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Email: Phone-sms: (45)21729908 6968 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. A Wearable for Opioid Patients Gets Retooled for covid-19 It alerts staff when a patient's condition changes, allowing people to be sent home and monitored remotely. Two hospital systems will begin testing it this week. 6967 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Public Transit cuts Hurt 'Essential' Workers Who Need It Most Bus and train systems are trimming schedules amid plummeting ridership and mounting losses. But riders are being forced to choose between health and financial security. 6966 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Mathematics of Predicting the course of the coronavirus Epidemiologists are using complex models to help policymakers get ahead of the covid-19 pandemic. But the leap from equations to decisions is a long one. 6965 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. It's Time to Face Facts, America: Masks Work Official advice has been confusing, but the science isn't hard to grok. Everyone should cover up. 6964 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Facebook could Help Journalism by Making News Easier to Find The social media giant gave $100 million to help local news during the pandemic, but still makes you hunt for trusted sources. 6963 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The covid-19 Pandemic Aggravates Disputes Around Gig Work Workers want more compensation and better protection against illness from companies that don't consider them employees. 6962 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. This Is Not the Apocalypse You Were Looking For Pop culture has been inundated with catastrophe porn for decades. None of it has prepared us for our new reality. 6961 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Äldre i corona-tider: Sträva efter att bibehålla rutiner i vardagen och aktivitetsbalans Folkhälsomyndigheten rekommenderar att personer över 70 år bör begränsa sina kontakter med andra människor så långt det går under en tid, vars längd är oviss. Hur ska de äldre och deras nära förhålla sig under denna kris? Äldreforskaren Lisa Ekstam vid cASE försöker råda och ge svar. 6960 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Zoom ramt af trolls i videogrupper Videotjenesten Zoom har oplevet stor popularitet under den globale corona-krise, men nu er trolls begyndt at udnytte standardinstillingerne til at udvise krænkende adfærd i videogrupper. 6959 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. FDA Gives Abbott Emergency Use of Five-Minute coronavirus Test The machine can be run in doctor's offices and other point-of-care settings to give rapid results. 6958 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Africa contributes SARS-coV-2 Sequencing to cOVID-19 Tracking In recent years, laboratories on the continent have ramped up genomic sequencing capabilities, offering in-country analyses rather than outsourcing the job. 6957 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Who is most at risk from coronavirus and why? – video explainer The best thing to do when trying to understand a new virus like covid-19 is to look at the data. The Guardian's science correspondent Hannah Devlin uses the latest figures to explain who is most at risk of contracting this coronavirus, why men are more likely to die from the disease, and the reasons health workers could be particularly vulnerable What is coronavirus – and what is the mortality ra 6956 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus live news: US has twice as many cases as china as study shows higher risk from middle age Global cases pass 750,000; Moscow locks down 12m people; Isis prisoners riot in Syria. Follow the latest updates coronavirus latest: at a glance New study reveals increased risks from middle age US coronavirus updates – live Australia coronavirus updates – live See all our coronavirus coverage 12.44am BST Here's a neat roundup of some of Trump's comments in recent weeks, to the tune of "Flight of 6955 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus live news: US deaths could reach 200,000 as UK warned of six-month lockdown US expert Dr Anthony Fauci makes grim prediction; Moscow announces lockdown of 12m people; Syria records first death. Follow the latest updates coronavirus latest: at a glance Spain's daily death toll rises again while Italy expects peak in a week US coronavirus updates – live Australia coronavirus updates – live See all our coronavirus coverage 1.39am BST china has released its figures for the d 6954 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. UK government orders more ventilators for coronavirus crisis consortium including Rolls-Royce, Airbus and F1 teams takes order for 10,000 devices The UK government has ordered more ventilators than the total number it says it needs to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, after unveiling an order for as many as 15,000 new machines on Monday. Ventilator challenge UK – a consortium of engineering firms including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems as well as a se 6953 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Senior WHO adviser appears to dodge question on Taiwan's covid-19 response canadian Bruce Aylward, who visited Wuhan in February, appeared to hang up or be cut off when pressed on Taipei's record coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A senior advisor at the World Health Organization (WHO) appeared to hang up on a journalist who asked about Taiwan's response to the coronavirus pandemic, and then did not answer further questions because they had "a 6952 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Relaxation of UK abortion rules welcomed by experts Rules eased during coronavirus crisis to allow women to be sent both sets of abortion pills coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Leading UK healthcare providers have welcomed the government's decision to allow women to take abortion pills at home without travelling to a clinic. A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social care confirmed the government was updati 6951 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Papua New Guinea is not prepared': 4,000 nurses to strike over covid-19 readiness Thousands of nurses expected to stop work this week over concerns about lack of personal protective equipment Four thousand nurses are expected to participate in strikes across Papua New Guinea this week over concerns that the Pacific nation lacks the medical supplies and funding to handle a potential coronavirus outbreak. The industrial action follows a sit-in by nearly 600 nurses in the capital 6950 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. New Zealand site to report covid-19 rule-breakers crashes amid spike in lockdown anger Since going live over the weekend, the site has crashed at least once due to complaints over people playing rugby or frisbee and holding parties coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage So many New Zealanders have reported their neighbours to the authorities for breaking lockdown rules that a new police website to record such incidents crashed. More than 2,000 people rang an 6949 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. New study sheds light on coronavirus infection mechanism Researchers at the University of Minnesota created a 3D map of the 'spike' protein used to latch on to cells coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage New research has shed light on a crucial biological mechanism that may have helped the coronavirus to infect humans and spread rapidly around the world. A detailed analysis of the virus's structure shows that the club-like "spik 6948 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. New coronavirus study reveals increased risks from middle age First comprehensive study of deaths and hospitalisations in mainland china shows just how much of a factor age is coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first comprehensive study of covid-19 deaths and hospitalisations in mainland china has revealed in stark detail the increase in risk for coronavirus patients once they reach middle age. The analysis found that while th 6947 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Japan and South Korea tighten borders as US faces up to 200,000 covid-19 deaths Governments ban entry to foreigners and announce quarantine measures as Donald Trump says keeping US deaths to 100,000 would be 'very good' coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Japan and South Korea are poised to tighten restrictions on overseas visitors in renewed efforts to prevent "imported" cases of the coronavirus, as American authorities warned that the US could fac 6946 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Is the spread of coronavirus in the UK really slowing down? UK data shows the number of new cases has fallen, but experts say only time will tell if this is a trend coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The epidemiologist Prof Neil Ferguson has said changes in the rate of hospital admissions suggests the spread of covid-19 in the UK might be slowing down. But can we be sure that is the case? And are hospital admissions the best met 6945 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Indian doctors being evicted from homes over coronavirus fears Medical staff on the frontline face ostracisation and are being forced to sleep in their hospitals Doctors and medical workers in India are being ostracised from communities, evicted from their homes and forced to sleep in hospital bathrooms and on floors over fears they may be carrying coronavirus. In cases reported across the country, healthcare professionals described the growing stigma they a 6944 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Immunity passports' could speed up return to work after covid-19 German researchers studying how lockdown restrictions could be lifted for some people coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage "Immunity passports" for key workers could be a way of getting people who have had coronavirus back into the workforce more quickly, scientists and politicians in the UK have suggested. Researchers in Germany are currently preparing a mass study into 6943 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. F1 team helps build new UK breathing aid for covid-19 patients Device developed in 10 days by medics and engineers will help avoid need for full ventilation coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A breathing aid that was designed and built in less than a week to keep covid-19 patients out of intensive care has been delivered to London hospitals for clinical trials. The device delivers a steady stream of oxygen and air to patients who a 6942 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. covid-19: deaths outside hospitals to be included in UK tally for first time ONS to publish additional data but chief medical officer doesn't expect a large increase in reported deaths coronavirus – latest UK updates See all our coronavirus coverage The reported death toll from coronavirus in the UK is set to increase beyond the NHS's daily tally on Tuesday when fatalities outside of hospitals are counted for the first time. Figures from the NHS and Public Health England 6941 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus: UK spread shows early signs of slowing – key adviser Epidemiologist Prof Neil Ferguson points to decreased rate of hospital admissions coronavirus UK – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The spread of coronavirus in the UK is showing early signs of slowing, according to Prof Neil Ferguson, a key epidemiologist advising the government. What do the restrictions involve? continue reading… 6940 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? Latest figures from public health authorities on the spread of covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in 6939 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? What are the symptoms caused by the covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or 6938 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. They are leading us to catastrophe': Sweden's coronavirus stoicism begins to jar There's a surreal calm in the last country in Europe to hold out against lockdown. But the death toll is rising and some are voicing dissent coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Øresund Bridge – yes, that bridge – is an engineering marvel linking the Swedish city of Malmö and copenhagen that normally transports 70,000 people daily. It has fallen eerily silent. Denmark 6937 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Bosses speed up automation as virus keeps workers home Livelihoods at risk as EY finds 41% of employers globally prepare for after the crisis Almost half of company bosses in 45 countries are speeding up plans to automate their businesses as workers are forced to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak . Some 41% of respondents in a survey by the auditing firm EY said they were investing in accelerating automation as businesses prepared for a po 6936 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Dominic cummings self-isolates after experiencing coronavirus symptoms Boris Johnson's key adviser believed to have mild symptoms including a cough coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Dominic cummings has developed symptoms of coronavirus over the weekend and is self-isolating, a source has confirmed. Boris Johnson's key adviser, who was last seen running through Downing Street on Friday, is believed to have experienced mild symptoms includ 6935 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Obsessively consuming every morsel of information about coronavirus? Or trying to avoid the news completely? | First Dog on the Moon You've probably missed everything else going on! Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are published Get all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints continue reading… 6934 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The hostile environment is creating a coronavirus crisis for Britain's migrants | Maya Goodfellow Ireland and Portugal have acted to protect asylum seekers and migrants. The UK has made a political choice not to do so A week after Priti Patel stood in the House of commons and issued an apology for the Windrush scandal, Abanda was trying to figure out how to survive during the covid-19 pandemic. "I haven't seen anything addressed to us," she says. Abanda is a refused asylum seeker who advocate 6933 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Fake news in the time of coronavirus: how big is the threat? | Hugo Mercier People assume that we're vulnerable to false information. But even in times of crisis, common sense usually prevails • coronavirus – latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage In times of crisis, misinformation abounds. covid-19 can be cured by ingesting fish-tank cleaning products . coronavirus was developed in chinese (or American, or French) labs. cristiano Ronaldo and the pope tested p 6932 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. England's ravaged public health system just can't cope with the coronavirus | Gabriel Scally On top of huge cuts, regional bodies have also been decimated in the past 10 years. It's left us ill-prepared for a crisis like this Gabriel Scally is a former regional director of public health • coronavirus – latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage About 20 years ago I was sitting with my family in a small cafe in the village of Trefin in west Wales. Apart from a small number of famil 6931 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. For people with an abusive partner, lockdown means captivity | Sian Norris Social isolation from coronavirus is fuelling a rise in domestic abuse cases – and leading charities to shift their support online coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Alison* is glad the sun came out at the same time the coronavirus lockdown arrived. "I'm spending all day on the balcony to keep away," she explains. "I'm lucky I have one." Alison's balcony offers her a sm 6930 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device Australian Dr Daniel Reardon ended up in hospital after inserting magnets in his nostrils while building a necklace that warns you when you touch your face Sign up for Guardian Australia's daily coronavirus email Follow Australia coronavirus live news and updates Follow live global coronavirus updates An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to hospital after getting four magnets stuck up h 6929 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Atlantic Politics Daily: The Social-Distancing culture War It's Monday, March 30. More states announced stay-at-home orders, and the White House extended its social distancing guidelines to until at least May. In today's newsletter: The social-distancing culture war. Plus: Take a tour of these drive-in movie theaters. * « TODAY IN POLITIcS » (Ina Jang) Social distancing is a political act now. There once was a time at the beginning of this pandemic when 6928 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Social-Distancing culture War Has Begun Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . For Geoff Frost, the first sign of the coronavirus culture war came last weekend on the golf course. His country club, located in an affluent suburb of Atlanta, had recently introduced a slew of new policies to encourage social distancing. The communal water jugs were gone, 6927 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. A Moment for Drive-In Movie Theaters With movie theaters around the world closed or empty because of the ongoing pandemic, drive-in theaters appear to be having a momentary comeback. People looking for a big-screen movie experience can drive up, show their tickets without opening a window, and enjoy the show as an isolated family unit. Some drive-in owners are opening early in the season, hoping to provide people with something ente 6926 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Atlantic Daily: One Virus, Two Americas YUSKIKI / SHUTTERSTOcK / THE ATLANTIc One virus, two Americas Maybe you live in a blue state, in a hard-hit, urban area, and are currently under lockdown orders from your Democratic governor. Or maybe you live in small-town, conservative America, in one of the places that's been relatively free of cOVID-19 cases, where local Republican officials are resisting further preventative measures. Red-st 6925 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Thing That Determines a country's Resistance to the coronavirus Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . W hen the coronavirus pandemic now sweeping the world was localized in china in January, many people argued that china's authoritarian system was blocking the flow of information about the seriousness of the situation. The case of Li Wenliang, a physician punished for blowi 6924 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Are community Hospitals Ready for the coronavirus? Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Daniel Horn is a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital on a team charged with preparing the institution for an influx of coronavirus patients. Over the past few weeks, I've checked in with him periodically to get one doctor's sense of how American health care has fare 6923 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Routines That Keep Us Sane In an 1892 lecture, William James laid out his idea of perfect unhappiness. "There is no more miserable human being," he said, "than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision, and for whom the lighting of every cigar, the drinking of every cup, the time of rising and going to bed every day, and the beginning of every bit of work are subjects of express volitional deliberation." Now that soci 6922 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The conservative campaign Against Safety The coronavirus pandemic in the United States has reignited long-standing debates about the relationship between freedom and economic and personal security. After barely a week of a partial lockdown in many parts of the country, Donald Trump and others are now complaining that overly risk-averse public-health officials are threatening to strangle the economy. Trump insists that excessive caution 6921 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. If Trump can't Do the Job, Other People Need To Beyoncé had left the stadium in triumph. Her sultry renditions of "crazy in Love" and other hits had culminated in the surprise onstage reunion of Destiny's child. But just a few minutes later, during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans in 2013, half the lights went out in the Superdome. For 34 minutes, the stadium plunged into semidarkness, complete mayhem headed off only by bac 6920 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Dear Therapist Writes to Herself in Her Grief Editor's Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at . Dear Therapist, I know that everyone is going through loss during the coronavirus pandemic, but in the midst of all this, my beloved father died two weeks ago, and I'm reeling. He was 85 years old and in great pain from compl 6919 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Escape From Quarantine With a Western Movie Almost every second of action in Howard Hawks's 1948 film Red River , one of Hollywood's greatest Westerns, takes place outside. An epic account of a 1,000-mile cattle drive from Texas to Kansas, the movie follows rancher Thomas Dunson (played by John Wayne) and his protégé Matthew Garth (Montgomery clift) as they move their cows north on a perilous march. When their journey comes to an end, Gart 6918 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How we can navigate the coronavirus pandemic with courage and hope | Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks offers thoughts on how we can navigate the coronavirus pandemic with courage, hope and empathy. With wisdom and clarity, he speaks on leadership, fear, death, hope and how we could use this moment to build a more just world. Watch for a special, impromptu prayer about halfway through the conversation. (This virtual conversation is part of the TED connects series, hosted b 6917 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How to create meaningful connections while apart | Priya Parker Author Priya Parker shares tools for creating meaningful connections with friends, family and coworkers during the coronavirus pandemic — and shows how we can take advantage of gatherings that are unique to this moment of social distancing. "We don't necessarily need to gather more," she says. "We need to gather better." (This virtual conversation is part of the TED connects series, hosted by hea 6916 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Forget Zoom—children are using Facebook Messenger Kids to deal with coronavirus isolation Kids are getting a crash course on texting and social media with "technology on training wheels." 6915 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Gig workers are set to strike today demanding better protection from coronavirus Home delivery services are experiencing unprecedented growth in demand as people stay home. 6914 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Radio corona: managing remote work in the era of covid-19 [no content] 6913 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Världen reagerar på coronakrisen Från dansande poliser som visar vikten av att tvätta händerna, till bröllopsceremonier utan gäster. Så har världen reagerat på coronapandemin. 6912 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Tegnell: Mer testning skulle skydda äldre bättre Om många fler svenskar testades för covid-19 skulle det skydda de äldre ännu bättre, anser statsepidemiolog Anders Tegnell på Folkhälsomyndigheten. Förra veckan testades 10 000 personer för coronaviruset, detta borde helst tredubblas anser Tegnell. 6911 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cooped Up at Home? Help Scientists Spot Penguins from Space or Seek Out Galaxies Some citizen science projects can be done during quarantine — Read more on 6910 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. What Scientists Know About Immunity to the Novel coronavirus So far, the answer seems to be yes. But experts still aren't sure how long that protection lasts 6909 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Social Media Posts and Online Searches Hold Vital clues about Pandemic Spread Such data offer valuable information and could help track the novel coronavirus—but they risk errors and raise privacy concerns — Read more on 6908 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Study helps to identify medications which are safe to use in treatment of cOVID-19 A recent study has found that there is no evidence for or against the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen for patients with cOVID-19. 6907 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Experimental AI tool predicts which cOVID-19 patients develop respiratory disease An artificial intelligence tool accurately predicted which patients newly infected with the cOVID-19 virus would go on to develop severe respiratory disease, a new study found. 6906 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Hopes for pandemic respite this spring may depend upon what happens indoors How much spring and summer affect the cOVID-19 pandemic may depend not only on the effectiveness of social distancing measures, but also on the environment inside our buildings, according to a new review on how respiratory viruses are transmitted. 6905 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane? Fair or not, airplanes have a reputation for germs. However, there are ways to minimize the risks. This research is especially used for air travel where there is an increased risk for contagious infection or disease, such as the recent worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, which causes cOVID-19 disease. 6904 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane? Fair or not, airplanes have a reputation for germs. However, there are ways to minimize the risks. This research is especially used for air travel where there is an increased risk for contagious infection or disease, such as the recent worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, which causes cOVID-19 disease. 6903 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How we perceive close relationships with others determines our willingness to share food Researchers said a better understanding of the links between attachment and food could potentially help inform efforts to extend help to people during the current coronavirus pandemic — particularly among people with high attachment avoidance. 6902 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 found in sputum and feces samples after pharyngeal specimens no longer positive clinicians found that some patients had positive real-time fluorescence polymerase chain reaction (RT-PcR) test results for SARS-coV-2 in the sputum or feces after the pharyngeal swabs became negative. 6901 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Lessons from the Spanish flu: Early restrictions lowered disease, mortality rates A review of published data and analysis on the Spanish flu, found that cities that adopted early and broad isolation and prevention measures had disease and mortality rates that were 30% to 50% lower than other cities. 6900 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. What are you looking at? 'Virtual' communication in the age of social distancing When discussions occur face-to-face, people know where their conversational partner is looking and vice versa. With "virtual" communication due to cOVID-19 and the expansive use of mobile and video devices, now more than ever, it's important to understand how these technologies impact communication. Where do people focus their attention? The eyes, mouth, the whole face? And how do they encode co 6899 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 infection prevention and control in long-term care facilities Scientists have recently released guidance for prevention and management of cOVID-19 among elderly in long term care facilities. The article outlines the objective of WHO interim guidance on Infection Prevention and control (IPc) in Long-Term care Facilities (LTcF) in the context of cOVID-19 which is to prevent cOVID-19-virus from entering the facility, spreading within the facility, and spreading 6898 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Inside the flying military hospital that's treating cOVID-19 patients A March 27 flight on the Phénix aircraft equipped with the Morphée. (French Armed Forces Ministry/chief of Staff/) Follow all of PopSci's cOVID-19 coverage here , including travel advice , pregnancy concerns , and the latest findings on the virus itself . France recently used its military airborne hospital for the first time to take civilian patients, critically ill with cOVID-19 , from overstret 6897 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Scientists are experimenting with three kinds of cOVID-19 vaccines Injected vaccines can work in many different ways. Some might edit your DNA; some might use a harmless vaccine as cover. (Igor Vetushko/Deposit Photos/) Jean Peccoud is a professor and Abell chair in synthetic biology at colorado State University. This story originally featured on The conversation . The coronavirus has ground social, economic and educational exchanges to a halt around the world. 6896 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. A panic attack can mimic the symptoms of cOVID-19. Here's what to do about it. Sometimes disengaging is the right thing to do. (Pexels/) Sweating, shortness of breath, a sense of impending doom: The symptoms of a panic attack are never particularly pleasant. But in the age of the cOVID-19 pandemic they can be downright disconcerting—especially for people experiencing them for the first time. Here is what to do if you think you might be having a panic attack, and how to deal 6895 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 has cut air pollution in some countries—but will this blip make a difference? A new animation showing the variation of nitrogen dioxide emissions over #china (Dec-March) – thanks to @copernicusEU #Sentinel5P data. Sentinel-5P currently provides the most accurate measurements of NO2 and other trace gases from space. ℹ️ — ESA EarthObservation (@ESA_EO) March 19, 2020 6894 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus Live Updates: U.S. Deaths could Exceed 200,000; Social curbs Extended Americans were advised to avoid nonessential travel and gatherings of more than 10 people until at least April 30. Deaths nationwide approached 2,500, with more than 1,000 in New York. Spain asked the nation to go into "hibernation" as the death toll climbs. 6893 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus Live Updates: 200,000 Americans could Die, Warn Top Health Officials President Trump extended social distancing guidelines to April 30 as cases in the U.S. topped 140,000. The doctors advising him said without any restrictions on movement that more than 1 million Americans could die. 6892 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Live coronavirus News and Updates Maryland and Virginia issued statewide stay-at-home orders, and the F.D.A. approved two malaria drugs to treat coronavirus patients. Macy's said it would furlough most of its 125,000 workers. 6891 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus and Sex: Questions and Answers Some of us are mating in actual captivity. Some of us not at all. The pandemic raises lots of issues around safe intimate physical contact, and what it may look like in the future. 6890 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Restrictions Are Slowing coronavirus Infections, New Data Suggest A database of daily fever readings shows that the numbers declined as people disappeared indoors. 6889 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Vodka From Thin Air: An Unusual climate Prize Hits a coronavirus Snag Inventors were about to test their ideas for making money by selling things made out of carbon dioxide, the main culprit in global warming. Then the pandemic struck. 6888 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Inside G.M.'s Race to Build Ventilators, Before Trump's Attack The automaker and its partner, Ventec, had spent more than a week figuring out how to make thousands of the lifesaving devices when the White House said G.M. was "wasting time." 6887 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Live coronavirus News coverage and Updates The global count has passed 700,000, an official warns Britain that some kind of lockdown may last for months and Joe Biden urges mail-in elections. 6886 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. china created a Fail-Safe System to Track contagions. It Failed. After SARS, chinese health officials built an infectious disease reporting system to evade political meddling. But when the coronavirus emerged, so did fears of upsetting Beijing. 6885 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Some Insurers Waive Patients' Share Of costs For cOVID-19 Treatment Aetna, cigna and Humana now say they will waive most treatment costs associated with cOVID-19 that would normally be picked up by patients enrolled in their health plans. Will other firms follow suit? (Image credit: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images) 6884 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. FDA OK's Addition To Stockpile Of Malaria Drugs For cOVID-19 chloroquine and hydroxycloroquine got the Food and Drug Administration's go-ahead to be put in the nation's strategic storehouses. But the drugs haven't been approved to treat coronavirus patients. (Image credit: Photo Illustration by John Phillips/Getty Images) 6883 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. WHO Official Defends Guidance: 'We're Not Seeing' Airborne Transmission Dr. Hanan Balkhy of the World Health Organization says the evidence so far is that the coronavirus doesn't seem to linger in the air. Some virus transmission experts have criticized this guidance. (Image credit: Fabrice coffrini/AFP via Getty Images) 6882 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus Updates: Social Distancing Guidelines Extended, Washington State News NPR science, national and White House correspondents relay the latest updates in the United States response to the coronavirus epidemic. 6881 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. World Health Organization Antimicrobial Expert Explains Transmission Of coronavirus NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Dr. Hanan Balkhy, assistant director-general for antimicrobial resistance at the World Health Organization, about the transmissibility of the coronavirus. 6880 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cDc Director Redfield Speaks On U.S. Readiness And Latest Guidance For coronavirus Dr. Robert Redfield, head of the U.S. centers for Disease control and Prevention, recently spoke with Sam Whitehead of member station WABE. Whitehead speaks with NPR's Ailsa chang. 6879 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. With Strict Social Distancing, U.S. cOVID-19 Deaths May Total 100,000 Which cities and states are days away from facing a spike in cOVID-19 cases? Which others are simmering hotspots that will take 2 to 3 weeks to flare? We examine the U.S. map for red flags in data. 6878 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. There are constructive steps we can all take to fight the coronavirus The new coronavirus is upending our lives, but simple actions can slow its spread, help our neighbours, foster a sense of togetherness and rejuvenate our immune systems 6877 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Greta: We must fight the climate crisis and pandemic simultaneously In an exclusive interview, climate activist Greta Thunberg has told New Scientist that the coronavirus pandemic shows we can act quickly in an emergency 6876 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus latest: Interventions 'saved 59,000 lives' in 11 countries The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic 6875 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Structure of the SARS-coV-2 spike receptor-binding domain bound to the AcE2 receptor Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2180-5 6874 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Structural basis of receptor recognition by SARS-coV-2 Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2179-y 6873 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How to defend a PhD remotely Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00971-z Alyssa Frederick defended her thesis remotely before the coronavirus outbreak began. Here's how. 6872 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cull, release or bring them home: coronavirus crisis forces hard decisions for labs with animals Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00964-y As universities scale back operations and scientists observe stay-at-home orders, many are struggling to protect their research and the animals that power it. 6871 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. climate vs coronavirus: Why massive stimulus plans could represent missed opportunities Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00941-5 Economic bailouts could bolster green growth — or delay action and boost emissions. 6870 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. 'We need to be alert': Scientists fear second coronavirus wave as china's lockdowns ease Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00938-0 Other countries on lockdown will be watching for a resurgence of infections in Hubei province now that travel restrictions are lifting. 6869 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Suppressing early information on cOVID-19 and other health scares can aid misinformation Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00920-w Governments need to think twice before they suppress messages related to cOVID-19. 6868 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. We practised for a pandemic, but didn't brace Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00919-3 Unheeded lessons from simulations of health and other disasters could still assist recovery. 6867 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. 4 tips to protect your sleep in the cOVID-19 pandemic With the disruption of the cOVID-19 pandemic, it's important to get quality sleep, researchers warn. The cOVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people throughout the world. Many people are unable to go to work, some have seen their hours cut, and some have had their job prospects changed. Almost everyone has had their normal routine is upset in one way or another by cOVID-19, and their sleepi 6866 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. What pregnant people should know about cOVID-19 As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, pregnant women report concerns about how cOVID-19 could affect them and their unborn babies. "Most people who acquire cOVID-19 will recover fully with minimal risk. This is true for pregnant women as well." Here, Justin Brandt, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the division of maternal-fetal medicine at Rutgers University Robert W 6865 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How to keep your pets happy while social distancing Spending more time at home during cOVID-19 social distancing can disrupt your pets' lives, but there are things you can do to make things easier on them. Humans aren't the only species that finds routine comforting—our pets benefit from it as well. So making the transition to working from home can affect the entire family, pets included. Margaret Gruen, assistant professor of behavioral medicine 6864 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. There's lots to discover about coronavirus transmission Two environmental engineers describe potential transmission pathways of cOVID-19 and their implications, including the need for more quantitative virus research. Much remains unknown about how SARS-coV-2 , the virus that causes cOVID-19 , spreads through the environment. A major reason for this is that the behaviors and traits of viruses are highly variable—some spread more easily through water, 6863 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 ethics: Who gets a ventilator? A new framework can help hospitals ethically allocate scarce critical care resources like ventilators and IcU beds during the cOVID-19 pandemic, researchers report. As cOVID-19 spreads in the United States , some physicians and hospitals are confronting a difficult and unprecedented situation — the need to choose which patients should receive the limited supply of critical care resources when not 6862 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Tool predicts who'll get seriously sick from cOVID-19 An artificial intelligence tool can accurately predict which patients newly infected with the cOVID-19 virus go on to develop severe respiratory disease, a new study shows. Named SARS-coV-2, the new virus causes the disease called coronavirus disease 2019 or cOVID-19. As of March 30, the virus had infected 735,560 patients worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, the illness has cau 6861 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How to best protect older adults from cOVID-19 While health experts in Australia work to prevent the spread of cOVID-19, protecting older adults come with extra health considerations, new research shows. Here, Professor Andrea Maier and Rebecca Madill, both of the University of Melbourne, explain how cOVID-19 affects older adults—and what we can all do to protect them. cOVID-19 is a new virus, causing respiratory illness with flu-like symptom 6860 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Team builds ventilators from $300 worth of parts Just $300 worth of parts can come together to create a kind of ventilator, report researchers. They have developed an automated bag valve mask ventilation unit to help patients in treatment for cOVID-19. The collaboration expects to share the plans for the ventilator by making them freely available online to anyone in the world. "This is as simple as it can get, with all readily available parts." 6859 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Team creates their own coronavirus test to fill gaps A team has created their own coronavirus test to address shortages in testing capacity. Scrolling Twitter late at night on March 12, Boston University's George Murphy noticed a desperate tweet coming from the feed of his friend and fellow researcher, Lea Starita of the University of Washington. She was asking for lab-savvy volunteers to help process coronavirus tests that had been jury-rigged by 6858 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Introverts aren't actually better at social distancing Despite internet memes suggesting that social distancing is an introvert's paradise, it's really not that simple, a psychologist argues. While it's true that introverts may be more accustomed to—and comfortable with—spending time alone, both introverts and extroverts need human interaction for their health and well-being, says Matthias Mehl, a professor and director of the Naturalistic Observatio 6857 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus trajectory tracker explained The FT's John Burn-Murdoch explains the FT's must-see daily graphs, which show the spread of the virus 6856 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Ministers under fire over number of UK coronavirus tests concern among frontline NHS staff about disconnect between rhetoric and reality on viral checks and protective clothing 6855 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. UK economic sentiment deteriorates even before lockdown Economists expect April decline to be much more severe 6854 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Australia tightens investment rules on foreign takeovers canberra warns that companies hit by coronavirus could be targets of 'predatory behaviour' 6853 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Poland opposition leader calls on voters to boycott election Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska suspends her campaign amid rising fears of virus spread 6852 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. European economic sentiment tumbles in early March Worst fall on record for business confidence even before virus lockdowns enforced 6851 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Denmark sets out path to lifting coronavirus restrictions Prime minister plans easing of emergency measures after Easter 6850 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Austria makes masks compulsory as protection debate shifts Move by Vienna as Europe's governments look at ways to contain covid-19 spread 6849 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The mystery of the true coronavirus death rate Without comprehensive testing and more precision over the cause of fatalities global comparisons should be treated with caution 6848 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Investors must think faster to catch up with anarchic government Shareholders should show flexibility; EY quits as auditor for Finablr 6847 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. This is the time to waive sanctions on Venezuela The need for an effective fight against coronavirus trumps other considerations 6846 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Does coronavirus herald capital controls? Policymakers in emerging markets may have no choice but to restrict capital movement 6845 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Dominic cummings develops coronavirus symptoms Prime minister's adviser is the latest government figure to go into self-isolation 6844 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. South Africa's rand hits record low after debt downgrade coronavirus inflicts further damage on country already hit by poor economic growth 6843 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. UK to spend up to £75m chartering flights for stranded Britons Aircraft to repatriate 'tens of thousands' affected by coronavirus lockdowns 6842 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. UK accountancy and law firms prepare to withhold partner payouts Firms consider measures to conserve cash as client fees drop off during crisis 6841 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. European banks/UBS: servants of the state The real reason lenders should not splash the cash right now is that it looks bad 6840 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Yum Brands raises $600m in first junk bond issue in weeks Owner of KFc takes advantage of credit market thaw to seek cash to ride out downturn 6839 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. US retailers teeter on the brink as 630,000 outlets close Macy's warns staff of about 125,000 of furloughs as stimulus fails to stave off sector woes 6838 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. china's effort to end coronavirus lockdown meets local opposition Provincial authorities defy instructions to lift restrictions as distrust deepens 6837 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. J&J and Abbott flag potential vaccine and rapid test US healthcare groups bring hope in race to fight coronavirus pandemic 6836 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. UK steps up efforts to supply tens of thousands of ventilators Engineering group Smiths collaborates with other manufacturers to make 10,000 machines for coronavirus patients 6835 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. creative industries left out of self-employed support Professionals using limited company structures will not qualify for coronavirus rescue package 6834 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust to fund covid-19 drug trials Accelerator fund will test whether existing drugs such as chloroquine can treat coronavirus 6833 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Brussels seeks to unlock a corona-fighting budget Officials look to repurpose stalled plans for next seven years of EU funding 6832 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Medical gloves/Malaysia: the next shortage coronavirus illustrates the risk of concentrating production of vital supplies geographically 6831 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Even covid-19 cannot damp partisanship As the human and economic damage mounts, old political divides are likely to re-emerge 6830 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus latest: Macy's to furlough most of its 125,000 employees [no content] 6829 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Jeff Bezos's rocket company gets virus lockdown exemption Blue Origin to continue operations after being deemed 'essential' by the US government 6828 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Fashion houses get creative in the fight against covid-19 An 'emergency designer network' is using its skills — and production facilities — to make medical masks 6827 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Orban handed power to rule by decree in Hungary Parliament extends coronavirus state of emergency and gives government extraordinary powers 6826 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Bus companies to be promised coronavirus bailout this week UK operators seek aid after passenger numbers fall by almost 80% 6825 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Mexico struggles to keep economy alive as coronavirus measures bite High poverty levels prompt calls for food coupons and state loans for small business 6824 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Manchester United just as vulnerable in virus shutdown Extended season and pandemic fallout likely to hurt revenues across football 6823 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Regional airports fear for the future as covid-19 grounds flights Industry groups say lack of support from government undermines commitment to 'connectivity' 6822 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The ventilator challenge, stimulus questions Manufacturers face hurdles as demand for ventilators grows 6821 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. US stocks open higher to set positive tone at start of trading week Traders remain cautious with crude tumbling and Treasuries continuing to rise 6820 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Indian coronavirus lockdown triggers exodus to rural areas Migrant workers head home in battle to survive after losing jobs 6819 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus ends decade-long spree for ETFs Exchange traded funds have had a good run. can they survive a more volatile environment? 6818 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Top German ventilator company warns on global supply crunch Drägerwerk cEO says situation especially worrying in the US 6817 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Meituan Dianping warns of coronavirus hit Food delivery group faces 'significant challenges' as it posts first-ever annual profit 6816 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Scientists seek reason why covid-19 has less impact on children In Sars also, the young were susceptible to infection but their illnesses were milder 6815 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Europe's fishermen adrift as coronavirus puts market on the rocks Industry suffers as restaurant closures across the globe knock appetite for lobster 6814 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Trump extends social distancing in US until April 30 Top health official warns of up to 200,000 American deaths from coronavirus 6813 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus latest: Loose lockdown imposed on US capital [no content] 6812 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Staying home is a luxury many Indians cannot afford Narendra Modi failed to say how millions of employees — mainly rural migrants — were to get by 6811 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Swedish cEOs worry cure will be worse than medicine Scania and SEB bosses stress that coronavirus response must not inadvertently harm economy 6810 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. 'Pasta and beans' – Italy's shadow workers are out of the safety net The country's vast informal economy is the other casualty of the coronavirus lockdowns 6809 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Big names and hackers unite in the drive for ventilators Efforts to produce the machines that help coronavirus patients to breathe are reminiscent of a wartime economic push 6808 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. US companies seek clarity on $454bn lending fund corporate America is desperate for coronavirus relief but worries about conditions 6807 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. covid-19 is accelerating the shift from transport to teleport We are fast moving to a world where more economic activity takes place in digital form 6806 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The ultimate test of whether leaders can do the right thing In years to come, businesses will be asked what action they took during the coronavirus pandemic 6805 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. India coronavirus shutdown hits outsourcing groups companies are racing to maintain services for global clients 6804 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Nytt verktyg undersöker olika vägar coronapandemin kan ta Ett simuleringsramverk för coronaviruset ska kunna hjälpa beslutsfattare att utvärdera möjliga åtgärder och deras kombinerade effekter i en simulerad kontrollerad värld. Umeå universitet leder ett team av forskare från hela Europa som utvecklar ramverket. – Ingen kan förutsäga framtiden men med vårt ASSOcc-verktyg kan man på ett noggrant sätt utforska ett brett spektrum av möjliga scenarier, få e 6803 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. En utmaning att ställa om till distansarbete Till följd av spridningen av coronaviruset uppmanas svenskarna att arbeta hemifrån i den utsträckning det är möjligt. Det är en plötslig omställning för många. Viktigt att tänka på är att skaffa sig en bra, ergonomisk arbetsmiljö i hemmet och att försöka hålla arbetstiderna. – De som är vana vid distansarbete har ofta fungerande rutiner kring att jobba hemma och har kanske till och med sökt sig t 6802 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Astrophysicist Tries to Build coronavirus Wearable, Ends Up With Magnets Lodged in Nose Being a smart person does not preclude making foolish mistakes. case in point: Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Reardon decided to tinker with a magnetic system that would warn people not to touch their faces. A noble idea, yes, but what followed was a comedy of errors that ended with Reardon in the hospital with four magnets stuck in his nose . As 6801 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. covid-19 'Arsenal of Health': Automakers Are Building Ventilators, Masks Ford's Dave Jacek, 3D printing technica worker, with a prototype of a 3D-printed medical face shield done at Ford's Advanced Manufacturing center. (Photo: Ford) Eighty years ago, automakers called themselves the "Arsenal of Democracy" as they built bombers, tanks, and heavy trucks for World War II. Now as Ford, GM and other carmakers in the US ramp up to manufacture ventilators and even masks, th 6800 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Empowering rural doctors to treat advanced heart failure improves patient outcomes Travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of cOVID-19 are making it more difficult for some heart failure patients who have artificial heart pumps to participate in follow-up care at implantation centers far from their homes. But a new study suggests there may be a viable alternative. According to University of Utah Health researchers, local doctors in rural areas who receive specialized trai 6799 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane? New 'cALM' model on passenger movement developed using Frontera supercomputer. 6798 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. HSc professor on team using stem cells to combat cOVID-19 pneumonia Dr. Jin said early findings are promising, and their international effort to test this treatment continues as a long-term study with more patients in china. 6797 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How we perceive close relationships with others determines our willingness to share food Researchers said a better understanding of the links between attachment and food could potentially help inform efforts to extend help to people during the current coronavirus pandemic — particularly among people with high attachment avoidance. 6796 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Lancet Infectious Diseases: comprehensive cOVID-19 hospitalisation and death rate estimates help countries best prepare as global pandemic unfolds Nearly one in five over-80s infected with cOVID-19 are likely to require hospitalisation, compared with around 1% of people under 30, according to an analysis of 3,665 cases in mainland china, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal 6795 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Nafamostat is expected to prevent the transmission of new coronavirus infection (cOVID-19) Nafamostat mesylate (brand name: Fusan), which is the drug used to treat acute pancreatitis, may effectively block the requisite viral entry process the new coronavirus (SARS-coV-2) uses to spread and cause disease (cOVID-19). The University of Tokyo announced these new findings on March 18, 2020. 6794 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Experimental AI tool predicts which cOVID-19 patients develop respiratory disease An artificial intelligence tool accurately predicted which patients newly infected with the cOVID-19 virus would go on to develop severe respiratory disease, a new study found. 6793 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Study helps to identify medications which are safe to use in treatment of cOVID-19 A recent study has found that there is no evidence for or against the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen for patients with cOVID-19. 6792 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Investigating SARS-coV-2 transmission in public bath center in china This case series reports a cluster-spreading event in Huai'an (about 435 miles northeast of Wuhan) in Jiangsu Province, china, where a patient with SARS-coV-2 may have transmitted the virus to eight other healthy individuals through bathing in a public bath center. 6791 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Phage capsid against influenza: Perfectly fitting inhibitor prevents viral infection Hope of new therapeutic options for suppressing seasonal influenza and avian flu: On the basis of an empty — and therefore non-infectious — shell of a phage virus, researchers from Berlin have developed a chemically modified phage capsid that "stifles" influenza viruses. The results are also being used for the immediate investigation of the coronavirus. 6790 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. What are you looking at? 'Virtual' communication in the age of social distancing When discussions occur face-to-face, people know where their conversational partner is looking and vice versa. With "virtual" communication due to cOVID-19 and the expansive use of mobile and video devices, now more than ever, it's important to understand how these technologies impact communication. Where do people focus their attention? The eyes, mouth, the whole face? And how do they encode conv 6789 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Evidence suggests that AcE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers may improve prognosis in cOVID-19 hypertensive patients Physicians, healthcare professionals, researchers, and patients are actively debating the potential influence of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (AcEIs) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) in patients during the cOVID-19 outbreak. In a new review published in Mayo clinic Proceedings, a group of scientists who have been working on the frontlines fighting the deadly virus in Spain, Ita 6788 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Wastewater test could provide early warning of cOVID-19 Researchers at cranfield University are working on a new test to detect SARS-coV-2 in the wastewater of communities infected with the virus. The wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) approach could provide an e?ective and rapid way to predict the potential spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia (cOVID-19) by picking up on biomarkers in faeces and urine from disease carriers that enter the sewer syste 6787 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Increases in self-reported mental health issues, service use in Ontario The number of people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders in Ontario remained stable between 2002 and 2014, but the number of people self-reporting mental health issues and using mental health services has increased, according to a study in cMAJ (canadian Medical Association Journal). 6786 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. New Yorkers think feds not doing enough for the city and state A majority (56%) of New York city residents did not think the assistance provided by the federal government for NYc and the state as a whole is sufficient to manage the current coronavirus crisis. Only 22% thought assistance was sufficient, with the remaining 23% unsure. The findings are part of the third week of data from a city and statewide cUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy 6785 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The value of diagnostic testing for SARS-coV-2: When, whom, what and how often to test? New research published in mBio, an open-access journal of the American Society for Microbiology, addresses the potential uses of two main types of tests SARS-coV-2, nucleic acid amplification tests for viral RNA and antibody detection tests. 6784 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Journal of the American Geriatrics society highlights 'ABcDs' of cOVID-19 for older adults The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS) this week rushed to publication a special article describing critical points for combatting the coronavirus disease (cOVID-19) pandemic for older adults and those in long-term care. 6783 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. critical care surgery team develops blueprint for essential operations during cOVID-19 To help guide hospital surgery departments through this crisis, the acute surgery division at Atrium Health's carolinas Medical center in charlotte, N.c., has developed a tiered plan for marshaling limited resources. 6782 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Ticagrelor alone, without aspirin, shows benefit in patients with diabetes Patients with diabetes who stopped taking aspirin three months after the insertion of a coronary stent and then took the anti-platelet medication ticagrelor alone for a year had fewer episodes of bleeding and no increase in heart attacks, stroke or other adverse events caused by blockages in the arteries, compared with patients who took both aspirin and ticagrelor for a year. The research was pres 6781 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Genetic testing for antiplatelet therapy post-PcI misses cut in cardiovascular events An international clinical trial that used genetic testing to guide which antiplatelet medication was given to patients following percutaneous coronary intervention (PcI) did not meet its stated goal for cutting in half the incidence of serious adverse cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, in the year following the procedure, according to study results presented at the American co 6780 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. 10-year data show cardiac stenting equal to cABG in preventing events In a study with the longest follow-up to date of patients with a high-risk form of heart disease known as left main coronary artery disease (LMcAD), researchers found no significant differences in rates of death, heart attack or stroke between patients who were treated with a stent and those who underwent heart bypass surgery. The research was presented at the American college of cardiology's Annu 6779 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Sådan bekæmper kroppen et nyt virus Immunsystemet forsvarer dig mod coronavirus, men med alderen bliver kroppens kampform dårligere. 6778 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. could We Be Living With cOVID-19 Forever? There are four coronaviruses already endemic in the human population. cOVID-19 could become the fifth. 6777 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Virus-fighting' scientist gets magnets stuck in nose The astrophysicist was trying to create a necklace which would stop people touching their faces. 6776 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. coronavirus: What we still don't know about covid-19 There are many unanswered questions about the new coronavirus, covid-19. 6775 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Our Networks Are More Vital Than Ever. The Fcc Owes Us Updates. With so many Americans working and studying from home, there is concern that parts of it could break under the strain. The Federal communications commission (Fcc) owes us a weekly broadband status report, updating America on what is working about our broadband networks and what, if anything, is not. 6774 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Experts Race to Set Rules For Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies It has happened in Italy. It has happened in Spain. Now, as covid-19 spreads and shortages loom in the U.S. and elsewhere, more health providers may face their own consequential decisions over which patients should get life-saving treatment and which should not. Ethicists are now racing to provide guidance. 6773 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin versus cOVID-19: Grift, conspiracy theories, and another bad study by Didier Raoult On Friday, Prof. Didier Raoult posted another study of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine used against cOVID-19. It is a single arm observational study of patients with mostly mild (or even asymptomatic) disease that is painfully uninformative with respect to the question of this treatment's effectiveness. That didn't stop America's Quack Dr. Oz and other grifters from touting Raoult's study, as 6772 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane? Fair or not, airplanes have a reputation for germs. However, there are ways to minimize the risks. 6771 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. How at risk are you of getting a virus on an airplane? Fair or not, airplanes have a reputation for germs. However, there are ways to minimize the risks. 6770 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Survey of U.S academic libraries documents cOVID-19 pandemic responses When universities began closing their campuses and going to online classes in response to the cOVID-19 pandemic, academic librarians were faced with questions about how those decisions would affect libraries and whether to close their doors or restrict access. 6769 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. School shutdowns raise stakes of digital divide for students Students struggling to get online in a rural South carolina county received a boost last week with the arrival of six buses equipped with Wi-Fi, some of the hundreds the state has rolled out since schools were closed by the coronavirus outbreak. 6768 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Poor people experience greater financial hardship in areas where income inequality is greatest While some are relying on friends and neighbors to help them get groceries, the poor may need to put themselves at risk for cOVID-19 by venturing out on public transportation to get supplies. Depending on where they live, they may trust no one else to help out. 6767 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Pandemic bonds: The financial cure we need for cOVID-19? countries around the world are taking unprecedented action to stem financial collapse due to cOVID-19. Governments are acting as insurers of last resort, providing liquidity to both individuals and corporations in dire straits. 6766 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Opinion: Lessons of the epidemic for small government The coronavirus emergency is a brutal reminder that we pay a price for deregulating society in pursuit of profit. 6765 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Nature takes back world's empty city streets As humans retreat into their homes as more and more countries go under coronavirus lockdown, wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of our biggest cities. 6764 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Nature takes back world's empty city streets As humans retreat into their homes as more and more countries go under coronavirus lockdown, wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of our biggest cities. 6763 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Working from home? count your virtual blessings If you are one of the thousands of lucky workers who have been able to make the transition to working from home, amid the ever-tightening social distancing restrictions brought about by the cOVID-19 pandemic, there are blessing to be counted. You still have a job. 6762 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Hoarding 'cycle of hysteria' putting unnecessary strain on supply chain Empty shelves of basics like toilet paper, pasta, canned goods and meats are making grocery shopping a frustrating experience these days, but cart-stuffing shoppers have only themselves to blame, says a University of Alberta food economist. 6761 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The desire for information: Blissful ignorance or painful truth? We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. And in this era of sheltering-in-place around the nation and the globe, the desire for news may be higher than ever—at least for some people. But do we really want all this information, all the time? Some may indeed prefer to think happier thoughts and maintain an (overly) optimistic outlook about the health threat we face. On the other han 6760 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 bears out the research: Music brings people together (socially and virtually) In the early days of the pandemic reaching Europe, the world watched as Italians emerged onto their balconies to sing the national anthem together, with the occasional performance by an opera star. But the effect is certainly not confined Italians: cOVID-19 has created an international musical reaction, a 'striking' response, which bears out scholarship on the beneficial impact of music making, ac 6759 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Are animals vulnerable to cOVID-19? While there's no evidence so far that pets, livestock, or their owners can infect each other with cOVID-19, there is also very little research about a potential crossover. 6758 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Strategipapir: Tyskland overvejer radikalt anderledes covid-19 strategi end Danmark PLUS. Mens Statens Serum Institut herhjemme taler om uundgåelig bred smitte, vil Tyskland aktivt nedkæmpe corona efter sydkoreansk forbillede. 6757 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Regioner er langt fra mål om 5.000 tests om dagen PLUS. Antallet af testede var omkring 1.000 om dagen i weekenden. Dem, der er relevante at teste, bliver testet, lyder det fra regionerne. 6756 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Ny nødrespirator er lettere at producere og betjene Om en uge står Aalborg Universitet klar med en nødrespirator. 10 coronarelaterede forskningsprojekter har modtaget ialt 50,3 millioner kroner fra regeringen. 6755 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Forsvaret flyver med smitte-sikker kuvøse Region og forsvaret går sammen om sikker transport i en smittetid. 6754 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Følg coronakrisen med teknologisk perspektiv Følg corona med analyser og perspektiv. 6753 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Derfor går Danmark efter den 'langsomme' antistoftest PLUS. Storbritannien har investeret i hurtige priktest, der kan afgøre, om man har været smittet. Danmark vælger en mere langsigtet strategi, fortæller forsker. 6752 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Russia Quarantines Nuclear Sub crew After coronavirus Exposure Underwater Quarantine The crew of a nuclear missile-equipped submarine belonging to the Russian Navy is in quarantine over concerns they have been exposed to the coronavirus, according to The Drive . A civilian contractor who came on board as part of a business trip had come into contact with somebody who tested positive for cOVID-19, local news portal B-port reported . In response, Navy official 6751 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Experts Say Putting Multiple Patients on One Ventilator Is Unsafe In the areas hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals are facing a dire ventilator shortage. In Italy, doctors have already had to turn patients away because they didn't have enough ventilators to treat them, and the same could soon happen in the U.S. if hospitals are overwhelmed by coronavirus patients. To make up for the shortage, some resourceful doctors have suggested splitting vent 6750 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Physicist Tries to Build Device to Prevent coronavirus, Gets Magnets Stuck Up Nose Australian astrophysicist Daniel Reardon ended up at the hospital — and it wasn't for a fever or a cough. In fact, his medical conundrum was quite different: he managed to get four small magnets stuck up his nose, according to The Guradian . Basically, the 27-year-old physicist was bored at home and tried to come up with a contraption that stops you from touching your face — a big no-no in the ag 6749 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. "Immunity Passports" could Help Society Get Back to Normal German researchers are suggesting that "immunity passports" could be given out to workers who have already caught the coronavirus — meaning they're now immune — in a bid to get them back to work and help speed up the return to normal society. A mass study being planned by Germany's public health body and a number of research groups and hospitals, The Guardian reports , will involve testing blood 6748 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Experts Say childbirth During the Pandemic can Be Traumatic As the coronavirus pandemic overwhelms hospitals and health workers, expecting and new mothers around the world are facing a number of unexpected challenges. Many who have gone into labor since the pandemic took hold had to give birth with far less support than they anticipated, cNET reports . Midwives and doulas are sometimes cut out of the equation because of disease transmission fears , doctor 6747 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Astronomers call on Quarantined citizens to Hunt for Galaxies citizen Science Your friends have taken up new hobbies like baking or needlepoint while they self-isolate. If you're looking for something that can undeniably one-up them and their endless bread pics, why not join the hunt for new galaxies? The coronavirus pandemic is a prime opportunity for people to get involved in citizen science projects, reports , in which non-scientists can lend t 6746 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Sundhedsstyrelsen til ansatte: Du skal hjælpe, selvom du mangler værnemidler Overlæge i Sundhedsstyrelsen forstår godt, at de ansatte er bekymrede for corona-smitte, men mener ikke, at Danmark er løbet tør for værnemidler i primærsektoren og anbefaler, at sundhedspersonalet nøje følger styrelsen retningslinjer. 6745 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Italiens lægeforening: Vores læger dør af corona – få styr på værnemidlerne I Italien er et tocifret antal læger og tandlæger døde i kampen for at hjælpe andre, og i Danmark mangler primærsektoren allerede værnemidler, fortæller DSAM-formand. Sundhedsstyrelsen mener ikke, at Danmark endnu mangler værnemidler. 6744 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Det er ikke for sent at skifte til en mere kost-effektiv kurs i corona-bekæmpelsen Er det virkelig kun et mindretal i medicinske kredse, som kan se, at Sundhedsstyrelsens og regeringens strategi ikke er den rigtige ud fra en medicinsk cost-benefit analyse, spørger speciallæge Ole Hedeager Momsen. 6743 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID frontline: Ecuador and canada cosmos is collecting personal accounts of how different countries are coping and adapting in these difficult times. Today we hear from two parts of the Americas. 6742 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. cOVID-19 update A regular digest of coronavirus disease science, data, reporting and optimism. 6741 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. To Flatten the cOVID-19 curve, Target the Subconscious Getting people to comply with social distancing policies is basically an exercise in marketing — Read more on 6740 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Must We All Become More creative Due to the Pandemic? It worked for Shakespeare and Isaac Newton during the plague, but let's not put more pressure on ourselves than we already have — Read more on 6739 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. More on chloroquine/Azithromycin. And On Dr. Raoult. Dr. Didier Raoult of Marseilles and his co-workers have published another preprint on clinical results with the chloroquine/azithromycin combination that their earlier work has made famous. And I still don't know what to think of it. This is going to be a long post on the whole issue, so if you don't feel like reading the whole thing, here's the summary: these new results are still not from rando 6738 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. 5 lessons we can all learn from the coronavirus crisis While no one knows the future, implementing lifestyle changes now can prepare you for returning to a post-coronavirus society. Boredom has long been a powerful catalyst for creativity and should not be viewed in the negative. Spending more time in the kitchen, walking, and being more thoughtful online can be practiced right now. Speculating on what a post-coronavirus world looks like seems imposs 6737 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Here's Why Herd Immunity Won't Save Us From The cOVID-19 Pandemic It's a terrible idea. 6736 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. US Will Have 'Millions of cases' of cOVID-19, Says Leading Infectious Disease Expert "Let's just look at the data of what we have." 6735 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The cOVID-19 Virus May Have Been in Humans For Years, Study Suggests Just innocently tagging along. 6734 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Feeling Helpless? You can Actually contribute to coronavirus Research From Home We need this more than ever. 6733 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Here's Why You Don't Need to Freak Out About cats Getting cOVID-19 Despite that report from Belgium. 6732 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. The Superorganism That created the Pandemic – Issue 83: Intelligence I've spent years adventuring in exotic parts of the world seeking out wildlife—weeks in tents in remote wildernesses, nights uncomfortably holed up in hides in rainforests. I've drifted through mangroves on boats, even lodged in a tree-canopy camp. And yet, I know that the best place to find rare and endangered animals is a bushmeat market. The first time I saw a pangolin, it was chopped up on a 6731 ….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>coronavirus ….. Forskare vill ta genväg till vaccin mot corona Medan coronasmittan sprids över världen jobbar ett 50-tal grupper på ett vaccin. På rekordtid har två av vaccinkandidaterna kommit så långt som till försök på människor. Det rör sig om begränsade försök för att undersöka att vaccinet inte har några allvarliga biverkningar.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <>climate Mandatory building energy audits alone do not overcome barriers to energy efficiency A pioneering law may be insufficient to incentivize significant energy use reductions in residential and office buildings, a new study finds.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <><>fake news ….. How social media makes it difficult to identify real news There's a price to pay when you get your news and political information from the same place you find funny memes and cat pictures, new research suggests. The study found that people viewing a blend of news and entertainment on a social media site tended to pay less attention to the source of content they consumed – meaning they could easily mistake satire or fiction for real news.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. (Re)generation next: Novel strategy to develop scaffolds for joint tissue regeneration In Japan, an increase in the aging population has exacerbated the demand for regenerative medicine to address increasingly common diseases, such as knee osteoarthritis. In a new study, scientists from Tokyo University of Science, led by Prof Hidenori Otsuka, have developed a novel biocompatible hydrogel that acts as a structural scaffold for the growth of cartilage-producing cells, showcasing a pr

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. A chemical embrace from the perfect host A molecule with a hollow center proves ideal for separating a common industrial chemical mixture.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. A Martian mash up: Meteorites tell story of Mars' water history Researchers probed Martian meteorites to reconstruct Mars' chaotic history. Their findings suggest that Mars might not have had a global magma ocean.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Air pollution linked to dementia and cardiovascular disease People continuously exposed to air pollution are at increased risk of dementia, especially if they also suffer from cardiovascular diseases, according to a new study. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular diseases who live in polluted environments may require additional support from care providers to prevent dementia, according to the researchers.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Antarctic Fish Is a Blood Doping champion To remain active in frigid environments, the bald notothen drastically adjusts oxygen in its blood — Read more on

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Bennett Foddy's free browser games are the exercise your brain needs Video game designer Bennett Foddy's games hack players' neurology to allow them to embody the subjects on the screen. Foddy plays with perceptions of sensation to explore how gamers come to "become" the digital characters. Research indicates that video games can change how our brains perform and their structural makeup. For instance, enhancing several kinds of focus. A gaming surge has begun . Si

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Decoherence Is a Problem for Quantum computing, But … The interactions with the environment that cause it are what make quantum measurement possible — Read more on

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Ecosystem services are not constrained by borders What do chocolate, migratory birds, flood control and pandas have in common? Many countries benefit from ecosystem services provided outside their nations. This can happen through economic relationships, biological and geographical conditions, but we hardly know how and where these ecosystem service flows occur. Scientists show in a recent study, published in the journal Global Environmental chang

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. FirstFT: Today's top news Your daily briefing on the news

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Heart attack on a chip: Scientists model conditions of ischemia on a microfluidic device Researchers invented a microfluidic chip containing cardiac cells that is capable of mimicking hypoxic conditions following a heart attack – specifically when an artery is blocked in the heart and then unblocked after treatment. The chip can be used to monitor electrophysiological and molecular response of the cells to heart attack conditions in real time.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Hidden messages in protein blueprints Scientists have identified a new control mechanism that enables stem cells to adapt their activity in emergency situations. For this purpose, the stem cells simultaneously modify the blueprints for hundreds of proteins encoded in the gene transcripts. In this way, they control the amount of protein produced and can also control the formation of certain proteinisoforms. If this mechanism is inactiv

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. How animals understand numbers influences their chance of survival While they can't pick out precise numbers, animals can comprehend that more is, well, more. A neurobiologist explored the current literature on how different animal species comprehend numbers and the impact on their survival, arguing that we won't fully understand the influence of numerical competence unless we study it directly.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Modern science reveals ancient secret in Japanese literature Nearly a millennium and a half ago, red light streaked the night sky over Japan. Witnesses compared it to the tail of a pheasant — it appeared as a fan of beautiful red feathers stretched across the sky. Since the event, scientists have studied the witness accounts written in the year 620 A.D. and speculated about what the cosmic phenomenon could have actually been. Now, researchers from The Grad

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Movement toward gender equality has slowed in some areas, stalled in others Women have made progress in earning college degrees as well as in pay and in occupations once largely dominated by men since 1970 — but the pace of gains in many areas linked to professional advancement has slowed in recent decades and stalled in others, finds a new five-decade analysis.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. New maps of Malaysian Borneo reveal worsening carbon losses along forest edges Tropical forests are heavily fragmented as they are cleared for agricultural expansion and logging. Forest fragmentation leads to declines in carbon storage beyond just those trees that are cleared — the remaining forest at the edge of each clearing experiences environmental alterations such as increased sunlight and decreased soil moisture that can impact growing conditions for trees. These 'edg

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. New mechanism underlying organelle communication revealed in brown fat cells A new study reveals an underappreciated interplay between the endoplasmic reticulum and the mitochondria with implications for weight loss and disease.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. New metabolism discovered in bacteria Microbiologists at Goethe University Frankfurt have discovered how the bacterium Acetobacterium woodii uses hydrogen in a kind of cycle to conserve energy. The bacterium lives in an environment without oxygen, and thanks to hydrogen cycling, it can exist independent of other species of bacteria.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. New research sheds light on potentially negative effects of cannabis coughing fits, anxiety and paranoia are three of the most common adverse reactions to cannabis, according to a recent study.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Projecting the outcomes of people's lives with AI isn't so simple The results suggest that sociologists and data scientists should use caution when using predictive modeling, especially in the criminal justice system and social programs.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Research identifies regular climbing behavior in a human ancestor A new study led by the University of Kent has found evidence that human ancestors as recent as two million years ago may have regularly climbed trees.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers discover a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease Pathogenic fungi pose a huge and growing threat to global food security.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Researchers make first direct measurement of the physical force of invading cancer cells International research led by the University of St Andrews reveals the first direct measurement of the force cancer cells can apply when they invade, giving insights that may lead to possible future cancer treatments.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Rheumatic diseases: The cost of survival during the Little Ice Age A study by the Human Evolutionary Biology Group at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque country provides clues about the prevalence of a certain genetic profile in the European population.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Saliva test for cannabis could someday help identify impaired drivers (video) Those who consume alcohol and drive are often subjected to roadside stops, breathalyzer tests and stiff penalties if their blood alcohol content exceeds certain limits. currently, no such test exists for cannabis intoxication, although the substance can impair driving. Now, scientists report a convenient saliva test for cannabis levels that might someday be used at roadside stops. The researchers

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Sturgeon genome sequenced Sometimes referred to as the "the Methuselah of freshwater fish," sturgeons and their close relatives are very old from an evolutionary point of view. Fossils indicate that sturgeons date back 250 million years and have changed very little during this period, at least as far as their external appearance is concerned. So it is not surprising that charles Darwin coined the term "living fossils" for

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Tiny optical cavity could make quantum networks possible Engineers at caltech have shown that atoms in optical cavities—tiny boxes for light—could be foundational to the creation of a quantum internet. Their work was published on March 30 by the journal Nature.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Tiny Wormlike creature May Be Our Oldest Known Ancestor The bilateral organism crawled on the seafloor, taking in organic matter at one end and dumping the remains out the other some 555 million years ago.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Unique structural fluctuations at ice surface promote autoionization of water molecules Hydrated protons at the surface of water ice are of fundamental importance in a variety of physicochemical phenomena on earth and in the universe. Hydrated protons can be introduced by the autoionization of water molecules; thus, the autoionization and subsequent proton transfer processes determine the proton activity inherent to water molecular systems. A recent experimental study on the H/D isot

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Automating highly multiplexed ELISA workflows Download this application note to learn how to run a highly multiplexed ELISA workflow in a completely automated manner with only 5 min of hands-on time

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Extreme, high temperatures may double or triple heart-related deaths In Kuwait, a country known for hot weather, death certificates reveal that on days when the temperatures reached extremes of an average daily temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit, the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease dramatically increased.With unprecedentedly high temperatures, people living in inherently hot regions of the world may be at particularly high risk of heat-related cardi

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Philip W. Anderson, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Is Dead at 96 His work at Princeton and Bell Labs deepened science's understanding of magnetism, superconductivity and the structure of matter.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Predation risk drives the evolution of the placenta An international team of scientists led by assistant professor Bart Pollux from Wageningen University & Research has showed that predators are driving the evolution of more complex placentas. They studied populations of the live-bearing and placental freshwater fish Poeciliopsis retropinna in costa Rica and published their results in the scientific journal Ecology Letters.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Real-Time Protein Dynamics with Live-cell Immunocytochemistry [no content]

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Scientist uses 'mini brains' to model how to prevent development of abnormally small heads A scientist is one step closer to discovering what weakens a pathogen that appears to cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads or microcephaly. Studying 'mini brains,' or brain organoids, this scientist is hoping to get a grasp on how certain unborn babies infected with cytomegalovirus (cMV) develop microcephaly. She thinks she has developed a brain organoid model that can trace the pat

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Structural insights into tetraspanin cD9 function Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15459-7 Tetraspanins play critical roles in various physiological processes, ranging from cell adhesion to virus infection. Here authors report the crystal structure of cD9 and the cryo-electron microscopic structure of cD9 in complex with its single membrane-spanning partner protein, EWI-2.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Studying the mechanism for avian magnetic orientation Ornithologists and physicists from St Petersburg University have conducted an interdisciplinary study together with colleagues from Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Biological Station Rybachy of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They have created a micro device, weighing less than a gram, which enab

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. TAVR shows favorable safety in patients with bicuspid valve Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures had a high rate of success and low risk of death or disabling stroke at 30 days in patients with a bicuspid, or two-leaflet, aortic valve, according to research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Tree rings could pin down Thera volcano eruption date Research led by the University of Arizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research has anchored a long sequence of tree rings, providing context for the civilizations that existed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages, including the eruption of Thera.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. <> ….. Where lions roam: West African big cats show no preference between national parks, hunting zones West African lions are a critically endangered subpopulation, with an estimated 400 remaining and strong evidence of ongoing declines.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. "Frankenfish" Simulations Explore Brain Swapping submitted by /u/120Years [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. 'Black Beauty' meteorite spotlights watery past on Mars Mars likely received water from at least two vastly different sources early in its history, according to new research. The variability the researchers found implies that Mars, unlike Earth and the moon, never had an ocean of magma completely encompassing the planet. Jessica Barnes, an assistant professor of planetary sciences in the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, holds an a

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. 2020 Time capsule #10: Projection At his rally/press conference this evening, March 29, Donald Trump effectively said that doctors and hospitals in New York are selling masks "out the back door," accounting for current shortages. You can see it for yourself here, on this c-SPAN video , starting at time 12:00. Trump notes the shortage of masks and says: Something's going on. And you ought to look at it as reporters. Where are the

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. 3D printing of conducting polymers Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15316-7 conducting polymers are promising materials for diverse applications but the fabrication of conducting polymers mostly relies on conventional fabrication techniques. Here the authors introduce a high performance 3D printable conducting polymer ink to take full advantage of advanced 3D printing.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A 'cardiac patch with bioink' developed to repair heart A joint research team of POSTEcH, The catholic University, and city University of Hong Kong developed an 'in vivo priming' with heart-derived bioink. Using engineered stem cells and 3D bioprinting technology, they began developing medicines for cardiovascular diseases.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A generalization of primitive sets and a conjecture of Erdős A set of integers greater than 1 is primitive if no element divides another. Erd\H{o}s proved in 1935 that the sum of $1/(n \log n)$ for $n$ running over a primitive set $A$ is universally bounded over all choices for $A$. In 1988 he asked if this universal bound is attained by the set of prime numbers. We answer the Erd\H{o}s question in the affirmative for 2-primitive sets. Here a set is 2-primi

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A lipophilic cation protects crops against fungal pathogens by multiple modes of action Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-14949-y New fungicides are needed due to emerging resistance shown by crop pathogens. Here, the authors show that a mono-alkyl lipophilic cation protects plants from fungal pathogens by inhibiting fungal mitochondrial respiration, inducing production of reactive oxygen species, triggering fungal apoptosis, and activati

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A major scorecard gives the health of Australia's environment less than 1 out of 10 2019 was the year Australians confronted the fact that a healthy environment is more than just a pretty waterfall in a national park; a nice extra we can do without. We do not survive without air to breathe, water to drink, soil to grow food and weather we can cope with.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A new tool for controlling reactions in microrobots and microreactors In a new paper, Thomas Russell and postdoctoral fellow Ganhua Xie, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, report that they have used capillary forces to develop a simple method for producing self-assembling hanging droplets of an aqueous polymer solution from the surface of a second aqueous polymer solution in well-ordered arrays. 'These hanging dropl

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. A Revolution in Science Publishing, or Business as Usual? By siloing research behind steep paywalls — including work underwritten with tax dollars — traditional commercial scientific publishing has long been decried as exclusionary and unfair. "Open-access" publishing was one solution, but some argue that it, too, is being corrupted by monied interests.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Ab initio electron-two-phonon scattering in GaAs from next-to-leading order perturbation theory Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15339-0 Electron-phonon scattering plays a decisive role in electron transport and is taken into account in ab initio calculations by leading-order perturbations involving scattering events with one phonon. Here, the authors show that higher-order effects are comparable in magnitude to the leading order in polar semico

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Abnormal left ventricular global strain during exercise-test in young healthy smokers Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62428-7

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Advances in production of retinal cells for treating blindness Researchers at Karolinska Institutet and St Erik Eye Hospital in Sweden have discovered a way to refine the production of retinal cells from embryonic stem cells for treating blindness in the elderly. Using the cRISPR/cas9 gene editing, they have also managed to modify the cells so that they can hide from the immune system to prevent rejection. The studies are published in the scientific journals

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. After 4-year delay, DEA will review dozens of requests to grow marijuana for research New rules would govern companies and organizations seeking to produce cannabis for medical studies

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Air fryers for making healthier fried foods at home Tater tots. Mini quiches. chicken nuggets. (Amazon/) For too long the option for home frying was clunky. You could fill a pot with a gallon of oil, bring it to a very specific temperature, and drop your food in while avoiding splashes using a pot lid for a shield. Now the kitchen gadget powers that be have graced us with air fryers, which have changed the home frying game. Using less oil than dee

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Airbnb: cancel culture Home rentals group has means to survive without listing for another year

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Alcohol consumption by fathers before conception could negatively impact child development–acb033020.php Trouble for alcoholic fathers, hope for alcoholic mothers. Scientists at the University of california, Riverside, have explored the relationship between parental alcohol consumption — before conception in the case of fathers and during pregnancy in the case of mothers — and offspring development.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Alirocumab substantially reduces cholesterol in adult patients with HoFH The cholesterol drug alirocumab reduced low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by 35.6% compared to placebo in adult patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HoFH), according to a phase three clinical trial presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Alkali magmatism on a carbonaceous chondrite planetesimal [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Recent isotopic and paleomagnetic data point to a possible connection between carbonaceous chondrites and differentiated planetary materials, suggesting the existence, perhaps ephemeral, of transitional objects with a layered structure whereby a metal-rich core is enclosed by a silicate mantle, which is itself overlain by a crust containing an outermost layer…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. An Online Library Is Venturing Into Uncharted Legal Waters With public libraries closed, the Internet Archive announced an initiative to offer 1.4 million books for free online—reopening a heated copyright debate.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Ancient engineering of fish capture and storage in southwest Florida [Anthropology] In the 16th century, the calusa, a fisher-gatherer-hunter society, were the most politically complex polity in Florida, and the archaeological site of Mound Key was their capital. Based on historic documents, the ruling elite at Mound Key controlled surplus production and distribution. The question remains exactly how such surplus pooling…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Ancient water reservoirs inside Mars Meteorites tell story of Red Planet's early history.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Antarctica prompts questions that matter The BBc's Justin Rowlatt found a visit to Antarctica made him emotional, and ultimately hopeful.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Antiplatelet drugs increase risk for TAVR patients with atrial fibrillation Patients with atrial fibrillation who took oral anticoagulants alone after undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) had a lower rate of bleeding complications without an increased risk of clotting-related complications compared to patients who took antiplatelet medication in addition to oral anticoagulants, in a trial presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scienti

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Användaren i centrum – ny guide för arkitekter En ny guide ger arkitekter verktyg och metoder för att på ett bättre sätt kunna rita nya hus och stadsdelar baserat på invånarnas behov och önskemål. Tjänstedesignforskare vid Högskolan i Halmstad har tillsammans med arkitektfirman Krook & Tjäder tagit fram en guide för hur arkitekter kan jobba mer användarcentrerat. – Guiden heter Effektkarta i skissprocessen – från tjänstedesign till arkitektur

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. APS tip sheet: Untangling neurons with scattered light New analysis examines light scattering properties in brain tissue to better understand the three-dimensional structure of nerve fibers.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Argonne and cERN weigh in on the origin of heavy elements Nuclear physicists from Argonne National Laboratory led an international physics experiment conducted at cERN that utilizes novel techniques developed at Argonne to study the nature and origin of heavy elements in the universe.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Artificial intelligence can speed up the detection of stroke Human emotion system laboratory team at the University of Turku and Turku PET centre, Finland, introduces a fully automated method for acute ischemic lesion segmentation on brain MRIs and shows how artificial intelligence can reduce the work load of radiologists.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Astronomers Go Hunting for Dark Matter in the Nearby cosmos Scientists around the world have been speculating on dark matter for decades, but we still don't know what the mysterious substance is. It doesn't look like that's changing any time soon, either. A new study from University of Michigan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of california Berkeley evaluated a popular dark matter hypothesis. The team found no evidence that so-ca

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Astronomers Observe Blasting Supermassive Black Hole Jets From The Early Universe 11 billion light-years away!

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Astronomers observe high-redshift quasar PSO J006.1240+39.2219 with Subaru telescope Using the Subaru telescope, astronomers from Taiwan have conducted spectroscopic observations of a high-redshift quasar designated PSO J006.1240+39.2219. Results of these observations, presented in a paper published March 19 on the arXiv pre-print server, provide more insights into the nature of this object.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Author correction: cardiovascular risk algorithms in primary care: Results from the DETEcT study Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-59763-0

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Author correction: Demonstration of container Effects on Recognition Process of Liquids Using a Ring-Resonator Measurement Method Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62683-8

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Author correction: Dendritic cell targeted ccl3- and Xcl1-fusion DNA vaccines differ in induced immune responses and optimal delivery site Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62688-3

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Author correction: Development and performance of prototype serologic and molecular tests for hepatitis delta infection Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62687-4

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Author correction: The epicardium obscures interpretations on endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition in the mouse atrioventricular canal explant assay Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-60109-z

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Autologous transplantation of spermatogonial stem cells restores fertility in congenitally infertile mice [cell Biology] The blood–testis barrier (BTB) is thought to be indispensable for spermatogenesis because it creates a special environment for meiosis and protects haploid cells from the immune system. The BTB divides the seminiferous tubules into the adluminal and basal compartments. Spermatogonial stem cells (SScs) have a unique ability to transmigrate from…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Bank dividend payments should be suspended Balance sheets must be reinforced to help cope with disruption

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Banks in talks with FcA over credit card payment deferrals Regulator urged to allow customers to postpone payments for up to 3 months

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Bariatric surgery before diabetes develops leads to greater weight loss Obese patients may lose more weight if they undergo bariatric surgery before they develop diabetes, suggests a study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. The research will be published in a special supplemental issue of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Benefit seen for ticagrelor alone, without aspirin, in patients with AcS The research was presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Best Kids Tablets (2020): iPad Mini, Fire Tablets, and More In this moment of need, let there be no judgments passed about screen time. Here are the tablets you should get your kids, and why.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Better controlled diabetes is associated with preserved cognitive function after stroke Better glucose control can help people with diabetes who have a common type of stroke to preserve their cognitive function, according to a study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. The abstract will be published in a special supplemental issue of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Big names of UK engineering in push to make 30,000 ventilators Fears remain pursuit of new but unapproved designs alongside existing models may have been wasteful

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Biological 'atlas' shows dual personality for immune cells that cause Type 1 diabetes Scientists at St. Jude children's Research Hospital mapped the epigenetic controls on T cells, which could aid Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and treatment, as well as cancer immunotherapy.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Blood test accurately detects over 50 types of cancer, often before symptoms show Researchers have developed the first blood test that can accurately detect more than 50 types of cancer and identify in which tissue the cancer originated, often before there are any signs of the disease. The test has a false positive rate of less than 1% meaning that less than 1% of people would be wrongly identified as having cancer. It can correctly predict the tissue in which the cancer origin

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Blood test detects wide range of cancers, available to at risk individuals in clinical study In a study involving thousands of participants, a new blood test detected more than 50 types of cancer as well as their location within the body with a high degree of accuracy, according to an international team of researchers led by Dana-Farber cancer Institute.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Boosts in serum EPA levels from prescription fish oil drive heart benefits Higher levels of the omega-3 fatty acid eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) found in the blood–and not a decrease in triglyceride levels as originally thought–appear to explain the striking reductions in cardiovascular events and deaths seen among people taking 4 grams daily of the prescription fish oil, icosapent ethyl, according to findings from a REDUcE-IT substudy presented at the American college o

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Bouncy and durable rubber pavements could save thousands of lives, scientists say A team of researchers supported by an EU initiative is testing pavements made from recycled tyres to prevent injuries from accidents and falls.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Bubbles go with the flow Scientists have developed a new computer simulation model that includes microbubble nucleation to explain the flow slippage of fluids inside pipes. This work may help improve the flow rate of viscous fluids in commercial applications, as in the energy industry.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Building Moon Bases Using Urine This is an interesting idea that will probably not be actually implemented (although not impossible) but does raise some important points. A paper explores the viability of using urea from human urine as an agent in lunar concrete. Why is something like this even being considered? The overwhelmingly dominant factor of building anything on the Moon is that it costs about $10,000 to put one pound o

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Burnout a major and growing issue among nation's cardiologists More than 1 out of 3 heart doctors in the US report feeling burned out, according to results of a new survey presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. carbon declines along tropical forest edges correspond to heterogeneous effects on canopy structure and function [Ecology] Nearly 20% of tropical forests are within 100 m of a nonforest edge, a consequence of rapid deforestation for agriculture. Despite widespread conversion, roughly 1.2 billion ha of tropical forest remain, constituting the largest terrestrial component of the global carbon budget. Effects of deforestation on carbon dynamics in remnant forests,…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. cave art could be link to Australia's first colonisers Scientists uncover faint but important stencils in Timor-Leste.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. changing forests–cf033020.php As the climate is changing, so too are the world's forests. From the misty redwoods in the west to the Blue Ridge forest of Appalachia, many sylvan ecosystems are adapting to drier conditions.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. charge a car Battery in 5 Minutes? That's the Plan Several companies have built lithium-ion batteries that can fully charge in a matter of minutes. Their next goal: getting these into electric vehicles.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. chemicals used to replace BPA may lead to increased blood pressure common bisphenol A (BPA) substitutes can affect the developing fetus and cause hypertension in later life, suggests a rodent study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. The research will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. chest pain, stress tests warrant attention even if arteries are clear Patients who experience chest pain and have abnormal results on a cardiac stress test but who do not have blocked arteries often experience changes in their symptoms and stress test results over time, according to research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. china should stand up to revive global demand Beijing could show leadership by running current account deficits

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. choose your fighter in the game streaming battle royale: Google Stadia vs. GeForce Now vs. Project xcloud Say goodbye to consoles—your games now live in the cloud. (Glenn carstens-Peters / Unsplash /) People have been streaming music and movies for years now, so it's no surprise that video games have joined the on-demand revolution with a growing number of services ready to beam gameplay right to your computer or television. Rather than your computer or console running games, remote servers (the clou

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. city groups in discussions to help struggling UK businesses Pre-emption rights could be relaxed to allow companies to raise cash quickly

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. climate-killing products should come with smoking-style warnings Graphic imagery should be used on petrol pumps and air tickets, experts say cigarette packets with grisly warnings of the consequences of smoking are intended to deter smokers. Now a group of public health experts says similar warnings should appear on high-carbon products, from airline tickets and energy bills to petrol pumps, to show consumers the health impacts of the climate crisis. Warning l

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. clopidogrel atop rivaroxaban and aspirin shows no added benefit for PAD The results of VOYAGER PAD found that people with peripheral artery disease (PAD) who took the blood thinner rivaroxaban with aspirin after undergoing lower extremity revascularization — a procedure to treat blocked arteries in the leg — had a significant reduction in the risk of major adverse limb and cardiovascular events when compared with those receiving aspirin alone, according to a subgrou

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. combined Mini-Parasep SF and Nanogold Immunoassay Show Potential in Stool Antigen Immunodetection for Giardiasis Diagnosis Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-019-55492-1

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. comparative investigation of reusable and single–use flexible endoscopes for urological interventions Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62657-w

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. comparing recall rates, cancer detection in breast cancer screenings Nearly 200 radiologists who interpreted about 251,000 digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) and 2 million digital mammography screening examinations were included in this observational study that evaluated recall and cancer detection rates.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. control and single-shot readout of an ion embedded in a nanophotonic cavity Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41586-020-2160-9 Single ytterbium ion qubits in nanophotonic cavities have long coherence times and can be optically read out in a single shot, establishing them as excellent candidates for optical quantum networks.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. control of food approach and eating by a GABAergic projection from lateral hypothalamus to dorsal pons [Neuroscience] Electrical or optogenetic stimulation of lateral hypothalamic (LH) GABA neurons induces rapid vigorous eating in sated animals. The dopamine system has been implicated in the regulation of feeding. Previous work has suggested that a subset of LH GABA neurons projects to the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and targets GABA neurons,…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. copper(II)-binding equilibria in human blood Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62560-4

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. correction for Jamieson et al., Signaling the trustworthiness of science [corrections] PERSPEcTIVE correction for "Signaling the trustworthiness of science," by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Marcia McNutt, Veronique Kiermer, and Richard Sever, which was first published September 23, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1913039116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 19231–19236). The authors wish to note, "A coding error was uncovered in the survey vendor's computer-assisted telephone…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. correction for Morsky and Akcay, Evolution of social norms and correlated equilibria [corrections] EcONOMIc ScIENcES, EVOLUTION correction for "Evolution of social norms and correlated equilibria," by Bryce Morsky and Erol Akçay, which was first published April 11, 2019; 10.1073/pnas.1817095116 (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 8834–8839). The authors note that Fig. 3 appeared incorrectly due to an arrangement error during revision. The corrected…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. De skabte Danmarks industrialisering Fire af Industriforeningens tidsskifter, der udkom fra 1838 til 1898, er nu med i ingeniørernes digitale danmarkshistorie.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Defect-implantation for the all-electrical detection of non-collinear spin-textures Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15379-6 Precise detection of magnetic skyrmions is a key prerequisite to exploit them in future magnetic storage technologies. The authors, using first principles studies, propose two novel spin-mixing magnetoresistance effects enabled by defects, which allow for a highly efficient all-electrical detection of spin-swir

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Diabetes care reaches new heights as drone delivers insulin for patient The international medical team that accomplished the world's first documented drone delivery of insulin for a patient living in a remote community described the project in an ENDO 2020 abstract that will be published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Do ER caregivers' on-the-job emotions affect patient care? Doctors and nurses in emergency departments at four academic centers and four community hospitals in the Northeast reported a wide range of emotions triggered by patients, hospital resources and societal factors, according to a qualitative study led by a University of Massachusetts Amherst social psychologist.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Do these 3 things to be a stronger manager One of the main responsibilities a manager has is to create an environment where employees can be more productive. The quality of work increases when people feel like they are a part of a team working towards a goal bigger than themselves. Three tips for creating that kind of work culture are learning to delegate, understanding the jobs of the people you manage, and connecting with as many employ

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Does preterm delivery contribute to increased cardiovascular disease burden in women? A new study quantifies the future economic burden of cardiovascular disease (cVD) in women with a history of preterm delivery (PTD).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Don't take life so seriously: Montaigne's lessons on the inner life My dad was an unhappy man. He used to complain about the slightest thing being out of place – a pen, the honeypot, his special knife with the fattened grip. By the time his health really started failing, his arthritis so bad he could no longer get out of bed, his condition became all he complained about. 'Dorian,' he said, one morning over breakfast, the grapefruit cut up indeed with his special

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Dropping aspirin for ticagrelor alone better in complex heart disease The research, a subanalysis of the TWILIGHT trial, was presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Drug used for liver disease also affects c. diff life cycle, reduces inflammation in mice Researchers have found that a commonly used drug made from secondary bile acids can affect the life cycle of clostridioides difficile (c. diff) in vitro and reduce the inflammatory response to c. diff in mice.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. EasyJet looks to 'defer and reduce' payments to Airbus Decision comes after threat from founder Sir Stelios to call meetings to oust directors

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. E-cigarettes more effective than counseling alone for smoking cessation Smokers who received smoking cessation counseling and used electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) containing nicotine were more than twice as likely to successfully quit smoking compared to those who received counseling but did not use e-cigarettes, in a clinical trial presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Editorial calls for a precision medicine approach to follow-up of diverticulitis An editorial challenges physicians and the US healthcare system to reconsider the current 'one size fits all' care for diverticulitis and to employ a precision medicine approach to determine which patients should be referred for colonoscopy.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Electric current control of spin helicity in an itinerant helimagnet Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15380-z The spin helicity in helimagnets may be exploited in magnetic memory applications if electrically controllable and detectable. Here, helicity manipulation driven by an electric current and detection by second harmonic resistivity measurements in an itinerant helimagnet MnP is demonstrated.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Elevated levels of proinflammatory volatile metabolites in feces of high fat diet fed KK-Ay mice Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62541-7 Elevated levels of proinflammatory volatile metabolites in feces of high fat diet fed KK- A y mice

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Emerging market central banks embark on radical stimulus policies Policymakers use bond-buying and liquidity injections in attempt to ease economic hit from virus

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power Any device that sends out a Wi-Fi signal also emits terahertz waves —electromagnetic waves with a frequency somewhere between microwaves and infrared light. These high-frequency radiation waves, known as "T-rays," are also produced by almost anything that registers a temperature, including our own bodies and the inanimate objects around us.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Engineers 3D print soft, rubbery brain implants MIT engineers are working on developing soft, flexible neural implants that can gently conform to the brain's contours and monitor activity over longer periods, without aggravating surrounding tissue. Such flexible electronics could be softer alternatives to existing metal-based electrodes designed to monitor brain activity, and may also be useful in brain implants that stimulate neural regions to

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. EPA to Ease Pollution Enforcement, Which could Exacerbate Lung Illnesses The agency says social distancing rules will limit companies' abilities to comply with air pollution rules — Read more on

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Evidence for habitual climbing in a Pleistocene hominin in South Africa [Anthropology] Bipedalism is a defining trait of the hominin lineage, associated with a transition from a more arboreal to a more terrestrial environment. While there is debate about when modern human-like bipedalism first appeared in hominins, all known South African hominins show morphological adaptations to bipedalism, suggesting that this was their…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Evinacumab cuts cholesterol levels by half in patients with HoFH The investigational drug evinacumab reduced low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol to near-normal levels among patients with a rare cholesterol disorder, meeting the primary endpoint in the first randomized placebo-controlled trial of the drug, which is being presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Exercise reduces caregiver's burden in dementia care Exercise in older adults, even at an advanced stage of dementia, is an important strategy to maintain independence in everyday living and to promote quality of life.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Exercise training better than weight loss for improving heart function in type 2 diabetes Researchers in Leicester have shown that the function of the heart can be significantly improved in patients with type 2 diabetes through exercise.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Exeter researchers discover a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease Exeter researchers have discovered a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Experts call for health and climate change warning labels on petrol pumps Warning labels should be displayed on petrol pumps, energy bills, and airline tickets to encourage consumers to question their own use of fossil fuels, say health experts in The BMJ today.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Fast-fail trial shows new approach to identifying brain targets for clinical treatments A first-of-its-kind trial has demonstrated that a receptor involved in the brain's reward system may be a viable target for treating anhedonia (or lack of pleasure), a key symptom of several mood and anxiety disorders. This innovative fast-fail trial was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), part of the National Institutes of Health, and the results of the trial are published i

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Female directors are quicker to recall dangerous medical products, study shows Some 4,500 Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs and devices are pulled from shelves annually — decisions greatly influenced by the presence of women on a firm's board, according to new research from the University of Notre Dame.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Female Surgeons Are Treated Terribly Their male colleagues are the problem when they should be allies — Read more on

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Five beast-mode workouts PopSci editors are doing from home Go solo, with a live-in partner, or with a pet as you adapt your fitness routine for social distancing. (The formfitness/Pexels/) All around the world, people are finding creative ways to live their best lives while social distancing. Roving outdoors is a healthy option if you have access to large, uncrowded spaces — but you can also keep your fitness up by making an yard, alley, or bedroom floor

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Food stockpiling: consumers should cut down food waste More than three quarters of New Zealand's retail food waste is being saved from landfill, in stark contrast to Kiwi households, Otago researchers say.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Former UcSD prof who resigned amid investigation into china ties retracts paper for 'inadvertently misidentified' images Kang Zhang, a formerly high-profile geneticist at the University of california, San Diego, who resigned his post last July amidst an investigation into undisclosed ties to china, has retracted a paper because some of its images were taken from other researchers' work. The paper, "Impaired lipid metabolism by age-dependent DNA methylation alterations accelerates aging," was … continue reading

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Free-floating stars in the Milky Way's bulge The path of a light beam is bent by the presence of mass, as explained by General Relativity. A massive body can therefore act like a lens—a so called "gravitational lens"—to distort the image of an object seen behind it. Microlensing is a related phenomenon: a short flash of light is produced when a moving cosmic body, acting as a gravitational lens, modulates the intensity of light from a backgr

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Geopolymer concrete: Building moon bases with astronaut urine and regolith The modules that the major space agencies plan to erect on the moon could incorporate an element contributed by the human colonizers themselves: the urea in their pee. European researchers have found that it could be used as a plasticizer for concrete used to build structures.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Get the sleep you deserve with this top-rated app's soothing melodies Blue light negatively impacts the secretion of melatonin, making it harder for smartphone and computer users to sleep. Meditation has been shown to have a positive impact on sleep by increasing specific neurochemicals while decreasing stress. Relax Melodies can help you get the sleep you need, and it's on sale. The National Sleep Foundation says that 47 million Americans do not get enough restora

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Grounded airline staff asked to bolster NHS resources Virgin Atlantic and easyJet calls on employees to volunteer for new UK hospitals

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Gut, oral and skin microbiome of Indian patrilineal families reveal perceptible association with age Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62195-5

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Headphone splitters for sharing media while keeping things quiet Listen together. ( Yogendra Singh via Unsplash/) Almost all phones, computers, keyboards, and cD players (if you're kicking it old school) have one output for your headphones. This means that you will have a tough go of it sharing your music and videos in real-time with another person. Travel tunes, family Skype sessions, and quiet jams when your roommates are sleeping should be able to be shared

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. HKU team develops new wastewater treatment process A University of Hong Kong research team has developed a novel wastewater treatment system that can effectively remove conventional pollutants, and recover valuable resources such as phosphorus and organic materials. This novel system combines chemically enhanced primary sedimentation of sewage with acidogenic fermentation of sludge in tandem, can effectively remove trace emerging chemical contamin

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How china would rewire the internet Ventilator challenge, start-up runway fund appeal, Samsung AirDresser

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How forgiveness can create a more just legal system | Martha Minow Pardons, commutations and bankruptcy laws are all tools of forgiveness within the US legal system. Are we using them frequently enough, and with fairness? Law professor Martha Minow outlines how these merciful measures can reinforce racial and economic inequality — and makes the case for creating a system of restorative justice that focuses on accountability and reconciliation rather than punishm

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How is the world's mass homeworking experiment going? As staff and employers cope with seismic disruption, glimpses emerge of the future world of work

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How stress can cause a fever Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00873-0 Psychological stress can trigger physiological responses, including an increase in body temperature. A neural circuit that underlies this stress-induced heat response has been identified.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How stress remodels the brain Stress restructures the brain by halting the production of crucial ion channel proteins, according to research in mice recently published in JNeurosci.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. How will clouds obscure the view of exoplanet surfaces? In 2021, NASA's next-generation observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), will take to space. Once operational, this flagship mission will pick up where other space telescopes—like Hubble, Kepler and Spitzer—left off. This means that in addition to investigating some of the greatest cosmic mysteries, it will also search for potentially habitable exoplanets and attempt to characterize the

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Humans incorporate trial-to-trial working memory uncertainty into rewarded decisions [Psychological and cognitive Sciences] Working memory (WM) plays an important role in action planning and decision making; however, both the informational content of memory and how that information is used in decisions remain poorly understood. To investigate this, we used a color WM task in which subjects viewed colored stimuli and reported both an…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Humans were born to run. Exoskeletons might make us better at it. New research from Stanford finds that motor-powered ankle exoskeletons conserve 15 percent of energy expenditure when running. Spring-powered exoskeletons without motors actually made running harder. The researchers hope to develop better spring-powered models moving forward. Humans were born to run, as journalist and running fanatic christopher McDougall phrased it . Bipedalism offers many advan

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. I count, therefore I am For all animals, maths is survival.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. ILVA tiltalt for at gemme data på 350.000 kunder Efter et tilsyn i møbelvirksomheden Ilva er virksomheden blevet tiltalt for ikke at overholde GDPR-lovgivningen.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Image of the Day: Tomato Domestication Scientists identify a transcription factor that plays a key role in increased fruit size.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Image: Hubble hooks a one-arm galaxy NGc 4618 was discovered on April 9, 1787, by the German-British astronomer William Herschel, who also discovered Uranus in 1781. Only a year before discovering NGc 4618, Herschel theorized that the "foggy" objects astronomers were seeing in the night sky were likely to be large star clusters located much farther away than the individual stars he could easily discern.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Image: Rice fields in Vietnam from orbit The copernicus Sentinel-1 mission takes us over part of the Mekong Delta—a major rice-producing region in southwest Vietnam.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Increasing the visibility of research infrastructures? There's a toolkit for that communication experts from 17 European research infrastructures have pooled their experience to build a communication toolkit for research infrastructures. The toolkit provides a set of tools and guidelines to improve and harmonize the communication of research infrastructures, and is available now.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Ingeniør skal betale Google 179 millioner dollars Tidligere Google-stjerne indrømmer tyveri af software for selvkørende biler.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Intensity of past methane release measured with new, groundbreaking methods A novel approach to geochemical measurements helps scientists reconstruct the past intensity of the methane seeps in the Arctic Ocean. Recent studies show that methane emissions fluctuated, strongly, in response to known periods of abrupt climate change at the end of the last glacial cycle.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Intravenous sodium nitrite ineffective for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest Among patients who had an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, intravenous sodium nitrite given by paramedics during resuscitation did not significantly improve their chances of being admitted to or discharged from the hospital alive, according to research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Investigating association between air pollution, dementia risk and role of cardiovascular disease This observational study analyzed data from about 2,900 older residents of Stockholm to examine the association between long-term exposure to air pollution and the risk of developing dementia, along with what role cardiovascular disease might have.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Japanese bank SMBc agrees cash infusion for Ares US investment group is a major source of financing for America's struggling midsized businesses

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Karl Marx, WeWork and the junk bond bubble Policymakers are embracing some of the principles of a control economy but are steering clear of riskier corners

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Lab-Grown Meat climbs to New Heights on Scaffolds of Soy Someday, such supports could allow meat in the lab to grow from tiny hamburger-nuggets into something more like steak. Fake-Steak.jpg cultured meat produced by Aleph Farms. Image credits: courtesy of Aleph Farms Technology Monday, March 30, 2020 – 15:15 charles Q. choi, contributor (Inside Science) — Growing meat without animals may one day become easier using scaffolds made of soy, a new study

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Land Animals Began Dying in Earth's Greatest Extinction Long Before Marine Life It truly was The Great Dying.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Lights that are sure to make your home feel cozy Add a bit of twinkle to your life. (Wyatt Ryan via Unsplash/) creating an environment that feels warm and cozy helps you feel calm and content at home, and the effect is easier and cheaper to achieve than social media posts may lead you to believe. Home improvements can be simple, affordable, and very effective; warm lighting is one of the best and easiest ways to accomplish this. Take, for examp

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Living drug factories' might treat diabetes and other diseases chemical engineers have developed a way to protect transplanted drug-producing cells from immune system rejection.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Loss of gland in eyelids may be a biomarker for elevated blood glucose in diabetes In patients with diabetes, loss of the gland that helps lubricate the eye may be a sign of elevated blood glucose levels, according to research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting. The study will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Machine learning puts a new spin on spin models Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have used machine learning to analyze spin models, which are used in physics to study phase transitions. Previous work showed that an image/handwriting classification model could be applied to distinguish states in the simplest models. The team showed the approach is applicable to more complex models and found that an AI trained on one model and appli

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Machine translates brainwaves into sentences Scientists have taken a step forward in their ability to decode what a person is saying just by looking at their brainwaves when they speak.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Macy's, Gap and Kohl's put thousands on leave Retail chains say store closures will last longer than hoped

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Magnon bound states versus anyonic Majorana excitations in the Kitaev honeycomb magnet α-Rucl3 Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15370-1 α-Rucl3 has properties consistent with predictions of a phase hosting fractionalized Majorana fermions but that could also be explained by conventional magnetic excitations. Here the authors find evidence for fractionalized quasiparticles by studying magnetic excitations across the field-temperature phase diagr

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Making satellites safer: the search for new propellants Developing new propellants for satellites to replace toxic hydrazine would make launching and handling satellites safer but it also requires disrupting current systems, according to researchers.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Mars could Have at Least Two Ancient Reservoirs of Water Deep Underground Things just got weirder.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Mars may have had hot springs millions of years ago The more we look at Mars, the more signs of ancient water we find. Now a study suggests that the Red Planet could have been home to hot springs

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Measuring the predictability of life outcomes with a scientific mass collaboration [Social Sciences] How predictable are life trajectories? We investigated this question with a scientific mass collaboration using the common task method; 160 teams built predictive models for six life outcomes using data from the Fragile Families and child Wellbeing Study, a high-quality birth cohort study. Despite using a rich dataset and applying…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Medtronic MiniMed 670G insulin pump allows 'excellent' blood glucose control Patients with type 1 diabetes who use Medtronic's MiniMedTM 670G insulin pump system are able to maintain blood glucose levels in the targeted range over 71% of the time, according to a study that analyzed some 6 million days of real-world data. Results of the industry-supported study were accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a sp

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Microelectronics for birds Ornithologists and physicists from St Petersburg University have conducted an interdisciplinary study together with colleagues from Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Biological Station Rybachy of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They have created a micro device, weighing less than a gram, which enab

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Mind-reading AI turns thoughts into words using a brain implant Four women already using a brain implant for their epilepsy have been able to turn their thoughts into words with the help of a mind-reading artificial intelligence

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Model-based integration of genomics and metabolomics reveals SNP functionality in Mycobacterium tuberculosis [Biophysics and computational Biology] Human tuberculosis is caused by members of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBc) that vary in virulence and transmissibility. While genome-wide association studies have uncovered several mutations conferring drug resistance, much less is known about the factors underlying other bacterial phenotypes. Variation in the outcome of tuberculosis infection and diseases has…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Modeling suggests going early and going hard will save lives and help the economy In 1997, a bestselling book by Jared Diamond purported to explain how the West "won" world dominance based on the good luck of geography, and because western countries were the first to industrialise.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Modified nucleotides may have enhanced early RNA catalysis [Perspectives] The modern version of the RNA World Hypothesis begins with activated ribonucleotides condensing (nonenzymatically) to make RNA molecules, some of which possess (perhaps slight) catalytic activity. We propose that noncanonical ribonucleotides, which would have been inevitable under prebiotic conditions, might decrease the RNA length required to have useful catalytic function…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Moffitt identifies novel therapeutic targets in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma Researchers at Moffitt cancer center want to devise better therapeutic strategies for patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cuScc) by improving their understanding of how the disease develops. In a new article published online ahead of print in the journal cancer Research, Moffitt scientists report on their identification of potential therapeutic targets for cuScc.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Musik kan förbättra kirurgin Under operationer spelar kirurgteamet ofta musik i högtalare för att bli mer fokuserade och hitta ett lugn. I en del studier som undersökt detta syns en positiv effekt på kirurgin, medan andra visat på motsatsen. Nu har forskare från bland annat Stockholms universitet gjort en sammanställning av de studier som finns publicerade inom området för att ta reda på hur det faktiskt ligger till.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Mystery solved: The origin of the colors in the first color photographs A palette of colours on a silver plate: that is what the world's first colour photograph looks like. It was taken by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1848. His process was empirical, never explained, and quickly abandoned. A team including cNRS researchers has now shone a light on this: the colours obtained by Edmond Becquerel were due to the presence of metallic silver nanoparticles.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Nanopartikel av guld förstärker laserljus – möjlig nyckel till optiska datorer Nanopartiklar gjorda av metall och halvledare har egenskaper som aldrig tidigare skådats. Bland annat förstärker partiklarna infallande laserljus extremt bra. Den nya upptäckten kan bli mycket viktig för utvecklingen av framtidens optiska datorer. Ett svensk-tyskt team, där bland annat fysikforskare från Lunds universitet ingår, har undersökt hur nanopartiklar reagerar på laser. Efter flera tidig

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. NASA Hires SpaceX to Supply Lunar Gateway Space Station Supplying the Gateway Elon Musk-led space company SpaceX signed a contract with NASA on Friday to supply the Gateway, a space station orbiting the Moon, with cargo. NASA is planning to start construction of the station as soon as 2022, as reports . "This contract award is another critical piece of our plan to return to the Moon sustainably," said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in a

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. NASA Selects SpaceX for Lunar Gateway cargo Missions The Dragon 2 capsule autonomously docking at the ISS in March 2019. NASA's eventual goal to send crewed missions to Mars will be easier to accomplish if we can return to the moon, but it won't just be to visit this time. NASA intends to construct a space station in orbit of the moon called the Lunar Gateway, and SpaceX has the contract to supply that station . The Gateway station is still in the

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Nasally delivered VEGFD mimetics mitigate stroke-induced dendrite loss and brain damage [Neuroscience] In the adult brain, vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGFD) is required for structural integrity of dendrites and cognitive abilities. Alterations of dendritic architectures are hallmarks of many neurologic disorders, including stroke-induced damage caused by toxic extrasynaptic NMDA receptor (eNMDAR) signaling. Here we show that stimulation of eNMDARs causes a…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Nasty Images Show How Bacteria colonize Your Tongue Your mouth is a zoo of bacteria. And in a new series of astonishing (ly disturbing) images assembled by a team of researchers, we get to experience this diverse biome in all its psychedelic, multicolored glory — with each funky color representing a different species of bacteria, as Science Alert reports . "The tongue is particularly important because it harbors a large reservoir of microbes and i

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Neandertaler-nyt og næsehorn i fremgang: Her er fem oversete videnskabsnyheder fra sidste uge Vi giver dig den korte version af de videnskabsnyheder, som er gået under radaren.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Neuroscience needs some new ideas Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00913-9 A history of the metaphors behind brain research faces a dark past and disquieting future. By Stephen casper.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Neuroscientists Uncover a Never-Before-Seen Type of Signal Occurring in The Human Brain submitted by /u/smallpocketlibrary [link] [comments]

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New blood test can detect 50 types of cancer System uses machine learning to offer new way to screen for hard-to-detect cancers A new blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer has been revealed by researchers in the latest study to offer hope for early detection. The test is based on DNA that is shed by tumours and found circulating in the blood. More specifically, it focuses on chemical changes to this DNA, known as methylati

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New coastal Risk Screening Tool Supports Sea Level Rise and Flood Mapping by Year, Water Level, and Elevation Dataset March 12, 2020 climate central today announced the release of its global coastal Risk Screening Tool to generate customizable, localized maps of projected sea level rise and coastal flood risks by year, water level, and elevation. climate central's new mapping tool enables users to explore risks over time, for any coastal location in the world, incorporating multiple pollution scenarios, leading

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New drug could potentially offer better treatment for chronic heart failure An experimental drug recently concluded a successful third-phase clinical trial and could potentially offer a new treatment for about 300,000 canadians who have worsening chronic heart failure.The VIcTORIA (Vericiguat Global Study In Subjects With Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction) clinical trial examined the effects of a drug called vericiguat on patients at a high risk of death or hos

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New explanation for sudden heat collapses in plasmas can help create fusion energy PPPL researchers find that jumbled magnetic fields in the core of fusion plasmas can cause the entire plasma discharge to suddenly collapse.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New report tells grim story of heat, drought and fire in Australia Record hot weather, drought and a devastating bushfire season in 2019 damaged our environment and natural resources on an unprecedented scale, according to the annual Australia's Environment Report.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New technologies to recycle electronic waste Our connected consumer society generates a lot of electronic waste, around 50 million tonnes per year worldwide. It is even currently the waste that shows the strongest growth from one year to the next. The value of the raw materials included in this waste is estimated at 50-60 billion euros, depending on materials prices. Legislation and recycling channels for this waste are organized in many cou

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. New therapeutic strategies proposed for some lung and kidney cancers . Study shows cancers with high levels of the SLc7A11 gene may respond to glucose transporter inhibitor treatment.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. NIH-funded studies show stents and surgery no better than medication, lifestyle changes at reducing the risk for heart attack Invasive procedures such as bypass surgery and stenting — commonly used to treat blocked arteries — are no better at reducing the risk for heart attack and death in patients with stable ischemic heart disease than medication and lifestyle changes alone. However, such procedures offer better symptom relief and quality of life for some patients with chest pain, according to two new, milestone stud

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Nocturnal swallowing augments arousal intensity and arousal tachycardia [Neuroscience] cortical arousal from sleep is associated with autonomic activation and acute increases in heart rate. Arousals vary considerably in their frequency, intensity/duration, and physiological effects. Sleep and arousability impact health acutely (daytime cognitive function) and long-term (cardiovascular outcomes). Yet factors that modify the arousal intensity and autonomic activity remain enigmatic…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Nyupptäckt gen hotar antibiotika Så sent som för två år sedan blev läkemedlet plazomycin godkänt i USA. I första hand ska det användas mot urinvägsinfektioner med bakterier resistenta mot andra antibiotika. Det ingår också i arsenalen av mediciner som kan behövas mot lunginfektioner orsakade av Pseudomonas aeruginosa, en bakterie känd för att spridas på sjukhus bland människor med nedsatt immunförsvar.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. OK, This *Watchmen* Hand-Washing PSA Is Pretty Good If Regina King can't get you to wash your hands, who can?

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Optical quantum nondemolition measurement of a single rare earth ion qubit Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15138-7 Individually addressed rare earth atoms in solid crystals are an emerging platform for quantum information processing. Here the authors demonstrate a key requirement, by realizing single-shot, quantum non-demolition measurements of the spin of single Er3+ ions in Y2SiO5 crystals with nearly 95% fidelity.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Oral apixaban as good as dalteparin for treating cancer-associated clots For people with cancer, the oral blood thinner apixaban is at least as effective as dalteparin, a low molecular weight heparin given by injection, in preventing a repeat venous thromboembolism (VTE), or blood clot, with no excess in major bleeding events, according to Phase 3 trial results presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of c

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Own a Piece of the Apollo 13 Moon Mission for a Ridiculously Low Price Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. Given the current state of the world, you probably won't be stepping foot inside an actual museum any time soon. However, that d

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Patientsikkerhed i en krisetid Klassiske værktøjer inden for patientsikkerhed kan bruges til at sikre fagligheden i en krisetid, hvor medarbejdere skal forholde sig til både ny information og nye kolleger, skriver direktør Inge Kristensen.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Peacock spiders show more of their colours A new batch of these ostentatiously coloured and popular arachnids is described in Australia.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Physicists develop new photon source for tap-proof communication An international team with the participation of Prof. Dr. Michael Kues from the cluster of Excellence PhoenixD at Leibniz University Hannover has developed a new method for generating quantum-entangled photons in a spectral range of light that was previously inaccessible. The discovery can make the encryption of satellite-based communications much more secure in the future.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Plants and animals share response to climate change Plants and animals are remarkably similar in their responses to changing environmental conditions across the globe, research finds. The study may help explain their current distribution and how they will respond to climate change in the future. Plants and animals are fundamentally different in many ways, but one of the most obvious is in how they deal with temperature. "When it gets sunny and hot

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Position statement highlights importance of sleep for physician self-care Physician burnout is a significantly underappreciated public safety issue, and sleep loss is often overlooked as a contributing factor, according to a new position statement published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Pregnant women's PFAS exposure linked to granddaughters' obesity risk The first human study to link blood levels of 'forever' chemicals known as PFAS in pregnant women with the risk of obesity in their granddaughters is described in an ENDO 2020 abstract that will be published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Prognostic value of seminal vesicle invasion on preoperative multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging in pathological stage T3b prostate cancer Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62808-z

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Progress toward gender equality in the United States has slowed or stalled [Social Sciences] We examine change in multiple indicators of gender inequality for the period of 1970 to 2018. The percentage of women (age 25 to 54) who are employed rose continuously until ∼2000 when it reached its highest point to date of 75%; it was slightly lower at 73% in 2018. Women…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Psychiatric disorders after first birth reduce likelihood of subsequent children Women who suffer from psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, mania and schizophrenia following the live birth of their first child are less likely to go on to have more children, according to the first study to investigate this in a large nationwide population. It is published in Human Reproduction.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Publisher correction: circulating serum HBsAg level is a biomarker for HBV-specific T and B cell responses in chronic hepatitis B patients Scientific Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62445-6

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. QnAs with Paula England [QnAs] Fifty-five years after the passage of the civil Rights Act in the United States preventing discrimination based on sex, gender equality in the workplace remains unattained. After rapid gains in the 1980s and 1990s, progress has slowed considerably and, by some measures, stalled, according to Paula England, chair of the…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Renal denervation effective in patients with untreated hypertension Three months after undergoing renal denervation (RDN) — a procedure that delivers energy to overactive nerves leading to the kidney to decrease their activity — patients with untreated high blood pressure had statistically significant reductions in average blood pressure over 24 hours compared with patients who underwent a sham procedure and experienced no major adverse effects, according to res

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Resarchers find way to improve cancer outcomes by examining patients' genes The genetics researchers say the approach could benefit all sorts of serious health conditions, and they're urging scientists to quickly pluck "low hanging fruit" for the benefit of patients.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Researchers discover potential boost to immunotherapy Mount Sinai researchers have discovered a pathway that regulates special immune system cells in lung cancer tumors, suppressing them and allowing tumors to grow. The scientists also figured out how to interrupt this pathway and ramp up the immune system to prevent tumor formation or growth, offering a potential boost to immunotherapy, according to a study published in Nature in March.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Researchers find way to improve cancer outcomes by examining patients' genes Genetics researchers say a new approach could benefit all sorts of serious health conditions, and they're urging scientists to quickly pluck 'low hanging fruit' for the benefit of patients.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Researchers reverse muscle fibrosis from overuse injury in animals, hope for human trials High-force, high-repetition movements create microinjuries in muscle fibers. Muscle tissue responds by making repairs. But over time, with repetition of injury, healing capacity becomes overwhelmed, and microinjuries progress to fibrosis. Fibrosis weakens muscles and can put pressure on nerves, causing pain. Long thought to be irreversible, new research by Lewis Katz School of Medicine scientists

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Resolving spatial and energetic distributions of trap states in metal halide perovskite solar cells In a new report published on Science, Zhenyi Ni and a research team in applied physical sciences, mechanical and materials engineering and computer and energy engineering in the U.S. profiled spatial and energetic distributions of trap states or defects in metal halide perovskite single-crystalline polycrystalline solar cells. The researchers credited the photovoltaic performance of metal halide p

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Revita' improves blood glucose levels, liver metabolic health in type 2 diabetes Patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes who underwent a novel, minimally invasive, endoscopic procedure called Revita® duodenal mucosal resurfacing (DMR) had significantly improved blood glucose (sugar) levels, liver insulin sensitivity, and other metabolic measures three months later, according to new data from the REVITA-2 study. These results, from a mixed meal tolerance test, have help

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Risk of death from stroke falls by 24% Thousands more patients each year are surviving strokes, as the risk of death and disability after a stroke fell significantly between 2000 and 2015, according to analysis by Guy's and St Thomas' researchers.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Rivaroxaban reduces risk in symptomatic PAD post-intervention People with symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) who took the blood thinner rivaroxaban with aspirin after undergoing a procedure to treat blocked arteries in the leg (lower extremity revascularization) had a 15% reduction in the risk of major adverse limb and cardiovascular events when compared with those receiving aspirin alone, according to research presented at the American college of c

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Rivaroxaban superior to heparin in preventing blood clots after common orthopedic surgeries The direct oral anticoagulant rivaroxaban dramatically cut the likelihood of serious venous thromboembolism (VTE) in people recovering from lower limb orthopedic surgery requiring immobilization in comparison with enoxaparin, another anticoagulant agent, according to research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Runny honey, furry spinach and shiny apples: Surprising facts about your food Spending a lot more time in your house doesn't have to make you any less curious about the world around you. Just look inside your kitchen cupboards and there's a wealth of chemistry just bursting to get out. Here are some surprising facts about the food you eat: including how bees used M&Ms to create some very interesting honey, what links spinach and kidney stones, and how a wax from a beetle na

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Science looks to wildfires to find missing source of carbonyl sulfide, link to plants' carbon uptake carbonyl sulfide is a naturally occurring gas that can help scientists understand how much carbon dioxide plants take out of the atmosphere for photosynthesis.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Scientists develop AI that can turn brain activity into text Researchers in US tracked the neural data from people while they were speaking Reading minds has just come a step closer to reality: scientists have developed artificial intelligence that can turn brain activity into text. While the system currently works on neural patterns detected while someone is speaking aloud, experts say it could eventually aid communication for patients who are unable to s

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Scientists propose new strategy for carbon dioxide electrochemical reduction carbon dioxide (cO2) emission has become a global problem. Efficient conversion of cO2 into value-added liquid fuels is one method to fix cO2, and it can alleviate the growing shortage of non-renewable fossil fuels at the same time.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Screening of zebrafish identifies gene involved in human nicotine addiction Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have shown that zebrafish can provide genetic clues to smoking, a complex human behaviour.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Seafloor of Fram Strait is a sink for microplastic from Arctic and North Atlantic Ocean Working in the Arctic Fram Strait, scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have found microplastic throughout the water column with particularly high concentrations at the ocean floor. Using model-based simulations, they have also found an explanation for this high level of pollution. According to their findings, the two main ocean current

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Securing timelines in the ancient Mediterranean using multiproxy annual tree-ring data [chemistry] calendar-dated tree-ring sequences offer an unparalleled resource for high-resolution paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Where such records exist for a few limited geographic regions over the last 8,000 to 12,000 years, they have proved invaluable for creating precise and accurate timelines for past human and environmental interactions. To expand such records across new…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Skyrmion 'whirls' show promise for low-energy computer circuitry UNSW material scientists have shed new light on a promising new way to store and process information in computers and electronic devices that could significantly cut down the energy required to maintain our digital lifestyles.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Snap AV: grounds for optimism–grounds-for-optimism/ Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Society needs electrical engineers to function. Here's how you can become one. Electrical engineering is the study, design, and application of systems that utilize electricity and electronics. Modern applications include power grids, telecommunications, and circuit boards. computing systems such as supercomputers and tablets rely on electrical engineering. Modern society is powered by complex systems that keep everything from sleepy suburbs to major metropolises operational

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Solar cells Only Good for Rural Phone Systems Originally published in June 1954 — Read more on

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Soya protein can help make lab-grown beef with the texture of meat Lab-grown 'meat' often uses gelatin produced in slaughterhouses to give artificial beef a meat-like texture – but substituting soya protein can achieve that without killing animals

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Space opera: New original songs add to the fun for space-loving music fans Devotees of electronic music are snapping up space-enabled creative content as they collect unique digital keepsakes and access the latest releases.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Star Trek: Voyager Gets 4K Upscale Remaster via AI End users are waking up to the idea that AI-based products can demonstrate practical use cases for ordinary people. About a month ago, I covered my early work upscaling Deep Space 9 for the modern era — and I'm not the only one working on this sort of project. I was inspired by the work of captRobau back in 2019, and now a new individual has launched a project of his own, this time to remaster St

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Starwatch: catch the crab as it crosses the meridian The constellation cancer, with the beehive cluster, is high in the sky and well-placed for observation This week is a good time to track down one of the fainter constellations: cancer, the crab . It is one of the zodiacal constellations, meaning that the sun passes through it during the year. It is bordered on the west by Gemini, the Twins, and to the east by Leo, the Lion – both zodiacal constel

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Stomi problematisk för boende i glesbygd Många patienter får gå onödigt länge med stomi, alltså en påse på magen för avföring, efter en tarmoperation. Särskilt stora besvär av sin stomi upplever personer som har långt till sjukhuset. Det visar en ny avhandling vid Umeå universitet. – Ytterst är det en fråga om sjukvårdens prioriteringar att återställa tarmpassagen så att man inte ska behöva ha stomi längre än nödvändigt. Därför är det v

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Studies confirm breast surgery health benefits New studies highlighting the chronic health burden of oversized breasts outline the long-term benefits of breast reduction surgery to health, levels of wellbeing, and quality of life. The 12-year study compared feedback from more than 200 Australian women before and after having breast reduction surgery for the painful condition of breast hypertrophy – calling to task private and public health sys

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Study finds room for improvement in TAVR outcomes across US Thirty-four medical centers, representing 11% of facilities that perform transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) in the U.S., saw worse than expected outcomes in terms of survival and quality of life among patients undergoing the procedure in an analysis presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Surprise Discovery Reveals Neanderthals Loved Seafood And Were Excellent Fisherpeople We really were not that different at all.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. TAVR equivalent to surgery at 2 years among low-risk patients Patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) fared equally well compared with those undergoing open heart valve replacement surgery in terms of the combined risk of death, stroke or rehospitalization at two years, the primary endpoint of the PARTNER 3 trial being presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiol

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Team develops new wastewater treatment process Globally, there is a growing concern regarding the presence of trace emerging contaminants such as retinoids and oestrogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDcs) in aquatic environments. Retinoids such as retinoic acids and their metabolites, which are the derivatives of vitamin A, can cause abnormal morphological development in amphibians, fish, and snails at elevated levels. Oestrogenic EDcs li

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Technology: marries machine learning and medicine The Israeli start-up's smartphone-based urine tests could bring huge savings for health services

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The bits of wire that can devastate lion populations Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00928-2 Simple snares aimed at catching African game for the table take a huge toll on carnivores, too.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The carbon content of Earth and its core [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] Earth's core is likely the largest reservoir of carbon (c) in the planet, but its c abundance has been poorly constrained because measurements of carbon's preference for core versus mantle materials at the pressures and temperatures of core formation are lacking. Using metal–silicate partitioning experiments in a laser-heated diamond anvil…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The depletion of ubiquilin in Drosophila melanogaster disturbs neurochemical regulation to drive activity and behavioral deficits Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62520-y

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The Future of Energy covid-19 and price war shock US shale production. Plus: life after a $600m gamble on renewables; biofuels for aviation; ammonia's potential for shipping; new power sources as architectural landmarks; ending human gluttony for cheap power

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The genetic architecture of membranous nephropathy and its potential to improve non-invasive diagnosis Nature communications, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15383-w Membranous nephropathy (MN) is a rare autoimmune disease of podocyte-directed antibodies, such as anti-phospholipase A2 receptor. Here, the authors report a genome-wide association study for MN and identify two previously unreported loci encompassing the NFKB1 and IRF4 genes and additional ancestry-specific eff

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The Lancet Oncology: Without additional investment 11 million children are expected to die from cancer between now and 2050 Improving care for children with cancer worldwide will bring a triple return on investment and prevent millions of needless deaths, according to a new commission report published today by The Lancet Oncology entitled Sustainable care for children with cancer.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The new Labour leader must play a patient game All the opposition can do now is ask the right questions and be seen to behave responsibly

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The placebo effect and psychedelic drugs: tripping on nothing? A new study from McGill suggests that, in the right context, some people may experience psychedelic-like effects from placebos alone. The researchers reported some of the strongest placebo effects on consciousness in the literature relating to psychedelic drugs. Indeed, 61% of the participants in the experiment reported some effect after consuming the placebo.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The pros and cons of radiotherapy: Will it work for you? Women undergoing radiotherapy for many cancers are more likely than men to be cured, but the side effects are more brutal, according to one of Australia's most experienced radiation oncology medical physicists.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The three-dimensional bone mass distribution of the posterior pelvic ring and its key role in transsacral screw placement Scientific Reports, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61954-8

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. The Top 100 AI Startups Out There Now, and What They're Working On New drug therapies for a range of chronic diseases. Defenses against various cyber attacks. Technologies to make cities work smarter. Weather and wildfire forecasts that boost safety and reduce risk. And commercial efforts to monetize so-called deepfakes. What do all these disparate efforts have in common? They're some of the solutions that the world's most promising artificial intelligence start

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. This Fireball Ignored the Solar System's One-Way Signs A meteoroid that grazed the night sky over Australia in 2017 took a very unusual path away from Earth.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. This Guy Took a Photo of the ISS from His Backyard Sharp Shooter A sharpshooter on Reddit posted a pretty incredible snapshot to the Space subreddit over the weekend: The International Space Station, as seen from his backyard on Saturday night . Eye in the Sky The user, who goes by 120decibel , explained that he nabbed the shot using what sounds like a relatively expensive telescoping rig (upwards of $7,000, according to another user's estimate),

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Today's cartoon: Roomba commute Zoom from room to room on a vacuum.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Toxigenic Vibrio cholerae evolution and establishment of reservoirs in aquatic ecosystems [Evolution] The spread of cholera in the midst of an epidemic is largely driven by direct transmission from person to person, although it is well-recognized that Vibrio cholerae is also capable of growth and long-term survival in aquatic ecosystems. While prior studies have shown that aquatic reservoirs are important in the…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Trait velocities reveal that mortality has driven widespread coordinated shifts in forest hydraulic trait composition [Ecology] Understanding the driving mechanisms behind existing patterns of vegetation hydraulic traits and community trait diversity is critical for advancing predictions of the terrestrial carbon cycle because hydraulic traits affect both ecosystem and Earth system responses to changing water availability. Here, we leverage an extensive trait database and a long-term continental…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Transfixed by the glow of Arctic ice under starlight Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00918-4 Maria Josefa Verdugo ships into the bitter cold of far-northern waters to measure ice-core properties as part of a year-round climate project.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Two walls may beat one for solar-panel nanotubes One nanotube could be great for electronics applications, but researchers report new evidence that two could be tops. Engineers already knew that size matters when using single-walled carbon nanotubes for their electrical properties. But until now, nobody had studied how electrons act when confronted with the Russian doll-like structure of multiwalled tubes. Now, researchers have calculated the e

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. U Rochester Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settled for $9.4 Million Nine former students and faculty members who sued the institution in 2017 over its handling of sexual harassment claims will contribute a portion of the settlement to those whose careers suffered as a result.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. U.S. to Announce Rollback of Auto Pollution Rules, a Key Effort to Fight climate change The Trump administration has finalized new fuel efficiency standards, lowering expectations from 54 miles per gallon by 2025 to 40 miles a gallon by 2030.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. UK government agrees rail deals with Govia and First Group Awarding of franchises allows skeleton services to continue on Southeastern and Great Western lines

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Ultrathin but fully packaged high-resolution camera The unique structures of biological vision systems in nature inspired scientists to design ultracompact imaging systems. Researchers have made an ultracompact camera that captures high-contrast and high-resolution images. Fully packaged with micro-optical elements such as inverted micro-lenses, multilayered pinhole arrays, and gap spacers on the image sensor, the camera boasts a field of view of 7

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Under lock and key for a while yet Mike Mackenzie's daily analysis of what's moving global markets

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Unearthing gut secret paves way for targeted treatments Scientists have identified a specific type of sensory nerve ending in the gut and how these communicate pain or discomfort to the brain, paving the way for targeted treatments for common conditions like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome or chronic constipation. While understanding of the gut's neurosensory abilities has grown rapidly, two great mysteries have been where and how differen

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Unlike Earth, Maybe Mars Didn't Form With a Subsurface Magma Ocean Researchers thought Mars formed — and potentially created a life-supporting atmosphere — like Earth did.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Uranus blasted a gas bubble 22,000 times bigger than Earth Voyager 2's iconic portrait of Uranus hides many details of a complex world, some of which are starting to come to light. (NASA/JPL/) There's a giant blank spot in researchers' ever-growing map of the solar system. Over the last two decades, a veritable fleet of probes has measured quakes on Mars , scrutinized the grooves in Saturn's rings , observed jet streams on Jupiter , and heard the heartbe

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Use of radial artery in heart bypass surgery improves patient outcomes Patients undergoing heart bypass surgery lived longer and had better outcomes when surgeons used a segment of an artery from their arm, called the radial artery, instead of a vein from their leg, called the saphenous vein, to create a second bypass, according to research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/W

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Using chemical boundary engineering to create steel that is strong and flexible without high carbon content A team of researchers from china, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands has found a way to use chemical boundary engineering to create steel that is strong and flexible without the need for high carbon content. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the group describes their technique and how well it worked when tested.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Using fiber optics to advance safe and renewable energy Fiber optic cables, it turns out, can be incredibly useful scientific sensors. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have studied them for use in carbon sequestration, groundwater mapping, earthquake detection, and monitoring of Arctic permafrost thaw. Now they have been awarded new grants to develop fiber optics for two novel uses: monitoring offshore wind operations

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Vericiguat improves outcomes in patients with worsening heart failure Patients with worsening heart failure and reduced ejection fraction who received the investigational drug vericiguat had a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular death or heart failure hospitalization compared with those receiving a placebo, based on research presented at the American college of cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together with World congress of cardiology (Acc.20/Wcc).

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Watching rice grow from up high Radio sensors provide a very different view.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Water pressure: Ancient aquatic crocs evolved, enlarged to avoid freezing Ancient crocodilian ancestors that abandoned land for water nearly 200 million years ago supposedly got larger because they were released from the constraints of gravity, territory and diet. But a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Will Gearty suggests that the upper bounds of size in aquatic vs. landlocked crocs were similar — and that smaller aquatic species got larger mostly t

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Weighing in on the origin of heavy elements Nuclear physicists conducted a physics experiment that utilizes novel techniques to study the nature and origin of heavy elements in the universe.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Well-engineered 'watercourts' stored live fish, fueling Florida's calusa kingdom Fishing powered the mighty calusa, who ruled South Florida for centuries. Now, a new study shows how sophisticatedly engineered 'watercourts' served as holding pens for live fish, sustaining calusa population growth and large-scale construction projects.

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. What does justice look like after online harassment? A one-size-fits-all approach won't work for dealing with online harassment, survey results suggest. If you've been harassed online and the social platform removes the offending post, is that the end of the story? Researchers say "not so fast." current ways of dealing with online harassment mirror the criminal justice system by penalizing the perpetrator, but they don't address justice and fairnes

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Why Do Matter Particles come in Threes? A Physics Titan Weighs In. The universe has cooked up all sorts of bizarre and beautiful forms of matter, from blazing stars to purring cats, out of just three basic ingredients. Electrons and two types of quarks, dubbed "up" and "down," mix in various ways to produce every atom in existence. But puzzlingly, this family of matter particles — the up quark, down quark and electron — is not the only one. Physicists have disco

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Why It's So Difficult to Find Earth's Earliest Life Debate over Earth's oldest fossils fuels the search for our deepest origins

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. Wild chimpanzees exhibit humanlike aging of glucocorticoid regulation [Anthropology] cortisol, a key product of the stress response, has critical influences on degenerative aging in humans. In turn, cortisol production is affected by senescence of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis, leading to progressive dysregulation and increased cortisol exposure. These processes have been studied extensively in industrialized settings, but few comparative data…

….. (Hentet 30. marts 2020) ….. You can get that paper, thesis or grant written — with a little help Nature, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00917-5 Productivity coaches, boot camps and online meet-ups teach researchers to avoid distractions and negative thoughts to get their writing projects done.

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