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Email: Phone-sms: (45)21729908 6547 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How to boost immune response to vaccines in older people Identifying interventions that improve vaccine efficacy in older persons is vital to deliver healthy ageing for an ageing population. Immunologists at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK, have identified a route for counteracting the age-related loss of two key immune cell types by using genital wart cream to boost immune response to vaccination in aged mice. After this validation in mice, the f 6546 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Connecting with Voters in a Time of Social Distancing Research suggests a powerful way to get out the vote without having to canvas in person — Read more on 6545 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Denser Cities Could Spare Climate but Also Increase Virus Transmission Though urban living has a smaller carbon footprint, it can make social distancing more difficult — Read more on 6544 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Known Drugs Against the Coronovirus: Runner-Up Candidates Everyone's heard plenty about chloroquine, azithromycin, remdesivir and other front-running ideas for anti-coronovirus therapies. Today I wanted to focus on some compounds that haven't gotten as much attention but which have been proposed from more than one place as possibilities. Some of these have shown up in the comments to past posts here, for example. Do any of them look reasonable? We'll ta 6543 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Virusforsker fra SSI har fundet overraskende nem løsning på testproblem Mange lande lider under manglen på testreagenser. Anders Fomsgaard fra Statens Serum kommer nu til undsætning med lavpraktisk løsning. 6542 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Silicon Valley takes on the virus Will the tech industry be able to work with the government and safeguard its values? 6541 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Virus turmoil delivers shock to the hedge fund industry The sector's ability to weather all conditions was called into question in 2008 and is being put to the test once more 6540 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Britain needs to be crystal clear about its virus strategy After blundering, the government must admit that the lockdown will not be over in three weeks 6539 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Analyse: Er dansk industri klar til krigstilstand? PLUS. Destillerier laver husholdningssprit, og plastproducenter vil producere hospitalsudstyr. Men er dansk industri klar til at omstille produktionen i en krisetid – og hvad gør vi, næste gang en virus lammer os? 6538 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Italian mayors stand up for health of the nation's nonnas The virus is attacking not only the elderly, but the culture and traditions of an entire country 6537 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Forgotten tale of phage therapy history revealed–fto032720.php In the current situation when the fear of virus infections in the public is common, it is good to remember that some viruses can be extremely beneficial for mankind, even save lives. Such viruses, phages, infect bacteria. The research conducted at the University of Jyväskylä shed some light on the phage therapy history. It revealed that Brazil was a strong user and developer of phage therapy in 19 6536 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Virus impact on fashion and luxury to be 'worse than recession' Sales forecast to drop by a third as lockdowns cut deeper than feared 6535 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Rolls-Royce suspends production at UK aero-engine factories Aerospace companies from Airbus to Safran have taken similar steps amid virus fallout 6534 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Johnson aims to 'keep buggering on' after virus diagnosis Whitehall fears further infections could hamper government efforts to tackle Covid-19 6533 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Though the COVID-19 recession may feel different, its victims will look the same The great recession, which hit the world at the end of 2007 affected workers and families in the U.S. in very different ways. Workers with low socioeconomic status (SES) – those with fewer skills and education, as well as racial and ethnic minorities—were especially hurt by the downturn. Foreclosures were concentrated among minorities, and households with lower incomes. 6532 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What does COVID-19 mean for the future of work? In a time when we are all adjusting to a new way of working as a result of COVID-19, it is interesting to reflect on what this might mean for how we work in the longer term. 6531 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Don't panic, plan: COVID-19 family survival ideas If families are going to survive the Covid-19 lockdown happily, planning is going to be key, according to Professor Ann Buchanan of Oxford's department of social policy, who has come up with the Four Bs as a plan for a successful family lockdown. 6530 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Unintended consequence of COVID-19: cyberbullying could increase Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm and disrupted so many aspects of life in the United States and around the world. School districts across America are now providing K-12 education online, and an increasing number will not resume face-to-face classes until the fall. As a result, a cyberbullying expert from Florida Atlantic University cautions that there will likely be some 6529 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What can we learn from COVID-19 to help with climate change? Today, the Covid-19 pandemic is all anyone can talk about. Societies around the world are coming to a standstill, and concern for most matters other than the coronavirus have been pushed aside. But as we confront the current crisis, can we learn anything that could help us as a country deal with another crisis that is slowly but inexorably coming down the pike—climate change? 6528 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Seruminstituttet på vej med Covid-antistoftest Allerede næste uge kan SSI være klar til at teste folk for antistoffer og dermed sige, hvem der allerede har været smittet. 6527 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Does a high viral load or infectious dose make covid-19 worse? Does being exposed to more virus particles mean you'll develop more severe illness? Data suggests the relationship between infection and severity may be complex 6526 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Back poor countries fighting Covid-19 with trillions or face disaster, G20 told Experts warn leaders of huge social and economic consequences of failing to support developing states against 'unprecedented threat' Economists and global health experts have called on G20 leaders to provide trillions of dollars to poorer countries to shore up ailing healthcare systems and economies, or face a disaster that will rebound on wealthier states through migration and health crises. Twe 6525 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. In Desperation, Hospitals May Double Up Patients on Ventilators Facing a ventilator shortage, doctors treating Covid-19 patients are now considering putting two patients on one machine to help them breathe. But the procedure is risky, and can injure the lungs of people who aren't perfectly matched to each other by gender, body size, diagnosis, and other variables. 6524 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Gain Enhanced Access to Supercomputers Federal agencies, academic institutions, and industrial partners are joining forces to combat COVID-19 using artificial intelligence. 6523 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Hoarding during stressful times isn't all that strange The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened stress and anxiety, leading some people to start hoarding as much toilet paper, bread, and hand sanitizer as they can fit in their car. But the practice isn't that unusual, says Stephanie Preston , behavioral neuroscientist in the University of Michigan Department of Psychology. Here, she explains why hoarding is a normal behavior during times of stress: The p 6522 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. As COVID-19 Spreads, So Do Negative Stereotypes of the Young and the Old The pandemic is leading to an outbreak of age discrimination — Read more on 6521 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Jolted by Her Own Illness, Pandemics Scholar Gains Insight into Botched COVID-19 Response Author of book on 2009 flu outbreak explains how a lack of effective tests crippled U.S. attempts to contain the coronavirus. — Read more on 6520 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Will a home antibody test for covid-19 really be a game changer? UK prime minister Boris Johnson has said a mass-produced antibody test for covid-19 that can be done at home will be a game changer – but this type of test has limitations 6519 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. First Denial, Then Fear: Covid-19 Patients in Their Own Words People infected with the coronavirus try to cope as the crisis accelerates. The professionals taking care of them are quickly becoming overwhelmed. 6518 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Covid-19 pandemic in two animated charts Watch our visualization to see how confirmed cases outside China have exploded in recent weeks. 6517 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. USA Now Has More COVID-19 Cases Than Any Other Country in The World They are climbing astonishingly fast. 6516 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. As Virus Upends Birth Plans, Women Mull Impacts and Alternatives Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals are limiting or even banning the presence of partners, doulas, and other personal support for women giving birth. This has expectant mothers mulling the impacts of the new rules on their own wellbeing, and even contemplating potentially problematic workarounds. 6515 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Birth, Death, Weddings: An Oral History of Covid-19 Disruptions The pandemic is wreaking havoc on milestones and celebrations across the nation. 6514 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Why COVID-19 deniers stick to their beliefs Even in the face of rising global and US COVID-19 cases and deaths, many people hold on to the belief that the pandemic is "fake" or overblown, experts say. "Words aren't just words. Words are the basis of beliefs, and beliefs drive our behavior." In recent weeks, several conservative media personalities, political and business leaders, and other influencers have publicly shrugged off warnings ab 6513 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. In a Nation Paralyzed by a Pathogen, Deep Cleaners Have Their Day Armed with steam guns, electrostatic sprayers, and an arsenal of disinfectant chemicals, companies that provide hospital-grade cleaning are in high demand. Not everyone agrees on which methods are best to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces, but in the war against the virus, the big guns are popular. 6512 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Nonprofits and Companies That Are Helping to Fight the Pandemic Donate, if you can. Everyone is trying to get by, but these nonprofits, retailers, and companies are directly helping make a difference against the novel coronavirus. 6511 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Dispatches from the Original US COVID-19 Central In these extraordinary times, we take a break from earth science to talk pandemic. — Read more on 6510 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Frontline NHS staff first to receive new Covid-19 antigen tests Tests due next week will confirm whether self-isolating healthcare workers can return to work Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Tests for healthcare workers will be rolled out next week, allowing them to confirm whether they have been infected or are safe to work, the government has announced. Michael Gove – standing in for the prime minister at the daily briefing afte 6509 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How robots can help combat COVID-19 Can robots be effective tools in combating the COVID-19 pandemic? A group of leaders in the field of robotics say yes, and outline a number of examples. They say robots can be used for clinical care such as telemedicine and decontamination; logistics such as delivery and handling of contaminated waste; and reconnaissance such as monitoring compliance with voluntary quarantines. 6508 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Cancer care in the time of COVID-19 Below please find link(s) to new coronavirus-related content published today in Annals of Internal Medicine. All coronavirus-related content published in Annals of Internal Medicine is free to the public. A complete collection is available at 6507 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK local authorities not ready for the number of deaths from Covid-19 Even if fatality rates are at the lower end of expectations — one percent of virus victims — it is highly likely that death and bereavement services will be overwhelmed, according to newly-published research by Dr Julia Meaton, Dr Anna Williams and researcher Helen-Marie Kruger. 6506 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Cardiac involvement in a patient with COVID-19 A description of the presentation of acute myocardial inflammation in a patient with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) who recovered from influenzalike syndrome and developed fatigue and signs and symptoms of heart failure a week after upper respiratory tract symptoms. 6505 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Cardiovascular implications of fatal outcomes of patients with COVID-19 Evaluating the association of underlying cardiovascular disease and myocardial injury on fatal outcomes in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 6504 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK local authorities not ready for the number of deaths from Covid-19 Even if fatality rates are at the lower end of expectations — one percent of virus victims — it is highly likely that death and bereavement services will be overwhelmed. 6503 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Expert: We need a global coordinated response to COVID-19 Without coordination within and across countries, the novel coronavirus will endlessly re-emerge, with devastating consequences for public health and the global economy, an economist warns. Just like you can't treat a termite infestation by fumigating only one room in a house, you can't control the coronavirus pandemic by targeting interventions to a specific region or country, says Matthew Jacks 6502 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How culture affects the spread of pandemics like COVID-19 Events such as the 1918 influenza pandemic and the resurgence of measles in the US and Western Europe can help researchers understand how culture influences the current spread of COVID-19 worldwide. Carolyn Orbann , an associate teaching professor of health science in the School of Health Professions at the University of Missouri, studies how cultural behavior can play a role in the spread of inf 6501 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What powers does the President have in a crisis? What powers does the President have in times of crisis? And what about state governors? As much of the country has ground to a halt in response to the coronavirus pandemic, questions remain about the country's preparedness in this time of crisis. For example, what can government do to address the lack of critical medicines and diagnostic and medical supplies such as ventilators and N95 masks ? He 6500 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Kunstig intelligens skal overvåge patienter med covid-19 Nyt system med kunstig intelligens skal overvåge danske patienter med covid-19. Håbet er, at komplikationer opdages hurtigere, og at fysisk kontakt mellem patienter og personale minimeres. 6499 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 is nature's wake-up call to complacent civilisation submitted by /u/Goran01 [link] [comments] 6498 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. CPAP Machines Were Seen As Ventilator Alternatives, But Could Spread COVID-19 Doctors say the machine that helps some people with sleep apnea keep their airway open at night won't be enough to help an ill COVID-19 patient breathe and could spread the coronavirus to bystanders. (Image credit: Dr P. Marazzi/Science Source) 6497 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Can behavioural science slow the spread of Covid-19? Social distancing has proven a challenge for an innately social species 6496 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. My Whole Household Has COVID-19 Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . I can pinpoint the exact moment I started feeling off. My partner, Will, and I were on a bike ride on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 18, to escape our apartment and get some exercise. This was back when leaving a New York City apartment to get some exercise was still oka 6495 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Could Newly Found "Peacekeeping" Cells Be a Weapon against COVID-19? In mice, these white blood cells tamp down inflammation in the lungs — Read more on 6494 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Help Researchers Track COVID-19 By entering your health status, even if you're feeling fine, at the Web site COVID Near You, you can help researchers develop a nationwide look at where hotspots of coronavirus are occurring. 6493 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. American Airlines hasn't flown cargo-only flights since 1984. That just changed. An American Airlines 777-300 used for cargo-online flights. (American Airlines/) The belly of a big Boeing 777 American Airlines aircraft offers plenty of space for cargo. In fact, the deck to which your bags disappear on a typical flight can hold as much as 100,000 to 120,000 pounds of freight. That's the equivalent, in pounds, of more than 33 Toyota Corollas. But on recent American Airlines fli 6492 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Could Newly Found "Peacekeeping" Cells Be a Weapon against COVID-19? In mice, these white blood cells tamp down inflammation in the lungs — Read more on 6491 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Help Researchers Track COVID-19 By entering your health status, even if you're feeling fine, at, you can help researchers develop a nationwide look at where hotspots of coronavirus are occurring. — Read more on 6490 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Could Newly Found "Peacekeeping" Cells Be a Weapon against COVID-19? In mice, these white blood cells tamp down inflammation in the lungs — Read more on 6489 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Whatever it takes' should now include a universal basic income G20 leaders have pledged to do "whatever it takes" to minimise the impacts of COVID-19. 6488 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Self-isolating is impossible for thousands of New Zealanders unless we help them fast In less than 48 hours, all people in New Zealand will have to self-isolate, unless they are essential service workers. This is our best chance to stop the spread of COVID-19. 6487 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Deep Cleaners Have Their Day in a Nation Paralyzed by a Pathogen Turning from bedbugs and carpet-eating moths to COVID-19, an industrial cleaner joins the coronavirus fight — Read more on 6486 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Here's How New York City Will Split Ventilators to Treat Covid-19 New York City is preparing for the worst and hospitals are exploring options to support more patients in critical condition than they've ever had to handle before. One option that is getting a lot of press is the idea of ventilator sharing, or configuring one machine to handle two or more patients simultaneously by splitting it. This is what we are down to. Splitting ventilators, and facing serio 6485 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Mexican Protesters Complain That Americans Are Spreading COVID-19 Border Patrol Mexican protesters shut down the border with the United States on Thursday by blocking roadways, fearing American travelers spreading the deadly coronavirus pandemic to their country. "There are no health screenings by the federal government to deal with this pandemic," protester Jose Luis Hernandez told USA Today . "We've taken this action to call on the Mexican President Andrés Ma 6484 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Ethical Anguish in a Time of COVID-19 Around the world, physicians at overwhelmed hospitals may have to decide who will not get treated during the pandemic. Ventilator.jpg Image credits: Chaikom/Shutterstock Human Friday, March 27, 2020 – 16:30 Joel Shurkin, Contributor (Inside Science) — For almost a month, Lombardy, the prosperous, mountainous section of northern Italy, has been the world's hotspot for COVID-19, the severe respir 6483 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Some COVID-19 patients still have coronavirus after symptoms disappear In a new study, researchers found that half of the patients they treated for mild COVID-19 infection still had coronavirus for up to eight days after symptoms disappeared. The research letter was published online in the American Thoracic Society's American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 6482 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Why the US can't go back to work by Easter There's a gap in vital data that could help us understand the Covid-19 outbreak, but unfortunately, it's been misinterpreted and co-opted by policymakers. 6481 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How the Pandemic will end – The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it's going to play out. To include a substantially changed society. submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 6480 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Inside the Race to Blast COVID-19 Off the Surfaces of New York City Turning from bedbugs and carpet-eating moths to COVID-19, cleaners in New York City have joined the Coronavirus fight. From: Scientific American 6479 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. 4 challenges schools face in moving education online As the number of cases of COVID-19 multiplies and the duration of school closures increases, school districts are struggling with the feasibility of providing students with online learning opportunities, researchers say. In the rush to plan for online education hours, schools must consider equity and the quality of internet access available to their students. A new report reveals the challenges s 6478 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 linked to cardiac injury, worse outcomes for patients with heart conditions COVID-19 can have fatal consequences for people with underlying cardiovascular disease and cause cardiac injury even in patients without underlying heart conditions, according to a review published today in JAMA Cardiology by experts at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). 6477 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Stay positive, Scott Morrison: when you berate people for bad behaviour, they do it more COVID-19 is a rare moment in time where individual behaviours can have profound impacts on society. 6476 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 infection prevention and control in long-term care facilities Dr. John W. Rowe is a member of a WHO Expert Panel on Care of the Elderly which just released guidance for prevention and management of COVID-19 among elderly in long term care facilities. The paper outlines guidance on Infection Prevention and Control in the context of COVID-19 which is to prevent COVID-19-virus from entering the facility, spreading within the facility, and spreading to outside t 6475 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Don't count on sports coming back anytime soon With COVID-19 having interrupted their seasons, professional and college sports leagues are unlikely to resume anytime soon, a preparedness expert argues. While unfortunate for Americans who look to sports to maintain a sense of normalcy, the interruption of play protects the health of spectators and players. Mitchel Rosen, an associate professor at the Rutgers School of Public Health and the dir 6474 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Why it's too tempting to believe the Oxford study Alongside the Covid-19 death total, there are other clues to the truth 6473 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. CRG standardises COVID-19 data analysis to aid international research efforts Researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) have launched a new database to advance the international research efforts studying COVID-19. The publicly-available, free-to-use resource ( can be used by researchers from around the world to study how different variations of the virus grow, mutate and make proteins. 6472 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Standardizing COVID-19 data analysis to aid international research efforts Researchers have launched a new database to advance the international research efforts studying COVID-19. The publicly-available, free-to-use resource can be used by researchers from around the world to study how different variations of the virus grow, mutate and make proteins. 6471 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Surgeon Henry Marsh: Covid-19 and the doctor's dilemma For medics, the virus brings agonising professional choices — and acute personal risk 6470 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. COVID-19 alert: Heart and kidney patients should keep taking their medicines As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, inaccurate medical information has flooded social media and other channels. One potentially lethal example is that patients who take renin-angiotensin system (RAS) blockers, particularly angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockers (ARBs), may be more susceptible to the virus. 6469 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Requests at food pantries skyrocket in U.S. In the first week since officials designated COVID-19 a pandemic, requests for food pantries skyrocketed across the US, researchers say. Requests for home-delivered meals more than tripled in the same time period, says Matthew Kreuter, a professor of public health at Washington University in St. Louis who tracks calls to 2-1-1 help lines across the US. Kreuter and colleagues follow day-to-day req 6468 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The US is officially COVID-19′s epicenter View this post on Instagram How do you tell if your cold or flu is actually #COVID19? Use this chart as a handy guide to common symptoms for all three. 🔗: Hit the #linkinbio for a closer look at the symptoms—and what to do if you have them: @popsci 📊: @sarachodoshviz A post shared by Popular Science (@popsci) on Mar 11, 2020 at 7:35am PDT 6467 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. US jobless claims have soared. Is a recession necessary to fight COVID-19? Last week, 3.3 million people in the United States filed for unemployment, the highest number ever recorded by the U.S. Department of Labor, as businesses shuttered and employees were asked to stay home to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 6466 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab udsender særlig corona-vejledning Stor efterspørgsel fra lægerne har fået Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab til at formulere en vejledning, der forholder sig til patienter smittet med COVID-19. Det skal dog ikke ses som en stringent rettesnor, siger formand for Dansk Lungemedicinsk Selskab. 6465 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. »Jeg har en styrket tro på, at dødeligheden ender i den lave ende« UGENTLIG CORONA-UPDATE: Infektionsmedicinsk afdeling på Hvidovre Hospital har fået flere patienter, men ikke mere travlt den forgangne uge. Det giver overlæge Thomas Benfield en styrket tro på, at dødeligheden blandt danske COVID-19- patienter ender i den lave ende. 6464 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Blindet kontrol og anonymiserede prøver får Novo i gang med coronatests PLUS. Test test test, siger WHO, og nu lytter regeringen. Men det er op af bakke at organisere. Og når eksterne skal inddrages, er der også hensyn som journalisering og beskyttelse af patientinformation at tænke på. 6463 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronapod: Old treatments and new hopes Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00940-6 Could blood plasma from coronavirus survivors be an effective short-term treatment for patients? 6462 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Ekspert: Corona-pandemien vil ikke udløse en fødevarekrise Corona-krisen bliver næppe årsag til en fødevarekrise, lyder det fra en ekspert i fødevareøkonomi… 6461 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Overlæge siger op på grund af Sundhedsplatformen Mens coronapandemien fylder det meste af sundhedsvæsenets tid, har overlæge på Sjællands Universitetssygehus Roskilde Peter Marckmann fået nok af Sundhedsplatformen og har sagt op. 6460 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronakrise rammer kliniske studier: Patienter med hjertesvigt må vente PLUS. Kliniske studier i Danmark er ramt af corona-krisen, og derfor må patienter med hjertesvigt vente med at modtage medicin, der potentielt kan være livsforlængende. Også forskning, der kan føre til færre dødsfald af kræft, udskydes. 6459 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Hur påverkas du psykiskt av coronakrisen? En forskargrupp vid Mittuniversitetet vill undersöka hur social isolering, tilltro till myndigheter, förändrade vanor och oro över ekonomin i spåren av coronakrisen kan hänga samman med psykiska symtom som oro och depression. Och söker nu deltagare i studien. − Coronautbrottet utgör en av de största utmaningar vårt samhälle ställts inför på mycket lång tid där extrema åtgärder har genomförts i må 6458 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Corona koster halvdelen af metroens borebisser PLUS. Kun den ene af to tunnelboremaskiner er i øjeblikket i drift på byggeriet af den nye metrolinje mod den københavnske Sydhavn. Flere udenlandske borebisser er nemlig blevet hjemme hos deres familier på grund af corona-epidemien. 6457 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. PODCAST: Industriens fremtid når coronaen har forladt os Industrien har mange ting at lære fra den nuværende krise. Men den får også virksomheder til at tænke i nye baner. Et eksempel er udviklingsfirmaet Is It a Bird, som har startet sin egen ngo-hjælpetjeneste og udviklet platformen Jælp, hvor raske kan melde sig til at købe ind eller lufte hund for … 6456 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Britisk sundhedsvæsen vil dele data med tech-giganter i kampen mod Corona Briterne er ligesom så mange andre bekymrede over, hvordan Covid-19 kommer til at belaste sundhedsvæsenet. Derfor vil de nu alliere sig med en række globale it-virksomheder, der skal hjælpe med at forudse behovet for mandskab og respiratorer. 6455 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Läkemedelstester mot corona planeras i Sverige Hundratals läkemedel undersöks om de kan ha effekt mot corona i Kina, USA och Europa. Ett av de läkemedel som undersöks är Remdesivir och snart kan tester även bli aktuella i Sverige. – Det ser lovande ut vad gäller provrörsförsök, säger Anders Sönnerborg, professor och överläkare. 6454 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Rich Fled New York. Don't Be Like Them. Hello fellow New Yorkers. You want to leave. So badly. I know. Me too. But don't. Don't do it. It is absurd at this point that it's even your choice. The bridges should be closed to all but essential traffic. The airports should be shuttered. Instead, Hertz is still renting cars at its 17 Manhattan locations, AirBnB is listing "Corona free" homes in New Jersey, and airlines are offering (apocalyp 6453 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Can Natural Remedies Really Help You Fight the Coronavirus? Online health gurus say high doses of vitamins and natural remedies can stave off COVID-19 — but evidence to support these claims is lacking. 6452 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Snowden warns: The surveillance states and use of high-tech surveillance measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak will outlast the virus submitted by /u/darkstarman [link] [comments] 6451 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Belgium provides self-employed people with income support of €1,500 a month during the coronavirus crisis submitted by /u/MonsieurA [link] [comments] 6450 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Britons saying final goodbyes to dying relatives by videolink – Restrictions on visits to patients with Covid-19 mean such farewells are increasingly necessary submitted by /u/speckz [link] [comments] 6449 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Do We Have to Give Up Some Personal Freedoms to Beat Coronavirus? submitted by /u/dwaxe [link] [comments] 6448 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. 16 Ways Coronavirus May Change the Way We Look at the World submitted by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments] 6447 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What would happen if the world reacted to climate change like it's reacting to the coronavirus? submitted by /u/MayonaiseRemover [link] [comments] 6446 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How Will the Coronavirus End? submitted by /u/penultimate_evil [link] [comments] 6445 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Latest: New Guidelines For Counties, Unemployment Spikes Following the latest Coronavirus Task Force briefing, NPR correspondents detail the White House plan to categorize counties based on their coronavirus risk and the congressional rescue bill. 6444 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: There Are Other Elections It's Thursday, March 26. In today's newsletter: The presidential race isn't the only one battered by the coronavirus outbreak. Plus: Lessons from the health care fight. * « TODAY IN POLITICS » (KYLE GRILLOT / BLOOMBERG / GETTY) How do you run for office during a pandemic? Super Tuesday was a little more than three weeks ago, but the familiar theatrics of a presidential primary feel like a world a 6443 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. E.P.A., Citing Coronavirus, Drastically Relaxes Rules for Polluters The agency said it would not penalize companies that violate rules on monitoring and reporting pollution discharges. 6442 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. EU leaders clash over coronavirus response Leaders fail to settle on proposals for upcoming Eurogroup talks 6441 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest: Australian military to enforce quarantine rules [no content] 6440 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Hidden infections challenge China's claim coronavirus is under control Official figures suggest a breakthrough but local medics reveal unreported cases 6439 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Report coronavirus 'quack cures' immediately, says UK government People urged to inform social media firms if they see falsehoods shared online Coronavirus – live updates See all our coronavirus coverage "Dangerous quack cures" for the coronavirus being shared online should be reported to social media companies immediately , the government has said. Lemon juice, liquid silver and hot water are among the remedies being suggested in anti-vaccination Facebook gro 6438 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Chinese mask entrepreneur reaps $1.9bn coronavirus bonanza Company with 40% of China market is one of world's biggest beneficiaries of surging demand 6437 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What Happened Today: Questions About The Relief Bill And If Measures Are Working NPR economics and science correspondents answer listener questions about a government relief package and if the latest measures to fight the coronavirus are working. 6436 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Early Graduation Could Send Medical Students to Virus Front Lines Hundreds of fourth-year students at universities in Boston and New York could start caring for patients months ahead of schedule. 6435 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Investors spooked by outbreak seek safety in money market funds Largest recorded inflows led by move to short-term government debt due to coronavirus 6434 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. European stocks fall after record Wall Street run New evidence coronavirus is hitting global economy shifts market sentiment 6433 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK calls on embassies to source ventilators for coronavirus fight Diplomats urged to source much-needed medical equipment to plug shortages in NHS 6432 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. TGA investigating Clive Palmer-funded ads claiming hydroxychloroquine can cure coronavirus Queensland businessman has pledged to fund 1m doses, despite warnings it can lead to heart attacks, eye damage and coma Prominent advertisements paid for by former federal politician Clive Palmer which promote a malaria drug as a potential "cure" for Covid-19 are "ethically immoral" according to Prof Peter Collignon, a former World Health Organization advisor who worked on Australia's response to 6431 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Live Updates: House Set to Vote on $2 Trillion Relief Package as New Infections Soar The United States has 85,000 detected cases, now has the most in the world. As states pleaded for supplies, the White House canceled a plan to produce ventilators. 6430 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Pinn's illustration of the week: 'A beautiful timeline' Donald Trump plans to reopen US for business despite coronavirus 6429 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Checkmate for Earth's last big sporting contest Ekaterinburg's Candidates Tournament succumbs to the inevitable while Singapore's coronavirus siege goes on 6428 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The relief of pressing pause on modern life Coronavirus is forcing us to reset — but it's not a cure to all our human failings 6427 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Drug gangs in Brazil's favelas enforce coronavirus lockdown Organised crime steps in as President Bolsonaro dismisses pandemic as 'sniffles' 6426 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Lex Coronavirus Advice Exchange: misery of cramped home working Readers give their professional tips on homeworking and what action governments should be taking 6425 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronaviruses Similar to The COVID-19 One Have Just Been Found in Pangolins It doesn't mean they started the pandemic, though. 6424 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. New Zealand coronavirus deaths during lockdown could be just 20, modelling suggests Restrictions would need to remain in place until a vaccine or other treatment was developed Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Jacinda Ardern has implored New Zealanders to "stay local" during a four-week countrywide lockdown as modelling showed that strict measures adopted by the country could limit deaths to 0.0004% of the population – or about 20 people. Research rel 6423 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Xi Jinping calls on Trump to improve US-China relations amid Covid-19 crisis Phonecall between leaders came as China prepares to seal itself off from the world to stem 'imported' coronavirus cases Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Chinese president Xi Jinping has called on Donald Trump to take "substantive actions" to improve relations between the two countries, as China prepared to shut its borders to foreign arrivals amid fears of infections 6422 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. It's a razor's edge we're walking': inside the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine Around the world, more than 40 teams are working on a vaccine for Covid-19. We followed one doctor in the most urgent quest of his life. By Samanth Subramanian Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Of the dozens of places where a coronavirus vaccine might be born, one is DIOSynVax, a small company started by a Canadian pathologist named Jonathan Heeney. In ordinary times, 6421 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump and Xi speak after US and China trade barbs on coronavirus Phone call signals potential thaw after countries exchanged insults over pandemic 6420 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Rygere i øget risiko for at blive smittet med coronavirus Ny forskning peger på, at rygning er en stor risikofaktor under corona-pandemien. Det kalder på øjeblikkeligt rygestop, siger eksperter. 6419 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How long does coronavirus live on different surfaces? Evidence of Covid-19 was found on a cruise ship 17 days after passengers left. What are the risks of handling packages and groceries? Coronavirus – latest US updates Live global updates See all our coronavirus coverage More people are staying indoors to avoid contact with people potentially infected by Covid-19. But in light of a recent report from the US's Centers for Disease Control and Prevent 6418 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you go to see a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Heal 6417 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Wall Street flees coronavirus and glimpses its mortality Bankers hunker down in vacation homes and advisers counsel chief executives with children and dogs beside 6416 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Can a face mask protect me from coronavirus? Covid-19 myths busted The truth about how you can catch coronavirus, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest news and updates What are the symptoms and should I see a doctor? Wearing a face mask is certainly not an iron-clad guarantee that you won't get sick – viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as 6415 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How Los Angeles Is Preparing for a Worst-Case Scenario LOS ANGELES—On paper, Eric Garcetti is one of the least powerful big-city mayors in America. Los Angeles doesn't even have its own health department. This sprawling metropolis surrounds and adjoins, yet is still dwarfed by, the raft of other municipalities that are home to the 10 million people of Los Angeles County, the nation's largest county, with an area more than 80 percent the size of Conne 6414 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 6413 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. No Longer Just a Walk in the Park The new terror, and the intensifying debate, over going outside. 6412 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Only a fifth of countries provide sick pay — the big challenges for work in a pandemic Making sure that sick people get the care they need and don't infect others is one of the key planks of containing COVID-19 – but the majority of the world's workers have little choice about putting in a shift, even if they feel unwell. This is one of the worrying findings of a survey released by the International Trade Union Congress , which surveyed its members in 86 countries around the world 6411 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: will China rescue the world economy? The FT's James Kynge says the country's excessive debts make a huge stimulus unlikely 6410 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? Human trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well, there are many hurdles before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a pandemic, all eyes hav 6409 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: How can I shop or get deliveries and takeaways safely? If coronavirus can be transferred on to surfaces, safe food shopping presents challenges. 6408 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus test kits withdrawn in Spain over poor accuracy rate Batch with only 30% detection rate was bought by health officials from Chinese supplier Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Spanish government has withdrawn 58,000 Chinese-made coronavirus testing kits from use after it emerged that they had an accurate detection rate of just 30%. Like other countries struggling to diagnose and treat the virus, Spain has looked to Ch 6407 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. We fear, but have to work': isolation not an option for the poor of Nairobi As coronavirus arrives in Kenya, retreat behind closed doors is only an alternative for those who can afford it All photographs by Duncan Moore Benson Kinyale is a security guard who works the door at a luxury apartment complex in the Parklands neighbourhood of Nairobi. While residents of the building have started to hoard supplies and stay at home because of Covid-19, he continues to make the 80 6406 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. India cuts benchmark rate to lowest level on record Central bank governor calls for 'war effort' as coronavirus shuts down country 6405 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Coronavirus Is Demonstrating the Value of Globalization To fight a pandemic, governments are erecting barriers to the movement of people and goods unlike anything seen since the end of World War II. In some ways, the new barriers are even tighter. America's borders with Canada and Mexico remained open during the war, but they are closed now. These interventions have been introduced as temporary measures. Globalization is suspended only for the duratio 6404 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Loneliness during the American epidemic Even before the coronavirus outbreak, many people found isolation a normal way of living 6403 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. China Goes Back to Work as the Coronavirus Rages On Elsewhere Big companies are recalling workers, with safety precautions. Malls and restaurants are reopening to crowds. 6402 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. First 'Geek-in-Chief': shy Scot who paved way for Prof Chris Whitty Dr James Niven in Manchester achieved UK-wide fame during Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 Coronavirus – latest UK updates See all our coronavirus coverage If the coronavirus outbreak has produced a star it is perhaps England's chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty, the cool-headed epidemiologist described by the Guardian sketch writer, John Crace, as "the Geek-in-Chief, whom everyone now regards 6401 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state Coronavirus – live updates Full coronavirus coverage The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 continues to grow in the US. Mike Pence, the vice-president, is overseeing the US response to the coronavirus. So far, 80% of patients experience a mild form of the illness, which can include a fever and pneumonia, and many of these cases require little to no medical intervention. That being said, elder 6400 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How to Survive Pandemic Re-entry After falling miles through the atmosphere, Christina Koch emerged from her space capsule with a big smile on her face . The NASA astronaut had spent 328 days on the International Space Station. When she finally touched back down last month , the warmth of the sun on her skin felt glorious. And as she laid eyes on the dozens of search-and-rescue workers around the capsule, her brain raced to proc 6399 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus UK prime minister and health secretary have mild symptoms and will work while self-isolating 6398 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Could Chloroquine Treat Coronavirus? 5 questions answered about a promising yet problematic and unproven use for an antimalarial drug — Read more on 6397 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus UK prime minister is in self-isolation after developing mild symptoms 6396 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Threat of Coronavirus Disrupts the Disrupters Accelerators like Y Combinator have had online programs, but the pandemic might force even its elite core program to go entirely remote for the first time. 6395 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. A Twitch Streamer Is Exposing Coronavirus Scams Live Kitboga has built a following by trolling telemarketers. Covid-19 opportunists have given him a whole new crop of targets. 6394 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. When Coronavirus Misinformation Goes Viral This week on Gadget Lab, we discuss how misinformation about the pandemic is being handled by the government, the media, and social platforms. 6393 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Here's How Coronavirus Tests Work–and Who Offers Them PCR-based tests are being rolled out in hospitals nationwide, and the Food and Drug Administration is fast-tracking novel approaches as well — Read more on 6392 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Pros and cons for rural America in coronavirus pandemic Is rural America more or less at risk from the coronavirus? As the virus spreads across the United States, larger cities like New York and Seattle are dealing with increasing numbers of infections and deaths daily. However, less populated rural areas are not immune from the disease, say two public health experts at Washington University in St. Louis and controlling it in rural America presents a 6391 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. A virtual Australian parliament is possible—and may be needed during the coronavirus pandemic The Commonwealth Parliament has shut down its sittings due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is not scheduled to resume sitting until August. The usual budget sittings of May and June have been canceled and the budget will not be handed down until October. Supply bills have been passed to ensure ordinary government expenditure is funded until the end of November. 6390 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Apocalyptic Fiction Helps Us Deal With the Anxiety of the Coronavirus Pandemic Masked people standing six feet apart. Empty shelves in the supermarket. No children in sight outside the school during recess. The social upheaval caused by COVID-19 evokes many popular dystopian or post-apocalyptic books and movies. Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 crisis has sent many people rushing to fiction about contagious diseases . Books and movies about pandemics have spiked in popularity o 6389 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Unemployment will get much worse before it gets better, expert says The U.S. Department of Labor reported March 26 that jobless claims from Americans displaced by the coronavirus pandemic soared to 3.28 million—a record high, shattering the Great Recession peak of 665,000 in 2009 and the all-time mark of 695,000 in 1982. 6388 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus shines a light on fractured global politics at a time when cohesion and leadership are vital Leaders of the world's largest economies came together at a virtual G20 this week to "do whatever it takes to overcome the coronavirus pandemic". But the reality is that global capacity to deal with the greatest challenge to international well-being since the second world war is both limited and fractured. 6387 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Researchers working on simple, low-cost CRISPR-based diagnostic test for infectious diseases Researchers in the Department of Biomedical Engineering— a shared department in the schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine, and Engineering—have been working to develop a new, low-cost, CRISPR-based diagnostic platform to detect infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). 6386 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Covid-19 Chaos Breeds Impatience, But It's Only Just Begun With schools and businesses shuttered, and entire cities under advisories or orders to stay home, some officials are already agitating for a return to normal. But as cases of the novel coronavirus continue to increase around the world, some experts insist that the crisis is just getting underway. 6385 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Researchers working on simple, low-cost CRISPR-based diagnostic test for infectious diseases Researchers in the Department of Biomedical Engineering— a shared department in the schools of Dental Medicine, Medicine, and Engineering—have been working to develop a new, low-cost, CRISPR-based diagnostic platform to detect infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). 6384 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. If You and Your Friends Are Bored, PowerPoint Parties May Be the Answer Each installment of The Friendship Files features a conversation between The Atlantic 's Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship. This week she talks with a group of eighth graders at Seabrook Intermediate School in Seabrook, Texas, who are stuck at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. To entertain themselves, they hosted a PowerPoint 6383 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Books Briefing: Books for Feeling Better Reader, it's rough out there. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, one of the most frightening and frustrating aspects of the disaster is the fact that no one knows how long it will be before the crisis is resolved. As humans, we're used to stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end; it's hard to make sense of an experience without knowing where you are in that plotline. But 6382 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Let's flatten the coronavirus confusion curve Chloroquine might not be very effective, but FT Alphaville is. 6381 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Donald Trump signs $2tn coronavirus stimulus into law Economic relief package includes cheques for most Americans and bailouts for big companies 6380 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The case for a rent holiday for businesses on the coronavirus economic frontline As the public health response to supress the COVID-19 virus ramps up, so to does the economic fallout. Shutdowns and enforced spatial distancing are necessary to try to prevent hospital intensive care units becoming overwhelmed. 6379 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Callousness of India's COVID-19 Response By now, the global timeline of the coronavirus's development has been well established: The first case reportedly appeared in mid-November; in December, the Chinese government was still attributing hospitalizations to a peculiar form of pneumonia; through January and February, the outbreak began spreading around the world; and its epicenter is today firmly in Europe and the United States. Through 6378 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Meaning of Boris Johnson's Illness Boris Johnson has the coronavirus. So does his health secretary. That means people close to both might have it. This includes the prime minister's pregnant fiancée, anyone who works in 10 Downing Street or the Department of Health, and, well, Britain's entire pandemic crisis-management team. If we are fighting a war against the coronavirus, as we are told, the generals' mess hall has just been mo 6377 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Kids shouldn't have to repeat a year of school because of coronavirus. There are much better options Australian schools and teachers are preparing to shift classes online—some independent schools already have. Remote learning is likely to be the norm in the second term and possibly longer. 6376 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Why police will be crucial players in the battle against coronavirus As coronavirus continues to affect all aspects of life, law enforcement agencies are playing a more pivotal role in enforcing new health and social regulations while ensuring society continues to function in a civil manner. 6375 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Are a Public Health Hazard It's time to debunk the worst—and most dangerous—Covid-19 misinformation. 6374 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How to Take Care of Your Lungs If you're one of millions of Americans exposed to air pollution, you may be at a greater risk of catching the coronavirus — and of having a more severe infection. 6373 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Advice on protective gear for NHS staff was rejected owing to cost Exclusive: DoH dismissed call for eye protection – now needed for coronavirus – in 2017 Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Department of Health rejected high-level medical advice about providing NHS staff with certain protective equipment during an influenza pandemic because stockpiling it would be too expensive, the Guardian can reveal. Symptoms are defined by the 6372 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The US Now Has the Most Coronavirus Cases in the World USA Number One On Thursday, the United States went flying past every other nation's count, to claim the title of the most coronavirus cases in the world. As of this morning, the United States has upwards of 94,000 cases , while China currently stands at just past of 86,000 — despite the fact that China has four times the population than the US. The number of deaths is still comparatively low in t 6371 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Potential effects of coronaviruses on the cardiovascular system An overview of the basics of coronaviruses, with a focus on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) along with their effects on the cardiovascular system. 6370 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus and global finance Governments worldwide scramble to stabilise their economies and salvage business 6369 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The coronavirus pandemic could make weather forecasts less accurate Meteorologists rely on a steady stream of weather data collected by planes to produce accurate forecasts, but most commercial flights have been grounded to slow the spread of the coronavirus 6368 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. We will have to make it up to the young Deliberately slowing our economies to halt coronavirus will have repercussions 6367 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Goddamn, I Guess We Need to Get Into eSports Now Online Matchmaking Thanks to the global pandemic, sports leagues seem to be shut down across the board. Even gathering in a New York City park for some casual kickball has been banned — and would be extremely dumb even if it hadn't been. So, what's left? Get hyped, folks: We're all getting into eSports now. With gatherings banned, many major video game competitions are going online, according to 6366 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Some rare coronavirus good news: equities are cheap We may have passed peak uncertainty and there is definitely a reason to start buying again — carefully 6365 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK science advisers expect coronavirus epidemic to peak within a month The peak of the UK coronavirus epidemic now looks likely to arrive within the next month, according to analysis by the government's science advisers 6364 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Respiratoriskt coronavirus hos hundar i Sverige Ett coronavirus som orsakar luftvägsproblem hos hundar har för första gången påvisats bland svenska hundar. Viruset, som är ett av flera smittämnen som kan orsaka så kallad kennelhosta, kom troligen till Sverige kring 2010, visar ny forskning. Möjligheten att ta fram ett vaccin mot viruset bedöms stor. Just nu sprids ett nytt coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) som ger upphov till sjukdomen covid-19 globalt 6363 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus papers: Viral proteins point to potential treatments Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00502-w A selection of the latest research on COVID-19. 6362 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Google Bans Infowars Android App Over Coronavirus Claims Apple kicked Alex Jones out of the App Store in 2018. The Google Play Store has finally followed suit. 6361 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Babies Were Delivered. No One Realized the Mothers Had the Virus. Two women at a N.Y. hospital ended up in intensive care after giving birth. They were infected with the coronavirus, which had been undetected when they were admitted. 6360 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Global supply chains as a way to curb carbon emissions The coronavirus outbreak raised everyone's awareness of the significance of global supply chains to modern economies. But global supply chains also play an important role in greenhouse gas emissions. How they are managed can either increase or decrease carbon emissions, new research shows. 6359 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Vital drug for people with lupus running out after unproven Covid-19 link Italy and France now prescribing hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus despite fact its effectiveness is unknown Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A stampede for an unproven "cure" for Covid-19 is clearing the pharmacy shelves of a medicine that is vital for up to 5 million people around the world suffering from lupus, as countries bow to populist pressure and abandon the 6358 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The quest for the coronavirus vaccine | Seth Berkley When will the coronavirus vaccine be ready? Epidemiologist Seth Berkley (head of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance) takes us inside the effort to create a vaccine for COVID-19. With clarity and urgency, he explains what makes it so challenging to develop, when we can expect it to be rolled out at scale and why we'll need global collaboration to get it done. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED C 6357 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK Prime Minister Who Downplayed Coronavirus Now Has It Take Two UK prime minister Boris Johnson downplayed the coronavirus pandemic for weeks, before finally reversing course in mid-March to treat the outbreak seriously. "The British government and its advisers had the chance to learn from what was happening in Italy," wrote Bloomberg two days ago, in an excoriating essay . "They blew it." And now, in a darkly poetic stroke, Johnson says he's caught 6356 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus: Lockdowns continue to suppress European pollution New data confirms the improvement in air quality over Europe – a by-product of the coronavirus crisis. 6355 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What the world can learn from China's response to the coronavirus | Gary Liu From Hong Kong, South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu tracks China's response to the coronavirus pandemic — from the initial outbreak in Wuhan to the shutdown of Hubei province and the containment measures taken across its major cities. Sharing insights into how the culture in places like Hong Kong and South Korea contributed to fast action against the virus, Liu identifies lessons people across 6354 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Tens of thousands of scientists are redeploying to fight coronavirus Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00905-9 As labs shut down around the world, researchers are finding creative ways to donate their time, supplies and expertise. 6353 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Visible Exhaustion of Doctors and Nurses Fighting the Coronavirus In early March, as coronavirus cases multiplied in Pesaro, a small city on Italy's Adriatic coast, new restrictions on daily activity were put in place to try to stop the spread of the virus . Alberto Giuliani, a photographer born in Pesaro, says that at first, people made jokes about the new reality. [ Yascha Mounk: The extraordinary decisions facing Italian doctors ] Last week, Giuliani photogr 6352 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Race to Keep Health Care Workers Protected From Covid-19 As doctors and nurses address the pandemic, they are facing an unprecedented global crisis, a lack of resources, and a fight to save their own lives. 6351 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. A nation standing together, in isolation The coronavirus crisis brought out the best in Britons, but underlying divides persist 6350 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. UK scientists enrol volunteers for coronavirus vaccine trial Oxford team to recruit up to 510 healthy adults without Covid-19 in race to stop further spread Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Oxford scientists are enrolling the first volunteers to test a UK coronavirus vaccine , in a dramatic acceleration of the typical pace of drug development. The trial will recruit up to 510 healthy adults, aged 18 to 55, to test the vaccine c 6349 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How the UK got coronavirus testing wrong | free to read Government at first seemed to want a concerted contact tracing effort, but eased up 6348 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Mike Ashley/coronavirus: he finally got the memo Bosses are under huge pressure and will sometimes say dumb things 6347 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump Suspends Enforcement of EPA Laws, Because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All Bets Are Off The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to suspend its enforcement of environmental laws indefinitely in light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, as The Guardian reports . The move sends a clear signal: pollute with impunity. "This temporary policy is designed to provide enforcement discretion under the current, extraordinary conditions, while ensuring facility 6346 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. What Amazon Workers Are Facing as Coronavirus Spreads in the US Amazon has emerged as an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic. Warehouse and delivery workers say they're risking their health to provide it. 6345 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump's narcissism has taken a new twist. And now he has American blood on his hands | Jonathan Freedland The US president has been exposed by the coronavirus crisis. The only small comfort for the rest of the world is that he's not their leader Pity the people of America. They do battle now with one of the greatest challenges in their history, led by a man who is not only among the worst ever occupants of the White House but whose character makes him the last person on the face of the Earth you woul 6344 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Daily briefing: A radical proposal to infect healthy people with the coronavirus to test vaccines Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00953-1 A 'human challenge' study would involve exposing perhaps 100 healthy young people to the coronavirus and seeing whether those who get the vaccine escape infection. Plus: UK prime minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus, and Neanderthals enjoyed a nice bit of fish. 6343 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. The Coronavirus-Denial Movement Now Has a Leader He's described the illness as a "little flu," a trifling "cold." He's accused the media of manufacturing "hysteria"—even as confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, soar to well over half a million and deaths to roughly 25,000 worldwide. The coronavirus-denial movement officially has a leader, and it's Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Nicknamed the "Trump of the T 6342 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. ECB orders banks to freeze dividends and share buybacks Central bank ramps up efforts to stop coronavirus triggering a credit crunch in Europe 6341 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Science and psychology of the coronavirus crisis | Letters Simon Wood on the expertise of epidemiologists, Graeme Henderson on the PPE shortage, Martin McKee, Mark Flear and Anniek de Ruijter on the EU's ventilator scheme, Dr Jeremy Holmes on mourning a lost way of life and Dr Helen Lucas on hope in these dark times Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Publishing an article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Yaneer Bar-Yam ( The UK's c 6340 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus latest news: US overtakes China with most confirmed cases The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 6339 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump is trying to stop people from seeing this ad on his response to coronavirus Lawyers have sent cease and desist letters to stop stations from airing the video, which edits together Trump's statements downplaying the crisis A Biden super-PAC has released an advert which Trump is fighting with cease and desist letters. And it's about his response to the coronavirus. The video juxtaposes a number of Trump's statements underplaying the seriousness of the pandemic next to a ch 6338 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Trump invokes federal law to compel GM to make ventilators Carmaker says it is working 'around the clock' in meeting 'urgent need' for coronavirus gear 6337 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Watch New Orleans Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Between the time this sentence was written and the time this article is published, hundreds more Americans will likely have died from COVID-19. Hundreds or perhaps thousands more people will have been hospitalized, and certainly tens of thousands more will have tested posit 6336 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Tui secures €1.8bn loan to navigate coronavirus crisis Facility provided to travel operator by German state-owned development bank KfW 6335 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus must not destroy an open world economy The global health emergency makes trade more important, not less 6334 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Waitrose to set aside quarter of delivery slots for elderly shoppers Supermarket says it will prioritise deliveries amid concern over food supplies for vulnerable people Coronavirus – latest UK updates See all our coronavirus coverage Waitrose is setting aside at least a quarter of its online grocery delivery slots for elderly and vulnerable shoppers amid rising concern about food supplies for those isolated at home. The supermarket is also expanding its online de 6333 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Cuomo and de Blasio: A Tale of Two Leaders A t about 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, Bill de Blasio had just finished a live interview on MSNBC when he heard from someone who, just hours earlier, the New York mayor had viciously attacked for deserting his city in its hour of desperation. President Donald Trump was on the phone. It was the first time the two leaders had spoken in months. After badgering the president on television for weeks, de Blasi 6332 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. It's Like Something's Right In Your Grasp': Hospitals Struggle To Test For Virus Despite a statewide effort to procure and distribute coronavirus testing supplies to hospitals in New York, some facilities still don't have what they need to test patients quickly on-site. 6331 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Edward Snowden warns 'bio-surveillance' may outlast coronavirus Edward Snowden is a former CIA contractor who exposed NSA mass surveillance programs. In a recent interview, Snowden expressed concern over the ways in which governments are using technology to track the spread of the virus. These new tracking measures may someday be repurposed to advance governments' mass surveillance programs, Snowden warned. As governments turn to technology to help contain th 6330 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Dangerous cures and viral hoaxes: common coronavirus myths busted With so much misinformation about Covid-19 circulating online, we've factchecked some of the more common fallacies The spread of Covid-19 has been matched only by the spread of misinformation circulating in response to the pandemic. The misinformation is most prevalent on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and text messaging. Despite companies like Facebook and Google trying to flag the more widely sp 6329 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus and volunteering: how can I help in the UK? From lending a hand to local charities to bolstering the efforts of the NHS, there are many ways to get involved All our coronavirus coverage I want to help. Where can I find about about volunteering? There are plenty of ways to get involved. Many local charities will be keen to attract new volunteers – especially as older stalwarts are forced to stay at home. Or there are national schemes, such 6328 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Sunak adds extra £60bn public spending to fight coronavirus Public finances will be driven deep into the red as government tackles the pandemic 6327 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Carluccio's considering insolvency options as coronavirus bites Italian restaurant chain employing 2,000 expected to enter administration within days 6326 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Your Bosses Are Trying To Spy On You Now More Than Ever FOH Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more employees are working from their homes, more than ever before. But does that mean managers and business leaders let up with their bizarre, over-reaching workplace surveillance ? Not a chance. In an office, surveillance tech can be justified a little bit: It's defensible for an employer to not want workers using company computers for personal business. 6325 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Donald Trump's chaotic coronavirus crisis Fixated on re-election, the president has struggled to respond as the pandemic takes hold in the US 6324 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How sick will the coronavirus make you? The answer may be in your genes Projects drawing on large biobanks and COVID-19 patients aim to find genetic differences that predict who will get seriously ill after an infection 6323 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How to Flatten the Curve on Coronavirus One chart explains why slowing the spread of the infection is nearly as important as stopping it. 6322 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How 3D printing could save lives in the coronavirus outbreak Digital manufacturers are stepping in to crank out nasal swabs, ventilator parts, and more as critical supply chains fail. 6321 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. DIY Face Masks Are Basically Useless Against the Coronavirus Knitting enthusiasts are hard at work filling a giant, gaping hole in the nation's supply of face masks for healthcare workers. And they're growing in numbers. The New York Times called them "a sewing army" in a recent report. Despite their good intentions, the simple fact is that home-sown cloth masks are nearly useless in protecting against the virus, as Wirecutter reports , and should only be 6320 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus Updates: Trump Signs Relief Bill NPR politics and science correspondents round up the latest news in the federal response to the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, including of the passage of the emergency rescue bill. 6319 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. A Heart Attack? No, It Was the Coronavirus Cardiologists are seeing infected patients whose worst symptoms are not respiratory, but cardiac. 6318 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How do you buy a house when you cannot leave home? UK property freeze follows damage to markets around the world linked to coronavirus lockdowns 6317 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. How business fared in its coronavirus quarter Few industries have escaped the effects of the pandemic 6316 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. KPMG chair Bill Michael hospitalised with coronavirus Melanie Richards, deputy chair, and Tim Jones, COO take over in his absence 6315 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. EPA Protections Relaxed During Coronavirus Pandemic Citing potential worker shortages and the effects of restricted travel and social distancing, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a "sweeping suspension" of environmental regulations that some say gives companies free reign to pollute. 6314 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Coronavirus FAQs: Does It Live On Clothes? Can My Dog Infect Me? Any Advice On Wipes? Among the questions this week: Can you get COVID-19 more than once? What's the maximum surface area that can be treated with one disinfecting wipe? (Image credit: Max Posner/NPR) 6313 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. New coronavirus leaves pregnant women with wrenching choices—but little data to guide them Parents and doctors must decide whether the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the risks of possible infection 6312 …..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <>corona ….. Surge in demand for will writing as coronavirus crisis deepens Lawyers say wealthy elderly people seeking advice on life insurance and inheritance tax

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. A lifesaving reason to have more women on boards: ensuring consumer safety In a study published online yesterday focused on the medical products industry — which includes medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics — a group of researchers found that, compared to firms with all-male boards, firms with female directors announced high-severity product recalls 28 days sooner. This is a 35% reduction in the time between when a firm was first made aware of the defect and

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. ALMA resolves gas impacted by young jets from supermassive black hole Astronomers obtained the first resolved image of disturbed gaseous clouds in a galaxy 11 billion light-years away by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The team found that the disruption is caused by young powerful jets ejected from a supermassive black hole residing at the center of the host galaxy. This result will cast light on the mystery of the evolutionary process

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Animals keep viruses in the sea in balance A variety of sea animals can take up virus particles while filtering seawater for oxygen and food. Sponges are particularly efficient. That was written by marine ecologist Jennifer Welsh from NIOZ this week, in a publication in Nature Scientific Reports. This Monday, Welsh will defend her thesis at the Free University of Amsterdam, through an online connection.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Biophysics: Lifting the lid on beta-barrels The interaction between biotin and streptavidin is a well-established experimental tool in bionanotechnology. Physicists have now shown that the mechanical stability of the complex is dependent on the precise geometry of the interface.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Bubbles go with the flow: Simulating behavior of fluids moving through pipes Researchers at the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, used a sophisticated physical model to simulate the behavior of fluids moving through pipes. By including the possibility of shear-induced bubble formation, they find that, contrary to the assumptions of many previous works, fluids can experience significant slippage when in contact with fixed boundaries. This research ma

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Capabilities of CRISPR gene editing expanded Many basic and clinical researchers are testing the potential of a simple and efficient gene editing approach to study and correct disease-causing mutations for conditions ranging from blindness to cancer, but the technology is constrained by a requirement that a certain short DNA sequence be present at the gene editing site.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Cellular train track deformities shed light on neurological disease A new technique allows researchers to test how the deformation of tiny train track-like cell proteins affects their function. The findings could help clarify the roles of deformed 'microtubules' in traumatic brain injuries and in neurological diseases like Parkinson's.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Completely new antibiotic resistance gene has spread unnoticed to several pathogens Aminoglycoside antibiotics are critically important for treating several types of infections with multi-resistant bacteria. A completely new resistance gene, which is likely to counteract the newest aminoglycoside-drug plazomycin, was recently discovered by scientists in Gothenburg, Sweden.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Control of anthropogenic atmospheric emissions can improve water quality in seas A new HKU research highlighted the importance of reducing fossil fuel combustion not only to curb the trend of global warming, but also to improve the quality of China's coastal waters. The findings were recently published in the prestigious journal Environmental Science & Technology.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Copper boosts pig growth, and now we know why Pigs have better feed conversion rates with copper in their diets, but until now, scientists didn't fully understand why. Existing research from the University of Illinois shows copper doesn't change fat and energy absorption from the diet. Instead, according to new research, the element seems to enhance pigs' ability to utilize fat after absorption, resulting in increased energy utilization of th

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Disasters can affect cervical cancer screening for years Screening is important for the early detection of cervical cancer, but rates were significantly affected, in some areas for years, following a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages Rice University theorists find that flexoelectric effects in double-walled carbon nanotubes could be highly useful for photovoltaic applications.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Empathy Machine: Humans Communicate Better after Robots Show Their Vulnerable Side The behavior of such machines influences how people treat one another — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Free range mitochondria are coming for you Transfer of mitochondria between cells is a ubiquitously occurring and now universally known phenomenon. For years, researchers have been serially demonstrating that one particular new cell type can transfer its mitos to yet another particular cell type to achieve some specific metabolic goal essential to survival of the meta-host organism. But what happens when the mitochondria come from the outs

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Gene mutation enhances cognitive flexibility in mice, NIH study suggests Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have discovered in mice what they believe is the first known genetic mutation to improve cognitive flexibility — the ability to adapt to changing situations.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Highly efficient and stable double layer solar cell developed A KAIST research team has developed a new type of solar cell that can both withstand environmental hazards and is 26.7% efficient in power conversion.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. In Earth's largest extinction, land animal die-offs began long before marine extinction–iel032720.php Because of poor dates for land fossils laid down before and after the mass extinction at the end of the Permian, paleontologists assumed that the terrestrial extinctions from Gondwana occurred at the same time as the better-documented marine extinctions. But a new study provides more precise dates for South African fossils and points to a long, perhaps 400,000-year period of extinction on land bef

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Is your dog really happy you're home? Humans aren't the only species that finds routine comforting—our pets benefit from it as well. So making the transition to working from home can impact the entire family, pets included.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Longer lives not dependent on increased energy use Growing consumption of energy and fossil fuels over four decades did not play a significant role in increasing life expectancy across 70 countries.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Multi-stage deformation process in high-entropy alloys at ultra-low temperatures revealed An international research team led by scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has recently discovered that high-entropy alloys (HEAs) exhibit exceptional mechanical properties at ultra-low temperatures due to the coexistence of multiple deformation mechanisms. Their discovery may hold the key to designing new structural materials for applications at low temperatures.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials Sorting through millions of possibilities, a search for battery materials delivered results in five weeks instead of 50 years.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Ocean Species Are Shifting toward the Poles Changes in species abundance can throw food chains out of whack and put livelihoods at risk — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Quantum copycat: Researchers find a new way in which bosons behave like fermions When a one-dimensional gas of strongly interacting bosons expands, the velocity distribution of the bosons transforms into one that is identical to non-interacting fermions.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Quantum phenomenon governs organic solar cells Researchers have discovered a quantum phenomenon that influences the formation of free charges in organic solar cells.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Researchers take a big step towards a comprehensive single-cell atlas A large team of researchers affiliated with multiple institutions in and around Hangzhou, China, has taken a very large step toward the creation of a comprehensive human single-cell atlas. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes how they sequenced the RNA of over a half-million single cells donated by volunteers and processed the information to present it in a way that

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Scientists create triple-threat genetic toolkit for producing eco-friendly chemicals Researchers have developed a triad of innovative tools to engineer low-pH-tolerant yeast Issatchenkia orientalis for production of valuable bioproducts from renewable biomass.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Scientists find a way to extract color from black Scientists have developed a way of extracting a richer palette of colors from the available spectrum by harnessing disordered patterns inspired by nature that would typically be seen as black.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics There may be a small answer to one of the biggest problems on the planet.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Scientists predict the size of plastics animals can eat A team of scientists at Cardiff University has, for the first time, developed a way of predicting the size of plastics different animals are likely to ingest.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Seafloor of Fram Strait is a sink for microplastic from Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean Working in the Arctic Fram Strait, scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have found microplastic throughout the water column with particularly high concentrations at the ocean floor.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. US Space Force launches first national security mission The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. What Does It Mean to Be a Good Doctor? In part, it means that you need to look beyond the patient's chart — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. <> ….. Why does your cotton towel get stiff after natural drying? The remaining 'bound water' on cotton surfaces cross-link single fibers of cotton, causing hardening after natural drying, according to a new study conducted by Kao Corporation and Hokkaido University. This provides new insight into unique water behaviors on material surfaces and helps us develop better cleaning technologies.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 'The dog still needs a walk' — photos from a locked-down London Hannah Starkey shares her pictures of Londoners exercising their canine companions in the city's parks

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 10 things you did as a kid that you should start doing again Growing up doesn't mean your life has to be all about work. Studies have shown that playing and being creative has numerous health benefits for adults of all ages. Simple exercises like drawing, finishing a puzzle, or taking breaks outdoors can have a positive impact on your life. Peter Pan had the right idea: growing up is overrated. As adults we often forget to stop and have fun in between payi

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 10.9 million names now aboard NASA's Perseverance Mars rover NASA's "Send Your Name to Mars" campaign invited people around the world to submit their names to ride aboard the agency's next rover to the Red Planet. Some 10,932,295 people did just that. The names were stenciled by electron beam onto three fingernail-sized silicon chips, along with the essays of the 155 finalists in NASA's "Name the Rover" contest.The chips were then were attached to an alumin

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 3′-Sialyllactose prebiotics prevents skin inflammation via regulatory T cell differentiation in atopic dermatitis mouse models Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62527-5

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 3-D printed sensors could make breath tests for diabetes possible The production of highly sensitive sensors is a complex process: It requires many steps and the almost dust-free environment of special cleanrooms. A research team from Materials Science at Kiel University (CAU) and from Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Moldova has now developed a procedure to produce extremely sensitive and energy-efficient sensors using 3-D printing. The sim

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. 4 relationship problems that can be linked back to early childhood Fear of abandonment or other attachment issues can stem from childhood loss (the death of a parent) but can also stem from mistreatment or emotional neglect as a child. Longitudinal studies have proven that a child's inability to maintain healthy relationships may be significantly impaired by having an insecure attachment to a primary caregiver during their early development. While these are comm

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology's future The field is in disagreement about where it should go and why.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A device for the early detection of certain eyesight problems EPFL researchers have developed a device that can zoom in on previously invisible cells at the back of the eye. The technology could be extremely useful for ophthalmologists, in particular for detecting age-related macular degeneration early and assessing new treatment options.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A funnel of light Physicists of the University of Würzburg, in a joint collaboration with colleagues from the University of Rostock, have developed a light funnel apparatus. It could serve as a new platform for hypersensitive optical detectors.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A German vocabulary lesson: Paper retracted because an "individuelle Heilversuche" is not a clinical trial A co-editor of the Journal of Neurology has retracted a 2018 paper he helped write because the way the paper was written misled readers about the nature of the research. The article, "Menière's disease: combined pharmacotherapy with betahistine and the MAO-B inhibitor selegiline—an observational study," purported to describe the effects of a combination treatment to … Continue reading

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A Glacier in Antarctica Has Retreated With Astonishing Speed, Threatening Collapse Uh oh.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A New Analysis Has Failed to Find a Dark Matter 'Glow' in The Milky Way's Halo There's a juicy controversy in all this.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A new battery chemistry promises safer high-voltage lithium-ion batteries For the first time, researchers who explore the physical and chemical properties of electrical energy storage have found a new way to improve lithium-ion batteries. They successfully increased not only the voltage delivery of a lithium-ion battery but also its ability to suppress dangerous conditions that affect the current range of batteries. This improved lithium-ion battery could make longer jo

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A new 'gold standard' for safer ceramic coatings Making your own ceramics can be a way to express your creativity, but some techniques and materials used in the process could spell bad news for your health and the environment. If not prepared properly, some glazed ceramics can leach potentially harmful heavy metals. Scientists now report progress toward a new type of glaze that includes gold and silver nanoparticles, which are less toxic and mor

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A new motorized exoskeleton that attaches around the ankle and foot can drastically reduce the energy cost of running, researchers say submitted by /u/HeinieKaboobler [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A new way to study HIV's impact on the brain Using a newly developed laboratory model of three types of brain cells, Penn and CHOP scientists reveal how HIV infection — as well as the drugs that treat it — can take a toll on the central nervous system.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A New York Doctor's Warning Fred Milgrim, pictured here hours before his shift as an emergency-medicine doctor at a hospital in Queens. Dr. Milgrim will ride his bike over the Queensboro Bridge to get to his shift. (JUSTIN J. WEE) In the emergency-department waiting room, 150 people worry about a fever. Some just want a test, others badly need medical treatment. Those not at the brink of death have to wait six, eight, 10 ho

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A novel physical mechanism of liquid flow slippage on a solid surface Viscous liquids often exhibit flow slippage on solid walls. The occurrence of flow slippage has a large impact on the liquid transport and the resulting energy dissipation, which are crucial for many applications. It is natural to expect that slippage takes place to reduce the dissipation. However, (i) how the density fluctuation is affected by the presence of the wall and (ii) how slippage takes

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A plant-based diet helps to prevent and manage asthma, according to new review A plant-based diet can help prevent and manage asthma, while dairy products and high-fat foods raise the risk, according to a new review published in Nutrition in Clinical Care.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A Silver Lining To The Ongoing Pandemic: Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Plummets Over China submitted by /u/MayonaiseRemover [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. A site for facilitating innovation Some months ago, Maximum777 wrote a number of posts asking for a blog on which people would speculate about future inventions. My partner and I are seeking to set up a website to help facilitate innovation and this would be one feature. I'd like to get in touch with Maximum777 but the account was deleted. Also, if anyone else is interested in helping us confirm interest in such a site, please hel

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Adar RNA editing-dependent and -independent effects are required for brain and innate immune functions in Drosophila Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15435-1 Human RNA editing enzymes ADAR1 and ADAR2 are required for innate immune functions and neurological functions, respectively. Here, the authors show that Drosophila Adar has both innate immune and brain functions, despite being the homolog of mammalian ADAR2.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Addressing unhealthy lifestyles could increase life expectancy of those with severe mental illness Researchers from King's College London have shown that a combination of approaches that aim to address unhealthy lifestyles, access to healthcare and social issues could reduce the gap in life expectancies by around 28% between those with severe mental illness (SMI) and the general population.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Aflyste møder i Medicinrådet rammer 42 vurderinger af lægemidler Vurdering af bl.a. en række onkologiske og hæmatologiske lægemidler er udsat på ubestemt tid på grund af aflyste møder i Medicinrådet og i fagudvalg.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. An Elite Spy Group Used 5 Zero-Days to Hack North Koreans South Korea is a prime suspect for exploiting the secret software vulnerabilities in a sophisticated espionage campaign.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Animal Facilities Make Tough Decisions as Pandemic Closes Labs Many researchers have stopped breeding mice, reduced the size of colonies, and established contingency plans in case animal care staff get sick.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Apple MacBook Air (2020) Review: The Upgrade You've Been Waiting For The new 13-inch Apple laptop doesn't reinvent the form, but at least you can type on it properly.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Astronaut urine to build moon bases The modules that the major space agencies plan to erect on the Moon could incorporate an element contributed by the human colonizers themselves: the urea in their pee. European researchers have found that it could be used as a plasticizer in the concrete of the structures.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Astronomers use slime mould to map the universe's largest structures The behaviour of one of nature's humblest creatures and archival data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope are helping astronomers probe the largest structures in the Universe.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Atomically dispersed cobalt catalyst anchored on nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets for lithium-oxygen batteries Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15416-4 The performance of Li-O2 batteries is largely determined by the oxygen electrocatalytic reactions at the cathode. Here, the authors report cobalt single-atom catalysts anchored on carbon nanosheets. The design improves oxygen redox kinetics and enables good electrochemical performance.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Atomic-level handedness determination of chiral crystals using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15388-5 Handedness or chirality determination of crystals has always been challenging for chemists, biologists and materials scientists. Here, the authors report a method for handedness determination by atomic-resolution imaging using Cs-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Atomic-scale insights into the interfacial instability of superlubricity in hydrogenated amorphous carbon films The origin of instability or even disappearance of the superlubricity state in hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) film in the presence of oxygen or water molecules is still controversial. Here, we address this puzzle regarding the tribochemical activities of sliding interfaces at the nanoscale. The results reveal that gaseous oxygen molecules disable the antifriction capacity of a-C:H by surfa

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Author Correction: Assessing the Dynamics and Control of Droplet- and Aerosol-Transmitted Influenza Using an Indoor Positioning System Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62682-9

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Automated Quantification of Photoreceptor alteration in macular disease using Optical Coherence Tomography and Deep Learning Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62329-9

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Bagsiden: Børnelærdom – En pære er som bekendt en frugt … [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Bagsiden: Er den helt uden sprit? [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Bagsiden: Generalkonsulens hadegave mv. [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Bagsiden: Lyt til sagkundskaben … [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Benefiting from the national gene vector biorepository Gene therapy investigators can greatly benefit from the resources and services provided by the National Gene Vector Biorepository (NGVB), housed at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Better, safer batteries For the first time, researchers who explore the physical and chemical properties of electrical energy storage have found a new way to improve lithium-ion batteries. They successfully increased not only the voltage delivery of a lithium-ion battery but also its ability to suppress dangerous conditions that affect the current range of batteries. This improved lithium-ion battery could make longer jo

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Blodprøver kan potentielt diagnosticere patienter med lungekræft Nyt forskningsstudie undersøger, hvordan man med mindre invasive metoder kan forudse og diagnosticere patienter med lungekræft tidligere. Svarene kan ligge i blod-, udåndings- og skyllevæskeprøver, forklarer lægen bag studiet.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Book Review: How Plants Conquered the Earth From dynamite trees to water hyacinths, Earth's greenery has manifested an astounding variety of traits. In "The Incredible Journey of Plants," Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso celebrates the genius of evolution, detailing surprising adaptations that have benefited plant species against all odds.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Boris Johnson will keep using Zoom for the government's private weekly meeting despite security and privacy concerns submitted by /u/Mu57y [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Bricks can act as 'cameras' for characterizing past presence of radioactive materials Researchers have developed a technique for determining the historical location and distribution of radioactive materials, such as weapons grade plutonium. The technique may allow them to use common building materials, such as bricks, as a three-dimensional 'camera,' relying on residual gamma radiation signatures to take a snapshot of radioactive materials even after they've been removed from a loc

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Case studies provide in-depth lessons about sustainability "I can't watch these animals go extinct and sit by," Josh, general manager of Mugie Conservancy said in an interview about the problem of poaching other animals, usually for profit. This after he received a call about a dead elephant in the protected area in Kenya.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Chemical boundary engineering: A new route toward lean, ultrastrong yet ductile steels For decades, grain boundary engineering has proven to be one of the most effective approaches for tailoring the mechanical properties of metallic materials, although there are limits to the fineness and types of microstructures achievable, due to the rapid increase in grain size once being exposed to thermal loads (low thermal stability of crystallographic boundaries). Here, we deploy a unique ch

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Chiral superconductivity in the alternate stacking compound 4Hb-TaS2 Van der Waals materials offer unprecedented control of electronic properties via stacking of different types of two-dimensional materials. A fascinating frontier, largely unexplored, is the stacking of strongly correlated phases of matter. We study 4Hb-TaS 2 , which naturally realizes an alternating stacking of 1T-TaS 2 and 1H-TaS 2 structures. The former is a well-known Mott insulator, which has

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Claer Barrett's Business Clinic: Join our live Q&A The FT's personal finance editor takes your questions on the issues facing small businesses and the self-employed

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Climate change: 'Gob-smacking' vision for future UK transport Public transport and active travel will be the "natural first choice", the Transport Secretary says.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Confusion and poor messaging led to hoarding, experts suggest Hoarding is wrong, and you should not do it, all our experts agree. But the reasons people are overbuying—and that you cannot always find toilet paper, milk, eggs, and cleaning supplies after several states issued a shelter-in-place order—are complex.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Control of anthropogenic emissions can improve water quality in coastal seas A new study highlights the importance of reducing fossil fuel combustion, not only to curb the trend of global warming, but also to improve the quality of China's coastal waters. The findings were recently published in Environmental Science & Technology. The study was led by MPhil student Miss Yu Yan Yau and supervised by Dr. Benoit Thibodeau from the Department of Earth Sciences and the Swire Ins

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Cooperative deformation in high-entropy alloys at ultralow temperatures High-entropy alloys exhibit exceptional mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures, due to the activation of twinning in addition to dislocation slip. The coexistence of multiple deformation pathways raises an important question regarding how individual deformation mechanisms compete or synergize during plastic deformation. Using in situ neutron diffraction, we demonstrate the interaction of

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Critics round on Spain's response after record death toll Hopes of turnaround prove premature after brief respite in the rising number of fatalities

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Dark matter isn't behind mysterious space signals Researchers have ruled out dark matter being responsible for mysterious electromagnetic signals previously observed from nearby galaxies. Prior to the new work there were high hopes that these signals would give physicists hard evidence to help identify dark matter. Though 85% of the universe is composed of dark matter, we don't know what exactly it is. Dark matter can't be observed directly beca

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Data on worldwide respect for academic freedom Academic freedom is fundamental to scientific progress, pursuit of truth, quality higher education and international collaboration. Universities and states have signed statements of their commitment to safeguard academic freedom, yet in practice, they do not always implement them. How severe are infringements of academic freedom? Are these infringements getting better or worse? Scientists have inv

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. David Biello: A Journey Into Uncharted Territory There's so much we've yet to explore—from outer space to the deep ocean to our own brains. This hour, Manoush goes on a journey through those uncharted places, led by TED Science Curator David Biello. (Image credit: Elizabeth Zeeuw / TED)

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Deaths spike in Italy, Spain and NY as pandemic shifts west Authorities warn peak has not been reached yet while western hotspots see record fatalities

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Debat: Vejen til ansvarlig teknologiudvikling PLUS. Hvor den ene ser fremskridt og muligheder, ser den anden måske ødelagte værdier og en forkert retning. Maja Horst ser på teknologi­udvikling og ansvarlighed, og hvorfor vi skal lytte til vores forskelligheder.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Demonstration of a third-order hierarchy of topological states in a three-dimensional acoustic metamaterial Classical wave systems have constituted an excellent platform for emulating complex quantum phenomena, such as demonstrating topological phenomena in photonics and acoustics. Recently, a new class of topological states localized in more than one dimension of a D -dimensional system, referred to as higher-order topological (HOT) states, has been reported, offering an even more versatile platform t

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Designing lightweight glass for efficient cars, wind turbines A new machine-learning algorithm for exploring lightweight, very stiff glass compositions can help design next-gen materials for more efficient vehicles and wind turbines. Glasses can reinforce polymers to generate composite materials that provide similar strengths as metals but with less weight.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Develop a morning routine that'll stick Waking up has never felt better. (bruce mars / Unsplash/) Every morning I wake up at 5:27. I read for 17 minutes, perform my ablutions (13 minutes flat), then meditate until 6:43 when I break four raw eggs into a blender with two strips of bacon, blend for 33 seconds, and chug in eight. By 6:50 I'm ready to face the day—and I'm sure most of you, mere mortals, are still asleep. Or maybe not. Your

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Did the Dinosaurs Live at the Same Time? The 'age of the dinosaurs' was vast and varied.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Dietary components decrease cadmium bioavailability in rice A recent research paper published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry describes an alternative strategy to reduce cadmium (Cd) exposure.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. DNA metabarcoding reveals metacommunity dynamics in a threatened boreal wetland wilderness [Ecology] The complexity and natural variability of ecosystems present a challenge for reliable detection of change due to anthropogenic influences. This issue is exacerbated by necessary trade-offs that reduce the quality and resolution of survey data for assessments at large scales. The Peace–Athabasca Delta (PAD) is a large inland wetland complex…

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. DNA riddle unravelled: How cells access data from 'genetic cotton reels' With so much genetic information packed in such a tiny space, how cells access DNA when it needs it is something of a mystery. Research has now revealed the role played by motor protein CHD4 that allows the DNA to remodel when the information is needed — and it will help us understand diseases connected to when that process goes wrong.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Dogs and scientists team up to save burnt, starving koalas Romane Cristescu with a koala that survived the bushfires, but died afterwards. (Detection Dogs for Conservation/) Romane H. Cristescu is a Postdoc Research Fellow in Ecology, University of the Sunshine Coast. Celine Frere is a Senior lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast. This story originally featured on The Conversation . The plight of koalas during the recent bushfire crisis made headlin

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Drilling tool contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions The DrillScene software, commercialized by Sekal, has shown very good results in real-time drilling monitoring. The technology alerts if something changes in the well, for example, problems with cuttings transport which in turn can cause the drill string to get stuck. The drilling crew is then given more time to make corrections and solve the problem.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. During a Pandemic, the Big Event Is No Events Plus: Revisiting the birth of Alphabet's Loon, a defense of colorful language, and a faulty warning in Hawaii.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Elizabeth Warren's Campaign Is Making Its Software Open Source The team developed its own software to coordinate volunteers and synthesize voter data. Now it's posting the code to GitHub.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. England's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year: Mumps and the "Wakefield Cohort" It may not be the most worrisome virus out there these days, but England has just had its worst year of mumps infections in a decade thanks in large part to their "Wakefield cohort".

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Enhanced glycolysis and HIF-1α activation in adipose tissue macrophages sustains local and systemic interleukin-1β production in obesity Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62272-9

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Enhanced optical efficiency and color purity for organic light-emitting diodes by finely optimizing parameters of nanoscale low-refractive index grid Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62470-5

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Entrainment of mammalian motile cilia in the brain with hydrodynamic forces [Biophysics and Computational Biology] Motile cilia are widespread across the animal and plant kingdoms, displaying complex collective dynamics central to their physiology. Their coordination mechanism is not generally understood, with previous work mainly focusing on algae and protists. We study here the entrainment of cilia beat in multiciliated cells from brain ventricles. The response…

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. EPA backs off enforcing pollution rules as virus strains work The Trump administration will temporarily relax civil enforcement of various environmental regulations, a move it says is necessary given worker shortages and travel restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. EU leaders enter a virtual, parallel reality E-summit does little to bridge divisions between the eurozone's north and south

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Euronext chief backs short-selling ban Head of European exchanges group says 'compromise' has helped keep markets open

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Every day is like Sunday in a deserted City of London Empty streets give Europe's normally bustling financial centre a spooky feel

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Extreme cavity expansion in soft solids: Damage without fracture Cavitation is a common damage mechanism in soft solids. Here, we study this using a phase separation technique in stretched, elastic solids to controllably nucleate and grow small cavities by several orders of magnitude. The ability to make stable cavities of different sizes, as well as the huge range of accessible strains, allows us to systematically study the early stages of cavity expansion. C

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Farmers warn over food supply with harvest workers shut out Cross-border flows of agricultural labour slow, forcing growers to recruit at home

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Fed's big boost for BlackRock raises eyebrows on Wall Street New York asset manager is appointed by the central bank to run new easing programmes

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Financial, economic actions during crisis may be rational, if not ethical Wild stock market gyrations and runs on toilet paper as well as other home goods might seem like acts spurred by financial and economic fear and panic. But Paolo Pasquariello sees such reactions as rational—if not always ethical—in a time of a global pandemic, which affords economists and policymakers the opportunity to develop problem-solving approaches. Pasquariello, a finance professor at the R

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Firefighter Suit Draws Breathable Air from the Floor Originally published in July 1857 — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Flat Earthers: What They Believe and Why Michael Marshall, project director of the Good Thinking Society in the U.K., talks about flat earth belief and its relationship to conspiracy theories and other anti-science activities. — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Fler får smärta i ansiktet – kvinnor drabbas hårdast Allt fler rapporterar smärta i ansiktet. Bara ett fåtal av de drabbade tillfrisknar helt från sina besvär. Det visar en ny studie från Umeå universitet. Det är främst kvinnor som drabbas av smärtan, och klyftan mellan könen verkar öka. – Smärta i ansiktet kan bli en svår påfrestning för den enskilde och en kostnad för samhället. Trots att många kan få god hjälp med enkla behandlingsstrategier, är

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Foldable electric scooters for commuters and city dwellers Scoot it. (Depositphotos/) A few years ago, the Segway was supposed to revolutionize personal transport. It was going to replace the bike and become ubiquitous in urban centers and suburbs alike. Then, well, we saw how people looked on them. Meanwhile, the humble eScooter quietly went about its business and ended up doing what the Segway had hoped to achieve. You can't go anywhere without seeing

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. For the first time, the US Space Force will actually go to space today submitted by /u/Mu57y [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Fossil-fuel giant Russia tiptoes towards low-carbon future. Russia has for the first time set out a greener economic path for the coming three decades, in a long-term, low-carbon development plan. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Four high-quality breast milk storage containers From pre-sterilized plastic to borosilicate glass. (Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash/) Pumping or expressing can be an excellent choice if you want to provide breast milk as nourishment for your infant but can't always be there to breastfeed them. According to the CDC, you can store fresh breast milk up to four hours on a counter, up to four days in the fridge, and up to six months (or even a year) in

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Four tents so good, you'd start calling them your second home Camp comfortably. (Adrian via Unsplash/) Sometimes you just need to sleep under the stars. Imagine finding the perfect spot to watch the sunset but missing it because you struggled to set up your tent. Now imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a rainstorm soaking through your shelter. There's no reason you should be stuck with a bulky or flimsy tent, even if you just want a quick set up

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Four-wave mixing of topological edge plasmons in graphene metasurfaces We study topologically protected four-wave mixing (FWM) interactions in a plasmonic metasurface consisting of a periodic array of nanoholes in a graphene sheet, which exhibits a wide topological bandgap at terahertz frequencies upon the breaking of time reversal symmetry by a static magnetic field. We demonstrate that due to the significant nonlinearity enhancement and large life time of graphene

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Generation of multiple ultrastable optical frequency combs from an all-fiber photonic platform Frequency-stabilized optical frequency combs have created many high-precision applications. Accurate timing, ultralow phase noise, and narrow linewidth are prerequisites for achieving the ultimate performance of comb-based systems. Ultrastable cavity-based comb-noise stabilization methods have enabled sub–10 –15 -level frequency instability. However, these methods are complex and alignment sensit

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Genes link 'Green Revolution' to rice gone feral Weedy rice has evolved multiple times from cultivated crops, research finds. Weedy rice is a de-domesticated form of rice that infests paddies worldwide and aggressively outcompetes cultivated varieties. The Green Revolution was an era of technology transfer that brought high-yield varieties of rice, maize , and wheat to the developing world, more than doubling the cereal production in developing

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Genomic Epidemiology of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium (VREfm) in Latin America: Revisiting The Global VRE Population Structure Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62371-7 Genomic Epidemiology of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium (VR Efm ) in Latin America: Revisiting The Global VRE Population Structure

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. German scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics One of the most widely used oil-based plastics, polyurethane, is particularly hard to recycle or destroy safely. It also releases toxic chemicals into landfills. However, some microorganisms are capable of metabolizing these compounds and degrading the plastic waste in the process. A team of scientists in Germany have identified one such bacterium that could be used to help break down polyurethane

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Good grammar is the key to effective communication—and promotions Digital communication results in numerous grammar mistakes. Learning proper grammar makes you a better and more effective communicator. People with fewer grammar mistakes in their online profiles achieve higher positions and receive more promotions at work. Let's face it: the online world has made grammar take a backseat. Yet, good grammar still matters. One report found that learning better gram

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Google is using AI to design chips that will accelerate AI [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years The third such event in five years prompts scientists to renew urgent warnings about climate change.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Great Barrier Reef's latest bleaching confirmed by marine park authority. Severity of damage has increased, with areas spared in previous years experiencing moderate or severe bleaching submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Green sea turtles: Vulnerable animal's hatching season draws to close The green sea turtle is vulnerable to extinction as the climate warms, Australian scientists say.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Guppies help their brothers when it comes to the opposite sex Researchers found that male Trinidadian guppies observe a form of nepotism when it comes to pursuing the opposite sex. These tiny tropical fish often help their brothers in the mating process by darting in front of other males to block access to a female.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. H&M threatens to exit UK leases early without sales revival Fashion chain's efforts to revise rental terms adds to pressure on shopping centres

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Har du tränat din balans idag? Det är aldrig för sent att förbättra sitt balanssinne om det försvagats, menar Eva Ekvall Hansson, forskare vid Lunds universitet och fysioterapeut vid Skånes universitetssjukhus.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Heat health risk assessment in Philippine cities using remotely sensed data and social-ecological indicators Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15218-8 Evaluating the heat risk among city dwellers is important. Here, the authors assessed the heat risk in Philippine cities using remote sensing data and social-ecological indicators and found that the cities at high or very high risk are found in Metro Manila, where levels of heat hazard and exposure are high.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. High-frequency rectification via chiral Bloch electrons Rectification is a process that converts electromagnetic fields into a direct current. Such a process underlies a wide range of technologies such as wireless communication, wireless charging, energy harvesting, and infrared detection. Existing rectifiers are mostly based on semiconductor diodes, with limited applicability to small-voltage or high-frequency inputs. Here, we present an alternative

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Holographic cosmological model and thermodynamics on the horizon of the universe A holographic cosmological model with a power-law term has been proposed by a researcher to study thermodynamic properties on the horizon of the Universe. This model was found to satisfy the second law of thermodynamics. In addition, a relaxation-like process of the Universe was examined systematically to study maximization of the entropy on the horizon.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Home schooling is hard even for the best of us As parents grapple with the challenge, teachers' worth will rise

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How cognitive intelligence is a whole brain phenomenon An international collaborative study provides findings on the neural basis of intelligence, otherwise known as general cognitive ability (IQ).

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How customers search for hedonic versus utilitarian purchases Consumers browse social media and product pages two weeks before final hedonic purchases, utilize third-party reviews up to two weeks before final utilitarian purchases, and use search engines, deals, and competitors' product pages closer to utilitarian purchases.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How Cyanobacteria Could Help Save the Planet [June, 2018] submitted by /u/gauthamsivakumar [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How I cope with family life in lockdown Imposing domestic martial law helps Jenny Lee manage her multigenerational loved ones

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How Panic-Buying Revealed the Problem With [the dominance of just-in-time logistics in] the Modern World submitted by /u/scolfin [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How Shark-Toothed Dinosaurs Came to Rule the World These giant carnivores roamed Earth long before tyrannosaurs — and held on where those tyrants didn't reach.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How Stone Age humans unlocked the glucose in plants Early cave paintings of hunting scenes may give the impression our Stone Age ancestors lived mainly on chunks of meat, but plants—and the ability to unlock the glucose inside—were just as key to their survival.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. How to get refunds for school fees, season tickets and much more Before seeking reimbursement for services you can no longer use, it pays to know your consumer rights

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Human iPSC-derived mature microglia retain their identity and functionally integrate in the chimeric mouse brain Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15411-9 Human microglia present unique features; therefore, chimeric mouse models can enhance modelling of human microglia response in health and disease. Here, the authors show that hiPSC-derived mature microglia developed in the mouse brain, retain their identity and respond to demyelination.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. I won't have what he's having: The brain and socially motivated behavior Monkeys devalue rewards when they anticipate that another monkey will get them instead. Researchers from the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in Okazaki, Japan showed that cells in the lateral hypothalamus mirror these changes in subjective value based on social observations. Further, temporary inactivation of this region prevented the behavior from occurring. The lateral hypothalamus might

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Image of the Day: Rescued Hatchlings Ten endangered Manning River turtles were saved from flooding in New South Wales, Australia, following devastating fires on the country's east coast.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Indigenous wisdom should be at the heart of climate activism | Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim To tackle a problem as large as climate change, we need both science and Indigenous wisdom, says environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim. In this engaging talk, she shares how her nomadic community in Chad is working closely with scientists to restore endangered ecosystems — and offers lessons on how to create more resilient communities.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Indonesian volcano spews massive ash cloud Indonesia's most active volcano Mount Merapi erupted Friday, shooting a column of ash some 5,000 metres (16,000 feet) into the air in its second major eruption this month.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Influenza A and B viruses with reduced baloxavir susceptibility display attenuated in vitro fitness but retain ferret transmissibility [Microbiology] Baloxavir marboxil (BXM) was approved in 2018 for treating influenza A and B virus infections. It is a first-in-class inhibitor targeting the endonuclease activity of the virus polymerase acidic (PA) protein. Clinical trial data revealed that PA amino acid substitutions at residue 38 (I38T/F/M) reduced BXM potency and caused virus…

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Ingeniørledighed i Norge eksploderer – Danmark går fri Norge oplever generelt den højeste arbejdsløshed siden 2. verdenskrig. På ingeniørområdet har over 7.000 meldt sig ledige den seneste uge.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Insecure' Is Getting a Mobile Game Made by a Woman-Run Studio With 'Insecure: The Come Up Game,' Glow Up Games hopes to reflect an audience underserved by the videogame industry. And yes, there will be rapping.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Integrative differential expression and gene set enrichment analysis using summary statistics for scRNA-seq studies Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15298-6 Differential expression (DE) and gene set enrichment (GSE) analysis tend to be carried out separately. Here, the authors present iDEA (integrative Differential expression and gene set Enrichment Analysis) for the analysis of scRNAseq data which uses a Baysian approach to jointly model DE and GSE for improved po

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Interactive product labels require new regulations, study warns Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used on labels on food and other products in the future to make them interactive, and regulations should be reformed now so they take account of new innovations, a study warns.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. International cooperation on ozone-depleting chemicals is helping to return the southern jet stream to a normal state after decades of human-caused disruption, a study shows submitted by /u/LordAnubis12 [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Investors ditch emerging market bond funds in flight to safety Bank of America notes 'very extreme' exodus of $48bn over past four weeks

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. James Bond gun collection stolen in London raid Pistols from Die Another Day, Walther PPK from A View to a Kill and special chrome Magnum from Live and Let Die among items taken in burglary An "irreplaceable" collection of prop guns used in James Bond films has been stolen from a house in Enfield, north London. Five deactivated guns, including Beretta Cheetah and Tomcat pistols from Die Another Day and the iconic Walther PPK handgun used in A

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. KAL's cartoon [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Launch your programming career for under $40 The 2020 Premium Learn To Code Certification Bundle is a perfect primer for new programmers. Courses cover key areas like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C# and more. A $2,300 value, this bundle is available now for only $39. Bill Gates didn't just sit down in front of a computer one day and bang out Microsoft Office. He started small, learning coding as a kid before writing his first software pro

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Leder: Fremtidens beredskab skal beredes på at være beredt [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief More than 90% of the legal marijuana products offered in medical dispensaries are much stronger than what clinical studies have shown that doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, according to a new study.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Lessons from the Spanish flu: Early restrictions lowered disease, mortality rates A review of published data and analysis on the Spanish flu, found that cities that adopted early and broad isolation and prevention measures had disease and mortality rates that were 30% to 50% lower than other cities.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Leveraging Advances in Predesigned Synthetic sgRNAs for Highly Functional and Specific CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Knockout [no content]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Light funnel apparatus created Physicists have developed a light funnel apparatus. It could serve as a new platform for hypersensitive optical detectors.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Light-triggered topological programmability in a dynamic covalent polymer network Dynamic covalent polymer networks exhibit unusual adaptability while maintaining the robustness of conventional covalent networks. Typically, their network topology is statistically nonchangeable, and their material properties are therefore nonprogrammable. By introducing topological heterogeneity, we demonstrate a concept of topology isomerizable network (TIN) that can be programmed into many to

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Local community involvement crucial to restoring tropical peatlands New research has found that local community involvement is crucial to restoring Indonesia's peatlands — unspoilt peatlands act as a carbon sink and play an important role in reducing global carbon emissions. They are also a crucial habitat for birds and animals, including endangered species such as orang-utans and tigers.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Lockdown in Rome: 'We are living in the future of the pandemic' Searching for solace, novelist Paolo Giordano turns to maths — and bread-making

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Locking the dealmaking gates: Europe turns protectionist Message to hedge funds and other corporate raiders from the EU: stay away

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Low-cost graphene-iron filters that selectively separate gaseous mixtures UNSW researchers have shown how a new class of low-cost graphene-based membranes—a type of filter used in industry sectors that generate enormous mixed waste gases, such as solid plastic waste, biowaste or wastewater—can be selectively tuned to separate different gases from gaseous mixtures.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Machine learning predicts glass density and stiffness A new machine learning model can predict the density and stiffness of glasses. This information can aid in the design of better reinforcing fibers for strong and lightweight composite materials in automobiles and wind turbines . Here, Liang Qi, a professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Michigan, answers questions about his group's new paper in npj Computational Materia

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Maintaining progress for children with learning, language disorders With millions of families adjusting to a "new normal" at home with children out of school, those children with language or learning disorders are disproportionately affected by the disruption to their daily routines.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Mangroves could turn tide on carbon output Research has found that changes in current land management practices in the mangrove forests of West Papua Province, Indonesia could have significant impacts on the country's future emission reduction targets.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Market relief rally, ECB flexes, WeWork cash burn US stocks rose for a third straight day after the Senate agreed to a $2.2tn stimulus on Wednesday

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Markets draw comfort from 'maximum' central bank stimulus Recent gains have put US stocks on track for best week in at least a decade

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Martial Law Would Sweep the Country Into a Great Legal Unknown T he last time martial law—military control of the government—was declared in the United States was December 1941, just hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The territorial governor, acting under a turn-of-the-century statute, handed the government of the Hawaiian islands over to the commander of U.S. forces there. The military governor, as he styled himself, immediately ordered the c

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Math professor and students take 'random walk' together Some people like to take random walks through the woods, while others might stroll through their own neighborhood. In the world of math, a random walk is in fact more random than this; it would be the equivalent of flipping a coin to decide which direction you would take with each step.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. McDonaldization' based analysis of Russian social networks The author describes his concept this way: 'the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of recent'. McDonaldization as a form of rationality has a specter of advantages. By using it a person may become more disciplined and learn how to set goals and achieve them

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Messi, Ronaldo and world's best paid footballers set for wage cuts Ten of the 12 richest clubs in talks over salary curbs as they look to weather shutdown

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Microbiome may hold key to identifying HPV-infected women at risk for pre-cancer Gardnerella bacteria in the cervicovaginal microbiome may serve as a biomarker to identify women infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) who are at risk for progression to precancer, according to a new study.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Mitigating cavitation erosion using biomimetic gas-entrapping microtextured surfaces (GEMS) Cavitation refers to the formation and collapse of vapor bubbles near solid boundaries in high-speed flows, such as ship propellers and pumps. During this process, cavitation bubbles focus fluid energy on the solid surface by forming high-speed jets, leading to damage and downtime of machinery. In response, numerous surface treatments to counteract this effect have been explored, including perflu

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Model could help replace nonsense online with real facts A new model shows how competing pieces of information spread in online social networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). The findings could offer a way to disseminate accurate information more quickly, displacing false information about anything, such as computer security to public health. "Whether in the IoT or on social networks, there are many circumstances where old information is circulating

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Model: What increased woody biomass use looks like for the global forest ecosystem Incentivizing both sequestration and avoidance of emissions— using a carbon rental or carbon tax and subsidy approach—versus only a carbon tax encourages protection of natural forests by valuing the standing stock, according to a new study led by Georgia Institute of Technology.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Musicians and audiences 'sync' their brain activity during performances, study finds submitted by /u/HongikIngan [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. MyGov's ill-timed meltdown could have been avoided with 'elastic computing' These past few weeks have shown the brittleness of Australia's online systems. It's not surprising the federal government's traditionally slow-moving IT systems are buckling under the pressure.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Neanderthals ate mussels, fish, and seals too Over 80,000 years ago, Neanderthals fed themselves on mussels, fish and other marine life. The first evidence has been found by an international team in the cave of Figueira Brava in Portugal. The excavated layers date from 86,000 to 106,000 years ago, the period when Neanderthals settled in Europe. Sourcing food from the sea at that time had only been attributed to anatomically modern humans in A

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. New algorithm examines crime-scene bullets segment by segment On the morning of March 22, 1915, residents of the small town of West Shelby, New York, awoke to a horrific scene. A woman clad only in a bloodied nightgown lay shot to death in the snow on the doorstep of an immigrant farmhand, Charles Stielow. Across the street, in the farmhouse where Stielow had recently begun work and where the dead woman had kept house, 70-year-old farmer Charles Phelps was f

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. New drug could reverse treatment resistance in advanced multiple myeloma Researchers at the VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands have tested a new drug in patient samples and mice with multiple myeloma and discovered that it was effective even in advanced disease — a point when many patients currently run out of options. These promising results could pave the way for the new drug to be tested in patients.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. New feathered dinosaur was one of the last surviving raptors Dineobellator notohesperus lived 67 million years ago.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. New in vivo priming strategy to train stem cells can enhance cardiac repair effectiveness A stem cell biologist from City University of Hong Kong (CityU), together with his collaborators, has developed a novel strategy, called in vivo priming, to 'train' the stem cells to stay strong after implantation to the damaged heart via the 3D-printed bandage-like patch. The positive results of the study show that an in vivo priming strategy can be an effective means to enhance cardiac repair.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. New mission would provide a road map in the search for alien atmospheres A new spacecraft proposed by scientists at CU Boulder could soon be NASA's nose in space, sniffing out the environments beyond Earth's solar system that might host planets with thick atmospheres.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. NHS to roll out testing for frontline staff and care workers Capacity boost after initiative involving business, science and universities

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Nonreciprocal transport in gate-induced polar superconductor SrTiO3 Polar conductors/superconductors with Rashba-type spin-orbit interaction are potential material platforms for quantum transport and spintronic functionalities. One of their inherent properties is the nonreciprocal transport, where the rightward and leftward currents become inequivalent, reflecting spatial inversion/time-reversal symmetry breaking. Such a rectification effect originating from the

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Ny bredbåndspulje tilgodeser landzoner i bykommuner PLUS. Med nye kriterier vil Energistyrelsen give danskere, der bor i landzoner i bykommuner, mulighed for at få del i den 100 millioner kroner store Bredbåndspulje. Antennevirksomheden MiWire ærgrer sig over, at mobile teknologier stadig er udelukket.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Oil Crash Snuffing Out Glimmer of Promise in Green Carbon Push submitted by /u/RedArrow1251 [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Once the fire is doused comes damage assessment Mike Mackenzie's daily analysis of what's moving global markets

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Oncotarget Characterization of iPS87, a prostate cancer stem cell-like cell line Oncotarget Volume 11, Issue 12 reported outside its natural niche, the cultured prostate cancer stem cells lost their tumor-inducing capability and stem cell marker expression after approximately 8 transfers at a 1:3 split ratio.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. One way works best to help others through stress Messages that offer stressed out people validation are more effective and helpful than those that are critical or diminish their emotions, researchers report. The researchers studied how people dealing with stress responded to a variety of different messages offering emotional support. The results could help people provide better support to their friends and families, they say. "One recommendatio

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Optimizing efficiency of quantum circuits Quantum circuits, the building blocks of quantum computers, use quantum mechanical effects to perform tasks. They are much faster and more accurate than the classical circuits that are found in electronic devices today. In reality, however, no quantum circuit is completely error-free. Maximising the efficiency of a quantum circuit is of great interest to scientists from around the world.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Overdose risk among youth with family members prescribed opioids In this study of 72,000 adolescents and young adults, higher risk of youth overdose was associated with exposure to family members with opioid prescriptions and young people's own opioid prescriptions.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Photos of the Week: Masked Bunnies, Beach Meditation, Village Pyramid A drive-in theater in South Korea, sunshine in Blackpool, a temporary hospital in Serbia, applause events in India and France, toilet-paper cake in Germany, volunteer mask making in Maryland, snowfall in Turkey, isolation in New Zealand, and much more

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Physicist from Hannover develops new photon source for tap-proof communication An international team with the participation of Prof. Dr. Michael Kues from the Cluster of Excellence PhoenixD at Leibniz University Hannover has developed a new method for generating quantum-entangled photons in a spectral range of light that was previously inaccessible. The discovery can make the encryption of satellite-based communications much more secure in the future.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Planetary defenders validate asteroid deflection code Planetary defense researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) continue to validate their ability to accurately simulate how they might deflect an Earth-bound asteroid in a study that will be published in the April issue of the American Geophysical Union journal Earth and Space Science.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Plastic: How to predict threats to animals in oceans and rivers Scientists find out more about the threats of plastic to thousands of fish, whales and other aquatic life.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Polaroid Now Review: Good, Old-School Fun This instant camera offers modern features like autofocus and a better flash in a classic, colorful package.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Psychology : Lie and kids .Why ? submitted by /u/smallpocketlibrary [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Rare ozone hole opens over Arctic — and it's big Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00904-w Cold temperatures and a strong polar vortex allowed chemicals to gnaw away at the protective ozone layer in the north.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Reconfigurable structure and tunable transport in synchronized active spinner materials Actuated colloids are excellent model systems to investigate emerging out-of-equilibrium structures, complex collective dynamics and design rules for next-generation materials. In a new report, Koohe Han and a research team suspended ferromagnetic microparticles at an air-water interface and energized them with an external rotating magnetic field to form dynamic ensembles of synchronized spinners.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Research into perovskite-silicon tandem cells shows new path to take Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), working in collaboration with their counterparts in the Republic of Korea, have validated the potential of using a combination of perovskite and silicon to create solar cells that are more than 30% efficient.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Researchers catch light in a funnel Professor Ronny Thomale holds a chair for theoretical condensed matter physics, the TP1, at the Julius-Maximilian University of Würzburg. The discovery and theoretical description of new quantum states of matter is a prime objective of his research. "Developing a theory for a new physical phenomenon which then inspires new experiments seeking after this effect is one of the biggest moments in a th

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Researchers create framework for evaluating environmental stopgap measures Ending global environmental crises such as climate change and slowing the growing number of extinctions of plant and animal species will require radical solutions that could take centuries to implement. Meanwhile, the crises are damaging the planet and human well-being in ways that cannot wait for perfect solutions.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Researchers develop a black phosphorus all-fiber humidity sensor A research group led by Prof. LI Jia and Prof. XU Xuefeng from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, along with Prof. YANG Dexing from Northwestern Polytechnical University, developed a highly responsive all-fiber humidity sensor with an ultrafast response time as fast as 7ms.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Researchers develop faster way to replace bad info in networks Researchers have demonstrated a new model of how competing pieces of information spread in online social networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). The findings could be used to disseminate accurate information more quickly, displacing false information about anything from computer security to public health.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Responses of soil microarthropod taxon (Hexapoda: Protura) to natural disturbances and management practices in forest-dominated subalpine lake catchment areas Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62522-w

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Retailers under pressure to close online operations Yoox-Net-a-Porter and Paul Smith join list of brands that have suspended ecommerce sales

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Rich People's Problems: Looking after mum and dad Octogenarian parents are resistant to calls to self-isolate

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scaling, rotation, and channeling behavior of helical and skyrmion spin textures in thin films of Te-doped Cu2OSeO3 Topologically nontrivial spin textures such as vortices, skyrmions, and monopoles are promising candidates as information carriers for future quantum information science. Their controlled manipulation including creation and annihilation remains an important challenge toward practical applications and further exploration of their emergent phenomena. Here, we report controlled evolution of the heli

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists create model to measure how cells sense their surroundings Our body's ability to detect disease, foreign material, and the location of food sources and toxins is all determined by a cocktail of chemicals that surround our cells, as well as our cells' ability to 'read' these chemicals. Cells are highly sensitive. In fact, our immune system can be triggered by the presence of just one foreign molecule or ion. Yet researchers don't know how cells achieve thi

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists develop novel technology to stimulate biomass and astaxanthin accumulation in haematococcus Chinese scientists with Institute of Technical Biology and Agriculture Engineering, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science applied low-temperature plasma technology to stimulate biomass and astaxanthin accumulation in Haematococcus pluvialis at appropriate conditions.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists electrify aluminum to speed up important process Scientists have found a way in the laboratory to shorten the time it takes to create a key chemical used to synthesize a variety of medications, fertilizers and other important substances. The finding could make a number of industrial manufacturing processes cheaper and more efficient. And all it takes, essentially, is electrifying an aluminum container that includes the right chemicals.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic Bacterium is able to break down polyurethane, which is widely used but rarely recycled A bacterium that feeds on toxic plastic has been discovered by scientists. The bug not only breaks the plastic down but uses it as food to power the process. The bacterium, which was found at a waste site where plastic had been dumped, is the first that is known to attack polyurethane. Millions of tonnes of the

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists grow novel Er3+ doped LuSGG mid-infrared laser crystal A study team has grown an Er3+-doped lutetium scandium gallium garnet crystal with high doping concentration. And this was the first time to grow that kind of crystal by Czochralski method. The team also announced they have achieved 2.79 μm laser with high peak power and high beam quality.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists identify gene that first slows, then accelerates, progression of ALS in mice Columbia scientists have provided new insights into how mutations in a gene called TBK1 cause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease that robs patients of movement, speech and ultimately, their lives. The researchers found that ALS-associated mutations in TBK1 can have both positive and negative effects on the progression of disease in mice genetically modifie

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Scientists Trace Neutron Star Crash That Helped Form Our Solar System The collision helped seed Earth with its precious metals — Read more on

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Self-employed forced on to breadline with no government help Surge in applications for universal credit as workers feel brunt of lockdown

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Silicon Valley Is Saving Us—for Now But let's not get too attached to nifty tools that help us cope with isolation.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Skeppsvrak skriver svensk järnhistoria När marinarkeologer för två år sedan hittade vraket av ett fraktskepp norr om Dalarö, såg de genast att det var speciellt – men att det kommit lastat med en stor bit järnhistoria hade de ingen aning om. Fyndet är unikt både skeppstekniskt och järnhistoriskt, visar nu analyserna.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Small hearts have strong vortex flow, large hearts have mild vortex — studied in dogs An international collaboration led by veterinary scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Japan, has found that size of a dog heart affects both vortex flow and pressure difference in the heart, which both are promising as an index of expanding function. Their findings mean that size correction of vorticity and pressure difference allows us to use these indexes in the f

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Soap, Duration and Water Temperature: What Matters and What Doesn't When It Comes to Good Hand-Washing Experts explain why time, technique, soap and willingness to do it are key.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Soft crystal martensites: An in situ resonant soft x-ray scattering study of a liquid crystal martensitic transformation Liquid crystal blue phases (BPs) are three-dimensional soft crystals with unit cell sizes orders of magnitude larger than those of classic, atomic crystals. The directed self-assembly of BPs on chemically patterned surfaces uniquely enables detailed in situ resonant soft x-ray scattering measurements of martensitic phase transformations in these systems. The formation of twin lamellae is explicit

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Solution: 'Is It Turtles All the Way Down?' In February's puzzle column , we explored some ways in which science can illuminate the knotty problem of infinite regress in biology and physics. As usual, Quanta readers engaged in a smart and lively discussion. Let's first take a look at our questions and answers. Question 1 Take a look at the change in facial features between our apelike ancestors and modern humans in this video rendition by

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. SpaceX Competitor OneWeb Is Reportedly Bankrupt The company planned to put 650 internet satellites into orbit. But it only managed to launch 74 before its coffers ran dry, according to a report out today.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Structural basis for the increased processivity of D-family DNA polymerases in complex with PCNA Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15392-9 Replicative DNA polymerases (DNAPs) have evolved the ability to copy the genome with high processivity and fidelity. Here, the authors present a cryo-EM structure of the DNA-bound PolD–PCNA complex from Pyrococcus abyssi to reveal the molecular basis for the interaction and cooperativity between a replicative D

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Study compares funding, research productivity for 2 diseases This study compared federal and foundation research funding for sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis and investigated whether funding was associated with differences in drug development and research productivity.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Swiss keep calm and rest on their months of stockpiles Switzerland has one of the largest strategic reserves of food and medicine in the world

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Sådan kan én respirator bruges til fire patienter Ved at dele luftforsyningen fra en respirator via et t-rør kan luften deles. Men det er sidste udvej.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Talent, you're born with. Creativity, you can grow yourself. Creativity, it is said, is intelligence having fun. It's the ability to generate ideas, solutions or insights that are strikingly original, and yet feasible: in cognitive terms, a compelling creative idea doesn't break down if one were to systematically tease apart its logic. At the same time, it weaves together concepts that were never before part of the same fabric. A decade ago, a team of psyc

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Targeted gene silencing in vivo by platelet membrane-coated metal-organic framework nanoparticles Small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a powerful tool for gene silencing that has been used for a wide range of biomedical applications, but there are many challenges facing its therapeutic use in vivo. Here, we report on a platelet cell membrane–coated metal-organic framework (MOF) nanodelivery platform for the targeted delivery of siRNA in vivo. The MOF core is capable of high loading yields, and it

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The Atlantic Daily: Our Quarantine Cooking Guide Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . At my neighborhood grocery store, only the most odious pastas remain. The sight of cleared-out stores, once teeming with customers, has become a familiar one as people around the United States re

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The Atmosphere of Uranus Is Literally Leaking Gas Into Space We're trying really hard not to make a fart joke here.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The Best Romance for Our Socially Distant Time Is Now on Hulu Internet-beloved Portrait of a Lady on Fire is coming to the streaming service months before it was slated for a digital release.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The Cure for Eczema is Likely More than Skin Deep Eczema sufferers have long relied on lotions and creams to keep symptoms at bay. But the condition does more to the body than wreak havoc on the skin, prompting a need for better treatments.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The long, wild story of the universe, in 5 eras We're in the middle, or thereabouts, of the universe's Stelliferous era. If you think there's a lot going on out there now, the first era's drama makes things these days look pretty calm. Scientists attempt to understand the past and present by bringing together the last couple of centuries' major schools of thought. If you're fortunate enough to get yourself beneath a clear sky in a dark place o

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The miR-9b microRNA mediates dimorphism and development of wing in aphids [Agricultural Sciences] Wing dimorphism is a phenomenon of phenotypic plasticity in aphid dispersal. However, the signal transduction for perceiving environmental cues (e.g., crowding) and the regulation mechanism remain elusive. Here, we found that aci-miR-9b was the only down-regulated microRNA (miRNA) in both crowding-induced wing dimorphism and during wing development in the brown…

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The Pandemic Can't Lock Down Nature – Facts So Romantic The nonhuman world is free of charge; sunlight is a disinfectant, physical distance easily maintained, and no pandemic can suspend it. Nature offers not just escape but reassurance. Photograph by Tim Zurowski / Shutterstock Needing to clear my head, I went down to the Penobscot River. There they were, swimming with the mergansers, following an early pulse of river herring to the mouth of Kenduske

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The unintended consequences of stockpiling: food waste There's now £1 billion more food in people's houses than three weeks ago. This consumer stockpiling has led to unavailability of products for others, and there's a real danger that if this food isn't eaten, we will see huge amounts of food waste.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. The week that markets calmed down US stimulus alleviates panic but lull may just be temporary

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. This Catapult-Like Exoskeleton Contraption Could Make Humans Run 50% Faster Wild!

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. This professor wants to grow entire buildings out of bacteria submitted by /u/mr_grynn [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Three dimensions, two microscopes, one code: Automatic differentiation for x-ray nanotomography beyond the depth of focus limit Conventional tomographic reconstruction algorithms assume that one has obtained pure projection images, involving no within-specimen diffraction effects nor multiple scattering. Advances in x-ray nanotomography are leading toward the violation of these assumptions, by combining the high penetration power of x-rays, which enables thick specimens to be imaged, with improved spatial resolution that

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Triple-threat genetic toolkit aids with eco-friendly chemical production To reduce dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels, scientists are investigating renewable biomass as a host for valuable compound production. Generating economically competitive quantities of these bioproducts involves metabolic engineering: editing cells' genetic blueprint. Researchers at the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI) have developed a set of three genetic to

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Trivia games that (might) count as home schooling Games for your brains. (Sean Benesh via Unsplash/) According to Merriam Webster, trivia is supposed to involve obscure facts. Yet in many trivia games, questions rely on pop culture references and basic history teachings. These unique games cover topics from astronomy to geography, and use visual cues and even songs to inspire learning and storytelling that goes well beyond the cards in the box.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Trump's Environmental Rollbacks Find Opposition Within: Staff Scientists Federal scientists and lawyers, told to undo regulations that some have worked on for decades, have embedded data into technical documents that environmental lawyers are using to challenge the rollbacks.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Tuberculosis molecule has a big weird pocket New research has discovered a giant cavity in a key tuberculosis molecule. The giant cavity, in a protein that transports nutrients across the cell membrane, is unlike anything researchers have seen before. Researchers from the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered a strange new feature of a protein that's thought to be important in the development of tubercu

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Twist again: Dynamically and reversibly controllable chirality in liquid crystalline elastomer microposts Photoresponsive liquid crystalline elastomers (LCEs) constitute ideal actuators for soft robots because their light-induced macroscopic shape changes can be harnessed to perform specific articulated motions. Conventional LCEs, however, do not typically exhibit complex modes of bending and twisting necessary to perform sophisticated maneuvers. Here, we model LCE microposts encompassing side-chain

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Two-photon quantum interference and entanglement at 2.1 {mu}m Quantum-enhanced optical systems operating within the 2- to 2.5-μm spectral region have the potential to revolutionize emerging applications in communications, sensing, and metrology. However, to date, sources of entangled photons have been realized mainly in the near-infrared 700- to 1550-nm spectral window. Here, using custom-designed lithium niobate crystals for spontaneous parametric down-con

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Tænkeboks: Man kan højst flytte N(f,k)= 2^k(f+1) kort … Her får du løsningen på opgaven fra sidste uge!

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. UK housing market: march from the scaffold How far home prices fall will depend on whether the government's economic bailout works

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. UK ministers under fire over ventilator delays Suppliers say offers were ignored while EU says Britain knew of joint procurement plan

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Ultrafast 27 GHz cutoff frequency in vertical WSe2 Schottky diodes with extremely low contact resistance Nature Communications, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15419-1 Two-dimensional materials show promise for 5G wireless communication applications. Here, the authors report vertical Schottky diodes based on thick mechanically exfoliated WSe2 flakes having low ohmic contact resistance of 50 Ω and ultrafast cutoff frequency of 27 GHz.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Ultra-large electric field-induced strain in potassium sodium niobate crystals Electromechanical coupling in piezoelectric materials allows direct conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. Here, we demonstrate lead-free (K x Na 1– x )NbO 3 single crystals with an ultrahigh large-signal piezoelectric coefficient d 33 * of 9000 pm V –1 , which is superior to the highest value reported in state-of-the-art lead-based single crystals (~2500 pm V –1 )

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Universal basic income is a brilliant idea'. Here's why. The welfare state is an ineffective and expensive system that hurts and targets the poor more than it helps. Universal basic income is a better alternative that could work. The question becomes, then, where would the money for UBI come from? There are a myriad of reasons why UBI via taxes would be a bad idea. Instead, we should look to socially produced capital. Companies rely on people to be suc

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. University of Rochester and plaintiffs settle sexual harassment lawsuit for $9.4 million Accusers alleged retaliation by university in case of linguist Florian Jaeger

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. University pays millions to researchers who sued over sexual-harassment allegations Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00937-1 The US$9.4-million settlement ends a lawsuit brought over the way the University of Rochester in New York handled allegations against cognitive scientist Florian Jaeger.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Unraveling the iterative type I polyketide synthases hidden in Streptomyces [Biochemistry] Type I polyketide synthases (T1PKSs) are one of the most extensively studied PKSs, which can act either iteratively or via an assembly-line mechanism. Domains in the T1PKSs can readily be predicted by computational tools based on their highly conserved sequences. However, to distinguish between iterative and noniterative at the module…

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Uranus Ejected a Giant Plasma Bubble During Voyager 2's Visit The planet is shedding its atmosphere into the void, a signal that was recorded but overlooked in 1986 when the robotic spacecraft flew past.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. US agency looks at relief for mortgage servicers Ginnie Mae acts in anticipation of homeowners deferring loan payments

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Using ordinary tape, researchers make chip that could speed up drug development With ordinary double-sided tape, researchers in Sweden assembled a chip-based model of a human gut, and then fed it chili peppers to prove it works. The technique could dramatically lower cost barriers for labs that test new drugs and analyze how the body reacts to them.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Virgin Atlantic set to ask for state aid Regional carriers are also weighing requests after government rules out broad bailout for the industry

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Virginia is the first Southern state with a 100 percent carbon-free electricity goal. The executive order detailed the state's plans to reach a zero CO2 energy goal by 2050. submitted by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Volkswagen calls on ECB to accelerate emergency lending Central bank urged to buy short-term debt to help largest companies through crisis

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Vote-by-Mail Can Save the 2020 Election Even in ordinary times, voting is hard for many Americans, requiring them to wait in long lines and, in some cases, forgo wages as a result. Of course, these are not ordinary times. Today, and possibly even this November, the potential cost of casting a ballot in person on Election Day could be considerably higher, given that crowds and shared surfaces (such as the interface of an electronic voti

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. VW hit by €2bn-a-week cash drain World's biggest carmakers reveal costs of pandemic shutting down factories around world

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. We have all the solutions we need to avoid catastrophic warming, right now, claims a new report by Project Drawdown. And, not only are they easy to implement, they're far cheaper than doing nothing. submitted by /u/MayonaiseRemover [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. WeiBI (web-based platform): Enriching integrated interaction network with increased coverage and functional proteins from genome-wide experimental OMICS data Scientific Reports, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62508-8

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. What can be learned from the microbes on a turtle's shell? Researchers have found that a unique type of algae, usually only seen on the shells of turtles, affects the surrounding microbial communities. It is hoped that these findings can be applied to support the conservation of turtles. Previous research has shown that a diverse microbiome can protect animals against infections.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. What Would Happen if You Didn't Sleep? submitted by /u/newworld-ai [link] [comments]

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. When good neighbours become good WhatsApp friends The UK lockdown has brought residents together in hard times — for better or worse

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. When Romance Is a Scam More con artists are finding their marks on all manner of social media platforms, knowing that the payoff from older victims can be big.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Why a landmark treaty to stop ocean biopiracy could stymie research Nature, Published online: 27 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00912-w Several cancer and HIV drugs have come from marine organisms, but scientists worry that a new agreement to save species could hinder some research.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Why Stress-Baking and Cleaning Make You Less Anxious You're not the only one who finds \#quarantinebaking so soothing. Turns out, it has a lot to do with the neuroscience of mindful meditation.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Worldwide urban expansion causing problems As cities physically expanded worldwide between 1970 and 2010, the population in those cities became less dense, according to a new study.

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Yrkesförare som får riskutbildning blir mer försiktiga i trafiken Yrkesförare av tunga fordon får mer insikt i egen och andra trafikanters sårbarhet efter att ha gått en riskutbildning med praktiska moment. Det kan leda till sänkt hastighet, större avstånd i trafiken – och därmed färre trafikolyckor. Trafiksäkerhetsorganisationen NTF har i samarbete med andra organisationer genomfört en riskutbildning för yrkesförare av tunga fordon. Syftet var att undersöka hu

…..(hentet 27. marts 2020)….. Zero-energy bound states in the high-temperature superconductors at 2-dimensional limit Recently, Wang Jian group at Peking University, in collaboration with Professor Wang Ziqiang at Boston College and Professor Hu Jiangping at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, detected novel ZEBSs resembling the characteristics of MZMs in interstitial Fe adatoms deposited on the high-temperature superconducting thin films at two-dimensional limit.

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