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NASA's Mars helicopter reports in
Mission controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California have received the first status report from the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, which landed Feb. 18, 2021, at Jezero Crater attached to the belly of the agency's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover. The downlink, which arrived at 3:30 p.m. PST (6:30 p.m. EST) via a connection through the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, indicates that


Outbreak of New Bird Flu in Russia Alarms WHO
For the first time, a group of humans have caught a new strain of avian influenza in Russia — and experts are alarmed. Health officials from the country alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) after cases of the H5N8 strain of the bird flu appeared in seven workers at a southern Russian poultry farm in December, according to Bloomberg . "If confirmed, this would be the first time H5N8 has inf
Texas's Power Grid Makes It Unfree
How could this have happened? For four days, millions of people in Texas—the so-called energy capital of the world—shivered in the dark, unable to turn the lights on or run their heaters during some of the coldest days in decades. At least 30 Texans have died so far, including a 75-year-old man whose oxygen machine lost power and an 11-year-old boy who may have perished of hypothermia. Desperate
A Real Place Deserves Real Rights
A couple of years ago, in the halcyon days before the pandemic, I went with a small group of friends to visit Cedar Hill, Frederick Douglass's house in the southeastern corner of Washington, D.C. On the way there, we drove past the rowhouses of what used to be called Uniontown, the city's first suburb, constructed in the 1850s in what was then farmland. Uniontown was originally "whites only"; Dou
Russian scientists study prehistoric animal viruses from the permafrost
Scientists in a Siberian laboratory in Russia began studying ancient viruses. The viruses come from prehistoric animals dug out from the melting permafrost. The research lab used to be a center for the development of biological weapons. A state lab in Russia's Siberia is beginning research into prehistoric viruses preserved in the remains of animals found in melting permafrost. Spearheaded by the
The Prices on Your Monopoly Board Hold a Dark Secret
T ake a good look at a Monopoly board. The most expensive properties, Park Place and Boardwalk, are marked in dark blue. Maybe you've drawn a card inviting you to "take a walk on the Boardwalk." But that invitation wasn't open to everyone when the game first took on its current form. Even though Black citizens comprised roughly a quarter of Atlantic City's overall population at the time, the fame
After the Nobel, what next for Crispr gene-editing therapies?
Hailed as the 'molecular scissors' that will allow us to rewrite our genes, the DNA tool is being trialled in treatments for everything from sickle-cell anaemia to cancer When last year's Nobel prize for chemistry was awarded to biochemist Jennifer Doudna and microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier for their work in developing the technique of gene editing known as Crispr-Cas9 (pronounced "crisper"
Boris Johnson's Covid roadmap must not repeat the prime minister's past mistakes | Andrew Rawnsley
If he's honest with the public, the prime minister will stress there is no quick or easy escape back to normality It is a sign of our times that the only live theatre currently available is that staged by politicians. Boris Johnson will tomorrow unveil his "roadmap" for easing out of coronavirus restrictions, a moment that is being fanfared as a big, dramatic event. The journey planner will be sho
Foot and mouth 20 years on: what an animal virus epidemic taught UK science
Britain's top vet was newly qualified when the outbreak hit. Here, she talks about the devastating slaughter and tracking virus variants Christine Middlemiss was a young vet working in Scotland in February 2001 when foot and mouth disease struck Britain. Having grown up on a farm, and having later worked in veterinary care in Cumbria, she volunteered to help battle an affliction that would eventu
Covid jabs and spending don't make Johnson a good prime minister | William Keegan
This bungling, populist government is basking in the reflected glory of the experts who created the Covid vaccine Philip Stephens, the chief political commentator of the Financial Times , tells a wonderful story about how he was playing football in the playground at school – in those days playground football was with tennis balls – and a ball hit the Latin master as he was passing. The Latin maste
How to Launch the Next Great Era of Black Prosperity
E ven today, in this time of racial awakening, many white Americans continue to ask the same demeaning question about historically Black colleges and universities that they did a decade ago and in the decade before that: With the end of Jim Crow and the integration of college campuses, does the country still really need HBCUs? What a loaded question. No one asks "Do we still need Black churches?"
Stressen över pandemin bidrar till sämre sömn
Vi har under det senaste året levt under stor stress och det har påverkat vår sömn. Under pandemin arbetar många hemma och skillnaderna mellan sovtider på vardagar och helger har suddats ut, vi har i snitt fått mer tid för sömn. Ändå kommer flera rapporter om att sömnen har blivit sämre för många.
UK doctors pioneer use of 'heart in a box' transplant technique in children
Procedure previously deemed suitable only for adults saved the lives of six young patients last year NHS doctors have pioneered the use of a "dead" heart transplant technique – previously deemed suitable only for adults – in children, saving the lives of six young patients last year. Surgeons typically use for transplants hearts donated by patients who are declared brain stem dead but whose heart
The best apps for dealing with anxiety
Sometimes you need something that will calm you down no matter where you are. (Derick Anies/Unsplash/) Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems, affecting more than 40 million US adults each year, and COVID-19 is only making matters worse . There are dozens of anxiety-related apps available, offering options that range from guided meditation to the digital equivalent of a fidget c
A Sign of Just How Terrible the Winter's Surge Was
Editor's Note: The Atlantic is making vital coverage of the coronavirus available to all readers. Find the collection here . Yesterday, hospitalizations in the United States fell below 60,000 for the first time since November 9, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic . This milestone is not just another round number. In the spring and summer waves, hospitalizations peak
A Catholic Sinner Seeks Communion—And Happens to Be President
Father Kevin Gillespie and the staff at Holy Trinity Catholic Church find out that President Joe Biden is coming to Mass an hour and a half ahead of time. For security reasons, only a few people can know, including the music director, who might otherwise get suspicious when Secret Service agents start poking around in her piano. The parish limits its services to 50 people to minimize the spread o
Watch first ever dancing DNA video made by researchers
UK scientists create a first ever video of DNA performing dance-like movements. The visualization was accomplished using high resolution microscopy and computer simulations. The advanced level of detail in the technology may lead to new therapies. DNA makes dance-like movements inside cells, show new videos from researchers in UK's Universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds. They developed footage
Could I Defeat NASA's New Mars Rover in Hand-to-Hand Combat?
Watching NASA's Perseverance rover touch down on the Red Planet this week , it was impossible not to be struck by a sense of awe at humanity's scientific achievements in our race to the stars. The spectacle invited us to dwell on our place in the universe — and the countless ways in which we reach toward even the most distant frontiers. It also brought to mind a pressing question. If I were dropp
The Observer view on triumph on Mars and tragedy in Texas | Observer editorial
As with space travel, co-operation is crucial in solving the country's infrastructure problems As a contrast in extremes, last week's extraordinary developments in space and the southern United States take some beating. At the very moment Nasa's Perseverance rover scored a technological triumph with its flawless landing on the surface of Mars, millions of American citizens in Texas were thrust ba
Jet Engine Catches Fire, Drops Airplane Parts Onto Houses
Bumpy Flight As if we needed another reason not to travel right now, a United Airlines flight experienced catastrophic engine failure that resulted in airplane debris raining from the sky onto Denver suburbs on Saturday. United Flight 328 was forced to land at the Denver International Airport shortly after taking off for Honolulu when the plane's right engine failed, according to The Denver Post
Has political correctness gone too far?
Political correctness is often seen as a debate between two extremes, but there are nuances in the middle of the spectrum. Is there such a thing as being too PC, and if so, where is that line? While philosopher Slavoj Žižek, comedian Lewis Black, and actor Jeff Garlin acknowledge that some topics can be hurtful or even oppressive and should thus be approached with "good taste and self-restraint,"
Best ski mask: Blast down the slopes with the warmest winter gear
Keep your face warm while you're flying down the slopes. (Joshua Reddekopp via Unsplash/) Keeping yourself warm and protected from nature's frigid elements is a key part of an enjoyable ski. Depending on the type of skiing or cold-weather activity you're planning, you will want the best ski mask ready to protect. Ski masks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most intense skiers will want a
Best kids' desk: home and bedroom furniture to boost creativity
Make sure they've got a good place to work. (Thomas Park via Unsplash/) The best kids' desks will bring order into your home, plain and simple. You know how un-fun it is to help your kids pack their bookbags when their homework is scattered across every room in the house? Or have you noticed how unmotivated you are to pull out and set up an art project for your kids when all the supplies are buri
Power failure: How a winter storm pushed Texas into crisis
Two days before the storm began, Houston's chief elected official warned her constituents to prepare as they would for a major hurricane. Many took heed: Texans who could stocked up on food and water, while nonprofits and government agencies set out to help those who couldn't.
Israel shuts Mediterranean shore after oil devastates coast
Israel closed all its Mediterranean beaches until further notice on Sunday, days after an offshore oil spill deposited an estimated dozens of tons of tar across more than 100 miles of coastline in what officials are calling one of the country's worst ecological disasters.
We Sequenced the Oldest Ever DNA From Million-Year-Old Mammoths
Most people think of mammoths as the iconic woolly species from the last ice age, which ended around 12,000 years ago. But mammoths originated in Africa around five million years ago, then spread and diversified across Eurasia and North America. About a million years ago there was one known species of mammoth inhabiting Siberia, the steppe mammoth. This was thought to be the ancestor of later spe
These Nootropics Are Specially Formulated To Help You Win the Fight Against Brain Fog
How would you rate your cognitive function ? Because if your answer is something along the lines of, "brain no work good anymore," you are hardly alone. We've all been through a lot over the past year. Many of us are starting to feel intellectually and emotionally drained, and that can make it extremely difficult to stay motivated and productive. But here's a bit of good news for those of us who
Därför tror forskare att fler män dör i covid-19
I Sverige har 904 fler män än kvinnor hittills dött till följd av covid-19. Världen över är dödligheten cirka 30 procent högre för män. Forskare tror att en av förklaringarna kan hittas i vårt DNA. – Många gener som är viktiga för immunförsvaret finns just på X-kromosomen, säger Sabra Klein, professor i immunologi vid Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health i USA.
More sustainable recycling of plastics
Plastics belong to the most widely used materials, and they are vital components of all modern technologies. So far, it has been possible to recycle these valuable materials only to a limited extent. In order to offer novel solutions, chemists developed a more sustainable method for chemically recycling polyethylene-like plastics. The researchers use 'breaking-points' on a molecular level to disas

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