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US to Advise Booster Shots for Most Americans 8 Months After Vaccination
Nursing home residents and health care workers will most likely be the first to get booster shots, as soon as September, followed by other older people who were vaccinated last winter.


Biden's 'America First' Policy on Afghanistan
As Kabul fell and the Taliban reclaimed power in Afghanistan over the past two days, the 45th and 46th presidents of the United States bickered over who was to blame. President Joe Biden, in a statement , put the onus on a deal made by former President Donald Trump; Trump fired back "Never would have happened if I were President!" even as Biden followed the path Trump had laid out. That feud was
Human remains in tomb are best-preserved ever found in Pompeii
Former slave who rose through the social ranks was interred at necropolis of Porta Sarno before AD79 The partially mummified remains, including hair and bones, of a former slave who rose through the social ranks have been found in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. The remains of Marcus Venerius Secundio were found in a tomb at the necropolis of Porta Sarno, which was one of the main entrance gat
Go Ahead. Vaccinate the Kids.
It's easy to argue for vaccinating adults and teenagers against COVID-19. Some think it's harder to make the case for kids under 12 years of age, and for understandable reasons. Much of the world remains unvaccinated, kids have generally been much less affected by the coronavirus, and we don't yet have a thorough understanding of the risks versus the benefits. Still, if we weigh all the pros and
New mathematical record: what's the point of calculating pi?
The famous number has many practical uses, mathematicians say, but is it really worth the time and effort to work out its trillions of digits? Swiss researchers have spent 108 days calculating pi to a new record accuracy of 62.8tn digits . Using a computer, their approximation beat the previous world record of 50tn decimal places, and was calculated 3.5 times as quickly. It's an impressive and ti
Protracted lockdown and home schooling are shredding our sanity | Saman Shad
The demands on parents at home in the Covid pandemic seem to only be increasing – and there's no end in sight Week eight of lockdown and week six of home schooling. I'm taking deep breaths before the start of this new week as last week saw me hit a new low. My five-year-old was writing the letter "h" under much duress. He is reticent at best to do his work. We would bribe him with jelly beans if
He Taught a Ta-Nehisi Coates Essay. Then He Was Fired.
The first time Matt Hawn suspected that he might run into trouble for what he was teaching was last August. His contemporary-issues class was discussing the events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where protesters had taken to the streets after a police officer was filmed shooting 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back. Hawn showed his students a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old accused of killing
Global water crisis will intensify with climate breakdown, says report
Flooding, droughts and wildfires will worsen as global heating disrupts the planet's water cycle Water problems – drought, with its accompanying wildfires , and flooding – are likely to become much worse around the world as climate breakdown takes hold, according to the biggest assessment of climate science to date . Global heating of at least 1.5C is likely to happen within the next two decades
Why the Afghan Army Folded
The United States has spent $83 billion training, equipping, and even paying Afghanistan's security forces since 2001, a mammoth amount. As the events of the past few days make clear, despite all that assistance, Afghanistan's military and police have proved incapable of securing the country. Many analysts of the war anticipated the government failing to withstand Taliban assaults, but were surpr
The Well Fixer's Warning
T he well fixer and I were standing at the edge of an almond orchard in the exhausted middle of California. It was late July, and so many wells on the farms of Madera County were coming up dry that he was running out of parts to fix them. In this latest round of western drought, desperate voices were calling him at six in the morning and again at midnight. They were puzzled why their pumps were c
Covid vaccination rates for Indigenous Australians behind in every state except Victoria
Ken Wyatt blames low take-up rate partly on "choice", while Labor blasts the rollout as a "complete failure" Follow the Australian Covid blog Restrictions: NSW ; Vic ; Qld ; borders . Hotspots: NSW ; Vic ; Qld Half of parents concerned their children are developing behavioural issues due to lockdowns Vaccine rollout tracker ; get our free news app ; get our morning email briefing As the Australia
Blue Origin Lead Lunar Lander Engineer Jumps Ship, Joins SpaceX
Blue Origin Departure The lead engineer of the team behind Blue Origin's lunar lander is leaving the company to join SpaceX, according to an update on LinkedIn . "Friday (August 13th) was my last day at Blue Origin," Nitin Arora, lead of mission architecture and integration lead of Blue Origin's Human Landing System (HLS) team," wrote in the post. "It was one hell of a ride working on the lunar p
UK regulator approves Moderna Covid vaccine for older children
MHRA authorises use of vaccine on those aged 12 to 17, saying it is safe and effective for them Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Britain's health regulator has approved the Moderna Covid vaccine for those aged 12 to 17, weeks after the Pfizer jab was given the green light for the same group. The announcement by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (
New Zealand reports first Covid-19 case in community since February
Officials have not yet established a link between the case, detected in Auckland, and the border or managed isolation facilities See all our coronavirus coverage New Zealand has a new case of Covid-19 transmission in the community, Ministry of Health officials have confirmed. The news will be greeted with dismay in the country, which has not had a case of transmission in the community since Febru
Computer Scientists Discover Limits of Major Research Algorithm
Many aspects of modern applied research rely on a crucial algorithm called gradient descent. This is a procedure generally used for finding the largest or smallest values of a particular mathematical function — a process known as optimizing the function. It can be used to calculate anything from the most profitable way to manufacture a product to the best way to assign shifts to workers. Source
UK medical schools must teach about climate crisis, say students
Extreme weather events widen existing inequalities and traumatise victims while climate anxiety affects mental health Medical students are demanding their schools include the climate crisis as a core component of the curriculum, as the intensifying climate emergency highlights the corresponding health crisis. Hannah Chase, a final year medical student at Oxford said the sense of urgency hit home
From A-levels to pensions, algorithms make easy targets – but they aren't to blame | Jonathan Everett
Poor policy outcomes are not the responsibility of 'mutant maths', but of choices made by people in power A year ago, when the prime minister blamed a " mutant algorithm " for A-level students receiving lower than their predicted grades, a new phrase entered political discourse. Since then, the government's proposed housing algorithm has been labelled "mutant" by the Conservative MP Philip Hollob
Space Junk Reportedly Smashed a Chinese Military Satellite
Satellite Smash A Chinese military satellite appears to have gotten smashed by a disintegrating Russian rocket, reports , in what's likely the worst orbital collision since 2009. The collision illustrates the growing danger of derelict spacecraft parts and other jetsam in Earth's orbit, where they can smash functional equipment — as well as the extraordinary difficulty in figuring out w
From the archive: Are alternative meats the key to a healthier life and planet? – podcast
How do protein substitutes compare with the real deal? Graihagh Jackson investigates by speaking to dietician Priya Tew , the Guardian's Fiona Harvey and author Isabella Tree . This podcast was amended on 18 May 2019. An earlier version incorrectly claimed that vitamin B12 is also known as folate or folic acid. While folate/folic acid is also a B vitamin, it is not vitamin B12. Continue reading..
Demonstrating 'vectorial' polaritons by levitating a nanosphere inside an optical cavity
A team of researchers from the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy, INFN, Sezione di Firenze and Università di Firenze has demonstrated a form of "vectorial" polariton by levitating a nanosphere inside of an optical cavity. In their paper published in the journal Nature Physics, the group describes their work and possible uses for their results. Tania Monteiro with University College L
What is the next type of asset that may exist based on the current trend curve?
We didn't knew that cryptocurrency will be booming back then. We didn't knew that NFT will exist and can be valued millions of dollars until now. What can we expect? Maybe there will some sort of virtual land in the future, some sort of knowledge community that only some people have the access, maybe wood (if it can only grow on Earth and not other planet), maybe everything that isn't renewable w
Eliminating Terrorism through technology
You May have heard the recent situation of Afghanistan. Takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban. US spends trillions of dollars to takeover the situation of Afghanistan but they failed. So, my fellow science enthusiast, do you have any idea of a technology that can eliminate terrorism from every single country. Pardon my English – submitted by /u/Spare_Suggestion_946 [link] [comments]
Existential Risk Observatory
The is an NGO based in the Netherlands working to increase the public debate about risks such as climate change, AI safety and man-made pandemics. I've attached a link to their website here but you can also find them on most socials if you search for them. They are definitely an organisation that should be supported! submitted by /u/FriendswithFrankie
Hamster study evaluates airborne and fomite transmission of SARS-CoV-2
Scientists studying SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, have defined in Syrian hamsters how different routes of virus exposure are linked to disease severity. Their study details the efficiency of airborne transmission between hamsters and examines how the virus replicates and causes disease throughout the respiratory system.
Wash your hands for 20 seconds: Physics shows why
Though hand-washing is proven effective in combating the spread of disease and infection, the physics behind it has rarely been studied. But in Physics of Fluids, researchers from Hammond Consulting Limited describe a simple model that captures the key mechanics of hand-washing.
Researchers confirm speed, simplicity and sensitivity for new COVID-19 test
Researchers have published a three way comparison study to confirm that the Reverse Transcriptase Free Exponential Amplification Reaction (RTF-EXPAR) method is just as sensitive, but faster, than both PCR and LAMP tests. The study revealed that the RTF-EXPAR method converts under 10 strands of RNA into billions of copies of DNA in under 10 minutes, using a one-pot assay that is compatible with mor
A strange link between grizzly bear DNA and human language
A genetic study of grizzly bears in coastal BC finds that they are members of three geographically separated DNA groups. Scientists have not yet found any physical boundaries to explain why the groups do not mingle. Oddly, it turns out that each group's range aligns with the area in which a particular aboriginal language is spoken. It started with a genetic study of grizzly bears living in coasta
'Cosmic boomerang' shines light on life cycle of a galaxy
Astronomers have for the first time observed a cosmic boomerang effect—streams of heavy, molecular gas that are stripped away from a distant galaxy only to circle back and return later. Details of the discovery, previously theorized in simulations but not observed in detail, will appear in the Astrophysical Journal . The observation offers new insights into the life cycle of a galaxy and the stru
Majority of climate change news coverage now accurate: study
Good news: Major print media in five countries have been representing climate change very factually, hitting a 90 percent accuracy rate in the last 15 years, according to an international study out today with University of Colorado Boulder and Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) authors. Scientifically accurate coverage of man-made climate change is becoming less b
New exotic magnetic quasiparticle 'skyrmion bundle' joins topological zoo
In a study recently published in Nature Nanotechnology, a research group led by Prof. Du Haifeng and Dr. Tang Jin from High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS), reported a scientific breakthrough after they found skyrmion bundles, a new family member of topological magnetic structures.
Simulations predict individual response to altered gravity
A simulation-based approach can accurately predict the effects of altered gravity on an individual basis, research shows. The approach precludes the need for simultaneously testing hundreds of parameters for estimating the cardiovascular state of an individual; rather, it focuses on a handful of significant factors, increasing accuracy and saving time. The researchers have reported the results of
Sino Biological Announces Successful Closing of 4.98 Billion RMB Public Offering and Listing on the Shenzhen ChiNext Stock Exchange
Sino Biological, Inc. ("Sino Biological" or the "Company"), a biotechnology company which provides biological research reagents and related technical contract research services, announced a successful listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange subsidiary ChiNext under the stock abbreviation Sino Biological and stock code 301047. A total of 17 million shares were issued for a total of 4.98 billion RMB
The Plywood Army
A decade after U.S. forces arrived in Afghanistan, the headquarters of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force was still made of plywood, as were most of the other buildings that housed American troops. Resources existed to build out of concrete, but why would we do that? At any given point in our 20-year Afghan odyssey, we were always—in our minds, at least—only a year or two out from a
The Atlantic Daily: The Fall of Kabul
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Just four months after President Biden announced plans to fully withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the country is once again under Taliban rule. Kabul fell, despite 20 years of investment by t
Precious's Car Crashes and Flips Over! | Street Outlaws: Memphis
Stream Street Outlaws: Memphis on discovery+ ► About Street Outlaws: Memphis: Street Outlaws is traveling to the toughest, meanest and wildest streets in the South, as it heads to Memphis to spotlight JJ Da Boss and his team of family and friends who have been racing together for decades. #StreetOutlawsMemphis #StreetRacing #Discovery Subs
Molecular Farming Means the Next Vaccine Could Be Edible and Grown in a Plant
It's the dog days of summer. You bite down on a plump, chilled orange. Citrus juice explodes in your mouth in a refreshing, tingling burst. Ahh. And congratulations—you've just been vaccinated for the latest virus. That's one of the goals of molecular farming, a vision to have plants synthesize medications and vaccines. Using genetic engineering and synthetic biology, scientists can introduce bra
Blog Switchover In Progress
So this will be the last post here until sometime next week, as the entire Science site does a behind-the-scenes changeover to a new publishing platform. Redirects from all old links to the previous posts should be in place on the re-emergence, along with a new look to the blog, a new commenting system, and new blog-writing software back here on this end. Here's hoping everything goes as planned,
Tree fecundity and biological aging
Researchers from INRAE and Duke University have concluded that tree fecundity peaks or plateaus when trees reach adult size, and then begins to decline. Published on 17 August 2021 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study examines 597 species from more than 500 sites in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Their work has led to the development of a calibrated
Is deflection a good business tactic?
Politicians are especially deft at deflection, which is the tactic of answering a question with a question that steers the conversation in a different direction. It's not an easy skill, but former President Donald Trump mastered it, according to Wharton operations, information and decisions professor Maurice Schweitzer.
High resolution image of Arabidopsis photosynthesis machine
For the first time, Umeå researchers have, with the help of cryogenic electron microscopy, succeeded in producing a high-resolution image of photosystem II—the central complex of photosynthesis—of the model plant Arabidopsis. The enormous complex is responsible for the vital oxygen production in photosynthesis that once made life possible on our planet. The study is published in Scientific Reports
The secret of the Stradivari violin confirmed
New research co-authored by a Texas A&M University scientist has confirmed that renowned violin maker Antonio Stradivari and others treated their instruments with chemicals that produced their unique sound, and several of these chemicals have been identified for the first time.
Sensitive GSEM-based bionic airflow sensor developed
Prof. Chen Tao's team at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed a flexible and self-adaptive airflow sensor enabled by bioinspired thin-membrane, which is mediated by the reversible microspring effect. The study was published in Advanced Functional Materials.
Multicellular algae discovered in an Early Cambrian formation
The Cambrian period, which occurred around 541–485 million years ago, is known for its explosive biological diversification. In warm oceans, the planet's earliest eukaryotes began to thrive and diversify. A major contributing factor to the acceleration of life and the development of early metazoans is thought to be an increasingly efficient food web, created largely by algae. These new photosynthe
Orioles adapt the location of their wintering grounds to weather conditions
The ability to adjust to changing environmental conditions is an essential prerequisite for species to cope with climate change. Using stable isotope analysis, a team of scientists led by the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) now unraveled the link between wintering destinations of Eurasian Golden Oriole migrations and rainfall intensities in potential wintering grounds
Co-production connects research and action for sustainability
Research on complex sustainability issues produces a great deal of knowledge and advice. But do these also connect to the real world? The answer may be found in co-production: don't put one researcher or computer at the helm, but rather collaboratively produce knowledge and action with a diversity of people pursuing change in the world. Scientists argue this in a new study that outlines six ways o
Small protein protects pancreatic cells in model of type 1 diabetes
A new study has shown that treating type 1 diabetes-prone mice with the small protein MOTS-c prevented the immune system from destroying insulin-producing pancreatic cells, effectively preventing the onset of the autoimmune disease. The small protein that first made headlines as an 'exercise mimetic' increasingly appears to also have a big role in regulating the immune system.
Blind people can't see color but understand it the same way as sighted people
People born blind have never seen that bananas are yellow but researchers find that like any sighted person, they understand two bananas are likely to be the same color and why. Questioning the belief that dates back to philosopher John Locke that people born blind could never truly understand color, the team of cognitive neuroscientists demonstrated that congenitally blind and sighted individuals
Build your strategic defense against cybercriminals
With the rise of ransomware attacks and cybercrime in the headlines week after week, fighting cybercriminals takes a multi-faceted approach that's not just the realm of the CTO, but of every business leader. There is no time to waste in ensuring that your organization's cyber-resiliency strategy is on the right path. Join us at CyberSecure, MIT Technology Review's premier cybersecurity conference
Mjölkar kor bättre om ljuset har färg?
Det är välkänt att kor ger mer mjölk när dygnsrytmen bestäms av ett ljusprogram med 16 timmars dagsljus och 8 timmars nattbelysning. Men har färgen på ljuset någon betydelse? Det har forskare från SLU undersökt. Belysning i ladugårdar är ett lagkrav och många har upptäckt fördelarna med det energisnåla LED-ljuset. Genom att byta till LED-belysning i en ladugård kan energikonsumtionen för belysnin
We have hit "peak car"
Car production may never exceed its level in 2017. Car usage has been falling in Western countries, particularly in cities. Ride-hailing and public transit likely are the future of transportation. The following is an excerpt from the book A Brief History of Motion . In the 2020s there are clear signs that enthusiasm for cars is finally waning. Even some people within the industry now acknowledge
Ecosystem responses of grassland to drought
Grassland, as one of the important ecosystems and an ecological barrier in China, is the green production base of animal husbandry. It plays a vital role in maintaining national ecological security, food security and even global ecological balance. However, climate change is expected to lead to more frequent extreme droughts in grassland regions. Yet, the underlying mechanisms of ecosystem respons
A new liquid crystal ink for 3D printing
Cholesteric liquid crystals, a man-made material with properties between liquids and solid crystals, can mimic the colors of butterfly wings. Liquid crystals are used in televisions and smartphones, but future applications for healthcare sensors or decorative lighting are difficult as the materials can't be used in advanced, rapid production methods like 3D printing. The materials are not viscous
Happy Black marriages rely on these factors
A new study identifies key factors in successful Black marriages. Those factors include the ability to communicate openly, remain flexible about each person's role in the relationship as challenges arise, and find agreement in how to manage income and assets, according to the study in the journal Family Relations . Antonius Skipper , assistant professor of gerontology and lead author of the paper
MIT Develops Inflatable Bionic Hand That Senses Touch
Medical prosthetics have come a long way, offering patients who have lost a limb access to nerve-sensing bionic replacements with impressive dexterity. However, these "neuroprosthetics" can cost many thousands of dollars, and they're heavy, rigid, and prone to mechanical failures. Researchers from MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have created a prototype prosthetic hand that's the opposite:
Blue Hydrogen Is Not Green
As we explore our options to reduce the CO2 produced by our energy, transportation, industry, and agricultural sectors, hydrogen remains a point of discussion. Hydrogen had a brief moment in the sun about 20 years ago, when the dominant talk was about the "coming hydrogen economy" which never came. Technical hurdles got in the way. For example, researchers never cracked the problem of safely stor
Make Amazing DIY Tech With 75% Off This ESP32 Training Package
As coding and engineering become less about specialized skills and more tools anyone can use, the future is opening up to amazing possibilities . Among those are the power of microcontrollers to create your own gear, and the Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle opens the door to some truly amazing DIY gear. Typically $200, it's on sale for only $49.99 for a limited time. What Is The ESP32? The ESP32 is a
So Much for a 'Foreign Policy for the Middle Class'
Wakil Kohsar / AFP / Getty T he fall of Kabul is a major disaster. It is a major disaster for the people of Afghanistan, who will now have to live under a theocratic regime that suppresses their most basic liberties, ruthlessly punishes dissenters, and proudly oppresses women . It is a major disaster, in particular, for the tens of thousands of Afghans who helped Western journalists and diplomats
Access to cationic polyhedral carboranes via dynamic cage surgery with N-heterocyclic carbenes
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25277-0 In comparison to their neutral or anionic counterparts, examples of cationic boron clusters remain scarce. Here, the authors prepare a variety of cationic polyhedral boranes by reacting closo-10-vertex carboranes with N-heterocyclic carbenes; the resulting open-cage cationic nido- arachno- or closo- derivative
Protective humoral and cellular immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 persist up to 1 year after recovery
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25312-0 The quality of immune response to SARS-CoV-2 is thought to wane over time, but it is unclear how long it can persist. Here the authors show persistent immune responses in a large number of patients over the course of a 1-year follow-up from the time of recovery from COVID-19.
Light-fueled transient supramolecular assemblies in water as fluorescence modulators
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25299-8 Dissipative self-assembly, which requires a continuous supply of fuel to maintain the assembled states far from equilibrium, is the foundation of biological systems but it remains a challenge to introduce light as fuel into artificial dissipative self-assemblies. Here, the authors report an artificial dissipat
Kinetic photovoltage along semiconductor-water interfaces
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25318-8 Common photovoltaic effect is across the interface of heterojunctions. Here, the authors find that scanning a light beam can induce a persistent in-plane photoelectric voltage along silicon-water interfaces, due to the following movement of a charge packet in the vicinity of the silicon surface.
Live cell tagging tracking and isolation for spatial transcriptomics using photoactivatable cell dyes
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25279-y Spatial transcriptomics aims to pair omic data with tissue structure. Here the authors report Spatially PhotoActivatable Colour Encoded Cell Address Tags (SPACECAT) to track and isolate live cells by location; this enables spatially informed downstream assays like scRNA-seq and flow cytometry.
The potential of chemical bonding to design crystallization and vitrification kinetics
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25258-3 Tailoring the crystallization kinetics of materials is important for targeting applications. Here the authors observe a remarkable dependence of crystallization and vitrification kinetics and attribute it to systematic bonding changes for a class of materials between metallic and covalent bonding.
TMEM16F and dynamins control expansive plasma membrane reservoirs
Nature Communications, Published online: 17 August 2021; doi:10.1038/s41467-021-25286-z Cells locally expand and retract their surface in response to environmental factors such as changes in membrane tension. Here the authors show the membrane adapter, dynamin2, locally constricts surface membrane to form an isolated but contiguous membrane reservoir that can open upon phospholipid scrambling via
Pushing Health App Data to Doctors: A Burden or an Asset?
In June, Apple said that patients who use the company's health app, which tracks over 100 types of data, will be able to send their doctors metrics like heart rate, sleep hours, and exercise minutes. But outside of a few reports of success, it's unclear if an abundance of data will improve health.
From the archive: Are alternative meats the key to a healthier life and planet?
How do protein substitutes compare with the real deal? Graihagh Jackson investigates by speaking to dietician Priya Tew, the Guardian's Fiona Harvey and author Isabella Tree. This podcast was amended on 18 May 2019. An earlier version incorrectly claimed that vitamin B12 is also known as folate or folic acid. While folate/folic acid is also a B vitamin, it is not vitamin B12.. Help support our ind

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