand 10055 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What's Happening With Remdesivir? Well, everyone was just dealing with the news that Gilead's antiviral remdesivir had had two trials suspended in China, when Stat 's Adam Feuerstein and Matthew Herper broke news last night about a trial here in the US. 125 patients had been recruited at the University of Chicago to receive daily doses of remdesivir, and the only reason we have news of what's going on is because of a series of mi 10054 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Social Distance Looks Like Across the World Amid what can feel like a constant deluge of depressing news, A Social Distance is a glimmer of hope and a welcome reprieve. The short documentary—co-directed by Jacob Jonas and Ivan Cash , scored by Steve Hackman , and premiering on The Atlantic today—offers a window into the ordinary quarantine experiences of people from more than 30 countries. In the self-submitted videos, people dance, play m 10053 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Weakest link in supply chain threatens car industry revival Big carmakers say small companies must be protected from collapse or factories may remain shut 10052 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wall Street opens higher as traders shrug off bleak jobs data Investors say 'astounding' number of unemployment claims in US had been priced into markets 10051 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US small business rescue fund runs out of cash Congress has not yet reached a deal to replenish $350bn pot 10050 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US may have to endure social distancing until 2022 if no vaccine is quickly found, scientists predict submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 10049 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US crude tumbles to 18-year low as supply overwhelms demand West Texas Intermediate contract for May delivery loses as much as 10% as expiry looms 10048 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US banks: trading places Market volatility produced one of the few bright spots in dismal times 10047 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US banks detail dramatic fall in credit card spending Citigroup says customers reduced purchases by about 30 per cent in last week of March 10046 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK ventilator manufacturers protected from injury claims Government covers risk of legal action if new kit malfunctions or breaches IP rights 10045 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK hospitals warn patients at risk due to shortage of gowns Trust feared vital operations would have to be cancelled as supply snags intensify 10044 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The WHO should be bolstered, not crippled Suspending US funding to global health body is grossly irresponsible 10043 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Paycheck Protection Program Is Failing It was a punch in the mouth when we had to close the doors of our three New York City restaurants and lay off 25 employees. We had been searching frantically for a way to stay open. We had kept up with the news, read press releases from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and talked on the phone with our insurance agent and our lawyers. Ultimately, we had to inf 10042 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Se modellerne: Frisører og tandlæger kan åbne uden flere smittede Ifølge nye udregninger fra Statens Serum Institut vil epidemien dog tage fart, hvis vi dropper social afstand samtidig med at de liberale erhverv åbnes. 10041 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. PLOS Stands with the National Academies on Continuing WHO Funding Yesterday, the presidents of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a statement warning that interrupting funding for World Health Organization (WHO) would be a critical failure for our global health security. 10040 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Morgan Stanley warns on outlook after 30% profit fall Trading activity may not sustain 2020 targets, says chief executive James Gorman 10039 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Fed's junk bond purchases should be short-term Crisis-fighting measures need to be transparent and unwound quickly 10038 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Denmark edges towards reopening as children return to school Classes cut in half and lessons taught outside to limit infection risk as primary schools reopen 10037 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wuhan raises coronavirus death count by 1,300 Officials revise data as Beijing seeks to dispel accusations it under-reported health crisis 10036 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Withholding funding from the World Health Organization is wrong and dangerous, and must be reversed Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01121-1 Researchers everywhere must continue to press their lawmakers to act now and challenge US President Donald Trump's undermining of the global health agency. 10035 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why we should be selfish and provide Africa debt relief These governments desperately need financial breathing space to fight the pandemic 10034 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why the coronavirus response may unleash 5G submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 10033 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why it's not easy for the government to give out cash To help get people get through crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, direct cash payments, also known as cash transfers, can really help. But getting them to the right people is easier said than done. On the week of March 21st, 2020, over 3.3 million Americans claimed unemployment, nearly 5 times the highest weekly number from the entire 2008 recession. It's remarkable until you realize that the fol 10032 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why games like Animal Crossing are the new social media of the coronavirus era If you'd told Areeba Imam a month ago that she'd become obsessed with Nintendo's Animal Crossing, she wouldn't have believed you. "I've never played video games before," says the 23-year-old college student, who is currently hunkered at her parents' home in northern Virginia as the pandemic tightens its grip on the US. "The only game I knew about was Mario Kart on the computer, because my sister 10031 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why farmers are forced to let food rot during the shutdown while others go hungry Fruits and vegetables are being left in fields (Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn @producteurslocaux Avatar of user Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn/) In recent weeks, numerous stories have emerged about farmers dumping their dairy and produce. Idaho farmers are leaving their onions to rot in the field, South Florida growers are plowing their beans and cabbage into the ground, and lettuc 10030 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why False Claims About COVID-19 Refuse to Die – Issue 84: Outbreak Early in the morning on April 5, 2020, an article appeared on the website Medium with the title "Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret." The article claimed that the pathology of COVID-19 was completely different from what public health authorities, such as the World Health Organization, had previously described. According to the author, COVID-19 strips the bo 10029 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why Boredom Affects Us So Much For more than a month, and with no definitive end in sight, many Americans have been confined to their home because of shelter-in-place orders due to the novel coronavirus. Though health-care workers, service-sector employees, and gig laborers are running at a fever pitch to keep millions of people safe and functioning, the rest of us are stuck indoors without the fun of social gatherings or the 10028 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why are we really in lockdown?–/ Is it just about the number of dead? Or is it something deeper: making sure we live in a society we don't feel ashamed of? 10027 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Why are men more likely to get worse symptoms and die from covid-19? More men die of covid-19 than women. Reasons for this may include differences in smoking, general health, immune defences, hormones and even hygiene 10026 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. WHO-recommended disinfectants are effective against novel coronavirus When used correctly, both alcohol-based hand disinfectants recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) are effective against the novel coronavirus Sars-Cov-2, as confirmed by an international research team headed by Professor Stephanie Pfänder from the Department of Molecular and Medical Virology at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). The journal Emerging Infectious Diseases published the releva 10025 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Who Gets Sickest From COVID-19? Due to immune variations — some genetic, some acquired — the virus hits some people much harder than others. 10024 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. When should we reopen the economy? The U.S. risks hurting the economy more than helping it if the economy is restarted before mid-June, new research shows. 10023 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What we should tell our children about coronavirus Too often, as parents our overprotective urges stem from our own insecurities 10022 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Role Will Immunity Play in Conquering COVID-19? – Facts So Romantic It seems like people who get infected with SARS-CoV-2 retain immunity, but we can't be sure how long that immunity will last. We still lack the testing capabilities to be certain. eamesBot / Shutterstock With more than half a million cases of COVID-19 in the United States1 and the number of deaths increasing daily, it remains unclear when and how we might return to some semblance of pre-pandemic 10021 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What It's Like to Live Next Door to Your Best Friend Right Now Each installment of The Friendship Files features a conversation between The Atlantic 's Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship. This week she talks with two best friends who moved in next door to each other long before the coronavirus pandemic—but they're particularly grateful for that decision now. They still see each other every day on 10020 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What is Coronavirus, what are its symptoms, and when should I call a doctor? Why is the Covid-19 virus worse than normal influenza, and how worried are the experts? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Organization (WH 10019 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Happens When Other Disasters Hit during a Pandemic? Emergency management experts are concerned about everything from evacuations to public messaging — Read more on 10018 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What drives us to blame the marginalized for epidemics? Epidemics often bring a search for scapegoats, with anti-Asian harassment in the wake of COVID-19 the latest example. Likewise, ideas circulate that different races also differ in their susceptibility to the disease, evidenced by a myth that blacks were immune to the virus. Both are subjects familiar to Rana Hogarth, a history professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who teaches 10017 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. What Do Antibody Tests For SARS-CoV-2 Tell Us About Immunity?–67425 Studies from serum samples could transform our understanding of the spread of COVID-19, but what antibodies alone say about immunity is not yet clear. 10016 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Wear a mask to protect me as well as you | Letters Hilary Cashman and Bill Sharp urge the UK to adopt the wearing of masks to stop the spread of coronavirus The debate about face masks for community use ( Coronavirus: should everyone be wearing face masks? , 15 April) has been hampered by British cultural blinkers. Masks have been portrayed as an ineffective attempt at self-protection, whereas mask-wearing in Japan and South Korea has always been 10015 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. We Need an Atlantic Charter for the Post-coronavirus Era In August 1941, Winston Churchill climbed aboard the USS Augusta, anchored off the southeast coast of Newfoundland, ready to talk with Franklin D. Roosevelt, who awaited him on deck. The British and American leaders began lengthy discussions about the shape of a postwar world. Their eight principles for "a better future" included self-determination, open trade, freedom of the seas, and a rejectio 10014 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. W.H.O. Warned Trump About Coronavirus Early and Often The World Health Organization, always cautious, acted more forcefully and faster than many national governments. But President Trump has decided to cut off U.S. funding to the organization. 10013 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. VR Is Here to Help With Our New Reality – Taking the awkward leap into the headset can lead to a better life in work and play—during and after the pandemic. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 10012 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virus outbreak on French warship sparks military weakness fears Potential adversaries could seek to exploit vulnerabilities triggered by pandemic, warn analysts 10011 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Virus forced schools online, but many students didn't follow During the first week that her San Diego public school was shuttered to slow the spread of the coronavirus, not one of Elise Samaniego's students logged on to her virtual classroom. 10010 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US meat plant closures spread after rash of virus cases More than 500 employees at one Smithfield plant have tested positive for Covid-19 10009 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. US adults are most concerned about experiencing increased anxiety as a result of COVID-19 A University of Phoenix survey gauged US adults' mental health as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and revealed that 4 in 10 are lonelier now than ever before. 10008 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Unlocking Australia: What can benefit-cost analysis tell us? Lockdowns work. That's the evidence from many different countries now, including Australia. To be more precise, lockdowns reduce the effective reproductive rate of the virus to the point where it is below 1, meaning that, on average, each infected person passes on the disease to less than one other person. 10007 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UnitedHealth Reports Profit, Citing Falling Demand for Elective Care The health care insurance giant's earnings is one of the first to offer a hint of how the health crisis is affecting the nation's health care industry. 10006 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK retail sales worst on record as lockdown takes its toll Three sets of data reflect damage to high street from closed shops and people staying at home 10005 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK extends lockdown for 3 more weeks Foreign secretary suggests Covid-19 might not be fully contained until June 10004 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. UK construction stalls as coronavirus takes toll Housebuilder Barratt furloughs all but 15% of workforce and slashes executive pay 10003 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. TSMC doubles earnings on bumper chip sales despite pandemic Work-from-home surge boosts world's largest semiconductor contract manufacturer 10002 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump Was Right to Prioritize America's Competitiveness Over Inequality More than two years ago, President Donald Trump overhauled the U.S. tax code, giving the Republican Party its biggest legislative accomplishment of the 21st century. Serving on the White House Council of Economic Advisers, I helped articulate the vision for the corporate tax cuts and reforms. Even before the law passed, critics argued, quite vocally, that the cuts would increase the deficit and e 10001 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump to announce guidelines on reopening US economy President cites data that country has passed peak of virus on day total deaths pass 28,000 10000 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump tempers push for quick reopening in new guidelines Presidential recommendations include high hurdles to loosening of coronavirus lockdowns 9999 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump Suspends WHO Funds, Alleges a Poor COVID-19 Response President Donald Trump claims the World Health Organization failed to investigate early reports of the coronavirus, while public health experts argue that stripping the agency of its funding endangers us all. 9998 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Trump Is Threatening to Subvert the Constitution President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to do something no president has ever done: formally adjourn Congress—that is, end Congress's current session and force it into a recess—for the express purpose of installing his own people in federal jobs (possibly even judgeships) without having to follow the normal process of Senate confirmation. Doing so would subvert America's constitutional des 9997 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Transcript: 'We are at a moment of truth' (English) The French president on the coronavirus crisis, European solidarity and the future of globalisation 9996 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Top EU scientist ousted over plans for coronavirus research [no content] 9995 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tim Harford: why we fail to prepare for disasters Catastrophes such as coronavirus are all too predictable. What makes us do nothing in the face of danger? 9994 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Thirteen free online resources to educate and entertain your kids A little homework never hurt anybody. (Annie Spratt / Unsplash/) The COVID-19 outbreak has deeply changed our lives over the past few months. You're not only confined to the limited living space of your own home, you're confined to your own home… with your kids . It doesn't matter if they're energetic preschoolers or brooding teenagers—it's hard to keep them entertained while you work or check it 9993 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. These cancer scientists turned their lab into a coronavirus-testing facility Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01109-x Researchers at London's Francis Crick Institute have repurposed equipment, reagents and software in response to the pandemic. 9992 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. There are many reasons why covid-19 contact tracing apps may not work Many countries are hoping to use contact tracing apps to leave lockdown and suppress further coronavirus outbreaks, but the use of such technology has many issues 9991 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The World Health Organisation is under fire by America's president Mostly, though, his charges are trumped up 9990 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The WHO Shouldn't Be a Plaything for Great Powers Donald Trump has declared that he would like the United States to stop funding the World Health Organization. It's unclear if he has the authority to change policy in this way , but he's trying. He wants to further break the WHO in ways it's already broken. Trump's ploy to defund the WHO is a transparent effort to distract from his administration's failure to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic. It 9989 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The US is failing the test of the century A new wave and second lockdown would be a bigger hit to wealth than a cautious return to work, but Donald Trump is refusing to listen 9988 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Unenviable Position of a Southern Mayor Frank Scott outside city hall in Little Rock, Arkansas (Liz Marie Sanders) O n Sunday, April 5, Frank Scott, Jr., the mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, finally found a moment to rest. Then he received a call from his police chief, Keith Humphrey. Dozens of cars had lined up on Asher Avenue, a busy thoroughfare in the city. Residents and out-of-towners were standing shoulder to shoulder to watch dra 9987 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Supermarket After the Pandemic B randon Hill's parents met in the 1980s as common links in the rickety grocery-store supply chain. Both were packaged-goods wholesalers selling wares to the Price Chopper supermarket chain in Schenectady, New York. Hill's mother trafficked in lunch meats; his father hawked aluminum foil. For a medium-size chain such as this, figuring out what to buy was a manual process. A couple of times a day 9986 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Science of Fear, the Royal Scandal That Made France Modern and Other New Books to Read The fourth installment in our weekly series spotlights titles that may have been lost in the news amid the COVID-19 crisis 9985 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The pandemic through the eyes of social scientists The corona crisis relates to not only the medical field but also the field of the social sciences and humanities. SSH Beraad, a consultation body that aims to improve the position of the social sciences and humanities in the Netherlands, has launched a website bringing together experts in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). Three social scientists from Leiden talk about how the crisis affect 9984 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Pandemic Is Forcing Teletherapy to Go Mainstream As the coronavirus pandemic pushes the American healthcare system to the brink, following stay-at-home guidelines is a crucial part of minimizing strain on the healthcare system. But the best thing people can do for public health can sometimes be the worst thing for their mental well-being, as isolation leaves many cut off from the lifelines they depend on to cope. As a result, teletherapy — coun 9983 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The pandemic and the female academic Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01135-9 I'm curious what lockdown will reveal about the 'maternal wall' that can block faculty advancement. 9982 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The New Cringeworthy Constance Bannister Corp / Getty When Darnell Mitchell recently watched Die Hard , the classic 1988 action film starring Bruce Willis, he couldn't stop grimacing at his television screen, but not at the violent scenes you might expect. Mitchell had seen the movie before, several years ago, but this time felt different. The characters' actions seemed, somehow, cringier. "I was like, Why am I react 9981 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The lockdowns worked–but what comes next? [no content] 9980 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Influencer Economy Hurtles Toward Its First Recession Faced with a pandemic on the one hand and slashed budgets on the other, some industry insiders say it's time for influencing to evolve. 9979 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Flaw in the President's Newest Constitutional Argument Updated at 12:00 p.m. ET on April 17, 2020. President Donald Trump seems to think he's found a loophole in the U.S. Constitution. After years of understaffing his administration—in part the result of Senate Democrats delaying the confirmation process, but also the result of the president and Senate Republicans prioritizing judicial appointments and other business—the president suddenly is keen to 9978 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Essential Work of Farmers Despite the many coronavirus lockdowns around the world, people still need to eat, and agricultural work continues—but with many new challenges. Some crops that were ready to harvest are being plowed under or allowed to rot in the fields, because seasonal workers are restricted from traveling, and many buyers have temporarily closed. Unwanted flowers are being used as feed for livestock, and some 9977 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The end of the 'two cultures' After the pandemic, an ignorance of science will no longer be viable in polite company 9976 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The effects of drinking water service fragmentation on drought-related water security Drought is a critical stressor that contributes to water insecurity. In the United States, an important pathway by which drought affects households' access to clean, reliable drinking water for basic needs is through the organization and activities of community water systems. Research on the local political economy of drinking water provision reveals the constraints on community water systems tha 9975 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Covid conspiracies: a virus that can only spread False beliefs will make it harder to end this pandemic. They also risk making our politics even more dysfunctional 9974 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The coronavirus pandemic is making the US housing crisis even worse Ninety-five percent of Americans have been ordered to stay at home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 9973 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The coronavirus crisis could pave the way to universal basic income submitted by /u/nicko_rico [link] [comments] 9972 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Cath Lab during COVID Interventional cardiologists should prioritize the conservation of medical resources, minimization of potential COVID-19 exposure and reallocation of resources, according to a paper published on April 9 in the Journal of Invasive Cardiology. In the article, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and University of Tennessee Health Science Center Interventional Cardiologist Shyam Sathanandam, MD, suggests t 9971 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Boomerang Exes of Quarantine When an event alters the life course of a generation, the official accounts usually have the best chance of surviving as historical records: speech transcripts from heads of state; front-page newspaper photos; in the case of a war or a disaster or a pandemic, the final body count. What often gets lost to history is how the moment in question affects the social and emotional lives of the ordinary 9970 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Books Briefing: What Personal Letters Reveal About Human Struggles During the Dust Bowl in 1930s Oklahoma, a woman waiting out the drought on the farm she shared with her husband wrote to a friend across the country. Her dispatches on the agricultural crisis of the time—published in the May 1936 issue of The Atlantic —encapsulate their daily life in a matter-of-fact tone that belies the scope of the disaster. Letter-writing is an old-fashioned form, but it remai 9969 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Bodies of People Who Died from COVID-19 May Still Be Contagious A forensic worker in Thailand most likely caught the virus from a deceased patient, a preprint study suggests — Read more on 9968 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: Trump's Revisionist History Editor's Note: We're making some changes to our newsletter lineup, and we wanted you to be the first to know what we're doing and why. Our team has been reimagining another newsletter in our portfolio, The Atlantic Daily, over the last year, and it has become the definitive expression of The Atlantic in email form. The politics newsletter you're reading now will cease on Friday, April 17. Where p 9967 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: How COVID-19 Exacerbates Trump's Biggest 2020 Vulnerability Editor's Note: We're making some changes to our newsletter lineup, and we wanted you to be the first to know what we're doing and why. Our team has been reimagining another newsletter in our portfolio, The Atlantic Daily, over the last year, and it has become the definitive expression of The Atlantic in email form. The politics newsletter you're reading now will cease on Friday, April 17. Where p 9966 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Daily: Trump Rebrands as a Pandemic Prophet Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . ADAM MAIDA What happened at the World Health Organization? President Donald Trump is threatening to cut off funding to the WHO over its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. On the Hill, Republican 9965 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Daily: America's Fault Lines Are Showing Getty / The Atlantic America's fault lines are showing. As my colleague Joe Pinsker put it last week, there are really two pandemics : One will be disruptive and frightening to its victims, but thanks to their existing advantages and lucky near misses with the virus, they will likely emerge from it relatively stable—physically, psychologically, and financially. The other pandemic, though, will de 9964 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The Arab medics battling coronavirus in Israel's segregated society Community is politically marginalised but makes up one-fifth of doctors and a quarter of nurses 9963 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. The 'Ostrich Alliance': leaders denying coronavirus threat Four strongmen stand apart while the rest of the world takes drastic action to stop the pandemic spreading 9962 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tests, isolation og kontaktopsporing: Danmarks nyeste strategi er fuld af inddæmningsinitiativer PLUS. Efter at den har stået på afbødning i ugevis, er der i den seneste covid-19-status fokus på at kridte danseskoene og komme i gang med at opstøve og afbryde smittekæder. 9961 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Temple treats 1st patient in US in trial of gimsilumab for patients with COVID-19 and ARDS Temple University Hospital has treated the first patient in the United States in the BREATHE clinical trial evaluating the impact of intravenous treatment with gimsilumab on mortality for patients with COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). 9960 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Tech Companies Reckon With the Pandemic Some players in the tech industry are pivoting hard to address the global health crisis. But in many ways, business continues as usual. 9959 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Taiwan taxi company launches electric-only fleet of Teslas submitted by /u/cmstrump [link] [comments] 9958 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Swedish ministers defend resisting coronavirus lockdown Scientists question country's approach as death toll dwarfs those of Nordic neighbours 9957 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Supermarket shelves stripped bare? History can teach us to 'make do' with food Recent COVID-19 induced panic buying has raised concerns about food security for many Australians. 9956 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Succeshistorier fra USA: Ebola-middel fik patienter hurtigt ud af respiratoren Et amerikansk universitetshospital kan berette, at størstedelen af de kritisk syge patienter med Covid-19 hurtigere kom på benene efter at have fået præparatet Remdesivir. 9955 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Stem cells to cure COVID-19 because why not Israeli scientists discovered a cure for coronavirus! Their proprietary PLX cells from placenta deliver 100% survival rate both against COVID-19 and a nuclear holocaust. The stocks soar. 9954 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Stay-at-home orders intensify domestic violence fears Stay-at-home orders designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can intensify fears of people who are victims of domestic violence, an expert warns. As the days of isolation stretched into weeks and the weeks into months, a different hazard has emerged, says Susan B. Sorenson, director of the Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse and a professor in the School of Social Policy & Practice at the Univers 9953 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. State data masks hidden COVID-19 hot spots There are rapidly forming COVID-19 hot spots across the United States, including in southern states such as Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, according to a group of data scientists. Looking at data at the county level rather than the state level allowed them to find trends "hidden" in the larger view, the researchers say. The results, compiled in an interactive visualization , are a way to m 9952 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. State Alliances Are Leading the US Fight Against Covid-19 The Western States Pact and a council of northeastern states have formed public health coalitions while the federal government does … whatever it's doing. 9951 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Start-ups and larger companies set for extra UK bailout funds Virus-hit businesses with turnover above £45m will be able to access state-backed bank loans up to £50m 9950 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Staff at Berkeley Lab's X-Ray facility mobilize to support COVID-19-related research X-rays allow researchers to map out the 3-D structure of proteins relevant to diseases at the scale of molecules and atoms, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (Berkeley Lab's) Advanced Light Source (ALS) X-ray facility has been recalled to action to support research related to COVID-19, the coronavirus disease that has already infected about 2 million people around the world. 9949 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. South Korea's ruling party wins election landslide amid coronavirus outbreak Voters reward Moon Jae-in for response to pandemic with biggest majority since transition to democracy in 1987 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage South Korea's ruling party has won a landslide victory in national assembly elections, in what is being seen as an endorsement of President Moon Jae-in's response to the coronavirus pandemic . Moon's left-leaning Democratic pa 9948 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. South Korea's drive-ins offer respite from pandemic drudgery Multilplexes are struggling but watching movies in a car is proving extremely popular 9947 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. South Korea to implement Green New Deal after ruling party election win. Seoul is to set a 2050 net zero emissions goal and end coal financing, after the Democratic Party's landslide victory in one of the world's first Covid-19 elections submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 9946 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Sorry, Immunity to Covid-19 Won't Be Like a Superpower It's nice to think that recovery will give you absolute protection, but that's not really how this works. 9945 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Social Distance: Watching the Pandemic Hit From Abroad The coronavirus pandemic has now touched nearly every corner of the globe, but each country has responded in its own way. How does the United States' response compare to others? On this episode of Social Distance , Katherine Wells and James Hamblin call Maeve Higgins, a writer and comedian who left New York a month ago to return to her native Ireland. She shares her perspective on the different w 9944 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Social Distance: Are These Tweets Real? Staff writer James Hamblin has been getting a lot of strange replies on social media. He recently wrote about hydroxychloroquine , the drug President Donald Trump has touted as a treatment for COVID-19, and it seems the Twitter trolls have come for him. After reporting on the " disinformation architecture " aimed at helping Trump get reelected, staff writer McKay Coppins wrote about how that set 9943 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Social care sector warns of collapse without government funding UK providers seek emergency help to meet increased costs due to coronavirus pandemic 9942 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Small study shows paper towels much more effective at removing viruses than hand dryers Research due to be presented at this year's European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) shows that using paper towels is substantially more effective than jet dryers for removing microbes when still contaminated hands are dried. 9941 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Sino Biological Partners with Nanommune Inc. to Develop and Market a Novel Coronavirus Multiplex Serological Assay Sino Biological, Inc. today announced a co-development agreement with Nanommune Inc., an Irvine, California based biotechnology company specializing in the development and application of multiplex array technology. 9940 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Singapore Reports Record Number of New Coronavirus Cases: Live Updates The city-state has experienced a sharp increase in infections among migrant laborers. Britain is expected to extend its lockdown by three weeks. 9939 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Several Drugs Are Being Tested as COVID-19 Treatments. Here's What We Know So Far We need all the help we can get. 9938 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. SDU og Ingeniører Uden Grænser skal teste gør-det-selv-masker i Afrika PLUS. Kan lokalt syede ansigtsmasker bremse udbredelsen af Covid-19 i Afrika? Det skal et dansk projekt nu undersøge i Sierra Leone og Guinea-Bissau. 9937 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scottish football league blows whistle with coronavirus plans End to 2019-20 season for lower tiers — and probably for Premiership — prompts fury after clinching vote changed 9936 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scientists Try To Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Development A year to develop a COVID-19 vaccine may seem like a long time, but it typically takes longer. We examine how vaccines are developed, and how researchers are trying to speed things up. 9935 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Scams are thriving during COVID-19. Here's what to watch out for. Gmail is marking images with warnings when it suspects they're phishing attacks. (Gmail/) Over the last few weeks, people have begun to receive text messages claiming that they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. It's an official-looking message that claims to come from the CDC, but includes a sketchy URL designed to pull in worried victims and steal their 9934 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Saudi Arabia moves to control spread of virus among migrant workers Cases have doubled in kingdom where foreigners make up three-quarters of labour force 9933 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Sanofi developing smartphone-linked coronavirus test French pharmaceutical company teams up with Silicon Valley start-up Luminostics 9932 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. San Francisco Ramps Up Back-To-Basics Contact Tracing To Stop COVID-19 Citing concerns about privacy and civil liberties, the city's not relying on a smartphone app to track cases. Instead, it's recruiting public health staff, librarians and med students to make calls. (Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) 9931 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. S Korean economic woes scupper Moon's legacy ambitions Ruling party makes big gains but needs to focus on coronavirus rather than chaebol 9930 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Raab fires warning shot at China over coronavirus Foreign secretary says UK cannot return to 'business as usual' with Beijing after outbreak 9929 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Roche to launch new antibody test for coronavirus Process allows medics to check who has already had the disease and how far immunity is developing 9928 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Roche to commence rollout of coronavirus antibody test in UK Pharmaceutical company says it can produce tests in the high tens of millions by June Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The pharmaceutical giant Roche has devised a new coronavirus antibody test, which it is aiming to launch in the UK next month. Antibody testing , which has already been utilised in Germany, South Korea and Finland, is seen as a way for countries to ex 9927 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Robert Shrimsley: the apps we need, from virus alerts to Brexit hotspots Post-lockdown, technology could help us contain Covid-19. But why stop there? 9926 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Restarting the economy too soon could damage it more The US risks hurting the economy more than helping it if it restarts before mid-June, according to a new study. The finding provides an answer to one of the most pressing questions facing the country—when should we reopen shuttered businesses? In the paper on the American Enterprise Institute website, author Anna Scherbina, associate professor of finance at Brandeis University, found that for at 9925 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Regional data suggest much higher Spanish coronavirus toll Inclusion of deaths such as untested care home residents increases nationwide total by 42% 9924 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Racism has a cost for everyone | Heather C. McGhee Racism makes our economy worse — and not just in ways that harm people of color, says public policy expert Heather C. McGhee. From her research and travels across the US, McGhee shares startling insights into how racism fuels bad policymaking and drains our economic potential — and offers a crucial rethink on what we can do to create a more prosperous nation for all. "Our fates are linked," she 9923 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Proteins may halt the severe cytokine storms seen in COVID-19 patients A team of researchers has developed specialized antibody-like receptor proteins that they believe could soak up the excess cytokines produced during a cytokine storm. This excessive immune response, sometimes seen in Covid-19 patients, can be fatal. 9922 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Protect Indigenous peoples from COVID-19 [no content] 9921 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Professor efter kritik af antistoftest: Vi har valideret rigtig meget PLUS. Ifølge lederen af Region Hovedstadens virologi- og biobank sektion, er de danske antistoftest afprøvet godt nok til at kunne udregne mørketallet for corona smittede. 9920 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Potential long-term benefits of Coronavirus outbreak? What are some of the potential long-term benefits of this Coronavirus outbreak? There have been a few loose postings on r/Futurology , but it would be nice to have a running list for keeping positive about related developments. Here are a few: -Recognition of the impact of pollution (see decrease of asthma attacks at idle coal plants) -Better social hygiene -A better societal understanding of wha 9919 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Political scientist discusses the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the 2020 elections American voters are facing the unprecedented prospect of electing a new president amid a global pandemic. Already, the COVID-19 crisis has led some states to cancel in-person voting in favor of voting by mail, while other states have delayed primaries or held them with physical distancing guidelines that have forced voters to wait in long lines beyond the physical confines of their polling places. 9918 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Political polarization leads to noncompliance with pandemic health advice, study finds If you identify as blue in a red state or red in a blue state, you might not be complying well with advice given by your governor that is meant to keep you healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Notre Dame Assistant Professor of Economics Kirsten Cornelson and her co-author Boriana Miloucheva of the University of Toronto found that in states with governors who won by close margins, compliance wi 9917 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. PODCAST: Udtjente vindmøllevinger og en virus der skal inddæmmes Cirkulær økonomi er ikke slået igennem i vindmøllebranchen, hvor skrottede vindmøllevinger ender i deponi. Nu skal coronasmitten inddæmmes – men hvordan? Permafrosten i Arktis er ved at tø op, og veje og huse mister deres faste fundament. 9916 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Plastic use in pandemic contributing to global waste problem, says expert The global demand for certain plastics has grown during the coronavirus pandemic while recycling efforts have suffered setbacks, according to an environmental expert at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy. 9915 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pinn's illustration of the week: America First Donald Trump pulls support from the World Health Organization 9914 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pharma hope, Australian data and when to socially narrow A digest of COVID-19 science, data and optimism @ 16 April. 9913 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. People with chronic pain need support during COVID-19 Because of forced shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people with chronic pain have lost access to support programs, one expert says. An estimated one in five Americans suffer from chronic pain , and more than 40 people die every day from prescription opioid overdoses. Many are now trying to cope on their own. In a new commentary published in JAMA Network Open , Lewis S. Nelson, chair of 9912 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. People Running Folding@Home Accidentally Created The World's Biggest Supercomputer This is helping us understand SARS-CoV-2. 9911 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pension transfers under lockdown Market volatility has temporarily halted the £80bn final salary transfer market, yet there is increased desire to cash in 9910 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Peers demand post-crisis public inquiry Any probe likely to revive criticism of government's delayed actions in tackling Covid-19 9909 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Pathologic' Is the Perfect Videogame to Revisit Right Now It's nearly 15 years old, but when you play, you feel like you are living in the present moment. 9908 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Paper Towels Could Remove Virus Missed by Poor Hand Washing, Study Indicates But also, just wash your hands properly?? 9907 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandemic making Canada's economic future uncertain Even though Canada lost more than a million jobs in March—enough to produce an unprecedented one-month jump in the unemployment rate from 5.6 percent in February to 7.8 percent—the months that follow may prove even more challenging, warned Western experts. 9906 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Pandemic carves gaps in long-term field projects [no content] 9905 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Oxford set to start first UK coronavirus vaccine trial Race to control infection to be backed by new government task force 9904 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Our Pandemic Summer: The fight against the coronavirus won't be over when the U.S. reopens. Here's how the nation must prepare itself. submitted by /u/mgby [link] [comments] 9903 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Opinion: We need a global movement to transform ocean science for a better world [Sustainability Science] The ocean is our planet's largest life-support system. It stabilizes climate; stores carbon; produces oxygen; nurtures biodiversity; directly supports human well-being through food, mineral, and energy resources; and provides cultural and recreational services. The value of the ocean economy speaks to its importance: The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development… 9902 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Opinion: Redefining Productivity in the Age of COVID-19 We mourned the closing of our lab. But then we got back to work–finding the balance between scholarly relevance and adapting to life in a world of new social norms. 9901 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Opinion: Public Health Trumps Privacy in a Pandemic If governments were to use SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests to manage who can re-enter the workplace, society must accept a sacrifice of privacy. 9900 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. One nasty side effect of coronavirus: Robots will take our jobs at an even faster rate submitted by /u/Buck-Nasty [link] [comments] 9899 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. One Decision on Social Distancing Could Have Prevented 90% of US Coronavirus Deaths Time is of the essence. 9898 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. On the Offense, President Trump Reveals Plan to Reopen Economy Near the end of a week of criticism regarding his response to the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump unveiled guidelines for reopening the economy. The plan sets out a gradual approach that would see states and regions move through three phases of eased restrictions as they meet certain benchmarks. 9897 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. On the front lines of the coronavirus-vaccine battle Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01116-y Canadian virologist Alyson Kelvin raced across the country to begin a collaboration to develop vaccines against COVID-19. 9896 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Of Hope and Humidity: More Reader Questions on Covid-19 Will humid weather have any impact on the spread of the novel coronavirus? And for that matter, how long does SARS-CoV-2 really stay suspended in the air? Also: What's the difference between Covid-19 and pneumonia? Undark's publisher Deborah Blum weighs in on these and other pressing questions from readers. 9895 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Obesity Linked to Severe Coronavirus Disease, Especially for Younger Patients Young adults with obesity are more likely to be hospitalized, even if they have no other health problems, studies show. 9894 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Nye EU-anbefalinger: Landenes corona-apps skal kunne tale sammen For at undgå at EU-landene hver især udvikler corona-apps, der bryder databeskyttelsesreglerne og ikke kan fungere på tværs af landegrænser, har EU udsendt en række retningslinjer. 9893 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ny undersøgelse: Corona kan spredes når vi taler En talende person kan sprede smitte gennem luften, men en maske kan mindske spredningen af smitte partikler. 9892 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ny rapport från Folkhälsomyndigheten: Alla smittade hade symptom Folkhälsomyndigheten testade 773 personer i Stockholm i början på april. Testresultaten visar nu att alla som testades positivt för covid-19 hade symptom. Det symptom som tydligast skiljer smittade från andra var smakbortfall, luktbortfall och diarré. 9891 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Ny forskning: Gatuhundar kan ha spridit det nya coronaviruset Ny forskning visar att det kan vara gatuhundar som först infekterade människor med sars-cov-2 och inte myrkottar som man förut trodde. Spela klippet ovan för att se hur det kan ha gått till. 9890 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Now mental health is on everyone's agenda Staff and employers offer their strategies to stay well — and working — in lockdown 9889 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Novo Nordisk uddeler gratis insulin under coronakrise Diabetespatienter, der har mistet deres sundhedsforsikring på grund af fyring under coronakrisen, kan ansøge om gratis insulin i USA. 9888 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. No, the Internet Is Not Good Again Adam Maida The weekend before bars and restaurants closed in New York, I sat on the ground in the park with three friends in a creepy circle—six feet away, six feet away, six feet away. We were just going around saying things we were newly shocked by, really. "I don't care about anything I cared about a week ago," I said. "I love Instagram now! And it's my job not to love Instagram." I'm supposed 9887 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. No matter how you crunch the numbers, this pandemic is only just getting started | William Hanage People are understandably looking for good news. But the truth is, we're nowhere near controlling coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage There has not been a lot of good news lately. But with the discharge of Boris Johnson from hospital on Sunday, and statements that the " peak " strain on the National Health Service would be over the Easter period, you might be 9886 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Nissan to produce 100,000 NHS face visors at Sunderland Carmaker is latest manufacturer to produce medical kit in coronavirus crisis 9885 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New Zealand wins plaudits for coronavirus approach Remoteness, strict lockdown and leadership of Jacinda Ardern help suppress outbreak 9884 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New York orders people to wear masks in public places Governor delivers extra mitigation measure as he outlines hurdles to lifting lockdown 9883 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New UK taskforce to help develop and roll out coronavirus vaccine Government bodies, industry and charities including AstraZeneca and Wellcome Trust to collaborate in coordinating efforts Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronavirus vaccine – when will we have one? The government has announced a new vaccines taskforce to help the development of a vaccine for Covid-19 and ensure its rapid production and rollout if one arrives. The bu 9882 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. New app uses QR codes to trace coronavirus exposure TrackCOVID is a free, open-source smartphone app that permits contact tracing for potential coronavirus infections while preserving privacy. On Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom suggested that reopening the state's economy will require six steps, the first of which involves "tracing and tracking individuals" in order to identify those who need to remain in isolation. TrackCOVID could be i 9881 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Nearly one in 10 British military absent from frontline, says MoD Fewer than 100 UK personnel test positive for virus but many self-isolate or work from home 9880 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. My lockdown life: a business leader and a pubs owner on facing the challenges In this FT series people share their stories of this extraordinary time 9879 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Movie Theater Chains Reckon With an Uncertain Future Cinemark is trying to plan for a July reopening, and AMC Theatres could be facing bankruptcy as the pandemic keeps audiences away. 9878 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Most Aussies approve of government COVID-19 response The majority of Australians are satisfied with the government's handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to a new study. The Melbourne Institute will publish a new survey weekly to gauge the impact of COVID-19 in Australia. The survey tracks changes in the economic and social well-being of Australians living through the effects of COVID-19 and will provide a snapshot of how Aust 9877 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. More Small Molecule Clinical Data Against Covid-19, As of April 16 There are several clinical trial updates for today – some that have reported data, and two that are apparently never going to report at all. I refer to trials of Gilead's remdesivir in China, one for moderate cases and one for severe ones, both of which were updated yesterday to "suspended" on That took people by surprise, and Gilead's stock dropped in response. Both trials ha 9876 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. More drug shortages due to COVID-19 COVID-19 is worsening a long-standing problem: Drug shortages 9875 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Molecular networks serve as cellular blueprints Networks are at the heart of everything from communications systems to pandemics. Now researchers have found that a unique type of network also underlies the structures of critical cellular compartments known as membraneless organelles. These findings may provide key insights into the role of these structures in both disease and cellular operations. 9874 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Moderna agrees deal with US government on scaling up testing for vaccine Agreement worth up to $483m aims to accelerate development of a coronavirus treatment 9873 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Mnuchin defends opposition to emerging markets liquidity plan Trump administration resists issuance of reserve assets to troubled nations through IMF 9872 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Mixed Feelings About the WHO The World Health Organization (WHO) is one of those entities that are so essential if it didn't exist it would need to be invented. But at the same time, it is a frustratingly flawed institution. Some of those flaws are being highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the WHO is not alone in this – Covid-19 is an extreme stress on the system, and it is revealing multiple weaknesses. The big le 9871 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Military Metaphors Distort the Reality of COVID-19 The rhetoric of war implies a heedless approach that undermines the practice of medicine — Read more on 9870 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Mental health and brain research must be a higher priority in global COVID-19 response 24 experts publish a research roadmap to help keep us mentally healthy through the pandemic. A new poll shows the public are already substantially concerned about their mental health in response to COVID-19. Experts call for real time monitoring of mental health to be rolled out urgently in UK and globally. Front line medical staff and vulnerable groups must be a priority for mental health support 9869 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Men die of coronavirus at twice women's rate in England and Wales ONS March figures show 91% of those who died with Covid-19 had pre-existing condition Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Men died of coronavirus at twice the rate of women in England and Wales in March, according to ONS statistics. The data, which gives more in-depth information on the age, gender, and pre-existing conditions of those who died both inside and outside ho 9868 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Meeting care needs of older adults isolated at home during COVID-19 pandemic The importance of recognizing and directly addressing the challenges created by COVID-19 era physical distancing in the care of older adults is addressed. 9867 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Massive spending in a crisis brought bloody consequences in ancient Athens The jump in federal spending in response to the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic is not a new idea. Nearly 2,500 years ago, the people of ancient Athens had a similar plan—which succeeded in meeting the major threat they faced, but then tore Athenian society apart in a tangle of political recriminations after the crisis had passed. 9866 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Martin Wolf: coronavirus could be worst economic crisis since Great Depression Pandemic's economic impact compared with historic crises of 1930s and 2008 9865 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Manufacturing areas to bear economic brunt of Covid-19 Think-tank says virus likely to exacerbate existing regional inequalities and throw up new ones 9864 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Majority in UK support use of mobile phones for coronavirus contact tracing Survey shows that concern over limiting spread of virus trumps privacy fears 9863 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Macron: coronavirus is Europe's 'moment of truth' The French president tells the FT the virus is an existential crisis for the European project 9862 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Macron warns of EU unravelling unless it embraces financial solidarity Member states have 'no choice' but to set up joint virus recovery fund, French president tells FT 9861 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. LVMH and L'Oréal upbeat on recovery Luxury and beauty bellwethers predict gradual rebound once coronavirus shutdowns end 9860 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lungelæger frygter »skyggepatienter« Har borgerne taget coronabudskabet om selvisolation til sig i så høj grad, at de paradoksalt nok risikerer at skade deres helbred? Det spørgsmål stilles flere steder i sundhedsvæsenet, bl.a. af lungelæger. 9859 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lungelæge i coronatjeneste COVID-19 er en infektionssygdom, men lige nu arbejder hospitalslæger inden for alle mulige andre specialer end netop infektionsmedicin med coronapatienter. Lungemediciner Jesper Rømhild Davidsen er en af dem. 9858 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Loyalty programs keep customers coming back Simple loyalty programs can boost customer retention for businesses, researchers report. When the US economy edges closer to normal following the global coronavirus pandemic, such programs may be a method to help businesses get back on their feet. For their new study, the researchers looked at a loyalty program at a chain of men's hair salons, collecting data on more than 5,500 customers. Under t 9857 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Long Before COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci 'Changed Medicine In America Forever' New Yorker writer Michael Specter covered Fauci's early work in the AIDS epidemic. "He's always taken an open-minded approach to the problems," Specter says of the infectious-disease expert. (Image credit: Evan Vucci/AP Photo) 9856 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lockdown legacy likely to 'turbo-charge' UK trends Britons feel impact on jobs and mental health — but some rediscover a simpler life 9855 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Liverpool region mayor backs Sadiq Khan over face mask use Steve Rotheram says covering face would make people more aware of coronavirus situation Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Steve Rotheram is the latest mayor to urge people to wear masks in public after Sadiq Khan called on the government to make them compulsory on transport in London during the coronavirus outbreak. The metro mayor of Liverpool city region said wearing 9854 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Live Coronavirus News and Updates 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past four weeks. New York extended its shutdown to May 15. Protesters, some encouraged by antigovernment activists, have begun demonstrating against stay-at-home orders. 9853 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Live animals are stressed in wet markets, and stressed animals are more likely to carry diseases In a controversial move, China recently reopened its wet markets, which sell fresh meat, produce and live animals. A wet market in Wuhan may have been the source of the COVID-19 outbreak. 9852 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Listen: What Will the Summer Be Like? On this episode of Social Distance, staff writer Ed Yong joins Katherine Wells and James Hamblin to discuss his most recent article, " Our Pandemic Summer ." Listen to the episode here: Subscribe to Social Distance on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , or another podcast platform to receive new episodes as soon as they're published. What follows is an edited and condensed transcript of their conversation 9851 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Liquid gold': the rush for plasma and the Covid-19 survivors who want to help A single Covid-19 survivor can provide enough plasma to treat two or three sick patients. Could it help save lives? Cary Blumenfeld and his wife, Leann, who is pregnant, were looking forward to welcoming a new member to their family. The timing was perfect. Both of their young sons were enjoying school. Business was thriving; they had just had a record year selling real estate in Atlanta. But the 9850 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Life, but not as they knew it: ISS crew return to Earth transformed by Covid-19 American and Russian crew touch down in Kazakhstan after months on International Space Station The three-person crew of the International Space Station returned to Earth on Friday morning, arriving back to a world that has been radically transformed by coronavirus in the time they were away. Space travel is often a journey into the unknown, but for Americans Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan, and Ru 9849 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Liechtenstein rolls out radical Covid-19 bracelet programme Biometric wristbands will measure vital signs to detect early indicators of infection 9848 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Liberty or death? The coronavirus attacks the soul of America Many around the U.S. are protesting lockdown measures imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The choice between freedom and death was famously posed by Patrick Henry's speech in 1775. "Give me liberty or give me death" was the motto that launched the American Revolution that still resonates today. The idea of freedom is central in the founding philosophy of the United States. It's also th 9847 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Leaked Research: This Drug May Be Saving COVID Patients' Lives According to leaked information obtained by STAT , the antiviral drug remdesivir may be an extremely effective treatment for severe cases of COVID-19. In lab test conducted at the University of Chicago Medicine, 125 people who tested positive COVID-19, 113 of which had severe cases, were given daily infusions of the drug. "The best news is that most of our patients have already been discharged, w 9846 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Lead with empathy during the COVID-19 crisis In these uncertain and highly stressful times, there is heightened reliance on managers and supervisors to maintain the well-being, health and safety of their workforce. 9845 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Krybskytter og illegale skovhuggere har frit spil i ly af coronakrisen Al den kontrol, der normalt er der, er væk på grund af krisen, siger organisationer. 9844 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Kritik mot simulering av smittspridning Simuleringar används som ett sätt att utforska vad olika åtgärder får för effekt på smittspridningen. Forskare från Uppsala universitet, Karolinska institutet och Kungliga tekniska högskolan i Stockholm har simulerat hur corona-smittan sprids i det svenska samhället. 9843 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Kontakttallet er afgørende i corona-beregningerne – hvor kommer data fra? PLUS. Det gælder om at holde smittetrykket nede for at bremse en epidemi. For at kunne estimere dette i forskellige genåbningsscenarier skal man som udgangspunkt vide, hvor mange tætte kontakter forskellige dele af befolkningen har med andre personer. 9842 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. John Horton Conway, a 'Magical Genius' in Math, Dies at 82 He made profound contributions to number theory, coding theory, probability theory, topology, algebra and more — and created games from it all. He died of the coronavirus. 9841 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Italy to launch retail bonds for coronavirus funding Product aimed at ordinary savers will be earmarked for health spending 9840 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. ISS crew lands in Kazakhstan after more than 200 days A U.S.-Russian crew landed safely Friday in the steppes of Kazakhstan following a stint on the International Space Station and was greeted with extra precautions due to the coronavirus. 9839 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Islandsk studie bekræfter: Børn styrer fri af corona PLUS. Testning af 22.000 islændinge slår fast, at børn under ti har lavere smitterisiko end voksne. Det fremgår også, at kvinder er mindre udsatte end mænd. 9838 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Is It Ethically Okay to Get Food Delivered Right Now? Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Unless you produce your own food, some combination of you and other humans has to transport it from wherever it's made to your stomach. In normal circumstances, most people don't dwell much on that fact, but during a pandemic, it makes deciding just how to procure sustenanc 9837 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. International consortium investigates overactive immune cells as cause of COVID-19 deaths In the urgent battle to treat COVID-19 patients, a group of eleven international medical research organizations is investigating whether overactive immune cells that produce neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) cause the most severe cases. 9836 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Inner Workings: Molecular biologists offer "wartime service" in the effort to test for COVID-19 [Medical Sciences] As the novel coronavirus spreads, communities across the United States are struggling to offer public testing. The need is urgent. Testing got off to a delayed start in the United States as a result of technical missteps and a slow response from government officials. Now cities across the country are… 9835 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Informa looks to raise up to £1bn in share placement Emergency fundraising comes as coronavirus pandemic grinds events business to a halt 9834 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Indoor precautions essential to stem airborne COVID-19 The time research aerosolisation of virus droplets and airborne transmission is now. Airborne spread of COVID-19 through the ventilation is most likely responsible for cruise ship outbreaks and retrospective modelling of the SARS virus point to this pathway to infection. 9833 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. In China, This Coronavirus App Pretty Much Controls Your Life First, there was "flattening the curve." For many parts of the world, that conversation is now shifting towards "contact tracing" — keeping track of those who tested positive, negative, and those who are at risk of being exposed — as governments grasp for a solution to reopening their economies in a post-peak coronavirus world. But the threat of a resurgence is still top of mind. Open too quickly 9832 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Immuntest för coronavirus framtaget Forskare vid Umeå universitet och Norrlands universitetssjukhus har utvecklat ett eget antikroppstest för coronavirus. Testet kan få betydelse för sjukvården och för bedömning av immunitet i befolkningen. – Specifika virusprotein som vi har producerat i cellkultur används i testet för att upptäcka om en person har antikroppar mot SARS-Cov-2-viruset som orsakar Covid-19, säger Mattias Forsell, uni 9831 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Identifying the green growth tigers of the 21st century China, Italy, U.S. and the UK among countries that could win big in the global transition to a green economy, finds new research from the University of Oxford. 9830 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. I thought I was coping in isolation but this week something in me snapped | Brigid Delaney Introverts may be happy at home with their quilting and sourdough but I'm angry – I want out! Sign up for Guardian Australia's daily coronavirus email Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news notifications Coronavirus Australia maps and cases: live numbers and statistics When a poll came out during the week that said Australians reported the same levels of happiness as before 9829 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. I Can't Stop Thinking About Patient One The first person diagnosed with COVID-19 in Italy was a healthy 38-year-old who arrived at his local emergency room in Codogno, south of Milan, with flu-like symptoms. His condition quickly worsened, and doctors had the foresight to test him for the coronavirus. On February 20, his results came back positive. Within days, Codogno and other nearby towns in the region of Lombardy were on lockdown , 9828 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. I am a swab tester – but we have barely any swabs to test | Gianmarco Raddi While Germany and South Korea have tested in huge numbers, the response here is hampered by lack of political will Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage We have donned our double gloves, face masks and eye shields – Covid-19's fashion essentials. The biosafety cabinets whirr reassuringly in the background, the robots hum, and the radio blasts rock tunes. All systems are go 9827 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hvad er langtidseffekterne af covid-19? Læger er i vildrede PLUS. Covid-19 ser ud til at skade mange forskellige organer i kroppen, viser de foreløbige erfaringer. Men dansk overlæge mener, vi stadig ved for lidt om langtidseffekterne. 9826 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hunt for origin of coronavirus raises new US-China tensions American officials press China to share data from Wuhan about earliest cases of disease 9825 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How will China handle its EM debtors in virus crisis? Beijing has worked hard during pandemic to appear as a leader in global governance 9824 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to test everyone for the coronavirus "It's my first global pandemic. How about you?" Jonathan Rothberg wanted to know. Rothberg is a high-energy biotech entrepreneur who has been trapped in quarantine on his super-yacht, the Gene Machine , since mid-March, when we first reached him by phone. The creator of a fast DNA sequencing machine and, more recently, a revolutionary cheap ultrasound wand , Rothberg had been cruising in the Cari 9823 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to teach your children about the stock market Lockdown presents a golden educational opportunity, particularly if you work in investment 9822 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to restore trust in media: Fewer biases and conflicts of interest, a new study shows The COVID-19 global pandemic has seen news consumption rise in Australia. Audiences for TV news are up and Australians are spending more time on news websites seeking reliable information about the virus and the social and economic consequences of our policy responses. 9821 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How to Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis With Innovation at Warp Speed "It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." –Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek Many of you likely recognize the truth in this quote from legendary Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Many are dubbing the Covid-19 pandemic the biggest global crisis since World War II. There's no way you could have had a foolproof plan to deal with it. Yes, scientists 9820 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change the Way We Live Large-scale social and behavioral changes — only some of which we can begin to predict — will follow the global catastrophe. 9819 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How the Covid-19 Pandemic May Reshape U.S. Hospital Design As hospital designers convert spaces for temporary use, many are finding new needs for hospital systems that have traditionally emphasized efficient operations. In particular, they say future hospitals should have more flexibility for outlier events that boost need every five or 10 years, such as a pandemic. 9818 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How the Anti-Vaccine Community Is Responding to Covid-19 So far, the responses to the Covid-19 public health crisis continue to wear down a familiar path of conspiratorial thinking and government mistrust. Experts say the trend doesn't show much promise for changing entrenched skeptics' minds about vaccines, even in the face of a global pandemic. 9817 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How screen-based technologies are impacting school students The first in a series of Growing Up Digital Australia reports by the Gonski Institute for Education at UNSW Sydney paints a worrying picture of changed learning conditions in Australian schools. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, children's significant access to digital technology and its impacts on learning and wellbeing had become a major concern for educators. 9816 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How research funders are tackling coronavirus disruption Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01120-2 As lockdowns force scientists worldwide to put their research on hold, funders are introducing measures to minimize stress. 9815 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How much is the coronavirus pandemic impacting U.S. hourly workers? The coronavirus pandemic has forced the widespread closures of restaurants, barbershops and other non-essential business. Where does that leave those employees? 9814 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How Heart Disease, Diabetes and Other Preexisting Conditions Increase the Risk of Severe Illness and Death from COVID-19 If SARS-CoV-2 takes hold in a patient's respiratory system, why do underlying conditions affect our ability to fight the disease? 9813 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How Facebook Works for Trump L ook at a thousand of the millions of Facebook ads Donald Trump has run , and it's hard to believe that they represent a winning strategy. They recycle the same imagery and themes, over and over: Trump, photoshopped in front of a flag, points a finger. Trump claps before an audience. Trump gives a thumbs-up, or smiles at a microphone. Each image is washed in patriotic red or blue. The text almos 9812 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. How a 5G coronavirus conspiracy spread across Europe Spate of arson attacks on telecoms masts fuelled by disinformation over pandemic's origins 9811 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hourly workers have lost up to 90% of their hours Hourly workers have lost anywhere from 50% to 90% of their hours, with leisure and entertainment industries among those suffering the greatest losses, early results from a new study indicate. The new research project aims to quantify the effects on hourly workers, using data from nearly 40,000 small- and medium-sized businesses. By partnering with Homebase , a scheduling and time clock software c 9810 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hospitals Quickly Reshape to Treat Covid-19 Patients Health care facilities are hastily constructing new entrances and testing facilities, installing glass doors, and crafting face shields to protect workers. 9809 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Horizon Discovery offers CHOSOURCE™ platform for COVID-19-related therapeutics and diagnostics – Special licensing terms enable rapid access to CHOSOURCE platform to streamline SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic development and production processes – Supports global efforts to develop therapeutics, diagnostic assay components and vaccines to combat the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic 9808 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hjertelæge: Hvor er patienterne blevet af? Landets hjertelæger har set betydeligt færre patienter under coronaepidemien end sædvanligt. En oplysningskampagne skal nu minde borgerne om, at de ikke må ignorere tegn på hjertesygdom af hensyn til coronabekæmpelsen. Til hospitaler, der henviser patienter til videre udredning, lyder budskabet: personalised medicine. 9807 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here's Who Should Really Be Advising Trump on the Economy Plus: The legacy of John Horton Conway, advice for keeping leaders honest, and Taiwan's new baseball fans. 9806 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here's What We Know about the Most Touted Drugs Tested for COVID-19 Numerous contenders—from a controversial malaria medication to treatments that regulate the immune system—are now in clinical trials — Read more on 9805 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here's What It's like to Get a COVID Antibody Test After a long period of uncertainty, a growing number of Americans can finally go to their doctor and get checked for past or present cases of COVID-19. So far, just over 3.1 million Americans have been tested for the coronavirus. And with newly-developed COVID antibody blood tests that can measure a person's immune response to the disease, it may become possible to determine whether or not people 9804 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Here's What a Pandemic Would Look Like With Zombies Infection rates, mortality rates, flattening the curve, vaccine development, antibody tests. The COVID-19 pandemic can feel reminiscent of a zombie movie — with emptied out streets, crowded hospitals, and the majority of people holed up at home. In a series of tweets , Bucknell University anthropologist Clare Sammells, who teaches a course about zombies, examines the parallels between the coronav 9803 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Heavy-handed policing won't work for lockdown in countries with high inequality Many African countries have imposed lockdown measures stricter than countries in Europe and Asia in a bid to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. But, due to the significant variation in living conditions on the continent, implementing these measures is likely to be more difficult in some places than others. 9802 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Heavy use of hand sanitizer boosts antimicrobial resistance Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists and governments have been advising people about the best hygiene practices to protect themselves. This advice has caused a significant surge in the sale and use of cleaning products and hand sanitisers. Unfortunately, these instructions rarely come with advice about using them responsibly or of the consequences of misuse. 9801 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Healthcare workers 'should be screened for Covid-19 every week' UK cancer specialist says leaving potentially infectious staff in hospitals is unethical Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Healthcare workers should be screened for Covid-19 every week to protect patients from asymptomatic infection, the head of the Francis Crick Institute's testing facility has said. The call comes amid concerns that hospitals are becoming hotspots fo 9800 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Harris Poll: Most Americans want government intervention to reduce inequality A new poll finds that a majority of Americans now say the federal government should actively seek to reduce inequality, amid the worsening economic crisis produced by COVID-19. A national survey from Harris Insights & Analytics of 2,018 Americans, conducted April 7-9, 2020, finds that 78% of Americans agree that "considering the spread of coronavirus in the United States and its impact on the econ 9799 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Hamilton Would Not Have Stood for Trump's New Constitutional Theory Heritage Images / Getty / Shutterstock / Paul Spella / The atlantic Earlier this week, Donald Trump made two sweeping claims about his executive power under the Constitution. "When somebody's the president of the United States, the authority is total," he declared on Monday evening , asserting that the president, rather than state governors, has the power to decide when to end social distancing. 9798 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Guide for COVID-19 remote consultation by primary carers designed by NTU Singapore scientist & peers Primary care health workers now have a guide for conducting remote consultation of suspected COVID-19 patients, developed by a team of researchers from Singapore and the UK. 9797 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Growth in surveillance may be hard to scale back after pandemic. Governments in at least 25 countries are employing vast programmes for mobile data tracking, apps to record personal contact with others, CCTV networks equipped with facial recognition, permission schemes to go outside submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 9796 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. GP and support worker are latest NHS staff to die from coronavirus Government says 27 NHS staff have died from Covid-19 but true total thought to be higher Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A GP and a clinical support worker have become the latest NHS staff members to die after contracting coronavirus. Jane Murphy, 73, worked at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for almost 30 years, first as a cleaner before she retrained as a clinical suppor 9795 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Governors continue to defy Trump on reopening plans Cuomo extends NY lockdown and Midwest states band together ahead of White House blueprint 9794 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Global Coronavirus Infections Just Passed 2 Million, According to Johns Hopkins Devastating. 9793 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Gilead's coronavirus drug: why experts are cautious on its prospects US shares rise after leaked report enthused about benefits of remdesivir in 125 Covid-19 patients 9792 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Gilead drug boosts investor hopes for coronavirus treatment Early impressions from US study show severely ill patients in clinical trial recovering quickly 9791 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Genetic tracing 'barcode' is rapidly revealing COVID-19's journey and evolution Drexel University researchers have reported a method to quickly identify and label mutated versions of the virus that causes COVID-19. Their preliminary analysis, using information from a global database of genetic information gleaned from coronavirus testing, suggests that there are at least six to 10 slightly different versions of the virus infecting people in America, some of which are either t 9790 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Gates Foundation opposes Trump's WHO funding freeze Body to donate an additional $150m to fund fight against coronavirus pandemic 9789 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. FTSE 100 boosted amid optimism over potential coronavirus drug Stock index up more than 3% in early trading on the back of hopes for remdesivir treatment Optimism surrounding a potential new treatment for Covid-19 has boosted the FTSE 100 stock index, amid claims that a drug called remdesivir has spurred rapid recovery in 113 patients. A University of Chicago hospital participating in a study of the antiviral medication, made by US firm Gilead Sciences, repo 9788 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. FT Interview: Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable France's president believes the coronavirus pandemic will transform capitalism — but leaders need to act with humility 9787 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. From mice to monkeys, animals studied for coronavirus answers [no content] 9786 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. French public feel lied to as lockdown fatigue grows Controversy over face masks erodes trust in Emmanuel Macron's government 9785 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Francis Fukuyama on coronavirus and the crisis of trust How do democracies measure up against autocratic regimes in handling the pandemic? 9784 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. France Weighs Its Love of Liberty in Fight Against Coronavirus The French are cautiously considering digital tracking, which has proved effective in Asia. But can a country that so prizes personal freedom and privacy ever accept it? 9783 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Fra fire dødsfald om måneden til fire dagligt UGENTLIG CORONA-UPDATE: Tiden omkring påske har været hård for læger og andre ansatte på Infektionsmedicinsk afdeling på Hvidovre Hospital, hvor der har været langt mellem udskrivelsen og kort mellem dødsfaldene. Nu ser det lysere ud, forklarer overlæge og professor Thomas Benfield. 9782 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Foxtons seeks to raise £22m to weather coronavirus Estate agent warns revenue could drop more than 70% if curbs remain until end of August 9781 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. For Brazil's Indigenous communities, pandemic revives memories of earlier plagues Other infections and scant medical care may worsen toll of COVID-19 9780 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Folding@Home Now More Powerful Than All the Supercomputers on Earth Credit: NIH The past six weeks have seen a lot of unprecedented activity across the globe, most of it bad. One bright spot in the gloom — though of course, a rather conditional one — has been the sudden explosion in computational power being flung at analyzing and understanding COVID-19. It wasn't that long ago we were reporting on the Folding@Home network's record-breaking 1.5 exaFLOPS of perfor 9779 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Five ways New Zealanders' lives and liberties will be heavily controlled after lockdown eases Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced details of the next stage of lockdown, but New Zealanders won't know until Monday when the country moves out of strict level 4 conditions. 9778 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Five ways businesses can contribute to a more balanced post-coronavirus future The coronavirus pandemic highlights the very real imperfections in coordination among global governments and international organisations, many of which were already suffering from low levels of public trust. Responsible leadership from the private sector is needed more than ever. The way that business leaders respond will have an important influence on the state of our post-coronavirus world. 9777 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Facebook is stepping up its efforts to debunk coronavirus falsehoods The news: Facebook will start directing people who have interacted with misinformation about coronavirus to a myth-busting page on the World Health Organization's website. "We're going to start showing messages in News Feed to people who have liked, reacted or commented on harmful misinformation about COVID-19 that we have since removed," Facebook's VP of integrity, Guy Rosen, wrote in a blog pos 9776 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Exclusive: How Scientists in Antarctica Are Living Untouched by The Global Pandemic They left for Antarctica in October. 9775 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Examining Trump's COVID-19 Rhetoric Against Factual Evidence President Trump is ready to reopen America — at least the parts where coronavirus is less of a problem. How has his rhetoric throughout the crisis matched with the reality on the ground? 9774 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Everyone Is Trying to Sell Medical Equipment—Even on LinkedIn With face masks and other protective gear in short supply, speculators and pop-up brokers are finding customers on an unlikely platform. 9773 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. European and Asian stocks rally on hope for coronavirus treatment Signs of progress on Covid-19 drug helps investors look past bleak Chinese economic data 9772 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Euroclear holds on to its cash ahead of virus downturn Settlement house delays payout and project to let small shareholders cash out 9771 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU trade chief urges tougher defences against foreign takeovers Phil Hogan warns pandemic had left bloc's 'strategic assets' vulnerable to acquisition from abroad 9770 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EU stands by climate plan. Sustainable Finance Strategy and renovation programme would play a key role in any post-Covid recovery plan, while the 2030 emissions targets are deemed "a pivotal element of the Commission's climate policy". submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments] 9769 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Eradicating the COVID-19 coronavirus is also the best economic strategy Less than a month after restrictions first took effect, Australia appears to have contained the spread of COVID-19 more successfully than we could have possibly imagined. 9768 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. EPA can't bar grantees from sitting on science advisory panels, judge rules But controversial Trump administration policy still under review in other courts 9767 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. English councils set for funding boost to manage coronavirus Local authorities expected to receive extra £1bn as spending on pandemic drains resources 9766 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Efter covid-19: "Viktigt att intensivvårdspatienterna följs upp" Den som har varit så sjuk att intensivvård krävts har ofta en lång återhämtning framför sig – både fysiskt och mentalt. Bland de problem som kan uppkomma finns otäcka minnen av mardrömmar och hallucinationer. Många som intensivvårdats repar sig fint på egen hand, men en del patienter behöver fortsatt hjälp för att må bra. 9765 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Economic recession: Can we deal with a new high in cybercrime and fraud? With the coronavirus economic crisis deepening, experts at University of Portsmouth are warning it will lead to the highest levels of fraud and cybercrime ever recorded. There are also concerns that existing preventative measures need to be reviewed urgently because they are unlikely to be sufficient to deal with the heightened threat that comes from a deep recession. 9764 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Economic impact of COVID-19 will make the fight against climate change harder Measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus have reduced the demand for fuel and slashed oil prices. Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the chief long-term cause of climate warming, have slid perhaps by one-fifth and pollution is down, but can we expect COVID-19 to create lasting change in reversing global warming? 9763 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Därför ger natur och utemotion avkoppling i kristider Social distansering och karantän har blivit vardag under coronakrisen våren 2020. Oro och isolering i hemmet kan få många att må dåligt och kanske kan naturupplevelser och utomhus-motion vara ventilerna som håller välbefinnandet uppe? SLU-forskare svarar. Varför mår vi bra i naturen? – I naturen "vilar" vi – framförallt hjärnan får vila och återhämta sig i den typ av miljö som den är utvecklad fö 9762 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dr. Oz Faces Backlash After Coronavirus Comments Dr. Mehmet Oz, a heart surgeon and television personality, said he "misspoke" on Fox News when he said that reopening schools "might be a trade-off some folks would consider." 9761 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Douglas Coupland: avoiding asteroids and 13 other lessons for anxious times The author and artist on why we weren't careful enough about we wished for — and what happens after coronavirus 9760 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Domestic violence and gun sales in the time of COVID-19 The stay-at-home orders across the United States and in many places worldwide are intended to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. But as the days stretch into weeks and the weeks into months, a different hazard has emerged, one that concerns researchers like Penn's Susan B. Sorenson. 9759 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Doctors Press F.D.A. to Let More Gay Men Donate Blood A letter signed by more than 500 medical professionals cited recent fears of a blood shortage during the coronavirus pandemic. 9758 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Do contact lenses up your risk of COVID-19? If you're not supposed to touch your face, should people who wear contact lens shift to glasses during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here, David Chu , assistant professor of ophthalmology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, talks about contact lens safety precautions and how the coronavirus might affect your eyes: The post appeared first on Futurity . 9757 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Disposable N95 Masks Can Be Decontaminated, Researchers Confirm Several methods are effective at killing the new coronavirus on N95 masks — primary protective gear for health care workers — for two or three rounds of use. 9756 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Disgust tanks sexual desire during pandemics like this Society's collective "behavioral immune system" works in overdrive during times of crisis, suggests new research on disgust. Young men, however, are the least likely to comply with social distancing measures, according to the new research. Our immune systems, dependent on antibodies and complex cellular and molecular mechanisms designed to fight foreign invaders, aren't the only weapons we have a 9755 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Designing peptide inhibitors for possible COVID-19 treatments Scientists across the globe are rushing to find inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus behind the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are using computer simulations to identify promising compounds before conducting actual experiments in the lab. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Nano have used computer modeling to assess four peptides that mimic the virus-binding domain of the human protein that allows 9754 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Depression, anxiety may be side effects as nation grapples with COVID-19 Millions of Americans are being impacted by the psychological fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath. 9753 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Demographic science aids in understanding the spread and fatality rates of COVID-19 [Social Sciences] Governments around the world must rapidly mobilize and make difficult policy decisions to mitigate the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Because deaths have been concentrated at older ages, we highlight the important role of demography, particularly, how the age structure of a population may help explain differences in fatality rates… 9752 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Death toll in UK care homes from coronavirus may be 6,000, study estimates 50% jump seen in fatalities of frail and elderly, but only a few recorded as Covid-related on death certificate 9751 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Danske supercomputere klar til at løse covid-19-opgaver PLUS. Supercomputere verden over sætter turbo på simuleringer af corona-virussens opførsel, og hvordan virussen forventes at reagere på forskellige vacciner og behandlingsmetoder. I Danmark er de første tre supercomputere ved at gøre sig klar til forskning i SARS-CoV-2. 9750 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Danmarks corona-app til smittesporing virker ikke på iPhones En sikkerhedsfunktion i Apples iPhones blokerer for appens forbindelse til Bluetooth, når den går i dvaletilstand, oplyser Digitaliseringsstyrelsens direktør. 9749 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Dance with your grandma (not during COVID-19 of course) According to new research, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) may promote exercise, improve quality of life, and bond grandparents and grandchildren. In a study at Kibbutzim College and University of Haifa, sixteen dance movement therapists met with their grandmothers for free-form dance sessions, which were found to improve grandmothers' mood, shift granddaughters' view on aging and strengthen familial 9748 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Daily briefing: Meet the unsung virologist who discovered the first coronavirus Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01132-y June Almeida left school at age 16 but went on to a storied career — although her initial coronavirus paper was rejected as "just bad pictures of influenza". Plus: Major League Baseball teams become guinea pigs for coronavirus research and a neutrino discovery offers clues to the great matter–antimatter mystery. 9747 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Crushing coronavirus means 'breaking the habits of a lifetime.' Behavior scientists have some tips Sometimes, even subtle cues can change people's behavior 9746 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. CRISPR And Spit Might Be Keys To Faster, Cheaper, Easier Tests For The Coronavirus Researchers are racing to develop quick, home-based tests for the virus that could deliver test results in minutes. None do that yet, but several under development hold promise, scientists say. (Image credit: Mammoth Biosciences ) 9745 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Credit-focused hedge funds double down after coronavirus sell-off Marathon, Varde and Angelo Gordon among firms raising money to buy 'very cheap' debt 9744 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19's historic economic impact in the U.S. and abroad More than 2.1 million people around the world have become infected with COVID-19, and more than 140,000 people have died from the disease. The United States, now approaching 650,000 infections, is the new epicenter of the outbreak. 9743 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19: what would immunity look like? – podcast Nicola Davis speaks to Dr Jenna Macciochi about something lots of listeners have written about; immunity to Covid-19 . While the jury is still out, we hear how our bodies gain immunity to something and how immunity to other pathogens might give us clues about Sars-Cov-2 Continue reading… 9742 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 Stalls Clinical Trials for Everything but Covid-19 Tests for many experimental drugs are now on hold, but for patients with life-threatening diseases, that means putting hope on hold too. 9741 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 shuts down a quarter of UK businesses More than half a million companies reported to be in 'significant distress' 9740 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 possibly striking more children than expected Researchers at the University of South Florida reviewed data available from the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and determined for every child hospitalized for COVID-19 in the US, there are actually 2,381 children infected with the virus. 9739 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 patients who are getting an experimental drug called remdesivir have been recovering quickly, with most going home in days submitted by /u/roku44 [link] [comments] 9738 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Patients Need to be Tested for Bacteria and Fungi, Not Just the Coronavirus Many hospitalized victims are developing potentially lethal secondary co-infections such as bacterial pneumonia and sepsis — Read more on 9737 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine esearchers from Humanitas Clinical and Research Center and Humanitas University; Milan, Italy surveyed 450 general practitioners (GPs) affiliated with their hospital to assess the challenges faced by GPs in the prevention and management of COVID-19 in a region with one of the largest populations affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. 9736 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 may hit the poor hardest with a Great Depression COVID-19 may be the making of this generation's Great Depression, which would have profound long-term health implications for the socially disadvantaged, according to a health equality expert from The Australian National University (ANU). 9735 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 likely to weigh on U.S. election turnout, outcomes The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has collided with the 2020 presidential election cycle in the U.S., a mix that has the potential to change voting preferences and outcomes. 9734 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 latest: US unemployment claims pass 22 million in four weeks The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 9733 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 drives surge in at-home egg production COVID-19 has people looking for self-sufficient methods, like egg production, to put food on the table. 9732 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 Does Not Discriminate by Body Weight The claim that those with higher BMIs are at special risk of dying from the coronavirus is grossly overstated. 9731 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Could Help Solve Climate Riddles Pollution declines from pandemic shutdowns may aid in answering long-standing questions about how aerosols influence climate — Read more on 9730 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 Can't Stop Citizen Science Although crowdsourcing data analysis isn't always perfect, the wave of citizen scientists turning to online projects amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has proved a boon for some academics, helping process backlogs of information during what would otherwise be a time of doldrums for their research. 9729 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 — Impact of containment measures in Italy: 200,000 hospitalizations avoided in March Since the beginning of the epidemic until March 25, the mobility restrictions implemented by the Italian government have avoided at least 200,000 hospitalizations and reduced the contagion transmission by 45% according to a study accepted for publication in the renowned journal PNAS, coauthored by a group of Italian scientists belonging to Politecnico di Milano, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Uni 9728 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: world's biggest trial of drug to treat Covid-19 begins in UK Scientists involved in Recovery trial, with over 5,000 test subjects, hope for answers within weeks Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The world's biggest trial of drugs to treat Covid-19 patients has been set up in the UK at unprecedented speed, and hopes to have some answers within weeks. The Recovery trial has recruited over 5,000 patients in 165 NHS hospitals around 9727 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: What Are the Chances We'll Change Our Behavior in the Aftermath? The world as we know it may never be the same. The global economy has slowed, people are living in isolation, and the death toll from an invisible killer is rising exponentially. The coronavirus pandemic has imposed a harsh reality of bereavement, illness, and unemployment. Many people are already facing financial hardship and uncertainty over future job prospects. Early data suggest that the imm 9726 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: The world after the pandemic As society begins to look beyond the crisis, the FT asks leading commentators and policymakers what to expect from a post-Covid-19 future 9725 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Space crew return to very different Earth No strangers to isolation, the trio left for the space station months before Covid-19 emerged. 9724 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Is there any evidence for lab release theory? BBC News examines allegations that the coronavirus was accidentally released from a lab. 9723 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: five months on, what scientists now know about Covid-19 Medical researchers have been studying everything we know about coronavirus. What have they learned – and is it enough to halt the pandemic? Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Coronaviruses have been causing problems for humanity for a long time. Several versions are known to trigger common colds and more recently two types have set off outbreaks of deadly illnesses: se 9722 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Fears of spike in poaching as pandemic poverty strikes Conservation groups say poaching is on the rise as tourism income dries up at wildlife reserves. 9721 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Astronaut Helen Sharman shares isolation coping strategies The UK's first person in space has past experience of restricted movement and time away from family. 9720 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Updates: China Revises Its Wuhan Death Toll by 50 Percent Chinese officials added 1,290 deaths in Wuhan, putting the new tally at 3,869. The United States is aiding the Palestinians, but the Trump administration's larger approach isn't changing. 9719 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many cases are there near me? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and 9718 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Testing Falls Woefully Short as Trump Seeks to Reopen U.S. Flawed tests, scarce supplies and limited access to screening have hurt the U.S.'s ability to monitor Covid-19, governors and health officials warn. 9717 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and when should I call a doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or 9716 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus support urged for UK owner-directors paid in dividends IoD says many business operators have been left with 'little income support' 9715 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Some Governors Look to Lift Restrictions, Despite Lags in Testing Epidemiologists expect resurgent waves of infection that could last into 2022. More than 22 million Americans lost their jobs in one month, and a federal fund to help small businesses ran out of money. China's economy took a steep dive. 9714 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Jobless Figures Are Set to Soar Flaws in testing are hindering efforts to track the virus, adding to the risks of reopening the U.S. for business too quickly. Another dizzying jump in unemployment numbers is expected on Thursday. 9713 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump says 29 states could reopen 'relatively soon' as global deaths near 145,000 Brazil's president fires health minister; IMF predicts zero growth in Latin America and Caribbean for decade to 2025; UK extends lockdown by three weeks. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glance Australia coronavirus updates – live See all of our coronavirus coverage 1.44am BST India has brought charges of culpable homicide against the chief of a Muslim seminary for holding a ga 9712 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus live news: Trump casts doubt on China death toll as cases worldwide top 2 million US reports 25,000 new infections; WHO chief hopes US will remain a 'friend'; almost 700 test positive on French aircraft carrier. Follow the latest updates Coronavirus latest: at a glance New York nurses hold vigil for colleagues who have died amid pandemic Australia coronavirus updates – live See all of our coronavirus coverage 1.32am BST Amazon has ordered the temporary closure of all six of it 9711 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: Wuhan raises pandemic death toll by more than 1,000 [no content] 9710 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: UK health secretary says 'we need to do more' for care homes [no content] 9709 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: at a glance A summary of the biggest developments in the global coronavirus outbreak Follow our latest coronavirus blog for live news and updates Key developments in the global coronavirus outbreak today include: Continue reading… 9708 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus interviews: the big questions In a series of video interviews, the FT asks global experts about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic 9707 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Dreams Are Taking Over the Internet The Covid-19 pandemic is causing some truly bizarre, and horrifying, night visions. Sharing them helps. 9706 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus diaries: to be a scientist Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01138-6 John Tregoning finds that lockdown challenges his identity as a scientist. 9705 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus crisis could cut UK summer electricity use by a fifth Travel restrictions and work from home guidelines related to the coronavirus crisis are likely to cut the UK's electricity needs dramatically this summer, potentially by as much as a fifth. 9704 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus creates new priorities for consultants Deals have dried up in emerging markets. Now the focus is on helping businesses survive the pandemic 9703 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Brightens Outlook for Robotics Deployments submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 9702 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Coronapod: Troubling news Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01137-7 Trump withholds funding from the WHO, how COVID-19 kills, and controlling misinformation while communicating risk. 9701 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Corona-krise på Storstrømsbroen: »Væsentlige fordyrelser« rammer milliardprojektet PLUS. Corona-epidemien har ramt byggeriet af den nye Storstrømsbro hårdt. Både mandskab og materiel mangler. Vejdirektoratet advarer derfor nu om, at der er udsigt til væsentlige fordyrelser 9700 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Contact-tracing apps raise privacy concerns in Germany Berlin hopes technology will aid coronavirus exit strategy 9699 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Congress Proposes Paying Americans $2,000 Per Month Emergency Money Two Democratic lawmakers are proposing a bill that would pay Americans over the age of 16, individuals and families alike, $2,000 a month for six months — or however long the current coronavirus crisis continues to ravage the US economy. The Emergency Money for the People Act was introduced by representatives Ro Khanna (D-Ca) and Tim Ryan (D-Oh) on Tuesday. "A one-time, $1,200 dol 9698 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Concern as heart attack and stroke patients delay seeking help Consultants report drop in admissions of people with non-coronavirus related conditions Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Further evidence is emerging of dramatic falls in numbers of hospital patients presenting with serious medical conditions such as strokes and heart attacks since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. A US study found that interventions for seri 9697 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Cochrane Rapid Review Update: Protective clothes and equipment for healthcare workers to prevent them catching coronavirus and other highly infectious diseases The Cochrane Review, 'Personal protective equipment for preventing highly infectious diseases due to exposure to contaminated body fluids in healthcare staff,' has been updated as a rapid review in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 9696 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. China's economy shrinks for first time in four decades First-quarter GDP falls 6.8% year on year in wake of coronavirus pandemic 9695 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. China economy shrinks for first time as Wuhan Covid-19 death toll is increased by 1,300 Worst GDP fall on record comes after months of paralysis as the country went into lockdown to contain coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage China's economy shrank 6.8% in the three months of 2020, the country's first such contraction on record and a stark sign of the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The news came as Chinese authorities revised the 9694 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. CHEOPS space telescope ready for scientific operation CHEOPS has reached its next milestone: Following extensive tests in Earth's orbit, some of which the mission team was forced to carry out from home due to the coronavirus crisis, the space telescope has been declared ready for science. CHEOPS stands for "CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite", and has the purpose of investigating known exoplanets to determine, among other things, whether they have 9693 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Charity under lockdown begins at home We need to cultivate a philanthropic urge to splurge 9692 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Chafing Against Regulation, Silicon Valley Pivots to Pandemic submitted by /u/frequenttimetraveler [link] [comments] 9691 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Caring for those most vulnerable to COVID-19 requires vigilance Early reports suggest the case fatality rate for those over 80, which constitutes nearly half of nursing home residents, is more than 15 percent. In areas where there is a shortage of ICU beds and respirators, even the most carefully thought out ethical approaches to rationing these resources will place older patients at a lower priority. Nursing homes must be prepared to manage patients who have 9690 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Caring for cancer patients in the COVID-19 era In Nature Medicine, the seven comprehensive cancer centres of Cancer Core Europe (CCE), including the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre, have shared how they rapidly reorganised their oncological healthcare systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this joint effort, the centres offer guidance to institutions globally by outlining their general consensus measures 9689 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Cancer care needs mass COVID-19 testing Thousands of cancer patients in the UK have had their treatment stopped or delayed because of COVID-19, and with pressures mounting on the health service, Cancer Research UK calls for widespread testing to prevent unnecessary cancer deaths. 9688 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Call for palliative care to be adapted for severely ill COVID-19 patients Emergency-style palliative care needs to implemented to meet the needs of COVID-19 patients who wouldn't benefit from a ventilator say researchers.This is the first time that palliative care has been examined in the light of the current global pandemic. The researchers describe the challenges of providing palliative care where resources are stretched and demand is high, based on their experiences 9687 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bunker food: recipes from the store cupboard Writers and chefs suggest ways of eating and drinking well during lockdown 9686 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Britain's open borders make it a global outlier in coronavirus fight UK is not testing or quarantining travellers from overseas even as other world powers impose strict controls 9685 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Britain's Lockdown Is Extended, and Putin Postpones Military Parade Singapore reported a sharp increase in new infections, many of them among migrant laborers. At a long-term care home in Montreal, two nurses, 150 beds and 31 deaths. 9684 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Breastfeeding benefits during COVID-19 While the current coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all people, families will still give birth and bring new life into the world. During the COVID-19 crisis, breastfeeding and the provision of human milk to infants is recommended by national and international organizations because it is effective against infectious diseases: it strengthens the immune system by directly transferring antibodi 9683 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bolsonaro triggers furore by firing Brazil health minister Dismissal of Luiz Henrique Mandetta follows feud over how to tackle coronavirus 9682 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bill Gates, at Odds With Trump on Virus, Becomes a Right-Wing Target The Microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist has been attacked with falsehoods that he created the coronavirus and wants to profit from it. 9681 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bats spread viruses But they are no worse in this respect than other species 9680 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bank of England tells lenders to 'get on with' Covid-19 business loans Governor Andrew Bailey says 'livelihoods are at stake' as figures show only £1.1bn lent to small firms Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, has told Britain's high street lenders that they must "put their backs into" providing loans for companies affected by Covid-19 amid evidence that many will fail without urgent help. Bailey 9679 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Bagsiden: Nej, det er trods alt ikke coronaens skyld … [no content] 9678 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Astronauts Who Launched Before Pandemic Are Starting to Come Home Lonely Homecoming A team of three astronauts are set to return to Earth on Friday. When they do, they'll be rejoining a vastly different society than the one they left. The trio — Oleg Skrypochka of Russia and Americans Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir — have all been on the International Space Station since at least September, BBC News reports . Because they've been in orbit since well before the 9677 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Asthma Is Absent Among Top Covid-19 Risk Factors, Early Data Shows Despite warnings that asthmatics were at higher risk for severe illness from the coronavirus, asthma is showing up in only about five percent of New York State's fatal Covid cases. 9676 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. As coronavirus spreads around the world, so too do the quack cures Politicians, faith leaders and other authority figures have been touting dubious remedies Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In India, politicians from the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP party have been touting cow urine as a cure for Covid-19. In Tanzania the president has promised that taking communion in church would "burn" the virus away. In Brazil a congressman claim 9675 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Are you graduating in 2020? We want to hear from you Tell us how graduating into a pandemic economy is affecting you personally and professionally 9674 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Are Crowded Cities the Reason for the COVID-19 Pandemic? Placing too much blame on urban density is a mistake — Read more on 9673 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Apple weighs delaying 5G iPhone launch by months, sources say US tech giant assesses coronavirus impact on global demand 9672 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Apple and Google Respond to Covid-19 Contact Tracing Concerns Apple and Google's Bluetooth-based system isn't perfect. But many of the biggest concerns have solutions. 9671 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Antiviral drug baloxavir reduces transmission of flu virus among ferrets Baloxavir treatment reduced transmission of the flu virus from infected ferrets to healthy ferrets, suggesting that the antiviral drug could contribute to the early control of influenza outbreaks by limiting community-based viral spread. 9670 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Antibiotic treatment for COVID-19 complications could fuel resistant bacteria Defense Department plans major study with medical centers looking at antibiotic use and secondary infections in COVID-19 patients 9669 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Angela Merkel draws on science background in Covid-19 explainer German chancellor excels in describing epidemiological basis of lockdown exit strategy Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In her 14 years as Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel's straight delivery and aversion to rhetorical grandeur has been a frequent bugbear for journalists and party colleagues longing for a more passionate line of communication between the head of go 9668 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. An Unprecedented Divide Between Red and Blue America T he coronavirus pandemic appears destined to widen the political divide between the nation's big cities and the smaller places beyond them. And that could narrow Donald Trump's possible pathways to reelection. In almost every state, the outbreak is spreading much more heavily in the largest metropolitan centers than in less densely populated areas, even when the figures are adjusted on a per cap 9667 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. An Oral History of the Pandemic Warnings Trump Ignored The president says "nobody ever expected a thing like this," but dire predictions have been heaped on leaders for decades. 9666 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. American jobless claims mount to 22m since shutdowns Total of first-time applicants for unemployment benefits rises by 5.2m in fourth week of lockdowns 9665 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. America's COVID-19 Disaster Is a Setback for Democracy In December 1940—a year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but well into Britain's struggle for survival against the Nazis—President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for the United States to abandon isolationism and become "the arsenal of democracy." To make that happen, he mobilized American industry and produced the planes, ships, guns, and ammunition needed to defeat fascism. With COVID-19, Americ 9664 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. America needs faster and cheaper pathways to good jobs Since the COVID-19 crisis, Google has seen an explosion in searches for online courses. Yet it has not seen any uptick in searches for degree programs. Why is that? When it comes to time, cost, and employment opportunities, traditional university degree programs are not paying attention to product-market fit. More and more students are searching for faster and cheaper pathways to good first digit 9663 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Amazon shuts French warehouses after virus safety dispute Company launches appeal after Nanterre court orders an assessment of conditions 9662 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. AJR review of COVID-19 studies cautions against chest CT for coronavirus diagnosis To date, the radiology literature on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pneumonia has consisted of limited retrospective studies that do not substantiate the use of CT as a diagnostic test for COVID-19, according to an open-access article in the American Journal of Roentgenology. Test performance and management issues arise when inappropriate and potentially overreaching conclusions regarding the diag 9661 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Air pollution remains low as Europeans stay at home Further analyses are showing the continued low levels of nitrogen dioxide concentrations across Europe—coinciding with lockdown measures implemented to stop the spread of the coronavirus. New data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, from the European Union Copernicus programme, show some cities seeing levels fall by 45—50% compared to the same period last year. 9660 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Air Pollution Could Make People More Vulnerable to Covid-19 While U.S. air quality has improved in recent decades, pollution remains a persistent public health hazard, particularly in communities of color, which are more likely to be situated near refineries and factories. Researchers are studying whether such exposures make people more vulnerable to Covid-19. 9659 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. AI Uncovers a Potential Treatment for Covid-19 Patients Software suggested an arthritis drug might quell an out-of-control immune response that damages the lungs. Now it's being tested in a clinical trial. 9658 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. After Social Distancing, a Strange Purgatory Awaits Defying all medical advice, and ignoring the nature of viral infections, President Donald Trump wants to see " a very powerful reopening plan " by May 1. Two groups of governors—one in the West Coast states and another in the Northeast—are vowing to coordinate efforts to ease social distancing, if not on Trump's terms then on their own. Still, in a recent statement, California Governor Gavin News 9657 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. Africa's Huge Locust Swarms Are Growing at the Worst Time As coronavirus takes hold and farmers plant crops, the continent faces a new wave of locusts 20 times larger than one earlier this year. 9656 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A US Lab Just Launched an Antibody Test For Detecting if You've Had The Coronavirus They will produce 4 million tests this month. 9655 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A traffic light route to ending the economic lockdown Easing the lockdown through a traffic light system could help to reboot the economy, provide a clear sense of direction and instill hope, according to new proposals set out by UCL. 9654 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A New Statistic Reveals Why America's COVID-19 Numbers Are Flat Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . How many people have the coronavirus in the United States? More than two months into the country's outbreak, this remains the most important question for its people, schools, hospitals, and businesses. It is also still among the hardest to answer. At least 630,000 people na 9653 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. A COVID-19 crisis looms in the mortgage industry, experts warn Berkeley Haas Professors Nancy Wallace and Richard Stanton were some of the few voices to forewarn of the massive risk posed by shoddy practices in the mortgage industry prior to the 2008 financial crisis. 9652 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 6 tips to keep food safe and limit waste There are things you can do to make sure the food you're eating during the COVID-19 pandemic is safe and to limit waste, experts say. With most of the US under stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are stocking up on household essentials and groceries. Because of this, it's vitally important to store and prepare food properly to ensure our safety. "Proper food storage and prepa 9651 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 3D fusion imaging improves coronary artery disease diagnosis A new technique that combines CT and MRI can bolster coronary artery disease diagnosis and help to define appropriate treatment for patients suffering from the disease, according to a new study. 9650 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 3 innovations helping the homeless in Eugene, Oregon Even when the economy is booming, the United States has trouble figuring out how to deal with homelessness. Now, with unemployment soaring and millions of Americans unable to pay their rent, solutions are more needed than ever. 9649 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 2020 Time Capsule #14: 'The Authority Is Total' In a rally-briefing lasting more than two hours this past Monday afternoon, Donald Trump issued a royalist view of executive power not once but several times. (Which is of course his tendency, with any point he wants to make.) You can see one of the clearest instances in this C-SPAN video starting around time 46:40. Trump is asked what he would do if he decided to "open up" the economy, but state 9648 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 12 tips to get couples through staying at home The stay-at-home measures needed to curb the novel coronavirus pandemic are pushing couples and families across the socioeconomic spectrum to their limits. Here, experts from the University of California, Berkeley, with decades of research and clinical expertise in intimate and family relationships provide tips on how to keep your cool amid COVID-19 cabin fever: 1. Don't beat yourself up. Be kind 9647 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Quarantine in paradise' rentals draw city dwellers Holiday lets double in length as urban residents seek refuge from coronavirus hotspots 9646 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'I Can't Stay at Home' Billy Yulfo has worked at Zabar's, a gourmet grocery store in Manhattan, for 17 years. He worked his way up from cashier to assistant manager. When the coronavirus pandemic hit New York City, he had to grapple with a new identity: that of an essential worker. "I can't stay at home, because I have two kids," Yulfo says. "I won't get paid if I don't work, so I have to work. I have to put my health 9645 ….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>corona ….. 'Don't Let Us Die in Here' A group of immigrant women used the video-call system at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center to send The Atlantic a message. They're detained at the 1,500-bed Northwest Detention Center, in Washington State, while ICE pursues their deportations. "We're not doing well here … and they're not helping us," one woman says. They take turns speaking to the camera. "Please, we just wa

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Extreme floods to hit US cities 'almost daily' by 2100 Coastal cities in the United States could experience "once in a lifetime" extreme flood events almost daily by the end of the century if sea levels continue to rise at current rates, new research published in Scientific Reports showed on Thursday.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Greenland ice sheet shrinks by record amount. Greenland lost around 600 billion tonnes of water last year, an amount that would contribute about 1.5 millimetres of sea level rise. Greenland contributed 20-25% of global sea level rise over the last few decades submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Healthy climate news: Fava beans could replace soy The end of soy as a protein substitute? Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have found a way to make protein powder using fava beans — a far more climate-friendly alternative.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. How climate change affected foraging patterns of prehistoric humans in Indonesia During the transitional period between the Pleistocene epoch (or the Ice Age, from 2.58 million to 11,700 years ago) and the Holocene epoch (from 11,700 years ago until today), the Earth's temperature underwent massive change.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. How tiny water droplets form can have a big impact on climate models Droplets and bubbles are formed nearly everywhere, from boiling our morning coffee, to complex industrial processes and even volcanic eruptions. New Norwegian research improves our understanding of how these bubbles and droplets form, which could improve our ability to model climate change.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. New app helps combat climate change A few years ago, Dr. Arghavan Louhghalam, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UMass Dartmouth, started studying the relationship between road designs and conditions and excess fuel consumption and environmental impact. Using mechanistic models, the team established that there is a relationship between carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and climate change.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. On the essentials of drought in a changing climate Droughts of the future are likely to be more frequent, severe, and longer lasting than they have been in recent decades, but drought risks will be lower if greenhouse gas emissions are cut aggressively. This review presents a synopsis of the tools required for understanding the statistics, physics, and dynamics of drought and its causes in a historical context. Although these tools have been appl

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Polluted, drained, and drying out: New warnings on New Zealand's rivers and lakes The latest environmental report on New Zealand's lakes and rivers reiterates bleak news about the state of freshwater ecosystems, and warns that climate change will exacerbate existing threats.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Regional climate modeling and some common omissions There is a growing need for local climate information in order to update our understanding of risks connected to the changing weather and prepare for new challenges. This need has been an important motivation behind the World Meteorological Organisation's (WMO) Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS). There has also been a lot of work carried out to meet these needs over time, but I'm not co

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Scientists try 'cloud brightening' to protect Great Barrier Reef An ambitious "cloud brightening" experiment has been carried out over Australia's Great Barrier Reef in an early-stage trial that scientists hope could become a futuristic way to protect coral from global warming.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Southwest Drought Rivals Those of Centuries Ago, Thanks to Climate Change The drought that has gripped the American Southwest since 2000 is as bad as or worse than droughts in the region over the past 1,200 years, a new study finds.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Special issue: Drought's impacts on society, ecology and agriculture In this Special Issue of Science, five Reviews highlight new insights into the impacts of drought on social, ecological and agricultural systems worldwide.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Study unlocks the secret of corals' tolerance to climate change: Their diet Researchers have developed a new method for determining what corals eat, and demonstrated that reliance on certain nutritional sources underpins their bleaching susceptibility in warming oceans.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. Så kan solbränsle ersätta fossil energi Solljus, vatten och koldioxid. Det är allt som behövs för att tillverka solbränslen. Men innan de kan ersätta fossil energi behöver tekniken skalas upp och bli billigare.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. The American west's drought is its second-worst for 12 centuries People are partly to blame

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. This year's hurricane season could be especially awful The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will be an active one, researchers report. This hurricane season will see 18 to 22 named storms forming in the Atlantic basin, which includes the entire Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. The number of named storms predicted is above both long- and short-term averages according to Lian Xie, professor of marine, Earth, and atmospheric scie

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>climate ….. US megadrought is being made more intense by effects of climate change Climate change caused by humans turned an otherwise moderate drought in south-western North America into one of the driest periods in more than 1000 years

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Influenza: researchers show that new treatment reduces spread of virus Researchers have shown that a new antiviral drug for influenza can treat the infection at the same time as reducing the risk of transmission to others, offering powerful potential to change the way we manage influenza outbreaks — particularly in vulnerable groups.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. 3-D models of mountain lakes with a portable sonar and airborne laser The information of the territory provided by the laser technology from an airplane can be combined with data collected in mountain lakes with an inflatable boat and a small echo sounder to obtain three-dimensional maps. The system has been successfully tested by two geologists at the Truchillas glacial lake in Spain.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. 3-D printing and Moon dust: An astronaut's kit for future space exploration? One of the major challenges related to space exploration is the development of production technologies capable of exploiting the few resources available in extra-terrestrial environments. Laser 3-D printing of lunar dust may be the answer to such queries. Reduction of elevated supply chain costs and times connected to space exploration were amongst the main drivers which brought together the joint

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A complex landscape for reef management [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A non-invasive way of monitoring diabetes Saliva could be used instead of blood to monitor diabetes in a method proposed in research involving the University of Strathclyde.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A PAMless base editor [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A topological light funnel [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. A trend of warming and drying [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Applying mathematics to accelerate predictions for capturing fusion energy PPPL scientists have borrowed a technique from applied mathematics to rapidly predict the behavior of fusion plasma at a much-reduced computational cost.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Ash dieback is less severe in isolated ash trees New research published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Ecology finds that ash dieback is far less severe in the isolated conditions ash is often found in, such as forests with low ash density or in open canopies like hedges, suggesting the long term impact of the disease on Europe's ash trees will be more limited than previously thought.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Aspirin linked to reduction in risk of several cancers of the digestive tract The largest and most comprehensive analysis to date of the link between aspirin and cancers of the digestive tract has shown that it is associated not only with a significant reduction in the risk of developing bowel cancer but also of several other cancers that almost invariably fatal, such as pancreatic and liver cancers. The study is published in Annals of Oncology.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Bactericidal nanomachine: Researchers reveal the mechanisms behind a natural bacteria killer Scientists are one step closer to adapting the bacteria-killing power of a naturally occurring nanomachine, a tiny particle that performs a mechanical action.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Bald eagles, eaglets found nesting in arms of Arizona cactus For the first time in decades, bald eagles have been found nesting in an Arizona saguaro cactus.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Bats find road traffic noise 'iritating', causing activity to decrease by two-thirds A new study has shown that road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by about two thirds and suggests that the negative effects could be felt considerable distances from the source.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Biomechanics of skin can perform useful tactile computations As our body's largest and most prominent organ, the skin also provides one of our most fundamental connections to the world around us. From the moment we're born, it is intimately involved in every physical interaction we have.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Biorobotics is the future of fish farming Several hundred thousand salmon swim closely together in fish farms. For at least some time, the fish farmer and the fish have the same goal: to keep the fish healthy, eating and growing. Therefore it is necessary to provide fish with environmental conditions, where the stress level is low, parasites do not pose a risk to their health and there is enough food. Stressed and sick fish do not eat or

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Blood test may help doctors catch pancreatic cancer early A blood test may be able to detect the most common form of pancreatic cancer while it is still in its early stages while also helping doctors accurately stage a patient's disease and guide them to the appropriate treatment.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Bornean treeshrews can take the heat To better understand if small tropical mammals also have increased vulnerability as their environments heat up, Danielle Levesque, University of Maine assistant professor of mammology and mammal health, and collaborators from the University Malaysia Sarawak studied Bornean treeshrews.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Building insect brains [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Buildings have their own microbiomes—we're striving to make them healthy places Architects and building engineers strive to create safe, productive places where humans can live and work. We have developed complex codes, regulations and guidelines to achieve goals such as structural safety, fire safety, adequate ventilation and energy efficiency, and to anticipate extreme scenarios such as 100-year floods. The question for our profession now is whether and how the 100-year vir

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Business-to-business customers expect personal service in online chat Companies engaged in business-to-business (B2B) sales are also increasingly moving their activities online, but their online chat services and customer interaction have not been studied much yet. A new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows that the nature of social presence in B2B online chat dialogues varied depending on the stage of the customer relationship.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Can coral reefs 'have it all'? Though coral reefs are in sharp decline across the world, scientists say some reefs can still thrive with plentiful fish stocks, high fish biodiversity, and well-preserved ecosystem functions.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Chamber measurement standards established for fine particles What effects do global warming and the formation of fine particles have on each other? Since the entire atmosphere cannot be heated for experimental purposes, a part of it is put in a chamber and investigated there. Now, a standard procedure has been drawn up for analysis fine particles in experimental chambers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Climate-driven megadrought is emerging in western US, study says With the western United States and northern Mexico suffering an ever-lengthening string of dry years starting in 2000, scientists have been warning for some time that climate change may be pushing the region toward an extreme long-term drought worse than any in recorded history. A new study says the time has arrived: a megadrought as bad or worse than anything even from known prehistory is very li

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Coordinated by oxidative stress [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Could shrinking a key component help make autonomous cars affordable? A team led by Stanford electrical engineer Jelena Vuckovic is working on shrinking the mechanical and electronic components in a rooftop lidar down to a single silicon chip that she thinks could be mass produced for as little as a few hundred dollars.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Coupling translation and mRNA decay [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Critical 'starbleed' vulnerability in FPGA chips identified Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are flexibly programmable computer chips that are considered very secure components in many applications. Scientists from Bochum, Germany have now discovered that a critical vulnerability is hidden in these chips. Attackers can gain complete control over the chips and their functionalities via the vulnerability. Since the bug is integrated into the hardware,

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Delivering methane and hydrogen [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Dissecting the mechanism of protein unfolding by SDS A new study by the Aksimentiev group at the University of Illinois has used molecular dynamics simulations to understand how sodium dodecyl sulfate, a commonly used detergent in labs, induces protein folding. Their results were published in the journal Nanoscale.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Dogs and Horses Mimic Each Other's Expressions During Play By analyzing videos of dogs and horses playing together, researchers are finding clues about what they call "a universal language of play." !-pony-dog_cropped.jpg Image credits: Grigorita Ko/ Shutterstock Creature Friday, April 17, 2020 – 09:15 Charles Q. Choi, Contributor (Inside Science) — Many animals play. While play may not appear to serve any immediate function, it likely evolved because

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Earth Day alert to save our frogs With climate action a theme of Earth Day 2020 (April 22, 2020), a new research paper highlights the plight of some of the most at-risk amphibian species – and shortfalls in most conservation efforts. More than birds and most mammals, amphibians (frogs, salamander, worm-like caecilians, anurans, etc) are on the front line of extinction in a hotter, dryer climate conditions.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Ecosystem aridity and atmospheric CO2–Response [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Elucidating the foreign body response [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. ESO telescope sees star dance around supermassive black hole, proves Einstein right Observations made with ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) have revealed for the first time that a star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way moves just as predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Its orbit is shaped like a rosette and not like an ellipse as predicted by Newton's theory of gravity. This long-sought-after result was made possible by increasin

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. FirstFT: Today's top stories Your daily news briefing

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Flatter graphene, faster electrons: Technique flattens corrugations in graphene layers to improve samples The sample quality of graphene has been improved significantly since its discovery. One factor that limited further improvements has not been investigated directly so far, namely corrugations in the graphene sheet, i.e. microscopic distortions that form even when placed on atomically flat surfaces. Such corrugations can scatter the electrons when moving through an electronic device. Like bumps on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Follicle architects in the colonic mucosa [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Gas storage method could help next-generation clean energy vehicles A research team led by Northwestern University has designed and synthesized new materials with ultrahigh porosity and surface area for the storage of hydrogen and methane for fuel cell-powered vehicles. These gases are attractive clean energy alternatives to carbon dioxide-producing fossil fuels.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Genetic variation not an obstacle to gene drive strategy to control mosquitoes–gvn041620.php New research from entomologists at UC Davis clears a potential obstacle to using CRISPR-Cas9 'gene drive' technology to control mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and Zika.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Genetics expertise could transform fish production The potential of fish and shellfish production to feed a growing global population could be significantly enhanced through advances in genetics and biotechnology, researchers have said.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Genetics linked to childhood emotional, social and psychiatric problems Emotional, social and psychiatric problems in children and adolescents have been linked to higher levels of genetic vulnerability for adult depression.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Genomic havoc from one fateful mistake [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. High-efficiency catalyst enhancing the electric reduction performance of CO2 It provides new ideas for the design of the catalyst nanostructures boosting an efficient reaction.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Histones and their modifications are crucial for adaptation to cell stress More than 200 regions (amino acids) in histones are identified as responsible for regulating the response to cell stress.The study reports that histones undergo distinct modifications depending on the type of cell stress.The work by the Cell Signaling laboratory has been published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Hit-to-lead studies on a novel series of small molecule inhibitors of DHODH The enzyme dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH), an essential component for the de novo pyrimidine ribonucleotide biosynthesis, has reemerged in the last few years as a target for the development of small molecules with anticancer and antiviral activity.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How did an ancient plant from Latin America become Asia's second-most-important cash crop? Half a century ago, cassava was a simple staple crop for some smallholder farmers in Asia eking out a living in harsh landscapes.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How egg temperature sets sex [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. How exercise supports your mental fitness: Current recommendations Sporting activities can bring about a long-term improvement in cognitive performance across all age groups. However, the effects differ between men and women, and not all sports provide the same impact. Researchers at the University of Basel and the University of Tsukuba have provided recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of previous studies.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Innovating the peer-review research process A team of scientists led by a Michigan State University astronomer has found that a new process of evaluating proposed scientific research projects is as effective—if not more so—than the traditional peer-review method.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Insight into the synapses: Glutamate receptors do not practice social distancing "Distance keeping" is not exactly the motto of the glutamate receptors: Using high-resolution microscopy, researchers have discovered that the receptors usually appear in small groups at the synapses and are in contact with other proteins.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Lighting the way coming and going [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Low-cost imaging system poised to provide automatic mosquito tracking Mosquito-transmitted diseases such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). A new low-cost imaging system could make it easier to track mosquito species that carry disease, enabling a more timely and targeted response.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Lung Cancer Screen Could Be Easy Pee-sy In mice, a test for lung cancer involves nanoprobes that recognize tumors and send reporter molecules into the urine for simple analysis. — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Lung-heart super sensor on a chip tinier than a ladybug This Lilliputian chip's detection bandwidth is enormous — from sweeping body motions to faint sounds of the heartbeat, pulse waves traversing body tissues, respiration rate, and lung sounds.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Male lemurs may use their fruity-smelling wrists to attract mates Male ring-tailed lemurs rub their wrists to release a sweet, fruity smell that may be the first evidence of sex pheromones identified in primates

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Male ring-tail lemurs exude fruity-smelling perfume from their wrists to attract mates Humans aren't the only primates who like smelling nice for their dates. In the journal Current Biology on April 16, scientists report that male ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) become more attractive to females by secreting a fruity and floral aroma from their wrists. Using detailed chemical analysis, the researchers identified three compounds responsible for this sweet scent, marking the first ti

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mentalist Blisters Skin with Brainwaves Originally published in June 1899 — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mentoring programs help female economists secure tenure-track positions Research from Princeton University shows that an annual AEA workshop for female economists was effective in retaining women in academia and helping them to achieve tenure in the top 30 to 50 ranked schools in the country.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mismanagment, not tampering, at root of supply problems for Ugandan farmers For years, speculation about the poor quality of vital agricultural supplies in the African nation of Uganda has focused on questions of deliberate tampering with products — adding rocks to bags of seed in order to charge more money for the heavier product, for instance. But in a recent publication, two UConn researchers found no evidence of deliberate adulteration — but plenty of proof that mis

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Mutual funds with lower tax burdens have higher returns Tax-efficient mutual funds provide higher gains for investors and, therefore, more income for shareholders.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Nanoparticles: Acidic alert Researchers of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have synthesized nanoparticles that can be induced by a change in pH to release a deadly dose of ionized iron within cells. This mechanism could potentially open up new approaches to the targeted elimination of malignant tumors.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA finds Tropical Storm Jeruto's displaced rainfall NASA analyzed weakening Tropical Storm Jeruto's rainfall and found one small area of moderate rainfall displaced from the center, because of strong wind shear.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA observes rainfall from tornado-spawning storms in the southern US For two days in mid-April, severe storms raced through the southern U.S. and NASA created an animation using satellite data to show the movement and strength of those storms.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. NASA reports Arctic stratospheric ozone depletion hit record low in March Ozone levels above the Arctic reached a record low for March, NASA researchers report. An analysis of satellite observations show that ozone levels reached their lowest point on March 12 at 205 Dobson units.While such low levels are rare, they are not unprecedented. Similar low ozone levels occurred in the upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, in 1997 and 2011. In comparison, the lowest March ozone v

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Network of protein-RNA interaction guides phase separation St. Jude Children's Research Hospital investigators are studying the details of how phase separation leads to the formation of RNA granules, assemblies of protein and RNA that are not bound by a membrane. Their findings show that central nodes in a network of protein-RNA interactions drive phase separation for RNA granules, or condensates, called stress granules. The work appears today in Cell.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New boron material of high hardness created by plasma chemical vapor deposition Researchers used microwave-plasma chemical vapor deposition to create thin crystal films of a novel boron-rich boron-carbide material. This film, grown on a 1-inch wafer of silicon, is chemically stable, has 37 percent the hardness of cubic diamond and acts as an insulator. Experimental testing of the new material agrees closely with predicted values computed from first-principles analysis, which

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New clues to predict the risks astronauts will face from space radiation on long missions A team led by researchers at Colorado State University used a novel approach to test assumptions in a model used by NASA to predict health risks for astronauts.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New economic model may prevent stops of capital flow The 'sudden stops of capital flows' model enables the adequacy of macroeconomic policies, one year in advance, against the risk of a sudden contraction of international. investments.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New electrode material developed to increase charge capacity of lithium batteries Lithium batteries hold a lot of promise for the future of many applications, including electric vehicles, but tend to be prohibitively expensive, according to a team led by Naoaki Yabuuchi, professor at Yokohama National University in Japan. The team has developed a new electrode material to make lithium batteries not only cheaper, but longer lasting with higher energy density. The results were ma

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New geochemical tool reveals origin of Earth's nitrogen Researchers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and their colleagues used a new geochemical tool to shed light on the origin of nitrogen and other volatile elements on Earth, which may also prove useful as a way to monitor the activity of volcanoes.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New nanocarrier drug delivery technology crosses the blood-brain barrier The blood-brain barrier (BBB) makes it more difficult for substances to be delivered from the blood to the brain compared to peripheral organs. Japanese researchers have developed a cyclic peptide that enhances BBB penetration. By putting drugs into nanoparticles that have the cyclic peptide on their surface, new drug nanocarriers may be developed for the delivery to the brain.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New photon-counting camera captures 3-D images with record speed and resolution Researchers have developed the first megapixel photon-counting camera based on new-generation image sensor technology that uses single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs). The new camera can detect single photons of light at unprecedented speeds, a capability that could advance applications that require fast acquisition of 3-D images such as augmented reality and LiDAR systems for autonomous vehicles.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. New 'toolbox' for urological cancer detection Researchers from Ghent University, Belgium, together with researchers from the University of Turku, Finland, have developed a new method for biomarker discovery of urological cancers. The method enables timely diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Urological cancers include e.g. prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Novel sperm membrane protein facilitates mammalian fertilization Fertilization is a fundamental process in sexual reproduction when the combination of male and female gametes blends genetic material to create a new unique individual. Now, researchers from Japan have identified a new factor that may help orchestrate this vitally complex life event.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Obesity is a critical risk factor for type 2 diabetes, regardless of genetics Obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by at least 6 times, regardless of genetic predisposition to the disease.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. On the origin of feces: CoproID reliably predicts sources of ancient poop The archaeological record is littered with feces, a potential goldmine for insights into ancient health and diet, parasite evolution, and the ecology and evolution of the microbiome. The main problem for researchers is determining whose feces is under examination. A recent study published in the journal PeerJ, led by Maxime Borry and Christina Warinner of Max Planck Institute for the Science of Hu

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Origami takes flight [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Papua New Guinea highland research redates Neolithic period A new report published in Science Advances on the emergence of agriculture in highland Papua New Guinea shows advancements often associated with a later Neolithic period occurred about 1,000 years' earlier than previously thought.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Parasite carried by grey squirrels negatively impacts red squirrel behavior Research published in the Journal of Animal Ecology reveals a new mechanism of how grey squirrels affect native red squirrels in Europe through parasite-mediated competition.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Possible Dinosaur DNA Has Been Found New discoveries have raised the possibility of exploring dino genetics, but controversy surrounds the results — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Psychedelic compound from magic mushrooms produced in yeast Scientists from DTU Biosustain prove that psilocybin, a potential drug for treating depression and other psychological conditions can be produced in yeast.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Pushing the limits of 2-D supramolecules Scientists at the University of South Florida have reached a new milestone in the development of two-dimensional supramolecules—the building blocks that make areas of nanotechnology and nanomaterial advancement possible.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Questionable stability of dissipative topological models for classical and quantum systems Scientists analyze the spectral instability of energy-dissipative systems caused by their boundaries: A situation that is naturally given in experimental setups.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Relying on 'local food' is a distant dream for most of the world Globalisation has revolutionized food production and consumption in recent decades, and cultivation has become more efficient As a result, diets have diversified and food availability has increased in around the globe. However, it has also led to a situation where the majority of the world's population lives in countries that are dependent on, at least partially, imported food. This can intensify

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers find significant economic losses due to soybean diseases Economic losses due to soybean diseases in the United States from 1996 to 2016 amounted to more than $95 billion, according to a team of researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences who examined the long-term impact of soybean diseases on production in the U.S.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers find that incentive-based tariffs aren't the way to control invasive pests While incentive-based programs have had many success stories in helping to regulate air quality, control pollution, and protect wildlife and fisheries, they may not be the answer to controlling invasive pests.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers get important glimpse into microbiome development in early life A team of researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has characterized how the gut microbiome develops in the first hours of infancy, providing a critical baseline for how changes in this environment can impact health and disease later in life.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers propose theoretical model to describe capillary force balance at contact line It provided a theoretical insight into capillary forces at the contact line and validated Young's equation based on a mechanical interpretation.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Returning land to nature with high-yield farming The expansion of farmlands to meet the growing food demand of the world's ever expanding population places a heavy burden on natural ecosystems. A new IIASA study however shows that about half the land currently needed to grow food crops could be spared if attainable crop yields were achieved globally and crops were grown where they are most productive.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Rewilding bison in the Carpathians to preserve wilderness strongholds and migration routes Nature is significantly degraded across much of Europe, impacted by factors such as infrastructure construction, intensive agriculture and forestry, and the disappearance of naturally occurring, large-bodied animals such as large carnivores and bison. This is the finding of new research published today by a coalition of NGOs and research institutes, consisting of a series of maps and policy papers

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Scents regulate fat storage without affecting eating behavior Researchers discovered that, in the lab worm C. elegans, certain scents dynamically regulate fat mobilization by interacting with specific olfactory neurons through specific receptors.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Scientific machine learning paves way for rapid rocket engine design Researchers from the Oden Institute are developing a faster modeling technique for rocket engine designers to test performance in different conditions.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Scientist explores the colorful intricacies of pollen Unless it happens to be allergy season, most people don't give a lot of thought to pollen. But new research might change the way we look at a field of flowers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Seeing 'under the hood' in batteries A high-sensitivity X-ray technique at Berkeley Lab is attracting a growing group of scientists because it provides a deep, precise dive into battery chemistry.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Signs of a metabolon in action [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Signs of Modern Human Cognition Were Found in an Indonesian Cave Painted images of intriguing human-animal hybrids are signs of modern thought — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Simulations show how to make gene therapy more effective Diseases with a genetic cause could be treated by supplying a correct version of the faulty gene. However, in practice, delivering new genetic material to human cells is difficult. A promising method for the delivery of such genes involves the use of DNA/lipid complexes (lipoplexes). Scientists at the University of Groningen have now used advanced simulations to investigate how these lipoplexes de

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization after the initial flush of CO2 Healthy soil should have abundant nitrogen to supply plant growth needs, but it should not all be in the inorganic fraction. Rather, organic nitrogen is the preferred storage warehouse from which soil microorganisms can decompose and release inorganic nitrogen to soil and then to plants. This system avoids leaching and volatile losses of nitrogen. Historically, scientists have had difficulty predi

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Solving the puzzle of Mitchell disease Researchers discovered that ACOX1 is involved in two distinct neurodegenerative disorders.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Some worms programmed to die early for sake of colony Some worms are genetically predisposed to die before reaching old age, which appears to benefit the colony by reducing food demand, finds a new UCL-led study published in Aging Cell.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Stem cells in human embryos commit to specialization surprisingly early The point when human embryonic stem cells irreversibly commit to becoming specialised has been identified by researchers at the Francis Crick Institute.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Strange Extragalactic Strands Mystify Astronomers A distant galaxy has sprouted filaments hundreds of thousands of light-years long—and no one knows why — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study estimates revenue produced by top college football players The most elite players in college football increase revenue for their school football programs by an average of $650,000 a year, a first-of-its-kind study suggests.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study finds evidence for existence of elusive 'metabolon' For more than 40 years, scientists have hypothesized the existence of enzyme clusters, or "metabolons," in facilitating various processes within cells. Using a novel imaging technology combined with mass spectrometry, researchers at Penn State, for the first time, have directly observed functional metabolons involved in generating purines, the most abundant cellular metabolites. The findings could

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study reveals importance of mitochondrial small proteins in energy production A newly discovered small protein in mitochondria is essential for energy production, report Duke-NUS researchers and their colleagues in the journal Nature Communications. Zebrafish lacking the small protein, which the scientists named BRAWNIN, have similar features to rare mitochondrial diseases in humans, suggesting further studies of the protein could help explain these conditions and identify

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study: Cultural variables play important role in perceptions of status, power Cultural variables play an important role in perceptions of status and power in business, according to research co-written by Carlos Torelli, a professor of business administration and the James F. Towey Faculty Fellow at the Gies College of Busines at Illinois.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Study: Euro coins have antimicrobial activity, in contrast to banknotes Research due to be presented at this year's European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) shows that European banknotes are more easily contaminated by microbes than coins. However, coins made from antimicrobial metals such as copper can still be sources of contamination. The study is by Professor Johannes Knobloch, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. The Lipid Code: New chemical tools can control the concentration of lipids in living cells Lipids, or fats, have many functions in our body: They form membrane barriers, store energy or act as messengers, which regulate cell growth and hormone release. Many of them are also biomarkers for severe diseases. So far, it has been very difficult to analyze the functions of these molecules in living cells. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. To warn or to hide from predators?: New computer simulation provides answers Some toxic animals are bright to warn predators from attacking them, and some hide the warning colors, showing them only at the very last moment when they are about to be attacked. A new simulation model helps to understand this diversity in warning signals of prey towards predators.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Under pressure: New bioinspired material can 'shapeshift' to external forces Inspired by how human bone and colorful coral reefs adjust mineral deposits in response to their surrounding environments, Johns Hopkins researchers have created a self-adapting material that can change its stiffness in response to the applied force. This advancement can someday open the doors for materials that can self-reinforce to prepare for increased force or stop further damage.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Untwisting plastics for charging internet-of-things devices Scientists are unraveling the properties of electricity-conducting plastics so they can be used in future energy-harvesting devices.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. What is an individual? Information Theory may provide the answer Despite the near-universal assumption of individuality in biology, there is little agreement about what individuals are and few rigorous quantitative methods for their identification. A new approach may solve the problem by defining individuals in terms of informational processes.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Whole genome sequencing reveals genetic structural secrets of schizophrenia UNC School of Medicine scientists have conducted the largest-ever whole genome sequencing study of schizophrenia to provide a more complete picture of the role the human genome plays in this disease.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <> ….. Why mRNAs blueprints that are more difficult to decipher have shorter lifetimes mRNAs program the synthesis of proteins in cells, and their functional lifetimes are dynamically regulated. LMU researchers have now shown why blueprints that are more difficult to decipher have shorter lifetimes than others.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. <>z ….. Fårmjölk nytt sätt kartlägga fästingar med TBE-smitta Med hjälp av prover på fårmjölk har forskare upptäckt nya platser i Örebro län där fästingar bär på TBE-virus. – Fårmjölk är ett nytt sätt med stor potential att kartlägga TBE-spridningen, säger Magnus Johansson, professor i biomedicin vid Örebro universitet. Studien visar också att TBE-virus finns kvar i fårmjölk som förvarats i kylskåp, medan rumstemperatur och uppvärmning får virusmängden att

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A minor population of macrophage-tropic HIV-1 variants is identified in recrudescing viremia following analytic treatment interruption [Microbiology] HIV-1 persists in cellular reservoirs that can reignite viremia if antiretroviral therapy (ART) is interrupted. Therefore, insight into the nature of those reservoirs may be revealed from the composition of recrudescing viremia following treatment cessation. A minor population of macrophage-tropic (M-tropic) viruses was identified in a library of recombinant viruses…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Giant viruses aren't alive. So why have they stolen genes essential for life? Scan of ocean microbes reveals some surprises

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mystery solved, rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine After eluding researchers for more than 30 years, the VP3 protein of rotavirus has finally revealed its unique structure and function to a team led by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New universal Ebola vaccine may fight all four virus species that infect humans Infectious disease scientists report early development of a potential universal vaccine for Ebola viruses that preclinical tests show might neutralize all four species of these deadly viruses infecting people in recent outbreaks, mainly in Africa. Although still in early preclinical testing, researchers report in the Journal of Virology that their data indicate that the prospective vaccine has pot

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine After eluding researchers for more than 30 years, the VP3 protein of rotavirus has finally revealed its unique structure and function to a team led by scientists at Baylor College of Medicine. The researchers discovered that VP3 consists of four molecular modules that uniquely integrate five enzymatic activities that are necessary for capping messenger-RNA (mRNA), a process essential for the synth

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists conduct first census of viruses and bacteria living in Florida Springs Like oxygen, your brain stem, and love (for the romantics out there), The Floridan Aquifer falls into the category of things we can't see but also cannot live without.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Testing how accurately X-ray lasers can measure the inner workings of biological molecules One of the great advantages of X-ray free-electron lasers like the one at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is that they allow researchers to determine the structure of biological molecules in natural environments. This is important if you want to study how a potential new drug interacts with a virus in conditions similar to those found in the human body. By hitting t

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Thailand scrambles to contain major outbreak of horse-killing virus Disease rarely seen outside Africa has killed hundreds of animals in 3 weeks

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Two novel viruses identified in Brazilian patients with suspected dengue Species never before found in humans described in PLOS ONE belong to the genera Ambidensovirus and Chapparvovirus. Researchers do not yet know if they can cause disease.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. $350bn pot for US small business loans is almost empty About 97% of funds have been tapped as Congress struggles to agree a deal for more

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. 'Social distancing' goes back to the plague Social distancing has a long history that dates back as far as the black plague, Rebecca Messbarger says. In Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron , 10 young Florentines share humorous, bawd, and heartrending tales while fleeing the bubonic plague of 1348, which devastated their city and killed one-third to one-half the population of Europe. Now considered a masterpiece of Italian literature, the Th

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. "Viktigt att intensivvårdspatienterna följs upp" Många som intensivvårdats repar sig fint på egen hand, men en del patienter behöver fortsatt hjälp för att må bra. Bland annat kan det uppkomma otäcka minnen av mardrömmar. Lundaforskaren Karin Samuelson snabbutbildar ny sjuksköterskor inom intensiv. Och hon vet faran med att släppa hem intensivvårdspatienterna utan uppföljning. Den som har varit så sjuk att intensivvård krävts har ofta en lång å

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. 1,000 people in the US die every year in police shootings. Who are they? African-Americans are at greater risk of being killed by police, even though they are less likely to pose an objective threat to law enforcement, according to new data-driven research by Northeastern professor Matt Miller. Hispanics are also more likely to be victims of police shootings.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. 20 Things You Didn't Know About … Trees These organisms have played an important role in how our world was shaped, and they can even record history.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. 3D-printad mat och virtuella restauranger retar aptiten Trenden med närodlad mat har vuxit sig allt starkare, och med ökad risk för pandemier lär intresset bestå. Men också alger, 3D-printad mat och virtuella besök på favoritrestaurangen, är födovägar med framtiden för sig. Åtminstone om man får tro forskarna. Undernäring är ett växande problem hos den äldre generationen, inte minst bland de som har svårigheter att tugga och svälja (dysfagi). Probleme

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A dual light-driven palladium catalyst: Breaking the barriers in carbonylation reactions Transition metal–catalyzed coupling reactions have become one of the most important tools in modern synthesis. However, an inherent limitation to these reactions is the need to balance operations, because the factors that favor bond cleavage via oxidative addition ultimately inhibit bond formation via reductive elimination. Here, we describe an alternative strategy that exploits simple visible-li

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A Genetic Test Could Someday Predict Your Heart Attack Risk When it comes to heart attack risk, how do you score? Scientists will soon have an idea, based on your genes.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A gut-to-brain circuit drives sugar preference and may explain sugar cravings The sensation of sweetness starts on the tongue, but sugar molecules also trip sensors in the gut that directly signal the brain. This could explain why artificial sweeteners fail to satisfy the insatiable craving for sugar.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A key brain region for controlling binge drinking has been found A team of researchers at the Charleston Alcohol Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina has found that turning off a stress signaling system in a single specific brain area can reduce harmful binge drinking. This finding brings researchers one step closer to understanding which signals in the brain drive individuals to consume alcohol excessively and put them at risk for develo

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A magnetic cork for the removal of water pollution The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), together with the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and the University of Porto, has patented a magnetic cork that could remove polluting particles from water, among other uses.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A Mislabelled Space Object Just Turned Out to Be The Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Yet Good thing we checked.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A nonlinear beam model of photomotile structures [Engineering] Actuation remains a significant challenge in soft robotics. Actuation by light has important advantages: Objects can be actuated from a distance, distinct frequencies can be used to actuate and control distinct modes with minimal interference, and significant power can be transmitted over long distances through corrosion-free, lightweight fiber optic cables….

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A robust, sensitive thin-film X-ray detector using 2-D layered perovskite diodes In a new report on Science Advances, Hsinhan Tsai and a research team in materials, nanotechnology, nuclear engineering and X-ray science at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Argonne National Laboratory in the U.S. demonstrated a new thin film X-ray detector prototype. The set up contained highly crystalline two-dimensional (2-D) Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) phase layered perovskites and mainta

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A Star Is Circling a Black Hole and Its Orbit Is Absolutely Nuts Cosmic Dance A star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way has a bizarre orbit — but also one that strongly supports Einstein's theories. After monitoring the star, dubbed S2, for 27 years straight, astronomers from the Max Planck Institute determined that it traces a distinct flower-like shape as it orbits, CNN reports . The fact that the star makes a rosette as it t

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A Star Orbiting a Black Hole Just Confirmed a Prediction Made by General Relativity Not chaos, but beautiful order.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A US City Cut Down on Coal Emissions, And Had 400 Fewer Hospital Visits Per Year They shut down one of the plants.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A viral toolkit for recording transcription factor-DNA interactions in live mouse tissues [Neuroscience] Transcription factors (TFs) enact precise regulation of gene expression through site-specific, genome-wide binding. Common methods for TF-occupancy profiling, such as chromatin immunoprecipitation, are limited by requirement of TF-specific antibodies and provide only end-point snapshots of TF binding. Alternatively, TF-tagging techniques, in which a TF is fused to a DNA-modifying enzyme…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. A Vital Hack Could Turn Medical Devices Into Ventilators Hundreds of thousands of lower-grade breathing devices are going unused because manufacturers say they can't perform life-saving functions. But a new patch might change that.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Acoustic growth factor patterning For optimally engineered tissues, it is important that biological cues are delivered with appropriate timing and to specific locations.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Acts of kindness prevent a downward spiral from solitude to loneliness To be alone and to be lonely are not the same thing

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Advance could enable remote control of soft robots Soft materials, such as rubber or polymers that can endure drastic changes to their shape, are promising for applications where flexibility and shapeshifting abilities are paramount.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Aerosol-photolysis interaction reduces particulate matter during wintertime haze events [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Aerosol–radiation interaction (ARI) plays a significant role in the accumulation of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) by stabilizing the planetary boundary layer and thus deteriorating air quality during haze events. However, modification of photolysis by aerosol scattering or absorbing solar radiation (aerosol–photolysis interaction or API) alters the atmospheric oxidizing capacity, decreases…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. After disaster, here's how to manage volunteers New tools to help manage volunteers in the wake of a disaster could benefit emergency response and relief managers. "Assigning volunteers after a disaster can be difficult, because you don't know how many volunteers are coming or when they will arrive," says Maria Mayorga, corresponding author of two studies on the issue and a professor in North Carolina State University's Edward P. Fitts departm

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. After Social Distancing, a Strange Purgatory Awaits: Life right now feels very odd. And it will feel odd for months-and even years-to come. submitted by /u/mgby [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. AI is changing our life on a spectrum that goes from "very beneficial" to "destructive". The danger of AI isn't only an apocalyptic scenario, it's a life where humans no longer need to think submitted by /u/DirectorOfTheFBI [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. AI taught to instantly transform objects in image-editing software An image-editing program designed by researchers at Abode uses AI to let you quickly transform the shape of objects in images and change the lighting

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. AI Will Help Scientists Ask More Powerful Questions Self-learning systems can discover hidden patterns in immense data sets, transcending what humans could ever find on their own — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Alarms ring as Greenland ice loss causes 40% of 2019 sea level rise The kilometres-thick icesheet that covers Greenland saw a near-record imbalance last year between new snowfall and the discharge of meltwater and ice into the ocean, scientists have reported.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Albino Sharks of the Deep A rare albino shark raises questions about how a lack of pigment affects deep-ocean creatures. WhiteShark.jpg Lucifer's Shark Image credits: Auckland War Memorial Museum Rights information: This image may be reproduced with this Inside Science article. Creature Thursday, April 16, 2020 – 11:30 Joshua Learn, Contributor (Inside Science) — Forget the white whale — some of the most rarely seen al

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. AlphaVid: On trusting public health communications–On-trusting-public-health-communications/ Izabella Kaminska speaks live from her living room to University of British Columbia academic Heidi Tworek, about her prescient paper on the history of transmissible disease communication.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Alzheimer's patients may need dosing changes in medicines prescribed for other conditions Patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) are often prescribed drugs for other conditions — including diabetes or high blood pressure — at the same doses as those without dementia. That practice might need to be reexamined in the wake of new mouse studies. The findings suggest that AD could alter absorption of medications from the digestive tract, so dosages might need to be adjusted for these pati

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. An AI can tell whether ancient faeces came from a person or a dog Archaeologists can learn a lot about ancient people by analysing their faeces, but only if they can be sure the remains weren't left by a dog. Now AI can help

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Analyse: Bordet fanger, når du vælger IoT-platform Leverandører af IoT-platforme lover åbenhed og gennemsigtighed. Men når data skal fra fabriksgulvet op i skyen, låser leverandøren døren.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Anthropogenic megadrought [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Apple just dropped a surprise new iPhone—and it's cheap The new iPhone SE has an aluminum frame like the iPhone 8. (Apple/) We've heard rumors about a smaller iphone for months, but today, Apple dropped the new version of the iPhone SE. The original was discontinued back in 2018. Apple fans have speculated about its return since then—and now the 2020 version of the SE has finally arrived. It's a bit different than many people were expecting. From a fo

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Apps for Fostering Deep Conversations: LongWalks, Party Qs, Fabriq More than a messaging app, these services encourage friends to have meaningful and lengthy dialogues they'd normally have face-to-face.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Arctic stratospheric ozone levels hit record low in March Ozone levels above the Arctic reached a record low for March, researchers report. An analysis of satellite observations show that ozone levels reached their lowest point on March 12 at 205 Dobson units. While such low levels are rare, they are not unprecedented. Similar low ozone levels occurred in the upper atmosphere, or stratosphere, in 1997 and 2011. In comparison, the lowest March ozone value

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself: American Scientist Quoc Le has 'developed a program called AutoML-Zero that could develop AI programs with effectively zero human input, using only basic mathematical concepts a high school student would know.' submitted by /u/dannylenwinn [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Artificial intelligence that can evolve on its own is being tested by Google scientists submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. As the inventor of copy and paste dies, here are other computing innovations we take for granted Larry Tesler invented cut and paste, and coined the phrase "user-friendly". His career in the technology sector spanned 50 years and was witness to many innovations that are now part of our daily lives. In 1961, Larry Tesler went to study at Stanford University, which itself has been pivotal to the growth of Silicon Valley. It's where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard met before founding the company

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Asia's growth to grind to halt for first time in 60 years, warns IMF Fund says economic slowdown will be worse than 2008 global financial crisis

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Asking young children to "do science" instead of "be scientists" increases science engagement in a randomized field experiment [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Subtle features of common language can imply to young children that scientists are a special and distinct kind of person—a way of thinking that can interfere with the development of children's own engagement with science. We conducted a large field experiment (involving 45 prekindergarten schools, 130 teachers, and over 1,100…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Asteroid Arrokoth may have broken its neck in 6400 km per hour impact Arrokoth, a strange two-lobed space rock, was hit by another rock at some point – the collision may have snapped Arrokoth's narrow neck before it reformed again

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Asthma attacks decreased significantly among residents near coal-fired power plants after the plants shut down or upgraded their emission controls, according to a new study. submitted by /u/dannylenwinn [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Astronomers Discover "Intriguing," Extremely Earth-Like Exoplanet An international team of scientists have discovered an exciting Earth-sized exoplanet that's capable of supporting liquid water. "This intriguing, distant world gives us even greater hope that a second Earth lies among the stars, waiting to be found," Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington, who was not part of the research, said in a statemen

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Astronomers investigate young stellar complexes in the galaxy UGC 11973 Astronomers have performed photometric and spectroscopic observations of young stellar complexes in the giant spiral galaxy UGC 11973. Results of this observational campaign provide important insights into the properties of these complexes. The study was detailed in a paper published April 9 on the arXiv pre-print repository.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Astronomers Spot Strongest Cosmic Storm in Known Universe Cosmic Torrent When a black hole burps out particles in a cosmic jet known as a quasar, it can sometimes create powerful winds that stream through the surrounding galaxy. Usually these winds are fairly small, but reports that astronomers just found a quasar giving creating a massive cosmic storm that was unlike anything they had ever seen. "Crazy Powerful" Normally, a quasar's winds can

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Att hantera sin oro i kristider Vi är sociala varelser och i kriser har vi en tendens att ty oss till varandra, att vara nära. Men den här krisen tvingar oss att göra precis tvärtom, att hålla fysisk distans. Hur påverkar det vår psykiska hälsa och vad kan vi göra för att må så bra som möjligt, trots allt?

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Australia's Centre for Digestive Diseases cures Crohn's disease in new study The Centre for Digestive Disease (CDD) headed by Professor Thomas Borody has cured Crohn's Disease as reported today by Dr Gaurav Agrawal in Gut Pathogens.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Characterisation of the Cyanate Inhibited State of Cytochrome c Oxidase Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63869-w

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Defined Geldrop Cultures Maintain Neural Precursor Cells Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63854-3

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Evidence for subcritical rupture of injection-induced earthquakes Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63870-3

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Exploring use of unsupervised clustering to associate signaling profiles of GPCR ligands to clinical response Nature Communications, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15945-y

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Glycosylated nanostructures in sublingual immunotherapy induce long-lasting tolerance in LTP allergy mouse model Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63855-2

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: In Silico Characterization of the Binding Modes of Surfactants with Bovine Serum Albumin Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63857-0

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Listeria monocytogenes impairs SUMOylation for efficient infection Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2154-7

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Nanoparticle conjugates of a highly potent toxin enhance safety and circumvent platinum resistance in ovarian cancer Nature Communications, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-14903-y

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Optical fibre Fabry-Pérot interferometer based on inline microcavities for salinity and temperature sensing Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63856-1

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Rapid and Precise Semi-Automatic Axon Quantification in Human Peripheral Nerves Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63860-5

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Suppression of presbyopia progression with pirenoxine eye drops: experiments on rats and non-blinded, randomized clinical trial of efficacy Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62436-7

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Author Correction: Systematic evaluation of 2′-Fluoro modified chimeric antisense oligonucleotide-mediated exon skipping in vitro Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63706-0

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Automated 'pipeline' improves access to advanced microscopy data A new data-processing approach offers a simpler, faster path to data generated by cryo-electron microscopy instruments, removing a barrier to wider adoption of this powerful technique.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Bagsiden: Et apparat til at vise alfapartikler [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Bagsiden: Ugens tip – Når robotten mister jordforbindelsen [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Balancing volumetric and gravimetric uptake in highly porous materials for clean energy A huge challenge facing scientists is the development of adsorbent materials that exhibit ultrahigh porosity but maintain balance between gravimetric and volumetric surface areas for the onboard storage of hydrogen and methane gas—alternatives to conventional fossil fuels. Here we report the simulation-motivated synthesis of ultraporous metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) based on metal trinuclear cl

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Best Car Emergency Kit Gear: 9 Roadside Essentials for Your Trunk From reflective warning triangles to engine oil, here's everything you need to avoid being stranded on the road.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Better data framework needed to improve rare disease diagnostic rates A better framework for the reanalysis of genetic data, a game-changing process which could improve diagnostic rates by up to 32 per cent, was needed, a new study has found.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Better predictions of the working life of industrial components A minor disparity between an established mathematical model to predict creep crack growth behavior in materials in high-temperature environments and actual data has prompted Dr. Warwick Payten to reassess the approach and revise the model.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Beyond encryption: Protecting consumer privacy while keeping survey results accurate Data privacy laws require encryption and, in some cases, transforming the original data to 'protected data' before it's released to external parties. But for researchers like Matthew Schneider, Ph.D., of Drexel University's LeBow College of Business, this isn't adequate. Schneider and Dawn Iacobucci, Ph.D., of Vanderbilt University, proposed a new methodology that permanently alters survey dataset

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Big US banks should raise $200bn in capital now Biggest lenders must prepare for the worst to survive deep economic downturn, writes Fed official

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Biggest cosmic mystery 'step closer' to solution New experimental findings could help us solve one of the biggest mysteries about the Universe.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Bile metabolite of gut microbes boosts immune cells A new study has discovered a novel means by which bacterial colonies in the small intestine support the generation of regulatory T cells–immune cells that suppress autoimmune reactions and inflammation.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Book Review: A Physicist's Grand Tour of the Universe In "Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe," Brian Greene explores a stunning array of human thought, from evolution to the puzzle of consciousness and the paradox of free will, showing that even biology is beholden to the trappings of physics.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. BU engineers make breakthrough that could open doors to continuous health-monitoring devices BU biomedical engineers say a new breakthrough could open doors to continuous health-monitoring devices and wearables.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Burning bridges in cancer genomes [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Business this week [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Buybacks: free cash didn't always flow–free-cash-didn-t-always-flow/ Zion Research runs the numbers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Bøgerne spiller en birolle i den danske Sherlock Holmes-historie I en ny doktorafhandling konkluderer medieforsker Palle Schantz Lauridsen, at det ikke nytter kun at…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Can sub-Saharan Africa achieve sustainable access to energy for all by 2030? In 2019, the global population without access to electricity dipped below 1 billion for the first time. This progress has however been uneven, both across and within different regions. A new IIASA study shows that to ensure universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern electricity services by 2030 in sub-Saharan Africa, the pace of electrification must more than triple.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Can you really grow enough fruit and veg to be self-sufficient? There's been a surge in people wanting to grow fruit and vegetables, but the path to self-sufficiency isn't as easy as some may have you think, writes James Wong

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Canada's emissions from road traffic, manufacturing and fossil-fuel production have almost entirely erased any progress this country made cutting greenhouse gas emissions since 2005. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Cancer drug resistance study raises immune red flags Once a cancer patient's tumors develop resistance to chemotherapy, the prognosis can be poor. However, inhibiting a key gene involved in multidrug resistance, MDR1, has not improved outcomes. A new study offers a reason, revealing unintended downstream effects on immune system cells.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Cancer study stumbles onto potential way to regenerate heart cells submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Carluccio's administrators receive multiple offers for restaurant sites No buyer interest in entire business, but Tesco among those interested in outlets and brand

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Cash-rich Gulf funds hunt for bargains as asset prices plunge Saudi Arabia's PIF has already snapped up stakes in a cruise operator, oil groups and a football club

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Cell biology: Your number's up! mRNAs program the synthesis of proteins in cells, and their functional lifetimes are dynamically regulated. Researchers from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich have now shown why blueprints that are more difficult to decipher have shorter lifetimes than others.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Chernobyl wildfire blankets Kyiv in thick smog Ukraine's capital is now among the world's most polluted cities, an international ranking shows.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Childhood exposure to parental smoking linked to poorer cognitive function in midlife A new study shows that exposure to parental smoking in childhood and adolescence is associated with poorer learning ability and memory in midlife.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Children Like to Ask Why This should come as no surprise to any parent – children appear to prefer books that are loaded with causal information , meaning they address the questions of why, not just what. That children have a preference for causal information has already been established in the lab, but the new study claims to be the first to show this effect outside the lab in a more real-world setting. The study itself

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Children's fruit drinks need clearer labels, finds NYU study The labels of drinks marketed to kids do not help parents and other consumers differentiate among fruit juice and sugar-laden, artificially flavored drinks, finds research from NYU School of Global Public Health.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Clemson scientist explores the colorful intricacies of pollen A collaborative study by Clemson scientist Matthew Koski suggests that pollen color can evolve independently from flower traits, and that plant species maintain both light and dark pollen because each offers distinct survival advantages.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Climate change: Extreme coastal flooding events in the US expected to rise Extreme flooding events in some US coastal areas could double every five years if sea levels continue to rise as expected, a study published in Scientific Reports suggests. Today's 'once-in-a-lifetime' extreme water levels — which are currently reached once every 50 years — may be exceeded daily along most of the US coastline before the end of the 21st century.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Climate change: US megadrought 'already underway' A drought as bad as any in recorded history may be underway in the US.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Combined proinflammatory cytokine and cognate activation of invariant natural killer T cells enhances anti-DNA antibody responses [Immunology and Inflammation] Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells serve as early rapid responders in the innate immune response to self-derived autoantigens and pathogen-derived danger signals and antigens. iNKT cells can serve both as helpers for effector B cells and negatively regulate autoreactive B cells. Specifically, iNKT cells drive B cell proliferation, class…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Comment on "Light-induced lattice expansion leads to high-efficiency perovskite solar cells" Tsai et al . (Reports, 6 April 2018, p. 67) report a uniform light-induced lattice expansion of metal halide perovskite films under 1-sun illumination and claim to exclude heat-induced lattice expansion. We show that by controlling the temperature of the perovskite film under both dark and illuminated conditions, the mechanism for lattice expansion is in fact fully consistent with heat-induced th

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Comparing smartphone-enabled blood pressure monitoring with regular care after heart attack This randomized clinical trial compared blood pressure control after a heart attack among 200 patients who received either regular follow-up care of four visits to an outpatient clinic or who were given four smartphone-compatible devices (weight scale, blood pressure monitor, heart rhythm monitor and step counter) and had two care visits via a video connection and two outpatient clinic visits.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Connected, but at what cost? [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Copper is the ultimate tool for innovation Copper is believed to be the first metal manipulated by human hands. (Wes L. Cockx/) Stone was cutting-edge until about 10,000 years ago, when our ancestors discovered a better material from which to fashion their arrows and axes: copper. Archaeologists believe it was the first metal manipulated by human hands, and since then, it has enabled some of our greatest inventions. Now copper is the thir

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Corporate bailouts need more of us to share the pain — and gains Governments should take more equity when they rescue the largest companies from collapse

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Could high blood pressure at night have an effect on your brain? Most people's blood pressure 'dips' during the night. But for some people, especially those with high blood pressure, their nighttime pressure stays the same or goes up, called 'reverse dipping.' A new study shows that these people may be more likely to have small areas in the brain that appear damaged from vascular disease and associated memory problems. The study is published in the April 15, 20

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Could light and sound rid heart imaging of scary radiation? Light and sound may one day replace current medical imaging techniques that require potentially harmful radiation, according to a new study. Researchers demonstrated the method in a heart procedure but say they could potentially apply it to any procedure that uses a catheter, such as in vitro fertilization , or surgeries using the da Vinci robot, where clinicians need a clearer view of large vess

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Cracking the antimatter mystery: A three minute guide Nature, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01117-x An experiment in Japan may have found crucial differences between the behaviour of neutrino particles and their antimatter twins.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Creating zero-energy houses, non-toxic glitter and fossil-free glue with wood Building wisely with wood is an efficient way to combat climate change. It's possible to build almost anything with wood if we develop our expertise and adjust our attitudes, an expert says.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Crohn's disease: Preserving inflammation-free phases Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the intestine that, in most cases, relapses episodically. As of now, there is no cure for this disease. A research group has discovered a marker at a microscopic level, which can be used to identify patients that show a high probability of suffering from an inflammation recurrence in the immediate future. With this insight, therapeutic counter-

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Dancing With a Black Hole Astronomers described the strange orbit of a star that loops the monster in the Milky Way, offering more evidence for one of Einstein's ideas.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Daniel S. Greenberg (1931-2020) [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Debat: Vandkraft kan levere klimavenlig gødning og brændstof i Grønland Grønland kan med de rette investeringer i power-to-x blive et grønt foregangsland og begynde den økonomiske frigørelse fra det danske bloktilskud.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep deficit [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep flaws in a mercury regulatory analysis [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep fryers to introduce you to the world of at-home donuts and corn dogs For crispy, tasty food. (Louis Hansel via Unsplash/) Whether you're a grade-A chef or just starting to experiment, you may want to take a chance on a deep fryer for your home. With an electric deep fryer, you will be able to make crowd favorites like french fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, corndogs, donuts, and more. Surprise your guests and spice up your parties or have a fried treat at a

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Deep Sea Squid Communicate by Glowing Like E-Readers By making their bodies glow, Humboldt squid illuminate the changing patterns on their bodies to communicate in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. (Image credit: MBARI)

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Depressing effects of microglia [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Detecting electronic coherences by time-domain high-harmonic spectroscopy [Physics] Ultrafast spectroscopy is capable of monitoring electronic and vibrational states. For electronic states a few eV apart, an X-ray laser source is required. We propose an alternative method based on the time-domain high-order harmonic spectroscopy where a coherent superposition of the electronic states is first prepared by the strong optical…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Device turns shells of sea creatures into power for medical, augmented reality, cellphone devices An innovation using material derived from the shells of crabs and other sea creatures may soon provide a new option for powering medical sensors, phone screens and other devices.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Diabetesudstyr kan blive et tema i Behandlingsrådet Formanden for Dansk Endokrinologisk Selskab foreslår, at indkøb af diabetesudstyr bliver et tema i regionernes kommende behandlingsråd. Opfordringen kommer efter, at flere patientforeninger har kritiseret det kommende udbud af diabetesudstyr.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Dietary countermeasure mitigates simulated spaceflight-induced osteopenia in mice Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63404-x

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Dirt Doesn't Smell like Dirt It smells like bacteria. But why? — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Discovering the secrets of the enigmatic caspase-6 Researchers identified the mechanisms underlying the innate immune function of the enzyme caspase-6, offering ways to combat viral infection, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Do scientists build 'trees of life' with faulty methods? Researchers say they've solved the question of what genetic information can help explain past extinctions and the evolution of new and distinct species. In a new paper in the journal Nature , they argue that long-used approaches for reconstructing evolutionary paths are deeply flawed. While paleontology provides insights on how and why patterns of biodiversity have changed over geological time, f

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Does the technology in IRobot and Minority Report seem on point or far fetched to you? I've thought heavily about this and I believe the timeline for these movies is quite far fetched. I mean, I don't even see 2040 looking all that different from now. Maybe we'll have more hybrid and electric cars, and AI and basic robots will be more integrated into our lives, but that's about it. When you hear about projects to even just repair our current highways being given completion dates in

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Drink labels are too tricky about juice vs. junk The labels on drinks for kids don't help adults tell what's fruit juice and what's sugary and artificially flavored, research finds. Health and nutrition experts recommend that children don't consume drinks with added sugars or nonnutritive sweeteners, yet drinks containing both represent a major portion of beverages that children consume. While the FDA regulates drink labels, it permits a wide r

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Droughts exposed California's thirst for groundwater. Now, the state hopes to refill its aquifers Scientists are figuring out how more winter floodwater can be stored underground, but agricultural cutbacks may still be needed

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Drug overcomes chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer In an international preclinical study, researchers found they could overcome chemotherapy resistance in clear cell ovarian cancer cell models using low doses of the drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose. The researchers will now look to trial the drug in patients.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Dry times [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Dust devils may roam hydrocarbon dunes on Saturn's moon Titan Meteorological conditions on Saturn's large moon Titan, the strange, distant world that may be the most Earth-like in the solar system, appear conducive to the formation of dust devils, according to new research in AGU's journal Geophysical Research Letters.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Earth Day at 50 [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Earth's first life may have fuelled itself with a metal metabolism The first living organisms had to make essential carbon-based chemicals, and they may have done it by harnessing the chemical power of metals like nickel

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Earth-size, habitable-zone planet found hidden in early NASA Kepler data A reanalysis of data from NASA's Kepler space telescope has revealed an Earth-size exoplanet orbiting in its star's habitable zone, the area around a star where a rocky planet could support liquid water.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. East African herders drank milk 5,000 years ago Milk was essential to east African herders at least 5,000 years ago, according to a new study about what's now Kenya and Tanzania. The work, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , also sheds light on human evolution. After excavating pottery at sites throughout east Africa, researchers analyzed organic lipid residues left in the pottery and were able to see evidence of

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Eco-friendly Oxy-CFBC technology to implement stackless power plant Coal-fired power plants in Korea have been considered as one of the main sources of air pollutants, CO2 and the other precursor materials to ultra fine dusts such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide. Therefore, FEPCRC is developing key technologies for eco-friendly coal-fired stackless power generation without emissions in flue gas.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Economists find carbon footprint grows with parenthood Two-adult households with children emit over 25% more carbon dioxide than two-adult households without children, according to researchers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Edge AI Is The Future, Intel And Udacity Are Teaming Up To Train Developers submitted by /u/funmamarunmama [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Electrochemically scrambled nanocrystals are catalytically active for CO2-to-multicarbons [Chemistry] Promotion of C–C bonds is one of the key fundamental questions in the field of CO2 electroreduction. Much progress has occurred in developing bulk-derived Cu-based electrodes for CO2-to-multicarbons (CO2-to-C2+), especially in the widely studied class of high-surface-area "oxide-derived" copper. However, fundamental understanding into the structural characteristics responsible for efficient C–C…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Elever presterar bättre när undervisningen flyttar ut Skolor som flyttar undervisningen utomhus kan förvänta sig en rad positiva effekter. Förutom minskad smittspridning visar forskning att undervisning i utemiljö snabbt förbättrar elevers koncentration, arbetsminne och studiemotivation. Elever som får naturen som klassrum är mindre stressade, rör på sig mer och presterar bättre i skolan. I skrivande stund är nästan alla Europas skolor stängda till

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Elon Musk: Teslas Will Soon Automatically Stop at Traffic Lights Stop and Go Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted today that the electric carmaker is working on an update that will allow its vehicles to automatically stop at traffic lights or stop signs. "We're working super hard on getting traffic lights and stops released," he said. Tiers in Rain There are currently two general tiers of Tesla "self-driving" technology. There's Autopilot, a system that includes lane a

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Emergence of self-organized multivortex states in flocks of active rollers [Applied Physical Sciences] Active matter, both synthetic and biological, demonstrates complex spatiotemporal self-organization and the emergence of collective behavior. A coherent rotational motion, the vortex phase, is of great interest because of its ability to orchestrate well-organized motion of self-propelled particles over large distances. However, its generation without geometrical confinement has been a…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Emerging economies call for more financial help after G20 deal Middle-income countries plead for assistance as investors face pressure to negotiate

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Emerging markets: debt or glory Ignore credit default swaps, more scepticism towards EMs is needed

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Engineering an empire [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Erratum for the Report "Design of an in vitro biocatalytic cascade for the manufacture of islatravir" by M. A. Huffman, A. Fryszkowska, O. Alvizo, M. Borra-Garske, K. R. Campos, K. A. Canada, P. N. Devine, D. Duan, J. H. Forstater, S. T. Grosser, H. M. Halsey, G. J. Hughes, J. Jo, L. A. Joyce, J. N. Kolev, J. Liang, K. M. Maloney, B. F. Mann, N. M. Marshall, M. McLaughlin, J. C. Moore, G. S. Murphy, C. C. Nawrat, J. Nazor, S. Novick, N. R. Patel, A. Rodriguez-Granillo, S. A. Robaire, E. C. Sherer, M. D. Truppo, A. M. Whittaker, D. Verma, L. Xiao, Y. Xu, H. Yang [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Erratum for the Report "Mutual control of coherent spin waves and magnetic domain walls in a magnonic device" by J. Han, P. Zhang, J. T. Hou, S. A. Siddiqui, L. Liu [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. ESA helps analyze untouched Moon rocks Almost 50 years after the Apollo missions returned lunar material to Earth, ESA experts are helping to uncover the secrets of two previously unopened samples to learn more about ancient processes on the Moon—and to refine and practice techniques for future sample return missions.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Europe's Cheops telescope begins study of far-off worlds Europe's newest space telescope starts its study and characterisation of distant planets.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Eurozone faces economic strains as government debt piles up Single currency area's debt-to-GDP ratio nears 100 per cent as borrowing swells

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Everyone Is Watching 'Code 8' on Netflix—and That's a Big Deal The sci-fi movie, which has catapulted up the ranks on the streaming service's Top 10, proves there's an appetite for indie genre flicks.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Excellent external microphones to boost your camera's audio. Capture quality video and sound. (Mathias Arlund via Unsplash/) It's an old saw of video production: Any shot can be fixed or replaced, but if you have terrible audio, your video is probably ruined. Today, shooters can choose from a huge variety of camera options—from smartphones to DSLRs to affordably-priced video cameras. Unfortunately, they all share one common flaw: lackluster, on-camera micr

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Experimental schizophrenia drug could reduce long-neglected symptoms New compound targets different neural receptors than existing antipsychotic drugs do

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Extinctions and introductions [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Facebook's Cryptocurrency Has Failed Spectacularly Libra 2.0 In June 2019, Facebook announced plans for a global cryptocurrency called Libra. The dream: let everybody, no matter where they are in the world, buy and sell goods and services without a credit card or bank account. Almost a year later, Facebook's Libra project looks like an abject failure. Its updated white paper , as The New York Times reports , makes what was once a dream of a unifi

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Facebook's digital currency project just got a lot less audacious Remember Libra, Facebook's plan to create a global digital currency? Unveiled last June, it was immediately met with resistance from policymakers and central bankers around the world. So the team went back to the drawing board, and today it reemerged with a new vision—one that is a lot less audacious than the original. Here are the most substantial edits: A whole new plan for the currency. The or

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Fighting racism: This is the biggest mistake people make Topics of race and racism are often uncomfortable, especially for the people of color being pressured to share sensitive and vulnerable information. While some people of color have chosen to educate others on what racism looks like and how to fight it, not all people of color should be expected to. Writer and consultant Robin DiAngelo argues that the onus is on white people to seek the informatio

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Flamingos form long-term friendships and "cliques" A five-year study conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter shows that flamingos are choosy about who they spend their time with. Flamingo friendships are made and maintained long-term due to preference rather than loose, randomly made connections. In 2009, Madison, Wisconsin, named the plastic pink flamingo the city's official bird. New research showing that flamingos form complex soc

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Formand for sundhedsudvalget i Region H: Giv alle der ønsker det en antistoftest PLUS. I Danmark er vi aldrig nået op på mere end omkring 6000 daglige test, og særligt i weekender og over påsken har regionerne testet langt mindre, end de har kapacitet til.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Forskere finder behandling mod spasticitet i mus efter rygmarvsskader I forsøg med mus har forskere undersøgt neuronale mekanismer og fundet en måde til stort…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Forskere har et bud på lysfænomenet Steve PLUS. Nordlysentusiaster op­dagede i 2016 et underligt lysfænomen på himlen. Det ligner nordlys, men er det ikke. Men hvad er det så?

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Forskningsleder håber på retningslinjer for vurdering af ældre kræftpatienter En donation fra Kræftens Bekæmpelse til eliteforskningscenteret Agecare på Odense Universitetshospital åbner for ny forskning i ældre og kræft. Lederen af centeret håber på, at de nye projekter kan bidrage til en national strategi for behandling af ældre kræftpatienter.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Four vlogging cameras that will upgrade your video Capture your best self. (Anastase Maragos via Unsplash/) Social media has provided us endless ways to get our messages to the masses. At the same time, the cost of video equipment continues to drop even as the number of camera features and level of quality rises. It's no wonder that video blogging—or vlogging—has become so popular over the last few years. But navigating the world of cameras can b

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Fragmentation of comet ATLAS observed on the first crowd-sourced pictures from citizen astronomers A group of citizen astronomers scattered all over the world has just demonstrated how a network of digital Unistellar eVscopes can work together to deliver the first-of-its-kind crowd-generated images of Comet ATLAS while its disintegrating.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Frailty markers comprise blood metabolites involved in antioxidation, cognition, and mobility [Medical Sciences] As human society ages globally, age-related disorders are becoming increasingly common. Due to decreasing physiological reserves and increasing organ system dysfunction associated with age, frailty affects many elderly people, compromising their ability to cope with acute stressors. Frail elderly people commonly manifest complex clinical symptoms, including cognitive dysfunction, hypomobility, and

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Frank Press, A life of magnitude [Retrospectives] Frank Press, 19th president of the National Academy of Sciences, died on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, at his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, at the age of 95. His career spanned the golden age of postwar science, and its arc took him to the highest levels of leadership in…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Frequent cannabis users are way too high … in their estimates of cannabinoids Researchers surveyed nearly 500 Hash Bash attendees, asking them to fill out a 24-item questionnaire. Participants were asked to fill in, in milligrams, the amounts they considered to be effective doses of THC and CBD. They were way off.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Friendship Is a Lifesaver – Issue 84: Outbreak My mother-in-law, Carol, lives alone. It was her 75th birthday the other day. Normally, I send flowers. Normally, she spends some part of the day with the family members who live nearby and not across the country as my husband, Mark, and I do. And normally, she makes plans to celebrate with a friend. But these are not normal times. I was worried about sending a flower delivery person. Social dist

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Fruity and irresistible: male lemurs' wrist scent seduces females 'Stink flirting' observation may be first finding of primate sex pheromones, say scientists An irresistible floral scent dabbed on the body may sound like a cliche from a perfume advert, but it appears to play a role in how male ring-tailed lemurs attract a mate. Researchers in Japan say they have identified the odours males waft at females, and shown the latter's attention is indeed captured by

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Genomics used to estimate Samoan population dynamics over 3,000 years A new study estimating the size of the Samoan population using contemporary genomic data found that the founding population remained low for the first 1,500 years of human settlement, contributing to understanding the evolutionary context of the recent rise in obesity and related diseases.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Get Your Head Out of the Game "Dr. Pellman is not a neurosurgeon, he's not a neuro-anything. He's a rheumatologist." -League of Denial, 2013 When faced with the task of investigating concussions in football, the National Football League (NFL) did not choose a neurologist to head the committee; they did not choose a neurosurgeon: they chose a rheumatologist. The documentary "League of […]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Glasfiber fra Vindeby Havmøllepark endte på losseplads i Aalborg PLUS. Da verdens første hav­mølle­park ved Lolland blev taget ned i 2017, blev glasfiber fra møllerne gravet ned på losseplads ved Aalborg. Vindmøllevinger står til at blive et stort affaldsproblem i Danmark.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Goals, opportunities, guides for advancing soft tissue and soft materials research A type of damage in soft materials and tissue called cavitation is one of the least-studied phenomena in physics, materials science and biology, but evidence suggesting that cavitation occurs in the brain during sudden impact leading to traumatic brain injury has accelerated interest, says materials scientist Alfred Crosby at UMass Amherst. He is the senior author of a "Perspectives" paper this we

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Gold catalysts made simple with new technique Scientists from Cardiff University have created a new and simple method for creating catalysts made from precious metals and have shown that gold still remains the most stable and efficient of them all.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Great online games to play with friends (while keeping your distance) You may not need two controllers now, but you can still play with your friends. ( Lweendo Hachileka / Unsplash/) These days, we're all spending a lot more time indoors, and some people may be having a hard time being physically cut off from friends and family. But even if you can't be in the same room as your loved ones, you can still have a good time with them through online gaming —a great way

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Green groups cautious as Shell unveils 'net zero' plan Green investors welcomed Thursday's pledge from energy giant Shell that it will be carbon neutral by 2050, but environmental groups cautioned its commitment still fell short of the drastic emissions cuts required to avert climate breakdown.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Gulf wealth funds have decided it's time to go shopping Saudi wealth fund snaps up stakes in troubled assets

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Gut microbes and obesity [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hackers Made the Snoo Smart Bassinet Shake and Play Loud Sounds The now-patched flaws found in the popular internet-connected baby bed underscore the importance of getting security right.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hallo, kan I høre mig? Sådan får du videomødet til at spille Find en ordstyrer og hold flere små møder i løbet af dagen, siger ekspert.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hanging by a thread? Forests and drought Trees are the living foundations on which most terrestrial biodiversity is built. Central to the success of trees are their woody bodies, which connect their elevated photosynthetic canopies with the essential belowground activities of water and nutrient acquisition. The slow construction of these carbon-dense, woody skeletons leads to a slow generation time, leaving trees and forests highly susc

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hans molekyl lagrar värme från solen På taket till fysikhuset på Chalmers tekniska högskola står en ovanlig solfångare. Solljuset som träffar den konkava spegeln koncentreras mot ett rör i mitten. Genom röret flyter en vätska. När molekylerna i vätskan träffas av solljuset ändrar de form till en mer energirik variant. Vätskan kan sedan lagras i en tank. När värmen behövs leds vätskan genom en katalysator, som gör att molekylen återgå

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hard workers are more inspiring than geniuses Albert Einstein is often used as the ultimate inspirational figure in science: an untamed genius with an abundance of innate brilliance. The proliferation of memes and inspirational quotes about his allegedly underwhelming school performance only serves to highlight exactly how naturally brilliant he really was, succeeding against the odds. But, it turns out, he might not be quite as inspiring as

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Harnessing rhizosphere microbiomes for drought-resilient crop production Root-associated microbes can improve plant growth, and they offer the potential to increase crop resilience to future drought. Although our understanding of the complex feedbacks between plant and microbial responses to drought is advancing, most of our knowledge comes from non-crop plants in controlled experiments. We propose that future research efforts should attempt to quantify relationships

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Has Anyone Ever Run for President While in Prison? And More Questions From Our Readers You've got questions. We've got experts

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Henry Paulson: Save globalisation to secure the future The world will be a very dangerous place if we do not fix multilateral institutions

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hepatocyte-specific deletion of Pparα promotes NAFLD in the context of obesity Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63579-3

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Her kan nitrogen og kulstof erstatte krom PLUS. Op mod 20 pct. af om­sætningen hos Hillerød- virksomheden Expanite stammer fra hærdning af emner, der tidligere ville være blevet hårdkromeret.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Here's How to Turn Into Deepfake Elon Musk During Zoom Meetings Whomst A new deepfake-powered filter allows video conferencing participants to make themselves look like practically any famous person , living or dead, ranging from the Mona Lisa to Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Avatarify essentially uses an algorithm that can superimpose the face of a celebrity over the user's face in real-time. The code for the software is available to download for anybody via Git

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hidden Viking trade route emerges from melting ice in Norway Viking age people used the route to ferry clothes, food, and other goods across high mountains

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. HNA in chaos as internal divisions erupt in public Heavily indebted Chinese company says it has reached 'the point of life and death'

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Honesty "nudge" fails to replicate [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Hospitals at risk of running out of gowns Health secretary Matt Hancock says government is unable to guarantee adequate supplies

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How a Pudgy Porpoise May Save Other Animals From Extinction The vaquita, an icon of the Gulf of California, is swiftly dying out. But its strange DNA could hold valuable lessons for other threatened species.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Design by 2050 submitted by /u/Data-Power [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How 'hypermutated' malignant brain tumors escape chemotherapy and immunotherapy An analysis of more than 10,000 gliomas and clinical outcomes found that glioma patients whose tumors were hypermutated actually had no significant benefit when treated with checkpoint blockers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How many children is enough? Most Russians would like to have two children: a boy and a girl. The others fall between the two extremes of either wanting no children (at least for now) or planning to have three or more. Having a large family is often associated with affluence. A HSE demographer used data from a sample of 15,000 respondents to study reproductive attitudes in Russia.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How probiotic Bifidobacteria could help celiac disease patients Gluten is enemy No. 1 for those with celiac disease, and it's hard to avoid. Episodes of this chronic autoimmune illness can be triggered by ingesting gluten, a key protein in wheat and some other grains. Researchers have been exploring how gut bacteria, especially Bifidobacteria, could be used as a treatment. Now, scientists report how specific types of Bifidobacteria work.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How to co-parent as allies, not adversaries | Ebony Roberts and Shaka Senghor When Shaka Senghor and Ebony Roberts ended their relationship, they made a pact to protect their son from its fallout. What resulted was a poetic meditation on what it means to raise a child together, yet apart. In this moving and deeply personal talk, Senghor and Roberts share their approach to co-parenting — an equal, active partnership that rolls with the punches and revels in the delights of

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How to develop a new generation of faster, cheaper and greener optical networks A team of scientists has developed a novel circuit architecture for high-speed optical transceivers to facilitate full automation, agility and efficiency in future data centres.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How to make the most perfect s'mores ever One of the highlights of summer is roasting marshmallows, melting chocolate, and making delicious s'mores. (Hershey's/) This story was originally featured on Field & Stream . S'mores, those delicious campfire treats most of us enjoyed during our childhood, are just as popular as ever. In fact, s'mores aren't just for kids—they're for anyone who loves chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. B

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. How to Preorder the iPhone SE (2020): But Should You? The cheapest iPhone is back and just as powerful as its much pricier siblings. Here's where you can score the best deals on it.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Ice monitor delivers a bonus: seafloor maps [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Image of the Day: Muting Muscle Spasms Nimodipine, a drug used to treat brain hemorrhages, alleviates spasticity in mice after spinal cord injuries.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Image of the Day: Stink Flirting Male lemurs secrete aldehydes from their wrist glands that may make them more attractive to females during the breeding season.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Image: Mapping Chernobyl fires from space With an outbreak of wildfires recently threatening the closed Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service has been activated and the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite mission has imaged the fires and smoke, and mapped the resulting area of burned ground.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Importance of mitochondrial small proteins in energy production A small mitochondrial protein is necessary for energy production and its malfunction could be behind a range of degenerative diseases, according to new study.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Improv training can help you cope with uncertainty Just 20 minutes of improv experience cause people to feel comfortable and more tolerant of uncertainty, researchers report. "Individuals also reported a happier mood compared to a control group, who didn't get the same satisfaction when performing scripted tasks," says coauthor Colleen Seifert, a professor of psychology at University of Michigan. What makes improv popular is not knowing what will

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. In 'Notes From an Apocalypse,' Catastrophe Meets Optimism Mark O'Connell never imagined his book, *Notes From an Apocalypse*, would come out amid global catastrophe. But his optimism is more relevant than ever.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. In search of the Z boson At the Japanese High-energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK, in Tsukuba, about 50 kilometers north of Tokyo, the Belle II experiment has been in operation for about one year now. An international team of researchers also from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is searching for exotic particles that are to enhance our understanding of dark matter in the universe. For one of these partic

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Increased rate of infections may indicate a future cancer diagnosis Patients experienced a greater occurrence of infections in the years preceding a cancer diagnosis.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Indian telecoms/Vodafone: don't call us Operators grapple with fierce competition in their battle to boost profits

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Inside the US airline bailout Did US taxpayers get a good deal on airline bailouts? Meh.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Is this the diet we all need right now? NY Times bestselling author, Scott Carney, returns with his new book on resilience, "The Wedge." Carney's previous book on Wim Hof helped pushed ice baths into the mainstream. In "The Wedge" Carney tests his boundaries with the Potato Hack diet, kettlebell passing, and ayahuasca. As Scott Carney pushes his shopping cart through multi-colored aisles in his local Denver grocery, he notices the many

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Japan to give every citizen one-off sum of ¥100,000 Shinzo Abe announces handout and declares nationwide state of emergency

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. JCPenney misses bond payment, considers options Department store chain's move is starkest sign yet of distress in US retail sector

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. JUUL sales bounced back within weeks of self-imposed flavor ban A new study finds JUUL sales recovered within weeks following a dip after the company withdrew some flavored products from stores, eventually surpassing sales from before the change as consumption shifted to the menthol/mint and tobacco flavors that remained on shelves.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. KAL's cartoon [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Kan naturen skapa litteratur? Det är ju människor som skriver böcker om naturen. Men tänk om fjärilen och kronbladet själva skriver in sig i människors verk? En avhandling i litteraturvetenskap undersöker naturens roll i författarskapet. "Men hur små poeter finns det egentligen?", frågar sig poeten Eva-Stina Byggmästar i diktsamlingen med samma titel. Är det möjligt att tänka sig att fjärilen och kronbladet själva skriver in

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. KIST and UNIST joint research team develop a high-capacity battery material using salmon DNA A Korean research team has succeeded in developing next-generation high-capacity cathode material for lithium-ion batteries. The Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) announced that the joint research team of Dr. Kyung Yoon Chung(at KIST), Prof. Sang-Young Lee(at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST)), and Dr. Wonyoung Chang (at KIST) have developed high-performan

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Kriser får politisk laddning på twitter Sociologen Moa Eriksson Krutrök har studerat twitterflöden efter terrorattentat i Europa de senaste tio åren. Med start i Utøya 2011, genom Drottninggatan 2017 och vidare till flertalet av de senaste årens attacker (se fakta om ny avhandling), har hon bland annat observerat hur både innehåll och tonläge har förändrats med åren.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Lactic acid bacteria present in kimchi cabbage and garlic carry out the fermentation Kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented vegetable food, is fermented by lactic acid bacteria derived from raw ingredients, such as kimchi cabbage, garlic, ginger, and red pepper. Lactic acid bacteria produce various metabolites during fermentation in response to the type of ingredients and storage temperature, and the metabolites determine the flavor and quality of kimchi.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Landmark 30-year study on Crigler-Najjar syndrome underscores the need for new therapies A new study summarizes more than 30 years of clinical experience and describes the clinical course of 28 individuals homozygous for damaging mutations in the UGT1A1 gene who were born between 1984 and 2015 with Crigler-Najjarsyndrome. The study yields novel insights about the pathophysiology of bilirubin encephalopathy, demonstrates principles of effective phototherapy, and provides a framework to

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Large contribution from anthropogenic warming to an emerging North American megadrought Severe and persistent 21st-century drought in southwestern North America (SWNA) motivates comparisons to medieval megadroughts and questions about the role of anthropogenic climate change. We use hydrological modeling and new 1200-year tree-ring reconstructions of summer soil moisture to demonstrate that the 2000–2018 SWNA drought was the second driest 19-year period since 800 CE, exceeded only b

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Learning to fly – from dinosaurs Modern flying animals have long inspired humans' aeronautical desire and engineering. Is it time we looked at the largest natural flyer of them all?

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Leder: Gør krisen til en anledning frem for en undskyldning [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Legislation proposes paying Americans $2,000 a month submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Lemurer har inbyggd parfym i sina handleder Det är inte bara människor som använder sig av parfym för att lukta gott för sin partner. Lemurhanar utsöndrar en fruktig och blommig doft ur luktkörtlarna på sina armar för att locka till sig honor under parningssäsongen.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Lemurs' love language is fragrance Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01106-0 These primates advertise their breeding status with a fruity, floral wrist scent.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. LG V60 ThinQ Review: The Android for Audiophiles LG's newest Android phone has wonderful battery life and audio performance, but can't match its pricey peers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Light expands a catalyst's repertoire [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Light from stretchable sheets of atoms for quantum technologies A team of Australian scientists from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Australian National University (ANU) believe they have developed a way to address a decades-long challenge in the field of quantum materials – the spectral tuning of proposed quantum light sources.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Lighting the way to safer heart procedures In the first study of its kind, Johns Hopkins researchers provide evidence that an alternative imaging technique could someday replace current methods that require potentially harmful radiation.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Lighting up endosomes [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Loeb slams Fed move into junk bonds Hedge fund manager says US central bank is offering a reprieve to those who took on excessive debt

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Logging threatening endangered caribou Researchers found habitat and food web changes from forestry are encouraging more wolf packs to prey on caribou. Researchers attached video and GPS-tracking radio collars to caribou and wolves to monitor foraging and movements, including signs wolves had killed a caribou. Overs 6 years they collected and compared data from a site with extensive logging and a site untouched by forestry and found ca

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Look Out, Corruption Ahead I ndependent oversight is the bane of corrupt networks everywhere. Without it, they can inflict incalculable damage. In Afghanistan in 2011, the governor of the central bank had to flee for his life after asking foreign counterparts to freeze the assets of well-connected Afghans suspected of looting the country's biggest financial institution. Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales managed in 2018 to

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mahogany tree family dates back to last hurrah of the dinosaurs A new article shows the mahogany family goes back to the last hurrah of the dinosaurs, the Cretaceous.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mah-Ze-Dahr Sweet Scones Ingredients : 2 Cups flour (300 grams) 1 Tablespoon baking powder 3 Tablespoons sugar ¼ Teaspoon salt 5 Tablespoons salted butter, very cold and cut into small chunks ¾ Cup dried fruit, such as dried cherries, currants, dried blueberries, or chocolate chips 1 ¼ Cups heavy cream Granulated sugar for sprinkling on top Baking instruction: Preheat oven to 425 degrees (400 degrees if using a convectio

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Man Group suffers less than rivals in first quarter Hedge fund manager reports 11% decline in assets and modest inflows

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Marine robot multitasking Study looks at potential to serve industry and science.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Marshall School of Medicine team explores surgery technology resulting in fewer incisions Through the use of a newly developed needle arthroscope, incisionless and single-incision surgical procedures are possible for repairing certain types of knee and shoulder injuries suggests a series of Marshall University studies published in Arthroscopy Techniques, a companion to Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mechanisms generating cancer genome complexity from a single cell division error The chromosome breakage-fusion-bridge (BFB) cycle is a mutational process that produces gene amplification and genome instability. Signatures of BFB cycles can be observed in cancer genomes alongside chromothripsis, another catastrophic mutational phenomenon. We explain this association by elucidating a mutational cascade that is triggered by a single cell division error—chromosome bridge formati

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Meeting fisheries, ecosystem function, and biodiversity goals in a human-dominated world The worldwide decline of coral reefs necessitates targeting management solutions that can sustain reefs and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them. However, little is known about the context in which different reef management tools can help to achieve multiple social and ecological goals. Because of nonlinearities in the likelihood of achieving combined fisheries, ecological function, a

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Meeting multiple management goals to maximize coral reef health While management strategies can be effective at achieving reef fisheries' conservation goals, a new study reveals how increased human pressure makes conservation of coral reef biodiversity truly difficult to achieve.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Metabolomics and mass spectrometry imaging reveal channeled de novo purine synthesis in cells Metabolons, multiprotein complexes consisting of sequential enzymes of a metabolic pathway, are proposed to be biosynthetic "hotspots" within the cell. However, experimental demonstration of their presence and functions has remained challenging. We used metabolomics and in situ three-dimensional submicrometer chemical imaging of single cells by gas cluster ion beam secondary ion mass spectrometry

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Milky Way's Central Black Hole Confirms Einstein Was Right, Yet Again Credit: ESO (public domain) You have to be pretty smart for your name to become synonymous with intelligence. So, it's not exactly shocking that many of Albert Einstein's theories have been supported by observable evidence. Chalk up another posthumous win for Einstein — a new study of the black hole at the center of our galaxy confirms the theory of general relativity (again). In 1915, Einstein p

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mimicry of a biophysical pathway leads to diverse pollen-like surface patterns [Applied Physical Sciences] A ubiquitous structural feature in biological systems is texture in extracellular matrix that gains functions when hardened, for example, cell walls, insect scales, and diatom tests. Here, we develop patterned liquid crystal elastomer (LCE) particles by recapitulating the biophysical patterning mechanism that forms pollen grain surfaces. In pollen grains, a…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mindfulness Meditation Activates Altruism Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62652-1

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mirror Review: An Expensive, but Fun, Way to Work Out at Home This smart, space-efficient gym replacement might make you actually want to work out. Plus, it's shiny.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. MIT scientists are building devices to hack your dreams submitted by /u/MIIAIIRIIK [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mizuho says it will stop lending to new coal power projects. Mizuho, one of the world's biggest lenders to coal stations, would cut its outstanding balance of 300 billion yen ($2.8 billion) in loans to coal power projects as of March this year in half by 2030 and reduce them to zero by 2050. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Moiré engineering applicable in correlated oxides by USTC researchers It provides a potential and brand-new route to achieving spatially patterned electronic textures on demand in strained epitaxial materials.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Moto G Stylus and Moto G Power Review: Good Budget Phones Motorola's newest budget Android phones offer three-day battery life at a good price. But considering the competition, that might not be enough.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. My career earthquake [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Mytisk helgedom hittad i Rom Fyndet av en sarkofagliknande stenkista och en cylinderformad sten, kanske ett fundament till ett altare, har grävts fram i den äldsta delen av Forum Romanum. Just den delen av det jättelika tempel- och ruinområdet förknippas med en kult kring Romulus. Enligt gammal tradition ska Romulus ha grundat Rom år 753 före Kristus, och senare dödat sin tvillingbror Remus. Från det året räknade romarna tide

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA data aids ozone hole's journey to recovery On Sept. 16, 1987, policymakers and scientists from around the world gathered at the International Civil Aviation Organization's headquarters in Montreal, preparing to take action on the day's most urgent topic: Depletion of the Earth's protective ozone layer.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA Funds Proposal to Build a Gigantic Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon submitted by /u/Expensive-Yak [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA funds proposal to build telescope on far side of the moon submitted by /u/nholthaus [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. NASA's Gemini 7 Mission: The Ultimate in Social Distancing The flight of Gemini 7 required two astronauts be crammed into a tiny capsule and blasted into orbit. And there they stayed — physically disconnected from the rest of humanity — for nearly 14 full days.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Nasal smear as an allergy screening test In the world of allergy diagnostics, the familiar blood samples and unpleasant skin prick procedures for testing allergen tolerance may soon be a thing of the past. A team of researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Helmholtz Zentrum München has demonstrated that sufficient quantities of allergy antibodies for a diagnosis can be effectively measured in nasal secretions.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle' Feels Like Quarantine Thirst A reality show about horny people who have to keep their social distance? Sounds familiar.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Neural circuits mapped: Now we understand vision better Researchers from Aarhus University have discovered the function of a special group of nerve cells which are found in the eye and which sense visual movement. The findings give us a completely new understanding of how conscious sensory impressions occur in the brain.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Neuronal and neurotransmitter systems dynamic coupling explains the effects of psilocybin–nan041620.php Interest in research into the effects of psilocybin, a psychedelic drug, has increased significantly in recent years due to its promising therapeutic effects in neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and addiction.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Neuroticism may not reflect emotional variability [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] Neuroticism is one of the major traits describing human personality, and a predictor of mental and physical disorders with profound public health significance. Individual differences in emotional variability are thought to reflect the core of neuroticism. However, the empirical relation between emotional variability and neuroticism may be partially the result…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New activist campaigns slump to multi-year low, report shows Investors grapple with market volatility and reputational risk of agitating for change

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New AI improves itself through Darwinian-style evolution Automatic machine learning is a fast-developing branch of deep learning. It seeks to vastly reduce the amount of human input and energy needed to apply machine learning to real-world problems. AutoML-Zero, developed by scientists at Google, serves as a simple proof-of-concept that shows how this kind of technology might someday be scaled up and applied to more complex problems. Machine learning h

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New Earth-sized planet found in habitable sweet-spot orbit around a distant star submitted by /u/CodePerfect [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New Flow Battery Technology Can Store Energy For Half The Price of Lithium-Ion Batteries submitted by /u/Agent_03 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New guidance for the assessment of Fracture Liaison Services at a patient outcome level The IOF Capture the Fracture® Working Group in collaboration with the FFN Secondary Fragility Fracture Special Interest Group and NOF has developed a patient-level Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set for Fracture Liaison Services (FLSs). The patient-level KPIs will help FLS examine their current performance and add service improvement cycles to their routine service provision, and will permit furt

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New highly porous materials for safe, low-pressure storage of methane and hydrogen A new aluminum-based metal-organic framework material achieves both high gravimetric and volumetric uptake and delivery of methane and hydrogen, researchers report.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New Products [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New Research: Space Travel Causes Astronauts' Brains to Expand A new study suggests that spending a long time in space is causing the volume of astronauts' brains to expand. A majority of crew members aboard the International Space Station (ISS) seem to experience swelling of the optic nerve, along with a surplus of fluid that expands the actual volume of their brains. "When you're in microgravity, fluid such as your venous blood no longer pools toward your

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New textile could keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold Imagine a single garment that could adapt to changing weather conditions, keeping its wearer cool in the heat of midday but warm when an evening storm blows in. In addition to wearing it outdoors, such clothing could also be worn indoors, drastically reducing the need for air conditioning or heat. Now, researchers have made a strong, comfortable fabric that heats and cools skin, with no energy inp

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. New York nightlife venues recruited in effort to prevent overdoses due to fentanyl Bars and nightclubs are a promising site for efforts to increase awareness of the risk of opioid overdose due to fentanyl-laced cocaine, suggests a study in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice (JPHMP). The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. News at a glance [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Novel sperm membrane protein FIMP facilitates mammalian fertilization Researchers from Osaka University have identified a new sperm membrane protein that facilitates the complex sperm-oocyte fusion that is fundamental to sexual reproduction, naming it Fertilization Influencing Membrane Protein (FIMP). Using genome editing technology to generate knockout mice deficient in specific genes, they confirmed its importance in addition to the three factors already known. Th

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Nyt våben mod trafikstøj: Farten bliver sat ned på hovedstadsmotorvej PLUS. Et nyt forsøg skal fastslå, hvor stor effekt lavere hastighed har for støjplagede motorvejsnaboer. Fra efteråret bliver hastigheden derfor sat ned på Holbækmotorvejen gennem Hvidovre

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Odor experts uncover the smelly chemistry of lemur love Three chemicals with floral, fruity scents are likely essential ingredients in the natural cologne male ring-tailed lemurs use to attract a mate. Experts in odor communication say these chemicals could be the first fully identified sex pheromones in primates.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Oil giant Shell vows to become carbon neutral by 2050. Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch Shell pledged on Thursday to become carbon neutral by 2050, matching a commitment by rival BP as climate change looms large over the energy sector. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Olive oil leads to discovery of new universal law of phase transitions A simple drop of olive oil in a system of photons bouncing between two mirrors has revealed universal aspects of phase transitions in physics. Researchers at AMOLF used an oil-filled optical cavity in which light undergoes phase transitions similar to those in boiling water. The system they studied has memory because the oil causes photons to interact with themselves. By varying the distance betwe

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. One step closer to touching asteroid Bennu After the successful completion of its "Checkpoint" rehearsal, NASA's first asteroid-sampling spacecraft is one step closer to touching down on asteroid Bennu. Yesterday, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft performed the first practice run of its sample collection sequence, reaching an approximate altitude of 246 feet (75 meters) over site Nightingale before executing a back-away burn from the asteroid.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Orange becomes first big European telecoms group to cut dividend Chief of French state-backed company said decision was made with 'heavy heart'

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Overuse of emergency room reducible through primary care relationship Using the case of lead exposure in Flint, Michigan, health economist David Slusky and colleagues found that establishing a relationship with a primary care physician for a child reduced the likelihood parents would take them to emergency rooms for conditions treatable in an office setting. The connection between primary care and emergency care — especially for those with low incomes — is particu

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. P&G sales boom as stay-at-homers do more laundry Cleaning products up, shaving items and make-up down in household goods group's best quarter in years

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Parasitic Spacecraft Docks With Dead Satellite, Brings It Back to Life Being Boarded To fix an old satellite that fell into disrepair, military contractor Northrup Grumman sent a robotic spaceship to hijack it and get it running again. The risky maneuver marks the first time that two commercial spacecraft — a Northrop Grumman servicing vehicle and an Intelsat satellite — docked with each other without leaving orbit, Ars Technica reports . And, in a bizarre stroke of

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Peeking into a world of spin-3/2 materials Researchers have been pushing the frontiers of the quantum world for over a century. And time after time, spin has been a rich source of new physics.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Peer-review: Modernizing a time-intensive process Astronomer have found that a new process of evaluating proposed scientific research projects is as effective — if not more so — than the traditional peer-review method.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Persistent Cloudless Skies Helped Fuel Exceptional Greenland Ice Melt Warm temperatures, clear weather and little snow all played a role in last summer's major melt event on the ice sheet — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Photos of the Week: Cabbage Mask, Prior Attire, Bluebell Carpet Easter in the Philippines, tornado damage in Georgia, applause for health-care workers in Europe, airborne toilet paper in London, a sandstorm in Ouagadougou, tunnel cleaning in Budapest, empty streets in Moscow, cardboard sports fans in Taiwan, an outdoor classroom in Italy, and much more

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Physicists Successfully Use 'Hot' Qubits to Overcome a Huge Quantum Computing Problem Getting warmer.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Polar explorer Erling Kagge: Why risk makes life meaningful There's a huge misunderstanding that the way to make your life beautiful, and the way to be happy, is to choose the path of least resistance, says polar explorer Erling Kagge. Risk makes life meaningful; a small dimension of challenge and danger, combined with well-preparedness, is a way to be present in your life. Novel experiences stop your life from narrowing in around you and going by too fas

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Politics this week [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Pollution Kills Nine Million People a Year. How Is That Okay? A recent report from the Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health revealed that pollution accounts for roughly 16 percent of the global death count — more than the number of deaths due to war or hunger. Yet the global pollution problem is still largely being neglected by policymakers.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Portable washing machines that will cut down your trips to the laundromat Wash your laundry without leaving the house. (Amazon/) We've all been there: the laundry's piling up and threatening to bury the dog in an avalanche of dirty clothes, which means it's time to do a wash. But what if you don't have space for a standard washer-drier? Maybe you live in a small apartment or dorm, or you like to go RVing, or you enjoy sleeping on a boat. One option is to lug all your c

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Powerful Brain Imaging Tool Doctors get a better look at brain tumors. Powerful Brain Imaging Tool Video of Powerful Brain Imaging Tool Human Thursday, April 16, 2020 – 17:30 Inside Science Television (Inside Science) — An important step in planning tumor surgery includes assessing the tumor stiffness. Most brain tumors cannot be examined noninvasively, so researchers are using magnetic resonance elastography to measure s

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Prescribing an overdose: A chapter in the opioid epidemic Research indicates that widespread opioid overprescribing contributed to the opioid epidemic. New research shows that this dangerous trend has apparently been coupled with another: inappropriate use of high-potency opioids.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Probing metabolism in time and space [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Professor: Antistoftest giver upræcise resultater PLUS. Professor Niels Høiby mener, at de danske antistoftest er for upræcise til at kunne bruges til hverken diagnosticering eller udregning af mørketal.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Program reveals high arsenic in well water A program to teach data literacy to Maine and New Hampshire students by analyzing data on arsenic in well water collected from their homes has found that 25 percent of samples exceed the New Hampshire maximum safety level of 5 parts per billion (ppb) and 15 percent exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum safety level of 10 ppb.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Proresolving lipid mediators enhance PMN-mediated bacterial clearance [Commentaries] Host responses to bacterial infection are protective, yet without timely resolution they can lead to uncontrolled infection, with systemic engagement and multiple organ failure. In PNAS, Sekheri et al. (1) report the property of specific lipid mediators to counteract the delay tactics of bacterial DNA released from proliferating or dying…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Publisher Correction: Inheritance patterns of the transcriptome in hybrid chickens and their parents revealed by expression analysis Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63873-0

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Publisher Correction: The globus pallidus orchestrates abnormal network dynamics in a model of Parkinsonism Nature Communications, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15947-w

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Putting drought in the spotlight A drying planet is a growing problem to be taken very seriously.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Quasi-Lymphatic System in the Rodent Eye Clears Waste Two rodent models of glaucoma have defects in the waste drainage system.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Questionnaire survey identifies potential separation-related problems in cats The first questionnaire survey to identify possible separation-related problems in cats found 13.5 percent of all sampled cats displayed potential issues during their owner's absence, according to a new study.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Rad revelations: Future fuel designs from noble metals Researchers at PNNL are removing a shroud of mystery surrounding the behavior of certain metal particles in nuclear fuel. The team's findings could improve future fuel designs for more efficient and safe production of nuclear energy.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Reacting at the most substituted center [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Redefining the heterogeneity of peripheral nerve cells in health and autoimmunity [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Peripheral nerves contain axons and their enwrapping glia cells named Schwann cells (SCs) that are either myelinating (mySCs) or nonmyelinating (nmSCs). Our understanding of other cells in the peripheral nervous system (PNS) remains limited. Here, we provide an unbiased single cell transcriptomic characterization of the nondiseased rodent PNS. We identified…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Regulatory mechanism for the transmembrane receptor that mediates bidirectional vitamin A transport [Biochemistry] Vitamin A has diverse biological functions and is essential for human survival at every point from embryogenesis to adulthood. Vitamin A and its derivatives have been used to treat human diseases including vision diseases, skin diseases, and cancer. Both insufficient and excessive vitamin A uptake are detrimental, but how its…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Remote ID checks leave retail finance sector open to fraud Guidance to accept scanned documents amounts to 'money launderer's charter'

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Repairing damaged brains [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. RepeatModeler2 for automated genomic discovery of transposable element families [Genetics] The accelerating pace of genome sequencing throughout the tree of life is driving the need for improved unsupervised annotation of genome components such as transposable elements (TEs). Because the types and sequences of TEs are highly variable across species, automated TE discovery and annotation are challenging and time-consuming tasks. A…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Replik: Genanvendelse af glasfiber vil gavne bredt [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Research Shows Link Between Gut Health And Healthy Immune Systems Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. If you've been thinking a lot recently about your health, and what you can do to improve it, you need to take a serious look at

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers challenge accuracy of methods that analyze trees of life When species under a taxonomic umbrella have faced forks in the road, leading to extinction or adaptation, the path taken has been difficult to follow. Scientists now argue that long-used approaches for reconstructing these paths are deeply flawed. They also offer a a mathematical model as a way forward.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers develop synthetic scaffolds to heal injured tendons and ligaments. The researchers are the first to develop and patent novel fibre-reinforced hydrogel scaffolds, a synthetic substance that has the ability to mimic and replace human tendon and ligament tissue. submitted by /u/MarioKartFromHell [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers discover a six-planet system with near 3:2 resonance Almost visible to the naked eye in the Draco constellation, the star HD 158259 has been observed for the last seven years by astronomers using the SOPHIE spectrograph. This instrument, installed at the Haute-Provence Observatory in the South of France, acquired 300 measurements of the star. The analysis of the data which done by an international team led by researchers from the University of Genev

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers discover novel optical sensing technology Researchers at Northumbria University have developed a new optical sensing technology which can light up areas of an object or material by creating microscopic wrinkles and folds within its surface.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers discover treatment for spasticity in mice, following spinal cord injuries In experiments with mice, researchers have studied neuronal mechanisms and found a way to by and large prevent spasticity from developing after spinal cord injuries. A new study from the University of Copenhagen shows that the researchers have done this by using already approved medicine for high blood pressure.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers estimate possible scenarios for ecological services in Three-River-Source region The condition of the ecosystem in the Three-River-Source region affects the basins of the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Lancang (Mekong) River.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers restore sight in mice by turning skin cells into light-sensing eye cells Researchers have discovered a technique for directly reprogramming skin cells into light-sensing rod photoreceptors used for vision, sidestepping the need for stem cells. The lab-made rods enabled blind mice to detect light after the cells were transplanted into the animals' eyes.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers uncover the art of printing extremely hard steels flawlessly For millennia, metallurgists have been meticulously tweaking the ingredients of steel to enhance its properties. As a result, several variants of steel exist today; but one type, called martensitic steel, stands out from its steel cousins as stronger and more cost-effective to produce. Hence, martensitic steels naturally lend themselves to applications in the aerospace, automotive and defense indu

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers use genomics to estimate Samoan population dynamics over 3,000 years A new study estimating the size of the Samoan population using contemporary genomic data found that the founding population remained low for the first 1,500 years of human settlement, contributing to understanding the evolutionary context of the recent rise in obesity and related diseases.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Researchers use snake venom to solve structure of muscle protein Researchers have uncovered the detailed shape of a key protein involved in muscle contraction.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Resolvin E1 is a pro-repair molecule that promotes intestinal epithelial wound healing [Immunology and Inflammation] Resolution of intestinal inflammation and wound repair are active processes that mediate epithelial healing at mucosal surfaces. Lipid molecules referred to as specialized proresolving mediators (SPMs) play an important role in the restorative response. Resolvin E1 (RvE1), a SPM derived from omega-3 fatty acids, has been reported to dampen intestinal…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Response to Comment on "Light-induced lattice expansion leads to high-efficiency solar cells" Rolston et al . suggest through a convective heating scheme that the mechanism of light-induced lattice expansion is from light-induced thermal heating. We bring out key differences in the physical observables that are not discussed and different from what is observed in the original paper by Tsai et al .

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Revealed: How a spacecraft will bring Mars rocks to Earth Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01114-0 NASA and the European Space Agency firm up plans to return the first samples from the Red Planet.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Review assesses stem cell therapy potential for treating preeclampsia A review of using stem cells to treat preeclampsia, a dangerous condition in pregnancy, indicates that mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs), or their secreted vesicles, have the potential to be used as therapies that could progress to clinical trials.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Rhinos pay a painful price for oxpecker protection The little birds act as a set of eyes, keeping watch for human hunters than a rhino can't detect on it's own. (Jed Bird/) Rhinos are massive, gorgeous, creatures with very few natural predators. Despite this, these beauties are critically endangered and are tough to find outside of wildlife parks and reserves. This is mostly due to an increase in poaching. But according to a recent study, protect

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Ringe affaldshåndtering af udtjente vindmøllevinger: De ender på losseplads PLUS. De fleste kasserede vindmøllevinger ender i deponi, hvor glasfiberaffaldet efterlades til kommende generationer. Affaldsmængderne vil vokse drastisk i de kommende år.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Rio Tinto expects rising commodity demand from China Anglo-Australian mining group benefits from resilient iron ore price

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Robots with insect brains [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Robust landscapes of ribosome dwell times and aminoacyl-tRNAs in response to nutrient stress in liver [Systems Biology] Translation depends on messenger RNA (mRNA)-specific initiation, elongation, and termination rates. While translation elongation is well studied in bacteria and yeast, less is known in higher eukaryotes. Here we combined ribosome and transfer RNA (tRNA) profiling to investigate the relations between translation elongation rates, (aminoacyl-) tRNA levels, and codon usage…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Rödlistan 2020: Allt fler hotade fågelarter Rödlistan över hotade arter ges ut av artdatabanken på Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet och uppdateras vart femte år. F&F har nyligen skrivit om hur det går för däggdjuen. Också våra fåglar visar oroande röda siffror på den nya listan. En tredjedel av 245 fågelarter minskar så kraftigt att de klassas som hotade. Det är en ökning med 21 procent.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Salget af Darzalex boomer Salget af Genmabs kræftmiddel Darzalex er steget voldsomt sammenlignet med sidste år.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. SCAI issues recommendations on adult congenital cardiac interventional training The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) has released a position statement on adult congenital cardiac interventional training, competencies and organizational recommendations. The paper was published online in SCAI's official journal Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions and addresses the rapidly growing field of catheter-based interventions in adults with co

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scale of eurozone recession is hard to predict, says Lagarde ECB president warns of 'deteriorating labour markets' as data expose loss of dynamism

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists develop high-performance lithium-sulfur batteries Recently, research groups led by Prof. LIU Jian and Prof. WU Zhongshuai from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed Fe1-xS-decorated mesoporous carbon spheres as the nanoreactor, which can be applied as lithium-sulfur battery cathode.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists discover new features of molecular elevator Biophysicists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have visualized a nearly complete transport cycle of the mammalian glutamate transporter homologue from archaea. They confirmed that the transport mechanism resembles that of an elevator: A "door" opens, ions and substrate molecules come in, the door closes, and they travel through

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists find a rule to predict new superconducting metal hydrides The search for coveted high-temperature superconductors is going to get easier with a new 'law within a law' discovered by Skoltech and MIPT researchers and their colleagues, who figured out a link between an element's position in the Periodic Table and its potential to form a high-temperature superconducting hydride. The new paper is published in the journal Current Opinion in Solid State & Mater

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists fit two co-catalysts on one nanosheet for better water purification Scientists havee designed and tested a new two-dimensional (2-D) catalyst that can be used to improve water purification using hydrogen peroxide.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists make step towards understanding the universe Physicists from the University of Sheffield have taken a step towards understanding why the universe is made of mostly matter and not antimatter, by studying the difference between the two.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists model role of aerosol-photolysis interaction in winter haze formation A research team led by Prof. Li Guohui from the Institute of Earth Environment (IEE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences quantitatively assessed how much PM2.5 could be attributed to the combination of ARI and API during a persistent heavy haze episode in the North China Plain in winter.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists offer perspectives on cavitation science A type of damage in soft materials and tissue called cavitation is one of the least-studied phenomena in physics, materials science and biology, say expert observers. But strong evidence suggesting that cavitation occurs in the brain during sudden impact leading to traumatic brain injury (TBI) has accelerated interest recently, say materials scientist Alfred Crosby at the University of Massachuset

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Scientists Use Recycled Sewage Water to Grow 500-Acre Forest in the Middle of Egyptian Desert. The 500-mile Serapium Forest is apart of an ambitious program to combat desertification in Egypt. submitted by /u/d-williams [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Seychelles to build world's largest salt-water floating solar plant submitted by /u/Hank_hill_repping [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Shrewd water use helped South America's first empire thrive. So why did a drought destroy it? "Conquest by hydraulic superiority" helped Wari state expand

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Simulating early ocean vents shows life's building blocks form under pressure Where did life first form on Earth? Some scientists think it could have been around hydrothermal vents that may have existed at the bottom of the ocean 4.5 billion years ago. In a new paper in the journal Astrobiology, scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory describe how they mimicked possible ancient undersea environments with a complex experimental setup. They showed that under extreme pr

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Single atom layer trap for lithium-ion migration On April 14th, Prof. Ma Cheng from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and his colleagues reported an important discovery regarding the mechanism of Li-ion migration in solid electrolytes for batteries, observing a new type of microscopic feature that can significantly influence ionic transport.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Single cell division error may be responsible for complexity in cancer genomes A single error in cell division related to the formation of a chromosome bridge can trigger a cascade of mutational events, rapidly generating many of the defining features of cancer genomes, a new study suggests.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Single-atom-layer trap: A pivotal microscopic feature for li-ion migration The newly reported type of non-periodic feature forbids Li-ion migration in a solid electrolyte.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Sjuksköterskor som lär sig i par blir tryggare Nyexaminerade sjuksköterskor bör arbeta i par för att få ökad trygghet och bättre självförtroende. Det kan avgöra om de blir kvar i yrket eller ej, menar en forskare vid Högskolan i Gävle. Dagens slutenvård är en väldigt komplex miljö med ett högt tempo. De flesta patienter är riktigt sjuka och ofta saknas personal. Den beskrivningen ger Ylva Pålsson, som är klinisk adjunkt och forskare i vårdvet

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Skolelever utbildas i mänskliga rättigheter varje dag Mänskliga rättigheter genomsyrar vardagen i skolan för elever redan på lågstadiet – men det är inte alltid lärarna är medvetna om det. Med små medel skulle undervisningen kunna lyfta ytterligare, enligt en avhandling från Örebro universitet. Det står inte bara i den svenska läroplanen att lärare ska utbilda sina elever om mänskliga rättigheter. Lärarna har också ett uppdrag att se till att elever

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Skoltech and MIPT scientists find a rule to predict new superconducting metal hydrides The search for coveted high-temperature superconductors is going to get easier with a new 'law within a law' discovered by Skoltech and MIPT researchers and their colleagues, who figured out a link between an element's position in the Periodic Table and its potential to form a high-temperature superconducting hydride.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. SMART and MIT develop nanosensors for real-time plant health monitoring MIT, SMART and TLL researchers have developed a way to study and track the internal communication of living plants using carbon nanotube sensors that can be embedded in plant leaves. The sensors can report on plants' signalling waves to reveal how they respond to stresses such as injury, infection, heat and light damage, providing valuable real-time insights for engineering plants to maximise crop

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. So You've Found a Comet With a Weird Orbit … A recently discovered space rock hurtling through the solar system has some of the characteristics of an interstellar object. Here's how astronomers would know for sure.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Social, psychological, and demographic characteristics of dehumanization toward immigrants [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] This study extends the current body of work on dehumanization by evaluating the social, psychological, and demographic correlates of blatant disregard for immigrants. Participants (n = 468) were randomly assigned to read a scenario where 1) an immigrant or 2) an immigrant and their child were caught illegally crossing the…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Space travel can seriously change your brain submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Spacewatch: IM-1 mission takes aim at moon's Ocean of Storms Intuitive Machines announces its Nova-C lander will target touchdown near Vallis Schröteri The Houston-based company Intuitive Machines has announced the intended touchdown site for its Nova-C lunar lander . The IM-1 mission is due to launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in October 2021. It will land near Vallis Schröteri, a collapsed lava tunnel in the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) region

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. 'Spectacular' artefacts found as Norway ice-patch melts Discoveries exposed by retreating ice include snowshoe for horses and bronze age ski The retreat of a Norwegian mountain ice patch, which is melting because of climate change, has revealed a lost Viking-era mountain pass scattered with "spectacular" and perfectly preserved artefacts that had been dropped by the side of the road. The pass, at Lendbreen in Norway's mountainous central region, first

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Spermatozoa lacking Fertilization Influencing Membrane Protein (FIMP) fail to fuse with oocytes in mice [Developmental Biology] Sperm–oocyte fusion is a critical event in mammalian fertilization, categorized by three indispensable proteins. Sperm membrane protein IZUMO1 and its counterpart oocyte membrane protein JUNO make a protein complex allowing sperm to interact with the oocyte, and subsequent sperm–oocyte fusion. Oocyte tetraspanin protein CD9 also contributes to sperm–oocyte fusion. However,…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Star dance around a supermassive black hole ESO telescope, and a lot of hard work, prove Einstein right.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Star's strange path around black hole proves Einstein right—again Movement matches what general relativity would predict

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Stora atomjoner kan ge snabbare kvantdatorer Stora så kallade Rydbergjoner kan vara nästa steg i utvecklingen av kvantdatorer, visar forskning från Stockholms universitet. För att skapa en kvantdator kan olika fysiska system användas. Det ledande alternativet har under lång tid varit fångade joner i kristallform, men när systemet skalas upp till stora jonkristaller är metoden mycket långsam. Det går inte att utföra komplexa beräkningar till

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Stories of bad behaviour make us behave badly In truth, most people act in the public interest during a crisis

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Stunningly Earth-Like Planet Found Hiding in Kepler Telescope Data Most of the exoplanets discovered by Kepler, TESS, and other initiatives are much larger than Earth. Bigger planets are much easier to spot with our current technology, but scientists suspect there are a lot of Earth-like planets out there, too. Astronomers analyzing data from the Kepler mission have spotted one such planet that almost fell through the cracks , and it might be the most Earth-like

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Super soldiers of the future! submitted by /u/MemeMasterMallu [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Support plan boosts confidence of military spouses A support program that aims to boost retention in the Armed Forces has received a positive research evaluation from Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), with military personnel reporting increased confidence in their employment prospects and increased goodwill towards the Armed Forces.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Sure, Deepfake Detectors Exist – But Can They Be Fooled? submitted by /u/HeinrichTheWolf_17 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Svartmunnad smörbult anpassar sig lätt till nya salthalter Den svartmunnade smörbulten är en invasiv fisk, och unik eftersom den sprider sig till områden med vitt skilda salthalter. En ny avhandling visar att det har en snabb evolution – kanske för att deras spermier simmar så bra i både i både söt- och brackvatten. Den svartmunnade smörbulten har spridit sig till Europa från Svarta Havet och närliggande floder och sjöar. Förutom att det syns en ökande u

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Temperature-dependent sex determination is mediated by pSTAT3 repression of Kdm6b In many reptiles, including the red-eared slider turtle Trachemys scripta elegans ( T. scripta ), sex is determined by ambient temperature during embryogenesis. We previously showed that the epigenetic regulator Kdm6b is elevated at the male-producing temperature and essential to activate the male pathway. In this work, we established a causal link between temperature and transcriptional regulati

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Terpenoids and aromatic compounds from bryophytes and their central nervous system activity In this article, Agnieszka Ludwiczuk (Medical University of Lublin, Poland) and Yoshinori Asakawa (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan) review the chemistry of the liverworts, mosses, and hornworts. The researchers highlight medicinal properties of different compounds.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai: new drone video shows just how massive the expansion is submitted by /u/TOMapleLaughs [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Texas A&M researchers uncover the art of printing extremely hard steels flawlessly For millennia, metallurgists have been meticulously tweaking the ingredients of steel to enhance its properties. As a result, several variants of steel exist today; but one type, called martensitic steel, stands out from its steel cousins as stronger and more cost-effective to produce. Hence, martensitic steels naturally lend themselves to applications in the aerospace, automotive and defense indu

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The archaeological record is full of dog poop Method designed to distinguish ancient human from canine feces reveals surprises

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The best baby swings for overworked parents Baby swings to give you a rest and keep your child comfortable. (Kristina Balić via Unsplash/) As every parent knows, there's that period of time between newborn and toddler where a baby wants to move around and play but is hampered by their body's refusal to be able to handle much more than "flop." You need something to entertain them while supporting their still-developing bones and musculature

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Ccr4-Not complex monitors the translating ribosome for codon optimality Control of messenger RNA (mRNA) decay rate is intimately connected to translation elongation, but the spatial coordination of these events is poorly understood. The Ccr4-Not complex initiates mRNA decay through deadenylation and activation of decapping. We used a combination of cryo–electron microscopy, ribosome profiling, and mRNA stability assays to examine the recruitment of Ccr4-Not to the ri

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Computer Scientist Who Can't Stop Telling Stories Donald Knuth is a computer scientist who came of age with his field. During the nascent years of computer programming in the middle of the last century, a candy company ran a contest that summoned his talents as a 13-year-old. The contest asked kids to determine how many words could be made from the letters of the candy's name: Ziegler's Giant Bar. It was a well-defined problem with distinct piec

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Curious Case of Drill Rap and its Link to Violent Crime When police in London asked YouTube to remove music videos from a genre known as drill rap, the company complied. Now researchers are searching for evidence linking drill music to violent crime and failing to find it.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Devastating Decline of a Brilliant Young Coder: Lee Holloway programmed internet security firm Cloudflare into being. But then he became apathetic, distant, and unpredictable—for a long time, no one could make sense of it. submitted by /u/randomusefulbits [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The E.P.A. Is Weakening Controls on Mercury The agency will change the way it calculates the benefits of mercury controls, a move that would effectively loosen the rules on other toxic pollutants.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The effect of optimistic expectancies on attention bias: Neural and behavioral correlates Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61440-1

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The first Earth Day was a shot heard around the world The first Earth Day protests, which took place on April 22, 1970 brought 20 million Americans—10% of the U.S. population at the time—into the streets. Recognizing the power of this growing movement, President Richard Nixon and Congress responded by creating the Environmental Protection Agency and enacting a wave of laws, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species A

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The hunger forecast [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Lawyer Whose Clients Didn't Exist Image above: Buras Boat Harbor, in Buras, Louisiana I n 2010, Dung Nguyen, a 39-year-old Vietnamese fisherman living in Dickinson, Texas, decided to take his boat out early in the season. Peak shrimping in Texas's Galveston Bay wouldn't begin until mid-August, but Nguyen was saving to send his three children to college, so in April, he began heading out for four or five days at a time. Nguyen was

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Meme as Meme – Issue 84: Outbreak This article from our 2013 issue, "Fame," offers a look at the way information—whether it's true or not—spreads across the Internet. On April 11, 2012, Zeddie Little appeared on Good Morning America , wearing the radiant, slightly perplexed smile of one enjoying instant fame. About a week earlier, Little had been a normal, if handsome, 25-year-old trying to make it in public relations. Then on Ma

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Memory Cells that Help Us Interpret Different Situations submitted by /u/tahutahut [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The moment to see the poor [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The OBR's assumption about a return to normal is optimistic The budgetary watchdog's scenario is of a crisis that leaves almost no economic scars

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The orbit of a star near our galaxy's black hole proves Einstein right A star that swoops close to the Milky Way's supermassive black hole has a strange, looping orbit that proves Einstein was right about the gravity of black holes

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The origin of feces: coproID reliably predicts sources of ancient poop The archaeological record is littered with feces, a potential goldmine for insights into ancient health and diet, parasite evolution, and the ecology and evolution of the microbiome. The main problem for researchers is determining whose feces is under examination. A recent study published in the journal PeerJ, led by Maxime Borry and Christina Warinner of Max Planck Institute for the Science of Hu

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The People Who Risked Death for Immunity When a young man named Isaac H. Charles arrived in yellow-fever-ravaged New Orleans in 1847, he did not, as one might expect, try to avoid the deadly disease, which killed as many as half of its victims at the time. He welcomed yellow fever—and, more importantly, the lifelong immunity he would have if he survived it. Luckily, he did. "It is with great pleasure," he wrote to his cousin , "that I a

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The physiology of plant responses to drought Drought alone causes more annual loss in crop yield than all pathogens combined. To adapt to moisture gradients in soil, plants alter their physiology, modify root growth and architecture, and close stomata on their aboveground segments. These tissue-specific responses modify the flux of cellular signals, resulting in early flowering or stunted growth and, often, reduced yield. Physiological and

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The retention effect of training Company training increases the loyalty of its employees. Loyalty also increases if the training improves the employees' chances on the labor market.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The Sun Has Thin Threads of Million-Degree Plasma, According to New Images Thanks to the highest-resolution photos ever taken of the sun, researchers have spotted previously invisible filaments of scorching-hot plasma threaded through the sun's atmosphere.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The tale of the secret publishing ban We have an update on a post we published late last month. We reported on March 31 that Tissue Engineering had retracted a paper by Xing Wei, of the, National Engineering Research Center of Genetic Medicine at Jinan University, in Guangzhou, China, because of image manipulation. The retraction notice for that paper, "Use of Decellularized … Continue reading

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The type IV pilin PilA couples surface attachment and cell-cycle initiation in Caulobacter crescentus [Microbiology] Understanding how bacteria colonize surfaces and regulate cell-cycle progression in response to cellular adhesion is of fundamental importance. Here, we use transposon sequencing in conjunction with fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) microscopy to uncover the molecular mechanism for how surface sensing drives cell-cycle initiation in Caulobacter crescentus. We identify the…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. The US Army has a 3D printer for ultra-strong steel gear and weapons A high-speed 3D printer is being tested by the US Army for producing spare steel parts near the front lines – it could also make weapons or aircraft parts

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. These 5 Decidedly Weird Animal Butts Are The Distraction We All Need Right Now You're welcome.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. These Ferrofluid Sculptures Will Melt Your Mind Using powerful electromagnets, Eric Mesplé makes these substances behave in mesmerizing ways. Here's how he works his gloopy, creepy magic.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. These fold-up robots fly just like ladybugs Researchers created a ladybug-like robot whose wing snap open in milliseconds, just like its insect inspiration. (Pexels/) When a ladybug takes flight, its wings spring open within a tenth of a second—faster than a blink of an eye. And once unfurled, those wings remain open, allowing them to flap quickly without risk of folding or buckling. These properties make the colorful little beetles a grea

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. This Blurry Photo May Show a Planet in a Neighboring Star System Candids Astronomers think they managed to capture an exoplanet orbiting the star nearest the Sun on camera for the first time. The image is by no means confirmed to be valid yet — it's blurry and could just be background noise that looks like a distant world, SYFY Wire reports. But if it holds up, it would mean that the international team of astronomers managed to image an exoplanet just weeks af

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Three ancient optical illusions explained by modern science Optical illusions remind us that things are never exactly as they seem. (Lena Vargas/) Illusions have fascinated humans for centuries. Before we fully understood the science of sensation and perception, philosophers like Aristotle simply observed the world—and picked up on some weird stuff. According to Vincent Hayward, who studies such phenomena at the Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robot

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Tools to help volunteers do the most good after a disaster In the wake of a disaster, many people want to help. Researchers have now developed tools to help emergency response and relief managers coordinate volunteer efforts in order to do the most good.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Topological funneling of light Dissipation is a general feature of non-Hermitian systems. But rather than being an unavoidable nuisance, non-Hermiticity can be precisely controlled and hence used for sophisticated applications, such as optical sensors with enhanced sensitivity. In our work, we implement a non-Hermitian photonic mesh lattice by tailoring the anisotropy of the nearest-neighbor coupling. The appearance of an inte

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Trade friction: Adaptiveness of swarms of complex networks Network analysis revealed power-law properties of core and peripheral networks. The USD/JPY exchange rate affected B2B networks by changing structures.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Treasure Trove of Artifacts Illustrates Life in a Lost Viking Mountain Pass Lendbreen, a pass high in the Norwegian mountains, was an important route from the Roman era until the late Middle Ages

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Treatment for spasticity in mice, following spinal cord injuries discovered In experiments with mice, researchers have studied neuronal mechanisms and found a way to by and large prevent spasticity from developing after spinal cord injuries. A new study shows that the researchers have done this by using already approved medicine for high blood pressure.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Trust in humans and robots: Economically similar but emotionally different In research published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, scientists explore whether people trust robots as they do fellow humans. These interactions are important to understand because trust-based interactions with robots are increasingly common in the marketplace, workplace, on the road and in the home. Results show people extend trust similarly to humans and robots but people's emotional rea

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Tænkeboks: Ingeniøren udtog i alt 13 gulerødder til kontrol Her får du løsningen på opgaven fra før påske!

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. UMD researchers find that incentive-based tariffs aren't the way to control invasive pests While incentive-based programs have had many success stories in helping to regulate air quality, control pollution, and protect wildlife and fisheries, they may not be the answer to controlling invasive pests. In a new paper published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, researchers find that in order to see measurable impacts, tariffs would risk diplomacy and cost US consumer

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Unbiased proteomics identifies plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 as a negative regulator of endothelial nitric oxide synthase [Medical Sciences] Nitric oxide (NO) produced by endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is a critical mediator of vascular function. eNOS is tightly regulated at various levels, including transcription, co- and posttranslational modifications, and by various protein–protein interactions. Using stable isotope labeling with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) and mass spectrometry (MS),…

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Unconstrained genome targeting with near-PAMless engineered CRISPR-Cas9 variants Manipulation of DNA by CRISPR-Cas enzymes requires the recognition of a protospacer-adjacent motif (PAM), limiting target site recognition to a subset of sequences. To remove this constraint, we engineered variants of Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 (SpCas9) to eliminate the NGG PAM requirement. We developed a variant named SpG that is capable of targeting an expanded set of NGN PAMs, and we further

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Universe Creates All Elements in the Periodic Table in 10 Minutes Originally published in July 1948 — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. US retail: JCPenney dreadful Putting zombie retailers to rest will give the wider sector a chance to breathe easier

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Using light to extend the scope of carbonylation reactions A team of researchers at McGill University has found that light can be used to extend the scope of carbonylation reactions. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes using ordinary light to both break and make carbon-halogen bonds. In a Perspective piece printed in the same journal issue, Prasad Kathe and Ivana Fleischer with the University of Tübingen describe some of t

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Valorizing wastewater can improve commercial viability of biomass oil production Oil produced from biomass can provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. But technological challenges make it difficult to scale up production. A new study from the University of Illinois discusses methods to manage wastewater from biocrude oil production, providing a possible path to commercially viable production.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Vertical Nystagmus in the Bow and Lean Test may Indicate Hidden Posterior Semicircular Canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: Hypothesis of the Location of Otoconia Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63630-3

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Very Large Telescope sees star dance around supermassive black hole, proves Einstein right Observations made with ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) have revealed for the first time that a star orbiting the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way moves just as predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity. Its orbit is shaped like a rosette and not like an ellipse as predicted by Newton's theory of gravity. This long-sought-after result was made possible by increasin

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Video tripods to lock down your perfect shot For the steadiest of shots. (Marcos Paulo Prado via Unsplash/) Lights, camera… tripods! Camera operators wouldn't get very far without a way to hold their cameras steady, and the humble tripod has been doing that since people first started shooting. Designed to lock a camera solidly in place on all different terrain, tripods also employ a variety of heads to help create sweeping pans, smooth tilt

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Video: Views of Earth from BepiColombo's flyby A compilation of about 200 images collected by the joint European-Japanese mission BepiColombo during its first—and only—flyby of Earth on 10 April 2020, a manoeuvre needed to adjust its trajectory en route to its destination, Mercury. The spacecraft, equipped with three 'selfie' cameras, captured a series of stunning images of our home planet as it closed in, approached, and finally departed.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Vikings' lost possessions mark a long-hidden early trade route Nature, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01097-y Exceptionally well-preserved clothing — and even horse dung — line a path that travellers trod for more than 700 years.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Virginia Tech's fog harp harvests water even in the lightest fog 'We already knew that in heavy fog, we can get at least two times as much water,' said Boreyko. 'But realizing in our field tests that we can get up to 20 times more water on average in a moderate fog gives us hope we can dramatically enhance the breadth of regions where fog harvesting is a viable tool for getting decentralized, fresh water.'

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Visual impairment among women and dementia risk Whether visual impairment is a risk factor for dementia was the focus of this observational study that included 1,000 older women who are participants in the Women's Health Initiative studies.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Voldgiftssag om Riget afgjort: NCC krævede 138 mio. men ender med at få 3,3 mio. PLUS. NCC krævede i en voldgiftssag 138 mio. kr for forsinkelser og ekstraarbejder på byggeriet af den nye Nordfløj til Rigshospitalet. Men på grund af regionens modkrav ender NCC med kun at få 3,3 mio. kr.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Världens längsta djur hittat utanför Australien Världens längsta djur har upptäckts utanför Australien. En ny art av sifonoforer hittades på 630 meters djup och uppskattades vara 46 meter lång, dubbelt så lång som en blåval.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Want a Streaming Service That Won't Dumb Things Down? CuriosityStream Is for You. Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. Let's face it: right now, most of us are watching more television than ever. And if you've found yourself with a little extra co

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Was Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua Torn Apart by a Star? This artist's impression shows the first interstellar asteroid, `Oumuamua. Observations from ESO's Very Large Telescope in Chile and other observatories around the world show that this unique object was travelling through space for millions of years before its chance encounter with our star system. It seems to be a dark red highly-elongated metallic or rocky object, about 400 metres long, and is

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Water heaters' methane leaks are high, but fixable Natural gas escapes from water heating systems through leaks and because some is not combusted by the burner. These tiny inefficiencies can add up: The resulting emissions of methane—a powerful greenhouse gas—for water heaters across the United States are potentially more than three times higher than expected, according to a new Stanford study. The good news, however, is that simple fixes are avai

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. We All Live in Bubbles Now. How Safe Is Yours? Isolating with others requires rules and trust. What happens if your roommate keeps seeing other people?

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. We May Finally Know Why Early Humans Kept These Mysterious Stone Balls Around It was not for juggling.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. We're Living in Phyllis Schlafly's America I f, as per Baudelaire, the greatest trick the devil played was convincing the world that he didn't exist, the irony of Phyllis Schlafly's legacy is that she undermined women so efficiently that her pernicious influence on American politics hasn't gotten the credit it deserves. During the 1970s, Schlafly was camera-ready pith in pearls and a pie-frill collar, a troll long before the term existed,

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Weird Neutrino Behavior Could Explain Long-standing Antimatter Mystery But more data are needed before physicists know for sure — Read more on

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. What Decades of Research Tells Us About Student Success in the Online Classroom What your child gets out of their digital classroom depends heavily on what those digital lessons look like.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. What meaningful work will humans be able to do once AI/robots become better than us at everything? A lot of people find meaning in their work and that they are helping others, but when robots automate everything and can do everything better than humans (even art and childcare), then I believe humanity will face a meaning crisis. What are your thoughts on this? How do we solve this? submitted by /u/xsaav [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. What tree rings can tell us [no content]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Whole genome sequencing for mutation discovery in a single case of lysosomal storage disease (MPS type 1) in the dog Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63451-4

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Why B.C. should reopen clean energy opportunities for Indigenous communities A little more than a year ago, the British Columbia government launched an inquiry into the regulation of Indigenous energy utilities and ordered the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) to provide recommendations on how Indigenous utilities should be regulated. The BCUC is set to release its final report on April 30.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Wild Bill Fires Deckhands | Deadliest Catch With king crab season about to begin, Wild Bill is forced to let go two of his deckhands after they violated the boat's zero tolerance drug policy. Stream Full Episodes of Deadliest Catch: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Will Drones be the Death Knell for Brick and Mortar Retail? With the ability to quickly delivered merchandise ordered online, drones would seem to eliminate the one advantage that brick and mortar has over e-commerce: speed. Is there any reason to believe this isn't the end for brick and mortar? submitted by /u/kernals12 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Women receive less recommended drugs after a heart attack Women are more likely to die after a heart attack than men because they are often not prescribed the drugs they need. That's the result of research presented today on ACVC Essentials 4U, a scientific platform of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Would-be purchasers of firearms in Baltimore's underground gun market face obstacles A small survey conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that more than half of respondents who reported having attempted to acquire a firearm in Baltimore's underground firearm market in the prior six months were unsuccessful — some due to lack of financial means, and others reporting they had no trusted point of contact for acquiring guns through unla

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. X-ray irradiated cultures of mouse cortical neural stem/progenitor cells recover cell viability and proliferation with dose-dependent kinetics Scientific Reports, Published online: 16 April 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63348-2

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. You can buy the bacteria/ enzyme that breaks down PET bottles in around 10 hours submitted by /u/Memetic1 [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. You Can Now Check If Your ISP Uses Basic Security Measures "Is BGP Safe Yet" is a new site that names and shames internet service providers who don't tend to their routing.

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Your skin computes info from touch Your skin can aid the processing of tactile information from touch, researchers report. As our body's largest and most prominent organ, the skin also provides one of our most fundamental connections to the world around us. From the moment we're born, it is intimately involved in every physical interaction we have. "The sense of touch is not fully understood, even though it is at the heart of our

….. (Hentet 15. april 2020) ….. ….. Zoom Congress Is Perfectly Constitutional A functioning national legislature has never been more necessary. America's executive branch has proved itself unwilling or unable to mount a timely or effective response to an unprecedented health crisis that has already killed more than 30,000 Americans, infected at least half a million, and left millions more without jobs. The most important remedy available to Americans—removing the failed go

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