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How Climate Change Hit Wine Country
If any nook of American agriculture has the means and incentive to outwit the climate crisis, it is Napa Valley. But so far, vineyards here show the limits of adapting to a warming planet.
Masks, hugs and hand washing: 18 new rules for protecting yourself and others
When should you open the windows, wear a mask and take a lateral flow test? As we enter the 'personal responsibility' era, here's an expert guide Freedom day is here, at least for those of us who live in England, and we're back in the place nobody wants to be. On one hand: yay, freedom. On the other: an uneasy sense that the relaxation of restrictions has very little to do with the data, and very
How data could save Earth from climate change
Using a name inspired by Indonesian farmers, Subak will share information and fund hi-tech solutions to fight global heating As monikers go, Subak may seem an odd choice for a new organisation that aims to accelerate hi-tech efforts to combat the climate crisis. The name is Indonesian, it transpires, and refers to an ancient agricultural system that allows farmers to co-ordinate their efforts whe
Neckties Are the New Bow Ties
As America struggled to recover from a global pandemic, a shattered economy, and record unemployment levels, headlines despaired: " NECKTIES DOOMED ." Men were "slashing their clothing bills" to retailers' chagrin, the Associated Press reported. Those who continued to wear ties were downgrading from colorful, expensive silk to plain, cheap cotton. The year was 1921, and reports of the tie's death
Maybe It's Aliens, or Maybe It's Volcanoes
Oh, Venus. What's going on with you? I am referring, of course, to Venus the planet, second from the sun, right next door to Earth. The planet with a furnace-like surface and clouds made of sulfuric acid, the one that shows up in our night sky as a golden jewel, and that helped prove the theory that the sun, not Earth, was at the center of the solar system. Although Venus has captivated observers
Why England's sudden lifting of covid restrictions is a massive gamble
England is about to take a huge gamble. On Monday, July 19, the country is ditching all of its remaining pandemic-related restrictions. People will be able to go to nightclubs, or gather in groups as large as they like. They will not be legally compelled to wear masks at all, and can stop social distancing. The government, with an eye on media coverage, has dubbed it "Freedom Day," and said the l
What is the Covid workplace testing scheme Downing Street is part of?
Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak were due to be part of a pilot trialling tests instead of self-isolation Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Could Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have avoided the need to self-isolate for 10 days despite being contacts of the health secretary, Sajid Javid, who tested positive for Covid-19? On Sunday morning, Downing Street claimed they were d
Modern Porn Education Is Totally Unprepared for Modern Porn
E arlier this year, Manhattan's prestigious Dalton School bid farewell to Justine Ang Fonte , its then-director of health and wellness, who had guided the academy's sex education for years. Their parting was the conclusion of a minor media scandal with all the makings of a major one: Fonte, who also gives presentations at other institutions, had become the subject of controversy after offering a
Photos: Catastrophic Flooding Across Western Europe
At least 188 people across parts of Western Europe have lost their lives in a series of devastating floods following days of historic levels of rainfall. Towns in river valleys and low-lying plains in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Austria have been heavily damaged by flash flooding since Wednesday. Rescue workers are still searching for hundreds listed as missing, while some town
Is 57 a prime number? There's a game for that.
The Greek mathematician Euclid may very well have proved, circa 300 BCE, that there are infinitely many prime numbers. But it was the British mathematician Christian Lawson-Perfect who, more recently, devised the computer game " Is this prime? " Launched five years ago, the game surpassed three million tries on July 16—or, more to the point, it hit run 2,999,999—after a Hacker News post generated
The Guardian view on Covid and the world: the pandemic's impact is growing | Editorial
Cases are soaring in many countries, and the social and political effects are becoming clearer "At the root of every pandemic is an encounter between a disease-causing microorganism and a human being … It is a social phenomenon as much as it is a biological one," writes Laura Spinney in her book Pale Rider, arguing that Spanish flu "pushed India closer to independence, South Africa closer to apar
Doggy dependency: how to break post-lockdown separation anxiety
Lockdown has been hard for all of us – even our pets. Now my dog wants my undivided attention I adore my dog, Peanut. She's a Miniature Schnauzer with a sweet nature and a button nose. She runs like a rabbit and pulls a lopsided smile when we greet her in the morning. She likes to get close to me, really close. In my face close, then she stares. At times, as I gaze into her moony eyes, I wonder if
Do you work too hard? It might be time to try being imperfect | Barbara Rysenbry
Accepting that all we can control are our actions and our values is a simpler and more empowering way to live The modern mind is a column where experts discuss mental health issues they are seeing in their work As a psychologist working in the Sydney CBD, I see many people working in high-performance workplace cultures across various business sectors. Nicole was one such client referred for thera
Ready to tackle MIT's recommended reading list for summer 2021?
As we enter the heart of summer, many of us will find ourselves with added time for relaxation and deep reading. The following titles represent a selection of recent offerings from MIT faculty and staff. Happy reading! Novel, Biography, and Memoir " The Planet After Geoengineering " (Actar, 2021) By Rania Ghosn, associate professor of architecture This graphic novel makes climate engineering and
How can you become a space tourist?
Thrill-seekers might soon be able to get their adrenaline kicks—and envy-inducing Instagram snaps—from the final frontier, as space tourism finally lifts off.
Sky-mapping system can predict whether cancer treatment will work
This article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. Can a system for charting the stars be used to treat cancer? (And no, I don't mean astrology.) Researchers at Johns Hopkins think so. Using a sky-mapping algorithm developed by astronomers, the scientists have found a way to predict whether cancer will respond to immunotherapy. "This platform has the potential to transform how o
Diving to Find the Mother of Bird Island | Shark Week
Stream Mega Jaws of Bird Island on discovery+ ► About Mega Jaws of Bird Island: South African Great whites are on the brink of extinction, but experts believe there is at least one breeder shark left in the water surrounding Bird Island. A team will search and tag the last female great white mature enough to carry on the species. Subscribe to Discovery: http://b
Japan Sets New Record for Internet Speed at 319 Terabits per Second
Ever wonder why the internet, as a whole, didn't break when Covid-19 hit? In a matter of weeks, online habits changed dramatically. Kids went to school on Zoom; adults followed suit at work. Desperate to escape, people binged on Netflix. Doomscrolling is now a word in the dictionary . All this happened virtually overnight. Demand for internet bandwidth went through the roof—as much as 60 percent
How concentrated solar power could fuel the future
What if we could not only harness the power of the sun, but actually use it to run the entire planet? Concentrated solar power (CSP) has the potential to do just that — using arrays of revolving mirrors called heliostats, light is reflected into a massive receiver. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the cost to replicate these Sunlight Refineries™ is dropping. Soon solar energy will be

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