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A map of mouse brain metabolism in aging
Researchers have created an atlas of metabolites in the mouse brain. The dataset includes 1,547 different molecules across 10 brain regions in male and female laboratory mice from adolescence through adulthood and into advanced old age. The complete dataset is publicly available online.
Bank Robbers Steal $35 Million by Deepfaking Boss's Voice
Deep Voice Deepfake technology has gotten incredibly sophisticated over the years, allowing us to resurrect the voices of the dead and fool Justin Bieber into challenging famous Scientologists to fights . Some folks are even using it for more criminal purposes. Such was the case for a United Arab Emirates bank that was fooled by criminals using AI voice cloning to steal $35 million. Court documen
More Cops Have Died from COVID-19 than Guns Since Start of Pandemic
COVID-19 has caused more police officer deaths than gun violence, assault, and vehicular incidents combined since 2020. More than 470 officers have died from coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from the Officer Down Memorial Page . Other sources such as the Fraternal Order of Police estimates that total officer deaths from the pandemic are as high as 743. For some p
Learn A New Computer Language With This Coding & Engineering Bundle Sale
For just a few days, these 17 coding and engineering bundles are just $20 each. Whether you're looking to master a new coding language, build your own gear, or get more from the tech you own, act fast to get these bundles at our lowest price. The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle IT professional Vijay Saini shows you how to script, automate, and design tools with PowerShell, Microsoft's c
Så funkar skyskrapor
Stommen är skyskrapans skelett, som ger stabilitet åt byggnaden även vid storm och jordbävning. Vissa skyskrapor har ett inre skelett, som däggdjur. Andra har ett exoskelett, i likhet med insekter och andra leddjur. Prenumerera på Forskning & Framsteg! Tidskriften med faktakollade och ögonöppnande reportage och vetenskapsnyheter utkommer med 10 nummer per år. Prenumerera


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