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The Sanctioning of Trump's Lawyers Is Exactly What Is Supposed to Happen
The lawyers who battled for President Donald Trump in the days after the 2020 election are now fighting to salvage their professional careers—a fight they pretty much invited by openly flouting many of the core ethical precepts to which licensed attorneys are bound. Last November, we warned these lawyers that this could happen . Today, they face punishing financial and professional consequences,


Clues in woolly mammoth tusk reveal a lifetime of travels
This article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. An international team of researchers has reconstructed the life of a woolly mammoth that lived in Alaska more than 17,000 years ago. By deciphering clues hidden in his tusk, we may not only unravel the mysterious life and death of these charismatic creatures, but also understand the impact of climate change on modern species. Wh
Man Sues Parents of Kids Who Stole His Bitcoin
16 Bitcoin Gone A man is suing the parents of the young men he claims stole roughly $1 million worth of Bitcoin from him. Andrew Schober, a Colorado man, claims he had 16.4 Bitcoin stolen from him in 2018, according to KrebsonSecurity . After working with investigators, he now says that he has discovered the identity of the boys who, when they were both minors, tricked Schober to transfer the Bit
when can I visit the Clock Of The Long Now?
When is this project going to be completed? The promo videos showed a drilling rig completing its passage through a mountain, along with many finished parts ready to assemble. The blueprints were fully completed years ago.
Old habit-controlling neurons may also help the brain learn new tricks
In a study of rodents, scientists discovered that a part of the brain traditionally thought to control typing the old sequence may also play a critical role in learning the new one. The results suggest that this process involves a delicate balance in the activity of two neighboring neural circuits: one dedicated to new actions and the other to old habits.
Growth-promoting, anti-aging retinal at the root of plant growth too
What do frog eggs have in common with 'anti-aging' creams? Their success depends on a group of chemical compounds called retinoids, which are capable of generating and re-generating tissues. A new study in plants shows that retinoids' tissue-generating capacities are also responsible for the appropriate development of roots.
Highly conductive and elastic nanomembrane for skin electronics
Skin electronics require stretchable conductors that satisfy metal-like conductivity, high stretchability, ultrathin thickness, and ease of patternability, but it is challenging to achieve these characteristics simultaneously. The researchers developed a new float assembly method to fabricate a nanomembrane that satisfies all these requirements simultaneously. The exceptional material properties a
Your sense of smell may be the key to a balanced diet
When we smell food, we are more likely to eat — but new findings suggest eating food also impacts our sense of smell, which could bias what we eat next. Imaging shows that brain's response to odors similar to a recent meal is less 'food-like' than its response to a different food odor. Interplay between smell and food intake may have evolutionary benefit in helping humans diversify diet
This Crypto Wallet Keeps Your Cryptocurrency Where It Belongs: In Your Pocket
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have plenty of benefits. But as a digital asset, crypto is a constant target for hackers and other online threats. After all, unlike traditional currency, you can't lock your crypto in a safe, or feel the weight of it in your pocket at all times. Or at least that used to be the case. Now, thanks to the Ledger Nano crypto wallet , you can. If you already
Pentagon Document Tells How to Answer Questions About "Extraterrestrial Technology"
Talking Points The Department of Defense (DOD) has released a document of talking points for how government officials should respond to questions about UFOs. The document — known as a "briefing card" — was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by The Black Vault , an online database of declassified government documents. The briefing card itself is filled with messaging and talk
The Atlantic Daily: Six Books We Loved This Summer
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Where did the summer go? On this final Friday of August, we're looking back at the books our newsroom read and loved these past few months. Steal their choices as beach-reading season comes to a c
This Smart Sleep Assistant Will Revolutionize Your Bedtime and Wake-up Routines
Very few things are more important to your health than getting enough sleep . Studies show that we need roughly 7 hours nightly to avoid health risks like cardiovascular disease, memory loss, slowed reaction times, irritability, anxiety, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, new information published by Scientific Reports says not only do adults need to get enough sleep every night
Explaining a billion-year gap in the fossil record
The Great Unconformity is a mysterious interruption in the fossil record around the world. The atoms trapped inside rock at the interruption's boundaries indicate what might have caused this odd geologic timeline anomaly. The answer might be worldwide geologic chaos caused by the formation and breakup of ancient supercontinent Rodinia. It is called the "Great Unconformity," and it has puzzled geo
Researchers Recreate Titan's Atmosphere on Earth in Glass Vials
Titan in a Vial Scientists have been able to replicate the atmosphere of one of the solar system's most enigmatic moons right here on Earth. The researchers were able to recreate the chemical composition of Saturn's largest moon Titan in tiny glass vials, according to WIRED . The team presented their findings to the American Chemical Society (ACS) fall meeting this week. "Our research revealed a
The Pandemic Broke a Fundamental Principle of Teaching
We've all been focusing on getting kids back into the classroom, but what happens once they get there? As the Delta variant threatens to wreak more havoc, kids are returning to school, at least for now—and teachers are finding themselves in a race to undo the damage of the past 18 months. Many of us, for the first time in our careers, will have no idea what our students know on the opening day of
Jeff Bezos' NASA Lawsuit Is So Huge It's Crashing the DOJ Computer System
Seven Gigabyte Headache As if NASA didn't have enough issues on their hands , the agency's computers keep crashing because the files from Blue Origin's lawsuit are too big — resulting in a further delay to SpaceX's Human Landing System (HLS) contract. The size of Blue Origin's lawsuit (which clocks in at more than seven gigabytes worth of PDFs) is causing the Department of Justice's Adobe softwar
Weekend reads: It's not all publish or perish?; plagiarism hunters; controls on 'gain of function' research weaken
Before we present this week's Weekend Reads, a question: Do you enjoy our weekly roundup? If so, we could really use your help. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. The week at Retraction Watch featured: Readers puzzle over marketing journal's failures to retract Doing the … Continue reading
Hawaii Paradise Cabin Build for $5K | Homestead Rescue
Stream Homestead Rescue on discovery+ ► About Homestead Rescue: Marty, Matt and Misty Raney use their building, farming and hunting expertise to help people who strive to live off the grid. #HomesteadRescue #Discovery #MartyRaney Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're
This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through August 28)
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE What Would It Be Like to Be a Conscious AI? We May Never Know Will Douglas Heaven | MIT Technology Review "It's possible that one day there could be as many forms of consciousness as there are types of AI. But we will never know what it is like to be these machines, any more than we know what it is like to be an octopus or a bat or even another person. There may be forms o
Child-Care Workers Might Not Come Back
Tessa Martyn's former boss recently asked her if she would like to return to work this autumn. Her answer was no. The job was with a child-care program in a middle-class suburb outside Chicago; it shut down in March 2020. Martyn previously thought that even with her worries about COVID-19, she would return this fall, perhaps in a role that limited her exposure to other people. But with the spread
Get More Restful Sleep With 39% Off A Ghostbed Mattress
Getting some sleep isn't just about waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. How you sleep and what kind of sleep you get can make an enormous difference for both your physical and mental health . The GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress ensures you get better sleep by giving you control over the temperature of your bed. Listed at $2,245, it's on sale now for just $1,366.99. Cool And Comfortable Th
When the Refugees Landed
The very first United Airlines evacuation flight from Ramstein Air Base, in Germany, on Sunday had 300 passengers on board, and those passengers had many questions. Some wondered where the flight was headed and how long the trip would be. Others asked crew members where their luggage was, whether it had made it out of Hamid Karzai International Airport, and whether it would catch up to them in Am
Americans Are Losing Sight of the Pandemic Endgame
Doctors and scientists need to have an honest conversation with the American people about what the goals of COVID-19 vaccination are and how the pandemic will end. Even without the rise of the Delta variant, no one should be surprised to see some people develop infections a few months after vaccination. Though there may be value in eventually giving an additional dose or two to strengthen protect
How Afghanistan Changed a Superpower
The parallels, by now, are well known: A global superpower sends troops to Afghanistan, installs a new leader, and plans to depart within months. Instead, it becomes locked in a years-long struggle against a highly motivated insurgency, and the conflict ends only as a consequence of the ignominious withdrawal of its armed forces. Today, the narrative applies to the United States , but decades pri
Louisiana braces for 'life-altering' Hurricane Ida
Residents across Louisiana's coast Saturday were taking one last day to prepare for what is being described as a "life-altering" Hurricane Ida which is expected to bring winds as high as 140 mph (225 kph) when it slams ashore.
EXPLAINER: Is New Orleans protected from a hurricane?
New Orleans finds itself in the path of Hurricane Ida 16 years to the day after floodwalls collapsed and levees were overtopped by a storm surge driven by Hurricane Katrina. That flooding killed more than 1,000 people and caused billions in damage. But Ida arrives at the doorstep of a region transformed since 2005 by a giant civil works project and closer attention to flood control.
An oral history of Oxford/AstraZeneca: 'Making a vaccine in a year is like landing a human on the moon'
It has shipped more than a billion doses, saved countless lives – and faced controversy over its safety and supply. Here, some of those who created the vaccine tell the story of their epic race against the virus In December 2019, hospitals in Wuhan, China, reported that they were dealing with dozens of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause. They soon identified the disease as being caused by a n
Rymdens stora frågor på mänskligt vis
I början fanns i stort sett bara väte och helium. Rymden var mörk och svalnade av medan den utvidgades. Men så tändes de första stjärnorna, antagligen jättar som brann ut på några få miljoner år. De fyllde rymden med nytt ljus, vilket ändrade förutsättningarna för rymdens gasmoln. Prenumerera på Forskning & Framsteg! Tidskriften med faktakollade och ögonöppnande reportage och vetenskapsnyheter utk
Vänd ältandet till inre pepp
Lev inte i nuet! Det är ett av många råd som går på tvärs mot gängse populärpsykologi i Ethan Kross bok Tjatter. Titeln syftar på den inre röst som ältar det som har hänt och oroar sig för det som komma skall. Författaren är grundare av Emotion & Self Control Laboratory vid University of Michigan, USA, och doktorerade under psykologen Walter Mischel.
Victorian health minister says NSW's 1,000 Covid cases a day is not 'a sign of hope'
Martin Foley announces 64 new cases and says Victoria should not follow NSW on restrictions The Victorian health minister, Martin Foley, has dismissed suggestions that Victoria should follow New South Wales in easing some restrictions before the Covid outbreak appears to be under control, saying that easing restrictions is not a sign of hope if daily case numbers keep climbing. He also dismissed
NSW records worst daily Covid total and apologises for booking blunder as ACT defers lockdown decision
NSW Ambulance service says it has been unable to keep up with demand after trivial call-outs Follow our Covid live blog for the latest updates Restrictions: NSW ; Vic ; Qld ; borders ; Hotspots: NSW ; Vic ; Qld Vaccine rollout tracker ; get our free news app ; get our morning email briefing New South Wales has reported another record number of new Covid cases as the state's ambulance service warn
Se hur metangas bubblar upp i Ångermanälven
Metangas från gamla utsläpp av pappersmassa och flis kan vara en stor utsläppare av växthusgaser i Sverige. – Fiberbankarna kan bli flera meter tjocka och sprida ut sig tusentals kvadratmeter, säger Anna-Karin Dahlberg som är forskare vid Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, SLU, i Uppsala.
Now You Can Maintain Total Privacy While Using Your Phone in Public
Thanks to cell phones, we never have to wait by the phone for an important call. They're always with us. Unfortunately, this also means that the call you've been waiting for might come at an inopportune time. We've all been there, asking politely to return a call we should have been expecting–so we can get out of the loud public area we're in–to have a more discreet conversation. However, doing t
Discovery of two-phase superconductivity in CeRh2As2
The phenomenon of superconductivity, providing current transmission without dissipation and a host of unique magnetic properties arising from macroscopic quantum coherence, was first discovered over a century ago. It was not understood until 1957, after which it quickly became clear that superconductors could in principle exist with a wide variety of the fundamental characteristic often referred t
Delta variant doubles risk of hospitalisation, new study finds
Outbreak of Delta Covid cases likely to put strain on health services in areas with low vaccination rates, experts say Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Delta variant doubles the risk of Covid hospitalisation compared with the previously dominant Alpha variant, a new study focused largely on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people has found. The analysis – base
Environmental pollution may contribute to racial/ethnic disparities In Alzheimer's disease risk
Fine particle pollution may be one reason why Black women have double the risk of developing Alzheimer's than white women, suggests new research. Data shows that older people are more likely to develop dementia if they live in locations with high PM2.5, and African American populations are more likely to live in neighborhoods near polluting facilities. Even when controlling for other risk factors,
Australia Covid live news update: Victoria records 64 new cases as NSW and ACT brace for surge
Western Australia releases exposure sites visited by two NSW truck drivers who were told they had tested positive after they arrived in the state Shepparton's multicultural community 'on the brink' in Covid lockdown Covid abnormal: why is Australia so far behind on making its own mRNA vaccines? 'None of this is normal or sustainable': the impossibility of working from home without childcare in lo

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