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Black swans: can we learn to predict unpredictable events?
This article was originally published by our sister site, Freethink. A black swan event has, unfortunately, nothing to do with Natalie Portman or Western Australia; it describes an event that is extremely unlikely, but can cause massive upheaval. For example, the 2008 global recession or, say, pretty much all of 2020. By definition, no one sees a black swan event coming — but researchers at Stanf
Analyzing successful Judo throws
Researchers use statistical methods on video data to quantitatively determine the biomechanical techniques correlated with successful judo throws. This work may assist in developing supervised or self-guided training routines.
Rhino mystery going back to Darwin solved
Rhinos were once a highly successful family of mammals that included more than 100 species, most of which have been extinct for more than two million years. The evolutionary history of rhinos has long puzzled scientists. New research has solved a longstanding debate about the lineage of rhinos, while shedding new light on rhinos' lack of genetic diversity. Ancient Earth was a better home for rhin
Get 3D Printers, Smart Home Devices, And More In This Epic Labor Day Sale
For just a few days, you can save on the best gadgets for home in our Labor Day sale! These price drops will only last a short time, so be sure to capitalize on them. Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle This one-touch, kid-safe printer is an infinite toy chest. Families can create and upload their own designs, or print out unique toys from others posted to the Toybox community. Get the Toybox 3D Prin
Gut bacteria influence brain development
Extremely premature infants are at a high risk for brain damage. Researchers have now found possible targets for the early treatment of such damage outside the brain: Bacteria in the gut of premature infants may play a key role. The research team found that the overgrowth of the gastrointestinal tract with the bacterium Klebsiella is associated with an increased presence of certain immune cells an

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