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<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. A Clever Way to Reduce Drinking on Campus ….. ….. Making advice seem "random" reduces resistance, a study shows — Read more on

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. A Physicist for President? ….. ….. Recent events make it clear that it couldn't hurt to elect someone who applies the scientific method to thinking and decision making — Read more on

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices ….. ….. Research led by a Princeton University graduate student demonstrates that machine learning can predict and avoid damaging disruptions to fusion facilities.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Bacterial enzyme could become a new target for antibiotics ….. ….. Scientists discover the structure of an enzyme, found in the human gut, that breaks down a component of collagen.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Blind over-reliance' on AI technology to manage international migration could lead to serious breaches of human rights ….. ….. Over-reliance by countries on artificial intelligence to tackle international migration and manage future migration crisis could lead to serious breaches of human rights, a new study warns.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Blocking sugar structures on viruses and tumor cells ….. ….. During a viral infection, viruses enter the body and multiply in its cells. Viruses often specifically attach themselves to the sugar structures of the host cells, or present characteristic sugar structures on their surface themselves. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a new type of protein reagent for identifying biological sugar structures, which may block th

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Changes in cellular degradation hubs can lead to cancer ….. ….. Cancer cells grow and divide in an uncontrolled manner. A new study from Uppsala University now shows how alterations in a cell's degradation hubs, called lysosomes, can cause abnormal cell growth. The results are published today in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Chromolaena odorata increases resource investment into growth through postintroduction evolution ….. ….. Chromolaena odorata is a plant species native to North, Central, and South America, but is a noxious invasive perennial herb or subshrub. Although C. odorata has been introduced into Asia for nearly 100 years, the route of the spread of C. odorata throughout Asia is not well known.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Common anti-parasite treatments used on cattle have devastating impacts on wildlife ….. ….. Experts have stressed an urgent need to find alternatives to wormers and anti-ectoparasitic products used widely on cattle, following the findings of a study just published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Composing new proteins with artificial intelligence ….. ….. Scientists have long studied how to improve proteins or design new ones. Traditionally, new proteins are created by mimicking existing proteins or manually editing their amino acids. This process is time-consuming, and it is difficult to predict the impact of changing an amino acid. In APL Bioengineering, researchers explore how to create new proteins by using machine learning to translate protein

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Cytel champions precision oncology master protocol trial designs …..–67275 ….. A new paper authored by statistical experts at Cytel has been published in the world-renowned journal CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Dams in the upper Mekong River modify nutrient bioavailability downstream ….. ….. The number of hydropower dams has increased dramatically in the last 100 years for energy supply, climate change mitigation, and economic development. However, recent studies have overwhelmingly stressed the negative consequences of dam construction. Notably, it is commonly assumed that reservoirs retain nutrients, and this nutrient reduction significantly reduces primary productivity, fishery cat

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Elucidation of mechanisms that coordinate cell memory inheritance with DNA replication ….. ….. Why do normal cells turn into cancer cells? One of the factors is deeply related to the failure of the cell differentiation mechanism called DNA methylation. The joint research groups of The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, Yokohama City University, and Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM) have clarified new mechanism for controlling DNA methylation in cells.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Emissions of several ozone-depleting chemicals are larger than expected ….. ….. In 2016, scientists at MIT and elsewhere observed the first signs of healing in the Antarctic ozone layer. This environmental milestone was the result of decades of concerted effort by nearly every country in the world, which collectively signed on to the Montreal Protocol. These countries pledged to protect the ozone layer by phasing out production of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons, which ar

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Gene switch ENO identified as a tomato fruit regulator ….. ….. A team of researchers from Spain, Germany and France has identified the gene switch ENO (excessive number of floral organs) as a tomato fruit regulator. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their use of gene sequencing and editing techniques that allowed them to identify the gene switch that is involved in determining fruit size.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. How horses can save the permafrost ….. ….. Permafrost soils in the Arctic are thawing. In Russia, experiments are now being conducted in which herds of horses, bison and reindeer are being used to combat this effect. A study shows for the first time that this method could significantly slow the loss of permafrost soils. Theoretically speaking, 80 percent of all permafrost soils around the globe could be preserved until the year 2100.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Improving aquaculture and identifying impact of climate change by researching crab molting ….. ….. The exoskeleton of a crab provides many benefits for the animal, including structural support and protection from predators and injury. The downside of having an exoskeleton is that it restricts the crab's growth, requiring the crab to molt, explains Don Mykles, a professor in the Department of Biology and leader of the CSU "Crab Lab." Molting is the process of shedding a crab's existing exoskelet

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Introducing the April 2020 Issue ….. ….. A new view of the Milky Way, the trouble with teeth, ice age survivors, and more — Read more on

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Knowing why bacteria are great upstream swimmers may prevent serious infections ….. ….. New findings on how bacteria can maintain persistent and fast upstream swimming motion over distances comparable with many human organs, may help prevent life-threatening infections, according to a team of international researchers.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Little Foot' skull reveals how this more than 3 million year old human ancestor lived ….. ….. High-resolution micro-CT scanning of the skull of the fossil specimen known as 'Little Foot' has revealed some aspects of how this Australopithecus species used to live more than 3 million years ago.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Long-distance fiber link poised to create powerful networks of optical clocks ….. ….. An academic-industrial team in Japan has connected three laboratories in a 100-kilometer region with an optical telecommunications fiber network stable enough to remotely interrogate optical atomic clocks. This type of fiber link is poised to expand the use of these extremely precise timekeepers by creating an infrastructure that could be used in a wide range of applications such as communication

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Major advances in our understanding of New World Morning Glories ….. ….. A major advance in revealing the unknown plant diversity on planet Earth is made with a new monograph, published in the open-access, peer-reviewed journal PhytoKeys. The global-wide study, conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, lists details about each of the 425 New World species in the largest genus within the family of morning glories, thanks to an all-round approach combining st

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Mysterious ancient sea-worm pegged as new genus after half-century in 'wastebasket' ….. ….. When a partial fossil specimen of a primordial marine worm was unearthed in Utah in 1969, scientists had a tough go identifying it. Usually, such worms are recognized and categorized by the arrangement of little knobs on their plates. But in this case, the worm's plates were oddly smooth, and important bits of the worm were missing altogether.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Mysterious bone circles made from the remains of mammoths reveal clues about Ice Age ….. ….. Mysterious bone circles made from the remains of dozens of mammoths have revealed clues about how ancient communities survived Europe's ice age.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Perovskite solution aging: Scientists find solution ….. ….. A research team from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has proposed a new understanding of the aging process of perovskite solution and also found a way to avoid side reactions.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Physicists propose new filter for blocking high-pitched sounds ….. ….. Need to reduce high-pitched noises? Science may have an answer. Theoretical physicists report that materials made from tapered chains of spherical beads could help dampen sounds that lie at the upper range of human hearing or just beyond.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Plant water saving system works like clockwork, it transpires ….. ….. Plants, just like humans, have circadian clocks that allow them to tell the time. In humans this cellular clockwork influences when we wake and sleep.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Predicting reaction results: Machines learn chemistry ….. ….. In the production of chemical compounds, the success of each individual reaction depends on numerous parameters. It is not always possible, even for experienced chemists, to predict whether a reaction will take place and how well it will work. In order to remedy this situation, chemists and computer scientists from the University of Münster (Germany) have now developed a tool based on artificial i

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers compare cadmium phytoextraction ability of several plants ….. ….. Remediation of soil contaminated by heavy metals has become a hot topic in the world, and phytoremediation technology is the most widely used. Compared with physical and chemical remediation, phytoremediation technology has the advantages of high cost-effectiveness, in-situ application, less invasive, less destructive and so on.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers reveal lignin protection mechanism in forest soils ….. ….. Over the course of forest succession, both components of plant residues and the structure of soil microbial communities play important roles in affecting soil aggregates, and thus the sequestration and stability of soil organic carbon. However, up till now there is still a lack of holistic understanding of the interactions among root turnover, microbial community composition, chemical composition

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Seeing with electrons: scientists pave the way to more affordable and accessible cryo-EM ….. ….. Visualizing the structure of viruses, proteins and other small biomolecules can help scientists gain deeper insights into how these molecules function, potentially leading to new treatments for disease. In recent years, a powerful technology called cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM), where flash-frozen samples are embedded in glass-like ice and probed by an electron beam, has revolutionized b

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Semiconductors can behave like metals and even like superconductors ….. ….. The crystal structure at the surface of semiconductor materials can make them behave like metals and even like superconductors, a joint Swansea/Rostock research team has shown. The discovery potentially opens the door to advances like more energy-efficient electronic devices.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Study draws Southern California coastal light pollution into focus ….. ….. When tides are at their highest a few days after a full or new moon, thousands of small silver fish called grunion flop onto Southern California beaches. Females wriggle their tails into the sand, males spray the females with sperm, and the fertilized eggs are deposited below the beach surface. The entire affair lasts no more than a minute or two.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Tang Dynasty noblewoman buried with her donkeys, for the love of polo ….. ….. A noblewoman from Imperial China enjoyed playing polo on donkeys so much she had her steeds buried with her so she could keep doing it in the afterlife, archaeologists found. This discovery by a team that includes Fiona Marshall, the James W. and Jean L. Davis Professor in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, is published March 17 in the journal Antiquity.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Test Proves Blood on Murder Weapon Was Fruit Preserves ….. ….. Originally published in February 1857 — Read more on

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. The life and death of one of America's most mysterious trees ….. ….. A symbol of life, ancient sundial or just firewood? Tree-ring scientists trace the origin of a tree log unearthed almost a century ago.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. This Is Your Brain on Crosswords ….. ….. Those black-and-white squares can help us understand how memory works — Read more on

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. TTP plc, NHS Highland and The University of the Highlands and Islands to partner on atrial fibrillation clinical data collection and analysis project ….. ….. – Collaboration aims to develop scoring algorithms to enable better clinical management of patients with atrial fibrillation- Data will help determine patient suitability for treatment with electrical cardioversion therapy

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15 per cent of the population, research shows ….. ….. Growing fruit and vegetables in just 10 per cent of a city's gardens and other urban green spaces could provide 15 per cent of the local population with their 'five a day', according to new research.

<> ….. 2020marts17 ….. Vitamin D boosts chances of walking after hip fracture ….. ….. Senior citizens who are not vitamin D deficient have a better chance of walking after hip fracture surgery, according to a Rutgers-led study. The findings in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggest that vitamin D deficiency could limit mobility in older adults, said senior author Sue Shapses, a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the School of Environmental and Biolog

<><>fakenews ….. 2020marts17 ….. Social Media Giants Should Pay Up for Allowing Misinformation ….. ….. Facebook, YouTube, et al. should pay into a $10 billion public trust that funds the institutions they've undermined: journalism, fact-checking, and media literacy.

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. 2019 Was a Record Year for U.S. Solar Power ….. ….. California saw major growth; Pennsylvania and Colorado could be the next markets to take off — Read more on

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds ….. ….. The Leeds University study looked at 86 countries and came to broadly the same conclusions about the rich.

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. Natural solutions to the climate crisis? One-quarter is all down to Earth… ….. ….. A recent study led by scientists from The Nature Conservancy alongside Conservation International, Woods Hole Research Centre, University of Aberdeen, Yale University and the Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (KIB/CAS), has provided a timely reminder in this critical 'super year' for nature not to neglect the power of soils and the many benefits these ecosystems can deliver

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. Produktionsvirksomheder vil nå klimamål med effektivisering, elektrificering og mere biogas ….. ….. PLUS. 12.500 danske produktionsvirksomheder mener, at det er muligt at reducere de direkte og indirekte udledninger af drivhusgasser med næsten 100 procent i 2030. Men det kræver en stor omstilling, for kun 20 procent af virksomhederne har en klimamålsætning i dag.

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. Prominent U.S. climate denial group fires president amid financial crisis ….. ….. Heartland Institute recently laid off about half its staff

<>climate ….. 2020marts17 ….. Replenishing and protecting the world's soil carbon stores could help to offset up to 5.5bn tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Around 40% of this carbon offsetting potential would come from protecting existing soil carbon stores in the world's existing forests, peatlands and wetlands ….. ….. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why More Coronavirus Testing Is One of The Most Important Actions Right Now, According to WHO ….. ….. "Test, test, test, every suspected case."

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus latest: France promises €45bn economic aid package ….. ….. [no content]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump Seems to Be Missing His Old Scandals ….. ….. "So now it is reported," tweeted President Donald Trump Sunday afternoon, "that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has 'lost' the records of General Michael Flynn. How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!" The president's tweet came as the coronavirus was running riot ac

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus cases have dropped sharply in South Korea. What's the secret to its success? ….. ….. A scary brush with Middle East respiratory syndrome led the country to set up the world's most expansive testing program for COVID-19

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19 reveals the alarming truth that many children can't wash their hands at school | Laura McInerney ….. ….. A survey found that 37% of teachers said they did not have hot water and soap available for pupils Global crises often bring surprises for schools. The first world war flagged up the high number of young soldiers who couldn't read or write. In the second world war, middle-class country families despaired when evacuated children showed up malnourished and riven with lice. In the aftermath of both,

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. New Evidence Shows How COVID-19 Has Affected Global Air Pollution ….. ….. A tiny silver lining?

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: why the UK stepped up its emergency response ….. ….. Alarming new evidence led to rapid rethink but critics ask if it goes far enough

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Italy will be Europe's canary in the coalmine for the post-Covid economy | Marchel Alexandrovich ….. ….. All eyes will be on the southern European state to see if the ECB's measures will prevent a health emergency becoming an economic one If there were any doubts as to how seriously European officials are treating the Covid-19 emergency, the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte 's reference to this being his country's "darkest hour" should help dispel them. Italy is the European country currently m

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19 event cancellations: Communication is key to retaining public trust ….. ….. Around the world, festivals, sporting events, conferences and community celebrations are being cancelled or postponed due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19. Event organizers have had to make difficult decisions about how to proceed, and would-be attendees question whether they should plan to go.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why fake news about coronavirus is appealing (and how to avoid it) ….. ….. As people increasingly social distance themselves to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, social media is an appealing way to stay in contact with friends, family and colleagues. But it can also be a source of misinformation and bad advice—some of it even dangerously wrong.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Coronavirus Is Testing European Social Democracy ….. ….. At noon today, as France slipped into confinement, I looked down from my balcony at the street below. A few people were riding bikes or walking. At the tobacconist next to the closed café, a woman was wiping down the door frame. The street is normally busy, and all of a sudden it wasn't. For the next two weeks, and likely longer, we cannot go out except for urgent reasons: food, medicine, or esse

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Can blood serum from COVID-19 survivors save others? ….. ….. Blood serum could offer a way to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the United States, according to proposal on plasma therapy. With a vaccine for COVID-19 still a long way away, immunologist Arturo Casadevall is working to revive a century-old blood-derived treatment. With the right pieces in place, the treatment could be set up at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore within a matter of weeks, Casa

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How COVID-19 Is Like Climate Change ….. ….. Both are existential challenges—and a president who belittles and neglects science has made them both tougher to address — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How COVID-19 Is Like Climate Change ….. ….. Both are existential challenges—and a president who belittles and neglects science has made them both tougher to address — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus compels companies to embrace remote working ….. ….. Business practices undergo seismic change with flexible policies becoming standard

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. You Can Get up Close to This Coronavirus—It's Made of Glass ….. ….. But maybe not *too* close. Luke Jerram's glass statues won't make you sick, but they could still take your eye out.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus fears hit UK property market as viewings dry up ….. ….. Buyers and sellers worry about risk of infection, say agents

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: Cambridge scientists race for a vaccine ….. ….. Cambridge scientists say they are working "as hard and as fast as we possibly can" to find a vaccine.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus shows the value of Japan Inc's cash piles ….. ….. Companies have been hit hard but should use rainy day funds to reward shareholders post-crisis

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus could be the driving force for positive change ….. ….. Coronavirus could be the driving force for future change for good with two of the largest issues facing the world today. 1) We know with automation coming we're potentially in for massive job losses. This could be the start of truly universal credit, where everybody gets a stipend that enables them to live regardless of work. This would never happen without a need . 2) With climate change issues

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Journals, Peer Reviewers Cope with Surge in COVID-19 Publications ….. ….. Coronavirus experts are swamped with reading submissions, and doing so as quickly as possible.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Tear up the economic rule book. This pandemic calls for radical intervention | Ed Miliband ….. ….. Coronavirus is a grave threat to the economy and the lives of millions – a new benefit payment for all affected workers should be just the start • See all our coronavirus coverage The coronavirus pandemic has shown us all in just a few days how fragile our way of life really is. Basic certainties about our health, that of our loved ones and our normal way of life can no longer be taken for grante

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Millions Locked Down in California as Barriers Rise Worldwide ….. ….. Countries across the globe are closing their borders, restricting travel and locking down cities. In the United States, President Trump recommended limiting groups to fewer than 10 people.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. What is coronavirus, is there a cure and what is the mortality rate? ….. ….. Covid-19 essential guide: can it be caught on public transport, how is it different from the flu, and how sick will I get? Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself against coronavirus What are the coronavirus symptoms? The Covid-19 virus is a member of the coronavirus family that made the jump from animals to humans late last year. Many of those initially infected either worked or fre

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How long will COVID-19 last? ….. ….. COVID-19 may be with us for some time, but we are far from powerless. (Pexels/) The number of new COVID-19 cases in the United States is accelerating, and the impact of the pandemic is "definitely going to get worse before it gets better," Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases, said on March 12 . "We will have a lot more cases," Fauci, who directs the National Institut

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Patent Troll Sues to Pull Covid-19 Tests Off Market Over Alleged Infringement ….. ….. Credit: Felipe Esquivel Reed/Wikimedia Commons A lawsuit filed in US federal court last week by a notorious patent troll seeks to block the use of new coronavirus tests in the United States over an alleged case of patent infringement. In a filing that may one day win some kind of award for being the worst possible idea at the worst possible time, an unknown firm named Labrador Diagnostics has sue

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How NASA is keeping coronavirus off the ISS ….. ….. Crew members have their own 2-week quarantine before liftoff. Employees of the agency get their quarantine work orders. NASA is depending on Russia and SpaceX to step up to the challenge. There are no respirators in space. As concerned as you may be at the moment about coronavirus following you into your personal quarantine, imagine getting COVID-19 in space, trapped in a vehicle far above the ne

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. As Coronavirus Rages, Elon Musk Refuses to Close Tesla Factory ….. ….. Elon Defiant Much of the Bay Area is now under a "shelter in place" lockdown due to the coronavirus, meaning residents aren't allowed to go out unless it's absolutely necessary. One exception, the Los Angeles Times reports , is electric carmaker Tesla, which has thus far kept its Fremont factory open. CEO Elon Musk did back down slightly by Monday night, telling employees in a mass email they can

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Hvad er et virus egentlig? Forstå hvorfor medicin ikke virker mod corona ….. ….. Et virus er ikke rigtig levende, og derfor er det svært at dræbe.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Corona: Riskgrupperna kan komma att ändras ….. ….. Ett flertal grupper har pekats ut som "riskgrupper" för det nya coronaviruset. Men vilka tillhör egentligen en riskgrupp, och vad innebär det? – Det är inte en fråga om att lättare bli infekterad, säger Annika Linde, tidigare statsepidemiolog.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Huge fiscal spending is needed to fight coronavirus downturn ….. ….. Far more is required than during the global financial crisis

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. India Scrambles to Escape a Coronavirus Crisis. So Far, It's Working. ….. ….. Fears are growing about what happens if community transmission takes off in the crowded areas of the world's second-most-populous nation.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. White House Takes New Line After Dire Report on Death Toll ….. ….. Federal guidelines warned against gatherings of more than 10 people as a London report predicted high fatalities in the U.S. without drastic action.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Your Computer Can Help Stanford Researchers Fight The Coronavirus. Here's How ….. ….. Fighting COVID-19 one calculation at a time.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How European economies try to mitigate the coronavirus shock ….. ….. Fiscal measures range from tax deferrals to loan guarantees

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. What we scientists have discovered about how each age group spreads Covid-19 | Petra Klepac ….. ….. For some, workplaces are hotspots. For the over-65s, it's shops and restaurants. We urgently need to change our behaviour Petra Klepac is assistant professor of infectious disease modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine See all our coronavirus coverage Early detection and early response. In an ideal world, this will contain an outbreak of infectious disease and prevent it

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Dominic Raab advises UK public to avoid all non-essential travel ….. ….. Foreign secretary says dramatic step necessary to fight spread of coronavirus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The UK foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, has advised the British public to avoid non-essential travel anywhere in the world for at least 30 days as the government steps up its battle against Covid-19. Raab said the dramatic decision followed on from the prime

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus live news: French ordered to stay inside as White House urges isolation and EU bans non-essential travel ….. ….. France mobilises 100,000 police to conduct movement checks; California tells millions to 'shelter-in-place'; Markets plummet. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glance Boris Johnson warns UK population to avoid non-essential contact EU calls for 30-day ban on foreigners entering bloc Health experts criticise NHS advice to take ibuprofen Share your experiences 12.58am GMT In less

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Lack of internet access in Southeast Asia poses challenges for students to study online amid COVID-19 pandemic ….. ….. Governments and companies across the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with cancellations of public events and closures of offices, restaurants, museums, schools and universities to avoid masses from gathering as the highly contagious pneumonia-like disease can spread from one person to another.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19: why are there different fatality rates? ….. ….. Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Paul Hunter about fatality rates; why different figures are being quoted across the media; how the rates are calculated; and is the fatality rate the only useful number to look at? Continue reading…

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Covid-19: why are there different fatality rates? ….. ….. Hannah Devlin speaks to Prof Paul Hunter about fatality rates; why different figures are being quoted across the media; how the rates are calculated; and is the fatality rate the only useful number to look at?. Help support our independent journalism at

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trial of Coronavirus Vaccine Made by Moderna Begins in Seattle ….. ….. Healthy volunteers will test different doses of the first vaccine to find out if it is safe.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Good and Bad News of a Coronavirus Pandemic Model – Facts So Romantic ….. ….. Hospitals in the U.S. are above 90 percent capacity without any considerations for COVID-19 demands. According the planners of Event 201, and other experts, we will soon see a surge in demand at U.S. hospitals that is almost impossible to imagine. Photo illustration by enzoalessandra / Shutterstock How many people could die from a novel coronavirus infection? Of course, no one knows. But just bef

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready? ….. ….. Human trials will begin in April – but even if they go well, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes have

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Risikoen for syge læger er Heunickes store corona-problem ….. ….. I Italien er dele af sundhedsvæsenet lammet, fordi læger og sygeplejersker er smittede med coronavirus. Herhjemme er fokus i sundhedsvæsenet på at skabe kapacitet til, når virus topper. En koordineret oplæring om smittespredning har vi ikke haft tid til endnu, fortæller læge.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. New accounting rules pose threat to banks amid coronavirus crisis ….. ….. IFRS 9 said to make lenders more susceptible to highs and lows of economic cycles

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus Treatment: Hundreds of Scientists Scramble to Find One ….. ….. In an ambitious international collaboration, researchers have "mapped" proteins in the coronavirus and identified 50 drugs to test against it.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. DeepMind's Protein Folding AI Is Going After Coronavirus ….. ….. In late December last year, Dr. Li Wenliang began warning officials about a novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, but was silenced by the police before tragically succumbing to the disease two months later. Meanwhile, almost simultaneously, a computer server halfway across the world started issuing worrying alerts of a potential new outbreak. The server runs software by BlueDot , a company based in

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: What is social distancing and how do you do it? ….. ….. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, many governments are now recommending social distancing. Here's a guide to what it means for you

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Volunteers Are Now Testing a Potential Coronavirus Vaccine ….. ….. In what could be a major inflection point in the global coronavirus outbreak, scientists are now testing a potential vaccine on volunteers in Seattle. "This work is critical to national efforts to respond to the threat of this emerging virus," said Lisa Jackson, a senior investigator at a Kaiser Permanente research facility who's leading the trial, in a press release . Jackson and her colleagues

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK hospitality industry faces 'existential crisis' over coronavirus ….. ….. Insurance industry warns that 'vast majority of firms' won't be covered for Covid-19

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. EU warns of pro-Kremlin disinformation on coronavirus ….. ….. Internal report says effort aims to destroy confidence in west's response to pandemic

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. EU unity is vital in the fight against coronavirus ….. ….. Italy's desperate plight has become a test of European solidarity

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing ….. ….. Judy Moskowitz, a professor of medical social sciences at Northwestern University, talks about ways to cope during this time of missing out on our usual diet of social interactions. — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: Dealing with Social Distancing ….. ….. Judy Moskowitz, a professor of medical social skills at Northwestern University, talks about ways to cope during this time of missing out on our usual diet of social interactions. — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus UK cases: how many are in your area? ….. ….. Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many confirmed cases have been reported near you. Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not included in these counts. Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Air pollution likely to increase coronavirus death rate, warn experts ….. ….. Lung damage from dirty air may worsen infections, but isolation measures improving air quality Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The health damage inflicted on people by long-standing air pollution in cities is likely to increase the death rate from coronavirus infections, experts have said. Dirty air is known to cause lung and heart damage and is responsible for at le

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: EU brings in travel ban as France enters 'war' footing ….. ….. Macron tells citizens to prepare for 'long and difficult crisis' as country goes into lockdown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The EU has endorsed the strictest travel ban in its history as France joined Italy and Spain in full lockdown and Donald Trump told Americans to change their behaviour, acknowledging for the first time that beating the coronavirus could take

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Cinemas across the UK to shut in response to coronavirus ….. ….. Major chains including Odeon, Cineworld and Picturehouse to go dark • Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations Huge numbers of cinemas across the UK and Ireland are shutting down due to the coronavirus. Major chains, including Odeon, Cineworld and Picturehouse, as well as BFI Southbank, the screening complex operated by the British Film Institute, have announced they are closing th

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airline industry will need up to $200bn to survive coronavirus, warns Iata ….. ….. Majority of carriers face running out of money within 2 months, says trade group

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The People Ignoring Social Distancing ….. ….. March 14 was a standard Saturday night for the weekend before St. Patrick's Day: "Just a bunch of random people smashing Guinness," said Andrew, a bartender who works at an "Irish-adjacent" bar in Washington, D.C. From 6 p.m. until last call at 2:30 a.m., Andrew witnessed hundreds of patrons—many of them just over 21—stream in, social distancing be damned. "They were out, and they didn't really c

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How mass hysteria happens (and how to avoid the COVID-19 panic) ….. ….. Mass hysteria, also known as epidemic hysteria, occurs between two or more people who share beliefs related to symptoms suggestive of organic illness. Research suggests that real pandemics can lead to mass hysteria. A key factor that creates hysteria around pandemics is that the population's ability to remain calm and react logically to the situation at hand is blurred and unfocused due to the an

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers Will Deploy AI to Better Understand Coronavirus ….. ….. More than 2,000 papers have been published about the virus since December. It will take some smart algorithms to mine insights from them.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. What China's coronavirus response can teach the rest of the world ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00741-x Researchers are studying the effects of China's lockdowns to glean insights about controlling the viral pandemic.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: three things all governments and their science advisers must do now ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00772-4 Follow World Health Organization advice, end secrecy in decision-making and cooperate globally.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: don't forget deaf people ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00782-2

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Podcast Extra: Coronavirus – science in the pandemic ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00800-3 Nick Howe investigates how researchers around the world are answering the call for science.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Daily briefing: First coronavirus vaccine clinical trials begin in United States ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00802-1 The phase I trial of the vaccine from drug company Moderna is just the beginning of a long process to test safety and efficacy. Plus: a 'completely accidental' discovery hints at how to use standard silicon microchips in a quantum computer and a year without conferences raises the question of whether we need them at all.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces ….. ….. New research finds that the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces. Scientists found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Anti-inflammatory drugs might not actually make COVID-19 worse ….. ….. NSAIDs like ibuprofen are used throughout the world to treat fever and pain. Physicians cast doubt that they influence our immune response to the coronavirus (Pexels/) On Saturday, the French health minister, Olivier Véran, tweeted that taking anti-inflammatory drugs—even over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, Advil, and Aleve—could worsen cases of COVID-19. "If you are already taking anti-

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Därför krävs tillit för att bekämpa det nya coronaviruset ….. ….. När det nya coronaviruset nu sprider sig i olika delar av världen är det oerhört viktigt att korrekt information sprids. Det säger socialantropolog Syna Ouattara, vid Göteborgs universitet. Han har tidigare forskat i ett eboladrabbat Västafrika och ser paralleller till dagens situation. När ebolaviruset härjade i Västafrika 2015 arbetade Syna Ouattara, fil. dr i socialantropologi vid Gothenburg R

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus will force hospital chiefs to make some terrible choices | Polly Toynbee ….. ….. Our stripped-down NHS will not be able to cope when Covid-19 peaks, leaving it to officials to decide who lives and who dies • See all our coronavirus coverage "Horrible decisions will be made about who lives and who dies," says the chief executive of a large hospital trust. "And I will be the one to make them. Liability sits with me." This manager, somewhere in England, dare not say who he is –

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Turkey cuts rates in emergency coronavirus move ….. ….. Package of financial measures aims to soften blow to tourism, exports and consumers

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Skal corona-restriktioner vare uger eller måneder for at have effekt? ….. ….. PLUS. En modellering af forholdene i Wuhan viser betydningen af, at restriktioner opretholdes gennem længere tid.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Hollandske forskere har fundet antistof mod coronavirus ….. ….. PLUS. Fundet af et antistof til coronavirus kan være et afgørende skridt i kampen mod sygdommen, men antistoffet mangler stadig at blive testet på mennesker.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Kemiprofessor: Derfor er sæbe den mest effektive Corona-dræber ….. ….. PLUS. Selvom håndsprit sagtens kan bruges til at rense hænderne fra smittepartikler, er almindelig sæbe mere effektivt.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. A new app would say if you've crossed paths with someone who is infected ….. ….. Private Kit: Safe Paths shares information about your movements in a privacy-preserving way—and could let health officials tackle coronavirus hot spots.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Sociale medier advarer: Corona-pandemi fører til, at AI fejlagtigt fjerner indhold ….. ….. På grund af coronavirus og hjemsendte ansatte må Google, Facebook og Twitter øge brugen af AI til at fjerne indhold. Men det øger samtidig sandsynligheden for, at indhold fjernes på et forkert grundlag, advarer de sociale medier.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Telecommuting could curb the coronavirus epidemic ….. ….. Recent surveys from both the National Household Transportation Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that around 29% of the United States workforce has the option to work at home, and around 15% usually does so.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Regeringen: Corona-relateret forskning kan springe finansieringskøen over ….. ….. Regeringen vil fremme forskningsresultater, der kan gøre gavn i sundhedsvæsenet under corona-epidemien.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: The immune system can fight back ….. ….. Researchers at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institute) were able to test blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s, who presented with COVID-19 and had mild-to-moderate symptoms requiring hospital admission.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How quickly can people recover from COVID-19? ….. ….. Researchers have mapped immune responses from one of Australia's first COVID-19 patients, showing the body's ability to fight the virus and the timing of recovery from the infection. Researchers were able to test blood samples at four different time points in an otherwise healthy woman in her 40s, who presented with COVID-19 and had mild-to-moderate symptoms requiring hospital admission. A report

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Webinars with patients-survey: 73% with chronic illnesses feel more COVID-19 risk ….. ….. Results issued from the first of a series of ongoing surveys, among 1,300 people living with or caring for chronic conditions, that is tracking their awareness of and concerns about the novel coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19. Survey participants span 17 chronic disease areas across age groups (18-92), genders, race/ethnicities, education level, location (urban, suburban, rural).

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK to launch coronavirus rescue package for business ….. ….. Rishi Sunak to announce measures after government switches strategy on crisis

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Experts: Vaping Could Make Coronavirus Infection More Severe ….. ….. Scientists say it's reasonable to assume that smoking or vaping could make COVID-19 symptoms more severe once infected, according to Scientific American . To be clear, a direct link has yet to be investigated by researchers — but there's plenty of evidence that smoking or vaping suppress immune function in the lungs and trigger inflammation. Scientists have also found that more severe COVID-19 ca

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Renaissance tripped up by coronavirus-induced market turmoil ….. ….. Secretive quant hedge fund endures one of its worst months in more than a decade

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Europe's café culture on front lines of coronavirus 'catastrophe' ….. ….. Small businesses like pubs and restaurants bear early brunt of continent-wide shutdown

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Flattening the COVID-19 Curves ….. ….. Social distancing imposes hardships, but it can save many millions of lives — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Flattening the COVID-19 Curves ….. ….. Social distancing imposes hardships, but it can save many millions of lives — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. We're not going back to normal ….. ….. Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The case for massive corona-stimulus ….. ….. Spend fast, spend big.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How changes brought on by coronavirus could help tackle climate change ….. ….. Stock markets around the world had some of their worst performance in decades this past week, well surpassing that of the global financial crisis in 2008. Restrictions in the free movement of people is disrupting economic activity across the world as measures to control the coronavirus roll out.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. New kind of CRISPR technology to target RNA, including RNA viruses like coronavirus ….. ….. submitted by /u/HeinrichTheWolf_17 [link] [comments]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: YouTube Turns to AI to Address Shortage of Human Moderators ….. ….. submitted by /u/SeventhConstellation [link] [comments]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor: Camostat mesylate, an inhibitor of TMPRSS2, blocks SARS-CoV-2 infection of lung cells. This Off-The-Shelf Medicine Could Soon Treat COVID-19 Patients ….. ….. submitted by /u/snooshoe [link] [comments]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How to Not Completely Hate the People You're Quarantined With ….. ….. Take it from experts who study isolation: It's hard, it takes teamwork, and it may cause excessive staring into nothingness.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. That Imperial coronavirus report, in detail …..–in-detail-/ ….. The academic research behind the UK's change in strategy: from herd immunity to suppression.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Why the Coronavirus Hit Italy So Hard ….. ….. The country has the second-oldest population on earth, and its young mingle more often with elderly loved ones.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The real economic victims of coronavirus are those we can't see ….. ….. The COVID-19 coronavirus is officially a pandemic, the US and Australian share markets have collapsed, both governments have unveiled stimulus packages, and Australia's trade union movement is worried about the position of casuals.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Recession appears 'inevitable' in wake of COVID-19 pandemic, expert says ….. ….. The devastation wrought by the COVID-19 outbreak is not only evident in the skyrocketing number of cases reported on the coronavirus tracking map produced by Johns Hopkins University, it's also evident in the falling prices in stock markets around the world.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. When it comes to national emergencies, Britain has a tradition of cold calculation | David Edgerton ….. ….. The government's reluctance to put the health of citizens first during the Covid-19 outbreak has echoes in the 1940s and 50s David Edgerton is the author of The Rise and Fall of the British Nation • See all our coronavirus coverage What's the best way to respond to a global health emergency? For countries like Italy, Spain, South Korea and Denmark, the answer is closing schools and public spaces

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers in the US to deal with the coronavirus boom ….. ….. The hiring spree is to cope with an unprecedented surge in demand for online deliveries during the outbreak.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage ….. ….. The number of known cases of the coronavirus in the U.S. has surpassed 5,000 as testing, which was initially limited, has expanded, according to a New York Times database that is tracking every identified case in the country.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus: how Boris Johnson has performed so far ….. ….. The prime minister must prove he can step up to tackle the outbreak

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Italian 3D Printing Startup Creates Replacement Respirator Valves for COVID-19 Patients ….. ….. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has pushed global supply chains to their breaking point — anyone who has tried to find a few rolls of toilet paper at the store can tell you that. Even more vital, life-saving items are in short supply. In Italy, a hospital was unable to get valves for its venturi oxygen masks. Luckily, a local 3d printing startup called Isinnova rode to the rescue with 3d printed rep

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. No More Than 10 People in One Place, Trump Said. But Why? ….. ….. The recommendations of federal agencies and other jurisdictions for limiting crowd sizes have varied widely in recent days.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. New coronavirus stable for hours on surfaces ….. ….. The virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is stable for several hours to days in aerosols and on surfaces, according to a new study from National Institutes of Health, CDC, UCLA and Princeton University scientists in NEJM. They found that (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three day

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Stark new data made the UK government's U-turn on coronavirus inevitable | Jennifer Rohn ….. ….. There is no one right way to curb a pandemic. But now research has shown 'mitigation' is riskier than tougher measures • See all our coronavirus coverage How can you chart the right course through a turbulent and dangerous new sea with no reliable map or GPS? We are all part of the living experiment that is about to find out. After failing to mandate widespread social distancing last week, an app

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Angiotensin and the Coronavirus ….. ….. There's quite a bit of confusion around the ACE proteins and coronavirus infection, and I can see why. The names in this area are pretty confusing, for one thing, and if you're not familiar with the tangled feedback loops that you get in human biology, it all starts to look like a tangle of wires pretty quickly. So let's have a look at the outlines of the system. At right is a (pretty darn simpli

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. We are at war with coronavirus. Everyone will have to muck in | Gaby Hinsliff ….. ….. This pandemic will open up sinkholes in society – volunteers may have to help out in services from deliveries to education • See all our coronavirus coverage Nous sommes en guerre : we are at war. With those words , President Macron put France on notice yesterday that everything had changed, promising hundreds of billions of euros to ensure that no business would go bust because of the virus. Yet

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Smoking or Vaping May Increase the Risk of a Severe Coronavirus Infection ….. ….. Though few studies have investigated the connection specifically, cigarette smoke and vaping aerosol are linked to lung inflammation and lowered immune function — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Smoking or Vaping May Increase the Risk of a Severe Coronavirus Infection ….. ….. Though few studies have investigated the connection specifically, cigarette smoke and vaping aerosol are linked to lung inflammation and lowered immune function — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. What It Really Means to Cancel Elective Surgeries ….. ….. Three weeks ago, Robert Cruickshank went to the ER in Seattle with terrible abdominal pain. The diagnosis? Gallstones. The hospital gave him strong painkillers and urged him to come back again—and soon—to have his gallbladder removed. "It doesn't have to happen tonight," he recalls the doctors saying, "but get it scheduled as soon as possible." No one yet knew that the coronavirus was already spr

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19 & its implications for the survivability of future space travel, habitation, and colonization ….. ….. TL,DR: social distancing is likely to be impossible even in advanced colonies and spacecraft far into the future. Anything with COVID-19's characteristics might rapidly wipe out crew, residents, etc. So this one's probably really far into the future, but I thought about it yesterday. Even if advance tech gives us fusion powered plasma rocket engines and the like, future spacecraft and colonies ar

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Analysis suggests UK still not doing enough to prevent covid-19 deaths ….. ….. To really reduce the potential coronavirus death toll, modelling suggests that the UK needs to bring in stricter social distancing and perhaps close schools

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. COVID-19: The perils of a 'just enough, just in time' food system ….. ….. Toilet paper shortages, profiteering from hand sanitizer and empty shelves in grocery stores.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Forskare: Detta vet vi om coronavirusinfektioner ….. ….. Vad är egentligen ett virus, och var härstammar vår nya pandemi från? Ann-Sofi Rehnstam-Holm, professor i mikrobiologi vid Högskolan Kristianstad, skriver själv om det nya coronaviruset vi har att göra med. Ordet corona är latin och betyder helt enkelt krona eller krans, och samma ord använder vi för den ljuskrans vi ser kring solen vid solförmörkelse. Om du studerar ett coronavirus avbildat i et

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The latest on COVID-19, from social-distancing to US cases ….. ….. View this post on Instagram How do you tell if your cold or flu is actually #COVID19? Use this chart as a handy guide to common symptoms for all three. 🔗: Hit the #linkinbio for a closer look at the symptoms—and what to do if you have them: @popsci 📊: @sarachodoshviz A post shared by Popular Science (@popsci) on Mar 11, 2020 at 7:35am PDT

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Isolated by Coronavirus, Schoolkids Hold Graduation In Minecraft ….. ….. Virtual Graduation Since all Japanese schools are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, a creative group of elementary school graduates decided to have their graduation ceremony inside the videogame Minecraft, according to SoraNews24 . "We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!" wrote the father of one of the kids on Twitter. 「何やってんの?」 「みんなで卒業式をやることにした」 え?すげえ。 小学生が集まって自分たちで卒業式を

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. It-kriminelle udnytter corona-krisen til at få ram på dig ….. ….. Vær varsom over for falske beskeder fra myndigheder og "gode tilbud".

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Call to protect hospital staff from coronavirus contamination ….. ….. Warning after contamination found across Wuhan hospital, with virus on much equipment Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists have issued an urgent call to protect health workers in hospitals after finding "extensive" levels of coronavirus contamination in specialist wards and intensive-care units and on equipment ranging from keyboards to gel hand sanitisers. The

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I see a doctor? ….. ….. What are the symptoms caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has come from animals. Continue reading…

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. How do we face coronavirus? Common decency is our only hope | Suzanne Moore ….. ….. Whether you're a catastrophist or a conspiracy theorist, everyone has their own way of coping with the pandemic. But what we really need is solidarity and honesty See all our coronavirus coverage How do you feel? I'm not asking if you have a temperature and a cough. What I mean is: how do you feel in yourself? How are you coping emotionally? I ask because, since we have all become amateur and (fr

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Universities having to adapt fast to the coronavirus crisis ….. ….. With a shift to online teaching as some institutions cancel lectures, there are fears that disadvantaged students may be missing out UK universities are racing to ensure that the coronavirus does not prevent final-year students from completing their degrees. But experts say a sudden shift to online learning is a "huge challenge" for both institutions and students. All universities have been treati

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Here's how social media can combat the coronavirus 'infodemic' ….. ….. With millions on lockdown, Facebook and Twitter are major sources of Covid-19 news. They're also where misinformation thrives. How can platforms step up?

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Here's an Idea: The Government Should Pay People to Stay Home ….. ….. You've maybe heard of basic income, or the idea that governments should provide people with enough money to get by. Many advocates of basic income, like presidential candidate Andrew Yang, frame the idea as a response to widespread automation. But now, in the shadow of the global coronavirus outbreak, public thinkers are starting to propose a public health twist on the concept: paying people to s

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. A Therapist's Guide to Emotional Health in a Pandemic ….. ….. "IF I CAN'T TOUCH MY FACE SOON, I MAY NEED TO GO TO THERAPY!" I tweeted last week when coronavirus panic seemed to reach a new high. I'm a psychotherapist—I write the "Dear Therapist" column for this publication—and underneath the quip was the hope that others might feel less alone in this very strange and anxiety-provoking time. Yes, we have bigger concerns than suppressing the urge to touch our

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Monkeys Develop Protective Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 ….. ….. A small study of macaques finds they don't develop a coronavirus infection the second time they are exposed, supporting the idea of using plasma from recovered patients as a treatment for COVID-19.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. We are all homeworkers now ….. ….. Advice for those thrust by the coronavirus into the twilight zone between sofa and stairs

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Därför vill Folkhälsomyndigheten inte stänga grundskolor ….. ….. Barn är ofta drivande i smittspridningen vid utbrott av andra coronavirus och influensa. Men det nya coronaviruset infekterar inte barn i någon högre utsträckning, och de sprider heller inte smittan vidare.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Hushed Spectacle of Soccer Matches in Empty Stadiums ….. ….. Before most international leagues suspended or canceled their seasons due to the coronavirus, some teams first tried a different approach.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump Defended Cuts to Public-Health Agencies, on Video ….. ….. Beth Cameron, a former senior director for global health security and biodefense on the White House National Security Council, complained in The Washington Post on Friday that the Trump administration dissolved her office in 2018, "leaving the country less prepared for pandemics like COVID-19." The same day, a PBS reporter asked President Trump about the change he presided over. "You did disband

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. US carworkers demand plant closures to match Europe ….. ….. Call for two-week halt in US comes as Nissan shuts UK's biggest factory over coronavirus fears

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. From the UK to Sri Lanka: the Australians stranded around the world ….. ….. Cancelled flights, airport shutdowns and soaring ticket prices all preventing people returning home Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Australians stranded around the world by cancelled flights, airport shutdowns or soaring ticket prices say they want to heed their government's advice to return home during the pandemic – but don't know how. From the UK to Sri Lanka, Lat

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. China's supply-side shock is rapidly becoming a demand-side one ….. ….. Coronavirus could dwarf the crisis that hit the country's biggest export markets in 2008 and 2009

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Kids are schooling at home. What now? ….. ….. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, more than 421 million children worldwide are out of school. While kids likely view this as a break, parents likely have concerns on how to manage their child's behavior and schoolwork at home. The FIU Center for Children and Families has some tips to navigate this period of social distancing.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. 2020 Time Capsule #4: Trump Is Lying, Blatantly ….. ….. During press questioning at the White House today, Donald Trump was asked whether his tone about the coronavirus threat had suddenly changed. For weeks, he'd been mocking the virus threat—at rallies, in tweets, and in press remarks. But both yesterday and today, he'd suddenly shifted to warning that the public-health and economic problems were real, and would remain so for a long time. What chang

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The Next, Terrible Phase of This Crisis ….. ….. For months, health experts on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 told the world to prepare. The coronavirus is not like influenza, they warned. It is highly transmissible, and far deadlier. It shuts down entire cities, as happened in Wuhan, China, and entire countries, as is happening now in Italy. Instead of heeding these warnings while there was time to halt the contagion, the Ameri

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Caterer Compass warns of hit from remote working ….. ….. FTSE 100 company says impact of coronavirus is hitting business hard

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airlines should not get blank cheques to survive ….. ….. Government aid to weather coronavirus crisis must be short-term

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. UK bailout/Sunak: son of Mario ….. ….. Government unveils economic measures on coronavirus

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. World on lockdown, Markets melt, Hospitals suffer ….. ….. Governments around the world limit public movement to stop the spreading coronavirus pandemic

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Are U.S. Hospitals Ready? ….. ….. Here's what it will take for medical facilities across the nation to handle the coming surge of COVID-19 patients. (Image credit: Ryan Kellman/NPR)

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Most Americans Don't Believe Anything Trump Is Saying Right Now ….. ….. If there's anything reassuring about the current political moment, it's that the majority of Americans know better than to put trust in what they're hearing about the coronavirus pandemic from…the American President. A new national NPR/PBS Newshour/Marist poll reports from a sample of 835 adults around America, about 24 percent of Americans place "not very much" trust in what they hear about the

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon Warehouses Will Only Process Medical Supplies, Essentials ….. ….. In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon sent out a note to sellers that the digital retail giant will only accept shipments of medical supplies and other essentials to its warehouses. In an email to sellers who rely on its platform, Amazon announced that it would only be taking in shipments of "household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products" until April 5, accord

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Airlines Use Empty Passenger Jets to Ease the Cargo Crunch ….. ….. People aren't flying because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, some carriers are putting planes back in service to carry freight instead.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Milda symptom orsakar stor smittspridning ….. ….. Personer med milda symptom ligger bakom den stora spridningen av coronaviruset i Kina, trots att de bara vara hälften så smittsamma som de med allvarliga symptom. Anledningen är att de är många fler och mörkertalet är stort.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britiske topforskere: Afbødningsstrategier stopper ikke sundhedsvæsenet fra at gå i knæ ….. ….. Samfundet skal lukkes helt ned, hvis ikke det ikke skal gå som i Italien. Og det skal fortsætte med at være lukket ned, indtil der er en vaccine mod COVID-19 klar.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Pause, reflect and stay home': how to look after yourself and others in self-isolation ….. ….. Seven days? Fourteen days? Can you go for a walk? What about your children? Here is a guide to staying safe and cheerful if you can't leave the house Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage If you are not already self-isolating, or considering it, there is a high chance you will be in the coming months. The government's advice is that people who live alone and have a fever o

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The government has abandoned us': gig economy workers struggle to cope ….. ….. Some people face a stark choice during the coronavirus outbreak – go out to work or don't get paid Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Forced to decide between nursing mild cold and flu symptoms at home without earning anything or sucking it up, going out to work and paying the bills, self-employed workers face a stark yet not uncommon choice. The prime minister, Boris J

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. America's Restaurants Will Need a Miracle ….. ….. The spread of the coronavirus across the United States has caused a generalized shutdown of public life. Schools are closed, sports are canceled, and concerts are over. This is entirely appropriate. A pandemic is war, and public gatherings at the moment give aid and comfort to the biological enemy. But this shutdown will crush the economy, starting with the restaurant industry. In the past 48 hou

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Eight things to know about the long-awaited Xbox Series X ….. ….. The Xbox Series X won't have the same flat box shape as previous consoles. (Microsoft/) Microsoft started dropping hints about the next generation Xbox last year. This week, however, the company has released some hard specs and more information about how the Xbox Series X will actually work when it arrives for holiday 2020. The coronavirus outbreak canceled the E3 video game trade show, but that

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Planes, Trains and Automobiles: What Does A Deep Clean Mean? ….. ….. There is no universal protocol to eradicate the coronavirus, and cleaning means different things to businesses and consumers — Read more on

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Remember February? I have never been so nostalgic for normality | Arwa Mahdawi ….. ….. Until New York shut down, I didn't appreciate how privileged I was. Now, I am trying to fight my anxiety by making the most of mundane moments Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Remember the good old days when supermarket shelves were stocked with toilet paper ? Remember when only a few people were familiar with the phrase " social distancing "? Remember when you could

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump looks at sending money directly to Americans ….. ….. White House calls for stimulus of up to $850bn for coronavirus fallout

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Expert sees tough slog ahead for workers, small businesses ….. ….. With stock markets plummeting despite the federal government's recent steps to try to bolster the economy, worries that COVID-19 could do lasting economic damage are rising. The Gazette spoke with Harvard Business School's Willy Shih, the Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Management Practice, about lessons learned from China, which appears to have wrestled the epidemic there under control—reporti

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Aggressive testing helps Italian town cut new cases to zero ….. ….. Experiment in Vò underscores WHO's message to 'test, test, test'

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon stops accepting non-essential goods into warehouses ….. ….. Online retailer says it has to focus on important household and medical goods

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. As Toilet Paper Flies Off Shelves, Bidet Sales Go Boom-Boom ….. ….. Has the bidet's time in North America finally arrived?

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Being Anti-intellectual During a Pandemic ….. ….. In the past I have written a defense of elitism and expertise , and articles exploring the phenomenon of anti-intellectualism . For those who reject science this is a core issue – they must attack expertise, reject consensus, and defend populism as their justification for promoting the idea that the consensus of scientific opinion is wrong. They do so with the same tired and rejected arguments th

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britisk regering opfordrer bilproducenter til at lave hospitalsudstyr ….. ….. Den britiske regering har bedt producenter udenfor medico-branchen om at begynde at lave udstyr til respiratorer. Hvis I kan lave det, køber vi det, lover minister

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Britons told to avoid non-essential travel in effort to counter virus ….. ….. Travellers should 'keep in mind' that flights might be cancelled, warns Foreign Office

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. China Bans Journalists From Major US Newspapers ….. ….. Escalating Tensions All American journalists working for The Wall Street Journal , The New York Times , and the Washington Post have been expelled from China, according to a Tuesday announcement by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese authorities also demanded that they'd like to know exactly what's going on at these newspapers, as well as at the Voice of America and TIME magazine's opera

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Don't be Italy. A visual breakdown of how long it will take hospitals to fill up. ….. ….. submitted by /u/strangeattractors [link] [comments]

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Fed to buy commercial paper to ease market turmoil ….. ….. Central bank acts after short-term funding markets for companies become 'frozen'

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Financial crunch looms as virus shock hits economies ….. ….. With echoes of 2008 getting louder, time is not on the side of central banks or governments

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. German investor sentiment hits lowest level in 12 years ….. ….. Eurozone economy braces for recession as Zew survey finds record fall in outlook

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Israeli spies to keep track of virus sufferers via mobiles ….. ….. Privacy advocates concerned by Benjamin Netanyahu's surveillance measure

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Rise in Italian yields echoes eurozone debt crisis ….. ….. Lagarde's ill-advised remarks show central bankers' words and actions still matter

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Roskildelæger har rykket morgenkonferencen udendørs ….. ….. For at mindske smitterisikoen foregår den daglige morgenkonference på Sjællands Universitetshospital, Roskilde på græsplænen uden for hospitalet.

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Seattle sparks calls on Trump to guarantee medical supplies ….. ….. Hospitals in badly hit Washington state warn they are running out of protective kit

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Stocks gain after biggest Wall Street sell-off in 30 years ….. ….. Hopes of economic support provide temporary relief but analysts warn 'knife is still falling'

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. The virus is an economic emergency too ….. ….. As borrowers and spenders of last resort, governments must act now to avert a depression

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. US and UK hospitals vulnerable to surge in virus cases ….. ….. Nations with large elderly populations such as Germany and Japan likely to be hit

<>corona ….. 2020marts17 ….. Western countries embark on trillion-dollar virus fightback ….. ….. Economic moves range from massive state loan guarantees to cheques proposed for every American

….. 2020marts17 ….. 'Bonehenge': Stone Age structure of mammoth bones discovered in Russia ….. ….. People living in Russia about 20,000 years ago built a "bonehenge" – a circular structure made of mammoth bones that could have been used to store food

….. 2020marts17 ….. 'Polo-obsessed' Chinese noblewoman buried with her donkey steed ….. ….. Donkey bones in her grave suggest a bigger role for the humble equine

….. 2020marts17 ….. A 1957. Swedish Movie "The Seventh Seal" Colorized using Deep-Learning AI ….. ….. submitted by /u/Hangaroid [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. A fascinating time capsule of human feelings toward AI | Lucy Farey-Jones ….. ….. How comfortable are you with robots taking over your life? Covering a wide range of potential applications — from the mundane (robot house cleaner) to the mischievous (robot sex partner) to the downright macabre (uploading your brain to live on after death) — technology strategist Lucy Farey-Jones shares data-backed evidence of how our willingness to accept AI may be radically changing.

….. 2020marts17 ….. A hepatocyte differentiation model reveals two subtypes of liver cancer with different oncofetal properties and therapeutic targets [Medical Sciences] ….. ….. Clinical observation of the association between cancer aggressiveness and embryonic development stage implies the importance of developmental signals in cancer initiation and therapeutic resistance. However, the dynamic gene expression during organogenesis and the master oncofetal drivers are still unclear, which impeded the efficient elimination of poor prognostic tumors, including human…

….. 2020marts17 ….. A Mysterious 25,000-Year-Old Structure Built of the Bones of 60 Mammoths ….. ….. The purpose of such an elaborate structure remains a big open question

….. 2020marts17 ….. A New Map of the Milky Way ….. ….. High-resolution surveys chart the spiral structure of the galaxy and the location of our solar system — Read more on

….. 2020marts17 ….. A pheromone antagonist liberates female sea lamprey from a sensory trap to enable reliable communication [Evolution] ….. ….. The evolution of male signals and female preferences remains a central question in the study of animal communication. The sensory trap model suggests males evolve signals that mimic cues used in nonsexual contexts and thus manipulate female behavior to generate mating opportunities. Much evidence supports the sensory trap model, but…

….. 2020marts17 ….. A Powerful New Telescope Is About to Get Screwed by Elon Musk's Starlink Constellation, Research Suggests. ….. ….. submitted by /u/EricFromOuterSpace [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. A protein that controls inflammation ….. ….. A study by the research team of Prof. Geert van Loo (VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research) has unraveled a critical molecular mechanism behind autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and psoriasis. They discovered how the protein A20 prevents inflammation and autoimmunity, not through its enzymatic activities as has been proposed, but through a non

….. 2020marts17 ….. AB InBev joins dash for cash among corporates ….. ….. Welcome to Due Diligence, the FT's daily deals briefing

….. 2020marts17 ….. Abrogation of esophageal carcinoma development in miR-31 knockout rats [Medical Sciences] ….. ….. MicroRNA-31 (miR-31) is overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC), a deadly disease associated with dietary Zn deficiency and inflammation. In a Zn deficiency-promoted rat ESCC model with miR-31 up-regulation, cancer-associated inflammation, and a high ESCC burden following N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine (NMBA) exposure, systemic antimiR-31 delivery reduced ESCC incidence from 85 to..

….. 2020marts17 ….. Abrogation of prenucleation, transient oligomerization of the Huntingtin exon 1 protein by human profilin I [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Human profilin I reduces aggregation and concomitant toxicity of the polyglutamine-containing N-terminal region of the huntingtin protein encoded by exon 1 (httex1) and responsible for Huntington's disease. Here, we investigate the interaction of profilin with httex1 using NMR techniques designed to quantitatively analyze the kinetics and equilibria of chemical exchange…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Absolute yeast mitochondrial proteome quantification reveals trade-off between biosynthesis and energy generation during diauxic shift [Systems Biology] ….. ….. Saccharomyces cerevisiae constitutes a popular eukaryal model for research on mitochondrial physiology. Being Crabtree-positive, this yeast has evolved the ability to ferment glucose to ethanol and respire ethanol once glucose is consumed. Its transition phase from fermentative to respiratory metabolism, known as the diauxic shift, is reflected by dramatic rearrangements…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Acid reflux drugs linked to increased fracture risk in kids ….. ….. Proton pump inhibitors — a widely used class of drugs used to treat acid reflux and related symptoms – may lead to an increased risk of fractures in children and adolescents, reports a study in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (JPGN). Official journal of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (NASPGHAN) and the European Society f

….. 2020marts17 ….. Active efficient coding explains the development of binocular vision and its failure in amblyopia [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The development of vision during the first months of life is an active process that comprises the learning of appropriate neural representations and the learning of accurate eye movements. While it has long been suspected that the two learning processes are coupled, there is still no widely accepted theoretical framework…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Active volume regulation in adhered cells [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Recent experiments reveal that the volume of adhered cells is reduced as their basal area is increased. During spreading, the cell volume decreases by several thousand cubic micrometers, corresponding to large pressure changes of the order of megapascals. We show theoretically that the volume regulation of adhered cells is determined…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Adaptate Biotherapeutics appoints Dr Mihriban Tuna as Chief Scientific Officer …..–67274 ….. Adaptate Biotherapeutics (Adaptate), a company focussed on developing antibody-based therapeutics for modulation of gamma delta T cells, today announced it has strengthened its management team, with Dr Mihriban Tuna having joined as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

….. 2020marts17 ….. African-American men less likely to use targeted prostate cancer detection method ….. ….. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have found in a retrospective study that African-American men are less likely to use a more targeted biopsy option for prostate cancer, despite an increased incidence in this group of patients.

….. 2020marts17 ….. AI creates protein symphony ….. ….. Researchers discover that amino acids have unique musical vibrations.

….. 2020marts17 ….. AI-powered shoes unlock the secrets of your sole ….. ….. Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology have developed an AI-powered, smart insole that instantly turns any shoe into a portable gait-analysis laboratory.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Algal photophysiology drives darkening and melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet [Ecology] ….. ….. Blooms of Zygnematophycean "glacier algae" lower the bare ice albedo of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS), amplifying summer energy absorption at the ice surface and enhancing meltwater runoff from the largest cryospheric contributor to contemporary sea-level rise. Here, we provide a step change in current understanding of algal-driven ice sheet…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Algorithm sniffs a solution to the problem of smell ….. ….. Computer scientists seek to turn complex arguments into common scents.

….. 2020marts17 ….. AlScN – alternative material for more efficient smartphone hardware ….. ….. 5G mobile data transfers require the use of more and higher frequency ranges, all of which need to be accommodated within a single mobile device. Thus, the demands on radio frequency (RF) components are constantly increasing. The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics IAF has developed novel, compact, and energy-efficient high-frequency / high-bandwidth RF filters to meet those needs

….. 2020marts17 ….. Amazon road-building projects would result in deforestation of 2.4 million hectares ….. ….. A team of researchers from the U.S., Bolivia, Brazil, Sweden, Peru and Columbia has found that most of the road projects currently planned for the Amazon rainforest have not been assessed for environmental or economic impacts. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their own assessment of the impact of 75 planned road building projects and

….. 2020marts17 ….. An allosteric switch regulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis ClpP1P2 protease function as established by cryo-EM and methyl-TROSY NMR [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The 300-kDa ClpP1P2 protease from Mycobacterium tuberculosis collaborates with the AAA+ (ATPases associated with a variety of cellular activities) unfoldases, ClpC1 and ClpX, to degrade substrate proteins. Unlike in other bacteria, all of the components of the Clp system are essential for growth and virulence of mycobacteria, and their inhibitors…

….. 2020marts17 ….. An ancient mantis-man ….. ….. Researchers uncover part man, part mantis petroglyph in Iran.

….. 2020marts17 ….. An International team led by American Researchers have developed open-source software called VirtualFlow capable of preparing and screening billions of compounds. 'The authors hope that VirtualFlow will help push new drugs over the valley of death by reducing the time and cost of these early steps' ….. ….. submitted by /u/dannylenwinn [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. An Ode to Fallibility ….. ….. Miguel Porlan D ecember 2019 , Norwich, England. Floodlit winter brilliance. Scintillating figures with dragon breath, some in yellow, some in blue. Norwich City is playing Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. Teemu Pukki, Norwich's fiercely scurrying Finnish striker, receives—or magnetically attracts—a long, searching ball from Mario Vrančić onto his chest; angles it into his own path; and t

….. 2020marts17 ….. Ancient Clam Shell Reveals Shorter Day Length ….. ….. The growth layers in a 70-million-year-old clam shell indicate that a year back then had more than 370 days, with each day being only about 23.5 hours. — Read more on

….. 2020marts17 ….. Anterior cingulate cortex is necessary for adaptation of action plans [Neuroscience] ….. ….. Previous research has focused on the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) as a key brain region in the mitigation of the competition that arises from two simultaneously active signals. However, to date, no study has demonstrated that ACC is necessary for this form of behavioral flexibility, nor have any studies shown…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Antioxidant treatment in acute ischemic stroke may delay the onset of Alzheimer's dementia ….. ….. There is a considerable overlap between vascular risk factors and risk factors of Alzheimer's disease (AD). In addition, incident stroke approximately doubles the risk of developing AD. Oxidative stress is significantly involved in the pathogenesis of AD and suffers a dramatic increase in the setting of acute ischemic stroke, especially in cardioembolic stroke, followed by lacunar stroke. Dampenin

….. 2020marts17 ….. Apes, adaptations, and artifacts of anesthetics [Biological Sciences] ….. ….. Shave et al. (1) provide a highly interesting comparison of cardiac form and function in humans and chimpanzees, but, while we agree that the circulation provides important constraints on exercise performance in animals, we are concerned regarding the validity of the central tenet of the high arterial blood pressure and…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Assessing the role of live poultry trade in community-structured transmission of avian influenza in China [Environmental Sciences] ….. ….. The live poultry trade is thought to play an important role in the spread and maintenance of highly pathogenic avian influenza A viruses (HP AIVs) in Asia. Despite an abundance of small-scale observational studies, the role of the poultry trade in disseminating AIV over large geographic areas is still unclear,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Assessing thyroid cancer risk using polygenic risk scores [Genetics] ….. ….. Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have identified at least 10 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) risk. Most of these SNPs are common variants with small to moderate effect sizes. Here we assessed the combined genetic effects of these variants on PTC risk by using summarized GWAS results…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Association of Cl with C2H2 by unified variable-reaction-coordinate and reaction-path variational transition-state theory [Chemistry] ….. ….. Barrierless unimolecular association reactions are prominent in atmospheric and combustion mechanisms but are challenging for both experiment and kinetics theory. A key datum for understanding the pressure dependence of association and dissociation reactions is the high-pressure limit, but this is often available experimentally only by extrapolation. Here we calculate the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Asteroid Ryugu likely link in planetary formation ….. ….. The solar system formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Numerous fragments that bear witness to this early era orbit the sun as asteroids. Around three-quarters of these are carbon-rich C-type asteroids, such as 162173 Ryugu, which was the target of the Japanese Hayabusa2 mission in 2018 and 2019. The spacecraft is currently on its return flight to Earth. Many scientists, including planetary

….. 2020marts17 ….. Author Correction: G Protein-Coupling of Adhesion GPCRs ADGRE2/EMR2 and ADGRE5/CD97, and Activation of G Protein Signalling by an Anti-EMR2 Antibody ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62011-0

….. 2020marts17 ….. Automated trucking, a technical milestone that could disrupt hundreds of thousands of jobs, hits the road ….. ….. submitted by /u/Arzu_1982 [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Axions Would Solve Another Major Problem in Physics ….. ….. Physicists have long hypothesized the existence of a minuscule particle called the axion that could single-handedly solve two mysteries. It could account for a puzzling property of quarks, the elementary particles inside protons and neutrons, and it could comprise the dark matter that fills the cosmos. Now, the authors of a paper that will be published this week in Physical Review Letters show th

….. 2020marts17 ….. Bacteria play 'rummy' with genes, UofSC biologist shows ….. ….. New research by a University of South Carolina biologist shows that when bacteria take on new DNA through horizontal gene transfer, they simultaneously shed DNA at the same time. They usually lose genes that had been added to the genome earlier and had not proven useful, much like a rummy player discards a card if it does not help complete their hand.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Basturma, baby! Make your own Armenian charcuterie. ….. ….. If this is the first time you've ever heard of basturma, boy, you are in for a treat. (Kat Craddock/) This story was originally featured on Saveur . Basturma is to Armenia what bresaola is to Italy and cecina is to Spain—a ruddy hunk of air-dried beef with more umami punch per mouthful than the fanciest dry-aged steak—except it's far more exciting. Unlike its simply-salted European brethren, bast

….. 2020marts17 ….. Being disagreeable shown to help fight Alzheimer's disease ….. ….. Researchers from Switzerland followed 65 senior citizens over five years and tested their personality traits. Being curious and curmudgeonly appears to help stave off Alzheimer's disease. The researchers point to nonconformist attitudes as a potential trait that helps keep seniors independent. While there have been many memorable (and quickly forgotten) moments in this election cycle, the NY Time

….. 2020marts17 ….. bioPROTACs as versatile modulators of intracellular therapeutic targets including proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Targeted degradation approaches such as proteolysis targeting chimeras (PROTACs) offer new ways to address disease through tackling challenging targets and with greater potency, efficacy, and specificity over traditional approaches. However, identification of high-affinity ligands to serve as PROTAC starting points remains challenging. As a complementary approach, we describe a class…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Biphasic chemotaxis of Escherichia coli to the microbiota metabolite indole [Microbiology] ….. ….. Bacterial chemotaxis to prominent microbiota metabolites such as indole is important in the formation of microbial communities in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. However, the basis of chemotaxis to indole is poorly understood. Here, we exposed Escherichia coli to a range of indole concentrations and measured the dynamic responses of individual…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Bombe under 1,5 mio. borgeres blandet affald: Miljøkvaliteten er for lav ….. ….. PLUS. En udbredt dansk affaldspraksis med at smide metal-, glas- og plastaffald i samme spand kan vise sig ikke at overholde skærpede EU-krav, fordi det ikke er god genanvendelse.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Brazil's researchers overturn government ruling ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00783-1

….. 2020marts17 ….. Breakthrough Solar System Uses Recycled Aluminum to Store Energy—Without Batteries ….. ….. submitted by /u/TheSurfKid [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Brexit transition deadline in doubt as talks called off ….. ….. UK and EU negotiators believe delay beyond December 31 is likely

….. 2020marts17 ….. British Museum says metal detectorists found 1,311 treasures last year ….. ….. 'Rare' 1,100-year-old brooch from Norfolk among treasures found An astonishingly well-preserved medieval brooch featuring what could be dragon and dog decorations is among a record number of objects discovered last year by the nation's army of metal detectorists. The British Museum on Tuesday announced that 1,311 finds which are defined as treasure had been found by members of the public across E

….. 2020marts17 ….. Caenorhabditis elegans ADAR editing and the ERI-6/7/MOV10 RNAi pathway silence endogenous viral elements and LTR retrotransposons [Genetics] ….. ….. Endogenous retroviruses and long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposons are mobile genetic elements that are closely related to retroviruses. Desilenced endogenous retroviruses are associated with human autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Caenorhabditis elegans and related Caenorhabditis spp. contain LTR retrotransposons and, as described here, numerous integrated viral genes incl

….. 2020marts17 ….. Carbon export from leaves is controlled via ubiquitination and phosphorylation of sucrose transporter SUC2 [Plant Biology] ….. ….. All multicellular organisms keep a balance between sink and source activities by controlling nutrient transport at strategic positions. In most plants, photosynthetically produced sucrose is the predominant carbon and energy source, whose transport from leaves to carbon sink organs depends on sucrose transporters. In the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, transport…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cas9 interrogates DNA in discrete steps modulated by mismatches and supercoiling [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The CRISPR-Cas9 nuclease has been widely repurposed as a molecular and cell biology tool for its ability to programmably target and cleave DNA. Cas9 recognizes its target site by unwinding the DNA double helix and hybridizing a 20-nucleotide section of its associated guide RNA to one DNA strand, forming an…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cell-penetrating peptide inhibits retromer-mediated human papillomavirus trafficking during virus entry [Microbiology] ….. ….. Virus replication requires critical interactions between viral proteins and cellular proteins that mediate many aspects of infection, including the transport of viral genomes to the site of replication. In human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, the cellular protein complex known as retromer binds to the L2 capsid protein and sorts incoming virions…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Charge-dependent interactions of monomeric and filamentous actin with lipid bilayers [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The cytoskeletal protein actin polymerizes into filaments that are essential for the mechanical stability of mammalian cells. In vitro experiments showed that direct interactions between actin filaments and lipid bilayers are possible and that the net charge of the bilayer as well as the presence of divalent ions in the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Circadian control of interferon-sensitive gene expression in murine skin [Biochemistry] ….. ….. The circadian clock coordinates a variety of immune responses with signals from the external environment to promote survival. We investigated the potential reciprocal relationship between the circadian clock and skin inflammation. We treated mice topically with the Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) agonist imiquimod (IMQ) to activate IFN-sensitive gene (ISG) pathways…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Circulating miRNA-21 as a diagnostic biomarker in elderly patients with type 2 cardiorenal syndrome ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61836-z

….. 2020marts17 ….. Class A PBPs have a distinct and unique role in the construction of the pneumococcal cell wall [Microbiology] ….. ….. In oval-shaped Streptococcus pneumoniae, septal and longitudinal peptidoglycan syntheses are performed by independent functional complexes: the divisome and the elongasome. Penicillin-binding proteins (PBPs) were long considered the key peptidoglycan-synthesizing enzymes in these complexes. Among these were the bifunctional class A PBPs, which are both glycosyltransferases and transpeptidases, and

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cleveland Clinic heart researchers earn two expressions of concern ….. ….. A team of heart researchers at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has received expressions of concern for two papers in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, which says the images in the articles appear suspect. The papers, both of which appeared in 2004, come from the lab of Subha Sen, a highly-funded scientist who has received millions … Continue reading

….. 2020marts17 ….. Clonemate cotransmission supports a role for kin selection in a puppeteer parasite [Evolution] ….. ….. Host manipulation by parasites is a fascinating evolutionary outcome, but adaptive scenarios that often accompany even iconic examples in this popular field of study are speculative. Kin selection has been invoked as a means of explaining the evolution of an altruistic-based, host-manipulating behavior caused by larvae of the lancet fluke…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Coastal wetlands reduce property damage during tropical cyclones [Environmental Sciences] ….. ….. Coastal wetlands dampen the impact of storm surge and strong winds. Studies on the economic valuation of this protective service provided by wetland ecosystems are, however, rare. Here, we analyze property damage caused by 88 tropical storms and hurricanes hitting the United States between 1996 and 2016 and show that…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Coherent phonon dynamics in spatially separated graphene mechanical resonators [Applied Physical Sciences] ….. ….. Vibrational modes in mechanical resonators provide a promising candidate to interface and manipulate classical and quantum information. The observation of coherent dynamics between distant mechanical resonators can be a key step toward scalable phonon-based applications. Here we report tunable coherent phonon dynamics with an architecture comprising three graphene mechanical resonators…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Communication cost of consensus for nodes with limited memory [Computer Sciences] ….. ….. Motivated by applications in wireless networks and the Internet of Things, we consider a model of n nodes trying to reach consensus with high probability on their majority bit. Each node i is assigned a bit at time 0 and is a finite automaton with m bits of memory (i.e.,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Complex "human-vegetation-climate" interactions in the Late Holocene and their significance for paleotemperature reconstructions [Physical Sciences] ….. ….. Using 3,980 14C ages and 43,669 pollen data from 632 globally distributed lakes (∼88% of them in North America and Europe; Fig. 1A), Jenny et al. (1) demonstrate that increased soil erosion rates (Fig. 1B) and decreased tree coverage (Fig. 1C) have occurred in lake watersheds across a substantial portion…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Composition-based prediction and rational manipulation of prion-like domain recruitment to stress granules [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Mutations in a number of stress granule-associated proteins have been linked to various neurodegenerative diseases. Several of these mutations are found in aggregation-prone prion-like domains (PrLDs) within these proteins. In this work, we examine the sequence features governing PrLD localization to stress granules upon stress. We demonstrate that many yeast…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Conformational control of small GTPases by AMPylation [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Posttranslational modifications (PTMs) are important physiological means to regulate the activities and structures of central regulatory proteins in health and disease. Small GTPases have been recognized as important molecules that are targeted by PTMs during infections of mammalian cells by bacterial pathogens. The enzymes DrrA/SidM and AnkX from Legionella pneumophila…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Connectivity at the origins of domain specificity in the cortical face and place networks [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] ….. ….. It is well established that the adult brain contains a mosaic of domain-specific networks. But how do these domain-specific networks develop? Here we tested the hypothesis that the brain comes prewired with connections that precede the development of domain-specific function. Using resting-state fMRI in the youngest sample of newborn humans…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Context-dependent operation of neural circuits underlies a navigation behavior in Caenorhabditis elegans [Neuroscience] ….. ….. The nervous system evaluates environmental cues and adjusts motor output to ensure navigation toward a preferred environment. The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans navigates in the thermal environment and migrates toward its cultivation temperature by moving up or down thermal gradients depending not only on absolute temperature but on relative difference between…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Correction for Cristopher Bragg et al., Disease onset in X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism correlates with expansion of a hexameric repeat within an SVA retrotransposon in TAF1 [Correction] ….. ….. NEUROSCIENCE Correction for "Disease onset in X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism correlates with expansion of a hexameric repeat within an SVA retrotransposon in TAF1," by D. Cristopher Bragg, Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban, Christine A. Vaine, Nichita J. Kulkarni, David Shin, Rachita Yadav, Jyotsna Dhakal, Mai-Linh Ton, Anne Cheng, Christopher T. Russo, Mark Ang, Patrick Acuña,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Correction for Hsu et al., Phenotypical microRNA screen reveals a noncanonical role of CDK2 in regulating neutrophil migration [Correction] ….. ….. IMMUNOLOGY AND INFLAMMATION Correction for "Phenotypical microRNA screen reveals a noncanonical role of CDK2 in regulating neutrophil migration," by Alan Y. Hsu, Decheng Wang, Sheng Liu, Justice Lu, Ramizah Syahirah, David A. Bennin, Anna Huttenlocher, David M. Umulis, Jun Wan, and Qing Deng, which was first published August 26, 2019;…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Correction for Kovalev et al., High-resolution structural insights into the heliorhodopsin family [Correction] ….. ….. BIOPHYSICS AND COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY Correction for "High-resolution structural insights into the heliorhodopsin family," by K. Kovalev, D. Volkov, R. Astashkin, A. Alekseev, I. Gushchin, J. M. Haro-Moreno, I. Chizhov, S. Siletsky, M. Mamedov, A. Rogachev, T. Balandin, V. Borshchevskiy, A. Popov, G. Bourenkov, E. Bamberg, F. Rodriguez-Valera, G. Büldt, and…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Correction for Shi et al., Deep elastic strain engineering of bandgap through machine learning [Correction] ….. ….. ENGINEERING Correction for "Deep elastic strain engineering of bandgap through machine learning," by Zhe Shi, Evgenii Tsymbalov, Ming Dao, Subra Suresh, Alexander Shapeev, and Ju Li, which was first published February 15, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1818555116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 4117–4122). The authors note that "In Fig. 2A, the 6D…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cowi: Kickstart økonomisk opbremsning med infrastrukturprojekter ….. ….. PLUS. Weekendens grænselukning og trepartsaftalen om lønkompensation har ikke væsentlig betydning for et rådgivende ingeniørfirma som Cowi, lyder det fra COO Rasmus Ødum.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cozy dog beds that help them rest easy ….. ….. You still might have to share yours sometimes. (Eduardo C.G. via Unsplash/) Your pup might like to snooze with their head on your shoes or doze on the cool tiles of your bathroom floor, but that's no substitute for a real bed. Memory foam can help support their weary bones just like people beds, and soft and snuggly beds can help them feel comforted when you're not around to lean on. If you try t

….. 2020marts17 ….. CRISPR technology to target RNA ….. ….. submitted by /u/Fascinax [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. CUL3BPM E3 ubiquitin ligases regulate MYC2, MYC3, and MYC4 stability and JA responses [Plant Biology] ….. ….. The jasmonate (JA)-pathway regulators MYC2, MYC3, and MYC4 are central nodes in plant signaling networks integrating environmental and developmental signals to fine-tune JA defenses and plant growth. Continuous activation of MYC activity is potentially lethal. Hence, MYCs need to be tightly regulated in order to optimize plant fitness. Among the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Cyp2c44 regulates prostaglandin synthesis, lymphangiogenesis, and metastasis in a mouse model of breast cancer [Cell Biology] ….. ….. Arachidonic acid epoxides generated by cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes have been linked to increased tumor growth and metastasis, largely on the basis of overexpression studies and the application of exogenous epoxides. Here we studied tumor growth and metastasis in Cyp2c44−/− mice crossed onto the polyoma middle T oncogene (PyMT) background….

….. 2020marts17 ….. Decoding across sensory modalities reveals common supramodal signatures of conscious perception [Neuroscience] ….. ….. An increasing number of studies highlight common brain regions and processes in mediating conscious sensory experience. While most studies have been performed in the visual modality, it is implicitly assumed that similar processes are involved in other sensory modalities. However, the existence of supramodal neural processes related to conscious perception…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Diet modulates brain network stability, a biomarker for brain aging, in young adults [Neuroscience] ….. ….. Epidemiological studies suggest that insulin resistance accelerates progression of age-based cognitive impairment, which neuroimaging has linked to brain glucose hypometabolism. As cellular inputs, ketones increase Gibbs free energy change for ATP by 27% compared to glucose. Here we test whether dietary changes are capable of modulating sustained functional communication between…

….. 2020marts17 ….. DNA polymerase {delta} proofreads errors made by DNA polymerase &epsiv; [Genetics] ….. ….. During eukaryotic replication, DNA polymerases ε (Polε) and δ (Polδ) synthesize the leading and lagging strands, respectively. In a long-known contradiction to this model, defects in the fidelity of Polε have a much weaker impact on mutagenesis than analogous Polδ defects. It has been previously proposed that Polδ contributes more…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Do the social roles that women and men occupy in science allow equal access to publication? [Social Sciences] ….. ….. Anyone who thinks that science is on a glide path to gender equality should read the study by Huang et al. (1) showing a publication gender gap favoring men that has increased over time as more women have entered science fields. Although the lesser publishing by women has also emerged…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Dodging bandits, eking out food: tracking wildlife in Mongolia ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00763-5 Star field biologist and explorer George Schaller penetrates another isolated wilderness. By Tom McCarthy

….. 2020marts17 ….. Doom Eternal' Is a Dizzying Catastrophe ….. ….. It's immense, messy, and not nearly as good as the original.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Dramatic dietary shift maintains sequestered toxins in chemically defended snakes [Evolution] ….. ….. Unlike other snakes, most species of Rhabdophis possess glands in their dorsal skin, sometimes limited to the neck, known as nucho-dorsal and nuchal glands, respectively. Those glands contain powerful cardiotonic steroids known as bufadienolides, which can be deployed as a defense against predators. Bufadienolides otherwise occur only in toads (Bufonidae)…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Eerie Circle Built From Mammoth Bones Reveals New Clues About Survival in The Ice Age ….. ….. Found in Russia, it's more than 20,000 years old.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Efficient perovskite solar cells developed by reducing interface-mediated recombination ….. ….. Passivation is an effective method to reduce defects and inhibit non-radiative recombination. Organic amine salts such as phenethylamine iodide (PEAI) have been successfully used to passivate the perovskite surface, achieving world-record efficiency of the device for the improved VOC.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Eight Digital Education Resources From Around the Smithsonian ….. ….. The newly launched #SmithsonianEdu campaign highlights 1.7 million online tools geared specifically toward students and teachers

….. 2020marts17 ….. Ekologiskt och konventionellt jordbruk måste jämföras bättre ….. ….. Vanliga analysmetoder för jordbruket bortser ofta från avgörande faktorer som biologisk mångfald, giftspridning och samhällsförändringar. Det kan leda till felaktiga slutsatser om intensivjordbruk och ekologiskt jordbruk. Jordbrukets och matens miljöeffekter diskuteras intensivt. Men de vanligaste analysmetoderna bortser ofta från avgörande faktorer, enligt en internationell forskartrio. Den vanl

….. 2020marts17 ….. Electrically induced transformations of defects in cholesteric layer with tangential-conical boundary conditions ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61713-9

….. 2020marts17 ….. Elucidation of mechanisms that coordinate cell memory inheritance with DNA replication ….. ….. Why normal cells turn into cancer cells? One of the factors is deeply related to the failure of the cell differentiation mechanism called DNA methylation. The joint research groups of The Institute of Medical Science, the University of Tokyo, Yokohama City University, and Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM) have clarified new mechanism for controlling DNA methylation in cells. Ubi

….. 2020marts17 ….. EMA godkender ny leukæmibehandling ….. ….. Ny kombinationsbehandling reducerer sygdomsforværring for voksne med kronisk lymfatisk leukæmi med 65 pct.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Embedded droplet printing in yield-stress fluids [Engineering] ….. ….. Microfluidic tools and techniques for manipulating fluid droplets have become core to many scientific and technological fields. Despite the plethora of existing approaches to fluidic manipulation, non-Newtonian fluid phenomena are rarely taken advantage of. Here we introduce embedded droplet printing—a system and methods for the generation, trapping, and processing of…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Engineered botox is more potent and safer in mice ….. ….. Botulinum toxin (BoNT) is used for a range of applications, but when injected it can diffuse into the surrounding tissue and give rise to adverse effects. A new study publishing March 17 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Linxiang Yin and Min Dong of Boston Children's Hospital, USA and colleagues shows that a subtle modification of an FDA-approved form of BoNT enhances binding to the nerve

….. 2020marts17 ….. Epistatic contributions promote the unification of incompatible models of neutral molecular evolution [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. We introduce a model of amino acid sequence evolution that accounts for the statistical behavior of real sequences induced by epistatic interactions. We base the model dynamics on parameters derived from multiple sequence alignments analyzed by using direct coupling analysis methodology. Known statistical properties such as overdispersion, heterotachy, and gamma-distributed…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Espresso makers for people on a tight budget ….. ….. It tastes even better if you're running late for work. (Alex Chernenko via Unsplash/) The math on fancy espresso machines checks out if you use your machine frequently, but there's still a substantial upfront investment. Fortunately, with these four espresso makers you don't need to invest hundreds of dollars to get a decent shot. Add your own burr grinder and a milk frother , and make delicious

….. 2020marts17 ….. Europe's bankers unite in attempt to calm market rout ….. ….. Deutsche Bank, Santander, Lloyds and RBS seek to reassure investors

….. 2020marts17 ….. Even a limited India-Pakistan nuclear war would bring global famine, says study ….. ….. A new multinational study incorporating the latest models of global climate, crop production and trade examines the possible effects of a nuclear exchange between two longtime enemies: India and Pakistan. It suggests that even a limited war between the two would cause unprecedented planet-wide food shortages and probable starvation lasting more than a decade.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Evidence for a pathogenic role of extrafollicular, IL-10-producing CCR6+B helper T cells in systemic lupus erythematosus [Immunology and Inflammation] ….. ….. Interleukin 10 (IL-10) is an antiinflammatory cytokine, but also promotes B cell responses and plays a pathogenic role in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). CD4+CCR6+IL-7R+T cells from human tonsils produced IL-10 following stimulation by naïve B cells, which promoted B cell immunoglobulin G (IgG) production. These tonsillar CCR6+B helper T cells…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Experimental observation of the marginal glass phase in a colloidal glass [Physics] ….. ….. The replica theory of glasses predicts that in the infinite dimensional mean field limit, there exist two distinct glassy phases of matter: stable glass and marginal glass. We have developed a technique to experimentally probe these phases of matter using a colloidal glass. We avoid the difficulties inherent in measuring…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Exploiting the role of nanoparticle shape in enhancing hydrogel adhesive and mechanical properties ….. ….. Nature Communications, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15206-y The ability to control nanostructure shape and dimensions presents opportunities to design materials in which their macroscopic properties are dependent upon the nature of the nanoparticle. Here the authors show nanoparticle shape is a critical consideration in the determination of nanocomposite hydrogel proper

….. 2020marts17 ….. Extreme mechanical resilience of self-assembled nanolabyrinthine materials [Engineering] ….. ….. Low-density materials with tailorable properties have attracted attention for decades, yet stiff materials that can resiliently tolerate extreme forces and deformation while being manufactured at large scales have remained a rare find. Designs inspired by nature, such as hierarchical composites and atomic lattice-mimicking architectures, have achieved optimal combinations of mechanical…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Eye movements support behavioral pattern completion [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] ….. ….. The ability to recall a detailed event from a simple reminder is supported by pattern completion, a cognitive operation performed by the hippocampus wherein existing mnemonic representations are retrieved from incomplete input. In behavioral studies, pattern completion is often inferred through the false endorsement of lure (i.e., similar) items as…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Fast reconnection in turbulent media ….. ….. Solar flares, similar to many other astrophysical energetic processes, are related to magnetic reconnection. During these events magnetic energy is transferred from other forms of energy, mostly heat and energetic particles. Traditionally, the goal of various models of magnetic reconnection was to explain the rate of this energy transfer. However, the flares are just one of the processes that invo

….. 2020marts17 ….. Fear of a Counterrevolution ….. ….. T he left-wing critique of the Obama years goes something like this: Swept into office with an immense popular mandate after President George W. Bush crashed the American economy, President Barack Obama pursued half measures that led to a slow, brutal recovery, setting the stage for the rise of Donald Trump. To follow the logic of this critique, the next Democratic president would have to be some

….. 2020marts17 ….. FGF6 and FGF9 regulate UCP1 expression independent of brown adipogenesis ….. ….. Nature Communications, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15055-9 Uncoupling protein-1 (UCP1) plays a central role in energy dissipation in brown adipose tissue. Here the authors show that FGF6 and FGF9 induce UCP1 expression in adipocytes and preadipocytes, via modulation of a transcriptional network that is dissociated from brown adipogenesis.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Finding the Achilles' heel of cancer cells ….. ….. The key to effective cures for cancers is to find weak points of cancer cells that are not found in non-cancer cells. Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science found that cancerous and non-cancerous cells depend on different factors for survival when their DNA replication is blocked. Drugs that inhibited the survival factor required by cancer cells would selectively make c

….. 2020marts17 ….. First pocket-sized artworks from Ice Age Indonesia show humanity's ancient drive to decorate ….. ….. Archaeologists have unearthed two miniature stone engravings in Indonesia. These depict an anoa (dwarf buffalo) and a sun, star or eye dating back some 26,000 years – the first of their kind in our region.

….. 2020marts17 ….. First transcriptome of the Neotropical pest Euschistus heros (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) with dissection of its siRNA machinery ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-60078-3

….. 2020marts17 ….. Flow of goods slows as Poland tightens borders ….. ….. Truck drivers face queues of up to 40km following virus measures

….. 2020marts17 ….. Frameshifting preserves key physicochemical properties of proteins [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Frameshifts in protein coding sequences are widely perceived as resulting in either nonfunctional or even deleterious protein products. Indeed, frameshifts typically lead to markedly altered protein sequences and premature stop codons. By analyzing complete proteomes from all three domains of life, we demonstrate that, in contrast, several key physicochemical properties…

….. 2020marts17 ….. France, Spain and UK unleash rescue packages to help companies ….. ….. Paris does not rule out nationalisations, Madrid and London unveil emergency loans and guarantees

….. 2020marts17 ….. From the archive ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00767-1 How Nature reported deep diving on dry land in 1970, and the history of electrotherapy in 1920.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Gender bias holds girls back from science careers ….. ….. FT data analysis highlights how women are missing out on high-earning occupations

….. 2020marts17 ….. German Military Laptop With Classified Data Sold for $100 on eBay ….. ….. Classified and Cheap A team of security researchers bought a German armed forces laptop for only 90 euros ($99) on eBay. As it turns out, the laptop came with some readily accessed classified military information, according to German magazine Der Spiegel . The hard drive even contained data on how to defeat the "LeFlaSys Ozelot" mobile air defense system that was first deployed 19 years ago and i

….. 2020marts17 ….. Getting into the groove keeps nanotubes orderly ….. ….. New research may pave the way for using ultrathin carbon nanotube crystals for things like converting waste heat into electricity with near-perfect efficiency. The latest step continues a story that began in 2013, when Junichiro Kono and his students discovered a breakthrough method for making carbon nanotubes line up in thin films on a filter membrane. Nanotubes are long, hollow, and notoriously

….. 2020marts17 ….. Gq/11-dependent regulation of endosomal cAMP generation by parathyroid hormone class B GPCR [Pharmacology] ….. ….. cAMP production upon activation of Gs by G protein-coupled receptors has classically been considered to be plasma membrane-delimited, but a shift in this paradigm has occurred in recent years with the identification of several receptors that continue to signal from early endosomes after internalization. The molecular mechanisms regulating this aspect…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Grant lottery systems: a winner responds ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00784-0

….. 2020marts17 ….. Gyrolab technology to be incorporated into Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing specialized teaching curriculum and training programs …..–67277 ….. Gyros Protein Technologies AB, a Mesa Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ:MLAB) company, and pioneer in automated nanoliter-scale immunoassays and leading provider of peptide synthesizers and reagents, and the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB) at Thomas Jefferson University, a leading center of excellence providing advanced training to the bioprocessing industry, today announced that Gyrolab xPlo

….. 2020marts17 ….. Hanar med rivaler ger fler mutationer till avkomman ….. ….. Hanar som måste konkurrera hårt med varandra om honor riskerar att få avkommor med fler skador i arvsmassan, än hanar som saknar rivaler. Forskare vid Uppsala universitet har upptäckt detta samband hos skalbaggar av arten Callosobruchus maculatus. – Många forskare som jobbar med reproduktionsbiologi hos människa och mer generell evolutionsteori, har intresserat sig för det här. Hypotesen är allts

….. 2020marts17 ….. Hierarchically porous Au nanostructures with interconnected channels for efficient mass transport in electrocatalytic CO2 reduction [Engineering] ….. ….. Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction is a promising way to provide renewable energy from gaseous CO2. The development of nanostructures improves energy efficiency and selectivity for value-added chemicals, but complex nanostructures limit the CO2 conversion rates due to poor mass transport during vigorous electrolysis. Herein, we propose a three-dimensional (3D) hierarchically porous…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Histamine provides an original vista on cardiorenal syndrome [Medical Sciences] ….. ….. Cardiac and renal dysfunction frequently go hand in hand in hospitalized patients, and epidemiological studies have suggested an inverse correlation between renal function and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. This relationship exists regardless of what organ is first affected (1). It reflects upon a complex interplay between heart and kidneys, with…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Histone H3K27me3 demethylases regulate human Th17 cell development and effector functions by impacting on metabolism [Immunology and Inflammation] ….. ….. T helper (Th) cells are CD4+ effector T cells that play a critical role in immunity by shaping the inflammatory cytokine environment in a variety of physiological and pathological situations. Using a combined chemico-genetic approach, we identify histone H3K27 demethylases KDM6A and KDM6B as central regulators of human Th subsets….

….. 2020marts17 ….. Hollow-core fiber technology closes in on mainstream optical fiber ….. ….. searchers from the Zepler Institute for Photonics and Nanoelectronics at the University of Southampton have demonstrated a new leap in hollow-core fibre performance, underlining the technology's potential to soon eclipse current optical fibres.

….. 2020marts17 ….. How butterfly wings get blacker than black ….. ….. Researchers have figured out the mystery behind ultra-black butterfly wings. Some butterflies have ultra-black wings that rival the blackest materials made by humans, using wing scales that are only a fraction as thick. Set against a piece of black construction paper, the wings of the male cattleheart butterfly look even blacker than black. "Some animals have taken black to an extreme," says Alex

….. 2020marts17 ….. Huge mammoth-bone hut could be a Stone Age larder ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00712-2 Prehistoric people collected more than 60 mammoth skulls to build a ring-shaped edifice in what is now Russia.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Image of the Day: Scorpion Venom for Arthritis ….. ….. A mouse model of rheumatoid arthritis reveals that a tiny protein in scorpion venom can deliver steroids to affected joints.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Immunotherapy combo achieves reservoir shrinkage in HIV model ….. ….. Stimulating immune cells with two cancer immunotherapies together can shrink the size of the viral 'reservoir' in SIV-infected nonhuman primates treated with antiviral drugs. Important implications for the quest to cure HIV, because reservoir shrinkage has not been achieved consistently before.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Immunotoxin SS1P is rapidly removed by proximal tubule cells of kidney, whose damage contributes to albumin loss in urine [Medical Sciences] ….. ….. Recombinant immunotoxins (RITs) are chimeric proteins composed of an Fv and a protein toxin being developed for cancer treatment. The Fv brings the toxin to the cancer cell, but most of the RITs do not reach the tumor and are removed by other organs. To identify cells responsible for RIT…

….. 2020marts17 ….. In situ healing of dendrites in a potassium metal battery [Applied Physical Sciences] ….. ….. The use of potassium (K) metal anodes could result in high-performance K-ion batteries that offer a sustainable and low-cost alternative to lithium (Li)-ion technology. However, formation of dendrites on such K-metal surfaces is inevitable, which prevents their utilization. Here, we report that K dendrites can be healed in situ in…

….. 2020marts17 ….. In This Issue [This Week in PNAS] ….. ….. Sequestered toxins and diet shift in snakes Rhabdophis pentasupralabialis feeding on a larval firefly under captive conditions. Image courtesy of Masaya Fukuda (Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan). The Japanese colubrid snake Rhabdophis tigrinus, which typically feeds on frogs and poisonous toads, accumulates potent toxins called bufadienolides in its neck glands. The…

….. 2020marts17 ….. In vitro selection of ribozyme ligases that use prebiotically plausible 2-aminoimidazole-activated substrates [Biochemistry] ….. ….. The hypothesized central role of RNA in the origin of life suggests that RNA propagation predated the advent of complex protein enzymes. A critical step of RNA replication is the template-directed synthesis of a complementary strand. Two experimental approaches have been extensively explored in the pursuit of demonstrating protein-free RNA…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Infographic : Basic Folding the Brain ….. ….. submitted by /u/smallpocketlibrary [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Inner Workings: Understanding the evolution of cell types to explain the roots of animal diversity [Evolution] ….. ….. Sponges have the simplest of bodies, harboring a delicate system of canals through which water flows. So it was a surprise when researchers recently discovered that sponges have as many as 18 cell types, including one with hybrid immune and neuronal properties—even though sponges don't have any brain to speak…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Integrated structural and evolutionary analysis reveals common mechanisms underlying adaptive evolution in mammals [Evolution] ….. ….. Understanding the molecular basis of adaptation to the environment is a central question in evolutionary biology, yet linking detected signatures of positive selection to molecular mechanisms remains challenging. Here we demonstrate that combining sequence-based phylogenetic methods with structural information assists in making such mechanistic interpretations on a genomic scale. Our…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Interleukin-2 druggability is modulated by global conformational transitions controlled by a helical capping switch [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Interleukin-2 (IL-2) is a small α-helical cytokine that regulates immune cell homeostasis through its recruitment to a high-affinity heterotrimeric receptor complex (IL-2Rα/IL-2Rβ/γc). IL-2 has been shown to have therapeutic efficacy for immune diseases by preferentially expanding distinct T cell compartments, and several regulatory T cell (Treg)-biasing anti–IL-2 antibodies have been…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Investigations of the underlying mechanisms of HIF-1{alpha} and CITED2 binding to TAZ1 [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The TAZ1 domain of CREB binding protein is crucial for transcriptional regulation and recognizes multiple targets. The interactions between TAZ1 and its specific targets are related to the cellular hypoxic negative feedback regulation. Previous experiments reported that one of the TAZ1 targets, CITED2, is an efficient competitor of another target,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Is a Luxury Smartwatch Worth the Money? ….. ….. Tag Heuer's Connected watch costs $1,750. Montblanc's latest is $995. Both devices will have short lifespans—so should you splurge?

….. 2020marts17 ….. Is ionic choline and geranate (CAGE) liquid caging diet-derived fat, limiting its absorption? [Letters (Online Only)] ….. ….. A recent interesting study from Nurunnabi et al. (1) demonstrates that, in vitro, an ionic liquid consisting of choline and geranate (CAGE) generates large lipid microparticles, when coincubated with the model lipid molecule docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Upon application of these preformed CAGE-DHA microparticles to rat intestines ex vivo or orally…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Is the Holy Grail in Scotland? | Rob Riggle: Global Investigator ….. ….. Finding the actual Holy Grail is the holy grail for all global investigators so Rob's on the case. Stream Full Episodes of Rob Riggle: Global Investigator: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: We're on Ins

….. 2020marts17 ….. Isaac Asimov: dark side of a bright history ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00785-z

….. 2020marts17 ….. Jordan Peterson: Career vs. motherhood: Are women being lied to? ….. ….. Around age 19, women are generally focused on their careers. That changes around the age of 30 when they realize that a career is not the primary purpose of their lives. There are a handful of things that are actually fundamental to life, and if one of them is missing it will get in the way of personal fulfillment. For the women with ambitions to be mothers, teaching them that careers are more im

….. 2020marts17 ….. Jupiter's red spot thickness remains steady as surface area decreases ….. ….. A team of researchers affiliated with Aix-Marseille Université has found evidence that suggests the thickness of Jupiter's red spot has remained relatively stable as its surface area has decreased. In their paper published in the journal Nature Physics, the group describes how they estimated the thickness of the spot and why they believe it is not going to disappear anytime soon.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Kaiser Permanente finds weight loss lasts long after surgery ….. ….. People with severe obesity who underwent bariatric surgery maintained significantly more weight loss at 5 years than those who did not have surgery according to a Kaiser Permanente study published March 13 in Annals of Surgery. Although some weight regain was common after surgery, regain to within 5% of baseline was rare, especially in patients who had gastric bypass instead of sleeve gastrectomy.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Lactate dehydrogenase inhibition synergizes with IL-21 to promote CD8+ T cell stemness and antitumor immunity [Immunology and Inflammation] ….. ….. Interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-21 dichotomously shape CD8+ T cell differentiation. IL-2 drives terminal differentiation, generating cells that are poorly effective against tumors, whereas IL-21 promotes stem cell memory T cells (TSCM) and antitumor responses. Here we investigated the role of metabolic programming in the developmental differences induced by these cytokines….

….. 2020marts17 ….. Late-life costs of raising sons in bighorn sheep [Evolution] ….. ….. Senescence, the physiological decline associated with aging, is pervasive in nature. The age at onset and rate of senescent decline vary widely among species, among populations of the same species, and even among individuals within the same population (1). Understanding the reasons for this variability is of great importance for…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Let's redeploy airline workers to help national health services ….. ….. If anyone knows how to manage and reassure large, unruly crowds it is cabin crew

….. 2020marts17 ….. Life expectancy crisis in the USA: The opioid crisis is not the decisive factor ….. ….. Cardiovascular diseases — rather than drug deaths due to the opioid crisis — have the greatest impact on stagnating life expectancy in the USA.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Lipogen for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) ….. ….. Lipogen PMS-Free is a dietary phospholipid supplement marketed as a remedy for PMS. The evidence for its effectiveness is less than convincing.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Listening to music helps you work, sometimes ….. ….. Iron Maiden? Salt N Pepa? Your personality tells you a lot about how music will help your work life. (Wes Hicks/Unsplash/) Manuel F. Gonzalez is a PhD candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Baruch College, CUNY. John R. Aiello is a professor of Psychology at Rutgers University. This story originally featured on The Conversation . Do you like to listen to music when you work ? Pose t

….. 2020marts17 ….. Lithium startup backed by Bill Gates seeks a breakthrough at the Salton Sea ….. ….. submitted by /u/Sammy_Roth [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Little ones in 16 countries love hearing baby talk ….. ….. Babies all over the world love it when adults speak to them in baby talk, research finds. The finding is from the largest study to date to look at how infants from across the world respond to the different ways adults speak. The study, which appears in the journal Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science , tested 2,329 babies from 16 countries on their preference for baby talk,

….. 2020marts17 ….. Localization of sterols and oxysterols in mouse brain reveals distinct spatial cholesterol metabolism [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Dysregulated cholesterol metabolism is implicated in a number of neurological disorders. Many sterols, including cholesterol and its precursors and metabolites, are biologically active and important for proper brain function. However, spatial cholesterol metabolism in brain and the resulting sterol distributions are poorly defined. To better understand cholesterol metabolism in situ…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Loss-of-function BK channel mutation causes impaired mitochondria and progressive cerebellar ataxia [Genetics] ….. ….. Despite a growing number of ion channel genes implicated in hereditary ataxia, it remains unclear how ion channel mutations lead to loss-of-function or death of cerebellar neurons. Mutations in the gene KCNMA1, encoding the α-subunit of the BK channel have emerged as responsible for a variety of neurological phenotypes. We…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Machine learning to scale up the quantum computer ….. ….. ,,Quantum computers are expected to offer tremendous computational power for complex problems –currently intractable even on supercomputers—in the areas of drug design, data science, astronomy and materials chemistry among others.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Many parents delay talking about inappropriate touching ….. ….. Less than half of parents of preschoolers say they've talked to their child about inappropriate touching, a national poll finds. Experts recommend starting conversations about inappropriate touching during the preschool years. Meanwhile, one in four parents of elementary school-age children say they have not yet begun talking about inappropriate touching, according to the C.S. Mott Children's Hos

….. 2020marts17 ….. Maskinerne kører videre i industrien – indtil videre ….. ….. PLUS. Trods syge medarbejdere og usikre forsyningskæder fortsætter Produktionsdanmark ufortrødent.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Master the art of shaving with these eco-friendly blades ….. ….. Stop using disposable cartridges and Earth-defiling plastic. (Supply via Unsplash/) Shaving tools are needlessly gendered, and for women often come with a pink tax , which jacks up the price for a nearly identical item simply because it's packaged for women. All genders can skip the fuchsia marketing and reduce the waste of disposable and cartridge razors by choosing a safety razor or a straight

….. 2020marts17 ….. Mechanism of proton transfer in class A {beta}-lactamase catalysis and inhibition by avibactam [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Gram-negative bacteria expressing class A β-lactamases pose a serious health threat due to their ability to inactivate all β-lactam antibiotics. The acyl–enzyme intermediate is a central milestone in the hydrolysis reaction catalyzed by these enzymes. However, the protonation states of the catalytic residues in this complex have never been fully…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Mechanophenotyping of 3D multicellular clusters using displacement arrays of rendered tractions [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Epithelial tissues mechanically deform the surrounding extracellular matrix during embryonic development, wound repair, and tumor invasion. Ex vivo measurements of such multicellular tractions within three-dimensional (3D) biomaterials could elucidate collective dissemination during disease progression and enable preclinical testing of targeted antimigration therapies. However, past 3D traction me

….. 2020marts17 ….. Medical radiation exposure fell in the US from 2006 to 2016 ….. ….. Medical radiation exposure to patients in the US fell by 20% between 2006 and 2016, reversing a quarter century-long trend of increasing exposure, according to a new study.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Metabolic and genetic basis for auxotrophies in Gram-negative species [Systems Biology] ….. ….. Auxotrophies constrain the interactions of bacteria with their environment, but are often difficult to identify. Here, we develop an algorithm (AuxoFind) using genome-scale metabolic reconstruction to predict auxotrophies and apply it to a series of available genome sequences of over 1,300 Gram-negative strains. We identify 54 auxotrophs, along with the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Microbial evolutionary strategies in a dynamic ocean [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] ….. ….. Marine microbes form the base of ocean food webs and drive ocean biogeochemical cycling. Yet little is known about the ability of microbial populations to adapt as they are advected through changing conditions. Here, we investigated the interplay between physical and biological timescales using a model of adaptation and an…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Microsoft rammer milepæl: Én milliard enheder kører nu Windows 10 ….. ….. Milepælen er nået under seks måneder efter, at 900 millioner enheder kørte Windows 10.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Microvascular function and oxidative stress in adult individuals with early onset of cardiovascular disease ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-60766-0

….. 2020marts17 ….. Mischief-making bots attacked my scientific survey ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00768-0 A barrage of fake responses to her online questionnaire prompted psychologist Melissa Simone to ferret out the culprits.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Mission marmoset ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00770-6 Andreia Martins tracks and monitors golden lion tamarins in Brazil in an effort to rebuild their population.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Missöde i labbet gav kvantupptäckt ….. ….. En forskargrupp i Australien hade konstruerat ett experiment med en ensam atom av grundämnet antimon. Atomen var inkapslad i kisel. En mikroskopisk antenn skulle skapa ett svängande magnetfält för att styra riktningen hos en egenskap i atomkärnan som kallas spinn, och som gör kärnan till en liten magnet. När antennen gick sönder fungerade inte experimentet som det var tänkt, men märkligt nog kunde

….. 2020marts17 ….. Modeling clay you can sculpt at home ….. ….. See what you can sculpt. (Depositphotos /) You don't need a ceramics wheel class to start creating with clay. Grab a set of air-dry or polymer clay and start sculpting little toys or jewelry in your living room. They're easy to work with, highly malleable, and just requires air drying or a home oven to set. Use it to create tiny accessories or realistic sculptures—something both you and your kids

….. 2020marts17 ….. Moving Your Class Online? Tips for Keeping Students Engaged ….. ….. With high schools and colleges closing, the key to teaching is finding creative ways to make learning meaningful. A physics professor weighs in.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Museum's Collection Of Purported Dead Sea Scroll Fragments Are Fakes, Experts Say ….. ….. Using advanced techniques such as scanning electron microscopes, a team of researchers concluded that all 16 scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., are modern forgeries. (Image credit: Courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority via AP)

….. 2020marts17 ….. NASA selects proposals to study volatile stars, galaxies, cosmic collisions ….. ….. NASA has selected proposals for four missions that would study cosmic explosions and the debris they leave behind, as well as monitor how nearby stellar flares may affect the atmospheres of orbiting planets.

….. 2020marts17 ….. New research reveals that scents alter how memories are processed in the brain ….. ….. New research from BU's Center for Systems Neuroscience reveals that scents alter how memories are processed in the brain.

….. 2020marts17 ….. New understanding of immune modulator interleukin-2 guides drug discovery …..–nuo031720.php ….. The signaling molecule interleukin-2 (IL-2) has long been known to have powerful effects on the immune system, but efforts to harness it for therapeutic purposes have been hampered by serious side effects. Now researchers have worked out the details of IL-2's complex interactions with receptor molecules on immune cells, providing a blueprint for the development of more targeted therapies for treat

….. 2020marts17 ….. Newly proposed strategy offers smart flexible neural electrode with high efficiency ….. ….. With rapid development of smart flexible electronics in wearable and implantable fields, it is urgent to prepare biomimetic electrode materials with simple operation, good biocompatibility and low cost, to obtain better stimulation/recording performance.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Nf1 deletion results in depletion of the Lhx6 transcription factor and a specific loss of parvalbumin+ cortical interneurons [Neuroscience] ….. ….. Neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) is caused by mutations in the NF1 gene, which encodes the protein, neurofibromin, an inhibitor of Ras activity. Cortical GABAergic interneurons (CINs) are implicated in NF1 pathology, but the cellular and molecular changes to CINs are unknown. We deleted mouse Nf1 from the medial ganglionic eminence, which…

….. 2020marts17 ….. NHS cancels non-urgent operations to free beds ….. ….. Health service facing biggest UK challenge since foundation more than 70 years ago

….. 2020marts17 ….. Novel approach to enhance performance of graphitic carbon nitride ….. ….. In a report published in NANO, scientists from China underline the importance of defect engineering to promote catalytic performance by providing a simple and efficient way for modifying and optimizing metal-free semiconductor photocatalyst graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) to solve the dual problems of environmental pollution and lack of fossil resources.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Novel high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) can deliver vaccines directly to the skin ….. ….. Vaxxas announced the publication in the journal PLoS Medicine of groundbreaking clinical research indicating the broad immunological and commercial potential of Vaxxas' novel high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP). Using influenza vaccine, the clinical study of Vaxxas' HD-MAP demonstrated significantly enhanced immune response compared to vaccination by needle/syringe. Vaccine on HD-MAP is shown t

….. 2020marts17 ….. Nu lukkes bilproduktionen i Europa ….. ….. PLUS. Giganter som Volkswagen og PSA følger Fiat Chryslers eksempel og lukker deres bilfabrikker. Ford og Renault drosler foreløbig ned på produktionen.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Observations unveil the nature of chemically peculiar star HD 63401 ….. ….. Using NASA's TESS spacecraft and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), astronomers from Canada and Ukraine have conducted observations of the magnetic chemically peculiar star HD 63401. Results of the study, presented in a paper published March 5 on the arXiv pre-print server, provide more insights into the puzzling nature of this object.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Ode to Social Distancing ….. ….. Maria Spann Lest this thing worsen let's agree to be separated by the length of a tall person. No touch. We'll communicate via voice and eyes and heart. Stick together—six feet apart.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Offer insight about the future of politics for a school project! ….. ….. Provocative Politics: Memes and Social Media I am writing a research paper on the influence of memes on political discourse between up-and-coming voters for a high school project. Any opinions about the influence of meme culture on the future of politics? submitted by /u/cheesehomeslice [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Opinion: Grad Students Face Uncertainty During the Pandemic …..–grad-students-face-uncertainty-during-the-pandemic-67278 ….. [no content]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Orders of Magnitude – Universe size comparison in Virtual Reality ….. ….. submitted by /u/fifafeefif [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Parts of the stock market are looking oversold ….. ….. It is clear that politicians and central bankers are taking measure of the problem

….. 2020marts17 ….. Passport tagging for express cargo transportation in cells ….. ….. The collaborative research groups identified a 10-amino acid sequence, which is built in blood coagulation factors, that is specifically recognized as a passport for their intracellular transportation in the secretory pathway. They also found that production of recombinant glycoproteins as biopharmaceuticals can be enhanced by tagging them with this molecular passport.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Pediatrician uses her 'trusted voice' to help kids ….. ….. Chidiogo Anyigbo, MD, MPH, hopes to disrupt the cycle of poverty for the families she serves by informing them about the importance of the Census well beyond the April 1, 2020, official Census Day, the Children's National Hospital general pediatrician and health services researcher writes in an essay published by Academic Pediatrics.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Philippines shuts financial markets indefinitely ….. ….. Country becomes first in world to halt all stock, bond and currency trading

….. 2020marts17 ….. Plasmodium chaperonin TRiC/CCT identified as a target of the antihistamine clemastine using parallel chemoproteomic strategy [Biochemistry] ….. ….. The antihistamine clemastine inhibits multiple stages of the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria, but the molecular targets responsible for its parasite inhibition were unknown. Here, we applied parallel chemoproteomic platforms to discover the mechanism of action of clemastine and identify that clemastine binds to the Plasmodium falciparum TCP-1 ring complex…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Polaritonic molecular clock for all-optical ultrafast imaging of wavepacket dynamics without probe pulses ….. ….. Nature Communications, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15196-x Pump-probe method is commonly used for studying ultrafast molecular dynamics. Here, the authors discuss alternative approach of using time-dependent ultrafast light emission from excited molecules coupled to a plasmonic nanocavity instead of using probe pulse.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Possibility for inhibited spontaneous emission in electromagnetically open parity-time-symmetric guiding structures [Applied Physical Sciences] ….. ….. Remote sensing and manipulation of quantum emitters are functionalities of significant practical importance in quantum optics. Unfortunately, these abilities are considered as fundamentally challenging in systems of inhibited spontaneous emission. The reason is intimately related to the common perception that, in order to nullify the spontaneous emission decay rate, the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Precious Cargo: Extracellular Vesicles in Cancer Research ….. ….. Streck invites you to join them for an educational webinar.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Prehistoric structure of mammoth bones ….. ….. Discovery offers more clues to survival in the Ice Age.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Private gynækologer klar til at aflaste fødeafdelinger ….. ….. Hvis der kommer italienske tilstande på danske hospitaler, står private gynækologer klar til at aflaste landets fødeafdelinger.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Private jets: fear and loathing at 40,000 feet ….. ….. Smaller outfits and highly leveraged groups may find the going exceptionally bumpy

….. 2020marts17 ….. Programming colloidal bonding using DNA strand-displacement circuitry [Chemistry] ….. ….. As a strategy for regulating entropy, thermal annealing is a commonly adopted approach for controlling dynamic pathways in colloid assembly. By coupling DNA strand-displacement circuits with DNA-functionalized colloid assembly, we developed an enthalpy-mediated strategy for achieving the same goal while working at a constant temperature. Using this tractable approach allows…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Promising material shows new evidence of unconventional superconductivity ….. ….. In recent years, the search for non-trivial topological materials has become a hot topic in condensed matter physics. Since Hor et al, first reported the discovery of superconductivity in Cu doped topological material Bi2Se3 in 2010, the CuxBi2Se3 has become one of the most promising materials as topological superconductor due to its unique physical properties and crystal structure. However, the s

….. 2020marts17 ….. Protein controls fat metabolism ….. ….. A protein in the cell envelope influences the rate of fatty acid uptake in cells. This is reported by MDC researchers in the journal PNAS. This process also appears to be altered in overweight people.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Publisher Correction: Truels and strategies for survival ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62013-y

….. 2020marts17 ….. Pulsåderbråck kan kopplas till inflammation ….. ….. Pulsåderbråck i buken hos äldre män kan kopplas till nivåer av vissa undertyper av vita blodkroppar i blodet, visar en studie från Göteborgs universitet. Resultaten är en del av ett växande forskningsfält, som väntas förbättra både kunskaper om sjukdomen och behandlingsmöjligheter. Pulsåderbråck i buken, även kallat bukaortaneurysm, förekommer hos en till två procent av alla 65-åriga män i Sverig

….. 2020marts17 ….. Qubits that operate at room temperature ….. ….. Scientists from NUST MISIS (Russia) together with colleagues from Sweden, Hungary and U.S., found a way to manufacture stable qubits that operate at room temperature, in contrast to the majority of existing analogues. This opens up new prospects for creating a quantum computer. Moreover, the results of the research can already be used to create high-accuracy magnetometers, biosensors and new quant

….. 2020marts17 ….. Radiation damage spreads among close neighbors ….. ….. A single X-ray can unravel an enormous molecule, physicists report in the March 17 issue of Physical Review Letters. Their findings could lead to safer medical imaging and a more nuanced understanding of the electronics of heavy metals.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Rap1-GTPases control mTORC1 activity by coordinating lysosome organization with amino acid availability ….. ….. Nature Communications, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15156-5 mTORC1 regulates cellular growth from the lysosome, but how changes in the organisation of the lysosomal system affect mTORC1 signalling is poorly understood. Here the authors show that amino acid-dependent Rap1-mediated changes in lysosomal abundance determine overall signalling output of mTORC1.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Real-World Lessons From a 'World of Warcraft' Virtual Outbreak ….. ….. Nearly 15 years ago, player responses to the "Corrupted Blood incident" helped researchers better account for unpredictable human behavior.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Regulation of B cell receptor-dependent NF-{kappa}B signaling by the tumor suppressor KLHL14 [Medical Sciences] ….. ….. The KLHL14 gene acquires frequent inactivating mutations in mature B cell malignancies, especially in the MYD88L265P, CD79B mutant (MCD) genetic subtype of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL), which relies on B cell receptor (BCR) signaling for survival. However, the pathogenic role of KLHL14 in DLBCL and its molecular function…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Regulation of stomatal development by stomatal lineage miRNAs [Plant Biology] ….. ….. Stomata in the plant epidermis play a critical role in growth and survival by controlling gas exchange, transpiration, and immunity to pathogens. Plants modulate stomatal cell fate and patterning through key transcriptional factors and signaling pathways. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are known to contribute to developmental plasticity in multicellular organisms; however, no…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Regulator tells lenders to be flexible over repayments and fees ….. ….. FCA says steps to help mortgage borrowers to be announced in coming days

….. 2020marts17 ….. Regulatory CD8 T cells that recognize Qa-1 expressed by CD4 T-helper cells inhibit rejection of heart allografts [Immunology and Inflammation] ….. ….. Induction of longstanding immunologic tolerance is essential for survival of transplanted organs and tissues. Despite recent advances in immunosuppression protocols, allograft damage inflicted by antibody specific for donor organs continues to represent a major obstacle to graft survival. Here we report that activation of regulatory CD8 T cells (CD8 Treg)…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Reimagining our solar system's protective bubble, the heliosphere ….. ….. You are living in a bubble. Not a metaphorical bubble—a real, literal bubble. But don't worry, it's not just you. The whole planet, and every other planet in the solar system, for that matter, is in the bubble too. And, we may just owe our very existence to it.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Reply to Jensen and Wang: Chimpanzees under pressure—Selection of a left ventricular structural and functional phenotype [Biological Sciences] ….. ….. We are grateful for the interest and comments provided by Jensen and Wang (1) related to our recent paper (2). As previously noted, obtaining true resting blood pressure (BP) measurements in chimpanzees is challenging, if not impossible (1). In our study, and as described in detail in the SI Appendix…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Reply to Li et al.: Human societies began to play a significant role in global sediment transfer 4,000 years ago [Physical Sciences] ….. ….. In a recent study (1), we conducted a global synthesis of long-term records of reconstructed sediment accumulation rates (SARs) in lakes and diagnosed that a dominant anthropogenic imprint on soil erosion rates started ∼4,000 y ago. Our approach was based on the assumption that lake SARs are watershed integrators of…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Reply to Peiretti et al.: Effect of CAGE on fat uptake and food intake [Letters (Online Only)] ….. ….. We thank Peiretti et al. (1) for their interest in our work (2) and for the suggestions for follow-up research. Peiretti et al. (1) ask about the role of reduced food consumption in the observed effect on reduced weight gain. We respectfully acknowledge this question. In our work (2), the…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers Develop a Machine Capable of Solving Complex Problems in Theoretical Physics ….. ….. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Researchers set benchmark to determine achievement of quantum computing ….. ….. The race toward the first practical quantum computer is in full stride. Companies, countries, collaborators, and competitors worldwide are vying for quantum supremacy. Google says it's already there. But what does that mean? How will the world know when it's been achieved?

….. 2020marts17 ….. Rethinking mortality and how we plan for old age ….. ….. Many people dream of comfortably living out their golden years. A new IIASA study however shows that older Europeans, and especially women, frequently underestimate how many years they have left, which could lead to costly decisions related to planning for their remaining life course.

….. 2020marts17 ….. RNA extension drives a stepwise displacement of an initiation-factor structural module in initial transcription [Biochemistry] ….. ….. All organisms—bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes—have a transcription initiation factor that contains a structural module that binds within the RNA polymerase (RNAP) active-center cleft and interacts with template-strand single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) in the immediate vicinity of the RNAP active center. This transcription initiation-factor structural module preorganizes template-strand ssDNA to engage

….. 2020marts17 ….. Science is not a signal detection problem [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] ….. ….. The perceived replication crisis and the reforms designed to address it are grounded in the notion that science is a binary signal detection problem. However, contrary to null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) logic, the magnitude of the underlying effect size for a given experiment is best conceptualized as a random…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Scientists find sexual dimorphism in cannabinoid 1 receptor expression in mice ….. ….. A research team led by Dr. WANG Feng from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated that CB1R mRNA expression displays a sexually dimorphic pattern in several regions in the adult mouse brain.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Scientists Pin Down Protein Building Blocks that Powered Earth's Earliest Life ….. ….. Turning food into energy is essential for life to thrive, so researchers zoomed in on the tiny fragments of proteins that might have done the job billions of years ago.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Scientists Say New Nanomaterial Could "Replace Human Tissue" ….. ….. Altered Carbon European researchers say they've invented a rubbery nanomaterial that seamlessly integrates with the human body — which could pave the way for everything from new reconstructive surgeries to extreme body modification. "We were really surprised that the material turned out to be very soft, flexible and extremely elastic," said Anand Rajasekharan , one of the researchers behind the n

….. 2020marts17 ….. Scientists shed new light on neural basis of tremors ….. ….. New insight on what happens in brain cells to cause tremors in mice has been published today in the open-access journal eLife.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sci-fi novels for much-needed mental escapes ….. ….. Stay in. Read a book. ( Radu Marcusu via Unsplash/) As Peter Falk so eloquently said in The Princess Bride , "When I was your age, television was called books." And it might be a good time to unplug and escape for a while, don't you think? Since we can assume a certain amount of science and technology bias here, we've found some of the best new sci-fi novels from the last year or so that will sat

….. 2020marts17 ….. Seasonal hysteresis of surface urban heat islands [Environmental Sciences] ….. ….. Temporal dynamics of urban warming have been extensively studied at the diurnal scale, but the impact of background climate on the observed seasonality of surface urban heat islands (SUHIs) remains largely unexplored. On seasonal time scales, the intensity of urban–rural surface temperature differences (ΔTs) exhibits distinctive hysteretic cycles whose shape…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sensory cilia as the Achilles heel of nematodes when attacked by carnivorous mushrooms [Genetics] ….. ….. Fungal predatory behavior on nematodes has evolved independently in all major fungal lineages. The basidiomycete oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus is a carnivorous fungus that preys on nematodes to supplement its nitrogen intake under nutrient-limiting conditions. Its hyphae can paralyze nematodes within a few minutes of contact, but the mechanism had…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Signaling mechanisms of growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor in LPS-induced acute ocular inflammation [Immunology and Inflammation] ….. ….. Ocular inflammation is a major cause of visual impairment attributed to dysregulation of the immune system. Previously, we have shown that the receptor for growth-hormone–releasing hormone (GHRH-R) affects multiple inflammatory processes. To clarify the pathological roles of GHRH-R in acute ocular inflammation, we investigated the inflammatory cascades mediated by this…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Single-photon quantum regime of artificial radiation pressure on a surface acoustic wave resonator ….. ….. Nature Communications, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-14910-z The radiation pressure of light on a mechanical oscillator can be used to manipulate mechanical degrees of freedom in the quantum regime. Noguchi et al. use Josephson junctions to realize an artificial system where the radiation pressure of a single photon is stronger than the effect of dissipation.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Skarp kritik af partnerskabsproces: Vi har nærmest ikke været med ….. ….. PLUS. Både Dansk Fjernvarme og Dansk Affaldsforening kalder rapporten fra partnerskabet for energi og forsyning for et partsindlæg, og Dansk Fjernvarme vil nu aflevere deres egne anbefalinger til politikerne.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Social Isolation Is Linked to Higher Levels of Inflammation, Studies Show ….. ….. But we don't know why.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Soft coral survivors can't replace stony coral decline ….. ….. Soft corals in the US Virgin Islands have recovered from nearly back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes in 2017, but stony corals continue to decline, researchers report. The story of these apparently hardy communities of colorful marine life is part of a larger, rapidly shifting narrative surrounding the future of coral reefs, according to the new study. The recently realized resilience of the soft c

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sonos' Fix for Aging Speakers Is Two Separate Sonos Apps ….. ….. The company's VP of software defends the solution in an interview with WIRED.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sonoselective transfection of cerebral vasculature without blood-brain barrier disruption [Applied Biological Sciences] ….. ….. Treatment of many pathologies of the brain could be improved markedly by the development of noninvasive therapeutic approaches that elicit robust, endothelial cell-selective gene expression in specific brain regions that are targeted under MR image guidance. While focused ultrasound (FUS) in conjunction with gas-filled microbubbles (MBs) has emerged as a…

….. 2020marts17 ….. SOX4-mediated repression of specific tRNAs inhibits proliferation of human glioblastoma cells [Biochemistry] ….. ….. Transfer RNAs (tRNAs) are products of RNA polymerase III (Pol III) and essential for mRNA translation and ultimately cell growth and proliferation. Whether and how individual tRNA genes are specifically regulated is not clear. Here, we report that SOX4, a well-known Pol II-dependent transcription factor that is critical for neurogenesis…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Speakers are able to categorize vowels based on tongue somatosensation [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] ….. ….. Auditory speech perception enables listeners to access phonological categories from speech sounds. During speech production and speech motor learning, speakers' experience matched auditory and somatosensory input. Accordingly, access to phonetic units might also be provided by somatosensory information. The present study assessed whether humans can identify vowels using somatosensory feedback,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Specialized cytonemes induce self-organization of stem cells [Cell Biology] ….. ….. Spatial cellular organization is fundamental for embryogenesis. Remarkably, coculturing embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and trophoblast stem cells (TSCs) recapitulates this process, forming embryo-like structures. However, mechanisms driving ESC–TSC interaction remain elusive. We describe specialized ESC-generated cytonemes that react to TSC-secreted Wnts. Cytoneme formation and length are controlled

….. 2020marts17 ….. Stability of H3O at extreme conditions and implications for the magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] ….. ….. The anomalous nondipolar and nonaxisymmetric magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune have long challenged conventional views of planetary dynamos. A thin-shell dynamo conjecture captures the observed phenomena but leaves unexplained the fundamental material basis and underlying mechanism. Here we report extensive quantum-mechanical calculations of polymorphism in the hydrogen–oxygen system at…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Structural elucidation of the Clostridioides difficile transferase toxin reveals a single-site binding mode for the enzyme [Microbiology] ….. ….. Clostridioides difficile is a Gram-positive, pathogenic bacterium and a prominent cause of hospital-acquired diarrhea in the United States. The symptoms of C. difficile infection are caused by the activity of three large toxins known as toxin A (TcdA), toxin B (TcdB), and the C. difficile transferase toxin (CDT). Reported here…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Subsurface Mercury: Window to ancient, possibly habitable, volatile-rich materials ….. ….. New research raises the possibility that some parts of Mercury's subsurface, and those of similar planets in the galaxy, once could have been capable of fostering prebiotic chemistry, and perhaps even simple life forms, according to a paper by a team led by Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist Alexis Rodriguez.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sunak promises £350bn emergency rescue package for business ….. ….. Measures from chancellor include grants of up to £25,000 for struggling retailers and pubs

….. 2020marts17 ….. Sympatric speciation of wild emmer wheat driven by ecology and chromosomal rearrangements [Evolution] ….. ….. In plants, the mechanism for ecological sympatric speciation (SS) is little known. Here, after ruling out the possibility of secondary contact, we show that wild emmer wheat, at the microclimatically divergent microsite of "Evolution Canyon" (EC), Mt. Carmel, Israel, underwent triple SS. Initially, it split following a bottleneck of an…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Systematic identification of engineered methionines and oxaziridines for efficient, stable, and site-specific antibody bioconjugation [Chemistry] ….. ….. The field of chemical modification of proteins has been dominated by random modification of lysines or more site-specific labeling of cysteines, each with attendant challenges. Recently, we have developed oxaziridine chemistry for highly selective modification of methionine called redox-activated chemical tagging (ReACT) but have not broadly tested the molecular parameters…

….. 2020marts17 ….. TDP-43 {alpha}-helical structure tunes liquid-liquid phase separation and function [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. Liquid–liquid phase separation (LLPS) is involved in the formation of membraneless organelles (MLOs) associated with RNA processing. The RNA-binding protein TDP-43 is present in several MLOs, undergoes LLPS, and has been linked to the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). While some ALS-associated mutations in TDP-43 disrupt self-interaction and function,…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Team finds origins for building blocks of life ….. ….. Researchers have discovered the origins of the protein structures responsible for metabolism. The simple molecules that powered early life on Earth could serve as chemical signals that NASA could use to search for life on other planets. The study predicts what the earliest proteins looked like 3.5 billion to 2.5 billion years ago. The scientists retraced, like a many-thousand-piece puzzle, the ev

….. 2020marts17 ….. Tesla Begins Shipping Model Y Electric Vehicles 6 Months Early ….. ….. Tesla hopes to release the Model Y later this year. A government investigation could derail those plans. Tesla has missed its own self-imposed deadlines on numerous occasions, but that's not the case with the Model Y — it's running significantly ahead of schedule. Tesla announced the Model Y crossover electric vehicle last year, targeting fall 2020 for deliveries. It's not even spring, but Tesla

….. 2020marts17 ….. Tetraspanin-6 negatively regulates exosome production [Cell Biology] ….. ….. Exosomes, extracellular vesicles (EVs) of endosomal origin, emerge as master regulators of cell-to-cell signaling in physiology and disease. Exosomes are highly enriched in tetraspanins (TSPNs) and syndecans (SDCs), the latter occurring mainly in proteolytically cleaved form, as membrane-spanning C-terminal fragments of the proteins. While both protein families are membrane scaffolds…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The atomistic level structure for the activated human {kappa}-opioid receptor bound to the full Gi protein and the MP1104 agonist [Biophysics and Computational Biology] ….. ….. The kappa opioid receptor (κOR) is an important target for pain therapeutics to reduce depression and other harmful side effects of existing medications. The analgesic activity is mediated by κOR signaling through the adenylyl cyclase-inhibitory family of Gi protein. Here, we report the three-dimensional (3D) structure for the active state…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The best card games for an entertaining night at home ….. ….. These games are roughly 1,000 steps above War. (Hugues de Buyer-Mimeure via Unsplash/) The last three decades have been something of a golden age for cards, which means we've been able to pack a variety of entertaining, competitive, and beautifully designed games into our pockets. The days of Go Fish are in the past. Below, a few of our favorite games to get the party started, wherever you are. F

….. 2020marts17 ….. The Best Videogames to Play When You're Stuck Inside ….. ….. From *Final Fantasy XIV* to *Stardew Valley*, here's a selection of games that will keep you feeling social.

….. 2020marts17 ….. The case for a Fed-PBoC swap line ….. ….. Or why China's omission from the list of central banks accessing cheap dollar funding is so troubling.

….. 2020marts17 ….. The Case for a Social Distancing Wage – Paying people to stay home will save lives in the near term, and aid the economic recovery in the long run. ….. ….. submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. The Coming Bailout Is a Moral Failure ….. ….. Yesterday, I left the protective membrane of my house to get a bit of exercise. As I ran down to the corner, along our main street, I could see the victims of the virus everywhere. There was the movie palace, which has existed since the 1930s as the source of neighborhood identity and a monument to the past. The windows holding promotional posters were bare; the shades were pulled down over the t

….. 2020marts17 ….. The effects of evolutionary adaptations on spreading processes in complex networks [Engineering] ….. ….. A common theme among previously proposed models for network epidemics is the assumption that the propagating object (e.g., a pathogen [in the context of infectious disease propagation] or a piece of information [in the context of information propagation]) is transferred across network nodes without going through any modification or evolutionary…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The functional activity of E-cadherin controls tumor cell metastasis at multiple steps [Cell Biology] ….. ….. E-cadherin is a tumor suppressor protein, and the loss of its expression in association with the epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) occurs frequently during tumor metastasis. However, many metastases continue to express E-cadherin, and a full EMT is not always necessary for metastasis; also, positive roles for E-cadherin expression in metastasis…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The IMF should inject liquidity through SDRs, and fast ….. ….. Emerging markets are in no position to enact fiscal or monetary stimulus on the scale of 2009

….. 2020marts17 ….. The impossibility of low-rank representations for triangle-rich complex networks [Computer Sciences] ….. ….. The study of complex networks is a significant development in modern science, and has enriched the social sciences, biology, physics, and computer science. Models and algorithms for such networks are pervasive in our society, and impact human behavior via social networks, search engines, and recommender systems, to name a few….

….. 2020marts17 ….. The neural signature of numerosity by separating numerical and continuous magnitude extraction in visual cortex with frequency-tagged EEG [Neuroscience] ….. ….. The ability to handle approximate quantities, or number sense, has been recurrently linked to mathematical skills, although the nature of the mechanism allowing to extract numerical information (i.e., numerosity) from environmental stimuli is still debated. A set of objects is indeed not only characterized by its numerosity but also by…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The Olympic sport that influences my lab leadership style ….. ….. Nature, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00806-x Leanne Hodson sees parallels with rowing and leading her research group: both require adaptability, resilience and clear communication.

….. 2020marts17 ….. The regulatory and transcriptional landscape associated with carbon utilization in a filamentous fungus [Genetics] ….. ….. Filamentous fungi, such as Neurospora crassa, are very efficient in deconstructing plant biomass by the secretion of an arsenal of plant cell wall-degrading enzymes, by remodeling metabolism to accommodate production of secreted enzymes, and by enabling transport and intracellular utilization of plant biomass components. Although a number of enzymes and…

….. 2020marts17 ….. The Supermassive Black Hole at The Centre of Our Galaxy Is Becoming More Active ….. ….. We live in interesting times!

….. 2020marts17 ….. This gnarled pile of fossils was once a giant structure—made of Ice Age mammoths ….. ….. Russia's oldest mammoth bone ring may have held ritual significance

….. 2020marts17 ….. This Mysterious Ancient Structure Was Made of Mammoth Bones ….. ….. The ring of skulls, skeletons, tusks and other bones was too large for a roof, scientists say, so what was it for?

….. 2020marts17 ….. Tillskott gav inte bättre spermier ….. ….. Zink är viktigt för spermiebildning, och den naturliga formen av folsyra, folat, bidrar till att dna bildas i spermierna. Det är därför inte underligt att dessa ämnen har rykte om sig att öka kvaliteten på spermierna. Men de studier som tidigare har gjorts har gett blandade resultat. För att reda ut frågan har amerikanska forskare från flera olika universitet undersökt saken i en större klinisk st

….. 2020marts17 ….. Timber harvesting results in persistent deficits in summer streamflow ….. ….. Summer streamflow in industrial tree plantations harvested on 40- to 50-year rotations was 50% lower than in century-old forests, data from the long-term Alsea Watershed Study in the Oregon Coast Range showed.

….. 2020marts17 ….. To Turbocharge Anti-Aging Treatment, Just Add… a Protein Found in Fruit Flies? ….. ….. submitted by /u/dwaxe [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Top neuroscientist leaves Mexican university as former trainees allege sexual harassment ….. ….. His former boss acknowledges receiving multiple accounts of sexual misconduct, but no formal complaints

….. 2020marts17 ….. Topological transition in measurement-induced geometric phases [Physics] ….. ….. The state of a quantum system, adiabatically driven in a cycle, may acquire a measurable phase depending only on the closed trajectory in parameter space. Such geometric phases are ubiquitous and also underline the physics of robust topological phenomena such as the quantum Hall effect. Equivalently, a geometric phase may…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Transcriptional repression specifies the central cell for double fertilization [Plant Biology] ….. ….. Double fertilization is a key innovation for the evolutionary success of angiosperms by which the two fertilized female gametes, the egg cell and central cell, generate the embryo and endosperm, respectively. The female gametophyte (embryo sac) enclosed in the sporophyte is derived from a one-celled haploid cell lineage. It undergoes…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Triacylglycerol and phytyl ester synthesis in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 [Plant Biology] ….. ….. Cyanobacteria are unicellular prokaryotic algae that perform oxygenic photosynthesis, similar to plants. The cells harbor thylakoid membranes composed of lipids related to those of chloroplasts in plants to accommodate the complexes of photosynthesis. The occurrence of storage lipids, including triacylglycerol or wax esters, which are found in plants, animals, and…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Tropical Cyclone Herold's eye opens further on NASA satellite imagery ….. ….. As Tropical Cyclone Herold intensified, its eye appeared more defined in imagery taken by NASA's Terra satellite.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Tropical Cyclone Herold's eye opens further on NASA satellite imagery ….. ….. As Tropical Cyclone Herold intensified, its eye appeared more defined in imagery taken by NASA's Terra satellite.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Trump Leaves States to Fend for Themselves ….. ….. The United States is about to find out whether the Articles of Confederation would have worked. The nation's Founders scrapped that early charter because it left states to fend for themselves in moments of crisis. The Constitution that replaced it created a stronger federal government. But yesterday, President Donald Trump seemed to turn back the clock. In a conference call with the nation's gove

….. 2020marts17 ….. Type 1 Diabetes Looks Like It's Actually 2 Separate Diseases, Scientists Find ….. ….. Pancreases are complicated.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Under Pressure, Bayer Halts Baby Aspirin False Advertising ….. ….. Though Bayer has long suggested that taking baby aspirin could lower a person's risk of heart attack, recent studies have found that's not the case. The American Heart Association has now told the company, one of its major donors, to halt a misleading advertising campaign that links the drug to heart health.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Uni-Login blev presset i bund af hjemsendte skoleelever ….. ….. Allerede torsdag blev det varslet, at landet folkeskoler fra mandag ville være lukket, og at landets elever derfor skal arbejde hjemme. Det har betydet stort pres på Uni-Login, som eleverne bruger, når de skal have adgang. Presset udløste mandag lange svartider og ustabilitet.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Unique reproductive strategy in the swamp wallaby [Developmental Biology] ….. ….. Reproduction in mammals requires distinct cycles of ovulation, fertilization, pregnancy, and lactation often interspersed with periods of anoestrus when breeding does not occur. Macropodids, the largest extant species of marsupials, the kangaroos and wallabies, have a very different reproductive strategy to most eutherian mammals whereby young are born at a…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Upgrade for popular UK nature sanctuary ….. ….. Climate change: It's Back to Nature on Britain's holiday coast

….. 2020marts17 ….. US healthcare industry: crisis will expose flaws ….. ….. The biggest threat to insurers' profits is political

….. 2020marts17 ….. Using the maximum clustering heterogeneous set-proportion to select the maximum window size for the spatial scan statistic ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61829-y

….. 2020marts17 ….. Virtual reality gear for any level of interest and experience ….. ….. Choose the right one for you. (NeONBRAND via Unsplash/) Despite all you've heard about it, virtual reality is still very much in its infancy. No doubt we'll get to the point where we'll look at clunky, old-fashioned VR headsets the way kids now look at stand-up coin-op arcade games. But satiating your curiosity around VR isn't always easy, with a lot of the gear seeming to be impenetrably complic

….. 2020marts17 ….. Viruskarantän förbättrar storstadsluften ….. ….. Sedan mitten av februari har halterna av kvävedioxid sjunkit med 10 procent per vecka i norra Italien (se grafik här). Minskningarna sammanfaller med att kraftiga begränsningar i befolkningens rörelsefrihet infördes (dessa har nu utökats till att gälla för hela landet).

….. 2020marts17 ….. Visualization of unstained homo/heterogeneous DNA nanostructures by low-voltage scanning transmission electron microscopy ….. ….. Scientific Reports, Published online: 17 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61751-3

….. 2020marts17 ….. Visualizing the translation and packaging of HIV-1 full-length RNA [Microbiology] ….. ….. HIV-1 full-length RNA (HIV-1 RNA) plays a central role in viral replication, serving as a template for Gag/Gag-Pol translation and as a genome for the progeny virion. To gain a better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of HIV-1 replication, we adapted a recently described system to visualize and track translation…

….. 2020marts17 ….. Voice assistants not reliable for health advice ….. ….. submitted by /u/abakik [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Waves in thin air with broad effects ….. ….. Mars has a very thin atmosphere, with nearly one hundredth the density of ours on Earth, and gravity pulls with little more than one third of the strength we feel on our planet. As a result, dust storms can go global. For future missions to Mars, it is important to understand the planet's airy envelope and to forecast its moods.

….. 2020marts17 ….. We made a mailing list for those interested in the future of ethical alternatives ….. ….. TL:DR Studies show that 90% of people prefer ethical brands when they shop. So why are these brands not taking over? Well, they simply can't get noticed when the rest of the world is spending $280B annually for your attention. My friends, colleagues, and I have started a mailing list at for anyone who wants to learn about recent, realistic alternatives to the products they us

….. 2020marts17 ….. What Did Dinosaurs Sound Like? ….. ….. Did they roar like they do in the movies?

….. 2020marts17 ….. What Does Soy Actually Do To Your Hormones? ….. ….. Phytoestrogens, which are present in soy products, have the ability to bind to receptors like estrogen. But scientists are still untangling soy's impacts on hormonal health.

….. 2020marts17 ….. What Relationship Does Artificial Intelligence Have (Or Will Have) With Language Interpreters? ….. ….. As time goes on, machine learning is taking over many roles that used to be assumed by humans. As language translation and interpretation services continue to grow in demand around the world, do you think artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually make live interpreters better at their job in the future? submitted by /u/langspeak [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Why are hospitals missing appendicitis cases? ….. ….. Accurately diagnosing appendicitis in the emergency department may be challenging, research finds. The study highlights that appendicitis is one of the most common surgical emergencies in the United States, but previous data show missed appendicitis diagnoses in 3.8% to 15% of children and in 5.9% to 23.5% of adults during an emergency department visit. "In this study, we examined patients that i

….. 2020marts17 ….. Why are workers getting smaller pieces of the pie? ….. ….. It's one of the biggest economic changes in recent decades: Workers get a smaller slice of company revenue, while a larger share is paid to capital owners and distributed as profits. Or, as economists like to say, there has been a fall in labor's share of gross domestic product, or GDP. A new study co-authored by MIT economists uncovers a major reason for this trend: Big companies that spend more

….. 2020marts17 ….. Why Birds Are the World's Best Engineers ….. ….. A nest is "a disordered stick bomb," resilient in ways that humans have hardly begun to understand, much less emulate.

….. 2020marts17 ….. Why do different odors evoke our memory ? ….. ….. submitted by /u/smallpocketlibrary [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. Wind has surpassed hydro as most-used renewable electricity generation source in U.S. ….. ….. submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments]

….. 2020marts17 ….. You Have a Moral Responsibility to Post Your Boring Life on Instagram ….. ….. On Friday, in the middle of my fifth consecutive workday spent utterly alone, I snapped. A crowded subway train seemed like a far-off fantasy, an office full of slumped shoulders like a scene I would never witness again. The world was 410 square feet, and I would have paid money to look up close at a face other than my own. Instead of sobbing into my elbow, I picked up my phone and watched an Ins

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