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…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>z….. Soy scaffolds: Breakthrough in cultivated meat production from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Aleph Farms have achieved a breakthrough in the production of cultivated meat grown outside an animal's body. In findings published today in Nature Food, soy protein, which is readily available and economically efficient, can be used as scaffolds for growing bovine tissue.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>z….. The leptin activator: New study reveals brain receptor key to burning brown fat a new study published in Nature Communications, Michigan researchers reveal a pathway by which the hormone leptin contributes to weight loss.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>z….. The placebo effect and psychedelic drugs: Tripping on nothing? new study suggests that, in the right context, some people may experience psychedelic-like effects from placebos alone. The researchers reported some of the strongest placebo effects on consciousness in the literature relating to psychedelic drugs. Indeed, 61% of the participants in the experiment reported some effect after consuming the placebo.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>z….. Thyroid hormone use may raise death risk in older adults hormone replacement therapy in older adults is associated with a higher risk of death compared with no treatment, a large study finds. The study results were accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

Ref. nr. 7188…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The costs of government-guaranteed wages runs the numbers.

Ref. nr. 7187…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Be Wary of a Model That Shows a Decline in COVID-19 Deaths – Facts So Romantic have no idea what will happen if, for example, New York runs out of ventilators or if people are sent away from hospitals too soon and infect many others. Illustration by eamesBot / Shutterstock On April 15, 2020, 2,271 people in the United States will die from COVID-19.That day, the U.S. will be short 61,509 hospital beds, 33,440 slots in intensive care units, and 26,753 ventilators. By Augus

Ref. nr. 7186…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Do You Really Have to Disinfect All Groceries Now? An Expert Explains"This is patently ridiculous."

Ref. nr. 7185…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What to Say if People You Know Aren't Taking The Pandemic Seriously need to understand the consequences.

Ref. nr. 7184…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New Study of The Coronavirus 'Spike' Protein Could Help Explain Its Immense Spread's really good at attaching to human cells.

Ref. nr. 7183…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How various levels of social distancing can decrease the spread of COVID-19 social distancing includes staying 6ft (2m) away from other people, avoiding all non-essential gatherings or crowds, and working from home if possible. During the COVID-19 incubation period of 5 days, each infected person can infect 2.5 more people. Using this math, it's easy to determine how many people will go on to be infected after the initial person contracted COVID-19 using various l

Ref. nr. 7182…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. PLOS ONE publishes additional Coronavirus-related papers PLOS ONE added to its collection of COVID-19 papers since we started fast-tracking submissions on January 31st. This study was conducted by Constantinos Siettos from the Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy and colleagues.

Ref. nr. 7181…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Comparing HydroxyChloroquine Trials minor side effect of the pandemic is that perhaps more people will learn about what drug research and clinical trials can really be like. Today's example: we have a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine from Wuhan that has just published on a preprint server. What's good is that this one is blinded, randomized, and controlled (like the earlier hydroxychloroquine which one I blogged about here

Ref. nr. 7180…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. For a Robust Recovery, Invest in Innovation federal investment, the current disruption could slow down U.S. economic growth for decades to come — Read more on

Ref. nr. 7179…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Models have supported Australia's response to COVID-19 are a vital part of moving from preparedness to targeted response.

Ref. nr. 7178…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Manden der lærte os at vaske hænder ungarskfødte læge Ignaz Semmelweis blev udskammet af de sine kolleger på fødselsgangen i Wien, da han opdagede, at manglende håndhygiejne på hospitalet førte til dødsfald blandt patienterne. Nu er hans simple men livsnødvendige budskab om at holde hænderne rene atter aktuelt.

Ref. nr. 7177…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Når kriser skaber innovation udvises kreativitet i verdensklasse under coronakrisen helt i ånd med det gode gamle danske ordsprog 'nød lærer nøgen kvinde at spinde', skriver Knut Borch-Johnsen..

Ref. nr. 7176…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Regionerne opretter Covid-19 biobank fra 6.000 corona-smittede skal registreres i Regionernes Bio- og GenomBank (RBGB) i den nye landsdækkende Covid-biobank.

Ref. nr. 7175…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19: how do we test for it? Devlin speaks with Prof David Smith about the various ways in which clinicians can test whether or not someone is infected with Sars-CoV-2. And, following the recent announcement that the UK government has bought millions of antibody tests, explores what these might be able to tell us. Help support our independent journalism at

Ref. nr. 7174…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Coronavirus Has Now Killed More Americans Than September 11 to the latest figures from CNN , the coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 3,000 people in the United States. That's a grim milestone, because it means the virus's death toll has now exceeded that of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, which took the lives of 2,977 . Although the significance of the two are incomparable, and stretches far beyond their death tolls, the impact

Ref. nr. 7173…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. GE Workers Protest: We Want To Build Ventilators, Let Us Build Ventilators Protest On Monday, General Electric workers staged a mass protest and walked off the job. Their demands for the company: stop going about business as usual and start mass-producing ventilators for coronavirus patients, according to The Independent . Ventilators are in extremely short supply , especially in cities hit hardest by the pandemic, so the GE workers reasonably posit that the countr

Ref. nr. 7172…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New App Attempts to Detect Signs of COVID-19 Using Voice Analysis team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and other institutions have released an early version of an app that they claim can determine whether you might have COVID-19, just by analyzing your voice. "I've seen a lot of competition for the cheapest, fastest diagnosis you can have," said Benjamin Striner, a Carnegie Mellon graduate student who worked on the project, in an interview with F

Ref. nr. 7171…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Ekspert: Tyskernes strategi er svær – men Danmarks koster tusindvis af menneskeliv Modelleringsekspert vil have debat om, hvorvidt vi som hidtil skal satse på flokimmunitet, eller i stedet gå WHO's og tyskernes vej. Den er besværligere men medfører langt færre dødsfald.

Ref. nr. 7170…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Forsker: 3D-printet coronaudstyr risikerer at ende med sagsanlæg Alt lige fra dørhåndtag til hospitalsudstyr printes hjemme i stuerne. Det er fint – men vi skal være bedre forberedt næste gang, siger forsker.

Ref. nr. 7169…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Imperial College: Lockdown redder hundredtusindvis af liv i Storbritannien af Storbritannien fører til, at omkring 25 gange færre mennesker kommer til at dø af Covid-19. I stedet for at 510.000 britere skulle dø, estimerer professor og epidemiolog, at tallet nu ikke kommer til at overstige 20.000.

Ref. nr. 7168…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Kan vi stole på coronaforskningen, der lige nu kører for fuld fart? Coronavirus-pandemien har ført til, at forskningen kører i højeste gear. Betyder det, at du bør være mere skeptisk end normalt, når du læser forskningsnyheder?

Ref. nr. 7167…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Kronik: Corona-indsatsen er dyr – men det kan blive dyrere ikke at gøre noget[no content]

Ref. nr. 7166…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Kun Norge har lavere smittespredning end Danmark blandt 11 europæiske lande Imperial College estimerer, at reproduktionfaktoren i Europa under et er reduceret med 64 pct. pga nedlukninger. Den mindste smittespredning i de undersøgte lande findes i Norge og Danmark. Sverige har den største smittespredning.

Ref. nr. 7165…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Medicinalbiologer: Her er redskaberne til at genåbne Danmark Antistoftest kombineret med PCR-test kan holde styr på smittevejene, hvis vi tester så bredt som muligt, når samfundet skal genåbnes, mener flere eksperter.

Ref. nr. 7164…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. MIT udvikler billig nødrespirator USA kan komme til at mangle op mod 1 million respiratorer i den kommende tid, fordi udbruddet af covid-19 lægger et pres på landets sundhedssystem. Frivillige Ingeniører fra MIT er i gang med at bygge en nødrespirator, der skal afhjælpe problemet.

Ref. nr. 7163…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Myndigheder til bygningsejere: Sluk for recirkulerende ventilation På grund af risikoen for luftbåren smittespredning bør bygningsejere øge frisklufttilførslen i bygninger – men hvis anlægget recirkulerer luften, så vira kan overføres mellem rum, skal det slukkes.

Ref. nr. 7162…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Seruminstituttet: Mest sandsynligt, at coronaepidemien først topper 1. juli Det bedste bud fra Seruminstituttet lige nu er, at smittetrykket og antallet af intensivpatienter vil stige til cirka 1. juli.

Ref. nr. 7161…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Love in the time of coronavirus: How the pandemic is changing online dating Tinder issued an in-app public service announcement regarding COVID-19 on March 3 we all had a little laugh as a panoply of memes and gags hit the internet.

Ref. nr. 7160…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus is a wake-up call: our war with the environment is leading to pandemics COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world is a crisis of our own making.

Ref. nr. 7159…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Economists explore the valuable roles of commodities for international stock markets at the SUSU School of Economics and Management, together with foreign colleagues, have analyzed the roles of various groups of commodities in a traditional portfolio of equities. The economists examined the hedging and diversification ability of 21 commodities for 49 international stock markets belonging to countries at different stages of economic development. The results of this work

Ref. nr. 7158…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. ESA to conduct BepiColombo flyby amid coronavirus crisis at ESA's mission control center are preparing for a gravity-assist flyby of the European-Japanese Mercury explorer BepiColombo. The maneuver, which will see the mission adjust its trajectory by harnessing Earth's gravitational pull as it swings past the planet, will be performed amid restrictions ESA has implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ref. nr. 7157…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What actually are 'essential services' and who decides? Morrison government keeps using the word "essential" to describe employees, public gatherings, services and businesses that are still allowed and not restricted as it tries to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Ref. nr. 7156…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Expert says coronavirus economy could bring U.S. shale market to its knees, break up OPEC rampant spread of the coronavirus has turned busy streets worldwide into quiet, abandoned thoroughfares. Few cars and trucks on the road means drastically less fuel is needed as millions of people stay at home.

Ref. nr. 7155…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Expert discusses what COVID-19 means for immigration COVID-19 pandemic has begun to have profound effects on immigration to the United States. We asked Valeria Gomez, a teaching fellow with the Asylum and Human Rights Clinic at the UConn School of Law to explain what is happening and what the long-term implications may be.

Ref. nr. 7154…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New study explores fiscal issues related to NYC teachers retirement system volatility of the financial markets amid the COVID-19 pandemic has significant implications for taxpayer-supported pension systems nationally.

Ref. nr. 7153…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. With much of U.S. staying at home, how many jobs can be done remotely? the economic impact of "social distancing" measures taken to arrest the spread of COVID-19 raises a number of fundamental questions about the modern economy: How many jobs can be performed at home? What share of total wages are paid to such jobs? How does the scope for working from home vary across cities or industries?

Ref. nr. 7152…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How to quickly and efficiently identify huge gene data sets to help coronavirus research to the advancement of sequencing technology, it's possible to produce massive amounts of genome sequence data on various species. It's crucial to examine pan-genomic data—the entire set of genes possessed by all members of a particular species—particularly in areas like bacteria and virus research, investigation of drug resistance mechanisms and vaccine development. For example, why is the

Ref. nr. 7151…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Scary red or icky green? We can't say what color coronavirus is and dressing it up might feed fears of the latest coronavirus have become instantly recognizable, often vibrantly colored and floating in an opaque background. In most representations, the shape of the virus is the same—a spherical particle with spikes, resembling an alien invader.

Ref. nr. 7150…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Sequencing the genome of the virus behind COVID-19 Thielen and Tom Mehoke have spent years sequencing the genome of influenza. Now, as a new strain of coronavirus spreads across the globe, these biologists from Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory are transitioning their work to better understand the virus that causes COVID-19.

Ref. nr. 7149…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Whales are dying, but numbers are unknown. Coronavirus has stalled scientific field work gray whales began their northern migration along the Pacific Coast earlier this month—after a year of unusually heavy die-offs—scientists were poised to watch, ready to collect information that could help them learn what was killing them.

Ref. nr. 7148…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19 in Children: A New Study Out of China may be less likely to develop COVID-19, but they can get it too; and it may be more severe for infants.

Ref. nr. 7147…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Existing Drugs May Work Against Covid-19. AI Is Screening Thousands to Find Out've heard of chloroquine by now. Originally developed by German scientists in the 1930s, the anti-malaria drug is based on a natural compound present in the bark of certain South African trees. For nearly a century it's been saving lives globally, but remained under the radar of countries where malaria isn't a big problem. Thanks to Covid-19, chloroquine is back in the media spotlight as a pot

Ref. nr. 7146…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Long-Term Effects of Covid-19 on Field Science scientists rely on new information that must be actively gathered in the field. Yet many attributes of field research — international travel, limited access to medical testing or care, long periods spent sharing close quarters — are also the very things that can help the coronavirus spread.

Ref. nr. 7145…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Lacking Protective Equipment, Physicians Fear for Their Families shortages are forcing medical doctors to battle Covid-19 without adequate N95 masks and other equipment. While many are reusing supplies, some are going without protection altogether — while spare equipment remains sequestered by the government in the Strategic National Stockpile.

Ref. nr. 7144…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Self-isolation proves a boon to rainfall project have been amazed at the public's response to help digitise the UK's old rainfall records.

Ref. nr. 7143…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus: Lockdown 'must become the social norm'"Social pressure from others" will be key in persuading the UK to stay at home, a study suggests.

Ref. nr. 7142…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus: Lockdown prompts clear fall in UK air pollution monitoring stations in major British cities detect clear reductions in two major pollutants.

Ref. nr. 7141…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Can Stress, Loneliness and Sleep Deprivation Make You More Prone to COVID-19? know these factors can take a toll on your immune system. In turn, they may weaken your ability to fight off the novel coronavirus.

Ref. nr. 7140…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Help Researchers Track Coronavirus by Reporting Your COVID-19 Symptoms Online officials can't fight the coronavirus pandemic without knowing where infections are. COVID Near You aims to reveal hotspots as sick people self report symptoms.

Ref. nr. 7139…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Russian trolls on Twitter polarized vaccination during 2016 election cycle the 2016 election cycle, politically polarizing tweets by Russian trolls about vaccination included pro- and anti-vaccination messages targeted at people with specific political inclinations through a nine different fake persona types, according to a new study. Now, as the nation deals with the coronavirus pandemic, the researchers raise concerns that such polarization potentially affects c

Ref. nr. 7138…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. American Society of Nephrology provides insights on COVID-19 and kidney disease American Society of Nephrology has launched several initiatives to provide guidance on COVID-19 as it relates to the care of patients with kidney disease.

Ref. nr. 7137…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. A COVID-19 palliative care pandemic plan: An essential tool care physicians have created a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) palliative care plan as an essential tool to provide care and help manage scare resources during the pandemic. The plan, which focuses on eight critical elements — 'stuff,' 'staff,' 'space,' 'systems,' 'sedation,' 'separation,' 'communication' and 'equity' — is published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Ref. nr. 7136…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. AI as mediator: 'Smart' replies help humans communicate during pandemic life during a pandemic means social distancing and finding new ways to remotely connect with friends, family and co-workers. And as we communicate online and by text, artificial intelligence could play a role in keeping our conversations on track, according to new Cornell University research.

Ref. nr. 7135…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19 deaths in Italian hospitals are today increasing at maximum rate and significant numbers will continue to die until at least mid-April new report on Covid-19 data up to March 30 from Italy, prepared by an Italian expert for the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA), says that the number of daily deaths in Italian hospitals is today still accelerating at the maximum rate, and significant numbers of deaths in hospital are likely to continue until at least mid-April and could go on until early June.

Ref. nr. 7134…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Ocular findings of patients with COVID-19 of COVID-19 patients from Hubei, China, had ocular manifestations, occurring frequently in patients with more severe physical conditions.

Ref. nr. 7133…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Perspectives on COVID-19 control measures for ophthalmology clinics article describes treatment initiatives being undertaken for novel coronavirus 2019 at an ophthalmology center in Singapore.

Ref. nr. 7132…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Surgical considerations for tracheostomy during COVID-19 pandemic learned from the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic may help reduce the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS- CoV-2), the cause of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), to health care workers performing open tracheostomies, a surgical procedure to open an airway that may be required for many patients with COVID-19.

Ref. nr. 7131…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Safety recommendations for health care workers involved with head, neck exams, surgery during COVID-19 pandemic care workers who come in close contact with a patient's head and neck are particularly at risk for developing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) because of the rapid spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS- CoV-2) through respiratory droplets.

Ref. nr. 7130…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Controlling coronavirus transmission using a mobile app to trace close proximity contacts team of medical researchers and bioethicists at Oxford University has published results today in Science that furthers our understanding of coronavirus transmission. This evidence is enabling several international partners to assess the feasibility of developing mobile apps for instant contact tracing in record time. If rapidly and widely developed, these mobile apps could help to significantly

Ref. nr. 7129…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. China's control measures may have prevented 700,000 COVID-19 cases's control measures during the first 50 days of the COVID-19 epidemic may have delayed the spread of the virus to cities outside of Wuhan by several days and prevented more than 700,000 infections nationwide, according to an international team of researchers. The findings, published today (March 31) in the journal Science, could be useful to countries that are still in early phases of the COV

Ref. nr. 7128…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Two COVID-19 papers published in PLOS ONE studies of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak recently published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE.

Ref. nr. 7127…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Purdue innovators moving to fast-track COVID-19 diagnostic, therapeutic solutions the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, Purdue University scientists are working to move solutions to diagnose and treat the virus to the marketplace as soon as possible. The Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization is working with innovators from across the university to patent and license technologies that focus on the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of

Ref. nr. 7126…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Caring for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic Institute and Indiana University School of Medicine scientist Kathleen Unroe, MD, MHA, and colleagues lay out guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers and family caregivers who are providing care for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their recommendations are published in the Journal of Geriatric Emergency Medicine.

Ref. nr. 7125…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Individuals taking class of steroid medications at high risk for COVID-19 taking a class of steroid hormones called glucocorticoids for conditions such as asthma, allergies and arthritis on a routine basis may be unable to mount a normal stress response and are at high risk if they are infected with the virus causing COVID-19, according to a new editorial published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Ref. nr. 7124…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Fake Russian Twitter accounts politicized discourse about vaccines from phony Twitter accounts established by the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA) between 2015 and 2017 may have contributed to politicizing Americans' position on the nature and efficacy of vaccines, a health care topic which has not historically fallen along party lines, according to new research published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Ref. nr. 7123…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Deep Space Nine Upscale Project Update: 'Sacrifice of Angels''s been almost exactly a month since I published my last Deep Space Nine report, where I showed how different AI software could upscale the show to something approaching HD quality. Despite the ongoing pandemic, I've kept the Cascade Lake testbed and RTX 2080 crunching busily away, testing various permutations. Some folks have contacted me to express interest in working together, and I've learn

Ref. nr. 7122…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Postponed Detroit Auto Show Now Canceled, With Future in Doubt's been a tough week for Detroit, with the president yapping at US automakers to produce ventilators, shields, and masks faster. Now the date-shifted North American International Auto Show is kaput for 2020. Last held in January 2019 and slated this year for June 2020, the show organizers called it off when it became likely the downtown convention center, TCF Arena, would be requisitioned for u

Ref. nr. 7121…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Vaccinutveckling mot coronaviruset går in i nästa fas med att ta fram ett vaccin mot det nya coronaviruset, SARS-CoV-2, går enligt planerna. Ett antal vaccinkandidater finns nu på plats i frysboxarna på institutionen för laboratoriemedicin på Karolinska Institutet. I slutet av mars ska de första försöken på djur inledas. Det berättar professor och prefekten Matti Sällberg som tillsammans med virusforskaren professor Ali Mirazimi och forskare

Ref. nr. 7120…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How to ramp up Covid-19 mass testing in the UK is the best way to contain the outbreak and could be used globally at little cost

Ref. nr. 7119…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Chinese mask makers use loopholes to speed up regulatory approval exploit US and EU rules on coronavirus equipment but quality concerns persist

Ref. nr. 7118…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Quarantined offshore: North Sea energy groups rocked by coronavirus grapple with protecting staff in critical industry where many cannot work from home

Ref. nr. 7117…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Carnival looks to raise $6bn to stay afloat operator has cancelled all cruises after passengers contracted Covid-19

Ref. nr. 7116…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Untested digital finance fix for Covid-19 is folly are proliferating but need the same testing as medical vaccines

Ref. nr. 7115…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. US stocks end quarter down 20% in biggest drop since 2008 500 finishes volatile period on sour note with late afternoon sell-off

Ref. nr. 7114…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. UK death toll from coronavirus jumps by 381 in a day says testing must go 'further and faster' but concedes NHS suffering shortage of key chemicals

Ref. nr. 7113…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Amazon auditions to be 'new Red Cross' for the crisis could be the group's finest hour but there are concerns about workers being put at risk

Ref. nr. 7112…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. ECB financial supervisor urges banks to cut back on bonuses Enria calls on lenders to show 'extreme moderation' on pay to conserve capital

Ref. nr. 7111…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How are US banks affected by coronavirus? What we know and what we don't's shares have lost a quarter of their value in March

Ref. nr. 7110…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Expats face hostility after second wave of virus cases hits China and Hong Kong Chinese are increasingly critical of westerners flouting official guidance

Ref. nr. 7109…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Charities need a lifeline to respond to coronavirus NGOs are in the outbreak's frontline, but they are in dire financial straits

Ref. nr. 7108…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. ABB starts own coronavirus testing programme for staff group vets its own employees as Walmart begins checking workers for fevers

Ref. nr. 7107…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. French companies join forces to make 10,000 ventilators in 50 days led by Air Liquide will help ramp up production of critical medical kit

Ref. nr. 7106…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Virus death toll higher than published UK daily figures, data indicate data for England and Wales from ONS include those who died outside hospitals

Ref. nr. 7105…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. US proposes interim government to break Venezuela deadlock regime rejects latest Washington plan despite fears of humanitarian catastrophe from Covid-19

Ref. nr. 7104…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Virus threatens to push developing Asia economies into recession Bank says 11m people in region seen as global growth engine could enter poverty

Ref. nr. 7103…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Brussels plans jobless reinsurance scheme to fight virus fallout proposals form part of broader package to be put to finance ministers next week

Ref. nr. 7102…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Wimbledon set to be cancelled due to coronavirus tournament to become latest sporting event to fall victim to the pandemic

Ref. nr. 7101…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Outbreak makes America's truckers heroes of the highway are on the front line as grocery stores struggle to fill shelves emptied by panic buying

Ref. nr. 7100…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Fed sets up scheme to meet foreign demand for dollars bank meets global shortage of greenbacks after scramble for safety

Ref. nr. 7099…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. UK police chiefs urge forces to prioritise persuasion in tackling virus tactics used by some officers to enforce lockdown puts traditional consensual approach at risk

Ref. nr. 7098…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How to help emerging markets fight Covid-19 need balance of payments support if their economies are to 'stop and reboot'

Ref. nr. 7097…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. UK food industry fears waste explosion as coronavirus strains supply chain in supermarket sales and shutdown of hospitality sector disrupts finely-tuned system

Ref. nr. 7096…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Banks pushed to waive personal guarantees for SME coronavirus loans all UK lenders have dropped requirement following government request

Ref. nr. 7095…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Moment of truth for Japan's relationship with private equity poses challenge, and opportunity, for buyout groups such as KKR and Carlyle

Ref. nr. 7094…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Britons flock to parks despite lockdown analysis shows Boris Johnson's measures are working but results lag other countries

Ref. nr. 7093…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Euro bailout chief sees hurdles to quick 'coronabonds' crisis response will require use of existing institutions and instruments

Ref. nr. 7092…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Lex Coronavirus Advice Exchange: Chinese walls in flatshares and epidemic strategies offer tips on team communication and working from a studio flat

Ref. nr. 7091…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Glencore defers $2.6bn dividend decision seeks to 'protect capital structure' as uncertainty swirls over Covid-19 impact

Ref. nr. 7090…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. UK insurers tighten terms to explicitly exclude coronavirus moves to close remaining loopholes, with many contracts up for renewal on April 1

Ref. nr. 7089…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus erodes Abe's leadership record as Tokyo's governor rises prime minister faces mounting criticism over response to Covid-19 pandemic

Ref. nr. 7088…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Shipping groups make plea to help fatigued crews go home of thousands of mariners are stranded because of coronavirus restrictions

Ref. nr. 7087…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Trump must drop bias in virus response resources by partisan criteria is self-defeating and wrong

Ref. nr. 7086…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. We're self-isolating, how can we update our wills?'re in our seventies and want to get our affairs in order quickly

Ref. nr. 7085…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Erdogan under pressure as Turkey's coronavirus toll mounts grow for full lockdown but president says economy must continue to function

Ref. nr. 7084…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Drugmakers under pressure to share coronavirus patents backs making pharmaceuticals open up intellectual property as it did to fight HIV/Aids

Ref. nr. 7083…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Amazon during Covid-19, Rana on corporate interests could emerge a hero if deliveries remain on track

Ref. nr. 7082…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Five world leaders: No time for geopolitical turf battles need a global alliance to fight the pandemic

Ref. nr. 7081…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Poverty helps make Detroit next US virus hotspot residents are in ill health and lack access to medical facilities and grocery stores

Ref. nr. 7080…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Fidelity shuts three Treasury funds to new investors manager caps money market inflows after yields on short-term government debt go negative

Ref. nr. 7079…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Migrants watch and wait as routes shut down hidden network of support for the displaced in Europe appears if you know how to summon it

Ref. nr. 7078…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Pandemic boosts popularity of Trump and Johnson president and UK prime minister among 10 leaders whose approval ratings have risen

Ref. nr. 7077…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How coronavirus will change fashion's supply chains set to revive local manufacturing as designers look to avoid reliance on distant hubs

Ref. nr. 7076…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus brings M&A to a halt woes as Due Diligence turns three years old

Ref. nr. 7075…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Record month for UK supermarkets as consumers spend extra £1.9bn shoppers pushed grocery sales up by a fifth ahead of coronavirus lockdown

Ref. nr. 7074…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Indian outsourcers: victims of de-globalisation will drop sharply following the hiatus in contract signings

Ref. nr. 7073…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. 1m car workers in Europe hit by coronavirus shutdowns toll on jobs through lay-offs and cuts in pay and hours as one of region's key industries comes to 'abrupt halt'

Ref. nr. 7072…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Samsung confirms coronavirus case at chip factory at world's largest chipmaker continues as group of staff self-isolates

Ref. nr. 7071…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The tragedy of two failing superpowers address the pandemic, China and the US must not only function. They must function together

Ref. nr. 7070…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Lockdown fatigue hits as Europe enforces coronavirus restrictions in Italy and Spain begin to chafe against harsh restrictions on daily life

Ref. nr. 7069…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Shell secures $12bn credit facility to safeguard dividend major boosts available liquidity to more than $40bn as coronavirus bites

Ref. nr. 7068…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Pandemic reshapes British and EU politics British public is rallying behind its government in a national emergency — but will that last?

Ref. nr. 7067…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. UK Treasury resists clamour for industry bailouts over coronavirus insist £60bn aid package offers main source of support for ailing businesses

Ref. nr. 7066…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Too much COVID-19 news could harm your health media exposure during a trauma like the COVID-19 pandemic can take a toll, a new study shows. While government officials and news organizations work to communicate critical risk assessments and recommendations to the public during the coronavirus crisis, researchers say a related threat may emerge, psychological distress. "It's a public health paradox that has been identified during and

Ref. nr. 7065…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. China's restrictions may have prevented 700K COVID-19 cases's control measures during the first 50 days of the COVID-19 epidemic may have prevented more than 700,000 infections across the country, a new study shows. China's response may have delayed the spread of the virus to cities outside of Wuhan by several days and interrupted transmission nationwide. The findings could be useful to countries that are still in the early phases of the COVID-19 ou

Ref. nr. 7064…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus spotlights health inequity that was already bad must consider this coronavirus crisis as a wake-up call to prioritize equity and challenge ourselves to consider how to better serve historically underserved communities, a public health expert argues. "In the middle of a pandemic, it is easy to overlook health equity," says Darrell Hudson , associate professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis Health equity, Hudson say

Ref. nr. 7063…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What happens if social distancing for COVID-19 ends too soon? of Americans confined to their homes to help curb the spread of novel coronavirus infections (COVID-19) have a pressing question on their minds: "How long does social distancing need to last?" To explore this question and the consequences of lifting restrictions too early, Erin Mordecai, a biologist at Stanford University, and a team of researchers developed an interactive website that m

Ref. nr. 7062…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Disgust Evolved To Protect Us From Disease. Is It Working? this modern coronavirus pandemic, our ancient instincts for avoiding disease may misfire. disgust_final4.jpg Image credits: Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator Rights information: Copyright American Institute of Physics Human Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – 12:00 Nala Rogers, Staff Writer (Inside Science) — Imagine putting your hand in a pile of poop. It stinks and squishes. What do you do next?

Ref. nr. 7061…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. COVID-19, Facebook Predicts Hospital Visits, and Quantum Science month worth of cool science stories, summed up. COVID-19, Facebook Predicts Hospital Visits, and Quantum Science Video of COVID-19, Facebook Predicts Hospital Visits, and Quantum Science Human Tuesday, March 31, 2020 – 15:15 Alistair Jennings, Contributor (Inside Science) — In this monthly science recap, Alistair Jennings from Inside Science sums up some of the most interesting monthly scienc

Ref. nr. 7060…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Share mobile and social-media data to curb COVID-19, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00908-6

Ref. nr. 7059…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. We need more researchers in Women's History Month, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00925-5 This year's event was derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Next year, we need to hear about more scientists, clinicians and engineers.

Ref. nr. 7058…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the world's biggest physics experiments, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00943-3 Many major facilities have essentially shut down, but some are soldiering on.

Ref. nr. 7057…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the way Earth moves, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00965-x A reduction in seismic noise because of changes in human activity is a boon for geoscientists.

Ref. nr. 7056…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Daily briefing: Coronavirus could have killed 40 million people if the world had not taken action, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00966-w The COVID-19 pandemic could have infected an estimated 90% of the world's population and killed 40.6 million people if no mitigation measures were put in place to combat it. Plus: meet the scientists who are redeploying to fight the virus, and what DNA might say about why some people don't get very ill from COVID-19.

Ref. nr. 7055…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Daily briefing: How to defend a PhD remotely, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00982-w Marine biologist Alyssa Frederick successfully defended her thesis on Zoom — here's how she did it. Plus, celebrating the life of Nobel laureate Philip Anderson, and how scientists are watching for a resurgence of coronavirus infections in places where lockdowns have already worked.

Ref. nr. 7054…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Author Correction: Interplay of protein corona and immune cells controls blood residency of liposomes Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15500-9

Ref. nr. 7053…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus latest: British Airways suspends all flights at Gatwick latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic

Ref. nr. 7052…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19 has caused a drop in emissions – but it's not a climate fix new coronavirus has led to a drastic reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but no credible environmentalists say the response to the pandemic is a solution to climate change

Ref. nr. 7051…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New York City's coronavirus outbreak is already overwhelming hospitals York City is the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak in the US and hospitals are already struggling to treat everyone with covid-19, though the outbreak may not peak for three weeks

Ref. nr. 7050…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New York City Hospitals Struggle To Get Virus Testing Online Amid Patient Surge testing was delayed for weeks at a Brooklyn hospital that has been designated COVID-19 only. Rapid on-site testing can help hospitals prevent the virus from spreading inside their facilities. (Image credit: Misha Friedman/Getty Images)

Ref. nr. 7049…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. HHS To Help Companies Develop COVID-19 Vaccines Department of Health and Human Services outlined support for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, as the companies work to develop coronavirus vaccines. Beefing up manufacturing capacity is a priority. (Image credit: David L. Ryan/Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Ref. nr. 7048…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. C.D.C. Weighs Advising Everyone to Wear a Mask use of nonmedical masks could reduce community transmission. But recommending their broad use could also cause a run on the kind of masks that health care workers desperately need.

Ref. nr. 7047…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam Ireland to Seattle, makers and engineers are creating open-source versions of much-needed medical equipment.

Ref. nr. 7046…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Live Coronavirus News and Updates White House is expected to release models showing the future course of the disease, and the C.D.C. is reviewing its guidance on wearing masks as new data suggests many people with no symptoms are infecting others.

Ref. nr. 7045…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus Live Updates: Crisis Builds From Coast to Coast in U.S. as Death Toll Nears China's White House is expected to release models showing the future course of the disease. President Trump said the states had plenty of testing kits, but governors disagreed. Leaders around the world are seizing dictatorial powers.

Ref. nr. 7044…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Enhanced isolation of SARS-CoV-2 by TMPRSS2-expressing cells [Microbiology] novel betacoronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which caused a large respiratory outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019, is currently spreading across many countries globally. Here, we show that a TMPRSS2-expressing VeroE6 cell line is highly susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection, making it useful for isolating and…

Ref. nr. 7043…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Impact of international travel and border control measures on the global spread of the novel 2019 coronavirus outbreak [Population Biology] novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in mainland China has rapidly spread across the globe. Within 2 mo since the outbreak was first reported on December 31, 2019, a total of 566 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS CoV-2) cases have been confirmed in 26 other countries. Travel restrictions and border control…

Ref. nr. 7042…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. News Feature: Avoiding pitfalls in the pursuit of a COVID-19 vaccine [Immunology and Inflammation] they race to devise a vaccine, researchers are trying to ensure that their candidates don't spur a counterproductive, even dangerous, immune system reaction known as immune enhancement. The teams of researchers scrambling to develop a coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccine clearly face some big challenges, both scientific and logistical….

Ref. nr. 7041…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. No cases of COVID-19 where you live? You should still stay home. are still many communities around the country where COVID-19 is not yet spreading widely. Its important those communities practice social distancing, too. (Pexels/) New York City has become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. As of March 30, the city had recorded over 36,000 cases—more than anyplace else in the nation—and 790 deaths. Officials have projected that th

Ref. nr. 7040…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. A vegan world wouldn't keep diseases like COVID-19 from infecting humans everyone vegan to prevent zoonotic diseases is nonsensical. (Pexels/) While the precise origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is still murky epidemiologists are at least sure it came from animals . This connection has triggered a number of internet folks to draw connections between animal consumption and the arrival of COVID-19 and other zoonotic disease outbreaks. They incl

Ref. nr. 7039…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Mathematics as a Team Sport February, before the COVID-19 pandemic locked down cities and closed borders, I spent four days with about 50 mathematicians at the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics in the Black Forest of southern Germany. Most weeks of the year the institute hosts small gatherings focused on different areas of mathematics. I planned to insinuate myself among the professional mathematicians: brea

Ref. nr. 7038…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Employees at home are being photographed every 5 minutes by an always-on video service to ensure they're actually working — and the service is seeing a rapid expansion since the coronavirus outbreak by /u/speckz [link] [comments]

Ref. nr. 7037…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Bosses speed up automation as virus keeps workers home by /u/antiniche [link] [comments]

Ref. nr. 7036…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. When we look back, COVID-19 will be a catalyst for a cultural movement that's cracking down on consumerism by /u/canbii [link] [comments]

Ref. nr. 7035…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Technology To Clean And Reuse PPE Is Being Deployed To Hotspot Hospitals by /u/navidff [link] [comments]

Ref. nr. 7034…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. German Researchers Suggest "Immunity Passports" To Get Immune People Working

Ref. nr. 7033…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Quarantine routine: astronaut Chris Hadfield says self-isolation is a lot like flying a spaceship by /u/stairapprentice [link] [comments]

Ref. nr. 7032…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Wastewater test could provide early warning of COVID-19 are working on a new test to detect SARS-CoV-2 in the wastewater of communities infected with the virus. The wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) approach could provide an effective and rapid way to predict the potential spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) by picking up on biomarkers in feces and urine from disease carriers that enter the sewer system.

Ref. nr. 7031…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Solving a medical mystery and changing CDC screenings for COVID-19 Davis Health physicians and medical staff detail the diagnosis and treatment for first known case of community transmission of COVID-19 in the US. The case reveals how the patient's symptoms matched — and sometimes varied from — published studies of COVID-19 infection at the time.

Ref. nr. 7030…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Caring for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic lay out guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers and family caregivers who are providing care for older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ref. nr. 7029…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Can you put a price on COVID-19 options? Experts weigh lives versus economics results favor strict control measures

Ref. nr. 7028…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Should pets be tested for coronavirus? testing kits are ready, but there are roadblocks to using them

Ref. nr. 7027…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. U.S. Clears More Than 5,000 Outpatient Centers as Makeshift Hospitals in COVID Crisis surgery centers, normally restricted to day use, can now take non-infected patients from hospitals — Read more on

Ref. nr. 7026…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coyotes Eat Everything from Fruits to Cats diets of coyotes vary widely, depending on whether they live in rural, suburban or urban environments—but pretty much anything is fair game. — Read more on

Ref. nr. 7025…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Ny superinfluensa att vänta i framtiden coronapandemi som nu sprider sig över jorden är inte den första pandemi som drabbat mänskligheten. Och långt ifrån den sista om man ska tro experterna.

Ref. nr. 7024…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronaviruset: tre metoder för att få fram läkemedel flera länder, däribland Sverige, söker forskare efter behandlingsmetoder för det nya coronaviruset. Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam tillhör den stora skara som försöker hitta ett läkemedel mot sjukdomen.

Ref. nr. 7023…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What does the coronavirus outbreak mean for climate change? senior editor for energy asked experts how we should think about the climate threat while there's a pandemic raging.

Ref. nr. 7022…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Why I am volunteering to get the coronavirus vaccine spoke to Ian Haydon, who will soon be one of 45 people who will get an experimental covid-19 vaccine in Seattle.

Ref. nr. 7021…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Ventilator firms are racing to boost production as the pandemic accelerates it's not clear whether unusual partnerships and shared designs will be enough to stay ahead of escalating coronavirus infections.

Ref. nr. 7020…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How the 1918 Pandemic Frayed Social Bonds officials in Seattle announced a citywide lockdown, 15-year-old Violet Harris was overjoyed that she no longer had to go to school. "Good idea? I'll say it is!" she wrote in her diary , excerpted at length in USA Today . "The only cloud in my sky is that the [School] Board will add the missed days on to the end of the term." But as the reality of quarantine set in, Harris grew bored. Unable

Ref. nr. 7019…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Three Scenarios for How This Ends question on everyone's mind is this: When will things go back to normal? My answer is never. The world is changed forever: No matter how deeply affected you are—medically, financially, emotionally, or otherwise—there is no going back. But the decisions we make about how to proceed now are extremely consequential, and the potential outcomes before us are vastly different. My colleague Ed Yong

Ref. nr. 7018…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Innocent Prisoners Are Going to Die of the Coronavirus's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . W hile millions of Americans shelter in place, one group simply cannot escape the coronavirus: prisoners. Among them are hundreds of people who have plausible claims that they are innocent, whose cases were working their way through the courts—until the coronavirus ground r

Ref. nr. 7017…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. How to Talk About the Coronavirus's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . As the coronavirus pandemic explodes, so does our exposure to a virulent combination of misinformation , disinformation , and hackneyed amateur analysis . We are all trying to make sense of what this means and what to do. I've spent 15 years as a science communicator—diggin

Ref. nr. 7016…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. This Isn't All Trump's Fault (But He Isn't Helping Either) much of America's present coronavirus crisis is President Donald Trump's fault? Answering this question is, of course, impossible. We have no way to see some alternative timeline in which another president handles the crisis flawlessly. Thus, we have no way to determine the additional death toll caused by Trump's mismanagement of the crisis. Here's what we can say with some degree of confiden

Ref. nr. 7015…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Let People Out of Jail he closure of local courts in response to the coronavirus pandemic is causing versions of the same crisis in cities across the country. Arraignments have been delayed and trials postponed. Defense attorneys are confused about how to challenge wrongful or needless detentions. And as police keep making arrests, already overcrowded jails risk being overwhelmed, even as public-health officials urge

Ref. nr. 7014…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. For Trump, Power Is for Self-Preservation Only, if ever, has a president claimed so much power—and then turned around and done so little with it. Just a few months ago, when Donald Trump was being impeached in the House and tried in the Senate, he and his legal team insisted that presidential power is all but unlimited. Alan Dershowitz, one of Trump's legal advisers, suggested that if the president believes that his staying in power is

Ref. nr. 7013…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Political Genius of Donald Trump Trump is presiding over one of the worst calamities to befall the nation in living memory, and anyone who has followed his response since the coronavirus morphed from a worrisome outbreak in a Chinese province into a global pandemic knows the truth: Trump's response has been disastrous. It's no wonder that just a couple of weeks ago, a writer in this magazine concluded that "the Trump pres

Ref. nr. 7012…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. We Need 1 Million Tests a Week President Trump claimed yesterday that coronavirus testing is no longer a problem, the fact is that the U.S. is still not testing enough. A recent report from the American Enterprise Institute estimates, based on peak demand of past flu seasons, that we need to conduct at least 750,000 tests a week , and this may be a conservative suggestion. Other groups estimate that we need to test mo

Ref. nr. 7011…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. We Need to Start Tossing Money Out of Helicopters's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . That whrrrrr sound you hear is the Federal Reserve's money printer firing up. The emergency public-health measures necessary to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus have thrown the economy into an unprecedented recession, one that threatens to become a second Great Depr

Ref. nr. 7010…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Why There's No National Lockdown the United States, COVID-19 cases top 120,000 —now the most of any country in the world—and deaths surpass 2,000. Many states are acting to contain viral spread through mass closures of businesses and orders to stay inside the home. However, in the absence of a national-level order, such measures are not uniform across the whole country, and Americans can still travel from one area to another—

Ref. nr. 7009…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Case Against Waging 'War' on the Coronavirus curbing the spread of the coronavirus is akin to being "at war," then it is unlike any war the world has ever fought. Still, the irregularity of this particular fight hasn't stopped leaders from invoking wartime imagery. In China, where the outbreak was confirmed earlier this year, Xi Jinping vowed to wage a " people's war " on the coronavirus. As the disease spread across the globe, the battl

Ref. nr. 7008…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Public Libraries' Novel Response to a Novel Virus's public libraries have led the ranks of " second responders ," stepping up for their communities in times of natural or manmade disasters, like hurricanes, floods, shootings, fires, and big downturns in individual lives. Throughout all these events, libraries have stayed open, filling in for the kids when their schools closed; offering therapeutic sessions in art or conversation or writi

Ref. nr. 7007…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Wild Goats Roam Through an Empty Welsh Town measures taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have left the streets of cities and towns vacant for weeks now. In the seaside town of Llandudno, Wales, a small herd of wild Kashmiri goats that normally roam nearby rocky hillsides has taken advantage of the moment, and ventured into the town to feed on hedges and rest in grassy areas. The herd has previously appeared in the town

Ref. nr. 7006…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Exclusive: Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . On March 13, President Donald Trump promised Americans they would soon be able to access a new website that would ask them about their symptoms and direct them to nearby coronavirus testing sites. He said Google was helping. That wasn't true . But in the following days, Osc

Ref. nr. 7005…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What Will Happen When Red States Need Help? shouldn't be all that remarkable when two leaders talk in a crisis. On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump got on the phone with Mayor Bill de Blasio to discuss what New York City needs to survive a white-hot outbreak that is only getting worse. De Blasio asked him to send more ventilators and military personnel, warning that in a week's time, the health-care system could be overwhelmed. Ye

Ref. nr. 7004…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. First batch of new NHS ventilators to be built this weekend approval expected for machine being adapted by Oxfordshire-based Penlon Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The first batch of medical ventilators that will be used to treat Covid-19 patients is due to roll off production lines this weekend, as fresh orders were announced that take the total number of devices in the pipeline to more than 61,000. The government

Ref. nr. 7003…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Oxford firm to screen 15,000 drugs in search for coronavirus cure to use AI to hunt through compounds which have passed human trials Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage An Oxford-based firm that uses artificial intelligence to develop new medicines has teamed up with a UK national science facility to screen more than 15,000 drugs for their effectiveness as a treatment for Covid-19. Exscientia, a spinoff company from the Univ

Ref. nr. 7002…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Egypt's disdain for transparency will backfire in this coronavirus crisis | Timothy Kaldas Sisi may have nothing to hide, but his crackdown on anyone who challenges the official line only fuels speculation Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage During a public health crisis, a government's credibility is a vital asset. To slow the spread of a virus, the government must convincingly inform and instruct the public. And to do this, it must inspire trust –

Ref. nr. 7001…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Guardian view on the Covid-19 strategy: insuring against a killer virus that could almost double the number of deaths a year in the UK was left to spread untracked and could have overwhelmed the NHS. That can't be allowed to happen again Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The arms race between human immunity and viral pathogens is constant. The contest had been hidden from the public until swine flu, the first global influenza pande

Ref. nr. 7000…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Young people have paid enough – spare them from footing the coronavirus bill | Gaby Hinsliff the financial crash, Britain's young shouldered the burden. The Conservatives must not let that happen again The kids are boomeranging back again. Up and down the country, overgrown children are shuffling home to roost, refugees from a virus that has stalled their adult lives mid-launch. University lectures and supervisions have all been moved online, so there's no point student children mo

Ref. nr. 6999…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19: how do we test for it? – podcast Devlin speaks with Prof David Smith about the various ways in which clinicians can test whether or not someone is infected with Sars-CoV-2. And, following the recent announcement that the UK government has bought millions of antibody tests, explores what these might be able to tell us Continue reading…

Ref. nr. 6998…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. 'We're at risk, just like doctors': the NHS staff fighting coronavirus behind the scenes workers including a physiotherapist and a radiographer on how they are helping to battle the virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage This pandemic has brought to light the importance of my profession. People hear about testing for coronavirus but they don't recognise we're the ones doing it. Continue reading…

Ref. nr. 6997…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. NHS staff 'gagged' over coronavirus shortages and nurses warned not to discuss lack of protective kit, medics claim Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage NHS staff are being gagged from speaking out about widespread shortages of personal protective equipment that they fear could risk their lives from the coronavirus, frontline medics claim. Related: Protective equipment being diverted from care homes to hospit

Ref. nr. 6996…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. NHS developing app to trace close contacts of coronavirus carriers is nearly ready for use and would also tell people when they should self isolate Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The NHS is in talks to roll out a smartphone app that instantly traces close contacts of people carrying the coronavirus and advises them to self-isolate. The app, developed by NHSX – the health service's digital transformation arm – with academ

Ref. nr. 6995…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. US briefing: Cuomo's virus warning, business reacts and age risk study's top story: NY governor says state's coronavirus deluge is a harbinger of what's to come for the US. Plus, a heatwave in the coldest place on Earth Good morning, I'm Tim Walker with today's essential stories. Continue reading…

Ref. nr. 6994…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. What happens when a city's hospital closes 'without warning' during a pandemic of doctors and nurses in Kansas city of Wellington are improvising ways to battle the coming pandemic with little guidance and not much equipment Coronavirus – latest US updates C oronavirus – latest global updates See all our coronavirus coverage The frontline in the battle against coronavirus has shifted a couple of hundred yards down the main road through the Kansas city of Wellington. T

Ref. nr. 6993…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Boy, 13, dies in London after testing positive for coronavirus Mohamed Abdulwahab died at King's College hospital in the capital on Monday morning Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage A 13-year-old boy with no apparent underlying health conditions has died after testing positive for coronavirus, his family has said. Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab from Brixton, south London, died in hospital in the early hours of Monday. He had test

Ref. nr. 6992…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. China gets mixed results in its attempt to lift lockdown venues that had reopened were told by the government to close yet again Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The celebrations have begun in cities across China as they mark the end of the country's battle with coronavirus. Sinocare, a biotech company in Changsha last week gathered employees in a park, each standing a meter apart, and urged them to remove their face m

Ref. nr. 6991…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should I call the doctor? are the symptoms caused by the Covid-19 virus, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Find all our coronavirus coverage here Coronavirus – latest updates How to protect yourself and others from infection It is caused by a member of the coronavirus family that has never been encountered before. Like other coronaviruses, it has transferred to humans from animals. The World Health Or

Ref. nr. 6990…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus UK: how many confirmed cases are in your area? figures from public health authorities on the spread of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom. Find out how many cases have been reported near you Coronavirus – live news updates Find all our coronavirus coverage here How to protect yourself from infection Please note: these are government figures on numbers of confirmed cases – some people who report symptoms are not being tested, and are not in

Ref. nr. 6989…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus vaccine: when will it be ready? trials will begin imminently – but even if they go well and a cure is found, there are many barriers before global immunisation is feasible Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Even at their most effective – and draconian – containment strategies have only slowed the spread of the respiratory disease Covid-19. With the World Health Organization finally declaring a p

Ref. nr. 6988…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. England: more than third of hospital Covid-19 deaths in London out of 10 trusts with highest death tolls are in the capital, with 590 deaths in total More than a third of coronavirus deaths in hospitals in England have occurred in London, with 590 deaths across the capital, according to the latest figures from NHS England. Seven out of ten trusts with the highest death tolls in England are in London and the deaths are concentrated in a handful of hospi

Ref. nr. 6987…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Germany charters 30 times more rescue flights for citizens than UK repatriation effort sees German government charter 42 flights as 300,000 Britons remain stranded worldwide Coronavirus – latest updates Latest UK Covid-19 news See all our coronavirus coverage The German government has taken the lead role in the biggest repatriation effort in peacetime, chartering 30 times more rescue flights than the UK and flying home more than 40,000 travellers from acros

Ref. nr. 6986…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. 'I would like to live a bit longer, wouldn't everybody?': how the vulnerable are coping with coronavirus and vulnerable people talk about the stresses of self-isolation Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Up to 1.5 million people with severe health conditions including some cancers, cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have been told to self-isolate by the government because they are at a much greater risk from coronavirus. Free food parc

Ref. nr. 6985…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Coronavirus epidemic 'far from over' in Asia-Pacific, WHO warns country needs to keep preparing for large-scale community transmission, says regional director Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The coronavirus epidemic is "far from over" in the Asia-Pacific region, and current measures to curb the spread of the virus are buying time for countries to prepare for large-scale community transmissions, a WHO official has said. Even

Ref. nr. 6984…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Worst-hit German district to become coronavirus 'laboratory' will follow 1,000 people in Heinsberg to create plan for how to deal with virus Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage German scientists have announced what they described as a first-of-its-kind study into how coronavirus spreads and how it can be contained, using the country's worst-hit district as a real-life laboratory. The virus has spread more widely among the 25

Ref. nr. 6983…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. EPA Protections Relaxed During Coronavirus Pandemic potential worker shortages and the effects of restricted travel and social distancing, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a "sweeping suspension" of environmental regulations that some say gives companies free rein to pollute.

Ref. nr. 6982…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Phoseon UV Products Aid in the Fight Against Pathogens state technology for virus inactivation and pathogen research

Ref. nr. 6981…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. New Studies Find Bio-Rad's QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System Can Detect COVID-19 With Greater Sensitivity and Precision Than Other Existing Molecular Tests[no content]

Ref. nr. 6980…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Europol advarer om øget trussel: Cyberangreb kan koste menneskeliv udnytter den verdensomspændende corona-krise til at tjene penge, antallet af cyberangreb forventes at stige, og et stort angreb på tværs af landegrænser kan ikke længere udelukkes, advarer Europol i en ny rapport.

Ref. nr. 6979…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Region Syddanmark: Antallet af virtuelle lægebesøg stiger voldsomt»Video-konsultationer får hverdagen til at hænge sammen,« lyder det fra praktiserende læge.

Ref. nr. 6978…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. The Coronavirus Relief Bill Promotes Surveillance for Health package includes $500 million for tracking and data collection, worrying some government watchdogs.

Ref. nr. 6977…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19 Is Our 9/11. Who Will Be Our Rudy Giuliani? scale of the Covid-19 crisis is dwarfing the leaders confronting it.

Ref. nr. 6976…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Covid-19 Symptoms: What to Do If You Might Have It calm. Here's our guide to what symptoms you should look out for, and how to respond if you've been exposed.

Ref. nr. 6975…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. A Creator of the Ebola Vaccine Has Hope for Slowing Covid-19 Kobinger says a vaccine targeting groups like the elderly could be ready in less than a year, and control measures are slowing the disease's spread.

Ref. nr. 6974…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. In Crowded Hospitals, Who Will Get Life-Saving Equipment? health care workers prepare for surges of Covid-19 patients, they must grapple with the ethics of rationing critical medical gear.

Ref. nr. 6973…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Online Credit Card Skimmers Are Thriving During the Pandemic brick and mortars close due to the novel coronavirus, thieves have increasingly targeted digital checkout.

Ref. nr. 6972…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. People Read a Lot of Covid News—but It Won't Save the Media, everyone is hungry for information about the pandemic. But media's ability to monetize that readership is dissolving. Time for policymakers to act.

Ref. nr. 6971…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. This Pandemic Is Perilously Boring's far from being the most important source of human suffering. But the rapid spread of boredom across the world is a crisis of its own.

Ref. nr. 6970…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. 'Tiger King' Is Cruel and Appalling—Why Are We All Watching It? Netflix docuseries is extremely popular. It's also appalling. Why are people flocking to such a feel-bad show?

Ref. nr. 6969…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>corona….. Why Life During a Pandemic Feels So Surreal study of the surreal has mostly concerned Dali's paintings and Kafka's writings. But there are psychological reasons why every day seems so otherworldly.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>fakenews….. Studies find link between belief in conspiracy theories and political engagement belief in the existence of conspiracies seems to go hand-in-hand with the assumption that political violence is an acceptable option

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. A Climate Fluctuation That Could Improve Forecasts Remains a Mystery unknown influence of climate change has thrown a wrench into efforts to understand the Madden-Julian Oscillation — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Extreme weather events recorded by daily to hourly resolution biogeochemical proxies of marine giant clam shells [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] research has built a framework for Earth's climate changes over the past 65 million years or even longer. However, our knowledge of weather-timescale extreme events (WEEs, also named paleoweather), which usually occur over several days or hours, under different climate regimes is almost blank because current paleoclimatic records rarely…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Fjernvarmen til politikerne: Næsten halvdelen af klimamål kan nås med opvarmning Fjernvarme præsenterer i dag et politisk udspil, der viser, hvordan grøn omstilling af boligopvarmning kan bidrage med 44,4 procent af CO2-reduktionerne i 2030-målet.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Flooding stunted 2019 cropland growing season, resulting in more atmospheric CO2 new Caltech-JPL study determines the impact of the severe 2019 floods, and offers scientists a new tool for measuring regional-scale carbon dioxide absorption by plants.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. How the layouts, or textures, of cities influence extreme weather events you've ever turned down a city street only to be blasted with air, you've stepped into what is known as an urban canyon.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Japan submits unchanged national climate plan, lowers the bar for other big emitters part of the Paris Agreement countries must submit revised national climate plans in five year cycles. According to the agreement, countries should submit a second round of plans (or Nationally Determined Contributions—NDCs) in 2020 to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. New Trump mileage standards to gut Obama climate effort Donald Trump is poised to roll back ambitious Obama-era vehicle mileage standards and raise the ceiling on damaging fossil fuel emissions for years to come, gutting one of the United States' biggest efforts against climate change.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Nutrient dilution and climate cycles underlie declines in a dominant insect herbivore [Ecology] for global insect declines mounts, increasing our need to understand underlying mechanisms. We test the nutrient dilution (ND) hypothesis—the decreasing concentration of essential dietary minerals with increasing plant productivity—that particularly targets insect herbivores. Nutrient dilution can result from increased plant biomass due to climate or CO2 enrichment. Additionally, when…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Researchers investigate how forests are changing in response to global warming the climate is changing, so too are the world's forests. From the misty redwoods in the west to the Blue Ridge forest of Appalachia, many sylvan ecosystems are adapting to drier conditions.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Scientists list four key actions to halt global warming latest edition of the JRC's Global Energy and Climate Outlook (GECO), identifies four technological dynamics in the energy sector that have the power to limit global warming to below 2°C if implemented simultaneously.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Scientists record first reported heatwave at Antarctica's Casey research station summer, while drought, heatwaves and bushfires ravaged Australia, Antarctica was also experiencing a summer of extreme weather.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Scientists tap unused energy source to power smart sensor networks electricity that lights our homes and powers our appliances also creates small magnetic fields that are present all around us. Scientists have developed a new mechanism capable of harvesting this wasted magnetic field energy and converting it into enough electricity to power next-generation sensor networks for smart buildings and factories.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>climate….. Shared vision for a decarbonized future energy system in the United States [Sustainability Science] do people envision the future energy system in the United States with respect to using fossil fuels, renewable energy, and nuclear energy? Are there shared policy pathways of achieving a decarbonized energy system? Here, we present results of an online survey (n = 2,429) designed to understand public perceptions…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<><>….. New UC Davis research suggests parents should limit screen media for preschoolers–nud033120.phpNew research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics this week says screen time for children should be limited.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. A new mechanism triggering cell death and inflammation: A left turn that kills in 'Nature', researchers from Cologne, Texas and London describe their discovery of a new mechanism that could contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. The scientists found that ZBP1, a protein best known for defending against incoming viruses, is activated by sensing an unusual form of cellular genetic material (Z-nucleic acids), leading to cell death and inflammation.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. A New Way of Exploring Immunity[no content]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Artificial intelligence can help some businesses but may not work for others temptation for businesses to use artificial intelligence and other technology to improve performance, drive down labor costs, and better the bottom line is understandable. But before pursuing automation that could put the jobs of human employees at risk, it is important that business owners take careful stock of their operations.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. As ice recedes in Antarctica, new microbial research frontier opens global temperatures are changing life on every continent on Earth, including Antarctica, where more microbes are moving into territory previously covered by ice. How these microbes respond to warming will offer clues about what future Antarctica will look like and who will thrive there. Microbial ecologist and Ph.D. candidate Alicia Purcell from the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Taken to find meaning in life through authentic and autonomous living — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Biochemists trap and visualize an enzyme as it becomes active do you capture a cellular process that transpires in the blink of an eye? Biochemists at MIT have devised a way to trap and visualize a vital enzyme at the moment it becomes active—informing drug development and revealing how biological systems store and transfer energy.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Bison in northern Yellowstone proving to be too much of a good thing numbers of bison in Yellowstone National Park in recent years have become a barrier to ecosystem recovery in the iconic Lamar Valley in the northern part of the park.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Cells must age for muscles to regenerate in muscle-degenerating diseases can only improve strength in muscle-degenerating diseases when a specific type of muscle cell ages, report researchers.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Chimpanzees found to age in ways similar to humans team of researchers from the University of New Mexico and the Kibale Chimpanzee Project in Uganda has found similarities between the way chimpanzees and humans age. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their 20-year study of chimps living at Kibale National Park and what they learned about the ways they age.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Consuming extra calories can help exercising women avoid menstrual disorders women who struggle to consume enough calories and have menstrual disorders can simply increase their food intake to recover their menstrual cycle, according to a study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Defaunation in rainforests could have more severe consequences than reported rainforests are emptying out due to the ongoing extinction of animal species caused by overhunting and forest fragmentation. But not only species as such, also the number of individuals of species living in rainforests continue to decline. Large-bodied species, which are particularly vulnerable to changes, decline at a comparably faster rate than other species. A new study by researchers

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Extreme high-frequency signals enable terabits-per-second data links the same technology that allows high-frequency signals to travel on regular phone lines, researchers tested sending extremely high-frequency, 200 GHz signals through a pair of copper wires. The result is a link that can move data at rates of terabits per second, significantly faster than currently available channels.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Fracking chemical may interfere with male sex hormone receptor chemical used in hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, has the potential to interfere with reproductive hormones in men, according to research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Help Profs Teach Stanford's Popular, and Now Free, Online Intro to Coding Course signed up to be a volunteer section leader. You can too! But do it ASAP — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Honeyeaters send lightning-fast warning signals Holland honeyeaters are experts at sounding the alarm when there's danger, according to new research from biologists at The Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Cambridge.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Hubble finds best evidence for elusive mid-sized black hole have found the best evidence for the perpetrator of a cosmic homicide: a black hole of an elusive class known as "intermediate-mass," which betrayed its existence by tearing apart a wayward star that passed too close.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Identification of viruses and bacteria could be speed up through computational methods new multinational study has shown how the process of distinguishing viruses and bacteria could be accelerated through the use of computational methods.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. In an African forest, a fight to save the endangered pangolin prehistoric shape is hard to make out as it moves slowly through the gloomy forest, so trackers listen for the rustle of scales against the leaves to pick up its trail.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Mesoamerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry Spanish invaders arrived in the Americas, they were generally able to subjugate the local peoples thanks, in part, to their superior weaponry and technology. But archeological evidence indicates that, in at least one crucial respect, the Spaniards were quite dependent on an older Indigenous technology in parts of Mesoamerica (today's Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras).

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Needing a change? Researchers find GABA is the key to metamorphosis, or a dramatic change in physical appearance, is a normal part of the life cycle of many animals, carried out to take advantage of different ecological niches. Yet the process of metamorphosis—how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, or a tadpole transforms into a frog—is not well understood and has only been studied in a small number of species.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. New electrically activated material could improve braille readers braille displays translate information from computer screens into raised characters. But this technology can cost thousands of dollars and is limited. Researchers now report an improved material that could take these displays to the next level, allowing those who are blind or who have low vision to more easily understand text and images, while lowering cost.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. New pathogen threatens fennel yield in Italy new fungal genus and species Ochraceocephala foeniculi causes fennel yield losses of about 20-30% for three different cultivars. It damages the crops with necrotic lesions on the crown, root and stem. International research group makes the first step in handling the new fennel disease by publishing their paper in the open-access journal Mycokeys.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. New quantum technology could help diagnose and treat heart condition fibrillation (AF) is a heart condition that causes an irregular and abnormally fast heart rate, potentially leading to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications. While the causes of AF are unknown, it affects around one million people in the UK with cases predicted to rise at a great cost to the NHS.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Ocean data portal maps show significant shifts by mid-Atlantic fish species series of interactive maps published on the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal illustrates the shifts that have taken place over the last five decades by several commercially and recreationally important fish species living along the East Coast.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. On Mars or Earth, biohybrid can turn carbon dioxide into new products humans ever hope to colonize Mars, the settlers will need to manufacture on-planet a huge range of organic compounds, from fuels to drugs, that are too expensive to ship from Earth.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Organic soybean producers can be competitive using little or no tillage soybean producers using no-till and reduced-tillage production methods that incorporate cover crops — strategies that protect soil health and water quality — can achieve similar yields at competitive costs compared to tillage-based production.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Police officers' views before and after Ferguson counter accuracy of Ferguson effect new longitudinal study examined whether the Ferguson Effect was real. The study, of law enforcement officers before and after Ferguson, found little support for the concept, though it did identify a reduction in officers' job satisfaction and an increase in their cynicism.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Preservation of testicular cells to save endangered feline species research team at the German Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) developed a method to isolate and cryopreserve testicular cells. This will allow the safekeeping and biobanking of gametes and other cells of the male reproductive tract of threatened or endangered feline species. The findings have been published in the scientific journal 'Cryobiology.'

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Progress toward gender equality in the United States has slowed or stalled [Social Sciences] examine change in multiple indicators of gender inequality for the period of 1970 to 2018. The percentage of women (age 25 to 54) who are employed rose continuously until ∼2000 when it reached its highest point to date of 75%; it was slightly lower at 73% in 2018. Women…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Quantum-entangled light from a vibrating membrane from the Quantum Optomechanics group at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, recently entangled two laser beams through bouncing them off the same mechanical resonator, a tensioned membrane. This provides a novel way of entangling disparate electromagnetic fields, from microwave radiation to optical beams. Creating entanglement between optical and microwave fields would

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Researchers discover molecule's unusual cell-killing mechanism after Jake Eaton joined the lab of Stuart Schreiber at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in 2015, the postdoctoral researcher became intrigued by some wild theories being debated by his colleagues. The theories centered on a strange small molecule known as ML210, which can kill cells by turning on a cellular process called ferroptosis. Vasanthi Viswanathan, a postdoctoral fellow in the S

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Researchers reveal mechanism of trimming longer RNA transcripts to become micro RNA particular group of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) known as microRNAs (miRNAs) are ~22 nucleotide (nt) in length and play vital roles in diverse physiological processes. Aberrant expression of miRNAs has been linked to the development and progression of various human diseases including cancers. Certain miRNAs are even considered as biomarkers for diagnosis and targets for drug discovery.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Scientists find a practical approach to improve differential gene expression analysis of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) is a fundamental step for many biomedical studies. RNA-sequencing is the most popular approach for this purpose and is widely used. For example, two algorithms for RNA-sequencing differential expression (DE) analysis, edgeR and DESeq2, have been cited over 10,000 times.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Sediments may control location, magnitude of megaquakes world's most powerful earthquakes strike at subduction zones, areas where enormous amounts of stress build up as one tectonic plate dives beneath another. When suddenly released, this stress can cause devastating 'megaquakes' like the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku event, which killed nearly 16,000 people and crippled Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Sophisticatedly engineered 'watercourts' stored live fish, fueling Florida's Calusa kingdom mighty Calusa ruled South Florida for centuries, wielding military power, trading and collecting tribute along routes that sprawled hundreds of miles, creating shell islands, erecting enormous buildings and dredging canals wider than some highways. Unlike the Aztecs, Maya and Inca, who built their empires with the help of agriculture, the Calusa kingdom was founded on fishing.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Study shows potential for using fiber-optic networks to assess ground motions during earthquakes new study from a University of Michigan researcher and colleagues at three institutions demonstrates the potential for using existing networks of buried optical fibers as an inexpensive observatory for monitoring and studying earthquakes.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Surfing the waves: Electrons break law to go with the flow you see people walking down a street and coming to a junction, it's difficult to predict which direction they might take. But, if you see people sitting in separate boats, floating down a stream, and the stream splits into two channels, it's likely that most, if not all, of them will be carried down one channel, the channel that has the stronger flow.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Textile-fiber-embedded multiluminescent device for future wearable devices Soon Moon Jeong's research team in the Division of Energy Technology at DGIST has developed a new structure of luminescence technology. This will enable the production of light-emitting elements that overcome the limitations of existing methods, expecting to greatly help improve the efficiency of light-emitting elements used in various ways such as billboards and banners.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. The architecture of a 'shape-shifting' norovirus picture tells a story… none more so than this detailed visualisation of a strain of the norovirus.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. The unlikely story of the green peafowl all know that habitat loss is pushing many species to the brink of extinction, with the conversion of forests for agricultural use a particular problem.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Ultrabright X-ray bursts reveal how plants respond to light within fraction of a second have revealed intricate structural changes in plants, fungi and bacteria in response to light, according to a new study published today in the open-access journal eLife.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Untangling the social lives of spiders begin to unravel the genetic mechanism by which a solitary spider becomes a social one.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Water pressure: Ancient aquatic crocs evolved, enlarged to avoid freezing the evolutionary plunge into water and abandoning land for good, as some crocodilian ancestors did nearly 200 million years ago, is often framed as choosing freedom: from gravity, from territorial boundaries, from dietary constraints.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Wearable device lets patients with type 2 diabetes safely use affordable insulin option with type 2 diabetes requiring insulin therapy can safely achieve good blood sugar control using regular human insulin (RHI) in a wearable, patch-like insulin delivery device called V-Go®. Results of the randomized controlled study — which was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journ

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. What a hoot: The adventures of Australia's youngest scientist just six, Grace Fulton is possibly Australia's youngest scientist, participating in field research to help protect precious owl species.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. What can fruit flies teach us about how creatures find food? you imagine looking for a destination without a GPS, visual landmarks, or even street signs?

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. When warblers warn of cowbirds, blackbirds get the message is the story of three bird species and how they interact. The brown-headed cowbird plays the role of outlaw: It lays its eggs in other birds' nests and lets them raise its young—often at the expense of the host's nestlings. To combat this threat, yellow warblers have developed a special "seet" call that means, "Look out! Cowbird!"

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Where in the brain does creativity come from? Evidence from jazz musicians new brain-imaging study out of Drexel University's Creativity Research Lab studied the brain activity of jazz guitarists during improvisation to show that creativity is, in fact, driven primarily by the right hemisphere in musicians who are comparatively inexperienced at improvisation. However, musicians who are highly experienced at improvisation rely primarily on their left hemisphere.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)…..<>….. Why communities must be at the heart of conserving wildlife, plants and ecosystems little more than a year ago, the Haida Nation released the Land-Sea-People plan to manage Gwaii Haanas, off the coast of northern British Columbia, "from mountaintop to seafloor as a single, interconnected ecosystem."

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. {beta}-Arrestin2 arrests the clearance of tau in FTLD [Neuroscience] dementia (FTD) comprises a spectrum of clinical syndromes associated with several underlying neurodegenerative diseases. The primary brain areas affected in patients with FTD are the frontal and temporal lobes. As such, FTD is also referred to as frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) (1). In patients younger than 65 y, FTLD…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. 139 Minor Planets Found in our Solar System new method for hunting minor planets uncovered more than a hundred small, distant worlds. And the novel technique could even help resolve the mystery of Planet Nine.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. 5 Ways an Electric Bike Will Change Your Life may not realize it, but electric bikes are having a bit of a moment. Ebike sales skyrocketed by 91% from 2017 to 2018, and some experts expect 130 million electric bikes to be motoring around the U.S. by 2023—far outpacing the number of electric cars and trucks projected to be on the roads by then. If you're not already part of the crew who's figured out how electric bikes can transform your

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. a 1930s vision of the future by /u/2toneSound [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A better Amazon road network for people and the environment [Environmental Sciences] rapidly expanding network of roads into the Amazon is permanently altering the world's largest tropical forest. Most proposed road projects lack rigorous impact assessments or even basic economic justification. This study analyzes the expected environmental, social and economic impacts of 75 road projects, totaling 12 thousand kilometers of planned…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A blood test finds deadly cancers before symptoms start, Published online: 30 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00959-9 A DNA-based test pinpoints the tissue of origin for almost all sampled cancers.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A key mammalian cholesterol synthesis enzyme, squalene monooxygenase, is allosterically stabilized by its substrate [Biochemistry] biosynthesis is a high-cost process and, therefore, tightly regulated by both transcriptional and posttranslational negative feedback mechanisms in response to the level of cellular cholesterol. Squalene monooxygenase (SM, also known as squalene epoxidase or SQLE) is a rate-limiting enzyme in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway and catalyzes epoxidation of squalene….

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A little history goes a long way toward understanding why we study consciousness the way we do today [Neuroscience] is currently a thriving area of research in psychology and neuroscience. While this is often attributed to events that took place in the early 1990s, consciousness studies today are a continuation of research that started in the late 19th century and that continued throughout the 20th century. From the…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A new search for axiom dark matter rules out past numerical predictions ADMX collaboration, a group of researchers working at universities across the U.S. and Europe, has recently performed a new search for invisible axion dark matter using a cavity haloscope and a low-noise Josephson parametric amplifier. Cavity haloscopes are sensitive instruments designed to detect and study halos around luminous bodies or other physical phenomena. Josephson parametric amplifie

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A new tool for controlling reactions in microrobots and microreactors a new paper, Thomas Russell and postdoctoral fellow Ganhua Xie, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, report that they have used capillary forces to develop a simple method for producing self-assembling hanging droplets of an aqueous polymer solution from the surface of a second aqueous polymer solution in well-ordered arrays.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A pair of esterases from a commensal gut bacterium remove acetylations from all positions on complex {beta}-mannans [Biochemistry]β-mannans and xylans are important components of the plant cell wall and they are acetylated to be protected from degradation by glycoside hydrolases. β-mannans are widely present in human and animal diets as fiber from leguminous plants and as thickeners and stabilizers in processed foods. There are many fully characterized…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A pheromone antagonist liberates female sea lamprey from a sensory trap to enable reliable communication [Evolution] evolution of male signals and female preferences remains a central question in the study of animal communication. The sensory trap model suggests males evolve signals that mimic cues used in nonsexual contexts and thus manipulate female behavior to generate mating opportunities. Much evidence supports the sensory trap model, but…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A pilot study of the sequencing of the intestinal microbiota for colon cancer this study, they compare two sequencing methods and design a bioinformatic analysis to establish the basis of a wide study in the research of early detection markers of colon cancer.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A regional nuclear conflict would compromise global food security [Sustainability Science] limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan could ignite fires large enough to emit more than 5 Tg of soot into the stratosphere. Climate model simulations have shown severe resulting climate perturbations with declines in global mean temperature by 1.8 °C and precipitation by 8%, for at least 5…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A study lays out the complexity of the settlement of Asia by Homo sapiens to now, studies have focused on determining when the first modern human arrived in China, but there has been hardly any research into the dynamics of this settlement. A joint paper by institutions from China, Spain and the United Kingdom proposes that, given its size and biogeographical diversity, China would have received migrations by Homo sapiens from both north and south, with hardly any ov

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. A tale of one exceedingly clear retraction notice, and two nonexistent ones the market for an admirably clear and concise retraction notice? Look no further! A researcher in China has lost one — well, maybe two, more on that in a moment — 2015 articles for falsification of data and other misconduct. And one of the journals he tried to dupe is having none of it. … Continue reading

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Absolute yeast mitochondrial proteome quantification reveals trade-off between biosynthesis and energy generation during diauxic shift [Systems Biology] cerevisiae constitutes a popular eukaryal model for research on mitochondrial physiology. Being Crabtree-positive, this yeast has evolved the ability to ferment glucose to ethanol and respire ethanol once glucose is consumed. Its transition phase from fermentative to respiratory metabolism, known as the diauxic shift, is reflected by dramatic rearrangements…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. All-nanofiber-based, ultrasensitive, gas-permeable mechanoacoustic sensors for continuous long-term heart monitoring [Engineering] prolonged and continuous monitoring of mechanoacoustic heart signals is essential for the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. These bodily acoustics have low intensity and low frequency, and measuring them continuously for long periods requires ultrasensitive, lightweight, gas-permeable mechanoacoustic sensors. Here, we present an all-nanofiber mechanoacoustic sensor, which exhibits a.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. America's Other Heroes flew in on short notice. They left their homes all across America; rushed to Lackland Air Force Base, in Texas, and other military installations; and got to work. They are not elite commandos or rapid-response troops, or at least not the kind you might imagine serving in our military. They are the civilian medical personnel of the National Disaster Medical System and the officers of the U.S.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Amyloid formation drives brain tissue loss in animal studies plaque formation directly causes brain tissue loss in animals, but a drug called lithium reduces the life shortening effects of this loss, shows a new study published today in eLife.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. An autoinhibitory intramolecular interaction proof-reads RNA recognition by the essential splicing factor U2AF2 [Biochemistry] recognition of cis-regulatory RNA motifs in human transcripts by RNA binding proteins (RBPs) is essential for gene regulation. The molecular features that determine RBP specificity are often poorly understood. Here, we combined NMR structural biology with high-throughput iCLIP approaches to identify a regulatory mechanism for U2AF2 RNA recognition. We…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Androgen receptor stops tumor growth in the most common form of breast cancer say they have found a viable new therapeutic strategy for estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer, even cancers that are resistant to current standard of care treatments. They will present the results of their new preclinical study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of t

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Artificial intelligence could help predict future diabetes cases type of artificial intelligence called machine learning can help predict which patients will develop diabetes, according to an ENDO 2020 abstract that will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Artificial Intelligence Decodes Speech from Brain Activity: Study technology, tested out on patients with epilepsy who already had electrodes implanted in their brains, is currently limited to 30–50 sentences.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Assessing forests from afar new study led by the University of Delaware's Pinki Mondal recommends that in addition to using large swaths of coarse satellite data to evaluate forests on a national scale, it is important for countries to prioritize areas such as national parks and wildlife refuges and use finer scale data in those protected areas to make sure that they are maintaining their health and are being reported on a

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Astronaut Pee Could Be a Great Building Material For Future Moon Bases!

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Atomic magnetometer points to better picture of heart conductivity the electrical conductivity of the heart would be a valuable tool in diagnosis and disease management, but doing so would require invasive procedures, which aren't capable of directly mapping dielectric properties. Significant advances have recently been made that leverage atomic magnetometers to provide a direct picture of electric conductivity of biological tissues, and in Applied Physic

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. ATP- and voltage-dependent electro-metabolic signaling regulates blood flow in heart [Physiology] control of blood flow in the heart is important yet poorly understood. Here we show that ATP-sensitive K+ channels (KATP), hugely abundant in cardiac ventricular myocytes, sense the local myocyte metabolic state and communicate a negative feedback signal-correction upstream electrically. This electro-metabolic voltage signal is transmitted instantaneously to cellular…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Australians are moving home less. Why? And does it matter? are among the most mobile populations in the world. More than 40% of us change address every five years, about twice the global average. Yet the level of internal migration—moving within Australia—has gone down over the past four decades.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Author Correction: An optochemical tool for light-induced dissociation of adherens junctions to control mechanical coupling between cells Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15275-z

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Author Correction: Design rules for light-emitting electrochemical cells delivering bright luminance at 27.5 percent external quantum efficiency Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15417-3

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Author Correction: The oomycete Lagenisma coscinodisci hijacks host alkaloid synthesis during infection of a marine diatom Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15527-y

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Author Correction: Unveiling how intramolecular stacking modes of covalently linked dimers dictate photoswitching properties Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15256-2

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Automatic mandibular canal detection using a deep convolutional neural network Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62586-8

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Autophagy: Scientists discover novel role for self-recycling process in the brain classically associated with autophagy regulate the speed of intracellular transport.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Bacteria + nanowires = organic building blocks creating a hybrid system for Earth or Mars.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Bariatric surgery may be effective treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease surgery may be an effective treatment for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), suggests a new study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Beyond Originalism recent years, allegiance to the constitutional theory known as originalism has become all but mandatory for American legal conservatives. Every justice and almost every judge nominated by recent Republican administrations has pledged adherence to the faith . At the Federalist Society, the influential association of legal conservatives, speakers talk and think of little else. Even some luminari

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Blood test detects over 50 types of cancer, some before symptoms appear a study involving thousands of participants, a new blood test detected more than 50 types of cancer as well as their location within the body with a high degree of accuracy, according to an international team of researchers.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Blood test shows promise for detecting the deadliest cancers early blood test developed and checked using blood samples from 4000 people can accurately detect more than 50 cancer types

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Borneo's worrying divide reveals the impact of changing forest structure.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Brazil's government statistics agency IBGE published a study showing that the country lost 7.6 percent of its forest vegetation from 2000 to 2018. The area, 4.02 million km² (42.2 percent of the national territory) in 2000, shrank to 3.71 million km² (42.4%) by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Broken bone location can have significant impact on long-term health older individuals, the location of a broken bone can have significant impacts on long-term health outcomes, according to research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Cancer research, the guardian of the genome has a new ally identified a protein that, like a switch, controls the onset of cell death processes in cancer cells, which are regulated by p53, the protein known as 'the guardian of the genome.' The findings will be used to develop more tailored and effective cancer treatments.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Cancer treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors may lead to thyroid dysfunction dysfunction following cancer treatment with new treatments called immune checkpoint inhibitors is more common than previously thought, according to research that was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Cashing on cryptocurrencies the words of their profits—In uncertain times, uncertain things can happen. Writing in the International Journal of Business Performance Management, a team in the United Arab Emirates asks whether cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin is perhaps the most infamous, might ultimately overtake conventional currencies, the fiat money.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. CCAP regulates feeding behavior via the NPF pathway in Drosophila adults [Neuroscience] intake of macronutrients is crucial for the fitness of any animal and is mainly regulated by peripheral signals to the brain. How the brain receives and translates these peripheral signals or how these interactions lead to changes in feeding behavior is not well-understood. We discovered that 2 crustacean cardioactive…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. c-di-AMP hydrolysis by the phosphodiesterase AtaC promotes differentiation of multicellular bacteria [Microbiology] Streptomyces use the diadenylate cyclase DisA to synthesize the nucleotide second messenger c-di-AMP, but the mechanism for terminating c-di-AMP signaling and the proteins that bind the molecule to effect signal transduction are unknown. Here, we identify the AtaC protein as a c-di-AMP-specific phosphodiesterase that is also conserved in pathogens…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. CFCS advarer: VPN-sårbarhed i nyeste iOS-versioner versioner af Apples iOS-software 'cutter' ikke eksisterende internetforbindelser, når der oprettes forbindelse til en VPN. Det udgør en sikkerhedstrussel, advarer Center for Cybersikkerhed.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Challenges for Russia's agriculture: new special issue in Russian Journal of Economics Russia seems to have tackled its historic problem: food shortage — with the agri-food sector becoming one of the most steadily developing of the national economy in the last decade — there is a new set of challenges. The country needs to address several key growth factors, including sustainability, missing national strategies and lagging research and development progress. These are the top

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. China manufacturing index rebounds in March data show an unexpected expansion after February's sharp contraction

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. China's PMI print doesn't mean much's not get too excited.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. China's version of GPS is almost complete. Here's what that means. rocket carrying a BeiDou-3 satellite lifts off in November, 2018. (Deposit Photos/) On March 9, China moved into the end run of a decades-long project to build its own global navigation satellite system, a project that will make it independent of foreign rivals when it comes to a network that undergirds modern tech, business, and the military. It's called BeiDou. The latest satellite in the nav

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Classic board games to share with your kids might be time to put down your iPad. (Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash/) Board games are analog solutions for a very digital problem: too much screen time. Convert your kitchen table into a tournament hall with a board game, and revisit classic games generations have enjoyed as kids and adults. With tangible pieces, colorful designs, and fanciful escapes from everyday life, what's not to like

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Coconut oil reduces features of metabolic syndrome in obese females, animal study finds females that ate a small amount of coconut oil daily, even as part of a high-fat diet, had decreased features of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that raise the chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and stroke, an animal study finds. The study results were accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special s

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Color Photography Relies on Potato Starch published in July 1907 — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Computational design of closely related proteins that adopt two well-defined but structurally divergent folds [Biophysics and Computational Biology] plasticity of naturally occurring protein structures, which can change shape considerably in response to changes in environmental conditions, is critical to biological function. While computational methods have been used for de novo design of proteins that fold to a single state with a deep free-energy minimum [P.-S. Huang, S….

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Conspecific and heterospecific pheromones stimulate dispersal of entomopathogenic nematodes during quiescence Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62817-y

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Correction for Krieger et al., Mutations in thyroid hormone receptor {alpha}1 cause premature neurogenesis and progenitor cell depletion in human cortical development [Correction] SCIENCES Correction for "Mutations in thyroid hormone receptor α1 cause premature neurogenesis and progenitor cell depletion in human cortical development," by Teresa G. Krieger, Carla M. Moran, Alberto Frangini, W. Edward Visser, Erik Schoenmakers, Francesco Muntoni, Chris A. Clark, David Gadian, Wui K. Chong, Adam Kuczynski, Mehul Dattani, Greta…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Correction for Zhang et al., An unexpected catalyst dominates formation and radiative forcing of regional haze [Correction], ATMOSPHERIC, AND PLANETARY SCIENCES Correction for "An unexpected catalyst dominates formation and radiative forcing of regional haze," by Fang Zhang, Yuan Wang, Jianfei Peng, Lu Chen, Yele Sun, Lian Duan, Xinlei Ge, Yixin Li, Jiayun Zhao, Chao Liu, Xiaochun Zhang, Gen Zhang, Yuepeng Pan, Yuesi Wang, Annie L. Zhang,…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. COST1 regulates autophagy to control plant drought tolerance [Plant Biology] balance their competing requirements for growth and stress tolerance via a sophisticated regulatory circuitry that controls responses to the external environments. We have identified a plant-specific gene, COST1 (constitutively stressed 1), that is required for normal plant growth but negatively regulates drought resistance by influencing the autophagy pathway. An…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Creatures in This Underwater Forest Could Save Your Life One Day this 60,000-year-old submerged forest disappears, scientists recently raced to search for shipworms and other sea life that might conceal medicine of the future.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Crumpled graphene makes ultra-sensitive cancer DNA detector biosensors could usher in an era of liquid biopsy, detecting DNA cancer markers circulating in a patient's blood or serum. But current designs need a lot of DNA. In a new study, crumpling graphene makes it more than ten thousand times more sensitive to DNA by creating electrical 'hot spots,' researchers have found.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Crystal structures of cyanobacterial light-dependent protochlorophyllide oxidoreductase [Biochemistry] reduction of protochlorophyllide (Pchlide) to chlorophyllide (Chlide) is the penultimate step of chlorophyll biosynthesis. In oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria, algae, and plants, this reaction can be catalyzed by the light-dependent Pchlide oxidoreductase (LPOR), a member of the short-chain dehydrogenase superfamily sharing a conserved Rossmann fold for NAD(P)H binding and the…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. CVIA has just published a new issue, Volume 4 Issue 3 journal Cardiovascular Innovations and Applications (CVIA) has just published a new issue, Volume 4 Issue 3 with an invitation to join the International Brugada Electrocardiographic Indices Registry.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Decoding across sensory modalities reveals common supramodal signatures of conscious perception [Neuroscience] increasing number of studies highlight common brain regions and processes in mediating conscious sensory experience. While most studies have been performed in the visual modality, it is implicitly assumed that similar processes are involved in other sensory modalities. However, the existence of supramodal neural processes related to conscious perception…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Decoding Speech from Brainwaves is yet another incremental advance in brain-machine interface (BMI) technology – decoding what someone is saying from their brainwaves using a neural network and machine learning. We are still a distance away from using a system like this to allow someone who cannot speak to communicate, but the study nicely illustrates where the technology is. Here is the BBC's reporting : Scientists have t

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Defining predatory journals: no peer review, no point, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00911-x

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Deterministic insights from stochastic interactions [Ecology] Dobzhansky once famously noted that "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." Given their profound influence (1, 2), it may also be safe to wager that nothing in community ecology makes sense except in the light of area and heterogeneity. In PNAS, Ben-Hur and Kadmon…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Direct experimental evidence of physical origin of electronic phase separation in manganites [Physics] phase separation in complex oxides is the inhomogeneous spatial distribution of electronic phases, involving length scales much larger than those of structural defects or nonuniform distribution of chemical dopants. While experimental efforts focused on phase separation and established its correlation with nonlinear responses under external stimuli, it remains controversial…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Discovery of new biomarker in blood could lead to early test for Alzheimer's disease–don033020.phpUC San Diego researchers discovered that high blood levels of RNA produced by the PHGDH gene could serve as a biomarker for early detection of Alzheimer's disease. The work could lead to the development of a blood test to identify individuals who will develop the disease years before they show symptoms.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Disney+ Should Offer the Star Wars Original Cuts—All of Them Lucas has been retro-tweaking the saga for years. It's time to give fans every version.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Diurnal activity in cane toads (Rhinella marina) is geographically widespread Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62402-3 Diurnal activity in cane toads ( Rhinella marina ) is geographically widespread

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Dynamic plasticity of the lipid antigen-binding site of CD1d is crucially favoured by acidic pH and helper proteins Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62833-y

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Ecological and individual data both indicate that influenza inhibits rhinovirus infection [Biological Sciences] read the article "Virus–virus interactions impact the population dynamics of influenza and the common cold" by Nickbakhsh et al. (1) with great interest. The authors analyzed a large Scottish dataset consisting of virology results from patients with acute respiratory illnesses and used mathematical models to identify a negative interaction…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Effect of a ketogenic diet on hepatic steatosis and hepatic mitochondrial metabolism in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease [Medical Sciences] loss by ketogenic diet (KD) has gained popularity in management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). KD rapidly reverses NAFLD and insulin resistance despite increasing circulating nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA), the main substrate for synthesis of intrahepatic triglycerides (IHTG). To explore the underlying mechanism, we quantified hepatic mitochondrial fluxes…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. EHD2-mediated restriction of caveolar dynamics regulates cellular fatty acid uptake [Physiology] domain containing protein 2 (EHD2) is a dynamin-related ATPase located at the neck of caveolae, but its physiological function has remained unclear. Here, we found that global genetic ablation of EHD2 in mice leads to increased lipid droplet size in fat tissue. This organismic phenotype was paralleled at the…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Electron-eating neon causes star to collapse international team of researchers has found that neon inside a certain massive star can consume the electrons in the core, a process called electron capture, which causes the star to collapse into a neutron star and produce a supernova.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Emergence of chromatin hierarchical loops from protein disorder and nucleosome asymmetry [Biophysics and Computational Biology] flexibility and disorder is emerging as a crucial modulator of chromatin structure. Histone tail disorder enables transient binding of different molecules to the nucleosomes, thereby promoting heterogeneous and dynamic internucleosome interactions and making possible recruitment of a wide-range of regulatory and remodeling proteins. On the basis of extensive multiscale…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Emotional abuse, neglect affect adolescent depression differently by gender, ethnicity shows that physical and sexual abuse are risk factors for depression in adolescents. However, we know less about the differences between emotional abuse and neglect as critical risk factors in teenage depression. A new longitudinal study examined the depressive effects of these different types of maltreatment among a group of youth at risk of being maltreated. The study found that emotion

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power by /u/Fosse22 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Engineers at Caltech have shown that atoms in optical cavities—tiny boxes for light—could be foundational to the creation of a quantum internet. Their work was published on March 30 by the journal Nature. by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Environmental features attracting older adults to physical activity differ among neighbourhood types–efa033120.phpEnvironmental features perceived as motivating for outdoor mobility and levels of physical activity were investigated alongside the neighbourhood types in which the older adults lived. Based on these findings, it could be seen that environmental features associated with higher levels of physical activity differed between neighbourhood types. Differences existed especially between densely populated

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Environmental reservoir dynamics predict global infection patterns and population impacts for the fungal disease white-nose syndrome [Environmental Sciences] outbreaks and pathogen introductions can have significant effects on host populations, and the ability of pathogens to persist in the environment can exacerbate disease impacts by fueling sustained transmission, seasonal epidemics, and repeated spillover events. While theory suggests that the presence of an environmental reservoir increases the risk of…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Ep. 45: Making Precision Medicine a Reality month: Tailoring medicine to each individual patient could make health care more affordable and effective. But that reality won't come to fruition unless researchers, industry, the government, and the public reach a consensus on issues like patient privacy, data bias, and sharing of medical records.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. ER membranes exhibit phase behavior at sites of organelle contact [Cell Biology] endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is the site of synthesis of secretory and membrane proteins and contacts every organelle of the cell, exchanging lipids and metabolites in a highly regulated manner. How the ER spatially segregates its numerous and diverse functions, including positioning nanoscopic contact sites with other organelles, is unclear….

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Estimating and leveraging protein diffusion on ion-exchange resin surfaces [Applied Physical Sciences] mobility at solid–liquid interfaces can affect the performance of applications such as bioseparations and biosensors by facilitating reorganization of adsorbed protein, accelerating molecular recognition, and informing the fundamentals of adsorption. In the case of ion-exchange chromatographic beads with small, tortuous pores, where the existence of surface diffusion is often…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. EU countries step up 'solidarity' in fightback against critics keen to show collaboration among members to counter narrative that China helped more

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. European regulator urges banks to comply with dividend ban policy should support local and European economies in time of crisis, says EBA

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Even a computer the size of the universe can't predict everything limits on space and time mean that the motion of three black holes is impossible to predict, even with the most powerful computer that could ever be built

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Everything you need to do before you start a free trial all love free stuff. But some free stuff comes with a cost. (Jacob Boavista/Unsplash/) Free trials are fantastic—you get to learn if you actually like or need an app or service before you hand over any money. That said, you should never sign up for something without knowing what you're actually agreeing to—free trial or not. Some platforms will automatically start charging you after your trial

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Evidence for a pathogenic role of extrafollicular, IL-10-producing CCR6+B helper T cells in systemic lupus erythematosus [Immunology and Inflammation] 10 (IL-10) is an antiinflammatory cytokine, but also promotes B cell responses and plays a pathogenic role in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). CD4+CCR6+IL-7R+T cells from human tonsils produced IL-10 following stimulation by naïve B cells, which promoted B cell immunoglobulin G (IgG) production. These tonsillar CCR6+B helper T cells…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Evolution of dispersal in a spatially heterogeneous population with finite patch sizes [Evolution] is one of the fundamental life-history strategies of organisms, so understanding the selective forces shaping the dispersal traits is important. In the Wright's island model, dispersal evolves due to kin competition even when dispersal is costly, and it has traditionally been assumed that the living conditions are the same…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Examining racial disparities in prostate cancer survival for nearly 230,000 men were used in this study to examine variations in survival in prostate cancer by geographic areas in the United States.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Experiences of undesired effects of hormonal contraception study of women who experienced mental ill-health from a hormonal contraception indicates they value their mental well-being higher than a satisfactory sex life. Their experiences can influence their choice of contraception. This is one of four themes that researchers have identified in interviews with 24 women who experience negative effects of some hormonal contraception. The study, from Linköp

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Extraction of mechanical properties of materials through deep learning from instrumented indentation [Engineering] indentation has been developed and widely utilized as one of the most versatile and practical means of extracting mechanical properties of materials. This method is particularly desirable for those applications where it is difficult to experimentally determine the mechanical properties using stress–strain data obtained from coupon specimens. Such applications…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Factors associated with discontinuation of erectile dysfunction treatment factors associated with men ending treatment for erectile dysfunction have been reviewed in a study published in IJIR: Your Sexual Medicine Journal. The most influential factors reported were treatment ineffectiveness, side effects, the quality of one's intimate relationship and cost of treatment. The review also highlights the importance of men's beliefs with regards to erectile dysfunction a

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Fibration symmetries uncover the building blocks of biological networks [Applied Physical Sciences] major ambition of systems science is to uncover the building blocks of any biological network to decipher how cellular function emerges from their interactions. Here, we introduce a graph representation of the information flow in these networks as a set of input trees, one for each node, which contains…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. First FDA-approved drug for thyroid eye disease effective regardless of age, gender, the first FDA-approved medicine for thyroid eye disease, provides significant improvement in eye bulging, regardless of patient gender, age or smoking status, according to a study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. From Open Access to Open Science, PLOS Biology is Leading Change From its launch in 2003, PLOS Biology quickly established itself as PLOS' flagship journal in the life sciences–a model of Open Access and a catalyst for change in scholarly publishing as well as

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Functional cooperation of the glycine synthase-reductase and Wood-Lȷungdahl pathways for autotrophic growth of Clostridium drakei [Systems Biology] CO2-fixing metabolic pathways in nature, the linear Wood–Ljungdahl pathway (WLP) in phylogenetically diverse acetate-forming acetogens comprises the most energetically efficient pathway, requires the least number of reactions, and converts CO2 to formate and then into acetyl-CoA. Despite two genes encoding glycine synthase being well-conserved in WLP gene clusters, the…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Genetic processes that determine short-sightedness discovered by researchers previously unknown genetic mechanisms have been discovered in causing myopia otherwise known as short or near-sightedness, finds a new study.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Germany braced for jobless surge as companies rush for state funds had sought to avert a spike by expanding the 'Kurzarbeit' short-time work scheme

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Good News, There's a Microbe That Can Metabolise One of The Hardest Plastics to Recycle could be huge.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Gq/11-dependent regulation of endosomal cAMP generation by parathyroid hormone class B GPCR [Pharmacology] production upon activation of Gs by G protein-coupled receptors has classically been considered to be plasma membrane-delimited, but a shift in this paradigm has occurred in recent years with the identification of several receptors that continue to signal from early endosomes after internalization. The molecular mechanisms regulating this aspect…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Half-precessional cycle of thermocline temperature in the western equatorial Pacific and its bihemispheric dynamics [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences] El Niño−Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which is tightly coupled to the equatorial thermocline in the Pacific, is the dominant source of interannual climate variability, but its long-term evolution in response to climate change remains highly uncertain. This study uses Mg/Ca in planktonic foraminiferal shells to reconstruct sea surface and thermocline…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Headed for heaven or hell? This roadmap will help moral topography shows two walks of life with very different outcomes: heaven and hell. It all starts with a simple choice: the broad gate or the narrow one. From there on in, follow the Bible verses to your choice of afterlife. Despite the map's stark, binary landscape, sinners can still repent and good Christians may be tempted by the Devil. Forked path If your path in life is pleasant and

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. High Altitude Water Cherenkov observatory tests speed of light measurements confirm, to the highest energies yet explored, that the laws of physics hold no matter where you are or how fast you're moving. Observations of record-breaking gamma rays prove the robustness of Lorentz Invariance—a piece of Einstein's theory of relativity that predicts the speed of light is constant everywhere in the universe. The High Altitude Water Cherenkov observatory in Pueb

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Honey bees harbor a diverse gut virome engaging in nested strain-level interactions with the microbiota [Microbiology] honey bee gut microbiota influences bee health and has become an important model to study the ecology and evolution of microbiota–host interactions. Yet, little is known about the phage community associated with the bee gut, despite its potential to modulate bacterial diversity or to govern important symbiotic functions. Here…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. How coral bleaching affects reef fish team makes some fascinating but disturbing discoveries.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. How dead trees help forests tolerate drought the climate changes, forests have figured out a way to adapt to drought, a new study shows. Researchers used the US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis database to study how the traits of tree communities have shifted across the contiguous United States. The results indicate that communities, particularly in more arid regions, have become more drought tolerant, primarily through the d

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. How is the passion economy changing the way we look at jobs? widget economy has given way to something entirely different: the passion economy. Whereas the previous economy was fueled by mass production and homogeneity, growth in the passion economy involves more specialized products that less people want more intensely. This shift creates more dynamic, less linear career paths that evolve and change as you do. Ultimately, this will lead to more fulfil

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. How to become a masterful storyteller has been shown to make you more intelligent and empathic, a trait that good writers learn to master. Storytelling is one of the most important forms of communication that humans engage in. While "finding your voice" is what writers crave, beginning with the basics is an essential step on any writer's path. Storytelling is an ancient human vocation. The ability to transfer ideas from one b

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. How to stand out as a professional photographer everyone has a camera in the smartphone era, photography is still an art that takes time and discipline to do well. Learning to use natural light and frame landscapes are two challenging photo skills. Great photography begins by choosing the proper gear for the style you have in mind. There are over 100 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram every single day . Standing out in this

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Hox genes maintain critical roles in the adult skeleton [Genetics] genes are indispensable for the proper patterning of the skeletal morphology of the axial and appendicular skeleton during embryonic development. Recently, it has been demonstrated that Hox expression continues from embryonic stages through postnatal and adult stages exclusively in a skeletal stem cell population. However, whether Hox genes continue…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Humöret viktigare än sexlusten vid val av p-piller som mådde psykiskt dåligt av hormonella preventivmedel värderade sitt mentala välmående högre än ett välfungerade sexliv. Upplevelserna kan påverka deras val av framtida preventivmedel, enligt forskning från Linköpings universitet. Som gynekolog möter Agota Malmborg ofta kvinnor som upplevt att hormonella preventivmedel, som exempelvis p-piller, p-plåster och p-ring, har negativ påverkan

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Hypothyroidism patients cite effectiveness in choosing alternative to standard therapy in four hypothyroidism patients who chose desiccated thyroid extract (DTE) over the standard therapy said this option was more effective than other thyroid hormone medications, according to an analysis of comments in online patient forums accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the End

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Identification of MLKL membrane translocation as a checkpoint in necroptotic cell death using Monobodies [Biochemistry] necroptosis cell death pathway has been implicated in host defense and in the pathology of inflammatory diseases. While phosphorylation of the necroptotic effector pseudokinase Mixed Lineage Kinase Domain-Like (MLKL) by the upstream protein kinase RIPK3 is a hallmark of pathway activation, the precise checkpoints in necroptosis signaling are still…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. If you're worried about bushfires but want to keep your leafy garden, follow these tips we witnessed last summer, the number of houses destroyed during bushfires in Australia has not been stemmed by advances in weather forecasting, building design and the increased use of large water-bombing aircraft.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Image of the Day: Early Bilaterian newly described Ikaria wariootia was a small, wormlike creature that marked an important evolutionary step between early multicellular organisms and more complex modern animals.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Imaging local genetic influences on cortical folding [Neuroscience] progress in deciphering mechanisms of human brain cortical folding leave unexplained whether spatially patterned genetic influences contribute to this folding. High-resolution in vivo brain MRI can be used to estimate genetic correlations (covariability due to shared genetic factors) in interregional cortical thickness, and biomechanical studies predict an influence of…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. In Exactly A Year Our Knowledge Of The Cosmos Will Change Forever. This Is The $10 Billion Reason – (James Webb Space Telescope) by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. In silico design and validation of high-affinity RNA aptamers targeting epithelial cellular adhesion molecule dimers [Chemistry] acid aptamers hold great promise for therapeutic applications due to their favorable intrinsic properties, as well as high-throughput experimental selection techniques. Despite the utility of the systematic evolution of ligands by the exponential enrichment (SELEX) method for aptamer determination, complementary in silico aptamer design is highly sought after to…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. In This Issue [This Week in PNAS] hydrogels for cleaning artworks Pollock's Eyes in the Heat before (Left) and after (Right) cleaning using the twin-chain hydrogel. Eyes in the Heat by Jackson Pollock, © Pollock-Krasner Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York. Removing soil from painted surfaces is a major challenge in the preservation of art, partly…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Infants introduced early to solid foods show gut bacteria changes that may portend future health risks who were started on solid foods at or before three months of age showed changes in the levels of gut bacteria and bacterial byproducts, called short-chain fatty acids, measured in their stool samples, according to a study from researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Infants prefer individuals who achieve their goals efficiently–ipi033120.phpFrom birth, we acquire information and learn through interacting with others; that is why it is so important to be able to identify the most suitable individuals to interact with. To interact with others, it is important to understand and predict their actions. It is known that at around six months of age, infants already understand that actions are carried out to achieve certain goals, that is, w

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Influenza hemagglutinin drives viral entry via two sequential intramembrane mechanisms [Biophysics and Computational Biology] viruses enter cells via a process of membrane fusion between the viral envelope and a cellular membrane. For influenza virus, mutational data have shown that the membrane-inserted portions of the hemagglutinin protein play a critical role in achieving fusion. In contrast to the relatively well-understood ectodomain, a predictive mechanistic…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Inhibition mechanisms of AcrF9, AcrF8, and AcrF6 against type I-F CRISPR-Cas complex revealed by cryo-EM [Biophysics and Computational Biology] and viruses have fought a long battle against each other. Prokaryotes use CRISPR–Cas-mediated adaptive immunity, while conversely, viruses evolve multiple anti-CRISPR (Acr) proteins to defeat these CRISPR–Cas systems. The type I-F CRISPR–Cas system in Pseudomonas aeruginosa requires the crRNA-guided surveillance complex (Csy complex) to recognize the invading DNA. Although…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Injuries from motorized scooters scooters are increasingly popular and, in this study, researchers analyzed medical information for 61 adults who visited a single emergency department with scooter-related injuries.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Interleukin-2 druggability is modulated by global conformational transitions controlled by a helical capping switch [Biophysics and Computational Biology] (IL-2) is a small α-helical cytokine that regulates immune cell homeostasis through its recruitment to a high-affinity heterotrimeric receptor complex (IL-2Rα/IL-2Rβ/γc). IL-2 has been shown to have therapeutic efficacy for immune diseases by preferentially expanding distinct T cell compartments, and several regulatory T cell (Treg)-biasing anti–IL-2 antibodies have been…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Iron sequestration by transferrin 1 mediates nutritional immunity in Drosophila melanogaster [Immunology and Inflammation] sequestration is a recognized innate immune mechanism against invading pathogens mediated by iron-binding proteins called transferrins. Despite many studies on antimicrobial activity of transferrins in vitro, their specific in vivo functions are poorly understood. Here we use Drosophila melanogaster as an in vivo model to investigate the role of…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Kinesiologist-guided functional exercise in addition to intradialytic cycling program in end-stage kidney disease patients: a randomised controlled trial Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62709-1

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. LANL news: High altitude water Cherenkov Observatory tests speed of light measurements confirm, to the highest energies yet explored, that the laws of physics hold no matter where you are or how fast you're moving.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Last year was the worst on record for Australia's environment. A major study by the Australian National University found drought and bushfires contributed to the country's worst environmental conditions ever recorded. by /u/Wagamaga [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Lead pollution in ancient ice cores may track the rise and fall of medieval kings ultra-high resolution method records pollution deposited on ice over weeks or even days

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Less expensive, more effective pneumonia vaccines are tested in humans by researchers at the Butantan Institute (Brazil) and Boston Children's Hospital, part of the Harvard Medical School (USA), the innovation is capable of providing protection against all serotypes of the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Liraglutide can help adolescents with obesity manage their weight 3.0 mg, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity to help adults with obesity manage their weight, appears to help adolescents too, according to an industry-sponsored randomized controlled trial. The study was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Longitudinal changes in DLPFC activation during childhood are related to decreased aggression following social rejection [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] aggression after social feedback is an important prerequisite for developing and maintaining social relations, especially in the current times with larger emphasis on online social evaluation. Studies in adults highlighted the role of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in regulating aggression. Little is known about the development of aggression…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Loss of Nef-mediated CD3 down-regulation in the HIV-1 lineage increases viral infectivity and spread [Microbiology] is an accessory protein of primate lentiviruses that is essential for efficient replication and pathogenesis of HIV-1. A conserved feature of Nef proteins from different lentiviral lineages is the ability to modulate host protein trafficking and down-regulate a number of cell surface receptors to enhance replication and promote immune…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Loss of testosterone impairs anti-tumor neutrophil function Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15397-4 It is known that there are sex differences in the incidence and prognosis of certain cancers, including melanoma. In this study, the authors utilize a melanoma model to reveal that castrated mice have a higher metastatic burden associated with androgen dependent impaired neutrophil function.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Macroscopic information-based taste representations in insular cortex are shaped by stimulus concentration [Neuroscience] processing is an essential ability in all animals signaling potential harm or benefit of ingestive behavior. However, current evidence for cortical taste representations remains contradictory. To address this issue, high-resolution functional MRI (fMRI) and multivariate pattern analysis were used to characterize taste-related informational content in human insular cortex, which…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Marriott Got Hacked. Yes, Again hotel chain has suffered its second major breach in 16 months. Here's how to find out if you're affected.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Mechanism and site of action of big dynorphin on ASIC1a [Pharmacology] ion channels (ASICs) are proton-gated cation channels that contribute to neurotransmission, as well as initiation of pain and neuronal death following ischemic stroke. As such, there is a great interest in understanding the in vivo regulation of ASICs, especially by endogenous neuropeptides that potently modulate ASICs. The most potent…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Mechanism of murderous mushrooms paves path for parasitic helminth halt [Genetics]"In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten" (ref. 1, p. 20). We will expand academic Thomas Szasz's statement to include the fungi, because in the multifaceted interactions of fungi and nematodes, this is often a steadfast rule. Indeed, soil systems that appear inert or lifeless to…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Mechanistic basis for microhomology identification and genome scarring by polymerase theta [Biochemistry] polymerase theta mediates an end joining pathway (TMEJ) that repairs chromosome breaks. It requires resection of broken ends to generate long, 3′ single-stranded DNA tails, annealing of complementary sequence segments (microhomologies) in these tails, followed by microhomology-primed synthesis sufficient to resolve broken ends. The means by which microhomologies are…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Medical manufacturers with female directors act more quickly and frequently on recalls product companies, such as those that make pharmaceuticals and medical devices, make recall decisions quite differently as women are added to their board of directors, according to a new study by professors at four universities, including Indiana University.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Meet nine scientists taking charge—feeding the world, leading academies, and inspiring social reform Women's History Month draws to a close, Science highlights scientists blazing new trails

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Men with erectile dysfunction may face higher risk of death with erectile dysfunction have a higher risk of death, regardless of their testosterone levels, suggests a study accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Metabolic disturbance in hippocampus and liver of mice: A primary response to imidacloprid exposure Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62739-9

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Meteorit avslöjar hur materialet till planeter kom till fransk forskargrupp har tittat riktigt nära på mineralkornen inuti en meteorit, och hittat en bevarad rest från hur materia först började ansamlas till större himlakroppar i solsystemet. – De har hittat den första smältningen av stoft. Det är väldigt häftigt, det representerar en felande länk mellan de äldsta meteoriterna och färdiga planeter, förklarar Jeremy Belucci som är meteoritforskare vi

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. MIT Develops Soft, Flexible Neural Implants That Can Be 3D Printed on Demand by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. MIT researchers invent a technology to charge smartphones and laptops via Wi-Fi signals by /u/CodePerfect [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. MIT researchers use graphene and boron nitride to convert terahertz waves to usable energy | Graphene-Info by /u/Memetic1 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Molecule leads to breakthrough on how data is stored have helped discover a molecule that could have a major impact on how data is stored and processed.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Most internists-in-training feel ill-equipped to treat obesity resident physicians training in internal medicine do not feel adequately prepared to manage obesity in their patients, a new survey from a California residency program finds. The results were accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Musicians and their audiences show synchronized patterns of brain activity a musician is playing a piece, and the audience is enjoying it, they can develop physical synchronies. Both might tap their feet, sway their bodies, or clap their hands. "Through music, the producer and the perceiver connect emotionally and behaviourally," note the authors of a new paper , published in NeuroImage . And now this team, led by Yingying Hou at East China Normal University, has u

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Mystery solved: The origin of the colors in the first color photographs palette of colors on a silver plate: That is what the world's first color photograph looks like. It was taken by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1848. His process was empirical, never explained, and quickly abandoned. Now, a team at the Centre de recherche sur la conservation (CNRS/Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle/Ministère de la Culture), in collaboration with the SOLEIL synchrotron an

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Nanocrystals will help detect methanol and other alcohols scientists have developed highly sensitive sensors based on cobalt oxide nanoflakes which are capable of detecting various alcohols in the air. The new sensors can be used for both medical diagnostics and detection of toxic methanol in the air. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NASA Conducts Final Test on Mars Helicopter Before Launch's Mars 2020 mission is finally taking shape. The rover finally has a name — Perseverance, and engineers have wrapped up testing on the rover's flying companion. The Mars Helicopter just spun its blades on Earth for the last time . When next it spins up, it'll be on the red planet. NASA did not design the Mars 2020 mission or Perseverance rover around the Mars Helicopter, but it's making the

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NASA selects mission to study causes of giant solar particle storms has selected a new mission to study how the Sun generates and releases giant space weather storms—known as solar particle storms—into planetary space. Not only will such information improve understanding of how our solar system works, but it ultimately can help protect astronauts traveling to the Moon and Mars by providing better information on how the Sun's radiation affects the space enviro

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NASA, University of Nebraska release new global groundwater maps researchers have developed new satellite-based, weekly global maps of soil moisture and groundwater wetness conditions.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NETosis proceeds by cytoskeleton and endomembrane disassembly and PAD4-mediated chromatin decondensation and nuclear envelope rupture [Immunology and Inflammation] extracellular traps (NETs) are web-like DNA structures decorated with histones and cytotoxic proteins that are released by activated neutrophils to trap and neutralize pathogens during the innate immune response, but also form in and exacerbate sterile inflammation. Peptidylarginine deiminase 4 (PAD4) citrullinates histones and is required for NET formation…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Neuroscience needs some new ideas – A history of the metaphors behind brain research faces a dark past and disquieting future. by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New artificial intelligence system can empower medical professionals in diagnosing skin diseases in Korea have developed a deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can accurately classify cutaneous skin disorders, predict malignancy, suggest primary treatment options, and serve as an ancillary tool to enhance the diagnostic accuracy of clinicians. With the assistance of this system, the diagnostic accuracy of dermatologists as well as the general public was

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New explanation for sudden collapses of heat in plasmas can help create fusion energy on Earth seeking to bring the fusion that powers the sun and stars to Earth must deal with sawtooth instabilities—up-and-down swings in the central pressure and temperature of the plasma that fuels fusion reactions, similar to the serrated blades of a saw. If these swings are large enough, they can lead to the sudden collapse of the entire discharge of the plasma. Such swings were first observed

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New method predicts which black holes escape their galaxies a rifle, and the recoil might knock you backward. Merge two black holes in a binary system, and the loss of momentum gives a similar recoil—a "kick"—to the merged black hole.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New paradigm for 'auto-tuning' quantum bits could overcome major engineering hurdle high-end race car engine needs all its components tuned and working together precisely to deliver top-quality performance. The same can be said about the processor inside a quantum computer, whose delicate bits must be adjusted in just the right way before it can perform a calculation. Who's the right mechanic for this quantum tuneup job? According to a team that includes scientists at the Natio

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New study explores fiscal issues related to NYC teachers retirement system city contributions totaling $37 billion in 2018, or 6 percent of tax revenue, TRS has two important characteristics that distinguish it from most other public pension plans in the nation.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. New Technique Targets Pathogens With Molecular Precision: A research team has developed a technique that could accelerate design of artificial antibodies for biomedical applications – from sensing technologies that detect and neutralize infectious viruses & bacteria to early detection of Alzheimer's

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NHS returnees preyed on by tax avoidance schemes urges health sector workers to beware of scams

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. NIH researchers discover gene for rare disease of excess bone tissue growth at the National Institutes of Health have discovered a second gene that causes melorheostosis, a rare group of conditions involving an often painful and disfiguring overgrowth of bone tissue. The gene, SMAD3, is part of a pathway that regulates cell development and growth. The researchers are now working to develop an animal model with a mutant version of SMAD3 to test potential treatm

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Nitric oxide as a source for bacterial triazole biosynthesis Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15420-8 How nature creates 1,2,3-triazole ring is a relevant question to N-N bond biosynthesis. Here, the authors report the biosynthetic route to the triazole-bearing antimetabolite 8-azaguanine and reveal that this can be assembled through an enzymatic and non-enzymatic cascade, in which nitric oxide is used as a bui

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Nonclassical nuclear localization signals mediate nuclear import of CIRBP [Biophysics and Computational Biology] specific interaction of importins with nuclear localization signals (NLSs) of cargo proteins not only mediates nuclear import but also, prevents their aberrant phase separation and stress granule recruitment in the cytoplasm. The importin Transportin-1 (TNPO1) plays a key role in the (patho-)physiology of both processes. Here, we report that…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Not just for bones! X-rays can now tell us about soft tissues too new X-ray imaging technique could identify lesions and tumors before ultrasound or MRI can.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Novel cell-based cancer immunotherapy shows promise in early studies have developed a new immunotherapy that eradicates solid tumours in mice without adverse side effects, according to a new study published today in eLife.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Ny Microsoft Edge-feature advarer mod lækkede login-oplysninger Edge introducerer ny feature, der advarer om lækkede login-oplysn

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Nytt ljus över Alzheimers sjukdomör att förstå vad som händer i hjärnan när Alzheimer uppstår och sjukdomen utvecklas, måste forskare kunna studera molekylstrukturer i nervceller som påverkats av Alzheimers sjukdom. Nu har forskning vid Lunds universitet testat en ny avbildningsmetod som kan göra just det.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Næste store masseudryddelse på vejå bare 60-70 år har vi mennesker forandret livet på denne jord radikalt. Gennemsnitstemperaturen…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. On bone fatigue and its relevance for the design of architected materials [Physical Sciences] et al. (1) study the fatigue life of trabecular bone and use their observations for improving the design of microarchitected materials. Architected materials with enhanced fatigue life have received tremendous attention recently (2, 3) largely due to the maturation of additive manufacturing that enables the realization of complex geometries….

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Optical telescopes obtain long-term monitoring results of flux variability in blazars are a special kind of rare active galactic nuclei. They are currently the most likely candidates for high-energy neutrinos. Their relativistic jets may be the origin area of super-high-energy cosmic rays and neutrinos.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Overcoming carbon loss from farming in peatlands many regions of the world, farming must be done on areas of soil categorized as histosols. Histosols have a thick layer of rich organic matter, called peat.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Oxaliplatin Pt(IV) prodrugs conjugated to gadolinium-texaphyrin as potential antitumor agents [Pharmacology] here is the development of gadolinium(III) texaphyrin-platinum(IV) conjugates capable of overcoming platinum resistance by 1) localizing to solid tumors, 2) promoting enhanced cancer cell uptake, and 3) reactivating p53 in platinum-resistant models. Side by side comparative studies of these Pt(IV) conjugates to clinically approved platinum(II) agents and previously reported…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Parcellation of the striatal complex into dorsal and ventral districts [Neuroscience] striatal complex of basal ganglia comprises two functionally distinct districts. The dorsal district controls motor and cognitive functions. The ventral district regulates the limbic function of motivation, reward, and emotion. The dorsoventral parcellation of the striatum also is of clinical importance as differential striatal pathophysiologies occur in Huntington's disease,…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Personoplysninger om hele Georgiens befolkning lækket online er stadig et mysterium, hvem og hvor data kommer fra.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Petermann-factor sensitivity limit near an exceptional point in a Brillouin ring laser gyroscope Communications, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41467-020-15341-6 Operating a laser gyroscope near an exceptional point has been shown to enhance its responsivity. However, here the authors demonstrate in theory and experiment that the enhanced responsivity is exactly compensated by increased noise that is inherent to this system near the exceptional point.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Phage capsid against influenza: Perfectly fitting inhibitor prevents viral infection new approach brings the hope of new therapeutic options for suppressing seasonal influenza and avian flu. On the basis of an empty and therefore non-infectious shell of a phage virus, researchers from Berlin have developed a chemically modified phage capsid that stifles influenza viruses.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Phoseon UV Products Aid in the Fight Against Pathogens[no content]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Physicists weigh in on the origin of heavy elements long-held mystery in the field of nuclear physics is why the universe is composed of the specific materials we see around us. In other words, why is it made of "this" stuff and not other stuff?

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. PIMMS43 is required for malaria parasite immune evasion and sporogonic development in the mosquito vector [Microbiology] being ingested by a female Anopheles mosquito during a bloodmeal on an infected host, and before they can reach the mosquito salivary glands to be transmitted to a new host, Plasmodium parasites must establish an infection of the mosquito midgut in the form of oocysts. To achieve this, they…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Plastic-eating bacteria could be small step toward tackling world's pollution crisis by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Pluto formed quickly with a deep ocean covering its entire surface's ancient oceans may have come about just after the icy world was born, melting from ice in a process that suggests the dwarf planet took just 30,000 years to form

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Poor fitness may impede long-term success in weight loss program who are very out of shape when they begin a behavioral weight loss program lose less weight in the long term than those who are more fit, suggests a new study that was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Positive resultater med diabetesmiddel til patienter med fedme er udviklet til behandling af patienter med diabetes, men kan muligvis bruges til patienter, der har fået foretaget fedmeoperationer.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Poster : Varieties Of Contemplative Experience by /u/smallpocketlibrary [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Predatory journals: evolution keeps them under the radar, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00910-y

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Predictions drive neural representations of visual events ahead of incoming sensory information [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] transmission of sensory information through the visual system takes time. As a result of these delays, the visual information available to the brain always lags behind the timing of events in the present moment. Compensating for these delays is crucial for functioning within dynamic environments, since interacting with a…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Probing allosteric coupling in a constitutively open mutant of the ion channel KcsA using solid-state NMR [Biophysics and Computational Biology] allosteric coupling is a feature of many critical biological signaling events. Here we test whether transmembrane allosteric coupling controls the potassium binding affinity of the prototypical potassium channel KcsA in the context of C-type inactivation. Activation of KcsA is initiated by proton binding to the pH gate upon an…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Publisher Correction: Plasmodium Infection Induces Dyslipidemia and a Hepatic Lipogenic State in the Host through the Inhibition of the AMPK-ACC Pathway Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-62515-9

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. QnAs with Paula England [QnAs] years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the United States preventing discrimination based on sex, gender equality in the workplace remains unattained. After rapid gains in the 1980s and 1990s, progress has slowed considerably and, by some measures, stalled, according to Paula England, chair of the…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Rbm24 controls poly(A) tail length and translation efficiency of crystallin mRNAs in the lens via cytoplasmic polyadenylation [Developmental Biology] transparency is established by abundant accumulation of crystallin proteins and loss of organelles in the fiber cells. It requires an efficient translation of lens messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to overcome the progressively reduced transcriptional activity that results from denucleation. Inappropriate regulation of this process impairs lens differentiation and causes cataract…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Reduced off-odor of plastic recyclates via separate collection of packaging waste recyclates produced from waste packaging have to meet high sensory requirements in order to be used for new products. Plastic recyclates often have off-odors, some of which have not hitherto been identified. The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV has analyzed the sensory properties of post-consumer shopping bags made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and origin

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Replications provide mixed evidence that inequality moderates the association between income and generosity [Letters (Online Only)] et al. (1) conducted informative conceptual replications of our finding that economic inequality moderates the relationship between income and generosity (2). Schmukle et al. (1) did not find that inequality moderates associations between income and self-reported charitable donations (study 1), first- and second-mover trust game allocations (study 2), and…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Replik: Derfor er bygge- og anlægssektorens partnerskab ikke ambitiøse nok[no content]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Reply to Cote and Willer: New replication attempts provide no evidence that inequality moderates the effect of income on generosity [Letters (Online Only)]ôté et al. (1) provided evidence that economic inequality moderates the effect of income on generosity. In their study, individuals with higher household income were less generous in a dictator game than poorer individuals only if they resided in a US state with comparatively large economic inequality. We questioned this…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Reply to Kloepfer and Gern: Independent studies suggest an arms race between influenza and rhinovirus: What next? [Biological Sciences] was very interesting to learn about Kloepfer et al.'s study investigating the link between asthma and influenza A H1N1 infection incidence and severity (1). Their finding that influenza A virus (IAV) infections reduced the subsequent risk of infection with human rhinoviruses (HRVs) was contrary to theories at the time…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Reply to MacLean: The flexibility of existing laws is an essential element of environmental governance [Letters (Online Only)] (1) suggests that we place too much emphasis on "formal legal instruments" instead of politics. However, our article (2) does not pose an "either/or" choice; instead, while all aspects of governance remain critical, accelerating environmental change warrants renewed attention to formal legal instruments. Efforts to craft new international and…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Reply to Zadpoor: Fatigue mechanisms observed in bone provide insight to microarchitectured materials [Physical Sciences] are pleased to see interest in our study in which we identify aspects of microarchitecture in cancellous bone that enhance the fatigue life of microstructures (1). Zadpoor (2) questions 1) the rationale for studying fatigue life in cancellous bone and 2) the originality of our finding. Zadpoor asks whether…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Research team releases new global groundwater maps researchers have developed new satellite-based, weekly global maps of soil moisture and groundwater wetness conditions and one to three-month U.S. forecasts of each product. While maps of current dry/wet conditions for the United States have been available since 2012, this is the first time they have been available globally.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Researcher offers recommendations on using remote sensing to quantify forest health using large swaths of coarse satellite data can be an effective tool for evaluating forests on a national scale, the resolution of that data is not always well suited to indicate whether or not those forests are growing or degrading.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Researchers can better quantify the range of possible impacts from landfalling storms if Sandy had dealt New Jersey a glancing blow in 2012 instead of hitting it nearly head on? Or if the historic storm had made landfall farther south or north? What if the storm was smaller, slower, or more intense? How would the impacts change?

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Researchers gain new insights into pain signaling in the brain a new study, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have mapped how a potent neuropeptide binds to a brain receptor involved in causing human pain. The researchers expect that the mechanism could be exploited as a new avenue for painkilling medicine.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Researchers offer hope for an oral, noninjectable treatment of acromegaly who need medical maintenance treatment of the growth hormone disorder acromegaly respond well to an investigational oral form of the drug octreotide, investigators of the Chiasma OPTIMAL study reported. Results of the phase 3 randomized controlled clinical trial were accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in the Journal of the E

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Rock peeling off continents may have triggered biggest mass extinction Permian extinction, which wiped out almost all complex life, may have been caused by the undersides of continents slipping off into Earth's interior

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Rödlistan 2020 – igelkott och skogshare hotade femte år uppdateras rödlistan, en tjock bok med sida upp och sida ner av namn på arter vars framtid ser mörk eller osäker ut. Nu är det dags igen. Den 15 april publicerar Artdatabanken sin analys av alla svenska arters utdöenderisk. Ofta brukar välkända grupper som däggdjur dra till sig mest uppmärksamhet, och därför kan det vara klokt att avslöja dem lite i förväg, för att inte ta all fokus

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Röntgen, Becquerel and radiation, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00909-5

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Satellite data lays scale of methane leaks bare, a powerful greenhouse gas, is leaking from industry sites at rates equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of France and Germany combined, a new analysis using satellite data showed Tuesday.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Scalable diagnostic screening of mild cognitive impairment using AI dialogue agent Reports, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/s41598-020-61994-0

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Science and Culture: Researchers embrace fashion to show off science concepts [Social Sciences] fashion designers, retailers, and families attend Vancouver Kids Fashion Week, they expect to see models donning the latest in children's fashion. But at an event last October, attendees saw scientists as well. Researchers from Michael Kobor's lab at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, had set up…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Scientists Debut System to Translate Thoughts Directly Into Text Reader Researchers say they've built a system that can translate brain signals directly into text — a promising step toward a "speech prosthesis" that could effectively allow you to think text directly into a computer. "We are not there yet," University of California researcher Joseph Makin told The Guardian , "but we think this could be the basis of a speech prosthesis." AI Power Makin and

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Scientists develop AI that can turn brain activity into text | Science by /u/Jackson_Filmmaker [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Scientists reveal photochemical rationale of SH(X)/H2S abundance ratios in interstellar medium group led by Prof. YUAN Kaijun and Prof. YANG Xueming from the Dalian Institue of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed the photochemical rationale of SH(X)/H2S abundance ratios in interstellar medium with the help of Dalian Coherent Light Source. The results were published in Nature Communications.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Scientists: Astronauts Could Build Moon Base Using Human Urine a cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA), a team of European researchers have conducted a… strange experiment. They mixed urea — the main compound found in mammalian urine — with materials, including Moon rocks, to test if we could one day use astronaut pee to build a lunar base. The urea itself acted as a "plasticizer" — stuff that allows us to shape other harder materials into diff

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Seasonal hysteresis of surface urban heat islands [Environmental Sciences] dynamics of urban warming have been extensively studied at the diurnal scale, but the impact of background climate on the observed seasonality of surface urban heat islands (SUHIs) remains largely unexplored. On seasonal time scales, the intensity of urban–rural surface temperature differences (ΔTs) exhibits distinctive hysteretic cycles whose shape…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. SETI is now searching for signs of intelligent life by studying Cherenkov Radiation. These flashes of blue light occur when gamma rays transfer energy to particles that travel faster than the speed of light through air, but slower than the speed of light in a vacuum, causing an "optical sonic boom" by /u/EricFromOuterSpace [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Sharks are easier to catch in cooler waters, and we have no idea why seas are ecological hotspots where predators should be active and easy to catch – but 50 years of data shows sharks are easier to catch in cooler seas

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Signing at the beginning versus at the end does not decrease dishonesty [Psychological and Cognitive Sciences] reporting is essential for society to function well. However, people frequently lie when asked to provide information, such as misrepresenting their income to save money on taxes. A landmark finding published in PNAS [L. L. Shu, N. Mazar, F. Gino, D. Ariely, M. H. Bazerman, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci….

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Sitting, squatting, and the evolutionary biology of human inactivity [Anthropology] work suggests human physiology is not well adapted to prolonged periods of inactivity, with time spent sitting increasing cardiovascular disease and mortality risk. Health risks from sitting are generally linked with reduced levels of muscle contractions in chair-sitting postures and associated reductions in muscle metabolism. These inactivity-associated health risks…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Small protein folds at the root of an ancient metabolic network [Biophysics and Computational Biology] on Earth is driven by electron transfer reactions catalyzed by a suite of enzymes that comprise the superfamily of oxidoreductases (Enzyme Classification EC1). Most modern oxidoreductases are complex in their structure and chemistry and must have evolved from a small set of ancient folds. Ancient oxidoreductases from the Archean…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Small-molecule covalent bond formation at tyrosine creates a binding site and inhibits activation of Ral GTPases [Biochemistry] (Ras-like) GTPases are directly activated by oncogenic Ras GTPases. Mutant K-Ras (G12C) has enabled the development of covalent K-Ras inhibitors currently in clinical trials. However, Ral, and the overwhelming majority of mutant oncogenic K-Ras, are devoid of a druggable pocket and lack an accessible cysteine for the development of…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Some mobile phone apps may contain hidden behaviors that users never see team of cybersecurity researchers has discovered that a large number of cell phone applications contain hardcoded secrets allowing others to access private data or block content provided by users. The study's findings: that the apps on mobile phones might have hidden or harmful behaviors about which end users know little to nothing.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Sometimes bosons act like 'antisocial' fermions report a new way in which bosons behave like fermions. Bosons and fermions, the two classes into which all particles—from the sub-atomic to atoms themselves—can be sorted, behave very differently under most circumstances. While identical bosons like to congregate, identical fermions tend to be antisocial. However, in one dimension—imagine particles that can only move on a line— bosons

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Soylent vs. Huel–Can Powdered Meals Replace Food? replacement products like Soylent and Huel have gained a loyal following. But are these all-in-one powders and shakes really a more optimal way to get your nutrition? — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Specialized cytonemes induce self-organization of stem cells [Cell Biology] cellular organization is fundamental for embryogenesis. Remarkably, coculturing embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and trophoblast stem cells (TSCs) recapitulates this process, forming embryo-like structures. However, mechanisms driving ESC–TSC interaction remain elusive. We describe specialized ESC-generated cytonemes that react to TSC-secreted Wnts. Cytoneme formation and length are controlled

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Structural basis for DEAH-helicase activation by G-patch proteins [Biochemistry] helicases of the DEAH/RHA family are involved in many essential cellular processes, such as splicing or ribosome biogenesis, where they remodel large RNA–protein complexes to facilitate transitions to the next intermediate. DEAH helicases couple adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hydrolysis to conformational changes of their catalytic core. This movement results in…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Structural basis for recognition of RALF peptides by LRX proteins during pollen tube growth [Plant Biology] reproduction relies on the highly regulated growth of the pollen tube for sperm delivery. This process is controlled by secreted RALF signaling peptides, which have previously been shown to be perceived by Catharanthus roseus RLK1-like (CrRLK1Ls) membrane receptor-kinases/LORELEI-like GLYCOLPHOSPHATIDYLINOSITOL (GPI)-ANCHORED PROTEINS (LLG) complexes, or by leucine-rich repeat (LRR) extensin

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Studies show that the 'construal level theory' is a powerful framework for improving creative cognition & abstract thinking via the manipulation of psychological distance, levels of processing, and processing difficulty. by /u/Shred77 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Study determines burst properties of the most recurring transient magnetar NASA's Fermi and Swift spacecraft, astronomers have investigated SGR J1935+2154, the most recurring transient magnetar known to date. The new research sheds more light on the burst properties of this object. The study is detailed in a paper published March 23 on the arXiv pre-print repository.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Study finds 'smart' devices effective in reducing adverse outcomes of heart condition new study, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, highlights the feasible use of mobile health (mHealth) devices to help with the screening and detection of a common heart condition.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Study links brain function changes to genetic risk in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnosis studies of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show that it takes many common genetic variations combining together in one individual to increase risk substantially. At the same time, neuroimaging experts have found differences in how the brains of people diagnosed with ADHD are functionally connected. However it's unclear how genetic risk might be directly related to altered b

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Success in synthesizing black phosphorus with a safe and high-yielding method toward artificial photosynthesis joint research group at Osaka City University and Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. have succeeded to synthesize black phosphorus with one-pot solvothermal reaction with red phosphorus in ethylenediamine used as a solvent.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. SunRISE to learn more about the Sun selects mission to study causes of solar particle storms.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Superfuids may merge via corkscrew mechanism at the Florida State University-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory have made a discovery in fluid dynamics that is truly worth uncorking a bottle of fine wine.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Survey finds physicians struggle to communicate positive thyroid cancer prognosis excellent prognosis with most thyroid cancers, many newly diagnosed patients have cancer-related worry, and physicians vary in their responses to patients' worry, according to new research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Synchronized editing: the future of collaborative writing, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00916-6 A growing suite of tools allows teams of researchers to work collectively to edit scientific documents.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Synthesis of phosphoramidate-linked DNA by a modified DNA polymerase [Chemistry] known polymerases copy genetic material by catalyzing phosphodiester bond formation. This highly conserved activity proceeds by a common mechanism, such that incorporated nucleoside analogs terminate chain elongation if the resulting primer strand lacks a terminal hydroxyl group. Even conservatively substituted 3′-amino nucleotides generally act as chain terminators, and no…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. System trains driverless cars in simulation before they hit the road simulation system invented to train driverless cars creates a photorealistic world with infinite steering possibilities, helping the cars learn to navigate a host of worse-case scenarios before cruising down real streets.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Targeted inhibition of gut bacterial {beta}-glucuronidase activity enhances anticancer drug efficacy [Microbiology] treats a range of solid tumors, but its effectiveness is severely limited by gastrointestinal (GI) tract toxicity caused by gut bacterial β-glucuronidase (GUS) enzymes. Targeted bacterial GUS inhibitors have been shown to partially alleviate irinotecan-induced GI tract damage and resultant diarrhea in mice. Here, we unravel the mechanistic basis…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Targeting a transporter to treat SHH medulloblastoma at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have identified a novel target for a type of pediatric brain tumor.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Technology use by adults with type 1 diabetes lower among African-Americans, Hispanics glucose monitor (CGM) and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) devices are known to improve outcomes in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D), yet African-American and Hispanic patients face barriers to the use of these devices, according to results of a small single-center retrospective study. The results of the ENDO 2020 abstract will be published in the Journal of the Endocr

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. 'Tequila' powered biofuels more efficient than corn or sugar tequilana, the plant native to Mexico used to make tequila, could prove to be an efficient alternative to sugarcane and corn to make biofuels in semi-arid regions. This research is the first to look at the plants lifecycle and model the economics.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Tesla's Sustainable Innovation is Solving Climate Change. Here's How: by /u/BENshakalaka [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Test yourself: Truth or blissful ignorance? people have areas of their life, including health and finances, in which they'd rather avoid potentially hard truths and remain blissfully ignorant, according to new research. We live in a time of unprecedented access to information. And in this era of sheltering-in-place around the nation and the globe, the desire for news may be higher than ever—at least for some people. But do we really w

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The Danger of Fast Carbs stood in the supermarket a couple of years ago examining the Nutrition Facts label on a box of breakfast cereal and realized that it did not tell me all I needed to know about what was inside. In 1992, when I was the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, I helped design the now-ubiquitous food label. I believe it has made an important contribution to public health. Given the limits

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The First Plastic | Cleaning Oceans | The Ocean Cleanup by /u/Greg-2012 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The intelligent knife (iKnife) and its intraoperative diagnostic advantage for the treatment of cervical disease [Chemistry] of surgical margins in cervical cancer prevents the need for adjuvant chemoradiation and allows fertility preservation. In this study, we determined the capacity of the rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS), also known as intelligent knife (iKnife), to discriminate between healthy, preinvasive, and invasive cervical tissue. Cervical tissue samples…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The Most Mercurial Field of All atomic systems are pushing the boundaries of known physics and may even set the stage for quantum computing — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The Newest US Sanctions on China's Huawei Could Backfire reported ban on sales to Huawei of chips made with American equipment might intensify China's drive to develop its own chip industry.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The oceans' twilight zone must be studied now, before it is too late, Published online: 31 March 2020; doi:10.1038/d41586-020-00915-7 Exploitation and degradation of the mysterious layer between the sunlit ocean surface and the abyss jeopardize fish stocks and the climate.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The quest for high-resolution G protein-coupled receptor-G protein structures [Biophysics and Computational Biology] protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are integral membrane proteins that mediate many responses of cells to external stimuli (1). The fundamental role of GPCRs in regulating human cellular processes makes them high-value targets for drugs (2). GPCRs are highly dynamic entities, and thus, determination of high-resolution structures of GPCRs in complex…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The Search for the Next Big Idea in Magnetic Field Mapping new competition challenges scientists to innovate on how we map Earth's constantly shifting magnetic field—and make navigation safer and more accurate.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. The Top 100 AI Startups Out There Now, and What They're Working On by /u/izumi3682 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. This way for brain tingles: ASMR gets a shiver-inducing exhibition cucumber-crunchers to cranial exams, YouTube is full of ASMRtists provoking the strangely pleasurable autonomous sensory meridian response. Now they've got their own euphoric museum show Some whisper gently into the microphone, while tapping their nails along the spine of a book. Others take a bar of soap and slice it methodically into tiny cubes , letting the pieces clatter into a plastic t

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Thomas Becket: Alpine ice sheds light on medieval murder air pollution, trapped in ice, reveals details about life and death in 12th Century Britain.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Three non-invasive methods used to predict who has NASH agree only about 20% of the time and clinicians have been trying to find a way to diagnose nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) without taking a liver tissue biopsy, but according to new research, formulas that aim to predict NASH based on risk factors do not agree with each other and their accuracy varies. The study was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Tiger-dokumentar hitter: Derfor har mennesker lyst til at kæle med farlige rovdyr omsorgsgen og arrogance kan få os til at støtte uetisk turisme.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. To tune up your quantum computer, better call an AI mechanic paper in the journal Physical Review Applied outlines a way to teach an AI to make an interconnected set of adjustments to the quantum dots that could form the qubits in a quantum computer's processor. Precisely tweaking the dots is crucial for transforming them into properly functioning qubits, and until now the job had to be done painstakingly by human operators, requiring hours of work to cre

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Top-tier computer mice for avid gamers and wireless options that give you an edge. (Alex Haney via Unsplash/) If you want to battle zombies on a console like Xbox or PlayStation, you need a gaming controller to get started. When you play on your computer, nothing's stopping you from using the mouse that came with it or (shudder) your laptop's trackpad. Mice designed just for gaming help you scroll quickly through your environmen

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Total-body PET imaging successfully identifies antibodies up to 30 days after injection 89Zr-labeled antibodies with total-body positron emission tomography (PET) has extended the utility of novel total-body PET scanners, providing suitable images up to 30 days after the initial injection, according to research published in the March issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Towards formalizing the GDPR's notion of singling out [Computer Sciences] is a significant conceptual gap between legal and mathematical thinking around data privacy. The effect is uncertainty as to which technical offerings meet legal standards. This uncertainty is exacerbated by a litany of successful privacy attacks demonstrating that traditional statistical disclosure limitation techniques often fall short of the privacy…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Toxic ketene gas forms on vaping vitamin E acetate prompting interest in its possible role in the EVALI outbreak [Commentaries] efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and state authorities have led to the determination that vitamin E acetate (VEA) is strongly associated with e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) (1). VEA has been found in nearly…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Transgender teens have high rates of depression, suicidal thoughts of transgender teens have depression, and many also have suicidal thoughts and self-injuring behavior, according to research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Trump skrotter Obamas miljøstandarder Nye regler vil giver plads til øget benzinforbrug i amerikanske biler. Kritikere kalder det for det største tilbageskridt for miljøet mens bilproducenterne er splittede.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Twin-chain polymer hydrogels based on poly(vinyl alcohol) as new advanced tool for the cleaning of modern and contemporary art [Social Sciences] of our cultural heritage is fundamental for conveying to future generations our culture, traditions, and ways of thinking and behaving. Cleaning art, in particular modern/contemporary paintings, with traditional tools could be risky and impractical, particularly on large collections of important works to be transferred to future generations. We report…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Two types of diabetes drugs similarly effective in reducing heart and kidney disease newer types of medications commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes are similar in their ability to reduce major heart complications, including heart attack, stroke and death from cardiovascular disease, according to research accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. UK's biggest lenders set to halt dividends after BoE warning governor tells chiefs to 'think very carefully about optics' of capital distributions

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Unconscious food cravings may make bariatric surgery less effective for extreme obesity with extreme obesity are prone to unconscious food impulses and cravings that may make it challenging for them to maintain weight loss after bariatric surgery, according to research that was accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and will be published in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Underactive thyroid more common in people working long hours who work long hours are more likely to have hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid, according to study results accepted for presentation at ENDO 2020, the Endocrine Society's annual meeting, and publication in a special supplemental section of the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Undersea Telescopes Scan the Sky from Below neutrino detectors will hunt for dark matter, distant star explosions, and more — Read more on

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Understanding the HIV-1 rev regulatory axis may help researchers to halt AIDS progression infection and replication within a human cell is a complex mechanism that involves multiple steps and several biochemical factors such as nucleic acids and proteins. Understanding the interplay between these factors has helped researchers to create drugs that target specific viral proteins to drastically slow down viral replication and effectively the progression of AIDS in patients.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Unravelling the mystery of black holes: Scientists release stellar code to the public, team COMPAS (Compact Object Mergers: Population Astrophysics and Statistics) has announced the first public beta release of their rapid binary population synthesis code (available for download here).

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. US life expectancy stalls due to cardiovascular disease, not drug deaths [Social Sciences] decades of robust growth, the rise in US life expectancy stalled after 2010. Explanations for the stall have focused on rising drug-related deaths. Here we show that a stagnating decline in cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality was the main culprit, outpacing and overshadowing the effects of all other causes of…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Vibrational exciton nanoimaging of phases and domains in porphyrin nanocrystals [Chemistry] of the electronic transport, photophysical, or biological functions of molecular materials emerge from intermolecular interactions and associated nanoscale structure and morphology. However, competing phases, defects, and disorder give rise to confinement and many-body localization of the associated wavefunction, disturbing the performance of the material. Here, we employ vibrational excitons

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Virtual cell predicts how close tumor environment influences cancer metastasis Researchers identify signals emitted by the tumor environment, which controls the migrating capacity of cancer cells. The new discovery, now published on CANCER RESEARCH, increases understanding of the complexity of molecules involved in cancer, and opens the possibility of manipulating these signals in the tumor environment to reduce cancer aggressiveness.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Visual feedback enhances activation of muscle movement in response to bodily sensation feedback is just as important as a sense of body position when it comes to the involuntary reflexes that activate muscle movement, says a new study in the open-access journal eLife.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Vulnerability and resistance in the spatial heterogeneity of soil microbial communities under resource additions [Ecology] heterogeneity in composition and function enables ecosystems to supply diverse services. For soil microbes and the ecosystem functions they catalyze, whether such heterogeneity can be maintained in the face of altered resource inputs is uncertain. In a 50-ha northern California grassland with a mosaic of plant communities generated by…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Växter reagerar på ljus inom bråkdelen av en sekund har upptäckt intrikata strukturella förändringar i proteinmolekyler som kallas för fytokromer som visar hur växter och bakterier uppfattar ljus. Forskare har upptäckt invecklade strukturella förändringar hos växter, svampar och bakterier som en reaktion på ljus, enligt en ny studie som publicerades idag i open access-tidskriften eLife . Upptäckterna ger en ny inblick i funktionen hos pro

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Warped space-time to help WFIRST find exoplanets's Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST) will search for planets outside our solar system toward the center of our Milky Way galaxy, where most stars are. Studying the properties of exoplanet worlds will help us understand what planetary systems throughout the galaxy are like and how planets form and evolve.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Water lily (Nymphaea thermarum) genome reveals variable genomic signatures of ancient vascular cambium losses [Plant Biology] more than 225 million y, all seed plants were woody trees, shrubs, or vines. Shortly after the origin of angiosperms ∼140 million y ago (MYA), the Nymphaeales (water lilies) became one of the first lineages to deviate from their ancestral, woody habit by losing the vascular cambium, the meristematic…

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. What causes equatorial marine biodiversity?'s not higher predation as popularly thought.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. When a TV Adaptation Does What the Book Could Not first glance, the novel Little Fires Everywhere seems to be a suburban whodunit. In the opening chapter, a house in a progressive neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio, has burned down after someone set a series of fires inside its bedrooms—and no one knows why. But then the tale rewinds to the previous summer, and from there it becomes a study of two women—Elena Richardson, a wealthy mother of

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. When will humans not have to work? your mind when will we reach a point when humans don't have to work? submitted by /u/kiwi5151 [link] [comments]

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. Whistleblower: Saudi-Arabien sporer mobiltelefoner i USA har systematisk tracket deres egne borgere i USA bed at udnytte sårbarheder i mobilteknologien SS7, hævder whistleblower.

…..(Hentet 31. marts 2020)….. World's most essential open-source code to be stored in Arctic vault a mountain in the Arctic, Microsoft is building a backup of open-source software that it says will keep the code safe for 1000 years

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BioNyt Videnskabens Verden ( er Danmarks ældste populærvidenskabelige tidsskrift for naturvidenskab. Det er det eneste blad af sin art i Danmark, som er helliget international forskning inden for livsvidenskaberne.

Bladet bringer aktuelle, spændende forskningsnyheder inden for biologi, medicin og andre naturvidenskabelige områder som f.eks. klimaændringer, nanoteknologi, partikelfysik, astronomi, seksualitet, biologiske våben, ecstasy, evolutionsbiologi, kloning, fedme, søvnforskning, muligheden for liv på mars, influenzaepidemier, livets opståen osv.

Artiklerne roses for at gøre vanskeligt stof forståeligt, uden at den videnskabelige holdbarhed tabes.

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