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New concept drug hunts down late-stage prostate cancer
A new class of drug successfully targets treatment-resistant prostate cancers and prolongs the life of patients. The treatment delivers beta radiation directly to tumour cells, is well tolerated by patients and keeps them alive for longer than standard care, found a phase 3 trial to be presented at the European Association of Urology congress, EAU21, today.


BREAKING: Richard Branson Successfully Flies to Space on Virgin Rocket
Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson has successfully flown to space and safely landed back to Earth. The 70-year-old billionaire rode aboard the V.S.S. Unity rocket plane on Sunday morning. Unity took off from Spaceport America in New Mexico, and was carried by another plane up, dubbed Mothership Eve, to roughly 50,000 feet before being released. The craft then ignited its rockets and acceler
Woman, 90, infected with Alpha and Beta Covid variants at the same time
Researchers warn 'phenomenon is probably underestimated' after the death of woman in Belgium A 90-year-old Belgian woman who died after falling ill with Covid-19 was infected with both the Alpha and Beta variants of the coronavirus at the same time, researchers have said. The unvaccinated woman was admitted to the OLV hospital in the city of Aalst after a spate of falls in March and tested positi
Unlocking the 'gut microbiome' – and its massive significance to our health
Scientists are only just discovering the enormous impact of our gut health – and how it could hold the key to everything from tackling obesity to overcoming anxiety and boosting immunity If you want to learn more about what's going on in your gut, the first step is to turn your poo blue. How long it takes for a muffin dyed with blue food colouring to pass through your system is a measure of your g
The Joyride Era of Space Travel Is Here
Richard Branson was hungover on the day the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon in 1969. He had turned 19 two days earlier and had celebrated accordingly. But he was "gripped" as he watched Neil Armstrong on his family's little black-and-white television, he later wrote in a memoir. He knew then—he was "instantly convinced"—that someday he would go to space himself. The adventurous British bi
Baby gets go-ahead for world's most expensive drug from NHS
NHS approved to use gene therapy to treat baby born with spinal muscular atrophy The parents of a baby with a fatal condition have succeeded in their campaign for their son to be treated with the world's most expensive drug. A new gene therapy, Zolgensma, will be used to treat 10-month-old Edward, from Colchester, who has severe spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), after his parents were given the gree
Virgin Galactic to launch space plane with Richard Branson onboard
The billionaire, along with two pilots and three other passengers, will reach 55 miles above Earth for about an hour The British entrepreneur Richard Branson is set to fly to the edge of space in his Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane on Sunday, days ahead of a rival launch by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as the two billionaires race to kick off an era of space tourism. Branson's extraterrestri
Richard Branson flies to edge of space in Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane
Spaceplane went into sub-orbital flight days ahead of a rival launch by Jeff Bezos The British entrepreneur Richard Branson has successfully flown to the edge of space and back in his Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane, days ahead of a rival launch by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as the two billionaires compete to kick off a new era of space tourism. Seventeen years after Branson founded Virgin
The US Military Says China Is Developing Anti-Satellite Weapons
Dazzling to Jamming Top US intelligence officials warn that China is developing advanced weapons technology designed to hinder or destroy orbiting satellites. Rear Admiral Michael Studeman issued the warning during a webinar for an intelligence-security trade group last week, according to Bloomberg . He said that China is creating weapons with abilities that range from "dazzling to jamming, to ki
Experts Say Elon Musk's Florida Tunnel Might Be a Soggy Mess
Tunnel Flood Risk Experts have a warning for Elon Musk and the city of Fort Lauderdale: The underground tunnel they want to build could turn into a big soggy, wet headache for everyone involved. City officials from Fort Lauderdale, Florida accepted a proposal from Musk's Boring Company last week to build an underground tunnel from the downtown area to the beach, according to Recode . The tunnel w
How Emma Raducanu raised the profile of performance anxiety
The 18-year-old's withdrawal from Wimbledon has focused attention on the pressure stars face When Emma Raducanu quit Wimbledon after suffering breathing difficulties , she said she felt the experience of competing in the championship's last-16 had "caught up with her". Though the details of exactly what forced the 18-year-old to withdraw are unknown, she is not the first star performer in the wor
Freedom day? Boris Johnson faces a tough call as Covid cases soar
The prime minister seems intent on lifting England's remaining Covid restrictions on 19 July. But many in the NHS fear it could be overwhelmed – and tourist hotspots are fearful too Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage With foreign holidays still in doubt and Cornwall filling up by the day, Jessica Webb has a unique perspective on "freedom day". With her sister, Naomi, an
Scientists Create Flexible Ice That Can Bend Like a Wire
Elastic Ice Microfibers Chinese scientists have been able to develop thin strands of ice that can bend and curl. The researchers describe it as "elastic ice microfibers," according to a new paper of their findings published in the journal Science . Instead of being brittle and breaking under pressure, the ice instead bends like wire — and it honestly looks really trippy. Check out a video of the
Man Arrested for Selling Insider Trading Info on Dark Web
Apostolos the Bull The SEC and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) have indicted a man for selling insider trading information on the dark web. Apostolos Trovias, a 30-year-old Greek national, was arrested in Peru after being charged for using dark web marketplaces to sell insider trading information, according to The Verge . Trovias posted on the marketplaces under the pseudonym "The Bull." Takin
How 'acne positivity' is helping teens – and soothing the scars of a lifetime
Teenage spots can ravage not just skin but mental health, too. Martin Love considers the lasting issues that can still be triggered years later Pimples, spots, plooks, pustules, boils, eruptions, carbuncles, zits… If there are dozens of different words for snow, there must be at least as many in the school bully's armoury for spots, or to give the condition its mercilessly judgmental medical name
Covid live news: public in England will be expected to wear masks indoors when measures lift, says UK minister
Nadhim Zahawi says mask guidance indoors is likely to stay in England and denies story that gap between vaccine doses will half Sajid Javid warns NHS waiting lists backlog could reach 13m Surge in Sydney cases leads to first locally acquired Covid death of year 'Their childhood has been stolen': calls for action to tackle long Covid Woman, 90, infected with Alpha and Beta Covid variants at the sa
Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space: your questions answered
Billionaire Branson will experience five minutes of weightlessness before gravity reclaims him, like the rest of us British business mogul Richard Branson is going to the edge of space with three other people. If the flight goes as planned, Branson will be the first billionaire to reach space on his own commercial vehicle, pipping rival Jeff Bezos by a little more than a week. Branson's Virgin Ga
Pure folly: Turing family join fight to save 'blue-skies maths' from neglect
As hard-pressed universities axe abstract study, the codebreaker's great niece and top mathematicians are fighting back Almost exactly 80 years ago, British codebreakers made a crucial breakthrough. Using methods developed by the mathematical genius of Alan Turing, they were able to decipher the Enigma code that the Nazis were using on the eastern front in the second world war, gaining another cr
Festivals warn: change self-isolation rules or our staff will just ignore them
'Untenable' rules will force workers to delete NHS tracing app to avoid being pinged Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Festival organisers have urged the government to change "untenable" self-isolation rules that they say are already causing staffing problems and could lead to people deleting the NHS Covid-19 tracing app to avoid getting "pinged". Speaking less than a
Scientist Prue Hart: 'Sunburn causes havoc in the skin – we should avoid it'
The inflammation researcher explains the health benefits and dangers of soaking up the sun P rof Prue Hart is head of the inflammation research group at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Australia, which studies the beneficial effects of sunlight exposure on our health and whether these are the result of UV-induced vitamin D or other molecules produced in our skin upon exposure to sunlight. W
Danez Says They Want to Lose Themself in Bops They Can't Sing Along To
Photograph by Mengwen Cao and I'm thinking of the years I spent sweating to the choreo of every K-pop song with a decent dance break, me and the other girls from church, practically saintly in our diligence as we rehearsed our isolations and body rolls, winding and rewinding the tapes, our noses almost grazing the screen, though in truth I only understood maybe about half the words, the other hal
History offers little guide to how we should escape from Covid's clutches | Mark Honigsbaum
Herd immunity is this pandemic's exit route, but passing the moral buck over to citizens is a dangerous strategy • Coronavirus – latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage When at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic China placed a cordon sanitaire around Wuhan and then quickly extended it to eight other Chinese cities, placing 45 million people under lockdown, the immediate response w
Image: Hubble glimpses a galactic duo
Two enormous galaxies capture your attention in this spectacular image taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope using the Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3). The galaxy on the left is a lenticular galaxy, named 2MASX J03193743+4137580. The side-on spiral galaxy on the right is more simply named UGC 2665. Both galaxies lie approximately 350 million light-years from Earth, and they both form part of t
Vaxxers by Sarah Gilbert and Catherine Green; Until Proven Safe by Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley – reviews
The story of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is part manifesto for good science communications, part biomedical thriller, while a smart history of quarantines makes their utility resoundingly clear On the first day of Wimbledon, Dame Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford's Jenner Institute, was treated to a standing ovation from grateful spectators on a packed Centre Court. Together wi
Why are octopuses are so intelligent?
Our last common ancestor with the octopus existed more than 500 million years ago . So why is it that they seem to show such peculiar similarities with humans, while at the same time appearing so alien? Perhaps because despite their tentacles covered with suckers and their lack of bones, their eyes, brains and even their curiosity remind us our own thirst for knowledge. In ethology, the study of
David Dobrik Goes Shark Diving! | Shark Week
Stream Sharkbait with David Dobrik on discovery+ ► About Sharkbait with David Dobrik: Internet sensation David Dobrik and his squad are on a shark diving adventure of a lifetime. BUT their trip gets turned upside down when they face bad weather and huge sharks, making them ask themselves, "Why Did We Go On Shark Week???" Subscribe
Richard Branson completes flight to edge of space – video
The British entrepreneur Richard Branson has successfully flown to the edge of space and back in his Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane, days ahead of a rival launch by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Seventeen years after Branson founded Virgin Galactic to develop commercial spacecraft and cater to future space tourists, the spaceplane went into sub-orbital flight on Sunday morning, reaching 55 m
A Neuron's Sense of Timing Encodes Information in the Human Brain
We like to think of brains as computers: A physical system that processes inputs and spits out outputs. But, obviously, what's between your ears bears little resemblance to your laptop. Computer scientists know the intimate details of how computers store and process information because they design and build them. But neuroscientists didn't build brains, which makes them a bit like a piece of alie
Camilla Bosanquet obituary
My friend Camilla Bosanquet, who has died aged 100, was a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist. Chair of the Society of Analytical Psychology from 1972 to 1975, she played a leading role in the formation of the Guild of Psychotherapists in 1974. Born in Lancing, West Sussex, she was the daughter of Sir Harry Ricardo, an engineer who played a big part in the development of the internal combustion e
Robert Irwin Swims With Sharks! | Shark Week
Stream Crikey! It's Shark Week on discovery+ ► About Crikey! It's Shark Week: Robert Irwin comes face to face with a Great White Shark for the first time ever. Following his father's footsteps, he will get as close as possible to these incredible creatures to determine which apex predator reigns supreme – Crocs or Great Whites? Subscribe
Say goodbye to air conditioning with new roofing material
This article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. Air conditioning is something you barely notice — until the power goes out, and it no longer works. But what if keeping cool didn't require electricity at all? A scientist has invented a material that reflects the sun's rays off rooftops, and even absorbs heat from homes and buildings and radiates it away. And — get this — it is
Why "survival of the fittest" is wrong
Frans de Waal has studied the behavior of primates for five decades. Some of his many important observations center around the evolution of morality and just how much we have in common with the animal kingdom. The idea that animals are always in conflict with one another and competing for resources is "totally wrong," de Waal says. Other primates, specifically chimpanzees and bonobos, have demons
Ny metode afslører løse bolte ved at lytte til tonen
Tre års forskning tog det Marie Brøns at udvikle en metode til at afgøre, hvor spændt en bolt er. Rejsen omfattede fjerdeordens Euler-Bernoulli differentialligninger og en ph.d, der var lige ved at tage modet fra hende. Men der kom et eureka-øjeblik. Og metoden kan gøre det billigere at service v…
Myocarditis and COVID-19: A Tale of Two Articles
Whether myocarditis is serious or not depends on the symptoms it produces and the damages it does, not on its underlying cause. Those who write about COVID-19 and vaccines should try to be consistent and thorough. The post Myocarditis and COVID-19: A Tale of Two Articles first appeared on Science-Based Medicine .
Four people in the world have a mysterious dementia. Could it hold a key to Alzheimer's?
This article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. Her son had not been acting himself: a sweetheart, an adoring husband and father, he had turned mean. He would leave the door to their basement open, despite having an infant, and would leave medicine for his MS in reach of the kids on the counter. But what finally proved that something was deeply, deeply wrong was the numbers .

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