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My life is full of adventure – but being a father has been the most rewarding journey of all
The traveller and TV presenter Simon Reeve on his quest to have a baby after being told he was infertile I still beat myself up about how much of an idiot I was over so many years. I'd always seen having children as a key part of my purpose on this planet, believing that creating new life was part of my biological destiny. It was fundamental to how I navigated the world. I'm slightly jealous, in


What Collective Narcissism Does to Society
In 2005, the psychologist Agnieszka Golec de Zavala was researching extremist groups, trying to understand what leads people to commit acts of terrorist violence. She began to notice something that looked a lot like what the 20th-century scholars Theodor Adorno and Erich Fromm had referred to as "group narcissism": Golec de Zavala defined it to me as "a belief that the exaggerated greatness of on
Republicans Are Grabbing Power Because SCOTUS Said Go for It
This week, Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly approved new maps for electing state legislators and U.S. representatives. The results are what you'd expect for a red state: Of the 14 U.S. House districts, including a new seat added after the latest census, Republicans can expect to win nine, 10, or perhaps 11; they can also expect strong and possibly veto-proof majorities in the st
Man Says He Got a Job at NASA Accidentally
Oops, NASA Job A viral TikTok is making the rounds about an engineer named David Miller telling an unusual story about how he accidentally got a job at NASA. "I got an interview for a job working on airplanes, then got a call back saying, 'Hey, there's a different job that we think you might like and it's for the Manipulator, Analysis Graphics, and Interactive Kinematics (MAGIK) team," he recalle
Video Shows Glorious Unboxing of James Webb Space Telescope
Unboxing Vid Step aside, influencers. The coolest unboxing video this week isn't a toy or gadget . Instead, it's the mighty James Webb Space Telescope — an orbital observatory so advanced that some experts think it's likely to discover the first evidence of alien life. Before any of that, though, the giant telescope still needs to get to space. First it was shipped from a Northrop Grumman facilit
How Democrats Got Desperate
The progressives blinked. For months, the feisty left flank of the House Democratic Caucus insisted it would not provide the votes to pass President Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package until the Senate first approved the rest of the president's economic agenda. At minimum, progressives said, all 50 Senate Democrats—and especially the chamber's two most centrist members, Jo
NASA Astronaut: SpaceX Forcing Her to Pee in Diaper Is "Suboptimal"
A NASA astronaut stationed aboard the International Space Station acknowledged this week that a design flaw in the toilet built into SpaceX's Crew Dragon module will force she and her colleagues to use diapers during their upcoming return journey to Earth. "Yes, we are unable to use the toilet on Dragon for the return trip, and of course, that's suboptimal," McArthur told reporters on Friday, acc
The Casteism I See in America
Indians and Indian Americans are often held up as a "model minority" in the United States. Members of this community are more likely to be highly educated and to have health insurance, make more money, work in more senior positions, and have lower rates of poverty than both the average immigrant and the average American. They are well represented in science, technology, engineering, and mathemati
SpaceX toilet leak forces astronauts to use diapers on trip back to Earth
Crew who grew first chilis in space face 20 hours in capsule 'Spaceflight is full of lots of little challenges', US astronaut says Astronauts who will leave the International Space Station on Sunday will have to use diapers on the way home, because of a broken toilet in their SpaceX capsule . The Nasa astronaut Megan McArthur described the situation as "suboptimal" but manageable. She and three c
Cranberry juice won't cut it: UTIs and the potential for repurposing drugs
The winning essay in the Max Perutz science writing award 2021, published below, was written by Vicky Bennett from the department of biology and biochemistry at Bath University In May, PhD students who are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) were invited to enter the Max Perutz science writing award 2021 and write a compelling piece about their research for the non-scientific reader. Fro
'Our notion of privacy will be useless': what happens if technology learns to read our minds?
The promise of neurotechnology to make lives better is growing. But do we need a new set of rights to protect the integrity of our minds? "The skull acts as a bastion of privacy; the brain is the last private part of ourselves," Australian neurosurgeon Tom Oxley says from New York. Oxley is the CEO of Synchron, a neurotechnology company born in Melbourne that has successfully trialled hi-tech bra
How to Prepare for Power Outages
Whether there's a flood or a fallen tree, your power will go out eventually. Here's how to prepare for an outage that lasts minutes, hours, or days.
Populism Always Sounds Great in the Abstract
"I go on this great republican principle," James Madison said in 1788, "that the people will have virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom. Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation." The notion that a virtuous people will select virtuous representatives to exercise their judgment is at the core of the American experiment. Populism—the notion t
Pompeii dig yields rare window on daily life of enslaved
Archeologists in Pompeii excavating a villa amid the ruins of the 79 A.D. volcanic eruption that destroyed the ancient city have discovered a cramped dormitory and storage room that offers "a very rare insight into the daily life of slaves," officials said Saturday.
This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through November 6)
COMPUTING Hologram-in-a-Box Can Teleport You Anywhere John Boyd | IEEE Spectrum "ARHT Media, based in Toronto, Canada, and PORTL Inc., a start-up in Los Angeles, have begun shipping portable plug-and-play, cabinet-based holoportal systems the size of a telephone booth. In both cases, a person in a studio—the presenter—can appear in full-size, lifelike 3D form and interact with people anywhere in
Parker's $2,500,000 Gamble Finally Starts to Pay Off | Gold Rush
Stream Gold Rush on discovery+: #Discovery #GoldRush #TonyBeets Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: From: Discovery
Save On This Ethical Hacking Bundle During This Pre-Black Friday Sale
As we create more data, protecting it has become a focus of both consumer privacy and the law . The 2022 Premium Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Bundle teaches you the skills you need to become a white-hat hacker protecting networks, and you can save an extra 15% with the code SAVE15NOV for a limited time during our Pre-Black Friday sale. Wearing A White Hat Each of these 10 courses is tau
The Atlantic Daily: Seven Ways to Spend That Extra Hour
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. (Peter Marlow / Magnum) Anyone who's ever woken up disoriented or mourned an early winter sunset knows the scourge that is daylight saving time. The changing of the clocks, particularly in the spr
Flash floods in Bosnia prompt evacuations, power outages
Heavy rain caused severe flash flooding in Bosnia, prompting evacuations, causing power outages in most of the capital, closing a key facility for oxygen used for COVID-19 patients and submerging roads in some parts of the Balkan country on Friday.
Mother Dearest: Impacts on the Developing Brain and Reading Outcomes In this Share Your Research talk, Dr. Paige Greenwood describes her research on the association between maternal reading ability and child language development. Talk Overview: In order to succeed in kindergarten and beyond, children must develop language skills within their home reading environment. This environment is often influenced by the reading ability of a child's c
New insights into kidney disease with tropical frog models
Using cutting-edge genetic engineering, researchers have developed a model to study hereditary kidney disease with the help of tropical frogs. The method allows them to collect large amounts of data on anomalies, which can then be analyzed using artificial intelligence. The research opens up new opportunities in the search for new treatment approaches for the hitherto incurable disease.
Lake's radioactivity concentration predicted for 10,000 days after the Fukushima accident
Researchers investigated the long-term contamination of Lake Onuma in Japan resulting from the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. They devised a formula based on a framework known as the fractional diffusion model to predict the radioactive contamination of the lake for up to about 30 years after the Fukushima accident. The results suggest that the decrease in radioactivity concentration wil


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