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COMPUTER-LAGER UNDER HAVET: China has started to build a data center under sea. The center is designed to provide storage for computers needed to contain large amounts of data information now and in future. The sea water will work as a cooling system which now is one of the biggest expenses and needs most energy in current data centers. Microsoft maintained a small data center in water in 2018 and recently declared it a success. 

100,000 star nurseries mapped in first-of-its-kind survey
Astronomers conducted a 5-year survey of stellar nurseries across 90 galaxies, and found that instead of being fairly similar as once thought, these star nurseries do vary from place to place. This research will help astronomers gain a deeper insight into where we come from. 
Why are women more prone to long Covid?
While men over 50 tend to suffer the most acute symptoms of coronavirus, women who get long Covid outnumber men by as much as four to one Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage In June 2020, as the first reports of long Covid began to filter through the medical community, doctors attempting to grapple with this mysterious malaise began to notice an unusual trend. While acut


Test: Så påverkar en fylla ditt immunförsvar
Immunförsvaret kan få sig en rejäl törn av alkohol. Programledaren Ronx Ikharias produktion av immunceller minskade med 20–30 procent efter att ha druckit sig rejält berusad. – När man ser det hela i procent, så får jag lite skrämselhicka, säger Ronx Ikharias i Vetenskapens värld.
'Crazy Worms' Threaten America's Trees — And (Gasp!) Our Maple Syrup
The invasive worms, which reproduce rapidly, are creating havoc in forests. They thrash around so violently that they can jump out of a person's hand. They also lose their tail — on purpose. (Image credit: Josef Görres/Plant and Soil Science Department University of Vermont)
Se hur spindelskräck kan öka chansen att hålla sig frisk
Akut stress kan påverka immunsystemet positivt. Reaktionen kan exempelvis framkallas genom en iskall dusch eller genom att konfrontera en rädsla – som programledaren Ronx Ikharias gjorde i mötet med en fågelspindel i Vetenskapens värld. – Jag sätter handen framför munnen så att jag inte skriker, säger Ronx Ikharias.
Though it is newly respectable, the Wuhan lab theory remains fanciful | David Robert Grimes
Conspiracy theories on origins distract from tackling the pandemic and boost tawdry blame games In the storm of disinformation since the emergence of Covid-19, the assertion that the virus is human-created has lingered on the fringes. This outlandish conjecture, once confined to conspiracy theorists, has undergone a renaissance after Joe Biden's insistence that scientists should investigate the po
Scotland's first female astronomer royal looks to open the universe to all
Renowned astrophysicist Prof Catherine Heymans hopes to broaden the appeal of her white male-dominated field "I'm always shocked that it's 2021 and we're still having 'first female' stories," says Prof Catherine Heymans. Nevertheless, it is an unavoidable fact that, with her appointment two weeks ago, the renowned astrophysicist not only became the first female astronomer royal for Scotland, but
The Myth of a Majority-Minority America
In recent years, demographers and pundits have latched on to the idea that, within a generation, the United States will inevitably become a majority-minority nation , with nonwhite people outnumbering white people. In the minds of many Americans, this ethno-racial transition betokens political, cultural, and social upheaval, because a white majority has dominated the nation since its founding. Bu
What were some of the collateral effects of lockdowns? | David Spiegelhalter and Anthony Masters
Hospital waiting lists rose, but traffic accidents fell – Covid-19's consequences will emerge in time, but it's not all quantifiable • Coronavirus – latest updates • See all our coronavirus coverage In early 2020 , there were bans on most social contact, international travel stopped, workplaces and schools shut. Lockdown had arrived. These policies may have limited the spread of the virus, but wha
NASA Has Assembled a Megarocket to Take Humans to the Moon
Artemis-1 Space Launch System NASA has finished assembling the first of its massive Space Launch System (SLS) rockets that will carry astronauts back to the Moon. The agency's engineers lowered the 212-feet-tall core stage of SLS between smaller twin booster rockets at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday, according to the BBC . SLS is the first rocket of NASA's Artemis-1 mission — which
The NYC Mayor's Race Is a Warning for Progressives
Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the most prominent progressive politicians in the country, warned last week that her hometown is at high risk of having a decidedly moderate mayor. Standing in New York's City Hall Park to deliver a last-minute endorsement of Maya Wiley, a civil-rights lawyer who'd previously struggled to crack the top tier, Ocasio-Cortez urged the left to come toge
Coronavirus live: expected delay in UK lockdown easing backed in poll; G7 pledges more than 1bn vaccines
Follow all the latest updates on the pandemic as a UK poll shows public support for a delay in the easing of restrictions 10.55am BST Germany 's health ministry said Johnson & Johnson must deliver 6.5 million vaccine in July to make up for a shortfall expected in June after the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) told the company to dispose of millions of doses because of contamination concerns.
The Public-Health Calculus Has Shifted
From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the practice of public health has also required the practice of law. As widespread vaccination and other factors have brought case rates down across the United States, state and local governments' legal authority to impose extraordinary measures in the name of fighting the virus is becoming more limited. Governors and mayors have steadily lifted res
The male beauty myth: the growing acceptance of feeling comfortable looking good
Men who want to look good used to be disparaged and labelled vain. But times are finally changing… Until recently, male motivation for looking good or strong was often born from an inherent desire for us to feel and appear more successful, competitive, virile and powerful – what some now refer to as toxic masculinity. Of course, there have always been men who've enjoyed discussing clothes, watche
Twinkle, twinkle, you blinking star | Brief letters
Arts funding | NHS waiting times | Swearwords | DNA | Snow in June Have I got this right? All taxpayers contribute to publicly funded arts, but those arts must only represent the views of the 43.6% of voters who elected this government ( How Oliver Dowden became secretary of state for the culture wars , 11 June)? Another example of Boris Johnson's "fairness" agenda, clearly. Deirdre Burrell Morti
What if something like this existed?
This is about Adam Jensen from Deus Ex. "White Helix gene therapy had permanently altered Jensen's biochemistry. His body would not reject PEDOT electrodes with glial tissue buildup; if anything, the bond between tissue and electrode would strengthen with time, possibly without limit. If he were to be augmented, he would not require Neuropozyne. For the thirty years that followed the White Helix
China's "artificial sun" sets new record for fusion power
This article was originally published on our sister site, Freethink. China wants to build a mini-star on Earth and house it in a reactor. Many teams across the globe have this same bold goal — which would create unlimited clean energy via nuclear fusion . But according to Chinese state media, New Atlas reports , the team at the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) has set a new
Why It Took 20 Years to 'Finish' the Human Genome—and Why There's Still More to Do
The release of the draft human genome sequence in 2001 was a seismic moment in our understanding of the human genome, and paved the way for advances in our understanding of the genomic basis of human biology and disease. But sections were left unsequenced, and some sequence information was incorrect. Now, two decades later, we have a much more complete version, published as a preprint (which is y
Defensiveness: Psychology behind Defensive Behavior
In a psychological sense, Defensiveness refers to both a feeling and behavior, & everyone has defense mechanisms because it is our primitive part of social development. So what is the Psychology behind Defensiveness & Why Does Defensive Behavior Happen? I hope you found this video informative Cheers! Defensiveness ​ Reference:
The science of sex, love, attraction, and obsession
How love makes us feel can only be defined on an individual basis, but what it does to the body, specifically the brain, is now less abstract thanks to science. One of the problems with early-stage attraction, according to anthropologist Helen Fisher, is that it activates parts of the brain that are linked to drive, craving, obsession, and motivation, while other regions that deal with decision-m
BlockFi Lets You Earn Compound Interest on Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have exploded in popularity. This is due to the extremely lucrative gains that have been made by those who have bought (or mined) and held over the course of many years. But while you're holding on to crypto with the hopes of making big gains, you're tying up money that could be put to work earning interest. Or at least that used
Second Nature by Nathaniel Rich; Under a White Sky by Elizabeth Kolbert review – Earth SOS
Two startling accounts of humanity's devastating impact on the natural world make it clear that any potential solution will involve huge risk For most of history, humans have viewed wild places as threats to their existence. The wilderness is a godless domain, "a thirsty and waterless land, with its venomous snakes and scorpions", says the Old Testament. Only recently have we realised we had the
Between Bombardments
Come on skylark you door-to-door salesman overselling a song claiming it is fresh— it was not it was not moistened by your, or anyone's, throat
The Theater
We browsed and as usual that one I hadn't read. At showtime we lay down between the stacks where we could only listen to the actors. Our faces close, my hands tucked under my chin and legs drawn up like an animal's. I felt such tenderness for you and knew it wasn't returned—this as usual I couldn't understand. When, earlier, our plane landed in the river behind another that had done the same, dun
Restore Your Body Clock and Sleep Schedule With AYOlite's Wearable Technology
While someday our robot avatar will do the commuting for us, right now, we're a species that tends to travel long distances quickly. And our internal clock doesn't always keep up, so we're constantly adjusting our sleep schedules, struggling to stay awake at work or to sleep at night. The AYOlite was designed to help ease your body back into its natural rhythm when you need to travel, and when th

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