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Creepy Conspiracy Theory Claims the Internet "Died" Years Ago
The Dead Internet Theory In between the anti-vaccine and flat Earth diatriabes, conspiracy theorists occasionally come up with interesting and provocative ideas. A good example of a recent one is the "Dead Internet Theory." This theory states that the Internet as we know it actually died sometime between 2016 and 2017, according to The Atlantic . However, this doesn't mean that the Internet is go
The Masks Were Working All Along
The most urgent question in the world for the past 20 months has been: What's the best way to stop the spread of the coronavirus? But it's a frustrating question to answer definitively, since even the most logical solutions have been shrouded in what I've called the fog of pandemic . For example, covering your nose and mouth seems like a sensible way to block virus particles that come out of the
The Strange, Sudden Silence of Conservative Abortion Foes
Few political issues inflame passions so much as abortion. The issues of a woman's right to bodily autonomy (for abortion-rights advocates) and the sanctity of life (for their opponents) are so elemental that scant room exists for compromise, conciliation, or cool analysis. Yet something strange has happened since a new Texas law that practically bans abortion after six weeks went into effect thi
Moderna Covid vaccine given provisional approval for teenagers in Australia by TGA
Therapeutic Goods Administration gives green light to use of Moderna's Spikevax vaccine for people aged 12 years and older Follow the Australia Covid liveblog Restrictions: NSW ; Vic ; Qld ; borders Hotspots: NSW ; Vic ; Qld Vaccine rollout tracker ; get our free news app ; get our morning email briefing Australia's Covid-19 vaccination campaign will be bolstered after the Moderna jab was given p
6 Tips For Coping With COVID Anxiety This Fall And Winter
It's clear the next couple of seasons won't be the "life as usual" we all hoped for. Rituals, deep breathing and reaching out to friends are just a few ways to manage anxiety when the days grow dark. (Image credit: Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images)
'It's exactly like a puzzle': experts on piecing together Roman fresco find
House in southern France yielded find of outstanding wall paintings dating from 1st century BC On the right bank of the Rhône in the Provençal town of Arles, the Roman-built House of the Harpist is being hailed as a remarkable record of ancient architecture and interior decoration. Now, experts have opened their workshop to reveal their painstaking attempts to piece together the vast jigsaw of ma
Elon Musk Reportedly Planning $25,000 Tesla with No Steering Wheel
Affordable and Autonomous Tesla CEO and prolific meme thief Elon Musk is allegedly planning to release a fully-autonomous budget Tesla with no steering wheel or pedals. In a company-wide meeting held on Wednesday, Musk reportedly told employees that he wanted to begin commercial production of a $25,000 self-driving vehicle by 2023, said anonymous sources to Electrek . He hinted that the new car w
UN Scientist Warns That Climate Destruction Is Entering "Uncharted Territory"
Uncharted Territory As wildfires continue to ravage the western US and large swaths of the country attempts to rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Ida's deadly rampage, a United Nations (UN) scientist had this to say: We don't know what's coming next — but it'll be bad. Kim Cobb, the UN scientist who helped pen the dire report on climate change , said that the impact of man made climate change is al
A Film About the Impossible Job of Valuating Lives
What is the value of a human life? This is the question with which the lawyer Kenneth Feinberg (played by Michael Keaton) opens the new Netflix film Worth , stressing to his students that he's not posing it as a philosophical query. He is a high-powered mediator who assesses damages in cases involving unexpected, large-scale death—such as lawsuits involving Agent Orange or, in the case of this fi
How America Can Win the Middle East
S ince taking office , President Joe Biden has talked repeatedly about competition with China. To fight off Beijing and other autocracies, he has said, democracies must uphold their values. He has talked much less about the Middle East in that time, and although he has never phrased it in so many words, Biden appears to be trying to deprioritize a region that he believes has consumed too much of
Study documents dramatic loss of remaining Pyrenees glaciers
Europe's southernmost glaciers will likely be reduced to ice patches in the next two decades due to climate change, as the shrinking of ice mass on the Pyrenees mountain range continues at the steady but rapid speed seen at least since the 1980s, Spanish scientists say in a new study.
Let parents decide on Covid jab for 12- to 15-year-olds, say vaccine advisers
Boris Johnson is heading for a clash with backbench MPs over plans for mass vaccination of teenagers Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Parents should choose whether they allow their children to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if ministers overrule scientific advice against mass vaccination of healthy 12- to 15-year-olds, the government's independent vaccine advisers hav
'Complex and quite ambiguous loss': what Covid has done to our mental health
Melbourne psychologist Chris Cheers says the pandemic's effect has been akin to grief, and acceptance of it is hard to reach After 18 months, psychologist Chris Cheers has begun to understand emotional responses to the global Covid pandemic as a kind of grief. It's a collective grief, experienced by the whole world at once, but also deeply personal: our losses are not the same just as our experie
'A cycle of dread, collapse, relief': the absurd, tormented story of my hypochondria
I have never been seriously ill or spent a night in hospital, but I'm plagued by fears that a terrible sickness is coming for me. How did I fall victim to health anxiety? "This minute I was well, and am ill, this minute ." The pain arrives slowly, like a Polaroid sharpening into view, but the fear comes suddenly: a channel switched, a cloud sped across the sun. It's June 1989, I recently turned 2
Your Phone Is Your Private Space
Privacy is a set of curtains drawn across the windows of our lives. And technology companies are moths that will chew through more of the fabric every year if we let them, and especially if we encourage them. An American who stores accumulated photographs in a spare bedroom or attic or self-storage space correctly presumes that those albums of visual keepsakes are off-limits to other people. Thou
Image: Hubble snaps speedy star jets
This striking image features a relatively rare celestial phenomenon known as a Herbig-Haro object. This particular object, named HH111, was imaged by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).
Free-flight training applied to parrot conservation
A training technique that has been practiced by parrot owners for decades is now being applied to establishing new bird flocks in the wild. While many parrot owners clip their birds' wings to reduce their flight abilities, free-flight involves training an intact parrot to come when called, follow basic commands, recognize natural dangers, and otherwise safely fly in open areas.
Severe infections during pregnancy associated with complications around childbirth
Individuals who are hospitalized during pregnancy due to sepsis have higher odds of complications surrounding childbirth, according to a new study. The study found that pregnancies complicated by sepsis were associated with an increased risk of cesarean delivery, postpartum hemorrhage and preterm delivery, highlighting the risk of any severe infection during pregnancy.
AI avatars bring deepfakes to the business world
A financial consulting firm has created AI avatars for its staff, which they can use to quickly create deepfakes of themselves for presentations, emails, and more. The challenge: During the pandemic, remote work became the norm at many companies, and meetings that might have once taken place over lunch happened over the internet instead. This transition was more difficult for some industries than
Exploring the role of gender in scholarly authorship disputes
A new paper found that women — as compared to their male counterparts — receive less credit for the work they put into academic publications, more frequently experience disagreements over authorship, and often end up losing out on opportunities for future collaboration as a result.
New AI algorithm to improve brain stimulation devices to treat disease
For millions of people with epilepsy and movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, electrical stimulation of the brain already is widening treatment possibilities. In the future, electrical stimulation may help people with psychiatric illness and direct brain injuries, such as stroke.
Predicting possible Alzheimer's with nearly 100 percent accuracy
Researchers have developed a deep learning-based method that can predict the possible onset of Alzheimer's disease from brain images with an accuracy of over 99 percent. The method was developed while analyzing functional MRI images obtained from 138 subjects and performed better in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and specificity than previously developed methods.
Lyft and Uber Vow to Fight Texas Abortion Ban
Sympathetic CEOs Two of the biggest ride share companies in the world have announced they would pay all of their drivers' legal fees if they're sued under Texas' terrible anti-abortion laws. Lyft's CEO Logan Green announced on Friday via Twitter that the company would "cover 100% of legal fees" if their drivers are sued under Texas' SB 8 law. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi followed suit, quote tweeti
Six places to find water in the solar system
Water is actually fairly common in the solar system. Two Jovian moons each have more water than exists in all of Earth's oceans. While plenty of places have liquid water, getting to it may be another problem. Life as we know it requires liquid water. For this reason, it is widely assumed that any extraterrestrial life would also require access to the stuff. Even if we end up being alone in the un
Parasite Black Hole Eats Gigantic Star from Inside Out
Star Swallow Scientists might have discovered a rare and (frankly) unsettling cosmic event: a black hole eating a star from the inside out and causing a supernova. Astronomers believe that the black hole was initially swallowed by a massive star, according to Newsweek . It then began to disrupt and collapse the star's core — essentially devouring it from the inside out like a parasite. The event
The Atlantic Daily: Is Waning Immunity Actually a Crisis?
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Getty ; The Atlantic Your COVID-19 booster shot might've just gotten bumped back a bit. Last month, President Joe Biden set a mid-September launch goal for mRNA boosters, to be distributed eight m
5 Closest Shark Encounters from Shark Week 2021
Stream MechaShark and other Shark Week shows on discovery+ ► #Sharks #SharkWeek #Discovery Subscribe to Discovery: Subscribe to Discovery: Follow Us on TikTok: We're on Instagram! Join Us on Facebook:
This Week's Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 4)
COMPUTING The $150 Million Machine Keeping Moore's Law Alive Will Knight | Wired "The technology will be crucial for making more advanced smartphones and cloud computers, and also for key areas of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and robotics. 'The death of Moore's law has been greatly exaggerated,' del Alamos says. 'I think it's going to go on for quite some ti
Subscription-based payment models may improve access to hepatitis C medications
Subscription-based payment models (SBPM), a novel approach in which states contract exclusively with a single manufacturer to supply prescriptions at a reduced price, could increase access to these life-saving treatments, according to a new study. In a SBPM, states pay reduced per prescription prices for medications until a certain utilization threshold. After this threshold, the cost of additiona
Secret garden: Drug-resistant pathogen strains meet and evolve on plant bulbs
Researchers have found that drug-resistant strains of a potentially deadly fungus isolated from a tulip bulb showed evidence of genetic recombination and fungicide resistance. The team revealed that plant bulbs provide a place for strains of the human pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus, which can cause highly lethal fungal infections, to evolve drug resistance.
Why are only some cells 'competent' to form cancer?
Medical researchers report that melanoma formation depends on something called 'oncogenic competence,' which is the result of a collaboration between the DNA mutations in a cell and the particular set of genes that are turned on in that cell. Cells that are competent to form melanoma are able to access a set of genes that normally are closed off to mature melanocytes (the cells that make melanin a
Ugens debat: Rækker rækkevidden?
Et tysk medie om elmobilitet har testet elbilers række­vidde ved motorvejsfart. Konklusionen: De kører kortere på en opladning, end markedsføringen lover. Det fik læserne på til tasterne, men der var stor uenighed om, hvorvidt det overhovedet er en historie.
Weekend reads: A deep dive into a problematic study of ivermectin; how journals respond to allegations; prison and now scrutiny
Before we present this week's Weekend Reads, a question: Do you enjoy our weekly roundup? If so, we could really use your help. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support Weekend Reads, and our daily work? Thanks in advance. The week at Retraction Watch featured: Publisher retracting more than 30 articles from paper mills COVID-19 … Continue reading
Expand Your Horizons With An Extra 20% Off This Rosetta Stone And VPN Bundle
This fall, we've got to be careful and be safe . So for a limited time, you can save an extra 20% off the Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone with the coupon ROSETTA20. Here's what you get to expand your horizons. Rosetta Stone The premium language learning software for nearly three decades, this lifetime subscription offers 24 different languages to learn. Rosetta St
Victoria reports 190 new Covid cases as 1,000 families forced to isolate in Queensland
Covid-positive girl, 4, infected by interstate truck driver in south-east Queensland was infectious at daycare Follow the Australia Covid liveblog Moderna Covid vaccine given provisional approval for teenagers in Australia by TGA Restrictions: NSW ; Vic ; Qld ; borders Hotspots: NSW ; Vic ; Qld Vaccine rollout tracker ; get our free news app ; get our morning email briefing Victoria has reported
About those "19 Errors," Part Two
A critical and evidence-based response to the alleged errors journalist Jesse Singal found in my guest post reviewing Abigail Shrier's book on trans youth. The second of two parts. The post first appeared on Science-Based Medicine .
COVID-19 Misinformation and Futurology
The r/Futurology Mod Team would like to thank the r/Futurology subscribers for their support of us in going dark (setting the subreddit to private) in support of the recent site-wide protests against how Reddit is mishandling the danger of Covid misinformation. We feel the protests have been worthwhile. Reddit management has pledged some actions and changes, though we feel this is a beginning, ra
An Easier Way to Temper Chocolate
Culture amalate Fri, 09/03/2021 – 16:07 Image Media credits Abigail Malate, Staff Illustrator Media rights Copyright American Institute of Physics Researchers discover a simpler (and greener) tempering method to give chocolate its texture, gloss and snap. Tuesday, August 31, 2021 Meeri Kim, Contributor


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