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The World's Biggest AI Chip Now Comes Stock With 2.6 Trillion Transistors
The world's biggest AI chip just doubled its specs—without adding an inch. The Cerebras Systems Wafer Scale Engine is about the size of a big dinner plate. All that surface area enables a lot more of everything, from processors to memory. The first WSE chip, released in 2019 , had an incredible 1.2 trillion transistors and 400,000 processing cores. Its successor doubles everything , except its ph
Russia Accused of Using Deepfakes to Imitate Political Rivals
Deepfake Deceptions Senior officials in the European Union may have been tricked by bad actors using deepfake technology to pretend to be Russian opposition leaders. Authorities suspect that Kremlin operatives may have used the deepfakes in order to gain information against Alexei Navalny's opposition movement, according to The Guardian . Among those who have been fooled include Tom Tugendhat, th
Uber Drives Passenger Into Canal, Still Charges for Ride
Your Uber Has Arrived A top contender for Ride-Sharing Horror Story of the Year goes to one UK woman whose Uber driver drove his car into a canal and still charged her for the ride . Emma Lavelle, 30, ordered the Uber home in the early morning hours on April 11 in Eccles, England just outside of Manchester, according to the Manchester Evening News . The driver had been following his GPS system wh
NASA's Mars Helicopter Hits Record Speeds in Third Flight
Faster and Farther NASA's Mars helicopter has successfully flown for a third time on the martian surface. The Ingenuity helicopter took to the skies again on Sunday, according to a NASA status update . The agency said that Ingenuity was able to fly "faster and farther" than any of its tests on Earth — which is a monumental achievement. "Today's flight was what we planned for, and yet it was nothi
Ian Gibson obituary
Cancer researcher who sought to make the public case for science as a Labour MP Ian Gibson, who has died aged 82 of pancreatic cancer, had a considerable reputation as a cancer researcher before seeking a political career in order to try to advance the cause of science in public life. He was elected for the first time in 1997, aged 58, as the Labour MP for Norwich North and spent the ensuing 12 ye
Swarm of Drones Creates Huge QR Code in the Sky
Drone Bore-fare As if it wasn't clear enough that we live in the most boring cyberpunk dystopia imaginable, drones in China took to the skies last Saturday night to form the image of a QR code to promote a video game. 1,500 drones flew over Shanghai to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chinese release of the Japanese video game Princess Connect! Re:Dive, according to The South China Morning
Lost Submarine Found, Torn Apart Into Three Sections
Wreckage Found Rescuers have discovered the missing Indonesian Navy's submarine broken into three parts deep in the waters off the coast of Indonesia. Officials announced on Sunday that the KRI Nanggala-402 submarine has been discovered at 2,800 feet deep in the Bali Sea, according to Reuters . All of the crew onboard the ill-fated vessel are presumed to be dead. "The KRI Nanggala is divided into
Talking to yourself: a good antidote to loneliness – or the sign of a real problem?
During the pandemic, I have gone from uttering a few words of encouragement to myself to full-blown arguments. I'm not the only one. I asked psychologists what purpose this serves "We should probably go out now," I say to Danny as I vegetate in front of the TV. "Yeah, we should, but I can't be arsed," Danny replies, sitting in an identical pose. "C'mon, we need the exercise; can't sit here all da

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