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Det er lykkedes kemikere at fremstille en kunstig polymer, der muliggør hidtil ikke-mulige studier af polymerkemi


Scientists have made the first artificial polymer in a crystal form. That will allow them to study the bonds of sintizized polymers, something that previously could not have been done.
Researchers have released a paper stating the importance of ocean health that needs to be preserved and how oceans impact human mental and physical health. This can be done only by international collaboration and in the paper they state what different groups of society can do.


Elon Musk Tweets About Doge Being a Guest on SNL, Dogecoin Prices Soar
"Guest Starring…" Tesla CEO Elon Musk hyped up his upcoming appearance on SNL by tweeting a meme of doge guest starring on the sketch show on Friday. "Guest starring…" Musk tweeted along with an image depicting him, Miley Cyrus, the Kid Laroi, and doge photoshopped into the pic. Guest starring … — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 7, 2021 To The Moon! After Musk posted the meme
Learning on the fly
Informatics experts have developed a new computational model that demonstrates a long sought after link between insect and mammalian learning.
Chinese Deathrocket Expected to Crash Land on Saturday
It's Happening (Maybe) The potentially deadly saga of the Chinese deathrocket is expected to come to an end this weekend as officials announced it will likely crash down to Earth on Saturday, according to CNN . China launched the Long March 5B rocket in late-April. While the mission was successful, the rocket itself is now on an uncontrollable crash course to earth. No one is 100% sure as to wher
US must export doses before waiving Covid vaccine patents, say EU leaders
Frustration expressed at what several leaders see as the US president's attempt to claim the moral high ground Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage EU leaders have given short shrift to a proposal by Joe Biden and backed by the pope to waive Covid-19 vaccine patents as a way to increase supply, insisting that the White House should instead allow the export of doses and th
This Sleep Supplement Won't Help You Sleep More. It Will Help You Sleep Better.
Are you having trouble getting high quality sleep on a regular basis? If so, you need to do something about it. Poor sleep is scientifically proven to diminish critical thinking, judgment, and problem solving skills, leaving us irritable and inflexible. Poor sleep has also been scientifically linked to things like poor immune function, weight gain, high blood pressure, and accelerated aging, just
Tesla Admits Elon Musk Exaggerated Autopilot Capabilities
Fact Vs Fiction Tesla's director of autopilot software made a stunning admission in a memo from the California Department of Motor Vehicles: CEO Elon Musk has been exaggerating the capabilities of Tesla's auto-pilot feature. The document, attained by legal data transparency group PlainSite , outlined a call between the California DMV with Tesla officials including CJ Moore, the company's director
Mathematical model predicting disease spread patterns
A team of environmental engineers, alerted by the unusual wealth of data published regularly by county health agencies throughout the pandemic, began researching new methods to describe what was happening on the ground in a way that does not require obtaining information on individuals' movements or contacts. A new model predicts where a disease will spread from an outbreak, in what patterns and h
NASA Mars Helicopter Completes One-Way Flight to New Home Base
One-Way Trip It's official: NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has a new home. The helicopter successfully flew for the fifth time on Friday, flying 423 feet from its previous home base at Wright Brothers Field to a new airfield to the south, according to NASA's status update on the mission . "We bid adieu to our first Martian home, Wright Brothers Field, with grateful thanks for the support it pro
Remains of nine Neanderthals found in cave south of Rome
Italian archaeologists believe most of Neanderthals were killed by hyenas then dragged back to den Italian archaeologists have unearthed the bones of nine Neanderthals who were allegedly hunted and mauled by hyenas in their den about 100km south-east of Rome. Scientists from the Archaeological Superintendency of Latina and the University of Tor Vergata in Rome said the remains belong to seven adu

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