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Parents Are Not Okay
It was two weeks, originally. Who couldn't do two weeks with the kids at home? Two weeks to bend the curve. It was simple. Then it was two months—because nothing bent—and, well, we did two weeks and that went okay, so two months would be doable, right? Right? And then it was summer, and kids are always home in the summer, so how was that different? Sure, we can't go anywhere, but we'll just do a


Some Americans No Longer Believe in the Common Good
As a child in eastern Kentucky, I often helped my grandmother work in her large garden, lush with tomatoes, beans, okra, potatoes, and peppers. Granny was born in 1909, 62 years before me. As we hoed the long rows, I loved to hear her stories of living through the Great Depression and World War II. During the hard times of the 1930s, she said, neighbors banded together to help one another, poolin
Sugars from human milk could help treat, prevent infections in newborns
Bacteria known as group B Streptococcus (GBS) are a common cause of blood infections, meningitis and stillbirth in newborns. Although GBS infections can often be treated or prevented with antibiotics, the bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant. Now, researchers have discovered that human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs)—short strings of sugar molecules abundant in breast milk—can help prevent GB
Hubble Takes Breathtaking Image of "Furnace" Galaxy
Jewel-Bright Spiral Galaxy NASA released a stunning image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope depicting a spiral galaxy 68 million light-years away from Earth. The spiral galaxy is known as NGC 1385 and is located in the constellation Fornax — the Latin word for "furnace," according to a NASA blog . Described by the agency as "jewel-bright," the image was captured using Hubble's Wide Field Camera
The Noisy Minority
The connection between Republican political views and skepticism about COVID-19 precautions, such as mask mandates and vaccine passports, is clear but not intuitive. While not all unvaccinated people are Republicans, nearly half of Republicans have yet to receive even a single shot, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll from late July. Republicans also make up the largest share of oppositi
The Wuhan lab leak theory is more about politics than science
Whatever this week's Biden review finds, the cause of the pandemic lies in the destruction of animal habitats Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage If Joe Biden's security staff are up to the mark, a new report on the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic will be placed on the president's desk this week. His team was given 90 days in May to review the virus's origins after seve
August full moon 2021: how to photograph the blue moon on your phone or camera with the right settings
Guardian Australia picture editor Carly Earl explains the dos and don'ts of taking pictures of this month's blue moon, also known as a sturgeon moon When a full moon rises, many people will pull out their mobile phones to try and get an Instagram-worthy photograph, but unfortunately the moon is really challenging to get a great photo of. Two reasons: it is very far away and unless you have a tele
On Covid and climate we can achieve change – but we're running out of time | Robert Reich
A simple breakfast with a friend presented a serious dilemma and pointed to both the need and precedent for action On Saturday morning I met a friend for breakfast at a local diner. We weren't sure whether to sit outside because of the surging Delta variant of Covid, or inside because stinging smoke from wildfires consuming northern and western California had spread into the Bay Area. Related: Ou
Is robot therapy the future?
Seek help for a mental health issue today and you may find yourself referred to an online app or talking to a robot therapist. Is this welcome democratisation of an expensive resource – or the 'Uberisation of therapy'? She's sitting on a purple armchair, nodding slowly as she talks. "When was the last time you felt really happy?" Her voice is low and measured, with the gently broken glottal qualit
FDA: Don't Take Animal Livestock Drugs to Fight COVID-19, You Idiots
US health officials have issued a new and (frankly) shocking warning: Don't take medicine meant for animals to treat or prevent COVID-19. The Mississippi Department of Health released an official health alert on Friday saying that the state has been inundated with poison control calls from people who ingested a drug meant for livestock, according to CNN . The drug is known as ivermectin and is ty
Blue Origin Is Bleeding More of Its Top Workers to Its Rivals
Summer Losses The hits just keep on coming for Blue Origin. So far this year, Jeff Bezo's company lost out on a $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX and it was beaten by Virgin Galactic for the honor of sending the first billionaire CEO to space. Now a new report from CNBC reveals that Blue Origin has lost roughly 17 top employees this summer alone. Many of Blue Origin's former employees left for seem
Full FDA approval of Pfizer Covid shot will enable vaccine requirements
FDA is trying to finish licensing process as soon as Monday Radio host who criticised vaccine efforts dies of Covid-19 Full federal approval of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine will empower businesses and universities to require vaccinations and tip hesitant Americans toward getting the jab, the surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, said on Sunday. Related: Breakthrough infections and booster shots: what you n
China Declares "Mission Complete" for Mars Rover Zhurong
Job Well Done China's Mars rover has completed its mission… kind of. The Zhurong rover has officially finished its 90-sol mission to explore Utopia Planitia on the martian surface, according to . However, the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) plans to keep the craft working hard at collecting raw data and images of Mars for the time being — with the hopes of exploring a possi
All These Simultaneous Disasters Are Messing With Our Brains
Last week, the psychologist Steven Taylor was at a socially distanced get-together with some relatives and their friends when the conversation turned to the chaos in Afghanistan. Someone mentioned the sickening footage of desperate Afghans clinging to American military aircraft as they departed. Then one man made a remark that caught Taylor off guard: The videos, he said, were funny . Others agre
Making nylon 6-6 'greener,' and without zinc
Outdoor stadium seats, ski bindings, tire reinforcements and other products that require strength, durability and weather resistance are all made with a type of nylon called nylon 6-6. However, producing this material requires an environmentally unfriendly process, the first step of which uses the endangered element zinc as a catalyst. Now, researchers have developed "greener" methods for this ste
Antibody test rollout could steer a targeted booster programme
UK scheme could also illuminate reinfection rates and immunity across different variants, say experts Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Antibody tests are to be offered widely to the UK public as part of a new programme which a leading scientist said could lead to targeted booster vaccinations for vulnerable people. Thousands of adults will receive tests each day as pa
UK scientists look at reducing boosters to save vaccine for rest of the world
JCVI considers lower third jab dosage to release stocks for poorer nations Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Scientists in Britain are examining whether smaller doses of Covid vaccine could be used as part of booster programmes, amid hopes that the approach could also increase the supply of jabs across the world. The use of so-called "fractional doses" has been propose
Coronavirus live news: UK public to be offered antibody tests for first time
Some people who test positive will be sent antibody tests in scheme to measure body's response to different variants 9.26am BST Russia reported 20,564 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, bringing the national tally to 6,747,087. Of this total, 1,661 were recorded in Moscow and 1,481 in St. Petersburg, according to Reuters. 9.09am BST Following two months of rising coronavirus cases, Thailand 's dail
How Asia Became a Delta Hot Spot
Shortly after Jarrett Wrisley arrived in Bangkok in 2008, the global financial crisis hit the media industry, forcing outlets to slash budgets. Wrisley, a food and travel journalist, saw his opportunities to write rapidly diminishing, so he pivoted to the only other thing he knew how to do: cooking. In September 2010, Wrisley opened Soul Food Mahanakorn, serving northern and northeastern Thai far
You Should Be Using TweetDeck
Even if you wouldn't call yourself a power user, the Twitter client's advanced search tools and customizable interface can massively upgrade your feed.
Watch the Rare "Triple Transit" From Jupiter's Moons
Jupiter's Triple Transit Astronomers were treated to a delightful show last week when three of Jupiter's moons passed in front of the planet in a rare event known as a "triple transit." The moons in question are three of Jupiter's Galilean moons: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, according to The Washington Post . They were named such as they were discovered by Galleleo in 1610. The three passed in
Using artificial intelligence for early detection and treatment of illnesses
Artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally change medicine and healthcare: Diagnostic patient data, e.g. from ECG, EEG or X-ray images, can be analyzed with the help of machine learning, so that diseases can be detected at a very early stage based on subtle changes. However, implanting AI within the human body is still a major technical challenge. Scientists have now succeeded in developing a
New breakthrough in research into old insect exoskeletons
Researchers have isolated genetic material from exuviae (discarded exoskeletons) left after insects like cicadas molt. The researchers tested five different methods of amplifying the DNA sample by PCR, and were able to isolate nuclear DNA of good enough quality for repetitive loci known as microsatellites to be genotyped. This work is a significant contribution to insect sciences because these met
New insights on mechanism that could help treat muscle-related diseases
Expression of the MyoD gene combined with exposure to three chemicals causes skin cells to become primitive muscle progenitors that can be maintained indefinitely in the lab and later coaxed into becoming mature muscle cells to treat muscle-related diseases. Skin-derived muscle progenitors are molecularly similar to muscle tissue stem cells, and muscle cells derived from these progenitors are more
Dynamic photosynthesis model simulates 10-20 percent yield increase
A team has developed a model that treats photosynthesis as a dynamic process rather than an activity that either is or is not happening. This allowed the group to examine the impacts of the many fluctuations in light that crop leaves experience due to intermittent clouds, overlying leaves, and the sun's daily passage across the sky.
If you knew the future, would you still choose your life?
When we decide to act, we either are incredibly bad at thinking through the implications or give very little thought to the future at all. A short story by Ted Chiang, "The Story of Your Life," asks us to imagine how things would be if we knew what would happen from our choices, especially tragic events. Would we still do them? Immanuel Kant argued that hope is essential to motivating our action.
Black holes caught eating neutron stars for first time
This article was originally published by our sister site, Freethink. Astronomers have observed a collision between a black hole and a neutron star for the first time — and then 10 days later, they spotted another one. Two paths: Black holes and neutron stars are two of the densest, most extreme objects in the universe, and they both start out the same way: as massive stars. When those stars run o
Isolating carbon from human ashes to create diamonds
Eterneva is setting out to change the way we grieve loss — by turning ashes into diamonds. With its unique cremation diamonds, Eterneva is creating a new way to carry the memory of our loved ones with us long after their death. Transforming their customers' loved ones from ashes to diamonds consists of an intricate seven stage process. Once the company has received the ashes, its team gets to wor
Why Bother Calculating Pi to 62.8 Trillion Digits? It's Both Useless and Fascinating
Swiss researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden this week claimed a new world record for calculating the number of digits of pi—a staggering 62.8 trillion figures. By my estimate, if these digits were printed out they would fill every book in the British Library ten times over. The researchers' feat of arithmetic took 108 days and 9 hours to complete, and dwarfs the previous re
Opening a path toward quantum computing in real-world conditions
The quantum computing market is projected to reach $65 billion by 2030, a hot topic for investors and scientists alike because of its potential to solve incomprehensibly complex problems. Drug discovery is one example. To understand drug interactions, a pharmaceutical company might want to simulate the interaction of two molecules. The challenge is that each molecule is composed of a few hundred a
Why Is Hugh Jackman Still Underappreciated?
Hugh Jackman has spent a surprising amount of his career floating in water tanks. In Reminiscence , the new sci-fi noir thriller on HBO Max from writer and director Lisa Joy, the actor plays Nick Bannister, a former soldier turned private investigator of the mind, probing people's memories while they're submerged in a big, futuristic bath. The twist is that Bannister is addicted to revisiting his

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