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Icelandic man receives world's first double-arm-and-shoulder transplant
Patient lost both arms in work accident 23 years ago and it took years to find suitable donors for the complex operation An Icelandic man who got the world's first double-shoulder-and-arm transplant is recovering well after the operation, two decades after the accident that cost him both limbs, doctors have said. They said it was still uncertain how much mobility Felix Gretarsson, 48, will recove
Supplementing working memory with technology?
Today's mainstream technology seems to greatly supplement our long-term memory. Written language, photography, calenders and time, etc. What about enhancement of working memory and improvement of executive functioning? In my opinion, cell phones and televisions dampen executive functioning. Written language replaced classical Mnemonics, which further reduced the usage of our mind. What can be don
Free will and neuron firing
Hi everyone, I have been reading a lot about free will and the most recent neuroscience experiments in that field. However, one way question troubles me to which I have never been able to find any study. We know that neurons fire when depolarization occurs, phenomenon that we call action potential. Depolarization occurs following a stimulus. Stimuli mostly come from chemical synapses, sensory neu
Early Career Scientists and Preprints Q&A Please enjoy our online Q&A (hosted on January 6th, 2021) discussing the benefits and limitations of preprints from the perspective of early-career scientists. Panelists included Jessica Polka, Elizabeth Silva (Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at UCSF and former editor at PLoS), and Kate Carbone (an industry postdoc). Speaker Biographies: J
The Atlantic Daily: 9 Poems to Read This Weekend
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox . Amanda Gorman stole the show. In his piece on the performances at this week's presidential inauguration , our Culture staff writer Spencer Kornhaber maintained that "the signature art-statement o
Update day 2021
As is now traditional, every year around this time we update the model-observation comparison page with an additional annual observational point, and upgrade any observational products to their latest versions. A couple of notable issues this year. HadCRUT has now been updated to version 5 which includes polar infilling, making the Cowtan and Way dataset (which was designed to address that issue
Dramatic changes to radiotherapy treatments due to COVID-19
Dramatic changes were seen in the delivery of radiotherapy treatments for cancer during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in England. Much shorter radiotherapy courses were delivered, treatments were delayed where it was safe to do so and some increases were seen in order to compensate for reduced surgical capacity. Experts believe the changes reflect an impressive adaption of services by

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