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Email: Phone-sms: (45)12729908  6311  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus live news: Third of world population under lockdown as global deaths pass 21,000 WTO warns economic impact will be worse than 2008; Spanish death toll higher than China's; Prince Charles tests positive. Follow the latest updates. Coronavirus latest: at a glance Coronavirus key questions: everything you need to know Death toll in Spain overtakes China as lockdowns extend around globe US coronavirus updates – live Australia coronavirus updates – live See all our coronavirus cov  6310  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The White House has fumbled its response to the virus World's most advanced economy is poised to become centre of pandemic  6309  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus threatens Indian banks' nascent recovery Work to reduce bad corporate loans at risk of setback as fears grow for consumers  6308  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Plague Inc Develops Game Version in Which You Save The World From a Virus Pandemic Work through your anxiety.  6307  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Nasa moon mission plans set back by coronavirus crisis Work on the Orion capsule and the Space Launch System suspended until Covid-19 outbreak has passed Welcome to a new semi-regular column about Nasa's progress towards landing astronauts on the moon during 2024. This challenging schedule, which was mandated by the White House, has now been made more difficult by the coronavirus outbreak. On 19 March, the Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine announced  6306  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The internet's top 12 coronavirus-related questions, answered With mixed messages coming from our leaders, Americans have turned to the internet to answer their COVID-19 questions. We explore the top 12 coronavirus questions, according to Google Trends. When seeking answers, it is important to prioritize evidence-based information from credible sources. It seems the only thing spreading faster than coronavirus is panic and disinformation. With mixed message  6305  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Why We Buy Weird Things in Times of Crisis With COVID-19 making its way around the United States, people are emptying stores of toilet paper. Archaeology throws a light on other bouts of odd consumer behavior.  6304  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The global hunt for a coronavirus drug With a vaccine up to 18 months away, drug companies are testing existing virus treatments  6303  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Robots Could Help on the Frontlines of the Coronavirus Pandemic Whether it's disinfecting, throat swabbing or even keeping patients company, robots could one day arrive at a hospital near you.  6302  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. In Defense Of Coronavirus Testing Strategy, Administration Cited Retracted Study When pressed on why the U.S. didn't import coronavirus tests after the CDC's effort ran into trouble, government officials drew on a study that had been retracted. (Image credit: Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images)  6301  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Study: Yes, Half of Coronavirus Carriers Show No Symptoms What we're learning from Iceland this week is as fascinating as it is crucial to fighting the coronavirus epidemic: That somewhere in the neighborhood of half of everyone testing positive for the coronavirus will show absolutely no symptoms. The hard data, out of Iceland, straight from their (impressive) health ministry's dedicated COVID-19 page : – As of March 25, Iceland has administered 12,615  6300  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus: learning urgent lessons from Italy What the data can teach us about distancing, demographics, culture and testing  6299  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or  6298  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Can we trust the Oxford study on Covid-19 infections? | Adam Kucharski We don't know exactly how many people have already been infected with the virus, but there's no evidence it's half the population • Adam Kucharski is an epidemiologist and author Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Earlier this month, the MSc students I teach at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine ran an outbreak investigation as part of their epidemiology a  6297  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. N Korea seeks outside help to raise virus testing Warning of 'potentially devastating' consequences despite zero infections claims  6296  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Forskarnas knep för uppmärksamhet Vetenskapens relation till allmänheten är något som hamnat under lupp de senaste veckorna i samband med covid-19-pandemin. Nya riktlinjer, rekommendationer och prognoser ska hela tiden kablas ut till tio miljoner svenskar. Men för att forskning verkligen ska nå fram räcker det inte bara med fakta. Fakta måste sättas i ett sammanhang, uppmana till handling, och bli del av berättelser som människor  6295  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The shutdown is clearing New York's air—but don't get too excited, geochemist says Vehicle travel, factories, and other air pollution sources are shutting down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and satellites operated by NASA and the European Space Agency can see the difference. A miasma of nitrous oxides, a nasty mix of elements released during incomplete combustion, normally swathes much of China. Starting in late January, it largely dissipated. A few weeks later, a sim  6294  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Vacuum Maker Dyson Designed a New Ventilator in Just 10 Days Vacuums to Ventilators British company Dyson — best known for its sleek vacuum cleaners — has announced it has designed a new ventilator called the "CoVent" in just ten days, according to CNN , to help the UK treat coronavirus patients. The company is planning to produce 15,000 ventilators to help fight the pandemic, 5,000 of which will be donated to other countries. "A ventilator supports a pati  6293  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Insurance industry could be 'in jeopardy' over virus claims, warns Lloyd's chair US and UK urge groups to pay out even though many policies do not cover outbreak  6292  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. FDA to Allow for Plasma Therapy for COVID-19 Patients Under emergency protocols, doctors can request to use survivors' plasma to treat some critically ill COVID-19 patients.  6291  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Barclays waives overdraft fees for customers UK banks seek to help customers facing a cash flow crunch as a result of coronavirus  6290  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Dyson to produce 15,000 ventilators 'in weeks' Two-thirds of machines to go to NHS following order from UK government  6289  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Try these tips to keep your cool at home Try a few of these tips, resources, and strategies to reduce stress while cooped up in response to COVID-19. There are positive ways to deal with your stress, and that of your children if you have them, writes Kimberly Allen, an associate professor and director of graduate programs in the department of youth, family, and community sciences at North Carolina State University: Work as usual? Probab  6288  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. READ: President Trump's Letter To Governors On New Coronavirus Guidelines Trump said his administration is working on new guidelines for governments to use when making decisions on relaxing or increasing coronavirus measures. (Image credit: The White House)  6287  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Men are much more likely to die from coronavirus – but why? Trend has been replicated in all nations, but scientists cannot yet fathom the cause Coronavirus – latest updates Coronavirus – all our coverage It has been well-publicised that Covid-19 discriminates by age and by underlying health conditions. But it has become increasingly apparent that it also discriminates by sex, with men more likely to test positive and more likely to die from the disease.  6286  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Live Coronavirus Updates and Coverage Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin predicted that the $2 trillion rescue package would pass the Senate on Wednesday night and said that Americans would receive stimulus checks "within the next three weeks."  6285  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Michelin starred meals delivered to homes in lockdown Top restaurants find new ways to keep going during virus outbreak  6284  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Tokyo and Hong Kong brace amid fears of fresh wave of coronavirus cases Tokyo governor warns of measures to prevent 'explosion' of cases as Hong Kong health expert calls for curfew to handle cases arriving from overseas Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Tokyo faces further isolation measures to prevent an "explosion' of coronavirus cases and there are calls in Hong Kong for a curfew to stop the health system collapsing amid fears of a seco  6283  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Oncogenic human herpesvirus hijacks proline metabolism for tumorigenesis [Microbiology] Three-dimensional (3D) cell culture is well documented to regain intrinsic metabolic properties and to better mimic the in vivo situation than two-dimensional (2D) cell culture. Particularly, proline metabolism is critical for tumorigenesis since pyrroline-5-carboxylate (P5C) reductase (PYCR/P5CR) is highly expressed in various tumors and its enzymatic activity is essential for…  6282  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How health workers replaced soldiers as our heroes This switch has long been brewing — and will probably outlast the coronavirus pandemic  6281  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Infants born to mothers with COVID-19 in China This study examined the medical records of 33 newborns born to women with COVID-19.  6280  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The historical roots of economic development This article reviews an emerging area of research within economics that seeks to better understand contemporary economic outcomes by taking a historical perspective. The field has established that many of the contemporary differences in comparative economic development have their roots in the distant past. The insights gained from this literature are not only of academic importance but also usefu  6279  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 101-Year-Old Man Who Survived 1918 Flu Beats Coronavirus, Too There are those who have been around the block, and then, there's this guy: A 101-year-old Italian man has survived the 1918 flu, a World War, and now, the coronavirus. What'd you do today? A patient known as "Mr. P" was admitted last week to Infirmi Hospital in Remini, Italy after testing positive for COVID-19. Mr. P was born in 1919, as the 1918 flu pandemic — which would go on to kill an estim  6278  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus crisis is make or break moment for EU There are signs that European institutions are learning from early mistakes  6277  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How a yellow fever outbreak reshaped New Orleans The uncertainties and anxiety regarding the novel coronavirus are similar to those of many Americans during the yellow fever outbreak in 19th-century New Orleans, a historian says. Some two hundred years ago, yellow fever terrified many because there was no cure, no inoculation, and no vaccination for the mosquito-borne virus that cumulatively killed over 150,000 people in New Orleans in the six  6276  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How coronavirus is remaking democratic politics The superficial conclusion is that it will be a gift to populists and authoritarians  6275  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus Live Updates: $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Passed by Senate The Senate unanimously approved a bill that promises a $1,200 payout to millions of Americans, increases jobless aid and creates a business bailout fund. The House is expected to pass it by Friday, sending it to President Trump for approval.  6274  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Supply chain outlook: The timing of the slowdown The rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus is already having a huge impact on the global economy, which is rippling around the world via the long supply chains of major industries.  6273  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Researchers investigate potential treatments for COVID-19 The number of potential therapeutic options for treatment of COVID-19 is growing. Approaches include blocking SARS-CoV-2 from entering cells, disrupting the virus' replication, antivirals, vaccines, and suppressing overactive immune response.  6272  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The genetic quest to understand COVID-19 The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 is now likely to become the fifth endemic coronavirus in humans. Professor Edward Holmes at the University of Sydney and colleagues are working to decipher its genome to help us stop other coronaviruses entering the human population.  6271  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Space Force launches its first mission with virus precautions The newly established U.S. Space Force launched its first national security satellite Thursday with a leaner staff because of the coronavirus pandemic.  6270  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Women's work': How coronavirus may forever change the way we care within families The global spread of COVID-19 has illuminated the "care crisis" that has been building for decades.  6269  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The community-led movement creating hope in the time of coronavirus The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the social networks we rely on. Workplaces, pubs, restaurants and gyms have closed and many people are now housebound.  6268  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. This is What Your Lungs Look Like With COVID-19 The George Washington University Hospital in DC has released a 3D video of a 59-year-old male coronavirus patient's lungs just days after showing no symptoms at all. The video itself shows extensive damage and inflammation shown in yellow. A pair of healthy lungs would show no yellow areas at all. The patient now needs a ventilator to breathe and a separate machine to circulate and oxygenate his  6267  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. From vacuum cleaners to ventilators: Can Dyson make the leap? The firm has no medical expertise, but it does have some relevant experience Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Since the engineering firm Dyson unveiled a prototype ventilator it said could help prepare the NHS for a surge in Covid-19 patients, there has been scepticism about its role. The billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson is better known for his bagless vacuum  6266  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Study: Adults over 70 are the fabric of their communities The findings of a new study released underscores the vibrant and important contribution that the over 70s make to society in Ireland. The findings come at a time when many discussions are taking place nationally about the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on our older population, with progressive restrictions on social engagements and the possibility of the advancement of social isolation for this gr  6265  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Europe should design a 'coronabond' The eurozone needs mutualised spending more than it needs mutualised borrowing  6264  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Indonesia's hidden coronavirus cases threaten to overwhelm hospitals The country already has the most deaths in south-east Asia, but research suggests the official 800 infections so far may only be 2% of the total Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage It was just last month that Indonesia's coronavirus cases stood at zero, with officials fiercely rejecting suggestions that infections were spreading undetected. Weeks later, 78 fatalities hav  6263  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Global supply chains as a way to curb carbon emissions The coronavirus outbreak raised everyone's awareness of the significance of global supply chains to modern economies. But global supply chains also play an important role in greenhouse gas emissions. How they are managed can either increase or decrease carbon emissions, new research shows.  6262  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Mathematics of life and death: How disease models shape national shutdowns and other pandemic policies The coronavirus highlights the "huge responsibility" of infectious disease modelers  6261  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Forecasting death: Can politicians rely on computer models of the pandemic to shut down cities and countries? The coronavirus highlights the "huge responsibility" of infectious disease modelers  6260  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The epidemic provides a chance to do good by the climate The chances are, though, that it will not be taken  6259  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 'We're in Disaster Mode': Courage Inside a Brooklyn Hospital Confronting Coronavirus Test kits and protective gear have been in short supply, doctors are falling sick, and every day gets more difficult. But the staff keeps showing up.  6258  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. It Isn't Just You: The Internet Is Actually Super-Slow Lately Streaming Slowdowns According to a new report by Broadband Now, a consumer advocate website that compares U.S. internet service providers (ISPs), many cities are experiencing internet slowdowns during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Out of the country's 200 most populous cities, 88 "have experienced some degree of network degradation over the past week compared to the 10 weeks prior," according  6257  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Congress pumps up NSF program to fast-track COVID-19 research Stimulus gives National Science Foundation $75 million to expand rarely used RAPID grants  6256  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How to identify factors affecting COVID-19 transmission Stanford professor Alexandria Boehm and visiting scholar Krista Wigginton describe potential transmission pathways of COVID-19 and their implications.  6255  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Urgent guidance, approach to identify patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death from use of off-label COVID-19 treatments Some of the medications being used to treat COVID-19 are known to cause drug-induced prolongation of the QTc of some people. Patients with a dangerously prolonged QTc are at increased risk for potentially life-threatening ventricular rhythm abnormalities that can culminate in sudden cardiac death. A new study details more information about potential dangers and the application of QTc monitoring to  6254  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus: Pangolins found to carry related strains Smuggled pangolins were carrying viruses closely related to the one sweeping the world, say scientists.  6253  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 'This is insane!' Many scientists lament Trump's embrace of risky malaria drugs for coronavirus Small French study that led to huge demand for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine comes under heavy fire  6252  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Nedbrud spænder ben for undervisning af medicinstuderende: »Det er meget deprimerende« Skoler og universiteter arbejder på højtryk for at omstille sig til digital fjernundervisning. På Københavns Universitet har det skabt betydelige udfordringer på medicinstudiet.  6251  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. UK confident of delivering tens of thousands of ventilators Shortage of oxygen-delivering machines is already a 'real issue' for hospitals in London  6250  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Behind The Race To Develop Antibody-Based Treatments For COVID-19 Several teams are racing to develop therapies for COVID-19 based on antibodies, the components of immune systems that can be collected from the blood of patients who have survived the disease.  6249  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Asia-Pacific stocks falter after second day of Wall Street gains Senate approval of $2tn coronavirus stimulus comes as fears grow over Tokyo lockdown  6248  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How diseases rise and fall with the seasons—and what it could mean for coronavirus Scientists look at seasonal changes to the environment—and our own immune systems  6247  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Significance of Pangolin Viruses in Human Pandemic Remains Murky Scientists haven't found evidence that the new coronavirus jumped from pangolins to people, but they do host very similar viruses  6246  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Warring parties in Yemen agree ceasefire to prevent coronavirus outbreak Saudi-led coalition calls for de-escalation and practical steps to alleviate suffering  6245  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Mayo Clinic outlines approach for patients at risk of drug-induced sudden cardiac death in COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, continues to spread, leading to more than 20,000 deaths worldwide in less than four months. Efforts are progressing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, but it's still likely 12 to 18 months away.  6244  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A possible treatment for COVID-19 and an approach for developing others SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease is more transmissible, but has a lower mortality rate than its sibling, SARS-CoV, according to a review article published this week in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, a journal of the American Society for Microbiology.  6243  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Fortsatt väntan på snabbtester för coronaviruset i Sverige Runt om i världen arbetar forskare febrilt med att få fram nya tester mot coronaviruset som just nu sprider sig över jorden. Ett antal snabbtester har redan utvecklats men alla möter inte Folkhälsomyndighetens krav.  6242  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Gig workers handed lifeline by White House stimulus plan Rideshare drivers and short-term rental hosts stand to receive unemployment compensation  6241  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What happens to people's lungs when they get coronavirus? Respiratory physician John Wilson explains the range of Covid-19 impacts, from no symptoms to severe illness featuring pneumonia Coronavirus – latest global updates Australia coronavirus live blog See all our coronavirus coverage What became known as Covid-19, or the coronavirus, started in late 2019 as a cluster of pneumonia cases with an unknown cause. The cause of the pneumonia was found to be  6240  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Tokyo at risk of 'explosive spike' in coronavirus cases Residents of city strip some supermarket shelves bare after record one-day rise in cases  6239  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Scientists propose reliable viral labeling strategy for visualization of EV71 infection Researchers led by Prof. Cai Lintao from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences proposed a novel virus labeling strategy based on protein biosynthesis for dynamic visualization of nonenveloped enterovirus 71 infection. The study was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.  6238  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. New Trump coronavirus push criticised by leading governor Republican chair of National Governors Association pans effort to identify risk-free counties  6237  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Police to issue on-the-spot fines for breaches of Covid-19 lockdown Regulations will add muscle to government efforts to enforce social distancing  6236  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Airborne particles may be assisting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 Reducing pollution seems to reduce the rate of infection  6235  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Singapore unveils $34bn coronavirus relief package Record package worth 11% of GDP seeks to counter economic fallout as growth forecasts are cut  6234  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus could wipe out US bank profits, says S&P Rating agency sets out worst-case scenario of plunging interest margins and soaring defaults  6233  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Discrimination against Asian and black Americans rises during coronavirus outbreak Racism targeted at Asians and Asian Americans has grown since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. COVID-19, which originated in and devastated parts of China, has spread to new countries and the media, including CNN, The New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal, have documented the growing number of discriminatory incidents. As quantitative social scientists working at USC's  6232  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus threats are crimes, says CPS after spate of cough attacks Prosecutors issue warning after reports of emergency workers being coughed and spat at Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Anyone using coronavirus to threaten people will face serious criminal charges, prosecutors have warned, following reports of police officers, shop workers and vulnerable groups being deliberately coughed at by some claiming to have the disease. The  6231  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus pushes Britain's care homes to the brink Private providers say lack of testing and protective equipment leaving staff exposed  6230  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Opinion: Grant bail to unsentenced prisoners to stop the spread of coronavirus Prison is, understandably, a very closed environment. Many prisons are also overcrowded. COVID-19 has already entered the prison system and any further spread would be catastrophic for prisoners, staff, their families and the wider community.  6229  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 threatens endangered great apes, too Primate experts warn that the global human health emergency of COVID-19 also threatens our closest living relatives: endangered great apes. The new commentary raises the alarm that non-human great apes are susceptible to human respiratory diseases. The 25 authors call for urgent discussions on the need to severely limit human interaction with great apes in the wild, and in sanctuaries and zoos, u  6228  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Trump urged to use wartime powers over US companies President reluctant to force production of equipment under Defense Production Act  6227  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Asia has fought the economic fallout of coronavirus Policies to preserve jobs, businesses and financial sector liquidity are most effective  6226  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. UK-Senegal partnership to trial 10-minute coronavirus test Pocket-sized kit offers potential lifesaver for poorer countries battling to contain pandemic  6225  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. DTU-startup er klar med corona-lyntest – men mangler penge PLUS. Selvom opstartsvirksomheden Cphnano allerede har den første kunde til deres corona-testprodukt, mangler den stadig midlerne til at realisere projektet.  6224  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Faldende leverancer af testkit kan spænde ben for ny test-strategi PLUS. Mens myndighederne planlægger at femdoble testkapaciteten, lyder meldingen fra Roche, der er storleverandør af maskiner og reagenser til hospitals­laboratorierne, at Danmark vil modtage færre testkit fra næste uge.  6223  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Beregning fra fagfolk: Hele Danmarks befolkning kan coronatestes på fire uger PLUS. Med PCR-maskiner på universiteter og private laboratorier kan vi følge smitten. Enten som drive-in eller derhjemme.  6222  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. EU udskyder nye regler for medicinsk udstyr i et år PLUS. Der er ikke tid og ressourcer til at indføre helt nye regler for produktion af medicinsk udstyr. Derfor foreslår EU-Kommissionen at udskyde et nyt omfattende EU-direktiv for medicinsk udstyr i 12 måneder på grund af corona-epidemien.  6221  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Brændstofselskaber: Vi kan levere titusindvis af liter sprit inden for nogle uger PLUS. Bioethanol anvendes bl.a. til at blande i benzin til den såkaldte E10-benzin. Men her i coronakrisen, hvor der er opstået mangel på ethanol eller husholdningssprit som råvare til håndsprit, vil brændstofleverandørerne gerne omlaste deres forsyning.  6220  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Postgraduate students urge funders to extend grants over coronavirus PhD and master's students worry their funding will run out as libraries and labs shut PhD and master's students have signed an open letter asking to be given extensions to their funding by research councils so they can finish work disrupted by the coronavirus. The letter, which has more than 1,000 signatories across UK universities, asks for research councils to urgently publish a plan outlining  6219  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What if Another Crisis Strikes During This Pandemic? – Issue 83: Intelligence Parts of the world might have shut down, but nature never does. Even while people stay at home and learn about physical distancing, weather, tectonic shifts, meteorites, and solar storms do not pause. With many international borders closed and an increasing percentage of the population sick or rendered potential carriers of this latest coronavirus, what happens if some city or country needs an in  6218  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. National Cathedral, Nasdaq, Businesses and Unions Locate Troves of N95 Masks One stockpile was in the cathedral's crypt. Others were with companies like Goldman Sachs. And a health care union said it found 39 million more.  6217  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Coronavirus Holy Grail: Testing Whether You're Immune One of the strangest aspects of the coronavirus outbreak has been the unknown: Have I gotten it yet? Did I already get it? Am I immune now? In other words, was that cough you had a couple weeks back just a regular bug, or was it a mild case of COVID-19? You felt pretty sick, but you never noticed a fever. And then you got better. Should you still be hiding indoors? If you're experiencing symptoms  6216  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. They can cost £63k': how the hazmat suit came to represent disease, danger – and hope On the one hand faceless and frightening, on the other a symbol of heroic resistance to deadly viruses, here's how the hazmat suit became a symbol of our times They tread slowly, gracelessly, at a plodding pace. With their aspirators they could be astronauts, of this earth but detached from it, sucking clean air through umbilical tubes. They comfort and alarm in equal measure, these slow-moving h  6215  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Fighting escalates in Libya as country braces for coronavirus Offensives by both sides threaten dangerous new phase of confrontation, analysts say  6214  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Why The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Hit New York City Especially Hard NPR national and science correspondents answer listener questions about why the coronavirus outbreak has been especially bad in New York City and the surrounding region.  6213  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus Latest: Unemployment Numbers, Federal Guidelines For Local Governments NPR economics, science and national correspondents present the latest updates in the U.S. response to the coronavirus epidemic.  6212  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Cleaning Products Can Kill The COVID-19 Virus. Here's What to Use in Your House Not all sanitisers will work!  6211  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Covid-19: can ibuprofen make an infection worse? Nicola Davis speaks to Dr Ian Bailey about the current guidance on taking ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during a Sars-CoV-2 infection. And, why there was concern about whether these medications could make symptoms of the disease worse Continue reading…  6210  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Covid-19 self-test could allow return to work, say health officials NHS England medical director tells MPs tests may be available within a couple of weeks Coronavirus – latest updates All our coronavirus coverage Self-testing at home to find out whether somebody has had Covid-19 is an efficient way to find out if they are safe to return to work, a senior health official has said. Prof Yvonne Doyle, the medical director of NHS England, told the health select commi  6209  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Glimmer of Hope': When Can We Say Social Distancing Is Working? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee have pointed to early signs that the increase of new cases is flattening. How to look up — and interpret — the progress in your state. (Image credit: Martin Kaste/  6208  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Lancet Public Health: Modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing measures on progression of COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan New modelling research, published in The Lancet Public Health journal, suggests that school and workplace closures in Wuhan, China have reduced the number of COVID-19 cases and substantially delayed the epidemic peak — giving the health system the time and opportunity to expand and respond.  6207  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The coronavirus is changing how we work—possibly permanently Nearly a million people in Canada have already applied for employment insurance, and analysts are predicting that coronavirus-related jobless claims in the United States could exceed three million. Job loss is only one of the many effects of COVID-19 on work and workers.  6206  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Identifying SARS-CoV-2 related coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2169-0  6205  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Science-ing from home Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00935-3 In the first of two articles about laboratory closures triggered by COVID-19, scientists affected by the shutdowns outline the tools they are using to run their research groups remotely.  6204  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Seven tips to manage your mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00933-5 Feeling overwhelmed by a lockdown and the need to suddenly adopt e-learning? Keep connected and compassionate, says clinical psychologist Desiree Dickerson.  6203  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Should scientists infect healthy people with the coronavirus to test vaccines? Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00927-3 Radical proposal to conduct 'human challenge' studies could dramatically speed up vaccine research.  6202  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What the cruise-ship outbreaks reveal about COVID-19 Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00885-w Close confines help the virus to spread, but closed environments are also an ideal place to study how the new coronavirus behaves.  6201  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Middle East may face an explosion of refugee Covid-19 cases Movement of paramilitaries and pilgrims also make it hard to contain the disease in the region  6200  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Schools are moving online, but not all children start out digitally equal More than one billion young people around the world are now shut out of classrooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in Australia where many schools remain open, many parents have chosen to keep their kids home.  6199  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The red flare of distress Mike Mackenzie's daily analysis of what's moving global markets  6198  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Lack of virus testing is hitting NHS staff numbers Medical bodies say government needs to prioritise health workers  6197  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. As if a storm hit': more than 30 Italian health workers have died since crisis began Majority of those infected during early stages in the north when protective equipment lacking Thirty-three health workers have died from coronavirus since Italy's outbreak began, as medics work relentlessly to try to turn the tide in Europe's worst affected country . The virus has infected more than 5,000 doctors, nurses, technicians, ambulance staff and other health employees. The majority were  6196  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Genetic Mutations Turned the Coronavirus Deadly – Issue 83: Intelligence Long before the first reports of a new flu-like illness in China's Hubei province, a bat—or perhaps a whole colony of them—was flying around the region carrying a new type of coronavirus. At the time, the virus was not yet dangerous to humans. Then, around the end of November, it underwent a slight additional mutation, evolving into the viral strain we now call SARS-CoV-2. With that flip of viral  6195  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. This 103-year-old philosopher's to-do list will get you through self-isolation Like everybody else, Romanian philosopher Mihai Sora is stuck inside. He is keeping busy for a 103-year-old man, and keeping the world up to date on his indoor adventures with Facebook. His to-do list is impressive, but not so impressive it can't be used by most people. The social isolation necessitated by COVID-19 is difficult for a lot of people. Between being mostly stuck inside, having reduce  6194  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Do not relax Covid-19 measures in Wuhan too soon, scientists warn Lifting restrictions in March could lead to new peak of cases in August, study suggests Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Relaxing physical distancing and school closures in Wuhan too soon could fuel a second wave of Covid-19 infections later in the year, scientists have said. A study published in the Lancet suggests lifting restrictions in March would lead to a surge  6193  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Russia to tax bank deposits to fund coronavirus package Levy will hit pensioners and contrasts with rescue measures of other countries  6192  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in  6191  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus 'medicine' could trigger social breakdown Jacob Wallenberg tells governments to consider economic threat from crisis  6190  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. From coronavirus crisis to sovereign debt crisis–sovereign-debt-crisis/ It's not just individuals who are in urgent need of debt moratoriums during the coronavirus. Some sovereign countries will need them too.  6189  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Can You Become Immune to the Coronavirus? It's likely you can, at least for some period of time. That is opening new opportunities for testing and treatment.  6188  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A Doctor Puts Telemedicine to the Test During COVID-19 – Issue 83: Intelligence It was the first day after the San Francisco Bay Area declared that residents shelter in place, and I was getting ready to see patients. I generally dress in a dry-cleaned shirt, slacks, and a tie. I'm a pediatrician and feel parents deserve to see a physician in professional attire for all the money they pay for healthcare. Shelter in place, however, meant dry cleaning services might be closed f  6187  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. European banks back suspension of dividends and buybacks Industry group says it should preserve firepower for lending to virus-hit customers  6186  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The value of science for critical decisions In times of crises, people suddenly come together in solidarity and support each other. Political parties unite behind the Federal Council and the government, who decided, within the space of just a few days, to implement drastic measures to protect the nation. This was the right decision. Nonetheless, coronavirus is hitting us hard.  6185  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Blood Plasma From Survivors Will Be Given to Coronavirus Patients In people who have recovered, plasma is teeming with antibodies that may fight the virus. But the treatment beginning in New York is experimental.  6184  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. HSBC to delay 'vast majority' of redundancies Impact of the coronavirus outbreak has forced lender to pause its restructuring  6183  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What the Coronavirus Proteins Are Targeting I wanted to mention this paper , which is one of the more comprehensive ones on the idea of repurposing existing drugs against the coronavirus. It's a large multicenter team that clearly did a lot of very fast coordination to produce these results. What they've done is looked at the complete suite of proteins produced by the new coronavirus (some 27 to 29 of them, we think – viruses have relative  6182  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Ny metod avslöjar corona I dag behövs ett avancerat laboratorium och flera timmars arbete för att se om en patient är smittad eller inte. En ny metod ger svaret inom en halvtimme: rosa eller gult.  6181  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Sikkerhedsekspert: Hvordan påvirker corona-krisen internettet? Hvordan kan du arbejde sikkert hjemmefra? Sikkerhedsforsker fra Kapersky giver et sikkerhedsperspektiv på Covid-19.  6180  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well, there are many hurdles before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes hav  6179  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus resilience/FCA: muffled reports Guidelines should be set out on what Covid-19 statements should contain  6178  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Universities Issue Hiring Freezes in Response to COVID-19 Graduate students and postdocs are left wondering about the implications for their academic careers.  6177  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Air freight shortage hits Europe coronavirus drugs Generics industry body warns of severe constraints on suppliers in Covid-19 battle  6176  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Regioner er klar til at teste flere tusinde danskere dagligt for corona Genbrug af materialer, der hidtil har været en mangelvare, er blandt årsagerne til, at tre regioner nu kan stille med en samlet testkapacitet på 4.500 om dagen.  6175  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Microbiome may hold key to identifying HPV-infected women at risk for pre-cancer–mh031920.php Gardnerella bacteria in the cervicovaginal microbiome may serve as a biomarker to identify women infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) who are at risk for progression to precancer, according to a study published March 26 in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens by Robert Burk and Mykhaylo Usyk of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and colleagues.  6174  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Experts in evolution explain why social distancing feels so unnatural For many people, the most distressing part of the coronavirus pandemic is the idea of social isolation. If we get ill, we quarantine ourselves for the protection of others. But even among the healthy, loneliness may be setting in as we engage with pre-emptive social distancing.  6173  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. ER Doctor: US Bungling COVID Response Like Soviets Did Chernobyl For emergency physician Joshua Lerner, the American government and healthcare industry's response to the coronavirus pandemic is so inadequate and fragmentary that he likens it to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, which was then part of the Soviet Union. In both crises, Lerner writes in a Scientific American op-ed , people on the front lines worked tirelessly to save others' lives d  6172  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Folding@home hjælper corona-forskere: Mere regnekraft end 100 supercomputere Folding@home har eksisteret i mere end to årtier, men efter massiv tilslutning på grund af det verdensomspændende coronavirus-udbrud rammer projektet nu milepæl på mere end én exaFLOPS.  6171  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Asymptomatic Carriers Are Fueling the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here's Why You Don't Have to Feel Sick to Spread the Disease Experts talk about what it means to be infected without being sick, and how that seems to be making the novel coronavirus very easy to spread.  6170  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How will Sunak's support plan for the self-employed work? Experts say package is generous for those on modest incomes but tough on some others  6169  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. This method extends life of critical N95 face masks Existing vaporized hydrogen peroxide methods can decontaminate N95 face masks for reuse, confirm research and clinical teams. Health care providers are facing a critical shortage of N95 face masks that block the coronavirus. The process uses specialized equipment to aerosolize hydrogen peroxide, which permeates the layers of the mask to kill germs, including viruses , without degrading the mask's  6168  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How to manage anxiety and grief during coronavirus Exercise, treats and keeping plans short-term all have a role to play – as does swearing  6167  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus chaos lures Japanese back to stock market Equities turmoil and work-from-home orders trigger record openings of online accounts  6166  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Rapport: Hackere kaprer routere i forsøg på at sprede malware Efter at have fået adgang til ofrets router bliver vedkommende tilbudt at downloade en såkaldt 'COVID-19 Inform App' fra World Health Organisation. Applikationen er i virkeligheden malware.  6165  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Ireland's job losses show scale of global coronavirus shock Economy suffers blow that risks being worse than devastation of the global financial crisis  6164  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Britain heading for a deep recession, say experts Economists warn coronavirus pandemic will savage GDP, public finances and employment  6163  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Dr. Anthony Fauci Emerges As Rare Public Face Of Scientific Guidance Dr. Anthony Fauci has advised six U.S. presidents, and has been visible during the coronavirus epidemic. He has often stood beside President Trump — often contradicting Trump's incorrect statements.  6162  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The wrong kind of American exceptionalism Donald Trump's ambivalence on coronavirus threatens both the US and its global power  6161  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Lombardy medics fight to save patients — and themselves Doctors and nurses account for 8 per cent of coronavirus infections in Italy  6160  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Is the coronavirus outbreak of unnatural origins? Did coronavirus mutate from a virus already prevalent in humans or animals or did it originate in a laboratory? As scientists grapple with understanding the source of this rapidly spreading virus, the Grunow-Finke assessment tool (GFT) may assist them with determining whether the coronavirus outbreak is of natural or unnatural origins.  6159  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What Made New York So Hospitable for Coronavirus? Despite some obvious suspects, scientists say chance may have played a big role in the explosion of cases.  6158  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. This powerful ion engine will be flying on NASA's DART mission to try and redirect an asteroid Despite humanity's current struggle against the novel coronavirus, and despite it taking up most of our attention, other threats still exist. The very real threat of a possible asteroid strike on Earth in the future is taking a backseat for now, but it's still there.  6157  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Oxygen suppliers push for looser regulations Demand surges as hospitals require more medical oxygen for coronavirus patients on ventilators  6156  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the US Democratic primary calendar Delayed primaries make June 2 the second-biggest delegate day in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee  6155  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Smartphone-data bag nyt corona-kort Data på, hvor meget en smartphone bevæger sig, kan være med til at afsløre, hvordan befolkningen i et givent område overholder opfordringer om at blive hjemme.  6154  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. US jobless claims surge to record 3.3m Data demonstrate toll of coronavirus-related closures on US labour force  6153  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. UK Plans to Roll Out 15-Minute Home Coronavirus Test Kits This Week Credit: NIH Healthcare professionals and infectious disease experts around the world agree that extensive testing is the best way to combat coronavirus . However, the extreme shortage of COVID-19 testing kits has made that impossible. The Public Health England (PHE) just announced it was planning to begin rolling out at-home COVID-19 testing kits in the coming days. These tests could tell people  6152  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Banks call for freeze on UK housing market Coronavirus lockdown hits lenders' ability to offer mortgages and evaluate properties  6151  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state Coronavirus – live updates Full coronavirus coverage The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 continues to grow in the US. Mike Pence, the vice-president, is overseeing the US response to the coronavirus. So far, 80% of patients experience a mild form of the illness, which can include a fever and pneumonia, and many of these cases require little to no medical intervention. That being said, elder  6150  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Only Disconnect! A Pandemic Reading of E.M. Forster – Issue 83: Intelligence Chances are, you're hunkered down at home right now, as I am, worried about COVID-19 and coping by means of Instacart deliveries, Zoom chats, and Netflix movies, while avoiding others and the outside world. As shown by the experience in China1 and recent studies,2 voluntary isolation to extreme lockdown are effective in slowing or stopping pandemics. But as cabin fever sets in and we miss friends  6149  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 'Squeezed middle' companies worry over government support Chancellor promises to help those excluded from schemes to offset damage from virus  6148  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Rishi Sunak unveils rescue package for self-employed workers Chancellor hails £9bn scheme as one of the most generous in the world  6147  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Catalonia clashes with Madrid over coronavirus lockdown Central government insists tougher regional measures lack legal force  6146  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. ECB shakes off limits on new €750bn bond buying plan Central bank gives itself flexibility in bid to contain financial fallout from coronavirus  6145  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. US Senate approves $2tn stimulus deal to fight coronavirus Bipartisan vote expands jobless benefits and will now move to House of Representatives  6144  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus creates new role for US unemployment insurance Benefits once kept low to discourage laziness will be raised to encourage people to stay home  6143  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. UK retail sales weak before coronavirus lockdown Bad weather kept shoppers at home in February  6142  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. In Coronavirus, Industry Sees Chance to Undo Plastic Bag Bans Backers of single-use plastic bags, battered by a series of bans nationwide, are using the health scare to argue their bags are cleaner and safer.  6141  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Ask us: How is coronavirus affecting banks, corporate finance and your money? Ask our reporters, who will be answering your questions about Covid-19 throughout the day  6140  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Could the social distancing of COVID-19 revolutionize online learning and higher education? As the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus prompted residential colleges to suspend classroom instruction, many faculty members are suddenly scrambling to adapt their courses to online media. Former College of Education dean Mary Kalantzis and Bill Cope, both professors of education policy, organization and leadership at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, research and develop education  6139  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 presents unique challenges for news industry As the novel COVID-19 pandemic continues to upend life and business around the globe, countless industries are struggling to adjust how they operate in unprecedented circumstances. The media industry finds itself in a similar situation of operating during a time of crisis, on the heels of a decade-plus of changes brought on by downsizing, shrinking newsrooms and budgets, increased demands on journ  6138  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus: Tracking the enemy down—to its genes As the COVID-19 crisis deepens worldwide, a team of Montreal researchers in bioinformatics is using artificial intelligence to trace the genetic profile of the coronavirus responsible for the pandemic.  6137  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. MIT Develops Cheap, Open Source Ventilator for Coronavirus Treatment As the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen, medical centers around the world have started running short of vital supplies like masks, gloves, and disinfectants. Hospitals are also running critically low on ventilators, which can keep COVID-19 patients alive if the disease becomes severe. An MIT team has developed an open-source ventilator called the MIT E-Vent that could get regulatory appro  6136  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Chefs, DJs, teachers: the rise of the lockdown celebrity As the coronavirus forces people into their homes, a new breed of influencer is emerging online  6135  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Missing link in coronavirus jump from bats to humans could be pangolins, not snakes As scientists scramble to learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, two recent studies of the virus' genome reached controversial conclusions: namely, that snakes are intermediate hosts of the new virus, and that a key coronavirus protein shares 'uncanny similarities' with an HIV-1 protein. Now, a study refutes both ideas and suggests that scaly, anteater-like animals called pangolins are the m  6134  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Coronavirus Is Mutating Relatively Slowly, Which May Be Good News As a virus makes copies of itself, errors may creep in, changing its genetic makeup. Researchers are trying to determine if the changes are significant in the new coronavirus.  6133  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Home design in the age of social distancing As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing has become the new norm. A number of people across the globe have been confined to their homes and neighborhoods for an indefinite period of time.  6132  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Structural basis for the recognition of SARS-CoV-2 by full-length human ACE2 Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) is the cellular receptor for severe acute respiratory syndrome–coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that is causing the serious coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic. Here, we present cryo–electron microscopy structures of full-length human ACE2 in the presence of the neutral amino acid transporter B 0 AT1 with or without the re  6131  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Taking people's temperatures can help fight the coronavirus And now here is the fever forecast  6130  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. US overtakes China for most confirmed coronavirus cases America now has the most Covid-19 cases in the world, as China fears second wave  6129  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Stanford Engineers Create Ankle Exoskeleton to Boost Running Efficiency All team sports are canceled due to coronavirus, but you can still go for a solitary run. However, the physical impact of running is too much for some people. In a bid to increase physical activity and perhaps create a new mode of transportation, Stanford University engineers have developed a compact ankle exoskeleton that can boost speed and lower energy usage while running. Many of the exoskele  6128  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Spreading COVID-19 on Purpose? You Could Be Charged With Terrorism. All for the Gram The grossness and casual brutality of online prank culture has been on full display during the coronavirus pandemic, with kids pulling stunts ranging from from licking toilet seats to coughing in the face of the elderly in search of viral fame. Now these idiots have yet another reason to think twice: Politico reports that the Justice Department may charge people who spread the de  6127  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Pollution levels in UK cities drop as coronavirus impacts on daily life, new data reveals Air pollution levels in some cities in the UK have dropped to levels lower than the average of the previous five years as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts travel and work, new research shows.  6126  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The new coronavirus is finally slamming Russia. Is the country ready? After initial reprieve, COVID-19 cases are rising and filling hospital wards, virologist says  6125  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Monoclonal Antibodies Might Prove Useful Against The Coronavirus A treatment strategy that identifies particularly potent immune system proteins, then gins up mass quantities for a single dose might help prevent infections or quell symptoms, scientists say. (Image credit: Rani Levy/ Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)  6124  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 update A regular Cosmos digest of coronavirus disease science, data, reporting and optimism.  6123  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Modelling study estimates impact of physical distancing measures on progression of COVID-19 epidemic in Wuhan A new study suggests extending school and workplace closures in Wuhan until April, rather than March, would likely delay a second wave of cases until later in the year, relieving pressure on health services.  6122  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. In politics and pandemics, trolls use fear, anger to drive clicks A new CU Boulder study shows that Facebook ads developed and shared by Russian trolls around the 2016 election were clicked on nine times more than typical social media ads. The authors say the trolls are likely at it again, as the 2020 election approaches and the COVID-19 pandemic wears on.  6121  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A.I. Versus the Coronavirus A new consortium of top scientists will be able to use some of the world's most advanced supercomputers to look for solutions.  6120  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. UK property demand plunges as virus takes hold 60 per cent decline in sales predicted in the next three months  6119  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Virus renews fears over strength of Italy's banks 'Doom loop' linking sector and wider economy hangs over country  6118  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Travel restrictions violate international law [no content]  6117  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How SARS-CoV-2 binds to human cells [no content]  6116  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. With COVID-19, modeling takes on life and death importance [no content]  6115  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Race to find COVID-19 treatments accelerates [no content]  6114  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Misguided drug advice for COVID-19 [no content]  6113  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 needs a Manhattan Project [no content]  6112  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 drives new threat to bats in China [no content]  6111  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus latest: US Senate passes $2tn stimulus as Japan fears new spike [no content]  6110  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Four essentials you can donate to help healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 You, yes, you can help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers battling COVID-19. (National Cancer Institute/Unsplash/) Being in social isolation gives us folks at home a lot of time to think—and maybe you've been racking your brain to figure out how to help the people fighting on the front lines of the pandemic we are all doing our best to slow down. And while donating cash to hospitals is  6109  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. *Wonder Woman 1984* Is Being Delayed Yes, it's because of coronavirus, which has also now infected the science advisor on *Contagion.*  6108  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Abortion Foes Use the Pandemic as an Excuse Who would have thought COVID-19 would give anti-abortion forces the quick victory they could not win in the courts, in the legislative process, or through the deployment of screaming protesters outside clinics? Claiming abortion is a nonessential service that can be postponed so that the clinics' medical resources can be used to fight the coronavirus, officials in Texas, Ohio, and Louisiana have  6107  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 'Guilty pleasures' can get us through social distancing While social distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, indulging in your guilty pleasures can help protect you from the mental health disorders associated with isolation, an expert advises. "As a social psychologist who studies the importance of social connections, I am gravely worried about what this social isolation might bring," says Shira Gabriel , associate professor of psychology at the Un  6106  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Child-Care Crisis Is Even Worse for Health-Care Workers When Ellen Lubbers first decided to try to help the doctors and nurses of Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center line up child care for their kids, whose schools had suddenly closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she didn't realize just how much help they actually needed. On March 14, Lubbers, a 30-year-old third-year OSU medical student, saw a small commotion sparked by a tweet  6105  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How to Get Your Data-Cap Fees Waived During the Pandemic Verizon and AT&T will drop mobile data overage charges for customers experiencing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus.  6104  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Om skolorna stänger kan föräldrar bidra med struktur Undervisningen vid högskolor, universitet och gymnasieskolor sker nu på distans för att bromsa spridningen av det nya coronaviruset. Näst på tur att stänga kan för- och grundskolor stå. Vad ställer det för krav på skolorna? Och vilket stöd förväntas man som förälder ge sina barn när de inte får gå till skolan? – Skolan ska inte lägga börda på föräldrarna. Det är upp till skolan att ordna undervis  6103  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Why Would Hospitals Forbid Physicians and Nurses from Wearing Masks? They wouldn't in cases where these professionals are caring for infectious patients, but in other situations, they have — Read more on  6102  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Boosting Your Immune System During a Pandemic The short answer to the question – how do you boost your immune system – is that you can't. The very concept of "boosting" the immune system is not scientific and does not exist within mainstream medicine. That's because it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of immunity, and of biological systems. Having said that there are legitimate things you can do to optimize immune function, which a  6101  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The official jobless numbers are horrifying. The real situation is even worse. The record unemployment numbers only hint at the crisis facing many with no work.  6100  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. For Budding Researchers like Me, COVID-19 Is a Lesson in Science Communication The outbreak has made it plain how important it is to explain to the public what we know and what we don't, clearly and honestly — Read more on  6099  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. France's Virus Train Moves Patients to Less Hard-Hit Areas The national railroad system converted a TGV high-speed train to move 20 Covid-19 patients from Strasbourg to calmer hospitals in the Loire Valley.  6098  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus latest news: Economic impact of pandemic 'worse than 2008' The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic  6097  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Visual Landscape of a World Shaped by Pandemic The drastic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak have changed nearly every aspect of daily life, leaving a visual impact on the world around us. Grounded aircraft, deserted beaches, temporary hospitals, idle buses, quiet streets, empty shelves, and socially distant behavior have quickly become common sights. Gathered here, a few more glimpses of our new reality as billions of people stay home.  6096  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Is it time to consider universal basic income? The coronavirus pandemic may change the amount of attention United States policymakers have paid to the idea of universal basic income, a historian argues. Universal basic income is a concept that would give all members of society an unconditional, guaranteed cash payment. As lawmakers look for ways to soften the economic blow of the outbreak , one idea is to give qualified Americans a lump sum o  6095  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How long does coronavirus stay on surfaces and can they infect you? The coronavirus has been found to stick to surfaces for days – but you're more likely to catch it when close to infected people, or possibly through droplets spread via plumbing and ventilation systems  6094  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Yes, the new coronavirus is mutating—but that's not a bad thing The bulk of the mutations that appear as a virus spreads are either harmful to the virus itself (meaning it is less likely to survive or replicate) or don't change how it functions. (CDC/) The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is changing over time. While scientists are still unsure whether viruses are actually alive (they can't survive or replicate without the help of another lifeform, but inside  6093  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Feast Your Eyes on Australia's Newly Explored Depths [Video] Take a few moments to enjoy stalked barnacles, googly-eyed glass squid and other oddities of the deep, where it is cold, dark and 100 percent coronavirus free — Read more on  6092  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Government Is Failing by Doing Too Little, and Too Much T he United States is performing more poorly than it should in the present crisis, even apart from the actions and rhetoric of President Trump, for at least two distinct reasons: underinvestment in public-health infrastructure and unduly onerous government regulations. That first category of error has received far more attention. To cite one example of many: the Bush administration noted in its "  6091  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Why Covid-19 Could Trigger a Surprise Billing Crisis Surprise billing has become emblematic of everything that is wrong with the American healthcare system. Insurance companies blame doctors and hospitals. Doctors and hospitals blame insurance companies. And patients consistently lose out. How did we end up here — and could the situation worsen with COVID-19?  6090  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Effects of COVID-19 Will Ripple through Food Systems Staple crops are likely to be less affected by measures to control the virus, but farmers growing more specialized ones could feel the pinch — Read more on  6089  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. What World War II Can Teach Us About Fighting the Coronavirus Some manufacturers are racing to make ventilators, respirators, and face shields. But the situation is nothing like it was in the 1940s.  6088  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Canadian authorities warn chiropractors and naturopaths against making false COVID-19 claims Regulators in British Columbia are investigating bogus COVID-19 preventatives and issuing public alerts warning chiropractors and naturopaths against advertising information that is not evidence-based. Other Canadian and U.S. authorities should follow suit to protect the public against pseudoscience.  6087  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How coronavirus is transforming online dating and sex Quarantines and lockdowns are forcing us to relearn how to date—and figure out how to have sex without touching.  6086  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Medical Students Must Learn How Social Factors Affect Health Part of a physician's job should be to address not just illness but also its root causes — Read more on  6085  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Miniorgan på labb används för att ta fram nya läkemedel Organoider – levande modeller av mänskliga organ – ger forskarna en detaljerad bild av våra cellers inre liv. På Karolinska institutet används organoider just nu för att ta fram läkemedel mot det nya coronaviruset. Det är svårt att se vad som händer inuti en människa. Om man till exempel vill se hur vävnader reagerar när vi angrips av virus eller bakterier, hur en tumör sprider sig i kroppen – oc  6084  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A Disturbing Look Inside an Italian Hospital On March 24, filmmaker Olmo Parenti went inside Milan's Polyclinic, one of the major hospitals fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the country. All 900 beds were occupied with patients suffering from complications of the virus. There were older patients struggling to breathe on ventilators, Parenti told me. He saw many younger people, too—patients in their 30s and 40s, lying in bed alone "with t  6083  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. COVID-19 Is No Reason to Abandon Pregnant People New rules prohibiting spouses or doulas during labor and delivery in many New York City hospitals are putting vulnerable populations at greater risk — Read more on  6082  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Medieforskare undersöker rapporteringen om coronaviruset Medieforskare i Göteborg har fått i uppdrag att följa nyhetsrapporteringen om det nya coronaviruset. – Det ger oss unika möjligheter att jämföra med den kunskap som vi redan har från tidigare studier, säger docent Marina Ghersetti i forskargruppen om kriskommunikation. Forskarna vid institutionen för journalistik, medier och kommunikation (JMG) har fått i uppdrag att följa nyhetsrapporteringen om  6081  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Pandemic Has Grounded Humankind Last month, as the coronavirus spread largely undetected in the United States, NASA announced it would fund the development of several missions, including to distant moons around Jupiter and Neptune . The missions are meant to bring spacecraft close to alien worlds and draw out the secrets hidden in their depths, to better understand their place in the solar system and, in turn, our own. The spac  6080  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. It's Not Just the Presidential Race Adjusting to the Coronavirus L ori Feagan's campaign buttons came in three weeks ago. The Democrat running for the state legislative seat in Washington's Fourth District was looking forward to handing them out at the full slate of events she had scheduled—fundraisers, conventions, door-knocking. By the next week, she had canceled all that. Washington was the first state in the country to report a confirmed case of the novel  6079  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: How This Will All Play Out It's Wednesday, March 25. A $2-trillion relief package in response to the coronavirus pandemic crawls toward the finish line. Such legislation could give life to the argument, most common on the left, that big government can be, and do, good. In the rest of today's newsletter: How this will play out. Plus: Is an extended national shutdown now the least worst option? * « TODAY IN POLITICS » ( THE  6078  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Do We Have to Give Up Some Personal Freedoms to Beat Coronavirus? In late December 2019 Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, sent a WeChat message to his medical school alumni group telling them that seven people with severe respiratory and flu-like symptoms had recently been admitted to the hospital. One thing they had in common, besides their symptoms, was that they'd all visited a local wet market at some point in the previous week.  6077  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. With internet usage surging, companies are scrambling to keep it all running If you're having trouble with your internet, it's probably not straight from the source. (Pixabay/) Social distancing in light of the coronavirus has had the exact effect you'd expect on people's streaming video habits. According to Nielsen, US streaming volume has never been higher, and people staying home can lead to up to a 60-percent increase in overall content consumption. Luckily, there's a  6076  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Which covid-19 patients will get a ventilator if there's a shortage? If there's a ventilator shortage, doctors and ethicists say priority should be given to people with the best chance of recovery and most years likely left to live  6075  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A Message from the Front Lines of the Pandemic I don't want talk. I don't want assurances. I want action. I want boxes of N95 masks and other safety gear piling up in hospitals — Read more on  6074  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Flere coronatest: Lad os praktiserende læger visitere og rådgive Hvis intensivafdelingerne skal klare presset om få uger, kan almen praksis hjælpe med at rekvirere test til de relevante patienter, fortolke svaret og vejlede patienterne, skriver praktiserende læge.  6073  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The COVID-19 Crisis Reveals an Old Divide Between the Parties How much do the healthiest people in society owe to the most vulnerable? That question—about Americans' capacity for shared sacrifice—was at the core of the struggle over repealing the Affordable Care Act during the first months of Donald Trump's presidency. Now, it's resurfacing in the escalating partisan debate over responding to the coronavirus crisis. In designing the ACA, then-President Bara  6072  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Fire KU-projekter får støtte fra regeringen til corona-forskning Fire KU-forskningsprojekter er blevet udvalgt til modtage corona-støtte fra regeringen.  6071  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The President Is Trapped F or his entire adult life, and for his entire presidency, Donald Trump has created his own alternate reality, complete with his own alternate set of facts. He has shown himself to be erratic, impulsive, narcissistic, vindictive, cruel, mendacious, and devoid of empathy. None of that is new. But we're now entering the most dangerous phase of the Trump presidency. The pain and hardship that the Un  6070  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Atlantic Daily: How This Ends Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Joan Wong America was supposed to be prepared. It wasn't. So, what now? When will this all end? When will life in the U.S. return to normal? Today, our staff writer Ed Yong talks through a number  6069  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. All the Coronavirus Statistics Are Flawed Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . This is war. That is the clear message from governments around the world that have locked down their populations and ordered businesses shuttered. It is the new reality for corporations that are repurposing their facilities to manufacture ventilators, masks, and hand saniti  6068  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . The new coronavirus has brought American life to a near standstill, closing businesses, canceling large gatherings, and keeping people at home. All of those people must surely be wondering: When will things return to normal? The answer is simple, if not exactly satisfying:  6067  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. I'm Treating Too Many Young People for the Coronavirus Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . O n Friday night , I worked a 12-hour shift in the designated COVID-19 area of my hospital's emergency department in New York City. Over the course of the night, I examined six patients who were exhibiting common symptoms of the novel coronavirus; five of them were in their  6066  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Amazon Is Struggling to Pay Workers in Quarantine Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Loress Burke, a worker at an Amazon warehouse in New York, was coughing throughout our interview when we spoke recently. She tried to get tested for COVID-19, but her doctors instead told her to stay home for two weeks. In line with Amazon's new policy , the company said it  6065  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Vesterbro-læge kunne ikke skaffe værnemidler: Redningen kom fra jysk spejdergruppe Det er umuligt at skaffe værnemidler uden for hospitalerne, fortæller praktiserende læge. Det øger risikoen for smitte af sundhedspersonalet, som risikerer at give virus videre til sårbare borgere og patienter.  6064  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Kræftlæger udsender corona-nødanbefalinger: Det er nødvendigt at lempe patientrettighederne Danske Multidisciplinære Cancer Grupper udsender nu særanbefalinger under corona-pandemien og lemper reelt patientrettighederne, siger formanden for DMCG, Michael Borre. Anbefalingerne skal også sikre, at personalet på landets kræftafdelinger ikke bliver smittet.  6063  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Covid-19 Shows Us Why We Should Keep ICE Out of Hospitals Combating this public health emergency depends on everyone engaging in testing, treatment, and prevention. Yet for many immigrants and their family members, the status quo prevails — in part due to the fear and mistrust of government agencies generated by the anti-immigration policies of Donald J. Trump.  6062  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Don't take chloroquine to prevent COVID-19 Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, a closely related drug, might help treat COVID-19, but these drugs can be lethal when taken incorrectly. (Pixabay/) As COVID-19 sweeps across North America and hospitals prepare for an influx of patients, researchers are working to figure out if any drugs currently on the market can be used to combat the illness. They've identified a number of candidates, inclu  6061  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How Panic-Buying Revealed the Problem With the Modern World As pictures of empty shelves dominated our social-media feeds here in Britain, armchair critics denounced their fellow citizens as selfish and greedy. Stop hoarding! End the panic-buying! Hang on, though. Were hordes of selfish Britons really squirreling away 90 tins of tuna each? As the fog of panic dissipates, the answer is clear: No. Instead, the data show that small changes in the habits of a  6060  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Chloroquine genius Didier Raoult to save the world from COVID-19 As COVID19 pandemic rages on, French microbiologist Didier Raoult offers a cure. President Trump is convinced, but is Raoult's research reliable, here and in general?  6059  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. The Ibuprofen Debate Reveals the Danger of Covid-19 Rumors An online furor over whether it's safe to use the fever reducer reveals how people are sharing incomplete—and sometimes bad—information.  6058  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How to Talk With Children About COVID-19 An early childhood education expert provides tips about how to explain the ongoing pandemic to children  6057  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. How is your brain coping with social distancing? Amidst an ever-growing national and global crisis unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, you've probably already heard about (and are hopefully practicing) social distancing. The Center for Disease Control defines social distancing as "remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance (approximately 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible". But in […]  6056  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. Coronavirus Vaccines May Not Work for the Elderly–and This Lab Aims to Change That A team at Boston Children's Hospital is searching for ways to boost a vaccine's effectiveness for those who need it most — Read more on  6055  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. We just glimpsed how a "digital dollar" might work, thanks to coronavirus A proposal for a new kind of government-run payment platform didn't make it into the US Congress's coronavirus relief plan. But it won't be the last we hear of the idea.  6054  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. A South Korean Covid-19 Czar Has Some Advice for Trump "We need global cooperation," says Min Pok-kee, who heads the response in the city of Daegu. "Top government leaders don't seem to get that yet."  6053  ….. (hentet 26. marts 2020) …..  <>corona….. 'The Fact That I Can't Fix Things Now Is Breaking My Heart' "I'm well," Rose Previte said when I reached her on the phone, in answer to my standard "How are you?" Then she caught herself. "Why did I say that? Let's be honest. We're fucking terrible." Like many independent restaurant owners—all the ones I talked with, and thousands more—Previte had had the worst week of her professional life. She and three fellow managers at her two D.C.-based restaurants,

<>clmate….. Warming oceans are causing marine life to shift towards the poles Climate change is leading to lower numbers of marine life towards the equator – including mammals, birds, fish and plankton – while populations nearer the poles increase

<>clmate….. The Forgotten American Explorer Who Discovered Huge Parts of Antarctica It's been 180 years since Charles Wilkes voyaged to the Antarctic continent and his journey has never been more relevant

<>clmate….. Shrinking Ozone Hole, Climate Change Are Causing Atmospheric "Tug of War" The Southern Hemisphere jet stream is shifting, bringing more rain to some spots and less to others — Read more on

<>clmate….. Replik: Klimapartnerskaberne er Danmarks største brainstorm [no content]

<>clmate….. Surprises for climate stability [no content]

<>clmate….. As the ocean warms, marine species relocate toward the poles: study A global analysis of over 300 marine species spanning more than 100 years, shows that mammals, plankton, fish, plants and seabirds have been changing in abundance as our climate warms.

<>clmate….. Great Barrier Reef suffers mass coral bleaching event Australia's Great Barrier Reef has suffered "very widespread" damage after rising sea temperatures caused the third mass coral bleaching events in five years, authorities said Thursday.

<>clmate….. Ancient warming threw this crucial Atlantic current into chaos. It could happen again Sediment core reveals rapid swings in ocean "conveyor belt" that warms Europe

<>clmate….. Less ice, more methane from northern lakes: A result from global warming Shorter and warmer winters lead to an increase in emissions of methane from northern lakes, according to a new study by scientists in Finland and the US. Longer ice-free periods contribute to increased methane emissions. In Finland, emissions of methane from lakes could go up by as much as 60%.

<>clmate….. Under extreme heat and drought, trees hardly benefit from an increased CO2 level The increase in the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere does not compensate the negative effect of greenhouse gas-induced climate change on trees: The more extreme drought and heat become, the less do trees profit from the increased supply with carbon dioxide in terms of carbon metabolism and water use efficiency. This finding was obtained by researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

<>clmate….. Torv – svart som olja Trä är i regel ett klimatsmart val. Men när träet kommer från dikad bördig torvmark är det ofta värre än olja. Frågan om att rensa eller täppa igen diken splittrar skogssverige. Forskning & Framsteg följde klimatrapporternas siffror bakåt – och hamnade vid ett gammalt hästsläp.

<>….. Scientists seek to establish community-driven metadata standards for microbiomes research "We are living through an explosion in the availability of microbiome data," according to JP Dundore-Arias, assistant professor of plant pathology at California State University, Monterey Bay. "In agricultural systems, the proliferation of research on plant and soil microbiomes has been coupled with excitement for the potential that microbiome data may have for the development of novel, sustainabl

<>….. Collision on One Side of Pluto Ripped Up Terrain on the Other, Study Suggests A new computer model shows how a buried ocean on the dwarf planet might have enabled seismic waves to travel — Read more on

<>….. Anthony Fauci Shows Us the Right Way to Be an Expert He's grounded in humility and humanity; he uses plain language; he admits uncertainties and failings; and he refuses to make the science overtly political — Read more on

<>….. Milky Way Dark Matter Signals in Doubt after Controversial New Papers New analyses question whether mysterious gamma-ray and x-ray light in the galaxy actually stems from an invisible mass — Read more on

<>….. Feeling Cooped Up? Here's How to Stay Healthy, Sharp and Sane Optimize your time stuck at home with these strategies — Read more on

<>….. A Quest for the Genetic Fountain of Youth The study of long-lived mammals can help scientists understand why humans age — Read more on

<>….. Sick Vampire Bats Restrict Grooming to Close Family When vampire bats feel sick they'll still engage in prosocial acts like sharing food with non-relatives, but they cut back on grooming anyone other than their closest kin. — Read more on

<>….. Sick Vampire Bats Restrict Grooming to Close Family When vampire bats feel sick, they still engage in prosocial acts such as sharing food with nonrelatives. But they cut back on grooming anyone other than their closest kin. — Read more on

<>….. A possible Majorana sighting [no content]

<>….. A resilient superconductor [no content]

<>….. Capturing the transformation [no content]

<>….. Deep origins of modern inequality [no content]

<>….. Disrupting deep circulation [no content]

<>….. Evolutionary dynamics in hematopoiesis [no content]

<>….. Fruit abscission in response to drought [no content]

<>….. Fruits of the sea [no content]

<>….. Glassy metal-organic frameworks [no content]

<>….. Inflamed by TLR4 internalization [no content]

<>….. Knocking down neurodegeneration [no content]

<>….. Measuring Cytopathic effects from Viral Infections by Applied BioPhysics Inc.–67325 [no content]

<>….. Metastasis: A matter of translation? [no content]

<>….. Not a big deal after all [no content]

<>….. Precision spectroscopy with single ions [no content]

<>….. Priming NK cells for tumor destruction [no content]

<>….. Salting neutrophils' game [no content]

<>….. X-ray data constrain dark matter decay [no content]

<>….. Holographic cosmological model and thermodynamics on the horizon of the universe A holographic cosmological model with a power-law term has been proposed by a Kanazawa University researcher to study thermodynamic properties on the horizon of the Universe. This model was found to satisfy the second law of thermodynamics. In addition, a relaxation-like process of the Universe was examined systematically to study maximization of the entropy on the horizon.

<>….. New feathered dinosaur was one of the last surviving raptors A new feathered dinosaur that lived in New Mexico 67 million years ago is one of the last known surviving raptor species, according to a new publication in the journal Scientific Reports.

<>….. Weedy rice is unintended legacy of Green Revolution A new global study reveals the extent to which high-yielding rice varieties favored in the decades since the "Green Revolution" have a propensity to go feral, turning a staple food crop into a weedy scourge.

<>….. Fleeing Nazis shaped Austrian politics for generations after World War II: study A new study in The Economic Journal, published by Oxford University Press, suggests that migrating extremists can shape political developments in their destination regions for generations. Regions in Austria that witnessed an influx of Nazis fleeing the Soviets after WWII are significantly more right-leaning than other parts of the country. There were no such regional differences in far-right valu

<>….. New framework will help decide which trees are best in the fight against air pollution A study from the University of Surrey has provided a comprehensive guide on which tree species are best for combating air pollution that originates from our roads — along with suggestions for how to plant these green barriers to get the best results.

<>….. Discovering the diet of the fossil Theropithecus oswaldi found in Cueva Victoria in Spain A study published in Journal of Human Evolution reveals for the first time the diet of the fossil baboon Theropithecus oswaldi found in Cueva Victoria in Cartagena (Murcia, Spain), the only site in Europe with remains of this primate whose origins date back to four million years ago in eastern Africa.

<>….. Birds exposed to PCBs as nestlings show behavior changes as adults According to a new study, Zebra Finches exposed to low levels of environmental PCBs as nestlings show changes in breeding behavior as adults.

<>….. Neanderthals: Pioneers in the use of marine resources An international team have just demonstrated that Neanderthals hunted, fished, and gathered prodigious volumes of seafood and other marine animals: they discovered remains of molluscs, crustaceans, fish, birds, and mammals in a Portuguese cave (Figueira Brava) occupied by Neanderthals between 106,000 and 86,000 BCE.

<>….. Why you should say 'thank you' and not 'sorry' after most service failures Appreciation (saying 'thank you') is often a more effective strategy than apology (saying 'sorry') at restoring consumer satisfaction.

<>….. Interactive product labels require new regulations, study warns Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new innovations, a study warns.

<>….. As electronics shrink to nanoscale, will they still be good as gold? As circuit interconnects shrink to nanoscale, will the pressure caused by thermal expansion when current flows through wires cause gold to behave more like a liquid than a solid — making nanoelectronics unreliable? Fortunately, research suggests that chip designers can continue to put their faith in gold.

<>….. Worldwide urban expansion causing problems As cities physically expanded worldwide between 1970 and 2010, the population in those cities became less dense, according to a study led by a Texas A&M university professor.

<>….. Paired with super telescopes, model Earths guide hunt for life Cornell University astronomers have created five models representing key points from our planet's evolution, like chemical snapshots through Earth's own geologic epochs. The models will be spectral templates for astronomers to use in the approaching new era of powerful telescopes, and in the hunt for Earth-like planets in distant solar systems.

<>….. Reducing reliance on nitrogen fertilizers with biological nitrogen fixation Crop yields have increased substantially over the past decades, occurring alongside the increasing use of nitrogen fertilizer. While nitrogen fertilizer benefits crop growth, it has negative effects on the environment and climate, as it requires a great amount of energy to produce. Many scientists are seeking ways to develop more sustainable practices that maintain high crop yields with reduced in

<>….. Researchers look for dark matter close to home Eighty-five percent of the universe is composed of dark matter, but we don't know what, exactly, it is.

<>….. Worldwide scientific collaboration unveils genetic architecture of gray matter For the first time, more 360 scientists from 184 different institutions — including UNC-Chapel Hill — have contributed to a global effort to find more than 200 regions of the genome and more than 300 specific genetic variations that affect the structure of the cerebral cortex and likely play important roles in psychiatric and neurological conditions.

<>….. Researchers document seasonal migration in deep-sea For the first time, researchers have documented seasonal migrations of fishes across the deep seafloor, revealing an important insight that will further scientific understanding of the nature of our planet.

<>….. New fabrication approach paves way to low cost mid-infrared lasers useful for sensing For the first time, researchers have fabricated high-performance mid-infrared laser diodes directly on microelectronics-compatible silicon substrates. The new lasers could enable the widespread development of low-cost sensors for real-time, accurate environmental sensing for applications such as air pollution monitoring, food safety analysis, and detecting leaks in pipes.

<>….. How stable is deep ocean circulation in warmer climate? If circulation of deep waters in the Atlantic stops or slows due to climate change, it could cause cooling in northern North America and Europe—a scenario that has occurred during past cold glacial periods.

<>….. Flavor research for consumer protection In 2013, the German Stiftung Warentest found harmful benzene in drinks with cherry flavor. But how did the substance get into the drinks? Was the source benzaldehyde, an essential component of the cherry flavoring? And if so, how could the problem be solved? A new study by the Leibniz-Institute for Food Systems Biology and the Technical University of Munich (TUM) is now able to answer these questi

<>….. Brain mapping study suggests motor regions for the hand also connect to the entire body In a paper publishing March 26 in the journal Cell, investigators report that they have used microelectrode arrays implanted in human brains to map out motor functions down to the level of the single nerve cell. The study revealed that an area believed to control only one body part actually operates across a wide range of motor functions. It also demonstrated how different neurons coordinate with

<>….. Validation may be best way to support stressed out friends and family In uncertain times, supporting your friends and family can help them make it through. But your comforting words can have different effects based on how you phrase them, according to new Penn State research.

<>….. Upgrading biomass with selective surface-modified catalysts Loading single platinum atoms on titanium dioxide promotes the conversion of a plant derivative into a potential biofuel.

<>….. In cellular biology, mistakes can be good Mistakes are rarely rewarded. Intuitively, one would imagine that a shoddy typist at an office who keeps generating typos would either quickly lose their job, or at least be overlooked for promotion. The idea that this person could, in fact, benefit from being shoddy and rise above others professionally is counterintuitive, and yet we see this in cells.

<>….. Renewable energy developments threaten biodiverse areas More than 2000 renewable energy facilities are built in areas of environmental significance and threaten the natural habitats of plant and animal species across the globe. A University of Queensland research team mapped the location of solar, wind and hydropower facilities in wilderness, protected areas and key biodiversity areas.

<>….. Artificial intelligence identifies optimal material formula Nanostructured layers boast countless potential properties — but how can the most suitable one be identified without any long-term experiments? A team from the Materials Discovery Department at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) has ventured a shortcut: using a machine learning algorithm, the researchers were able to reliably predict the properties of such a layer. Their report was published in the ne

<>….. Quantum effect triggers unusual material expansion New research conducted in part at Brookhaven Laboratory may bring a whole new class of chemical elements into a materials science balancing act for designing alloys for aviation and other applications.

<>….. Local community involvement crucial to restoring tropical peatlands New research has found that local community involvement is crucial to restoring Indonesia's peatlands — unspoilt peatlands act as a carbon sink and play an important role in reducing global carbon emissions. They are also a crucial habitat for birds and animals, including endangered species such as orang-utans and tigers.

<>….. Understanding variable stability and mechanical resilience in streptavidin-biotin binding Recent research by Rafael C. Bernardi at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign examines why a common tool in biotechnology—the binding of streptavidin to biotin—shows different mechanical resilience in different research labs.

<>….. What can be learned from the microbes on a turtle's shell? Research published in the journal Microbiology has found that a unique type of algae, usually only seen on the shells of turtles, affects the surrounding microbial communities. It is hoped that these findings can be applied to support the conservation of turtles. Previous research has shown that a diverse microbiome can protect animals against infections.

<>….. Quantum phenomenon governs organic solar cells Researchers at Linköping University have discovered a quantum phenomenon that influences the formation of free charges in organic solar cells. 'If we can properly understand what's going on, we can increase the efficiency', says Olle Inganäs, professor emeritus.

<>….. Bricks can act as 'cameras' for characterizing past presence of radioactive materials Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a new technique for determining the historical location and distribution of radioactive materials, such as weapons grade plutonium. The technique may allow them to use common building materials, such as bricks, as a three-dimensional "camera," relying on residual gamma radiation signatures to take a snapshot of radioactive materials e

<>….. Invertebrate populations are indicators for compost quality and progress Researchers in Nigeria are investigating how organic composting of cow rumen and vegetable waste affects macro-invertebrate populations at a market composting site. Composting is an important way to deal with such waste and the changes in populations of flies (Diptera), beetles (Coleoptera), and mites and ticks (Acarina), can act as a useful proxy for how well the process is working. The shifting

<>….. Experiments in mice and human cells shed light on best way to deliver nanoparticle therapy for cancer Researchers in the cancer nanomedicine community debate whether use of tiny structures, called nanoparticles, can best deliver drug therapy to tumors passively — allowing the nanoparticles to diffuse into tumors and become held in place, or actively — adding a targeted anti-cancer molecule to bind to specific cancer cell receptors and, in theory, keep the nanoparticle in the tumor longer. Now, n

<>….. A critical enzyme for sperm formation could be a target for treating male infertility Researchers led by Jeremy Wang of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine have identified an enzyme essential for the process of male meiosis, the type of cell division that produces sperm. The protein, SKP1, controls one of the key transitions in meiosis. Understanding its role may help scientists develop new approaches to treating male infertility.

<>….. Wildfire perceptions largely positive after hiking in a burned landscape–wpl032620.php Results from pre- and post-hike surveys of a burned landscape indicate that people understand and appreciate the role of fire in natural landscapes more than is perceived.

<>….. Coral tells own tale about El Niño's past Rice University and Georgia Tech scientists use data from ancient coral to build a record of temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean over the last millennium. The data question previous links between volcanic eruptions and El Niño events.

<>….. Bats depend on teamwork when foraging over farmland Scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) have reported in a paper published in the journal Oikos that bats forage on their own in insect-rich forests, but hunt collectively in groups over insect-poor farmland. They seem to zoom in on places where conspecifics emit echolocations during the capture of insects, an inadvertent clue that reveals high-yielding ar

<>….. Scientists electrify aluminum to speed up important process Scientists have found a way in the laboratory to shorten the time it takes to create a key chemical used to synthesize a variety of medications, fertilizers and other important substances.The finding could make a number of industrial manufacturing processes cheaper and more efficient. And all it takes, essentially, is electrifying an aluminum container that includes the right chemicals.

<>….. Video game experience, gender may improve VR learning Students who used immersive virtual reality (VR) did not learn significantly better than those who used two more traditional forms of learning, but they vastly preferred the VR to computer-simulated and hands-on methods, a new Cornell study has found.

<>….. Making sense of cells: Model determines which techniques cells employ to increase sensitivity The body's ability to detect disease, foreign material, and the location of food sources and toxins is all determined by a cocktail of chemicals that surround cells, as well as the cells' ability to 'read' these chemicals. Cells are highly sensitive. In fact, the immune system can be triggered by the presence of just one foreign molecule or ion. Yet researchers don't know how cells achieve this le

<>….. Despite failures, chemo still promising against dangerous childhood brain cancer, DIPG University of Colorado Cancer Center study shows, '… medicine does reach DIPG tissue in good quantities that have the potential to be effective against the tumor,' says lead researcher.

<>….. Scientists document seasonal migrations of fish across the deep-sea floor for the first time We've all seen the documentaries that feature scenes of mass migrations on land. Those videos are pretty impressive showing all sorts of animals—birds, mammals and other creatures—on the move. What wasn't known was to what extent this was taking place in the deepest parts of our oceans.

<>….. Research shows guppies help their brothers when it comes to the opposite sex When it comes to finding a mate, male guppies rely on their brothers to ward off the competition.

<>….. A left turn that kills: New mechanism triggering cell death and inflammation Writing in Nature, researchers from Cologne, Texas and London describe their discovery of a new mechanism that could contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases.

Twelve meals you can make from frozen produce during uncertain times A little preparation now goes a long way in making fresh produce last for the long haul. (Matt Taylor-Gross/) This story was originally featured on Saveur . Pop quiz: When you last hit the grocery to stock up, what's the strangest thing that ended up in your basket? Ten cans of a soup you can't stand? Buns, no hot dogs? A carton of shelf-stable milk from a grain you've never heard of? It's okay,

Velociraptor relative had a much stronger grip than its cousins A new dinosaur species related to velociraptors has been found in New Mexico, and its claws were larger and stronger than average

Ankle exoskeleton makes running easier A new motorized exoskeleton that attaches around the ankle and foot can drastically reduce the energy cost of running, researchers say. Running is great exercise but not everyone feels great doing it. In hopes of boosting physical activity—and possibly creating a new mode of transportation—engineers are studying devices that people could strap to their legs to make running easier. In experiments

Unwavering Waves A prizewinning new variant on an illusory classic — Read more on

Engineers Made a DIY Face Shield. Now, It's Helping Doctors After a hospital put out a call for protective gear, three friends developed a product in a few days. Their design is now being manufactured by Ford.

Billion-Year-Old Algae and Newer Genes Hint at Land Plants' Origin Around 500 million years ago — when the Earth was already a ripe 4 billion years old — the first green plants appeared on dry land. Precisely how this occurred is still one of the big mysteries of evolution. Before then, terrestrial land was home only to microbial life. The first green plants to find their way out of the water were not the soaring trees or even the little shrubs of our present wo

Fra studerende til direktør: Bjarne Dahler-Eriksen er ny lægelig direktør på Odense Universitetshospital Bjarne Dahler-Eriksen bliver ny lægelig direktør på Odense Universitetshospital. Han kommer fra en stilling som lægefaglig direktør på Sygehus Sønderjylland.

How to hide files and photos on your phone Careless (or malicious) fingers could uncover your secrets if you don't protect them well. (NordWood Themes/Unsplash/) Everything on your smartphone should be protected behind a lock screen—accessible only via fingerprint, a PIN code, or facial recognition—but there are going to be times when other people have access to your device. Maybe your grandparents want to look at photos of the kids, your

How to See the World's Reflection From a Bag of Chips Computer scientists reconstructed the image of a whole room using the reflection from a snack package. It's useful for AR/VR research—and possibly spying.

Hjerteklinik modtager akutte hjertepatienter direkte fra praksis Den akutte hjerteklinik i Randers forhindrer unødvendige indlæggelser i massevis og har høj patienttilfredshed. Den har da også inspireret andre, senest i Horsens. Men Sundhedsstyrelsen advarer.

Feathery dino from New Mexico was one of the last raptors Dineobellator notohesperus, a newly discovered feathered dinosaur that lived in New Mexico 67 million years ago, is one of the last known surviving raptor species, according to new research. The dinosaur adds to scientists' understanding of the paleo-biodiversity of the American Southwest, offering a clearer picture of what life was like in this region near the end of the reign of the dinosaurs .

Three great printers for your home Effortless printing at home. ( Joshua Fuller via Unsplash/) Having a printer at home is a small luxury that is well worth the investment. You should be able to finish your manuscript and hold it in your hands just moments later. Maybe you've been meaning to hang some family photos but can't get around to having them professionally printed. It's probably time to stop scanning personal documents at

Felaktig information frodas i kristid Felaktig information frodas under kriser och ännu mer när krisen kretsar kring en samhällsfarlig sjukdom. Kombinationen av dessa två i en digital tid är en farlig cocktail.

85 procent flere kvote 2-ansøgninger For første gang i flere år er antallet af kvote 2-ansøgninger til Københavns Universitet…

News Rules Could Finally Clear the Way for Self-Driving Cars For the first time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is weighing in on autonomous vehicles with no driver behind the wheel—or no wheel at all.

Last year, we finally photographed a black hole. Now what? Future black hole images could look sharper, although probably not as sharp as this rendering. ( NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Jeremy Schnittman/) It took Sheperd Doeleman nearly a decade to pull off the impossible. As the director of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), a project involving an international collaboration of hundreds of researchers, he spent years flying suitcases full of hard

The best fryers for moist and delectable turkey Give it a fry. (Depositphotos/) It's no secret that frying is one of the most delicious ways we humans know how to prepare poultry. It's fast, which makes it a great way to cook large quantities of food for parties and large gatherings, and it introduces delicious fats, providing a flavor that indicates the presence of higher calories—something our taste buds have evolved to love. The next time y

Bacteria used CRISPR way before humans did Humans aren't the first to find a way to exploit the benefits of CRISPR, researchers report. Apparently, primitive bacterial parasites have been using CRISPR as a weapon in battle against one another for millions of years, according to their new study. This discovery opens up the possibility to reprogram CRISPR to combat multi-drug resistant bacteria. In recent years, the development of CRISPR te

Kärleken påverkar det politiska intresset Hur politiskt intresserad man är påverkas av om man är singel, när man går in i ett förhållande och av att förhållandet tar slut, visar en studie från Uppsala universitet. När deltagarna i studien gick in i en romantisk relation anpassade de sig till varandras politiska intresse, när de separerade gick de tillbaka till sitt tidigare intresse. Många studier tyder på att yttre händelser, som till e

Springtime for Introverts I am not usually one to see a glass as half full, especially when any idiot can see that it's half empty, as it is right now. But the new quarantine regime that is forcing even the most outgoing person indoors does, to combine metaphors, gild the glass with a silver lining: It has relieved considerable pressure on the introvert community. The world has caught up with us at last. I should point ou

Google Nest Hub Max Review: A Good Companion I lived for four months with this snappy Google Assistant-powered smart display and found it useful for everything from cooking instructions to home security.

Four baby monitors that offer parents a bit of peace Is your little scion sleeping like an angel or getting into baby mischief? (Kevin Keith via Unsplash/) Whether you are a new parent or on your third round of terrible twos, you know how important it is to make sure your child is safe and happy in their crib. The right baby monitor keeps you sane and your child sleeping soundly. Many of today's baby monitors will provide you with the peace of mind

'Years of Effort, Undone in Weeks' It has been nearly half a century since Erie, Pennsylvania, was officially recognized as an "All-American City." But beginning with the first of our repeated visits nearly four years ago, Deb Fallows and I have come to think of Erie as an important bellwether location, a representative small city for the America of our times: It grew with a strong, classic-American manufacturing base, but suffere

How to Stay in Touch With Friends and Family When You're Stuck at Home It's dangerous to go alone! Take these apps and services to stay in touch and feel less isolated while you follow shelter-in-place or stay-at-home orders.

The Vote Must Go On Joe Raedle / Getty A few days ago, a friend sent me a video intended to recruit military veterans to "protect our right to vote." The group behind it has an appalling record of voter intimidation , and is one of a growing number preparing to influence this year's election through the strategic deployment of "poll watchers." The video's narrator spoke about his time in Iraq providing security duri

Record Jobless Claims Are Overwhelming States' Aging Tech Laid-off workers struggle to file claims for unemployment benefits; economists say the situation will likely get worse.

Honking Cars Are the Best Warning for Air Raids Originally published in June 1918 — Read more on

We still don't understand a basic fact about the universe Our measurements of the Hubble constant can't seem to come up with a consistent answer. What we learn next may alter our view of the cosmos, writes Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Samtaleteknik hos praktiserende læger kan forebygge hjerte-kar-sygdom Praktiserende læger kan nedsætte risikoen for hjerte-kar-sygdom hos patienter, som er i risiko for at få diabetes, med motiverende samtaler. »Opmuntrende nyt,« mener professor Torsten Lauritzen, der står bag studiet. Han peger på, at alle praktiserende læger skal uddannes i samtaleteknikken.

Four standing desks for the modern office Stand tall while you work. (Amazon/) Standing while doing office work not only helps you burn calories while on the clock; it may also encourage you to move more throughout the day, leading to less back and joint pain associated with staying in one posture for 8 hours every day. Most standing desks are adjustable, so you have the option to switch between standing and sitting, should you feel tire

Phone chargers that will get you to full-battery in no time Stay charged even when you're FaceTiming all day. (Amazon/) We all rely heavily on our devices, so when you get a low battery alert it can be somewhat panic-inducing. When you're in the middle of an important phone call, having your phone die with no charger in sight is a nightmare. Even if you have a charger, it's a pain to wait for it to slowly bring your phone back to life. Here are four of th

Bike lights for a brighter and safer ride Stay safe. (Thomas Jarrand via Unsplash/) Whether you're biking on a busy city street or a quiet dirt road, reliable bike lights are a must. Why risk an accident because a driver can't see you or strain your eyes looking for twists and turns in the road? Bike lights don't need to be complicated or expensive to be effective. Here are four great options to enhance your ride—there's even an option f

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Hepatitis C infection rates are being cut by testing and treatment The infection is being eliminated as a public health threat by countries that introduce widespread testing and treatment for those at risk

Childish Gambino's '3.15.20' Is Apt for This Isolated Moment The new album from Donald Glover's alter ego wants listeners to fill their long, lonely minutes with imagination.

We're Finding Out How Small Our Lives Really Are This week, Patti LuPone had been set to star in a new production of Company on Broadway. But rather than backslapping with the rest of the cast and belting about the ladies who lunch to an audience of thousands every night, she's dancing around in her home basement. In a Twitter video the 70-year-old stage legend posted last weekend, she gives a tour of her spacious underground rec room, which is

"I was shocked. I felt physically ill." And still, she corrected the record. Two years ago, Julia Strand, an assistant professor of psychology at Carleton College, published a paper in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review about how people strain to listen in crowded spaces (think: when they're doing the opposite of social distancing). The article, titled "Talking points: A modulating circle reduces listening effort without improving speech recognition," was … Continue reading

Joining the Stay-at-Home Bread Boom? Science Has Some Advice Wheat breeder Stephen Jones knows a lot about baking. His first tip? Don't strive for an Instagram-ready loaf. Also, sourdough starters are easy.

Dino-killing asteroid choked whole world in dust within a few hours When a large asteroid hit the Earth 66 million years ago, it sent huge curtains of dust flying tens of kilometres up into the air that quickly covered the planet

The Heady, Intricate Beauty of Watching Whiskey Evaporate When American whiskey evaporates, it leaves behind webs, or fingerprints of sorts, that could help sleuths identify counterfeit swill.

When Middle-Class Values Determine What's Essential When you are poor—and when keeping yourself, your family, and your home clean is a matter of urgency—a laundromat is not a dispensable business. I live in Pennsylvania, one of the states taking strict measures to enforce social distancing and self-quarantining. Last week, the governor's office released a list detailing which businesses were considered "life sustaining" and which would be subject

That 8-Star System in *Star Trek: Picard* Really Could Exist You'd need just the right arrangement, and the orbital motions would be insane, but the physics just might work\!

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A silver lining for hurricanes [no content]

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Antisense oligonucleotides for neurodegeneration [no content]

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Can 'sentinel trees warn of devastating pests? [no content]

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Leadership to change a culture of sexual harassment [no content]

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Wildlife consumption ban is insufficient [no content]

International team discovers new species of flying reptiles A community of flying reptiles that inhabited the Sahara 100 million years ago has been discovered by a University of Portsmouth paleontologist and an international team of scientists.

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Wins a Victory in Dakota Access Pipeline Case A federal judge on Wednesday struck down permits for the pipeline and ordered a new environmental review of the project.

How to Build a Mechanical Ventilator For a Few Hundred Euros A global team of physicists, engineers and medics have published the design of a low-cost, simple ventilator that they are readying for mass production — now.

Urine survey reveals Europe's favorite drugs A large-scale survey of wastewater across Europe shows which illicit drugs are popular. The use of four main drugs was up across the board last year, but regional variation persists. Cocaine is popular in the west and south, meth in the east and north. How to trace illicit drug use Europe's drug capitals? Antwerp for cocaine use, Stockholm for amphetamines. Prague tops the list for crystal meth,

Designing lightweight glass for efficient cars, wind turbines A new machine-learning algorithm for exploring lightweight, very stiff glass compositions can help design next-gen materials for more efficient vehicles and wind turbines. Glasses can reinforce polymers to generate composite materials that provide similar strengths as metals but with less weight.

New technique looks for dark matter traces in dark places A new study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UC Berkeley, and the University of Michigan — published today in the journal Science – concludes that a possible dark matter-related explanation for a mysterious light signature in space is largely ruled out.

Bricks can become 'cameras' to locate nuclear material A new technique can determine the historical location and distribution of nuclear materials, such as weapons-grade plutonium, researchers report. The technique may allow them to use common building materials, such as bricks, as a three-dimensional "camera," relying on residual gamma radiation signatures to take a snapshot of radioactive materials even after they're gone from a location. "This res

More research on addiction potential needed for use of opioids to treat children's pain A pair of new studies led by University of Alberta pediatricians indicate that parents are more reluctant to have opioids prescribed for their children than doctors are to prescribe them.

5,000-Year-Old Sword Discovered in Venetian Monastery A Ph.D. student from the University Ca' Foscari in Venice has made an astonishing discovery. While visiting a monastery/museum on the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Vittoria Dall'Armellina recognized one of the small blades on display as being far older than the medieval period it was believed to represent. The weapon is actually much older — at 5,000 years old, it's one of the earliest bron

A lost Maya kingdom found on a farmer's smallholding A rancher knew there were ruins on his land but had no clue his cattle were grazing on an ancient capital

A small forage fish should command greater notice, researchers say A slender little fish called the sand lance plays a big role as 'a quintessential forage fish' for puffins, terns and other seabirds, humpback whales and other marine mammals, and even bigger fish such as Atlantic sturgeon, cod and bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Maine and northwest Atlantic Ocean. But scientists say right now they know far too little about its biology and populations to inform 'relev

Lipid helps heal the eye's frontline protection A species of a lipid that naturally helps skin injuries heal appears to also aid repair of common corneal injuries, even when other conditions, like diabetes, make healing difficult, scientists report.

New therapeutic strategy against diabetes A study by the CIBERDEM and the UAB demonstrates that high vitamin D receptor levels in pancreatic β cells improve resistance to diabetes. The research suggests that the maintenance of the vitamin D receptor expression could be a new therapeutic strategy to counteract insulin-producing pancreatic cell damage and protect against the development of diabetes.

Childhood overweight and obesity rates fall slightly overall but rise among disadvantaged families A study of more than one million children in Catalonia examines the time trends and socio-demographic factors associated with this health problem.

Image of the Day: Nutrient Sensor A zinc-sensing protein found in fruit fly intestines regulates the insect's growth and feeding behavior.

New index challenges university rankings Academic freedom is fundamental to scientific progress, pursuit of truth, quality higher education and international collaboration. Universities and states have signed statements of their commitment to safeguard academic freedom, yet in practice, they do not always implement them. How severe are infringements of academic freedom? Are these infringements getting better or worse? Prof. Dr. Katrin Ki

Unconstrained genome targeting with CRISPR-Cas9 variants less reliant on PAM Addressing a fundamental limitation in CRISPR-Cas genome editing, researchers have developed new engineered Cas9 variants that nearly eliminate the need for a protospacer adjacent motif known as PAM.

Are you distracted at work? Don't blame technology. After hearing so many people blame email and Slack as causes of distraction in the workplace, Nir Eyal went to the Slack offices and discovered it to be a focus-driven office with excellent work-life boundaries. Tech isn't the problem, he concluded. The root cause of workplace distraction is cultural dysfunction. Companies that have a healthy workplace culture create psychological safety for thei

Putting artificial intelligence to work in the lab An Australian-German collaboration has demonstrated fully-autonomous SPM operation, applying artificial intelligence and deep learning to remove the need for constant human supervision.

Experimental model mimics early-stage myogenic deficit in boys with DMD An experimental model of severe Duchenne muscular dystrophy that experiences a large spike in TGFβ activity after muscle injury shows that high TGFβ activity suppresses muscle regeneration and promotes fibroadipogenic progenitors, Children's National Hospital researchers find.

Microplastics found in 4 of 5 bivalve species investigated in Nordic waters An extensive Nordic research project has looked at microplastics in marine bivalves from 100 sites spread throughout much of the Nordic waters. The study showed that microplastics were found in four of the five bivalve species investigated, and that there was a huge variation in the occurrence and type of microplastics.

NUI Galway study establishes how cognitive intelligence is a whole brain phenomenon An international collaborative study led by researchers from the NUI Galway provides findings on the neural basis of intelligence, otherwise known as general cognitive ability (IQ).

New carbon dot-based method for increasing the efficiency of solar cells and LEDs An international group of scientists, including some from ITMO University, has proposed a method that allows for significantly increasing the efficiency of solar cells and light-emitting diodes. The scientists managed to achieve this result by augmenting the auxiliary layers of the devices responsible for electron transport rather than working with the main active layer. The work has been publishe

X-ray observations of Milky Way's halo rule out models of dark matter decay An unidentified X-ray signature recently observed in nearby galaxies and galaxy clusters is not due to decay of dark matter, researchers report.

A Bit of Less Bad Than Usual News About the Arctic Arctic sea ice has reached its maximum extent for the year, and it is 'only' the 11th lowest in the 42-year satellite record.

Executive function in women post-menopause Assessing adverse childhood experiences and current anxiety and depression symptoms may help ease cognitive distress in women who have undergone a surgical menopause for cancer risk-reduction, or RRSO, according to a new study published in Menopause.

Earth's Ozone Layer Is Healing, Bringing Some Good News on Global Wind Movement At last, something to celebrate.

Speech recognition is half as accurate with black speech Automated speech recognition is more likely to misinterpret black speakers, research finds. The technology behind the United States' leading automated speech recognition systems makes twice as many errors when interpreting words spoken by African Americans as when interpreting the same words spoken by whites, according to the research. While the study focused exclusively on disparities between bl

NASA Data Shows Something Leaking Out of Uranus Ayy NASA scientists digging back through decades-old data from the Voyager 2 spacecraft have made an eyebrow-raising discovery: Something appeared to have been sucking Uranus' atmosphere out into space. When Voyager 2 flew past Uranus in 1986, it seems to have passed through something called a plasmoid — a gigantic blob of plasma, essentially — that escaped Uranus and likely pulled a giant gassy

Research paves way to improved cleanup of contaminated groundwater Beads that contain bacteria and a slow-release food supply to sustain them can clean up contaminated groundwater for months on end, maintenance free, research by Oregon State University shows.

Understanding differences in streptavidin-biotin binding Beckman research scientist Rafael C. Bernardi recently published a paper that uses computational tools to explain the mechanism of how streptavidin and biotin binding is affected by streptavidin's tethering. The results were published in Science Advances.

Some blobby frog heads hide amazing spiny skulls Beneath their slick skin, some frogs sport spines, spikes, and other skeletal secrets called hyperossification. While most frogs share a simple skull shape with a smooth surface, other species have evolved fancier features, such as faux fangs, elaborate crests, helmet-like fortification, and venom-delivering spikes. A new study is the first to take a close look at the evolution and function of th

Do preprints improve with peer review? A little, one study suggests But questions remain about how to study peer review's effects

Supply chain outlook: Why the situation varies by industry By now, the media images are familiar: empty shelves in large markets where shoppers have loaded up on food, toiletries, and medicine. Many people, if they can afford it, have bought large quantities of goods to avoid repeated trips into public, in line with their state and local government guidelines. But others may be simply spooked by the unknown: Will we run out of the things we need?

How the Fed helped bond ETFs meet their biggest challenge Central bank's decision to buy the debt funds released pressure at a critical time

Upcycling chitin-containing waste into organonitrogen chemicals via an integrated process [Applied Biological Sciences] Chitin is the most abundant renewable nitrogenous material on earth and is accessible to humans in the form of crustacean shell waste. Such waste has been severely underutilized, resulting in both resource wastage and disposal issues. Upcycling chitin-containing waste into value-added products is an attractive solution. However, the direct conversion…

Deregulation of ribosomal protein expression and translation promotes breast cancer metastasis Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are shed into the bloodstream from primary tumors, but only a small subset of these cells generates metastases. We conducted an in vivo genome-wide CRISPR activation screen in CTCs from breast cancer patients to identify genes that promote distant metastasis in mice. Genes coding for ribosomal proteins and regulators of translation were enriched in this screen. Over

Call for isolated Britons to help digitise historical rainfall data Climate change scientists planning to transcribe paper records from 1820s to 1950s Weather is a perennial British obsession, with some of the country's rainfall and temperature records going back centuries. Some of this data has been invaluable in drawing up detailed pictures of the British climate, which have been influential in computer models used to forecast climate change. But some of it is

Acupuncture can reduce migraine headaches compared to both sham (placebo) acupuncture and usual care, finds a new trial from China published by The BMJ today.

Earth's own evolution used as guide to hunt exoplanets Cornell astronomers have created five models representing key points from our planet's evolution, like chemical snapshots through Earth's own geologic epochs.

The X-Rays Thought to Prove What Makes Up Dark Matter Don't, In Fact, Prove the Connection Dark matter might still be made of sterile neutrinos — but scans of our own galaxy couldn't find the supposed signals proving the connection.

Cave find shows Neanderthals collected seafood, scientists say Discovery adds to growing evidence that Neanderthals were very similar to modern humans Neanderthals made extensive use of coastal environments, munching on fish, crabs and mussels, researchers have found, in the latest study to reveal similarities between modern humans and our big-browed cousins. Until now, many Neanderthal sites had shown only small-scale use of marine resources; for example, s

Mathematical epidemiology: How to model a pandemic Disease has afflicted humans ever since there have been human. Malaria and tuberculosis are thought to have ravaged Ancient Egypt more than 5,000 years ago. From AD 541 to 542 the global pandemic known as "the Plague of Justinian" is estimated to have killed 15–25% of the world's 200-million population. Following the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the native population dropped from around 30 million

Interglacial instability of North Atlantic Deep Water ventilation Disrupting North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW) ventilation is a key concern in climate projections. We use (sub)centennially resolved bottom water 13 C records that span the interglacials of the last 0.5 million years to assess the frequency of and the climatic backgrounds capable of triggering large NADW reductions. Episodes of reduced NADW in the deep Atlantic, similar in magnitude to glacial even

Meanwhile, The Great Barrier Reef Had a Horrible Bleaching Event Dying Off The Great Barrier Reef just suffered its third mass coral bleaching event in just five years, and officials are now giving even more dire predictions for the reef's future. Australian officials have now downgraded the long-term outlook for the Great Barrier Reef to "very poor," reports Agence France-Presse . The bad news drives home — yet again — that we are already facing very real con

Revisiting decades-old Voyager 2 data, scientists find one more secret about Uranus Eight and a half years into its grand tour of the solar system, NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft was ready for another encounter. It was Jan. 24, 1986, and soon it would meet the mysterious seventh planet, icy-cold Uranus.

Looking for dark matter close to home Eighty-five percent of the universe is composed of dark matter, but we don't know what, exactly, it is.

Another twist in the dark matter story Electromagnetic signals don't provide the evidence physicists were hoping for, new study suggests.

Stor könlig skillnad i livslängd hos däggdjur Ett internationellt forskarteam har sammanställt alla tillgängliga data om livslängd i förhållande till kön hos däggdjur. Studien innefattar drygt 100 arter – allt från små fladdermöss till späckhuggare och elefanter. Att kvinnor lever längre än män är känt sedan länge.

Europe takes economic nationalist turn EU fears foreign investors could exploit pandemic to snap up vulnerable companies

Live-cell lipid biochemistry reveals a role of diacylglycerol side-chain composition for cellular lipid dynamics and protein affinities [Chemistry] Every cell produces thousands of distinct lipid species, but insight into how lipid chemical diversity contributes to biological signaling is lacking, particularly because of a scarcity of methods for quantitatively studying lipid function in living cells. Using the example of diacylglycerols, prominent second messengers, we here investigate whether lipid chemical…

In politics and pandemics, Russian trolls use fear, anger to drive clicks Facebook users flipping through their feeds in the fall of 2016 faced a minefield of targeted advertisements pitting blacks against police, southern whites against immigrants, gun owners against Obama supporters and the LGBTQ community against the conservative right.

Regeringen fjerner anlægsloftet – men udbudsregler kan forsinke effekt For at holde byggebranchen i gang – og dermed spare på betaling til hjemsendte og opsagte – har regeringen besluttet at ophæve anlægsloftet for kommuner og regioner. Kan udløse ekstraopgaver for 2,5 mia. kr

Building blocks are synthesized on demand during the yeast cell cycle [Systems Biology] For cells to replicate, a sufficient supply of biosynthetic precursors is needed, necessitating the concerted action of metabolism and protein synthesis during progressive phases of cell division. A global understanding of which biosynthetic processes are involved and how they are temporally regulated during replication is, however, currently lacking. Here, quantitative…

Singapore housing: a place for shelter For investors after safe havens but not another house, local developers' stocks offer an alternative

Empty shelves not an indicator of a broken supply chain For the millions of Americans concerned about shortages of vital supplies like toilet paper, food basics and other items vital to getting us through an unprecedented global health crisis, there is some encouraging news, according to researchers at Northern Arizona University.

UK entrepreneurs forced to adapt to survive From daily bread to freeze-at-home meals and books by bike, independent traders are serving new audiences

Pasta supply chain gives producers food for thought From farm to fork, labour shortages and border closures provide many obstacles

This Powerful VPN Will Help You Take Back Your Online Privacy and Security Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. Do you want to prevent hackers from intercepting your usernames, passwords, and credit card information? Do you want to keep Int

The Caucasus without a cap Global warming has caused the total area of more than 600 Greater Caucasus glaciers to drop by approximately 16%, according to an international research team that includes Stanislav Kutuzov, geographer from HSE University. Glaciers without rock debris coverage have decreased more than those with debris coverage.

The US Space Force Is About to Finally Leave the Planet Go Time The recently-formed U.S. Space Force will actually venture out into orbit for the first time on Thursday. The mission, which will send a military communication satellite into orbit from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, is still on track for its 3 p.m. EST launch, according to Ars Technica . That's because, unlike other groups like SpaceX and NASA , military spaceports in the U.

Vedanta presses on with plan to double oil production Group's founder Anil Agarwal undeterred by price crash and debt levels

Quasars Can Trigger Tsunamis That Tear Across Galaxies And Snuff Out Star Formation Hardcore.

Investigating spaceflight-associated changes in astronauts Head congestion is one of the most common symptoms experienced by astronauts during spaceflight. This observational study examined preflight and postflight head magnetic resonance images (MRIs) of 35 astronauts who participated in either a short-duration (30 days or less) Space Shuttle mission or a long-duration (greater than 30 days) International Space Station mission.

Dragon lizard is a brand new species in the Smaug family Herpetologists have discovered a new, ninth species of dragon lizard in the genus Smaug , previously mistaken for a similar-looking species, S. barbertonensis . The Smaug genus is named for the deadly dragon in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. With dense, alligator-like armor, these small, real-life dragon lizards are like rock-crevice recluses mostly confined to mountaintops in southern Africa. Rese

Intense form of radiation slows disease progression in some men with prostate cancer Highly focused, intense doses of radiation called stereotactic ablative radiation (SABR) may slow progression of disease in a subset of men with hormone-sensitive prostate cancers that have spread to a few separate sites in the body, according to results of a phase II clinical trial of the therapy.

A new approach to achieving stable, high-repetition-rate laser pulses High-repetition-rate pulsed lasers serve a wide range of applications, from optical communications to microwave photonics and beyond. Generating trains of ultrashort optical pulses commonly involves locking phases of longitudinal laser cavity modes. In 1997, a mechanism based on dissipative four-wave-mixing (DFWM) was demonstrated with key components comprising comb filters and high-nonlinearity e

How to keep your brain young and healthy well into old age Human memory relies on the coordination of multiple brain regions, each of which is subject to demise as we age. A variety of games and actionable methods can help keep our memory strong. Learning new skills is an important component of keeping our memory sharp into our later years Your mind is your most important asset, and it's vital that you keep it sharp well into the future. Whether you find

Flux-induced topological superconductivity in full-shell nanowires Hybrid semiconductor-superconductor nanowires have emerged as a promising platform for realizing topological superconductivity (TSC). Here, we present a route to TSC using magnetic flux applied to a full superconducting shell surrounding a semiconducting nanowire core. Tunneling into the core reveals a hard induced gap near zero applied flux, corresponding to zero phase winding, and a gapped regi

Elon Musk: NY Gigafactory Will Reopen to Produce Ventilators Hyperventilator After sourcing some 1,255 ventilators from Chinese manufacturers and donating them to hospitals in the Los Angeles area, mercurial Tesla CEO Elon Musk is still hoping to reopen one of his electric car company's Gigafactories for ventilator production. "Giga New York will reopen for ventilator production as soon as humanly possible," Musk wrote in a Wednesday tweet , referring to T

FSU research shows guppies help their brothers when it comes to the opposite sex In a new study published by a Florida State University team, researchers found that male Trinidadian guppies observe a form of nepotism when it comes to pursuing the opposite sex. These tiny tropical fish often help their brothers in the mating process by darting in front of other males to block access to a female.

A wearable, freestanding electrochemical sensing system In a new study published on Science Advances, Yichao Zhao and a research team in integrated bioelectronics and materials and engineering in the U.S. engineered a disposable, free-standing electrochemical sensing system (FESS). The FESS allowed them to realize a system-level design strategy to address the challenges of wearable biosensors in the presence of motion and allow seamless integration wit

Insights into the diagnosis and treatment brain cancer in children In a recent study published in Autophagy, researchers at Kanazawa University show how abnormalities in a gene called TPR can lead to pediatric brain cancer.

Mount Sinai researchers unveil mechanisms to prevent Crohn's disease In a series of four studies published today in Gastroenterology, a journal of the American Gastroenterological Association, Mount Sinai inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) researchers, describe the identification of predictive tools and a new understanding of environmental factors that trigger IBD.

Mechanisms to prevent Crohn's disease unveiled In a series of four studies published today, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) researchers describe the identification of predictive tools and a new understanding of environmental factors that trigger IBD.

New sediment record reveals instability of North Atlantic deep ocean circulation In the future's warmer climate, large, abrupt and frequent changes in ocean ventilation may be more likely than currently assumed, according to a new study.

Eerie 'Tree Ring' Lines in Our Teeth Could Indicate Life Events, Including Childbirth Incredible.

Sufficiency of CD40 activation and immune checkpoint blockade for T cell priming and tumor immunity [Medical Sciences] Innate immune receptors such as toll-like receptors (TLRs) provide critical molecular links between innate cells and adaptive immune responses. Here, we studied the CD40 pathway as an alternative bridge between dendritic cells (DCs) and adaptive immunity in cancer. Using an experimental design free of chemo- or radiotherapy, we found CD40…

Mimicking cancer's evasive tactics, microparticles show promise for transplant rejection Inspired by a tactic cancer cells use to evade the immune system, researchers have engineered tiny particles that can trick the body into accepting transplanted tissue as its own. Rats that were treated with these cell-sized microparticles developed permanent immune tolerance to grafts — including a whole limb — from a donor rat, while keeping the rest of their immune system intact, according to

Triad hybridization via a conduit species [Evolution] Introgressive hybridization can affect the evolution of populations in several important ways. It may retard or reverse divergence of species, enable the development of novel traits, enhance the potential for future evolution by elevating levels of standing variation, create new species, and alleviate inbreeding depression in small populations. Most of…

Dig for artifacts confirms New Guinea's Neolithic period It is well known that agriculture developed independently in New Guinea 7000 years ago, but evidence of its influence on how people lived has eluded scientists—until now.

The Top Reason Not to Ditch an iPhone for Android? WhatsApp It should be simple to transfer your chat history from iOS to Android, but it's really not.

Meet the psychologist exploring unconscious bias—and its tragic consequences for society Jennifer Eberhardt's experiments reveal impact of implicit racial bias, from classroom discipline to police shootings

Internationale eksperter opdaterer grænser for stråling fra mobiltelefoner Justeringen skyldes dog ikke, at 5G er farligt, siger forsker bag.

This Livestream of Tardigrades on Twitch is Oddly Soothing Keep on Swimming Canadian artist Julie Laurin recently started a livestream of tardigrades — microscopic, eight-legged micro-animals also known as "water bears" — wriggling around on Twitch. And it's exactly the kind of thing we need right now. You can watch a full, narrated hour of tardigrade action on Laurin's Twitch channel . The stream, first spotted by Boing Boing , is part of a project call

UK banks pressured to relax bailout loans rules Lenders criticised for asking borrowers to provide guarantees such as personal property

New type of immunotherapy hinders the spread of ovarian cancer Malignant ovarian cancer is insidious: Known and feared for vague and uncharacteristic symptoms that often mean the disease is discovered so late that on average only four out of six patients are still alive after five years. Researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark, are hoping to change this situation in the future together with research colleagues from France and the UK.

Concerns over 'exaggerated' study claims of AI outperforming doctors Many studies claiming that artificial intelligence is as good as (or better than) human experts at interpreting medical images are of poor quality and are arguably exaggerated, posing a risk for the safety of 'millions of patients' warn researchers in The BMJ today.

Last Interglacial Iberian Neandertals as fisher-hunter-gatherers Marine food–reliant subsistence systems such as those in the African Middle Stone Age (MSA) were not thought to exist in Europe until the much later Mesolithic. Whether this apparent lag reflects taphonomic biases or behavioral distinctions between archaic and modern humans remains much debated. Figueira Brava cave, in the Arrábida range (Portugal), provides an exceptionally well preserved record

Refugee doctors plead for fast-track to practise in UK Medics registered overseas want to help Britain fight health emergency

A Rab prenyl membrane-anchor allows effector recognition to be regulated by guanine nucleotide [Biochemistry] Membrane fusion is catalyzed by conserved proteins R, Qa, Qb, and Qc SNAREs, which form tetrameric RQaQbQc complexes between membranes; SNARE chaperones of the SM, Sec17/αSNAP, and Sec18/NSF families; Rab-GTPases (Rabs); and Rab effectors. Rabs are anchored to membranes by C-terminal prenyl groups, but can also function when anchored by…

Metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma is promoted by extended high-mannose glycans [Chemistry] Membrane-bound oligosaccharides form the interfacial boundary between the cell and its environment, mediating processes such as adhesion and signaling. These structures can undergo dynamic changes in composition and expression based on cell type, external stimuli, and genetic factors. Glycosylation, therefore, is a promising target of therapeutic interventions for presently incurable…

Artificial intelligence for very young brains Montreal's CHU Sainte-Justine children's hospital and the ÉTS engineering school pool their expertise to develop an innovative new technology for the segmentation of neonatal brain images.

Study shows legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief More than 90% of the legal marijuana products offered in medical dispensaries are much stronger than what clinical studies have shown that doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, according to a study published in the March 26 online edition of the journal PLOS ONE.

Burying or burning garbage boosts airborne bacteria, antibiotic resistance genes Municipal solid waste is trash — such as plastic, food scraps and lawn clippings — that goes into garbage bins and doesn't get recycled. Most of this waste is buried in landfills or is incinerated. Now, researchers have shown that when disposed of in this way, municipal solid waste can be an important source of antibiotic-resistance genes in the air.

Dimensionality reduction reveals fine-scale structure in the Japanese population with consequences for polygenic risk prediction Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15194-z Population structure, even subtle differences within seemingly homogenous populations, can have an impact on the accuracy of polygenic prediction. Here, Sakaue et al. use dimensionality reduction methods to reveal fine-scale structure in the Biobank Japan cohort and explore the performance of polygenic risk sco

The globus pallidus orchestrates abnormal network dynamics in a model of Parkinsonism Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15352-3 Oscillatory changes between basal ganglia nuclei occur in Parkinson's disease. Here the authors determine that the globus pallidus is the source of beta oscillation generation in a rodent model of the disease.

The secreted protease Adamts18 links hormone action to activation of the mammary stem cell niche Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15357-y How hormonal signaling in the mammary epithelium controls the surrounding extracellular matrix is unclear. Here, the authors show that a secreted protease, Adamts18, induced by upstream estrogen-progesterone activated Wnt4 in myoepithelial cells, remodels the basement membrane and contributes to mammary epithel

Urban vacant lands impart hydrological benefits across city landscapes Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15376-9 The authors investigate the infiltration potential of more than 500 vacant lots in the City of Buffalo, NY, USA. They found that the expanding footprint of pervious cover as urban vacant land provides stormwater volume retention benefits on an event and annual basis.

Spiking neurons from tunable Gaussian heterojunction transistors Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15378-7 Designing high performance, scalable, and energy efficient spiking neural networks remains a challenge. Here, the authors utilize mixed-dimensional dual-gated Gaussian heterojunction transistors from single-walled carbon nanotubes and monolayer MoS2 to realize simplified spiking neuron circuits.

Structure and chemistry of graphene oxide in liquid water from first principles Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15381-y Graphene oxide holds great promise for water purification applications, though its chemical reactivity in water is yet to be clarified. Here the authors show by first principles molecular dynamics that graphene oxide structures with correlated functional groups and regions of pristine graphene are the most stab

Activity-dependent isomerization of Kv4.2 by Pin1 regulates cognitive flexibility Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15390-x K + channels function in macromolecular complexes with accessory subunits to regulate neuronal function. Here, the authors describe Pin1-mediated regulation of the Kv4.2 complex, which impacts reversal learning in mice, providing potential treatment for disorders characterized by cognitive inflexibility.

Ionic amplifying circuits inspired by electronics and biology Nature Communications, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15398-3 Though ionic circuits have been reported, previous technologies did not allow ionic output or operate at significant voltages. Here, the authors, inspired by concepts from electronics and biology, show an abiotic ionic circuit that functions at voltages below 1 V and amplifies sub-nA ion currents.

Measuring ice in a precious place Nature, Published online: 23 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00839-2 Robin Bell studies ice sheets in sensitive polar regions to map the march of climate change.

How a starfish egg is like a quantum system Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00881-0 Waves that travel through an egg's outer membrane echo those seen in physical systems at much smaller — and much larger — scales.

All-purpose enzymes boost CRISPR's powers Nature, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00903-x The gene-editing system could target a broad swathe of the genome with the help of versatile enzymes.

Meet Dineobellator from New Mexico New carnivorous dinosaur yields evolutionary insights.

Fjern en del af immunforsvaret og brems kræften: Ny viden giver håb for bedre behandling Nytænkende museforsøg kan føre til bedre behandling hos kvinder med æggestokkekræft.

Physicists brawl over new dark matter claim Observations nix the idea that the elusive substance is made of sterile neutrinos—or do they?

The dark matter interpretation of the 3.5-keV line is inconsistent with blank-sky observations Observations of nearby galaxies and galaxy clusters have reported an unexpected x-ray emission line around 3.5 kilo–electron volts (keV). Proposals to explain this line include decaying dark matter—in particular, that the decay of sterile neutrinos with a mass around 7 keV could match the available data. If this interpretation is correct, the 3.5-keV line should also be emitted by dark matter in

Oncotarget Roscovitine enhances all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA)-induced nuclear enrichment Oncotarget Volume 11, Issue 12 reported that using the HL-60 human non-APL AML model where ATRA causes nuclear enrichment of c-Raf that drives differentiation/G0-arrest, the research team now observe that roscovitine enhanced nuclear enrichment of certain traditionally cytoplasmic signaling molecules and enhanced differentiation and cell cycle arrest.

More People Are Now in 'Lockdown' Than Were Alive During World War II One THIRD of the world's entire population.

Honestly, who'd be a burglar now? Our streets are almost empty, our houses full of people — and self-employed operators still aren't covered

Simplified modal method explores deeper into broad and high-efficiency gratings Owing to the excellent dispersion ability, diffraction gratings are playing an important role in widespread fields ranging from spectrometers to chirped pulse amplifiers. However, decades of extensive study on various broadband high-efficiency resonant gratings mainly focuses on those operating only at -1st order.

Why life can get better as we age — study People say life gets better with age. Now research suggests this may be because older people have the wisdom and time to use mindfulness as a means to improve wellbeing. Healthy ageing researchers at Flinders University say certain characteristics of mindfulness seem more strongly evident in older people compared to younger people – and suggest ways for all ages to benefit.

To cope with stress and avoid bad moods, try this combo People who manage to balance living in the moment with planning for the future are best able to weather daily stress without succumbing to negative moods, researchers report. "It's well established that daily stressors can make us more likely to have negative affect, or bad moods," says corresponding author Shevaun Neupert, a professor of psychology at North Carolina State University. "Our work h

Female physicians drive unfunded research on pay disparity Physician gender pay gaps continue to persist in the US despite an impressive body of research spanning more than 25 years. While men have a larger representation within academic medical leadership, a new study publish in JAMA Open has found that women are significantly overrepresented as the authors and disseminators of physician compensation studies and this research is largely unfunded.

Experts: We Should Hide From the Apocalypse in Underground Cities Planning Ahead Even if we band together as a planet and prevent some of the worst impacts of climate change, some parts of the world could gradually become so hot that people can no longer live there. That means that millions could find themselves in search of a new home. But instead of migrating as climate refugees , a growing number of researchers and design experts suspect they could stay put,

Dansk konsortium vil bygge et maritimt internet-of-things PLUS. Første danskproducerede satellit skal opsendes i 2022, men nettet forberedes til opsendelse af 50 små satellitter.

Med fjedersko bliver løb næsten lige så hurtigt som cykling PLUS. Med lidt teknisk hjælp kan løbehastigheden øges med 50 procent uden ekstern tilførsel af energi.

Modelberegninger af epidemiens omfang er endnu meget usikre PLUS. Ny analyse viser, at smitteraten er faldet, men der er store usikkerheder forbundet med at beregne den kommende udvikling.

US puts pressure on Saudis to end oil price war Pompeo calls on Riyadh to 'rise to the occasion' as crude level remains at 17-year lows

Some veterans skip VA health care services Post-9/11 veterans from the most junior enlisted ranks who screen positive for a mental health problem are significantly less likely to use any kind of health care program, a new study shows. Providing quality health care to veterans with mental health issues is complex, especially considering some delays in receiving care from the VA system and the fact that veterans have a wider choice of healt

Samara Polytech scientist designs wind-powered generator Post-graduate student of Samara Polytech is designing an induction for the renewable energy installations. The unique device allows increasing the efficiency and quality of the wind turbine.

Help needed to rescue UK's old rainfall records Pre-1960s handwritten rain gauge data can inform drought and flood planning, but only if digitised.

More on that oil storage problem Prepare for negative prices in some markets in the near term, but an inflationary oil shock in the aftermath.

Defining how multiple lipid species interact with inward rectifier potassium (Kir2) channels [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Protein–lipid interactions are a key element of the function of many integral membrane proteins. These potential interactions should be considered alongside the complexity and diversity of membrane lipid composition. Inward rectifier potassium channel (Kir) Kir2.2 has multiple interactions with plasma membrane lipids: Phosphatidylinositol (4, 5)-bisphosphate (PIP2) activates the channel; a…

Spring-heeled: concept that could see Usain Bolt rocket to 50mph Prototype of revolutionary running device being worked on by scientists at US university A wearable spring-based contraption that attaches to the legs has the potential to boost human running speeds by 50%, according to researchers who hope to build the first prototype over the next year. Scientists came up with the concept after computer models showed that it was possible to dramatically increas

Behold the "Quasar Tsunami," Which Can Kill an Entire Galaxy Quasar Tsunami New data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope details what may be the most powerful phenomena in the universe: the "quasar tsunami," a cosmic storm of such terrifying proportions that it can tear apart an entire galaxy. "No other phenomena carries more mechanical energy," said principal investigator Nahum Arav of Virginia Tech in a statement . "The winds are pushing hundreds of solar

Depression severity, care among older adults from different racial/ethnic groups Racial and ethnic differences appear to exist in depression severity and care in this observational study of older adults who participated in a randomized clinical trial of cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Regular tub bathing linked to lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease Regular tub bathing is linked to a lower risk of death from heart disease and stroke, indicates a long term study, published online in the journal Heart.

Beancounters, bankers and investors mustn't sweat the small stuff Regulators prescribe chill pill but Intu's investors might not be so relaxed

Fossil of 67m-year-old raptor dinosaur found in New Mexico Remains of agile meat-eater show raptors were thriving right up to point asteroid struck 66m years ago A meat-eating dinosaur with a feathered body, iron grip and a tail for agile pursuit of prey, has been discovered by fossil hunters, revealing that raptor dinosaurs were thriving right up to the point the asteroid struck, 66m years ago. The remains, comprising about 20 bones, were found in the S

Deleting a gene prevents Type 1 diabetes in mice by disguising insulin-producing cells Removing a gene from the cells that produce insulin prevents mice from developing Type 1 diabetes by sparing the cells an attack from their own immune system, a new University of Wisconsin-Madison study shows.

Moffitt researchers discover novel role of specific histone deacetylase in lung cancer Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center are trying to identify alternative strategies to treat non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In a new article published online in Scientific Reports, they highlight how targeting the histone deacetylase HDAC11 may be a novel therapeutic strategy for NSCLC.

US autism rates up 10 percent in new CDC report Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health contributed to a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that finds the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among 11 surveillance sites as 1 in 54 among children aged 8 years in 2016 (or 1.85 percent).

New 'more effective' stem cell transplant method could aid blood cancer patients Researchers at UCL have developed a new way to make blood stem cells present in the umbilical cord 'more transplantable', a finding in mice which could improve the treatment of a wide range of blood diseases in children and adults.

Engineers find ankle exoskeleton aids running Researchers find that a motorized device that attaches around the ankle and foot can drastically reduce the energy cost of running.

Researchers develop acoustic cylindrical shell to measure liquid properties Researchers from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a compact liquid sensor based on a liquid-filled glass cylindrical shell. Intrinsic circumferential modes of the cylindrical shell were excited acoustically and subsequently detected.

Computational human cell reveals new insight on genetic information processing Researchers have developed the first computational model of a human cell and simulated its behavior for 15 minutes — the longest time achieved for a biological system of this complexity. In a new study, simulations reveal the effects of spatial organization within cells on some of the genetic processes that control the regulation and development of human traits and some human diseases.

Class of compounds capable of killing Candida auris identified Researchers have discovered that rocaglate compounds are capable of killing Candida auris. The study offers hope of finding a treatment for this troubling, emerging pathogen.

Reusable respirators may be a suitable alternative to disposable respirators Researchers have found that reusable respirators may be a suitable alternative to disposable N95 respirators currently in high demand.

Ultrasound solves an important clinical problem in diagnosing arrhythmia Researchers have used an ultrasound technique they pioneered a decade ago — electromechanical wave imaging (EWI) — to accurately localize atrial and ventricular cardiac arrhythmias in adult patients in a double-blinded clinical study. They evaluated the accuracy of EWI for localization of various arrhythmias in all four chambers of the heart prior to catheter ablation: the results showed that EW

The battle to keep supply chains rolling Road transport lobby warns even 15-minute checks can cause huge tailbacks

Synergistic and Antagonistic Effects of Aromatics on the Agglomeration of Gas Hydrates Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62060-5

Acute Restraint Stress Evokes Anxiety-Like Behavior Mediated by Telencephalic Inactivation and GabAergic Dysfunction in Zebrafish Brains Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62077-w

Multimodal Phenotyping of Alzheimer's Disease with Longitudinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Cognitive Function Data Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62263-w

Inhibition of the activity of HIV-1 protease through antibody binding and mutations probed by molecular dynamics simulations Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62423-y

Modeling Differential Effects of Maternal Dietary Patterns across Severity Levels of Preterm Birth Using a Partial Proportional Odds Model Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62447-4

Dual-energy CT perfusion imaging for differentiating WHO subtypes of thymic epithelial tumors Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62466-1

Milk microbial composition of Brazilian dairy cows entering the dry period and genomic comparison between Staphylococcus aureus strains susceptible to the bacteriophage vB_SauM-UFV_DC4 Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62499-6

A new approach to comprehensively evaluate the morphological properties of the human femoral head: example of application to osteoarthritic joint Scientific Reports, Published online: 26 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62614-7

Revealed: the truth at the bottom of a bourbon shot Scientists discover that spilt Jim Beam has forensic value.

Scientists can now edit multiple genome fragments at a time Scientists have developed CHyMErA, a new CRISPR-based tool for more versatile genome editing applications to help shed light on how multiple genes cooperate in health and disease.

Destroying DNA to save the genome — study offers new insights into sepsis and its treatment Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that kills millions annually; it is poorly understood and has no specific treatment. Now, researchers from Tata Memorial Centre, India, led by Prof. Dr Indraneel Mittra, have uncovered an important molecular mechanism underlying different aspects of sepsis–chromatin released by dying host cells after infection or injury. The scientists also put forth a novel

Why some frogs have crazy heads Similar skulls evolved millions of years apart.

Countering arable land degradation: The waste that woke the soil Soil is a natural resource that we often overlook and abuse just because of its supposed abundance. Some call it "dirt" and many times we attribute to stains and things we should rid ourselves of in the name of cleanliness. I choose to call it a "wonder" because on it we grow our food; it even covers up the dead. Just because it doesn't scream in pain when we step on it doesn't mean it isn't alive

The evolutionary dynamics and fitness landscape of clonal hematopoiesis Somatic mutations acquired in healthy tissues as we age are major determinants of cancer risk. Whether variants confer a fitness advantage or rise to detectable frequencies by chance remains largely unknown. Blood sequencing data from ~50,000 individuals reveal how mutation, genetic drift, and fitness shape the genetic diversity of healthy blood (clonal hematopoiesis). We show that positive selec

Equalise front-line doctors' death benefits, says BMA Some families of medics who die in service will receive higher payouts than others under current rules

Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials Sorting through millions of possibilities, a search for battery materials delivered results in five weeks instead of 50 years.

Frequency-comb spectroscopy on pure quantum states of a single molecular ion Spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying molecules and is commonly performed on large thermal molecular ensembles that are perturbed by motional shifts and interactions with the environment and one another, resulting in convoluted spectra and limited resolution. Here, we use quantum-logic techniques to prepare a trapped molecular ion in a single quantum state, drive terahertz rotational trans

Whiskey webs' are the new 'coffee ring effect' Spilled coffee forms a ring as the liquid evaporates, depositing solids along the edge of the puddle. This 'coffee ring effect' has fascinated scientists for decades, but now a team says they have uncovered the mechanism behind an even more striking, web-like pattern that forms when drops of American whiskey dry up. The results suggest that these distinctive 'whiskey webs' could someday be used to

Type-II Ising pairing in few-layer stanene Spin-orbit coupling has proven indispensable in the realization of topological materials and, more recently, Ising pairing in two-dimensional superconductors. This pairing mechanism relies on inversion symmetry–breaking and sustains anomalously large in-plane polarizing magnetic fields whose upper limit is predicted to diverge at low temperatures. Here, we show that the recently discovered superc

Shape-morphing carbon fiber composite using electrochemical actuation [Engineering] Structures that are capable of changing shape can increase efficiency in many applications, but are often heavy and maintenance intensive. To reduce the mass and mechanical complexity solid-state morphing materials are desirable but are typically nonstructural and problematic to control. Here we present an electrically controlled solid-state morphing composite material…

Experimental medication to prevent heart disease may treat chemo-resistant ovarian cancer Study shows CPT1A may help ovarian cancer cells spread, also resist chemo. Group moves toward clinical trial of CPT1A inhibitor, etomoxir, in chemo-resistant ovarian cancer.

Gut enzyme IAP found to prevent aging and frailty in animal models Studying mice and fruitflies, researchers found that the enzyme intestinal alkaline phosphotase helped prevent intestinal permeability and gut-derived systemic inflammation, resulting in less frailty and extended life span.

Study: An aspirin a day does not keep dementia at bay Taking a low-dose aspirin once a day does not reduce the risk of thinking and memory problems caused by mild cognitive impairment or probable Alzheimer's disease, nor does it slow the rate of cognitive decline, according to a large study published in the March 25, 2020, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Vodafone criticised over timing of UK price rise Telecoms group follows rivals in applying increase but news comes at bad time for many customers

Are Stoners Really Safer Drivers Than People Texting or Using Touch Screens? The 2014 Chevrolet ImpalaÕs next-generation MyLink system provides personalization with its customizable center stack graphics. Buyers can enhance their interaction by using the Settings menu to change themes and personalize their Impala. The 2014 Chevrolet Impala goes on sale next spring. (Photo by Steve Fecht for Chevrolet) Now there's another survey showing how using a smartphone appears to dr

Jim Millstein: a blast from the bailout past The banker who resurrected AIG has some wisdom for Washington

Astronomers use slime mould to map the universe's largest structures The behaviour of one of nature's humblest creatures and archival data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope are helping astronomers probe the largest structures in the Universe.

Jumping genes help make neurons in a dish The conversion of skin cells into brain cells relies on proper insertion of L1 elements.

Is this the twilight of American culture? The current pandemic is exposing deep-seated flaws in our health care and economic systems. Reinhold Niebuhr's 1952 book, The Irony of American History , claims our cultural arrogance works against us. Morris Berman's 2000 book, The Twilight of American Culture , focuses on America's social and economic collapse. A minority of public figures are currently pushing an agenda to " open " America for

Palaeontology: New carnivorous dinosaur from New Mexico yields evolutionary insights The discovery of a new species of dromaeosaurid — a family of generally small to medium-sized feathered carnivores that lived during the Cretaceous Period — is reported in Scientific Reports this week. The fossil furthers our understanding of dinosaur evolution during the Late Cretaceous (70-68 million years ago).

No consistent ENSO response to volcanic forcing over the last millennium The El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) shapes global climate patterns yet its sensitivity to external climate forcing remains uncertain. Modeling studies suggest that ENSO is sensitive to sulfate aerosol forcing associated with explosive volcanism but observational support for this effect remains ambiguous. Here, we used absolutely dated fossil corals from the central tropical Pacific to gauge E

Europe's Neanderthals relied on the sea as much as early modern humans The first significant evidence of marine resource use among Europe's Neanderthals is detailed in a new report, demonstrating a level of marine adaptation previously only seen in their contemporary modern humans living in southern Africa.

Classical 1/3 scaling of convection holds up to Ra = 1015 [Applied Physical Sciences] The global transport of heat and momentum in turbulent convection is constrained by thin thermal and viscous boundary layers at the heated and cooled boundaries of the system. This bottleneck is thought to be lifted once the boundary layers themselves become fully turbulent at very high values of the Rayleigh…

Celebrating our genomic diversity: Fine-scale differences in the Japanese population The Japanese population has long been thought of as genetically homogeneous as a result of limited population mixing. However, an international research team led by Osaka University used novel machine-learning techniques to identify subtle genetic differences within the Japanese population. Regionality was identified among the sub-populations, reflecting the linguistic and cultural differences bet

Science publishes study on Neanderthals as pioneers in marine resource exploitation The journal Science has published a study led by the University of Barcelona, which presents the results of the excavation in Cueva de Figueira Brava, Portugal, which was used as shelter by Neanderthal populations about between 86,000 and 106,000 years ago. The study reveals fishing and shellfish-gathering contributed significantly to the subsistence economy of the inhabitants of Figueira Brava. T

In Earth's largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover The mass extinction at the end of the Permian Period 252 million years ago—one of the great turnovers of life on Earth—appears to have played out differently and at different times on land and in the sea, according to newly redated fossils beds from South Africa and Australia.

Triple oxygen isotope insight into terrestrial pyrite oxidation [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] The mass-independent minor oxygen isotope compositions (Δ′17O) of atmospheric O2 and CO2 are primarily regulated by their relative partial pressures, pO2/pCO2. Pyrite oxidation during chemical weathering on land consumes O2 and generates sulfate that is carried to the ocean by rivers. The Δ′17O values of marine sulfate deposits have thus…

Coordination of mRNA and tRNA methylations by TRMT10A [Biochemistry] The posttranscriptional modification of messenger RNA (mRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA) provides an additional layer of regulatory complexity during gene expression. Here, we show that a tRNA methyltransferase, TRMT10A, interacts with an mRNA demethylase FTO (ALKBH9), both in vitro and inside cells. TRMT10A installs N1-methylguanosine (m1G) in tRNA, and FTO…

Enhanced 1.54 μm PL and EL on a perfluorinated Er3+ complex sensitized by an Ir3+ complex The potential of using erbium-contained organic materials to develop cost-effective electrically-driven light-emitting devices for silicon photonics is well proposed, but methods to increase the power efficiency are keenly sought. Scientists in the UK and China demonstrated a dramatic enhancement of erbium electroluminescence by mixing a phosphorescent iridium complex with a separated erbium compl

Peptide signaling for drought-induced tomato flower drop The premature abscission of flowers and fruits limits crop yield under environmental stress. Drought-induced flower drop in tomato plants was found to be regulated by phytosulfokine (PSK), a peptide hormone previously known for its growth-promoting and immune-modulating activities. PSK formation in response to drought stress depends on phytaspase 2, a subtilisin-like protease of the phytaspase su

Solving a 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing The same engineers, who announced the solution to a 50-year-old puzzle in signal processing last fall, have followed up with more research results. The engineers say their new algorithm is more useful and just as fast as the one previously used.

Ultrahigh-field 67Zn NMR reveals short-range disorder in zeolitic imidazolate framework glasses The structure of melt-quenched zeolitic imidazole framework (ZIF) glasses can provide insights into their glass-formation mechanism. We directly detected short-range disorder in ZIF glasses using ultrahigh-field zinc-67 solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Two distinct Zn sites characteristic of the parent crystals transformed upon melting into a single tetrahedral site with a bro

Observation of dynamical fermionization The wave function of a Tonks-Girardeau (T-G) gas of strongly interacting bosons in one dimension maps onto the absolute value of the wave function of a noninteracting Fermi gas. Although this fermionization makes many aspects of the two gases identical, their equilibrium momentum distributions are quite different. We observed dynamical fermionization, where the momentum distribution of a T-G gas

Dynamics of oligomer and amyloid fibril formation by yeast prion Sup35 observed by high-speed atomic force microscopy [Biophysics and Computational Biology] The yeast prion protein Sup35, which contains intrinsically disordered regions, forms amyloid fibrils responsible for a prion phenotype [PSI+]. Using high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM), we directly visualized the prion determinant domain (Sup35NM) and the formation of its oligomers and fibrils at subsecond and submolecular resolutions. Monomers with freely moving…

Fossils Show Raptors Prowled North America Late in Dinosaurs' Era They were smaller than the creatures that savaged "Jurassic Park," but may have had superior ability to stalk and take down prey.

This Newly Identified Raptor Hunted With The Terrifying Agility of a Cheetah They're even more fearsome in packs.

Observation vs. targeted high-dose radiation for metastatic prostate cancer This randomized clinical trial compared how effectively high-dose, targeted radiation therapy versus no treatment (observation) among 54 men prevented the progression over six months of recurrent hormone-sensitive prostate cancer that has metastasized to a small number of sites in the body.

Unveiling causal interactions in complex systems [Applied Physical Sciences] Throughout time, operational laws and concepts from complex systems have been employed to quantitatively model important aspects and interactions in nature and society. Nevertheless, it remains enigmatic and challenging, yet inspiring, to predict the actual interdependencies that comprise the structure of such systems, particularly when the causal interactions observed in…

Scientists: Remote Education Could Transform How We Teach Science Tuning In As more schools and universities go online science teachers face a dilemma: so far, there's no clear answer for how they'll replace the hands-on experience of lab experiments. But that doesn't mean science education is doomed. Entomologists Esther Ngumbi and Brian Lovett write in a Wired op-ed that they think that the new surge of remote education could revolutionize how students learn

Simulation: Dust could have spread evenly over Earth after Chicxulub asteroid strike Two researchers, one with the Planetary Science Institute, the other Imperial College, have created a simulation that they believe shows how dust could have spread so evenly over the whole Earth after the Chicxulub asteroid strike. In their paper published in the journal Geographical Research Letters, Natalia Artemieva and Joanna Morgan describe the arduous process by which they studied what happe

Insights from ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in patients with kidney disease Two studies examine potential benefits of blood pressure monitoring outside of doctors' offices for patients with kidney disease.

Droptest af SpaceX-kapsel fejler før historisk opsendelse til rumstation Under en droptest kom en helikopter i problemer og måtte frigøre sig fra Dragon-kapslen for tidligt. Det er uklart, om bemandet opsendelse bliver udskudt.

Vægtige aktører går sammen om grøn methanol-produktion i Sverige Under svensk ledelse og med deltagelse af Topsøe og Cowi satser syv virksomheder på at kunne etablere seks fabrikker, der producerer grøn methanol på basis af brint og CO2 rundt om i Skandinavien inden 2030

Stimulus haggle, James Kynge on China, US oil talks US Senate approved $2tn fiscal stimulus legislation late on Wednesday to help sustain American economy

Venezuelan communications satellite out of service Venezuela's first communications satellite, launched in 2008, is out of service due to a systems failure, the country's government said Wednesday.

VIDEO: The Sun: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Hot We're still learning a lot about the sun, including what cool sounds it makes.

Data Are Finally In: Electric Cars Really Do Produce Less CO2 Pollution We're running out of excuses.

Hidden Brain: How Trust May Help To Limit A Disease Outbreak What helps to contain an epidemic? A study of the Ebola crisis suggests that patients' trust in health workers can encourage patients to report illnesses and receive treatment.

2 questions to uncover your passion — and turn it into a career | Noeline Kirabo What's your passion? Social entrepreneur Noeline Kirabo reflects on her work helping out-of-school young people in Uganda turn their passions into profitable businesses — and shares the two questions you can ask yourself to begin doing the same.

Astronaut conducts heart research on station with former colleague When NASA astronaut Jessica Meir recently slipped her hands into the Life Sciences Glovebox on the International Space Station to conduct a new investigation on heart tissues, she brought a lengthy scientific collaboration full circle.

Pharma's potential impact on water quality When people take medications, these drugs and their metabolites can be excreted and make their way to wastewater treatment plants. From there, the compounds can end up in waterways. Wastewater from pharmaceutical companies could start off with even larger amounts of these substances. Researchers report that a single pharmaceutical manufacturing facility could be influencing the water quality of on

Overcoming primary resistance to checkpoint inhibition with selective inhibitor of TGFβ1 While checkpoint inhibitor therapies (CPIs) have revolutionized the treatment of many cancers, the majority of patients do not respond. TGFβ has been implicated in primary resistance to checkpoints but development of therapies targeting broad TGFβ signaling has been hindered by dose-limiting cardiotoxicities. Preclinical data demonstrate highly selective inhibition of TGFβ1 activation with SRK-181

Space science from home: Resources for children and adults With many people across the world staying at home these days, we have curated a selection of activities for you to pass time and learn more about space science in the meantime.

DNA riddle unravelled: How cells access data from 'genetic cotton reels' With so much genetic information packed in such a tiny space, how cells access DNA when it needs it is something of a mystery. Research published today by Professor Joel Mackay and colleagues has revealed the role played by motor protein CHD4 that allows the DNA to remodel when the information is needed — and it will help us understand diseases connected to when that process goes wrong.

Young people's faith doesn't grow in a vacuum Young people who are given a religious upbringing at home by both parents have the strongest faith in God throughout their adolescence. Distancing from and wavering in faith are also less likely among them. They are also clearly different from their peers who are given a religious upbringing by one parent only, or by neither.

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Publicly shaming harassers may be popular, but it doesn't bring justice You've been harassed online and the social platform has removed the offending post, so that's it, right? End of story.

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